Friday, 10 April 2015

Optimising face-time

The Irish Immigration Control Platform (ICP) has been getting some good airtime recently, including an appearance before a Parliamentary Committee and on a popular TV program (the Vincent Browne Show). Browne being Ireland's Jeremy Paxman equivalent. On that show their spokeswoman Aine Ni Chonaill (Ann O'Connell) came across as intelligent and with a masterful command of the facts. The problem though is that while a masterful command of the facts works great in a book or academic paper it does not really cut it on TV or indeed on any forum where participants are constrained by time and subject to interruptions. Therefore In the spirit of constructive criticism and as guidance for any reader with the same opportunity I offer the following free of charge.

First, in a short TV interview with only minutes of talk-time do not get bogged down in detailed facts. On such a forum nobody is interested in 'according to United Nations Statute 46.2.14 as amended by Statute 56.3.66  on 25/10/201 and subsequently incorporated into the ECHR requirements etc.etc.......'. That's ok for a book or an academic article, not for a short sound bite.  Just say 'international law requires..'

Keep the message simple and embodied in a small number of key concepts. It should be possible to deploy one or more of them to almost any question asked. Here are a few:
  • In Ireland all asylum seekers are bogus, i.e. asylum tourists. This derives from the simple fact that genuine asylum seekers are obliged by 'international law' to lodge their application in the country they first "escape" to.  Ireland has no direct linkages to any of the hell holes concerned, ipso facto we cannot be the 'first country' for anyone.
  • Every foreign adult in Ireland is either taking the job of an Irish person or alternatively drawing unemployment benefit. (In reality of course lots of them are doing both!)
  • The state spends hundreds of millions annually is support of the immigration industry.  Cite this in the context  of the multiple problems faced by Irish citizens due to Government austerity. 'Little Johnny can't get that heart operation due to lack of resources.  I'd sooner spend the money on him rather than on asylum tourists'. Keep plugging the lack of school places, long hospital waiting lists etc.
  • The so-called regularising of illegals is Orwellian NewSpeak. Regularising would mean sending the asylum tourists/illegal immigrants back while prioritising those following the legal route.
  • The impact of Third World immigration on Western countries has been disastrous. Be able to recite a range of chilling examples. 'Why are we not learning from the mistakes of others?'.
  • Cite Aristotle to the effect that impractical morality is no morality. So when some craw-thumper like the Pope appeals for all immigrants to be welcomed to our shores ask how such vast numbers can be housed, schooled, their health looked after etc.
  • Cite international examples, most notably that of America, to show that amnesties, far from drawing a line under the problem, result in massive additional waves of immigrants.
  • When challenged about the drownings in the Med cite the Australian example which shows that the certain knowledge of being towed back to where they embarked will stop the trafficking instantly.  End of tragedies on the high seas. Real practical morality would therefore call for this solution.
  • When your humanity is challenged you must exude empathy baby! Aine was asked something like 'don't you think migrant woman and children drowning in the Med should be rescued?' Her response was along the lines of  'ICP don't have a position on that'. NOT GOOD!  While technically correct it makes dreadful television. Or radio. Or any forum really.  Say 'my heart goes out to those unfortunate people. However if we operated a rigorous repatriation policy they wouldn't undertake the journey in the first place'.  

As I said, one or more of these snappy factlets can be woven in to any answer to almost any question. They can and should be adapted for other countries.  The outcome will be positive, minds changed.

Try it.

Our futures depend on it.


Mary said...

Timely post given I just watched a video of yet another sickening "citizenship ceremony" via the Irish Slimes. Read the comments (On facebook) and weep for this country....most are just thrilled at the prospect of thousands of more negroes here to "shake up the gene pool". Oh how I loathe them. Scroll down a few stories to it on FB for comments:

Clogheen said...

I saw Aine on VB and also on that Dail Committee. I agree with you. Very smart and great command of the detail but she does not make a particularly good advocate. More of a background person.

James Lord said...

Good advice Sav.

As you say, can be adapted for a lot of other situations other than teevee.

B Boru said...

Saw that citizenship ceremony myself Mary. No end in sight is there? Thousands every couple of months.

Anonymous said...

Ireland will be sorry

Anonymous said...

Ireland will be stupid bloody egits.

Shaunantijihad said...

Brian, of course there is an end in sight... our "ringfenced foreign aid" is used to breed as many low IQ Congoids and rabid Muslims as is possible to facilitate the Jewish Kalergi Plan - the extermination of the White race by mass non-White immigration.

When the last White is chased down and murdered or raped, the foreign aid will end, the stone age hominid breeding program will end, and former Caucasian lands will look like an Islamic Haiti.

That's the end, and it's what Liberals are fighting to bring about. But most of them don't know it. The treasonous Jew controlled media (and indeed Christianity to some extent) has taught them that this is the correct moral position to take.

Iron Felix said...

As an aside, consider the Irish illegals in the USA, the regular waves of wetbacks created by the eerie Irish
inability, which seems chronic, to capitalise upon the collossal natural resources tendered gratis by nature
upon the large fertile island of Ireland. Having first dumped what is seen as a problem upon the USA we now campaign for American Immigration and Naturalisation Law to be altered in our favour. But please note the brassnecked insolence of the terms in which the demand is couched; they demand REFORM of the law, as though there were something morally defective in American Law in the first place. Jews may be noted for chutzpah but they certainly have no monopoly on it.

Rob said...

Savant: Ireland has no direct linkages to any of the hell holes concerned, ipso facto we cannot be the 'first country' for anyone.

Unfortunately, it does now - an example the snowball effect of immigration. Once you have enough Nigerian "asylum seekers" in the country, this will generate sufficient demand for flights back to Nigeria for all those frauds who "fled persecution".

A better idea would be to attack the whole concept of granting asylum to anyone. Violence and persecution are the norm in the Third World, not an aberration we can solve or alleviate. As the journalist Bruce Anderson said: "We can't solve the world's problems, much less import them".

Anonymous said...

Nice one Sav!
I,ll keep to my slightly obscure posts ..ref analogman.
little bit of history.
My father was London (Cockney) It was given that they were smarter than the rest of the country?/!!!
When he and my mother had "words".
She would have him spluttering and spitting feathers in a few seconds!
So I'll stay in my comefort zone.

Anonymous said...

The muffler Plot incident: A wind up for the primitives? Create confusion and mayhem!
The Mad Hatton Garden heist : A alternative punishment for not joining the Ukraine massacre?
Watch the insurance claims on this ...if you can.

Anonymous said...

Shaunantijihad said: “our "ringfenced foreign aid" is used to breed as many low IQ Congoids...”

Daily Telegraph, 12 September 2013

Africa's population to DOUBLE to 2.4 billion by 2050

African mothers have an average of 5.2 children, rising to 7.6 in Niger, the country with the world's highest fertility rate that is close to five times the European average of 1.6 children born to each woman.

Daily Mail, 13 September 2013

Top 10 countries with the highest fertility are all in sub-Saharan Africa

PND, 04 October 2011

[Jew] Soros Pledges $27.4 Million to Aid Development in Rural Africa

Soros, the founder and chairman of the Open Society Foundations, also pledged up to $20 million in loans to support business projects within the targeted villages over the next five years. In 2006, Soros made a five-year, $50 million pledge to the project despite opposition from OSF board members.

The MDG goals include...REDUCING CHILD MORTALITY by two-thirds, REDUCING MATERNAL MORTALITY by two-thirds, and halting and beginning to reverse the spread of HIV/AIDS.

Responding to the news, [Jew] Jeffrey Sachs, special ADVISOR to the UN secretary-general on the Millennium Development Goals project and director of the Earth Institute, said, "We are thrilled...”

Frank Galton

iron felix said...

Couple of things.I remember that Immigration Control lady from way back in the first days of immigration. She was wheeled out once or twice on t.v. for the standard dogpacking ritual by the usual meedja crew who enjoy dishing out a good kicking when it is safe to do so, i.e. when the crowd is rooting for you.
She has been carefully sidelined ever since need we add.
And OF COURSE they are all bogus asylum seekers, but Joe Citizen, ever happy to run with the crowd and having no more balls than a bull-canary anyway doesn't care. He just wants to be on the right side, as he thinks it to be, quite regardless of the res ipsa.
By the by Anon at 16.10 and 16.11 Ireland will not regret it---they will be too dumbed down and mongrelised to know the difference.
Ireland has always had immigration often on a large scale, and the results have always been beneficial. They may lament all they want about Cromwell and about the Plantations, but the results of breeding with enormously superior stock have produced the mestizo whom we think of as the Irish of today. This is,however, now the first time in history where the incoming immigrant stock is definitely of lower quality than the resident one, though the gap is not as wide as one may imagine. It is a sobering thought that the autochthonous Irish, down the centuries have never been regarded as White European people; the "savage old Irish" were always thought to be only three-fifths human and fit only for servitude. This view was not without foundation.

Anonymous said...

The Washington Times, 14 January 2015

[Jew] George Soros funds Ferguson protests, hopes to spur civil action

Liberal billionaire gave at least $33 million in one year to groups that emboldened activists

There’s a solitary man at the financial center of the Ferguson protest movement. No, it’s not victim Michael Brown or Officer Darren Wilson. It’s not even the Rev. Al Sharpton, despite his ubiquitous campaign on TV and the streets.

Rather, it’s liberal billionaire [Jew] George Soros, who has built a business empire that dominates across the ocean in Europe while forging a political machine powered by nonprofit foundations that impacts American politics and policy, not unlike what he did with

In all, Mr. Soros gave at least $33 million in one year to support already-established groups that emboldened the grass-roots, on-the-ground activists in Ferguson, according to the most recent tax filings of his nonprofit Open Society Foundations.

With the backing of national civil rights organizations and Mr. Soros‘ funding, “Black Lives Matter” grew from a hashtag into a social media phenomenon, including a #BlackLivesMatter bus tour and march in September.

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Dr David Duke and Adrian Salbuchi on Argentinian TV

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

An excellent synopsis of the case, Savant.


Anonymous said...

I don't get you, Ironic Felix. Are you an Orangeman, a lowland Scot or just an American hillbilly who read a couple books?

I thought the various Isles tribes were supposed to be more in solidarity now that the various homelands are being overrun by niggers, spics and Arabs.

Any demographic adjustment in the US immigration laws can only help white people to move freely around the globe. Have you noticed yet that the worst sort of criminal scum can move globally while you are pretty much rooted in place.

Anonymous said...


Do you really think the base population of Ireland is two fifths nonhuman?

I mean we're talking here about an indigenous population most clearly represented by the "black Irish" of the west of Ireland. Upper-paleolithic survivors, in other words Cro-magnon bloodlines. Cousins of the Basques.

Yes, they have black hair but certainly the whitest of skin. Do you consider the Sean Connery type to be some kind of nigger?

Felix, I think you're going to find out the difference between curly hair and kinky hair the hard way.

Anonymous said...

One anthropological belief is that man evolved to hunt the mammoths of the Ice Age. The cro-magnons, in this view, represent the high point of evolution in terms of strength, brain size and compatibility with their environment.
Certainly, the art of 25,000 years ago is equivalent or better than today. Also, hunting the big game gave them an affluence which was degraded in later times. The amber trade routes also imply a kind of universal prehistoric culture. Caucasians represent an devolution from this high state.

But this is a high class distinction that will make little difference if you don't find a way to shut off your African immigration. We're adapted to lot of this bullshit here in the States. There's four times the number of white people here as in Britain. You have no defenses. Everyone here realizes PC is nonsense and our apes are being severely chastised. You think every problem is your fault and kiss their asses more and more.

And you're all so trapped by your mythologies. Felix would rather have a nigger grandkid than an Irish one. Good luck with that, Felix!

The Wolf said...

Are you running for Fuehrer next year Savant? If so, you have my vote!!

Nero said...

A titbit.

In a society with unemployment:
'Each immigrant is either taking a job from someone from the host society, or is on welfare’.
Followed by ‘Can you thing of a white man who is employed by a black man?’

Nero said...

I thought the various Isles tribes were supposed to be more in solidarity now that the various homelands are being overrun by niggers, spics and Arabs anon 16:28

Please! Language. The correct expression is 'orcs, elves and goblins'.

iron felix said...

Anon Dear boy, you at 16.42; never mind what I personally think. The view of the Irish was widely held all over Europe for centuries. Whether you like it or not, that is the reason why they were traded like cattle, ethnically cleansed, generally treated like nigs. It had nothing to do with either skin colour or curliness of hair---unless of course you are one of those enchanting folk who say we must not judge people by their colour, quite forgetting that we racists would never do anything as futile as that.

Anonymous said...

iron felix says that

the "savage old Irish" were always thought to be only three-fifths human and fit only for servitude.

"Thought to be' in this case was bunk.

The wife and I used to go exploring through the ancient canals of Ohio. Beautiful reminders of a cherished and elegant era.

But when the canals were being dug they were called "Irish graves" because in the 1840-50 period when they were dug, illiterate Irish workers died in droves to dig them. Summer was especially bad when malaria time came around.

Those who survived became the backbone of the union movement, became civil and industrial engineers, became lawyers, politicians, scientists. No matter how they were viewed in the bad old days, the Irish (at least here in Ohio) remain strong European stock that can endure and prosper given the right conditions.

Open borders are designed to destroy the conditions of advancement. For Irish and all other Europeans.

Time to stop daydreaming that replacement immigration is anything but race war by other means.


David said...

Iron Felix: same old same old, just ignore the civilising effects of Irish missionaries in Europe during the Dark Ages, and what about the wonderful archaeological sites of Newgrange and its environs, not to mention the Book of Kells or the fact that the Ogham alphabet is indigenous to Ireland from a time when most of the world had no written script.
How long does it take to master the Uilleann pipes? Some say fifteen years,an indigenous instrument created here that takes discipline, time and devotion to learn, not some screeching rap tune with a snare drum backbeat which is what passes for music today, that some simian has self taught itself...thats what you are comparing us to.
If you read "the Conquest of the North Atlantic" by G L Marcus you will see that the author is at pains to credit the Irish and primarily Irish monks as the first real explorers of the North Atlantic, travelling up the Western Isles to the Faroes and to Iceland, maybe a hundred years before the Vikings arrived, all this in leather hulled boats. No doubt many perished alone in cold arctic seas, brave noble men in search of the Christian God forgotten now.
Ireland had a golden age before she was subsumed into her powerful neighbour, and all that vanished especially after the Reformation when England's left brain Protestantism turned against the religious heir of the Roman Empire. Even there Celtic ingenuity occasionally flared up like the Fenian Hollands invention of the Submarine or the indigenous warfare that was waged occasionally for a protracted period against the most powerful empire in the worlds own back yard, the type of warfare that takes discipline and devotion to for years.
Of course we would have done the same to England had we the size and strength so no grudges are borne by me anyway, I merely acknowledge that our past for a lonely outpost in Europe was far richer and more glorious than your continuous diatribes against her suggest.

Anonymous said...

There is no reason for the immigration. Plenty of people here to do the unskilled work already. For jobs that require skills, it used to be the case the businesses would train people to the required level. What happened? Maybe the only way left is to vote with your money. Only buy from businesses that do not employ immigrants.

Setanta said...

Iron Felix is trying to be this blog's Eamonn Dunphy or George Hook equivalent. Just say something - anything - to be controversial. He is bordering on being a troll IMHO.

Iron Felix said...

dear dear some of you lads get awful cross; for myself the sight of someone with a pitbull's grip on the wrong end of indeed the wrong stick is always a soothing thing for the mind to contemplate. Any adverse comment about these overwhelmingly conceited people, even if one is only quoting, stirs a right hornet's nest and no error.I believe I said, in the first place, that mass immigration from subsaharan Africa was anything but a good thing. Any problems with that, fellas..............?

Uncle Nasty said...

Agree thoroughly with your observations, Savant, but, sadly feel that your solution ... is not.

Your (or anyone's) attempt to use reason as a weapon is doomed from the start as someone once famously said: "Their arguments, not being based on reason cannot be swayed by it ..."

It is all emotion, anguish, feelings and other nebulous crap that rule right now -- and we are in a closed-loop situation.
Should one point out the fallacy of this tear-streaked, weepy fake guilt and wailey-wailey-wailey (as Terry Pratchett so admirably put it), this pointing out, regardless of how gently it is done, it will be the club with which we will be beaten, yea, unto the tenth generation.

Let us pretend that we are actually given a public platform from which we can legitimately espouse our views, its life will be measured in nanoseconds as the whole establishment -- Masons, jews, their enablers and the whole media machine will move as a single, well oiled unit to crush us.
As has been done for decades now.

Why change a winning strategy?

Even if we came up with a slogan (espousing our point of view) that shook the world on its bearings, all record of it would be first removed, then the fragments that bob up later would be vilified, smothered and denigrated ... ultimately buried in a morass of so-called public opinion generated especially for an occasion such as this.**

Pretty much the same way that an un-PC blog post will be drowned in a tsunami of inconsequential sludge.

The point, at best is diminished. At worst it is taken out of context, and re-cast into another tool for the jews.

A prime example is that of Vidkun Quisling. A man who was an actual hero in every way, but tarred with the traitor brush -- over the last sixty years or so, by jew propaganda that, today, his very name symbolises "Betrayer".

Well, to that vanishing number of people who actually are aware of WWII as a little more that the stage to showcase yid heaven -- the holohoax.

Secondly, consider Josef Goebbels ... who probably spoke more truth than any of the Allies -- and is probably one of the most mis-quoted persons in modern history

(some living history)

and this:-

Anyway ... The American establishment in the sixties -- whether they actually meant it, or were merely being overly cynical -- worshipped the concept of winning the "Hearts and Minds" of the Vietnamese. It took a US Marine colonel to put it in blunter terms.

"When you've got them by the balls, their hearts and minds will follow ..."

Which concept do you think has the greater validity?

Time and again, we fall into the trap of attempting to use the tools that they offer us and they say we must use to attempt to oust them. Are we that surprised that we keep on failing?
Are we that stupid that we must play by the rules that they set for us? The rules that we are allowed to use?


**Mark Twain once said: "There is no such thing as 'Public Opinion' ... there is merely 'published opinion'.

Tell me that this isn't so.

Anonymous said...


Jewish Member of Parliament Jonathan Djanogly served as Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Justice from May 2010 to September 2012. He is the Conservative MP for Huntingdon.

Previous roles in government

Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Minister for the Courts and LEGAL AID

The Guardian, 20 September 2011

[Jewish MP Jonathan] Djanogly is pushing a bill through parliament that will attempt to slash the LEGAL AID budget by £350m...

The Guardian, 09 September 2014

In April 2013, the Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012 (LASPO) came into force.

Whole categories of law have been taken out of scope for legal aid. The categories now out of scope include:

• Family cases where there is no proof of domestic violence, forced marriage or child abduction. There has been a 60% fall in family cases granted funding and two thirds of cases in the family court now feature somebody representing themselves.
• Immigration cases that do NOT INVOLVE ASYLUM OR DETENTION
• Housing and debt matters unless they constitute an immediate risk to the home
• Welfare benefit cases; except appeals to the upper tribunal or high court
• Almost all clinical negligence cases
• Employment cases that do NOT INVOLVE HUMAN TRAFFICKING or a contravention of the Equality Act 2010

Legal aid provides funding for legal assistance to those who cannot afford to pay a lawyer to give them legal advice or represent them in court.

Note that “ASYLUM SEEKERS” continue to receive legal aid.

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Metropolitan Black Police Association, 16 January 2015

Met’s First Black Female Assistant Commissioner

The Metropolitan Police confirmed Patricia Gallan has been elevated to assistant commissioner.

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...


Sam Gyimah was appointed as Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Department for Education on 15 July 2014.

Sam’s [Sam Gyimah’s] Blog

Operation BLACK Vote Parliamentary Shadowing Scheme

Pleased to be taking part in the Operation BLACK Vote Parliamentary Shadowing Scheme...

Daily Mail, 02 April 2010

...local [Tory] activists took against Mr Gyimah after he appeared on a shortlist of candidates IMPOSED by TORY CENTRAL OFFICE*.

NOT ONE of the six candidates was a STRAIGHT WHITE MALE.


The Board is the ultimate decision making body of the Conservative Party.


• Rt Hon David Cameron MP - Leader of the Conservative Party [mischling JEW]
• Lord Feldman of Elstree - Chairman of the Board of the Conservative Party [JEW]
• Rt Hon Grant Shapps MP - Conservative Party Chairman [JEW]

Frank Galton

Gem Junior said...

Iron Felix you are such a douche smh.

Iron Felix said...

I used to hear from a certain species of pink gin Englishman, the sort who fought WW2 in carpet slippers of course, the sort of guys who sent their own sons to the family firm in Ireland and out of harm's way back then, while mobs of micks travelled the other way to sign up for King and Country, that if Hitler had won we'd all be talking German now!!! The riposte here is of the simplest; a pause, then a quizzical "...und?" Likewise, when some frothing fool asks if you are a racist, just say "aren't we all; you too." To the spluttering denial, just say "You'll find out soon enough, sunny Jim".
Keep it calm and simple, let the other guy lose it.

Iron Felix said...

Gem Junior give us that again, what am I?

Shaunantijihad said...

The Irish evolved directly from the peat, rivers and stones of the Isles. They are most certainly not the descendents who moved from... England and Wales, right?

Seriously, divide and conquer is an enemy tactic during an invasion. In unity, we created the British Empire.

Unity is required again.

Rise Caucasia - bigger and better than ever the Empire was. A racial Empire of Caucasians who will avenge the Jewish organised attack by (consciously invading) Moslems and (unconsciously invading) Congoids, who, mostly have no concept of the genetic damage their inferior stone age genome can do. They are proxies for a much more intelligent enemy.

Anonymous said...

Re: The Mad Hatton Heist ..... again... I’m of the opinion. Lewis Carrol a possible empathetic source ... Alice in Wonderland may have been used .
All the clews are in there.
With a little standing back to look at things..... Queen of Spades/Smug Cheshire kats/Mad ‘Atters/March Hairs/Some place to hide stuff and so it goes on and on ... I think it may have more to do with evidence of exotic behavior , than lifting a few alleged rocks.
Where are these depositors going to stash their stuff in future?

Anonymous said...

It's like the same old question that Felix and his ilk always ask about the Famine; why did the natives not build boats and go fishing?.

The answer is almost ludicrously simple. There were no fucking trees left!. The country had been almost completely denuded of usable timber to build the Royal Navy.


Anonymous said...

To CUT OFF the head of the snake a Viet Nam / Taliban style campaign is what's needed. ISIS are doing the dirty work for the enemy now !

Reversing the cancer requires a ruthless, dedicated, UNITED global front.

Once it gets into 2nd /3rd gear those who won't unite get rid!

Anonymous said...

Re the Micks!
This blog is fantastic ! it is going some way to the unraveling of the divide and conquer device.
Anglo Irish myself, born and bread UK.
I had an uncle who arrived back home from Dunkirk with a pair of pajama trousers on, asked at the dockside for a Uk address was given a travel warrant. (They had a near mutiny on their hands)....Two more spent the war POWs in Japan and Singapore.
As a child,I took some snide stick from some about U boat crews living it up in an aside to this, what I found usualy .. that their parents were what one would describe as prize shits! and having a good war (well priced war work).
These ended up the most bitter and hate full, which they carried through for many many years. (The factory foremen and managers had to identify which work was monkey/watch/monkey/do, so as they could let them go and be “called up for military service”).
Until the web came along .. to make ones knowledge heard was quite difficult .. soon shouted down!

Uncle Nasty said...

This may seem off-topic, but, I think it important that our American cousins take a close look at who is being groomed for next Prez.

Here's a clue -- they'll be calling Bill Clinton the "First Gentleman." ... and Chelsea the First Monkey.

You think the niggers currently stinking up the White House are bad? Wait until the chipmunk-cheeked cunt is wrenching the levers of power out of their sockets ... and pawning them in Tel Aviv.

I copped a lot of flak the last time Madame X was visiting New Zealand. She left in quite a flaming rush about a week before Ghaddafi got blown away -- Pure cohencidence, I tell you!!!

An acquaintance mentioned her rapid (and unexpected) departure. My response was be grateful ... it wasn't a state visit. She was casing the joint.

It went down like a lead balloon.


Iron Felix said...

anon at 14.32; jeezuz you guys are all the same. Yes, the Brits cut down all the trees, we know this. Q; why did the Micks stand by and let then do it? Yes, folk starved because the potatoes failed. Q; how did the Micks allow themselves to arrive at a position where their lives were critically dependent on just one crop, noted for it's unreliability? Yes, we know the micks never built boats to go fishing. Q; what was stopping them from doing so before the trees were all cut down? Yes, we all know that England brought Ireland to her knees---that was how it used to be said in schools once. Q; while it was perfectly true, do the micks not see that it was UP to her knees she was brought? Ever think of that, any of you?

Anonymous said...

The Sindo had an article that CIA work is not like it is portrayed by Claire Danes on Homeland and we know it is not.

A Morgan Freemanlike scientist does the work and White privilege gives the credit to Carrie Bradshaw.

Anonymous said...

And the famines in England and Scotland were caused by?

Sponge Cake said...

Woman arrested after man stabbed to death in Phibsboro.

A woman suspected of stabbing a man to death in a late night incident in Dublin has been arrested by gardaĆ­.
The suspect, who is in her mid 40s, is being held at Mountjoy garda station in the north inner city.
She is being detained under Section 4 of the Criminal Justice Act and can be questioned for up to 24 hours without charge.
The woman is from Trinidad and has three children.
She is being questioned about the circumstances under which the dead man sustained his fatal injuries at her house on Phibsboro Road, Phibsboro, north Dublin.
The woman was known to the dead man but they were not believed to have been in a relationship. The man was visiting her property when he was stabbed.

The emergency services were called to the scene at around 10.30pm.
When gardaĆ­ and paramedics arrived they found the victim with stab wounds, though he was still alive.
He was treated at the scene before being taken by ambulance the short distance to the Mater Hospital.
He underwent further treatment at the hospital but efforts to save him were not successful and he was pronounced dead this morning.
The man, originally from Romania, lived in a property with his extended family on the same terrace of houses where the attack occurred.

Anonymous said...

If I knew my relatives lent assistance to U boat crews I'd be fucking delighted. But I'm only a sub human, not sophisticated enough to live in a land where all the native girls are sex slaves in every other town.

If only we were fully human and smart enough to stay in the Union, think what we're missing out on! And we could have helped incinerate and mass rape Germans too!

Anglo Saxons are a fucking plague. Hand in hand with the jew since the power of the Church was broken.


Anonymous said...

Is this union worth joining ?
It's run by BNP's Pat Harrington and Graham Williamson ? I understand the latter is married to a coolie from Sri Lanka ?
Is this correct ?

Anonymous said...

FT on why The Telegraph is failing

Clare Balding signs off with: "April 11th will go down in history as the day in which women were finally allowed to take place in this historic event. It is the start of a new chapter."

So it was the first womens race ever you thick as horsehit Dyke?

(Greg's name take a capital letter.)
A young "journalist" wrote that she rowed 1000 metres on a rowing machine in 2 minutes 25 seconds.

A male crew can sprint 500 meters in 1 minute 30 seconds.

If only Cambridge or Oxford had a crew of 8 versions of this wonderwomen they could have rowed the course in 18 minutes 42 seconds. GIRL POWER!

Iron Felix said...

I understand that the potato crop across much of Europe was wiped out by the blight. However, there was no famine anywhere in those years. What made the difference as between Ireland and, say, Prussia? In the latter the crops were a total loss, yet nobody starved.Famines in England and Scotland? This news to me. Oh, by the way Anon, sarcasm requires both erudition and wit to be effective.

Iron Felix said...

Just so we can have done with this Famine nonsense; there has never in all history been a famine that occurred entirely naturally, i.e., "innocently". All, without exception, are caused by one or other, and like as not both, of two things. One is stupidity, the other is crime. Neither are these readily distinguishable much of the time either.
The reason this is true is also two-fold. The world, contra Darwin, is just as Nietzsche said---overflowing in prodigal abundance, almost to the point of farce, with every good and wholesome thing. The other truth is, as Fuller put it, that tendered gratis by a benificent Deity though they be, nevertheless they must be ethically won.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous WR 18.26 Anglo Saxons are German! You should be delighted you ignorant prick. Was Haig who sent all those poor lads 'over the top' an ''Anglo Saxon'" ? No he was a Pictish prick like you as was Kitchenor who incarcerated Boer women and children for the Joooos in South Africa under a jingoistic British flag, galvanising power for a German queen Vic and kike prime minister Disraeli.. And you were refuelling u boats while sending your brothers to fight for Britain .. And feeding the English while your landlords along with the red coats starved the poor not just in Ireland but England too. Sniff some of that and snort it...

Anonymous said...

BBC, 07 March 2015

Police forces all face major budget CUTS

Every police force in England and Wales is preparing for major budget cuts over the next five years, the BBC has found.

Forces are facing a 5% cut in GOVERNMENT FUNDING in 2015/16 and more cuts after the general election.

San Diego Jewish World, 19 March 2015


Jewish Chronicle, 19 March 2015

Cameron gives £3m for shul security after JC campaign

Speaking at the annual Community Security Trust dinner on Wednesday, David Cameron said:

"Tonight I can announce a FURTHER £3m. That's over £10m of new money for security, this year and every year, for as long as necessary."

The extra funding is part of a new £11.5m annual package for Jewish community security.

Private Jewish schools and colleges will receive £7m for guards and other new measures. CST will also receive £1.5m to build a control centre for its operations. The new money is on top of the annual £2m the government already pays for security at Jewish state schools.

In front of a 1,300-strong audience, the largest ever at a CST dinner, Mr Cameron praised the community's "enormous" contribution to Britain, and vowed that his government would give "EVERYTHING WE HAVE GOT" to PROTECT JEWS.

Mr Cameron also pledged his continued support for ISRAEL, which he described as "an extraordinary nation". He said: "I will always stand up for the right of Israel to defend its citizens… with me you will always have a British Prime Minister whose belief in Israel is unbreakable and whose commitment to ISRAEL'S SECURITY will always be rock solid."

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

''Those who survived became the backbone of the union movement, became civil and industrial engineers, became lawyers, politicians, scientists.''

The same is happening now. Blacks are becoming.....Err perhaps not. Well perhaps politicians who know how to play the 'minority' game.


Anonymous said...

Yorkshire Evening Post, 03 February 2015

Police in West Yorkshire [Bradford etc] ‘wince’ at impact of CUTS

Federation branch chairman Nick Smart, said: “The police service is being eroded, neighbourhood policing is being eroded and our members are worried about the level of service they can provide to the public as a result of ongoing cuts.

We face the pressures of TERRORISM, CHILD SEXUAL EXPLOITATION, safeguarding and vulnerability issues, cybercrime as well as traditional crimes and duties officers have to perform.”

Yorkshire Post, 13 February 2015

End our budget CUTS nightmare, say South Yorkshire’s [Rotherham’s] bobbies on the beat

San Diego Jewish World, 19 March 2015


The World Jewish Congress (WJC) on Thursday, March 19, welcomed an announcement by British Prime Minister David Cameron to INCREASE spending to better protect JEWISH INSTITUTIONS in the UK against potential terror attacks.

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

BBC, 06 January 2015

Drastic CUTS to Met Police budget says deputy mayor

There will be "drastic cuts" to the Metropolitan Police budget over the next few years, the mayor's deputy for policing has admitted.

SHOMRIM (Jewish security group)

Shomrim [London] volunteers receive ON-GOING TRAINING from the METROPOLITAN POLICE and have also received training from the Metropolitan Police Counter-Terrorism Command.

Frank Galton

katana said...

Red Ice Radio recently had a guest on that discussed the so-called Potato Famine.

Chris Fogarty - The Irish Holocaust

February 16, 2015

Chris Fogarty was raised on farm in Ireland where he worked the land with his father, and later went on to reside in the US. Mr. Fogarty has been a regular Columnist for the past nineteen years in Irish American News and is a citizen-investigator of Chicago aldermanic crime.

He is the author of Ireland 1845-1850: the Perfect Holocaust, and Who Kept it 'Perfect' and he is behind

Chris joins us to speak about the Irish Holocaust and the cover-up that is accomplished by the same British terrorism and bribery that perpetrated the genocide. He explains the dark time during 1845-1850 when Ireland starved because its food, from 40 to 70 shiploads per day, was removed at gunpoint by 12,000 British constables reinforced by the British militia.

Chris describes how the British completely took over 95% of Ireland’s territory, extracting all goods and wiping out at least half of the indigenous population. We’ll discuss the lie of Ireland’s “potato famine,” the official story used to explain the deaths of over 5.2 million people, which is propagated to this day – even by the Irish government, academia, and the Catholic Church.

Chris gives details of his extensive research into the locations of British food removal regiments and over 170 mass graves across Ireland. He’ll explain the fear of persecution and intimidation that continues to infect Irish society in modern times. We end by considering Ireland’s long history of ethnic cleansing, the role of the government and Catholic hierarchy, and the notion that the IRA are terrorists.


For my latest blog post, The Bizarre Story of Kristallnacht - Part 1 click here >>> KATANA


SAVANT said...

Folks, as you know I'm not a comment banner but I'm not happy with all this stuff about the Irish Famine. Of course it's a legitimate topic but the discussion serves only to ddrive wedges between the White people of these islands.

katana said...

Sav, most likely when you look into the whole affair there's plenty of hook nosed conspirators sacrificing "pawns" on their global chess board known as the British Empire.

katana said...

Back on topic.

Savant's advice in his post is spot on.

We need to have "elevator pitches" in our heads when putting forth our point of view.

We, of course, need to also have background info and arguments.

For example:

Q: Do you hate jews?

A: Yes! Absolutely! Don't you?

Q: WTF, WHY???

A: jews are genociding the White race.

Q: WHAT!!!?? What about the Holocaust!?

A: it's jew propaganda. Accuse Whites of the very thing jews are doing to Whites.

Q: WTF is this bullshit!!??

A: Take a big breath, calm down and I'll begin to explain how you have been conned big, big time your whole life.

... And so on.

beppo said...

@ Savant,

On the other hand it can be useful to refer to " the Irish Holodomor" and when
asked to explain this terminology one can do so without creating the impression that you are an obsessive antisemitic crank.

Anonymous said...

And you were refuelling u boats while sending your brothers to fight for Britain

This is an illegitimate topic seeing as it never happened.

Anonymous said...

@ 12:17 Chechar is posting a series of Adolph Hitler's ordinary table-talks, and the following portion was taken from transcribed notes of 25th October, 1941.

Hitler is speaking to Reichsfuehrer SS Himmler and SS General Heydrich.

"It’s not a bad idea, by the way, that public rumour attributes to us a plan to exterminate the Jews. Terror is a salutary thing."

Then he goes on to say: "The attempt to create a Jewish State will be a failure". Obviously, he was mistaken on that point.

Anonymous said...

imbecile anti Irish shatter started those citizenship ceremonies to copy the Brits and bolster the little man`s ego,im by no means a fan of fianna fail,but i`d say they gave less than 100 a year,to Date Kenny and his cronies have dished out 85,000 in 4 yrs,what a travesty for our little country

Anonymous said...