Tuesday, 21 July 2015

A word of advice for The Donald

Uncle Nasty, one of our most venerable commentators, has an aphorism along the lines of  'you know you're over the target when the flak starts flying'.  Given the barrage of weaponry deployed against Donald Trump (following his comments on immigration and in particular John McCain) we can assume he's honed in on his target with laser-like accuracy. The squeals of outrage were everywhere, media, his Republican Party 'colleagues' and among the chattering classes generally. That repulsive whore Rick Perry, who presided over the Mexicanisation of Texas, intoned that Trump's remarks on McCain represented 'a new low in American politics' (Pervy Perry should know), demanding that Trump 'immediately withdraw from the race for President'. Liberal (ha!) state and city governments rushed to inflict whatever damage they could on Trump's business interests.

Interestingly there was also unanimity on the disastrous impact the McCain attack would have on Trump's hopes for the nomination. The Congresswhores and presstitutes wrote him off along the lines of 'finally crossed the line with the American people' and 'rendered himself unelectable'. Except that he hasn't. To the open-mouthed amazement of his detractors, Trump's ratings actually soared and the latest polls show him with almost twice the support of his nearest rival!

So here's my advice for The Donald.  DO NOT BACK DOWN. DO NOT EQUIVOCATE.  In fact in McCain he has a target who in most normal countries would by now have been executed for treason or at least shunned by all decent people. There is no greater low-life in the whole American political system and he's a sitting duck. (See here and here). If Trump has the balls he can expose McCain (and his father of USS Liberty infamy) and by extension the utter corruption of the Republicans - and indeed politics in general - as well as the MSM. He could then really sell himself as the one and only anti-Establishment candidate.

Will he? Well let's say I don't hold out a lot of hope.  He'll either be stopped (one way or the other) or more likely get co-opted and neutralised by the Permanent MIC/ZioCon/NeoCon Goverment. If his success continues expect to see a Tribesman materialise at each elbow, gently guiding him in the required direction.

But who knows? Maybe the man with funny hair could yet turn out to be the catalyst we all so passionately crave.


Glen C. said...

So, we have mass media and scared candidates hinging everything on a comment? It seems to me there's more of a campaign to, 'boot Trump' than to find a person with enough backbone, truth and candor to help get this country back on track. Typical career politicians. Both groups , referring to news outlets and career politicians, need to look in the mirror. I've heard much worse from, 'established politicians' without the blowhards making a fuss about it. Americans have figured out the games these two groups like to play at our expense.

Big Billy Burgess said...

Trump is the perfect reminder that we once were unapologetic about: our success, being majority white, being majority Christian, being heterosexual, expecting teachers to teach our children instead of social promotion, and that we would/could kick the hinnie of any country that kicked dirt in our face. I'd vote for him or anyone who decides that calling whites/Caucaisans "non-white hispanics" as our stupid stupid census does in its preshadowing of the genocide of whites, is not acceptable. Whites are people too,, and not a "non."

Iron Felix said...

....that about being over the target, thus copping the flak (for those who like such things---FLugzeugAbwehrKanone), that is a neat metaphor right enough. Let us see how it all pans out, with The Donald it could be quite a show......

Nero said...

If his success continues expect to see a Tribesman materialise at each elbow, gently guiding him in the required direction.

No. He is way too clever. He saw what happened to Nixon.

He has calculated his attacks thus far, and been planning a presidential run for a decade.

Plus. It's great the way he's speaking in code.

Anonymous said...

The Donald is a set-up to ensure that Hillary gets in. Trump is a committed zionist, his daughter is fully-jewed, and given what we know about the jewish cotrol of the US, how is it possible for realists to even imagine that a maverick would get into the White House?

Btw Hillary as POTUS would be good for whites for, with her in the White House, even the most deluded white would see that the destruction agenda is real.


Uncle Nasty said...

Very interesting thread, Savant, and one that I have been wanting to address for some time now. The question being "will someone like Trump be the One-Size-fits-All saviour that everyone hopes for?"

My opinion, sadly ... 'snogunna happen.

We, and many others, seek a peaceful, rational, logical, political answer to an anarchic problem. We honestly (and naively) assume, even at this stage of the game, that the kikeocracy and their camp-followers will see the error of their ways and surrender in an honorable 1900's Englishman fashion, rather like the cloth cap-wearing safecracker in an old Bulldog Drummond novella.

"All right, Guv'nor. I give in. It's a fair cop ..."

Yeah. Fucking right.

What they will do, is what they did to the Hunt Brothers in the seventies. Remember the Hunt Brothers?
The riches-to-rags saga of those two White Texans against the might of the jewstablishment was the first wrenching wake-up I had about who really runs the show.

In a single sentence, the Hunts tried to out-jew the jews and corner the silver market, (read the whole article to see just why) and would have succeeded handsomely -- if the yids (and their catspaws) had not simply changed all the rules ... pretty much overnight and got clean away with it.


a few extracts:-

... Things began to change once Paul Volker was named Chairman of the Federal Reserve. Volker was determined to get inflation under control by raising interest rates. Couple that with changes in trading rules at the CBOT and COMEX, prices soon plummeted. Things had gotten so out of whack that COMEX only accepted liquidation orders, effectively halting silver from going higher.

and ...

The precipitous drop in prices meant huge losses for many speculators and ultimately forced the Hunt brothers into bankruptcy. By the mid-80s, the Hunt brothers had more than a billion dollars in liabilities** they could not meet. At their peak, the Hunt brothers had held over $4.5 billion in silver on their $1 billon investment. On March 25, 1980, the Hunt brothers couldn’t meet their $135 million margin call, forcing the Hunt brothers to ‘shut it down.’ In August of 1988, the Hunts were convicted of conspiring to manipulate the market.

The Hunts had exposed themselves to huge amounts of leverage, which worked great in the beginning. It was this leverage from the futures markets that ultimately did them in. The Hunts ended up losing because they couldn’t fight the Fed and the system as a whole. The exchanges changed the rules once they saw they were out maneuvered and couldn’t default, which would have led to widespread failures. Not only that, but many of the regulators who helped change the rules were also short silver.

(my emphases)

... and that was the Hunt saga -- from hero to zero in a few short weeks ...

And if the PTB could do it and get away with it in 1980, what could they pull out of the hat now -- thirty years of planning, plotting and influence buying, later?

As the Vietmnames hooker in FMJ said, when Joker asked her "What will fifteen dollars get?"
"Anyfing you wan, baby ..."

That's what the Fed can get ... Anything they wan'. They could swat Trump like a fly. Do you think they'll hesitate for one picosecond?


End of part one (of three)


** THat, BTW, was thirty five years ago -- when a billion dollars was a lot of loot.

James said...

He can tell Obama "You're fired!".

James said...

Hey Savant, on the previous article I wrote a comment about Henry Makow's article suggesting Revilo Oliver was fake opposition, and noted that it was a pretty low quality argument and one of his poorer articles. Poorest actually.

Makow has a new article today which to his credit sets the record straight.

I could swear he reads this blog sometimes...

So thanks to Henry for investigating this further. Dan's comments were far too superficial.


I think Oliver was one of the wisest gentiles in existence, and he knew exactly how the Jews work since he was very intelligent and was also in a position to see exactly what they were up to. Again, his book Education of a Conservative explains the trail he followed to the truth.

The original suspect article is here


Anonymous said...

Excellent commentary, Savant.

Anonymous said...

A lot of the Spanish are white enough and some are spectacularly white and the silver lining is we will always be the majority in the US because by the time we run down the "non-hispanic white" majority, there will a 100 million Spanish whites who will have been here for generations.

They won't be able to push the niggers in fast enough.

Dan said...

Don Trump d'America.

Let's kick the Muslims, Wetbacks and perhaps even a few Kikes out.

Dan said...

If everybody likes what you do you are doing something wrong.

The Don has annoyed and angered all the right people.

Anonymous said...

However, consider the possibility that he's already co-opted and is being used. The view in this post is worth reflecting on: http://anolen.com/2015/07/17/what-is-donald-trump/

nemesis said...

James I too am a regular reader of Makow and also got the impression that he read this blog. Hard to know for sure obviously.

tsnamm said...

The pendulum has started to swing back...I don't expect Trump to address every issue exactly the way we want, but even if it's ANY of them, it'll be a good start. The West is so far adrift, and the US in particular, that anything is a vast improvement over the direction we've been heading. Every journey begins with 1 step, let's hope this is that step.

Dan said...

James, that must be some other Dan.

Please show me the post by "Dan" on Revilo P Oliver.

Dan said...

On Don's Jewish ties.

In Art of the Deal we have lots of Jewish characters. Don swims among them.

I agree that he's a Zionist. However he does appear to be borrowing Israeli racism and uses it in the American context. America is more or less white and he wants to arrest the brownout.

He's got a Jewish son in Law. I say meh! If he is destroyed by this political run his son-in-law is bankrupted too. Perhaps he's got the Jews over a barrel on that one. The fortune slips from kike hands if he is ruined.

Btw Don is so old that I think he doesn't care. He's kept his powder dry for his run.

Anonymous said...

I believe Trump is controlled opposition. When he attacks the Jew control of the U.S., even if he uses code words or innuendos, I will reconsider my beliefs. He's part of the Eastern Establishment and he is also a whore for money. If the Jews don't yet own him, they will soon. Or, they'll destroy him.

If Americans, and the rest of the world, don't realize everything is a charade then they haven't been paying close enough attention. Everything, I mean everything that matters, is controlled.

Anonymous said...

Has this fucking Jew got a problem ? http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2015/07/21/russell-brand-calls-queen-nazi_n_7843946.html?utm_hp_ref=uk

I'm not a Royalist as such but I do respect the Queen. I wonder if anyone out there who is a staunch Royalist will kick this kike's arse ? The thing ought to be shot or gassed period

James said...

Nemesis, yes he does read it because sometimes he links to it. I was expressing a suspicion that he might be influenced by some of the discussions here though.

Dan, it was another Dan commenting on HM's site here:


(Scroll to bottom where it says "First comment by Dan")

Dan claims to have read a lot of RPO writing but I think he perhaps shows some ignorance with these statements:

But from we know now about the origins and covert purpose of the John Birch Society, that it's extremely likely that Oliver was a counterintelligence agent. If his role in helping found and promote the John Birch Society isn't enough, you must consider what it means that he was called to testify before the Warren Commission

RO gave up on the JBS quickly because he realised it was subverted from day one.

He testified at the Warren commission and related in his writings that the whole thing was a farce. When he told them that the report was absolute bullshit and no one would believe a word of it one of it's authors said "It doesn't matter. The American people don't read."

So I think Dan must have missed some of RPO's more crucial utterances. What he said on HM's site shouldn't change any reasonable person's opinion on RPO one iota. He will have to dig deeper than that!

It is interesting that many of his later writings are sealed by the FBI for another 10 years or so. They will be fun to read.

James said...

I doubt Trump is in it for the money.

What other motive would he have besides White Genocide or saving the White race?

Any ideas?

Anonymous said...

The future labour Party Leader - a thrice divorced, white trash, do-gooding, English commie, despite his support for Palestine.


Vanguard said...

James, always hard to pin down motivation, even more so in Trump's case. And remember power for its own sake is a powerful driver.I very much doubt that he lies awake at night worrying about the fate of the white race. Equally no doubt he will not take on the ZOG, at least until he has some independent power base.

But look, take what we can. He might do some good and at least he brought immigration into the Overton Window.

FOD said...

Dan, I attach no significance to the jewish son-in-law. If Don threatens their bigger picture they'll throw the son-in-law to the wolves without hesitation. Individual jews don't matter to them.

Rob said...

John McCain - Tokyo Rose.

Anonymous said...


Trump as controlled opposition.

Dan said...


But the Don's 10 Billion does matter to them.

Not that Don would threaten Israel anyway.

He's not happy with the Jew's cultural subversion in the US.

Uncle Nasty said...

I am quite amazed to see this in a mainstream Brit publication, but, quite frankly, I wonder if the MAILOnline is nothing more than a safety valve ...

Alright, the article, (linked to from the IHR) on further examination is six years old, but even so ...


'This isn't the Britain we fought for,' say the 'unknown warriors' of WWII

By Tony Rennell for MailOnline
Updated: 22:55 GMT, 21 November 2009

Sarah Robinson was just a teenager when World War II broke out.
She endured the Blitz, watching for fires during Luftwaffe air raids armed with a bucket of sand.

Often she would walk ten miles home from work in the blackout, with bombs falling around her.
As soon as she turned 18, she joined the Royal Navy to do her bit for the war effort.

Some WWII soldiers, and families of those lost in the war, have complained society today shows no sign of the effort they made to help

Hers was a small part in a huge, history-making enterprise, and her contribution epitomises her generation's sense of service and sacrifice.

Nearly 400,000 Britons died. Millions more were scarred by the experience, physically and mentally.

But was it worth it? Her answer - and the answer of many of her contemporaries, now in their 80s and 90s - is a resounding No.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1229643/This-isnt-Britain-fought-say-unknown-warriors-WWII.html#ixzz3gcyMkSWc
Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

The comments, even moderated, are quite something.


Henry IX said...

Don't knock the Daily Mail. For sure most of their "journalists" are your typical PC brainwashed illiterates. But the paper does identify the crimes committed by blacks and immigrants. They generally do not cover up the identity. That alone is worth a hell of a lot.

Anonymous said...

Anon @09.16 said :-

'The future labour Party Leader - a thrice divorced, white trash, do-gooding, English commie, despite his support for Palestine.'
Can you name a Labourite that doesn't fit in at least four of these five traits? I can't listen to any of them without feeling sick.


Brooklyn Dave said...

I love the fact that Trump is going after McCain. That SOB should have retired years ago. OK, he was a POW in Vietnam--I am not going to judge the details on that--but the dude has been in the Senate for so many years and has been nothing but a suck ass (like the rest of them)---and he wouldn't get indignant when his record was challenged. He relied so much on his ex-POW status--and all the patriotards fell for it.

Dan said...

Mostly these oldsters appear to be moaning about young whites.
They never say:

"We fought hitler so that Brixton would be filled with niggers."

Couldn't one old fart jut say that?

john dicarlo said...

The Republican candidates, beside Trump, all share the same pussified, feminized, politically correct, identity that is promoted and idolized by the jewsmedia, both on TV and in Hollywierd. Hell, even Hillary is perceived as more of man, a she/man if you will, than all the RepubliCANT candidates -- except Trump. Certainly, none of the RepubliCANT pansies have a chance against he-man Hillary. But, will the feminized White electorate dare to elect a candidate who at least exhibits some masculine traits? So far, the favorable polling seems to indicate they like someone who acts like a man. The liberals are in hysterics over Trump. His comments about Mexicans are "disgusting". Disgusting?

Masculinity in a presidential candidate has been missing for many decades. Will Trump man up against the jew destruction of America? Absolutely NEVER! Never enter his mind. Will he roll back anything Obama has done? NO! He will continue the jew agenda of nation wrecking while naive Whites continue to entertain themselves and allow their country to be given away to the nonwhite hordes by the jew overseers.

Cognitive Dissonance said...

"We fought hitler so that Brixton would be filled with niggers."

Couldn't one old fart just say that?

He probably did. But do you think that any MSM outlet would print it even if did?

Joshua Sinistar said...

Personally, I'm not sure what the Donald is doing here. He has enough Fuck You Money to survive a collapse, and being President is meaningless after the last Four Pieces of Crap that have infested the Whites' House.
Some people believe he's the new Perot to split the Right and center enough to inaugurate Granny Badness for the Dumbascrap Party. Whatever. The System is collapsing too fast to make it to 2016 anyway.
There will be no more elections at this point. Even with a spoiler like a Perot candidate, Hillary doesn't have enough support in the polls or on the ground to reanimate the corpse of ZOG. ZOG is dead now, and the only real question is who will pick up the pieces after the complete collapse of the ZOG System of funny money and Anti-White Genocide.

Flanders said...

I agree with your 00:14 conclusion and the interesting report you had about the squeezing of the Dallas Hunts, UN. I think it serves as an example of how jew networking turns on the masonic structures who assist them into power, once their usefulness has ended.

I don't have the links at present, but I think the Hunts were among the main supporters for the Robert Welch bunch, which worked so diligently to bring White Americans into the "anti-Communism" cause, but who worked most diligently to keep Americans blinded about the racial makeup (jews, of course, as we now know) of those jews, and their networks which were so heavily behind pushing communism against America. Several of the staff of JBS (Revillo Oliver was one I think who did so, and there were others) left because they were unable to get the word out to the American rank and file about the jews and the jewish structures who were instituting communism in America, and were doing so while their Freemason assistants, the JBS leaders, were preaching a generic and denuded "anti-Communism" stripped of the word "jews". Very few Americans knew anything about jews, and especially were not aware that they were the subversives, even though the JBS rank and file thought they were top experts against communism. Robert Welch was placed over the John Birch Society to set up that intricate disinformation campaign. Those Freemason traitors were TOO damned successful, and they paid the price to the jew communist kehillahs - just as today we are all paying the price for both their treasons.

Flanders said...

[Extremely off-topic, but worth being known.].

MSM Burning
[Jude media place the true meaning of jude into the word prejudice. That is clearly visible in the bias the MSM display by their usual and customary prejudiced censorship, evidenced once again below.].

“That’s right. A black man in support of the Confederacy was run off the road and killed in Mississippi immediately after he had protested in favor of the Confederate Flag and we hear nothing more than crickets from the establishment media.”
[James Edwards below quoting an Hunter Wallace article].

“In 2015, the Left is the new Klan in Mississippi, and “Uncle Tom” was basically lynched yesterday. The “climate of hate” and intolerance against black conservatives has produced its first victim.
Wallace continues in a second article:

This is truly an extraordinary story: Anthony Hervey was a black conservative who routinely dressed up as a Confederate soldier, who proudly waved the Confederate Battle Flag, a self-styled “black redneck” who only identified as a proud Southerner, who condemned among other things White guilt, anti-racism, political correctness and the welfare state for destroying his people, and who said he only felt safe in the company of Southern Whites who loved the Confederate Battle Flag, many of them gun toting, proud rednecks or members of so-called “hate groups” such as myself.

After leaving Birmingham and traveling almost all the way home to Oxford, MS, Anthony Hervey is stalked, chased, harassed and ran off the road – once again, in Mississippi – by a carload of irate, screaming blacks in a silver vehicle who approach their vehicle from both the driver and passenger side. The SUV swerves off the road, rolls, and Hervey is killed in the deadly impact. Pinned in her SUV, a black conservative woman sends out an SOS to other Confederate Flag supporters in the area.

Meanwhile, in the wake of both Mohammad Abdualzeez’s shooting in Chattanooga and Anthony Hervey’s shocking death in Mississippi, the usually outspoken SPLC, which always has a thing or two to say about “hate crimes,” has mysteriously disappeared faster than the Russian submarine “Red October” beneath the waves.”


Dave+33 said...

@Joshua Sinister. Do you mean the economic system or the political one, or both?

Are you living in the USA? Interested in hearing what life is like on the ground there that you make such a prediction.

Flanders said...

Uncle Nasty said...[14:54]
I am quite amazed to see this in a mainstream Brit publication, but, quite frankly, I wonder if the MAILOnline is nothing more than a safety valve ..."

I think there are two theories that fit, UN. One is that the Daily Mail (that is the same, isn't it?) is in a turf battle with some other segment of the jewish mobs.

The second is that the jews feel a needs to make an appearance at least that there is a publication which understands and comes close to speaking for the "regular" people. If the divergence is overly wide, the jews cannot relate to the lowly sheep what it is that the jews are wanting to feed them. I vote for this one.

Sponge Cake said...

Sav, have you seen this? It's our old friend Ronit Lentin



Bint at start of video is one Farah Mokhtarzadeh


AnalogMan said...

Nero said...

No. He is way too clever. He saw what happened to Nixon.

Hard to tell how clever he is. He looks like a total clown. Didn't I hear him say, in his speech announcing his run, that the GDP of the USA is negative? Can he really be that ignorant?

He reminds me of the Jewish millionaire who was asked the secret of his success. He replied. "I started out selling ties. I'd buy them from China for a dollar each, and sell them for three dollars. That way I always made my two percent profit".

No question, he's not qualified for the job. I think a lot of voters would be happy with a President who at least means well. With a kaffermeid TV hostess for Vice President, and lots of really clever Jewish advisers. And Israel need have no fears.

I think it's quite likely that he's being promoted to run interference for the witch. Remember, he's polling 24% support among Republicans, but she's pulling 68% among Democrats. In an election, she'd walk it.

Anonymous said...

Dan said:-
'Couldn't one old fart jut say that?'
Many do and have done. It isn't gone to make the MSM.

James said...

Some WWII soldiers, and families of those lost in the war, have complained society today shows no sign of the effort they made to help

But it IS the Britain they fought for unfortunately.

It shows every sign of the consequences of what they did.

They did it.

They need to admit they were duped then, not suggest they were duped since then. THEY destroyed the White race back in 1945.

Truth hurts, but it is what it is.

James said...

"We fought hitler so that Brixton would be filled with niggers."


Dan said...

One wonders what might have occurred if a military coup removed the Tory Party and executed Labour's leaders. A couple of Admirals and Generals. Then the Royal Navy could have been directed against the US...
A self consciously racialist British Junta aimed square at expanding white populations in Africa and Asia.

Singapore would never have fallen for example.

Anonymous said...

Sponge Cake. I saw that. That fucking cow Ronit Lentin breaking up a meeting called to defend Irish interests.

I submitted this comment to the thread suggesting she fuck off back to Israel where they round up what they call infiltrators and ship them back to Africa. It probably will not be published.

Anonymous said...

Here's some information on the American Freedom Party.
If Trump proves to be a false friend then here's somewhere to go. The anti-white message is not going to go away, no matter what.

kill switch said...

I think TRUMP has plugged into the fucking undercurrent of American disdain ....DIAL FUCKIN 1 FOR ENGLISH...we have had enough...I had a friend that was refused a job in the medical field because she didn't speak SPIC... In fucking America.....It's over,,, the people have had it and TRUMP is pluggung in...say what you will...

Anonymous said...

It's a slaughterfest of internecine proportions, but who cares anymore?

Uncle Nasty said...

Rob said...

John McCain - Tokyo Rose.
22 July 2015 at 12:31

Go to Rob's link above ... it is truly astonishing.

I am no admirer of the MSM, but their blinkered unwillingness to stray off the plantation and publish anything anything at all that runs counter to The Agenda astonishes even me.


Read the stories of what passes for American war heroes ... these days. Truly amazing.

Two short generations, ago, there would have been an enquiry, (at least) followed, if necessary, by a court martial and ending in what one of my more macabre friends used to refer to as a suspended sentence.

Another depressing example of their contemptible behaviour ... and, I might add, simply another example of why their stranglehold on information must be destroyed..


Flanders said...

My vote is with Big Billy 22:50 and Allan@Aberdeen 23:47. They may look different, but they both have it right.

Trump is there to take the heat off of Hillary, and to advance the false narrative that elections are serious matters, so that a disillusioned public becmes "pumped up" again. There is always some gimmick which works to "inspire" the voters, in every single one of these "trumped-up" electoral games. Trumps "candidacy" is total bunk.

His entry allows both Hillary and Bush a needed respite after having already dangled their dirty toes in the electoral waters. Each of those are aware that they did not fare well initially in the public mind, and they are now honing and reshaping so that they will be able to make the major show - that between the two of them - seem as realistic as possible. Eventually, when the mutual controllers for Bush and Hillary feel they are ready, there will be some "scandal" to make Trump fade away, or flee like a dog with fleas on his tail.

Misleading voters, giving jew media some entertaining seed materials to use against (via media attacks against his "non-PC" words), us, the REAL Americans, and falsely providing hope for all of us who are true Americans (Almost all White Americans are naturally conservative and vote for anyone who would truly follow through with what Trump says.) is the game, and Trump’s main assignment.

Trump is also intended to be splitting away some of the Mexicans (many of whose strong family values are inherently supportive of a conservative position in America). Trump is working to alienate them away from providing support for our base. I don't want the Mexicans in the US, but I sure as hell don't want them to be voting more Democrat than they are inclined to do already. More than a fifth of the Mexican population is already here, and I prefer them gone (not thousands more of them, which is what there will certainly be if Democrats were to win).

Republicans will support "immigration" too much anyway, but we don't need the other 4-fiths of Mexico here to take their fake voting title, of "US citizens", along with every black dingaling from Timbuctcoon land, into the voting booth with them.

Trump is a rich Marxist showman in the land of the jews, doing what he is scripted to do. I would love to be wrong. I will damned sure vote for him if he continues and remains on the ticket. Give 'em Hell Trumpy!

George said...

Analog Man;

"No question, he's not qualified for the job"
- Neither was Obama, and many other American Presidents before him, but B.O. did manage to get nearly all his socialist agenda enacted thus far. Hell, Reagan slept through most of his terms in office.

" I think a lot of voters would be happy with a President who at least means well."
- That is what prompted "the voters" to elect Obama (or at least they THOUGHT that he meant well!) in the first place.

The only qualifications for being President are 1) a willingness to do as the Oligarchy tells you to do, 2); to lie convincingly to the populace, and 3); lack a conscience (sociopath). Certainly a man who has made a career of declaring bankruptcy and thereby increasing his fortune qualifies in terms of all these qualities? Perhaps he will put the US in Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings and then have the country reemerge as "The Consolidated States of North America"! Assuredly he is adept at today's business tactics involving downsizing and skeletonizing the workforce to minimize payroll expenditures (and maximize his yearly bonus). So he might try outsourcing legislation tasks to China (Congress does nothing now anyway) and importing H1-B Indian workers for 25% of what a domestic employee would earn to do governmental clerical work? He could layoff all Federal employees and replace them with H1-B Indian imports, contract Fed-Ex to replace the Postal Service, hire Blackwater to replace the Armed Services, hire the Crypts and Bloods to replace the Drug Enforcement Agency (they would be just as effective at the job), replace the Border Patrol with Mexican Coyotajes (just exactly what does the Border Patrol do, anyway?), place the NRA in charge of selling guns (now that WOULD be an improvement), and he might as well replace the US Citizenship and Immigration Services dept. with Lutheran Family Services since they do the same job tax free.

Anonymous said...

I was given "Trump - The Game" in the eighties by friend. From the little game to the big game, it seems he's still delivering the feel of reality without the reality. Bravo!

Flanders said...

UN re your 00:32, I know that you and most of us here are aware, but many of us need reminders, even though it is right in front of our eyes:

"... 5. In the hands of the States of to-day there is a great force that creates the movement of thought in the people, and that is the Press. .... to express and to create discontent. ... and it has fallen into our hands. Through the Press we have gained the power to influence while remaining ourselves in the shade; thanks to the Press we have the Gold in our hands.... "
- Protocols of the Elders of Zion, written 1897
[Thanks to Vatic Project Blogspot for their header]

UN: "I am no admirer of the MSM, but their blinkered unwillingness to stray off the plantation and publish anything anything at all that runs counter to The Agenda astonishes even me."

Jon Rappaport on "The operation called “engineered consensus”.

"It begins with some “authoritative” voice proclaiming an idea is a fact. Well, someone has to start the ball rolling.

Very quickly, according to plan, others pick up the ball and echo the original idea. This includes both “respected” individuals and groups. Media join in.

What follows is a scramble to gain public acceptance. All sorts of approaches are used in this stage of the process:

the claim that a consensus has already been reached (which is a lie);

attacks on dissidents and critics;

warnings that refusal to accept the central idea will have dire consequences “for all of us”;

cooked and slanted scientific studies;

general reminders that the idea being promoted represents the greatest good for the greatest number;

expressions of shock that there are “still people who refuse to accept the obvious”;

new laws and regulations hammered into existence;

subsequent legalized coercion;

arguments so illogical and bizarre that people accept them, thinking they themselves must be missing the point;

relegation of dissent to the margins of “wild conspiracy theory”;

the conjoining of dissent with negative images and feelings;

the marginalizing of dissent into legal cases that wind through seemingly endless corridors of a maze;

and, of course, endless repetition of the original idea.

After a suitable period has passed, most people can’t even recall a time when the original idea was seriously disputed.

And yet…none of these strategies would succeed, unless people felt a strong need for a centralized authority that defines reality."

Not directly on your topic, UN, but this below group's modern disciples often work in tandem with media, and in political campaigns creating a stealth synergy of consensus otherwise unobtainable.


"The Frankfurt School [who] were a group of Marxist Jewish intellectuals at Frankfurt University in the 1920-1930's. (They emigrated to NYC after Hitler came to power.)"

"Financed by Jewish millionaire Felix Weill, they were instrumental in the degradation of Western society according to the long-term cabalist Jewish (VN: Khazar......) (Satanist) plan. The connection between Communism, Satanism, and Judaism is the Cabala, i.e. Freemasonry."

Media feeds and protects all of it, in all of it's forms above and in all avenues they choose to infect. The political game is one of their biggest.

The Mad Hater said...

Look guys, we KNOW that Trump does not tick all the boxes, not even close to doing it.But he is doing good work in getting the immigration debate out into the open and as a byproduct raising the distrust level of the media by ordinary Americans. If he does nothing else that represents a major advance.

red pill said...

George, excellent analysis. Always makes me laugh when I hear that x 'is not qualified to be President'. I suppose Obama was?

And listen, there is NO difference between the Reps and Dems when it comes to practical issues.

Anonymous said...

"Let me tell you. The people don’t trust you and the people don’t trust the media. And I understand why,” Trump lectured Cooper.

Trump touches all the right topics.......what is not to like.

Anonymous said...

Let me tell you. The people don’t trust you and the people don’t trust the media. And I understand why,” Trump lectured Cooper.

Anonymous said...

Why are Bohemians football club employing a convicted sex offender?

A Bray Wanderers footballer was one of three young Kildare residents to have received suspended sentences for the sexual abuse of a teenage girl, a court has heard.

Judge Mary Ellen Ring in Dublin Circuit Criminal Court today apologised to the female victim, who was 14 years old at the time, for the four-year delay in getting the case completed.

She said she was considering this delay when sentencing Leixlip men Edgar Ojo (aged 20), Olajafar Adetoro (aged 21) and Bray Wanderers player Ismaheel Akinade (aged 20) to two years suspended for three years.

Judge Ring criticised the time issue, saying: “These matters should not take four years to get through the prosecution process. All parties should endeavour to deal with the case.”

Ojo, of Lough Na Mona Park, pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting the girl in the downstairs toilet of his home on March 25, 2010.

He also admitted attempting to defile the girl in his kitchen and defiling her in a forest clearing, also on March 25, 2010.

Adetoro, of Easton Close, admitted defiling the girl in Leixlip locations on 27 February, 2010 and again on March 25, 2010.

Akinade, of Rinawade Vale, pleaded guilty to sexual assault and attempted defilement at Ojo’s home on March 15, 2010.

He also pleaded guilty to attempted defilement on March 25, 2010 at the same premises.

Ismahil Akinade (born 11 February 1994) is a Nigerian born footballer who plays for Bohemians in the League of Ireland.

Akinade started his career at St Patrick's Athletic Under 19's (making the bench for the first team once as an unused substitute) before moving on to Bray Wanderers where he was a huge hit with fans and won the club's Young Player of the Year award for the 2013 season. Akinade parted ways with Bray at the end of the 2014 season after he played a huge part in guaranteeing the seagulls safety in the Premier Division. Midway through the 2015 League of Ireland season, Akinade signed for Bohemians, making his debut in a 2–1 win away to Dundalk on 6 June, setting up the first goal.


F. McCool said...

@ 12.34. Absolutely outrageous that these animals got away with their crimes. But the explanation is utterly simple. We go easier on the darkies and ragheads. Has there ever been a society throughout history which favoured the foreigner against their own?

Anonymous said...

Trump is right about McShame.

This reminds me of that ugly ape Muamba who had a heart attack on the pitch. His ugly mug was everywhere the BBC made him a bloody 'celebrity' on their dancing show. I'm into football but evem I'd never heard of him before he did his TNB - i.e. falling on the jungle floor, lazing around and getting money for nothing. Fortunately, the attempt to make him a celeb failed.

If there was a hero, surely it was the White yiddo doctor who saved him. Tho the sensible thing to do would have been to feign illnesses and go to the toilet. Like we don't have enough nogs in the country! But he looked like the sort of ponce who'd wear a replica shirt woth a nig's name on it.

McCain must've got so accustomed to bending over for Chinks when captured that he seeks out kikes to bend over for now. Has there been a single war the prick hasn't been a cheerleader for? Let White Yankee kuds die for israhell - no thanks McShame.

Remember The Simpsons episode with Timmy O'Toole.
Homer - That boy's a hero.
Lisa - He fell down a well. How does that make him a hero?
Homer - Well, it's more than you've ever done.

Anonymous said...

We've been given false hope and let down before. We had Wallace, Buchanan and Perot. Now Trump?

Regardless of how he fares or who wins next year Trump has opened up a discussion of forbidden or ignored issues. Issues critical to the survival of our race. The genie is out of the bottle and the White Genocide Cult won't get him back in again, try as they might.

Another benefit: Trump is destroying the presumed moral authority of the GOP. My most fervent hope is that they won't survive it and go the way of the 19th century Whigs.

George said...

@Red Pill:

"And listen, there is NO difference between the Reps and Dems when it comes to practical issues."

- that is exactly my point, and for those few (not you, Red Pill) who might not recognize it as such, my comment was intended largely as satire, lol.
I have lived through many elections here (I remember President Kennedy- the last good president, which tells you how old I am), and there have ALWAYS been candidates (like Trump) who are merely controlled opposition.

Amateur Brain Surgeon said...


Sponge Cake said...

The clue comes right at the end of the article

Teen (17) 'left stroke survivor for dead' after robbing his thesis A TEENAGER (17) who violently mugged a 52-year-old stroke survivor and took his college thesis which he had worked on for six months has been sentenced to three and a half years in prison.

The youth, who cannot be named as he is under-age, pleaded guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to two robberies carried out over a fortnight in April 2014, when he was just 15-years old.

He also admitted resisting arrest at the scene of one of the crimes. The teenager was under a peace bond at the time.

The muggings were carried out with an accomplice who assaulted both victims by punching them in the face. This 17 year old co-accused was sentenced last December to four years in prison, with the final 18 months suspended.

Defence counsel David Wheelahan BL said the teenager moved to Ireland with his family in 2010. He said the youth was not the main aggressor and had been under the influence of the co-accused, and wants to apologise to his victims


Anonymous said...


Violent brawl breaks out on st Patrick's day in Ireland between teenagers
Have a look at the security guards at the end. All black at a st Patrick's day parade in Ireland
For fucks sake

Clogheen said...

Black 'security' guards in Ireland. We deserve all we get.

Anonymous said...

Take any kind of refugee or immigrant you absolutely have to - except blacks.

You're stuck with the ones you already have. Some are okay: about 50%. Though you're dealing with actual Africans so it might be worse genetically. But maybe better culturally.

You're only hope of dealing with them and having a reasonable, peaceful civil society is to have a powerful police force. You can't have affirmative action for violent criminals and you have to insist that the laws are applied equally - and harshly for violent criminals.
If you do that, you might even be able to roust a few of the nested ones. They might go home or better yet to Sweden. Things are so bad there that even the millennials are starting to hear about it here in the US. As far as Sweden is concerned, let it be the racial Warsaw of the 21st century. (Maybe Nanking is the better comparison.)

tsnamm said...

Flanders, you expect support for our base from Mexicans? You've been watching too much Fox News... because Jeb Bush would be so much better than the Hildabeest... lol

Anonymous said...

"The Donald is a set-up to ensure that Hillary gets in."

So what.

The political process is currently rigged either way so while that is the case what matters is the culture war (and by that I mean getting all the mentally healthy white people to fight as a group against their ongoing stealth genocide).

So the question is can survivalists use aspects of the Trump candidacy in the culture war?

Anonymous said...

Donald is the only canidate who cannot be bought, - that deserves respect whether you are lationo or white etc,he is trying to reign america back to the days when the u.s.a was riding the crest of a wave ,the way china is right now on an economic wave going skywards.
A lot of the illegals cannot vote so it doesnt matter if they don't agree wtih Donald,although it reamins to be seen will the legals vote for Trump,we will see if these legals are traitors to the country they live in or not..

Californian said...

The amount of vitriol being directed against Donald Trump here in the USA is really quite interesting. The question is, why? I can understand the challenge that Trump presents to the Democrats and Republicans. For the latter, it is drawing away some of the rightist vote. For the former, he is daring to get white people mobilized.

But third party elements seem to be going ballistic, also. The Reason Foundation, which promotes libertarian policies, is denouncing Trump with an intensity usually reserved for Emmanuel Goldstein in the two-minute hates. Some of this is due to Trump's stance on immigration (Reason has been beating the drums for open borders).

There is something deeper. I suspect it is because Trump is not playing it by the rules. It's like he's some guy who just dropped into The Matrix and is offering people a bucket full of Red Pills. It's not so much what he says, but that he is offering people a chance to wake up.

Uncle Nasty said...

Clogheen said...

Black 'security' guards in Ireland. We deserve all we get.
23 July 2015 at 23:24

No, no, no. A thousand times no. You -- and by implication me, or "we" if you wish, deserve none of this. The "we" you refer to is the shiftless mass of political sludge that sold us out.

"We" are in the position of a toddler who is told by a malevolent guardian that the shiny black scorpion or the beautifully patterned rattlesnake are harmless and desirable. ... and they have just put one of each into the toybox.

Secondly did "we" wake up one morning and say: "Oh what a beautiful morning!! Let's import ten million shiftless niggers to share it with."?

No we did not. Stop accepting second-hand guilt. The oldest jew trick in the book.

There is no "we" ... just them.

The corollary to this, of course, is when the great unwashed finally wake up to the lies and obfuscation and don't hang niggers, jews, and enablers, wholesale ... that, is when "we" have failed.