Friday, 12 June 2015

Narrative Collapse?

Are we starting to see the collapse of The Narrative?  Is the 'liberal' (ha!) PC Narrative, the one endlessly purveyed by the MSM for over half a century, starting to collapse under the weight of its own inconsistencies? My optimism is spurred by the reaction to press coverage of (roll of drums) The Texas Swimming Pool Horror.  You must have heard about it. If not you can get a comprehensive deconstruction of it here.

Here's a brief outline of The Narrative version which exploded onto the MSM. Upper-class gated community has a pool party. For some reason a resident calls the cops.....who then proceed to run riot against the unfortunate vibrants - and only the vibrants. Excerpt: 'brutally pinning a black girl to the ground by her head as she cried for her mother.'  Then the piece de resistance: a policeman pulling a gun when approached by two gentle giants.....who of course were only trying to help.
Following the breathless reporting that ensued the cop concerned was immediately thrown under the bus by his superiors. 'The actions of Eric Casebolt were indefensible. The officer was out of control during the incident'.

Thanks a mill, Chief.

But then the real story began to emerge. The organiser of the pool party was a Section 8 parasite living in the expensive complex courtesy of the (White) taxpayer. She was not entitled to even access the pool area but yet as part of a commercial venture issued an open invitation to all and sundry to attend the party.  Cue the arrival of busloads of hood rats who jumped the fence and immediately started a chimpout.

The purpose of this post is not to go into details on the event which can be accessed at the link above. Rather I want to focus on the reaction to it: An explosion of outrage at the misreporting and a concomitant plummeting of trust in the official media. Even the heavily-moderated comments on the likes of CNN, CBS and the Huffington Post were overwhelmingly negative towards the MSM and its reliability. Here's just one from Yahoo News.  "First we had Trayvon, then Michael Brown and now this incident. In every case the media told blatant lies. Blatant lies. From now on I belive NOTHING the media say. Good luck'. A subsequent commentator replied 'the lies go back beyond Trayvon. What about Obummer himself. Everything they told us about this fraud was lies as well'.

I've observed for a long time the increasing divergence between MSM content and the ensuing reader comments. But this development has broken new ground. There's been, in my view, a paradigm shift in the public's perception of the Narrative the authorities have been peddling. Is the House Of Lies about to collapse under the weight of its own flagrant inconsistencies?  Has the cognitive dissonance become too blatant?

The last days of the Soviet Union spring to mind. Are our current elite nation-wreckers much different from the frozen leaders of that country, waving atop Lenin's tomb, unaware that as they did so their world was collapsing around them?


red pill said...

Meanwhile Section 8 goes on steroids.

Raider Fan said...

When I was young (I am the same age as Israel) I used to wonder what it would have been like to have been born in Russia and have to suffer with the "news" of Pravda and Izvestia; O, those poor people. They prolly don't realize they are being lied to

Then when I grew older, I began to understand that we are no different than Russia, only materially wealthier and more morally corrupt.

We are the Evil Empire but, sadly, there is no way for us to recover the once Republic in America for the establishment will never let stand for election any man who would threaten a diminution of their power.

I think the best an American can hope for is a relatively peaceful break-up of the states and a reforming of those states in regional confederations; the somewhat sensible south, the insane sodomitic north and far west etc

AB_SP said...

Noticed the same thing myself. Seems to me TPTB are pushing Whites towards either surrender or a fightback. TPTB are definitely preparing for a fightback given the militarizing of police forces throughout the country.

Anonymous said...

And the whole of the western world ! All have police forces that are being turned into militia.

Anonymous said...

Media bought and paid for! After the Mayweather-Paquiao fight last month, there were a number of shootouts right on the Las Vegas Strip and in the casinos (apparently half of black America descended upon Vegas that weekend), some people were killed...totally covered up by the media and casinos. The only reason I know is because I know eye-witnesses!


Rob said...

I believe there is a difference between what's happening now and what happened in the crumbling communist bloc a quarter of a century ago. The communist countries imploded because the powers that be decided their existence was no longer useful to them.

Great piece here on the symbiotic relationship of communism and capitalism.

iron felix said...

.............'tis said, is it not, that Truth will out and the Truth is biting......

2cypher said...

I guess it's the usual Jewish manipulation of the news pandering to pathological White alturism.

But people are seeing through it and getting tired of it.

They are getting extremely fatigued by this Orwellian gap between how blacks are depicted in the media (as victims, as cool, 'vibrant', as holy, as insightful sages) and how people find them in real life: as violent animals somewhere between a gorilla and a human.

We have to remember throughout history there have been sane efforts to separate Whites and blacks and with good reason.

Blacks just turn everything into a steaming shit hole of violence and primitivism and belong amongst their own. They turn the clock backwards on civlization wherever they go.

Anonymous said...

Definition of Cognitive Dissonance': cognitive dissonance is the mental stress or discomfort experienced by an individual who holds two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values at the same time, or is confronted by new information that conflicts with existing beliefs, ideas, or values.

In short, the Internet Truth has exposed to many Whites the treacherous nation-wrecking agenda of the Talmudic Jew/Cultural Marxist cabal - & now no amount of controlled media brainwashing is going to make them unlearn the Truth. Yes, the cognitive dissonance has become too blatant & yes, the House of Lies that is the US & the Western world plus its Jew-controlled media is all about to collapse. This is why TPTB are demonizing Whites & using their false 'Blacks is being persecuted' narrative in the US to wind-up feral Blacks to confront & intimidate Whites in Ferguson, Baltimore & elsewhere. Our masters desperately need for things to kick-off big-time giving them an excuse to implement Martial Law & illegally hold on to power - at any cost. This whole NWO/One-World government agenda has the whole world as its prize & there's nothing - absolutely nothing - this satanic Talmudic Jew/Cultural Marxist cabal won't do to hold on to their control of the world. The more Whites realize this is what's going on - then the easier it will be for Whites to implement change. Tell all your friends & neighbours who are willing to listen, the Truth.

salvage sam

Franz said...

"The last days of the Soviet Union spring to mind."

And what Jerry Pournelle predicted in 1982:

"The one necessary and sufficient condition of Soviet collapse is the free flow of information throughout the Eastern Bloc."

Et tu, America? Welcome to 1982, USA!

Anonymous said...

I agree, the thing is unraveling, collapsing, hitting critical mass, whatever you want to call it. But the plain fact is, until they are stripped of their houses and goods, whites in the USA will never band together. Maybe Southerners, who still live among kith and kin, and Texans, possibly Europeans such as the Irish, Francais de souche, and Eastern Europenans, but for many the stronger possibility is Enoch Powell's "blood flowing into the Tiber" and Raspail's depiction of how the dispossessed, gadding about, atomized white males all shun each other after the invasion starts.

What needs to happen is that the traitors need to be rooted out. That is the real challenge.

Tony in VA said...

A new series on FOX called 'Lucifer'. You've guessed it - Lucifer is White and the Angel that comes to put him in his place is a coon.

George said...

I believe the turning point for the US is in sight. The new "trade agreement" That Obama has been trying to push through has been stalled, but it will be pushed through somehow, even if in modified form. When it is, it probably will be the "straw that broke the camel's back" in the economic sense for most Americans. There are now nearly no jobs for white Americans as it is. This trade agreement will assure there is even less gainful employment for our young men and women, and since many of them volunteer for military duty (since they have no other options) there will be a large pool of disgruntled young ex-military once they leave the service and try to find civilian employment only to find themselves excluded by H-1B Indians, new Mexican "citizens" and blacks hired to fill racial "quotas".
This makes for a situation ripe for...well, let us say "social unrest". A great many Americans are armed and many have had military training. This is the real reason for Homeland Security as the new STASI have been termed. Interesting times lay ahead

iron felix said...

2cypher, really, one must take great exception to your statement. Gorillas, though immensely powerful, are calm, dignified creatures without a trace of gratuitous aggression about them, only ever waxing minatory if they feel that they or, more pertinent, their symbiotes are being threatened. We might indeed learn much from these admirable creatures.

Flanders said...

Here is a clear example of how the jewed-media in the US (formerly known as America) ALMOST ALWAYS presents these types of black/White incidents. I'm surprised that an even and balanced story was available anywhere in order to show the difference. It is no wonder the public, who watch this jew-censored "news" daily, have minds of mush. The first video shows the story WITH jew-type censoring, but it has a link to the straight story.

Flanders said...

Don't fire against the enemies of America until you can see the hook of their nose.

It should be obvious that the true source of the problems is the jews – not just being within “American” media, but actually owning and controlling “our” media. Media is supposed to be our press – that of the American people. Media is supposed to be the voice expressing the American voices – OURS – and not the communist-sympathizing voices which are intended to perpetuate a system which works against Whites and Americans. The media is supposed to be our Press – the source where our free speech is expressed and expressible to other Americans and fellow Whites. It was never intended as a vehicle to suppress our speech rights and to advocate for minorities, or to be used against the interests of our American country.

Anonymous said...

Good evening, Savant -

You are quite right, my friend: the narrative is beginning to collapse. I encourage all of your esteemed readers to peruse the comments section following any mainstream media news story concerning crimes committed by the vibrancy; you could be forgiven for thinking you stumbled upon the pages of Stormfront...

And lest anyone worry about the militarization of the police forces, take heart. Here in America, there are upwards of 300 million firearms of all descriptions in the hands of ordinary taxpayers. And most of these good people know how to use them quite effectively.

Perhaps the greatest crime perpetrated against our dear friends and family living in Western Europe has been the wholesale prohibition against firearms. Guns are the only thing keeping us from tyranny. A citizenry without recourse to them is in grave danger.

Spot-on reporting as per usual, Savant. Please keep up your excellent work!

Your humble correspondent,

St. Petersburg Irish Pollack

Californian said...

The Internet has been an invaluable weapon for telling the truth against the mainstream media (MSM). Really, it has become a front for information operations (to use Pentagonese), a form of insurgency against the MSM's multicultic agitprop.

Now we have to get this to the next step: a massive boycotting of MSM. Cancel your cable TV subscriptions. It's insane to pay the enemy to pump anti-white agitprop into your homes.

Get onto the Internet and create your own media.

The system is rotten. Bring it down!

Anonymous said...

I think you should all check out the blog "Angry White Dude." He is sort of the yank version of Savant.He has two very good posts on the Texas pool incident.I observed that I couldn't understand what blacks were doing at a pool anyway-it is well known here that most can't swim.

Seneca said...

I agree George that whites, particularly white males, are being pushed to extremes in the USSA. The big big problem that I see is the absense of any kind of cohesion. Part of this derives from the fact that any form of overt organised white cohesion is denounced as racist even though every other race does the same thing.

I agree with the other writer on this thread who said whites must be deprived of their basic essentials before they get to revolt. Hence the reason for guns & circuses to keep them sedated and distracted.

Anonymous said...

MSM say a "white officer" - sounds weird.

costa packet said...

White English people who protest against the Islamification of their country are "far-right thugs" according to some Common Purpose journalist on The Telegraph:

BTW 'Lord Carlile', mentioned in the article, is a leading 'British Jew'.

Dan said...

Hi Sav,

In American suburbs they have housing estates. Unlike European housing estates these estates (subdivisions) are quite respectable. Until niggers move in and displace whites.

The estates have a centralized park area which normally contains two three tennis courts, a baseball diamond and a volleyball sand pit. They will also have a semi private pool open in summer with a lifeguard.

The homeowners pay fees to keep these things running and the front lawn must be kept neat. This is a softly racist measure designed to politely exclude niggers.

Well, this Sheboon decided to set up a party in the park area and selfishly promised 100 fambly access to the pool in addition to the BBQ she set up. The residents were correct to call the cops and the cop was correct to chase away the Zulus.

Henry IX said...

Costa packet. Lord Nelson said the people of Portsmouth were 'closer to devils than humans'. Pity we don't have some more of that kind there now. Would sort out those muzzie paedophiles pretty fast.

Anonymous said...

Most Scottish women tend to look like cranky militant lesbians; Nicola Sturgeon just takes it to a higher level.

Joshua Sinistar said...

Narrative is all the enemy has. It was all they ever really had, as well as corrupt bought out politicians. Henry Ford blew the whistle back before World War Two destroyed England that these pathetic traitors were fallen men who had done dirty deeds with which to blackmail and destroy them if they dared to question the Satanic Overlords of the Counterfeiting Scams of Central Banking. Our Federal Reserve is about as Federal as your Bank of England is English. Your "royals" have been blackmailed by trysts with underage girls, and your "Lords" are fake nobles with rats'nests in their family trees.
The time is coming when again these hobos try to run away from the problems that they caused, but this time they have no safe place to run. There is no more World that does not know them and their Evil Ways. They're going to get more shrill as they get more desperate. They have noplace to go now. Palestine is just within the range of Iranian Missiles, and the Ayatollah cares nothing for this world being a man of God. They have shat in Europe and America, where can these interlopers go now where they can shill the natives to believe their stupid unbelievable lies?

direita said...

The majority of "White" americans have weird facial features as flat head, short and wide skull, wide and flat noses, small eyes ,thick lips ( Look in the negroid lips of the police darren wilson ) , Negroid or Mongoloid dental arcade...

The Census in the US is a total scam, which is why I don’t have faith that the white american populace is 63 percent, the numbers are below 20% in my opinion, they constantly mingle Mongrels with the Real western White american population.

Many mongrels that are partly white(people like Rob Schneider, Mark-Paul Gosselaar,liv tayler,Cameron Diaz,sarah palin, Ted cruz ,Fergie,Edward Furlong, Wentworth Miller, chad murray , etc etc etc) ALSO prefer if Identify as white .
even within the WN American There are several mestizos :

Andrew anglin, Rodney Martin, Kyle Rogers , Andrew Auernheimer
and Matthew Heimbach are some examples!

Many other things indicate nonwhite ancestry, like prognathism, extremely wide noses, the epicanthal fold, flat faces, frizzy, or extremely curly hair, or overly thick and dark straight hair, large negroid-esque lips, thick eyelids, very large cheekbones, and sallow skin, among others.

Very dark eyes and hair paired with any of these characteristics is also a very good indicator that a person is nonwhite.

Sometime earlier, this man was classified as "White" by some people in the movement. By using my system of classification, one can easily see this man is impure, he is contaminated by negro blood.

direita said...

to Putinists

_ You knew that only 30% of the Russian population is white / Slavic?

_ You know that majoritary ethnic Russian women are married out of your (40% of Muscovites for example) race?

Here are a few photos of white ethnic Russian girls with russian asians (Yakuts, Buryats, Kalmyks, Tatars, Bashkirs, Chuvash) and mestizos

white russian girl and buryat

white russian girl and tatar (or bashkir)

white russian girl and tatar (or bashkir)

white russian girl and korean

white russian girl and mestizo

white russian girl and armenian

_ You knew that in Russia have 2 million abortions every year and the vast majority are of ethnic Russian women married with ethnic Russian man ?

_ You knew during the Putin government in less than 10 years 15 million illegal immigrants settled around Moscow?

_ You knew Putin created laws that criminalize criticism of the immigration and because of this more than 2000 Russian nationalists today live in penitentiaries?

_you knew Putin banned the existence of political parties and nationalist movements so that many existing parties were extinguished by operation of law?

Ethnic Russian is a people on the verge of extinction and big part of it is the fault of your beloved Putin.

Putin is no different from the Zionist who control the West.
he oppresses own people(slavs) while licking ass of the Jews.

Putin: "Ukrainian nationalists want to expel 'negroes, moscals and jews' from Ukraine"
In Russia-EU summit press conference Putin clarifies to the Western press who they are supporting. Interestingly enough this has not been translated or reported except in Russia's MSM:


"Support for Operation Protective Edge, Israel’s military effort to stop Hamas’ incessant rocket attacks against Israel’s civilians, is coming directly from the Kremlin.
“I am closely tracking what is happening in Israel,” Russian President Vladimir Putin remarked in a meeting on Wednesday with a delegation of Chief Rabbis and representatives of the Rabbinical Center of Europe.
The purpose of the meeting, according to the Kremlin, was to discuss joint efforts to prevent the rewriting of history, the fight against neo-Nazism and neo-fascism, xenophobia and anti-Semitism.
“It is important to discuss the subject of the Holocaust of the World War II era. There are Holocaust survivors among the rabbis, they have their personal, dramatic stories,” Rabbi Alexander Boroda, President of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia, told Interfax-Religion."

thor said...

He is don't white, he have Crisp indigenous characteristics (such as broad nose, wide and protruding jaw, small eyes and short, small eyelids etc. It looks like a windian

Anonymous said...


You ask whether we are at a turning point.
You, as well as some of the commentators mention increasing 'cognitive dissonance' as a possible factor in this.

The answer to both questions is NO.

To understand why this is so we need to examine the theory of 'cognitive dissonance' itself.
The relevant part of the meaning of the term for us is...' the mental stress or discomfort experienced by an individual confronted by new information that conflicts with existing beliefs, ideas, or values.'
For the purposes of this blog, that would be the theories of race, 'multiculturalism', and 'diversity' promoted by the media Vs the reality as seen in real life.
'Cognitive dissonance' theory is a key weapon in the promotion of multiculturalism. It was thought up by Jewish psychologist Leon Festinger. It has proved very useful in devising methods to overcome prejudice. Festinger also came up with 'proximity theory' -simply that you become friends with whoever is near you. In many ways he is the ideological father of 'section 8' housing in the United States.
Anyway, most people believe that the stress caused by the increasing gap between what people see in the media and what they see in real life will cause people to 'wake up'.
This is a myth.
Experiments in 'cognitive dissonance' have shown that in order to escape from the stress it induces most people give in to multicultural brainwashing and accept the status quo.
Experiments in 'cognitive dissonance' have also shown had high level of racism-hatred of other races - is also useless as a defense against multicultural brainwashing.
So the fact that distrust of the media is at an all time high is irrelevant. This just means that cognitive dissonance is also at an all time high - and this has always been shown to break peoples will to resist.
The fact that people are becoming more vocally racist is also irrelevant. High levels of hatred of other races can be easily overcome.
Experiments have shown that the key thing in neutralizing 'cognitive dissonance' and diversity brainwashing is not distrust of the media or racism but LOVE - love of your own race, the white race.
One study said:
'Racism is pro-white rather than anti-black'.
'Cognitive Dissonance' is ineffective against Love of the white race.
That is why enemy propaganda message has gone from 'other races are good' to 'the white race is useless'.
How do we combat it?
Here is the flaw in 'cognitive dissonance':
I'll explain it to you. The elite don't care if you're racist. They don't care if you go online and slander Jews, blacks and Arabs. The don't care how negative you are towards other races. Because they know from their experiments that no matter how much you hate other races you will be beaten.
What they don't fear is hatred of other races.
So what do they fear?
What they fear is love of your own race - the white race.
'Racism is pro-white and not anti-black'.


SAVANT said...

Vaterland. That is a most interesting post. You might well be right about cognitive dissonance in that maye it breaks the will to resist. I've long suspected and feared this myself....i.e. that far from inducing outrage CD induces a kind of paralysis.

Having acknowledged this I'm not sure how the Love of one's own race can be the remedy. Seems to me a very difficult concept to prove in any sort of methodical way.

Would be interested to hear you expand on this....

Uncle Nasty said...

Not as extreme as I was hoping, but hey ...

And while I am on the subject of Theo Spark ... my favourite hasbara site, let me offer my opinion of why the narrative, world-wide, is beginning to fall apart.

There is an old saying ... "Over egging the pudding" -- described as ... to spoil something by trying too hard to improve it

And this, happily is where the yids fuck it up every time. The words "taste," "restraint" and "subtlety" are just noises to them. One of my favourite examples is the second in what later became the Alien franchise; James Cameron's Aliens (1986). You know the one. It has the dumb-arsed screechy kid in it**

Anyhoo, upon walking out of the theatre, I remember remarking to my date that James Cameron obviously felt that if one alien was scary as hell -- as in the first movie, a hundred or a thousand aliens must, by definition, be a hundred or a thousand times scarier.

Strange how Hollywood jew logic parallels nigger logic ... no?

Okay, the point.

We all know that the Tribe have cornered the market on conventional media -- the eponymous MSM. Press, TV, papers, magazines -- all that crap, and this is where they go so badly wrong.

They cannot resist mixing the pro-nose message with all the lefty baggage they love so much: Fag marriage; love thy nigger; Global warming -- sorry, sorry, sorry - it's now "Climate Change"; the Banks are innocent victims ... you know the drill.

So, where they go wrong is lumping the ninnersimp, hard-done-by, eternal victim heeb with all the stuff that ordinary people -- albeit subconsciously -- regard as a crock of shit.

And this is where Theo Spark actually gets it right. They toss in the occasional poor-widda-beleagured-israel message with all the so-called conservative crap that appeals to Joe Lunchpail.

The right to Keep and bear arms (check); niggers behaving badly (check); too much gummint (check); too many liberal hypocrites (check), Mom, the flag and apple pie ... all the usual.

Mixed in with this is the poor-widda-joo, poor-widda-israel, plucky-widda-israel and all the ho£ocau$t poo-poo you could shake a stick at.

Liberally larded, in fact, with the heeb-as-hero message.

It almost works.
Fortunately though, in most cases, they cannot resist overdoing it ... and the alarm bells begin to clang.


**Seriously, I hoped against hope that the little shit would get eaten ... but no such luck.

She did get munched in the next one, though. That's showbiz.

john7 said...

amen to salvage sam and Irish pollack!

great white said...

"Woman Who Tried To Row Around The World Rescued" By men. (LoL)

Anonymous said...

"Don't fire against the enemies of America until you can see the hook of their nose."

Wise words, that way they won't get others to kill each other for profit again.
Their strength comes feom devious dishonesty.......nothing else.

Anonymous said...

@ VATERLAND. I've lived overseas and in minority areas in the U.S. It was from these experiences that I realized how different races really are. It also helped me understand who I really am and how I differed from others. My experience is more summed up by "familiarity breeds contempt" though contempt is too strong. Love your own race is the key. Defend your own race, organize your own race. I'm very pro German but one way the NS kept control was to allow people to think anything they wanted but organizing was forbidden. The same with the Romans. The Romans didn't care what the Christians believed it was their gatherings that made the authorities nervous. - helvena

Anonymous said...

Why are we the only race that shows no racial solidarity. I worked in a dept that became majority darky. It worked like this - darky finds out there is a vacancy and gets friend a job. Who were the only bloody people who would ever recommend someone not of their race? Whites. In fact it was phokin pathetic that they even sucked up to the ethnics by BOASTING how crap the drpt is etc. The funny thing is I spoke to the darkies after a few drinks and in a casual environment. You wouldn't believe the contempt they showed for the gullible WHITE bosses who you might think they'd be grateful towards. Deep down, racial disloyalty is despised even when you are the beneficiary of it.

Anonymous said...

red pill said...

Why are we the only race that shows no racial solidarity?

Simple. We have been brainwashed by the Tribe to be ashamed of what we are. No other race has been subjected to this.

Lord Atticus said...

Anon 17.15. Have u read the reader comments on that RT report? I was stunned. Basically saying 'great. Fuck off then'.

Anonymous said...

Lord Atticus

Yep I have. Great stuff ! :)

Anonymous said...

Yasmin Alabhai - Brown

"Will what I say encourage racists? Yes, undoubtedly. But we still must address these issues".

Ha! You are the RACIST!!! ... bitch - a shit coloured form like the spawn you've been protecting and now on the back foot. You've been wailing and whining about 'racism' in your 'adopted' country since you and your kin were kicked out of Uganda. You're no different to that hideously ugly South African hatched Jew bitch Berelowitz who oversaw it all... till now.

Dan said...

We have wealth that can be stolen.

Blacks don't. mestizos don't. Maybe the Chinks and Japs do. But that's about it. The Jews can only get at our wealth by sleight.

Frank Galton said...

salvage sam said: “This whole NWO/One-World government agenda has the whole world as its prize & there's nothing - absolutely nothing - this satanic Talmudic Jew/Cultural Marxist cabal won't do to hold on to their control of the world.”

New York Times, 06 October 1940


[Zionist] Arthur Greenwood of British War Cabinet Sends Message of Assurance

Jewish Telegraphic Agency, 02 November 1942

Two-thousand people crowded the Palace Theatre here tonight to mark the twenty-fifth anniversary of the issuance of the Balfour Declaration by the British Government.

Speakers at the meeting included... ARTHUR GREENWOOD, British Labor Party leader...

Jewish Telegraphic Agency, 18 June 1944

British Labor [Labour] Party Opposes Partition of Palestine; Wants Arabs TRANSFERRED [TO IRAQ]

The British Labor Party is opposed to “diminution of the area of Jewish development in Palestine” by partitioning, ARTHUR GREENWOOD, Labor Party leader, states in an article appearing in the current issue of “Jewish Labor,” the organ of the Poale Zion [Workers of Zion] movement.

Jewish Telegraphic Agency, 02 October 1957

New Pro-israel Organization Formed by Laborites in England

A new pro-Israel organization, the Labor Friends of Israel, was established tonight at Brighton where the Labor [Labour] Party is convening for its 56th annual national convention.

Invitations to the first meeting of the Friends were issued by...Anthony GREENWOOD [Arthur Greenwood’s son]...

Jewish Telegraphic Agency, 11 August 1970

New Honors List Naming Peers and Knights Contains Names of Several Jews

Among the new members of the House of Lords are several prominent non-Jewish Anglo-ZIONISTS: Anthony GREENWOOD, former Minister of Housing...

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

the truth will out. i hope Craig Ranch, and the cop sue Tata/mama and they're forced to head back to more accommodating Chicago, let em find some other place to 'stay & play'.


Joshua Sinistar said...

Gratitude is a trait only found in Whites. Racial solidarity is normal. White people are not really buying the bullshit of diversity at all. They never have. They are just afraid of losing their job if a fake White crypto-jew finds out their not saying the "right" thing.
This is where the enemy has made their last mistake. They assumed they had brainwashed Whites into believing their stupid lies so now they're firing and displacing them from their jobs. These stupid assholes never realized their shill "chutzpah" is all in their deluded minds and that Whites were just humoring them to keep their job. Now that they have nothing to lose, they're not "waking up" because they were never asleep. They were going along to get along. It was all bullshit, all of it.
These jews are not smart at all. If they were they would have realized that Whites were just humoring them. They are clueless as to why its not working anymore. It was never working at all. Whites were just patronizing these fuckers to keep their job, but now they see they no longer have their jobs to lose, they're just not patronizing these low-brow retards anymore by pretending to have been fooled!
Surprise, surprise, surprise! Bye, bye, and don't let the door hit your asses on your way to Hell!

Frank Galton said...


Jewish Business News, 05 February 2015

[Jew] Les Moonves Getting Ready For Post-[Jew] Redstone

The 91 year old [Jew] Redstone currently owns 80% of National Amusements Inc., which controls both CBS AND VIACOM.

Frank Galton

Flanders said...

Vaterland and Savant,

Vaterland does have a challenging response, and I hope that what you say does not have the stated results. The fact of the matter is that we are dealing with those who have been specifically trained, and who have learned from previous experts, how to undermine our White societies.

Dr. William Pierce had written an article, "Learning to Get Along", which validates what Vaterland has to say. Frankly, I had preferred to forget it. It begins with the proposition that, "Whites in Zaire have “gone native", but proceeds to broaden in scope from there.

"But now there is a new social contract between Black and White. Before, the White was the undisputed master everywhere, and the Blacks — all of them — addressed him as such. They may or may not have loved the White man, but they thoroughly respected and feared him. Now the White man has voluntarily surrendered both his position as master and his claim to respect. He asks only to be tolerated, in return for the services he can perform.

The Blacks, however, have demanded one thing else of him; that he cease being a member of a race apart. They have demanded that he sleep with their women and give them his, that he give up his racial pride altogether, that he cut all his ties to his own race and sink down into theirs, that he accept them as brothers and equals. In Zaire that is what he has done."

"What has taken place in the Congo and Rhodesia is frightening not so much because it proves that some Whites are willing to crawl for their supper — we’ve known that to be the case for a long time — but for two other reasons: First, as our member observed during his year in Zaire, the Whites there are not just pretending to have forgotten their Whiteness and to have cut themselves off from their race; they have actually done it. Approaching them on the basis of shared blood and a common heritage not only frightens them, it also offends their new sensibilities. They want nothing to do now with anything which smacks of “racism.” Their conversion is complete. They have become White niggers.

Second, the phenomenon reveals a general characteristic of man’s nature. What has already happened in Kinshasa and is well underway in Salisbury is also beginning to happen in Johannesburg — and in every city in America as well. Americans who were adults during the 1960s and who have kept their equilibrium since then are aware of the enormous shift in White public opinion which has taken place in the United States in the past two decades."

Franz said...

@ Anonymous 14:39 --

Yes, whites are the Disloyal Race.

An ethnic specific weapon was introduced into Europe many, many years ago. It told whites that local patrons were all bosh and that each and every human -- only as an individual -- was heaven or hellbound depending on an atomistic relationship with an invisible Khazar.

It was called "the White Man's god" not because it is, but because only whites actually buy it. Other groups convert but keep their older associations.

In my lifetime only steelworkers stuck together when things got tough and it took me years to realize why: The forge god is part of the white nervous system no matter what else he might pretend to believe. There might be a clue in that, not sure.

Henry IX said...

Yasmin Alabhai - Brown. What a fucking nerve. That bitch has spent the last 5 years denying, obfuscating, misleading about this very subject. And now because she's been forced out into the open and admits - grudgingly - what everyone knows she's hailed as 'brave'. She should be run out of the country. Hypocritical bitch.

George said...

@ Great White:

""Woman Who Tried To Row Around The World Rescued" By men. (LoL)"

From the size of her in that picture, I'm guessing she issued her distress call after having eaten all her sandwiches an hour or so after shoving off on the journey.

Flanders said...

This image, and the truth it conveys, is angering in the extreme for me, as I know that it is for you. I consider this an open declaration of war against all White people, not just the British.
[The image is shown at the link below].

Does anyone think that jews do not have the same objectives in all of our White Homelands?

Frank Galton said...

The Guardian, 28 November 2002

“This movement among the Jews is not new. From the days of Spartacus-Weishaupt to those of Karl Marx, and down to Trotsky (Russia), Bela Kun (Hungary), Rosa Luxembourg (Germany), and Emma Goldman (United States)... this WORLDWIDE CONSPIRACY for the OVERTHROW OF CIVILISATION and for the reconstitution of society on the basis of arrested development, of envious malevolence, and impossible equality, has been steadily growing. It has been the mainspring of every subversive movement during the 19th century; and now at last this band of extraordinary personalities from the underworld of the great cities of Europe and America have gripped the Russian people by the hair of their heads and have become practically the undisputed masters of that enormous empire." – Winston Churchill, February 1920

Joshua Sinistar said: “....these pathetic traitors were fallen men....”

The Spectator, 28 December 2002

In March 1938, a week before his £18,000 debts to his stockbrokers Vickers da Costa were about to force him [Winston Churchill] to sell his country house, Chartwell, for £20,000, an Anglo-South African [Jewish] businessman called Sir Henry Strakosch, the chairman of Union Corporation Ltd, had TAKEN ON HIS DEBTS and guaranteed all his investments against further losses for the next three years.

The Moravian-born Strakosch’s cheque to Vickers of £18,162/1/10 – about £450,000 in today’s money – would have taken some explaining to the Committee on Standards and Privileges, along with his letter (quoted in Churchill’s official biography by Sir Martin Gilbert) saying, ‘My dear Winston, As agreed between us I shall carry this position for three years, you giving me full discretion to sell or vary the holdings at any time, but on the understanding that you incur no further liability.’ On receipt of the letter, Churchill promptly took Chartwell off the market, even though the Times had already announced it was up for sale.

Daily Telegraph, 13 Sep 2007

Winston Churchill, a good friend to the Jews

Churchill and The Jews by Martin Gilbert

This book may raise more questions than it answers but it leaves you in no doubt that Churchill was a committed ZIONIST...

Frank Galton

Uncle Nasty said...

Went to the page ...

Anonymous said...

In which jews, amazingly, threaten to leave Europe.

It would appear that the concept of irony is either extremely well developed among the tribe or quite unheard of.

I am still trying to make up my mind. The comments, however, are heartening.

Well, off you fuck, then.


Anonymous said...

What a joyful day the Texas Swimming Pool Massacre must have been for the MSM....
Once again, evil white enforcers of law and order unleash their racist hatred on poor innocent Negro children...

Uncle Nasty said...

The RT article is wonderful.

This from The Kakistocracy is even better ...

Nice Neighborhood You Have There

I presume it needs saying to no readers here that we’re not going to evade diversity by flight alone. The real estate will eventually expire. Every day what were once habitats of vast homogeneity constrict further. And the governments that live exclusively at your sufferance are committed to their wholesale extirpation. As a result of these persistent encroachments, legacy populations succumb to signalling from frantic limbic systems: they dig moats. To whatever extent wealth or charisma allow, they labor to create safe space as their own taxes simultaneously subsidize its erosion.

Though despite this tidal washing out effect, wealth has typically purchased a fairly sharp spade for the work. Obama and the left want it quite a bit duller.

"The Obama administration is moving forward with regulations designed to help diversify America’s wealthier neighborhoods, drawing fire from critics who decry the proposal as executive overreach in search of an “unrealistic utopia."

“We have a history of putting affordable housing in poor communities,” said Debby Goldberg, vice president at the National Fair Housing Alliance.

Thanks for pointing that out, Ms. Goldberg. Perhaps we can form a united front in advocating for Section 8 housing adjacent to Zuckerberg, Iger, Adelson, and Saban. Or at the very least a couple of units beside every affluent synagogue and Shomrim command post. Are you still with me Debby?




FOD said...

Franz. What has the reaction to Ursula Haverbeck's ARD interview been among ordinary Germans. As far as you can judge....

Frank Galton said...

The Spectator, 28 December 2002

For a fee of £5,000 – worth £125,000 today and equivalent to the annual salary of a Cabinet minister – CHURCHILL was hired by ROYAL DUTCH SHELL* and BURMAH OIL... In a twist that would have had present-day hacks salivating, it was Churchill himself who, ten years earlier as First Lord of the Admiralty, had suggested that the government go into the Persian oil business, as a way of protecting naval oil supplies during the great change from coal-fired ships to oil.

* Sir Robert Waley Cohen, KBE (8 September 1877 - 27 November 1952) was a British industrialist and prominent leader of ANGLO-JEWRY. He joined the Shell Company, 1901 and negotiated its merger with the Royal Dutch Oil Company, 1906. He was Petroleum Adviser to the War Office during World War I.;reference=CHAR%202%2F128

The Focus

Churchill was financed by a slush fund emanating from a secret pressure group known as the Focus.

Churchill College Cambridge archives

The Focus, Sir Robert Waley Cohen, Winston Churchill

Correspondents include: A H Richards, [Secretary, Focus in Defence of Freedom and Peace] on meetings of the Focus (earlier the Freedom and Peace Union, and Peace with Freedom Movement), extending the focus group to the United States, avoiding the APPEARANCE of British propaganda and SOLELY JEWISH BACKING...;reference=CHAR%202%2F283

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

IS, can I humbly suggest an article on interracial prison rape (loads on google search). I've not seen anything on it by you, CH, Sailer or TOO.

Dan said...

Don't have relations with blacks.

Ned Kelly said...

More Narrative Collapse? Every such incident - in my opinion - only strengthens the underlying seething resentment against PC. The sharia of the left.

Uncle Nasty said...

Frank Galton's well researched posts are always fascinating ...

The Focus

Churchill was financed by a slush fund emanating from a secret pressure group known as the Focus.

Churchill College Cambridge archives

The Focus, Sir Robert Waley Cohen, Winston Churchill

Correspondents include: A H Richards, [Secretary, Focus in Defence of Freedom and Peace] on meetings of the Focus (earlier the Freedom and Peace Union, and Peace with Freedom Movement), extending the focus group to the United States, avoiding the APPEARANCE of British propaganda and SOLELY JEWISH BACKING...;reference=CHAR%202%2F283

In the hands of jews, money is a weapon. Money gets them power ... power gets them everything, including more money.

Perpetual motion is not a myth.


Flanders said...

Anonymous comments at an unidentified forum saved in my files.

I find it strange how people are so proud of their “tolerance” and say we should all “tolerate” each other. I tolerate things I hate, like bad food, pain, and obnoxious music. So if we tolerate each other it really means we can’t stand each other. This just proves multiculturalism does not work. We end up with a country where we can’t talk to our neighbors about real issues, we just bite our tongue and tolerate them. If they found out we were left or right, or Christians or Jews or Muslims they would think we were rednecks, or bigots, or Zionists, or “pigs and monkeys” (if you read the Koran), or whatever. These are the names people call each other on the web, and it is what we really think of each other, so admit it, and stop pretending we can all get along as countrymen, because we do not have unity of spirit of real countrymen, we have “tolerance” which is really intolerance that we hide under the surface in public. We have to maintain a false exterior, but sooner or later the facade will crack. Maybe it just has.

I think about how I heard on the news my whole life about the problems that face jews and arabs, and how the jewish news media channels want you to feel bad for the jews (*sad violin).

And then some other news channel wants you to feel bad for the arabs the problems they face and all those kinds of issues (*sad snake charmer)

and then the next day this other news channel wants you to feel bad for the haitians and their rubble ridden roadways and nation full of sewage and turds flowing down the street with haitians chewing strange leaves that make em have seizures like epileptics in the mud puddles.

When are we going to hear some news on our TV sets that talks about White people and the problems we face everyday?

Does any White people among our ranks out there have any kind of plans to buy out news media conglomerates/outlets?

eah said...

Have not seen anything definitive re section 8 -- but everything considered it would not be a surprise. However they are typical of the black trash that infests America -- useless people who make no identifiable economic contribution.

Anonymous said...

"White" kike parents or what ? The brother or something is called "Ezra" Says it all no?

Kevin Rafferty said...

Interesting point you make about tolerance, Flanders. Because the word does inherently imply distaste accompanied by a grudging acceptance. How often have we heard someone say 'I can just about tolerate him'? Such does not make gor a happy united society. But then, that's the whole point, is it not?

Anonymous said...

British police cowed down

Corkonian said...

I too am astonished at the comments on that RT report. I had assumed that the jew-wise among us were a tiny minority but obviously the awakened ones are out there on far greater numbers than I had ever hoped.

eah said...

I too am astonished at the comments on that RT report.

You really shouldn't be. You need to ask: What sites linked to that article?

Of course most sites have a regular readership. But also today both the content and number of comments on a particular article can be, and often are, dictated mainly by which sites link to the article. You see this clearly for eg in the US -- if Drudge links to an article, it will often get a huge number of comments that reflect Drudge's readership, which is largely/nominally 'conservative'. Try it sometime: when Drudge links to an article on some local news web site, compare the number and content of the comments on that article to another current article on the same web site -- it's often like night and day.

Corkonian said...

Actually eah that is a very good point about the linking sites. Still, I see very little by way of counter-argument, which is reassuring.

And every little bit helps!

Anonymous said...

This blonde tart with an English surname describes itself as "non religious Jew" lol
Is that to get ahead dear ? Taking lessons from that narcissitic ageing dog woman Dutch jew Carol Vorderman ?

The worms are outing ... LOL!

Anonymous said...

Whites show no racial solidarity

Dr. Wassel said...

I used wonder about Rachel Riley. Appeared out of nowhere and catapulted to stardom. Wonder no more. Jesus Christ they mustn't have enough of them to fill all the positions.

Anonymous said...

Riley. Father - MancIrish. Mother - J

nemesis said...

UN/Frank Galton. Churchill was in the Jews' grasp long before that 'service'. They were financing him back to the early thirties. And of course the were glued to his elbows all through the war, as Savant has written.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Scotland the ONLY country in Europe to never expel the Jews ?

Anonymous said...

Scum of the earth particularly that thing with the beard. That's no jew I believe

CanSpeccy said...

Vaterland makes the point that it is better to love your own people than to hate others. But I would go further and say that it is best to love all people: to love the wonderful biological and cultural diversity of the human race, but with the understanding that diversity depends on separate development. Thus while we admire the Klingons, neither we nor they should allow the destruction of both through universal miscegenation.

By working with others to preserve human diversity we will find the allies we need in the war against the assimilationist Borg of the New World Order: Vive les Juifs en Israël, les Hindous en Inde, etc.

With this approach to the salvation of the European peoples, there would seem to remain only the problem of finding a homeland for the Palestinians. But why is that difficult? Would Egypt refuse to sell a chunk of the Sinai? With $600 billion kicked in by Britain, America, the EU and Israel, the Palestinians could soon establish a superbly modern city state, with abundant solar-powered desalinated water to irrigate the surrounding olive groves. Or if not Sinai then an enclave in Western Australia, or one of the World's many other other warmer, drier and largely uninhabited places. Thus, we should love Pakis in Pakistan, Indians in India, Africans in Africa and Jews in Israel. That way we have allies in the struggle to preserve our own people in their native lands.

Flanders said...

"A Day In The Life of the FSA – Free Shit Army" - Describes the typical Section 8 life.

Matrix-buster said...

Canspeccy. This is one of the - many - inherent contradictions with diversity. By its very essence it leads to the absence of diversity. But hey, we never expected logic from libtards.

Flanders said...

Churchill was a jew. His mother was a jewess, Jennie Jerome, from Brooklyn, NY. She was a slutty floozy with high pretentions and with a snake tattoo on her arm who married Lord Churchill 1874 and their first child - Winston Leonard Churchill - was born at one of his English estates.

‘Cunning, no doubt, came to Churchill in the Jewish genes transmitted by his mother Lady Randolph Churchill , née Jenny Jacobson/Jerome.’ Moshe Kohn, Jerusalem Post – See:

“The Jews use their hosts as proxies and always have.”

Winston Churchill’s mother:

It is better to have lived one day as a wolf unchained and unhampered than an eternity as a demoralized, encumbered and broken lamb. We will enter the desolate and burned out shells of the streets with our honour in our hands and the very essence of our ancestors coursing through our veins while their spiritual presence guides our every wretched step among the crumbled ruins of their previous erections. Our armies of White European brethren will raze everything to dust in self-gratifying vengeance and to stamp out the last remaining elements of darkness. Fear not the words that are cowardly hurled at you and remember the words of those who have declared their intentions of eradicating our race. Fear not the dishonour and unclean blood that may soil your hands. Fighting an enemy who has no honour, no dignity, no compassion, no morality, no restraint and no spine and who can only win by cheating and manipulation must be ruthlessly annihilated by similar measure. Your descendants will forget your dishonourable deeds and will have reclaimed their living right to our own lands. Let the pleasure of unsullied revenge satiate your bloodlust as your enemies cower and bleat before you and beg hysterically. Do not waver in your decision and spare none.

Nothing is more important in our lives than our race and people. I will sleep at ease knowing that I will fulfill my duty as a member of my glorious European race, no matter if it is in magnificent victory over the enraptured darkness or being sent into blackened darkness myself. May the enemy spit and curse over the flaming ruins they walk over should they prevail. Their final murmurs resting on their lips as they lay in the ashes of the world they have destroyed will be in fear of the fury of the last European man. Should we prevail we will be spoken of and honoured in great exaltation for all generations to come. I take solace in these thoughts and know I will be upholding all that has came before me in the coming years. We have been given a great gift in being chosen to be born in these times.

Dan said...

No. We should have rapidly exterminated blacks in Africa and really held the Asian's feet to the fire when we had the means and the will.

We are facing extinction if we don't return to a more Victorian mindset.

Patrick Cleburne said...

Nice one, Savant. Thanks

Best, PC

Eire nua said...

Came back from a wonderful holiday in spain last night landing in cork airport.

Had to get a taxi home, the first row of 10 cars at the rank were all black, so the first irish taxi driver I found I asked him for his business. He was slightly reluctant as he was wary of others seeing him keep up someone skipping the queue but I insisted and told him I wanted to give my money to an irish man, he then accepted and turned out to be a pure gent.

I'm a dub in Cork for the last 5 yrs and the change here has been massive in that time. As cork is far smaller I think it's easier to notice the change whereas in Dublin the issue is more concentrated to certain areas.

I'm fed up of it and now I don't give a monkey's who know it.

Fág an Bealach


Patrick Cleburne said...

Vaterland's Cognitive Dissonance argument is directly contradicted by Adolph Hitler in Mein Kampf. Arguing that basing propaganda on a lie is serious mistake, this master propagandandist recalled the disastrous results of the German derision on the obvious grounds of the British Army's kilted regiments. When Hitler's unit encountered the Cameronians on the Western Front and discovered they were extremely violent and dangerous opponents many of his comrades were deeply shocked and subsequently lost faith in the German PR line. Maybe what Vaterland is seeing is the first stage of the process.

CS said...

we never expected logic from libtards.

I suspect that the illogic of the liberal integrationists is quite deliberate, the goal being to con folks into loving diversity, including their own racial and cultural identity, to death.

Flanders said...

The "Raping Wog Rapper" is a jew-imported nigger "immigrant" showing his appreciation by doing exactly what the jews want to be done.
The "lyrics" are below, and the video is at the link, thanks to End of Zion. Both, and more information, are at Morgoth’s Review.

‘It’s ugly to have blue eyes, you look like monkeys
It is not easy in the suburbs, man
Come here, Swedish girls, I promise you’ll get a knife in your p****
And suck my d***
We wogs are the bosses of all the bastard children in this town
I swear we are going to take power over all of you
We are taking over from all the different nations
Walla, that’s a promise
One day you Swedes are gonna taste the anger of the wogs
I swear it! everbody knows what I’m talking about, man
This is not just talking crap it’s serious now!now!
The wogs are uniting

It doesn’t matter if you Swedes are ANTIFA
We will kick you out, I don’t give a shit if you’re Left or Right
..Social Democrat or Conservative
You Swedes are gonna taste the anger of the wogs
Yes, I swear it’s not easy here in the subs
I swear it’s gonna be that fucking way
All you Swedes can Die!Die!Die!Die!
All you Swedes should be fucking exterminated!
All you Swedes can Die!Die!Die!Die!Die!
All the Swedes should be wiped from the face of the earth
All you Swedes can Die!Die!Die!Die!Die!
All you Swedes should be exterminated
All you Swedes can Die!Die!Die!Die!Die!
All you Swedes should be exterminated”

Barbara Spectre – “Swedish” Zionist"

Flanders said...

I see that I did not leave the source to the fine comment by William @ Meandering Stoic from his article, "The Coming". My apologies.

At the second part of my 15 June 2015 at 17:35.

Anonymous said...

Blame it on twitter. Maybe the frenzy in social and mainstream media is the last gasp of a dying narrative. Or a sloppy push to capture the consensus once and for all. It has moved the goalposts far, far to the other side. The conservative attitude toward transexuals used to be that it's a mutilation, a modern version of the ancient eunuch. Now, it's that it's their own business and I don't care what they do.

But of course, there are inherent weaknesses in all these cultural identity and ethnic movements. Bruce Jenner called himself "Caitlin," the name of that thin girl working at Wendy's. Now, if he really wanted to scare us straights, he could have gone with something like "Blowjob Sally."

SAVANT said...

You're welcome Patrick. Keep up the good work over at VDare!

Anonymous said...

direita (Sp?)

You're just plain wrong about a lot of your racial facts and ideas. Whites are 77% of the US population, not 63%. Admittedly, it's only 62% without Spanish whites but it breaks down as 198 million non-Spanish whites. Throw in the Spanish whites and it's 248 million. That's a lot of white people. And the Spanish may be whiter than you, judging from your semi-paranoid racial concepts. Nothing like Cuban and Colombian women!
Okay, the numbers have always included a lot of greaseballs and so forth but I was distressed in Europe to come across roundheads, or squareheads as the insult goes, and find that, even though they are completely white, that racial characteristic seems a lot more alien racially than an olive-skinned longhead.

Uncle Nasty said...

Flanders said, well, lots of things, but:

It is better to have lived one day as a wolf unchained and unhampered than an eternity as a demoralized, encumbered and broken lamb. We will enter the desolate and burned out shells of the streets with our honour in our hands and the very essence of our ancestors coursing through our veins while their spiritual presence guides our every wretched step among the crumbled ruins of their previous erections.

... and so on. Excellent stuff. The time for pussyfooting will soon be over ... or so I strongly feel.


AnalogMan said...

FOD said...

Franz. What has the reaction to Ursula Haverbeck's ARD interview been among ordinary Germans.

No, this is the American Franz.

Uncle Nasty said...

nemesis said...

UN/Frank Galton. Churchill was in the Jews' grasp long before that 'service'. They were financing him back to the early thirties. And of course the were glued to his elbows all through the war, as Savant has written.
15 June 2015 at 14:44

Quite. Back in the twenties, before Churchill became a jew shill -- and, quite possibly before he realised that his own mother was of the Tribe, he wrote some of the finest anti-semitic screeds ever published.

Needless to say, he had to be either silenced or converted, so the jews probably built a enormous dossier on his proclivities both public and private ... uncontrolled drunkenness and extravagance - the former; silk lady's underwear and pubescent redheads of either gender - the latter -- and having done their homework, sat back and waited for his lifestyle to implode, which it did, rather spectacularly in 1923.

Once Baruch got hold of him, it was curtains for any lingering shreds of morality that he may have retained. If any.

I feel that Churchill may not have been the first lamprey masquerading as a statesman, but he was certainly one of the most successful. Even now, a large percentage of the great unwashed see him as some sort of hero. "Good Ol' Winnie" and all that.


Uncle Nasty said...

An interesting pocket history of Churchill's war career. Please take from it what you will.

Really interesting bit:-

Charmley identifies three main strands in the British Liberal Party at the beginning of the 20th century.

1. What Charmley calls the Gladstonian tradition was in reality founded and developed by Cobden and Bright. It was a moral crusade to do with peace, economy and freedom with John Morley and Campbell Bannerman as the main representatives of this strand at the beginning of the century. Churchill subscribed to the Free Trade aspects of this policy, but to little else. The idea that the British government should have little to do with the affairs of British citizens and nothing to do with the affairs of foreign citizens was on the wane at the turn of the century, and this decline was an important reason why Britain was involved in and ruined by two world wars.

2. Churchill was more at home on the Liberal Imperialist wing of the party. Asquith and Rosebery led this group, imperialist, but not as imperialist as the Tory Party. It should be remembered that strand one and strand two of the Liberal Party had split at the time of the Boer war.

3. The New Liberalism was essentially the ideas of Joseph Chamberlain and Dilke, taken up by the Webbs, Fabians and other socialists, incorporated into the Liberal Party. Churchill was strongly influenced by these views along with Lloyd George.

The idea that the British government should have little to do with the affairs of British citizens and nothing to do with the affairs of foreign citizens was on the wane at the turn of the century,

In this day and age of endless government meddling in the affairs of every -- and I mean every person, can one believe that we once had the right to be simply left alone?

That alone, will be their undoing.


william said...

Anonymous direita said...
The majority of "White" americans have weird facial features as flat head, short and wide skull, wide and flat noses, small eyes ,thick lips ( Look in the negroid lips of the police darren wilson ) , Negroid or Mongoloid dental arcade...

The Census in the US is a total scam, which is why I don’t have faith that the white american populace is 63 percent, the numbers are below 20% in my opinion, they constantly mingle Mongrels with the Real western White american population.

I don't think it's that bad. Check out this link.

One study found 95% of white americans who participated where entirely white.

Flanders said...

I think you are probably right in your reasoning at 22:41, UN. But, in your next comment, "the right to be simply left alone?", is simply not an option in our jew-run world.

"The British militant wing of the International Civil Liberties Alliance (ICLA), known as The English Defence League, a Zionist anti-Jihad organisation of anti-Muslim, anti-white, anti nationalists, who deploy Tottenham Hotspur and other Jewish football team fans and hooligans as battalions on the streets, have vowed to oppose the nationalist demonstration against ‘The Jewish Occupation Of Britain’ in Golders Green on 4th July."

"Asked by a reporter from Jewish News about the growing nationalist plans for a fascist revolution all across Europe including Britain to overthrow democracy and expel the Jews and the ethnic minorities which nationalists accuse the Jews of flooding Europe with to genocide the indigenous people, the EDL leader said he was sure he was speaking for all in the room and the wider movements that “whatever disputes we have with a minority of Muslims” every Jew in Europe and Britain would fight alongside ‘our immigrant communities’ to thwart the goals of the white European racists and fascists."

Uncle Nasty said...

A white woman playing the ghetto lottery ... and winning? This is hilarious.

The narrative, as Savant says, is now so skewed that all one can do is laugh.

Rachel Dolezal resigns as NAACP chapter head amid claims she lied about being black

US civil rights activist Rachel Dolezal, centre, has falsely portrayed herself as black for years, according to her white parents.

The president of a US group devoted to the advancement of African-Americans has resigned amid accusations that she is a white woman posing as a black woman.

In a statement posted on the Facebook page of the Spokane, Washington, chapter of the NAACP, Rachel Dolezal, whose parents say she is white, did not directly address allegations that she lied about being a black woman.

"While challenging the construct of race is at the core of evolving human consciousness," Dolezal wrote that she did not want to distract from the larger cause of racial justice and would step aside.

I can only guess that the only reason she lasted so long is because they were all terrified of being accused of racissss'.

Who are you going to believe? Me or your lying eyes?


Uncle Nasty said...

Re-reading my last I am reminded of the excruciatingly funny story of Der Stürmer ... (literally "the Attacker") which was a notoriously anti-semitic weekly tabloid-format newspaper published by Julius Streicher.ürmer

Apparently Streicher engaged in a feud with a fairly prominent nose in the community (whose name slips my mind). It appears that whenever Streicher referred to the hebe in print, he always described him as "The jew, Levinson." (or Lowenstein or whatever).

The funny bit is that Lowenstein objected to this and kept dragging Der Stürmer (and by defintion, Streicher) into court to get him to cease and desist. The judges however, would then point out that Lowenstein was indeed a jew, could not deny it, did not deny it and was therefore quite accurately described as being one ... so case after case was thrown out of court.

Apparently this went on for years. Who says the Germans have no sense of humour?


The Wolf said...

I like your thinking.

Heraclitus said...

UN, an interesting link on Churchill. In particular his post-Dunkirk predicament. "He could see no alternative at that time but to negotiate an honourable settlement, retire behind our Empire frontiers, arm ourselves to the teeth, leave the Continent to work out its own destiny and defend the Empire with all our strength".

My firm belief is that at this stage his Jewish handlers and financiers really came into their own. Rudolf Hess had flown over to offer honourable peace terms so their goal of permanently destroying Germany and Hitler's judenfrei success story looked in grave danger. Who knows what happened? But we do of course know that the honourable settlement referred to above was rejected and its catastrophic alternative embraced.

James said...


Maybe not.

Crafting gay children.

Rob said...

Britain is certainly heading towards Peak Vibrancy. An ice-cream woman in a burqa - not Pakistan, but Yorkshire.

And Britain is being told off for its "boys' club sexist culture" by a UN official - called Rashida Manjoo!

Anonymous said...

The irony is that according to US law you are in effect wahtever race you claim to be. Check it out!

Uncle Nasty said...

Getting back on topic, here's an excellent example of Narrative Collapse, and be what you want to be.

It appears that the US Prez feels a bit of confusion, here.

'I am the closest thing to a Jew that has ever sat in this office': Obama's extraordinary claim revealed as president bids to reduce tensions with Israeli leader over Iran

By Francesca Chambers For

Published: 22:47 GMT, 2 June 2015 | Updated: 07:10 GMT, 3 June 2015

One of Barack Obama's most senior advisers has told how the president said to him: 'I'm the closest thing to a Jew that has ever sat in this office.'

David Axelrod, one of the key figures in Obama's rise to the presidency and his first term in office, revealed the claim at the same time as the president tried to reduce tensions with Israel over an impending nuclear deal with Iran.

Axelrod made the assertion during an interview with Israeli journalist Ilana Dayan of Channel 2 news, according to news

'You know, I think I am the closest thing to a Jew that has ever sat in this office,' the president said, according to Axelrod's account. 'For people to say that I am anti-Israel, or, even worse, anti-Semitic, it hurts.'

The claim was revealed hours before Channel 2 conducted its own interview with Obama, who has a difficult relationship with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

One thing's for sure ... the jew thing may be a bit of desperate PR fluff, but he's definitely the closest thing to a nigger


FOD said...

"I am the closest thing to a Jew that has ever sat in this office"

Wow, that's saying something. For since the time of Andrew Jackson could turn around without bumping into one of them.

Not Ned Kelly's relative? said...

Amethyst Ameila Kelly from Mullumbimbo New South Whales who is as black as Rachel Dole(x#)zal. (x~) attempt at Czech diacrit what Ms Dolezal was very proud of.

Frank Galton said...

Seneca said: “...any form of overt organised white cohesion is DENOUNCED AS RACIST even though every other race does the same thing.”

Business Insider, 14 June 2012

These 6 Corporations Control 90% Of The Media In America

1. Comcast

Founded by Jew Ralph Joel Roberts, Comcast is the largest broadcasting and cable company in the world by revenue. Comcast’s Chairman, President, and CEO is Jew Brian L. Roberts.

2. The Walt Disney Company

The Walt Disney Company is the world's second largest broadcasting and cable company in terms of revenue, after Comcast. Its Chairman and CEO is Jew Bob Iger.

3. Viacom Inc.

The President and CEO of Viacom Inc is Jew Philippe Dauman. Dauman is a longtime associate of the company's chairman, Jew Sumner Redstone.

4. CBS Corporation

The President and Chief Executive Officer of CBS Corporation is Jew Leslie Moonves. Jew Sumner Redstone is CBS's majority shareholder and serves as executive chairman.

5. News Corp

21st Century Fox is an American multinational mass media corporation. It is one of two companies created from the 2013 split of News Corporation. 21st Century Fox retains the previous News Corporation's broadcasting and film assets and serves as its legal successor, while its publishing assets were spun off to form News Corp at the same time.

The Executive Chairman of News Corp is Zionist Rupert Murdoch.
The Chairman and CEO of 21st Century Fox is Zionist Rupert Murdoch.

6. Time Warner

The Chairman and CEO of Time Warner is Gentile Jeffrey Lawrence Bewkes.

83% of the people who control the corporations which control 90% of the media in the United States are Jews/Zionists.

Los Angeles Times, 19 December 2008

Who runs Hollywood? C'mon


I have never been so upset by a poll in my life. Only 22% of Americans now believe "the movie and television industries are pretty much run by Jews," down from nearly 50% in 1964. The Anti-Defamation League, which released the poll results last month, sees in these numbers a victory against stereotyping. Actually, it just shows how dumb America has gotten. JEWS TOTALLY RUN HOLLYWOOD.


Jewish Business News, 05 February 2015

[Jew] Les Moonves Getting Ready For Post-[Jew] Redstone

The 91 year old [Jew] Redstone currently owns 80% of National Amusements Inc., which controls both CBS AND VIACOM.

mischling said...

I know I get down-voted here but no matter what kind of city you provide for the Palestinians they would still come back looking for their 'ancestral' homes in Israel. You always get rockets and other attacks. Evert Israeli knows that.

Frank Galton said...

UN said: “In the hands of jews, money is a weapon. Money gets them power ... power gets them everything, including more money.”

Mail & Guardian, 29 January 2009

" They [Jews] control [America], no matter which government comes into power, whether Republican or Democratic, whether Barrack Obama or George Bush...

Their control of America, just like the control of most Western countries, is in the hands of JEWISH MONEY and if Jewish money controls their country then you cannot expect anything." – Fatima Hajaig, South African Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister

Frank Galton

Uncle Nasty said...

Frank Galton said...

Seneca said: “...any form of overt organised white cohesion is DENOUNCED AS RACIST even though every other race does the same thing.”

Business Insider, 14 June 2012

These 6 Corporations Control 90% Of The Media In America

Aaah, Frank. I think it was Al Jolson (Born Joelson) who said: "You ain't seen nuttin' yet!"

Who Controls America?

When Victims Rule: A Critique of Jewish Pre-Eminence in America

a clearinghouse for information featuring over 10,000 citations from about 4,000 scholarly and mainstream bibliographic sources


Anonymous said...

"Vaterland. That is a most interesting post. You might well be right about cognitive dissonance in that maye it breaks the will to resist."

Cognitive dissonance is used to deprogram people from cults.

"Why are we the only race that shows no racial solidarity."

Not true. Most of what seems like racial solidarity among other races is actually nepotism i.e. family based. It looks racial from the outside but it's extended family. Outside of that family loyalty they are far more dog eat dog than us (which is why their countries suck).

Anonymous said...

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