Friday, 20 November 2015

A jihadi's worst nightmare


Shaunantijihad said...

I tried posting this at the Express. I'll leave it here. Please re-use as you see fit. We need to wake as many minds up as possible about Islam. We can deal with those who brought them here if we get in power. But get in power we must.

Let us first deal with the, "B b b but there are good Muslims, so we can't tar them all with the same brush" cowardly nonsense which will see us demographically conquered.

Let's suppose I start the Worldwide paedophile, rapist, slavery, torture club, the PRSTC. I know, but bear with me.

Hundreds of sadists join my club to get it going. We force others to join with threats of mutilation, torture and crucifixions. Whole villages and towns join my club and pay me the 10% of their income for the "good of the club", or else, and we expand rapidly by killing men and taking their women and daughters for baby machines. Eventually whole countries join my club out of terror.

Some of my members come to your country and start a chapter of the PRSTC. Some members do a bit of rape slavery gang warfare and a few murders. They are the dumb, impatient ones. The leaders come out and tell the worried population that it is really racist and nasty to claim ALL members of PRSTC are terrorists! Clearly that is untrue.

Here, I'll wear a blindfold with a sign, "I trust you. Do you trust me?" But I won't leave the club.

Here, look, I'll make a youtube video saying truthfully that the vast majority of members of PRSTC have never committed any crime in this country and thoroughly condemn those members who might cause a backlash whilst we are still a minority. But I won't leave the club.

When our numbers are sufficient, we will all do our best to use the tactics and methods of the clubs original founder on how to force a minority we now have military power over to join our club. Or else.

Luckily, some of the early members whose grandparents knew the founder personally wrote down all the things he did and said in a couple of books, so we know exactly what do in what situation.

Whilst we are a minority, we take a peaceful quotation out of context (it's describing how the people of another club should behave), but in the very next verse, it tells US what to do. Here, let me quote it for you:

For the people belonging to the other club, this is what we say they should do:

Because of that, We decreed upon the Children of Israel that whoever kills a soul unless for a soul or for corruption [done] in the land – it is as if he had slain mankind entirely. And whoever saves one – it is as if he had saved mankind entirely. And our messengers had certainly come to them with clear proofs. Then indeed many of them, [even] after that, throughout the land, were transgressors. Chapter 5 v 32

This is bit we quote to make our targets believe we are really a peaceful club, though we always omit the fact that this actually talking about members of a different club!

However, once we have the power over you, we reveal our clubs rules, for you, the non-members:

Indeed, the penalty for those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger and strive upon earth [to cause] corruption is none but that they be killed or crucified or that their hands and feet be cut off from opposite sides or that they be exiled from the land. That is for them a disgrace in this world; and for them in the Hereafter is a great punishment. Quran 5: v 33

Anonymous said...

That blonde actress in I'm A Celeb is a dirty coalburner slut. She's dating a nog egg-chaser. Spread the word - VOTE FOR THE TRASHY JUDAS FOR TRIALS BUT NOT TO WIN!!!

Anonymous said...

You couldn't make this shit up. Culprit will be admonished if only the mosque could identify him
Eff the villa

Anonymous said...

It would be if that was a female pig about to shoot him

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ! Nice one Savant! Still my favorite blog!

Anonymous said...

Sav. re yur brill pici .is there a hidden message? is it a refferance to porky pies?

It may be that the PtB: Want create as much confusion as continue with the real reason…the replacement and swamping of the indigenous folk of Europe.
D Day was proceeded with all sorts of bollocks (Muppets dropped with exploding bollocks)!( as reported and ignored by their own coast guards). So what’s a few exploded muzis to the mix? For for our own latter day shit-houses…not bad going eh!

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Anonymous said...

"You feelin' jihaddy, punk...well are you?"


reservoir-dog said...

Understand that Islam and western culture are incompatible. There is not mixing of the two. Sit down and listen to the speeches of Louis Farrakhan. Understand what is coming. The best we can hope for is an eventual balkanization of the country with Muslim states enacting sharia law in their own states with a diaspora of nonbelievers to other states. Ethnic cleansing will precede the genocide of the remaining, Jewish, Christian and secular minorities left in those Muslim states. Witness the fate of the Armenians of the last century or the Coptic Christians of this century and understand what that means for you.

Alex the Goon said...

The view from the back, though, is Mohammads dream come true.

OT- Someone has found the new Hottentot Venus. Thought you might update your old post, Sav

Anonymous said...

It's a kikes world and there's not much the goy losers can do about it - nothing in fact

Searcher said...

Ha - loving the pic!

Here's another funny. I can't believe it. Norwegians taking the piss:

Funny credit card

Flanders said...

A commenter on this next link has it right, "ALWAYS remember the The Plan;

Arm the 'terrorists', disarm the general public.

When a 'terrorist attack' happens, patsies and crisis actors aren't in danger, and the People will "turn to their government and police for protection and safety".

I knew some already, as I'm sure you all do, but I didn't know all the reasons:
"Syrian Girl: Eight Reasons Why The New World Order Hates Syria (video)"

Flanders said...

"Hitler's offer was described by some European diplomats as " offer so generous and pragmatic that it would be very tempting to anyone who genuinely wanted peace." But a certain 'Tribe' wanted to avoid peace at all costs.

The Duke of Wellington on the day war broke out was quoted as saying: "It's all the fault of the anti-appeasers and the fucking Jews."

"Meet the Jew Who Single-Handily Turned the European Conflict Into World War 2"

Anonymous said...

If I had a shekel for every time Israel was involved in the creation of terrorist groups, I could have my nose gold plated.

Anonymous said...

Given the public reaction to the Paris attacks why would any white survivalist want to deflect attention from people waking up to the disaster of mass immigration?

Unless they’re an idiot.

The way to counter any neocon attempt to use this to start a war in Syria is to point out most of the attackers came from Paris and Brussels so we should be worried about that.

Anonymous said...

Ok ill chew it all up for you:

1 – ISIS is a financed proxy muslim mercenary group aided by 40 countries to overtake the “Assad regime” in Syria, countries including US, Israel (main donor), UK, and France.

2 – Israel, the rogue state who’s lands got stolen from the Palestinians, aims to conquer all middle east.

3 – Among other countries that were once “liveable” and now brought down to a level of anarchy thanks the US and Israel operations, bringing down their respective governments and blaming their leaders for “war crimes” without any evidence, like Afghanistan, Iraq, and Lybia, for Israel to achieve their middle east conquest, Syria is the last goal before taking on the “Big Boss” – Iran.

4 – Hillary “The Warmonger” Clinton had confessed that they were supporting the terrorists (theres plenty of other sources, just look it up):

5 – Just like the “Lybian Freedom Fighters” and Al-Quaeda, ISIL/ISIS was created as a second, way better equiped Syrian “Freedom Fighters” proxy, since the first “Freedom fighters” (aka Free Syrian Army) was failing completely to overtake the Assad government and conquer Syria. This proxy was being directly financed by Israel itself, and their wounded mercenaries being treated in Israel’s hospitals.

This might be an assumption, but in desperation, when US and Israel were noticing that their proxy ISIS was failing to take over Syria, they decided to wake up their sleeper cells that have been smuggled to Europe with those so called “refugees”. The Paris attacks were ment to put a blame into Syria (and even the SAA if possible) with the “passport evidence”. Now France has a “right” to destroy every Syrian civilian town so that ISIS easly can take over and recover their losses.

Anonymous said...

Here’s a must-read piece on how American (Jewish) neo-cons planned, organised and carried out the destabilisation of certain middle eastern countries on behalf of Israel leading to the unfolding nightmare Europe is now experiencing………

Anonymous said...

@18:34 post

Has it never occurred to any of you dumb fucks who actually believe Islam is about killing others that there are 1.57 billion Muslims around the world, IF that really was true dont u think Muslims would ALL be killing others in the masses? Its beyond me how retarded your thinking is.

Anonymous said...

Whoa Hang on. Way of topic. I recorded a programme called 'Colour: The Spectrum of Science.' There's some woman, obviously delusional, who says she has a line of different coloured people and is pointing out the differences between them. I see only one line of light brown people. I'm insulted and disgusted. She points out the differences but I can't see them. She say's that one person has brown skin and another white for different reasons. I see only one colour. My email of protest is zooming its way to the BBC.
I hope this is not a thought crime. They said there were differences. They made the mistake. Oh my God. Can I get that email back before a commissar reads it? I'm sure I only saw one colour. I know I only saw one colour. But she said there were different colours. She did. She said that there were different colours for a reason. That can't be. What she says makes sense. That can't be. I see only one colour.

Confused SJW

Anonymous said...

'I could have my nose gold plated.' Perhaps you could but would it be enough for one of the tribe?


Anonymous said...

I would of thought the a ove was haram
Then I remembered that baji baji boys proggramme

Searcher said...

Another nugget from RT website:

Polish Defence Minister: Anti-Semitic (Protocols of Zion)
ADL enemy No 1,090,000,001 *

Best comment:
"Forgery is such a telling word. It implies an original."

What is also telling:
Macierewicz later apologized for his remarks, stating that he “accepts with no doubts” that the Protocols are “false.”

* According to the ADL, some 1.09 Billion people in the world today harbor anti-Semitic attitudes.