Sunday, 29 March 2015

Lee Kuan Yew

Was going to write a piece on the amazing Lee Kuan Yew, the man who transformed Singapore from a malarial swamp into a technologically advanced First World nation. He achieved this despite being surrounded by a sea of Muslims and with a large Muslim minority within his own national boundaries. And he made little secret of his contempt for the Religion Of Peace and its adherents. He was also a total realist when it came to race, feminism and multiculturalism and not afraid to call, if I may use the metaphor, a spade a spade. 

So rather than write about them let the great man's words speak for themselves.

I started off believing all men were equal. I now know that's the most unlikely thing ever to have been, because millions of years have passed over evolution, people have scattered across the face of this earth, been isolated from each other, developed independently, had different intermixtures between races, peoples, climates, soils... I didn't start off with that knowledge. But by observation, reading, watching, arguing, asking, and then bullying my way to the top, that is the conclusion I've come to.
The Bell curve is a fact of life. The blacks on average score 85 per cent on IQ and it is accurate, nothing to do with culture. The whites score on average 100. Asians score more … the Bell curve authors put it at least 10 points higher. [He's wrong here, it's about 3% and that applies only to North-East Asians] These are realities that, if you do not accept, will lead to frustration because you will be spending money on wrong assumptions and the results cannot follow.

And now in America itself after 30 years of experimenting with the Great Society programmes, there is widespread crime and violence, children kill each other with guns, neigbourhoods are insecure, old people feel forgotten, families are falling apart. And the media attacks the integrity and character of your leaders with impunity, drags down all those in authority and blames everyone but itself.  
The key question is: “do you make the Hispanics Anglo-Saxons in culture or do they make you more Latin American in culture?”

Multiculturalism will destroy America.  

How does the Malay [Malay = synonym for Muslim] in the kampong find his way out into this modernised civil society? By becoming servants of the 0.3 per cent who would have the money to hire them to clean their shoe, open their motorcar doors? 

From WikiLeaks website:
MM Lee responded that orthodox Islam was a powerful force capable of recruiting volunteers for terroristgroups. He noted Singapore's experience in 2001 and 2002 in dealing with Jemaah Islamiyah's terrorist plots in Singapore and characterized Islam as a "venomous religion." The problem of Islamic terrorism would not be easily extirpated, observed MM Lee.

Other communities have easier integration – friends, inter-marriages and so on – than Muslims... I could say, today, we can integrate all religions and races, except Islam. 
If, for instance, you put in a Malay officer who's very religious and who has family ties in Malaysia in charge of a machine gun unit, that's a very tricky business. 

If you don't include your own women graduates in the breeding pool and leave them on the shelf, you would end up a more stupid society... So what happens? There will be less bright people to support dumb people in the next generation. 

Equal employment opportunities, yes, but we shouldn't get our women into jobs where they cannot, at the same time, be mothers...our most valuable asset is in the ability of our people, yet we are frittering away this asset through the unintended consequences of changes in our education policy and equal opportunities for women. This has affected their traditional role … as mothers, the creators and protectors of the next generation.

Had the mix in Singapore been different, had it been 75% Indians, 15% Malays and the rest Chinese, it [the Singapore success story] would not have worked.

If only we had his likes in the West.....


Dan said...

To be fair Asians are only 5 points on average. Not 10. Also less likely to be creative.

Anonymous said...

"We shouldn't get our women into jobs where they cannot... be mothers." Nobody has understood this as much since the NSDAP.

WTR IS's last lines. The kikes have built an entire system to ensure he could not gain power.

Odin's revenge said...

A great man. Did not give a fuck about offending anyone. He could clearly see how the West was being destroyed and determined that his country would not go the same way.

00:39 said...

I hadn't heard of him prior to hid passing last week, then I looked him up on YouTube and found interviews where he quietly expounds his principles. A rock of sense and a man of integrity who raised Singapore to the top flight of nations. He spoke excellent English, by the way.

Compare his life and legacy to that of Mandela: the bias is incredible.

Anonymous said...

Remember the SJW dope who picked a fight with the Chick a Fill a server? He lost his job Adira Richards style.

Couldn't have happened to a more deserving individual.

Anonymous said...

It's usually said that East Asians have higher IQ than Europeans; and yet the average IQ in China is reportedly 100, the same as in the UK.

I don't think it's been properly compared across the board.


Anonymous said...

He was horrified by the behavior of the colonials ... when the Japanese were at the gates.
Could not get the half trained troops off the boats quick enough! total panic.
Hardly any family or neighbor, back home, who did not have a relative taken prisoner.
The product from this after the war was the Malay emergency.
National service men found themselves up against Chinese terrorist who had experience fighting the Japanese.
Incidentally he did inherit the best naval base in that part of the world.
The Chinese had been used to their full potential in colonial times!

Anonymous said...

The unmentionable one is back. Doing what he does best he is now offering loans. Reverting to type I think.


katana said...

Good post Sav.

Lee was a real race realist, just like Asians and blacks are in general.

It's only us "stupid" brainwashed Whites who have been subjected to several generations of jew propaganda that believe the lie that race doesn't matter.

Should it come as any surprise? The world's number one parasite/predator race got immensely rich on the back of us and others, then proceeded to buy up all the forms of societal control, financial, political, media, education, religion, etc.

They have proceeded to "jewcate" us to believe that everything that really matters doesn't matter and that everything that doesn't matter really matters.

And part of the jewcation is to get us to only think about ourselves as individuals and hang everyone else.

Regarding Asian IQ, the studies I've read, talk about an IQ of 105 for northeast Asians only, i.e., Han Chinese, Koreans and Japanese. The further south and west you go it drops, to around 90 for Thais, for example.

But all that is another issue.

The number one cause of White decline is the undeclared war that organized jewry has been engaged in, for centuries if not longer, against us.

Some people say that to keep talking about jews is being "obsessive", blah, blah, blah.

Yes, being obsessive in this is actually a very useful and life saving obsession.

To use an analogy, we are at the stage that some researchers were at when the true cause of malaria was only just becoming known. Most people then would laugh at the idea that a tiny insect, a mosquito could cause (with its unknown parasitical load) the death of millions of people.

Well, organized jewry is the mosquito and the actual brain parasite are their destructive ideas they implant in our minds. Such as their, no such thing as "race" idea.

It's time to drain the swamps in our own vicinity and way beyond.


For my latest blog post, Onward Christian Soldiers - Part 13: Sweden; Norway click here >>> KATANA


Old Heywoodian said...

Ther'e a very lively discussion on Breitbart right now. The Rochdale Labour MP Simon Danczuc (the one who's wife loves showing her tits on twitter)is pictured outside the Town Hall there beaming proudly as the Pakistan flag flies above it.

Rochdale, of course, is one of those many towns in Britain where Paki Muzlim gangs rape white girls on an industrial scale while the authorities largely turn a blind eye and arrest anyone who protests for waycissm.

Talk about chutzpah! ZOG must be delighted as the Pakis take the piss.....


Rob said...

Non-whites are allowed to say these things. Their saying them doesn't challenge the status quo in the same way it would if they were uttered by some European or North American leader. What would really cause panic among the powers that be is if whites started waking up and acting in their own interests as other races do. Other races are openly ethnocentric anyway and generally make no secret of it.

Anonymous said...

Lee Kuan Yew made sure that the largest ethnic group would also be dominant politically and culturally. We can call this Eastern Multiculturalism. We, alas, have Western Multiculturalism. It puts all ethnies and cultures on a pedestal EXCEPT the majority ethny/culture. The political scientist Frank Salter pointed this out in his excellent book "On Genetic Interests", and he explains it as well in this youtube video, well worth watching:

Anonymous said...

Pervs for thee but not for me

Singapore does not have any time for these weirdoes and they are better off for it.

nilus /GTRman/tony hayers said...

hi folks.

its been a while, I threw out my net, just got into port ,
take a look at the catch of the day.
I still find it incredible, the jewbiquity.

These are all on simultaneously,
on the Freeview channels, between 6.30pm and 7.30 pm.

Flicked on Radio 4skin at 6.30 to see if the tedious "Just A Minute" had
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Second voice:
QUEER Julian Clary
off it went. Put on BBC1 HD:

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QUEER JEW Matt Lucas to
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BBC1: "The One Show" 7pm
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And PAKI Anita Rani takes a look at an unusual beauty contest.
(Paki fatties? One-legged black muslim lesbians?)

BBC2 6.30pm
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JEW Tracey Gold as a female fire fighter.
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Food Network:
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Anonymous said...

I notice the human female looking one out of Mel and Sue has a quiz programme. Maybe there is hope for non-Stephen fry wannabes in the broadcasting industry?

Anonymous said...

You can't control immigration by claiming the immigrants are stupid, ugly, perverted, prone to violence and come from a debased culture. All true but the only argument that will gain traction is that they are wrecking society because of overpopulation. That will gain political traction because it is neutral PC, and even the communists can be pressured into working with it.

It's worked here in the US with the black criminal population in the sense that everyone, even the communists (or, as you would say, Jew communists) understand that violence is definite, concrete, statistically precise and not open to interpretation and slant in the way that everything else is.

That's how we got mass incarceration with 2.3 million of our mostly favorite people locked up. The panic from the late eighties crack epidemic forced the government to lock 'em up. Millions more of the street scum are out but under heavy judicial control because, crime, especially violent crime is an either/or fact that the politicians have to go along with.

Sure, the criminal scum don't mind prison all that much you may say, but they really do and anyway, they are being punished and know it.

Which is why I don't understand how your girls are getting raped and there's no punishment because of PC?
College girls over here are claiming assault if they're asked out on a date and the laws are being bent to take their word for everything.

Violence and rape are hammers that you should be able to use to punish your scum and, if the police won't do it, then the police should be in jail also.

Same with going after the Jews. Very un-PC and counterproductive to expend the energy to call them out. And they're white people...the guy who does my taxes. Also, the Jews who voted for Netanyahu want open borders there.

Anonymous said...

Village idiots

Remind you of a selfie on a stick taking narcissist useless president?

Anonymous said...

That is, the Jews who voted against Netanyahu want open borders and the rest of the globalist stuff for Israel.

Also. it should be noted that the heavy police state culture has a salutary effect on even noncriminal people of color. Black folks around here, especially the young, seem polite and very, very careful.

Of course, if you go a few miles East, it's still a shooting gallery...

Sponge Cake said...

Some of you may have seen this video.

Dr. William Pearce- America is a changing country.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 20.54

The UK has all that propaganda about "Rape Culture Theory" etc too; but while women outrank men in the PC system, race trumps sex.


Anonymous said...

@ katana 12:02 --

"Lee was a real race realist, just like Asians and blacks are in general."

Bullseye and cannot be overstressed.

Industrial America had white-only unions and the highest pay and most efficient stats anywhere in the world. Integration stopped that bus cold.

Paraphrase Miltie Friedman: You cannot have a First World economy and race-mixing.

Lee was lucky enough to live where he was still free to say the obvious. The free world shrinks a bit daily.


Uncle Nasty said...

Anonymous of 30 March 2015 at 20:54 said:-

Same with going after the Jews. Very un-PC and counterproductive to expend the energy to call them out. And they're white people

So ... four hundred years of not going after them has worked a treat, has it?

Nice try, pal, but I see the Maria Therese option working much, much better. With a good healthy dollop of our equivalent of Genrikh Yagoda to chivvy the process along.
And no ... they're not White people -- they're jews. They have said so, many times, themselves.

Oh ... and just to show that we are not completely wasting our time ... A year or two back, if you had mentioned Genrikh Yagoda to anyone --- anyone at all -- you'd have got a "Who?"

A Joogle search (60 seconds ago) yielded About 35,200 results.

Oh, and if I may paraphrase:

The jewish race is the cancer of human history; it is the jewish race and it alone—its ideologies and inventions—which eradicates autonomous civilizations wherever it spreads, which has upset the ecological balance of the planet, which now threatens the very existence of life itself.


nilus said...

True Ent, 9pm:

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eleos said...

Globally the standard of living in authoritarian regimes is well below that of democracies. Pointing to this one outlier where a combination of cultural values, cult of personality and other factors has been successful is a lame argument for the superiority of dictatorships, benevolent or not.

Anonymous said...

O/T I read other Blogs other than Savant's generous contribution to waking up the White world.

Twice this week I've been disappointed by seeing TWO favourite Blogs "vanish".

First, it was "News from Atlantis" written by Rufus.

Now it's Ozzie Saffa written by LimeLight who has announced her swan song. Yes ... "her". Surprised me too.

William said...

"Regarding Asian IQ, the studies I've read, talk about an IQ of 105 for northeast Asians only, i.e., Han Chinese, Koreans and Japanese. The further south and west you go it drops, to around 90 for Thais, for example."

If you compare the Asian and White bell curves you also will notice Whites are much more likely to have IQs above 120.

Rogue said...

Lime Lite (Ozzie Saffa) a female!

Wow! Who da thought? Certainly fooled me.

End of a very good blog. Pity.

John Wayne said...

Savant, here's an interesting development in the UK. Is the worm turning at last? Watch this startling video to see Brits fighting back against the AntiFa communists.....


Britain First activists tried to confront Dan Glass and the other leftwing cretins that harassed Nigel Farage and his family last Sunday but they barricaded themselves in in a room in London!

Cowards get their payback! The sight of Dan Glass and Co clinging to a door handle was hilarious!

Debate on Breitbart....

Anonymous said...


I missed Earth hour this week because I confused it with Lenin's birthday celebrations.

There was a picture of an environmentalist rally and a picture of the aftermath. Place was covered in discarded plastic.

Won't anyone think of the environment man?

The Guardian once gave away freebies to the Glastonbury attendance. The discarded plastic caused a flood. The Guardian blamed global warming because it is a top newspaper.

It coveered the story of Alexis Sayle. He admitted that Marxism failed. He called Winston Mandela a terrorist. He has not worked on a Guardian Broadcasting Corporation show since. I guess he does not have the sheer beauty of a Clare Balding.

Unknown said...

Hey Savant and company, did you see this?

Sponge Cake said...

Taoiseach reveals government to draft new proclamation for 1916 commemorations.

New Irish men and new Irish women : In the name of Allah and of the dead generation’s from which she receives her old tradition of nationhood, Ireland, through us, summons her chilrun to her flag and strikes to make this country a third world cesspit.

Anonymous said...


Ye, It's a shame there's very few SA blogs worth reading now.

Rob said...

"The jewish race is the cancer of human history; it is the jewish race and it alone—its ideologies and inventions—which eradicates autonomous civilizations wherever it spreads, which has upset the ecological balance of the planet, which now threatens the very existence of life itself".

I should point out that this is what Susan Sontag said of us whites.

SAVANT said...

John Di Carlo. Very interesting link. Personally I'd love to see the Russians put the wind up these ZioCon warmongers.

Anonymous said...

Yeah...I understand also that the yellow/white IQ gap is based on testing in coastal cities. Apparently, they couldn't be bothered to go out into the hinterland.

But is IQ testing any better than it used to be? It was always too dependent on cultural factors and motor skills. Has it gotten any better? Right now it still seems arbitrary and subjective, like art. Once in a while you come across someone who is really really smart and it's obvious that it is the real goods. But that realization is often discrete and upon reflection after the fact.

James said...

Does anyone here remember how often the unmentionable Hasbara troll used to repeat the party line that Jews are scared of living amongst Muslims and that Muslims want to wipe Jews out?

Rabbis disagree. They eagerly await the Islamic cleansing of Europe.

That's what I said too.

James said...

Singapore had race riots in the 60s and after that integration was forced.

Now each apartment building is race mixed by law.

Is that what we want?

I wouldn't praise this guy too much. Is he just another Chinese chauvinist?

They love the IQ figures. Not all Asians have those IQs and not all Whites are equal either. Scottish have higher IQs than average Whites at 115, equal to Ashkenazi Jews by most measures. Eskimos have very high IQs, much higher than Tamils or Malays. Higher than Northern Chinese even. Malaysia gave Sinapore to Chinese to get rid of them.

James said...

If you compare the Asian and White bell curves you also will notice Whites are much more likely to have IQs above 120.

Yes. There are two things which determine the civilisation which a people can produce: character and the prevalence of geniuses. White geniuses are of the highest calibre. They simply don't exist in other races - except white Jews.

This is why when the international cabal attacks a country they decapitate it by removing that people's elite. They always offer emigration to the west to all educated people in the target country. Nepal is a good example. Serbia is another. Iran is a good one. Syria will follow. As will Lybia. Iran is next. The process has already begun.

So long as education neutralises their powers and redirects them to technology and money-making, all is well.

Anonymous said...

Spielberg's Hoax - The Last Days of the Big Lie

Anonymous said...

Woman raped savagely.

Feminists don't care.


Anonymous said...

Nasty Halal slaughterhouse.

More calls to ban the practice.

Most of the meat we eat is Halal. Why do we have to eat that?

Anonymous said...

Cork understands Lee Kuan Yew

So after Dubliners organised a protest in Cork against nothing a few weeks ago a bunch of Dubstudents discovered "waycist" grafiti in Cork which they were able to organise a cover up of. From their homes in Dublin.

(sigh) If only we had more of these hard working student salt of the earth true blue Dubs rather than them feckless Nigerians that are being imported!

Uncle Nasty said...

john dicarlo said...

Hey Savant and company, did you see this?
31 March 2015 at 15:24

Our correspondent john dicarlo (above) has this interesting habit of quietly sliding into the "comments" section, dropping a bombshell like the above link and then quietly sliding out again .... no doubt rubbing his hands together and going "Hee, hee, hee ..."

Could this be the real-life equivalent of Covington's "blue Light" technology from the books?
Read the above link, to the end, then, if you would like to unravel the possibilities, trying fighting your way through these:

Two excerpts from the original link:

e necessity of the US Navy to develop countermeasures against “magrav technology”, this report says, was clearly shown to them last year after Federation air forces completely disabled the feared AEGIS destroyer USS Donald Cook in the Black Sea. So demoralizing was this attack against the USS Donald Cook, when it limped into a Romanian port for repairs, all 27 of its officers put in for reassignment and/or retirement.

“Magrav technology”, its import(ant) to note, was conceived by the Iranian-born nuclear engineer Mehran Keshe, but whose works are banned from public use in the United States under an Executive Order signed by President Obama on 23 April 2012.

Could this be the real reason the heebs and their vassals in DC have such a boner for Iran? ... and why they have not yet attacked Iran despite all the sword rattling?
As you can see, I have included the links the original docs.

Could all the high technology so beloved of the Pentagon and so heavily integrated even into their artillery shells be rendered useless by the flick of a switch?

That would explain that horrible bubbling noise from the hallowed halls of DC, Virginia ... and Tel Aviv


Unknown said...

When I first saw the post that I linked here at Savant at White Nations forum, my immediate response to it's content was "that's a hoot"! And in fact that's what I posted there. If true, what great news and of course, I only shared it here with that in mind. I thought extremely important, however, considering the reaction at other places I posted this, I'm pleased someone here at Savant's blog actually looked at it and commented about it. I could find nothing of this potentially earth shattering news at any of the sites I go to so I posted it at sites I rarely post -- the Phora, and no one commented. I posted it at Stormfront, and it was promptly -- deleted. I made it known to the publisher at the Daily Stormer which I'm more known, still today no reaction, no post, and I'll be surprised if it ever is, so certainly I'm happy someone other than myself, and the publisher at White Nations sees the significance of what allegedly happened.

Big Billy Burgess said...

john dicarlo. Amazing link and I personally have shared it with others. This could, yes, mean the war pigs in Washington get their pocket picked.

Anonymous said...

We do have his like, and many, but there is a strong concentrated force working against them, and they dominate media and education.

Corkonian said...

We do have his like, and many, but there is a strong concentrated force working against them, and they dominate media and education.

Very good point anon 15.31. Very good indeed. So true.

Franklin Ryckaert said...

For another side of the story, go to

Lew Kwan Yew got $3,7 million a year for his advisory function and he didn't foget his family either.

Uncle Nasty said...

Franklin Ryckaert said...

For another side of the story, go to

Lew Kwan Yew got $3,7 million a year for his advisory function and he didn't foget his family either.

2 April 2015 at 23:17

... and obviously worth every penny, if you ask me.

Having said that, Mr. Ryckaert ... would you care to enlighten us on how much Obama and his Silverback wife(?) -- and her extended noglet family -- have cost the US in golfing holidays, extravagant lunches, vacations, free-spending nigger events and so-called similar initiatives? Never mind salaries?

And what, exactly, they have given the US in return?

Enquiring minds wish to know.


Anonymous said...

James, your video which you linked says nothing of the sort. That rabbi is talking about religious freedoms, not the "cleansing of Europe".
Jews are leaving Europe, and especially France, because of the increase in attacks on them by the local Muslims.
Mass Muslim immigration has been as much a disaster for Europe's Jews as it has been for Europe's indigenous.

Californian said...

And now in America itself after 30 years of experimenting with the Great Society programmes, there is widespread crime and violence, children kill each other with guns, neigbourhoods are insecure, old people feel forgotten, families are falling apart.

In 2015, it's 50 years of experimenting with Great Society programs. And we see entire cities laid waste, like Detroit.

It is a measure of the depth of ideological delusion of post-modern liberalism that this abject lesson is not recognized. No matter how many failures that liberalism has caused, there is this starry eyed idealism which believes that if we only had one more social program, we could "solve" the "problems" of crime, urban blight, education, and that perennial, discrimination.