Saturday, 24 October 2015

Load, aim, shoot self in left foot.

A lot has been written on this blog about White awakening, most notably demonstrated in on-line reader comments. virtually the only free (semi-free actually) forum available to White nationalists today:  Straight away let me admit that we're a million miles from an adequate state of wakefulness, especially as our countries are being taken from us as we watch. But things are moving.  And sometimes the enemies of the White race, and I include traitorous White fellow-travellers in this category, shoot themselves in the foot in their eagerness to do us down.

An example is the Boycott Star Wars VII campaign which enjoins White to boycott said film due to its promotion of 'White Genocide' by shoehorning unlikely blacks into heroic leadership roles. No surprise given that its Jewish activist and Israeli-purist Director JJ Abrams specifically wanted the film to represent 'what the people of America look like'. But not of course the people of America that actually got the space program operational among whom the names Jamal and Quantavious were in short supply.

Anyway, cue an explosion of outrage from the perpetually outraged army of SJWs out there. And that's my point. Because the SJWs, by piling into the 'debate', are giving such initiatives prominence they'd otherwise never have achieved. It's possible that this Hashtag has been set up by trolls but that doesn't really matter. The White Genocide meme is getting out there and the fact of its being discussed at all represents major progress. It's getting people to think, even if only in a negative way initially.

There are many more out there and more appearing every day. Here's one of them getting lots of attention #I Salute White People. White racial awareness is growing, albeit from an almost standing start. Of this I can assure you. And as I mused here, Frau Merkel's tearing down our borders has lead to a furious reaction, not least within Germany itself where dozens of invader shelters have been burned down. The blanking of this development by the MSM and its exposure via the internet serve to only further undermine the former's dwindling credibility.

So take heart.  The  Spirit Of Odin is stirring.


Uncle Nasty said...

Katana may find this interesting ...

200 Years Together

Editor’s Foreword

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn (1918-2008), winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, is considered by many to be the greatest writer of the 20th Century, with the arguable exception of George Orwell. Significantly, both Solzhenitsyn and Orwell were former Communists who became bitterly disillusioned with Marxism through their own up-close-and-personal experience, and spent a large part of their literary lives denouncing the Marxist monster which so brutally disfigured their lives and their century.

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s fiction and non-fiction classics include One Day In The Life Of Ivan Denisovich, The Gulag Archipelago, The First Circle, and an immense body of other work which is considered instrumental in breaking down the Communist system in the Soviet Union and leading to the end of Communist rule in Russia and Eastern Europe. His life and work is living proof that it is still possible for a single great mind to affect world events and bring about change in the human condition.

Solzhenitsyn spent roughly ten years toward the end of his life researching and writing a monumental and definitive work entitled 200 Years Together: A History of the Russians and the Jews. Published in the original Russian in 2002, the book was received with a firestorm of rage and denunciation from the literary and media world, from the Jews, and from almost the entire intelligentsia of the established order in the West. Even the Russian government, that had up until then officially revered Solzhenitsyn as the greatest Russian writer and intellectual of the last century, turned its back on him.

From that day to this, the official Russian attitude toward 200 Years Together has been a kind of chagrined mutter: “Well, yes, Solzhenitsyn was a giant in his time, but we all know the old man was getting a bit senile in his old age when he wrote all that anti-Semitic rubbish, eh what?” From being the spiritual father of the new Russia, Solzhenitsyn became the crazy old uncle one had to shut up in his room in the attic lest he embarrass the family in front of guests. Especially Jewish guests.

Ever since its original publication in 2002, immense efforts have been made by the Russian authorities and also by the Western liberal democratic power structure to ignore 200 Years Together, to suppress it as much as possible, and above all to prevent and interdict the book’s translation into foreign languages, most especially into English, which has become essentially the worldwide language of our epoch, as Latin was in the time of the Roman empire and for many centuries afterward. The Russian authorities have to this date refused to allow any official English translation of the book to be published.

This sounds as though it could be a translation and transcription project worthy of the name ...


Californian said...

Be interesting to get some info on what the new Star Wars movie is actually pushing. Then the Boycott movie could really take hold. Of course, if enough White people were to boycott the movie, perhaps liberals would make it required showing in grade school classes.

Anonymous said...

HI SAVANT and fellow bloggers. was a way for a while getting a new knee courtesy of the Veterans Administration here in Chicago,have to say the nursing staff was out standing and the meals the beat along with the room but i beleive the Dr, got his medical degree in Dachau but the again its just my opinion.JOHN OLD RTD CHICAGO COPPER..

Anonymous said...

Salute to European youth, from the Sweden Democrats

katana said...


Here’s a nice readable short story that lays out the basic worldview behind “fascism” and National Socialism, that is, basing society on a desire for truth and justice by recognizing nature’s laws. — KATANA

A Squires Trial


“Ahoy there!”

I turned around at the strange greeting and saw a man briskly walk toward me off the highway road and down the path to the storage house. It wasn’t rare that we got visitors all the way out here as customers from the city would often come by to check in on their goods or deal with the boss when his job demanded he stay here, but they all arrived by personal vehicles, whereas this stranger that approached me was traveling by foot, moreover he wasn’t approaching from the direction of the city – exactly how long has he been walking? As he grew closer I realized that he may have traveled quite the distance.

He was clad in black military-looking clothes, dust and dirt from the road covering his boots and pants up to his knees, a severely scraped and scratched knee-guard on the right leg. A sizable back-pack, a jacket with rolled up sleeves and a loosely tied scarf on his neck, and everything had pockets full of something. The more he approached the more the little details began to spring up, like some custom patches over his clothes, marks on his knuckles and some scars.

What was the most striking element of this peculiar traveler, however, was his face. Sharp features, blond hair combed back and a scruffy beard, certainly not a native to our country as this was not a common appearance here. He had the face of someone weathered or hardened by experience and yet his eyes... the man was most likely well into his 40s but in his eyes was the mirth of youth. Overall he gave an impression of someone with stories to tell.

“Could you please tell me if that’s the capitol there?” he asked me pointing towards the city on the horizon. Rather curious how he didn’t know this, nevertheless I told him that it was.


Dave33 said...

JOHN OLD RTD CHICAGO COPPER.. we missed you mate, glad to have you back!

Now cheer us all up with some healthy figures for offed coons in the Windy City.

V for Victory said...

The current treatment of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn and him continuing to tolerate jews in his inner circle make me dubious about Putin despite all they other good things he does.

Anonymous said...

TPTB have carefully removed, through Cultural Marxism, our Soap Box. They have now removed, through financial support to the political class, our Ballot Box.

They will soon leave us with the last option, the Cartridge Box.

Nobody I know wants this to come about. We stand for free trade, honest markets, and Libertarianism, more or less.

However, from the process of events we see happening, TPTB are probably going to back us in a corner and force us to the third box.

If that happens, you must all act asymmetrically. You must read up on unconventional warfare history and be prepared to act accordingly if the worst presents itself.

Our Patriot forefathers defeated the best military in the world by these methods. Stay optimistic. No free man can ever be defeated. He can be killed by Tyranny, but his brothers can carry the fight.

Anonymous said...

Not the Englishman's son!
This fuck is a kike stepson

Anonymous said...

I have to salute POC who have finally gotten enough White blood in them to get rid of bad hair like the POC femmel who is flipping her hair on I salute White People.

Rodulf said...

VERY happy to see you named Odin in this post. The rejection of the warmed-over Judaic bullshit of xtianity is the first essential step to an Aryan awakening.

Anonymous said...

Savant is this your day job

Eff the villa

Shaunantijihad said...

Totally OT, sorry Sav. But had to share this Swiss drum troupe with you. These guys could organise the repatriation of the invaders in a few days, so why can't our "Friend's of Israel" politicians manage it?

Frank Galton said...


British Clampdown on Free Speech Accelerates

The long anticipated British government * Counter-Extremism Strategy document has been unveiled — and it looks to aimed at unprecedented restrictions on freedom of speech, movement and association.

The Counter Extremism strategy document was nominally inspired by the upsurge of Muslim militancy from the “Trojan Horse” Islamic takeover of state schools to the fear of returning Jihadists, but somewhere along the line it seems to have been decided that it is the threat of White violence that also needs to be talked up.

It hardly needs to be said that there is no equivalence at all. No Whites have ever carried out suicide bomb attacks on underground railway stations or airports nor have they hacked servicemen to death on the streets, nor do their menfolk engage in ethnically-motivated mass rapes against vulnerable female children.

The authors of this document have only been able to dredge up two examples of “White” violence in the UK. The only fatal one was in 2013 by a Ukrainian who turns out to have been an immigrant who had been in the country for three days.

Nevertheless it is in the interests of the government *, and the ORGANISED JEWISH COMMUNITY in particular, to pretend that this non-existent threat is real. The Jewish community goes to great lengths to obscure the fact that the overwhelming majority of so-called “antisemitic incidents” are by Muslims. For them, the smearing of Whites as potentially violent, overrides all other considerations.

The hidden ethnic agendas at play in this document are revealed in the first few pages. The first is the re-statement and strengthening of the special protections from free speech that the Jewish community enjoys and the second is the heightened need to demonize the White community as congenitally a source of ethnic hatred in British society.

Helpfully that allows us to pinpoint the first big fat lie of omission that sits there wriggling in clear sight on page 12 when it names the [Jewish] Community Security Trust as a trusted source of anti-Semitism statistics. The CST has already boasted of its behind-the-scenes role in the drawing up of this document.

Readers of TOO have come across this shady vigilante organisation before. It is chaired by convicted criminal Gerald Ronson and was a favourite cause of the former president of Board of Jewish Deputies, Greville Janner, before he was beset by his current legal difficulties.

The document then lists the TellMama organisation as a source of it’s figures on Islamophobic incidents. This organisation — Mama stands for ‘Measuring Anti-Muslim Attacks’ — styles itself as Britain’s foremost anti-Muslim hate organisation and has received hundreds of thousands of pounds from the government * to “monitor and combat hate crimes” against Muslims.

But what is nowhere revealed here is that the CST effectively took over TellMama in an attempt to corner the ethnic victimhood market. Britain’s foremost Islamophobia organisation is JEWISH-RUN! Indeed the former chief executive of CST took over much the same function with TellMama and at a meeting with government ministers, insisted that anti-Muslim attacks have the same status as anti-Semitic attacks in being logged separately by police.

Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...


The Home Secretary [Theresa May **] has now duly complied. And now anti-Muslim allegations are to join anti-Semitism incidents in being the only hate crime categories nationally recorded on by British police. And are anti-White hate crimes such as the murders of Alan Cartwright and Lee Rigby to be separately logged? Not at all, for in the hierarchy of group interests, Whites in Britain do not exist.

And that is a striking feature of this document. The total absence of the thought that the White, indigenous people of these islands have any right to any legitimate form of group self-expression. The word “neo-Nazi” appears sixteen times as a proxy for White advocacy while the word White appears only in negative connotations.

Read more:

* There are so many JEWS at the top of Britain’s Conservative party, [part-Jew] Prime Minister David Cameron once quipped, that it should be known as the TORAH PARTY rather than the Tory party.

** Golem. In early golem tales the golem was usually a perfect servant, his only fault being a too literal or mechanical fulfillment of his master’s orders. In the 16th century the golem acquired the character of protector of the Jews...

Theresa May: police forces are 'too white’

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

That twitter# link is interesting, The outpouring of hatred on there directed towards whites is impossible to ignore. It obviously doesn't take much to stir the pot in fact the pot is self stirring hence the need for "strong leaders" in multi-ethnic nations to stop them flying apart due to the species homo sapiens powerful tribal instincts. Isn't that what we are seeing at the moment with the introduction of draconian laws in the west.

Vanguard said...

I was struck by the outpouring of hatred towards us Whites for saying something that any other race would get credit for. But this too could be good in awakening more Whites.

Uncle Nasty said...

Anyone who has ever fired an LMG (Light Machine Gun) on more than one occasion is familiar with the machine gunner's worst nightmare ... the Runaway.

I won't into tedious mechanical detail, but, the essence of the runaway is where something goes wrong ... causing the weapon to keep firing after you release the trigger.

Believe me, nothing, but nothing concentrates the mind like a runaway.

The noise (for those who have not fired a full-power military rifle) is stunning in its intensity; the fucking LMG is bouncing around around on the lafette (tripod) -- or, even worse, bipod and all you can do, is keep the fucking thing pointing downrange until the belt runs dry.

I am fairly sure that the immigrant monstrosity in Europe, right now, is turning into the Hoffjuden's runaway.

Another report from Germany from behind the Media Blackout
by SB on October 24, 2015 at 9:30am

International Media continue their blackout on what is happening in Europe. Stories that are published describe those who object to the sheer numbers of people being bussed into their communities as Nazis or far right racist activists while failing to describe what is happening to turn ordinary Germans into fearful and desperate protestors.

Stories about Germans setting fire to Migrant housing have been published, while stories of migrants setting their tents and blankets on fire and taking selfies as they do it are mainly shown on Social Media.

ANGRY migrants looking to reach Britain have SET FIRE to their own tents in protest at being made to wait just ONE DAY for transit papers, it emerged today.

Lawless migrants at a camp in Slovenia torched their own living quarters and took SELFIES of the carnage in a shockingly dangerous act of vandalism.

Hundreds of women and children fled the Brezice Camp in terror and plumes of smoke billowed into the sky as the ferocious blaze spread like wildfire between the closely-spaced tents.

From Germany the following report has been posted to the facebook page Stop the izlamisation of our nation. It gives us a terrifying picture of how ordinary Germans’ lives have been turned upside down by the actions of Angela Merkel and their own local government officials.

Dear Friends,

Europe is now in total chaos and I think that you should know about it. I have waited a week or so to see how things will develop and to glean more information before presenting the facts. As you may know from the media, the flood of refugees cum economic immigrants into Europe has reached ridiculous proportions and to the extent that Hungary and other Balkan states have closed their borders and Turkey is considering doing the same.

Angela Merkel in an ill advised speech to the Bundestag, welcomed all refugees to Germany and the floodgates opened and, in my view, this was all pre-planned beginning with the Pope’s appeal last year for Islam to move closer to Christianity. This was then followed up via the Italian Government instructing the Italian Navy to rescue all boat refugees and bring them to Italy. As a result, it seems that some 8000 people per day are now entering Europe via various routes. Most of these are young males between 17 and 25. The result is chaos as you can imagine.

Here in Saarland we have been overwhelmed with refugees mainly young males but some families. In Lebach, some 10 kilometers from here, a camp for 200 was set up and a further 100 added this last week. The politicians, local government and religious leaders have fallen over themselves to bring them in and cater for them.

Sadly, I have a very good idea of how it is going to be resolved.


Uncle Nasty said...

Sorry folks, hit the "publish" Button before I was ready.

Anyway ... part 2:

And so what is the result? In Ventimiglia near Monte Carlo, the refugees banded together (organized by smart phone) and over ran the market and stole or destroyed everything and ransacked the town Here in Lebach, a group entered a supermarket and took what they wanted and destroyed the rest. When the Manageress confronted them, they called up their friends and smashed the place to bits. The police arrived but were overwhelmed. The supermarket is now closed.

Yesterday, my friends rang from Weissenfels near Leipzig since two supermarkets and a Kaufland store in Halle suffered the same way. More news is coming in from all over Germany of the same situations.
The media report none of this.

Many people have demonstrated against being over run by immigrants. In Weissenfels, families were thrown out of an eight flat apartment block and 70 refugees moved in. Small towns of some 2000 to 3000 people are over run by some 5000 to 6000 refugees.
Much civil unrest is apparent and is just boiling under the surface.

Europe is in chaos and the do gooders have totally lost control of the situation. Islam has overwhelmed us. For the Syrian and Afghan refugees, I have every sympathy and they need help. They should get it. But for the rest, in my view, the state authorities must be firm and send them back. Perhaps it is too late. Anyway, I thought that you should know that the situation here is pretty grim and I fail to see how it can be resolved.

I can only foresee a police state.

-Facebook page Stop the izlamisation of our nation

It is not going to get any better as a secret German government report that was leaked said ‘Migratory pressure will increase further. For the fourth quarter, we anticipate now seven to ten thousand illegal immigrants coming over the border every day.This high number of asylum seekers is threatening to become an extreme burden on states and communities’ with a possible ‘collapse in services’ to support them.

Every individual asylum seeker has the right to bring in their spouse and children – sometimes as many as ten per family but on average between four and eight.

The report states that this could mean 7.36 million family members of those allowed to stay claiming the right to join them in the future. “Resources are in danger,” warned the report.

News of the new human tsunamis bearing down on Germany will only strengthen the hand of the far right which has carried out numerous attacks on asylum seekers and their centres this year and who, according to police, are mobilising against the new arrivals on an unprecedented scale.

I have a very good idea of how it is going to be resolved. It was resolved in Berlin in 1923 by these guys:-

Notable Freikorps units[edit]

Part three of three coming up.


Uncle Nasty said...

Part three of three.

Most of this is stolen from the Wikipedia article.

Notable Freikorps units[edit]

Sudeten German Freikorps in Czechoslovakia, 1938

A 1938 terrorist action of Sudeten German Voluntary Force
Iron Division (Eiserne Division, related to Eiserne Brigade)
Fought in the Baltic.

Got trapped in Thorensberg by the Latvian Army. Was rescued by the Rossbach Freikorps.[14]

Volunteer Division of Horse Guards (Garde-Kavallerie-Schützendivision)
Killed Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht, 15 January 1919[15]
Led by Captain Waldemar Pabst[15]

Disbanded on order of Defense Minister Gustav Noske, 7 July 1919, after Pabst threatened to kill him[16]
Freikorps Caspari
Fought against the Bremen Soviet Republic
Fought under the command of Walter Caspari

Freikorps Lichtschlag
Fought against the Red Ruhr Army
Fought under the command of Oskar von Watter

Freikorps Lützow
Occupied Munich following the revolution of April 1919.
Commanded by Major Schulz[17]

Marinebrigade Ehrhardt (The Second Naval Brigade)
Participated in the Kapp Putsch of 1920[18]
Disbanded members eventually formed the Organisation Consul, which performed hundreds of political assassinations[19]
Freikorps Maercker (Maercker's Volunteer Rifles, or Freiwilliges Landesjägerkorps)[20]
Had Reinhard Heydrich as a member[21][22]

Founded by Ludwig Maercker
Freikorps Oberland
Kurt Benson
Freikorps Roßbach (Rossbach)
Founded by Gerhard Roßbach
Rescued the Iron Division after an extremely long march across Eastern Europe.[14]
had Rudolph Hoess as a member.

Sudetendeutsches Freikorps
Formed by Czech German nationalists with Nazi sympathies which operated from 1938 to 1939
Part of Hitler's successful effort to absorb Czechoslovakia into the Third Reich


Gem Junior said...

Frank Galton 21:24
Well, maybe this clampdown is what whites need to see what's been staring all of US in the face these past couple of years. There are different levels of awareness I guess. This should leave no white person in any doubt that their nations' leaders' hate them and are invading their own countries using a foreign army to do it. For the diabolical jew. Perfect time to send them to Israel for their own "safety" then all the Muslims. No one in our countries except other Europeans.

Anonymous said...

Your embedded photo montage of White women with the caption "Only 4% of world population" (only 2% are of child-bearing age) conveys a very powerful message to any White person, especially to White women who naively cater to NON-whites, as if on command. In contrast, the blacks', browns', and yellows' vast proportional numbers account for 92% of the world's population ... so why genuflect to them like slaves, when Whites are the true minority!?

Photo and video imagery -- especially combined with music -- is a more effective means of spreading our message, so if any readers who are adept with youtube and music uploads, here's your challenge> For example, this is Celtic music sung by Canadian singer Loreena McKennitt, combined with strong, animated White characters:


And there's always my personal favourite "The Mummer's Dance". Anyhow, you get the idea!

Anonymous said...

According to a statement, yesterday, by the UNICEF, on the occasion of the Global Hand-washing Day (GHD), “alarmingly, only about 14 per cent of people wash their hands with soap after cleaning a child’s faeces.

“This poses a serious public-health risk. Every year Nigeria loses over 150,000 children from diarrhoea alone, largely caused by unsafe water, sanitation & hygiene practices. This is equivalent to a big passenger aircraft crashing every day!”

...Unfortunately, this still doesn't even make a dent in Apefrican population growth...

Anonymous said...

Great article. VERY refreshing, and MUCH needed. I don't know which I relished more: the pics of the beautiful white nationalistic babes, or the quote "The Spirit Of Odin is stirring"....

Anonymous said...

If, in fact, the new Star Wars film in anyway even hints of an anti-White bias, then the whole Star Wars franchise can kiss my American white ass.
Truth-be-told, it was stomach churning in my youth to have to sit through the episodes in which Billy Dee Williams saved the day. Now I'm old and wise enough to recognize that I don't have to support the highly unlikely phenomenon of heroic Negroes.

Anonymous said...

George Lukas choaked back in '77.

Bitten by the SJW chant "Oh, no! No negroes in the future!" George had Billy Dee Willams brought in as a Token in part II, The Empire Strikes Back I think it was. And so on and so on.

All the franchise movies have "inflated ticket syndrome" anyway. I worked at a centrally located plex back when one of the older SWs came out, and the place was as dead as a graveyard in fog. When the numbers started saying it was a Huge Hit, I knew the fix was in.

Boycott, indeed... many of us have been. But they'll still phoney up the numbers and call it a HIT anyway. Just wait and remember you read it here first!


Shaunantijihad said...

" Islam will replace Christianity in Europe just as Christianity replaced Paganism centuries ago, and it will conquer by womb rather than the sword to make Latvia an Islamic State, claim Muslim community leaders in the Baltic country.

Speaking in an interview with Latvia’s Morning Independent newspaper, the chairman and head spokesman of the Islamic Cultural Centre, better known as Riga Mosque, said while they both had three children with their wives each ‘we are working to have more’ in an effort to colonise the country faster.

Asked “what are the chances that Latvia will become part of the Caliphate?” white convert and centre spokesman Ahmed Robert Klimovičs said he hoped it would. On the future of the predominantly Christian nation of just two million people – less than the population of Britain’s second city – Mr. Klimovičs said: ‘Latvians understand that in 50 years this will be an Islamic State. This is because Islamic children will be in the majority’.”

a swedish friend of this blog said...

European leaders talk about two things these days; preserving European values by taking in Muslim migrants and integrating Muslim migrants into Europe by getting them to adopt European values.

Anonymous said...

In 1970,Roger Daltrey publicly supported The National Campaign for Freedom of Information, saying "I come from a working-class background and I am proud of it and I intend to fight for the workers' right to know. We all need to know what goes on behind the scenes that is causing this country's economic mess. When we have a Freedom of Information Act in this country we shall have restored our Right to Know the Truth and that will bring sanity to our tax laws."

adr said...

Thousands of hispanics have flooded the area I live. Blackstone has outbid anyone trying to buy a first home so they can move a hispanic into a rent guaranteed Section 8 rental.

I don't see many Hispanics working jobs. I see mid thirties white men and women manning cash registers at Target for minimum wage. Same thing at the malls.

I see hordes of Hispanics walking around. Women with four or five incredibly fat children. Groups of men that should be working. Instead they are all on welfare, speaking Spanish. The grocery stores are EBT warzones on the first weekend of the month.

You would think we'd at least get decent Mexican food. Nope, the restaurants are absolute shit. The best two chains are run by white families and they don't even have Hispanics working for them. Fine restaurants are a joke. Ever look in the kitchen, you have someone that looks like Louis Guzman cooking your food. No wonder all the Italian food tastes like shit, Mexicans are cooking it.

I'm really getting tired of this shit. An entire suburb of Columbus Ohio was ruined when they shipped in thousands of Somalian refugees. I can't wait for the Muslim "refugees" to be shipped in as well.

White men are being erased and turned into fools on TV. I was never surprised by Trump's popularity. He's an asshole white Alpha male who says he's going to kick hispanics out of town.

Hell, if a guy with a tiny mustache and bad hair got up and said he was going to gas the blacks, jews, and Mexicans half of America would probably cheer him on. People can only take so much.

Anonymous said...

Obese coalburning pigalike Dawn French tells us her daughter hates her. Google images tells us why - all the porcine features of the bottom-feeder + the disgusting afro hair, dark skin and low IQ of the ape father. She subconsciously rezents you, Miss Piggy, for being born. Caveat Coalburner.

beppo said...

@ adr

Leave Charlie Chaplin out of this.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Hitler looks more right every day. The jews are the dirtest, lowest, evilest from of life on the planet. Hitler had no more against jews than people of the planet have had for thousands of years.

Anonymous said...

I have done a little bit of a look into the not so distant future (scores of months.... not years!)
Our replacements are so impatient and have the muscle. They want it all now and it looks as if things will go that way ( just as our elites and their acolytes want it ).
What the fuckers have going for both them is .... Our miss placed respect for a corrupted system and ‘the law’ and a fragmented giddy working class.
They (the elites ) have realized that there is plenty of housing ... it just needs to be re-allocated.... ( this will reduce the chance of a dangerous action by the replacements ).
This means that present inhabitants will have to be told to “get out “ of their own property well as those in council housing!.... there are needy ethnics with several children who have afar greater entitlement !
The New housing Laws just introduced will say so.
You think the above absurd ? Ask Gellybaby what happened in Germany at the end of WW2.

Marcion said...

"Things are stirring." Would that be the quickening right before the last of the water enters the plughole? Every now and again I must remind myself of the obscure concept of enantiodromia: when something reaches its extreme, it begins to take on the characteristics of its opposite, and, if unopposed, becomes its opposite. So perhaps there is something in the air. Perhaps whites scent danger, and are slowly rousing themselves to do something about their predicament. Perhaps even non-whites realise that something is distinctly "off" about the anti-white narrative. And perhaps even victory will be snatched from the jaws of defeat.

Nah. I don't think so. It's too late. Hard as it is, whites should accept that they are defeated. At least in this round. The "awakening" you have described is akin to people in a house that has just caught fire realising that they should have taken out insurance. Too late. Hundreds of thousands of "the other" entering Europe prompting an awakening is no different to realising that gambling is a shit idea just after you played the last of your money – and lost. They are here and they WILL breed. Stop being a fucking fantasist. It's over. It is a hard thing for a WN such as myself to accept, but, since I have come to terms with my complete powerlessness – powerless to effect any change, powerless to prevent the invasion of blacks into my ancestral homeland, powerless to be listened to, even among those who 90% agree with me, powerless to speak out against it, I have come to terms with defeat. So it is not such a reach to come to terms with the defeat of everyone even remotely like me, and not at all hard to accept that most of my fellow whites, who don't agree with me or even realise that the sun has already set on their privilege – they just don't know it yet – are defeated and should probably accept the terms of surrender.

Coming to terms with one's own powerlessness is oddly liberating. You should try it. It definitely beats howling into the void.

Anonymous said...

Better version by limp bizkit

Anonymous said...

The globalist affirmative action circus monkey parade we see everywhere today actually had its start in the British Commonwealth of Nations well before WWII. Bones in the nose savages wearing striped pants prancing around London and speaking in faux British accents. It continues today especially with, you may notice, royal weddings of the last few decades looking like West Indian carnivals.

Trash the Jews all you want (seriously, trash the Jews all you want) but my vote as the real villains in all this goes to the British ruling class. And the naive American elites (WASP for most of the last hundred years) that provided the muscle for all this. So much of the otherwise interesting information here seems to apologize for these lowlifes and deflect/scapegoat responsibility to the Hebr

Eamon Bejayzuz said...

tremendous surge in sales of guns in Austria this weather. Apparently the purchasers are very largely female. Could be fun, muzzies explaining to Allah how they came to get their heads blown off not just by infidels but by infidel women!

Anonymous said...

If they will do this to each other.
What would they do to our daughters

Anonymous said...

wkend round up,5 doas and 18 wounded,young fellow from england a victim unfortunately, seems he took a week off from his college studies in Minnesota and came here to see his gal pal named LERNER and went walking down by the lake near Oak street,bad move,even taxi driver said so,but being ex RAF thought nada gonna to happen to me but it did,ambushed by three niggers who beat the shit out of him and robbed him and when he struggled they stabbed him in arm.citizen seeing this called cops and roaches scattered,one didn't get far and hid in bushes so citizen dialed up the victims cell phone and it went off in bushes where said nigger was hiding and i heard that he got a royal tune up from the cops and the english kid,cops will probably get charged with ""excessive force"".i don't go any where in the loop with out my good friends messes smith and wesson 5 shot snub nose.have a great day all,john old rtd chicago copper,,

Anonymous said...

Well done Sherlock but I think we already know
And what's this with all the rumours about merkel resigning. If she does I think she should be arrested for being a dangerous effing lunatic and thrown in some cold tower for the rest f her life

Anonymous said...

''Trash the Jews all you want (seriously, trash the Jews all you want) but my vote as the real villains in all this goes to the British ruling class.''

They are Jews.

Shaunantijihad said...

Marcion is a much more professional hasbarat than the other little shit he used to defend around here.

Tell you what Marcion. If what you say is true, then go and buy your prayer mat right now because you have no reason to be here unless undermining enemy morale is your bought and paid for treachery. You've been doing this every since the other little shit got his ass handed to him every day over 911. Crawl back to your kibbutz. If Whites do every go down then the real military power backing Israel's little adventure will inevitably fail and those Islamic ovens will burn harshly into the long, long goodnight for every Jew, everywhere.

Sorry Sav. You know what I think of this mendacious, anti-White, hosenosed twat who poses as White in order to inject his oh so subtle poison.

"I'm White! I'm White too I tell ya! But I surrender! And so should all of YOU!!

Fuck off Marcion you cunt.

Marcion said...

I quite like the little shit I used to defend around here. He at least understood that there is more than one note in the musical scale. There's an old Jewish joke (cough) about a violin player who, day after day, night after night, only ever played one note. Eventually his long-suffering wife says to him: "Everyone else, when they play the violin, at least play more than one note, or whole melodies, even." The man turns to his wife and says: "Yes, but they are looking for the one perfect note that makes sense of all the other notes. I've found it!"

I don't know if the little shit I used to defend around here really understood that the cognitive deficits that plague Jewry, such as their well-known inability to consider their role in their misfortune, are all of a piece with the cognitive deficits that plague everyone else, but the little shit's often stated "we did it to ourselves" is highly suggestive that he did understand it.

We are in the position we are in because whites are, in the main, conformist, cowardly and money-mad. No good pretending otherwise at this hour. And braggadocio on the internet changes nothing.

Anonymous said...

@ Marcion --

"Enantiodromia" is not the issue.

White societies developed standards of politeness and fair-play because they were sparsely populated and scattered over wide areas. The autobahns, interstate highways, and higher-than-usual birthrates started the ball going the wrong way.

But European man knows he is not an ant. He is not a bee, a roach, or a termite.

As it sinks in that the present malaise is going to be permanent the old-time genetic info will kick in.

Someone mentioned Somalians in Columbus, Ohio? I saw that! And as usual, well-heeled cowards headed for future enrichment zones, but the ones who stayed behind are furious and getting their blades sharp. The left-behind whites will be the vanguard in short order.


Anonymous said...


Well effing said. me and my mates on our council estates will drive around in our white pick up scrap iron trucks with the heads of our enemy's dangling from the sides. After we have burned down the town halls and all the social workers offices
We will visit the homes of all enablers and.........
We won't give it all up without a fight
When push comes to shove we won't be found wanting
And I'm not joking either

Searcher said...

This may be off topic (kinda), but I am fascinated (for the comedy value) with Afrocentrism.
For the uninitiated, it is the American dogma that states:
- Africans invented Music and Dance
- Africans have been robbed of their history by Whites
- Africans invented EVERYTHING worth inventing (or at least laid the foundations for such inventions)
- (Optional) Africans are the true Israelites

Anyway, I was thinking recently, must every African American Afrocentrist close their eyes when they see:
- Cirque du Soleil
- Kossack dancing
- Irish dancing
- Ballet
- Middle Eastern belly dancing
- Shaolin monks
- Gene Kelly/Fred Astaire/Rudolf Nureyev/Ginger Rogers/Michael Flatley

Do they rock back and forth, la la la-ing with their hands over their ears if any of the following are played in their presence:
- Shostakovich
- Tchaikovsky
- Wagner
- Mozart
- Verdi
- Handel
- Holst

When they see random jumping up and down in Africa and realize that it is what passes for dance, how do they rationalize that? When they see drumming is what passes for music in Africa, do they not get a bit stressed out when they realize that this is what they have come from? German Americans can go back to Germany to an evolved, culturally rich nation. Irish Americans likewise and Americans of French/English/Italian/Russian descent. When African Americans "go back" what do they find in Liberia/Nigeria etc? They aren't "going back" to Egypt or North Africa because that's not where they are from. Yet of course, Egypt and North Africa are what they focus on in the Afrocentric religion (ponder, ponder...)

The Afrocentrist will claim that their "music" is "the best" since it is pushed non-stop on Jewish controlled MSM (in an age of degeneracy, I might add).

Just a quick question. Has anyone ever seen this beautiful German singer on Jewish controlled MSM?
Yet, we all have heard of this "genius":

The Afrocentrists don't seem to get the difference between "high culture" and "low culture"/"popular culture". Being flavah of the past number of decades on Jewish MSM indicates "genius" clearly: "HOLLAH WE WANT PRE-NUP!"

Anyhow, it was on the back of the "Straight Outta Compton" film and the anti-semitic charge against the Black rappers, that I really started to get interested in this weirdo relationship that African Americans have with Jews. You could say that Jews have a major soft-spot for Africans. Free passage for millions of Africans to America. Made sure they got there safe and sound on their trading ships. Made sure that the African "brand" was high value and made sure they were in fact branded correctly. Ensured that they were housed and were given something outdoorsy to do during the day. Jewish MSM relentlessly promotes African American drivel rap music (although I do appreciate some of it, most is drivel). Jews write speeches for their African brethren/dupes (Martin Luther King), guide them in politics (Obama) and teach them the REAL history of Africans and the NASTY WHITE MAN. Jewish organizations made sure that AfricanAmericans get jobs/university places beyond their competitive capabilities through affirmative action/positive discrimmination/diversity quotas. They also ensure that the African Jews in Israel are not subjected to the hardship of childbirth by pre-emptive attempts to inject them with contraceptive medication. Jews clearly don't want to pollute/dilute the African blood by mixing with them in significant numbers.

I cannot be the only one to notice that the recent enough "slavery reparations" proposition is very similar in form to the "HOLOCAUST reparations" demanded by Jewish people (who were the only victims of WW2).

Searcher said...

Anyhow, I did a quick Google search on Afrocentrism and Jews and hilariously found this quote:

"Students of African and African American history have long appreciated the irony that much of what we now call Afrocentrism was developed during the 1930s by the Jewish American scholar Melville Herskovits[19]"

Well, you can knock me down with a feather, I never expected that one (to seriously state that this is an IRONY!)

Searcher said...

If any of you pay attention to children's animated programmes/films, you might notice warnings to children:
- Mind control is a big meme
- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles had an episode hitting back at the "fruit salad"/"melting pot" ideology
- The Minions are ruled by a series of despicable rulers. (The Minions outlast all their rulers)

Of course, the balance tips more towards the PC bull. Transylvania Hotel 2 (narrated by Adam Sandler) is a case in point. The vampire dad wants his grandson to be a vampire too, but his daughter married a non-vampire, so the entire film revolves around the grandad vampire's attempts to get his grandson skilled in the vampire ways, and in the end accepting him for the end of the road of the vampire legacy that he is and loving him regardless. Surprise, surprise.

Uncle Nasty said...

A good site ... and some rather fascinating videos.

Some truly amazing identitarian / alt-right videos

One thing American conservatives never understood is that art is more important than politics. If you can create and impose your own aesthetic vision, politics will follow. Politics without art is untethered.

On an email list, I was recently sent some videos that are truly amazing. I’ll go through some of them. If you only have time to watch one, watch the first. But please, take the time and watch all of them. You won’t be disappointed.

The first is by the French female band Les Brigandes and it’s entitled “Le grand remplacement” (French for the “Great Replacement” which denotes the racial genocide of whites and their replacement by other races). For more of their videos, see here. Counter Currents has a piece about them here.

Further to what Anonymous of 25 October 2015 at 23:42 said about Loreena McKennitt -- who, I must admit, I have admired for years now, I would suggest the NG also check out anything by the family group Clannad ... Enya, the most publicised member (Irish: Eithne Ní Bhraonáin) left the group in 1981 to pursue a solo career. Unfortunately going rather commercial.

The rest of the family, admittedly much lower key (sorry) still perform excellent traditional music as well as their own compositions. Ther big hit was the theme from Harry's Game.

The only hit single in the UK ever to be sung entirely in Irish/Gaelic

Their History here:

and a few excellent music vids can be found in Jootube. just search for Clannad. Another highly talented White chick is the little Australian: Tal Wilkenfeld ... excellent jazz/rock Bass player -- playing here with Jeff Beck. She switched from six-string to bass and never looked back

That bass guitar was just made for her (go to 1:55) .... :)


Cyclone Bob said...

Obese coalburning pigalike Dawn French tells us her daughter hates her...She subconsciously rezents you, Miss Piggy, for being born. "

She resents her mother for turning her into a nigger. That girl had every right to be born White; instead, she's a monster.

Heraclitus said...

All this coercion and media obfuscation of events in Germany serve only to further weaken the grip of The Narrative. Huge numbers of Germans are now clearly seeing The Lie. And living with its consequences. A pressure cooker comes to mind.

Kevin Rafferty said...

UN, great analogy to the 'runaway' machine gun. May you be proven right and that the Chosenites end up, literally and figuratively, at the other end of the barrel. I remember as a callow youth in the late sixties in the Irish local defense force. We occasionally had the same problem with the Sten gun, a light machine gun, one which, if you discharged for more than about three seconds tilted sharply upwards. You can imagine what a runaway would be like with that. I saw it happen only once and the reaction was a bit like this!

Lord Atticus said...

@16.27. This means that present inhabitants will have to be told to “get out “ of their own property well as those in council housing!.... there are needy ethnics with several children who have afar greater entitlement !

Happening already old boy, in Germany and Sweden. And coming to a place near you.

Anonymous said...

Your stuff looks as if: it is straight out of a common purpose field manual (for little pioneers).

Henry IX said...

Meanwhile Africa meets Croyden in entertaining chimpout.

Anonymous said...

The Internet has given a voice to those Whites who have pierced the veil of lies we’ve been told about race, and there are thousands upon thousands of us speaking out openly now — not only on the comments sections of controlled media news sites, where we often frame the debate and sometimes even dominate, but on innumerable spontaneous groups on social media and on many dedicated blogs, podcasts, and Web sites. We are probably a hundred times more numerous (and also a hundred times more noble, brave, and intelligent) than we are portrayed by the oligarchs’ media.

And all that is very, very encouraging.

Kevin Strom

Anonymous said...

Pakistanis in Rotherham issue veiled threat

Anonymous said...

Vermin - the pair of them

Anonymous said...

Is this what all effing . Islamic scholars .surely that's a joke . A effing Islamic ha ha got to be a joke cant be a scholar .caught with a receipt for millions of dollars worth of ammo
And then he lies about his family's tragic deaths when they ain't dead

Anonymous said...

Beautifully put.


Anonymous said...

Oh dear, feeling Desperate kike, can you smell gas? Why don't YOU crawl into a corner and die hebe, we stopped listening to Jews like you along time ago...which is why the tides turning. As Shaun pointed out, you're a cunt.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Searcher said...

I thought this comment interesting. Cogged from The Brigandes video on YouTube, "Le Grand Replacement" (with English subtitles):

Do we want Global-ism and all it entails? The realities of the ideology Globalism are already here and have been here for a long time.

At the risk of sounding defeatist: We are up against monumental forces.

Up against a POLITICAL all powerful globalist elite, up against a CULTURAL all powerful globalist elite and not least up against an ECONOMIC all powerful globalist elite and R E A L I T Y of I M M E N S E dimensions.

And the young Europeans: Young Europeans' identities as Europeans have not been cultivated and are thus virtually non-existent. Young Europeans have to a large degree adopted a globalist outlook, mindset and identity. Young Europeans have been brought up with a so-called global identity, geared and programmed for a non-rooted global culture and a global labour market, governed by global corporations and institutions.

And many have been instilled an anti-European mindset based on shame and guilt. One event has become synonymous with Europe, one event has come to define Europe: the Holocaust - the attempted removal of 'the Wandering Eternal Other of Europe and of the Globe' from Europe, the attempted removal of the True Globalist Identity from Europe that feels 'at home' everywhere and nowhere and thus is foreign to the concept of loyalty. And this is why Europe must die, become globalised and 'embrace' 'the Others of the World'. The alienation of Europe - That is the price. <- Such seems to be the reasoning.

What kind of Europe do we want? Do we have a say? Any anti-globalist tendencies among European populations are stalled early on, nipped in the bud, drowned in noise and/or shamed and socially ostracized from the political, cultural and economic mainstream, and if silencing is not an option, such energies have been and will be neutered, directed and controlled as not to pose a threat to the dis-ease, the hostile elite and reduced to an outlet for feelings of public ressentiment with a supposedly inevitable development.

Most so-called movements that dare challenge the dis-ease and not only the symptoms are cultish sub-cultures - at best. And European minds have been placated with a mixture of bread, debt, porn, division, self-hate and circuses for a long time, to an extent so they have - maybe not directly accepted but have subconsciously acquiesced to the economic, political and cultural realities of Globalism.

The young are the future.

The young are all we have.

Searcher said...

PS another Brigandes tune worth checking out:

Anonymous said...

Quentin Tarantino in town for Communist rally trashing cops (referring to them as "murderers") and with a shot in the head black cop not yet in the ground. He's become increasingly radical over the years with his slaughter whites "Django Unchained" movie and even trashing the greatest American (and maybe world) film director John Ford as being racist for appearing in Griffith's "Birth Of A Nation" (he's the Klan cavalryman who lifts his hood). Actually, I think he's still doing penance for the most racist line I've ever heard in a movie:

"Is there a sign on my garage that says 'dead nigger storage'?" (Pulp Fiction)

And to top it off he's not even sincere. He has a new movie coming out. Police commissioner referring to him as a "punk" and cop union leaders calling him "depraved."

Anonymous said...

You know, it's not just a matter of replacement. They're doubling and eventually tripling the population. That's just starting for you in Europe but is well on the way here in the US. Corporations need more consumers as well as cheap labor. And since wages are low and the population becomes poorer, it's necessary to import more mouths so the corporations can make money on the margins. Be fair, how else can they develope the new class of trillionaires. We've done so well with the billionaires, how can you not want much more of the same?

Beware of politicians who speak of "growing the economy."

James said...

Gay Marriage - Why it Will Never Work.

By Joseph Sciambra.

See for more on this issue. He has a very interesting site and you will learn A LOT about gays. He is especially interesting on the "hardwired to be gay" or "born this way" idea.

James said...

You know, it's not just a matter of replacement.

It's White Genocide, that's all. We live in a Global Economy; there is no need to import labor anymore.

All the reasons given for requiring immigration are just excuses. They could spend 1% of their diversity budget campaigning against ABORTIONS and get all the White people they need for their markets.

James said...

anwhile Africa meets Croyden in entertaining chimpout.

Love how they blurred out the Colonel's face - is that to protect his identity from the perps?

James said...

Cyclone Bob, very insightful.

Team "accident of birth" would disagree liberally, but I agree with you conservatively.

Your parents choose your genes. Sloppy work Dawn, very sloppy.

James said...

The first 5 seconds of the Star Wars 7 trailer told me all I needed to know.

I was put off by the sweaty ugly negro that snuck up and filled the screen. Instantly. Surely they put him there on purpose. Hollywood is racist because they purposefully put ugly blacks in movies, but look for look looking whites and jews for the most part.

Anonymous said...

They are just finishing the job.

The Genocide of Aryan Man In Central Asia

Anonymous said...

At least a few of the immigrants coming to Europe are sort of White. Kind of. Partly.

History of the Kurdish Aryan Race (Proto indo-European )

A real bag of liquorice allsorts though.

Anonymous said...

Her eyes are the eyes of the White race. You can see her White genes trying to express against the others. Surrounded by hungry beasts in the dark, not able to fight back. So sad. The world is not such a nice place to be white anymore.
I see the plight of our people in her eyes. All our eyes would be so sad if we knew. There is far more happiness around than our dire situation warrants.

The Afghan Girl 1985 - 2002.

Anonymous said...

Boycott, indeed... many of us have been. But they'll still phoney up the numbers and call it a HIT anyway. Just wait and remember you read it here first!

If I can be bothered I might download it and study the propaganda in it. I wouldn't watch it.

Anonymous said...

TV focused in on a hawt South African blonde babe.

"I don't think she is jewish" said one of our best jokers.

Barmaids besides themselves with laughter. They understand Rugby.

Anonymous said...

Good one by New York cops telling this vile, fuckin ugly Tarantino cunt where to get off. Him and that thing that acts in his shit called 'Eli Roth' ought to be shot or ripped apart.

If you've seen the film "Hostel" you will observe one of the scenes where some monster kike female gets in a bath tub with a young girl trussed up and dangling upside down above her. The bitch then sets about slashing her victim's body with a scythe, finally cutting her throat open. The blood from the wound gushes out all over the bitch to orgasm. What sick form of cunt makes shit like that ?

Having said that I've seen pictures of the aftermath of the "real thing" i.e. a young white woman in South Africa who had been raped by savages and literally gutted from mouth to crotch and strung hung up like the carcass of an animal in a butchers shop

Anonymous said...

It looks like some form of Asiatic ..

Andree wtf name is that?

Anonymous said...

Effing hell 700 gone missing thats about a battalion

Anonymous said...

How dare that honkey jogger ruin that poor man's life. That's the impression I got from the news report.

Anonymous said...

Merkel shows her disgust for the german flag and all nationalists in her dream of no borders

August Pointneuf said...

Marriageable, fertile white women? Not 4% ! More likely 1% of the world human population. The entire white population is 7 - 8 % (Economist figures)
Therefore the above statistic. By the standards of Red-book, highly endangered....

Searcher said...

Re Merkel

Hilarious open letter from "The Anti-New York Times"

Duke Nuke Em said...