Thursday, 8 October 2015

When narratives colide

Many of you will be aware of the Hottentot Venus, a  Khoisan tribeswoman from the Kalahari famous for her gargantuan buttocks and other strange lady parts.. Her story was deployed by the White nation-wreckers to illustrate the diabolical nature of White colonialism and their practice of  dehumanising Africans. Because this unfortunate creature was a source of endless fascination for Europeans about 200 years ago. Transported back to London she was exhibited as a freak with her stupendous buttocks, large enough for many scientists of the day to declare her to be the much sought-after 'missing link'.

For many years the SJWs milked her treatment for all it was worth.  But then a ghastly realisation dawned on their fevered minds.  You see the more the ordinary man looked at her pictures the more he began to think that, well, maybe those old White male scientists might have been onto something after all. Because actually she was not human in the way Europeans understood. Which lead to her gradual withdrawal as a cause celebre for White demonisation.

The attack on Whites of course took many forms, the principle target being the White male who has been (and continues to be) denigrated and marginalised at every turn. The black dude is now cool, intelligent, successful. Masculine. Now it's the turn of White women, with an ongoing program to promote gigantic butts - the epitome of black women  - and denigrate the classical White female figure as anorexic. A whole troupe of deformed freaks like Serena Williams, Nicky Minaj, Kim Khardashian and Beyonce are trotted out as the new exemplars. It's got so bad that many White women are getting their butts surgically 'enhanced' despite its being a costly and potentially dangerous exercise. As Vogue, that canonical source of fashion trends informs us "we're in the age of big booty now'.

So job done then, White woman join their men in the dustbin of desirability. But wait. What about the Hottentot Venus? She was the exemplar supreme of the big butt. And she was deemed to be not alone hideously ugly but barely human.  So I have a suggestion.  The next time you see one of  these big-assed half-breeds trotted out for admiration send in a comment (should that option be available) expressing your admiration for the HV, ideally accompanied by pictorial evidence.  Or if  the subject arises in general conversation just suggest everyone check her out.  No need to say anything naughty, just let the evidence speak for itself.

As they say, a picture speaks a thousand words.


Anonymous said...

Black guys say they like big butts. But...what else can they say?

Bubble butts they call them and at fifteen, you can make a case for them. Trouble is they soon overgrow. Socially, never acknowledge a black woman's butt. They are as defensive about that as about their hair. Only the brain dead media and anorexic lesbos think for a moment that black features are attractive. The same bunch who prize black men for their "masculinity."

Soul Glow said...

Good suggestion. Can also just suggest readers look up the HV if they want to see REAL booty. This could blow up in their faces.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the idea is to make anal sex look normal?

Anonymous said...

...and you didn't even touch on the typical female African's bust size.
Can one say "hangin' down to da belly?"

Gem Junior said...

I despise big black butts. When I was in high school we had a girl in our class that we knew as Assback because we considered her ass was actually part of her back, and performed a service where people standing next to her could rest their drink at a party or something. Whenever she was out of earshot, someone would inevitably reach over their shoulder, saying something like "Let me get my wallet" or "Where's my purse - I thought I just left it here." Not to her face of course, since she did bear an uncanny resemblance to a 1980s Venus Williams, lips jutting, and a perpetual menacing pair of narrowed eyes. I only mention her because she may have, way back when been part of this tribe with those narrowed eyes and big shelf/butt.

I recently saw a youtube movie about the actual Hottentot Venus, and she went to Europe with this pair of chancers and was a huge attraction, but she wasn't kidnapped either. It was a pretty sad movie, but keep in mind the point is the usual point -- White Man Bad, Black People Ground Down by White Man's Boot (coming soon, once again to a theater near you...

After I saw the movie I googled the Hottentot Venus and saw the Hottentot Apron, I was of course revolted at such a thing as 4 inch hanging labia, but then what can you expect from a big old racist like myself? I should, if I was really a good person, screamed "I WANT ONE OF THOSE!" and opened the yellow pages to see when I could get the next appointment. And of course a shelf on my backside too. I ran across this website called "Lippy Girl" (I'm not joking) and she was a black woman who dedicated her site to Sarah Bartmann and her site was about women, she herself among them, who had these hanging lady parts and was defying any racist NOT to like them or forever be damned to racism.

If you don't like black peculiarities, even ridiculously foreign things that I don't think any normal western man, unless extremely adventurous with a penchant for new things as opposed to most men's attachment for the familiar, would like then you are raycissss. Even these very different-from-what-they-white-men-are-used-to: those bland, plain, and run-of-the-mill lady parts of, um, just about every other women on earth. They are all racist for not liking hanging panis aprons to, those large blobs of fat that morbidly obese fatties have swinging from their front. Dangling in front of their thighs, like an apron. That's fat-racist too if you don't like those. Only it's called fatist. (pron. fatt-ist)

Twinruler334 said...

Blacks are different from Whites on a very biological level. Still, when White Gentiles are no more, I wonder whom the Blacks, and other non Whites, would blame all their problems on, instead? I wonder!

Anonymous said...

Jimmy Saville wasn't the only one.

Cameron defends them.

Read about Lord Janner, an MP for THIRTY YEARS.

Anonymous said...

A new report declares an area of Chicago as “America’s Amish Mass-Barn Raidsing Capital” and described it as more dangerous to live in than some of the world’s most Amish barnraising countries, according to a new report.

West Garfield Park, which has a population of 18,000, saw 21 Amish barn raisings in 2014, according to The Daily Beast’s report. This makes the area’s Amish barn raising rate 116 per 100,000 people.

Honduras -- the country that leads the world in Amish barn raisings -- has a Amish barn raising rate of 90, according to figures from the United Nations.

When are people going to realise how dangerous Amish barn raisings are?

Clogheen said...

Gem, just as well that ho' didn't overhear you are you probably would not be on here now. They are violent ghastly creatures most of them. I worked in Ft. Lauderdale for about three months and met a lot of them. Apart from one who really was nice the rest were loud, horrible, stupid, smeled of sweat and you were forever walking on eggshells with them. As an Irish guy unaccustomed to the PC that had not yet taken over here (Ireland) I was warned a few times by white colleagues to be more careful as to what I said.

Anonymous said...

Hottentot Venus with her niglet:

Anonymous said...

Lena Dunham has become one of the most important feminist icons of her generation.

But the Girls star admitted on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday to falling into one cliched trap - the pressure to dress up in high heels to look good for guys.

Read more:How da phuq does she think wearing high heels will make her look good for goys? She is a jew
Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

Nurse with Ebola back in the news for being back in quarantine

Quarantine refers to ships having to have their crew survive forty days to show that they were not infected with the plague. Strange how Italy from all that time ago was more advanced in its healthcare than modern times.

We don't want to be eye candy in films

Give us more gorgeous frocks to wear says Geena Davis.

I cannot stand Taylor Swift but at least her career is not built on an inability to wear clothes unlike (insert names here).

Great British Bake off done more for race relations

The Post Office box wannabe came to the UK and adopted British standards in the kitchen such as paying attention to cleanliness and operating a kitchen first world style rather than doing what more recent migrants have done. And not killing that talentless lesbian when she had the chance. Unfortunately not immigrants adopts the hosts standards as that author knows.
If you are a diabetic do not read that article. And if you are not you probably will be .

Homeland star Idris Elba throws his hat into the ring to be the next James Bond

I love the comment that Sir Lenworth Henry CBE, CDE, KDE, Gnome could play the part as he is not doing much now. Also Dawn French could play Moneypenny as Lena Dunham would be busy somewhere doing important stuff.

Woman escapes jealous ex-monkeyfriend

Beastialty is wrong. When will people realize that?

Gun control for thee but not for me

Ethnically challenged people urged to carry in Spectreland while campaigning to outlaw them in the US.

0 people arrested over 145 year old store being destroyed 2 police officers sacked for "racist" texts

A 145 year old store was burned because protestors were protesting over the shooting of armed drug dealer Mark Duggan. 2011 the year police were told to let the diverse population be diverse and not get involved.

Rotterdammerung as they say in The Netherlands happens when you twin your city with Detoilet, Michigan.

Anonymous said...

In order to avoid piling debts up on to later generations, the Ifo institute, based in Munich has called on the government to raise the retirement age from 63 to 70, pointing out that as the population ages we’re all likely to be working longer anyway.

Work longer to pay for refugees.Got it.

This is modern France

Coming to where you live.

A village in Germany has released a list of ground rules for migrants. The list covers matters of basic civility – like shopping and the Highway Code – to fundamental principles of Western society; like gender equality, not harassing young girls and learning the native language.

“Germany is a clean country and should remain so” states the document, reminding migrants that, in Germany, “We do our necessities exclusively on toilets, not in gardens and parks, not even in hedges and behind bushes.”

The victim, a 20-year-old woman known as “Rokstan M,” is one refugee who had a strong case for asylum. She was gang-raped in Syria, emigrated to Germany two years ago, and found employment with the German government as a translator.

However, she strongly suspected her family wanted her dead for being “unclean,” and her suspicions appear to have been confirmed, as the German police believe her father and brothers slaughtered her with knives and buried her body in a garden, allegedly at the instruction of her mother.

Turdworlders cannot leave the turd world behind them.

Obama first Nobel "winnner" to bomb another

Rob said...

It says something that they have to go back centuries to find anything whites did that was even mildly exploitative of blacks. Meanwhile, blacks and other non-whites to this day act with terrifying savagery towards both their own and other races. If the Hottentot Venus's fellow Africans thought there was a few quid to be made from putting her on display to whites, they'd happily kill her and have her stuffed if that was the most remunerative way of doing it.

Uncle Nasty said...

These hebes are allllll crazy ...

'Ya'alon Has Gone Mad'

Defense Minister blamed Jewish 'gangs' for Arab terror attacks in meeting with settlers.

By Hezki Ezra
First Publish: 10/7/2015, 10:55 AM

Created by Wibbitz

Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon blamed Jews for Arab terror attacks in a meeting with leaders of Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria Tuesday, according to a source who was one of the participants in the meeting, which was hosted by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu at his residence.

"Ya'alon argued in the meeting that there is a connection between violent events by settlers and terror attacks," the participant told Arutz Sheva. The defense minister also said that "There are gangs on both sides," a sentence that caused the community leaders to erupt in anger.

"The man has gone mad," the participant said. "At a certain point Ya'alon began to stutter and he understood that he had gone too far in his analysis – how can a defense minister view a legitimate protest as if it were unacceptable? He was told explicitly that we denounce all violence, especially against IDF soldiers."

The source claimed that Ya'alon's aide is "poisoning" his mind against the residents of Judea and Samaria. "He does not understand what democracy is. He is making a big mistake, not just politically but security-wise."

"We emerged disappointed," the source said. "We find it hard to believe that a defense minister blames Jews for terror attacks instead of fighting terror seriously. I don't believe the technological promises with which the prime minister is promising to fight terror. London is also full of cameras, is that helping it?"

The source said that Netanyahu told the local government leaders that he does not intend to build in Judea and Samaria, because the United States objects strenuously to this and Israel must not get into a confrontation with it.

The only truthful guy in israel ... and he steps on the third rail.


Uncle Nasty said...

Twinruler334 said...

Blacks are different from Whites on a very biological level. Still, when White Gentiles are no more, I wonder whom the Blacks, and other non Whites, would blame all their problems on, instead? I wonder!

9 October 2015 at 07:07

How about everybody else? The way they've done it for millennnia.

... Before whites came along and foolishly dragged them out the death spiral they were heading for.


Anonymous said...


Muslim Migrants Demand Sex: “Problem, problem problem here (points to groin) Balls is very big”

Frank Galton said...

Daily Express, 08 October 2015

[Part-Jew] Boris Johnson calls for UK illegal immigrants amnesty

The London mayor revealed he is "pro-immigration"...

LBC, 06 October 2015

[Part-Jew] Rachel Johnson - sister of Boris - says she was "shocked" by Home Secretary Theresa May's speech on immigration at the Conservative Party Conference.

Journalist Johnson gave her damning verdict on May's speech...

Jewish Chronicle, 06 September 2007

Boris Johnson - my Jewish credentials

[Boris Johnson] is also a trenchant supporter of Israel, an enemy of politically correct anti-Zionism and immensely proud of his own [Russian] Jewish ancestry...

“I feel Jewish when I feel the Jewish people are threatened or under attack, that’s when it sort of comes out,” he declares.

Although the 43-year-old can claim some ethnic diversity himself — his Jewish great-grandfather is matched by a Turkish Muslim [Donmeh?*] one on his father’s side — he is an Old Etonian..., 14 February 2013

The Nazi Winter Olympics, held just before the 1936 Berlin Games, is the setting for [Boris Johnson’s sister] Rachel Johnson's new book, which was inspired by her Jewish grandmother.

My family is a bit of everything really – Lithuanian [Litvaks?**], Jewish and Turkish [Donmeh?*]," said the 47-year-old author, who attended Primrose Hill primary school with [Jewish politicians] David and Ed Milliband.

Daily Telegraph, 23 April 2010

Revealed: how [part-Jew] David Cameron and [part-Jew] Boris Johnson are related

* The Jerusalem Post, 23 March 2011

The emergence of Turkey’s hidden Jews

Standing before a rabbinical court, a “hidden Jew” from Turkey closed an historical circle by emerging from the shadows of the past and formally returning to the Jewish people.

The young man in question, who now goes by his Hebrew name of Ari, is a member of the Donmeh...

While they ostensibly practiced Islam, the Donmeh (also known as the Ma’aminim, Hebrew for “believers”) nonetheless continued to observe a mystical form of Judaism in secret.

** Litvaks

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't even with eff the baggies one

Look at his lot protesting against climate change today parliment. They can't protest against grooming gangs or Isis or anything else bad in Islam

J Bull said...

Look, Boris Johnson is a conniving unprincipled power-hungry scumbag who'll sell his country down the river without hesitation of it would be to his political advantage. Watch him change tack if the public become more anti-immigration.

Anonymous said...

Rupert Murdoch said...

All up to The Lighthouse cinema in Dublin where David Walsh will be attending the premiere of a film which looks at Serena Williams drug use which sees a 34 year old woman increasing her serving speed at 131 miles per hour which is approaching Roger Federer's speed as he loses his as he gets older. And it includes all those birds who disappeared from the tour and then returned back after the term that they would have got if they had been caught using. Truly the man is an inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Geez, Savant, you certainly have an "eye" for finding anomalies.

Anonymous said...

Living in an enriched society I see many of these. I have often thought of trying to date one. I get really pissed off in a busy pub and can't find anywhere to rest my pint. Date one of these, problem solved.

Anonymous said...

Should have read the comments first. Gem and her friends seem to have had the same idea. An ideal shelf.

Uncle Nasty said...

Anonymous said...

9 October 2015 at 18:01

Well, the Germans had better do something fast. The yid's declaration of all-out war on them is beginning to closely resemble the 1933 one ... if not a continuation.

Angry Volkswagen Diesel Owners Launch Business Called VW Sham

Jen Wieczner / Fortune
3:49 PM ET

In drivers' anger, there might be a business opportunity

After the news broke last month that Volkswagen misled regulators and consumers about the eco-friendliness of its vehicles, a lot of people voiced their outrage, from environmental advocates to investors to law enforcement agencies across the world.

Now, owners of the disgraced Volkswagen cars are making sure their fellow drivers have a way to express their frustration too—while also trying to profit off the anger of others.

A new website called is selling magnetic bumper stickers bearing anti-VW slogans, such as “Another VW? No tanks,” “VW took me for a ride,” and “VW. German for FU.” Each magnet costs $7.50, with 5% of sales going to the International Council for Clean Transportation, according to the site.

The people behind the site describe themselves as the owners of two diesel-engine Volkswagens—a 2009 VW Jetta, and a 2014 VW Passat—who were formerly “very satisfied” with their chosen wheels. But that all changed after the scandal: “You thought you bought a ‘clean diesel’ only to find out it was a SHAM,” they explain on the site’s homepage.

This whole thing sounds like the first shots fired in a war where the kikes (as they do) will collude in bringing their PR machine to bear in forcing the company to it's knees -- then buying the fragments at knockdown prices. An ancient kike tactic. Of course, once it's under complete yid power it will be transformed, I tell you, transformed.

If I were a big German multinational (Philips, SIEMENS, etc.) I'd start assembling my hit team now.

I smell a big, fat hooknosed rat at work, here. Seriously. Do you think it's beneath them?


Frank Galton said...

UN said: “This whole thing sounds like the first shots fired in a war where the kikes (as they do) will collude in bringing their PR machine to bear in forcing the company to it's knees -- then buying the fragments at knockdown prices. An ancient kike tactic.”

The Dearborn Independent

“The Jewish enemies of the Herald, eagerly watchful, more and more withdrew their advertising to force, if possible, the sale of the paper. They knew that if the Herald became a losing proposition, the trustees would have no course but to sell...” – Henry Ford

Check out “A Message from the Anti-Defamation League”.


Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...

Washington Post, 14 May 2015

Israeli government to refugees: GO BACK TO AFRICA OR GO TO PRISON

The Guardian, 06 May 2015

New wave of African migrants deported from Israel

The prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, has referred to them as “infiltrators”.

A day after a boat sank in the Mediterranean in April causing the deaths of 700 migrants, the country’s transportation minister Yisrael Katz said that the drownings justified Israel’s policy...

JewishNews, 07 August 2014

‘I am a passionate Zionist,’ declares [part-Jew] Boris Johnson

Speaking on LBC, Johnson said: “I am a passionate Zionist. I am a supporter of Israel.”

Daily Telegraph, 03 August 2015

Migration Watch UK - who have yet to be proved wrong on any immigration statistics - estimate that ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS currently living in Britain, including children, could number as high as TWO MILLION.

Daily Express, 08 October 2015

[Part-Jew] Boris Johnson calls for UK illegal immigrants amnesty

Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...

New York Times, 27 December 1989

Israeli Court Rules Jews for Jesus Cannot Automatically Be Citizens

Messianic Jews are not entitled to automatic Israeli citizenship, Israel's Supreme Court has ruled, concluding that their belief that Jesus was the Messiah makes them Christians instead of Jews.

Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...

HAARETZ, 10 September 2015

Israel's Anti-refugee Attitude Smells of anti-non-Semitism

With the rest of the world taking actions to receive refugees and Israel's historical success at absorbing them, why won't it let the African asylum seekers already within its borders stay?

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has a story about non-Jewish refugees. "Israel is a small country, and we do not have the geographic and demographic depths" to absorb refugees from Africa or Syria, Netanyahu told ministers at the cabinet meeting in Jerusalem on Sunday. This is the same prime minister who in 2012 said the following: “But tiny Israel, on a speck of land, with no natural resources, with no oil, without any of these resources, without the land, we absorbed Jewish refugees into our society and we integrated them into Israeli life.”

How can it be that a country with 8,000,000 people, a highly developed high-tech, export oriented economy, a GDP of $300 billion, a per capita GDP of $37,000 and a trillion cubic meters of natural gas reserves cannot absorb a single refugee when 67 years ago that same country with barely 800,000 people, whose main export was oranges, with an estimated per capita GDP of $400-500 and no known natural gas resources took in some 690,000 immigrants, many of them refugees, within three years, as the prime minister likes to boast.

I bet that if 50,000 destitute ultra-Orthodox Jews from New York showed up on Israel’s doorstep tomorrow asking for all the benefits offered to "olim," new Jewish immigrants, Netanyahu wouldn't say, “Sorry, we’re too small to absorb you.”

And for all the anti-migrant propaganda being espoused by xenophobic Israelis that the Africans are a burden and source of crime, a Knesset report indicates that the crime rate among African asylum seekers is lower than that among the general population – somewhat of a miracle considering that Israel’s refusal to allow many of them to earn an honest day’s wages could easily drive many of them to petty crime just to survive.

The bottom line is that resolving the issue by granting African asylum seekers permanent resident status, closing the detention centers and allowing them to work and become taxpayers, rather than spending money to keep them imprisoned, can only BENEFIT ISRAEL LONG-TERM [Hear Hear!].

Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...

BloombergBusiness, 25 June 2015

Israel Needs African Migrants, So Why Is It Expelling Them?

Africans are the backbone of the restaurant and hotel industry.

About half of the 7,000 maids and dishwashers at the country’s hotels are African migrants, mostly from Sudan and Eritrea, according to the Israel Hotel Association.

“Behind every fancy dish, every clean hotel room, there is an Eritrean or a Sudanese,” says Daniel Assaf, a cook at Claro, a restaurant in a former Tel Aviv distillery that serves Mediterranean dishes. “Who exactly does the government think will fill those jobs? ISRAELIS DON’T WANT THEM.”

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Uncle Nasty

Only the VW group were at this test enhancing stuff. All other diesel manufacturers with the same software were as innocent as Jon Corzine.

Greens as thick as pigshit and less useful to society. Diesel are good man because they produce less CO2s. To get those less CO2s they produce more NOxs when the diesel is burned more efficiently at higher temperatures.

Engineers understand diesels impact on the environment greenies do not remember that when the watermelons come looking for your vote.

Anonymous said...

Shaunantijihad said...

Actually the Jewish owned Express is pretty good in the comments section. Naturally I avoid the 3rd rail to get part of our message out and I do wonder if some Jews at least are waking up to the catastrophic mistake that is the Kalergi Plan which will see them go from a successful minority amongst Whites to a persecuted minority amongst ideologically driven Jew-hating Muslims who will eventually force them into submission to Sharia.

I occasionally make a point by saying at least Jews can escape to their racial homeland, but where will Whites go if we lose our racial homelands? These have also been allowed by the mods so thing are definitely changing. But too little too slow, imo.

heuristic said...

UN, I do know that in Silicon Valley if a successful tech startup declined to use Tribal financing and Board representation the tech media would begin to comment on 'unreported bugs' in the firm's software, report so-called rumors of key staff planning to leave etc.

Julian said...

Bloomberg, Jewish-owned Express and Haaretz all straying off the reservation. Or could it be that there actually is a range of views within the Jewish community, even at the higher levels, on the issue of immigration?

Croesus said...

Unable to go along with you on this VW/kike conspiracy UN. Without doubt you can expect them to swoop like vultures if a bargain eventually shows up but I cannot see that this VW debacle has been engineered by them.

Anonymous said...

Watch this well worth it as least a Arab Muslim woman says it as it is

Eff the villa

Anonymous said...

Another must see german police chief tell it as it is. It's all going tits up time to crack heads I think.
Eff the villa and did you see effing england last night,didn't really represent me

Dougie Houser MD said...

Quaid get your ass to Paris.

There you will find the Venus de Milo and you will clearly see that it is based on the Hottentot Venus or Serena as she is known these days and not the race that gave us Elle Macpherson.

SAVANT said...

Watched that interview with the German police chief. This is what I said a few posts back. Out of evil cometh good. I think the nation-wreckers have over-reached themselves this time. Too much too soon. Interesting to see where it goes from here.

Anonymous said...

Most of us in the US have had experience with formerly nice areas turned into dogshit. But demographically here in the East for various reasons the last ethnic group out was traditionally the Italians. One Italian buddy of mine, the last white family on the western side of that particular town was held for hours knife to throat when he was eight years old by a gang of black teenagers. His words of wisdom: "There is nothing that you can say to me about black people that would surprise me."

Another guy I worked with, also Italian, grew up in some north Jersey urban hellhole.
Ten years old, goofing around in school, in the coat closet, in the dark when the fat black girl says "Go ahead, you can put it in my ass. Here, go ahead.
"I said go ahead, you can put your dick in my ass."
To say the least, it was nothing like he had bargained for. Shows the value of diversity. Different people, different ideas. Stuff that would never occur to you, whitebread.

rastus said...

@whitebread, tell me about it. I now am on my third internal 'emigration', driven away by the jigs. Fuckers seem to be following me.

Cognitive Dissonance said...

You could be right about Volkswagen UN. It is interesting that the US justice Dept decided that the way to keep the G's in line was to take the Mickey out of them by humiliating their largest, most successful exporter as a "Green fraudster." Since Green has replaced Christian in the German cultural and moral hierarchy, this case of demonic software is a complex gambit by the US. I guess that's the right description. But, I keep thinking it might be too clever by half. Keeping Germany in the the US and UK tent is getting harder and harder. The Germans have an ancient and honored tradition of cooperating and being an ally until they aren't. Ask anyone named Hermann (or Armani for that matter).

Uncle Nasty said...

Croesus said...

Unable to go along with you on this VW/kike conspiracy UN. Without doubt you can expect them to swoop like vultures if a bargain eventually shows up but I cannot see that this VW debacle has been engineered by them.

10 October 2015 at 14:47

On the face of it, Croesus, perhaps, until one reads the stories of the Ford Foundation, created by Henry and Edsel Ford. Hard to believe that this liberal monstrosity was created by the Author of "The International Jew."

Or more recently, perhaps once should look at the white-anting of Disney Corporation -- the last bastion of non jewish entertainment in Hollywood or, perhaps, years previously, the running battle between Carl Laemmle and all the other heebs in stealing Edison's equipment, patents and film.

Dig a little, and you will find dozens of examples.


Anonymous said...

White lives matter too:

katana said...


Over at the "Atlantic Jew Magazine", the normalizing of treason and insanity starts with the first paragraph of this article, The Case for Getting Rid of Borders—Completely:

"To paraphrase Rousseau, man is born free, yet everywhere he is caged. Barbed-wire, concrete walls, and gun-toting guards confine people to the nation-state of their birth. But why? The argument for open borders is both economic and moral. All people should be free to move about the earth, uncaged by the arbitrary lines known as borders."


For my latest blog post: Hitler's Mountain Home


FOD said...

katana, The Atlantic is one of the worst, if not theworst publication out there when it comes to mind-rotting propaganda. And no surprise that most of the propagandists are jews. One cover had Ben Bernanke as 'the man who saved the world'. I am serious. All the other items featured on the cover were written by jews and about jews half the time. And they wonder why they were fucked out of 109 countries.

Anonymous said...

You say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well the look on the two women's faces at the end of this clip is worth more
It's the kind of look saying.oh gosh he broke with the proggramme he needs re wiring or he will be in effing trouble and so will we

Anonymous said...

janusz korwin mikke states the cold truth

Or hopefully see the link above

se said...

Anonymous said...

So when are we from savant site Actualy going to get behind somebody and turn up on a demo. Boots on the ground
I'm on the south coast of england
Feet on the street

Tommy Robinson 5 foot 7 made a good speech in Utrecht today at a pegida demo
How big are you lot. Are you over 5 ft 7 because tommy is 5 ft 7 and he stands up and gets called a little guy bye tall people who haven't got the guts to put their faces above the parapet. Look out for his speech because after about 5 minutes he asks you. You the parent
Are you going to stand by and watch your children's futures be fucked up

To be honest look for it
You annoy me.key board

Uncle Nasty said...

Off topic, yet, but interesting.

Robert Lindsay defines the Enemy of the West as the Deep State. The American enemy, anyway. Lindsay further defines the "Deep State" as the whole unholy apparatus into which once-American institutions have devolved.

Deep State Failing Badly on Syria

The US Deep State encompasses the entire US government including the Pentagon, the State Department, the CIA and the rest of the Intelligence Establishment. In addition, almost all large US corporations are part of the Deep State. Nearly the entirety of the US ruling class, the rich, are part of the Deep State. Both political parties (yes the Democrats too) form two massive Deep State pillars. The Deep State also includes nearly the entire US legislative branch. There is hardly a US congressman around who is not a card-carrying Deep State member.

Probably one of the most important aspects of the Deep State is the media, and 100% of the US mass media has been part of the Deep State for a very long time now. That there is no dissident press in the US is shown by the fact that there is not one US newsmagazine, TV or radio news station or large US newspaper that is not a full-fledged member of the Deep State Propaganda Arm. If we had a dissident or opposition press in the US, it would oppose the Deep State project at least some of the time. But there isn’t one, so the US media is about as controlled as that of the USSR in the late 80’s.

Now we get to the interesting bit:-

A recent New York Daily News poll asked who Americans supported in Syria, Putin or Obama. Fully 96% of Americans said they supported Russia over their own country in Syria. What’s amazing about that is that 96% of these citizens somehow arrived at that position by rejecting the propaganda line of the whole US mass media. The notion that Russia is right and the US is wrong can only be found on the Internet.

Is the greatest propaganda machine in modern history starting to lose control over its subjects? Maybe so, and just a bit.


Anonymous said...

Articles like this which I've been seeing year in, year out serve to underline the the FACT that white women are the achilles heel of teh white race which political correctness THRIVES on .... LOL

Frank Galton said...

Anonymous (behind the curtain) said (previous thread): “On the other hand, we still owe Hezbollah for the 250 Marines killed in Lebanon. Blood must be shed for that.”

Los Angeles Times, 14 October 1990

A few weeks ago, the highly secret Israeli intelligence organization known as the Mossad was both defeated and surprised. Surprised that one of its former members [Victor Ostrovsky] was about to publish a book [By Way Of Deception] detailing the inner workings of the reclusive spy agency; defeated when they attempted to have the book banned in the United States.

...real substance comes in the last half of the book, which outlines a number of highly questionable operations. Most serious is his charge that a Mossad informant in Beirut passed on information about a Mercedes truck being outfitted by radical Shi'ite Muslims to carry an exceptionally large quantity of high explosives. Because of its unusually large explosive capability, Mossad officials felt that there were "only a few logical targets, one of which must be the U.S. compound." But rather than pass on these details to their U.S. counterparts, Mossad decided to send only a standard warning which was all but useless.

"We're not there to protect Americans," Ostrovsky quotes Mossad director Nahum Admony as saying. "They're a big country. Send only the regular information." On Oct. 23, 1983, a similar truck smashed into the Marine barracks, killing 241 servicemen. "The general attitude about the Americans," wrote Ostrovsky, "was: 'Hey, they want to stick their nose into this Lebanon thing, let them pay the price.' "

Frank Galton

Soul Glow said...

White women ARE the Achilles heel for our race. Many keen observers trace our decline to the time they were allowed to vote.

F McCool said...

@23.04. How the fuck do you know nobody on this site is doing any on-the-ground stuff? In my own case I organised and took part in a protest at our local leisure centre at a proposal to have a muslims-only swimming pool session. My view is that plenty more on here do similar.

Anonymous said...

English woman meets soulmate Kenyaman an ATM

It was love at first site as he spied another dope to lead one.

Albinos as fashion project

Nom noms or din dins as they are known in Africa were photographed for an art project.

Monkey uses Spotify!

First monkey creates playlist of 18 tracks.

Hitler's first something in Daily Heil

Keep reminding the people.

How did they forget the jewess who survived the event and at 70+ years doesn't look a day over 50? Them foreskins must be the fountain of youth!

Iconic tower blocks refuse to fall

Just get Africans to paint them and they will fall down naturally. Naturally.

Adam Sandler gets publicity for his latest stoner movie Baked at Auschwitz by engaging in a twitter feud with Ben Carson.

katana said...

FOD said... 11 October 2015 at 14:11
katana, The Atlantic is one of the worst, if not the worst publication out there when it comes to mind-rotting propaganda. And no surprise that most of the propagandists are jews. One cover had Ben Bernanke as 'the man who saved the world'. I am serious. All the other items featured on the cover were written by jews and about jews half the time. And they wonder why they were fucked out of 109 countries.

Well said, FOD.

First off, a minor, yet at times an important, correction regarding the jews being chucked out of 109 countries.

Besides the actual number, it is more accurate to say they were chucked out, "109 times from countries, statelets, principalities and locations".

In other words they were chucked out 109 times from various jurisdictions or locations, not necessarily from actual, "countries".

Back in my jew-blind days (only 3 or 4 years ago) I occasionally read "The Atlantic Jew", largely oblivious to its jew agenda, although I smelt something rattish about it.

Once you realize that our enemy, the jews, the self declared enemy of humanity no less, owns virtually all the media that feeds us lies every single day of our lives, then their whole propaganda machine pumping out of such lies starts to collapse in front of you.

Walk into a bookstore in Main Street and you are walking into a propaganda machine designed to brainwash you, from the blatant to the most insidious ways known to man. You are unlikely to find barely a single book, let along a magazine that actually tells the truth about the true nature of jewish power and the evil they are carrying out today. Yet it is the world that the average person exists in and forms their opinions. This is why people are, "sheeplike". They have been fed lies throughout their entire lives.

The solution, generally speaking, is for most people to tell the truth as much as possible, to name the jew and their agenda and so on.

Once a person breaks through the jewish lie that 2 + 2 = 5, then they free to finally understand what is really going on.


For my latest blog post: Hitler's Mountain Home


Anonymous said...

Augsburg being africanized

There is a building in SA where the residents dispose of garbage by flinging it into the courtyard and it is piled up to two floors. Being a racist I put mine into a bin and men in a lorry remove it.

Muslim in Austria gets all Ukrainian prostitute on statue

On Tuesday, local Muslim leaders condemned the action of the Egyptian man in the strongest terms, saying that such an act caused great consternation. According to Islam, Muslims should respect the symbols of other religions, they said in a press release. Coming to a town near you!

June Sarpong who got a well deserved MBE* from Tony Blair when she was 30 and went on to work on CONSPIRACY THEORY with Jesse Ventura was chosen as spokesspeaker for some EU campaign to appeal to the youth vote. The youth did not know who the hell she is.

*"services to Urban Music"

If Lionel Richie were from Birmingham England rather than Birmingham USA he could have had an OBE for "Three Times a Lady" an ode to the marvellous Dianne Abbott.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Conan O'Brien meets Barack Hussein Obama at Harvard

1.4% of "whites" owned slaves in the US as did 28% of free blacks.

James said...

If I were a big German multinational (Philips, SIEMENS, etc.) I'd start assembling my hit team now.

Philips is an old Dutch Jewish family.

I think they'll be OK, so you can breathe a sigh of relief UN.

Anonymous said...

Her Serena Highness Williams the serenest player on the tour complained that she was singled out for punishment as she got a record fine for saying that she would shove a fucking tennis ball down a line judge's fucking neck for daring to apply the laws of the game with her and the press ran with her her extreme punishment which she only got because she is a beautiful black woman. If she had the rules applied to her how much would her record be?

Anonymous said...

Fair dues to Sandra Bullock who has conversations with HER "son" over race. She reminds him that he is her "son" and not Obama's and that he is not allowed to go around attacking neighborhood watchmen. I hope Charlize Theron and Madonna are as responsible!