Thursday, 13 August 2015

An interesting point

 Let me clarify something for the readers of this blog.  Just because B'nai B'rith, the Association of Reform Zionists, the Anti-Defamation League, the Jewish Labor Committee, the Hebrew Immigration Aid, the Conference of American Rabbis, AIPAC, the ACLU, the Jewish National Fund, AMIT, the Jewish Federations Of North America, the Zionist Organization Of America, the World Zionist Organization, the Jewish Women International, the Union For Reform Judaism, the Jewish Council For Public Affairs, B'nai Zion, the National Council Of Jewish Women, Maccabi USA, the Simon Wiesenthal Center, the Jewish Defense League, Jewish Funds For Justice, the Conference Of Presidents Of Major American Jewish Organizations, the Jewish Socialist Verband, J Street, the Progressive Jewish Alliance, all Jewish Senators, Congresscritters and media moguls.........because all of these favour open borders DOES NOT MEAN THAT ALL AMERICAN JEWS FEEL THE SAME WAY!

Got it?


john7 said...

Yeah... I'll try to remember...

Chris said...

That would leave the obvious question.

What is a jew and what is judaism?

Anonymous said...


Frank Galton said...

Can anyone name one – just ONE! – Jewish political organisation opposed to Third World immigration into Western Europe, North America and Australasia?

Frank Galton

IGnolde said...

Very droll, Savant.

But many a true word spoken in jest.

Jeremy said...

Frank Galton. Unable to name an organisation as such but I do remember Michael Howard when he was Conservative Leader coming out against immigration. And he was roundly abused for it.

Mind you it could have been just electioneering on his part.

calculus said...

short and to the point

Dan said...

You are fooling no one Jewremy.

Anonymous said...

Howard is a jew. Of course it was electioneering. He'd have just put it to the bottom of his Gvt Priority list. All the while turd worlders seep thru like diarrhoea. By the time he gets round to it he's out of office.

Anonymous said...

That is just not fair. To balance things up I'll list all of the same that promote anti-immigration.

If anyone can find one I've missed please add it to the list.


Has Daily Stormer been taken down or is it just me?

Anonymous said...

My God. A news item on the T.V. I'm in a minority!!!!! And it's my day!!!! Whooo hooo.
I'm going to see what benefits the Government are going to throw my way. I've fancied getting a pilots licence so I think I might have that paid for. An immigrant minority did in Newcastle. As the late George Cole would have said as his character Arthur Daley 'The world is my lobster'. So, as nice as it's been I leave you all with a heavy heart. F*ck you all. I'm now on the bandwagon. Today is............
Left Handed Day.


Left handed people are allegedly more intelligent. I don't know if that's true but sometimes I think I'm the only one with a sense of humour. Perhaps it's my defence mechanism.

Anonymous said...

My God. A news item on the T.V. I'm in a minority!!!!! And it's my day!!!! Whooo hooo.
I'm going to see what benefits the Government are going to throw my way. I've fancied getting a pilots licence so I think I might have that paid for. An immigrant minority did in Newcastle. As the late George Cole would have said as his character Arthur Daley 'The world is my lobster'. So, as nice as it's been I leave you all with a heavy heart. F*ck you all. I'm now on the bandwagon. Today is............
Left Handed Day.


Left handed people are allegedly more intelligent. I don't know if that's true but sometimes I think I'm the only one with a sense of humour. Perhaps it's my defence mechanism.

Anonymous said...

Its down ,Lemmy. Im a regular there.Jews again I suspect. DAS REICH.

Anonymous said...

um... AIPAC...


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Just because Pope and Catholic Conference of Bishops support open borders and Catholic Charities makes millions off it doesn't mean all Catholics support it. In good ole days Catholics worked to convert natives. Now they work on flooding our countries with our historic enemy.

Frank Galton said...

BBC, 13 August 2015

The main suspect accused of killing two people [two shoppers, a 55-year-old woman and her 27-year-old son] at an Ikea store in Sweden faced imminent deportation and attended a meeting on his asylum status just hours before the knife attack, officials say.

The 35-year-old ERITREAN...

Jerusalem Post, 07 January 2014

Eritrean migrants resettled from Israel to SWEDEN

The resettlement... was part of the “ONGOING PROCESS of willful deportation to SWEDEN...”

Frank Galton

jovetta said...

I wonder could the family of those Swedish victims sue their Government for unleashing those Eritrean murderers on society?

Frank Galton said...


I wonder could the family of those Swedish victims sue the Israeli Government for unleashing those Eritrean murderers on European society?

Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...

Anonymous (behind the curtain) said: “Just because Pope and Catholic Conference of Bishops support open borders and Catholic Charities makes millions off it doesn't mean all Catholics support it.”

It is not in the Church’s STRATEGIC INTEREST to support open borders. It is, however, in organised Jewry’s STRATEGIC INTEREST to support immigration reform/open borders.

Forward, 26 June 2013

Jews Unite Behind Push for Immigration Reform

Ethics and SELF-INTEREST Drive Unusual Nationwide Effort

“It’s the ethical thing to do,” said HIAS [Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society] president and CEO Mark Hetfield, of the community’s immigration reform activism. But he quickly added, “It’s in our [organised Jewry’s] STRATEGIC INTEREST.”

Center For Immigration Studies, October 2001

The Jewish Stake in America's Changing Demography

“It is simply astounding to contemplate the recent historical rise in Mexican immigration. In 1970, there were fewer than 800,000 Mexican immigrants; 30 years later the number is approaching 9 million, a 10-fold increase in one generation....

The Jewish community is thus in a position where it will be able to DIVIDE AND CONQUER and enter into SELECTIVE COALITIONS that support OUR AGENDAS.” – Dr. Stephen Steinlight, Senior Policy Analyst at the Center for Immigration Studies and former National Affairs Director at the American Jewish Committee (AJC)

American Jewish Committee, September 2012

Page 5

Jewish political influence will depend upon establishing PARTNERSHIPS AND COALITIONS with other ETHNIC AND RELIGIOUS GROUPS. Such ALLIANCES build understanding and trust while advancing MUTUAL INTERESTS.

The Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS) and the American Jewish Committee (AJC) are members of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organisations.

The Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organisations

The proven and effective voice of ORGANIZED AMERICAN JEWRY for more than half a century, the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations Fund advances the interests of the American Jewish community, sustains broad-based support for Israel and addresses the critical concerns facing world Jewry.

Frank Galton

Eddie in St. Louis said...

Perhaps this Jewish organization might be against?

Anonymous said...

The Daily Stormer is down! Read the blurb at the top HERE. Unable to proceed from there.

Jim Stone is also under relentless cyber attacks, but apparently he knows his techie stuff. For now ... he's able to thwart the saboteurs from their game plan.

Anonymous said...

Destroyer and destruction

Flanders said...

"The ACLU's main goal is to gradually deconstruct the USA while ushering in radical Socialism. The ACLU doesn't care about Mexicans, they simply view Mexicans (and illegal aliens in general) as a destructive force within the United States. Anything that hurts the USA, the ACLU supports. Anything that damages the social fabric of America and thus weakens it, the ACLU supports. This is why the ACLU attacks the boy scouts as well as anything related to the nuclear family, church, traditional values, WASP American culture, etc. Also, the ACLU defends Islam and Muslims because Islam is a negative force within the USA (Muslim culture and Western culture do not mix, clearly). The ACLU doesn't care about Muslims, they only see them as yet another tool to wreck this country and cause it to rot from within. This is why the ACLU and other leftists have cozied up to Muslims... because both the ACLU and many Muslims have a common enemy ---> the United States and, more generally, the White Western World. And let's not forget, the ACLU is primarily made up of secular Jews." - [The full note posting from immigration-globalization.blogspot, aclu's-agenda-pro-mexican-pro-muslim]

Flanders said...

A series of videos by the late Dr.William Pierce, "America is a Changing Country", which tells about the changes wrought by jewish agents, operating subversively within an unsuspecting American landscape, and importing "immigrants" to weaken traditional White society. It continues automatically and by the time you are watching during the 2nd one, you will have a much better understanding of the major players in America's transformation.

This should be considered to be a must view series for all White people in all of our White countries. The message is about America, but the problem and cause of the problems, is worldwide.

Cassius said...

Flanders. Agree with everything about the ACLU. Except that they are NOT socialists! Just as they don't care about Mexicans, Muslims etc. neither do they care about distributing all the wealth equally. That should be fucking obvious.

No, they want to deconstruct White Christian America, and that will do fine. What takes its place - I imagine that they imagine - is an America where their tribe rules over a nation of fractious, dumbed-down, balkanized and mongrelized helots.

Uncle Nasty said...

And the narrative continues ... never ending.

Please go here and check out this steaming, reeking, fly-blown pile of pro-israel propaganda. It's quite amazing. Fifteen years ago, I would have read this and murmured "Hmmm." to myself.

Possibly even ten years ago. Whereas now, I get one paragraph into it and feel the overwhelming urge to shout "Piss off and die, you lying hebrew fucks!!"

And this, I might add, is from something that laughingly calls iteslf a "conservative" site.

The Evolution of the Nation of Israel

by David Weissman · 13 August, 2015

The land of Israel has a very long, rich, and unique history. It is the birthplace of a unique nation and culture that has survived so much over many centuries and is still alive and thriving today. During the many years of exile and the diasporas of the Jewish people, there has always remained a Jewish presence in the Jewish homeland and the people never forgot the eternal bond with the land. In 1948 with the establishment of Israel, the world recognized its status as a nation.

The Jewish people were originally known as Hebrews, which was first used to describe Abraham in the Torah. The word is believed to be derived from the name Eber, who was one of Abraham’s ancestors, although another tradition teaches that it comes from the word “eyver”, which means “the other side” referring to the fact that Abraham was from the other side of the Euphrates and that he was separated from the other nations both morally and spiritually.

Needless to say, he does not mention that today's Khazars have more in common with my dog's doodledad than they do with the Biblical children of israel ... and you know what really fucks me off, is the sing-song cadence of the writing. It's as though the writer(?) is aiming at six-year olds.

Although, in a society obsessed with selfies, P-diddy, Princess/Duchess Whatserfuckinname and her loathsome offspring along with the Kardashian kunts, I can see his point.

It is also noteworthy that the writer did a stint in the US military ...

David Weissman was born in Queens, NY and served 13 years in the U.S. Army as a chaplain assistant, including two deployments to Afghanistan. Upon being honorably discharged he made the Jewish right of return (Aliyah) and moved to the city of Ashkelon in Israel where he experienced the war with Hamas in the summer of 2014. David is now a freelance writer living in the city of Efrat in the Jerusalem district.

Let me see if I've got this right. A jew serves(?) 13 years as a chaplain's assistant??? What denomination, jewboy? Catholic? Methodist? Lutheran? Snake-handling Southern Baptist?

This story simply does not add up.

The point of this post? It appears that I have now gone completely to the Dark Side. I have reached the point where everything I read -- everything -- now is trickled though my bullshit filters, and it's amazing how often the gong rings.

And finally, a "freelance Writer", who, in his very first sentence commits the cardinal sin of referring to a "very unique" history? Looks like hasbarattery pays better than real writing.


Uncle Nasty said...

Off-topic, but ...

You may recall the massed fag pride parade that was going to boldly march through the muslim enclaves of Sweden and rock the poof haters to their very core?

Well, apparently they had to fight off hordes of screaming, sword-waving ragheads as they bravely upheld their right to march through the sandnigger-infested ghettoes.

Got to hand it to them ... all eight of them.

See the terrifying image here:-

Count the screaming, hate-filled wogs lining the rubble-strewn battleground. The blood runs cold.

I am reminded of the commentator (years ago) who pointed out that he found it funny that animal-rights activists at movie premieres were fond of throwing red paint at leather clad movie starlets ... but you never saw them doing it at Hell's Angels motorcyle rallies.

Strange, that.


Frank Galton said...


Re the ACLU.

ABC News, 03 March 2005

The network of more than 1,000 civil rights attorneys -- most of them volunteers -- has become one of the most controversial and least understood groups in the country.

Many evangelical Christians, for instance, consider the ACLU an enemy of religion because of the organization's staunch support of the division of CHURCH AND STATE.

[ACLU President Nadine Strossen] says the group will defend anyone whose rights are violated -- even people who disagree with the ACLU...

"Every now and again, they get it right," said Tony Perkins, a Christian conservative lobbyist for the Family Research Council.

Perkins says these are EXCEPTIONS TO THE RULE.


Church-state debate still rages, but public Hanukkah menorahs gain wider acceptance

Frank Galton

Flanders said...

This article below, written by someone who admits to being of jew extraction on his father's side, correctly identifies the ADL, and what he states can be extended to all jewish organizations.

"They proclaim themselves to be legal defenders who will protect Jews from defamation, but this is nothing more than a coverup. At first, they were dedicated to protecting Jews when gentiles (rightly so) defended themselves against Jewish aggressions and Jewish plots to usurp their local laws. Then they merged with other organization of Jewish characters like AIPAC; all of these Jewish organizations operate as one thought and mind and can safely be labeled Jewish Lobby Groups that fight for what is in their own tribe’s best interest and not what is in the best interest of their host nations. The ADL has chapters all over the western world, but in the eastern nations and Islamic nations that are somewhat aware of Jewish supremacy, they don’t dare go into such nations for they will be ripped shreds (a certain justified case).

But what makes the ADL such a dangerous organization isn’t the fact that they have tons of money, influence, and votes at their own disposal but the fact that they have managed to cloak themselves under tremendous lies that they are out fighting for the freedom of all people. The ADL is NOT about fighting defamation against Jews but they are all about diversity, multiculturalism, and the racial destruction of the white race. That is why the ADL advocates for unlimited mass immigration into white western nations, this is why they advocate for the so called rights of the faggots and homosexuals (knowing that it will lower the population numbers of the gentiles), this is why they fight for the survival of the fake Zionist state of Israel. Yet, they refuse to adapt the same rules of engagement and doctrine for their own people."

Flanders said...

"Mohels", accompanied by "The Chosen's Sickened Tribe" - by Shiska Goddess

Flanders said...

Part 1 of 2

“Nation of immigrants.”

This phrase was popularized by John F. Kennedy who wrote the 1958 book “A Nation of Immigrants” at the request of the Anti-Defamation League.
“In the Foreword, [ADL Director Abraham] Foxman shares that Kennedy, who was a junior Senator of Massachusetts, accepted ADL’s request to write this essay, and A Nation of Immigrants was published in 1958.”

The phrase “melting pot” was coined by the Jew Israel Zangwill in a 1905 play, The Melting Pot.

Zangwell wrote a novel Children of the Ghetto: A Study of a Peculiar People in 1892, The King of Schnorrers in 1894 and Dreamers of the Ghetto in 1898. The use of the metaphorical phrase melting pot to describe American absorption of immigrants was popularised by Zangwill’s play The Melting Pot, in 1908 despite it being about a family of jews.

According to the probable jew-edited site Full Wiki, “When The Melting Pot opened in Washington D.C. on October 5, 1909, President Theodore Roosevelt leaned over the edge of his box and shouted, “That’s a great play, Mr. Zangwill, that’s a great play.” [see * further below]. [In 1912 Zangwill received a letter from Roosevelt in which Roosevelt wrote of The Melting Pot as “That particular play I shall always count among the very strong and real influences upon my thought and my life.”]. The hero of the play, David, emigrates to America in the wake of the Kishinev pogrom [***see below] in which his entire family is killed. He writes a great symphony called “The Crucible” expressing his hope for a world in which all ethnicity has melted away, and falls in love with a beautiful Russian Christian immigrant named Vera. The dramatic peak of the play is the moment when David meets Vera’s father, who turns out to be the Russian officer responsible for the annihilation of David’s family. Vera’s father admits his guilt, the symphony is performed to accolades, David and Vera live happily ever after, or, at least, agree to wed and kiss as the curtain falls.
***The riot started after an incident on April 6 when a Christian Russian boy, Mikhail Rybachenko, was found murdered in the town of Dubăsari, about 25 miles north of Chişinău. Although it was clear [according to Wiki jews] that the boy had been murdered by a relative (who was later found), the Russian-language anti-Semitic newspaper Бессарабец (Bessarabetz, meaning “Bessarabian”), published by Pavel Krushevan, insinuated that he was murdered by the Jews. Another newspaper, Свет (Svet, “Light”), used the ages-old blood libel against the Jews alleging that the boy had been killed to use his blood in preparation of matzo.”

*Also, Zangwill’s book is dedicated to Theodore Roosevelt, “in respectful recognition of his strenuous struggles against the forces that threaten to shipwreck the great republic which carries mankind and its fortunes.”

Flanders said...

Part 2 of 2:

The Melting-pot: Drama in Four Acts, by Israel Zangwill id=XHwLAAAAIAAJ&pg=PA1&source=gbs_toc_r&cad=3#v=onepage&q&f=false

The poem The New Colossus on the Statue of Liberty with, “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!” was written by the Jewess Emma Lazarus back in 1883.

If it will show: A jew statue of liberty menorah

Some format, wording and sources are from Metapedia's entry on Immigration

Flanders said...

"Putin is behind the Calais invasion?

If that's what you want your readership to think, Rog, you truth-twisters must be getting desperate. Desperate to the point of outright lunacy. Sadly, the Yanks are even more dumbed-down than we are and many will believe the screwball conclusions of even the most cynical establishment psychopath.---Anyway, sensing an opportunity to squeeze the 'small minded' British even more, the usual suspects have been sharpening their open border rhetoric on this side of the ocean as well.

Here are a few examples:"

Anonymous said...

@ jovetta

(Who said...
"I wonder could the family of those Swedish victims sue their Government...")

No because they do not have a government.

All Western regimes are owned & run by banker/corporate power. This means kosher, for sure. It also means that our "governments" are big, fat diversions that keep their sheep in line. Microsoft and Google have more cash in their mattresses than the entire US regime has anywhere.

Since 1947, Federal Reserve bankers have used the Pentagon to launder money. Why? Because when trillions go missing, what you gonna do? Mothball the fleet? Lay off the army? Sure, once in awhile a dual-citizen Israeli is at the switch when a few trillions go skipping off the Tel Aviv, but cock-ups happen, eh?

There are no governments, only the illusion of governments. REAL governments would mean accountability to their people, and we haven't seen any of that since Genghis Khan. He bragged that a little girl with a bag of gold could walk openly from one end of his realm to the other without fear of robbery or harm. That's the real deal and it no longer exists.


Flanders said...

March 22, 2013
Dear President Obama and Members of Congress: Part 1 of 2

We, the undersigned Jewish organizations and leaders, strongly believe that our country would benefit from an overhaul of our nation’s broken immigration system. Our views are shaped by our Jewish religious and ethical traditions, as well as our own history in this country and by core American values. The commandment to ‘welcome the stranger’ is mentioned 36 times throughout the Torah, more than any other commandment.
Our current immigration system does not reflect our history as a nation of immigrants, does not meet today’s security and economic needs, and is not fair and humane. The estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the U.S. without legal status are vulnerable to exploitation. There are few, if any, legal channels for U.S. employers to hire immigrant workers, and tremendous backlogs in the family visa system have resulted in families being needlessly separated for years or even decades.
In the face of federal inaction, state and local legislatures have started passing restrictive laws designed to make life so uncomfortable for immigrants that they leave their homes and communities. Many of these laws have delegated immigration enforcement authority to state and local law enforcement agencies, undermining their ability to work cooperatively with immigrant communities.
American Jews know too well the impact of restrictive immigration policies, and we have seen how the immigration issue can become a flashpoint for xenophobia. We are concerned the failure of national leaders to fix the broken immigration system has fueled racist, nativist, and extremist groups who blame immigrants for our country’s problems, and has been a central factor in the spread of state and local policies and laws that legalize discrimination against immigrants.
Our leaders must enact laws that reflect the fact that immigration fuels our economy – immigrants and their children who come to the U.S. to join family or enter as refugees fleeing persecution strive for success and are responsible for some of this country’s most innovative and job creating businesses. Comprehensive immigration reform would serve our national security interests by bringing people out of the shadows, allowing federal law enforcement to focus its resources on those who wish to do us harm. Immigration reform that emphasizes integration would create diverse and thriving communities that help position the U.S. as a model for the rest of the world.

Flanders said...

Part 2 of 2

Based on the American and Jewish values to which we strongly adhere and our proud history as immigrants to this country, we urge Congress and the President to enact legislation that:

? Brings undocumented immigrants out of the shadows by providing a pathway to
citizenship, creates safe and legal avenues for future flows of immigrants, reunites families, establishes border protection and enforcement policies that enhance our national security, and accords all immigrants the responsibilities and rights required for full integration into American society.
? Fixes the broken system for admitting and integrating refugees and asylum seekers whohave fled persecution to build new lives in this country.
? Includes a fair, inclusive, realistic, and achievable channel for immigrants to earn permanent residency and citizenship within a reasonable timeframe of years, not
? Ensures that immigration detention laws are consistent with humanitarian values andwith the need to treat all individuals humanely and with respect.
? Ensures that immigration enforcement laws respect immigrant and worker rights and civil liberties and reflect the values of pluralism and fair treatment under the law.
? Includes measures to effectively identify and prevent the entry of those who are
dangerous and who pose a risk to our national security.

We look forward to working together to improve our country’s immigration system in a way that honors our American and Jewish values.

National Organizations
? American Forum of Russian Jewry (AFRJ)
? American Jewish Committee
? Anti?Defamation League
? Bend the Arc: A Jewish Partnership for Justice
? B’nai B’rith International
? Bukharian Jewish Congress of the USA and Canada
? HIAS (Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society)
? Jewish Council on Public Affairs
? Jewish Federations of North America
? Keshet
? National Council of Jewish Women
? Orthodox Union
? Rabbinical Assembly
? Reconstructionist Rabbinical College
? Tikkun Olam Commission of the Jewish Reconstructionist Movement
? T’ruah: The Rabbinic Call for Human Rights
? Union for Reform Judaism
? Uri L’Tzedek
? Women

Anonymous said...

@ Uncle Nasty

Also, contrary to Weissman's account, "Hebrew" is generally considered to derive from "habiru". These were Bronze Age travellers and outlaws of no particular ethnicity.


Anonymous said...

re Left Handed Day

I'm a left-hander too, albeit one that's trapped in a right-handed body.


eleos said...

"The Evolution of the Nation of Israel"

Glad you pointed that out to me UN. Just what I needed.A book casting a favourable light on Israel's development.

Anonymous said...

After much thought I have managed to ferret a group that might be against open borders for white countries, but I might be wrong


I speak under correction tho

Dr. Wassel said...

Frank G. I wrote a comment on CBS Local on the baker who was prosecuted by the ACLU for not baking a cake for a carpet muncher 'coupl'. I pointed out the name of the ACLU team leader (Silverstein) and the judge (Posner) and innocently asked whether there might be some connection. Got a few enthusiastic endorsements and then the comment and its responses were deleted.

Anonymous said...

'I'm a left-hander too, albeit one that's trapped in a right-handed body.'
FFS!Thanks. Made my day.


Anonymous said...

Jews = Genocide, no more needs to be said. They wear the uniform of an open enemy. Far worse are those that look like us but have no loyalty to us. Traitors in our own ranks who participate in our Genocide and allow the Jews to do what comes naturally to them.

Dante's tenth circle of hell is reserved for the likes of these traitorous bastards.

Frank Galton said...

House of Commons, 09 March 2000

Race Relations (Amendment) Bill [Lords]

[Jewish Home Secretary] Mr. [Jack] Straw: It would be appropriate to place on record not only my thanks, but the thanks of a huge number of people, for the work of [Jewish LibDem peer] Lord Lester of Herne Hill, who over the years has made probably a greater, more singular, contribution to the development of RACE RELATIONS LEGISLATION than anyone else in this country. It was he who--BEHIND Roy Jenkins--was the ARCHITECT of the Race Relations Act 1965, the Race Relations Act 1968 and the Race Relations Act 1976. I have no hesitation in saying that I have listened very carefully to the advice that he has offered.

Blackstone Chambers

Lord Lester of Herne Hill QC

• Co-founder and former Chairman, The Runnymede Trust

He was also the ARCHITECT of the Sex Discrimination Act 1975 and RACE RELATIONS ACT 1976. He campaigned successfully for the Civil Partnership Act and the Forced Marriage (Civil Protection) Act, the Equality Act 2010 and the current Defamation Act 2013.

Jewish Chronicle, 10 July 2008

Aye! To 150 years of Jewish MPs

• LibDem peer Lord Lester, whose two Private Members’ Bills became the models for the HUMAN RIGHTS ACT 1998...

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, Serena's dramatic recovery of form - coming up to the Olympics - was purely down to athletic ability. And the ability to lock her/him self up in a 'safe room' whenever the drug testers made an unexpected call.

FOD said...

The irony, bitter irony, about Zingwill and the Melting Pot is that jews avoid 'melting' like the plague. That's only for the goyim. But then our 'leaders' have been buying into the wheeze for over a century now.

Frank Galton said...

Race Relations in Britain: A Developing Agenda

Page 20

Anthony Lester [Jewish LibDem peer]

The challenge for the next century will be to rethink the concept of ‘Britishness’, to find values that each of these communities, and the many I have not mentioned, can share, WITHOUT LOSING THEIR CULTURAL, RELIGIOUS AND ETHNIC DIVERSITY.

Blackstone Chambers

Lord Lester of Herne Hill QC

Lectures and Colloquia:

“From Legislation to Integration: Twenty Years of the Race Relations Act” in Tessa Blackstone, Bhikhu Parekh and Peter Sanders, Race Relations in Britain: A Developing Agenda (Routledge: London, 1998)

American Jewish Committee, September 2012

Page 5

Jewish political influence will depend upon establishing PARTNERSHIPS AND COALITIONS with other ETHNIC AND RELIGIOUS GROUPS. Such ALLIANCES build understanding and trust while advancing MUTUAL INTERESTS.

Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...

Jewish Chronicle, 08 May 2008

JC [Jewish Chronicle] Power 100: Sacks stays on top, as new names emerge

Lord Levy

9 (3) A fundraiser par excellence for TONY BLAIR...he was “upset and angry with Tony” on discovering that the then PM had turned to venture-capitalist Sir Ronald COHEN for fundraising help before the 2005 election.

Elliott Goldstein

21 (New) His [Goldstein's] wife Gila is the daughter of the Chief Rabbi and an adviser to GORDON BROWN.

Gordon Brown

29 (New) The Prime Minister... has built on the good relations established by his predecessor [Tony Blair]. The government has extended its financial backing of sixth-formers’ visits to Auschwitz and Mr Brown has accepted an invitation to become a JNF [Jewish National Fund*] patron. To rapturous applause, he told a Board of Deputies dinner last year: “Israel will always have our support. We will be a friend in good times and bad and we will never compromise our friendship for political expediency.” He is an admirer of the Chief Rabbi, whom he says he consults regularly.

*JNF [Jewish National Fund], treasury seek formula for continued JEWS-ONLY land sales

Daily Telegraph, 14 May 2013

“In 2004 when as a Labour government, we were not only welcoming people to come into this country to work, we were sending out search parties for people and encouraging them, in some cases, to take up work in this country.” – Jewish Labour peer, Peter Mandelson

Jewish Chronicle, 12 August 2015

The key questions Jeremy Corbyn MUST answer

It now seems a near certainty that Jeremy Corbyn will become leader of the Labour Party in just under a month.

The JC rarely claims to speak for anyone other than ourselves. We are just a newspaper. But in this rare instance we are certain that we speak for the vast majority of British Jews in expressing DEEP FOREBODING [LOL!!!] at the prospect of Mr Corbyn’s election as Labour leader.

If Mr Corbyn is not to be regarded from the day of his election as an enemy of Britain’s Jewish community, he has a number of questions which he MUST ANSWER IN FULL and IMMEDIATELY [LOL!!!].

1. Did you donate, as alleged by its founder, to Deir Yassin Remembered (DYR), a group that publishes open antisemitism, run by [Jewish] Holocaust denier Paul Eisen — an organisation so extreme that even the Palestine Solidarity Campaign refuses to associate with it?

2. Have you, as Mr Eisen claims, regularly attended DYR’s annual conference?

3. Why have you accepted an invitation to appear at a conference on August 22 alongside Carlos Latuff, the notorious anti-Semitic cartoonist?

4. Why did you write to the Church of England authorities to defend Rev Stephen Sizer, a vicar banned from social media because of his habit of posting anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, telling them that Rev Sizer was “under attack” because he had “dared to speak out over Zionism”?

5. Why do you associate with Hamas and Hezbollah and refer to them as your “friends”?

6. Why have you failed to condemn the anti-Semitic posters and banners that dominate the annual Al-Quds Day rally, sponsored by the Stop The War Coalition, which you chair?

7. Why did you describe Raead Salah, a man convicted of the blood libel, as an ‘honoured citizen’?

Frank Galton

Sentient said...

Frank. Bear in mind that they finance BOTH SIDES of the political spectrum, especially in Britain and America where the main parties are pretty much indistinguishable. Less so in other European countries where there are many strong so-called extreme Right parties.

Flanders said...

"The ADL routinely smears those who have criticized its goals and methods by calling them “anti-Semites” — an amazing, invented word, by the way: No other ethnicity, so far as I know, has created a comparable neologism to demonize, isolate, and ostracize its critics. But so outrageous has been the behavior of the ADL that it has garnered much criticism from Jewish writers, activists, and dissenters from the “mainstream” Jewish establishment."
"The ADL operates much like an organized crime gang, as their intimidation and in-your-face life-ruining tactics make clear. And that’s not just a result of “overzealousness” or an unreasoning fear of persecution. The ADL has direct connections to numerous notorious crime figures:

Meyer Lansky, one of the architects of modern organized crime in the United States and connected woth “Murder, Incorporated,” was a strong supporter of and donor to the ADL. His granddaughter, Mira Lansky Boland, was an ADL official — ironically, her position is listed as “liaison to law enforcement.” She arranged expense-paid luxury tours to Israel, the world capital of sex trafficking, for certain key law enforcement officials who had “something to offer” the ADL in return — among them Tom Gerard.

Moe Dalitz, organized crime boss of Las Vegas, was a long-time supporter of the ADL and a close friend of Meyer Lansky. In 1982, Dalitz received the “Torch of Liberty” award from the ADL.

Theodore Silbert, mafia front man worked simultaneously for the ADL and the Sterling National Bank (a mafia operation controlled by the Lansky syndicate).

Michael Milken, convicted financial criminal of “junk bond” fame, was a major contributor to the ADL.

Marc Rich, international fugitive and financial criminal was hiding out in Switzerland to avoid prosecution for his crimes when he wrote a check for $100,000 to the ADL, who then proceeded to pull the necessary strings. He was then pardoned by President Bill Clinton on his last day in office. Rich later admitted he had worked with the ADL-linked Mossad for years, and Israeli officials also intervened on his behalf with Clinton."
The May 31 program, held at the FBI Academy in Quantico, VA, was an outgrowth of ADL’s longtime involvement in providing information and training to law enforcement on threats posed by extremists. The conference, “Extremist and Terrorist Threats: Protecting America After 9/11? included presentations from ADL, FBI and other nationally recognized experts on extremist groups, investigative techniques, counterterrorism strategies, domestic security and threat assessment.

“Now more than ever, law enforcement must have the resources and know-how to prevent future acts of terrorism,” said Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director."

Anonymous said...

Michael Savage pointing out today that Lutheran Relief Services is packing refugees into Fargo, North Dakota. From Somalia, Syria and...wait for it...the Congo! Sad to see that the Third World is being packed into rural places where you should never have to see a black face. They're all doing it: Catholic Relief, the Baptists, Episcopalians, Quakers and of course ...the Jews. Big money to resettle them from the government. We're talking tens of billions of dollars here.

But let's quickly get back to the Jews because otherwise one would have to place some responsibility on the biggest globalist enterprise of the last several hundred years: the British Empire. And its traditionally evil and perverted native ruling class. Rotten and evil in a kind of blasphemous way long before the first Jew ever thought about buying a title. Motherfuckers wore the color of blood!

Why do I feel bad for Fargo when there are 10,000 blacks in my town? It's because I fear that people in North Dakota are too naive and incompetent to be able to handle them. As I fear Europe, with an even more childish and inorganic racial liberalism, will be incapable of dealing with them. Here, they're pretty well domesticated and their kids look sort of nerdy. Of course, every in town works and we have competent police. Like the black areas that donut the Newark shithole. Fairly nice and safe.

Anonymous said...

I'm feral. Where's my accommodation?

Flanders said...

The full correspondence (the year, 1915) which preceded the following is too long to recount, but this is a good article to read, and it shows some clear examples of the jew hasbara at work in the early "American" press.

"As everybody knows, the President himself would not have written to the Pope, except through Secretary Lansing. But the Jewish organization, which publishes its purpose to carve out a Jewish State in this Union, and its intention to submit certain “propositions” to our Government, has already anticipated its independent existence, by ignoring our diplomatic representatives. It goes over their heads, and deals directly with the Pope, through the Papal Ambassador, just as though the Jewish organization at Chicago were an independent State!

These Jews might be pardoned, for their outrageous breach of loyalty and decorum, on the ground that they do not know any better—but what about Bonzano, the Papal secretary, and the Pope?

They knew better; and they knew they were insulting the Government and people of the United States, when they set the precedent of dealing directly with citizens of this Republic. NO SUCH THING WAS EVER DONE BEFORE!

These insolent Jews take it upon themselves to acknowledge the Italian Pope as the true and only “Head of the Church of Christ.”

All Protestant churches are mentally obliterated. There are no Christians save the Romanists. Waldensians, Greek Catholics, and Armenians—all more ancient than Romanists—are left with the heathen. Baptists, Methodists, Lutherans, Presbyterians, Adventists, etc., are mere trash—ephemeral and negligible—in the eyes of the leaders of the three million Jews. The Pope is the earthly embodiment of Christ, the Head of the Church, the one potentate empowered “to arouse Christendom” in behalf of the poor, down-trodden Rothschilds, Belmonts, Guggenheims, Warburgs, Strauses, Ochses, Pulitzers, Abells, Schiffs, Kuhns, Loebs, Montags, Seligs, Dannenbergs, Waxelbaums, and Haases.

With a fine display of scorn for our President and Secretary of State the Three Million Jews slap the face of Diplomatic Etiquette; and with a noble exhibition of contempt for non-Catholic churches, they spit upon the creed of Christianity.

Two years ago, I thought that there were evidences of a league between American priests and the rich Jews of our large cities, and our readers may remember my comments.

There is no longer any doubt that the Roman priests and the opulent Jews are allies.

“The Holy See, as it has always in the past acted according to the dictates of justice, IN FAVOR OF THE JEWS, intends now to follow the same path.”
"In the United States, the priest and the Jew have need of each other and the Pope has blessed the alliance.

That the Hearst papers are leagued with this queer combination of Jew financier and Roman priest, is an interesting detail; whether important as well as interesting, remains to be seen.

In the case of the Russian Jews, the new combination worked so well that our Congress, in 1913, abrogated a time-honored treaty, as a protest against Russia’s alleged mistreatment of her own subjects.

Descending to particulars, the new combination was able to save the Russian Jew, Beiliss, who was accused of taking all the blood out of a Gentile boy, through forty-odd incisions in his veins.

In the Leo Frank case, the new combination almost won, but not quite. And, of course, the unexpected defeat it sustained, profoundly enraged the new combination.

The Roman Catholic papers are as bitter against the State of Georgia, as are the papers of Hearst and the Jews.

The same Romanist journals that condoned and defended the deliberate assassination of the Protestant lecturer, William Black, by the Knights of Columbus, at Marshall, Texas, are unmeasured in their denunciation of the State wherein a convicted and thrice-sentenced Jew was hanged by the Vigilantes."

Flanders said...

"The Post’s Michael Gerson says “establishment Republicans” must “make clear that [Trump] has moved beyond the boundaries of serious and civil discourse.” He loathes the Trumpites as much as Will.

Trump’s followers are “xenophobic,” Gerson tells CNN. They have a “resentment of outsiders, of Mexico, of China, and immigrants. That’s more like a European right-wing party, a UKIP or a National Front in France. Republicans can’t incorporate that.”

But if the GOP has no room for Trump’s followers, it has no future. For there simply aren’t that many chamber-of-commerce and country-club Republicans.

Gerson mentions with disgust the U.K. Independence Party and France’s National Front. What do those parties have in common?

Both are anti-New World Order. Both arose to recapture the lost independence and sovereignty of their nations from the nameless, faceless bureaucrats of Brussels, those EU hacks who now dictate the kinds of laws and societies the Brits and French are permitted to have.

What motivates these folks is not all that different from what brought the farmers to Lexington Green and Concord Bridge and inspired colonists to stand by the original Tea Party boys in Boston.

New parties arise and outsiders are drawn into politics to fill voids and vacuums created by the failure of incumbent parties and politicians.

Case in point: Ex-speechwriter Gerson’s boss George W. Bush."
Thursday, the Census Bureau revealed that a record 42.1 million immigrants, here legally and illegally, are in the U.S., a population explosion being driven by Mexicans still flooding across the border.

Is it “xenophobic” to ask if Americans approve of this historic change in the composition and character of the country they love?

Is it outrageous to ask whether there is a correlation between this massive infusion of unskilled and semi-skilled labor from the Third World, and the stagnant and falling wages of native-born Americans?"

Frank Galton said...

The Anti-Defamation League

Behind the Mask of Respectability:

The truth about the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith

1 – Introduction

The Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, or ADL for short, presents itself as an organization against ethnic, racial or religious intolerance. It’s very name suggests that it opposes “defamation.”

In reality, the Anti-Defamation League is an organization that supports Jewish ethnic and religious supremacy, and relentlessly “defames” anyone who dares to point out its own hypocrisy. While supposedly opposing ethnic segregation and ethnic superiority, the ADL supports Israel and international Zionism which promotes not a vision of a “multi-cultural,” “multi-ethnic” Israel, but of a “Jewish state.” That state is openly dedicated to the advancement of the Jewish religion, culture, and even the genetic preservation of the Jewish people. This is, of course, the very opposite of the policies it proposes for our American nation.

Consider the following:

The ADL supports forced integration of schools, neighborhoods, apartment complexes, clubs, churches and communities in America.

Yet it supports Israel which has a policy of segregated schools, neighborhoods, apartment complexes and even whole towns for Jews and Gentiles.

The ADL has been instrumental in changing America’s immigration policies in a manner that would result in European Americans becoming a minority in America and countries in Europe by the middle of this century...

Of course, the ADL supports Israel, which has a “Jews only” immigration policy. In fact, it even keeps out Palestinians who were born there and then forced out during the Zionist takeover in 1948.

The ADL has condemned European Americans, such as the administrators of Bob Jones University, who oppose racial intermarriage. Yet the ADL supports Israel, a nation that does not even recognize as a legal union marriage between a Jew and Gentile. The ADL has also never condemned the extensive Jewish opposition to intermarriage between Jews and non-Jews. Every major Jewish organization around the world has openly stated policies opposing intermarriage.

The ADL is by its own definition a racist, supremacist organization, and recognizing that fact should not make someone deserve the label of “anti-Semite.” The truth is that the ADL is anti-Gentile! They are not about anti-defamation, but their whole modus operandi is concerned with defaming anyone of any nationality who wants for their own people what the Jewish ADL leaders want for theirs. In other words, they are opposed to every other ethnic nationalism but their own!

Read more:

Anti-Defamation League, 07 December 2003

“Diversity is our strength” – Abraham H. Foxman, National Director of the Anti-Defamation League,213018c9-567c-418c-bdea-1cbda8f58810,frameless.html

Anti-Defamation League


ADL's Israel: A Guide for Activists

Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...

New York Times, 29 March 2001

It had just been revealed that [Abraham] Foxman -- whose organization [the Anti-Defamation League] had received $250,000 over the years from Marc Rich -- had not only written to President Bill Clinton urging forgiveness for the fugitive billionaire but was present at the creation of the pardon plot.

Thirteen months ago, according to Foxman, he met in Paris with a former Mossad agent now on the Rich Foundation payroll who had the month before pledged $100,000 to A.D.L. Foxman came up with the idea of asking Denise Rich, the divorced wife of the man on the lam for 17 years, to intercede with Clinton for a pardon.

New York Times, 16 June 2013

Marc Rich, a shrewd, swashbuckling oil trader who fled to Switzerland after being indicted on charges of widespread tax evasion, illegal dealings with Iran and other crimes, and who was later pardoned by President Bill Clinton in his last hours in office, setting off a whirlwind of criticism, died on Wednesday in Lucerne, Switzerland. He was 78.

The Internal Revenue Service offered a $500,000 reward for his capture, and the F.B.I. put him on its “most wanted” list, along with Osama bin Laden.

Then, on Jan. 20, 2001 — Mr. Clinton’s last day in office — Mr. Rich’s name appeared on the presidential pardon list.

Shabtai Shavit, a former head of Mossad, the Israeli intelligence service, expressed gratitude to Mr. Rich for routinely allowing agents to use his offices around the world...

Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...

Las Vegas Revue Journal, 07 February 1999

If you want to understand Las Vegas history, you must get to know Moe Dalitz.

Early in his life, Dalitz was a bootlegger and racketeer mentioned in the same breath as Meyer Lansky and Benjamin "Bugsy" Siegel. In Cleveland, one longtime member of law enforcement would tell the Kefauver Commission, "Ruthless beatings, unsolved murders and shakedowns, threats and bribery came to this community as a result of gangsters' rise to power." Dalitz was considered part of that rise.

In 1982 he received the Torch of Liberty Award by the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith.


Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...

Los Angeles Times, 13 April 1993

New Details of Extensive ADL Spy Operation Emerge: Inquiry: Transcripts reveal nearly 40 years of espionage by a man who infiltrated political groups.

SAN FRANCISCO — To the outside world, Roy Bullock was a small-time art dealer who operated from his house in the Castro District. In reality, he was an undercover spy who picked through garbage and amassed secret files for the Anti-Defamation League for nearly 40 years.

His code name at the prominent Jewish organization was Cal, and he was so successful at infiltrating political groups that he was once chosen to head an Arab-American delegation that visited Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-San Francisco) in her Washington, D.C., office.

Frank Galton

Flanders said...

A 2003 Guardian report tells the jew view on immigration – BUT only into Israel.

“We have succeeded in blocking the phenomenon of illegal infiltrators,” said the Israeli prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu. “It has been several months now that no infiltrator has reached [the Israeli cities of] Eilat, Be’er Sheva, Tel Aviv or any Israeli community.”

Israel was repatriating migrants to their countries of origin, he said.

“For several months now, hundreds of infiltrators have been leaving here … and thousands will soon do so every month until the tens of thousands of people who are here illegally return to their countries of origin.” …

“A US state department report on human rights noted that Israel approved one out of 4,603 applications for asylum in 2011.”

“Popular petitions

Benjamin Netanyahu to be arrested for war crimes when he arrives in London

250 signatures in the last hour”
"If the petition reaches 100,000 signatures, the issue must be debated in the U.K. parliament, according to the government website.

As of Thursday morning, over 46,000 Britons had signed a petition calling on their government to arrest Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for war crimes when he arrives in the U.K. next month.

“Benjamin Netanyahu is to hold talks in London this September. Under international law, he should be arrested for war crimes upon arrival in the U.K., for the massacre of over 2,000 civilians in 2014,” reads the online petition, whose numbers are jumping by the minute."
However, according to the British Embassy in Israel, under British law, “foreign heads of state enjoy immunity from the legal process, and cannot be arrested or detained,” it told Israeli press.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry shrugged off the petition as a “PR exercise with no practical significance.”

Frank Galton said...

Jerusalem Post, 11 February 2008

...the fact that in those crucial months leading up to and during [Israel’s] War of Independence, a desperate ZIONIST MOVEMENT sought and accepted aid from all types of quarters - including from such noted and NOTORIOUS GANGSTERS as MEYER LANSKY and Mickey Cohen.

When Meyer Lansky tried to make aliya in the early 1970s, then-prime minister Golda Meir denied his request for citizenship despite his PAST WORK on behalf of the ZIONIST CAUSE.

Jewish Telegraphic Agency, 17 August 1971

The president of G.P. Putnam’s Sons, the publishers, has twice rejected claims by the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith that its advertising for a book on Meyer Lansky is anti-Semitic, the ADL reported today.

[Meyer Lansky] has been in Israel for more than a year on a tourist visa...

Frank Galton

Uncle Nasty said...

Frank Galton's posts are always fascinating, but the one of 14 August 2015 at 19:15, takes the cake.

In it we find out from the Jewish Chronicle, 12 August 2015, The key questions Jeremy Corbyn MUST answer

Interesting that, as a good deal of the general public as well as most of the posters here have key questions that the jews MUST answer. Unfortunately, the mere act of asking those questions will get us labeled as "haters"

MSM, as usual delenda est.

We will get nowhere, nowhere, nowhere ... as long as they control the narrative and the dissemination of so-called news and opinion. The indisputable fact that their influence wanes by the day is not sufficient. We live in the world where a money-losing entity must go under, for this is what we have been told over the decades. That, however, is the rule for us ... we who live on the knife edge.

They, however, can throw literally billions at anything they wish as long as it furthers the agenda.

Why not? After all they have stolen all the real wealth of the planet and can simply create -- out of thin air -- endless quantities of fake wealth. It's called debt.

Same with the Hollywood yid propaganda machine. Do you think they care if one of their shitty Cute-Kid-In-Striped-Pyjamas wankfests bombs at the box office?

No. They merely stroll down to the kike-infested bank and pick up another handout for another Cute-Kid-In-Striped-Pyjamas wankfest because it's good for the jews.

Destroy the lot. Everything.

Ripley: I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.
Aliens (1986)


Uncle Nasty said...

Totally off topic ... I am also left-handed, although life and experience have rendered me ambidextrous. Oddly enough, I have found that If I make the effort, I can dictate which hand will gain dexterity in any field** by simply using that hand from the beginning.

(sigh) Dexterity ... sometimes you just can't win. Check 3. (Physiology) below ...

1. Skill and grace in physical movement, especially in the use of the hands; adroitness.
2. Mental skill or adroitness; cleverness.
[French dextérité, from Latin dexteritās, from dexter, skillful; see dexter.]
American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition. Copyright © 2011 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. Published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. All rights reserved.
dexterity (dɛkˈstɛrɪtɪ)
1. physical, esp manual, skill or nimbleness
2. mental skill or adroitness: cleverness
3. (Physiology) the characteristic of being right-handed

[C16: from Latin dexteritās aptness, readiness, prosperity; see dexter1]


** Well, up to a point, anyway.

Frank Galton said...

Los Angeles Times, 14 August 2001

Bruce I. Hochman, a leading California tax attorney...died of natural causes Saturday at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

His clients included MOBSTER MEYER LANSKY...

Hochman was SO RESPECTED WITHIN THE INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE that he was often invited to GIVE LECTURES TO ITS AGENTS [LOL!!!], said Wayne McEwan, the former chief of the agency's criminal investigations division, who worked opposite Hochman for three decades.

He also was regional chairman of the ANTI-DEFAMATION LEAGUE for more than 30 years.

Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...

Jewish Virtual Library

Historian Robert Rockaway, writing in the journal of the American Jewish Historical Society, notes that German-American Bund rallies in the New York City area posed a dilemma for mainstream Jewish leaders. They wanted the rallies stopped, but had no legal grounds on which to do so. New York State JUDGE Nathan Perlman personally CONTACTED MEYER LANSKY to ask him to disrupt the Bund rallies, with the proviso that Lansky’s henchmen stop short of killing any Bundists.

JEWISH GANGSTERS also helped ESTABLISH ISRAEL after the war. One famous example is a meeting between Bugsy Siegel and Reuven Dafne, a Haganah emissary, in 1945. Dafne was seeking funds and guns to help liberate Palestine from British rule. A mutual friend arranged for the two men to meet. "You mean to tell me Jews are fighting?" Siegel asked. "You mean fighting as in killing?" Dafne answered in the affirmative. Siegel replied, "I’m with you." For weeks, Dafne received suitcases filled with $5 and $10 bills -- $50,000 in all -- from Siegel.

Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...

Jerusalem Post, 11 February 2008

When [Jewish gangster] Meyer Lansky tried to make aliya in the early 1970s, then-prime minister Golda Meir denied his request for citizenship despite his PAST WORK on behalf of the ZIONIST CAUSE.

The Jewish Magazine, February 2009

[Israel’s Prime Minister] Golda [Meir] was in DELICATE NEGOTIATIONS with the Nixon administration for the delivery of the last of 74 promised PHANTOM JET FIGHTERS. She understood...the meaning of the word Mafia on the American mind. She understood clearly the meaning of not permitting [Meyer] Lansky to stay.

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...


Just got this in my inbox (I subscribe to newsfeed):

Alleged Abuses by UN Peacekeepers in the Central African Republic

Press Statement

Mark C. Toner
Deputy Department Spokesperson

Washington, DC

August 14, 2015

The United States is profoundly shocked and dismayed by allegations and incidents of serious misconduct by UN peacekeepers serving in the UN Multidimensional Stabilization Mission in the Central African Republic (MINUSCA). The most recent of those allegations includes rape and civilian casualties during an arrest operation in early August. These allegations raise serious concerns about the mission’s discipline and command. They must be investigated immediately and thoroughly, with appropriate punishment and accountability for the perpetrators.

We welcome recent actions from UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon including convoking leaders of UN peacekeeping missions, and calling for yesterday’s special session of the Security Council to discuss these serious allegations and the efforts he is taking to strengthen the UN's response and institute a policy of zero tolerance for misconduct of any kind by UN peacekeepers and staff.

The United States remains convinced of the importance of MINUSCA in supporting the transition process underway in the Central African Republic and of the central utility of UN peacekeeping in advancing peace and reconciliation in regions afflicted with violence. Instances of abuse such as these and others in recent years, however, threaten to undermine the credibility of this crucial tool for conflict resolutionWe will continue to push the UN for urgent action to improve vetting, implement measures to protect civilians from abuse and exploitation, and investigate any allegations and take and appropriate action. The United States also calls upon Member States to ensure that their personnel serving in UN peacekeeping missions are subject to investigations and appropriate legal action at home for any crimes they may commit while in service as a peacekeeper.

The United States reaffirms its support for MINUSCA’s vast efforts to support the population of the Central African Republic and we call on all parties to renew and demonstrate their commitment to free, fair, and peaceful elections.

The Office of Website Management, Bureau of Public Affairs, manages this site as a portal for information from the U.S. State Department.
External links to other Internet sites should not be construed as an endorsement of the views or privacy policies contained therein.

Shaunantijihad said...

A Libtard is someone who demands that everyone should let their children play with lions because there are some nice lions, like Elsa, the Born Free lion.

A realist says screw the exceptions, they are feckin enemies - keep at arms length.

Lions are dangerous too.

Flanders said...

I'm a proud member of the White Wing Conspiracy. Invite yourself to the party, as no invitations are needed. We are making ground, and we do so every day. Basic blogging began in 1994, and up until that time we were in the dark and most of us, myself included, were unconscious so to speak and unaware. Since my awakening, and I'm sure it is similar for you, I have seen a steady increase in other awakenings and barrels full of previously unknown knowledge dumped onto my little monitor screen. Despite the efforts of hasbara and blog-burners, more and more is getting out. A matrix point will be reached where, in a very short time, there will be no one who is not aware. Knowledge of jew evil will no longer be hidden by "pretty" faces on the media screen or by glossy websites slickened to deceive.

Let's start treating all Whites with respect, the ones who ARE White, and realize that we are winning and we will win together. What we decide when matrix time occurs is to be our decision, but I vote that all our White countries should eventually be truly White. If you want freedom, kiss a White man (if you are a White female). If you don't continue kissing the ass of jews and their imported heathen.

"This is not a comprehensive list of where our power lies, but hopefully it gets you thinking about how far we have already been able to penetrate, and where we could possibly recruit more. We currently do not have much influence in politics, media, or banking, but these could all fall under our control very quickly once the White-wing mobilizes."
"I sure as hell hope you liberal White people like rap “music” and basketball ball so much that it’s worth this kind of pure evil done to our race." - Incogman
"...We all know the ballot-box is firmly dead and that British nationalism has moved on, and in an age where freedom of speech is almost a dying flame, moved underground." - Endzog
"But this time it is not the Jew who schemes for war..., but the dwindling population of indigenous British people who are not brainwashed, mind-controlled sociobots of the transnational Jewsmedia matrix but free men and true, men who have not lost contact with their identity, men who still walk as every good Englishman always walked with an invisible sword always in it’s scabbard at his side ready and willing to defend his tribe, nation and race. And always in his mind saluting the eternal leaders of his tribe whom history cannot undim; Kings Arthur and Edward Ist and Richard the Lionheart et al."

Flanders said...

"If I were an American, as I am an Englishman, while a foreign troop was landed in my country, I never would lay down my arms never never never!" - William Pitt

"The liberty of the Press is the Palladium of all the civil, political and religious rights of an Englishman." - Junius

"Or a White Englishman would rather smash a White Frenchman than a Jew! Crazy!" - Tom Metzger
From an old 2003 article at American Free Press
By Christopher Bollyn

"Sun UK: "Our Blood On His Hands"

Rupert Murdoch (News Corporation, Fox news) "became an American
citizen for business reasons", according to Richard H. Curtiss, editor
of the Washington Report on Middle East Affairs. Keith Rupert was born
in Melbourne, Australia, on March 11, 1931. "Rupert's father, Sir
Keith Murdoch, was a newspaper publisher, and his mother an Orthodox
Jew", Curtiss wrote, "although Murdoch never offers that information
in his biographies".

Murdoch's father married Elisabeth Joy Greene, daughter of Rupert
Greene in 1928. They had one son, Keith Rupert and three daughters.
Later in life, Keith Rupert chose to use Rupert, the first name of his
Jewish maternal grandfather."
"We see the jewish policies which produce imported "immigrants", for the purpose of forever diluting all control of America by it's rightfully born, bred and patriotic real and true Americans - whose long line of White ancestors lived, worked, died and who had sacrificed boundless energy and courageous blood in order to leave an abundant America in perpetuity for THEIR Americans - Us. - Flanders

Anonymous said...

Daily Stormer still down. Anybody got news?


Dan said...

The british empire settled whites on two non European continents.

It's largely responsible for white power worldwide.

Frank Galton said...

Flanders said: “A 2003 Guardian report tells the jew view on immigration – BUT only into Israel.”

The “Light Unto the Nations”:

HAARETZ, 19 February 2015

Israel has granted refugee status to only FOUR Sudanese and Eritrean asylum seekers

The Guardian, 04 June 2012

Israel granted asylum status to one [ONE!] applicant out of 4,603 applications in 2011...

Anti-Defamation League


...ADL has in recent years taken a lead role in exposing the virulent anti-immigrant and xenophobic rhetoric that has risen to the surface as part of the national debate over immigration. ADL speaks out against discrimination and bigotry and advocates a meaningful and substantive policy that honors America’s promise as a nation of immigrants.

Anti-Defamation League


ADL's Israel: A Guide for Activists

Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...

“As of Thursday morning [13 August 2015], over 46,000 Britons had signed a petition calling on their government to arrest Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for war crimes when he arrives in the U.K. next month.”

UK Government and Parliament

Government responds to all petitions that get more than 10,000 signatures

Waiting for 6 days for a government response

57,586 signatures

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

OMFG The trailer for the new series of dumb ape Lenny Henry's new HeeBeeC series is beyond parody. It's like a bloody party election broadcast for the Frankfurt School. Poor widdle nog child - check. Blond White villains - check. Hot slutty coalburner White bitch who falls for a nappy haired golliwogalike UGLY EVEN BY NEGRO STANDARDS - check. Giving a retarded squawking idiot whose 'comedy'

Tom Metzger said...

Break out of your death cell WHITE MAN!

Iron Felix said...

So; OK. The boychik Farrakhan in a n mass audience speech calls for ten thousand men to go forth and murder white people.
Some black dame in Texas publicly demands that all white people be murdered.
In Ferguson, a reporter is set upon by a black rabble and beaten and robbed.
From the MSM, scarcely a bleat.
Then onto the Ferguson scene appears a numerically small group, all armed, all sworn to defend the Constitution----AND ALL---OH HORROR!---WHITE!!
And in a twinkling a blond airhead with a slightly Australian accent is given acres of airtime to say How awful, what an indictment of American society that this can be permitted, surely their presence can only make everything worse, oh how dreadful, oh lamentations lackaday there must be no place for vigilantism and so on....
Q: What is the difference between a police officer and a vigilante?
A: A police officer does the will of the State; a vigilante, however, does the will of the People.

Frank Galton said...

Judaism Today, by Dan Cohn-Sherbok, professor of Jewish Theology at the University of Wales

Page 62

“The Jews were responsible for bringing negroes into the Rhineland, with the ultimate idea of bastardizing the white race which they hate and thus lowering its cultural and political level so that the Jew might dominate.” – Adolf Hitler, 1925

Jewish Telegraphic Agency, 04 January 1924

Jews Protest Immigration Restrictions

Washington (Jan. 4)

Dr. Stephen S. Wise...appeared before the House Immigration Committee yesterday and severely protested against the new Johnson immigration bill * which is now being considered.

* The Immigration Act of 1924 (The Johnson-Reed Act) limited the number of immigrants allowed entry into the United States through a national origins quota...In all of its parts, the most basic purpose of the 1924 Immigration Act was to preserve the ideal of U.S. HOMOGENEITY.

Jewish Telegraphic Agency, 20 April 1949

Rabbi Stephen S, Wise...was one of the founders of the Zionist movement in the United states and of the American and World Jewish Congresses...

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

The only possible effect these posts can have is to increase the paranoia of the Jewish establishment. This may or may not be a good thing in combating them. You can see, for example, how raising the "nigger" slur to an unpardonable declaration of war can be a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it is a powerful legal club of the establishment. But in a confrontation with no witnesses...

Flanders said...

A people who are supreme do not have to act as if they are supremacists. White people have every reason to ACT as if they ARE White people. White people who are truly conscious about the devious tricks used by jewry know this. We ARE White. We will be White from the day we are conceived until the day that we die, and our kids will be after that. We expect to live peacefully as White people, if at all possible, without undue interference from others within our own country. We demand that we do so. If other peoples want to be supreme, let them earn it – but, in their own countries!

The label of “White Supremacist” is one which is created by the jew and is done for the selfish jewish purposes of managing the helpers for those jews – the riff-raff whom the jew attempts to promote over Whites. The jewish labeling of White people as being supremacists is used in order to make Whites a target (and to make weak whites wither in agony at being labelled). The jew-label is intended to tear down that which should be, and IS, a force for good, a unified and aware White population who work for mutual improvements in society, and who do so for the benefit of everyone who should legitimately be a part of a good American society. The jews want all unity among White people to cease. That is why the jew push that supremist label. So long as White people are not unified in a conscious opposition to the jewish plans, plans which are now openly pushed everyday against White people, the jew can rally all of the minority masses whom the jews have unified or imported into White countries in order to ENFORCE, without any effective opposition, an unmerited, harsh and selfish JEWISH SUPREMECY!!!

That the jews are and do operate as a greedy networking force of immoral leftists and extreme leeching capitalists, and treasonous, usurious communists who break societies by stealth and networks of jewish monopolies, and who do no true good (making only hypocritical showings of false “good deeds” – just like their false television commercial ads) for others in the society which the jews’ inhabit, does not in any manner qualify the jew to be supreme. Te jews are the LAST “people” eligible for that title, but the jews will never deserve to use the “supremacist” title. The jews’ only title is one of treachery and of being against the good works and good life’s of America’s White people.

Frank Galton said...

Anonymous said: “The only possible effect these posts can have is to increase the paranoia of the Jewish establishment.”

Frank Galton

Henry IX said...

Just watched Match Of The Day on BBC. They managed to get two niggers who can speak English as the two 'experts'. Danny Cohen's handiwork.

Frank Galton said...

The chairman of Liberty GB, Paul Weston, says he can’t understand “where their [white left-liberals] bitter hatred of their own people comes from.”

Skip to 08:30

83% of the people who control the corporations which control 90% of the media in the United States are Jews/Zionists.

Business Insider, 14 June 2012

These 6 Corporations Control 90% Of The Media In America

1. Comcast

Founded by Jew Ralph Joel Roberts, Comcast is the largest broadcasting and cable company in the world by revenue. Comcast’s Chairman, President, and CEO is Jew Brian L. Roberts.

2. The Walt Disney Company

The Walt Disney Company is the world's second largest broadcasting and cable company in terms of revenue, after Comcast. Its Chairman and CEO is Jew Bob Iger.

3. Viacom Inc.

The President and CEO of Viacom Inc is Jew Philippe Dauman. Dauman is a longtime associate of the company's chairman, Jew Sumner Redstone.

4. CBS Corporation

The President and Chief Executive Officer of CBS Corporation is Jew Leslie Moonves. Jew Sumner Redstone is CBS's majority shareholder and serves as executive chairman.

5. News Corp

21st Century Fox is an American multinational mass media corporation. It is one of two companies created from the 2013 split of News Corporation. 21st Century Fox retains the previous News Corporation's broadcasting and film assets and serves as its legal successor, while its publishing assets were spun off to form News Corp at the same time.

The Chairman and CEO of 21st Century Fox is Zionist Rupert Murdoch.
The Executive Chairman of News Corp is Zionist Rupert Murdoch.

6. Time Warner

The Chairman and CEO of Time Warner is Gentile Jeffrey Lawrence Bewkes.


Jewish Business News, 05 February 2015

[Jew] Les Moonves Getting Ready For Post-[Jew] Redstone

The 91 year old [Jew] Redstone currently owns 80% of National Amusements Inc., which controls both CBS AND VIACOM.

YNET News, 26 October 2011

"The cinema industry was created from scratch in the 1930s, and the Jews basically took over it.” – Danny Halperin, Israel's former economic attaché in Washington,7340,L-4099803,00.html

Los Angeles Times, 19 December 2008

Who runs Hollywood? C'mon


I have never been so upset by a poll in my life. Only 22% of Americans now believe "the movie and television industries are pretty much run by Jews," down from nearly 50% in 1964. The Anti-Defamation League, which released the poll results last month, sees in these numbers a victory against stereotyping. Actually, it just shows how dumb America has gotten. JEWS TOTALLY RUN HOLLYWOOD.


Jews DO Control The Media

Let’s be honest with ourselves, here, fellow Jews. WE DO CONTROL THE MEDIA.

Did you know that all eight major film studios are run by Jews?

But that’s not all. We also control the ADS that go on those TV shows.

Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...

Paul Weston, chairman of Liberty GB

Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...

Flanders said: “The jews want all unity among White people to cease.”

THE TIMES OF ISRAEL, 05 March 2015

“The Jew uses every possible means to undermine the racial foundations of a subjugated people.” – Adolf Hitler, 1925

Frank Galton

Flanders said...

A prime example for why the jew keeps doing to our countries what the jew does, and keeps getting away with his devious designs is in the linked post. It’s the jew’s control over what should be the media of our own people. I know that you know that, but too many dumbed-down whites who only think that they are intelligent – do not – and it’s why those cuckwhites continue soaking propaganda in and continue “unintentionally” in helping the jews tear down our countries.

“Idiot German Bus Driver Goes Viral with Welcome Message to African Migrants


Uncle Nasty said...

I notice the horrible Clinton is having all her dirty washing revealed.

Is Clinton’s campaign in trouble?

by Cameron Slater on August 16, 2015 at 8:00am

It would appear that Hillary Clinton’s campaign is in terrible trouble with still more revelations about her illegal email server surfacing.

The FBI is trying to determine who at the State Department ultimately sent secure emails to then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on her unsecured, secret, private network – this according to The New York Times.

According to the paper, classified emails were circulated on unsecured emails between 2009 and 2011 and some of those emails were forwarded to Clinton’s home server.

While some of the emails may not have been marked classified, others were. Earlier this week the inspector general of the nation’s intelligence agencies, I. Charles McCullough III, said some top secret messages were sent to Clinton:

Specifically, the inspector general told members of Congress that two of the emails should have been classified as top secret, with one of them designated “TOP SECRET//SI//TK/NOFORN.” Officials familiar with the nomenclature said that “SI” stood for “special intelligence,” usually indicating an intercepted communication, and that “TK” was routinely used as an abbreviation for Talent Keyhole, showing that the communication or an image was obtained from a satellite.

Could this mean that Clinton is in trouble? My personal opinion is ... no, she ain't.

Forgive the cynicism, but, in view of the fact that the whole structure is rotten to the very core, the jew's strategy is simply to reveal -- now, while still in the early stages of the Circus Maximus -- all her peccadilloes, so that when the elections (Hah!) are actually held next year, there will be no ammunition left for all that (theoretically) oppose her and, the voters -- who let's be frank, have the attention span of a stunned goldfish -- will find that they have elected the first corrupt woman prez.

Or, they'll think they have. The same way they found that they had a nigger in the White House.

Oh, what it is to be perpetually surprised.

All Billary's crimes? Real and imagined? Old news, folks. Old news. "At this stage ... what does it matter?"

Look at Holder ... de fus' nig AG. His work here is done .. he's gone and nary a word said. Do we hear another whisper about "Fast and Furious"? Are he and the BATF facing corruption charges?

Fast and Furious? Whaddat? The new Vin Diesel action flick? When's it showing?


Flanders said...

I found this old comment I had made which contained this quote in some old notes from about 5 years ago, but it doesn't list a current source.

Quotes from an Irish White Man – Arthur Griffith:

“The Three Evil Influences of the century are the Pirate, the Freemason, and the Jew” – Arthur Griffith, (United Irishman, Sept 23, 1899).

“[In A]ll countries in all Christian ages he has been a usurer and a grinder of the poor … the jew in Ireland is in every respect an economic evil. He produces no wealth himself – he draws it from others – he is the most successful seller of foreign goods, he is an unfair competitor with the rate-paying Irish shopkeeper, and he remains among us, ever and always alien.” – (The United Irishman, April 23, 1904.)

“[The Irish should] cherish that feeling of hatred as their most valued possession, as the rock upon which the edifice of their nationality can only be built securely.” -(United Irishman, March 5, 1904, pg 5).

“No excuse [is] needed by an Irish nationalist declining to hold the negro his peer”.

“The right of the Irish to political independence never was, is not, and never can be dependent on the admission of equal right in all other peoples”.

“Who can forbear admiration at the spectacle of the Germanic people, whom England has ringed round with enemies, standing alone and undaunted and defiant against a world in arms? If they fall, they will fall as nobly as ever a people fell, and we the Celts may not forbear to honour a race that knew how to live and how to die as men.”

“Ireland is not at war with Germany …. The spectacle of the National Volunteers with English officers at their head, and the Union Jack floating proudly above them, “defending” Ireland for the British Government, may appeal to the gushing eyes of Mr John Redmond, but his eyes are not likely to be blessed with that apotheosis of slavery…”. – (Sinn Fein, August 8, 1914)

Mrs. Heraclitus said...

Kev you are 100% correct. For this reason I believe the doctrine of feminism to be the single most destructive movement in our society's demise.

red pill said...

UN, me too about the Hildebeest. Americans have an unlimited tolerance for corruption. Think of Iran/Contra and all the other ones you mentioned. You see the point is this. It depends on how the media portray it. Go back to Gary Hart's affair. Every second politician has one and Gary was known to be a lothario anyway. But for reasons unclear 'they' decided he had to go. And he did. Meanwhile scandals of the worst kind were committed with no repercussions.

Anonymous said...

American Council for Judaism

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The American Council for Judaism (ACJ) is an organization of American Jews committed to the proposition that Jews are not a nationality but merely a religious group, adhering to the original stated principles of Reform Judaism, as articulated in the 1885 Pittsburgh Platform. In particular, it is notable for its historical opposition to Zionism. Although it has since moderated its stance on the issue, it still advocates that American Jews distance themselves from Israel politically, and does not view Israel as a universal Jewish homeland. The ACJ has also championed women's rights, including the right for women to serve as rabbis, and has supported Reform Jewish congregations and contributed to the publication of new editions of prayer books for religious services predominately in the English language for Jews in English-speaking countries.

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget the 100th anniversary of the last time American Whites actually treated Christ-killers as they deserved to be treated. Never forgive, never forget.

"This Monday, 8/17, marks the 100th year anniversary of the "lynching" of Leo Frank, a magnificent exercise in justice. This article shows in detail how a massive conspiracy developed to clear the murdering pedophile Frank of charges. This is how the "jews" work; after all the Talmud clearly states raping and murdering goyim children is a deeply religious act-…/100-reasons-proving-leo-f…/"

- comment found at

- Fr. John+

Frank Galton said...

Huffington Post, 13 June 2015

[South African Jew] Mick Davis - who is being KNIGHTED for services to holocaust commemoration - has donated £1.47m to the Conservatives.

He runs a business called X2 Resources and was drawn into the row in 2011 when it transpired he was one of the businessmen funding Adam Werritty's jetset lifestyle while he worked as an advisor for then-DEFENCE SECRETARY Liam Fox.

Jewish Chronicle, 12 August 2015

SIR Mick Davis, Chair of the JEWISH LEADERSHIP COUNCIL, said of [Netanyahu’s] upcoming visit:

“The Jewish Leadership Council will proudly welcome Prime Minister Netanyahu on his important visit to the United Kingdom in September...I truly hope that Britain will be at the FRONT LINE in PROTECTING ISRAEL, enforcing the provisions of the Iran agreement if it is ratified and stand against Iran’s dangerous DESTABILISING * policies in the Middle East...”


Congressional Record

House of Representatives - September 22, 2005

“Stability is an unworthy American mission and a misleading concept to boot...We do not want stability in Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, or even Saudi Arabia. We want things to change. The issue is not whether but how to DESTABILIZE.” – Michael Ledeen, Jewish former U.S. Under Secretary of State

Michael Ledeen was a founding member of the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA) and serves on the JINSA Board of Advisors.

Note: The JEWISH LEADERSHIP COUNCIL is an umbrella organisation and is the British equivalent of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations.

The Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organisations

The proven and effective voice of ORGANIZED AMERICAN JEWRY for more than half a century, the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations Fund advances the interests of the American Jewish community, sustains broad-based support for Israel and addresses the critical concerns facing world Jewry.

Frank Galton

David said...

Excellent quotes Flanders,

Irishmen and women should be reminded of them especially at the centenary of the 1916 Rising to show what type of country the men and women who were prepared to die on their behalf actually wanted. The same type of country all the Nations of the West want: ethno centred.

Here is another one from Thomas Clarke from a letter he wrote in New York:

"There are any amount of niggers living hereabouts and we Irish as a rule don't care for coming too much into contact with those absurd folks"

Thomas Clarke was arguably the person most responsible for the 1916 Easter Rising. A proponent of armed revolution for most of his life, he spent 15 years in prison. Following his release he organised the IRB and was viewed with reverence was other leaders.

Frank Galton said...


Congressional Record

House of Representatives - September 22, 2005 1982 a man named Oded Yinon accentuated the usefulness of internal strife and war with Iraq to foster the demise of Iraq as an Arab state. He notice that in the short run, it is Iraqi power which constitutes the greatest threat to ISRAEL and that a division of Iraq into provinces along ethnic religious lines is possible. So three more states will exist around the major cities: Basra in the south; Baghdad in the middle; Mosul in the north; and Shiite areas in the south will separate from the Sunni and Kurdish north.

The Huffington Post, 10 September 2013

Oded Yinon's 1982 essay, "The Zionist Plan For The Middle East" outlines a geopolitical strategy in which DE-STABILIZATION is, in fact, the goal.

Scoop - New Zealand News, 30 June 2014

This week on NBC’s Meet the Press, the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, restated the decades-old Zionist project of permanently DIVIDING and controlling the Middle East. On the subject of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS, or DAASH) Netanyahu rather unabashedly and overtly expressed his regime’s intentions to promote INTERNAL STRIFE in neighboring states.

“We must weaken both [Sunni and Shia Muslims],” he said, restating his government’s preferred policy to have Muslims fighting among themselves: “When your enemies are fighting each other, don’t strengthen either one of them, weaken both,” he told the American public.

As Canadian freelance writer and journalist Brandon Martinez reminds us:

FRAGMENTING, WEAKENING AND BALKANIZING THE MIDDLE EAST HAS BEEN PART AND PARCEL OF THE ZIONIST IMPULSE FROM THE VERY BEGINNINGS OF THE JEWISH STATE. Israeli strategist Oded Yinon candidly outlined this imperialist line of thought in his 1982 paper “A STRATEGY FOR ISRAEL IN THE 1980S.” A strong, unified Iraq is Israel’s primary military concern, Yinon stressed.

Yinon went on to push for the slicing up of Iraq into three separate colonies or state-lets, arranged along ethnic and confessional lines, and we may well witness these developments come to pass in Iraq. The Israeli strategist also promoted much the same scenario for Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, Iran and other Arab/Muslim states in the region.

“The Zionists have used deception, subterfuge and cunning to con the world into entering conflicts and conflagrations that have expedited their ominous aims,” Martinez further observes.

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Daily Stormer back up after attack.


eleos said...

Fact that Daily Stormer went down under an attack is good in one sense. Would have been worse had the platform provider blocked it.

Dan said...

Huzzah. Party on!

Dan said...

Is that what they wanted?

Frank Galton said...

Gordon Brown, former Prime Minister and patron of the Jewish National Fund, says Jeremy Corbyn would reduce Labour to 'party of protest'.

Daily Telegraph, 16 August 2015

In his first intervention in the leadership campaign Mr Brown all but told Labour members not to vote for Mr Corbyn to be leader.

Jewish Chronicle, 08 May 2008

Mr [Gordon] Brown has accepted an invitation to become a JNF [Jewish National Fund] patron. To rapturous applause, he told a Board of Deputies dinner last year: “Israel will always have our support. We will be a friend in good times and bad and we will never compromise our friendship for political expediency.”

HAARETZ, 28 January 2005

JNF [Jewish National Fund], treasury seek formula for continued JEWS-ONLY land sales

The Independent, 01 May 2010

[Gordon Brown’s wife] Mrs [Sarah] Brown...was still Sarah Macaulay, a psychology graduate from Bristol University, when she founded the "ethical PR" firm Hobsbawm Macaulay with her old London school friend Julia Hobsbawm, daughter of the [Jewish] Marxist historian Eric Hobsbawm.

HAARETZ, 01 October 2012

Eric Hobsbawm (1917-2012)

Seeing Theodor Herzl as a traitor to the cause of Jewish cultural assimilation, Hobsbawm listed "Herzl's project of Jewish nation state" in the last page of his autobiography among ideologies he thought to be bad ideas...

His historical and theoretical criticism of Zionism extends to severe discontent with Israel's current policies. In February 2007, Hobsbawm was one of the founding signatories of Independent Jewish Voices, a group of prominent British Jews who claimed that the Jewish establishment was silencing those who were critical of Israel's policies towards the Palestinians.

In an interview with the Guardian in 2002, he tried to be slightly more qualified than in his autobiography: "I was never a Zionist. Once Israel was in existence or Jews were settled there, then the idea they should disappear was not on. I have never been in favor of destroying or humiliating Israel. I am a Jew, but being a Jew does not imply being a supporter either of Zionism and even less of the particular policies now being pursued by the government of Israel, which are disastrous and evil. They are policies logically leading to the ethnic cleansing of the occupied territories...I am very strongly of the opinion that Jews must say it is possible to be a Jew and not to support Israel."

Frank Galton

Wyatt said...

Admittedly the majority of Jews are complicit with these policies, as are millions of non Jewish liberals and socialists, there is a minority of Jews who have fully assimilated and identify with the best interests of their non Jewish neighbours.
I am one.

henry makow