Friday, 6 March 2015

A German Jihad is born

Happy days, a cause for celebration. We sup yet again from the chalice of diversity because a 34 stone (240 kilo) Turkish land-whale in Germany has given birth to a 13 pound (6 kilo) monster which she has suitably named Jihad (Holy War). Can't you just see it in a few years time, mother sticking bloated head of the window and calling 'Holy War, your dinner is ready'. So very Germanic. He'll fit right into the multicultural paradise of the New Germany.

The land-whale reminds me of this creature who I described as "just following the dictates of her Darwinian script and at taxpayer expense eats, drinks, breeds and defecates, wallowing in the putrescence of her chosen state."

But there is an upside to this development as the case has - surprisingly - been afforded extensive coverage in the German media. And what could better exemplify the catastrophe that is multiculturalism than  seeing their taxes showered on a bloated, semi-literate free-loader and her 13 other children, a free-loader so culturally deaf as to name one of her turdlers after the people blowing up the taxpayers' country?

Andreas, a German reader of this blog tells me that reader comments in the local media are almost universally hostile while the number of deleted comments bears mute testimony to the public's feelings.

I close with one question: Did the father of Jihad inseminate the birthing unit by using a fire hose? If not, how?


Anonymous said...

What a surprise that the comments are closed.

Bemused stare

Anonymous said...

Is it me or does little Jihad have a toothbrush moustache?


eah said...

The story if from 2011.


Flanders said...

Now, young Jihad may not be warlike at all. He may grow up to be a proper German, and just as these men have worked so hard to become proper Brits, so will our world be opened to Jihad.

"Remember that until recently these people were not Muslims. Neither would they have been referred to as being from a Pakistani or East African descent. They would only be 'men'...".

Don't we wonder what title a future movie would have if it were to feature "Jihad"? And, how we (our views) would be presented?

"It's funny that as I tuned in to that show, I thought to myself, "I wonder how they are going to make us Christians look bad." I knew it was coming (it always does). And I was right. The more one learns about real history and about the prevalent anti-Christian, Marxist attitudes and secular premises of our present-day culture, the more one can place sure bets that, when history is presented, it will be slanted so that Christians and Western culture appear as bad, oppressive, "medieval" (used, stupidly, as an insult), backwards, reactionary, evil, colonialist, aggressive, unenlightened, persecuting, and warlike."

Flanders said...

There may, or maybe not, be semites on the anti-semitism commission, but the group who really want to be on the commission - are not semites. And, they are the ones raising hell.

We do not have to imagine the wailing and knashing of teeth.

"No one would think to hold a conference on hatred directed at Muslims without Muslims or a round table on discrimination against women without women sat at the table," said president of the Amadeu Antonio Foundation Anetta Kahane."

A world of Commisions, "without a single member of Jewish heritage", would eliminate most of the problems of the world. Just how many of you would feel deprived of the absence of Anetta Kahane?

Rogue said...

Aaaargh Savant, did you have to link to the earlier post (and more to the point, the picture)?

Now, I myself am certainly carrying a pound or two in excess (though horrible rotters insist it's more like 10 times that), but some things are best not viewed before dinner.

With regard to the child's name in your article, I wonder if a White woman who called her child "Crusade" might not get an unfriendly call from the Old Bill? Or, at least, be mocked and ridiculed in the cowardly media.

Anonymous said...


Elsewhere I see that "Maddy Magde" Madonna Ciccone having left 70%+ black Detroit for New York has found New York to be too black so bought a £2o million pad in 0% black Israel.

Such a trendsetter!

Anonymous said...

Mexicans name their kids Jesus. They don't walk around thinking that they're him.

Anonymous said...

White males of Europe are flaccid cocks. They just sit and play with their play stations as cunts like like this piss all over them to afraid to say anything out of fear of being arrested

Their offspring will hate them for it

Anonymous said...

"Is it me or does little Jihad have a toothbrush moustache?"

Lemmyhead --

It's a snout!

The enrichers are proving part of Darwin's evolution theory is 100% correct.


Anonymous said...

Mister. A snout. FFS! Not on a bottle straight into the trough. I realise now that what I thought was a moustache was its mouth.

Has anyone else noticed that all the accused in the recent paedo investigations are dead? Wouldn't it be nice to see an investigation that was a little more up to date? A fairly established fact is that these paedo rings are pretty close knit. Would it be a stretch to assume that they introduced new members into the the political class of today? All these cover ups by Special Branch are sickening. Someone should be called to account.

On a completely unrelated topic.


Anonymous said..., a warm and "enriching" photo to remind the Irish folks of who their foreign invaders happen to be ... HERE.

eah said...

What a surprise that the comments are closed.

Uhh, the comments are closed because the story is well over 3 years old -- it is from Nov, 2011. Many online media sites close comments on articles after they've been up for...long enough. There's nothing sinister about that. Besides, there's generally very few, uhh, 'offensive' comments on 'thelocal' sites -- it's just not that kind of readership, apparently.

So Savant, as I pointed out in my earlier comment -- where I should have said is instead of "if" (sorry about that) -- would you care -- or deign -- to explain why you chose to feature this story now, ie well more than 3 years after it was first published, without mentioning that? Did you simply not notice the publication date?

Andreas, a German reader of this blog tells me that reader comments in the local media are almost universally hostile while the number of deleted comments bears mute testimony to the public's feelings.

Could you, or perhaps Andreas, provide a link for that? Although I don't doubt it -- in general, comments on other media outlets are a bit...sharper than those you'll find at 'thelocal' sites. Still commenters have to be mindful that Germany has laws against 'Volksverhetzung' -- so it is not out of the question that were a comment to be found too offensive, the media outlet could notify the police and provide the IP address. Did you see the recent story where the German police used video 'evidence' to track down a woman who wore an 'Auschwitz University' t-shirt at some demo?

But of course you are right about not only Turks, but the vast majority of immigrants to Germany -- as you know, Thilo Sarrazin wrote a very good book about that (for which he was demonized).

eah said...


Daily Mail article on the Banbury 'grooming gang' case

The BBC covered the story of the verdicts too -- and a bit surprisingly posted fotos of all defendants. Although it is perhaps a bit late in that game to avoid it.

Police in Leeds are looking for an "Asian man" who brutally raped an 18 y/o, badly injuring her hip. She is probably white, like the vast majority of these 'grooming' victims.

I wonder what a study of general rape data in the UK would reveal about ethnic/racial patterns -- perpetrators v victims.

Anonymous said...

O/T Why all the fuss about Camoron and the debates? Everyone one in any Parliament is a lying, thieving, effing ahole.
From Private Eye.

Number Crunching

100,000 Figure David Cameron pledged to reduce net migration to by general election, ‘no ifs, no buts’

100,000 Figure immigration went up by in last year, taking net migration soaring to 298,000

Anonymous said...

What's the point of having a EUROPEAN athletics championship when most countries are buying in ape mercenaries to rep them?

Anonymous said...

Communist NPR government radio had a report about a communist think tank that has reviewed police shootings across country and found that police homicides are double what was reported.
Actually 900 last year they think. Problem is there are 16,000 independent police authorities across country and and no mandatory reporting. Commies want centralized control.

Shooting of "unarmed" black honor student in Wisconsin. Demonstrations already. What planet do people live on that they think they can attack a cop without consequence? Oh...right.

Two shootings in LA this week. Exconvict on skid row getting less sympathy now that his record is coming out.

Mexican robbery suspect shot by cops. Mexican government is watching closely.

Confusing that the identity of the girl wearing Auschwitz shirt is being withheld because of German "privacy laws." How can you have an independent judiciary if the plaintiff's identity is a secret? Don't you Europeans have a Bill of Rights? Oh...right, you don't have any of that stuff.

Good one on government radio about a homeless "economic" refugee from Africa living in tiny Berlin apartment with a German couple. Seems they started a website that wants Germans to take immigrants into their tiny apartments. Good luck with that.

Anonymous said...

The powers that be have crunched the numbers and decided that we are already marginalized.

200 million in US in 1970 with zero population growth. 320 million in 2010. Take out the minorities and you have 160 million white population. Of that, its more or less half and half conservation and liberal. Given that legal immigration is well over a million with refugees and illegals also well over a million, we're approaching three million foreigners a year.

The Left wants to trash the country any way it can. The Right, when all is said and done, is run by billionaire globalists.

However, look for the unintended consequences. You can look at the currently high-breeding minorities and see they can't wait for a chance to turn into low-breeding perverts. Also, a lot of the Spanish are actually and naively white. The South Asian Indians, with whom we have been flooded for years, are really not all that obnoxious, as gentle on the street as, say, Jews. Not to mention all the very white Russians flooding in here.

Also, I have to give some credit to the Irish, who have continued to breed. I am unfortunately of an age now that I read obituaries and I have noticed that the generation passing on has all kinds of kids, grandkids and great-grandkids.
Extreme example of this being the billionaire Mara family who own the NY Giants. Ann Mara slipped on the ice and died but left behind 11 children and 43 grandchildren.

Anonymous said...

You only have yourselves to blame if you do not arm your police to control your apes.

Then again, blame yourselves anyway.

Anonymous said...

"Is it me or does little Jihad have a toothbrush moustache?"
He got that from his mother.
IIRC Germany has rules against giving your kids the "wrong name". So, a native White couple are verboten to name their son Adolf, but a pair of camel pilots can name theirs Jihad and Allahu Akbar.

Anonymous said...

So what ?
What exactly is your point.
Unlike the one Savant make I do not get yours.

Anonymous said...

What's worse ?

This stinking paki cunt who raped this girl or the white maggots who drove past ?

Be sure there'll be a white trash defence barrister on hand to protect this cunt ... if caught and a kike judge and fucking kike recorder

Anonymous said...

Stinking kike defence barrister calls them slags not victims

Flanders said...

Michael Brown's family has wasted no time in seeking their share of the profits off the dead bullying weasel, aka "their poor son". They do not want to share, and are engaged in their own bullying batteries. That has become a problem for state prosecutors.

"...the case is based on what is reported as criminal acts of assault and theft by Brown’s mother Lesley McSpadden and other family members."

Uncle Nasty said...

From Flanders' post above, went to the link and howled with laughter.

Anti-Semitism group without Jews sparks row

Published: 13 Feb 2015 15:26 GMT+01:00

Jewish groups say that there is no easy fix to the Interior Ministry's mistake of launching an anti-semitism commission without a single member of Jewish heritage.
Survivors call leaders to remember Auschwitz (27 Jan 15)
Anti-semitic attack on U-Bahn (06 Jan 15)
Merkel urges action over 'appalling' Dachau theft (05 Nov 14)

The American Jewish Committee (AJC), the Amadeu Antonio Foundation and the Moses Mendelssohn Centre released a critical letter against the Anti-Semitism Commission to be set up by Interior Minister Thomas de Mazière for its complete lack of Jewish members.

The IM responded by saying they would add to the committee, but ministry spokes woman Pamela Müller-Niese told The Local on Friday that it wasn't sure how many new members would be added to the Anti-Semitism Commission or when the addition would be named.

AJC spokesman Fabian Weissbarth told The Local that putting an extra person on the board was merely a bandage over the ministry's mistake.

"You can't just put Jewish person on the committee and declare that a solution. You also have to discuss how the oversight happened in the first place," he said from his office in Berlin.

Well what do you know? A collection of arse kissing lefties trying to please the jews ... and failing. Quelle surprise.

Obviously they've never seen the joke about the waiter approaching a tableful of New York jewesses and asking: "Is anything all right?"

The hebraics are overdue for a wakeup of epic proportions, and all I can do is pray that I live to see the beginning of it ...


Anonymous said...

I'm NOT a fan of (controlled opposition) Alex Jones because he avoids mention of the "jew". However, at the video end, he goes "ballistic" when discussing illegal Mexicans/Central Americans being escorted onto US soil by federal authorities.

Anonymous said...

'What's the point of having a EUROPEAN athletics championship when most countries are buying in ape mercenaries to rep them?'

Have you ever considered what it would be like if the Zionists get their way?

World Cup Final (The Benny Notayahoo Tropohy) : Israel A 2 Israel B 0

Cricket World Cup Cancelled we don't play cricket.

Olympic Results :-
100m 1st Moshe. 2nd Mendel. 3rd Hymie.
Long Jump 1st Hymie 2nd Moshe 3rd Mendel

Medal Table.
Israel 596
R.O.W 0

Israel 596
R.O.W. 0

Not given out. What we going to do with Bronze? Bronze smonze. What you want I make a statue?

Hurling. Banned only played by Irish goyim.

Rugby Banned. What you want I do something where I might get hurt? Rugby. Shmugby.

World Table Tennis.
1st China
2nd China
3rd China
We got to destroy the yellow goyim as soon as possible.

Oy vey. We will get hurt. Changed the rules and we now watch ten dumb niggers in the ring and let them batter the shit out of each other for a prize of a chicken.

American Football.
Israel world champions. Played in Israel nobody else invited.

World Series Baseball.
Tel Aviv Brown Shorts win.
Plane containing Boston Red Sox mysteriously disappears.

World Football Club Championship cancelled as Wembley's two towers are crashed into by jets.

Anonymous said...

General Wesley Clark [Kanne (Kohen)] admits “allies” created ISIS to fight Hezbollah

General Wesley K. Clark [Kanne (Kohen)]*, former presidential candidate and NATO supreme allied commander during the NATO war against Yugoslavia, stated in a recent interview on CNN that “ISIS got started through funding from our friends and allies.” He did not specify exactly which US allies he was talking about.

Clark did say that ISIS “is part of a strategy to destroy Hezbollah with an army of extremists.” Hezbollah was formed to drive Israel out of Lebanon, and Israel is the only country with an interest in destroying it.

Video: Wesley Clark: "Our friends and allies funded ISIS to destroy Hezbollah"

*Breitbart News, 05 July 2010

“There is no place in modern Europe for ETHNICALLY PURE STATES. That’s a 19th century idea and we are trying to transition into the 21st century, and we are going to do it with MULTI-ETHNIC STATES.” – General Wesley Kanne (Kohen) Clark

Jewish Telegraphic Agency, 17 September 2003

Wesley Clark´s Jewish roots

...Clark, 58, revels in his Jewish roots. He told The Jewish Week in New York...that his ancestors were not just Jews, but members of the priestly caste of Kohens.

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Nuland [Nudelman] condems Merkel, Hollande’s meeting with Putin as “Moscow Bullshit”

Germany’s leading news magazine Der Spiegel has published an article highly critical of [Jewish] U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland [Nudelman] *. While the article was written in German and an official translation has not yet been published, the Google computer translation below is more than adequate to grasp the gist of the story.

Nuland [Nudelman] is furious that German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande traveled to Minsk to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin, calling the talks “Moscow bullshit.” You will recall that a year ago while talking on an unsecured cellphone to U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt she was recorded saying “Fuck the EU” in response to their reluctance to replace democratically elected Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych with her hand-picked JEW CREW.

* Jew Victoria Nuland [Nudelman] is married to Jew Robert Kagan, a co-founder of the Project for the New American Century.

PNAC (founded by Jew Robert Kagan and Jew William Kristol)

New York Times, 30 January 1998

Bombing Iraq Isn't Enough, by [Jew] William Kristol and [Jew] Robert Kagan

UChicago News

Robert Pape, professor of political science at UChicago and director of CPOST, interviewed [Jew] Kagan, a FOREIGN POLICY ADVISER to several U.S. REPUBLICAN PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES. [Jew] Kagan also served on the STATE DEPARTMENT’S FOREIGN AFFAIRS POLICY ADVISORY BOARD when HILLARY CLINTON [DEMOCRAT] was SECRETARY OF STATE.

Foreign Affairs Policy Board

The Foreign Affairs Policy Board was launched in December 2011 to provide the ‘Secretary of State, the Deputy Secretaries of State, and the Director of Policy Planning with INDEPENDENT [?], INFORMED [?] ADVICE [?] and OPINION [?] concerning matters of U.S. FOREIGN POLICY.

Jew Victoria Nuland’s father was born Shepsel Ber NUDELMAN.

New York Times, 04 March 2014

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...


Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Hard working Jews at State and Treasury govern us [Americans] so we don’t have to

For those of you unfamiliar with Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs WENDY SHERMAN, she is the grey haired Jewish lady in the photo below. She is the boss of Jewish Assistant Secretary of State for Screwing European Affairs VICTORIA NULAND [NUDELMAN] and is the third highest ranking official at the State Department, under Jewish Deputy Secretary of State TONY BLINKEN and half-Jewish Secretary of State JOHN KERRY. (Kerry thus brings ethnic “diversity” to the State Department leadership.) During the Clinton Administration, Sherman was an advisor to Jewish Secretary of State MADELINE “a half million dead Iraqi kids is worth it” ALBRIGHT.

Seated next to Sherman in the picture below is Treasury Undersecretary For Terrorism And Financial Intelligence DAVID COHEN, whom the Jewish Daily Forward describes as America’s “sanctions guru.” At the Treasury Department, Cohen reports to Jewish Deputy Secretary of the Treasury SARAH BLOOM RASKIN, Treasury’s number two under Jewish Secretary of the Treasury JACOB LEW. You really have to admire the spirit of public services of these Jew leaders of State and Treasury, who govern us so we will have more time to work at Starbucks and watch Hollywood movies.

Thanks, hard-working Jewish leaders!

(News flash: Last week DAVID COHEN got promoted to DEPUTY DIRECTOR OF THE CIA. I guess all his hard work sanctioning Iran is really paying off!)

Tablet Magazine, 12 January 2015

[Jew] David Cohen Named CIA Deputy Director

Top [Jewish] Treasury official devised U.S. sanctions against IRAN and RUSSIA

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Professor [Kevin] MacDonald explains the mechanism of Jewish power, which stems from a strong ethnocentric tendency to cooperate with each other in pursuit of their ethnic interests and against the interests of their rivals. He explains that they identify the power points of the society in which they dwell, and then they drive single-mindedly to take control of those power points. He says that there are many activists who want to promote European American interests, but are afraid to talk about Jewish power.


He notes that most people in America are oblivious to the issue of Jewish power. At the same time, many of the elite in the United States who can’t help but be aware of Jewish power have been conditioned to feel that any discussion of it is beyond the pale.

Frank Galton

Dachshund said...

We have disgusting white female whales pushing out fat diabetic babies in South Africa too. Their men like enfolding themselves in all that blubber. In the UK the authorities are clamping down on people too fat to work. They are making them attend and adhere to weight loss initiatives. If they don't comply they lose their social security benefits. I wonder how they get them to attend, do they forklift them out of their houses and transport them in trucks to the venues?

Rob said...

I wouldn't be surprised if, twenty years from now, MSM journalists will be agonising over why this "German youth" turned out to have a taste for bombing and beheading.

Anonymous said...

230 kilos you say? How on earth does she wipe her ass?

SAVANT said...

" How on earth does she wipe her ass?"

Have to say I often asked myself the same question. I just don't like to think about it...too horrific.