Friday, 24 July 2015

An open letter to Ronit Lentin

Hello Ronit. You don't know me because we abide in different ethical universes. You on the gender-neutral Moral High Ground of brotherhood, equality and diversity while I prowl the murky depths of the Valley Of Hate. Then again maybe you do know of me. Because your army of Thought Police never sleeps while tracking down Enemies Of The People such as I.

Anyway I notice that you - an Israeli - and some Iranian lady gatecrashed and disrupted the launch of a political party whose goal is to defend the right of the Irish People to their own other words "a neo-Nazi extreme right wing party". Now there are some who might say it's a bit rich having Iranian and Israeli women preventing Irish men forming a legal political party here in Ireland. But not me. Because I know your sole objective lies in defending the unfortunate Third Worlders who, as the saying goes 'found themselves in Ireland'. And I'm the first to acknowledge your diligent work over many years (financed by the Irish taxpayer) to bring hundreds of thousands of these treasures to our shores. And to prevent ineligible ones from being deported.

But Ronit, you've been so successful you remind me of the Lone Ranger as he and Tonto used to ride off into the sunset after another successful mission: 'Our work here is done'.  Because you see according to Eurostat Ireland now awards citizenship at levels higher than any other European state. And what's more the number of foreign-born residents here is three times the EU average.  Despite the fact that so many of them are on welfare and/or in jail you must nevertheless be so proud at the diversity wherever you now look. Nigerians, Congolese, Somalis, Afghans, Pakistanis......all with huge numbers of children in tow. Every street in every town in Ireland.

So we're getting kinda full here and that poses something of a dilemma because your unquenchable thirst for justice still needs to be assuaged.

But I got good news for you! I know the very place you can do that. Unlike in Ireland, where anyone who flops onto our shores is given free accommodation, upkeep, education and health (before finally gaining citizenship) this country's Prime Minister cruelly described such people as 'infiltrators' and 'parasites' whose presence undermined the ethnic cohesion of the country. Can you believe that?

And it gets worse. His Government rounds up such "parasitical infiltrators" (shudder) and locks them up in concentration camps before shipping them off to the tender mercies of some Third World tyrant who'd been bought off with a generous lodgement to his private Swiss bank account a 'foreign aid' donation. I bet you'd just love to get your teeth into this scandal!  Do what you did in Ireland. Fight the good fight and flood that country with the detritus of the Third World while campaigning hard against any attempt to remove them.  And now the really good news: You'd have no difficulty getting into that country. Because it's none other than your own homeland, Israel.

How about that!

So off with you, Ronit. Because if you don't jump at this gilt-edged opportunity some cynics might say that your real objective lies in destroying the ethnic cohesion of White Christian countries and not in defending the rights of down-trodden Third Worlders. 


Corkonian said...

Glad you had a cut at this revolting creature at last Savant. She has rivalled her fellow jew Shatter in destroying our country. But fat chance she'll go back to Israel. Still a lot of nation-wrecking to be done here.

B Boru said...

Agreed Corkonian. Now please. Everyone, especially those in Ireland, send this link to anyone who might be open to the message. We HAVE TO do this if we are to defeat the likes of this witch.

Anonymous said...

Every single last evil that has happened in the world, a jew made it happen.

Ulick McGee said...

OT: UEFA deduct a point from Croatia in Euro 2016 qualification because of swastika on pitch.

Anonymous said...

Right on the button, as always Savant.

A work colleague of mine sent a text earlier today to the usual group of 5 very Irish men with the title 'I hear you're a Racist now father' containing the link to the Irish Independent's 'news' article covering the chaos at the launch of the new Identity Ireland Party.

I responded to all, providing some facts about the cause of this chaos, ie that one of the ring-leaders of the lower than low Brevik wreath-laying stunt was none other than this evil witch.

I also provided some facts about and quotes from this repulsive creature.

I asked was she and the other non-Irish agitator in any position to question an Irish person's rights to protest against the current policy of unquestioning support for limitless immigration into my country, given their obvious agenda.

I pointed out that lately the 'liberals' weren't very fond of the right to free speech for views they didnt agree with.

But they seem quite happy for this to be funded by me and these colleagues of mine as tax payers at the highest level for the past many years. 33 years in my case.

I was challenged at work breakfast by the youngest of that text group. A bloke in his late thirties. A lovely soul who would do anything for you. And one who always sees the glass overflowing. You know the sort. We were both that young man once.

I made my points on the subject and he made his. We covered topics such as genuine asylum seekers vs bogus, confetti citizen ceremonies, the race to the bottom jobs-wise, the causes for emigration of our young people.

And my issue with the fact that nobody asked me for my or anybody else's opinion for any of this massive change to our society.

That slug Sutherland and his agenda with the relevant supporting links also got a mention.

But he just came back with the stock answers.

"Sure didnt and still aren't loads of Irish young people illegal in the USA?"

"Sure arent the EU people entitled to be here" You voted
for this.

"Dont we have an obligation to help people in need etc etc etc"

I explained that not only did I not vote for this. I wasnt asked to vote on this in the first place.

We went round and round in circles for quite a while.

Then I asked him.

"What if a new untouched tribe of people were discovered in the Amazon or somewhere like that today"

"Wouldnt everything be done to preserve their uniqueness?"

He immediately agreed, without hesitation.

I then asked him why am I not entitled to the same rights.

He did go away with nothing else to say, and maybe a seed was sown.

Ever hopeful.

Anonymous said...

These people's hypocrisy knows no bounds. Take back Ireland. I live in Boston and grandparents from Ireland. I swim at this lake and feel like I'm in central America, amazing how much things have changed. If they're not hispanic, they're asian. I got to a mall and I feel like I'm in a foreign country. The number of minorities moving out to my area outside of Boston is staggering. All thanks to the central planners at the federal reserve, with their low interest rates making rents and real estate prices out of reach in city of Boston. Plus, these assholes in politics are deliberately pushing minorities into every town with section 8 housing.

Chicago Polack said...

Your best post yet Savant, I am grateful. Must reading for the young ones. If only it could be made mandatory reading in what was once Christendom... maybe the Chav would be separated from the White, etc.

Iron Felix said...

How odd---or perhaps not so odd---that the avowed, soi-disant champions of the right to freedom of speech and of association are invariably the advocates of a punitive censorship, and the suppression, by force if need be, of associations not to their liking. I seem to remember that fatuous exhibitionist Conor Cruise O'Brien behaving in just this way, not to speak of the good student body of our premier dismalised university doing just this with regard to Jorg Haidar and David Irving.

Flanders said...

I hope the Irish people are willing to wake up, Savant, and Corkonian is right. The jews don't plan to ever stay in Israel. They plan to govern and rule all our countries. Otherwise they would all be in Israel, already.

"One of the leading 'anti-racists' in Ireland is a foreigner, the Jewish feminist Ronit Lentin (neé Salzberger; born 25 October 1944), who is an Israeli citizen, Ronit does a lot of thinking about 'the shoah' and 'Ethnic and Racial studies'.

Born in Haifa to Jews from Romania, she lived in Israel and studied at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Following this she decided to invade and colonise Ireland in 1969 to wage a war of race-replacement against the people. As founder of the Trinity Immigration Initiative, she is best known as advocating the demographic genocide of Irish people through third-world immigration, particularly Black Africans. (More at Metapedia)

Ronit Lentin also wishes for Internet Censorship and cares a lot for asylum seekers in Ireland

Ronit Lentin Teaches 'Race is a Social Construct' and coordinates the course MPhil in Ethnic and Racial Studies at Trinity College Dublin.

Flanders said...

I'm not sure I included the link:

Flanders said...

Radikal loosened.

Flanders said...

Ireland’s other diaspora:
Jewish-Irish within / Irish-Jewish without

Ronit Lentin

It is circa 1884. A 14 year old boy called Kalman arrives in Cobh on a ship from Hamburg, alone. Escaping forced conscription to the Czar’s army, he is with a group of Lithuanian Jews from a Shtetl called Akhmian on their way to America. They are instructed to disembark in the South of Ireland, told that this is America. They were both asylum seekers and economic refugees, yet no official checked their passports, no asylum process regulated their integration. Most stayed in Ireland a short time only, continuing on to the United States or to South Africa. A couple of thousands remained.

Little is known about Kalman’s Irish beginnings. Most probably he began his working life as a travelling peddler, selling anything from kitchen utensils to holy pictures to Irish housewives. He was one of the Jews whom Fr. John Creagh’s sermons called ‘blood suckers’ and ‘vipers in our midst’, when he incited his Redemptorist flock to boycott Limerick’s Jews in what became known as the ‘Limerick pogrom’.
The Lentins are a typical Jewish, and Irish, emigrant family – only one of Kalman’s grandchildren remains in Ireland. Other grandchildren and great grandchildren have lived in the United States, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Australia, Israel – some of their voices speak in this paper. [continues]

Anonymous said...

RONIT LENTIN = Proof that allowing ugly hooknose kikes into your country is more dangerous than putting banana skins on the ibrox stairs.

Andreas said...

Brilliant post. Strikes all the right notes, superbly nuanced, and buries the stiletto at the end. A tour de force.

Even now I carefully prepare a list of people I will send to.

Heraclitus said...

"champions of the right to freedom of speech and of association are invariably the advocates of a punitive censorship, and the suppression, by force if need be, of associations not to their liking."

Yes indeed Iron Felix, yes indeed. And the explanation lies in the fact that their self-professed commitment to free speech was, and remains, merely the means to an end. And that end is the elimination of their opponents in whatever way possible. The origins of the bogus commitment to free speech lie in the fact that their own views were at one time very unpopular among the ordinary people.

Very much like the 'Prophet' Mohammed's commitment to religious liberty, the much touted 'let there be no compulsion in religion'. This was written (or handed down by Allah) at a time when Islam was a small marginal sect in Mecca. Once he gained wealth and power that message was changed to 'kill the infidel wherever you find him'.

beppo said...
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Julian said...

As an aside I must say I strongly admire the Israeli Government for their way of handling this problem.

Anonymous said...

You haters need to realise that they are actually geniuses and get more Nobel prizes than anyone else.

Here's how it's done.

Corkonian said...

IMPORTANT POINT: You can circumvent the prohibition of web links in comments on mainstream media and blogs by suggesting a Google (or whatever) search for 'an open letter to ronit lentin'. Just tried it and this site comes up top of the list!

Get busy!

Anonymous said...

In July of 2012, a new physics prize suddenly hit the headlines. The Russian billionaire Yuri Milner (above) began giving 3 million dollar prizes to top physicists, for no real reason. He immediately gave the prize to nine top theoretical physicists: Alan Guth, Andrei Linde, Edward Witten, Ashoke Sen, Nathan Seiberg, Maxim Kontsevich, Alexei Kitaev, Juan Maldecena, and Nima Arkani-Hamed. That is 27 million dollars, by the way. Then, this week, he gave two more prizes: one to Stephen Hawking and one to the leaders of the Higgs discovery.

I get you guys don't understand any of this.

Alexei Kitaev became known for his topological quantum computer. ... he is being given 3 million for it now... this quantum computer is still just theoretical.

This theoretical computer works this way: it “employs two dimensional quasiparticles called anyons, whose world lines cross over one another to form braids in a three-dimensional spacetime.”

Another one

Ashoke Sen is another string theorist, specializing in strong-weak coupling duality (S-duality). He is also the one who came up with rolling tachyons.

Anonymous said...

Who is Yuri Milner? Well, we are told by Wikipedia that he is a Russian Jew who went to Moscow State University in physics. We are told he worked on his doctorate
but are not told he got it. He did however get an MBA from Wharton in Philadelphia, which is odd for many reasons.

Then it gets really interesting....

These are the type of people winning physics prizes!

Read about the Higgs BS-on here.

Anonymous said...


Stephen Hawking died ages ago and has been replaced.

His double churns out what is essentially anti-white propaganda!

Anonymous said...

I have important news. Savant has asked me to announce that in line with his wanting to promote the blog even further he is starting competitions. The first one is a 'spot the difference'. A prize of 100 Euros will go to the first person to list the ten differences between the picture that opens this thread and this one. (You need to scroll down a bit).

Good luck.

(Massive hat tip to Beppo).


Cognitive Dissonance said...

There is indeed a striking resemblance between this vampire and the Spanish ones on the link.

Hey, the sun is up. Is it not time for Lentin to get back in her coffin?

heuristic said...

What all this stuff about physics and that guy Mathis?


Uncle Nasty said...

Lentin, like all kikes is like rust and decay. They never sleep.

I have just coincidentally received yet another offer of a free five week trial subscription to the local bird cage liner ... The New Zealand Herald.

The press runs jew-driven hit jobs like the one I have headlined above, and they wonder why no one reads their crap ... not even for free.

MSM delenda est


Rob said...

Some figures regarding Chuck Feeney's Atlantic Philanthropies and its contribution to various causes so far:

Immigrant Council of Ireland: $9m

Irish Refugee Council: $5.3m

Migrant Rights Centre of Ireland: $2.8m

Social Inclusion Centre of Ireland: $2m

It also gave millions to such organisations as Gay and Lesbian Equality Network and others campaigning for a Yes vote in the marriage referendum.

There's nothing more deadly than a "philanthropist" with deep pockets.

Flanders said...

Anon 03:57, Good job. Your efforts will hopefully be rewarded over time. People must have sufficient time to remove themselves from the matrix once the seeds have been planted.

Anonymous said...

I guess she´s the Irish version of Tim Wise. Liars and hypocrites they are.
Here are a few links to articles exposing Tim Wise:

Anonymous said...

I believe some of these philanthropists deserve more of our ire than politicians. The head of Ryan Air was at Bilderberg 2015 so therein lies another traitor. You have to wonder why so many of them always betray their own people - well, except Jews of course. Could it be the long tentacles of the Rothschilds is where they get their loans?

Anonymous said...

It's true isn't it - EVERYTHING they say about the Jews wherever they're dotted in the "free" world. They're a fucking cancer and the catalysts are the white trash who can't or won't see through them

Dan said...

What a crone

Anonymous said...

to anonymous @24 July 2015 at 12:31:

Maybe Eric Hobsbawm can enter the competition as well?

In spite of all their shortcomings, you gotta give them credit for one thing:

Anonymous said...

The head of Ryan Air was at Bilderberg at 2015, well a cheap low cost airline like Ryan Air has had the ability to change demographics of a country overnight, and has contributed to the mass exodus from east to west in Europe, no doubt his masters will give him extra change for new routes, Dublin to Lagos return 55 euro, one way only 5 euro anybody?

On another note Minister for Defence Simon Coveney was at Bilderbergers 2014, and seen in the company of Peter guess where our Navy ended up this year..yes you guessed it, plucking migrants out of the Med and transporting them to Europe, Peter thinks they should be allowed work while waiting for their asylum claims to be processed.

Anyone seriously doubt we are at war?

Eamon Bejayzuz said...

Must say, am very disappointed to read the sort of stuff Feeney is supporting.

Gem Junior said...

Wow Savant. You really hit it out of the park with this one. Someone should make sure she reads this - make her eat a copy too. Oh, and jam one up her ass for good measure then kick her onto the next El Al flight. Her face looks like a plate full of misery.

Gem Junior said...

People are noticing what the Jews are up to, and they are getting angry about it too. And the Jews don't even notice. As usual, they are pushing people too hard and wonder why people don't like them and don't trust them. They simply cannot accept there might actually exist a real true reason for this "disenchantment" to put it politely.

Uncle Nasty said...

heuristic said...

What all this stuff about physics and that guy Mathis?

24 July 2015 at 14:44

I wouldn't knock it. It's not only fascinating ... well, to me anyway, but also serves a purpose in exposing how the whole agenda -- not merely the economic, criminal and societal ones -- has been corrupted to the core.

One merely has to look at the religious arguments they use in their relentless attacks on Christianity. The core of which is the only religion that sees them for what they are ... house-wrecking parasites.

The Hoffjuden are so barking insane that they will piss in the punchbowl out of sheer mindless destructiveness, even if they have to drink from that very same bowl.

They are a psychotic, neurotic race.

An interesting example. Many many years ago, when dinosaurs ruled the -- sorry! Sorry! Wrong story. Okay. I had just started work in the real world when my boss (a woman) mentioned in passing that the Rand Club in Johannesburg did not allow jews -- or women -- in through the door.

I was astonished (younger and dumber) and asked why not. She then informed me that the male jews would simply take over and that the old yid women would turn the place into a screeching bazaar ... they simply did not know how to behave in public.

She stated that there "... was too much of the Litvak peasant left in them ..." That statement made so much impression, that I remember it, verbatim, to this day. It took days before I found out what "Litvak**" meant.

And the really funny thing? My boss was a jewess. Her father was a big deal in the JSE.


**Lithuania. Almost all South Africa's yids (in the twentieth century, anyway) were from Germany, Lithuania or Latvia.

jovetta said...

Gem, I notice that as well. There has been a major awakening and it grows all the time. Yet as you say Jews seem to be totally unaware of it. Surely they must realize that when TSHTF white people will be asking major questions as to who was responsible. And the evidence will be there in all its glory. What will Jews do then? For people dominating all the news channels they seem amazingly tuned out on this crucial trend.

Sentient said...

The Hoffjuden are so barking insane that they will piss in the punchbowl out of sheer mindless destructiveness, even if they have to drink from that very same bowl.

I have, over a long time, come to this conclusion as well. And this thing is very dangerous because mad people do mad things. The concomitant of this is their inability to perceive any wrongdoing on their own part. This is at the level of formal neurosis and again leads to a dangerous situation.

Uncle Nasty said...

The Lentins of this world are just one arrow in the quiver ...

For those with the time and the inclination ... some weekend reading:-

Date: Sun, 26 Feb 95 14:44:57 EST
From: (Bruce M. Peret)
Subject: Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars

I originally obtained this from Fidonet back in 1987, off of a BBS in Atlanta, GA, USA. In 1991, it was published in the book "Behold a Pale Horse", by William M. Cooper as the first chapter of the book. Cooper lists the provider as Tom Young, though the FidoNet version was posted anonymously.

This is the original FidoNet posting, which does not have the additional comments added by Bill Cooper. Incidentally, "Behold a Pale Horse" is an excellent source of information concerning the New World Order, and I recommend it -- if it can still be purchased. It was US$ 20 when I
bought it in 1991.

Cooper did try to find the original document. Though "Operations Research" did exist, there is no trace of a "Technical Manual TM-SW7905.1". Given the content of the manual, though, someone knew what they were talking about.


"The following document, dated May 1979, was found on July 7, 1986, in an IBM copier that had been purchased at a surplus sale."

-- "Behold a Pale Horse", Bill Cooper, pg 36




Uncle Nasty said...

Anonymous said...

to anonymous @24 July 2015 at 12:31:

Maybe Eric Hobsbawm can enter the competition as well?

Holy Mother of God!! That is one fugly yid. Look at his fucking EARS!!! They're even bigger than those of the bat-eared twat who inspired this thread.

One brisk breeze and he'd float away. I had always wondered what the inspiration for Disney's Dumbo was.

Now I know.


Anonymous said...

Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing regulation. Coming to an American suburb near you. Central planners never sleep.

Anonymous said...

Spot on.

Anonymous said...

"Then I asked him.

"What if a new untouched tribe of people were discovered in the Amazon or somewhere like that today"


That's the way to do it. You can't really debate them in the usual way as they're brain washed but if you can find the right pebble to put in their shoe it will gradually screw up the programming. Different pebbles work for different people.

Uncle Nasty said...

Speaking of joofux, you may remember Jonathan Pollard?

Our American cousins certainly should.

He was the traitorous little fuck who sold (SOLD, I wish to emphasise) thousands of US military secrets to Shitholia back in the eighties, and was, rightfully, jailed for life.

Well ... life, as they say, is short. Thirty years to be exact.

Israeli spy who was jailed for life in 1987 after posing as a U.S. Navy officer and collecting 1,500 pieces of intelligence and 800 classified documents could be freed

US Navy intelligence officer Jonathan Pollard convicted of spying for Israel, had turned over more than 800 highly classified documents Is serving time in federal prison in Butner, North Carolina, after guilty plea.

Release of 60-year-old could help smooth relations after Iran nuclear deal Has November parole consideration and US Parole Commission will decide Supporters say he should be released due to poor health and harsh penalty ...

By Daily Mail Reporter and Reuters

Published: 20:21 GMT, 24 July 2015 | Updated: 23:22 GMT, 24 July 2015

The Obama administration is preparing to release Jonathan Pollard, a former US Navy intelligence officer convicted of spying for Israel in 1985 and sentenced to life in federal prison two years later.

The release would end a decades-long fight between Israel and the US over Pollard, 60, and some US officials hope the move will smooth relations with Israel following the Iran nuclear deal.

Any ruling about Pollard, who pleaded guilty, would be made by the US Parole Commission.

Read more:

Poor health, eh? Where have I heard that one before?

I just Googled "jew criminal released for poor health" ... 53 000 000 hits. That's not a misprint -- fifty three million. Try it yourself.

Poor health and decrepitude doesn't stop the noses from sniffing out The Chartered Accountant of Chelmno, The Drain Cleaner Of Dachau or the Butcher's Delivery Boy of Belsen... does it?

One word -- Demjanjuk.

The great hosenose plea is always:- "Vhy ... oh, vhy don't you just treat us like everyone else?"

Oh ... if only they did. If only.
We'd be able to count them on the fingers of one thumb.


Uncle Nasty said...

And while I am giving those of the nose their much-deserved weekly pasting, let us not forget their other fields of endeavor ...

THE PAEDOFILE: Why Cameron and Clegg must have known the truth about Leon Brittan

By John Ward July 23, 2015 Boris Johnson david cameron Leon Brittan Margaret Thatcher MI5's Sir Antony Duff Newscorp Nick Clegg Nonviolent extremism Pakistani paedophile taxi ring Theresa May Tom Watson
Westminster paedophiles, falsely accused celebs, and the perversion of justice: how May’s NVE legislation will render the Truth ever more remote

One of the many odd contradictions of British life in 2015 is that false accusations of paedophilia are far in excess of the paedophile population…..but the number of political paedophiles is far in excess of those ever brought to justice. The Slog examines the growing desire of the political class to be placed further and further above the Law, and why Theresa May’s proposed NVE legislation is going to make matters far worse.

For the record, I’ve insisted umpteen times that the vast majority of tabloid-police-antiBBC-celebrity paedophile/under-age sex charges (and guilty verdicts) are bunk. In a great many cases, they were designed to:

1. Distract from Newscorp woes and the politically connected guilty

2. Create a belief in widespread BBC depravity

3. Satisfy the opportunistic greed of false accusers

4. Make the police look like heroes

5. Feed the madness of the various loopy-loos and ambulance chasers online who insist that anyone doubting paedophile accusations must be “a sicko”.

Nevertheless, my own experiences and fieldwork since 2006 has firmed up what I found to be exceptions to those general rules, viz:

i. Shared paedophile proclivities in the Conservative Party at national level

ii. The corrupt use of care system children at local level by both major Parties

iii. The blind eye turned to ethno-cultural under-age sex at local level by Labour officials

iv. Specific cover-ups involving politicians and the judiciary in several of Britain’s larger cities.

The specific focus of each of these exceptions in turn has always been (for me) Leon Brittan and the odd foreign travel jaunts of the Monday Club; the Elm House affair and Richmond Council in London, plus Humberside and Northern Ireland; Muslim taxi-rings in Yorkshire; and the corrupt use of psychiatry and gagging orders in order to entrap children in Plymouth and Mid-Staffordshire.

It remains my view that Mayor Johnson (also a Cabinet member in his spare time) is sitting on the Elm House investigation in the same way as he tried to get the Hacking Inquiry stopped. The culprit in Humberside was under suspicion for years, and died recently…but not before he’d been an accessory to murder. The Pakistani taxi rings I had observed for years in West Yorkshire. The Mid Staffs criminal legged it rather quickly, but is still practising in the M4 corridor. The key judge in Plymouth has since moved on, but the 20-year gagging order protecting him remains in place.

Today, however, I’d like to focus on Leon Brittan. Lord Brittan is a special case for me because my familiarity with the case goes back to the early and mid 1980s….and because predictably – now he is an ex-Brittan – more details are coming out to dismiss at least some of the remaining doubts about his guilt.

He is not, however, alone in his guilt.

Read on about another demented Litvak yid (cohencidence? I think not ...)


Anonymous said...

just heard today the the nigger boy in the white house is planning to release the jew Pollard from prison after 30 years,if you recall Pollard worked for the naval intelligence arm of the military and was convicted to giving tons of military info to Isreali agents gratis,we believe that this is being done wait for it,to pacify the yids over the Iranian debacle with the nuke agreement,btw Pol;ads defense which was repeated over and over in court was "" don't any of you people remember the holocaust""can't make this shit up,John old rtf chicago copper,,,,

Anonymous said...

Vanguard said...

Simiar to that Amazonian tribe, ask them about Tibet. Do they have any problem with an ancient (and added bonus, non-Christian) culture being systematically destroyed by the mass influx of a foreign people.

Anonymous said...

Yes and point out Japan which most would agree is a wonderful culture, then ask would that culture be enriched or diminished by the influx of hundreds of thousands of Mongols, Kazakhs, Peruvians, Nigerians etc

Anonymous said...

Now ... for some depressing visual effects of NON-white immigrants happily strolling around DUBLIN, especially those low-IQ African Negroes having captured equally stupid Irish mud sharks who're destroying generations of White genes dating back thousands of years.

Anonymous said...

Farrah Mokhtareizadh of the Anti-Racism Network = protester at press conference.

Iranian descent Muslim from Detroit, USA

Why is she - non-citizen here on a visa - allowed to interfere in Irish politics?

Patrick Talbot said...

Telling it like it is Savant. Superp piece.Fair ball to you.

Anonymous said...

Well I know I can have a good time in West Belfast or the Bogside Derry and still see Irish people and not have to deal with Third Worlders. I see enough of them here in New York.

Brooklyn Dave said...

At least I can see Irish people on the Falls Rd or the Bogside when I visit Ireland. See too many Third Worlders here in NYC.

Chris said...

Gone Baby Gone The Departed

"The Departed

This filthy movie is being played over and over again about the so called Irish Mob in Boston where the Irish are selling secrets to the Chinese, dealing drugs and murdering whoever gets in their way. It’s about corrupt Irish cops, deadbeat Irish Dads who can’t please their own women, lesbian sex and just about every vile Jewish trait there is planted on the Irish people and not a single person saw it as an insult. You see the Irish, like the Italians like to see their own people portrayed as Jews on that TV or movie screen or one would speak out, that is if they had any free speech....."

The rest at

Anonymous said...

OK I know its World star hip hop and a fairly innocuous clip at that, but have a look at the way the coon sneaks up on the white woman and pulls her into the water, he is hunting mode and very easily could have broken her neck..look at the hand positions and the instinctive grab that he takes, even at "playing" about it seems the nigger is dangerous.

Anonymous said...

Ah the Joys of Multiculturalism

its just every fucking day Ronit

Anonymous said...

Ah the Joys of Multiculturalism

its just every fucking day Ronit

Uncle Nasty said...

In an earlier comment, Heuristic asked:

heuristic said...

What all this stuff about physics and that guy Mathis?

24 July 2015 at 14:44

I think it's a good thing to acquire a smattering of general knowledge -- the real thing as compared to the daily dose of joobullshit we are fed in the so-called science columns.

Not only does it make you a wow at parties and Trivial Pursuit evenings, but it allows us to see through so many money-spinning bullshit agendas like, ahhh, this one:-

Expedition To Study Global Warming Put On Hold Because Of TOO MUCH ICE
Andrew Kadar

5:47 PM 07/22/2015

An expedition to study the effects of global warming was put on hold Wednesday. The reason? Too much ice.

The CCGS Amundsen, a Medium Arctic icebreaker and Arctic research vessel operated by the Canadian Coast Guard, was to travel throughout Hudson Bay, a body of water in northeastern Canada, but was rerouted to help ships who were stuck in the icy water.

A Coast Guard officer said the conditions were the “worst he’s seen in 20 years,” reports CBC news.

“Obviously it has a large impact on us,” says Martin Fortier, executive director of ArcticNet, which coordinates research on the vessel. “It’s a frustrating situation.”

Read more:

Must be a very frustrating situation, but not for Al Gore, anyway. He's made his pile and is now spending, spending, spending ... and, of course, moving on.

Remember Al Gore?

Besides, it makes a wonderful conversation killer. It's bloody freezing in Auckland, and my trademark has become greeting everyone with: "Morning. Morning. Global warming is a such a fickle bitch, eh?" ... and variations, thereupon.

It gets a smile every time. And, every now and then, starts a few tiny gears turning; one little step at a time.


Uncle Nasty said...

Ah ... Auckland.

A multi-culti paradise where every petrol station is owned by a currymuncher, every shitty little hole-in-the-wall dollar shop is owned by a chink ... every fast food puke-'n-choke takeaway joint is owned by one or the other -- with a lot of competition from Malaysians, Thais and Indonesians.

Every cab driver is a Korean, Indian, Ethiopian, Somali or some middle-eastern mystery meat combo and every civil servant is an Asian of one sort or another ... Every gang member is a Maori and, needless to say, every non-affiliated, brain-dead thug, car-thief, mugger and benefit monkey is a Pacific Islander

Well, it appears that Auckland is pretty much multi-culti'ed out, so ... does the esteemed NZ Prime Minister John Key (a jew, cohencidentally) decide to call a halt to untrammeled third world immigration?

Don't be fucking stupid.

Here's the real joke. The currently ruling National Party is regarded by Labour and the greens as a -- wait for it -- Far-right conservative party, just a little to the left of Ghengis Kahn.

Well, here's what NZ's answer to the NSDAP intend doing about untrammeled third world immigration:-

John Key announces measures to spread migrants, investments outside Auckland


Last updated 12:44, July 26 2015

"We welcome migrants who can make a contribution to New Zealand and we value the benefit and opportunities that free trade agreements** can deliver," John Key says.

The Government is putting in place extra incentives for migrants to settle outside Auckland.

In his keynote speech to the National Party's annual conference on Sunday, Prime Minister John Key said about half the 10,000 annual intake of skilled migrants currently settled in Auckland.

Currently those who get a job offer outside Auckland get 10 bonus points towards their residence application, but from November that would triple to 30 points towards the 100 they require.

There you have it. Straight from the horse's ... mouth. Loosely translated from Polspeak, he is saying: "our work here is done ... now for the rest of the country."

Thanks, John. Future generations of Kiwis -- if there are any, of course -- will thank you as well.

**Free trade agreement == Polspeak for "We'll take all manufacturing jobs and offshore them to China where the prices can drop, the profits will rocket, the quality will plummet and when you attempt a warranty claim, you'll be in the hands of a semi-literate Bangladeshi or Huangchou monkey who has been carefully trained in fake American-accented denial.

"Haw!! Joo firs' one to come wif dat problem (to his mate) ... Dis Af'noon. (Khee! Khee! Khee!)"

Or should that be "Key! Key! Key! ..."


Setanta said...

My son visited NZ while in Australia to see the land of Lord Of The Rings. He opined that the cast of characters in Auckland rivalled that film for its bizarre variety.

I thought that was rather droll really.

Anonymous said...

On a lighter note. The results are in. The 'spot the difference' competition, unfortunately didn't have a winner. Savant keeps his 100 euros. None of you spotted that in fact the pictures were identical and there were no differences. Better luck next time.


Anonymous said...

Now I understand why the nazi insisted on jews wearing the star of David. It made it impossible for them to conceal themselves within our society and sabotage it.

Anonymous said...

Read the comments on Ronit Lentin here (below the article in the comments section):

Anonymous said...

Nail on the head, Savant. Ever since this story broke during the week, I was eagerly anticipating your thoughts on this Rotten Lentin woman.

Anonymous said...

Re AUCKLAND: Some thirty years ago, I travelled down to New Zealand for 6 months to escape Toronto's winter and rapidly growing "multiculturalism" (worse now, only 50% White).

Auckland could be described as a mini-White enclave at that time because the "joys of diversity" had not yet invaded New Zealand's gateway city. Bus and taxi drivers were mostly White, White shop owners/workers, White gas station attendants, White window washers, plus ordinary White New Zealanders attending to business in downtown Auckland, all in abundance with a sprinkle of Maori and Islander people working in construction, etc. Ahhh, the joys of homogeneity.

I visited Auckland a dozen years later for another winter sojourn and saw familiar signs taking shape as how my home city had previously experienced. The Chinese & Indian invaders had arrived in Auckland and began to make their presence known in just a few short years since my previous visit, but no African Negroes yet. The cities of Wellington and Christchurch were still generally free of "diversity" until the late 1990s.

Again, another long-term stay in 2001-2002 confirmed my worst fears. New Zealand had succumbed to the forces of genocide by accepting vast foreign masses of NON-white faces that will surely overwhelm Euro-Whites in a few decades. Then, Christchurch was also showing signs of wear and tear (before their earthquake) with inroads of low-IQ, welfare-dependent Somali "refugees" and other Black Africans contaminating that once graceful city. You may ask, will I be returning to N.Z. again? Nope.

FOD said...

Excellent comments over at Mondoweiss. Thanks for the link. There are plenty of people out there waking up to the jewish perfidy that is destroying our countries. We just need some kind if unifying mechanism. Befre it's too late. And it is too late in some countries such as Belgium and France.

Frank Galton said...


“...Irish academics should BOYCOTT ISRAEL because of the involvement of Irish universities in Israel’s military and security industries.” – Ronit Lentin

“My ‘road to Damascus’ moment happened shortly after the 1967 war when I followed Matzpen, the first ANTI-ZIONIST socialist group to analyse Israel as a settler colonial imperial power and to speak about the dispossession of the Palestinians in the 1948 Nakba. By that stage, I was NO LONGER A ZIONIST.” – Ronit Lentin

Ronit has published extensively on RACISM in Ireland, ISRAEL and Palestine...

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Ronit has published extensively on RACISM in Ireland, ISRAEL and Palestine.


... and yet, her most zealous efforts are reserved for attacking Ireland with weaponized immigration and multicultural policy which is radically changing Ireland. She effects no change in the violent, racial supremacist nation of of her birth, 'Israel.' Where is the sense of proportion?

There's no place on earth more in need of racial-supremacy deprogramming than 'Israel.' That Ronit Lentin is at the forefront of browbeating and guilt-tripping arguably the most accommodating people on earth rather than her own racial-supremacist culture of origin reveals plainly that she needs racial-supremacy deprogramming herself. That this woman whose family background is Romanian Haredi/Israeli (it doesn't get more racist than this) takes the forefront of bashing the Irish for 'racism' would be a joke if it wasn't so catastrophic in its effect.

Why would anyone even give her the time of day until she cleaned up her own horrific mess?

Anonymous said...

Again, another long-term stay in 2001-2002 confirmed my worst fears. New Zealand had succumbed to the forces of genocide by accepting vast foreign masses of NON-white faces that will surely overwhelm Euro-Whites in a few decades. Then, Christchurch was also showing signs of wear and tear (before their earthquake) with inroads of low-IQ, welfare-dependent Somali "refugees" and other Black Africans contaminating that once graceful city. You may ask, will I be returning to N.Z. again? Nope.

26 July 2015 at 16:05

That's incredible.
When I'd finished my national service in the Rhodesian Army I wrote to the New Zealand Police Force in 1980 sending my letter to the Christchurch constabulary. They were really enthusiastic over my application and warmly invited me over.

I never went however and regretted years later that I didn't go, choosing South Africa instead as so many opportunities were available and the country was next door. Nobody thought SA would go black so quickly either - but now we know why and who the catalysts were.

5 years later SA was sanctioned - 5 years after that I saw the writing on the wall and left for England - my ancestral roots.

What a rollercaster. London was a good base to gound myself initially yet hellish to live with due to sight of pakis and niggers everywhere, shadowy yids in the property market and everything else where money changed hands. The feel of the place, the politics and the stinking left wing ethnic toadying mentality really got me. I'd never known or experienced such collective self loathing of one's own people as I did in England It's taken me years to 'develop a skin' to deal with it. I've had more arguments, fights and sackings to do with white lefties than anything else.

Despite being born and raised in Africa I always felt I belonged in my ancestral homeland where my roots were/are here in England, or the British Isles as I also have Irish blood in my veins.

Despite that, 5 years after living here I never felt I belonged here either and never would until recently, all thanks to the power of the despicable leftist media, creating hostile attitudes to us amongst the self loathing of my home grown brethren. They hated me simply because I was a "white South African" not one of them eau neau - see here for what I mean

Lately however I've spoken to quite a few of what I know or at least perceive to be white lefties who are increasingly becoming disillusioned about what's happening to this country - "their" country and the god awful swine in the link who run it.

They now have some idea of what it feels like to be ostracised/alienated in their own country by their own people.

I'm not surprised about the Antipodes - that will only get worse, as increasingly with time you will hear and see the increasing non white population screaming and shrieking at the whites saying - "YOU ARE SETTLERS HERE"! - just like they did with whites in Africa.

I look forward to a complete turnover in Britain and Europe it will happen. It has to one way or another and has started alreasdy in the Ukraine. Next will be Greece.

"We will overcome" the Marxist/elitist/multicultural scourge - THEY are parasitic "SETTLERS" in Britain and Europe. We just have to.

Uncle Nasty said...

Anonymous said...

Now I understand why the nazi insisted on jews wearing the star of David. It made it impossible for them to conceal themselves within our society and sabotage it.
26 July 2015 at 12:39

How very, very true. How can anyone screw you in a business deal, when they have the living symbol for "I am a lying, cheating, perverted, perfidious parasite who is here solely to batten, like a leech, on you and yours and cause you untold misery, poverty and pain"** emblazoned so proudly on their chest.

Unless I am very much mistaken, 1934 Germany was not the first to force the tribe to declare themselves ...

Go to the shittipedia and read the long and distinguished history of how the jew-wise forced the fuckers to identify themselves. It's written (let's be frank, it's Wikipedia) as a boo-hoo poor widda jews Eternal-Victim-Who-Dint-do-Nuffins sob story.

I thought it was wonderful. I haven't laughed so hard since Grandnma caught her tit in the mangle.

Now here's a thought. The Noses are masters of the up-to-the-minute Fad du Jour They created Gay Pride, Lesbian Pride, Nigger Pride ... why not start a jew-pride movement? Seriously.

We could make some money out of this. Imagine cheap chinese tee shirts and badly made coffee mugs with "Say it out loud. I'm a heeb and I'm Proud!!"

"There's no business like Schmoe Business."

"Fifth Generation Holocaust Survivor"

"I survived the Gas Chambers -- 15 times and counting!!!"

"I Was A Sperm Cell at Sobibor"

"Gas Chamber ... Schmas Chamber. I Survived Grossmutti's Meatloaf!!!"

"I Hiked the Red Sea!!!"

Bad taste? Of course it is. Jews thrive on bad taste. we could make a fucking fortune out of this. Who's with me?


** Amazing how one teensy yellow star can say so much!!

Uncle Nasty said...

Every now and then, however, we have a win-win situation.

On July 29, the Swedish Bacon, Garlic, Lettuce and Tomato brigade are going to have a mass march through -- wait for it -- the two predominantly (That is to say 75%) muzzy areas of two communities in Sweden. I will try and find the details. I checked to see if I had magically slipped back to April the first, but no ... apparently not.

Found them ... they are marching though the streets of Husby and Tensta -- areas that are predominantly muslim ... i.e. seventy five percent.

So we have the Whole Swedish pervo-fag community about to bring "Peace and Lurv" to a collection of ragheads who have sworn by Allah to wipe them out.

What could possibly go wrong?

Oh this is going to be fun, FUN, FUN!!!!!

I can hear the box-cutters being sharpened already. Read the whole article for a history of these things going bad. I would cut and paste snippets, but my browser's acting up.

So ... click on the link and have a good chortle. Or go to my google search results, and hose yourself. Two million hits -- no waiting.

What the advertising guys used to call a self-liquidating premium.


red pill said...

Oh that is FUCKING BEAUTIFUL UN. Sweden will get a genuine multi-faceted case study of multiculturalism in action.Thank you! Get out the popcorn, crate of beer and watch the ragheads and pervs lay into one another.

Thank you for that news!

Uncle Nasty said...

Further to my last on the fagmarch through Sweden, I see that it's organised by -- wait for it -- the Swedish Far Right.

At least according to these guys:-

Swedish nationalists plan a gay pride march through a Muslim area, hoping for trouble

I haven’t seen this reported in the press anywhere, but in Sweden the right-wing nationalist Sweden Democrats are staging a gay pride march featuring men kissing each other. Why?

Simple: the July 29 march will pass through areas of northern Stockholm where Muslims make up a majority of the population – 75 per cent, according to some accounts. So there will be trouble.

Which is the whole point of the exercise. The Sweden Democrats won 13 per cent of the vote in the 2014 general election and have 49 per seats in parliament on an anti-Muslim manifesto. The Guardian calls them ‘far-Right’, though the party claims to have moved away from its fascist roots. The SD are still opponents of the ‘homosex lobby’ but have now decided gay rights are threatened by Swedish Muslims.

That happens to be true. This is from the anti-Muslim website Blazing Cat Fur:

Gay pride parades in Europe generally don’t go anywhere near Muslim areas, for obvious reasons. In Nørrebro, Copenhagen (where only 30% of the population are Muslim, as opposed to the more than 75% in the Swedish areas), gay pride parades learned the hard way not to tread within Islamic strongholds. Formerly, there was a large gay pride parade that went through Nørrebrogade (the main high street of the area). Gays would take stones to the head every year from Muslims, so they re-routed. If gays are attacked in an area that’s only 30% Muslim, just imagine what will happen in an area that’s over 75% Muslim. There is a 100% chance that the gays marching through Tensta and Husby will be attacked, maybe even fatally – and, when they’re attacked, feminists and gay rights activists will be siding with the Muslims who are attacking them.

So the gays are siding with members of a religion that despises them, while the nationalists are pretending to celebrate a ‘lifestyle’ they abhor.

At last ... a bit of careful thought on the part of Sweden's NSDAP. Nice to see they've kept their sense of humour


Uncle Nasty said...

In for a penny.

Some people, admittedly with a less robust sense of humour than mine, may wonder at my reference to suspended sentences.

To clarify:


Dingo said...

As a (ex) South African, now residing in the land of the Dingo. Multi Culti dingbats makes me think thats exactly like smoking was in the 60;70 & 80's. Remember the ads, golden bronze jet setters living the dream. According to the advertisements (news papers and other media) you weren't cool if you didn't smoke. Now 20 or 30 years later when all the hype is gone and the reality of smoking is around for all to know. Cancer, emphezima and a general deterioration of health. So for the hip people of today shouting that the world is racist, that we must all be as one, that we must embrace multi culturism. Just a bit of a warning, do you know what you are talking about? Have you been to Africa, do you actually know black people and their quirky habits? If not, be very careful of what you wish for. 30 years from now, your grand kids will think you were a idiot.

James said...

Apparently quite a few Jews died on 9/11.

Ok, seems fair enough.

Anonymous said...

destroying generations of White genes dating back thousands of years.


Anonymous said...

I did think you had lost it UN. Lettuce, Bacon? Now I get it!
You may be on to something with the tee shirts. I might start an Ebay shop. I wonder how long it would be before it was taken down?


a swedish friend of this blog said...

The SD's are now over 20% in some polls.

Gary Paul said...

A great analogy dingo. And as with smoking the damage cannot be undone.

Anonymous said...

Stripped of her crown

Anonymous said...

British Labour party "Peers" LOL!
Fucking scandalous how these sand niggers have SO much, get away with, SO much and STILL hate us ? Whose fault is it that they can ?!?

Dan said...

Anti Zionist Jews are fakers.

Anonymous said...

Have you been to Africa, do you actually know black people and their quirky habits?

Zimbabewe is asking kicked out farmers back as the cronies cannot operate them.

Julian said...

No Dan, not all anti-Zionist Jews are fakers. Some see Israel as betraying everything they (anti-Zionist Jews) stand for, believe it or not.

Dan said...

They expose that Jews are power selling Messianists?

Blowing their cover?

Anonymous said...

The locals in Rochdale have had a change of heart.

It might not be Rochdale but it shows how it is when it's their own.

Anonymous said...

Donald Trump says that Mexico sends it's sh*t to the USA.
Ireland might import sh*t but is also a pretty good exporter.

Anonymous said...

"not all anti-Zionist Jews are fakers. Some see Israel as betraying everything they (anti-Zionist Jews) stand for, believe it or not."


Zionist and anti-Zionist Orthodox 'Jews' both believe the same religion of Judeo-supremacy. Any 'Jew' who demonstrates sincere benevolence towards non-Jews behaves contrary to the teachings of Orthodox Judaism, unless it serves a hidden, tribal motive.

There are 'Jews' who are disgusted by the tribalism and supremacism of Judaism.

Frank Galton said...

UN said: “He [Jonathan Pollard] was the traitorous little fuck who sold (SOLD, I wish to emphasise) thousands of US military secrets to Shitholia back in the eighties, and was, rightfully, jailed for life.”

Anonymous said: “British Labour party "Peers" LOL!”

Jewish Telegraphic Agency, 09 May 1986

Lord Shinwell Dead at 101

Tributes to the former DEFENSE MINISTER began pouring in Thursday from politicians of all parties as well as from the Jewish community, in which he was esteemed for his fearless way of dealing with anti-Semites and his incisive support for the State of Israel.

In 1933, the year the Nazis seized power in Germany, Shinwell made a speech at the British Labor Party conference in which he proudly avowed his membership in the JEWISH RACE and said he had never sought to conceal it.


A week after the outbreak of the Yom Kippur War in October 1973, he addressed 18,000 British Jews in London’s Trafalgar Square. Identifying himself solidly with Israel, he said it was entitled to hang on to all the land captured in 1967...

Although a Socialist, his support for Israel remained unabated when Israel’s Labor Party was defeated by Menachem Begin. “Thank God for Begin,” Shinwell exclaimed on hearing of the Israel Air Force’s destruction of the Iraqi nuclear reactor in 1981.


His own ministerial involvement in Palestine began at the end of 1947 when, on becoming MINISTER OF WAR, he was IN CHARGE OF THE WITHDRAWAL OF THE BRITISH ARMY. He ordered the army to pull out...

In November 1947 an MI5 report alleged that Jewish Labour MP Manny Shinwell had passed secret information to a man named "Stanley" (Sidney Stanley) who had passed it on to Zionist paramilitary group Irgun.

The Defence of the Realm: The Authorized History of MI5, by Christopher Andrew

The National Archives

House of Commons debate, 02 June 2010

Luciana Berger [Jewish Member of Parliament for Liverpool Wavertree]: “Nearly 90 years ago, my great-uncle, Manny Shinwell, newly elected as the Member for Linlithgowshire, made his maiden speech to this House.”

Frank Galton

Henry IX said...

Just about every one of these 'ennobled' sand niggers has been caught with hands in the cookie jar. Every fucking one of them. And almost all get away scot free.

Frank Galton said...

Jewish Telegraphic Agency, 09 May 1986

Lord Shinwell, the poor Jewish boy from London’s East End...

One of the founding fathers of the British Labor Party, Emanuel [Manny] Shinwell first earned his reputation for uncompromising militancy in the shipbuilding unions on Glasgow’s River Clyde.

Shinwell’s List

The Scotsman, 04 October 2009

Hero Shinwell 'incited racist Clydeside mob'

"Manny Shinwell was one of those who campaigned to stop black sailors getting work. His radical seamen's union, the BSU, openly banned black members...”

"Shinwell gave quite inflammatory speeches in which he condemned the employment of black sailors in the merchant fleet."

...he also played a key role in a very violent attack on 30 African sailors.

"Newspaper reports tell how he spoke to 600 sailors and it was quite a rabble-rousing speech about black sailors. This led to around 30 black sailors being chased by a baying mob down James Watt Street.

House of Commons debate, 02 June 2010

Luciana Berger [Jewish Member of Parliament for Liverpool Wavertree]: “Nearly 90 years ago, my great-uncle, Manny Shinwell, newly elected as the Member for Linlithgowshire, made his maiden speech to this House.”

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

james at 7.16 - the real question is how many Israelis died in the WTC area on 9/11:

- The Jerusalem Post (08:15 – Wed) Thousands of Israelis missing near WTC, Pentagon Wednesday September 12, 2001 The Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem has so far received the names of 4,000 Israelis believed to have been in the areas of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon at the time of the attack. -

George W bush’s speech to Congress following the 9/11 atrocity:

- Nor will we forget the citizens of 80 other nations who died with our own. Dozens of Pakistanis. More than 130 Israelis. More than 250 citizens of India. Men and women from El Salvador, Iran, Mexico, and Japan. And hundreds of British citizens. -

- But interviews with many consulate officials yesterday suggested that the lists of people they were collecting varied widely in their usefulness. For example, the city had somehow received reports of many Israelis feared missing at the site, and President Bush in his address to the country on Thursday night mentioned that about 130 Israelis had died in the attacks.

But today, Alon Pinkas, Israel’s consul general here, said that lists of the missing included reports from people who had called in because, for instance, relatives in New York had not returned their phone calls from Israel. There were, in fact, only three Israelis who had been confirmed as dead: two on the planes and another who had been visiting the towers on business and who was identified and buried. -

So that’s 4,000 Israelis who worked in the WTC complex, of whom more than 130 are declared as dead by the President, and then that figure is reduced to three (THREE). How fortunate for the Chosen :-)


Anonymous said...

Oh - and not forgetting the true figure for Israeli dead at the WTc complex on 9/11 is ONE – a visitor. This means that no Israelis who worked at the WTC complex died on 9/11.

As this report shows, the question to be asked about 9/11 given the huge Israeli espionage operation in the US is “how could the Israelis NOT have known”? So yes, there was almost certainly forewarning to Israelis:

During the segment at 4.31, host Brit Hume asked Cameron: “What about this question of advanced knowledge of what was going to happen on 9-11? How clear are investigators that some Israeli agents may have known something?”
Cameron responded: “It’s very explosive information, obviously, and there’s a great deal of evidence that they say they have collected. None of it necessarily conclusive. It’s more when they put it all together. A bigger question, they say, is “How could they not have known?” [That is] almost a direct quote [from the investigators].”


Anonymous said...

In regard to "The Departed," it is based on a true story except that Whitey Bulger escaped and was caught only recently. There's a great tradition of Irish, Italian and Jewish gangsters in twentieth century America. I mean these guys are villains but still culturally interesting. My Italian buddy always got a kick out of John Gotti.

Binge watch the four seasons of "Boardwalk Empire!"

And crooked cops. "Q and A" has a really good rogue Irish cop. Of course, there are bad Irish cops but the American Irish cop tradition is one of our few national saving graces and you guys in Europe wish you had that kind of tradition. You'd actually have a chance if you did.

Sandra Bland incident is very instructive. The cop was a bit overboard. I would have just given her a warning if I was a cop. But I'm not a cop and if a cop tells you to get out of the car, you get out of the car or...

Where I sit a 911 call could bring up to ten cops within five minutes and, if warranted, twenty cops with automatic weapons within ten.

Uncle Nasty said...

It would appear that the tribe are angry ... angry ...angry wid de Fus' Nigger 'cause he has "dissapected" them by not giving them everything they wanted -- immediately.

He has made them wait for up to a week!!

The dog.

He will pay ... and, it appears, that the payback has just begun.

US reportedly to offer Israel 'unprecedented' arms deal
By Jack Moore 7/20/15 at 4:09 PM

The US is planning to offer Israel a wide-ranging arms deal to ease anger in Jerusalem over the Iranian nuclear agreement, according to Israeli media reports.

The landmark nuclear deal, signed last week in Vienna after painstaking negotiations between six world powers, will see Tehran's nuclear capabilities restricted in return for the lifting of crippling international sanctions on the Islamic Republic's economy.

The accord raised the ire of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who has opposed Iran's nuclear programme for almost three decades, calling the latest agreement a "historic mistake" which allows Iran a "sure path to nuclear weapons".

In order to ease Israeli concerns over the deal, Washington is now considering signing off on one of the biggest deals in the two nations' history, an arms deal which Israel's Channel 2 called "unprecedented" if it comes to fruition.

The Israeli television channel reported that the Obama administration has already briefed top Israeli officials on the potential deal, which would include advanced weaponry and technology that the Israeli military does not already own.

Obama's National Security Adviser Susan Rice reportedly called former Israeli President Shimon Peres on Saturday to inform him that Washington was prepared to offer the major arms package. The pair exchanged differing views on the Iran deal, with Peres unhappy that Iran would receive 24-days notice before inspections of their programme.

Reuven Ben Shalom, a retired IDF Lieutenant-Colonel and former head of the North American department at the IDF's planning branch, where he managed the US-Israel military relations at the strategic level, says that military cooperation between Washington and Jerusalem is stronger than ever and that such a deal is likely being touted to appease the Israeli public.

"I think sometimes there are things that are done for the public eye or worded in a specific way for the public," he says. "I say this because, throughout the years, there has always been strong military support from the US, keeping Israel as the strongest military in the Middle East."

"I have no concern that it would be reduced even though Obama and Netanyahu's relations are horrible," he adds. "However, it would not surprise me if we see a specific package getting that [unprecedented] label, getting a little more attention which says 'you see, we are helping you out'."

I'll copy and paste this segment again, for those who missed it:-

Reuven Ben Shalom, a retired IDF Lieutenant-Colonel and former head of the North American department at the IDF's planning branch, where he managed the US-Israel military relations at the strategic level,

US-Israel military relations, of course, means the new Point-And-Shoot interface. "We Point ... you shoot."

The above sentence -- if nothing else -- is a dead giveaway that America's Capital is now Tel Aviv.

Absoutely amazing. The Tribe spits its dummy ... and political America fills its combinations


Anonymous said...

"The SD's are now over 20% in some polls."

Good news.

Anonymous said...

final tally for wkend here in chicago, 41 wounded and 7 doa, its still early summer so there is still hope btw no humans were involved,john old rtd chicago copper,,

Uncle Nasty said...

Got some time on your hands? Read a condensed history of the twentieth century ... the yiddish century by a man who knew them well.
Benjamin Freedman.

A short (amazingly short, in fact) history of Mister Freedman is here:

Need I point out that the heebs that run Wikipedia have very little good to say about Freedman?
Once again proving my favourite adage about getting the most flak when over the target.

But that's okay. In all fairness, Freedman did not have too much praise for the tribe, either, so it all sort of balances out in the end. Mr Freedman never missed an opportunity to refer to the PTB cabal as "Talmudists".

It's all there. The fine hand of the tribe in World War One and the part they played in making it happen, the blackmail of Woodrow Wilson, the traitorous activities of Roosevelt and Truman ... the lot. The suborning, betrayal and final repentance of Cardinal Spellman is pretty riveting. Just imagine if South America had not voted that way they were told to.

Any bets that South American revolution and turmoil would not have been more violent and economically crippling? Until the lesson was learned?

Fuck, but the tribe have a lot of atonement to make ... and punishment to face. Truly spawn of the devil.

Speaking of which, in a earlier post I explored the history of the heebs and the yellow star.

Not only were they expelled wholesale from countries left, right and centre, but even those countries that grudgingly permitted them, ensured that they were seen to be what they were ... a pernicious parasite that had to be watched and controlled ... preferably isolated and readily identifiable at all times for what they were and are -- by ordinary humans.

Surely, even the tribe must realise -- some of them, anyway -- that they are doing it wrong?


Uncle Nasty said...

Back to the tribe. I have just read this:-

And it makes for interesting reading. The interestingest part is the way the authors keep referring to "outbreaks", for want of a better word, of "antisemitism."

Almost, you would think like the crazes that people were subject to during the Dark Ages, like the Dancing Fevers or the Agues that one reads about.

The answer to why there was so little assimilation of Jews in central and eastern Europe for so long would seem to lie in part in the probability that the alien surroundings in central and eastern Europe were not conducive, though contempt did not prevent some assimilation.** Furthermore, Jews lived almost exclusively in shtetls, maintained a strong system of education for males, heeded rabbinic leadership, and scorned the life-style of their neighbors; and all of these tendencies increased with every outbreak of antisemitism.[57]

So there you have the cause of antisemitism. All is well, until someone wakes up one morning and says to himself: "What a lovely day ... I think I'll go and and find a jew to hate."

Makes all the sense in the world.


** Contempt for whom, by whom, one wonders. The author fo the article does not enlighten us.

eleos said...

"which would include advanced weaponry and technology that the Israeli military does not already own."

Which will then be reverse engineered and sold on to the Chinese, Russians, anyone who has the money.

The Mad Hater said...

Allen@Aberdeen. Do we have the ratios of jews/Israelis in the twin towers versus the numbers killed? How do we know there were 4,000 working in the towers? Not disagreeing with you, just wondering if the figures are reliable. Because of they are they're dynamite (or should I say nano-thermite?).

Anonymous said...

Anon 01.37 said :-

'Irish cop tradition is one of our few national saving graces and you guys in Europe wish you had that kind of tradition.'

Perhaps being Israeli/American is not really an issue?

Anonymous said...

Antisemitism is caused by semitism.

"Antisemitism is a disease. You catch it from Jews." --Edgar J Steele

Anonymous said...

Much of the literature on Hitler's Final Solution is worthless as scholarship. Indeed, the field of Holocaust studies is replete with nonsense, if not sheer fraud. ... Given the nonsense that is turned out daily by the Holocaust industry, the wonder is that there are so few skeptics. --Norman Finkelstein, The Holocaust Industry, pp 55 & 68

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Mad Hater - I used Israeli sources for the 4,000 Israelis working in the WTC area, not the towers. Pres. Bush announces over 130 Israelis killed in the towers, and the final number of Israeli workers dead is ZERO as the one Israeli reported dead in the towers was a tourist. the only reliable figure is the zero because that's how many Israelis died in the WTCs.


Frank Galton said...


On the 12th anniversary of 9/11, a new national survey by YouGov America reveals that one in two Americans have doubts about the government’s account of 9/11.

Among the poll’s findings:

46%, nearly one in two, are not aware that a third tower collapsed on 9/11.

After seeing video footage of Building 7′s collapse:

• 46% are sure or suspect it was caused by CONTROLLED DEMOLITION
• By a margin of nearly two to one, 41% support a new investigation of Building 7′s collapse

Building 7, a 47-story skyscraper, collapsed into its own footprint late in the afternoon on 9/11.

Frank Galton

Who are Cuckservatives? said...

this is not left vs right, GOP vs Dems, Socialism vs liberty. This is war on White people.

Why do hostile elite defend Israel as a Jewish ethnostate with Jewish only immigration, but ravage White majority Europe/North America into a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural Gulag with non-White colonization?

The world is 91% non-White, only 9% White. But non-White colonizers are aggressively advancing their agenda to annihilate gullible Whites, just as Chinese annihilate Tibet.

How long will gullible Whites cuckold for murderous anti-White elite, who suppress our fertility, confiscate our guns, infiltrate/subvert our banks/FBI/CIA, indoctrinate White kids in academia/mass media, plunder White jobs/wages, & butcher White soldiers in bankrupting wars?

"Native" Americans invaded from East Asia. Yellow & Brown races committed 10-times more genocide, slavery, imperialism than Whites. Since Moses, Whites have been victims of Jewish/Crypto-Jewish, Muslim, N.African imperialism, slavery, genocide.

Gullible Whites should reject subversive ideologies- libertarianism, feminism, liberalism- & hostile slanders of racism. Peace to all humanity, but White people must organize to advance their interests, their fertility, their homelands. Spread this message. Reading list: , , ,

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They will never stop until they are forced to stop. Their goal is to keep you comfortable enough during your demographic replacement that you do not revolt and hang them from the yardarm......deservedly - that is what Israelis would do without hesitation. Once we are powerless they will sic their savage pets upon us. The time to become radicalized is NOW! Time is short!

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Anonymous said...

"They will never stop until they are forced to stop... Once we are powerless they will sic their savage pets upon us."

Yes. The problem is most people aren't sociopaths so they find it next to impossible to believe this is all deliberate - that people could plan and execute this in cold blood.

It takes years from the point where they accept it logically to the point where it has really sunk in - and we don't have too many years to spare.

Niall Stynes said...

Savant , It’s gullible and naïve to think that foreign migrant workers are the basis of all of our problems. They aren’t even a small fraction of our problems. If public services are going to continue to be privatised at the rate that they are, then why do we even need a government? What is left to be governed? Our problems are small minded people whom want change but don’t want to be temporarily inconvenienced. People who want to have better road’s but don’t want to be inconvenienced by temporary road works. People who want an alternative to non-renewable and expensive energy but don’t want to live anywhere near a pylon. Complacency is the enemy of progress.
In very much the same kind of mentality, people with a right wing mentality seem to think that the simplest solution is always the best. It’s easier to just to tell the people from the other side of the road to stay on their side of the road and we’ll stay on ours. The complacent will live and die on their side of the road, the Progressive will build a bridge and enjoy the privileges that both sides of the road have to offer. I’m not saying that my ideology is right and yours is wrong, however I will say that at least building a bridge creates jobs…
Last week on this fb page, another poster was arguing about the evil’s of Muslims in general and that they shouldn’t be allowed in the Country. When he was asked how does he know that all Muslims are like that, he responded that he had worked in a Majority Muslim Country and he knows what they are like? So in other words, its OK for us to go work in a State where Islam is the Majority religion, but its not OK for Muslims to work in a Western Country?
You might think from my tone that I am anti establishment, but that couldn’t be further from the truth, I just think that the establishment should be run by the people for the people and I mean, all the people. If you contributed, then you are entitled to get what you put in, I don’t care where you come from. If all of the people whom immigrated from Ireland came back, be it of their own choice or because a right wing government similar to Identity Ireland gets into power in whatever country that they emigrated too and forces all immigrant workers out of their country (like what Identity Ireland wants to do here), then we’d be in no different a situation, only instead of you shouting at the top of your lungs “GO BACK TO WHERE YOU CAME FROM” you’ll be shouting “GO BACK TO WHERE YOU WHERE BEFORE YOU CAME HOME”.

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SAVANT said...

@Niall Stynes..ok I hear what you're saying. But first I never said that immigrants were the cause of ALL of our problems. They're not even close to it. For a start immigrants can be very different to one another. For example those coming from the Anglosphere or Northern Europe, or say white South Africans are usually excellent and on balance a benefit to the the other extreme you have those like Africans and/or Muslims who are endless trouble and impose an almost uniformly negative impact on our societies.

The other point is that emigrants from Ireland almost invariably go to where the host country wants productive immigrants and are glad to receive them. This is especially in the case of the Muslim countries you refer to. But bear in mind that Irish immigrants there have virtually no rights, will never be granted citizenship and would be flung out without hesitation should they transgress in any way.

Uncle Nasty said...

Niall Stynes said...

quite a lot of stuff ... a good deal of it, twaddle. Then this ...

So in other words, its OK for us to go work in a State where Islam is the Majority religion, but its not OK for Muslims to work in a Western Country?

Exactly right. Because if we go to work in in some raghead state, it is because we want to earn money and then go back home to spend it.

Do not conflate Whites with niggers, sand-niggers, Asians and, above all, crypto-asiatics like jews. We -- Whites -- do not go to other countries to indulge the guilty pleasure of subverting them and re-moulding them more to our taste.

We neither want nor need to spread our culture to third world shitholes like Nairobi, Harare, new York or Tel Aviv. We've been there, done that and had the tee-short stolen by niggers.

Basically we want to be left alone, and the only way that's going to happen is when we indulge in a little pre-emptive assassination.

Nothing sends a message quite like that.


Twinruler334 said...

Hey, there is no longer any need for Irish to hate the British anymore. The British, themselves, are now under the yoke of the "American" Imperialists. You see, I firmly suspect that the U.S. imposed the European Union upon not only Germany, but also France and Britain to punish all three for their roles in The Second World War.

Personally, I think this is awful. Nothing is more sickening than "Americans" heatedly debating, among themselves, as to whether the Russians are more evil than the Germans or the reverse. Already during the Roosevelt Administration, "Americans" were operating much more like Stalin's Russians and Hitler's Germans, than most wish to remember. The Good Ol' USA had its very own Prison Camps, for example.

What "Americans" are doing to Europe angers me no end. They are especially atrocious in their attitudes towards the German people.

SAVANT said...

TwinRule. I certainly don't hate the British nor in fact do any of my close friends and acquaintances. Having said that, for reasons none of us can explain we always want to see the English soccer - and only soccer - team lose.

Be gentle with Americans. While I fully agree with what you say about them remember they're more brainwashed than North Koreans.

Unknown said...

The secret to the destruction of white people is in this book. If you don't read it cover to cover, you will never be able to prevent your genocide.

Anonymous said...

Dont be (hopeful). These "elites" are never more than 1 degree of separation from some misanthropic jew-hater of gentile humanity, if not being jews themselves. Now, Sutherland bears the same surname as Dukey Sutherland in the 18th C enclosed the ancient Gael in Caithness Scotland and had the ancient tenant farmers expelled and in one case,his solicitor Patrick Sellar had an elderly lady burned out of her house and physically buried up to her neck. This jew looking contemporary of the same name intends the same for Native sons-of the soil Irish, indeed all Europeans. "The EU must undermine Europeans cultural homogeneity" he said, and in the House of Lords too-the forum used to enact all English bills hateful to Ireland. Join the dots for Fuck sake. He's the chairman of Goldman (cirmcumcised nut) Sacks, was made the youngest ever Irish AG in the 1980s after 5 minutes as a solicitor. Immediately he started giving his opinion on abortion in Ireland. His job was a fix like every quango he's ever had a role in. Want a competent will or any normal solicitor prepared by him though and you had better get your head read. He's linked to Soros and Rothschilds-and all along with Lentin are genociding white Europeans as they always have. Do you think Rothschilds's supposed munificence during the Great Famine wasnt so as to get his liver-spotted fingers on security-ie an interest in lands. Better than hope is to expect the very very worst from his ilk and I must add Alan Shitter to the list.You will Never be disappointed.