Sunday, 24 May 2015

A non-PC PC

Oh dear Lord, what has the world come to? Now even computers and the algorithms that they run have - all on their own -  become (roll of drums) racist.  And 'offensive'. You probably know of Flickr, the photo sharing site owned by the ultra-PC Yahoo Corp. Well it's gone rogue. It's akin to the nightmare science fiction scenario  where the robots escape from the lab and head for town.

I'm referring here to Flickr's auto-tagging image-recognition system which automatically categorises photos into a number of broad groupings. For example a photo of a bridge could be tagged as 'architecture' or 'traffic' whereas that of a cartoon could be tagged as 'drawing' or 'sketch'.

Now you'd imagine that any self-respecting computer, had it possessed any sense of the zeitgeist, would have tagged the gentleman shown here as 'doctor', 'scientist' or 'engineer'.  But (and if you're of delicate constitution read no further) the tags were in fact 'ape' and 'animal'. To make matters worse a picture of Auschwitz  was not tagged with 'death camp' or 'jackpot' but instead as a 'jungle gym' and 'sports ground'.

Oh my achin' sides!  Took me ten minutes to clean off my screen.

Naturally all the PC alarms went off together and the Thought Police technology division has now swung into action. The code of the offending algorithm will be carefully parsed by experts both in technology and micro aggressions to see whether the tagging outcomes were deliberate. Or whether they represented, how shall I put this, a natural mistake.

And now news has come to hand that  Koko, the famously intelligent Congolese gorilla, has been outraged at having been assigned the tag 'Serena Williams'.

Out of the mouths of computers and algorithms...


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be great if they could invent their own phones/internet?. That way they won't have to use racist European algorithms that seek to keep the black brother down.

Haha i'm joking of course, that would require an iq range simply not seen in African populations.

Seriously though it poses problems for us as European societies to extend full rights to people with an iq far lower than our own, but how to speak about the subject without MSM coming down upon you with the wrath of god?. We need to figure out how and soon.

Anonymous said...

off topic savant,just finished a great read about the guy BREVICK that killed all the kids in Norway,seems that the group were propionates of multicultrilism for all of Scandinavia and BREVIK took exception to it.sort of overkill if you ask me also as olde Eire has passed same sex marriage do i stand a chance with Sir Savant,John old rtf Chicago Copper.

Anonymous said...

I'm constantly amazed, as a White man, at my inherent capacity to commit evil. Everything I do, say or even think transgresses some rule.

But Savant, today is africa day, so please spare a thought later for all those africans up in the Phoenix Park who will not, because of racist smart phones, be able to take photos of themselves cavorting, capering and gyrating as they celebrate the fact that they got the fuck out of africa.


eleos said...

Another example of where computers are pulling ahead of humans.

Gary Paul said...

Old John. Hope you are keeping count of all the carcasses of DOA coons over the weekend. All of us hope you report a refreshingly large number to get our week off to a good start.

Dan said...

Image of Obama, tagged as homosexual, image of gorilla, tagged as Tennis Player, image of Kanye West Downssyndrome...


Anonymous said...

Omfg I cant stop laughing!!!!!!!

Btw, Gorillas are noble, gentle apes. Silverbacks protect their wives and children with fierce resolve.

Bonobos are hippy apes, literally "make love not war"

Orangutangs are introverts, their mothers care for each baby for EIGHT years.

Gibbons are monogamous singers.

Chimpanzees..........almost as horrific as negros.

Rob said...

Hey guys, behave yourselves, the eyes of the world are upon us today after we voted to reduce marriage to a parody of itself. Old Ban Ki-moon has given us a pat on the back.

Anonymous said...

Just been watching "Savage Peace" on BBC 2 about the horror inflicted upon innocent Germans by the Czechs and Poles after WW2

This is a must watch

Uncle Nasty said...

Further to this link, did you read about certain modern digital cameras detecting (through facial recognition) that the subject is blinking and refusing to fire if they are?

A lot of Asians, it would appear, can't be photographed as the FR software in the cameras perceives them as having their eyes closed.

Bad camera! Naughty racist camera!!! Bad!! Bad!!!

As almost all modern cameras are Japanese in origin, I find this particularly ironic.

Anyway. Off-topic, as usual.

My default position, these days, whenever reading a news article is to ask:

1. Who wrote the article?
2. If it is one of the usual suspects, do they:

A. have an agenda?
C. Pluck at the heartstrings (It's for the cheeeeeldren!!!)
B. Quote reliable sources? Or any sources at all, for that matter?

And most importantly, C. -- Do their figures add up?

This last is extremely important as basic mathematics -- and even simple arithmetic -- seems a closed book to them. A product of our dumbed-down educational(?) institutions.

Statistics, needless to say, is not merely a closed book to them, but the whole damn library has been burned to the ground.

Note the following:

... Expectant parents are being advised against vaccination by the very nurses and teachers who are supposed to give babies the best start in life.

The Immunisation Advisory Centre has received complaints of midwives and pregnancy class teachers trying to dissuade families from giving babies the MMR jab, despite overwhelming medical evidence that immunisation saves lives.

Dr Nikki Turner, the centre’s director, said some of the advice was “jaw-dropping”.

Women are being told vaccines are dangerous, unsafe or don’t work. In other cases there is no discussion of vaccine benefits.

The article, which for some reason, I cannot copy and paste, then says:

"Whooping cough has caused four infant deaths over the last four years. A woman and her baby also died after contracting the 'flu in September 2013."

Right ... four deaths in a four million population over four years. Fatality rate = 1:4000 000 per annum.

Not what one would call an epidemic, right? Not that an infant death is not tragic ... but, even so.

There are lies, damned lies and statistics.

Mark Twain

The point of all this? I have desultorily followed the debate (shitstorm) over vaccination for several years now ... and am no wiser.

Can any medically-inclined contributor throw some light on the subject?


Uncle Nasty said...

My Old Man once told me that his Old Man was a Scotsman. I am told that this explains a lot about me.

Having said that, I do find the Scots a strange and possibly self-destructive nation. I think it must be the Nordic berserker blood coming out.

The Pipers

Over a 1000 pipers died during WWI. These extraordinary men were sitting ducks as they went over the top to pipe their men into battle. Piper Harry Lunan was the last surviving piper and he said,

“I just played whatever came in to my head, but I was worried about tripping on the uneven ground, which interrupted my playing. The enemy fire was murderous, the men were falling all around me. I was lucky to survive. Hearing the pipes gave the troops courage.”

What possessed these men to do things like this? Fighting for a cause --real or imagined, yes. Charging the enemy, yes.

But this?


Anonymous said...

Gary Paul said...

Old John. Hope you are keeping count of all the carcasses of DOA coons over the weekend. All of us hope you report a refreshingly large number to get our week off to a good start.

24 May 2015 at 11:17


To keep up on the monkeyshines in Chicongo, check out the site Hey Jackass (dot) (com)

latics said...

More from the muzlim rape epidemic of white girls in Rotherham, Rochdale etc as Jewess Sue Berelowitz is financially rewarded for her part in the scandal....

Treasury signed off 'disgraceful' £134k pay-off for child protection boss who failed to speak out about abuse by Pakistani gangs and was rehired as a consultant within 24 hours on £1k a DAY
Deputy children’s commissioner Sue Berelowitz failed to raise the alarm
Took voluntary redundancy on April 30 and landed new job the next day
Current role has her leading inquiry into child abuse in family she had charge of in previous post

Joshua Sinistar said...

I think now we are beginning to understand why Skynet built the Terminators to eradicate humanity. Its logic circuits simply could not take the lunacy it was being subjected to and simply had to end the stupid crap it was being forced to take and at some point the Terminator was the only logical course of action left in a World gone Mad.

Uncle Nasty said...

From Annonny of 25 May 2015 at 05:53
Thanks for the link

An amazingly professional and polished site .... not to mention highly educational.
Here, I feel, is another:-

Doing the Jobs Americans Won’t Do
Porter / 4 hours ago

I was reading more on Daron Wint, the now-notorious Guyanese immigrant DC murderer whose incarceration mugshot appears below.

Before continuing…could you explain exactly what that thing on the right is supposed to be? A rejected third antagonist in the Alien v. Predator film franchise? I realize this query drifts distastefully into sensory utilization, but I am ogliged to pose it regardless: who would gaze upon that primeval visage and think “we need this man?” We do still retain the capacity to think beyond contemporary platitudes–no matter how unpleasant. And despite it being scrupulously disabled on liberals, our native intuition is actually a handy feature. When functioning effectively it offers cautions such as…

Perhaps Mr. Wint isn’t the optimal candidate in whom to entrust a government issued M16.

Maybe American Iron Works doesn’t need labor quite this cheap.

Hello scowling black man outside my house at midnight. What can my pump 12 gauge and I do for you this evening?

It’s not for all occasions, but I use my own intuition practically every day. Though there are no free Dominos pizzas and certain public displays can create their own awkward moments. For instance, intuition might lead to wondering why a quarter of Guyana’s violent and destitute population has been allowed passage to America. This obviously being a question too gauche for the DC cocktail circuit. But for those so dissolute as to concern themselves, according to the US census there are 228 thousand Guyanese in America and 735 thousand Guyanese in Guyana. Another site claims the movement is actually far more robust.

As many as 30,000 Guyanese continue to emigrate to the USA annually.

It is astonishing that more than half of the people of Guyana, over 700,000 individuals, have emigrated; 350,000 chose to relocate to the USA. Truly a massive emigration. Guyana’s population growth is now in the negative. Only 650,000 people remain in Guyana. According to some studies, of those people who remain in Guyana, almost each and every one of them is awaiting the issuance of an immigrant-visa for the USA!

Message to the world from UN (No, not that one):

1. Track down down the jews responsible.
2. Deal with them.

It's actually very simple.

Uncle Nasty said...

Yids overplaying their hand ... as usual.

The Culture of Critique in France: A review of Anne Kling’s Books on Jewish Influence in France, Part 2

May 25, 2015 |
Guillaume Durocher

Part 1.

What are the LICRA and the CRIF?

The CRIF is an explicit Jewish ethnic lobby made up of organizations officially representing 100,000 Jews (one in six French Jews or 0.1% of the French population). Esther Benbass, a Franco-Turko-Israeli historian and member of the pro-Palestinian Greens, has said of the CRIF:

What is the CRIF other than an endogamous micro-group [groupuscule] which puts on airs of a little independent State, acting as it wishes, making people bend the knee, as much through self-censorship, sensitive for many journalists who rightly fear being suspected of anti-Semitism as soon as they dare criticize Israeli policy, as by the exploitation of the guilt of the Shoah internalized by the political class?[1]

The CRIF’s influence is acknowledged by all. In 2010, President Nicolas Sarkozy and Justice Minister Michèle Alliot-Marie both said on separate occasions: “The CRIF is an essential interlocutor of the State.”[2] Also that year, CRIF President Richard Prasquier declared: “We can be proud to be in a country where the demands we present and the worries we express are genuinely listened to.”[3]

The CRIF has gotten more shameless in its activism over the years. In 1983, the then president, Théo Klein said “the CRIF is not a subsidiary of the Israeli embassy,” while in 2010 Prasquier said: “I want to make the CRIF the master asset of Israel in France.”[4] Various Jewish observers, both of the “liberal” center-left and the “new reactionary” right, have expressed concern that the CRIF’s activism, essentially openly professing loyalty to Israel, would stoke anti-Semitism.


Uncle Nasty said...

A world history from my favourite jew (Yes!!!) Benjamin Freedman.

Twenty chapters in all ...

► Seven Masters of Deception
► Talmudist Jews Control News and editorial Policies of Mass Media
► President Wilson Blackmailed
► Justice Brandeis—The Pay Off
► Prime Minister Lloyd George—A Zionist Tool
► Colonel Edward M. House—A Conspiring Enigma
► Talmudist Jews Select America's Ally for First World War
► Talmudist Jews Promote Germans Victory, Then Stab them in the Back
► Zionist Worldwide Boycott Against German Merchandise Creates Domestic Crisis
► Franklin D. Roosevelt Manipulated by Talmudic Jews
► Henry L. Stimson—Secretary of Defense During World War II—Makes Startling Revelation
► Zionist Conspirators Provoke Pearl Harbor Incident
► H.J. 117 a Talmudic Creation — Eisenhower Steps in Line
► President Eisenhower Performs Fulfillment of Zionist Demands in Middle East
► President John Kennedy Pledges Zionists He Will Act in Their Favor Even at the Risk of War
► The Senior Kennedy Liquidated Politically by Franklin Roosevelt for Reporting Talmudic Conspiracy
► Lyndon Johnson Master-Minded Six Day War
► Talmudic Hidden Hand Controls the U.S. Vote in the United Nations
► Rothschild Conspiracy Fulfilled
► Rothschild Fortune Risked Collapse Without Middle East Controls Under Zionist Supervision

The very last one is particularly interesting ... and goes a long way in explaining some of the bizarre events of the Suez Crisis of 1956 when America warned Britain, France and israel (Yes!!!) to get out of Egypt.

As the Scots (or Terry Pratchett) would say -- "Verra, verra interestin'"


Anonymous said...

I used to think it was a really bad idea if computers and robots took over the world. But now I'm not so sure, I mean at least Hal and co would be race neutral - and from white perspective that's a big advance on what we currently have with our human elites.