Wednesday, 4 February 2015

McDonald's: I'm lovin' it

A McDonald's dining experience is invariably an occasion to savour. Multi-course menus offering  choice seasonal delicacies, table settings resplendent with porcelain and sparkling crystal, strictly enforced dress codes, wholesome food served by smiling formally-trained staff..........all overseen at a discreet distance by a French-speaking  majordomo. But on occasions such high standards can slip, usually in vibrant neighbourhoods.

As this epic chimpout in New Jersey graphically illustrates.

Here a divergence of opinion among the clientele was resolved by the administration of multiple blows to the head by chair-wielding combatants. Interestingly this incident has now lead to a class-action lawsuit against McDonald's under new legal provisions introduced by AG Eric 'My People'  Holder. Drawn up by the fine legal mind of  his Deputy AG Joshua Feingold, the provisions of quia non potest esse aliquid nigrum populus ('blacks cannot be held accountable for anything') has lead to the following suit being lodged.

The defendant knowingly used, and allowed to be used, sitting devices that could be picked up and used as bludgeons.
Defendant was warned repeatedly that sitting devices not bolted to the floor could be used as battering rams and clubs.
Defendant's defence that sitting devices had to be mobile to accommodate various sizes of people according to the ADA, is not a valid excuse for not having the said sitting devices bolted to the floor.
Therefore, we, the plaintiff, ask for total damages be awarded in the amount of $40,000,000, and (6) iPhones with Beats headphones (carrying-cases too). We also ask that all sitting devices, at all McDonald's, be hereby bolted to the floor, so that we can sue McDonald's again in a year's time for violation(s) of the ADA and discrimination against the medically-obese.

I think the suit has every chance of success, now that the Rev'unds Jesse and Al have thrown their weight behind it and Joshua Feingold's brother Schlomo is leading the legal team.                


Anonymous said...

Here's a link to a Saturday Night Live sketch with Richard Pryor and Chevy Chase, really funny:

The Shining bathroom scene re-cut:

Anonymous said...

Well, Mickey D's is a full fledged black mecca for the obese NAPA.

I hope the negroes sue them out of existence. They could move on to KFC and Popeye's (Louisiana Fast) next.

The ironic part is these episodes result in food deserts in their own shitholes. Witness Fergustan, Missouri.

I can only hope the collapse starts tomorrow.

I believe the Saturday people and their pets have overplayed their hand.

Large numbers of white people in the FUSA have had enough. All it takes is some fucking nigger(s) to light the fuse. Please light it you worthless pieces of shits!

Thanks for letting me vent Savant.

Scot Irish

%E~p:kdBWijwchy9 said...

McDonalds 365BLACK

Whenever you think "McDonalds" think "365BLACK".

Anonymous said...

They feed them.

They should pay the price.

Odin's revenge said...

And they had a black affirmative action CEO who they just fired. Like with all black managers,including those in football, performances went down while remuneration went in the opposite direction.

Anonymous said...

You White folks wanna xtra fries wit dat happy meal?

Wanderer said...

Discovery Channel at last:
baboons in their natural
environment, fighting for food,
defending their territory and
using white man's furniture
as primitive weapons.

Truly amazing.

Anonymous said...

'We also ask that all sitting devices, at all McDonald's, be hereby bolted to the floor…'

Just like a prison you mean?

Certainly 'catering' to the needs of the client base.

Anonymous said...

Rare criticism of Britain's muslim invasion from The Telegraph, with comments (currently) allowed:

Anonymous said...

Proof nigs are too dumb for CEO positions is that they eat there.

Anonymous said...

Wicked !Sav
Nowt: can upset me today.

Iron Felix said...

Our tinted cousins do get a little excited, do they not? It would be a curious and diverting spectacle to see if ever the do light the fuse adverted to by anonymous/scot irish there above.

Anonymous said...

Off topic discussing paki rape of young white girls in England on LBC. O'Brien is realising the horrible truth. There's no doubt who's worse than this paki vermin..... It's the puerile white liberal trash who grub around them, invited them into the fucking country. These rats hold authority in government institutions from immigration to health care to judiciary and police.

Britain needs PURGING !!!

Rob said...

Don't leave an enricher alone with your dead granny.

Sponge Cake said...



Did you hear about the gangs of white taxi drivers in the market towns of Southern England who over a period of decades have been grooming, drugging and serially raping under-age girls of Pakistani Kashmiri heritage?

No of course not. It hasn’t happened and it couldn’t happen for any number of cultural reasons, the main one being this: the very second that the social services or the police or the victims’ community got even a whiff of what was going on there would be all hell to pay.

There’d be riots in inner cities, urgent questions in the House, demands for immediate action which would swiftly translate into a number of arrests. The Prime Minister would issue a grovelling mea culpa that such hideous crimes could have been allowed to take place in tolerant, multicultural Britain. Ministerial deputations to sundry mosques would reassure “Community leaders” that the issue was being given the highest priority. New concessions would be made to the Muslim community. The Guardian and the BBC would work themselves into ecstasies of righteous pontification. Special reduced sentences would be given to the rioters found guilty of arson, criminal damage or causing injury on account of the mitigating circumstances of the vile crimes that provoked their rage. And so on…

Anonymous said...

07:25: "And they had a black affirmative action CEO who they just fired. Like with all black managers,including those in football, performances went down while remuneration went in the opposite direction".

"Due to a 4.1 percent decline in customer traffic in 2014, (Don) Thompson announced that he was stepping down from his CEO position effective March 1, 2015".

President of the United States (POTUS) Barack Hussein Obama II (and former community organizer) apparently had set the standard for Black "leadership" in a White man's world. Then MacDonald's foolishly followed suit with an "affirmative-action" C.E.O. and the mistaken assumption "he can't do no wrong" with a long standing multi-billion dollar, firmly-established mega corporation.

Would you trust this co-pilot in charge of your airplane flying 40,000 ft. above ground?

Sponge Cake said...

A few years ago, I made a conscious decision to stop eating at McDonalds, Burger King, kebab shops, etc. For the most part, the grub they serve is shit. Hygienic standards in some places are frightening. A high percentage of staff are third worlders with poor English who fuck up your order. If I'm hungry, I'll rustle up something in the kitchen.

Sponge Cake said...

Nine food businesses were served with closure orders last month over food safety breaches discovered during inspections.
The inspections carried out by FSAI environmental health officers resulted in closure orders for:

Fei’s Garden Restaurant, Hamlet Lane, Balbriggan, County Dublin
Afghan Grill and Kebab (restaurant), 39 Richmond Street South, Dublin 2
Kebabish Original (restaurant), 40 Richmond Street South, Dublin 2
Eddie Rockets (restaurant), Restaurant 1, Bridgewater Shopping Centre, North Quay, Arklow, Wicklow
Swan Bar (closed area: old bottle and ice store room), Chapel Square, Swanlinbar, Cavan

Premises occupied by Mr Mohammad Rafi (fruit & vegetable processing), Cloughans Crossroads, Ballynacor, Delvin, Westmeath
Spar (grocery) (closed area: delicatessen only), 17 Douglas Street, Cork
Adana Char Grill (restaurant), Cornmarket Row, Limerick
Long Thanh (take away), 14 North Strand Road, Dublin 3

Four other successful protections were taken by the HSE last month on:
The Smoke House (restaurant), 8 High Street, Killarney, Kerry
Ruposhi Indian Restaurant, 1 Whitworth Road, Drumcondra, Dublin 9
Quinns (public house), 42–44 Drumcondra Road Lower, Drumcondra, Dublin 9
Saffron Tandoori (take away), 1A Annamoe Road, Cabra, Dublin 7

Corkonian said...

@Sponge. Knew a girl who worked in the Food Safety Authority here in Ireland. She told me that after 3 months there she would NEVER AGAIN eat in a Chinese, Indian or kebab restaraunt. Said that if she wanted to rigidly enforce the regulations EVERY SINGLE ONE of those she examined would have been closed.

Sponge Cake said...

Northumbria Police have charged 20 people with sexual offences as part of Operation Sanctuary.

Twenty more people have been charged with sexual offences as part of police’s Operation Sanctuary probe.

The charges follow the 13-month investigation into allegations of offences committed against vulnerable women and girls across the North East.

So far, 31 people have been charged as part of the operation and the latest charges relate to 12 victims, aged between 13 and 25.

“We have had tremendous support from the public and businesses and we need this to continue. I would urge people to be vigilant and if something doesn’t look or feel right I would ask them to contact us.

“Some people or groups may try to use Operation Sanctuary to build resentment. Our community has a history of harmonious relations and is one of tolerance. Anyone experiencing hate crime should report it to police and be reassured we will investigate thoroughly.

“By working together, we can continue to ensure out towns and cities are safe places to live, work and visit.”-lol

Anonymous said...

You have a good blog. Racial divisions are used by TPTB to divide and conquer. Forget these stupid distractions and concentrate on the REAL enemy. You know who. Those who must not be named.

Anonymous said...

The Jews still think they will save us all.
I recall something about Jesus and a beam in the eye.

AnalogMan said...

Anonymous said...

Here's a link to a Saturday Night Live sketch with Richard Pryor and Chevy Chase

Ha! Can't fool me! I'm not watching that - I know one of them is a kaffir. I don't voluntarily, or avoidably, subject myself to that uglitude.

Sponge Cake said...

Sorry for the number of posts today. I don't like taking up too much real estate on the blog.

What do you call a herd of anti-white cunts?

Register Now! New speakers for UAF Conference 21 Feb.

Diane Abbott MP

Emily Thornberry MP

Christine Bucholz Die Linke member of the German Parliament

Ken Livingstone

Billy Hayes General Secretary CWU

Mark Serwotka General Secretary PCS

Janet Alder Justice for Christopher Alder Campaign

Carol Duggan Mark Duggan Family Campaign

Marcia Rigg Sean Rigg Justice and Change Campaign

Shahrar Ali Deputy Leader Green Party

Lutfur Rahman Mayor of Tower Hamlets

Dr. Shuja Shafi Secretary General MCB

Azad Ali Head of community development and engagement MEND

Mohammed Kozbar VP Muslim Association of Britain & Chair,Finsbury Park Mosque

Petros Constantinou KEERFA, Greek anti-fascist campaign and Athens councillor

Lee Jasper Black Activists Rising Against Cuts

Gerry Gable Editor Searchlight

Jo Cardwell Convenor, Stand Up To UKIP

Sam Fairbairn Secretary, The People’s Assembly Against Austerity

Mick Burke Economist

Lindsey German Convenor Stop the War Coalition

Sabby Dhalu and Weyman Bennett Joint National Secretaries, Unite Against Fascism

Lutfur Rahman? ROTFLMAO

Anonymous said...

Mister Nigger says...

You've got to lock them up! Chimps or sandniggers. US population is 320 million with 2.3 million locked up, with chimps at a 500+% rate, spics at about half that. UK population is 60 million with 82,000 locked up! You've got to be kidding me! You should have at least half million in prison! And with the five times multiple proportion for your dark neighbors.

Also, a source of good jobs for white guys.

The niggers and spics are organic to our society here. I can't imagine how you let it get so far out of hand over there. And don't just blame the Jews. There are plenty of WASP fellow traveler managers and policy makers in all this. Can't you go after the cops and prosecutors who let the Rotherdam rapists get away with that?

I live in New jersey in an older suburb and was surprised that whites in this town are just another minority group at less than 40% with blacks slightly over 20% and mainly Asian Indians and Spanish making up the balance. Surprises me that Pakis are such a problem over there when here they melt in with the quiet and very non-predatory (in terms of street crime) Indians.

The system is harsh on black people for good reason as it makes the noncriminal 50% all the more responsible. The only ass-kicking going on around here is by the cops, and only when they really, really have to.

Flanders said...

The alienation of our people from others of the same race and social strata is not unintentional. Making all of us feel isolated and alone in a multicultural jungle puts White men and women in the cages while the animals are allowed to roam free in OUR ancestral homelands.

Even if you were to find a nice desolate peaceful area to move away from it all, the jews will move fast food joints and coffee shops into it (the chain jews will even operate them at an economic loss in order to do this). The jew chains will import more groid and mud “service workers” into the new neighborhood in order to force you to move again – until there are no more places to move.

Good luck to us all until waste white people learn to become good White people, and learn that the light-skinned jew, pretending to be white, is behind all of it. It is only then that we, they, and all of us, will take rational civic action to rid OUR ancestral homes of ALL of the animals and garbage.

Until we do, we and all Whites will be subjected to abhorent filth, like:
this black rapist who raped his victim “at gunpoint and urinated in her mouth”:

We need to become more compassionate about our own kind who are subjected to the system, and to empathize with those who wrongly suffer at the hands of monsters who often run so many parts of that system. Let's document just WHO that is:

Similar links for other countries are at the top, and for others at the bottom.

Anonymous said...

There is some article that exercise might be as bad for you as a sedentary lifestyle which was very sloppily done.

For example in the US studies found that in the exercising using a proper size 5 round football is less dangerous than exercising with a Basketball. I guess it is because it is heavier than the football?

Flanders said...


TheSickManOfEurope_com said...

Brilliant.....Absolutely brilliant post.

Kea said...

They could be future Presidents, for the politically correct[ed] masses to elect.

Anonymous said...

Letter of the day in Evening Standard:

"We need a Mayor to reflect diversity"

Translation from Kikese to English:

We need to get a dumb Turd World Darky puppwt to further rub those noses of the dumb White Goy in the shiyte and import more Turd World halfwits into the collapsing city high IQ Whites built.

Liam said...

Two more Pakistani grooming gangs of young white girls going through the courts. Is there a single town in Britain where these aliens aren't abusing white British girls?

Have you joined the growing nationwide boycott of 'Indian' restaurants/takeaways yet?

Jonathan Parker said...

OT I enjoy reading your site and I would just like to give one message to every reader here- Don't get hopeless, the white race does have a good future if we all begin to work together. The most important thing right now is to reproduce. If your girlfriend doesn't want children, dump her and find one who does. Trust me, they are out there. Women, the same goes for you and your boyfriend. We must begin to have children in our twenties, not in our thirties and begin to have more than four children each at least. Get married young and raise your children right and as well as you possibly can. That is what our grandparents did, and that is what is now required of us. There are other things that need to be done, but this is the most important. You will be demonized by your liberal neighbors for having many kids, but they'll demonize you anyway even if tou do exactly as they want you to. We're all in this together. Best wishes to Ireland, Europe, and all of the West from the United States of America.

Cheating Hell said...

Forget white flight, now there's Jew flight. Jews in Manchester, UK, are kvetching about anti-scamitism without mentioning the obvious culprits.

Oy vey it's all the fault of evil white naaarzis!

Comments allowed!

Jon said...

Liam 22.28

There is indeed a growing and widespread 'silent' boycott of Indian restaurants in Britain. Several have gone out of business recently with more to follow.

Many white people now realise that these establishments are at the centre of many of the rape/grooming operations of muslim perverts in most towns and cities.

Any white person who continues to frequent them is aiding and abetting the abusers of white children.

Anonymous said...

Christine Bucholz. Ahhh The one everybody forgets from The Magnificent Seven.


J Bull said...

Sponge Cake, speaking for myself at least your posts are always welcome and informative. I always find that I follow the links you refer to if that's any indication.

Speaking of which that link to the UAF meeting just shows the extent to which the country is being taken over and milked by Turd World parasites.

Anonymous said...

The front of the Irish Daly Star is some 11 year old in Limerick objecting to the Charlie Hebdo cartoon on behalf of him and two other muslim students.

Hey Jafar this is the first world* and that it is why we have a Daly Star and not a Desmond Star.

Sav you always wanted to Limerick mentioned in relation to being first world* well now that has happened.

Even them Tipptype people are more advanced than muslims and that is saying something.

*Bengali in platforms
Life is hard enough when you belong here - Morrissey a guy who hit on the notion that third worlders belong in the third world

Dave+33 said...

@Mr. Nigger. Of course there are white traitors. System would not work without them. Definitely crime went down big time in the USA when you started locking up the chimps in large numbers but I think the whole prison-industrial complex has become corrupt. And increasingly I see that staff there is becoming 'diversitised'.

The Pakis melt in over therefor two reasons. First their numbers are very low compared to here. So no chance of Dar-al-Islam no-go areas for whites. Then I imagine you get the better educated type whereas we got vast numbers of inbred village idiots via chain migration.

Anonymous said...

There were 2 million assaults in a population of 64 million last year or 1 assault for every 32 people well some bad person whowantstokill5999999orperhaps1more worked out that for the jewish victim were 1 in 4500 of their population #jewslivesmattermore as David Badiel Ph. D wrrote his feces on.

J Bull said...

@Cheating Hell. Interesting that comments are no longer allowed on that 'Jews fleeing Manchester' piece on the Telegraph. No comments shown at all in fact!

Maybe the people were starting to point out forbidden facts?

Anonymous said...

Ha! the pigs are more worried about 'right wing' groups than these perverts ?!?

I think the MSM are

Anonymous said...

Don't touch Harry Ramsdens

Anonymous said...

London needs a black or minority ethnic leader, says Margaret Hodge(nee Oppenheimer) as she bows out of mayoral race.

London needs an enema

pendulum said...

Another filthy, dishonest attack on UKIP in the increasingly leftist Telegraph this time over the scandal in Rotherham:

Meanwhile UKIP leader Nigel Farage is forcibly prevented today from campaigning in Rotherham by a leftist mob supported by the (Common Purpose-led) South Yorkshire Police:

Sponge Cake said...

Demonstrators chant against Jean Marie Le Pen in Oxford

Nigel Farage TRAPPED in Ukip office in Rotherham after police warn him not to confront protesters waiting outside.

Sponge Cake said...

A police officer and two councillors have been accused of having sex with underage girls in Rotherham, the South Yorkshire town at the centre of a child sex abuse scandal which lasted 16 years.
These claims have emerged on the day that long awaited findings from an independent inspection of the local authority are due to be published. The report is expected to strongly criticise the council, which risks being stripped of its powers.
Complaints against the two Rotherham councillors are understood to have been sent to the National Crime Agency, which is investigating child-sex crimes in the town, according to The Times. One of the councillors is still serving, it is understood.

tyburn jigger said...

"Have a look around. Go on. See if you can recognise the country you live in.

Take a quick shufti at the all welcome, multi-culti, hail-fellow-well-met, step right in, pull up a pew and make yourself at home England you may have been lucky enough to have grown up in."

Some interesting comments on here by Paul Weston:

Join the boycott of Asian restaurants!

Anonymous said...

Boycott Sainsbury's too. All Pakis and Nig security guards. No Whites.

Anonymous said...

If this awakens White ethnic awareness in destroying paki restairants, why not extend it to paki convenience stores. Granted there aren't many White stores, but there are some. If we went out of our way to shop in White stores or superstores that employ a large % of Whites (as I do) we would go a surprisingly long way to reclaiming our lands back. It would also create more White relationships and wealth.

Anonymous said...

yrs back we had a place that are still around called White Castle resturants here in Chicago the only fights we had to break up were on friday saturday nights between Irish guys coming from the Paddy bars, nothing big a few black eyes and hurt feelings alaways be on your way or ill call the wagon,but when the niggers took over you could expect cuttings,clothes ripped off and at least one one or two shot to make the morning news. we use to call ourselves Waste Managment or Janitor in a drum.John old rtd chicago copper.

Sponge Cake said...

South African Electricity Supply Infrastructure Crumbles as Only 16% of Blacks in Soweto Pay for Electricity.

Only sixteen percent of blacks in the sprawling South African township of Soweto, Johannesburg, pay for their electricity, while South Africa’s electricity supply infrastructure is rapidly crumbling due to incompetent Third World management and lack of maintenance.

The situation is so dire that local media have now reported that the government has been briefed on emergency measures in the event of a total national electricity blackout.

The extent of the problem was graphically revealed when late last year, shock photographs—taken in secret by one of the employees of the state-run Electricity Supply Commission (Eskom)—were leaked of one of the country’s major power stations.

The pictures, taken at the coal-fired Lethabo power station, located in the northern Free State, showed that the interior of the plant had been consumed in mountains of ash. The ash deposits, located underneath the boilers in which the coal is burned, are supposed to be sucked out by hopper units and transported by conveyor belt to an ash stacker.

Cassius said...

Paki and nignog 'security' guards at Sainsburys.

Have to ask, 'who guards the guards?'.

Sponge Cake said...

In a follow up to my post at 14:22, I can reveal that the cop involved in abusing kids in Rotherham was a Paki. The good news is, he died today.

Breaking: Rotherham sex abuse scandal policeman killed.

A serving police officer at the centre of an undercover probe into the Rotherham child sex abuse scandal has died after being hit by a car, The Star can exclusively reveal.

PC Hassan Ali had been referred to the Independent Police Complaints Commission after it was alleged he twice asked a Rotherham sexual exploitation victim out on a date.

After a lengthy investigation over a number of months, The Star discovered four complaints were made against PC Ali to South Yorkshire Police by two members of the public.

The Star agreed to hold off on exposing his alleged involvement in the scandal after police advised us they were mounting an operation to monitor the officer.

But today it has emerged PC Ali has died in a road crash.


Anonymous said...

Dave 33 -

Of course the prison-industrial complex is corrupt. But it's a very effective hammer against the chimps. The ones in McDs on their way into the system or just out for a vacation before going back in. All the rest of us just all the more careful not to get caught up in it.

The 500% murder rate for blacks (versus everyone else in the world) is actually a conservative, rock bottom figure. If you break it down by gender and age, it becomes astronomical for young black men. Since as I said only half the blacks are in the criminal class, if you subtract noncriminal young black men, you're looking at a 20 times plus multiple for the chimps.

The murder rate is the gold standard for criminality. You can quibble about sociological factors in other kinds of crime but murder is investigated as carefully as possible.

AnalogMan said...

Anonymous said...

Racial divisions are used by TPTB to divide and conquer. Forget these stupid distractions and concentrate on the REAL enemy.

And how do you suggest we do that, without mentioning their crimes?

AnalogMan said...

Sponge Cake said...

Register Now! New speakers for UAF Conference 21 Feb.

I would never condone or wish for violence by a Breivik type in such a target-rich environment, but would it be terribly wicked to pray for a lightning or meteor strike?

Anonymous said...

Sponge What did Zimbabeweans us for light before they used candles?
Answer Electricity

Anonymous said...

@Cheating Hell. Interesting that comments are no longer allowed on that 'Jews fleeing Manchester' piece on the Telegraph. No comments shown at all in fact!

I made my first post on the Telegraph forum yesterday. It was removed but not before I got a dozen thumbs up or whatever they are.
Not bad though one for one!


Anonymous said...

Iron Felix said (previous thread): “Look guys, the USS Liberty attack---what exactly was Israel's purpose in this? I ask simply for information.”

Among the most popular theories as to why Israel would attack the USS Liberty are:

The USS Liberty was eavesdropping on an Israeli massacre of Egyptian prisoners of war.

As we’ve seen, Israel has massacred thousands upon thousands of civilians with IMPUNITY, so why would Israel worry about a US navy ship eavesdropping on an Israeli massacre of Egyptian prisoners of war? Even if this massacre took place, what could/would the US do about it? Answer: FUCK ALL!

Another is that the USS Liberty had learnt of secret Israeli plans to invade Syria's Golan Heights two days later and had to be destroyed.

So, the USS Liberty learnt of Israel’s secret plans to invade the Golan Heights. BIG DEAL! Why would Israel be worried about an “ally” knowing its secret plan to invade the Golan Heights? The US, having learnt of the secret plan, is hardly likely to warn Syria of an impending invasion.

Remember, Israel doesn’t give a fuck about UN resolutions or what the US says, and does whatever it wants with impunity.

The real reason for the attack on the USS Liberty is obvious.

Israel attacked the USS Liberty in 1967 for the exact same reason it planned to attack U.S. and British institutions in Egypt in 1954: to blame Egypt.

LAVON AFFAIR (Operation Susannah)

HAARETZ, 11 November 2009

Israel's plan was to bomb Western [US and British] targets, make it seem as though Egypt was behind the attacks.

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

I think Sponge is being a little hard on our S.A. brothers. So they may be having a minor problem running their coal fired electricity generators.
I think we should have a whip round and buy them a nice new nuclear power plant.


Uncle Nasty said...

AnalogMan said...

Sponge Cake said...

Register Now! New speakers for UAF Conference 21 Feb.

I would never condone or wish for violence by a Breivik type in such a target-rich environment, but would it be terribly wicked to pray for a lightning or meteor strike?
6 February 2015 at 19:04

Oh, I don't know. I have always believed that even force majeure could use a little nudge in the right direction from time to time ...

After all, why does God put right-wingers on the planet, if He doesn't have a good use in mind for them?

Heh, heh, heh.


UNcle Nasty said...

Sponge Cake said:

But today it has emerged PC Ali has died in a road crash.


6 February 2015 at 18:37

Or perhaps tying up loose ends?

Don't forget that the PTB -- the real PTB, I mean -- for all their pious bullshit, hold the muds in even less esteem than we do, or they, us and they like things to be ... tidy.

Shall we say?

What's a fucking Paki more or less to them ... especially when he has outlived his usefulness?

It's called lightening the sleigh.


Anonymous said...

The Guardian, 06 February 2015

George Galloway accuses BBC over Question Time 'set-up'

Labour MP [Respect Party MP] angered at audience member’s question relating to a rise in antisemitism in the UK

George Galloway has hit out at the BBC following his appearance on Question Time, saying he was set up and that David Dimbleby privately apologised to him afterwards.

The controversy centred around a question that one audience member asked about a rise in antisemitism in the UK.

Question Time, 05 February 2015 (Skip to 39:00)

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Jew katie price, who spoke on Celebrity Big Brother about the time she strapped on a dildo and fucked her boyfriend Alex Reid, wins Celebrity Big Brother.

Filthy whore planned to screen birth of its first child live on the Internet for cash (pay-as-you-view).

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

I do not believe that the Katie Price/Jordan creature is jewish.

Anonymous said...

Well done Katie 1 on getting £500 000 just to appear in Big Brother on her marvelous victory over newspaper, magazine columnist and TV presenter Katie 2 beating complete nobody nastiestuncle who was only on to promote sodomy lum and the rash.

Anonymous said...

“I do not believe that the Katie Price/Jordan creature is jewish.”

The Independent, 11 October 2008

Katie Price: 'We love to earn money, who doesn't?'

In researching her [Katie Price] I kept reading that her "maternal grandmother" was Jewish which is weird, because Judaism is matrilineal so if her grandmother was Jewish, then so is her mother and so is she. Why is it always thrown so far back? She says: "Because we don't follow it." She then adds: "I'm useless at any religion. I'm so open-minded I don't judge anybody on anything, and I think that is the best way to be." But you're still Jewish, I say. "Maybe that's why I'm so..." she rubs her fingertips together "... in my job ... wanting to earn money. It's good, innit?" I do not know what to say to this. Mazeltov? Does this mean there is never going to be a range of Katie Price Kosher Pickles? I ask what money means to her: "No one can live without money," she says. "Money and religion are the big things, and that's it, and I stay away from religion." So it's money as religion? She continues with: "We love to earn money, who doesn't?

Jewish Chronicle, 08 October 2010

Jewish reality TV stars

Katie Price

Celebrity Big Brother’s Bit On The Side showed winner Katie Price’s “best bits”, which included talking about her tits, squirting, shitting on boyfriends and getting enough up inside her.

A truly deserving winner of Celebrity Big Brother 2015

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Blacks murder and rob pizza delivery drivers for paltry sums of money:

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said: “Rare criticism of Britain's muslim invasion from The Telegraph, with comments (currently) allowed: ”

Posted this yesterday on the Telegraph (fucking hypocrites):

Voter fraud. Animal abuse...Here. In our country.


Daily Telegraph, 21 April 2001

TWO councillors were jailed yesterday for their part in the country's LARGEST VOTE-RIGGING CONSPIRACY, which "betrayed democracy" in one of the most deprived areas of Britain.

The judge was told that both men, ORTHODOX JEWS, had already been judged by their own religious court and sanctions imposed.


PETA Reveals Extreme Cruelty at Kosher Slaughterhouses

Daily Mail, 08 May 2014

Meat from cattle slaughtered in 'CRUEL' kosher method is in your high street burger


Daily Mail, 09 July 2012

New York wants to ban Jewish circumcision ritual because it causes fatal HERPES in babies

Daily Mail, 06 April 2013

Two more babies stricken with herpes after ritual ultra-orthodox Jewish oral blood sucking circumcision in New York City

Two deaths and two babies suffering brain damage have resulted

Frank Galton

Flanders said...

Katrina Amy Alexandria Alexis Infield aka Jordon was born and raised in Brighton, England. Her maternal grandmother is Jewish. She took the surname Price after her mother remarried following the split from her biological father.

Partial List of Jewish Owned Businesses

Anonymous said...

Former editor of The Catholic Herald, goyess Cristina Odone, says: “I don't want to live in a Britain that prizes its cows more than its JEWS.”

Daily Telegraph, 06 March 2014

Watch it on Question Time (link, previous post), almost in tears as it talks about the security/barbed wire around synagogues in the UK.

Surely it must know who’s behind the attack on the Catholic Church?

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Daily Mail, 05 February 2015

...dozens of ASIAN suspects charged with rape, sexual assault and trafficking

Check out the stock photo: WHITE hands in handcuffs.

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Driver of bin lorry that killed six people in Glasgow named.

Harry Clarke, 58, from the Baillieston area of the city, joined the local authority four years ago...

Frank Galton

Shaunantijihad said...

By rape or consent, White man, we will breed your daughters with the low IQ Negro and Muslims to create our New European Man.

The is the implementation of the Kalergi Plan to create a lower IQ mongrel hominid to inhabit the once high IQ White lands.

Though be aware that Robert Spencer will only ever point to the Islamic problem, not to the Negro problem in our gene pool. You won't see any articles on Jihadwatch about Haiti or Detroit going from a rich European genome to a blighted, poverty stricken Negro genome:

Rise Caucasia.

FOD said...

Good career move by Christine Odone. That is one cow who gets valued by her jewish masters.

FOD said...

Not alone will Robert Spencer never touch the negro problem, he avoids the real culprits - jews - like the plague. In fact he always portrays them as the good guys, fighting side by side with the rest of us whites as we battle the Islamic invaders,

Still, at least he is doing some good I suppose.

Anonymous said...

Re: the ash for cash problem in SA.
We had the same problem in the UKs 3Day week!
Management were doing the cleaning out.
Cost the taxpayer millions to have it put wright ....brought in the gelly boys to sort it.

Henry IX said...

So that vile creature Katie Price ticks all the boxes. A jewess single-handedly (titedly?) debasing everything she touches.

Often wondered how she achieved 'fame' so miraculously. After all ever second slag in Britain is getting their tits enhanced.

I think I've found an explanation.

Anonymous said...

'RTE's female hosts lead the way in new listenership figures'


Same Logic and method.

RTE's white hosts lead the way in new listenership figures


One of the "new Irish" showed me how to obtain this post!

Anonymous said...

Well done The Sun for standing up to the pedophile supporter Harriet Harman and The Guardian for sticking up for normal sized women rather than the stick insected or landwhale with silicone breasts that is preferred nby pedophile supporters.

PS Did I memtion that Harriet Harman supported pedophiles and when it blew up in her face came out with the excuse that she was too stupid to know what a pedophile is?

Sponge Cake said...

This one is for the techies who visit the blog.

"I was taking a little hiatus from blogging and didn't realize that my hosting company expected me to pay for their service...

I'll try to file more dispatches from the IT front, but in all honesty, we are sort of in a state of trench warfare in the battle against the curry-scented wage pirates. My own recent experiences as an IT contractor indicate that slumdog H-1Bs are fewer and farther between in corporate IT as the economy has picked up pace. Wages for guys like me are rising, and although they are not at dot-com era levels, they are up.

Clearly the IT companies that used to purge American techies to make way for bugger-farming chair-warmers from the land that time forgot have learned a lesson -- DON'T CONFUSE PRICE WITH VALUE. With the H-1B cap still in place and some high-profile lawsuits, companies are now forced to deal with the market forces of supply and demand. Now that I am on the market again, having escaped another Desi manager and his H-1B-turned GC-carrying tech lead at a place that shall remain nameless, I can attest to the relative shift in the demographics of the IT landscape. Of course, I still get the numerous calls from marble-mouthed retards like "Amit from Macrosoft" wanting to see if I am interested in a COBOL position in Des Moines, but even the calls from the Desi bodyshops seem to be less frequent, now coming in at 3 or 4 a day instead of 10 or 12. Case in point, Molina Healthcare, a notorious curry den here in SoCal that got caught purging whitey to make way for a pack of jackals from Cognizant, is now actively recruiting programmers to clean up the mess that the slumdogs left. A recruiter even referred to "that H-1B thing" at Molina in a recent phone call I had."

Information technology workers at Southern California Edison (SCE) are being laid off and replaced by workers from India. Some employees are training their H-1B visa holding replacements, and many have already lost their jobs.

The employees are upset and say they can't understand how H-1B guest workers can be used to replace them.

The IT organization's "transition effort" is expected to result in about 400 layoffs, with "another 100 or so employees leaving voluntarily," SCE said in a statement. The "transition," which began in August, will be completed by the end of March, the company said.

Anonymous said...

Further to the USS Liberty post.

Possible reason for attack on USS Liberty.

Israel’s insurance policy.

The attack on the USS Liberty took place three days into the Six Day War. Nothing is certain in war. Israel’s survival could have been at stake.

If Israel was on the verge of being overrun, the US military – with the full support of the stupid goyim American public (who would have been told that it was the evil warmongering Arabs that had attacked and sunk one of their ships) – would have wiped the Arab armies that were attacking Israel off the face of the earth. Because it was “Egypt” that declared war on the United States by attacking and sinking a US navy ship, the Russians would have been left powerless to intervene.

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Cheating Hell said: “Forget white flight, now there's Jew flight. Jews in Manchester, UK, are kvetching about anti-semitism without mentioning the obvious culprits. “

Just read the Telegraph article: 'We’re leaving Britain - Jews aren’t safe here any more’

The Gould family from Manchester are leaving the UK because of, quote: “Eggs hurled from passing cars, swastikas on Jewish headstones, messages of hatred.”

Yeah, RIGHT! Pull the other one!

It’s just another propaganda piece.

What you’ll find is that members of the organised Jewish community will look for a Jewish family that’s emigrating for business reasons etc and put them forward to do an interview about anti-Semitism.

The Jewish Representative Council of Greater Manchester

15% GROWTH of Jews in Greater MANCHESTER (from 21,732 to 25,013)

Frank Galton

Tony in VA said...

Well spotted Frank Galton 18.29. They know how to maximize and exploit every situation.

heuristic said...

Sponge Cake. I'm an IT guy and I can tell you everything we had developed in India had to be reengineered back here. In particular they don't seem to do regression testing at all so what appears to be working ok crashes and or corrupts files a few months into live running.

The Western corporate 'leaders' are just as traitorous as the jews.

Anonymous said...

Tony in VA,

UPDATE re the Gould family’s reason for emigrating to America.

From Simon Gould’s website, EMIGRATE TO AMERICA:

“Born in Manchester, Simon [Gould] has spent much of his working life involved with PROPERTY INVESTMENT.

Having been a regular visitor to the States, and SPURRED ON BY HIS SON WINNING A PLACE AT A PRESTIGIOUS AMERICAN UNIVERSITY, the family decided to MAKE THE MOVE.

They chose Scottsdale for a number of reasons including weather, golf, COST OF PROPERTY, cleanliness and cost of living.”

As we can see, the Gould family’s reason for emigrating to America has nothing whatsoever to do with anti-Semitism.

As I said, it’s just another propaganda piece.

Frank Galton

Uncle Nasty said...

Tony in VA said...

Well spotted Frank Galton 18.29. They know how to maximize and exploit every situation.

7 February 2015 at 19:11

Not to mention actually create the situation out of nothing.

Light the fires, sell the fire hoses -- and then cheat the homeowner out of the insurance payout.

They are monsters. They simply do not know the meaning of "Enough!!"

The stories of whole yid families being chased out into the snowy tundra by the Cossacks are, like the rest of the tribe, probably a complete fiction, but by fuck, you can see why it's so believable ... and -- when one looks at endlessly snivelling shitweasels like Adelson, Soros and any of the Silvermans -- so satisfying.

It will happen. The noses are masters at turning fiction into truth.

Sometimes it doesn't happen quite the way they expect it to.


James said...

The mother lode of hate.

And lots of nice PDFs in this page.


Anonymous said...

What do you say to a negro in a three-piece suit?

"Will the defendant please rise?"

Anonymous said...

Great news! Andre Brink is dead! May he burn in hell! If you believe in that sort of thing.

Scot Irish

Anonymous said...

Dominic Strauss-Cohen

Back when I was naive I used to think political parties tried to screen out candidates who could be blackmailed and they controlled western politics with bribery.

Now I think the opposite and they mostly control it through honey trapping politicians using their sexual kinks and then black mailing them - including using children when they land themselves a wannabe politician who is also a pedophile.

Anonymous said...

"The stories of whole yid families being chased out into the snowy tundra by the Cossacks are"

I'm sure some of it is true; bear in mind Jews ran the Slavic slave trade in Crimea for thousands of years and the main source of captives was Ukraine.

Even now when you read/hear Jews in the media trying to start a war with Putin they seem to hate Slavs more than anyone else almost like they feel they should still own them.

Uncle Nasty said...

Read the Strauss-Kahn article, above, and saw this paragraph ... quietly sandwiched into the middle.

Strauss-Kahn's grandiose plans to launch a $2 billion international hedge-fund have been scuppered by the suicide last October of his partner, Thierry Leyne, who threw himself from the balcony of his 23rd-floor flat in a luxury Tel-Aviv condominium tower, three days after DSK himself resigned from the board of their too-hastily created one-year-old joint venture. In recent weeks, several of the governments Strauss-Kahn advises on economic policy, most notably Sri-Lanka, terminated their contracts with him. (He still officially advises, among others, the governments of Serbia, Russia and South Sudan.)


Thierry Leyne, who threw himself from the balcony of his 23rd-floor flat in a luxury Tel-Aviv condominium tower,

Thierry Leyne, who threw himself from the balcony of his 23rd-floor flat in a luxury Tel-Aviv condominium tower,

Thierry Leyne, who threw himself from the balcony of his 23rd-floor flat in a luxury Tel-Aviv condominium tower,

I wonder who helped him?

As I said before, I have always (like the Venetians and Florentines) favoured defenestration. By its very nature it's so ... public.

Fly, jewboy, fly.


Anonymous said...

I was browsing Disclose TV and tried to watch a video they linked to without any luck. Did a google search and found one link.
I don't know what to make of it.
What do you guys think?

Anonymous said...

My last link on Disclose TV gets stranger. I tried to look for the headmistress who was named.
David Icke has discussion on a video but the link on his site is down.
The top search on google produced a link:

Which is also down but the google search said it had been posted only seven hours earlier.
However, click on the topics on the right and you find out more.

Uncle Nasty said...

Annonny said:-

Now I think the opposite and they mostly control it through honey trapping politicians using their sexual kinks and then black mailing them - including using children when they land themselves a wannabe politician who is also a pedophile.

I think that, considering who is in power currently, one can start off from the default position of assuming that everyone -- everyone above a certain level in politics is only there because he or she is blackmailable, to coin a word.

Otherwise the jews that be will not even allow them on to the ladder.

When one stops to think about it, it's a frighteningly self-sustaining process, rather like a reverse crab-bucket syndrome ... only different in that, instead of dragging an escapee back into the bucket, you move heaven and earth to prevent the honest and honorable from ever getting in.

Can anyone imagine just what a sink of depravity the top of a government is?

Any government? All government.


Anonymous said...

Daily Mail, 17 July 2008

We want to be just like Jordan: Shocking stories of teens who want to follow in the glamour model's footsteps

So how did it come to this? That an entire generation of intelligent young women, watched happily by their mothers, are modelling themselves on a woman who has made a career out of a pair of inflated breasts, a ruthlessly stagemanaged career in soft porn...

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

“trapping politicians using their sexual kinks and then black mailing them”

Tim Fortescue MP, BBC 1995

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

This TNB incident couldn't have have happened at a better time for Savant's post, and only confirms his hypothesis:

Anonymous said...

"Can anyone imagine just what a sink of depravity the top of a government is?"

Yes I could believe literally anything now.

Most people can't yet so I dilute my opinion for public consumption but personally nowadays if someone says child murdering cabinet minister i'd say how many?

George said...

This is normal behavior for blacks. Those few blacks who have an above average IQ are always of mixed blood, having one white parent or grandparent in the family tree. New Jersey is one of the worst states to live in because of its very "diverse" population. Taxes are very high in order to support those "vibrant" people who do not work.
In places like this, the whites are cognizant of the violent nature of blacks and try to steer clear of them. These area are where you will find most white race realists precisely because they have had extensive exposure to them. In areas like the New England states (Vermont, Connecticut, Maine, etc.) and the Pacific Northwest states whites tend to be liberal and buy into the PC bull$hit that "race is a social construct" and are generally unaware of the danger that blacks pose to them.
And regarding the lawsuit filed against McDonald's- litigation is an industry here and it is a Jewish industry. Jews dominate the legal profession and are prominently represented in the courts as judges although as a people they are only about 2% of the population as a whole. There are Jewish lawyers ( I believe they are called "barristers" in Britain) who we call ambulance chasers because they specialize in lawsuits for "victims" of automobile accidents and the like.
The US is in its death throes as a nation, along with the rest of Western nations. Care to hazard a guess as to which tribe of people are steering our countries toward their demise?

Blogger said...

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