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In case you were wondering about ZOG....

Everyone on this site must have heard of the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty during the Six-Day-War in 1967. Just to recap, the Liberty, which was focused on intelligence-gathering and thus lightly armed, was attacked by Israeli Mystere jets using machine guns and napalm, and by attack boats which hit the ship with several torpedoes. As survivors scrambled for safety the Israelis strafed the lifeboats with machine gun fire. All the evidence to hand makes it clear that the Israelis knew that the Liberty was American although the motives of Moshe Dayan, who ordered the attack, remain unclear to this day.

Nothing illustrated the validity of the ZOG (Zionist Occupation Government) charge than this incident and the American reaction to it. For a start while the two hour attack was in progress "Defense" Secretary Robert McNamara called back a US rescue mission, stating 'President Johnson is not going to war or embarrass a close ally for the sake of a few sailors'.  Leaving the callousness aside, and the fact that the same President used 'an attack on a few sailors' (Tonkin incident) to declare war on North Vietnam, the reluctance to 'embarrass' a country that was in the process of murdering your servicemen beggars belief.

But what really blew my mind was the story of the Grafton Memorial. This relates to the privately-funded memorial library to be established in the city of Grafton near Milwaukee twenty years after the attack. As was and still is required in the Land Of The Free, the Israeli connection was played down with the focus almost exclusively on commemorating those who had served and suffered.
Now you'd imagine that local Jews would have at worst kept their heads down, at best supported the project while apologising for the Israeli 'mistake'.  Not a bit of it!  Instead the attack dogs were unleashed, crying - you've guessed it - 'anti-Semitism'. Rabbi Gideon Goldenholz declared it 'insulting to Jews' while James Fromstein of the Milwaukee Jewish Council proclaimed the Liberty incident(!) to be a 'sensitive subject considered offencive to Jewish people everywhere'

I swear I'm not making this up.

But it gets better. The local press turned on the Outrage Button. An editorial in the Milwaukee Journal thundered  'where is the outrage in Grafton?  Why is there no outcry?' Now let me be clear, because we're talking about an upside down world here. The requested outrage and outcry were against the idea of commemorating American servicemen who had given their lives for their country, because such commemoration might offend the sensitivities of the people who cost them their lives!

But it gets better still. The full machinery of the national and local government was brought to bear on the memorial organisers.  An $83,000 federal donation was withdrawn, an invitation to the White House to send a representative was ignored (as was a personal invitation to GHW Bush), the local high school refused to provide a band for the opening ceremony, denouncing the organisers as Nazis, while the Commander of a nearby Naval Training Centre was ordered not to attend by Naval brass.

Remind me of ZOG again....


Uncle Nasty said...

I tossed this quote at a Kiwi today ...

If you would know who truly rules you ...

She responded: "Find out who you may not criticise ..."

Getting there.


Anonymous said...

And yet those claiming to be conservative, Christians in America fully support them with absolute zeal. Incredible!

Bemused Stare

Anonymous said...

Hello savant. Thought you might likes this story on the power of the holocaust lobby in Britain

Kevin Rafferty said...

Good to hear that, UN, good to hear.

Same thing with me, things that would have been met with horror a few years ago are now attracting an utterly different reaction.

Anonymous said...

Is the largely-Jewish-owned mass media in the USA deliberately encouraging blacks to attack and murder whites while creating the myth that it's blacks who are the victims?

"The media love hate crimes because they seem to explain everything that’s wrong with America and put the blame on someone who can handle it: white people. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough hate crimes against blacks to go around, and journalists are forced to invent them. What they don’t realize is that the biggest hate crime hoax is the press itself.

By creating an imaginary reality where blacks are constantly under siege, they are all but daring them to attack and murder whites. The media have created the racial tension they were going for, only they got everything backwards. In an attempt to create a fictional world where whites hate blacks, they accidentally created a real one where blacks hate whites."

Dan said...

Intresting. As I also we it as an accident. You'd think a clever Jew might organize a memorial for the dead crew as Atonement, an act of good faith. No. In your face goy! In your fucking face!

katana said...

Some events re the USS Liberty to ponder:

* While President Johnson was overseeing USS Liberty going down, as part of a pre-planned positioning of the ship for destruction, Johnson had a jew (? Mossad) mistress going down on him at the White House.

* USS Liberty was long targeted by ZOG for destruction as part of a false flag plan to get the US involved in declaring war on Egypt.

* US fighter jets, from aircraft carriers, were recalled by Johnson to ENABLE the complete destruction of the USS Liberty.

* The survival of the USS Liberty meant that a coverup needed to be put in place and all crew members were forbidden to talk.

* Recently a past Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Fraser, announced on Australian radio that the attack on the USS Liberty by Israel was not an accident, but rather a DELIBERATE attack on a US warship.


For my latest blog post, The Epic Story of the Waffen SS – Leon Degrelle, click here >>> KATANA


waterboy said...

In case there are any doubts that the Israelis knew it was an american ship, and the hasbaras will be on here soon, read this: Steve Forslund worked as an intelligence analyst for the 544th Air Reconnaissance Technical Wing, then the highest-level strategic planning office in the Air Force and was on duty at the time of the attack.

He said “The ground control station stated that the target was American and for the aircraft to confirm it,” Forslund recalled. “The aircraft did confirm the identity of the target as American, by the American flag.

“The ground control station ordered the aircraft to attack and sink the target and ensure they left no survivors.”

Forslund said he clearly recalled “the obvious frustration of the controller over the inability of the pilots to sink the target quickly and completely.”

“He kept insisting the mission had to sink the target, and was frustrated with the pilots’ responses that it didn’t sink.”

Nor, Forslund said, was he the only member of his unit to have read the transcripts. “Everybody saw these” .

Forslund’s recollections are supported by those of two other Air Force intelligence specialists, working in widely separate locations, who say they also saw the transcripts of the attacking Israeli pilots’ communications.

Anonymous said...

And remember John McStain's father organized the cover-up.

KPZLK said...

JOHN MCCAIN is the main traitor of America, he is the one guaranteeing to deliver the whole USA Constitution to the JEWS. John McCain is the the senator that most MONEY receive from the JEWS in the Senate.

You can not blame the JEWS alone for what they have been done to America, if it's not for the straight collaboration of "Christians"-ZIONIST like John McCain.....Benedict Arnold, I mean, John McCain, in a Civil War in America, that is on its way, American people, WE THE PEOPLE, we will knows in what tree to hang up a JEW collaborator like JOHN MCCAIN.


john said...

@bemused stare & KPZLK ; please, quit blaming Christians - indeed there are those who use that nameplate that are to blame, BUT...a true Christian does NOT support the antiChrist jew. We are smart enough to see what Jesus said about them -'ye are of your father the devil' etc - and can actually read the Bible where it plainly states that the jew is an anti Christ [e.g. 1John 3:22 etc]. Anyone who supports the most virulent enemies of Christ are not Christian.
The USS Liberty was intentional, and has been proved so more times that the holohoax being BS , yet the propaganda continues...Again, as the Bible says 'Awake Awake!'

Anonymous said...

But it is an insult to jews as Elie Wiesel was almost strafed as the hot shot pilots were unable to identify her as a hollowhoax survivor owing to its not having a tattoo like all those who sailors who were on the SS Auschwitz had.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't John Mccain a naval aviator and future "heroic" POW who turned in his colleagues to get an easy time off the NVA flghting over the Gulf of Tonkin when the non existing attack took place? What an asset to the Demonrats!

Anonymous said...


Cockney News said...

Police alerted to 'anti-Semitic' rally planned for Stamford Hill.

Police attempt to trace convicted rapist missing in east London.

Engineering student who was trying to leave behind gang lifestyle shot dead at house party.

Friends’ tributes to bright young student stabbed to death at house party.

Four-year-old among 38 children suspected of rape, Met reveals.

'Lutfur Rahman subverted democracy to be re-elected Tower Hamlets mayor.

Anonymous said...

USS Liberty Cover-Up : Documentary on the Conspiracy Cover Up of the USS Liberty Attack.

Israel's Assault on the U.S.S. Liberty with James Ennis.

Anonymous said...

From the memo box ... There was an incident were the motherfuckers shot down some some RAF recon aircraft just after ww2 . look it it up!
I think they are behind this big shit in the ukraine...

Anonymous said...

As of today The Daily Stormer now has a live radio show that you can call into. We can take this thing up a gear by putting voices to some of our people.This is a big step in the right direction.

James Lord said...

Meanwhile English vicar who alludes to the real perpetrators of 9/11 made to grovel and presumably is off to a reeducation camp.

Anonymous said...

The people you are referring to are Americans from the South. They worship jews, they love Israel.

Anonymous said...

Red it. It's great. My favourite commenter Mr Curious makes a great point in the thred.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Iron Felix said...

Look guys, the USS Liberty attack---what exactly was Israel's purpose in this? I ask simply for information.

Flanders said...

Lyndon Johnson's grandparents and mother were jewish. Johnson is jewish, too. The mother (maternal lineage) is traditionally the carrier of the jew lineage, although that rule has often been expanded. So, race is THE determining factor for jews. People can be "adopted" into the "religion", but must racially be jews to be considered truly "kosher".

"Johnson's Jewish family tree Huffman and Perrin had a daughter, Ruth Ament Huffman ,who married Joseph Baines and together they had a daughter, Rebekah Baines, Lyndon Johnson¡¦s mother. The line of Jewish mothers can be traced back three generations in Lyndon Johnson's family tree. There is little doubt that he was Jewish. To recap, the following is Lyndon Johnson's maternal family tree: Mother: Rebekah Baines - Jewess(married Sam Johnson, Lyndons father) Maternal grandparents: Ruth Ament Huffman a Jewess and Joseph Baines a Jew Maternal great-grandparents (parents of Ruth Huffman): Mary Elizabeth Perrin a Jewess and John S. Huffman, III a jew Maternal great-great grandparents (parents of Mary Perrin): Dicea Kerby and William Perrin Maternal great-great grandparents (parents of John Huffman, III): Suzanne Ament and John S. Huffman, Maternal great-great-great grandparents (parents of John Huffman, II): Cathrine Lyter and John Huffman.

This information about Sephardic Jews in southern Texas sheds new light on the ethnicity of Lyndon Johnson's wife, Claudia Alta Taylor Johnson (aka, "Lady Bird"). She is apparently a Sephardic Jew of Mexican origin. Although her facial features are consistent with Semitic origin, that alone is not definitive proof.

Claudias mother, Minnie Lee Pattillo, was likely a Sephardic Jew from Mexico."

Flanders said...

From the official USS Liberty Memorial online site:

"Summary of Events
The following summary is taken from the formal War Crimes Report filed with the Secretary of Defense..


On June 8, 1967 while patrolling in international waters[2] in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea, USS Liberty (AGTR-5) was savagely attacked without warning or justification by air and naval forces of the state of Israel.[3]

Of a crew of 294 officers and men[4] (including three civilians)[5], the ship suffered thirty four (34) killed in action and one hundred seventy four (174) wounded in action.[6] The ship itself, a Forty Million ($40,000,000) Dollar state of the art signals intelligence (SIGINT) platform, was so badly damaged that it never sailed on an operational mission again and was sold in 1970 for $101,666.66 as scrap[7] .

Israel acknowledged the following facts without qualification:

1.USS Liberty was an American ship, hence a neutral vis-à-vis the June 1967 war between Israel and its Arab neighbors.[8]
2.USS Liberty remained in international waters at all times on June 8, 1967[9] .
3.The attacking Israeli forces never made a positive identification of the nationality of USS Liberty before unleashing deadly force in their attack on the ship.[10]

At approximately 0600 hours (all times local) on the morning of June 8, 1967 an Israeli maritime reconnaissance aircraft observer reported seeing "a US Navy cargo type ship," just outside the coverage of the Israeli coastal radar defense net, bearing the hull markings "GTR-5".[11] This report, made to Israeli naval HQ, was also forwarded immediately to the Israeli navy intelligence directorate.[12]

Throughout the remainder of the day prior to the attack, Israeli reconnaissance aircraft regularly flew out to USS Liberty's position and orbited the ship before returning to their bases in Israel. A total of no fewer than eight (8) such flights were made.[13]" [Continues with documentation and photos - Check the FAQ's, too].

DH said...

This is madness.

Flanders said...

Israeli Pilot Speaks Up

"Fifteen years after the attack, an Israeli pilot approached Liberty survivors and then held extensive interviews with former Congressman Paul N. (Pete) McCloskey about his role. According to this senior Israeli lead pilot, he recognized the Liberty as American immediately, so informed his headquarters, and was told to ignore the American flag and continue his attack. He refused to do so and returned to base, where he was arrested.

Later, a dual-citizen Israeli major told survivors that he was in an Israeli war room where he heard that pilot's radio report. The attacking pilots and everyone in the Israeli war room knew that they were attacking an American ship, the major said. He recanted the statement only after he received threatening phone calls from Israel.

The pilot's protests also were heard by radio monitors in the U.S. Embassy in Lebanon. Then-U.S. Ambassador to Lebanon Dwight Porter has confirmed this. Porter told his story to syndicated columnists Rowland Evans and Robert Novak and offered to submit to further questioning by authorities. Unfortunately, no one in the U.S. government has any interest in hearing these first-person accounts of Israeli treachery.

Key members of the Lyndon Johnson administration have long agreed that this attack was no accident." [Continues].

Flanders said...

Betrayal behind Israeli attack on U.S. ship"

ADM. THOMAS MOORER | January 11, 2004, in the Houston Chronicle

"After State Department officials and historians assembled in Washington, D.C., last week to discuss the 1967 war in the Middle East, I am compelled to speak out about one of U.S. history's most shocking cover-ups.
On June 8, 1967, Israel attacked our proud naval ship -- the USS Liberty -- killing 34 American servicemen and wounding 172. Those men were then betrayed and left to die by our own government.

U.S. military rescue aircraft were recalled, not once, but twice, through direct intervention by the Johnson administration. Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara's cancellation of the Navy's attempt to rescue the Liberty, which I personally confirmed from the commanders of the aircraft carriers America and Saratoga, was the most disgraceful act I witnessed in my entire military career.

To add insult to injury, Congress, to this day, has failed to hold formal hearings on Israel's attack on this American ship. No official investigation of Israel's attack has ever permitted the testimony of the surviving crew members." [Continues]

James said...

As tweeted by Henry Makow.

Goyim in London plan protest March 22 "against Jewification and anti-white oppression". Complain Jews spit on them.

Its great that the paper printed this story. Talmudic jews are the worlds biggest losers.

Cockney News already posted this, but repetition is the key to success right?

James said...

Uncle Nasty said...
I tossed this quote at a Kiwi today ...

If you would know who truly rules you ...

She responded: "Find out who you may not criticise ..."

White men must be ruled by women, feminists, blacks, Indians, gays, jews, Chinese, politicians, multiculturalists, muslims, Hindus, the police. Everyone basically.

James said...

Look guys, the USS Liberty attack---what exactly was Israel's purpose in this? I ask simply for information.

Google it.

Anonymous said...

Some women will do anything for money.

Anonymous said...

@ Bemused Stare --

"And yet... conservative, Christians in America fully support them ..."

Not quite. Not totally. Not from the beginning.

In '67, in the aftermath of the USS Liberty attack, Israel was given a slag from (of all places) William F. Buckley's old National Review. It was a fairly honest and critical piece, not sure it's available anywhere now. Especially after NRs takeover by the neocons.

Buckley had to kiss much New York bum to get into the neocon favor after they rose, years later. Norman Podhoretz was especially unforgiving; after Buckley invited Pod to the Reagan innaugural, the neocons were still fuming. Podhoretz gave Buckley a snotty review even when Buckley wrote a fawning mea culpa called In Search of Antisemitism.

When NR first started in the Fifties, the star in the editorial world was Westbrook Pegler, an Israel-hater from the first. Buckley took a few pointers from Pegler, later dropped him like a hot brick.

Pegler was an extremely interesting fellow. Vastly famous after WWII, he became the first true unperson of Zio-America.


Anonymous said...

What are the chances that a jew invented the birth control pill?

Maybe he's just taking too much credit for "the Suicide Pill of the West", and many others helped.

Anonymous said...

Sexy jews!

Uncle Nasty said...

On a connected note ...

US 'considers arming Ukrainian army' as fighting continues in the east

Fears of proxy war between US and Russia in Ukraine deepen after report that Washington could provide arms to Kiev

The spectre of a deepening proxy war in Ukraine involving both Russia and the United States has raised its head after reports that the White House is considering supplying weapons to Kiev.

Washington has so far refused to supply weapons to the pro-Western Ukrainian government but reports suggest that a growing number of President Barack Obama's advisors are now warming to the idea.

According to the New York Times, General Philip Breedlove, Nato's military commander, supports providing arms and equipment to Ukraine’s hard-pressed forces, which are struggling to quell an uprising led by Russian-backed separatists.

Other senior officials including John Kerry, the US secretary of state, are also said to be open shifting American policy and beginning to send weapons to Kiev.

It is not clear if the growing number of hawks will be able to sway Mr Obama, who has so far been reluctant to escalate the standoff with Russia beyond economic sanctions.

The old inspirational story goes that "... anyone can grow up to be President of the USA." One commentator, around the time of Jimmy Carter stated that he was beginning to believe it.

One asks the question: Where do these relentlessly stupid fuckweasels actually come from?

In 1970, I did my big European tour. A total of seven months walking, hitch-hiking, driving, bussing and training from one end to another ... and learned one thing above all at the time. AVOID ALL AMERICANS!!!

'Scuse the caps, but the US tourists of 1970 were the utter dregs of US high society. The saying went that if you could not hear them at a hundred metres, or see them at fifty ... you could smell them at twenty.
On several occasions, we were told by the older generation of US tourists to not judge them by their tourists.

They were also notorious for stealing anything that was not nailed down. If an American hippie tourist was in the vicinity, you -- in the words of the airport people -- "secured all valuables ..."

Why were they such scum? Because it was 1970 and all the rich American kids were dodging the draft by "studying" in Europe.

These stinking, loud, objectionable, centreless, thieving little creeps were what became the present generation of American politicians .... all politicians, in fact.

This is now what what we have to contend with.


Flanders said...

The full article is no longer available at the source site:
Part 1 of 2

Admiral Kidd - ''Israel Attacked USS Liberty Deliberately''

On June 8, 1967, the U.S.S. Liberty, then the world's most sophisticated intelligence-gathering ship, came under attack in the eastern Mediterranean. After a two-hour attack by planes and torpedo boats, 70 percent of its 294-man crew were either dead or wounded. The attack was launched by a friendly country, Israel, which three days earlier had begun its six-day war with Egypt and was preparing to invade Syria the next day.

The Chronicle of the 20th Century, which briefly records newsworthy events in chronological order, says for its entry on June 8, 1967: "Sinai: Israelis accidentally attack U.S. ship, killing 10 and injuring 100." That reflects the inadequate and inaccurate reporting by the news media at the time of the attack.

This deplorable incident has festered like an infected wound for 36 years. Israel insisted that its pilots mistook the Liberty for an Egyptian freighter, a claim that those members of the crew who survived the attack deride. They charge that the Israelis conducted aerial surveillance of the Liberty for six hours before they attacked it.

They and others familiar with the ship say that it was flying a large American flag, which was replaced by an even larger flag when it was destroyed by the attackers.

They also point out that the claim the ship was mistaken for an old Egyptian freighter is absurd. As an intelligence ship it was loaded with antennas and carried a large satellite dish on an elevated structure near the stern. It was four times as large as an old Egyptian freighter, and its identification numbers were painted on the bow in white letters 10 feet high.

If the numbers couldn't be seen by the Israeli pilots, they could not have been missed by the torpedo boats that fired on the lifeboats deployed by the Liberty.

The Liberty Alliance, an organization formed to counteract the lies said to have been told to justify the Israeli attack and the cover-up by President Lyndon Johnson, deployed its forces on Capitol Hill on Oct. 22, 2003. The chairman of the Liberty Alliance, Adm. Thomas H. Moorer, former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, presided over the news conference in the Rayburn House Office Building.

cont'd in part 2

Flanders said...


Part 2

The most stunning revelation was a statement by Capt. Ward Boston, the senior legal counsel for the Navy's Court of Inquiry into the attack on the Liberty. His statement was read by Rear Adm. Merlin Staring, a former judge advocate general of the Navy. Following are portions of what he read.

The late Admiral Isaac Kidd and I were given only one week to gather evidence for the Navy's official investigation. Despite the short amount of time we were given, we gathered a vast amount of evidence, including hours of heartbreaking testimony from the young survivors.

The evidence was clear. Both Adm. Kidd and I believed with certainty that this attack, which killed 34 American sailors and injured 172 others, was a deliberate effort to sink an American ship and murder its entire crew. I am certain that the Israeli pilots that undertook the attack, as well as their superiors who had ordered the attack, were aware that the ship was American.

I saw our flag, which had visibly identified the ship as American, riddled with bullet holes, and heard testimony that made it clear that the Israelis intended that there be no survivors. Not only did the Israelis attack the ship for over two hours with napalm, gunfire and hundreds of rockets and missiles, Israeli torpedo boats machine-gunned three life boats that had been launched in an attempt to save the crew a war crime.

After saying he was moved to speak out by a book titled "The Liberty Incident" by Jay Cristol, he described it as an attempt to whitewash the facts. He then dropped a bombshell, saying, "I have firsthand knowledge from many personal conversations with Admiral Kidd that President Lyndon Johnson and Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara personally ordered him to cover up the true facts and conclude the attack was a case of mistaken identity despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary."

He did not mention that LBJ also rescinded an order to send carrier-based fighter planes that were only 15 minutes away to defend the Liberty.

The Liberty Alliance is pressing for an official, openly conducted reinvestigation of the tragedy that will consider this new testimony, along with the evidence that was suppressed or ignored.

Some say that cover-ups ordered by presidents can't succeed because someone in the know will talk. Capt. Boston has finally talked. He and the Liberty survivors deserve a hearing

Reed Irvine is the Publisher of the AIM Report and can be reached at

Uncle Nasty said...

Iron Felix said...

Look guys, the USS Liberty attack---what exactly was Israel's purpose in this? I ask simply for information.

2 February 2015 at 21:12

Interesting that you should ask, Felix ... Here are a few sites that attempt to ask -- and answer that very question.

.. and here, to be quite fair, are dissenting opinions by Jay Cristol (Full name:- Ahron Jay Cristol, who rather oddly, I think, has no available biography at all, prior to his legal career) and Michael B Oren, who is -- Quelle surprise -- a person of the nose.

"It was a series of blunders by both the United States and Israel that resulted in a terrible tragedy and nothing more," says Jay Cristol, a federal judge and author of the book The Liberty Incident.

"All the official reports came to the same conclusion.

"Unfortunately there are a number of people who are on the other side of the Arab-Israeli conflict who think this is a way to attack the otherwise very strong relationship between the US and Israel, and they keep stirring the pot.

'No evidence'

It is a view with which historian Michael B Oren, a senior fellow at the Shalem Center, a Jerusalem academic research institute, concurs.

Blunders, eh? Well, this from a guy who was there:

"If it was an accident, it was the best planned accident I've ever heard of" - USS Liberty survivor.

Once again, ask the questions.

Who benefits?
Who always gets off scot-free?
Who may not be criticised?

Life becomes so much simpler, when one does just that.


Cassius said...

Iron Felix. Two main motives have been suggested for the Liberty attack.

First the Israelis had strictly promised the USA and its lapdogs that it would not attack the Golan Heights even though they always intended to. Dayan thought that the Liberty could intercept intelligence that would tip off the Americans.

The other - and the two are of course not mutually exclusive -is that they wanted to blame it on the Egytians and draw America into the war. (Sound familiar?).

Hence the machine-gunning of survivors. When they realized that the boat could not be sunk they changed tactics and decided to pass it off as a mistake.

katana said...

Over at Reddit, Dennis Wise is replying to an AMA (Ask Me Anything).

The Greatest Story Never Told AMA


I'm Dennis Wise the creator of The Greatest Story Never Told AMA. (self.european)
submitted 6 hours ago by truthwillout1003 - stickied post
Dennis Wise is an independent film maker with a successful background in entertainment and media, He began video editing after discovering he had a flair for producing ground-breaking and exciting promotional videos for clients in the entertainment and leisure industry. Apart from producing documentaries, he still produces promotional videos for private clients, internationally recognised hotel chains and for the music industry.
His 6.5 hour documentary “Adolf Hitler - The Greatest Story NEVER Told! has been hailed as… “The single most important media document in the last 70 years.”


My latest blog post, Jews Must Live - Part 14 - The Jews, the Theatre and the Woman Market is here >>> KATANA

Uncle Nasty said...

Just for a laugh ...

BBC: Stop talking about the Holocaust?

Religious discussion show poses controversial question, provoking strong reactions.

Related Topics
International Holocaust Remembrance Day
Holocaust survivors
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Neo-Nazi Golden Dawn holds steady in Greek elections
Merkel: Threats, attacks against Jews in Germany ‘disgrace’
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Hungarian premier admits country’s ‘shameful’ Holocaust role
Where Holocaust survivors gather to live out their days
Jewish Agency-affiliated think tank composes aliyah plan for 120,000 French Jews
Auschwitz survivor recalls Nazi evil, liberation
When the office is a death camp
Most Germans want to put the Holocaust behind them, survey finds

The answer might be obvious to many, but the BBC wants to open it up to discussion.

As part of its special International Holocaust Remembrance Day programming, the BBC One show The Big Questions held a discussion on the lessons of the Holocaust, and how it is remembered today.

The show, which aired Sunday, featured rabbis, academics, survivors, and educators.

A few of the comments are posted below:-

Ami Kaufman
What??? “@bbcbigquestions: Our one big question this morning: Is the time coming to lay Holocaust to rest? #BBCTBQ” see why we're paranoid?
5:22 AM - 27 Jan 2015

Reuben M Shine
@BolshyBumbleBee @bbcbigquestions we've not actually learnt anything from it, so no. Obv.
12:49 AM - 26 Jan 2015

Gillian Kennedy, PhD
@bbcbigquestions Is the time coming to sack researcher who came up with such a ridiculous question?!It was the largest genocide of 20century
6:05 AM - 27 Jan 2015

And clearly, this is *not* a lesson humanity has learned. Genocide and hatred didn't end there.
1:03 AM - 26 Jan 2015

Evelyn『エヴェェェリン』 @korikisulda
What kind of a question is this? Why should we abandon to obscurity one of the best examples of why we must oppose evil? @bbcbigquestions

Evelyn posted twice, so obviously she feels very strongly about it ... or she sees the tap running dry.

As for the rest, that horrible bubbly sound you heard was several million pommie jews filling their combinations.

Oy vey. Der sufferink!!!

Strangely there doesn't seem to be a threat to start a mass emigration movement to israel.

Any day now, I'm sure. Any day now.


Anonymous said...

An accident?

The US Sailors say they tried to inform the pilots that they were Americans by waving flags and signalling to the pilots as they flew past on their many strafing runs. The Americans could see the whites of the eyes of the Israeli pilots, and the sneers on their faces, and their middle fingers erect they were that close.

The Israeli pilots certainly knew who they were attacking.

William said...

Anonymous said...
Is the largely-Jewish-owned mass media in the USA deliberately encouraging blacks to attack and murder whites while creating the myth that it's blacks who are the victims?

2 February 2015 at 13:38

Good question, here is another link.


Anonymous said...

This 'house of horrors' is happening in Thirsk in Yorkshire, England:

Inside the halal house of horrors:

Sickening footage shows 'evil' abattoir staff 'taunting sheep before hacking them to pieces'
Slaughtermen caught on camera 'hacking and sawing' at animals' throats
Sheep filmed being kicked, with one worker standing on an animal's neck
Staff laughed as a sheep bled to death with spectacles painted on its face
'Horrifying abuse' captured by animal rights campaigners at halal abattoir

I suspect it's the same in many kosher slaughterhouses.

Uncle Nasty said...

Further to the interminable Charlie Hebdo bullshit ... but not the weepy, snotty kiss-kiss-kiss crap you keep hearing.

This is the part you are not supposed to know.

The Rothschilds Own Charlie Hebdo? Editors Girlfriend Works For The Rothschilds.

More evidence this newest 'terror event' is nothing more than fakery orchestrated by the usual suspects, intended to dupe an all too gullible public.

And while we're at it, who do you think owns Charlie Hebdo?

De Rothschild’s print Charlie Hebdo: ‘We doubted whether we should buy newspaper Libération’

France is on fire after the cowardly attack on Charlie Hebdo, and the spectacular developments afterwards. The newspaper Libération, where next week’s satirical magazine – fortunately – will be produced, has recently fallen in the hands of a descendant of the famous bankers’ dynasty De Rothschild.

But the buying of the newspaper did stir up a serious discussion within the De Rothschild family, reveals Philippe baron de Rothschild in an exclusive interview with Quote, which was published in our January edition.

‘There has been quite some discussion about the takeover of Libération by my uncle Édouard baron de Rothschild’, says Philippe. ‘Some family members wanted to block the purchase, because the medium would make us a political force. We wanted to avoid that at all cost. We have no interest in politics, at least not towards the outside world. In the end, the critics within our family were overruled.’

But no ... the jews never do anything as crass as (gasp) buying what they can't abide or control, if, of course, it cannot be destroyed on the cheap.

This bit is worth repeating ...

We have no interest in politics, at least not towards the outside world.
We have no interest in politics, at least not towards the outside world.
We have no interest in politics, at least not towards the outside world.


Hansa said...

There's a highly illuminating article on Morgoth revealing the extent of Jewish control in the US, everything from Ebay to Wall St with a wealth of statistics.

"I recently came across a compilation of statistics which outlines the nuts and bolts of Jewish power. It's one thing to debate Talmudic Doctrines or Ethnic strategies as related to group evolution, but sometimes you just need to sit back gasp at the scale of the power and influence Jewish people have. If you replace Jews for Chinese or Muslims or Black people as you read through this then you might begin to understand the problem."

Anonymous said...

ZOG, in the form of Immigration Minister Barbara Roche and various other Jewish Labour politicians flooded Britain with enrichment like this....

eleos said...

I used always believe that Jews got into those positions and control in eBay, Google the banks etc. was their intelligence and hard work. Very clear now that ethnic networking and favoritism are far more likely explanations. Even in court disputes, e.g. ownership of Facebook IP the jusge who ruled in favor of Zukerberg was a Jews.

Anonymous said...

Here's more fodder for exposing the manipulating forces of u-know-who. This series of cascading 10 minute documentary videos examines the debilitating affects of Feminism, or more appropriately the war on White men ... you know those creative old/young guys who only invent, design and build societal infrastructures that everybody on earth wants a part of.

Click the provided youtube link in this website to get started>

Anonymous said...

"This is madness."

Yes. They are insane.


"Is the largely-Jewish-owned mass media in the USA deliberately encouraging blacks to attack and murder whites"


Whether they are doing to
- deflect attention from their ethnic cleansing of black people from Manhattan
- deflect attention from Jewish privilege by constantly screaming about White people
- straightforward incitement to murder
it's hard to say for sure.

I think the reason is a mixture of all three but it boils down to a constant and relentless incitement to murder.

Anonymous said...

The Bethsheba Broadcasting Corporation Broadcasting Corporation did not recover its lost QT audience-uadiance when inviting booky wooky author awther Russell Brandy-wandy so they have infuriated Borredy Boardy of Britbritishy Jewsywoosies by having George Galloway coming up soon and they do not want him on as he is unacceptable to them.

In other Russell Brand "news" ex Katy Perry did the out of tune caterwauling during the Superbowl and one of the tweets from her 49 000 000 followers was Brand's that upset her.

Well @SimonWesenthal annoys me with his spinpirational tweets of stories of the 6 million survivors of the Holothingymajimmy and I never make the paper.

Anonymous said...

eleos Lawrence Sumner who ruled that Mark Suckerberg did nothing unethical is also ethically challenged like he is and the Winklehoss twins who hired The Suck man to code their social site are not.

Anonymous said...

You might like this article about the zog taking over the US

Anonymous said...

I do hope that as the Muslims, Arabs, Islamics, etc take over western countries the Whites will deactivate the high tech weapons, nuclear missiles, nuclear bombs, and air craft in order to not allow the voodoos, muslims, and other third worlders to get control of them. Of course after the take over of the West by the third world they'll need such weapons to fight each other and Israel.

Sponge Cake said...

After Burning Pilot Alive — ISIS Offers 100 Gold Dinars for Whoever Kills Coalition Pilots.

Flaners said...

4 February 1861 was the birthday of the Confederate States of America - The CSA. May all White people everywhere cherish the Southern stand for sovereignty,freedom and for independence.

Confederate Song - The March Of The Southern Men


Uncle Nasty said...

Where do these niggers learn to whine like this ... even when they have everything?

Oh. Wait.

Reason: Serena Williams just a little too black to be accepted in United States


If President Barack Obama really was the man, and not just a way that white America could feel good and liberal all over, then Serena would be the woman.

Serena Jameka Williams would be America's sweetheart. But she isn't and she never will be. The greatest female tennis player of all time, America's only current athlete who dominates a major sport, might be beloved in old age when the colour has faded a bit, but right now she's just too black.

And blah, and blah and blah.

Here we have one of the gender bending congoids whining about how much further along the track she'd be if the US prez was a little more .... negroid?

Like his gender bending wife, maybe?

She is assisted in this effort by the so-called writer of the article ... a desperate hack named Mark Reason.
Small wonder that the NZ news paper industry is imploding.

Many years ago, I read the Diary of Adrian Mole, and recall howling with laughter when introduced to Adrian's almost terminally PC mother -- who vowed to never see a James Bond movie until the lead was played by a blind, lesbian, jamaican quadriplegic.

Back when the book was written, that was a joke.


Anonymous said...

Hebden Bridge:

A once beautiful English country retreat or town of north England between Leeds and Manchester now riddled with lesbos and stinking paki imports.

Read what what this visiting Finn had to say

Fucking tragic man

great white said...

"If President Barack Obama really was the man"

Should read "If President Barack Obama really was a man"

Anonymous said...

UN when The Mooch Man first becaame the first monkey she was written about as a fashion like Jackie Kennedy was.

Anonymous said...

'Serena Williams just a little too black to be accepted in United States.'

I think this was a book that has just been made into a film.
50 Shades of Black?

Ygael Glucksteinburger said...

Discussion of the cancerous effects of the Jewish-led Frankfurt School is going mainstream in Britain:

"In recent days we have seen a sequence of events – establishment endorsement of Islamic groups post-Charlie Hebdo, harassment of Christian schools by Ofperv inspectors, legalisation of eugenic experimentation via the creation of three-parent children, etc – that have highlighted the exponential advance of Cultural Marxism.

Society’s most fundamental building blocks – the family, relations between men and women, inherited culture – are being systematically demolished. Uniquely in history, those who call themselves conservatives are in the forefront of this cultural revolution.

Before any effective resistance can be mounted against this onslaught, it is a prerequisite that we should understand our enemy: intelligence is the most powerful weapon in any war. What is the Frankfurt School? What is Cultural Marxism? The facts, though unadvertised for obvious reasons, are accessible. To trace this iniquity it is necessary to go back to 1919 and the murderous communist dictatorship of Bela Kun in Hungary......continues"

Anonymous said...

Enrichment news from the multi-culti nightmare once known as Great Britain:

'UKIPs Agriculture Spokesman has admitted the party have “lost the Jewish vote for sure” because of its new policy on meat production, which make some Kosher meat illegal. The new policy, announced yesterday, would see a ban on non-stunned animals being killed for meat.'

Anonymous said...

I'm glad we have our priorities right. £50,000,000 for the new Holohoax memorial.
£1,300,000 For the Shakespeare Centre renewal.

Anonymous said...

Rear AdmiralLeo wants to curtail your alcohol consumption.

A bottle of wine would cost a minimum of €8.80 and a can of beer at least €2.20 under proposals aimed at outlawing cheap alcohol sales.

The move is part of Health Minister Leo Varadkar's vow to end the sale of cheap drink, which he believes is fuelling the nation's drink problem.

Cigarette packet-style health warnings and calorie counts on alcohol labels would also be made compulsory under new legislation.

Mr Varadkar got Cabinet approval yesterday for the Heads of the proposed Public Health (Alcohol) Bill 2015, which will set a minimum price for drink sales.

The legislation, due this summer, will mean new restrictions on advertising, marketing and sponsorship.

Anonymous said...

Visiting Irish cop to New Orleans survives gun shots and is now qualified to transmit real first-hand knowledge of violent black behaviour patterns to his Irish co-workers back home. Yeah, I guess those "racist" Americans were quite right after years of experiencing incessant black violence, eh? imported Black violence will become a standard feature for Ireland as well.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 15:40

Many Irish people that go on holidays to the US are naive about the dangers. I knew one guy who went to Disney Land. Within 24 hours of arriving, he was mugged a couple of Trayvons.

Anonymous said...

What a ghastly little smug paki midget that Labour MP sadik khan is.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Nasty

You are a genius so I hope you don't mind me stealing your idea.

Using disqus account that is still not banned, I made numerous posts starting with, "If you want to know who truly rules over you..."

More up votes than I would have dreamed of getting before. Mein got, it Burks!!!

Bemused Stare

Anonymous said...

Seems the Irish in Dublin love your Muslim population and are prepared to turn up to protect them
If you think these people are misguided and you support the anti Islam guys then get off your arses and go and protest with them

Up the villa

Uncle Nasty said...

Anonymous said...

I'm glad we have our priorities right. £50,000,000 for the new Holohoax memorial.
£1,300,000 For the Shakespeare Centre renewal.
4 February 2015 at 13:50

You're surprised? Niggers, feminists, lesbo's and demented jew bitches like Susan Sontag and Sarah Silverman would describe Shakespeare as "...Some old, dead white guy." -- and smirk while doing it.

Yet they get so pissed off when I refer to six million fictitious yids.

Funny how they lose their sense of humour.


Anonymous said...

Why haven't the sand niggers been screaming and shouting about the Liberty in order to garner sympathy from the west?


Anonymous said...

More miscegenation propaganda.

Mainstream daytime TV in Britain features bondage and sado-masochistic sex involving a black man and a white woman (what else!) The leftist Telegraph journo supports it, of course.

James said...

This book is seriously anti-white.

It was written by an Eskimo as usual.

Uncle Nasty said...

The more things change, eh?

A very interesting political cartoon ... from 1934. I think the cartoonist captured Leon Trotsky (born Lev Davidovich Bronshtein) rather well.

Gives one that feeling of deja poo -- which is to say:- "I'm sure I've seen this shit before ..."

I wonder how many times in Weimar Germany the phrase was uttered:- "We've got to do something about these fucking heebs". More and more people are muttering it now.


James said...

Serena Jameka Williams would be America's sweetheart. But she isn't and she never will be. The greatest female tennis player of all time, America's only current athlete who dominates a major sport, might be beloved in old age when the colour has faded a bit, but right now she's just too black.

She's uglier than bill cosby's butt. That's the real problem.
Nothing to do with skin color at all.

Anonymous said...

I do hope that as the Muslims, Arabs, Islamics, etc take over western countries the Whites will deactivate the high tech weapons, nuclear missiles, nuclear bombs, and air craft in order to not allow the voodoos, muslims, and other third worlders to get control of them. Of course after the take over of the West by the third world they'll need such weapons to fight each other and Israel.

We should organise it so that Israel gets wiped off the map by the Arabs and while that's going on they'll use their Samson Option (that they always warn us about) and nuke all our capital cities, thus disinfecting White countries of the main centres of liberal and immigrant infestation. After the rebuild we will have a million years of peace.

Its a win-win scenario.

Flanders said...

"...from the promotional video of “Britain First” political party. These treasonous Britons use the war criminal Winston Churchill as a poster boy for their struggle against Islam and in support for Israel. The Jew-puppet Churchill roasted hundreds of thousands of innocent defenceless German civilians to a crisp on behalf of the worthless Jewish race."

Shaunantijihad said...

By rape or consent, White man, we will have our lower IQ brown population, for we are Lords of the Earth and you are as insects!

PS - Please protect us from Islam before you die out.

If that's our epitaph, let the Pakis loose in Jewish schools, eh? Will the DoE be there to tell them they are downgrading them for being you Jewish?

But one cannot say that, for we cannot criticise those who...

"Enrichment" of our Holy Land:

Those charged include: Mohammed Ramzan, 34, of Bradford, who is charged with conspiracy to engage in sexual activity with a child under 16, rape and trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation; Khalid Zaman, 37, of Bradford, charged with conspiracy to engage in sexual activity with a child under 16, rape (x2) and supply of a class B drug; Ataf Ali, 32, of Bradford, charged with conspiracy to engage in sexual activity with a child under 16 and voyeurism; Mohammed Fiazaskar, 32, of Bradford, charged with conspiracy to engage in sexual activity with a child under 16; Arshad Majid, 24, of Shipley, charged with sexual activity with a child under 16.

Anonymous said...

I suspect it's the same in many kosher slaughterhouses.

Look at this PETA video of a Kosher cattle slaughterhouse if you dare. WARNING: Its possibly the worst thing you'll ever see, even though the upside-down cattle beast Shechita restraint was designed by a Jewish "Bovine Psychologist" to "reduce the animals' levels of stress".

Writhing about for 5 minutes in a pool of your own blood after having your throat cut and your trachea ripped out by hand is bound to be stressful unless modern Jewish-designed systems are installed.

Jews care.

They provided similar stress reduction systems in the Russian torture chambers for the two legged cattle.

During twenty years of work on livestock handling and design of restraining devices for animals I have observed that many people attempt to restrain animals with sheer force instead of using behavioral principles. Improvements in the design of restraining devices enhances animal welfare and will reduce stress and injuries*.

It's what happens AFTER the animal comes out of this device that is so horrendous.

So why is this worth talking about? Just so you know.

Wikipedia (clearly as unbiased as ever):
Bans on ritual slaughter have been proposed or enacted in a number of European countries, from the 1840s onward. Most of them have been removed. Although ostensibly introduced for reasons of animal welfare, the consistent involvement of antisemites in the campaigns from the outset in the 1840s has, among other things lead Pascal Krauthammer in a doctoral dissertation to conclude that the aim of the Swiss anti-Semitic campaign, that included elements from blood libel accusations in neighbouring countries, was to reimpose restrictions on Jews at a time when they were just beginning to achieve enfranchisement.

*until they get their throats cut and their tracheas pulled out. Does Temple Grandin say anything about that?

Anonymous said...

And guess whose daddy was in command over the Liberty?

John McCain's

The globalist traitor should have been hanged when the smoke cleared. And everyone else involved in the stand down as well.

Anonymous said...

You better watch out paddy Muslims are coming fast

Up the villa

Anonymous said...

Sorry should of being this link

Anonymous said...

Iron Felix said: “Look guys, the USS Liberty attack---what exactly was Israel's purpose in this? I ask simply for information.”

Among the most popular theories as to why Israel would attack the USS Liberty are:

The USS Liberty was eavesdropping on an Israeli massacre of Egyptian prisoners of war.

As we’ve seen, Israel has massacred thousands upon thousands of civilians with IMPUNITY, so why would Israel worry about a US navy ship eavesdropping on an Israeli massacre of Egyptian prisoners of war? Even if this massacre took place, what could/would the US do about it? Answer: FUCK ALL!

Another is that the USS Liberty had learnt of secret Israeli plans to invade Syria's Golan Heights two days later and had to be destroyed.

So, the USS Liberty learnt of Israel’s secret plans to invade the Golan Heights. BIG DEAL! Why would Israel be worried about an “ally” knowing its secret plan to invade the Golan Heights? The US, having learnt of the secret plan, is hardly likely to warn Syria of an impending invasion.

Remember, Israel doesn’t give a fuck about UN resolutions or what the US says, and does whatever it wants with impunity.

The real reason for the attack on the USS Liberty is obvious.

Israel attacked the USS Liberty in 1967 for the exact same reason it planned to attack U.S. and British institutions in Egypt in 1954: to blame Egypt.

LAVON AFFAIR (Operation Susannah)

HAARETZ, 11 November 2009

Israel's plan was to bomb Western [US and British] targets, make it seem as though Egypt was behind the attacks.

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

"Defense" Secretary Robert McNamara called back a US rescue mission, stating 'President Johnson is not going to war or embarrass a close ally for the sake of a few sailors'.
Many believe that Israel was involved in the Kennedy assassination and Johnson was certainly happy about it. He was probably blackmailed in accepting the attack.

D_Shawn said...

Visiting Irish cop to New Orleans survives gun shots and is now qualified to transmit real first-hand knowledge of violent black behaviour patterns to his Irish co-workers back home.

Has there been any Irish public reaction to this case? This kind of black-on-white violence is common in the USA and has possibly getting worse in recent years as a form of black urban guerrilla warfare.

Yeah, I guess those "racist" Americans were quite right after years of experiencing incessant black violence, eh?

This is one more thing that people who live far away from blacks do not understand: how inherently different blacks are from other races. And part of that difference is in the level of violent crime which blacks generate, to the point of making cities unlivable. To control the crime you need systems like segregation and apartheid--or better "Whites Only" as was once the case in Australia.

Many Irish people that go on holidays to the US are naive about the dangers.

What is the European perception of American blacks? I've known people who believe that there is no difference between blacks and whites (other than the fabled "color of skin"); that American blacks are still "oppressed;" and that any problems caused by blacks are the result of white people not being nice enough to them. And then you have a case like this Irish cop running into standard black criminal violence.

Have European perceptions of blacks changed because of increasing experience with "diversity?"

Julian said...

Former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser referred to this incident last year?

"LAIMS from Malcom Fraser (pictured) that Israel deliberately bombed the USS Liberty in June 1967 is a “mad, demented conspiracy theory”, Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council (AIJAC) national chairman Mark Leibler said this week.

The former prime minister made the assertion while promoting his new book Dangerous Allies during an interview with ABC Radio Melbourne broadcaster Jon Faine last Friday, during which he also said former foreign minister Bob Carr was “absolutely correct” in his view that the pro-Israel lobby wielded too much power.

“Israel years ago, during one of the wars, killed 30 or 40 Americans on a spy ship in the Western Mediterranean,” Fraser told Faine.

“The Americans tried to cover it up. It wasn’t a mistake. It was deliberate.”

When asked on what he based the claim, Fraser said: “Information I have. I am not going to tell you the source.”

Asked by Faine if he agreed that “the pro-Israel and in particular Jewish community lobby in Australia wielded too much power”, Fraser responded, “They certainly do.”

Dr. Wassel said...

“Yet the ultimate lesson of the Liberty attack had far more effect on policy in Israel than in America. Israel’s leaders concluded that nothing they might do would offend the Americans to the point of reprisal.

If America’s leaders did not have the courage to punish Israel for the blatant murder of American citizens, it seemed clear that their American friends would let them get away with almost anything.”
–George Ball, U.S. Undersecretary of State at the time, The Passionate Attachment

And there you have it, a policy that still stands

30.06 said...