Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Revenge Of The Nerds

Women and technology don't mix. Black women in technology are as incongruous as a pork chop in a synagogue. It's not that women are stupid. It's just that they're...different.  (Fred Reed has a good article on the issue here)  In my time I have indeed come across a few actual feminine women in technology but most are just useless unproductive orbiters, parasiting on the real work done by White males, The exemplar you'll find to be a shrieking malodorous man-jawed dyke who could sweep the floor with her pubic hair.

Exhibit 1, Adria Richards.  This "techie" was at a conference when she heard two White male developers behind her - she wasn't in their conversation, didn't even know them - make an apparently lewd joke by referring to 'dongles' and 'forking your repository'.  At which point 'I stood up slowly, turned around and took three clear photos. Yesterday the future of programming was on the line and I made myself heard. [My italics]” 

The hag made herself heard by first complaining to the event organisers, which resulted in the nerds being carpeted for their 'insensitivity'. But that wasn't enough for this latter-day Joan of Ark. Now get a load of this. "Accountability was important. These guys sitting right behind me felt safe in the crowd. I got that and realised that being anonymous was fuelling their behaviour. This is know as Deindividuation.  Theories of Deindividuation propose that it is a psychological state of decreased self-evaluation causing antinormative and disinhibited behaviour. Deindividuation theory seeks to provide an explanation for a variety of antinormative behaviour such as violent crowds, lynch mobs, etc...."

Did you get that?

And of course this "techie" was nothing of the sort. (A bit like this guy). Otherwise she'd have known what a dongle is (for God's sake!!!) and that 'forking a repository' means taking a copy of another programmer's code and working on it independently. Some 'techie', isn't she? Actually her official job title is - hold on to something solid here - "Developer Evangelist". In other words an affirmative action black female made-up job which involves little more than rudimentary PR. Still it paid well enough for her to rent a $5k a month apartment. Diversity ain't cheap.

So what did she do after the guys had been been warned by the organisers? She took to the Twitter airwaves, berating the unfortunate joker ('Hank') while revealing to the world his full personal and professional details. This in turn activated the hive of dykes and perpetually offended parasites who feed on the technology industry as lampreys ("characterized by a funnel-like sucking mouth") leech on healthy fish. These shrieking hags demanded his firing. His company of course immediately caved in, leaving a productive developer with a wife and two kids out on the road and with a black mark (pun intended) on his bio. And by the way. this despite the customary profuse and abject grovelling, which I could have told him only whets the ghouls' appetite for further human sacrifice. So to summarise she eavesdropped on a private conversation, took a photograph of those conversing without permission, and posted it and her slanderous and inflammatory comments on several social media sites. There was no sexual harassment, no sexism, no "female objectification".

So was she regretful for the damage done, bearing in mind the grovelling apologies? Now listen to this - this creature really is a piece of work. “Not too bad. He’s a white male. I’m a black Jewish(!) female. He was saying things that could be inferred as offensive to me, sitting in front of him. Maybe it was 'Hank' who started all of this.. No one would have known he got fired until he complained. Maybe he’s to blame for complaining that he got fired. [My italics] It was his own actions that resulted in his own firing, yet he framed it in a way to blame me… If I had a spouse and two kids to support I certainly would not be telling ‘jokes’ like he was doing at a conference. Oh but wait, I have compassion, empathy, morals and ethics to guide my daily life choices. [My italics] I often wonder how people like him make it through life seemingly unaware of how ‘the other’ lives in the same world he does but with countless less opportunities.”

Isn't this just breathtaking? Have you ever come across a more entitled, egotistical, self-obsessed, sanctimonious, self-righteous harridan in your whole life? And an utter hypocrite. See the third picture down. Another Twitter extract....not so much sexual innuendo there, more full-frontal bawdiness. But of course, as every schoolboy know, if you're a black 'Jewish' female the rules don't apply to you. Only to the people whose work and dedication enable your parasitical lifestyle.

So what's all this about the nerds striking back then? Yes indeed, I bring you tidings of great joy. It takes a lot to activate nerds, notorious as they are for, well, nerdiness. But this creature and her antics were so grotesque and vile that even the nerds logged out of World Of Warcraft and declared real war instead. And their response represented a tantalising glimpse of the White male's potential untapped power, power just waiting to be unleashed. Because in short order they had brought her employers' website down, a Denial of Service attack overwhelming their Web servers and effectively bringing their operations to a close. The company was given an ultimatum: The attacks will stop once Richards gets fired. Publicly. Which she was by close of business (so to speak) the following day.

Now get out your handerchief and if you've got tears prepare to shed 'em. “I cried a lot, journaled and escaped by watching movies. I felt betrayed. I felt abandoned. I felt ashamed. I felt rejected. I felt alone.’’ And it's gratifying to learn that death threats continued even after she was fired. "Things got very bad for her. She had to disappear for six months. Her entire life was being evaluated by the Internet. It was not a good situation for her at all.”

And as far as I can judge she's still unemployed. And probably unemployable, certainly as - oh, ma achin' sides - a Software Evangelist.

I just love a story with a happy ending, don't you?


Kevin Rafferty said...

Thank you Savant! Not a better way to start the day than to read a story such as this. My coffee tastes sweeter for some reason.

Anonymous said...

"Black Jew" = Oxymoron? Moron?

Haxo Angmark said...

bitch double group-entitled: Jewess + she-boon. Difficult to believe it got some of what it deserved. Not in this Jew'd world

Anonymous said...

Amen. It is high time these high priests and priestesses of political correctness are held accountable for the mischief they cause others. Note that her company only caved when they were forced to. They didn't fire her because it would have been the right thing to do. We still live in a leftist totalitarian paradise where you better adhere to the party line or else. But this success at least gives a glimpse of how we can overcome their stranglehold on our freedom to speak and think.

Anonymous said...

Indications of the way forward?
made my morning.

Anonymous said...


I love your blog, use of the English language, wit and descriptions therein. You crack me up as do some others on here UN et al

You're on a par with GBS the Irish playwright in my book 10/10

Celtic Morning said...

Is Hank now in alternative, better paid employment with a company of courage? If not, the revenge is incomplete.

Iron Felix said...

Jeeeezuz! There are guys who can and will hit back! There is HOPE! HOPE, I tell you.........

Anonymous said...

Kevin -- How strange that my first thought, also, on reading this was to send the Savant a comment on how reading his tale of Adria Richards' travails put my morning on the right track. Great minds must think alike.

SAVANT said...

Thanks guys for the kind words. We're here to please. And to enrage vibrants and such deluded Whites as may visit us.

You'll be please to know that readership of the site is skyrocketing. Literally ten times higher than it was a year or two ago. So keep sending relevant links to people you know ann to comment threads on the media.

treason season said...

bitch double group-entitled: Jewess + she-boon. Difficult to believe it got some of what it deserved. Not in this Jew'd world.

The Tribe do not see her as jewish. If she were in Israel they'd dose her with Depo Provera.

Matrix-buster said...

Yes Savant, great and cheering post.

But reading up on the case I learn that 'Hank' is still all beta gooey and apologizing, saying the treatment of the sow was 'unfair' and that he is prepared to meet with her.


The other think that would have been good was if they same guys had closed down Hank's company for a while. The one that fired him.

Still, a happy and inspiring story.

Anonymous said...

Fully agree, for an English second language speaker I enjoy not only the content but also the style.
Despite Savant using a superior form of English it is always easy to understand.
Savant I have told you before but you really make me laugh at this crappy PC world and inspire us to persist in the fight.

Anonymous said...

A black,feminist jewess walks into a pub. Everybody leaves because they can't have a private conversation.

A black,feminist jewess walks into a pub. Everybody leaves because they hate the bitch.

A black,feminist jewess walks into a pub in Israel.
She gets thrown out because they don't tolerate her sort there.

A black,feminist jewess walks into a pub and asks if they want any barmaids because she just f*cked up her golden ticket.


Rob said...

That's just an infinitesimal taste of the enormous power whites could wield when motivated. Denial of service attacks on any corporation laying off workers and substituting them with cheap foreign labour, or doing the countless other things designed to replace and annihilate us.

Anonymous said...

Trevor said...

Things got very bad for her. She had to disappear for six months.

and Anita Sarkeesian stole her victimhood status using a fake account with fake treats which caused her to fake leaving her house because she was scared of a fake attacker!

Oh vey! It is worse than the hollocaust I tell you.

Anonymous said...

'I'm off to the Job Centre', jokes Jeremy Clarkson as sources say he may QUIT the BBC - even if they clear him of food fight fracas - as 400,000 join fight to keep him on Top Gear.

Artist said...

I feel terrible for "Hank" losing his job and all, but what great story!!!!

Hoisted on a petard, anyone?!

Anonymous said...

What's Hank's company. Time for the Captain Boycott treatment.

Anonymous said...

South African news presenter is mugged live on camera as he set up for broadcast

Anonymous said...

SA The country that keeps us amused.

Nordik_Avenger said...

Rob. Very true and it's the most inspiring part of this story. Well, as whites, especially white males get increasingly fucked over we may see more of this.

Anonymous said...

You mean fake victimhood status.

George said...

"Because in short order they had brought her employers' website down, a Denial of Service attack overwhelming their Web servers and effectively bringing their operations to a close. The company was given an ultimatum: The attacks will stop once Richards gets fired. Publicly. Which she was by close of business (so to speak) the following day."

-Savant, in a world filled with so much gloom and doom for our race, I haven't found much cause for rejoicing over anything, but with this news item you have made my day! Yes! Yes! Yes! Three cheers for these fellows and their friends, whoever they are, for striking back at their (and by proxy, our) tormentors.
And unlike the black dyke bitch that caused these men so much grief, I am confident that these fellows WILL be able to find employment down the road, as they have very marketable skills, unlike the hateful she-Orc that targeted them.

Anonymous said...

Ugly sheboon makes me sick. We should unite and start giving them shit and see how they like it. Ungrateful niggeress.

Iron Felix said...

Under Sharia Law this piece of perambulating excrement would be conducted to the town square. There she would hear an Imam reading aloud selected verses from the Koran chosen specifically to emphasise the infinite love and mercy which Allah feels for his flock. At the same time the Imam's assistant would be laying on manfully with a lash soaked in mustary oil upon the little lady's bare back nor would he cease and desist until signalled so to do by the Imam when said Imam felt that she might have learned her lessons. Now I have little enough time for this death cult but sometimes in the wee small hours I wonder if perhaps they have a point.

AnalogMan said...

For those concerned about Hank, he reportedly got a job offer at the same time as the DDOS attack. Which may have been overkill, since her job was basically PR to developers (overwhelmingly White male nerds), and she pretty much disqualified herself by attacking her customer base. But, hey, overkill is good, sometimes. Hit the bastards hard, publicly and spectacularly. Don't just get them fired, make them unemployable. Make an example of them.

Vox Day publishes a lot of articles about pushback against the SJWs in both Science Fiction (which they apparently now own) and games. It's simultaneously good to see that someone is showing some resistance to the rot, and sad that it's being done, not in defence of civilization, but to protect their right to cartoon titties in the games that substitute for real life for them.

This black jewish woman must be an embarrassment to her tribe, but what can they do? If her mother was a coal-burning jewess, for example, then by their own rules she's jewish. It just illustrates what I've said on many occasions, that jews are not all involved in some great conspiracy; they just marinate in the same toxic culture that we do, only their perspective is different. Schindler's List, Anne Frank, for them it's all personal. It's no wonder they grow up with a sense of victimhood and resentment. And occasionally, some of them will internalize the whole non-racist thing that was meant for the goys. Didn't a Rothschild recently lose his wife to a nigger rapper?

AnalogMan said...

SAVANT said...

You'll be please to know that readership of the site is skyrocketing. Literally ten times higher than it was a year or two ago.

Of course, it's no Cohencidence that a year or two ago, this site was under attack to drive away readers. Think where you could have been if you'd taken steps to defend it sooner.

Unknown said...

Greatest fucking story EVER!!!

Iron Felix said...

Off topic a bit, but anon. at 13.40---dear oh dear. Savant's English---fluent, polished, effortless---is easy to understand precisely BECAUSE it is superior, not in spite of it.
ps; I am not too far off-standard myself, by the by.

Rogue said...

Makes one's blood boil, stories like this. There is nothing worse than the self-righteous, deluded fool.

Or maybe there is. The spineless, pathetic, gutless employer.

Mmm, it's a toss-up.

This "lady" needs to head off to Israel - them Ashkenazi just luv dem Blackies (though she'd be best served to not claim from being from Ethiopia).

Anonymous said...

So white males get their own back by getting behind their key boards

For fuck sake
Celtic warriors used to lop the heads off their enemies
Before they were emancipated
And had their balls chopped off by the Internet
or was it house prices. Don't rock my little boat
Up the Vila

Mrs. Heraclitus said...

Felix, I echo that sentiment. Your English is indeed impeccable.

rambaloosa said...

Didn't a Rothschild recently lose his wife to a nigger rapper?

No, James Goldsmith's son married a Red Shield and it was she who went off for some jungle meat.

Lenworth Dudley Henry said...

wampum, Springfield, 11 minutes ago

Co hen (a Li beral, Le ft-Wing, Pwo gwes sive). You just knew there was someone in the background who had provoked this sti tch-up. We're told "it happened last week", but not the exact day. Then it isn't reported till the following Monday. It doesn't sound like a major row, if it took days before it was reported!. More like a minor, everyday tiff. So now we find out that this CRE EP Co hen has had the knives out for JC. Co hen doesn't like JC's "politics" so he pounces at the chance to scre w over JC. Co hen; whatever goes around...

Read more:

Looks like the BBC is slow getting the "news" out . 2 many minorities employed there?

Lenworth Dudley Henry

Flanders said...

I enjoyed the story about the Auntie Semite who got her just comeuppance. Hoorah for those Whites who find innovative ways to resist the shackles of the treason which is given the innocent sounding name of "political correctness". More Whites are going to soon learn that there is nothing correct about treasonors who work from within our own countries to empower philosophies and people who are not ours.

It is the duty of our White people to resist tyranny which is imposed upon them, even if it was imposed by stealth, and was committed under the "color of law".

"•Jews advertised openly for the return of their “runaways”; and when their Black chattel grew elderly and infirm and were unable to work they “freed” them, forcing them to fend for themselves in their old age.

•Jews bequeathed Black human beings from one Jewish generation to another, and they sold Black children and babies away from their parents. One Jew stipulated in his will that the sale of his slaves should be used for his son’s Yale tuition.

•Jews helped to suppress slave uprisings and in 1831, Jews were involved in hunting down the great Nat Turner and his freedom fighters.

•The first Jew elected to the U.S. Senate, Florida’s David Yulee, was one of the most strident haters of Indians and defenders of slavery in American history.

•Dr. Brackman wrote, “Jews were about twice as likely to be slave owners as the average white Southerner.” Rabbi and historian Dr. Bertram W. Korn, the acknowledged expert on 19th-century American Jewry, wrote:

It would seem to be realistic to conclude that any Jew who could afford to own slaves and had need for their services would do so....Jews participated in every aspect and process of the exploitation of the defenseless blacks.

And though some of these open acts of racial persecution might be attributed to individual Jews acting on their own, nearly all the offenders were members of larger Jewish communities and enjoyed a prominent and honored place among their coreligionists. The profits from these slavery-based enterprises helped finance Jewish community development, built synagogues, homes, schools, businesses, and institutions, and in many untold ways enriched their lives, congregations, and communities.".

Flanders said...

"What if, I began to ponder, we all summarily shed our mental shackles of state sponsored servile stupidity and suddenly joined together in common effort for issues we both supported? Would not the system of 'divide and conquer" collapse to it's knees in a matter of a short time? What if in the future we choose to think for ourselves instead of mindlessly babbling the mental drivel that collects like bilge in our minds from endless lies, distortion, state propaganda, corporate news media, public education and television? That ever so common, hideously incongruent drivel, that immediately identifies the spouter as "run for the greater good of the state." What changes could the people of this country bring about if they united as one in a common effort for issues of importance to all of us? What if? It is clear to me that state sponsored terrorism begins in the mind." - Louis Beam [But, NOT from the article linked below.]

"Racism means equal opportunities but some are more equal than others. That is the policy and the practice though not, of course the rhetoric."

Flanders said...

"So, how does a race war end? As always, with one side being genocided by the other. With one side being exterminated and/or enslaved by the other.

White man, you’d better make sure your side wins.

For the sake of the children."

Iron Felix said...

You know, this is not an isolated case. Anyone remember some dirty little howya out of Dublin some years ago in Cyprus? Piqued for some reason---maybe the guys just didn't fancy her---she popped in to a police station and made a formal accusation that the three lads had raped her. Two things stand out here; first, it was her assumption that this was all that was to it, all she need do, and that she was free thereafter to head off to the beach for the day while the cops bludgeoned the three innocents into fake confessions on her behalf; and second that, the Cypriot police being Neanderthals to a man and, having made enquiries and found the accusations to be false, would then toss the bitch in clink for a week to bring her to her senses, this produced an international outcry---all on the little c---ts behalf!! Nowhere in this episode was there a word about the fact that she had attempted, out of petty spite, to ransack and destroy the lives of three innocent people. And also, nobody asked the question, how did she come to believe that she could do such a thing with impunity?

Heraclitus said...

Flanders. You aver to the Jewish role in the slave trade. I myself have been doing some research in this area and everything you write is correct.

What concerns me though is their ability to still Control The Narrative. Nearly TWO CENTURIES later. Does this not suggest that they can sustain all the other false narratives from later times?

Flanders said...

Yes, Heraclitus, the jews do have "their ability to still Control The Narrative. Nearly TWO CENTURIES later". If your great, great, great, great, granddaddy had bought control almost all of existing media and intelligence services as he stole most money of the world through false usury - then YOU might have the ability to exercise that same degree of control. YOU would likely not exercise that control in the same fashion as Rothschild jewry - but Rothschild jewry does want to, and does. That it is against the interests of Whites and Christians particularly, and against all gentiles generally is also their choice.

If I have another slavery link, I'll try to leave it later.

"AMBUSH! Two police officers shot in Ferguson, Missouri"

Ulick McGee said...

"What concerns me though is their ability to still Control The Narrative. Nearly TWO CENTURIES later. "

When I started to "notice things" in the Sailerian sense , one of the first things I learned was the role of the Jews in the slave trade. Exposure to inconsistencies about the Holocaust narrative came much much later. They still do a good job on the Shoah business front but they are losing influence big time in other areas.

Over the last 20 years the Jews have extended their power over the MSM to unprecendented levels but they have lost the ability to shut down the other side of the argument.

The decentralised nature of the internet makes it hard to control.

Plus, the internet is like a brain prosthetic. I may only have a 100 IQ, and it may take me a long time to figure stuff out by myself, but I can read blogs by guys with 140 IQs who summarise what is going on in a way I can easily grasp should I be motivated to understand.

As the economy worsens while the rich get richer, or the Western Elite try to drag us into WW3 with Russia over the Ukraine, more are more people are motivated to figure out what is going on.

Flanders said...

Heraclitus, Other than the somewhat related motives of the Banking syndicators, we have the motives of general jewry. That the jews seek to control narratives, in ways against Whites and against our national interests even as they inhabit our own national entities, is apparent.

Motives for Jewish behavior:

"Besides the love of all things liberal, Jews have certain motives and attitudes which make hostility to Western culture and the white race understandable, if not exactly justified:

•The Talmud, central book of the Jewish religion, veritably bristles with hatred for gentiles; and while the majority of Jews are not religious, there is little doubt that this hatred -- nurtured by centuries of persecution and refreshed with memories of Nazism -- is a significant part of the Jewish psyche.
•Their past persecution has given Jews not only a negative attitude toward white gentiles, but a desire to protect themselves from further persecution and -- in conjunction with their 'eye for an eye' and 'never forgive, never forget' mentality -- a taste for revenge. The destruction of the white race and its culture ostensibly serves both these purposes.
•Jews as a people regard themselves as competing with gentiles, at least in the sense of preferring their own people rather than gentiles to succeed and hold power. And since whites are their major competition, what better way to foster the desired success than to literally destroy the white race and its culture?

In view of these observations, it is hardly surprising that Jews have supported integration, intermarriage, immigration, affirmative action, hate crime legislation, gun control, and every other program whose effect is to dilute and destroy the white genome, and the civilization for which it is responsible."

Anonymous said...

@Iron Felix: one of those falsely accused individuals would in later years commit suicide, not specifically over this incident, but, all the same I am sure it devalued his self worth.

Rob said...

Savant, you posted something some years ago about doing business with an American IT company and how the representative you met was black, and it dawned on you after talking to him for a minute that the guy knew absolutely nothing - just a diversity makeweight. That applies to a lot of blacks and women in the tech industry, I'd say.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Some nice brown Rotchilds in the future to squander family wealth.

Anonymous said...

I had forgotten about that incident Felix, although "incident" is a stupidly mild word for me to use.

I had no idea that one of the accused killed himself.

What a cunt!


Anonymous said...

Asda Supermarket London

brian boru said...

In a healthy world this oxygen-wasting vermin would have an axe buried in her head, and when she had been rolled into a hole, life would carry on as if nothing had happened.

Anonymous said...

RE; Asda supermarket.
That vid is unbelievable. A white security guard! My money is he is the one who will end up interrogated by the old bill.


AnalogMan said...

rambaloosa said...
No, James Goldsmith's son married a Red Shield and it was she who went off for some jungle meat.

Thank you. Even better.

Hopefully she, too, will produce some black jews to enhance the RS line.

Flanders said...

What is it that makes Freemasonary so dangerous when it is combined with other of the jew’s resources? An idea about the destructive force behind the secret societies of the Freemasonics, with all it's divergent groupings, can be envisioned as follows:

“Everything that is expected from an ordinary weapon is expected from a silent weapon by its creators, but only in its own manner of functioning.

It shoots situations, instead of bullets; propelled by data processing, instead of chemical reaction (explosion); originating from bits of data, instead of grains of gunpowder; from a computer, instead of a gun; operated by a computer programmer, instead of a marksman; under the orders of a banking magnate, instead of a military general.

It makes no obvious explosive noises, causes no obvious physical or mental injuries, and does not obviously interfere with anyone’s daily social life.

Yet it makes an unmistakable “noise,” causes unmistakable physical and mental damage, and unmistakably interferes with the daily social life, i.e., unmistakable to a trained observer, one who knows what to look for.

The public cannot comprehend this weapon, and therefore cannot believe that they are being attacked and subdued by a weapon.

The public might instinctively feel that something is wrong, but that is because of the technical nature of the silent weapon, they cannot express their feeling in a rational way, or handle the problem with intelligence. Therefore, they do not know how to cry for help, and do not know how to associate with others to defend themselves against it.”

Silent Weapons

Flanders said...

Citing the dominant presence of many of the world's most powerful bankers at it's heart, Eustace Mullins tells, in "Curse of Canaan" @pg 64, about the role of the "Illuminated" Freemasonary leaders.

"From its inception, the alliance of the Illuminati and the Freemasons had a clearly defined program: (1) abolition of all ordered government; (2) abolition of private property; (3) abolition of inheritance; (4) abolition of patriotism (5) abolition of all religions; (6) abolition of family, morality, and control of education of children; (7) creation of a world government.

This program may seem familiar to the reader; it has been encountered as the working instructions for every revolutionary movement in the world since 1782; Communism, liberation movements, resistance fighters, all obtain their program from this basic plan. It also states the goals of secular humanism in its attack on the family and the plan to control the education of children."

Mullins goes on to describe a "Supreme Council" above and unknown to the rest of masonary, though the Freemasons deny it exists, which controls the directions of various member organs. Additionally, he describes @pg 65 a related important adjunct:

"The other arm of the worldwide revolutionary movement was Zionism, which aimed to enlist the international force of the Jews in a campaign to establish a State of Israel as the world's
supreme ruling power. Since this was also the, vowed purpose of Freemasonry, to rebuild the Temple of Solomon, and to fill it with all of the wealth of the world, Zionism's initial appearance came through Freemasonry."

Iron Felix said...

You know, upon reflection wouldn't we all have been spared so much grief if only my tripartite therapy had been applied to that potty bitch and others of her kind early in life. It goes thus: Step One, a few kind words in her ear. Step Two, half a dozen (minimum) really hearty cuts across her bare backside with a dressage whip. Step Three, a nice cup of tea and a biscuit, howbeit taken standing up at the mantlepiece. Nine times out of ten she would be good as gold thereafter.

Uncle Nasty said...

Okay, on topic, first.

I was positively ecstatic to hear that this evil mischling waste-of-space oxygen thief got her much deserved comeuppance, but I am not optimistic about the future.

Having established her mad cow insane-jewish-bitch credentials, this strumpet will never want for work(?) or money.

She will find a position -- or, more accurately, it will be found for her, simply because the hoffjuden breed and nurture this kind of parasite.

She's ... useful.

All she has to do is to convert or destabilise one more (already borderline stable) White woman and her job here is done. The jews control all the money, and to them there is no such thing as a diminishing return.

As long as there is any return at all, on their investment, the slut will be supported, because it's your money they're using.

As far as the hoffjuden are concerned, money is the cheapest commodity, because, through their thralls; banks, insurance houses, stock exchanges, governments they can steal or create it as fast as they wish.

It is a well known fact that in Hollywood, money is the cheapest commodity -- for the jews, anyway. They have simply extended the Hollywood principle worldwide -- for the jews, anyway.

A friend of mine -- on the bones of his arse -- was accused by his ratbag employer of "being obsessed with money ..."

His response was "Yes! the same way that a drowning man is obsessed with air."

In closing, believe me, this cunt will never want for anything ... right up until the day that she, along with her fellow-travelers, is forced to her knees in a secluded wood somewhere, and given a soft-point ticket into the next world.


Uncle Nasty said...

Okay, now for my off-topic bit.

I know that Farage and his UKIP are the favourite whipping boys for the judeo-masonic elite.


An EU Army to face Russia? Who do you think you're kidding, Mr Juncker? - Nigel Farage

In case you missed the grand announcement, the EU now wants to clobber a military together to take on Russia - Russia, who apparently are going to invade their former Soviet states any minute now...... yes, any minute now.... Putin will launch invasions so he can retake bankrupt nations to increase the already-substantial land mass of Russia and add to his debt.

Yes, any day now Putin will also invade bankrupt Ukraine and then move West.

Because that makes so much sense.

And just who will make up this military, and who will fund it? Let me guess - White boys and girls to further drive down the European population? None of the new Muslim and Black invaders will volunteer - no, welfare pays more. The EU will sacrifice their White sons and daughters to go fight a country which has no interest in their business.

The EU is truly made up of a bunch of morons. Clearly Europe needs a war to get them out of the financial mess they've put themselves in with their Socialist policies, which have clearly not worked and never will. Europe is now addicted to debt, as are most of our Western countries.

Listen as Nigel Farage, leader of UKIP, points out the obvious - listen to the end.

I have also heard him (and the UKIP, of course) denigrated from pillar to post by the so-called right wing as well as the left.

What are the opinions of the NG?


Seneca said...

UN, Nigel Farage is brilliant. His riposte to the EU Army nonsense particularly so.

But I have my doubts. UKIP is already going out of its way to recruit all sorts of minorities, the very people it should be excluding from Britain, into its ranks. There are also large numbers of jewish members.

Now it could be that he feels he has to do this, that on achieving power he can dispense with these adornments. But my instincts tell me the reverse. That on achieving power, if he does, TPTB will ensure that he toes the line while allowing some minor deviations to keep the troops quiescent.

Anonymous said...

"Mullins goes on to describe a "Supreme Council" above and unknown to the rest of masonary, though the Freemasons deny it exists"

If it is unkown to Freemasons then how can they do anything but deny it.
If there is an unknown counsel then how in the world can freemasons be accused of plotting anything.
The freemason thing is a red herring.
As a mason I can tell you that many many masons share the views of this blog, but as masons do not discuss politics within freemasonry it can not be used as a vehicle for political change.
Freemasonry is open for anyone to join, if you think that they have such power, why not join them and change their course from the inside.
The entire temple of Solomon thing is allegory and most masons don't even believe it really existed so why on earth would they want to rebuild it?

It is also important to differentiate between normal masonry and the side degrees.
Many people have no clue about that and get completely confused.

Anonymous said...

Your posts are never really off topic UN.
Always a pleasure to read them.

Anonymous said...

UN. Seldom are you way off but you are regarding this sow's future in technology. Given that she knows no technology as such her only opening is in sales or PR. And no matter what the tribe might do that boat has sailed. She is now poison.

Flanders said...

"Masonry, that immense association, the rare initiated of which, that is to say, the real chiefs of which, whom we must be careful not to confound with the nominal chiefs, live in a strict and intricate alliance with the militant members of Judaism, princes and imitators of the high Cabal. For that elite of the order--those real chiefs whom so few of the initiated know, or whom they only know for the most part under a nom de guerre, are employed in the profitable and secret dependence of the cabalistic Israelites. And this phenomenon is accomplished thanks to the habits of rigorous discretion to which they subject themselves by oaths and terrible menaces; thanks also to the majority of Jewish members which the mysterious constitution of Masonry seats in its sovereign counsel."---Gougenot des Mosseaux in Le Juif, le Judaisme et la Judaisation des Peuples Chretiens, Paris, 1869

"The Israel Supreme Court is the creation of one elite family: the Rothschilds. In their negotiations with Israel, they’ve agreed to donate the building under three conditions...".

Flanders said...

I intend no offense to you, Anon 00:31. I'm aware that there are many good and well-intended people who are convinced that they do good works who are masons. I've had family members who have been, too. One was deserving of praise. The other was the worst scoundrel that anyone could know, and he and his fellow satanic scam artists were at a very high degree.

An old video which some may want to see:
Occult Forces (1943)

SAVANT said...

Guys, if you're interested I've written a post on Freemasonry here.

we dont want your stinking blacks! said...

Here's someone else sacked. This time an Hispanic TV presenter in the USA for saying Michelle Obama looked like one of the cast of Planet of the Apes:

Well, she does FFS!!

merchant of venice said...

Did this poor Jewess lose all her family in Ouchvitz like everyone else did?

Look at this, they are coming for us again already.....

Anonymous said...

UN 23.25

UKIP are far from perfect and they're certainly not white nationalist, but they can act as a political battering ram to smash the hitherto hegemony of the old gang, LibLabCon, and pave the way for stronger stuff, as white Britain slowly wakes up and turns on the traitors, enrichers, and the rest of the dross.

Rob said...

Iron Felix - far from being unhappy that she got only four months in prison for trying to ruin three lives, the Irish consul set about obtaining her immediate release. The only concern was that "[her release] could be delayed until later this week, though, as both the President and the Attorney General are away in Geneva"!

She only spent a couple of weeks in prison.

Anonymous said...

Hold on to your hat. The crime statistics in Rotherham were manipulated.One detective who was investigating had his budget cut. From 16K to 8K. Each victim was worth about £6.50 then.
It was not just abuse. A man shot shot at a women through a kitchen window with a 9mm pistol. This was logged as criminal damage.


Eimear said...

Lemmyhead. This Rotherham thing gets more gross every with every new development. I wonder will it die a death through neglect or will something really happen?

Anonymous said...

All your Twitters belong to us. And you Facebooks and Vines and online shopping for Hillary Clinton female empowering books. The tech world is mainly run and maintained by men who if acting together could shut it all down in a heartbeat. Good idea for a novel there.

Bill Sturka

Iron Felix said...

In "Travels with Charlie" John Steinbeck tells p of waiting for a Black friend in a Southern town. He saw the fellow in the distance approaching and suddenly the guy disappeared down a side street only to pop up in the hotel a little later. When asked about this he told Steinbeck that he had noticed up ahead of him a White woman who was clearly drunk. He immediately detoured before she saw him, explaining to Steinbeck that one drunken squawk from her could see him hanging broken-necked from a lamppost in short order surrounded by a lynch mob. Brothers, let me tell you---we White guys are all that nigger now.

Big Billy Burgess said...

Felix, good observation that 'we're all that nigger now'. But seriously, was that not a terrible society where that could happen/ I have no time for the coons but were that a realistic scenario - i Don't know if it was - I know I don't want to go back to it, bad and all as it is now.

Iron Felix said...

Well Billy, no doubt things could be rough at times down South, no doubt at all. But I recount it as Steinbeck wt rote it not so much because I wish to indict that antebellum ethos but because it affords a striking illustration of how things are today for the White law-abiding responsible productive male in today's society vis-a-vis the distaff side now they have the bit between their dentition. Today, both in law and in society generally a (white) man's place is in the wrong.

Malcolm Mcdowell said...

He deserved to be sacked for insulting CGI apes!

Fred Trueman said...

It all just gets more sickening in England:


Anonymous said...


A beautiful story indeed, but could you please furnish links to the happy ending?


Anonymous said...

This all makes me think as follows:

The Mithraic Brotherhood was widespred during the later Roman Empire in the West. Could white dudes, NOW, do the same sort of thing to organize ourselves & make our lot better>?

Wouldn't have to be a mystery brotherhood, or have any religion. Just a sort of Templar Knight White Guy thing to sort out who's ON OUR SIDE as opposed to everyone else.

A real simple thing to start with. Nothing to scare off the fembots or the multis or the enriching club. Not yet. All legal and aboveboard.

I mean we have to start somewhere. I'd join up now if there was one.


Iron Felix said...

Many moons ago--I have this as hearsay---one of Britain's better papers ran a legal advice column. A chap wrote in to say that his firm had a vacancy at upper management level, and were thinking of filling it from within the company. One fine morning, he said, a female employee walked into his office uninvited, closed the door and told him that either she got the job or she would go to the police and charge him with attempted rape. To his anguished query, what should he do, my learned friends advised him to give her the job. Why? Because, said the silks, no man can win against a woman in any court of law on this issue. Need we say more?

Anonymous said...

MISTER 20.53

Take a look at Western Spring....

Growing rapidly across Britain and now in Ireland!

Anonymous said...

oxymoron: intelligent Negro

Anonymous said...

Alan Shatter made a surprise appearance with the Halawa sisters on the Late Late

Uncle Nasty said...

Big Billy Burgess said...

Felix, good observation that 'we're all that nigger now'. But seriously, was that not a terrible society where that could happen/ I have no time for the coons but were that a realistic scenario - i Don't know if it was - I know I don't want to go back to it, bad and all as it is now.

This may be the case, but, let me assure you, that there are so-called people (niggers in particular) who only understand violence visited upon them.
Reasoning with a good deal of kaffirs (not all, but enough) is but a waste of breath ... the only thing they understand is the whip.

South Africa was a much better place when the jews and the nigs were not noticeably running the show.



Piet said...

Big Billy. UN is right. The porch monkeys will behave themselves ONLY WHEN THEY KNOW MASSIVE PHYSICAL PUNISHMENT AWAITS.

Sad but true. The good thing is that they actually are better off as well. In a strange way.

Uncle Nasty said...

Further to what Piet says. One has to treat boogs like animals, or, at best, very small children.

Sadly, for all liberals and other deluded lefties, niggers, pets and small children cannot be reasoned with. They have to be trained.

For puppies and small children, one uses the harsh word and the rolled up newspaper ... not to do physical harm, but to inform the naughty recipient -- in no uncertain terms -- that their behavior is wrong.

Kaffirs and their kin, need to feel the lash to get the message across -- and even then ...

I refer you to this:-


Anonymous said...

Anon 22:09 --

Thanks much.

Worse for most of us old white couples is this "it's just you" and I cannot believe that. No. Not anymore.

This time it's the world that's going nuts, not us.


Shaunantijihad said...


As you can see he tried to expose the situation by telling... the BBC.

That's why no-one knows about it.

Rob said...

Metropolitan Police too white!

Another institution too slow in being infested with corrupt Third Worlders who'll let you rape kids for a bribe.

Shaunantijihad said...

There is an excellent article over at Counter Currents likening White separation from Blacks, Muslims and Jews to divorce. It might even wake up a few liberals. Worth a read. I'd also like to see all Jews as the Kings in hell that they want to be. Let them live alone with the Blacks and Muslims. That's a divorce I'd celebrate.

Anonymous said...

Oxymoron is not English when related to kneegrows it is the contraction of the Spanish Ox y Moron.

Anonymous said...

Michelle Obama Princeton Kashykk graduate

Michelle Obama Princeton Kronos graduate

Michelle Obama fashion icon

Web collection

Anonymous said...

Disney’s Cinderella: Black Hero Overcomes Corrupt White Duke

Anonymous said...

Don't Cross The Multi-Cult.

For those who may be unaware of the media storm that has been sweeping the United States for the last week. Sigma Alpha Epsilon is a college fraternity which was formed at the University of Alabama in 1856 and is the only pre-civil war southern fraternity still in existence. It has since spread throughout the nation and its University of Oklahoma chapter has been in hot water this week after being caught on camera singing a light hearted ditty, to the tune of "If You're Happy and You Know It" but with a few alterations to the lyrics to go something like "You can hang him from a tree, but he'll never sign with me, there will never be a nigger in the SAE".

Anonymous said...

Your man David Milliband in town again shooting off his mouth on communist national government radio. Didn't want to comment on ISSUS because of threat to Syrian aid workers, but managed to get off the little tidbit that "80 to 85%" of civilian deaths were caused by the Assad regime.

Freemasonry was anti-Jewish in Germany and pro-Jewish in Britain. Some kind of deal worked out in 19th century about that. In USA, cosmopolitan area masons accepted Jews while those in sticks did not. The creature of freemasonry in the US after WWI, the KKK, used masonic temples nationwide as their headquarters. KKK was against blacks in the South and foreign elements (immigrants, Jews and Catholics) in the North. In early thirties nearby here, the first Polish family to move into town had a cross burned in their yard. My dad's uncle was the local chief of police (Irish, of course) and he just went right to the local head mason to warn him that "We're not going to have any of that around here." End of problem.

American masons seem to believe heavily in the anglophile grail bloodline: Rameses, Imhotep, Hiram, David, Solomon, Alexander, Julius Caesar, Jesus, Charlemagne and culminating in the godhead of the British royal family.

Anonymous said...

There is some truth to the idea that blacks must be harshly dealt with.To some extent, for their own good but mainly because the alternative is anarchy. That's the sad aspect to the government/communist-inspired issue of the deaths of "unarmed black men." Street thugs are being encouraged to believe that police must respond with exactly proportional force when they are attacked. Instead of drilling into them that the cops have guns and are not going to let themselves be knocked out like some old queer on his way to the deli in Brooklyn.

For you guys in Europe, the majority of your cops can't be trusted with guns. So if you're going to fill your cities with the worst sort of third world vermin, you need to develop armed SWAT teams. But they better be able to get there fast.

Iron Felix said...

Oh my friends, rest assured I am no nigger. Although I may have a few limited acquaintences who are of the darker persuasion, a nigger I am not. To suggest otherwise is pure folly, and outright objectionable. Saying "we are all niggers now" is wrong, and quite frankly rather offensive. I hereby call for that meme to be extinguished, now. White people should never, ever be referred to as nigger.

hbtop said...

Cultural Marxist news:

There's a campaign underway to stop you reading books by 'straight white men'...

"Are you reading too many books by straight white men?
A growing online campaign aims to stop people reading books by white male authors. Martin Daubney believes it's part of a worrying wider trend

Anonymous said...

O/T Frank Weltner of is an earlier version of ... well, jew watch.

His website carries almost everything you want to know about the "chosenites".

Here's an older video (10 min.) from 2009 that may be of interest:

B Boru said...

See that fucking bastard Shatter has been on the Late Late supporting tose Egyptian terrorists.

What the fuck???

Uncle Nasty said...

My humble opinion on the way recalcitrant niggers (like the subject of this post) should be treated:

That is the shortened version, pretty much for entertainment purposes, only.

The full version is here:-

I challenge you to watch it all the way, through, and decide how you -- if you were the cop -- would have done it differently.

Call me an unregenerate racist (Okay, you're an unregenerate racist), but I have no patience with these creatures any more, and would have tasered the bitch right up her capacious left nostril, the very nanosecond she opened her blubbery mouth.

Would have made a much less entertaining video, though.

Can't win them all.


Ragno said...

It's a shame, she's a fine piece of tail. (Type her name into Google Images for instance: you get hit with more cheesecake than a silent-movie pie fight.) I, uh, kinda get the feeling her version of "evangelism", like Benny Hinn's, stresses snake-handling and talking in tongues. Well, maybe not quite like Benny Hinn's.

But among the litany of headshots are a few pointing out her next destination, to wit, those of her commiserating with various cable-news shitlibs, where the ability to look pretty while mouthing noxious Marxist pieties is pretty much the only requirement.

For a crack at that sort of plum,. I'm willing to bet Adria would make sure to call him "Lawrence O'Dongle". And make it stand up.

Denise said...

Wow. A Negro Hebe - exhibiting the most aggressive, vicious, mindless neurosis of both Untermenschen genetic pastiches.

I'm glad the White Guys GOT her/it!!!!

What happened to "Hank"?

Denise said...

Oops! I did not read all the Comments before I inquired on the Fate of Hank.

I just read Analog Man's post about Hank getting a new gig ASAP, and was gladdened.

Anonymous said...

Praise God.

"Rise up o [White] Men of God, have done with lesser things!"

Take BACK your Continent.

This IS a war.

- Fr. John+

Anonymous said...

She has a bit of hertory as regards complaints.

One was over the licensing of a cartoon to promote an event and another was that she was not given top billing at an event that she was due to speak at.

And that is saying nothing of her blacks cannot be racist. That would lead people top believe that a half black jewish princess could be.

Anonymous said...

At the same time the Imam's assistant would be laying on manfully with a lash soaked in mustary oil upon the little lady's bare back nor would he cease and desist until signalled so to do by the Imam when said Imam felt that she might have learned her lessons. Now I have little enough time for this death cult but sometimes in the wee small hours I wonder if perhaps they have a point.

And they won't even stop when she pees herself like it says in the Talmud page on how to whip someone's arse.

Unknown said...

She claimed she felt fear when she overheard those jokes about dongles and forking the repo????