Wednesday, 5 August 2015

'There are none to blind.....'

Being a latter-day Savonarola has its tribulations. You see I have - I hope I still have - this life-long Jewish friend, a really good guy. Contrary to the stereotype, he worked his butt off in the heavy manufacturing sector, never afraid to literally get his hands dirty. And, he was a vigorous opponent of mass Third World immigration while I was still in my deluded liberal phase. But he has resolutely turned his head against any sense of systematic Jewish involvement in this project. And has taken major offence at this blog which he regards as anti-Semitic and indirectly presenting a danger to him and his family, in support citing a number of robust comments by local reader Corkonian. He asks, I hope rhetorically, how he and I can be friends in such circumstances.

I've had similar conversations with many of my other Jewish friends whose position essentially is that my exposing the centrality of Jewish involvement in our current demise (a centrality which they deny) turns people against Jews generally, potentially with disastrous consequences. This has lead to almost all of them fading away. The intriguing thing is that they simply refuse to countenance any evidence I adduce to support my position. And this seems to be a characteristic of Jews generally. They simply will accept no blame or responsibility for anything.  All of the expulsions going back thousands of years, all of the the pogroms, the enduring stereotypes of the grasping financier......all down to unjustifiable and irrational bigotry on the part of the host populations.

Now I highlight this because it has intriguing implications for the Jewish group evolutionary strategy, the field pioneered by Prof. Kevin MacDonald and to a lesser extent Steve Sailer and the other HBD heads. Because surely the inability/unwillingness to understand your 'enemy's' grievances and thus his motivations puts you at a disadvantage?

I've referred on numerous occasions to the drastic change in readers' comments on major electronic outlets. Even allowing for heavy and censorious moderation the increased level of 'Jew-awareness' is stunning. Yet apart from the routine revenue-enhancing claims of  'increasing anti-Semitism' Jewish groups seem largely oblivious to this trend. And should such a realisation dawn they'll dismiss it as goyim paranoia.

Sometimes you wonder how they managed to get control over us, wouldn't you?


Shaunantijihad said...

If your friends' view their own identity as Jewish and not Irish then this is no surprise at all, is it?

And that is the heart of the matter. They are Jewish. That is first and foremost to them. Though individually they might not like Muslim or African immigration, if it turns out that other Jews are behind this then they will side with their own... and against you. Is your experience not proof of this? Isn't that exactly what they are doing? Or am I jumping to conclusions? Bear in mind all we know about Jewish genocides against Whites through the ages, South African, the USSR, 911 and the plot to exterminate us via mass immigration. Of course, many White traitors are involved in this too.

The question, as I see it, is have they chosen to side with Jews who want to exterminate the White race, or, are your friend's in some kind of denial that their own kinsmen would do something they think is so evil?

The other relevant question is why should I trust any of the fuckers? To be sure, the Born Free lion was a friendly lion, as far as lions can be friendly. But does that mean I should trust lions?

Fuck lions. Let them stay well away from us.

Anonymous said...

Very excellent post Savant. Matches my own experience to a T.

For instance a local factory hired a Jewish forklift driver and I only knew him slighly, but the few and riotous social events we shared were always a joy. His opinions and bearing were no different than factory hands of any other species. When a joke about the Protocols came up once, totally off-point, he was wry about it and said it would sure be nice if some of the money and power slipped his way.

The wife also worked at a hardware store owned and run by a typical midwestern smalltown Jewish businessman. Scrapped around most of his life. Ran the store with care, paid his help a good wage (he was on oldtime New Dealer) and could not be seen as anything but a benefit to the community.

Point: Larger Zio-Judaea depends on such examples. If Judaism is run along Masonic lines, as people like Henry Makow insist, it would be unsurprising if it were not so.

Regular Jews are decent souls who are out there to draw fire when the Inner Party makes the big moves. They are unaware and terrific people. Part of the strategy of Zion, alas.


Cassius said...

The only conceivable solution is for one White nation to become a superpower and dominate the European continent, installing friendly puppet regimes in various states and kicking out the jews and other racial undesirables. This isn’t the best solution, but if Whites are too short-sighted to see the big picture then they need to be dominated by those Whites who DO see the big picture. This is why I am not a proponent of democracy

Iron Felix said...

Look, might I hazard a thought here. As per Oscar Levy of Hamburg, should we not be thinking "Jewish Ideas" rather than Jews. I have had this same experience, Savant. I have lived among and worked for Jews, North London variety, and found the experience an entirely fortunate, instructive and enjoyable one, found them to be warm, humane,witty and very honourable people. Due to their remarkable origins the Jews have acquired a race-consciousness that has successively engendered all four Abrahamic religions; primeval Judaism, primitive Christianity, the several flavours of Islam, and now the sundry hues of marxism. It is the central idea in these that ought to be of concern; it is very wrong---and very unAryan---to attack the man when it is the Idea that we should be addressing. In this regard I deem all these comments about "tubenoses" and the like to be gratuitously offensive, repellent and of no help or merit whatsoever. You will of course get individual Jews who might indeed merit such abuse---but one cannot indict a whole nation.That is the thing, I suspect, which would worry Jews, being accused on the basis of mere association.Savant, run this line of thought past your Jewish friend and see if there is any feedback.

nemesis said...

Jews don’t have the numbers or the courage to face enemies openly so instead they lie and steal, and when possible, engage in outright genocide. Most of the time though, Jews attack “peacefully.”

Think of it this way: Jews wage war with the mind. They attack you psychologically, deconstruct your identity, uproot you from your traditions, and replace your ideals with the ideals they want you to have. This is not as honest as coming at you with a sword, but it’s every bit as dangerous, perhaps more so.

john7 said...

Sorry Mr Savant, but you cannot be friends with a jew. You may be able to be civil and deal with them in the work or market place, but once you have their number, you cannot possibly be 'friends'. Simply won't happen ; they survive solely on our ignorance and goodwill - once you figure em out, you are gone and put into the rank of active enemy as opposed to merely dumb goy. Its how theyre wired and what theyre taught.

Anonymous said...

"turns people against Jews generally, potentially with disastrous consequences." Yes for them, not us. No problem.

Anonymous said...

Cassius said...
The only conceivable solution is for one White nation to become a superpower and dominate the European continent, installing friendly puppet regimes in various states and kicking out the jews and other racial undesirables. This isn’t the best solution, but if Whites are too short-sighted to see the big picture then they need to be dominated by those Whites who DO see the big picture. This is why I am not a proponent of democracy

***** That was already tried and failed as there had been too many blind whites - recall?

red pill said...

It's good group evolution strategy. Their immigration policies are designed to destroy host nations. It’s a good strategy because they can just pack up and move to another country while the host people are stuck with the destruction. It’s an intelligent way to destroy a people.

Dan said...

Donald Trump's sons are avid hunters.

Even though he's uninterested. Ivanka's pops taught them how to hunt. I find it annoying that Fox hunting was banned by class obsessed (and likely racially motivated Jewish inner party) Labour.

Anonymous said...

Wow just wow, the ones in Europe must be a lot different than in North America because after about five minutes in their presence I feel like smashing their faces in.

CBM said...

Wow just wow, the ones in Europe must be a lot different than in North America because after about five minutes in their presence I feel like smashing their faces in.

Enderby said...

Savant, you would probably still be in your "deluded liberal phase" if it weren't for the staggeringly destructive and increasingly obvious program of mass immigration/race replacement taking place in white countries.

Mass immigration:

This terrible public policy that nobody voted for and none of us have really been allowed to vote against (yet) has suspiciously been adopted simultaneously by seemingly every western country in the past few decades.

We know that whites don't like it, and it will destroy us. At the same time, an alphabet soup of extremely well funded Jewish groups (ADL, HIAS, etc.) promotes immigration and has the chutzpah to loudly proclaim that diversity makes nations more "comfortable" for Jews. It's no secret - Jews love mass immigration of dark strangers while whites hate it. Many see it as justifiable revenge for the "Holocaust" which is now no longer the fault of Germany or even just the Axis powers... Now all whites are now responsible. Kind of like how in the USA southern slaveholders were evil racists, then all southerners, then all whites.

The audacious, wicked and hateful Jewish revenge program of mass non-white immigration and race replacement is bound to cause an anti-Semitic backlash.

Now I have a question, Savant...

What is your ideal endgame? For example, Greg Johnson at Counter-Currents would like the Jews to ultimately leave the white homelands and resettle in Israel. He hopes this can be done peacefully.

I personally would settle for Jews not monopolizing the media, academia, etc. and having to deal with honest criticism like the rest of us.

Where do you stand?

Your Jewish friends might be less afraid if you thought this through and explained it to them.

Chuck Hammer said...

Sometimes you wonder how they managed to get control over us, wouldn't you?

Putting aside for a moment 200 years of progressive surrender of sovereignty, the answer to that is simple. Either we (and by we I mean Europeans) control them or they control us. Since the idea of placing any restrictions on Jewish participation in European societies is now abhorrent to the European mind, they control us.

Jews share an important characteristic with European women and blacks also for that matter, an automatic in-group preference. Straight white European males do not have this instinct to in-group preference no matter what. So we will continue to squander our energies in internecine warfare while our countries are dismantled around us.

White Europeans will not stand together until our final destruction is imminent and such a clear and present danger that no-one can ignore it. In the meantime all you can do is separate yourself from the vibrancy as best you can. Maybe try and identify those locations where relic populations of whites will still survive a hundred years from now. And bitch about it on the web of course.

Flanders said...

Savant, Your friend will have to decide whether you continue as "life-long friends". He cannot deny that there is a sinister and subversive history behind the totality of that jewry with whom he identifies. The evidence for that is simply overwhelming.
Part 1 of 2

"Anytime truth comes forth which exposes us, we simply rally our forces — the ignorant Christians. They attack the crusaders even if they are members of their own families." - Harold Wallace Rosenthal Interview, @ The Hidden Tyranny, 1976
“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country… We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of.” [Says the jew who was, along with many other jews, responsible for almost all of the subversive manipulation conducted against American society and the White world - from within their hidden government - The jewish kehillahs. - Flanders]. - Edward Bernays, Propaganda, 1928
"We must take control and return to a truly American [And a White] Media. We must take it over from the jew so that we are not being treated as an enemy by our own people.

What would the jew do without having the support of media?" - Flanders
"Jewish political influence will depend upon establishing PARTNERSHIPS AND COALITIONS with other ETHNIC AND RELIGIOUS GROUPS. Such ALLIANCES build understanding and trust while advancing MUTUAL INTERESTS." - ajc org Immigration_Reform.htm

"As wealthy Jewish donors contributed MONEY, talent, and ORGANIZATIONAL SUPPORT, young Jewish activists contributed their time, youth and energy. More than two-thirds of the white freedom riders, and over one-third of the volunteers for the campaign for voter registration in the 1960s, were young Jewish students. All in all, an ASTOUNDING 96 PERCENT of the NATIONAL JEWISH COMMUNITY SUPPORTED President Kennedy's decision to dispatch federal troops to help ENFORCE DESEGREGATION in Montgomery, Alabama in 1961. - American Jewish Committee, September 2012 - local-rifts-over-jewish-support-for-african-americans - questia
“It is simply astounding to contemplate the recent historical rise in Mexican immigration. In 1970, there were fewer than 800,000 Mexican immigrants; 30 years later the number is approaching 9 million, a 10-fold increase in one generation....

The Jewish community is thus in a position where it will be able to DIVIDE AND CONQUER and enter into SELECTIVE COALITIONS that support OUR AGENDAS.” – Dr. Stephen Steinlight, Senior Policy Analyst at the Center for Immigration Studies and former National Affairs Director at the American Jewish Committee (AJC)
[Thanks to Frank Galton]

Flanders said...

Part 2 of 2:

"The same establishment that preaches the holy writ of racial equality and amalgamation, never lets Americans forget the right of Jews - in fact, the holy obligation of Jews - to maintain their heritage both here and in their Jewish state. It reminds us constantly, from the pulpit of television, of their unmatched godliness, their eternal innocence and victimhood. Their pundits and scriptwriters unabashedly proclaim Jewish mental, cultural, and moral supremacy. They are canonized daily by their media, while those who dare utter a contrary word are muzzled or demonized. A tabernacle of the new religion of the Holocaust stands squarely in the midst of the American Acropolis of Washington, D.C. In that shrine the American people can worship the Chosen People and feel guilt for their sins against them. There they can learn of the worst transgression of all: questioning the only true "civil right" - the Jewish right to rule us culturally, spiritually, and politically.

The alien oppression would be bad enough by itself, but our masters clearly planned the extermination of our kind. Once I understood that, I could no longer remain silent about the realities of Jewish power in the West. Their continued dominance would sweep away our folk in a rising tide of immigration, miscegenation, non-White fecundity, and White self-sterilization.

The alien-dominated media keep most White Americans completely unaware of the ongoing dispossession of our people - and [are] another segment cheering it on. I began to see that the media was the most powerful weapon they used against us,...". - David Duke, from the last portion of, Chapter 18, Jews, Communist and Civil Rights, in his book, My Awakening
"In my experience sensitivity training is propaganda by peoples who don't want to become part of the American tradition but want all the advantages of living here." - karl, [citing an article showing Holder and Soros as it's proponents, who are main representatives for implementation of the "social" thought of general jewry. Isn't it strange that the collectivist jews are not the ones required to take that training - but, that it is a training which the jews require that we White people must take within our own White countries? - Flanders].
Scott Roberts:
"And just think of the disgusting crap they celebrate (the mass-murdering and torturing of their enemies). Really, what else needs to be said about a people who give their children a “Bag-of-Plagues” as a gift (I shit you not, look it up), just before they gather around to suck the blood out of a child’s freshly butchered penis?
Reply by T bone

Bag of plagues:

A fun and educational way to involve children in the Passover experience.
 1 red disc for BLOOD
 1 frog for FROGS
 1 small black bug for LICE
 1 lion finger puppet for WILD ANIMALS
 1 cow mask for CATTLE PLAGUE
 1 sticky hand with white dots for BOILS
 1 plastic ice cube with red crystals for HAIL
 1 large green locust for LOCUSTS
 1 pair of sunglasses for DARKNESS
 1 – 12 pc. puzzle for DEATH OF FIRSTBORN
Ages 3 and up

Notice how it says “fun and educational”. You cant make this shit up."

Disciple of E M Jones said...


Did you ever run across someone who says "I do not see the big picture." "Seeing the big picture" is one of the most pernicious and ego-inflating phrases used by flatterers everywhere. And what if your big picture conflicts with anyone else's big picture, in this case the Jewish big picture? Who trumps who? And, arguments of democracy aside, how would that trump be identified? Then enforced?

What has to happen is that "the West" has to turn back into Christendom, specifically Roman Catholicism, to reactivate morals and culture. Anything else is a half-measure. I don't think one can deny that the influence of the "Jews" and their goy fellow-travelers, who hoped to initially get the Jews to do the dirty work then profit off them, rose as Protestantism, i.e., Judaized Christianity, advanced.

E M Jones Disciple said...


Thank you for confirming the big picture I sketched above.

Flanders said...

If your friend lived in Stockholm, Sweden, he would never have worries, and would have the very best protection from some of those same police whom the jews are ever so eager to install into all our White societies.

"Gay Police at Stockholm Pride! — 30 sec"

Thanks to my friend, Hoff.

Anonymous said...

I caught a bit on TV yesterday!...
Greg Dick being confronted about missing dosh at some child’s charity.
He was Al fiasco, having a frothy kofi on the pavement .... He was in that shop so fast ! I thought he was morphing into that TV rodent he’d created some time back. It was the way he moved.
...cant improve with words on the original visual impact!

Chris said...

The good jew only exists to mask the activities of the jews. Jews are a Satanic race and as Christ said, bad trees do not produce good fruit.

They do nothing but bring the judgement of God down on us

On a side not

Julian said...

Totally ridiculous to suggest here that Jews and non-Jews cannot be friends. Just totally ridiculous. Jews run the whole spectrum from being Orthodox or fanatical Zionists on one hand to those who barely see themselves as Jews on the other. The latter make no differentiation between Jews and non-Jews. See Iron Felix's post above.

Anonymous said...

The ultimate CUCKSERVATIVES =Those prick Irish singers who sang "There's no-one as Orish as barak obama". MOST of the world's population & ALL Europeans are way more flipin Irish than bumboy Obongo.

Anonymous said...

Once you understand that race exists and what that really means you will understand that people of different races can never truly be friends. Underneath the superficial social niceties are genetics which cause us to view the world differently. It's no coincidence that jews have never been able to live as equals in any society for very long without trouble resulting. Antisemitism is a natural and healthy reaction of the host group. Your experience Savant has just proven this.

Rob said...

Savant: Because surely the inability/unwillingness to understand your 'enemy's' grievances and thus his motivations puts you at a disadvantage?

On the contrary, evolutionary psychologists have found that the people who are best at deceiving others are those who have evolved an innate capacity to believe their own deception. Robert Trivers has written a book on the subject, Deceit and Self-Deception: Fooling Yourself the Better to Fool Others. There is a point at which this becomes counter-productive, of course.

Rob said...

Off topic:

You'd want to back up your blog, Savant. Wordpress have just taken down Porter's Kakistocracy blog for "violation of Terms of Service".

Anonymous said...

White civilization may very well be extinguished on this earth. Where, how, when, and by whom are Whites fighting back? No where and not by anyone, at least of no consequence. We are all just mostly laying down, accepting, apologizing, crying, moving aside, and dieing.

Anonymous said...

Mustn't say true things about Islam:

F. McCool said...

"There's no-one as Orish as barak obama".

Yeah, and remember the outrage when someone said Paul McGrath was not as Irish as the others on the team? His 'father' (who fled shortly after his birth, naturally) was a fucking NIGERIAN. How the hell does that make him as irish as anyone else?

Anonymous said...

The Kakistocracy blog is still there:

It was on 6 August 2pm

SAVANT said...

Thanks Rob, have just done it. Have done it a few times already but need to keep up to date. The thing is the bastards do it without any warning. One minute it's there, the next it's disappeared.

And a very interesting thing on fooling one's self. I suppose on reflection that's what successful sales people do. They convince themselves - they have to convince themselves - that whatever they're flogging has to be the greatest.

But still, if say a groundswell of resentment is growing in your 'host' population and you either ignore it or attribute it to false causes, you'd imagine that your counter measures would be less effective.....

Dan said...

Back in the 80s the trickle was not a torrent.

I'd assume it's impossible to stop a small amount of migration.

What we have now is genocidal levels of replacement.

Anonymous said...

Jews have been denying their guilt, since Good Friday and Golgotha. Matt. 27:25.

As long as we remember that, all else follows. ALL. ELSE. FOLLOWS.

But Irish folk would rather vote in anus-buggering as the equal to the sacrament of marriage, and gender fluidity as the denial of Divine predestination of a man (or woman's) genetic identity as somehow fundamental to one's life on this earth.

And I am not an RC cleric... but the analogies remain the same.
Just sayin'.....

- Fr. John+

FOD said...

These gloating toads actually believ thier own hype. They are SO focused on destrpoying Whites -the only ethny that has ever truly tolerated them – that they fail to appreciate, or care about the fact that once Whitey is rendered completely powerless, their beloved Diverse Pets couldn’ care LESS about them. Their Century is drawing to a rapid close.

Archie Ferguson, MIET, MCMI, MBA said...

The Stonewall riots happened because the NYPDF searched a bar which a not missed former poster from here would frequent looking for bonds stolen from a Wall Street bank. Heroic resistancxe to oppression it was not!

Ozymandias said...

What we have now is genocidal levels of replacement.

And that, Dan, is the whole idea, my friend.

Anonymous said...

posted by Savant 21.27 5 Aug 2015

Though the analogy is not exactly the same as your situation, many crypto-Jews have absolutely no compunction whatsoever about living life as a crypto-Jew, sometimes even marrying a Gentile female without their spouse & any forthcoming children even knowing that he is, in fact, a deeply-embedded secret Jew who covertly adheres to the Talmudic Jew One-World government agenda, posing as a liberal or Trade Union activist, etc., but without his own family ever knowing that he is a crypto-Jew. Many Jews & crypto-Jews - especially since the advent of the Internet - are aware of the destruction that Organized Jewry has inflicted upon our Western nations but still refuse to admit the Truth. The list is extremely long so I'll mention here only a few of the many Jew depredations.

(1) The planning, financing & creation of the USSR & the mass murder of up to 100 million Gentiles by the Talmud-inspired Marxist Jews whose control of the media ensures that no-one has ever been pursued for these genocidal crimes committed by Organized Jewry. Meanwhile these same Jews still hunt down & persecute Germans seventy years after the alleged Holocaust of 6 million Jews. I find it impossible to believe that the vast majority of Jews in the Internet age remain ignorant of the true facts concerning the Talmudic Jew role in the horrors of Marxism/Communism when there is an absolute mountain of verifiable facts on the Internet.

(2) The creation in the 1920's of Cultural Marxism/political correctness by the Frankfurt School Jews which has almost totally destroyed our Western nations using their nation-wrecking political ideologies, such the promotion of homosexuality, the imposition of Third World mass immigration upon our Western nations; the destruction of religion. Also, hate laws passed by their puppet politicians & drafted by the Anti-Defamation League(ADL)Jews, which states that only White people can be guilty of racism. Meanwhile they arrest Whites using these anti-White 'hate laws' which silence the Truth & keep the Jew Lie Machine active in order to continue the World of Lies we are all forced to live under.

Make no mistake - this comment & the comments of many other patriots would all be silenced if Organized Jewry & their Cultural Marxist puppets had their way. It's only through the perseverance of patriots that we are not yet totally enslaved. I don't give a damn for the feelings of these Jews. Why should I, given their covert genocidal actions towards Whites which sees us attempting to avoid the worldwide genocide of Whites being committed by these anti-White Judaic puppet-masters. Whites owe Jews nothing - but white-hating Jews owe Whites a debt that can never ever be repaid - retribution for centuries & centuries of nation-wrecking & destruction.


Anonymous said...

Jon Stewart startled last night when Louis C.K. said he first saw him in a comedy club and wondered "Who is that funny, little Jew?" They don't like that but then neither does any other group. Reason being for whites is that they want to initiate and control the self-identification. As in, it's okay for the Pollock to call himself a "dumb Pollock" but you shouldn't even notice he is a Pollock, let alone dumb. For non-whites, it works the same, in a default kind of way.

C'mon Archie, NYPD went into Stonewall to roust transvestite junkie prostitute muggers. And why shouldn't it be a National Landmark?

Immigration game was lost in mid-eighties when foreigners reached enough of a critical mass to impose chain migration, "family Re-unification" rules. More like "tribal reunification. Oh, and thanks to fucking Reagan for allowing a first amnesty.

Setanta said...

This guy calls a foreigner 'a foreigner' and he's in trouble!!

Anonymous said...

So what does your friend think of Alan Shatter then Savant? Is he happy for a Jew to hold one of the most prominent positions in the Irish State ever and then betray its people, can he not understand why people would be angry?

And Esther you lurk in these pages tell us then, as most Jews believe the Holocaust happened according to the official version how do you feel about the rest of your tribe betraying those who set you free? Especially those in the UK and the USA that have worked tirelessly to undermine their saviours?

Anonymous said...

"Because surely the inability/unwillingness to understand your 'enemy's' grievances and thus his motivations puts you at a disadvantage?"

It depends what you think the primary purpose of the strategy is. People tend to think it's a strategy for gaining power and money but to my mind that's just a side effect of behavior designed to prevent assimilation into the majority population.

If you look at it that way being hated as a group helps prevent assimilation so Jewish zealots feeling compelled to constantly attack the majority population and the blinkering of the rest to the grievances of non-Jews makes perfect sense.

Anonymous said...

Most Jews buy the cover story. They consider themselves a beleaguered and oppressed people under a universal threat of mass murder. They consider their success in the marketplace to be a saving grace. They have intellectual pride but a very bad body image, considering themselves small and unattractive. They also question their will and fortune (in the classical sense), feeling doomed to eternally lose to the more virile and ferocious. Consider the Woody Allen persona here.

Blame the Frankfurt school and the UN all you want but the elements of decadence were present in western society long before Weimar and WWI. It was obvious to many in the nineteenth century that the aim of the British Empire and Commonwealth, plus all the other European and American empire-building, was a global hegemony. It was also obvious that this would result in the chickens coming home to roost. As far as Britain is concerned, look at generation after generation of bloodthirsty ruling class perverts (Edward Heath and back and forward from there). It was up in neon lights, before there were neon lights, that these people could care less about ordinary white people.

In the US, the Jews had little to no part in the ideology that let to the fantastic, anti-white bloodletting in the Civil War.

Why is there no white, male solidarity? Because white guys are dangerous. That was a theory my English cousin (ironically with less English blood than me) propounded as to why the Brits were so hard on the Irish but kissed the ass of the wogs.

Flanders said...

Julian said...10:43 [With some slight editing.]
"Totally ridiculous to suggest here that Jews and non-Jews cannot be friends. Just totally ridiculous. Jews run the whole spectrum from requiring everyone who is not a jew to concede to the jew versions of "free" speech to enthusiastically participating in mass-killings of non-jews done in bloody satanic frenzies". Concede to your jew friend(s) and all will be well. Trust the jew for they are tolerant.

Uncle Nasty said...

Interesting debate and interesting thread, this.

I may as well add a little tinder to the fire, by demonstrating this rather blatant example of attempting to control both sides of the debate.

From Theo Spark, my favorite hasbara site.

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Dershowitz's Containment Policy ...from Dan Friedman

[Below please find a recent op-ed written by Alan Dershowitz. Before you kvell, please consider this. The law professor from Harvard is the ultimate weasel. Good for a lawyer, bad for someone who aspires to be a Jewish opinion leader. He says Obama's Iranian deal is an "abject failure", then he quarantines that and never has a discouraging word for Obama's other fiascos at home and abroad. In fact, he offers Obama praise for his domestic agenda! Isn't it strange that a Constitutional scholar has (to my knowledge) nothing to say about Obama's serial violations and cynical manipulations of our Constitution that have go on unabated for 6 and a half years? And does the learned counsel really believe Obamacare is a sufficient trade-off for Israel, America and the world living under the albatross of nuclear annihilation?
Someone should stick a mic in his face and ask Dershowitz straight up, "knowing what you know now, do you still stand by your decision to vote for Obama twice and recommend the Jewish community follow suit?" It's a yes or no question that he should answer “directly, candidly, and unambiguously.” But don't expect a yes or no answer. Everything else is Dershowitz's crafty commentary. He's not trying to save us from Obama, he's trying to save himself as a best-selling author while diverting our attention from his own "abject failure" – remaining an Obama diehard to the bitter end. df]

All this condemnation ... completely ignoring the fact that the whole electoral process that put the Fus' Nigger where he is, for generations now, has been completely in the hands of jews. All of us get exactly what the jews want us to get. No more and certainly, no less.

The cureent distraction is now that there are "American Liberal or Left Wing" jews. These are the baaaaad jews who want israel destroyed (Yeah, right.)

Fortunately for everyone, these are balanced by the "gooooood jews" who want israel preserved and nurtured with high-tech military materiel, loads of money, arms, technology, loads of money, using corn-fed Good Ol' Boys (and now girls) to defend their ever-increasing influence, loads of money, patrol their ever expanding borders, loads of money, destroy those perceived as enemies and, ah ... did I mention loads of money?

Yes ... Savant. There are good jews. I have known a few. I am sure that there are hundreds ... thousands -- possibly, tens of thousands.

Does that help us? No.

If push comes to shove, will they help us? Stand up for us? Once again, no.

They will quite possibly shed a genuine tear at the passing of the last White person ... shake their heads and say "Tsk. What a shame. ... damn."

Rather the way we do when standing in a museum confronting a stuffed example of a Passenger pigeon, a Quagga or more aptly, perhaps -- a dodo. One can afford a bit of cheap sentimentality over a species that is being slowly rendered extinct.

As long as it's not you, of course.


Esther said...

I find it impossible to believe that the vast majority of Jews in the Internet age remain ignorant of the true facts concerning the Talmudic Jew role in the horrors of Marxism/Communism

Actually I can categorically assure you that they, apart from maybe a small minority, are totally unaware of this role. You are deluding yourself if you believe the proportion to be any greater than this.

Anonymous said...

Yep, still able to access the Kakistocracy blog from here in Canada.

Flanders said...

Part 1 of 2:

The heavy jew dominance of MSM (That which should be a White people's press within our own countries) and the cultural games which have been played by groups dominated by jews, makes it imperative that opinions of individual jews be disregarded. Our own people have been captivated to an enormous degree, sufficiently so that even their misshapen opinions have become a danger to our countries, and to the well-being of all.

This is illustrated somewhat by a comment I made replying to an article at Abbeyville Institute, The Abbeyville Blog, which in a dishonorable way did not post the comment, and the comments were closed soon after. The gist is that our own white people continue to ignore who it is actually causing harm to them and to their values.
Flanders on July 22, 2015 at 12:43 am said:
Your comment is awaiting moderation.

Despite the several good points that the author has made in the article, I cannot agree with the statement, that “We Did It To Ourselves”, nor the connotation behind it which is left with the public mind. That is misleading and wrong. It has been done to us, and it has been done to us by certain groups who have intended all along to do that to us.

The same and similar perversions of our culture have been going on
for a long time, and are made not only against the South and all it’s fine people, but against the main racial group who make up the peoples of the South, White people, and Christian people, too. The only fault that lies with us is in being blinded as to who is doing it and allowing ourselves to become unable to say who is doing it in a straightforward and public way.

William at ll:59 said: “One characteristic of those who are
brainwashed is that they’re utterly oblivious that they’ve been
brainwashed. A second mark of the brainwashed is the utter
inability to question the principles and premises of their
brainwashing—even when undeniable, empirical and historically
documented facts and records are presented, they are unable to
comprehend that their beliefs could be in error.”

And DixieTiger08 3:05, said that, “The inevitable result of what is
occurring to the South right now is due in large part to the
indoctrination of our Southern youth through the public school
system for many many years.

We are a product of what our masters want us today.”

Flanders said...

Part 2 of 2:

We have been taught and have learned not to notice, mention, or
to acknowledge in public that we know the racial character of
those who preach against us, whether we are the South,
Southerners, White, or Christian. Our fault lies with accepting other
labels to blame and ignore their true identity.

Marxism by jews proceeds inter-generationally. The first generation
is taught to be “liberal” minded. One next level is taught leftist, and
the next generation is taught even more to be leftist, until the final generation have become full Marxist tools who have no ability or desire to think independently, or in truly rational and open minded ways.

Why do you think Pelosi wants 16 year olds to vote, as is reported
in today’s news? It’s young people who have been exposed to leftist
thought in schools, and who either gain their basic understanding of life from Television or from their peers who have had that same
type of leftist and media exposure. They have not been exposed to
real life, and some of them never grow out of it. They are taught to
trust “documentable” sources and don’t realize that the only
“documentable” sources are those provided and allowed by jews.
Anything that truly exposes jews is not allowed publication at the
outset, slapped with some type of “nasty” label, or is removed and
banned altogether.

Leftists, Marxists, communists, extreme capitalists, or Zionists – all are inadequate labels to describe them, at least in ways which people understand, and calling them by their primary name is the only way to truly expose the primary movers operating within all of those groups. Primarily, those are jews. Maybe not all jews, but enough so that the primary group who is doing it to us should be exposed.

Our silence is what makes Cade’s Orwell quote apply to us and to our flag, our South and our America. Unless we reverse the process of silence we have been taught to learn, our kids, their kids, and later indoctrinated children will hate God, the USA, the South, and us.

[Cade's Orwell quote (added onto this comment copy after original posting at Abbeville]:

"Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.”
― George Orwell, 1984]

Flanders said...

Watch the following video about Germans who want to live independently from the Jewish Marxist system.

"Some Germans have made it out into the countryside to buy up lands and form autonomous communities.---See how the Jews declare them evil for daring to be independent. See how the Jews declare them evil for daring to remain German as they always have been. See how the Jews declare them evil for daring to have German Children."

"The facts: How Jews incense the world against the Nordic Race, ‘bringing the world together’ under Zion.

It has got nothing to do with Jews but already the prospects of Nordic Humanity surviving on its own is something the Jews want monitored and stamped out now. They propound into the consciousness of every inferior being the notion that they should feel threatened by using the term ‘racist’. The ‘racists’ must be stopped, how terrible it would be if a race better than all of the mongrels survived into the future to show a better example than worldwide dependency on illegitimate foreign Jewish rulers. How terrible it would be if one race survived against globalism on its own with its own leadership and community intact."

Gem Junior said...

Esther, I grew up in NYC and have been around many Jews and I can completely back your assertion. Most Jews have absolutely no idea about what many of their "leaders" and bankers have been up to - no idea. They just believe that they have been persecuted for most of history because Christians believe they "killed Christ." They believe they are still persecuted by anti-Semitism and that there is absolutely no other reason than totally irrational blind seething frothing ignorant hate. The ones I know know next to nothing about Jewish intellectual movements in the US and Europe and how Jews are seemingly all in charge, very disproportionately, of the US Federal Reserve Bank etc. Jews don't notice that the major movers and shakers of third world immigration into only white countries have no shame in saying "Israel is for whites and must remain totally Jewish." It's amazing that as soon as they finish saying that, they will say that it's racist for white Europeans to keep out third world immigration. One rule for you, one for me. It's just gone on too long, and people are really beginning to notice it. People will resent Jews and consider sayyanim to be traitors.

Flanders said...

Esther - 23:16, The better question is whether those jews of the internet age are aware about what the jews role is in imposing Marxism during the current age. We know that the jews ARE aware, and that too many jews are the leaders. Forgive me if I'm flippant, but I find it inconceivable that - A jewess named Esther would never try to delude us!
[I do not often recommend videos, but this short video at the link is necessary viewing.]

"This is the text of the following video.

Marxists of the 21st Century:

This great evil. Where does it come from? How’d it steal into the world? What seed, what root did it grow from? Who’s doin’ this? Who’s killin’ us?”

Anonymous said...

"In the US, the Jews had little to no part in the ideology that let to the fantastic, anti-white bloodletting in the Civil War."

Sephardic Jews out of Portugal started and ran the Atlantic slave trade.

"Why is there no white, male solidarity?"

Mass media.

The thing to remember when thinking about this evolutionary strategy idea is what has it achieved? Has it achieved wealth and power, yes *hundreds of times* followed by losing it all again and having to move on. To me that implies the strategy evolved primarily for some other reason.

Seneca said...

@onon 19.41. You outline a series of things that Jews were not responsible for. Fair enough. But what most on this thread are concerned about is what they are responsible for. And that is the whole gamut of pathologies currently destroying us, feminism, cultural reletivism, race as a social construct, open borders, corruption of art etc.

Jeremy said...

Flanders, that meme about it all being our own fault is one of the most insidious of all. Because it invited fatalism and acceptance of our fate. I deeply distrust any site that espouses it.

And I did see that video of those terrible Germans over on Occidental Observer. Incredible really. They want to live quietly on their own in the country and it's made to appear sinister and evil. A bit like a recent C4 "Dispatches" on an organisation to protect the family. This too was presented as a sinister insidious threat, complete with dramatic music. Even the most innocuous event (say a member meeting Czech counterparts) was treated as a sinister conspiracy. Excellent brainwashing.

Dan said...

Who were the industrialists and slavers in debt to?

Mostly Jews. The second in command in the confederacy was a Jewish fellow called Judah Benjamin. A British PM around that time was Disraeli.

When it's all said and done if you follow the capital that was made and hidden via transatlantic slavery and the American Civil War much of it went into Jewish pockets.

katana said...

Savant wrote:

Now I highlight this because it has intriguing implications for the Jewish group evolutionary strategy, the field pioneered by Prof. Kevin MacDonald and to a lesser extent Steve Sailer and the other HBD heads. Because surely the inability/unwillingness to understand your 'enemy's' grievances and thus his motivations puts you at a disadvantage?


I'd say there are the genuine "Din du Nuffin" little jews who are no more aware of the genocidal plans of the big jews as the average person is unaware. Perhaps they make up a large majority of jews.

Then you have the bigger jews who are aware somewhat to the much bigger jews who are fully aware because they are carrying out the plans to destroy White societies.

What appears to link them altogether though is the innate knee-jerk ability to circle the wagons and deny any wrongdoing on the part of jews. Their golden rule is to, "deny, deny and deny" in the face of any criticism. The truth is only relevant if it can be used in their own defence.

Now the big jews have taken this, "deny, deny and deny" MO to create a jewish art form of super deceit. They not only deny their horrendous crimes they have and are committing against non-jews, they project them unto non-jews for good measure.

For example, the jews created communism and the jews imposed it on the Russian people, murdering many tens of millions of them. The jews ran the secret police and the gulags, etc. So what do they do? They falsely blame the Germans for killing millions of jews while maintaining complete silence on what they really did to the Russians. hundreds of movies and books about the fabricated "evil Nazis" but virtually nothing about real events involving perhaps ten times the number of victims, killed with vastly more cruel methods.

How do they get away with all this?

Long story short, by being able to lie, to lie and deceive so outrageously that for Whites it is inconceivable that they are lying. To produce academic tomes that are meticulously footnoted, yet are based on lie upon lie. We have whole libraries full of jewish lies.


For my latest blog post, Henry Ford — Part 8: The Terror of the Machine click here >>> KATANA


SAVANT said...

"So what does your friend think of Alan Shatter then Savant? " Annonny asks.

First he denies that the problem got worse under Shatter and has continued since his resignation. Second he denies that Shatter's Jewishness has anything to do with it even if he did increase the numbers.

Dan said...

Point him to the Occidental Observer story on the shipping company that owns the Windrush and organized the first Banana boat.

Chuck Hammer said...

Gem Junior said...
Esther, I grew up in NYC and have been around many Jews and I can completely back your assertion. Most Jews have absolutely no idea about what many of their "leaders" and bankers have been up to - no idea.

This is the problem I have with blaming "The Jews" for anything. Most jews are oblivious to the reality that a small number of jews are actively attacking white European civilization. Though I feel a white hot rage when I watch Barbara Lerner Spectre openly calling for my destruction, I don't blame all jews for the actions of one evil jew.

Will rank and file jews benefit from an increasingly Muslim France, for example? They will not. Ordinary jews in France today are being thrown under the bus right beside us in just the same way ordinary European jews were thrown under the bus by Zionists in the 1930s.

Will ordinary jews benefit when the UK goes Sharia with a majority Muslim population? They will not.

If jews are in fact responsible for the decline of the West it is not collectively "The Jews," it is a relatively small number of wealthy, malicious and ideologically-motivated individual jews.

Flanders said...

Part 1 of 2:

Flanders on Jew Propaganda and Purim

Calls are repeated among jews at all sites [WORLDWIDE] calling for unity among jews. This Purim tale is what the jews teach other jews from the very time the incubated jews are mere hatchlings inside their satanic eggs, and their “historic legacy” is repeated to, by, and is ingrained into ALL jews worldwide, whether or not those jews are “religious” jews. This is by any means not the only such jewish fable, but it is a major one.

It is a children’s-level fairy tale, repeated endlessly, but it separates jews from others and makes jewry perceive all others as enemies to jews. That is the life-long perspective which jews cannot escape (not that many jews try to escape from the jews’ lifelong kehillah conditioning). There are jewish mechanisms which will force those jews back into compliance if a jew were to try to deviate from those perspectives, and jewish leaders know those mechanisms.

The propaganda does make jews into effective enemies.

It is a propagada which helps jew leadership to take a motley collection of inherently defective and dangerous foreign biologies of disparate races and form them into one demonic race.

The jew Purim propaganda also carries a message for White people.

We White people will understand what we must do when we read about what the jews are urged to do below and apply the same principles in our White lifes. Substitute White for “jew” and “Purim” in the text below.

An Illustration from a reviewed jew site (which will remain unnamed and not linked), shows kiddie types of face masks representing Esther, her Uncle Mordecai, the King (Ahashverosh), and Haman, which represent a typical sort of propaganda ingrained into all growing jews. The site it is from is run by a Nevada jewess who reports stories of interest to jews which have run on Israel Jewish News. She narrates below:
“Esther the Jewess marries King Ahashverosh. Her Uncle Mordecai tells her not to reveal that she is Jewish. The Jews throughout the 127 provinces of the Empire know Esther is Jewish. But not one of them gives away the secret. Ahashverosh, Haman and the entire royal court are kept in the dark about the Queen’s true identity.

This, commented Rabbi Haim David Halevy (late Sephardic Chief Rabbi of Tel Aviv), was an amazing phenomenon, a veritable miracle. Not one Jew in the entire empire betrayed the secret. The Jewish people were united, discreet, and disciplined to an extraordinary degree.

The Jews of the ancient Persian Empire demonstrated remarkable intelligence and restraint. They understood what was at stake and they rose to the occasion with admirable self-control. They surely had differing opinions and ideologies among themselves; but when faced with national crisis, they knew enough to set their differences aside, to refrain from destructive gossip and back biting.

Flanders said...

Part 2 of 2:

While we modern Jews cannot hope to achieve the unity and self-control of the ancient Persian Jewish community, we can strive to act and speak with discretion, courtesy, and respect for the views of others [That jewess doesn’t mean you, she means “other” jews.]. We can avoid vitriolic attacks on those with whom we disagree. We can focus on the really big issues which confront the Jewish people, and think how each of us can be constructive members of our community. We can know when to speak and when to remain silent. We can know when action is necessary and helpful, and when action is counter-productive and misguided.

Rabbi Halevy thought it was miraculous that the Jews of ancient Persia acted so wisely and so discreetly. Perhaps it is too much to expect such miraculous behavior from us. But perhaps—with intelligence, compassion, discretion and respectfulness—we can be part of a new Purim miracle for our generation.”

A sufficient number Whites must learn the message of [Purim] – unity in Whiteness. That is when Whites will have our own White “miracle” and it won’t be based on a fairy tale. We will have our White countries back from the hands of these foreign jew intruders.

We do not have to go back to biblical times for our messages. Our White “history” is as recent as the early 1960’s. That is when the devious work of jews – regardless whether those jew’s skins are of a slimy pall or of different colors – began to become more obviously apparent as being of one mind, with the importations into our White countries of non-white masses.

The jews have been working on their plans to destroy Whites since Purim, and it has taken the jews all that long to subversively do to White people what the jews are now doing. Those slimeballs are now exposed, thanks to the internet. Let sufficient numbers of Whites work together for 2 years and White people will be feeding all those bloody Matzo NUTS to the pigs!

Anonymous said...

Two white cops, one in Memphis, one in Shreveport, killed by black criminals this week.

Anonymous said...

Tanstaffl has made the point that Whites are always willing to make excuses for Jews. "It's not all jews, just some of them". But Whites are never willing to make the same allowances for other Whites. It is all"We have a suicide, death wish" or "We are our own worst enemies" or "We don't want to survive". Well speak for yourselves. I don't have a death wish. I'm not turning the other cheek.
Kevin McD has put it properly. We are talking about ethnic group interests so we don't need to talk about "good jews" and "bad jews". Take the blacks. Individual blacks might be fine but that is irrelevant. It is a group calculation. How - in general - are your children going to survive in a majority black school. It is not the trees, it is the forest we must focus upon.

Uncle Nasty said...

Off topic, I know. Sorry.

But if you have some spare loot ...


Veritas said...

Savant's struggle mirrors my own. I have lost many friends due to my understanding of the Jewish question and my frequent discussion of the issues facing our people.

My old Jewish friends have become more vocal in their anti-white crusade in the past few years and I cannot tolerate them any longer.

Whenever I have discussed our issues with fellow goyim they have basically practiced Amish style shame tactics against me and no longer wish to be friends.

Even though the comments section of major media outlets see increasing alternative right type statements I have not seen this permeate into the real world. Most sheeple remain oblivious to what is going on and are downright hostile when facts are presented to them on the problems our masters have caused us all.

Is our cause a lost cause? Most sheeple remain asleep and hate us. I would have 40 or 50 more friends and be invited to better parties if I just parroted the brainwashed propaganda lies.

We choose the road less traveled but it the wise one when it costs us in terms of friendships and even sometimes familial relationships and business or job opportunities? We face the scarlet letter of being branded "racist" and this really injures you as our controllers have done a fine job brainwashing our fellow citizens.

What do we do? What is the way forward? Why do we not have a mega rich benefactor who will fund our cause so we could come out of the shadows? Where are the titans of finance and industry who are tired of the shekel pushers?

We need strong men and women to help us or we will have to continue quietly making subversive statements in "private" to a mostly hostile audience who will turn against us. These are scary times and our enemies are winning. People are awakening but it seems like it is mostly confined to message boards like this as I have yet to meet anyone who knows of this blog and others like it.

Anyone interested in starting a message board based on this blog so we can communicate better? Apologies for meandering here but I am really worried for our future and we need to agree upon a collective course of action.

Hopefully the gods will be on our side and our ancestors will give us the power to prevail.

Uncle Nasty said...

Right. Back on topic.

Chuck Hammer said...

I don't blame all jews for the actions of one evil jew.

Will rank and file jews benefit from an increasingly Muslim France, for example? They will not. Ordinary jews in France today are being thrown under the bus right beside us in just the same way ordinary European jews were thrown under the bus by Zionists in the 1930s.

Right. and Flanders said:-

This, commented Rabbi Haim David Halevy (late Sephardic Chief Rabbi of Tel Aviv), was an amazing phenomenon, a veritable miracle. Not one Jew in the entire empire betrayed the secret. The Jewish people were united, discreet, and disciplined to an extraordinary degree.

Let me give you my own experience. When the world was young and I was in my late teens, I had a group of friends keen on moviemaking. Naturally -- to cut to the chase -- we would be asked to make a wedding movie once in a while. At the wedding of a jewish friend (yes!!) One of the Rabbis strutted (the only word) out on to the stage and seeing one of our carefully placed mikes, (very second-hand but still bloody expensive for amateurs) casually kicked it off the stage onto the dance floor. My other friend who was handling audio looked up and said, pretty much: "What the fuck is that arsehole doing ..?"

He put his headphones down and was about to tear a strip off the offending nose, when the groom (our jewish buddy) streaked across the hall -- he'd seen the whole thing -- and, literally grey with terror, told us to not say anything ... pretend it never happened. He would explain later.

Well, he did.

Several hours after the ceremony, he told us that that his old man had begged, pleaded and pulled every string he had to get these rabbinical fuckweasels** to officiate and if we -- or anyone -- had opened their mouths in protest; even the mildest protest; they would have just turned around, walked out of the ceremony, put out the bad word and he and his family would be ruined. Pariahs in the community ... Swatted like flies.

And that was the power that they had.

An interesting postscript: This was in the late sixties, back at the dawn of time when things like microphones could be serviced, tested and repaired. We sent ours in (after receiving a solemn promise that all expenses would be met) and were told that the mike was completely unharmed ... no charge. Those were the days. However, our friend's father still bought us a brand new one as a gesture. Pretty good of him, I thought.


** Alright, this was about forty years ago, but I recall seeing three of the fuckers. Does this make sense ... or is it a false memory?

Flanders said...

Who am I?

I am behind communism
I am behind radical feminism
I am behind homosexual-ism and “gay marriage”
I am behind multiculturalism
I am behind anti-Christianity
I am behind a one world government

I am the “divider and conquerer”
I am the race baiter and the slave trader
I am censorship
I am anti-gun
I am open borders
I am eminent domain
I am against English as the official language of the government
I am a dual citizen with loyalty not to your nation
I am the reason your daughter has low self esteem and desperately dresses like a whore
I am the Federal Reserve, Wall Street, central banking and big corporate money.
I am usury, fractional reserve lending, world currency and fiat money
I am the MSM, Hollywood, tabloid journalism and pornography

I am the corrupt judicial system that frees the guilty and imprisons the innocent
I am the nation’s high end drug dealer
I am the re-writer of history to my advantage
I am the military industrial complex
I am an unregulated nuclear state
I am an international terrorist
I am the WTC ’93, OKC ’95, 911, the Lavon Affair and the USS Liberty incident
I am “war by way of deception”
I am the aggressor, yet always the victim
I am the eternal radical

I believe that chaos equals cash and that gray equals green
I will defraud your country without conscience or consequence
I legislate from the bench, not from the Constitution
I contrive to make the simplest notion complicated
I succeed when you fail
I have killed more innocents than any others
I am your last, your current and your next war

Who am I?

I shape the schools curriculum, I decide what is taught or omitted
I have spies in universities professors that want tenure toe our line
I am the owner of the Nazi holocaust
I own your ballot boxes and voting machines
I control those that sit on the electorial college
I am the decider of who is elected in your government
I am the one that steals your secrets, then sell them to your enemy

I am the one that dresses your women in garbage bags and calls it haute coutour(sic)
I am the one that fills your museum with excretement and declares it’s art
I am the one that arranges sex tours for your enjoyment of Thai children
I am the one that kidnaps women for sex slavery
I am the one that steals immigrants documents to turn them into slaves

I am the one that murders Arabs for their internal organs
I am the one that claims I am God’s favorite
I am the one that builds the separation wall to divide families
I am the one that squats illegally on another peoples’ family heritage
I am the one that uproots olive trees and fruit groves
I am the one that spreads chemicals on your most fertile land
I am the one that diverts your life giving water for my decorative fountains

I am the crybaby that has 300 nuclear warheads & am fearful of Iran
I’m the one that refuses to allow medical treatment to the wounded
I am the one that shoots peaceful demonstrators
I am the one that developed tear gas that causes abortion
I am the one that ignores humanity’s law

I am a racist, a deceiver, filled with envy and spite
But you must never say so, or we’ll call you anti semite

That is who I am.

A commenter, 30.06, several years ago at another site.

Flanders said...

This is for those who either refuse to acknowledge the obvious, or who are just too damned sorry of a white human being to actually care for their countries or their race.

Patrick Grimm:

Do you,
“Feel The Control”

“You still don’t sense the control of your country, your society and your media by an alien force, a force as alien to a white European as a denizen of South Central would be at a Beverly Hills garden party? No, you are willfully, intentionally and consciously blind, and nothing could be more perilous. Why can’t you see the facts, my friend?

When you turn on your television and see scattershot filth being blasted into your face, the glorification of every type of sundry perversion, the trumping of every malignancy of the human soul, you don’t gasp. No, you take it all in merry stride, don’t you? You tolerate it, you receive it into your home like it’s all one big bloated and benevolent gift. Are you concerned, chagrined for your children, your offspring, the future of this nation or what will remain? Looking out over the vast ocean of apathy in America, I often contemplate one question “Where is the outrage?”

Do you think this is all being simply done by leftist Gentiles who just happen to hate white people and Jesus Christ, the Bible and the church? No, it’s not. This is all being conducted by a power with no allegiances outside of tribe, “race”, money, hatred, greed, avarice and blind sheer terrorizing ambition.”

[There is more for those gullible whites and Americans who] “are ready to scream “anti-Semite!” like you are lip-syncing an album recorded by Abraham Foxman. You are geared up to smear any of us who do speak the truth aloud, the truth that you yourself know down deep inside your soul. Your heart knows the truth, and it is for this very reason that you are appalled and offended and supposedly insulted by the truth-speakers and truth-seekers among us.

Your country is balkanized and chopped up like a jigsaw puzzle, yet you don’t care. You don’t give a damn. You can no longer even blame ignorance. You aren’t ignorant. You are simply in denial, in deep dark self-denial that needs to be fractured. But you can’t, you won’t. To acknowledge the reality of what is right beneath your Gentile nose would also require you to let go of your warm feelings about yourself, your self-congratulations and your pride. Many of you would rather go down with the ship before you would disentangle yourselves from those encumbrances.”

[For some reason Mr. Grimm's site was censored and removed, but no one knows by who.]

Anonymous said...

"Why is there no white, male solidarity?"

Ozymandias said...

Flanders 7.56. That is a most brilliant taxonomy. I have copied it and pasted it to my own records.


SAVANT said...

UN, was that mike one of the old Shure variety? I remember in my band days that dropping a Shure mike was a 'shure' way to getting to getting into big trouble. Horrendously expensive.

Heraclitus said...

Veritas, I ask myself the same question and at times do experience the same sense of fatalism as yours. However there most certainly ARE changes afoot. There IS an awakening among whites and the Jewish agenda is becoming increasingly evident. What I do not know is whether things have gone too far. As Mr. Savant frequently reminds us, demography is destiny. In other words if the ethnic composition of White societies becomes mongrelised in the manner of many in Latin America then indeed our position is irrecoverable.

At my age it doesn't matter but it does indeed matter to my children and, now that I am a grandfather, my grandkids.

Anonymous said...

Well for one, they have Satan on their side, and that is one reason that they rule and control us.Satan looks after his children. As I see it, you get the Khazar Jews of Satan and you get real Jews of Israelite descent. The Communist Khazars are ruling and they are Asiatic Mongolians from Khazaria that converted to Judaism and are abusing it as" religian" but it is a political platform, always using deception. Look at the creed of Mossad.
Take Henry Makow for instance, he is an ordinary Jew from real Isreali descent from Jacob, not the criminal terrorist imposters ruining the world from "Israel" using the Rothschild shield as a flag.
He writes many articles about the Satanic cult that rules the world and communism/ feminism and how they are making a mockery of God's creation, with their LBGT agendas,very iteresting too.

Anonymous said...

Flanders, thank you it is BRILLIANT!!

Anonymous said...

Chuck Hammer

"This is the problem I have with blaming "The Jews" for anything. Most jews are oblivious to the reality that a small number of jews are actively attacking white European civilization."

They bring up their children to believe the host population are their enemy and want to kill them.

Is it surprising then that a minority grow up to wage a conscious campaign of stealth genocide against the host population?

Or that a large minority feel an instinctive hostility to the host culture and attack it unconsciously.

Or that a large majority support every weakening of the host's ethnic and cultural cohesion (until the point where it starts to hurt them).

I agree that it's mostly unconscious and irrational - a self-induced cultural paranoia - but that's also why they can't stop themselves.

katana said...

Flanders said... 8 August 2015 at 07:56

Who am I?

I am behind communism
I am behind radical feminism
I am behind homosexual-ism and “gay marriage”
I am behind multiculturalism
I am behind anti-Christianity
I am behind a one world government


Thanks Flanders for that excellent summary.

I've made a blog post of it here, ...


For my latest blog post, Who am I? click here >>> KATANA


Uncle Nasty said...

SAVANT said...

UN, was that mike one of the old Shure variety? I remember in my band days that dropping a Shure mike was a 'shure' way to getting to getting into big trouble. Horrendously expensive.
8 August 2015 at 09:36

Savant I cannot tell how much I'd love to say "They Shure were ..." But our Shures, unfortunately, were Sennheisers ...

Not quite Shure ... but not bad at all.


Uncle Nasty said...

Anonymous said...

Well for one, they have Satan on their side, and that is one reason that they rule and control us.Satan looks after his children. As I see it, you get the Khazar Jews of Satan and you get real Jews of Israelite descent.

Interesting point. I made a bit of a study of this in my miss-spent youth and read in several historical volumes that referred to Satan as "The prince of this world."

Not the next ... but this one.

And I am beginning to believe it.


Anonymous said...

Jews have very selective memories (like the negroids). They forget or deny their roles in slavery, banking scandals, the porn industry, etc........ yet blame white christians for things done centuries ago. /They even blame us for things they did themselves.

Anonymous said...

Planned Parenthood, temperance movement, female voting rights, various utopian movements, radical abolitionism etc. were more of an outgrowth of affluent Protestant culture than Jewish conspiracy. Ever see the movie "Wellville" with Anthony Hopkins starring as Dr. Kellogg? In the town where I sit, there was a depression era socialist commune. Town council changed the radical street names a couple years ago.

But fear not as you might be on the winning side with the migrant crisis. The real political power in Europe is still with the white population. You've just let the commies nag you to death. You can still stop most of it. Unlike here in the US where we can only trade the commies for outrageous corporate oligarchy.

Flanders said...

Many Americans (and other Whites, who all seem to be susceptible to media influence) continue to travel with stinky old mental baggage which had been previously pee'ed upon by the jews during previous generations.

"During the four decades of the Cold War, Hollywood, which never failed to bolster the goals of the Cold War architects, reserved its bitter scorn for “red-blooded Americans” who stood for flag and country. While forbearing from ever presenting lifelong Communists in a deprecating way, Hollywood made films deriding “anti-Communists” as flagwaving American Legion boobs, a stance which it continues to this day. If any one of the eggheads and their Hollywood lackeys were to be called a “patriot”, they would be overcome with shame.

The government propaganda techniques by which the American people were terrorized for some forty years began with the dire threat of nuclear annihilation…Hollywood loyally produced many movies about the coming atomic de bacle, such as Dr. Strangelove, in which insane fascists were determined to use the bomb to destroy the civilized world; War Games, in which a mad computer tried to trick the United States and Russia into destroying each other; and a steady stream of films depicting “Bette Davises” as little old librarians who were determined that students should be allowed to read the works of Karl Marx.
As the jew Maurice Samuel said in his book, "YOU GENTILES",

"In everything, we are destroyers–even in the instruments of destruction to which we turn for relief… We Jews, we, the destroyers, will remain the destroyers for ever. Nothing that you will do will meet our needs and demands. We will destroy because we need a world of our own." – You Gentiles, pages 152, 155, and 147.

Nero said...

Yes. Savant's experience is exactly my own. And that can have foreigners as friends, but they are still foreigners.

There is simply no Jewish tradition of contrition in politics. There's no tradition of governmental politics at all. As an asiatic third world middle class caste, they just have no sense of acting selflessly for the common good of society.

'bad trees do not produce good fruit.' Sums it up.

Flanders said...

Anon hasbara at 19:05 and 19:48. The jews don't forget, don't they remember Purim? The jew's memory is based on the jew's intent. That intent is to always advance jewry, but at the expense of the non-jew, whom the jew always intends to deceive.

"Blame anyone and anything - just don't blame the jew". The "...more of an outgrowth of affluent Protestant culture", was what the jews used to install, from behind a secularized veil, those leftist institutions, at a time when the affluent Whites were lulled into not paying sufficient attention.

Anonymous said... long til your "jewish friends" out your real name/identity to the justice/hate speech warriors and we see you charged with some variety of the ever growing thoughtcrime catalogue?

SAVANT said...

He's the last Jewish friend I had! I would say close to zero chance that he'd out me. Anyway I'm not overly concerned now. I'm fully retired and have enough money, what I call 'fuck you money' to live on comfortably. Kids already provided for.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that as it would suck to lose you to the jackals ....enjoy the day :)

Rapparee O'Hogan said...

LOL, trust the Irish to parody & take the shit outta' Kike kontrolled TV.
... over the gay rainbow to the Land of Oz,down-under,a place of joyous multiculturalism & diversity, this same TV (Talmud Vision) programming is ubiquitous.