Friday, 19 June 2015

Hope from Germany

We seem to be on an optimistic roll these days, what with Peak PC and Narrative Collapse.  But here's something even more inspiring. And it comes from what we had assumed to be the most guilt-ridden and demoralised country in Europe: Germany.  A truly stunning article in the mass circulation Die Welt (referenced in an English-language Greek blog) came straight out and claimed that modern-day Greeks are not the racially pure descendants of the Ancient Greeks.

Wow! just wow!, as libtards are wont to exclaim.

The article claims that 'Greeks are not real Greeks in terms of racial purification' and the blogger sees this as a manifestation of the racial arrogance evinced by northern Europeans towards their southern cousins. Oh deary me. He describes this development as falling 'like a heavy sledgehammer on the heads of those believing that Germany had learned from the fatal mistakes of the past.....and uprooted from its soul the racism of National Socialism'.

And apparently the reader comments are every bit as bad/good. "It is scary but not surprising to see the attitudes of how many supposedly classically educated Germans think in the comments section". This one for instance. "Ancient Greeks were big, blonde and blue-eyed (the horror! the horror!) while modern Greeks were black-haired and brown eyed."

Don't know about you but I find this absolutely stunning. I had no idea that this kind of race realism would see the light of day in a mainstream German publication. And recently on the ARD TV channel (apparently one of the biggest in the world) Ursula Haverbeck gave an interview in which she deconstructed the whole Holocau$t  narrative.

I tell you. There is hope.


AnonymousCoward said...

You want hope, Irish? Check out the results of the Danish election yesterday.

What a triumph.

Anonymous said...

'Cognitive Dissonance' Part One


On the topic of hope out of Germany...

Does ' MEIN KAMPF' prove that loss of faith in the mainstream media leads to revolution?


Patrick Cleburne said...

"Vaterland's Cognitive Dissonance argument is directly contradicted by Adolph Hitler in Mein Kampf. Arguing that basing propaganda on a lie is serious mistake, this master propagandist recalled the disastrous results of the German derision ...of the British Army's kilted regiments. When Hitler's unit encountered the Cameronians on the Western Front and discovered they were extremely violent and dangerous opponents many of his comrades were deeply shocked and subsequently lost faith in the German PR line. Maybe what Vaterland is seeing is the first stage of the process."

Patrick is basically arguing that you can't make people believe lies and if you do, you will lose their support.

Germany told lies to her troops in the First World War. The 'cognitive dissonance' caused by the gap between these lies and reality made them 'distrust the mainstream media'.

The troops then stopped supporting the regime and there was a revolution.

He believes that this parallels the present situation. There is massive distrust of the mainstream media and this will lead to some kind of change in the future.

Unfortunately I have to disagree with Patrick.

A careful reading of 'MEIN KAMPF', especially CHAPTER VI 'WAR PROPAGANDA' and CHAPTER VII 'REVOLUTION' paints the opposite picture.

First, Patrick overrates the effect of German propaganda. You see, there were actually two sources of propaganda acting on the German troops in the trenches. One, their own, German propaganda. And two, their enemies propaganda -British propaganda.

And the most powerful influence on the troops was British propaganda. There was actually very little German propaganda.

"Was there any propaganda at all on our side?
To my regret, I can only answer no."

Of the British propaganda 'MEIN KAMPF' states:

"At the beginning it was apparently crazy in the impudence of its assertions, later it became disagreeable, and finally it was believed.
After four and a half years a revolution broke out in Germany the
slogan of which came from the enemy's war propaganda."

The Germans began to believe the British propaganda despite it being all LIES.

It told the Germans they were beasts, It told them they started the war. On and on the lies came and despite being lies the Germans came to slowly believe them.

At the start of the war did the Germans believe they were beasts? Of course not!

"At the beginning it was apparently crazy in the impudence of its assertions".

Yet at the end of the war:

"Finally it was believed".

So everyone is laughing at the lies of the mainstream media. 'We've woken up! There's going to be a revolution! Everybody can see it's all lies! A man can't turn into a woman! A White can't turn into a Black. It's ridiculous!'

"At the beginning it was apparently crazy in the impudence of it's assertions".

Does that sound familiar?

"Finally it was believed".



Dan said...

Judging by their statues they were much fairer than they are today. Statues of Alexander and Augustus suggest quite Aryan features.

I dunno about the Blonde thing though.

George said...

"Justice for Germans" is a very good website. The section entitled "LIFE IN THE THIRD REICH" is a true account of that period in time in National Socialist Germany which will seem incredible to the younger generation of people whose perspective of that time period is colored by the government mandated indoctrination in today's "education system". As the son of a woman who was born and raised in Germany during the Hitler Era (mother died in 2010) I can attest to the veracity of the narrative given in Justice for German's "Life in the Third Reich". Those of you who would like the truth instead of the PC mandated and Jewish dictated pablum; please go there and read about how it REALLY was. You will be amazed at how AH raised the Germany of the post WW1 era out of Zimbabwe-like poverty to the most powerful European economic engine of the 1930's, and you will understand why the formerly starving and destitute German populace of the period came to adore the man who took over the reins of government and restored their pride in being German.

Anonymous said...

'Cognitive Dissonance' Part Two

Blogger SAVANT said...


I'm not sure how the Love of one's own race can be the remedy. Seems to me a very difficult concept to prove in any sort of methodical way.
Would be interested to hear you expand on this...."

Love of the white race.

You say 'Seems to me a very difficult concept to prove in any sort of methodical way.'

Indeed it is. Remember, it took our enemies 70 years - from the twenties to the nineties - to discover its existence.

Will it take us that long to discover it as well?

What does LOVE of the white race mean?

To our enemies it means not thinking other races are better than us.

Years ago our enemies decided to find out what caused racism so they could stamp it out.

So, what does cause racism?

The first wave of research from the 1920s-50s thought that racism was a form of mental illness. A racist had a abnormal mind. They even wrote a book about it - 'The Authoritarian Personality'. The Berkeley based authors -including Theodore Adorno -had a fear of fascism and anti-semitism. But racism persisted.

The second wave thought the opposite. Racism wasn't a form of madness -it was perfectly normal! Faced with a complex world, it was entirely natural for people to try to simplify people into 'stereotypes' so they could make sense of them. This idea emerged in the 1970s.
But still racism wouldn't go away.

The third wave emerged in the 1990s.
Our enemies dug down and down into peoples minds.
And then, one day, their shovels clanged against something that was tough as granite. .

What was this bedrock?
It was the source of racism!
It was.... positive feelings about the white race!

Deep down, at the non-conscious level.

What did the studies find?

Whites don't hate other races. They view them in a neutral rather than a negative manner. That's why campaigns to stop whites to stop thinking badly about other races don't work. Because whites don't think badly about other races.

But they think positively about the white race. This prevents their neutral feelings about other races turning into positive feelings. This balance between positive feelings about the white race and neutral feelings about other races is the bedrock of racism.

So the key bulwark against 'diversity' and 'multicultural' brainwashing is positive feelings about the white race.

If they weaken this they win.

If we strengthen this they lose

How will they weaken this?

First our neutral feelings about other races must be changed to positive feelings.
Second, our positive feelings about our own race, the white race, must be changed to negative feelings. We are reminded of all the wicked and bad things the white race has done, and slowly and surely we begin to become neutral -' all races are the same' and then finally negative - 'the white race is worse'.

And in the end we will LOVE all races -except one. Our own.

The white race.

We will HATE the white race.


00:39 said...

It's ARD, not ARC, Savant.

Please, no need to publish this comment. Just pointing out the typo.


Anonymous said...

Hope ?
Not while the Daily Mail 'carefully' retracts from showing us a picture of the paki scum involved in this

The victims are white you can be sure of that.
60 years ago the creature would have been hanged for such a dastardly crime as would all the others of the stinking "Lethal paki crew"

We know what form of life in post war Britain let them into the country

Iron Felix said...

Well now; well indeed. Just as France once carried the soubriquet "the Eldest daughter of the Church" so too Germany was once called "the First Christian Nation of Europe". This latter arose because the fact is---and this may come as a surprise to people with fixed ideas---that the Germans possess the most profoundly rooted moral sense of any people in the world. It is precisely this, tragically, which has made them susceptible to the guilt-mongering which has so lamed and cowed them for so long. It, said guilt-mongering, all looks like an example of what was said by a sinister character in "The Fountainhead"----"we take a man for what he is, for the machine which he is---and we set this, his very nature, in motion to work his destruction".

katana said...

That TV interview that Ursula Haverbeck gave was fantastic. Something must be going on in Germany to have allowed that to go to air, even though she's likely to be persecuted for the thought crime.

Over at The Occidental Observer there's a good book review of “The Devil That Never Dies” by Daniel Jonah Goldhagen.


Here's a comment I posted:


When I first glanced at the book cover image and saw the somewhat muted Star of David symbol and the title, "The Devil That Never Dies", I thought, "Great, someone's come out with a new book exposing the evils of organized jewry! This should be good."

Well, that only lasted a moment.

What we have here is another bit of jewish psychological warfare propaganda against Whites that reminds me of that saying, "When a jew smashes you in the face he cries out in pain!" Where reality is inverted as twisted jewdo logic is applied and the fanatical jew aggressor is portrayed as the ever innocent victim while the real victims are cast as mentally unstable haters.

This mindset is truly sick and (as Franklin pointed out in a previous comment) is a psychopathic way of thinking that's actually not surprising, given organized jewry's monumental crimes committed against humanity over the last century and more.

Goldhagen's obsession with the "Holocau$t" is classic jewy jewdo, inverting reality by accusing Germans of trying to genocide jews (an event that never happened and is a diabolical lie) while in fact it was organized jewry who genocided Germans in particular and Whites in general through engineering both World Wars.

Thanks to Brenton Sanderson and TOO for this critical review of enemy propaganda. I look forward to further parts.


For my latest blog post, German Youth in a Changing World – Part 1, click here >>> KATANA


Heraclitus said...

Vaterland. Not sure I buy into this rigid love/hate dichotomy you refer to. Very difficult to establish one way or the other. But it does fit in with the endless attempts to demonise, demoralise and marginalise whites in every possible way.

Dave+33 said...

Anon 4.44.

Take heart. Every day more and more people are seeing through these media mind-fuck games. Readers are now openly laughing at how the media cover up the fact when the criminal is non-white.

So going on what Vaterland says the cognitive dissonance impact will begin to really kick in.

katana said...

Interesting couple of comments VATERLAND.

You wrote:

"So the key bulwark against 'diversity' and 'multicultural' brainwashing is positive feelings about the white race.

If they weaken this they win.

If we strengthen this they lose

How will they weaken this?

First our neutral feelings about other races must be changed to positive feelings.
Second, our positive feelings about our own race, the white race, must be changed to negative feelings. We are reminded of all the wicked and bad things the white race has done, and slowly and surely we begin to become neutral -' all races are the same' and then finally negative - 'the white race is worse'.

And in the end we will LOVE all races -except one. Our own.

The white race.

We will HATE the white race."


The above is a good summary of the jew strategy that we need to counter.

For starters Whites need to dispense with the nonsense ideas touted by jew media "well poisoners" about all races being "equal". Just as there is no sense in talking about individuals being equal in various qualities, the same obviously applies to races.

Whites are, by definition to what we value, obviously the superior race. Yet, it also is part of our nature to help and work with other races to better our world.

Next in line would be some north east Asians, in particular the Japanese. At the bottom, below even the negroid races would be the jewish sub-race. I say that not out of any kind of "anti-semitism" but out of awareness of the demonstrated monumental pain, suffering and general destruction that organized jewry have inflicted on humanity.

Negroes are obviously violent on average compared to Whites yet they are dumb in general. Jews are both obviously intelligent on average but as an organised group they are psychopathically sadistic, violent and criminal, creating hundreds of times more damage to Whites than even feral blacks.

Whites need to recognize that the vastly inferior sub-race, known as the jews, are in nearly complete control of our societies and have been, and are, engaged in a total "secret war" of annihilation against us.

Recognizing that Whites are the superior race is an essential step to overthrowing the jewish lies that rule us now.


For my latest blog post, German Youth in a Changing World – Part 1, click here >>> KATANA


MaxWux said...

I am German and I think the new documentation "Hell Storm" (The Real Genocide of Nazi Germany) is main reason that more and more German begin the official learned history no longer blindly accept. I say only 1 hour on the Internet search on the theme and you can see that we have learned in the history lesson mainly allied propaganda. That will change a lot in public perception...

SAVANT said...

MaxWux. Glad to hear that. What I'l like to know is the extent to which the truth is emerging in Germany. For example was Hell Storm shown on mainstream German TV? Was there a public reaction to it?

SAVANT said...

MaxWux. Also a good idea to send on this link to any of your English-speaking associates.

Anonymous said...

The Danish election results are really encouraging. Perhaps Sweden might now start to wake up.


Anonymous said...

Nietzsche on the Jews:

“The Jews…are beyond any doubt the strongest, toughest, and purest race now living in Europe; they know how to prevail even under the worst conditions (even better than under favorable conditions), by means of virtues that today one would like to mark as vices…” Beyond Good and Evil, Peoples and Fatherlands, Section 251

“The Jews, that priestly people, who in opposing their enemies and conquerors were ultimately satisfied with nothing less than a radical revaluation of their enemies’ values, that is to say, an act of the most spiritual revenge…It was the Jews who, with awe-inspiring consistency, dared to invert the aristocratic value-equation (good=noble=powerful=beautiful=happy=beloved of God) and to hang on to this inversion with their teeth…saying the wretched alone are good; the poor, impotent, lowly alone are the good; the suffering, deprived, sick, ugly alone are pious, alone are blessed by God, blessedness is for them alone—and you, the powerful and noble, are on the contrary the evil, the cruel, …the godless to all eternity; and you shall be in all eternity the unblessed, accursed and damned!” [On the Genealogy of Morals, First Essay, Section 7, 1887]

Christianity, egalitarianism, liberalism, marxism, boasianism, multiculturalism etc. are meant to destroy a natural hierarchy and aristocracy in the host societies. They are divide and rule tactics by the Jews so they themselves can become the (hostile) elite.

Anonymous said...

I received an email from my health provider with test results from a visit to the doctor.
I am now deemed "Non Black". I was born white. Need to check my birth certificate again.

Anonymous said...

What's your point, Savant? It's a good thing that Germans are trashing the Greeks for being mainly brown-eyed brunettes and implying that only if they were blondes they'd be happy to be on the corporate austerity treadmill? And for what? To help the bottom line of the central banker group that you constantly suggest is completely controlled by the Jews?

You know, you can go right down the racial rabbit hole with the blonde, blue-eyed thing. A lot of blondes aren't even long-headed. Some straw blondes have wiry hair. And very tough ground to be on for those of you in the Isles where blondes are relatively sparse. And what if you're blonde as a kid and brown-haired later on? It's silly, on a level with saying Conan had black hair.

Also, don't make a race hero out of the Charleston nut. He went after harmless, gentle people who were willing to accept him on his terms.

You guys should have been with me at Newark Penn Station at midnight last night. Blacks everywhere. A policeman standing guard in McDonalds. Black girl saw her friend or baby daddy or whatever and shrieked like someone had thrown boiling water on her. Super annoying but not really dangerous as the cops would have been all over anything that might happen. They have to keep certain areas safe or society won't function. It's why I don't carry a guy. You can't kill people for being annoying.

BTW - the census implied that when non-Hispanic whites become a minority in 2040 or whatever, blacks will only make up 8% of the population. And since white is white, when the Spanish are thrown in, they will still be a majority. I think this might be keeping them awake nights in Washington and they're probably trying to figure out ways to bring more jigs in.

SAVANT said...

@Anon 18.23. No, thrashing the Greeks was not the point of the post. The point was that a major German media outlet was not afraid to publish such a "racist" article. It suggests that the PC Thought Police might be losing their grip.

I have nothing against the Greeks and see them as European. Definitely. But the current crisis they brought largely - not totally but largely on themselves. They lied about their budgetary position and then elected politicians who borrowed hundreds of BILLIONS to pay for all kinds of free stuff, pensions at 50, 40% of the workforce on Government payroll etc.

Anonymous said...

I cried when I read M.S. King's "The Bad War." I cried for the German people and everything German. Those people have been railroaded for far too long. I also cried for the rest of the Western World. We are all victims of the same victimizers who claim to be victims. It's the same old strategy over and over and over.

I believe David Icke may be on to something. Human beings, real human beings, do not do this to one another.

Anonymous said...

Are there any websites or blogs like Savant's about Germany?

Thank you Savant for your research and informative posts about Ireland and also England. I really enjoyed the post "germania-delenda-est". I wish it was required reading in schools.

I grew up in Detroit Michigan. My father - English. My mother - German. I tried to learn German in High School. The teacher was jewish. The first week consisted of watching the Nuremberg trials. I now live in the asylum of California and need to emigrate soon as things of the racial nature are heating up here. I was thinking of Dresden Germany and would like to know more of the German's view of national identity and anti-immigration.

great white said...


I tried to learn German in HS as well. Made me an object of suspicion. Yes, I am serious. 'You a Nazee or soemthin'?'

Chris said...

There are a lot of jew politicians in Greece. They instigated the 1973 Athens Polytechnic uprising, they brought Greece into the Euro, they engineered the economic collapse. Why else would Goldman-Sachs pay Jew George Pap 450M Euros to sell them Greece's insurance policies.

I do ponder how few people really do understand the Jew. They truly are of their father the devil. They are responsible for all the misery in the world.

How many people here are aware of Greece's vast natural gas and oil reserves? Not to mention it's close proximity to Israhell with it's Yinon plan. Easy to cast stones while you habour "The City" in your back yard. That's why more crumbs fall at your feet.

My faith in "white" people is on it's last tether.

Check out these blonde haired blue eyed jews

It proves that a Jewpaper pushing an article like is to draw attention away from the jew loan sharks and to cause animosity among the peoples of Europe.

No truth comes from a jew.

Uncle Nasty said...

Anonymous said...


Are there any websites or blogs like Savant's about Germany?

One or two ...

Knock yourself out ...


BJKAHN said...

Please guys, keep it real. Neither Kate Middleton, Zara Phillips nor George Papandreau are Jewish. You do the cause no service by propagating such inaccuracies. Open to the charge that any and every bad guy is a JOOOO!

Uncle Nasty said...

One thing about the jews and the bankers (but I repeat myself), they sure know how to look after their staff.

Goldman Sachs to Interns: Take It Easy, Go Home at 12am

And don't come back before 7am, Goldman Sachs says in new work-hours policy

By Jenn Gidman, Newser Staff

Posted Jun 18, 2015 3:51 PM CDT

(Newser) – When Moritz Erhardt, a 21-year-old Bank of America intern in London, died two years ago after reportedly putting in 72 hours straight at work, the banking industry turned the spotlight on its notoriously rough hours. Bank of America, for instance, suggested its junior workers take at least four weekend days off each month, and Goldman Sachs put together a quality-of-life task force and told its own junior employees to use Saturdays for R&R only, per Reuters.

Now Goldman Sachs is taking work-life balance a step further, recommending that interns don't stay at their desks past midnight or come in before 7am—a relatively easier 17-hour workday, the Guardian reports. These guidelines were put out there "to improve the overall work experience of our interns," a company spokesman tells the paper.

Goldman Sachs, which Reuters notes has 2,900 interns this summer, has taken other steps—including hiring more interns and offering pay hikes and mentoring programs—to make work more conducive to having a life, the Washington Post notes. And that's basically what CEO Lloyd Blankfein said shortly after Erhardt's death, telling the younger set in his firm: "You have to have interests

As a buddy of mine used to say: "No whistling or singing during working hours. However, the corporate song may be hummed softly while doing overtime ..."

They're all heart, these yids. Got to love their pointy little heads.


Chris said...

George Papandreou’s grandfather on his fathers side was the Polish Jew Zygmunt Mineyko. His mother is American Jewess Margaret Papandreou, née Chant.

Anonymous said...

I believe Papandreou has Jewish ancestry:

A lot of people say the royal families of Europe have Jewish ancestry but I am not sure either. Tim Rifat says they are. Bob Chapman of International Forecaster fame said they were all intermarried with the bankers.

Savant, any comments on this?

Flanders said...

I respect so many of the commenters at Savant's, and certainly Savant. I think we all need further thought and discussion of the manner VATERLAND has initiated and suggested. To most of us here, and certainly to me, it is extreme that other white people especially, have no love for the White race. I don't remember when that love faded, since it was natural for me and everyone whom I knew to have that view, and as it remains for me.

I wake up every day sickened that others who have white skins, including the treacherous white-skinned jews, do not have the same type of healthy and natural respect for our people. I know of course after having been exposed to facts of the matter for so long that most of the jews will always be jews, separate and treacherously devious to everyone, other jews included when they are not allied against everyone else, but too many regular whites have become almost as troublesome to us as the jews due to their conditioning to not respect our race.

VATERLAND, I find your two early comments fascinating. I see truth in them of the type which needs more investigation and dissemination. Our White people need to be more introspective, but no one seems to know where, or how clearly to start. You do. Do you have a site of your own or another place where you have made similar remarks which can be viewed? Whether you do or not, I would like to hear if you have ideas on steps we need to take to impel other whites back to Whiteness? Whether those whites would be part of a frontline struggle is not so important, but that they can be counted upon for their sympathetic support, is important.

Flanders said...

Is this a voodoo article intended to show EU leaders in solidarity, per Charlie Hebdo, or is it their rent a crowd?

"Berlin (AFP) - Thousands of people took to the streets in several European cities on Saturday, in a show of solidarity with migrants seeking refuge in Europe and against austerity measures in debt-ridden Greece."
"Carrying a banner bearing the slogan "Multiculturalism equals genocide", some protesters tore up an EU flag and launched tear gas at the police.

Later in the train station, unidentified attackers later threw bottles and stones at an Arab family.

Some 100,000 migrants have crossed the Mediterranean so far this year, most of them landing in Italy, Greece and Malta which all want their EU peers to share more of the burden.

Dame Edith said...

Did you read the comments on that Yahoo report in Yahoo Flanders? Overwhelmingly against the demonstrators and against the invasion from Africa. That is more important that the tripe spewed out by the churnalist.

Clogheen said...

Thanks Chris. That clears up the identity of Papa. I bet that no matter what country you look at you get to find that the rulers will have some crypto at its head. Blows my mind it does.

The Mad Hater said...

Flanders I have never seen such biased reporting. And I have seen a fucking lot in my time. The demos were quite small and were up mainly of coons and ragheads.

Anonymous said...

"Berlin (AFP) - Thousands of people took to the streets in several European cities on Saturday, in a show of solidarity with migrants seeking refuge in Europe and against austerity measures in debt-ridden Greece."
"Carrying a banner bearing the slogan "Multiculturalism equals genocide", some protesters tore up an EU flag and launched tear gas at the police."

These people seem seriously confused. But the confusion is likely deliberate.

MaxWux said...

Multiculturalism is a problem but it is the JEW WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR INTEGRATION. Don't be fooled, address the root of the problem! Don't be distracted by nigger bashing or Arab bashing, that's exactly what Jews want you to do. Divide and conqueror is the oldest trick in the book, don't fall for it. Nathan Bedford Forrest is the Jew who was nominated to lead the original KKK and Stanley Levison is the Jew who controlled Martin Luther King. These Jews always play both sides and do war by deception, this is a theme they have adhered to for thousands of years and it's exactly why they've been deported from over 200 countries.

Frank Galton said...

New York Times, 14 August 1982

...the Prime Minister [Andreas Papandreou] had ''stressed that the Greek Government was against the aggressiveness and expansionist policy of the Israeli Government, in other words, of ZIONISM.'' Mr. Papandreou also pointed out, the statement said, that his Government ''supported the right of the Palestinians to have their own homeland and their struggle for the achievement of this objective.''

Earlier, Mr. Papandreou condemned Israeli actions in Lebanon, calling them ''equal to the Nazi genocide of the Jews,'' and offered temporary refuge in Greece to Yasir Arafat, the chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization, and his aides.

On Wednesday night 123 Palestinian refugee children whose parents had been killed in Lebanon or were listed as missing arrived here to stay at a seaside camping site at the expense of the Greek Government.

Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...

Jewish Telegraphic Agency, 09 February 2011

‘Zorba’ composer declares himself an anti-Semite

Mikis Theodorakis, the Greek composer who wrote the music for the film "Zorba the Greek," said in a television interview that he is an "anti-Semite and anti-ZIONIST."

Theodorakis, 86, a hero in Greece, also said in the interview on Greece’s High channel that "everything that happens today in the world has to do with the Zionists." He added that "American Jews are behind the world economic crisis that has hit Greece also."

In 2003, Theodorakis declared that "Jews are at the root of all evil."

Oddly, during the television interview he said that "I’m an anti-Semite but I love Jews." [LOL!!!]

In the interview, Theodorakis had a warning for the Greek people.

"We are in danger. In a few days the ZIONISTS will gather in Greece for a conference," he said, referring to the visit by the CONFERENCE OF PRESIDENTS OF MAJOR AMERICAN JEWISH ORGANIZATIONS, which began Tuesday.

Israel Today, 26 December 2012

Israelis invited to buy up Greece's infrastructure

Israeli companies, with the encouragement and assistance of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, are taking advantage of the economic crisis ["American Jews are behind the world economic crisis" - Mikis Theodorakis] in Greece to find some bargains while helping to advance the privatization efforts of the Greek government.

Jerusalem Post, 04 January 2012

Israeli firms compete in Greece fire sale

Frank Galton

Uncle Nasty said...

Possibly good news from Spain?

Alright, I admit that this is from a whiney yid site, with whiney yids squawking and kvetching about yet another imposition, but I like it ...

The Spanish Parliament has approved a much-anticipated law that will allow descendants of Jews expelled from the country in 1492 to seek Spanish citizenship.

Spanish leaders have long promised that the law — which enters into force on October 1, 2015 — will "right a historic wrong" and demonstrate that more than 500 years after the Inquisition began, Jews are once again welcome in Spain.

The final version of the law, however, is so complicated and introduces so many hurdles to obtaining Spanish citizenship that most prospective hopefuls are likely to be deterred from even initiating the application process. Indeed, the law in its current form ensures that very few of the estimated 3.5 million Sephardic Jews in the world today will ever become Spanish citizens.

Resistance to the hose-nosed invaders, regardless of how small or seemingly ineffectual -- must be organised at all costs. There are only three ways we're going to win.

The first cannot be over-emphasised. We have to take back, subvert or simply destroy the MSM. It means fuck-all to us, but having unthinking, blinkered, weak-minded White-guilt-riddled sycophants all over you like a rash, is like wading through half-set glue. The job can be done, but Oh God ... the effort!

Secondly, we must develop an almost pathological single-mindedness about how we can fuck up the jews -- all their enterprises and plans and everything they stand for, and we have to develop the attitude towards them that they have towards us, and continue to accuse Germany (and, by default, the rest of the White world) of possessing since the dawn of time. Let them discover the truth of the old saw: "Be careful of what you wish for ..."

Finally we must develop elephantine memories ... even more than they have.
Every slight, every insult, every injustice, every crime, every cheat, every lie, every murder, every genocide that the Tribe have visited upon us must be remembered and, preferably written down somewhere safe ... ready for the Day.

And whilst we speak of memory. never forget that Der Ewige Jude has gotten to where he is by remembering things that never happened. We don't have to so that.

The unvarnished truth is quite sufficient.


"This is the real enemy, the invader from the East, the Druze, the ruffian, the oriental parasite; in a word: the Jew. (London Morning Post, December 3, 1925)

This craving for bouquets by Jews is a symptom of racial degeneration. The Jews are worse than my own people. Those Jews who still want to be the chosen race (chosen by the late Lord Balfour) can go to Palestine and stew in their own juice. The rest had better stop being Jews and start being human beings. (Literary Digest, October 12, 1932)

SHAW, GEORGE BERNARD. 20th century Irish playwright and dramatist.


Rastus said...

Great news folks. Eleven coons ventilated at a party in Detoilet.

Uncle Nasty said...

Well, well, well. The narrative unravels even further.

I have sent this link with no comment to several people I know. They'll get the point.


Uncle Nasty said...

Sorry, should be "do" that.

More haste ...


Uncle Nasty said...

Ah ... ammunition.

A Review of “The Devil That Never Dies” by Daniel Jonah Goldhagen, Part 3
June 21, 2015 |

Brenton Sanderson
Jews and Communism

Goldhagen angrily declares that any claim that Jews “were responsible for the Russian Revolution and its predations” is a “calumny” and that: “If you associate Jews with communism, or worse, hold communism to be a Jewish invention and weapon, every time the theme, let alone the threat, of communism, Marxism, revolution, or the Soviet Union comes up, it also conjures, reinforces, even deepens thinking prejudicially about Jews and the animus against Jews in one’s country.”[1]

So any linkage made between Jews and communism is, for Goldhagen, a “calumny” despite the fact that mainstream Jewish historians readily confirm that Jews were vastly disproportionate participants in providing the ideological basis for, and the governance and administration of, the murderous communist regimes of Central and Eastern Europe. Bernhard Wasserman, professor of Modern Jewish History at the University of Chicago, notes, for example, that “the European left was in large measure a Jewish creation. In Germany in the mid-nineteenth century Marx, Hess, and Lassalle, all three of Jewish origin, had founded and shaped the socialist movement.”[2] Further, the Jewish historian Norman Cantor pointed out that “In the first half of the twentieth century, Marxist-Leninist communism ran like an electromagnetic lightning flash through Jewish societies from Moscow to Western Europe, the United States and Canada, gaining the lifelong adherence of brilliant, passionately dedicated Jewish men and women.’[3]

The prominent Jewish intellectual and writer Chaim Bermant observed that, “To many minds, at the beginning of this [twentieth] century, the very words radical and Jew were almost one, and many a left-wing thinker or politician was taken to be Jewish through the very fact of his radicalism.” He also observed that “When, after the chaos of World War I, revolutions finally erupted all over Europe, Jews were everywhere at the helm”[4] To take just one example, of the forty-nine commissars who governed Bela Kun’s short-lived Hungarian Soviet Republic, thirty-one were Jewish.[5] Read more »

Yup ... read more.


Frank Galton said...

Re George Bernard Shaw

The Sydney Morning Herald, 06 February 2009

“The Nazi movement is in many respects one which has my warm sympathy; in fact, I might fairly claim that Herr Hitler has repudiated Karl Marx to enlist under the banner of Bernard Shaw. You can therefore IMAGINE MY DISMAY when at the most critical moment Herr Hitler and the Nazis WENT MAD ON THE JEWISH QUESTION.''


''The Jews are worse than my own people. Those Jews who still want to be the chosen race (chosen by the late Lord Balfour) can go to Palestine and stew in their own juice. The rest had better stop being Jews and start being human beings. This is the real enemy, the invader from the East, the Druze, the ruffian, the oriental parasite; in a word: the Jew.''

The, 06 May 2015

The Anti-Semitism Of George Bernard Shaw

Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...

The, 06 May 2015

The Anti-Semitism Of George Bernard Shaw

...the Holocaust-denying Shaw opposed the Nuremberg War Crimes trials after World War II on the grounds that the horrors of the concentration camps could be attributed to simple “administrative inefficiency.” He maintained that such ill-advised trials would have more to do with self-serving Jewish martyrdom than with actually achieving justice.

Frank Galton

UNcle Nasty said...

I wait with bated breath ...

Greek crisis that never quite happens may finally happen


People hold a banner in front of the parliament building during an anti-austerity pro-government rally in Athens, Greece, June 21, 2015.

This may just be Greece's last evening before it is plunged into economic chaos.

But it's a balmy summer evening in the centre of Athens, and the cafes and street stalls are doing a booming business. And as a Greek philosopher once wrote, "there is nothing permanent except change".

It's past 10pm, Sunday night in Syntagma square, and the anti-austerity protest shows no sign of flagging.

Under her now-moderately-famous 'Unf*ck Greece' placard (U2 use it in their current tour), veteran protester Panagiota Bletas is straightforward about exactly how her country should be 'unf*cked'.

"We need to fight austerity," she says. "The whole of Europe, not just Greece. Nations can't live under these conditions."

Austerity has left her country ravaged by unemployment and many remaining wages below the poverty line, she says. Money that comes into Greece leaves straight away, back into the pockets of its creditors.

"These are war conditions."

Around her on the city's main square, round the corner from the Parthenon, thousands of young and old mill about, chatting about this or that, clapping along to the music, arguing passionately about politics, or taking selfies in front of banners.

Will whatever the Greeks do signal the beginning of the end for the yid bankers? Who knows?


Frank Galton said...

The Sydney Morning Herald, 06 February 2009

When Keynes [John Maynard Keynes] dined with Albert Einstein in Berlin he was sure that ''He is that kind of Jew - the kind which rarely has its head above water, the sweet, tender imps who have not sublimated immortality into compound interest.'' High praise indeed. ''Yet if I lived there'', he continued, ''I felt I might turn anti-Semite. For the poor Prussian is too slow and heavy on his legs for the other kind of Jews, the ones who are not imps but serving devils, with small horns, pitch forks, and oily tails. It is not agreeable to see a civilization so under the thumbs of its impure Jews who have all the money and the power and the brains ...''

Tablet, 05 June 2013

...unlike other anti-Semites, Keynes was a big supporter of the Zionist movement in its early stages, a fact much less well-documented than his anti-Semitic remarks. Keynes was the only non-Jewish member of a high-powered advisory committee responsible for preparing a report on Zionist efforts to establish a national home in Palestine...

Frank Galton

Iron Felix said...

Ah yes, indeed the jew is the root issue, not the nigger or the sand nigger. Albeit they are troublesome, they have little power absent the subversive jew.
What is interesting is that the jew is filling up their nations with natural enemies - specifically the dune coon. The Moslem despises the kikenvermin, it does not compute why they are ruining nations that are friendly to them, and quite frankly like the arse of the rat faced jew. I suppose the Kiken jew is not as smart as people think, in fact the act itself is rather self destructive and franlky speaking - ignorant. The nigger shine ruins everything it sets its paws on. Literally everything, with shocking speed and is seemingly effortless for them, one assumes it is simply just their nature, an instinctive behaviour pattern to destroy and defile anything they come upon. The jew is also destructive, but much smarter than their simian counterpart - the nigger.
I often wonder: when and how does this insanity end? When the last White women gets impregnated by a nigger shine or a Pakistani?
Troubling times ahead, gentlemen. Troubling times indeed.

Frank Galton said...

The Guardian, 19 June 2015

Baseball team Orem Owlz cancel 'Caucasian Heritage Night' after backlash

A minor league baseball team in Orem, Utah, has cancelled a ticket promotion it called ‘Caucasian Heritage Night’ after a severe backlash from critics and fans.

The Orem Owlz, who play in the Pioneer League and are affiliated with the LA Angels, had planned the event on August 10, and said in their promotional material: “Irish, Italian, Scandinavian, German … or even Utahn! Whatever your background, celebrate it at the Home of the Owlz!”

“It’s race baiting and I think that they need to be very, very careful. It’s a dangerous game that they’re playing,” said Jeanetta Williams, president of the NAACP * [National Association for the Advancement of Colored People] Salt Lake City branch. “I’m very surprised they would even THINK OF PUTTING SOMETHING LIKE THAT ON.”


Black Heritage Night with The Washington Nationals [baseball team]

On April 16th, 2015 WPGC and The Washington Nationals celebrated Black Heritage Night.

* HAARETZ, 04 December 2014

JEWISH philanthropists helped CREATE, and CHAIR, the NAACP [National Association for the Advancement of Colored People]...

It was largely with the help of Jewish philanthropy that the largest and longest lasting civil rights organization in the U.S., the NAACP [National Association for the Advancement of Colored People], was founded in 1909. Among its founding parents were a number of Jewish leaders, including Henry Moskowitz, Lilian Wald, Emil Hirsch, and Stephen Wise [Rabbi Stephen Wise]--all of whose signatures remain to this day appended to the organization's founding charter. For nearly a quarter century, from 1914 to 1939, Joel E. Spingarn, another Jewish leader, would serve as its chairman. Financial contributions that supported the activities of the NAACP in these early years came mainly from such wealthy German-American Jews as William and Julius Rosenwald, Herbert LEHMAN [Lehman Brothers], and Felix WARBURG [Warburg family].

Frank Galton

Flanders said...

Thank you, Dame Edith. I had not looked at the comments before, so I went back and you are right, the comments do warm a White man's heart. I'm happy to see a knowledgeable awakening among such a broad range of commenters.

I had suspected the bias and deceptiveness you both confirmed, Mad Hater and Anon20:53. I know that the jewnews is regulated to reflect different messages in differing geographical areas, but are done so that the "facts" remain somewhat "verifiable". The messages are probably managed out of the wire services like AP, Rueters, or Agence France, to reflect the messages which their Rothschildian jew owner-managers want to be placed into regional perceptions - all in ways most favorable to the jews purposes of course.

Frank Galton said...

The South African, 15 June 2015

Over 70 South Africans, dressed in their Proudly South African colours, gathered in Trafalgar Square [London] on 13 June, united against crime, racism and inequality in South Africa.

The march has been met with some negativity from those who felt that the event could have been more forceful and used to vocalise ‘white genocide’ or ‘white farm murders’.

Frank Galton

Flanders said...

The following is an article which is similar in the nature of it's message to VATERLAND'S information. We must consider that it is necessary to make time for explicit positive comments about our White race, even as we battle those who are set upon eradicating us. Let's face it - There is going to be little or no help from other races, and a great many of them are ready at the moment to partake fully in the jewish bashing of Whites. We don't provoke them, or bash them unnecessarily, but we don't want any of our racial brethren to fall further astray into an unknowing blind victimhood.

Our concerns for other Whites have always been because of the knowledge that our White people were actually supreme in so many of their ways, and stood above among all others - in part because we truly cared for our own - our true neighbors, our own countrymen. Our religions reflected that, also, until they were infiltrated and sabotaged with stealth alien multicultural agendas. [I've posted this link from Dr. Pierce, about whites in Africa, before in case it seems familiar].

"But now there is a new social contract between Black and White. Before, the White was the undisputed master everywhere, and the Blacks — all of them — addressed him as such. They may or may not have loved the White man, but they thoroughly respected and feared him. Now the White man has voluntarily surrendered both his position as master and his claim to respect. He asks only to be tolerated, in return for the services he can perform.

The Blacks, however, have demanded one thing else of him; that he cease being a member of a race apart. They have demanded that he sleep with their women and give them his, that he give up his racial pride altogether, that he cut all his ties to his own race and sink down into theirs, that he accept them as brothers and equals. In Zaire that is what he has done.

And the White man is in the process of doing the same thing in Rhodesia/Zimbabwe."

Gem Junior said...

I dunno, I wouldn't get to hopeful because Ursula Haverbeck got stormtrooped right after it happened and the gestapo tore her house up "searching". So even an old lady trying to tell her side of the story is fair game for messing with. I'm always wary of looking forward to anything these days. "White guilt, white privilege, microagressions, unfair advantages, invisible knapsack, demons with blue eyes, etc... I do agree there might, just might, be a light at the end of the tunnel with everyone getting thoroughly nauseated with this shit. Did you see the Huffington Post "blackvoices" section with the white bitch Ali Michaels article "sometimes I hate being white too?" or something like that. "Sometimes I don't like being white either" It is fucking INFURIATING! I had to lie down after reading it. It was 6/16/15 I believe. Grrrr.

Flanders said...

"Total dictatorship in the United States"
by Flanders

James Lord said...

Do ordinary people in Utah ever sit back and ask themselves why it's fine to have a Heritage Week or month for every other race apart from their own? If not why not? Are they/we stupid or just utterly brainwashed and pussified?

Uncle Nasty said...

... and here is one that appears to agree with me. His opinions are a little more, shall we say, forthright?

Erectus Walks Amongst Us. The Ultimate Parasites, Too.

Posted on 5 April 2013 by wwwjames

Every time I read a book, I take notes. During the last few years, I have voraciously read dozens of the books listed on our best White book sites, and I have read many others besides. I have read many of them twice.

Each time I finish a book, I think I ought to do a book report for this website. But usually other important duties intercede. Most recently, I did a report on Manly P. Hall, crypto-jew, and his giant book that destructively influenced millions.

Now, I am reaching back to a much more popular and necessary book by Richard D. Fuerle, published in 2008, called Erectus Walks Amongst Us. (Link to the book site, free:

Several years ago, I read that book for the first time. I was not yet awake to the Reality Of Race, and I was overly skeptical of intelligence testing’s validity. So, I resisted Fuerle’s main conclusions, although much of the evidence was undeniable and compelling: skull and brain comparisons, for example. Since then, I have read dozens of important books, including William Pierce’s Who We Are (history from the perspective of race) and William Simpson’s Which Way Western Man?, which assembles the science in a very readable and engaging way to say that the races are strikingly different in physical and mental aspects and that we must wake up before our race is wiped out. (The Pierce and Simpson books are linked here on the WhiteSchool page.)

A conclusion ...

When races live in the same territory, their relationship will not for long be a mutually beneficial one. Instead, one race will be a predator and the other its prey, or one race will be a parasite and the other its host. In both cases, the prey or host does not consent and therefore neither relationship is stable.

In a predator-prey relationship, the predator race uses open violence against the prey race, e.g., colonialism, slavery, war, local gangs.

In a parasite-host relationship, however, open violence by the parasitic race is not possible as the host race is more numerous and is militarily dominant. Moreover, the host race regards the parasitic activities of the parasitic race as unfair, unethical, immoral, illegal, or criminal, making it necessary for the parasitic race to either

A. conceal its parasitism so that the host race
is not aware that it is being parasitized or ...

B. incapacitate its host race so that even though
its host race is aware that it is being parasitized,
it is unable to free itself.


Flanders said...

I don't remember who, but someone had questions about certain parties in the "British" media on an earlier thread. Maybe this can help with that question and more.

"The freedom of the press belongs to those who own the presses".

Nick Griffin - Back in his "good days" of the early, not so sycophant, BNP:

"The communists in the heyday of their power were known to say: "Give us just a third of the places on any committee and we will guarantee to control that committee." This was simply a statement of the fact that a minority in any body, public or private, which knows exactly what it wants and acts together as a co-ordinated group, bound by a single loyalty and a single objective can quite easily get its way over a larger, but uncoordinated, mass of people with no such bonds, acting individually and in pursuit of no definite or conscious objective. It is not our claim in this booklet that Jews necessarily outnumber non-Jews in all sections of the media (though in certain important ones this is indeed the case) but only that the former's solidarity and oneness of loyalty, interest and purpose gives them an immense advantage over others in any bid for power and influence.

Students of Jewish influence in the mass media will notice a paradox: while that influence is used, in a hundred or more different ways, to weaken the national spirit and consciousness of the British people, Jews themselves, in their attitude to their Jewish state of Israel and to questions of Zionism generally, are to be found amongst the world's most militant nationalists!"

Frank Galton said...

Re UN’s link: Artworks painted by Adolf Hitler

The Guardian, 21 June 2015

Hitler's art of flowers and fairytale castles sells for £280,000 at auction

Frank Galton

Frank Galton said...

Business Insider, 21 June 2015

Wife of Israel's interior minister tweets, and deletes, racist joke about President Obama

Judy Mozes, an Israeli talk-show host and the wife of the country’s interior minister, tweeted a racist joke about President Barack Obama on Sunday morning.

Mozes, who is married to Silvan Shalom, a Likud party member and currently vice prime minister and head of the Ministry of the Interior, tweeted a joke she said she heard that compared Obama's skin color to a weak cup of coffee.

The joke comes at a fraught time in the US-Israeli relationship, as differences on an array of policy and security issues have frequently set the Obama administration and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s ruling Likud government at odds.

Racial issues have also played a factor in US-Israeli relations.

“Racial issues have also played a factor in US-Israeli relations.”

Frank Galton

Tony in VA said...

I had hoped that the Israelis would have had more balls than that. Pity she apologized.

Anonymous said...


Deconstruct this and you see that PC is not losing its grip on the MSM. It's white people making a racist critique of other white people, which is perfectly acceptable in the rules of the game and encouraged for years. In the US, you can make fun of anybody in terms of racial and cultural characteristics, as long as they're white. WASPS, hillbillies, Pollocks, Texans, Eyetalians, Irish, cowboys, greasers, surfers!..Earth to Savant...!

And you just can't wait to jump onto the banker's party line about the irresponsible Greeks. The Irish would have been a lot better off if they'd let the bankers hang. Iceland got away with it. Maybe you'd be able to keep the wogs out if you dropped out of the EU. You do know that a lot of bankers are Jews. You do know that, right?

Flanders said...

That WWW is a good site, UN, at your 14:31. The author has information which should be a practical help to all Europeans who seek escape from the status quo. Mr. James' has an open style of communicating which is a refreshing change.

Uncle Nasty said...

... and when I say "forthright" ...

listed — those lesser races are replacing us. The worst of those races, the jews, are deliberately genociding us.

That is a clear and present act of war against us.
Yet, we as a race have yet to begin our Self Defense.

We must fight back.
And when Whites fight with all our might, Whites always win.

We must do to jews what they have been doing to us — through the Great Depression, through the endless wars that kill our strongest and bravest young men, through the forced bankruptcies, through the murderous sniping and infernos of Ruby Ridge, Waco, Whidbey Island, and so many more, and through the murders in their atrocities of Terror. Remember 9/11.

Jews think they own our country. We must prove to them that they don’t.
Starting Now, and until it’s Done.

We Whites have every right to undo the high crimes and treason committed against us. Not only the right. We have the duty to undo the immigration crimes, the banking crimes, the racial crimes, and every other crime committed against us, against our race, and against our country.

Task One: jewry must go. By All Means.
The weak and meek among us must Expose and Boycott jews.
The strong among us must be the new unsung heroes who reduce the jew population infesting our country by “permanent persuasion,” as stealthily as necessary.

When? Yesterday, today, tomorrow, and every tomorrow until the job is done.

He doesn't pussyfoot around, this boy.


Anonymous said...

The bankers and corporations are getting ready to put the shackles on with the Trans Pacific Partnership, soon to be followed by the Trans Atlantic Partnership and you're giddy because some German mainstream (big corporate) magazine calls the Greeks a bunch of greaseballs. There's a certain truth to that but it doesn't matter because Greece is just the canary in the coal mine. The same stuff is happening all over. Public resources are being pillaged by corporations, working people are expected to live on ever-decreasing wages as the "free movement of labor" brings endless streams of savages in to debase society. And in the globalized world you will have no basis for complaint until you're at the level of a Somalian.
Retire at 50? The cops here retire at 40. And why shouldn't they?

People used to get pensions. As George Carlin said years ago: "You're completely fucked and you don't even know it.

So, what's next, Savant? Good feelings when the EU starts lining up for war with Russia?

Anonymous said...

"Slovakia is not Africa!" NYTimes shocked by racist slogans at anti-immigrant protest in Bratislava. Another big demo in Denmark, although Times reports that organizers tamped down the racist stuff. Whew..

Forget the MSM, Savant. This is where your hope lies. Follow Australia's "illegal" lead.

You guys don't have enough room over there to handle it the way we do in the US, which is to run for the hills and leave the poor, old ethnic ladies behind to be tortured by the niggers.

Oh...and get yourselves some real cops.

Uncle Nasty said...

Flanders said:

Students of Jewish influence in the mass media will notice a paradox: while that influence is used, in a hundred or more different ways, to weaken the national spirit and consciousness of the British people, Jews themselves, in their attitude to their Jewish state of Israel and to questions of Zionism generally, are to be found amongst the world's most militant nationalists!"

22 June 2015 at 16:47

... and no better example of the for-thee-but-not-for-me mindset of the liberal is this -- from my favorite hasbara-controlled safety-valve type site -- Theo Spark:-

The capitulation over immigrant quotas by British Prime Minister David Cameron to the bureaucrats that run the European Union (EU) and the United Nations (UN) came as no surprise to the long suffering British people.

Policy u-turns and broken promises have become a feature of Cameron's premiership and serve as evidence that he does not have the authority to govern Great Britain because of his declared subservience to the supranational EU/UN world government wannabees.

No sooner than Cameron announces some policy initiative that puts the people's interest above that of the EU/UN or merely articulates the view of the majority of his citizens, some Brussels bureaucrat or European leader will publicly chastise him forcing a surrender. If that European leader happens to be German Chancellor Angela Merkel, his surrender is made in double quick time and is total.

What happened to the Bulldog spirit that saw the British people initially stand alone against the Kaiser and Hitler then go on to win two world wars remains a mystery.

This indomitable spirit, personified by Sir Winston Churchill,
seems to be totally absent from David Cameron's government along with his like minded hangers-on and cronies; love her or loath her even the handbag swinging Margaret Thatcher had more cajones than all of this lot put together.


...It's worth reminding ourselves that the multi-millionaire acting/celebrity fraternity led by award winning actress Emma Thompson recently demanded that Cameron accept more Syrian immigrants into Great Britain without informing the people where they should be housed, fed and watered or who is going to pick up the tab.

Since Thompson also campaigned against a Tesco superstore being built near one of her residences on the grounds that it would ruin the 'villagey atmosphere' and the poorly paid staff would not 'fit in' with the local people, we can assume these desperate refugees won't be housed in her neighbourhood.
(Emma Thompson hypocrisy here and here)

The appalling attitude displayed by Emma Thompson is not unique and seems to be prevalent among those who make the most noise about compassion toward immigrants and refugees. More often than not they live in exclusive areas that have not suffered the negative consequences of the mass immigration policies they advocate.

They preach incessantly about celebrating diversity, cultural enrichment, shared values and the benefits of living in a so called 'multi-cultural society' but they do it from oases of affluent, exclusively white communities far away from the desert of alien mono-cultural ghettos they have created.

My emphases ... Note the irresistable little "Kaiser, Hitler" dig and the use of that "indomitable icon" - Churchill, bought and paid for by -- you guessed it -- the yids, who, strangely enough not only live in the aforementioned oases of affluent, exclusively white communities but have actually created the only affluent oasis of a nigger and mud-free country ... israel.

Continued in next post ...


Uncle Nasty said...

Part the second ... believe it or not, from Theo Spark.

The following is a solution to the problem of refugees and economic migration which I am sure all those that have had their communities and lives blighted by mass immigration will wholeheartedly endorse.

Direct all these Mediterranean immigrants and refugees firstly to other countries in the middle east that share their religion and who are wealthy and without conflict. Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait and Abu Dhabi to name but a few.

Secondly to those areas in Great Britain who's residents call for it or who vote for political parties that champion the benefits of mass immigration and multi-culturalism.

We can start with Emma Thompson's home town of West Hampstead in addition to the quiet haven of Dunoon, Scotland where her holiday residence is located.

David Cameron's constituency of Witney, Oxfordshire, which includes the charming, quintessentially English towns of Chipping Norton, Burford and Charlbury. The constituency boasts a population that is made up of 93% White British, 4.3% White Other, 1.4% Asian and only 0.4% Black. Hardly an advertisement for diversity or the boundless benefits of multi-culturalism.

Former Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg's constituency of Sheffield Hallam. Great Britain hater Clegg is one of the noisiest advocates for open border mass immigration along with the benefits of multi-culturalism and since his constituents repeatedly elect him to office they must concur. Sheffield Hallam is 89% White British, 3.1% White Other, 4% Asian and only 1% Black.

Like Clegg, the former Leader of the Labour Party, Red Ed Miliband is a Great Britain hating Marxist who doesn't believe that the British people should even have a say in membership of the EU.

His Doncaster North constituency does not mirror the diversity he imposes on others and is made up of 96% White British, 1.7% White Other, 0.8% Asian and a minuscule 0.4% Black.

One final example closer to home which re-enforces the point that the noisiest advocates for diversity, mass immigration and multi-culturalism sit idly by while someone else pays the price for their mindless voting behaviour.

Aberavon on the South Wales coast holds the dubious honour of being the safest Labour seat in the country and in their collective stupidity recently elected the 'Red Prince' Stephen Kinnock as their Parliamentary representative. The son of notorious wealthy Welsh socialists Neil and Glenys Kinnock, Stephen has spent almost his entire life promoting global socialism on the coat tails of his parents careers in the British Parliament and the EU.

He has spent little time in Great Britain and none at all to speak of in the one party state of Aberavon. Stephen Kinnock and, by their votes, his constituents, support open border mass immigration which is easy to do when they don't suffer the consequences of their actions.

The advocates for diversity and multi-culturalsim live in a constituency made up of 96% White British, 1.3% White Other, 1.3% Asian and 0.3% Black.

In order to avoid the richly deserved accusations of hypocrisy the people of these constituencies, and the others who vote similarly, should open their towns and arms in welcome to the immigrants and refugees they have so far studiously avoided.

Can't really disagree with any of that, can we? But how is it that the above sentiments come from a site that never misses an opportunity to kiss** endless jew arse -- and endlessly punts the yids as our salvation? The very authors of all our miseries?

Once again, to win, we have to destroy the MSM. Excise the cancer, once and for all.


**Well, lick, actually. As my roughest girlfriend once said: "Let's be realistic ... we all have to kiss someone's arse sooner or later ... but these guys actually lick -- and seem to like the taste ..."

James said...

RAM Z PAUL's best ever video?

You decide.

French woman spray paints "Anti-racist is just a code word for anti-white" over a bullshit mural put up by the Mayor of France which said "French woman are for African Men".

Anonymous said...

just saw this on tv tonight and almost threw up.on the History channel they were doing the old sthick about the Holocaust and during commercial break if you are aware we have the wounded warrior project to supply GIs with home care etc etc which i have always been suspicious of where the money is going,but i degrees they have a old Jewish woman in a photo holding a doll and this according to her was her prized poss,until wait for it .wait for it she was sent to a camp and the doll was seized by the krauts.NOW you can give 19,95 a month to buy a doll or a special dress or a toy which will be sent to the holocaust musem in Washington DC were it will be put with your name on it,act fast folks this won't be around long.its a deal you cabt afford not to get in on.John old rtf chicago copper...

Anonymous said...

Spain is reaching out for who?

They're gonna get jeeeeewwwwed.

Anonymous said...

Comment on

If the elites block the site in your country, go to

The reason why communism is the preferred system is because only through communism can you manage a sub class like cattle, while ensuring your own group (the Jewish community) a firm seat above the cattle. That really is pretty much it.

I knew a Ukranian couple in Canada who had first hand family witness of the starvation massacre in the Ukraine. They pulled no punches - the Jews sat in beautiful warm homes very securely with police outside to protect them as the real Ukranian people starved to death outside, within sight. It was brutal. The food was in the fields, and the Ukranian people were forced to starve even though food was plentiful and in plain sight. All enforced by the Jews via communism, and their willing police accomplaces simply because the people refused to submit. Interesting it is that all the American police who are being so brutal now were trained in Israel, is it not?

Veritas said...

Had conversations with a few lovely yet thick farmers in a pub in rural Ireland. When I brought up our eternal friends they didn't connect the dots and seemed brainwashed about the problems facing our people.

"If you say things like that you won't fit in here" was the response when I brought up the negative effects of Shatter's tribe. Nice enough sheeple but how common is this do-gooder view all over Ireland? Is anyone awake. They also had never heard of the Blueshirts and said no one in Ireland gave the chosenites a second thought. It is almost at the point where it is smarter to just be quiet about the chosen as people are deep down the rabbit hole of brainwashing by them.

What is the way forward and what is a good way to win hearts and minds? We are up against the MSM, the politicos and now even the church. Seems like an uphill battle and most do not want to be saved sadly.

Uncle Nasty said...

I find the Slog exasperating --

-- not because I disagree with him on so many points -- the first being his cast-iron refusal to see the hosenosed elephant in the woodpile, if I may mix my metaphors ... but because I agree with him on so many others.

i. The ruling – catch it here – on Greek debt as being highly odious is both compelling and legally near-watertight. To the best of my knowledge, apart from market ticker not a single site or title or channel outside Greece has even run it, let alone analysed the content

ii. Every US business site and two UK press titles ran stories over the weekend confidently declaring that Syriza worked throughout the weekend and now seems ready to cross every red line they set at the start. I’ve had two Greek confirmations of this, rather more denials, and a lot of “no idea and don’t care”.

iii. Phrases like ‘forced out of the euro’, ‘heading for Grexit’, ‘last-ditch attempt to stay in the EU’ are casually made in relation to the Greek position. They fly in the face of facts, treaties, legal realities and common sense: but they are far more prevalent in the press than, for example, features about the derivative disaster potential if Greece defaults.

iv. The subject of yesterday’s Slogpost (about Hollande coming under pressure to broker a deal) seemed absent (beyond Bloomberg) from all but one or two French print and online media.

There seems to me no logic or reality to the idea that a calm eurogroupe is quietly applying pressure through expected channels while the Greek government runs around like so many headless chickens, increasingly desperate and hysterical and close to the point of begging for mercy. Rather, it is the creditors who are hurling fantasy threats and deadlines around – in the case of the IMF, from 9000 miles away.

End Part one


Uncle Nasty said...

I find the Slog exasperating -- Part two

It is, we should be clear once and for all, the ECB-Berlin-Brussels-banking axis that stands to lose here. Greece itself has very little left to lose – and those downsides are in my view exaggerated. Writing to friends in Athens yesterday on the subject of Greece as gallant losers, I argued thus:

‘Whatever kind of victory this turns out to be or not be for the Bastards, don’t delude yourselves: you will still have been defeated. In the 21st century, defeat is no longer glorious.
I’m only writing this in the context of what are now two confirmations inside Greece and numerous stories in the foreign media with the same scenario: Syriza’s leaders working through the weekend to come up with a ‘solution’ that involves crossing every red line they’ve set themselves.

What in God’s name are they thinking of?

This is a solution to the EU’s problems, not yours. This is snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

Let me list the ramifications as I see them:
ND & PASOK will laugh their socks off and kill Syriza for being a bunch of indecisive virgins….and Golden Dawn will double in popularity, condemning Tsipras as leading the usual spineless Left – all mouth, no trousers.**

2. The Troika will be reassured that, as with Hitler in 1938, having scammed the Sudetenland they can now walk into the rest of Czechoslovakia without resistance.

3. It will be a kick in the balls for Podemos, leave Tsipras’s Italian supporters in despair, and make the likes of Orban in Hungary more isolated still.

4. It will prolong the agony for Europeans living under the shadow of a neo-fascist corporate entity, convince the Germans yet again that they can do what they want, and confirm a mad US State Department in its deranged belief that Putin is piss, wind and ready to roll over.

5. It means the baton being carried against foreign oppression will pass into the hands of Nazis, overt and otherwise, inside Greece and elsewhere. It could very easily mark a drift into civil war.

6. The democratic but real Left will never again be trusted with power by the Greek electorate.
The victory of the Troika will of course prove to be Pyrrhic. But outside Greece – believe me – the last thing your defeat will be seen as is plucky, glorious, brave or indeed anything approaching honourable.

When you think about it, all wars -- and I mean all wars are basically economic in nature. One way or the other.

This, especially, I like:-

ND & PASOK will laugh their socks off and kill Syriza for being a bunch of indecisive virgins ... and Golden Dawn will double in popularity, condemning Tsipras as leading the usual spineless Left – all mouth, no trousers.**

Wouldn't it be nice?


Shaunantijihad said...

No so good news from London. Just back from there and I would estimate only 30% White where I was around Crystal Palace area with at least half of the White women of breeding age with half Negro children.

Muslims and Negroes. Perfect weapons of biological mass destruction. Whilst our military top brass keep fighting the last war, buying better planes and bombs and so on, our racial enemies subvert our political parties, the Dept of Education and the media to present their imported racial weapons as "enrichment."

London will be like Detroit in 20 years. By which time Muslims will be of such numbers that they will begin the theocratic take over. Traitors and Negroes will likely convert and the mass murders will really begin in earnest targeting the remaining small Caucasian villages around the country to capture White women and girls for booty. The first crucifixions and burnings at the stake of non-Muslims will likely have begun by then. Cryptos will make sure White villages will be the priority targets with the excuse they are being targeted for being non-believers.

No wonder Casandra went mad.

Shaunantijihad said...

"Finally we must develop elephantine memories ... even more than they have."

For that UN, we need a Caucasian religion.

Savant, I've mentioned this before, but might you see your way to writing an article asking all of us what we would like to see in a Caucasian Constitution? You know, the Constitution that all of then will then witness being delivered on tablets of stone from God or the Gods, or something like that, that must be disseminated for the lost sheep of Caucasia.

You know, create a legend.

Corkonian said...

UN there has been in place for some time to distance Communism from its jewish inheritance. Clearly they see a vulnerability here. As they blood well should. I have noticed for example that Wiki references to the various Bolshevik villains are being quietly and gradually modified to play down or excise completely the jewish dimension. I wonder then was Putin giving them a backhanded compliment when he mentioned the number of jews in the original Bolshevik Party?

Heraclitus said...

Iron Felix. Troubling times ahead indeed. The big question is whether white males will react in time and with sufficient force. The experience of England does not generate hope. That doughty warrior class that built an Empire that traversed a quarter of the globe has sat back and watched as their country has been handed over by traitors to a hostile invading army. It appears to me more a form of resignation than one of defeatism. And of course that is a lot more insidious and dangerous.

Apathy is the problem. But who cares.....!

eah said...

I live in DE and can tell you there is very little to be hopeful about here.

Anonymous said...

Jewbitched Daily Mail ... obsessed with ISIS perversion ISIS Israeli Secret Intelligence Service

Flanders said...

UN's 00:40:

The appalling attitude displayed by Emma Thompson is not unique and seems to be prevalent among those who make the most noise about compassion toward immigrants and refugees. More often than not they live in exclusive areas that have not suffered the negative consequences of the mass immigration policies they advocate.

They preach incessantly about celebrating diversity, cultural enrichment, shared values and the benefits of living in a so called 'multi-cultural society' but they do it from oases of affluent, exclusively white communities far away from the desert of alien mono-cultural ghettos they have created.

That much does not change from country to country. It is part and parcel for the multiculturalist's (White replacer's)) agenda in whichever country we WERE once at home. That is an issue I've touched on, in a related way, in "Television is the new Frankfurt School".

"The American people are being subjected to mass judgment by stand-ins for the Frankfurt School. The entire Media, and the full range of MSM communicators are, in fact, acting in the stead of the Frankfurt School.
The purpose behind the public parading of Dylaan Storm Roof is, not so much about his individual actions (which will be determined in a courtroom). The public spectacle parading is done more to change mass public opinion by holding whole groups of American people who hold legitimate ideas and opinions (opinions which are not only legal and traditional to hold, but rationally necessary in order to maintain a secure American society) into being demons scorned by the rest of the world."

Flanders said...

White people have nothing for which they should be ashamed. When burglars sneak into your house and steal your belongings, it is not your fault. Even when they are invited in by pretense on their part, and steal, your only mistake is that of having been a bad judge of "character". Failing to react when the crime is known is stupidity, but so is blindly confronting governments which have been coopted by traitors while you were asleep.

It is when the thieves are taking your stuff in broad daylight while your eyes are opened is when those white people who should know better should feel very much ashamed.

When the white (lower-case) people continue to listen to and react favorably to perpetrators who are directing thieving accomplices (because those whites are being "entertained"), while the perpetrators are telling the whites that it is their fault - even as the ruffians whom the perpetrators instigate are raping their children, cutting the throats of their wife and grandmother, and moving into their homes - That is when those whites should be more than ashamed - and shunned by all good White people.

carlos broch said...

Greeks are obviously not white. Greeks = Turks living in Europe.

Anonymous said...

John retired cop. They are seriously selling Holocaust dolls? Talk about getting blood from a stone. Is there no way that they won't try to drain every shekel?

Denise said...

The TPA is going to pass. GOOD BYE ANY protections you've had, as an American, and a White person. To my European Volk - this will have profound ramifications for you as well.

RaHoWa is going live.

Be prepared.

CAT-DE said...

I found this interesting list of Jews in the Soviet Union ...

Grigori Voitinsky - Jewish - Member of Comiterm who initiated China's subversion
Mikhail Markovich Borodin (aka Mikhail Gruzenberg) - Jewish - armed China's commies
Karl Marx - Jewish (supposedly raised non-Jewish)
Lenin - 1/4 Jew
Bukharin - Jewish wife - Lenin’s chief Marxist theorist
Rykov - Jewish wife - Premier of Soviet Union
Molotov - Jewish wife - Founded Pravda
Kirov - Jewish wife - His assassination was excuse for Stalin's purges
Dzherzhinsky - philosemitic with Jewish wife - founder/director of Cheka
Lunacharsky - Jewish wife - Commissar for Education and Enlightenment
Stalin - Jewish wife, whose brother was Lazar Kanganovich
Lazar Kangonovich - Jewish (Stalin's right hand man - responsible for the Holodomor)
Leon Trotsky (aka Bronstein) - Jewish
Grigory Zinoviev (aka Apfelbaum; aka Radomyslsky) - Jewish chairman of the Comintern
Grigori Y. Sokolnikov - Jewish - Commissar of Finance
Moisei Uritsky - Jewish - chief of the Petrograd Cheka
Felix Dzherzhinsky - Jewish - founder/director of the Cheka
Maxim Litvinov (aka Wallakh) - Jewish - Soviet foreign minister/diplomat/ambassador
Lavrenti Beria -1/4 Jew - Head of NKVD
Yakov Sverdlov (aka Solomon) - Jewish - Ordered the Christian Czar's family killed
Karl Radek (aka Sobelsohn) - Jewish - created the Comiterm to spread communism
Yakov [Jacob] Yurovsky - Jewish - Commissar of Justice for the Urals who killed the Czar
Genrikh Yagoda - Jewish - head of the Gulag Concentration Camps
Lev Kamenev (aka Rosenfeld) - Jewish - head of the Soviet Republic
Nikolai Yezhov - Jewish - People’s Commissar of Internal Affairs
Mikhail I. Kalinin - Jewish - President of the Soviet Union
Isaac Steinberg - Jewish - Commissar of Justice
Matvei D. Berman - Jewish - chief of gulag system
Naftaly Frenkel - Jewish - head of the White Sea-Baltic canal slave death camp
Adolph Yoffe - Jewish - member of the State General Planning Commission
Lev Inzhir - Jewish - Chief Gulag concentration camp financial officer
...Stopping here, as the list goes on and on

The Role of the Jews in the Bolshevik Revolution and the Genocidal Killing of 65,000,000 Christians

Uncle Nasty said...

Denise said...

The TPA is going to pass. GOOD BYE ANY protections you've had, as an American, and a White person. To my European Volk - this will have profound ramifications for you as well.

Sorry Denise. I obviously haven't been keeping up.

What is the TPA?


red pill said...

I think Denise is referring to the 'authority' that will implement the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). This agreement will take us a giant step further towards a globalized NWO.

carlos broch said...

Modern Greeks are not the old hellens

There is 2 "must to read" books on the theme: Martin Bernal - Black Athena. The Afroasiatic Roots of Classical Civilization . The Archaeological and Documentary Evidence - 1991 and Martin Bernal - Black Athena. The Afroasiatic Roots of Classical Civilization .

AnalogMan said...

red pill said...

I think Denise is referring to the 'authority' that will implement the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP).

It's worse than that. Trade Promotion Authority (or fast track) gives the President authority to negotiate treaties on his own. It limits Congress' input to a simple yea or nay. No amendments, no filibusters. Take it or leave it.

This opens the door to abuses like the TPP mentioned, which, as I understand it, includes immigration provisions as well as trade. A fly in every ointment, a nigger in every woodpile.

What Americans don't seem to understand is that those international treaties (correct me if I'm wrong) rank equal in legal authority with the US Constitution. In other words, they're giving the President carte blanche to amend the Constitution, subject only to rubber-stamping by a simple majority in Congress (who didn't bother to read the treaty).

Goodbye Second Amendment, hello UN Small Arms Treaty.

And the cherry on top? It was the Republicans who pushed it through Congress.

Anonymous said...

Greece was loan-sharked by the banks.

There is literally no way Greece can ever repay the debt and they will eventually default.

The current pantomime is to keep Greece on life support long enough for the banks to asset-strip (privatize) everything Greece owns.


"Greeks aren't white"

They're white enough to be on the same genocide list as us.

The Germans are understandably angry because they see themselves being blamed for something which isn't their fault.

The banks and their bought politicians did this.

They've been doing the same thing in the 3rd world for sixty years with the IMF as enforcer and asset-stripper. The only difference is they've started doing it in Europe.


During the 700 years of Moorish occupation of Spain there was a massive white slave trade including entire villages in southern England and Ireland being taken by Arab raiders.

Jews openly call this period their golden age.

carlos broch said...

The Census in the US is a total scam, which is why I don’t have faith that the white american populace is 63 percent, the numbers are below 20% in my opinion, they constantly mingle Mongrels with the Real western White american population.

these white Americans are one race of the .not are more European as were the wasp 50 years ago. The marks of indigenous and black blood station increasingly evident in the current American face "white".

miscegenation of "white" Americans and something that catches the eye. Even among the "WN" Americans these mixed types are most .tipos as jared taylor are exceptions.

america the wasp was a long time in history. but not cease to be the remarkable how fast this happened,
Until 40 years ago phenotypes such as, eg, kim meats and Christopher Reeve were common in america today are extremely rare.

As for the boy, his eyes, nostrils and the asymmetry between the skull and the face betray their mixed origin.

dylan boy also has the frontal process of the zygomatic bone (the side of the jaw bone to the eyeball) too wide
.This feature is typical of mongoloid race.

his father and well interbred, pictured the same again when one realizes this well.

Anonymous said...

Goodbye Second Amendment, hello UN Small Arms Treaty.

That Uncle Nasty again.

James said...

Uncle Nasty said...
Well, well, well. The narrative unravels even further.

I have sent this link with no comment to several people I know. They'll get the point.

There are far better paintings by AH out there. They seem hard to find of late. Someone's been scrubbing the net.

Uncle Nasty said...

Comment from a favorite site ... The Kakistocracy

A Nation of Expedients
Porter / 3 hours ago

Result-oriented expedients, that is. Whether manifesting in special pleading pronouncements of Hate, or what plain words definitely do not mean, America is Earth’s prodigy of unprincipled expediency.

The country’s judicial performance in this regard is particularly scintillating. As time may pass and components exchanged, our supreme tribunal retains its six sigma precision in rendering exquisite rationalizations for predestined results. And that is why only those at the legal profession’s apogee are considered for appointment to this panel. Not, obviously, for their knowledge of or fidelity to the constitutional framework. But rather selection is premised on how florid (or opaque as the occasion may demand) their prose in veiling true intent from the dull stares of a flummoxed citizenry. Because soaring sententious rhetoric always finds refuge in cozy penumbras. And that is where jurists discover what is constitutional and what is not. It’s a process quite beyond the reckoning of the hoi polloi, and thus something best left unexamined. Think of the Supreme Court as the constitution’s SPLC: Trust us, we’re the experts.

Though one man has made an admirable career of exploding this black-robed Hindenburg with a formidable array of barbs and mockery. I’ve always found Antonin Scalia to be a romantic anachronism. The kind of stubbornly immovable thinker that if nominated today couldn’t hope to sniff the air of that office. He simply hasn’t grown over the course of his tenure, as so many of his craven conservative peers. Oh the cocktail parties he must have missed. Of course one of those peers, John Roberts, is about to see his calendar blossom with invitations in the wake of his latest capitulation. Perhaps the memories of which will offer some solace in surveying the cultural wreckage of his winter.

Enjoy ...


Uncle Nasty said...

By the way, thank you for the clarification on the TPA.

I particularly liked "a nigger in every woodpile" It resonates so nicely with Hoover's "A chicken in every pot ..."


Anonymous said...

Last fact: Modern Greeks are mongrels. They have as much sub-Saharan in
them as European. 

Anonymous said...

Jews are mud

Flanders said...

"Cultural Marxists use what is called Repressive Tolerance to attack opposition and this is what you can see in this video.

Repressive Tolerance was the brainchild of Herbert Marcuse who said:

“Liberating tolerance, then, would mean intolerance against movements from the Right and toleration of movements from the Left. As to the scope of this tolerance and intolerance: … it would extend to the stage of action as well as of discussion and propaganda, of deed as well as of word.”