Saturday, 21 March 2015

Heretical thoughts on economics

You know, I was sitting down today when this this crazy idea crossed my mind. I thought....maybe, just maybe, economists aren't wrong about everything after all.  Now I admit that when it comes to economic forecasting you'd be better off going by Mystic Meg at the fairground. But what about measuring Gross National Product?

We know for example that when a burned-down house gets rebuilt the cost of rebuilding will be added to GNP figures even though all that's been done is to restore the status quo ante. All the work done by the builders and the materials they used are added to the production figures. Then there's the recent practice of including the services of prostitutes and the sale of illegal drugs. And why not? After all, how is this any different to including the services of psychiatrists  (who have never cured a patient in all recorded history) or the sale of cigarettes?

So maybe economists are correct again when they extol - as they endlessly do - the economic benefits of mass immigration. And the more I thought about this the more I began to realise that, by Jove, they had a point. An excellent point. Here are just a few examples:

() Building all those extra jail places

() Hiring additional police, judges and prison staff to capture and incarcerate criminal enrichers

() Gynaecologists treating female genital mutilation victims and birthing all those little turdlers we see running around every day

() Lawyers endlessly working asylum tourist appeals through the court system

() The velocity of money (M1 or M2) contribution to GDP resulting from injecting billions of Euros in enricher welfare payments into the economy every year

Now I am not, a la Oscar Wilde, lightly playing lightly with ideas here. My musings have highly practical implications for every Eurozone country. Why? Because budget deficits are supposed not to exceed 3% of GDP. Hence the bigger a country's GDP figure the bigger the deficit allowed in absolute terms. And the bigger the deficit the more money politicians have available to buy votes. Why else do you think the Italians, Irish and Greeks...and in fact almost all EZ countries are so keen to boost nominal GDP?

That's the reason.  Seriously

So, in the spirit of magnanimity for which I'm renowned I freely offer these thought to the world. Or at least the EZ world.


Anonymous said...

If there were no frivilous asylum cases there would be no work for frivilious asylum lawyers and they would not be able to powder their noses with marching powder. #wontsomebodythinkoftheeconomy?

Anonymous said...

Is this the same group of sociopathaic nation wreckers that told us Ireland would experience a "soft landing" a few years back?. When do we start charging these lunatics with treason?.

The white izard

Anonymous said...

The following link has nothing to do with economics; just a fairly good summation of what's happening to Savant's homeland .

Anonymous said...

Chris Fogarty was also on Red Ice Radio recently. It's a good listen for every Irishman and Irishwoman who is alive today.

Now, the real question... is the term "fighting Irish' a myth? I say a big Y-E-S!!!

Soldiers don't fight for their country or their families or for their children and grandchildren or for what's right. They fight because they are ordered to do so. It's just that plain and simple.

The white race will go the way of the Dodo because white men only fight for their psychopathic leaders and rulers. And their current leaders and rulers are Khazars!

Iron Felix said...

Well now Savant, yes; let me add a small refinement, a swings and roundabouts one. Remember that venal oaf Brian Lenehan? He once gave it to us that mass emigration (of our best and brightest Irish people, of course) would be of benefit to the country, so much so that we could not survive without it. His actual words, so far as I recall, was to tell these young educated people to "do your patriotic duty and fuck off out of Ireland". Thus spake this Soldier of Destiny, guardian of the Republican flame, trustee of the tradition of Easter 1916. Several generations of this Northern European nations best and brightest have been turned into wetbacks, this underlined by the insolent demand that the USA "reform" it's immigration laws to clean up our mess.Note the accompanying impertinence of our describing our illegals in the US as "illegals".
Then across town we have had various little politico-pimps up on their hind legs to cry out in tones of anguish that Ireland simply cannot survive unless we have mass immigration, provided only that these immigrants be anything but Irish, and with special o preference given to Islamics (who are trouble everywhere and at all times), sub-Saharan Africans, and Gypsies, misleadingly called Romanians.
You see here the wonders that may be revealed once we understand the disguised witchcraft which passes for Economics; you, both of these mutually exclusive circumstances are of enormous benefit to us. Ain't it wonderful?

SAVANT said...

Thanks Felix, and good insight.

You might be a wee bit unfair though to Brian Lenihan. I think he was suggesting that going abroad to gain experience might be better than being unemployed at home. Of course have been in power for most of the previous 20 years you'd have to ask him why there was no employment for them at home.

Anonymous said...

The cuckoo is coming home to roost !

Anonymous said...

The number of young people infected with gonorrhoea and herpes has also continued to rise year after year, new figures obtained by the Sunday Independent reveal.

Latest statistics from the Health Protection Surveillance Centre show around 5,000 women and 3,500 men under the age of 24 tested positive for STIs - including chlamydia, gonorrhoea, herpes and syphilis - in 2013 and 2014. The figures also reveal that 23 men and 10 women were diagnosed with sexually acquired HIV in 2013.

Iron Felix said...

Well, Savant, true enough I suppose. One cannot excoriate a moron for being a moron, in all fairness.
You see, the mantra is this; Ireland is only a very small country and with no resources ("Sure my God; look at our History!!!"---God and History as the universal exculpations for everything in sight).
The mantra offers no explanations, because not called upon so to do, for Iceland (a sheet of basalt with an eiderdown of tundra and more volcanoes that one might have deemed altogether necessary) or Holland (a swampy delta) or Switzerland (an outsize garden rockery) or Singapore, an island fly-spot roughly the size of County Louth. Ireland has more resources, and by whole orders of magnitude, than all these put together. It is not Lenehan personally, it is that Ireland is a whole nation of Lenehans.

Keiser said...

Also Savant don't forget that minimum wage is tied to the CPI inflation metric (Consumer price index).

So if we can include immigrant drug dealing, hospital bills for rape victims, prison, policing and legal costs, muh dik bastard welfare costs, housing costs for immigrants etc as contributing to the GDP we must be careful to NOT include them in any measure of inflation such as CPI.

This way we can show increased GDP with attendant increased deficit capacity and therefore money supply when our hardworking and loyal government borrow and give us a low grade secondary credit enema via their spending WHILE also showing nominal or even low inflation on the CPI which keeps the minimum wage that is tied to it nice and low.

Now if we tie banker's bonuses to the money supply, which they do, and then use those bonuses to provide kickbacks to the government, which they do, AND offer developer low cost loans while gouging the minimum wagers with payday lender rates (such as "Wonga Ltd") we have a situation where minimum wage can be kept in the ground creating debt slaves and the bankers at the top can keep the mana flowing and the government can buy all their votes too!

And it only costs tens of thousands of little girls being raped in places like London, Rotherham, Oxford, etc

Labour's worst kept secret and soon to be Ireland's if we are not careful!!!

Iron Felix said...

-----just checked; well-run, clean, prosperous, wealthy, powerful self-assured Singapore is actually SMALLER than County Louth........!!

Anonymous said...

This is from the Center for Immigration Studies, U.S.A.:

The presence of all immigrant workers (legal and illegal) in the labor market makes the U.S. economy (GDP) an estimated 11 percent larger ($1.6 trillion) each year. This “contribution” to the aggregate economy, however, does not measure the net benefit to the native-born population.

Of the $1.6 trillion increase in GDP, 97.8 percent goes to the immigrants themselves in the form of wages and benefits; the remainder constitutes the “immigration surplus” — the benefit accruing to the native-born population, including both workers, owners of firms, and other users of the services provided by immigrants.

The standard textbook model of a competitive labor market yields an estimate of the immigration surplus equal to $35 billion a year — or about 0.2 percent of the total GDP in the United States — from both legal and illegal immigration.

The immigration surplus of $35 billion comes from reducing the wages of natives in competition with immigrants by an estimated $402 billion a year, while increasing profits or the incomes of users of immigrants by an estimated $437 billion.

So who benefits economically from immigration? The immigrants themselves and "users of immigrants" (=cretins like Sheldon Adelson).

At the same time, huge numbers of native workers get lower wages because of the increased competition.

eah said...


DailyMail -- Nine 'brainwashed' British medical students join ISIS as desperate families travel to Turkish border to beg them to return

Note the fotos of the "British" students. Also note: 'brainwashed', but not 'British'.

The media sure is clever -- if they can make these people British, maybe they can turn lead into gold.

Rhetorical question: What white person in their right mind would go to a doctor who looked like that?

Anonymous said...

I think you hit the nail on the head with the house analogy. We have known for some time three things have been happening. Manufacturing has been falling. More women are working and birth rates are falling. The last two correlating. So if birth rates are falling who is going to buy the current housing stock and any new building? It's obvious that there is too much housing if white countries remain white. Too much housing means house prices fall. As you state Governments rely on house prices. The EU a few years ago said that Britain was relying on overpriced homes.
This leads to the same situation as the fiat Ponzy money scheme. The British Government have revealed that they are going to close the gap of green and brown field sites between Birmingham and Coventry. This gap is going to be for 'much needed housing'. As white birth rates are falling who is this new housing for? The situation is keep building to maintain an artificial housing market. Sink or swim. The problem with both of these schemes is that it gets to a stage where the swimmer becomes exhausted.
That time cannot be far off. Look at the state of housing in London. Now officially acknowledged as being under fifty percent ethnic Britains. Because of the influx of invaders, housing is in short supply. The cost of housing is astronomical. £250,000 might get you a one bedroom flat.
Look at how mortgage lending has changed. Twenty five years ago a lender would lend annual income times three for a one wage family. Three and a half times joint income for a two wage family.
Now, in London, they will lend ten times household income.
This is impossible to sustain. Either wages have to rise or house prices must fall. Foreign investors are seeing high prices as an investment opportunity. This can sustain the high prices for a short while. When those investments start turning sour there will be a dramatic slump in prices.
The long term effects of this are ignored. Even if prices can be maintained it means more invaders coming.
Britain is a net importer of food. The more green field sites that are destroyed puts up the percentage of food that is needed to be imported. Basic food prices are kept artificially low. Should the price of oil rise again this is also unsustainable.
Fighting for food will become fact not science fiction. Perhaps that has been the plan all along. The only thing that I can agree with that the NWO are rumoured to say is a reduction in world population. That brings us to Africa and that is a whole new ball game.
So I will stop there. That's enough to take in.


Anonymous said...


Pre-commentary by Dr. David Duke — The following article by the IRISH SAVANT BLOGSPOT touched me deeply. As most of the readers of know, I consider the moments I spent in the company of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn in Moscow some of most important of my life.

Read more:

Frank Galton

Matrix-buster said...

Thanks for that link to Dr. Duke Lemmyhead. Mr. Savant is certainly making waves.

God bless him.And Dr. Duke.

Keiser said...

Nice, an article reprint and mention on David Duke's Savant. :-)


Jeremy said...

@ eah. Good thing about the DM is the comments. Such a groyndswell of opinion surely will have to have some impact.

Will it not?

Nero said...

-----just checked; well-run, clean, prosperous, wealthy, powerful self-assured Singapore is actually SMALLER than County Louth........!!

Iron Felix 11:48

Rumour has it, that every government department in Singapore turns a profit.

Can't see the Dial achieving that ... in our lifetimes.

Anonymous said...

Matrix Buster. I'm not the one who posted the link, it was Frank. Thanks for my new nickname though. 'Duke' I like the feel of that. Thanks also for giving me the Doctorate. I accept it most sincerely under my real name of Dindo Nuffin.

Dr. Duke Lemmyhead.

Anonymous said...

Social Justice Warrior in race hoax

Derval O'Rourke's husband spent 15 minutes telling her how good Cork was at the 2008 Olympics. I guess that is because it is full of Cork people rather than Dubliners like Denise Charleton and Alan Shatter. Long may that continue.

Elsewhere - George Washington University - Fraternity -SWASTIKA Three letter word for rabbi responsible for the swastika. Anyone here can help?

Anonymous said...

Individualism’s Wake: The Abyss - by Dr. Graham Lister

Fine Persecution — Every society has before it an ideal of the kind of society it ought to be, and every society, in order to uphold that ideal, needs to persecute those within it who are at odds with that ideal. Once again, however, the deep mendacity of liberalistic society manifests itself in that it denies the persecution which it carries out against its hated enemies, namely, those at odds with its ideal. This denial of the persecuted status of its enemies — along with the ridicule of them when they claim it — are additional elements for the intensifying of their persecution.

Specify, or Be Damned — Individualism does not specify itself to be in keeping with any particular society, or even with the existence of society at all, but rather it addresses itself only to an unspecified individuality. Such unspecification about what an individual should be is precisely at the heart of individualism’s boast about its being the friend and not the foe of the individual’s freely seeking to be and to do whatever he chooses. “Do what thou wilt”, it says, whereto it may add the black-box phrase, “so long as it harms none”. Now, given a teaching which says that everyone may do as he pleases, irrespective of all truth, reason, goodness, morality, tradition, authority, obedience, bonds, and so forth, “so long as it harms none”, and which, by its boasted lights, does not specify the kind of society which should be upheld, or even that any should be upheld, how is it that anyone could then come to the belief that it might after all stand as a pillar of any society, let alone a particular one, rather than being, as in truth it is, the rot upon all? One might say that here we are at the brink of sheer madness, inbequeathed through many years of listening to silly tales. But leaving aside an understanding of the teaching itself, which might conceivably have taken any name, the very name which it does carry gives us a clue to its drift, namely, that it seeks to uphold the unspecified individual, and not any society, specified or unspecified.

Anonymous said...

The "nigger" will remain an economic drain no matter where it is. Whether it is in Ireland or the uk.

eah said...

@ Jeremy - 22 March 2015 at 14:27

Will it not?

No, I doubt it. I'm really skeptical. I mean, things have gone so far there with no real fightback to speak of.

Just consider these stories (just a couple of examples):

Tom Daley Twitter abuse: Boy arrested in Weymouth

Boy, 15, arrested over 'racist' Danny Welbeck tweet

What kind of country arrests children for twitter postings? And what kind of cops would do something like that? The fact such laws exist shows those in power feel no need to show restraint -- they fear no resistance or backlash.

Also, the HET is probably the most aggressive 'Holocaust' promoter in the world. There's a weird society-wide obsession with victims and victimizers -- and we all know the 'who', 'whom' of that.

The famous London fog has been replaced by a fog of propaganda, and an entire generation -- or more -- has been steeped in it. Soon people who knew a greater degree of freedom, and so have a sense of what has been lost, will be so small in number...

head of steam said...

Polarisation in Britain;

"A drunken mob of more than 20 thugs shouted "kill the Jews" as they stormed into a north London synagogue while young worshippers celebrated the end of the sabbath.
The anti-Semitic abuse was hurled by the group of men and women as they first beat up a young man outside before chasing him inside, breaking windows and attacking others.

Meanwhile, today, a bunch of UAF freaks, perverts and weirdos led by a Jewboy, Dan Glass, attacks Nigel Farage and his family while visiting their local pub:

UKIP need to increase their security in the face of increasing attacks by communist-Stasi scum who are subsidised by public funds and backed by Cameron and his debauched Conservative Party.

Mick Collins said...

On my many visits to relatives in Ireland I've always got the impression that many people from Cork consider themselves a cut above the rest of the Irish.

Do the Corkies still feel this way despite the 'enrichment' now so evident in Cork city and spreading ever westwards?

Why does all opposition to Fianna Fail and Fine Gael come from the left of the political spectrum, eg Labour, Sinn Fein etc?

Why does Ireland not even have its own version of UKIP never mind France's Front National?

Perhaps the best of the Irish are leaving for pastures new once again, but white flight is not the answer. The blacks and Asians are never far behind.

Just look at what's happening in Britain. It's government policy there to 'spread the problem around' which means deliberately placing fast-breeding Africans and other third worlders in every town and village across Britain.

Evey white country is the same. Kevin MacDonald documented it years ago but was demonised for it by our masters the Jews.

protocol number 6 said...

Welcome to Britain....

Kurds and Islamists fight it out on the streets of London as 'unknown assailants' attack a synagogue to much weeping and wailing....

eah said...

Also this story from today:

BBC -- London protesters 'chase UKIP leader Farage out of pub'

Anti-UKIP protesters have invaded a pub in south London where party leader Nigel Farage was having lunch.

Mr Farage was in the Queen's Head in Downe, Kent, with his wife and two younger children at the time.

Demonstrators first went to the George & Dragon, believing it to be Mr Farage's local, before they found him.

They said they chased the family out of the pub and jumped on the politician's car bonnet as he drove away.

The BBC calls them "protestors" and "demonstrators" -- so now something like this is a legitimate form of 'protest', a kind of 'demonstration'. Probably all the men who were in the pub at the time did nothing to stop this indecent outrage.

People who do things like this do not fear any consequences -- they know practically the entire media and establishment will either support them or stay silent.

Anonymous said...

eah 19.37

More on the violent attack on Farage and his family:

This is the website of the Jewish Common Purpose cockroach Dan Glass, who organised the attack:

This isn't the first time that Farage and UKIP have been viciously attacked. Clearly any real alternative to the Tories and Labour will not be tolerated.

Uncle Nasty said...

Haven't heard from Nilus in a while. I think he would appreciate this ...

Why I am going to war with the BBC

I have set myself on a collision course with the might and influence of the £5 billion worldwide media organisation because I am sick of its bias and misrepresentation
By Andrew Bridgen MP


In its mission statement, the BBC says that it “exists to serve the public, and its mission is to inform, educate and entertain.” It exists, therefore, to report the news in an impartial manner – not to make the news or to push a particular agenda.

I would contend that the BBC is now working outside its remit. Far from being an impartial spectator to events, it has become an active participant in our national debate, whose influence is unauthorised and unwelcome.

Current and former employees have acknowledged what you might call the “Guardianisation” of the BBC’s editorial line. You only have to consider a range of topics such as climate change, the EU and immigration to see that the BBC treats those who have concerns about such issues with an institutional disdain.

But its meddling with the news agenda has recently reached new heights, especially concerning the TV election debates. Even the BBC’s own former Chairman, Lord Grade – a man who recently brought about an amendment in the House of Lords to protect the corporation’s income stream – expressed outrage at the corporation’s threats to “empty chair” the Prime Minister if he did not cave to its demands.

Finally, and most importantly, there is the TV licence fee. This month we had a debate on the decriminalisation of non-payment of the fee in Parliament. This was due to the amendment put down in the House of Lords, which was then supported by five ex-BBC employees parroting the BBC PR machine’s line that this will cost millions of pounds of revenue should decriminalisation be legislated. The debate was riddled with dubious warnings that local radio stations and Cbeebies will have to close if the BBC did not retain the ability to send people to jail for being too poor to pay for their TV licence.

This month has also seen the suspension of the Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson for an alleged fracas with a producer. It has been speculated that the programme’s brand is worth tens of millions of pounds in annual income to the BBC. Should Jeremy Clarkson finally be forced out of the BBC, a reported aim of senior BBC executives, how will that revenue gap be filled?

This from a politician, mind you. Amazing how much passion can be aroused when it's your own ox being gored.
Wonder what his take is on nigger criminality, destruction of the White male, imported muslim nutters, out-of-control immigration, yids in positions of unearned power and mass rape of White children?

Interestingly enough, there are (at last count) over a thousand comments.
Once again, MSM must fuckin' delenda est
Oh ... and while I mind, come back Nilus. We need your daily dose of outrage. Keeps us going.


Uncle Nasty said...

While on the subject of propaganda, you might find this interesting.

Purportedly North Korean in origin, some say that it is actually made in -- wait for it -- New Zealand. Your opinions please.


Anonymous said...

This is the website of the Jewish Common Purpose cockroach Dan Glass, who organised the attack:

Aren't those fascist blackshirt thugs dreadful?

Uncle Nasty said...

Interesting site:

... and interesting article.


James said...

Unfortunately I think nilus is drinking again, perhaps drugging as well. He needs some help before it is too late. Get sober nilus!
If you are reading this in a drunken stupor, put the bottle down and regain control over yourself. Be a man, not a dirty drunk.
We need you posting here, mate.

Anonymous said...

Just a question when has anybody on here ever got off their arses and put there body's on the street where it counts
I am a Irish catholic born in n Ireland brought up in england and I have gone to about 25 edl demoes al quids and other stuff
I am nearly 60 and if I had being in that pub on Sunday when farage and his family had got harrased I would have started fb rowing punches to protect his kids
ps I have put a few w ring spellings in to my post
Just to provoke the nglish grammar cunts who seem to haunt the comments section of most newspapers and call anybody who opposes multi culture as k nucle draggers and who would never speak for them .well you effing nimbeys I hope a big family of immigrants move next to you and then we will see your anger when your house prizes lol go down

Up the villa

Cassius said...

UN, that is one amazing video. If I had the ability and resources to produce a documentary this would be it.

Hard to imagine the North Korean connection though.

Anonymous said...

I beleive there is a party now called Independant Ireland, they tried to have a meeting a week ago or so and the anti-fascist fascists stopped the meeting from happening. One of their cornerstones is sensible border policies.

The White Wizard

Anonymous said...

So I forgot to warn you about Red Tails on BBC2 which is good because you missed it but bad because you did not get to choose to miss it.
Luckily I only saw 25 minutes so I may not have developed diabetes from an ingredient that George Lucas put into the story of how some guys were able to survive being hit by 20mm cannon fire but others not. I am guessing that Samuel L Jackson had more midichlorians so he did.
A German officer walked right past an escape hatch of the prisoners so they were lucky Specsavers weren't around at the time.
After shooting down 5 Me 262s President Lincoln emancipates the proclaimation of independnece giving mayoralty to Oxford, Missiouri which the pilots were able to recite despite never having heard it.

Oh Lucas George you have done did it again!

Anonymous said...

More on this sinister "Common Purpose" organisation in this Pat Condell video, well worth watching:

tsnamm said...

I'm assuming that's a fake James posting... be that as it may, Nilus is over at Morgoths site, still doing God's work on Jewish domination of the media and entertainment...

Shaunantijihad said...

Move the Congoids and the Muslims in... and boost your real estate market. Watch that White flight boos your economy with non-productive economic activity! Never mind that British farmers an fishermen can only feed 30 million, and even that's not sustainable...

Genocide wears the mask of multiculturalism.

Anonymous said...

Richard Schaefer

religious delusion has no place n the public sphere, humans need to get beyond their childhood conditioning and've been duped, don't b a sheep. think for an adult educate yourself dont be a coward to fantasy

maryc331 2 weeks ago
Richard Schaefer I do so agree; for that reason, I no longer buy the 6 million Jews gassed by bug spray.

mary331 falls fowl of the unmentionable one.

Egg n spoon is the ad playing in the background. Ignore that. The chocolate has been cheapened by changing the formula. I guess it needed changing as the new factory in Poland is farther away than Birmingham.

Common purpose Ireland idiots but NOT idiots common to Ireland.

Anonymous said...

This party started in January i think.


Anonymous said...

UN said: “This from a politician, mind you. Wonder what his take is on... yids in positions of unearned power...”

Jewish Media Lobby Erupts in Anger of UK MP’s Exposure of their Influence

The Jewish media—directed specifically for Jews, as opposed to the Jewish Supremacist-dominated mass media, which is directed specifically at non-Jews—has erupted in rage over the remarks by British Member of Parliament Andrew Bridgen over how the “Jewish Lobby” in America controls that country’s government and policies.

Read more:

Andrew Bridgen was elected in 2010 after spending 25 years running his successful family business, AB Produce, based in the constituency at Measham. Prior to this Andrew attended local state schools and Nottingham University. He has also trained as an officer in the Royal Marines.

Frank Galton

FOD said...

UN, those North Koreans, if that is what they are, have our system truly lamped. If the Tribe flee the currently decomposing Western host they'll get a rude awakening if they try the same stunt in the East with those guys.

Anonymous said...


The Incredible Disappearing Man


Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Kevin MacDonald, Editor, The Occidental Observer

The Irish Savant: Solzhenitzyn--The Incredible Disappearing Man

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Jewish Encyclopedia

Strongbow's conquest of Ireland (1170) was financed by Josce, a JEW of Gloucester...

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Jewish Encyclopedia

Toward the middle of the seventeenth century a considerable number of Marano merchants settled in London and formed there a secret congregation, at the head of which was Antonio Fernandez Carvajal. They conducted a large business with the Levant, East and West Indies, Canary Islands, and Brazil, and above all with the Netherlands, Spain, and Portugal.

They formed an important LINK in the NETWORK of trade spread especially throughout the Spanish and Portuguese world by the Maranos or secret Jews (see Commerce). Their POSITION enabled them to give Cromwell and his secretary, Thurloe, important INFORMATION as to the plans both of Charles Stuart in Holland and of the Spaniards in the New World (see L. Wolf, "Cromwell's Secret Intelligencers"). Outwardly they passed as Spaniards and Catholics; but they held prayer-meetings at Cree Church Lane, and became known to the government as Jews by faith.

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Bovine beauty commedienne Sarah Silvermann who walked around New York for 10 whole hours and got 5 minutes of catcalls has tweeted He basketcaseball playa don't be a racist. #IggyAzeliaHasafatarsebecausesheizblaklikeJenniferLopezizzle!

Ken D'odd said...

More on the multi-coloured, multikult mob of foreigners and transgender freaks who attacked Farage yesterday, much to the delight of the BBC and the Guardian:

polaroid said...

If you want to see names, faces, etc of all those Jews, nonces, communists, pervs, and other leftist scum who attack anyone on the right who dares show their face then look at the Redwatch site.

Quite a few Irish lefties and weirdos amongst the thousands photographed here>

beowolf said...

An excellent video UN but feel it could have been shortened considerably without losing the message. I believe it to be very important that we present our messages as concisely as possible given that most people today have the attention span of a goldfish.

Cassius said...

James Howard Kunstler describes America with this brilliant analogy.

"We are the Michael Brown among nations, high on exceptionalism, stoned on entitlement, swaggering moronically from one place to another grabbing what we feel like, smashing things up as we go."

Uncle Nasty said...

I read this on a local site ... Whale Oil Beef Hooked** which passes, I guess, for a right wing site in NZ.
Strangely enough, it's either the most popular or second-most popular blog in NZ.

New Zealand's equivalent of Alan Shatter says:-

Race Relations Commissioner Susan Devoy wants more refugees to be welcomed into New Zealand.

New Zealand accepts 750 refugees each year under an agreement with United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

New Zealand hasn’t increased its refugee quota in 30 years, Dame Susan told The Herald.

It appears that New Zealand's UN-mandated quota of Third World Scum -- Sorry! Sorry! That should read "refugees" is 750 per annum

The comments are interesting.


**Say it fast.

Anonymous said...

The Wrong Brothers

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said: “Bovine beauty commedienne Sarah Silvermann who walked around New York for 10 whole hours and got 5 minutes of catcalls has tweeted He basketcaseball playa don't be a racist.”

Sarah Silverman’s got 6 million followers.


Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Some say cannibalism will prevail after three weeks of economic shutdown. I'm an optimist, I say it will take three months.

After the NYC fire over the weekend that killed seven Orthodox children because of a hot plate left on during the Sabbath, Jews calling in call-in radio to complain some media comment makes it sound like it happened because of a "bunch of crazy Jews."

Anonymous said...

Good news last week with Congress passing a bill protecting Americans from libel charges and judgements from foreign governments. Specifically, from "libel tourism" as practiced through the British courts. Thank God (or, in your case, Savant, the Star Lords of Urantia) for the First Amendment and the rest of the Bill of Rights!

Pretty much over here you'd have to threaten to cut someone's throat to get into trouble, and even then it wouldn't count unless you a credible plan to actually do it.

Iron Felix said...

Just by the way; words get misused all too easily. A case in point---"The Irish Nation". In truth there is no such thing, never has been and almost certainly never will be. Just so too with Economics; what we see today is not Economics. What we see today is an amalgam; there are statistics, which is really only a lot of adding up and general poodling about; and there are accountancy and bookkeeping procedures; and there is a bit of disguised witchcraft, aka sociology. Conflate these three to the ruin of each, regurgitate and lo! though you are now talking bollox it seems to be erudite bollox and that is all that is needed. Never mind that no economist has ever got anything right since Cain was a boy, nor that not one in a hundred of them could run so much as a tap ("faucet" in American), in the real world, it matters not. You will be admired; was not that old fraudster and fairground find-the-lady shyster Keynes virtually adored? All he did was introduce a thoroughly morbid hedonism into the mix. Dear me! Perhaps I should stop here.

Anonymous said...

Prejudice is prejudgment, or forming an opinion before becoming aware of the relevant facts of a case.

Postjudice would be observing that Nigerians and other of their ilk who make up 1 in 3 of our prison population and 30% of the housing waiting list despite being less than 30% of the population and if they were not here there would be less stress of the housing waiting list have sweet f all to offer the host country. Host country? Does that make them parasites?

James said...


White man march went pretty well.

Here's one of the results.

It's becoming unstoppable. You can now argue with anti-whites and win.

James said...

Anonymous James said...
Unfortunately I think nilus is drinking again, perhaps drugging as well. He needs some help before it is too late. Get sober nilus!
If you are reading this in a drunken stupor, put the bottle down and regain control over yourself. Be a man, not a dirty drunk.
We need you posting here, mate.

22 March 2015 at 23:36

Sorry to mention it Savant, but the unmentionable one is at it again.

Some white guy said...

Was out and about with some mates recently walking down a busy street with a 20 foot long sign saying


It's a great experience.

Anonymous said...

The white race will go the way of the Dodo because white men only fight for their psychopathic leaders and rulers. And their current leaders and rulers are Khazars!

The Celts have always fought for others.
They fought for the Romans, even though the Romans butchered millions of them.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the best of the Irish are leaving for pastures new once again, but white flight is not the answer. The blacks and Asians are never far behind.

Just look at what's happening in Britain. It's government policy there to 'spread the problem around' which means deliberately placing fast-breeding Africans and other third worlders in every town and village across Britain.

Evey white country is the same. Kevin MacDonald documented it years ago but was demonised for it by our masters the Jews.

"DIVERSITY" means chasing down every last White person

...and destroying them!

Anonymous said...

H.P. Lovecraft was a white nationalist.

Anonymous said...

Them dudes look like ladies

The Williams brothers were correct in that top rated ladies could defeat dudes as Verena and Venus have lost to some chickchicks as distinct from Michael Obama. And you doubted journalists when they said it could be done!

Tiger Armstrong is the Lance of Golf and heres me thinking they used golf bats!

awakened said...

OF COURSE white flight is not the answer. The parasites will follow us wherever we go for the simple reason that they cannot create wealthy functioning societies by themselves.

Dr. Destructo said...

@00.47. That is why I like the term 'host' population. It really conjures up the parasite image.

Anonymous said...

Re: The harassment of Farage and family.
Not so long back claw hammers ,box cutters , boots, were used to drive home the AFL message!
He got off quite lightly !

Anonymous said...

Here'e something I have found amusing. It's not the article. Look at what the article is about and the advertiser immediately above it.
Taking the piss?


Anonymous said...

Sorry forgot to add link.!I7lZQ//


Dr. Wassel said...

Good catch Lemmy.

The fact that the WTC collapse was never fully questioned shows the utter and total control exerted by ZOG.

Anonymous said...

Telegraph commentless article with "photo"

Yes That Father Ted episode.

commentless articles are commentless as the gruaniad shometimes doesh.

Anonymous said...

Anon 04.42
H.P.L. Should have let us know how he really felt! What an amazing revelation from a completely unexpected source. He's gone to the top of my to read list.


Anonymous said...

Oh vey! Colonel Schlomo Lowenstein is annoyed!

I forgot to point out that Dan Glass who harassed Nigel Farage has received 20 anti-semitic texts!

The guy was just holocaust surviving by being obnoxious to an entire restaurant and you people who want to kill 6 million do this to him!

The sufferink! It is worse than Auschwitz!

(If you are a newcomer here we genuinely had a troll who said that his pal was raised by his grandmother because his mother died where (insert name of survivor) survived before he was born!)

Anonymous said...

Anon 05.23
Do you think this song was written for Serena, Venus and Michelle?


Anonymous said...

Sav, Lee kuan Yew was a race-realist. Could you write an article on this.

Lee Kuan Yew, the statesman who transformed Singapore from a small port city into a wealthy global hub, has died at the age of 91.

Lee Kuan Yew’s Warning for America

Anonymous said...

World-renowned statesman and race realist - Lee Kuan Yew

Anonymous said...

Dog dislikes caterwauling

At there is some talent in Belguim.

MarkinLA said...

The great thing about economics as a "science" is that you get to pick your own endpoints. You get to pick what data is relevant. You get to surround your "facts" with your own narrative that seem to be logically correct.

Of course if we chose different end points and different data and facts we can create a different logically correct narrative.

A science with no wrong answers. Just the thing the elites need to scientifically prove the policies they want are the best for all of us.

Anonymous said...

London ‘worse than sub-Saharan Africa’ for tuberculosis as 75million lives threatened worldwide.

A bit of background on African TB.
I won't go into the full history, but the mild version of TB that was never entirely eliminated among the urban black population in South Africa suddenly mutated into an aggressive, drug-resistant form in the mid 1980s that appears to have originated in Russia and arrived via the terrorist training camps in Mozambique, Zambia and Angola. It has now become strongly established throughout Africa and runs hand in hand with HIV/AIDS infections. Some 80% of TB sufferers in South Africa are also HIV/AIDS positive and a similar figure is now being reported from other African countries.
The problem is this--many people carry a latent (no symptoms) TB infection, if they also develop an HIV infection (but not full AIDS) the latent TB turns active and is very aggressive and hard to treat because of the deteriorating immune system.
Those African TB sufferers in Tower Hamlets and Brent are almost certainly HIV/AIDS spreaders as well.

Anonymous said...

Dem dudes look like ladies

It is a mixed up world
Where boys are like girls

enough to fool Barryo himself.

Anonymous said...

When Animals Attack!

AnalogMan said...

Anon said

Pretty much over here you'd have to threaten to cut someone's throat to get into trouble, and even then it wouldn't count unless you a credible plan to actually do it.

That's the theory. The practice is pretty much what the judge feels like.

I used to read Amren quite regularly. There's a regular there called Michael Scott who spent some time inside. Out of curiosity, I looked up his court case. He had apparently threatened to shoot his father (or ex-father, as he calls him).

What made it a "credible threat", according to the judge, was that he actually owned the gun that he threatened to use.

I made a note to myself, never to threaten to kick anybody to death. The fact that I have two feet would condemn me.

Nero said...

Lee Kuan Yew, the statesman who transformed Singapore from a small port city into a wealthy global hub, has died at the age of 91 16:07

Anyone else consider him akin to Ian Smith - but allowed to do the job?

Anonymous said...

Lovecraft: you come for the cosmic horror and stay for the 1920s racism.

I wish I was just discovering Lovecraft. First came across him when the bookmobile visited my junior high fifty years ago. Twentieth century Edgar Allen Poe. He's so neurotic and depressed and weird, you can't help but feel good by comparison.

Icky titan monsters from a billion years ago.

Projected his fears about hordes of dark immigrants destroying civilization.

Liked the Irish, though. Of course, by the twenties, the Irish were kind of fashionable.

My favorite racist line in Lovecraft is from "The Horror At Red Hook" when he mentions a Cthulu operative, a Lascar sailor with a "horribly negroid mouth."

Also, check another king of pulp fiction, his buddy the doomed Robert Howard, creator of Conan.

Anonymous said...

Analog Man:

Of course, with the whole terroristic threat laws in place, one should never make a threat, especially in front of witnesses.

Also, the latest round of gun control laws aim at disarming men because of the potential for domestic violence. If she goes to a judge and says she "feels" threatened, your guns are history. The new laws aim at making that the norm in divorce cases. Gabby Gifford in town recently advocating for this.

So, don't make threats and never in front of witnesses and if you do, deny everything.

Never admit anything. It's always worked for me. Then again, my primary aim in life has always been not to be explaining anything in front of a judge.

Of course, don't get married, except for reproduction so your kids aren't bastards. There are all kinds of guys here in the US who are under heavy judicial control because of divorce, financially and otherwise. Decades ago, feminists and marriage counselors started schooling the women in how to provoke a minor incident in order to put men under judicial control. One guy I know stopped to talk to his kid, forgetting there was an order of protection. His first and last contact with the judicial system. Four cops came to his workplace and dragged him out in handcuffs.

Iron Felix said...

MarkinLA, deftly put. See, that ould cod Marx wrote a screed of hatred which was really just the Talmud redux, but disguised it as a treaty on economics. Meanwhile across town that fair-ground shyster Keynes dreamed up a species of respectable ponzi scheme, specially for politicians, wherein the statesman's concern, economics, was transmogrified into the politicians racket. What he did was shift it, the whole science, from it's ethical base onto a base of, as I said, morbid hedonism. In the long run we will be dead (fuck those who come after), just spend your way into one electoral win. The politicos whooped with joy and the rest is history, the rubbish we are stuck with now.

SAVANT said...

Comments on Lee Kuan Yew appreciated. I intend to do a post on him. That guy called a spade a spade. In every sense!

AnalogMan said...

Anon said

One guy I know stopped to talk to his kid, forgetting there was an order of protection. His first and last contact with the judicial system. Four cops came to his workplace and dragged him out in handcuffs.

That rang a bell. I looked up Roger Devlin's excellent article on "Rotating Polyandry - and its Enforcers" where I found:

A man in the United Kingdom received a sentence of ten months for greet­ing his child on the street.

It seems to be a popular sport for lawyers. As you say, the best courtroom strategy is to stay out of them. Uncle Nasty has reserved first place on the gibbet for the media, but I think the lawyers have a very good claim on second place.

(I highly recommend all articles by Roger Devlin. The link is to part Two of the relevant article, but the link to Part One is not hard to derive.)

Anonymous said...

"Anyone else consider him akin to Ian Smith - but allowed to do the job?"

good analogy - as a leader for the people of Singapore you'd have to say he was top notch.

rick ronsavelle said...

swindlers' list of scams AND

committed by thy usual susspects