Saturday, 28 February 2015

"And the loudest cheer of the evening was reserved for........."

"And the loudest cheer of the evening was reserved for Dr. Ben Carson...."  Thus began RTE's description of the audience reaction to the candidates' names at a recent Republican Presidential candidate beauty contest. And the reason for such enthusiasm?  Because he black. That's it.  Just like the current occupant of the White House, and just like this guy, who claims to be Britain's Obama.

In White countries today the world is your oyster if you be black, wear a suit, don't speak in ghetto jive and haven't killed anyone. Admittedly those requirements rule out most of the black make population.  But not Dr. Ben, hence the adulation. But wait!  Just glancing through his autobiography I read the following:  "I happened to have a large camping knife. And you know, one of my friends angered me.  And I just lunged at his abdomen with the knife.  Probably would have seriously injured or killed him but he happened to have on a large metal belt buckle under his clothing upon which the blade broke."

Oh dear.

Now you'd imagine the Repubs might have reservations about such a person's finger on the nuclear button.  But I suppose nobody's perfect. And Ben is a neurosurgeon no less, which he emphasises by publicly appearing in his lab coat whenever possible. (Mind you, when I see a black in a lab coat my mind thinks of crystal meth rather than neurosurgery.) And I wonder is Ben someone you can actually let loose on a patient or is he like most of the other AA blacks rammed through medical school who end up as 'administrators' working for the gub'mint?

Seriously, how insane can the Republicans be to even consider a black nonentity as a candidate? Their motto seems to be "somehow we have found a presentable black man.  Let us make him our leader". And what would that leader achieve for them?  Blacks make up less than 13% of the population and will vote for their interests rather than for a black face. Those interests being plenty of free shit, EBT cards, affirmative action, quotas, Section 8 housing and all the other things that are supposed to be anathema to conservative Americans. So what's the point?  And  remind me again how the Obama  AA Presidency worked out.

Have they considered the millions of  conservative White Americans who'll stay at home on election day rather than voting for another token black placeman? And given Carson's already dodgy background who knows what else is going to emerge from the woodpile as has been the case with so many other vibrants?  Ok, the whores and luvvies in the MSM would like another black candidate but they'l still support the Dems.  No, even from this isolated rain-swept rock on the edge of the Atlantic it's blatantly obvious that the supposed representatives of conservative Americans are shooting themselves in the foot. Soon to be a minority in the new and wondrous multicultural America, their votes and influence will be diffused while the other ethnics ruthlessly pursue their own narrow interests.

In all likelihood Carson won't get the nomination, which will go instead to some verminous bought-and-paid-for careerist like Jeb Bush. But the very fact that a nobody like Carson can evoke such an enthusiastic response is deeply depressing.


Glen C. said...

And here we have another reason why it's insanity. The Democrats should be branded as the BLACK PARTY. If that happens it will be the end of them. Selecting blacks as Republican candidates is thus totally counter-productive.

Anonymous said...

we here in the USA beleive that this fine man of African ancestery would not be denied a seat on a Paris subway car because of his race....

right right right said...

Savant, don't worry, the fightback is underway. Whitey is waking up and is reclaiming territory:

"Violent clashes break out during anti-Islam march in Newcastle city centre with hundreds of far-right protesters met by MP George Galloway leading a rival demonstration......

PEGIDA is the latest manifestation of the growing racial awareness in Britain. The pendulum is swinging back. You have to be here to appreciate it.

When are you Irish going to start fighting back? Don't wait until it's too late!

Tony in VA said...

You forget about the massive faultline of social class and income (the original political dividing line), and the fact that many blue-collar whites are still sceptical about the Republicans (for very good reason Reagan and Bush screwed them big-time, whilst the rich got richer).

And what about the votes of white women who identify with blacks and agianst their own brothers.

Anonymous said...

The anybody-but-White-campaign is in full operational force in all English-speaking White nations ... as we're aware here.

Only the brain-dead and celebrants of "diversity" suffer from the cognitive dissonance factor, yet they seem to have a majority of participants in this game.

Another example of employment affirmative-action action resides with the police forces. Canada's largest city, TORONTO, apparently could not find enough qualified, high-ranking White Canadian cops to fulfill the role of Deputy Chief.

Solution: Promote not one ... but TWO (2) Caribbean-born Black immigrants to these high-ranking positions.

SAVANT said...

@right right. Good to hear mate. Hoping and praying you're right.

SAVANT said...

@right right. Good to hear mate. Hoping and praying you're right.

Anonymous said...

One would think that Obummer would have served as a laxative that would have purged the urge by any body politic to promote a token nigra to any position of prominence.

Flanders said...

Does it really matter which branch of the Zionist Party of the former US wins? The black Democrat was installed by jewry, just as a black Republican can be.
Marxists leading from either branch are answerable only to the primary Marxists, and not to the American people.

Haven't Americans learned that by now?

An unidentified commenter with a Russian or Greek? name, commented on a older post about jews and education in America. He seems to have had access to quotes from a type of jewish plan (World Zionist Congress, or similar) which indicate the intention to enforce integration in America – to the detriment of true Whtes, of course.

Is there any doubt that such a plan has been placed into effect?

“It is of the most absolute important imperative that all youth of America be indoctrinated into the forced ideas of integration as soon as possible and that this indoctrination be steadily and continually be maintained through any and all forms of mandatory propaganda, at any cost, until their graduation.

College educated people form the ideas and opinions of tomorrow’s society and culture. Therefore it is incumbent on liberal ideologues to maintain a strong presence in ALL Universities everywhere at all times.

Maintaining forced integration is a very difficult and tentative device that must be reinforced continually, without ever releasing the pressure, otherwise people will fall back into their natural states of separate coexistence as we have for thousands of years.

Essentially, racial integration is still very new and unproved concept only invented and developed in the mid 1960’s and although it still continues to be a dismal failure in most colleges, integration is still the liberals lefts best hope for complete and total inclusion of all races into all aspects of institutions once dominated all white society.

Less one miss the intent and original purpose of integration, then here it is: Votes for more inclusion, means more citizens voting, means more people of nonwhite origins to vote for more liberal ideas, means more jobs and positions for liberals themselves, which= self protection and self concerns of nonwhite/liberals. Not a dream of equality, but a “plan” of conquest and annihilation of the white race, slowly and patiently, without ever releasing the continued strangle hold on white America.”

Flanders said...

“Why did jews go to the US Census Bureau in 1957 and insist that jews not be listed as a separate category in any of the racial and religious demographics, thus concealing their over-representation in the “education” of our Christian children and their under-representation in high test scores and academic achievement?


It was jewish control of US immigration policy which decimated our immigration standards…”.

“Ever since the early 1900’s, the Jews in the United States have tried clandestinely to control the immigration policy of this country. The publicly stated purpose for this control by the Jews was to encourage a multi-ethnic population in the U.S. supposedly to guard against persecution of Jews.
You may ask why Jews would want to destroy the “white” race, when they are “white.” But that is the naïve and uninformed thinking that Jews love to see in the white race. Jews don’t consider themselves “white.” They consider themselves “Jews.” They consider the “white” race to be Gentiles.”

Anonymous said...

American will have no pro-white candidates till all the pro-shite wealthy billionaire donors scurry back to their Middle East hole in the ground.

Jeb Bush, brother of negrophile-hispanophile G. W. Bush, is another nobody. Good guess: the Carson-nobody is running interference for the Jeb-nobody.

Why not? Obama was Dubys's third and fourth term.


Anonymous said...

right right right said....

The pendulum is swinging back. You have to be here to appreciate it.

Where is here? Newcastle or Germany?


Anonymous said...


You're obviously referring to the disgusting behaviour of the Chelsea fans in Paris. I don't think any black man should be denied a seat.
I feel so strongly about this terrible situation that I propose that something should be done. My solution would be that black people should have their own carriages separate from whites. Buses should be divided so there are separate seating for blacks and whites.
Join me in my justice for black seating.


Shaunantijihad said...

Anon 20:21

If you BELIEVE all people are the same, then you rightly believe people should have the right to live anywhere, and, as you say, use the transportation system freely.

However, if you KNOW that races of mankind are vastly different in IQ, inventiveness and temperament, then you rightly believe that people of your race may live anywhere within your territory, but that those not of your race may not.

This is the fundamental point.

Knowing the latter to be true yet projecting the former as the moral high ground is a weapon of genetic warfare if you can pass yourself off as the same race as the people you are trying to annihilate by means of mass immigration. Jews are doing this, helped along by traitors and liberals who haven't a clue as to the true long term consequences of their BELIEF SYSTEM.

It's how you turn ancient Egypt into a vastly inferior "modern" Egypt; Hispaniola into Haiti; Rhodesia and White South Africa into Zambia/Zimbabwe/Black South Africa.

This is what it's all about.

Watch this:

or here

PS - Normally I'd assume you were being sarcastic, this being the blog that it is, but if not... then you are aiding and abetting the destruction of White America and are deliberately driving the USA into being a copy of South Africa. Just look at Detroit if you can't get your mind around the examples I gave above.

beowolf said...

Shaun - a very good point of yours about so-called equality and the logical consequences. But sorry, there ARE no logical consequences.

SAVANT said...

Flanders, I agree that it makes little or no difference who becomes President. The Real And Permanent Rulers will decide on all the important issues.

Uncle Nasty said...

right right right said...

Savant, don't worry, the fightback is underway. Whitey is waking up and is reclaiming territory:

I will consider the fightback under way only when large numbers ... and I mean really large numbers of influential jews (Soros, Adelson, Shatter, Mandelson) and their equally corrupt white enablers (Any politician you care to name) Merkel, The Bushes, the Clintons (Oh ... Yes!) suddenly come to a sticky and spectacular demise.

Once again, I am particularly fond of defenestration. It allows the terminated a few tenths of a second to contemplate their sins on the way down.

This however, must be preceded by the extremely colourful terminations of a few dozen media moguls ... the unspoken message being "We want information. Not your shitty opinion and your propaganda masquerading as information."

The Druzes must, once again, learn the meaning of terror. It will make them better people.

Those that are left.


Anonymous said...

Whites are looking for their Magic Negro to save America and the White race. Whites have been seeing too many Hollyweird jew movies.

Raleigh said...

We here in America have a ripe opportunity to elect a patriot for president in 2016. Senator Jeff Sessions is the man. If he can be persuaded to run he can win the Republican nomination and then the presidency with his forceful message of NO AMNESTY, border enforcement and reduced legal immigration. These three points are simple and easy for voters to understand, even those who are not paying close attention. It is also a simple matter to demonstrate how large numbers of immigrants degrade the wages and salaries of American citizens. Senator Sessions has been hammering this message for some time now in the Senate. He is the single potential candidate of either party who is worthy of the office of president, a leader who has nothing but contempt for the donor class whose greed and treachery has corrupted the Republican party.

The opportunity for Patriots to change the disastrous course of Our Nation is real and the time is now. We have in Senator Sessions a leader in need of our support and encouragement. It is up to all of us who are determined to fight for our racial survival to persuade him to run. When he makes the decision to run it will then be the responsibility of those of us who are outside the donor class to raise millions of dollars to fund his campaign. That's my proposal for hope and change. I believe we can do this. It won't be easy but it could be exciting. And our grandchildren will thank us tomorrow for what we do today.

Anonymous said...

Carson's only campaign position is anti abortion. So all the conservatives just worship him. Abortion in America is mostly a thing done by enemies of Whites, blacks and Hispanics. In fact, if not for abortion there would be 36 million I stead of 12 or 13 million blacks infesting the USA.

But all those elderly old bible thumper Whites are against abortion and even try to convince black and Hispanics bot to have abortions. Another thing, Carson got into medical school and got all his promotions through affirmative action, special consideration because he is black.

Anonymous said...

was born in Chicago under a great mayor Martin Kennely a one time furniture mover and owner of a few warehouses that predated storage facilities,his critics alaways stated that Martin in his younger days never lifted the heavy end.we then got mayor for life Richard J. Daley who doled out the city jobs i cant complain i came on the cops under him,his motto was "steal if you will but dont get caught"he went on to build the projects doled out jobs saw that the darkies got there "gibs me dat" in return for their votes which i might add he did skillfully. we then got the croation guy Mike Bilandic although a nice guy and a ww11 marine fighter pilot didnt know his ass from elbow,then we got Jane Byrne who just loved the cops and let them unionize and started to pay overtime something we never previously had,we used to have to go into the staion to pick up our checks on the 1st and 16th and i got 5 checks totallying over 4,000 dollars and i said they made a big mistake but some guys got over 5000 bucks in back pay,over time,uniform allowance, working out of grade,shift differential and she said the money was alaways there but the previous mayor didnt want to give it up,oh boy she loved her cops,then Daleys kid got in baby doc junior and a bigger theif you never saw,sold the speed and red light violation cameras to some french or australian out fit for millions on a 100 year lease Mob connected outfits got top no bid city contracts, streets and sanitation looked like a roll call of paroled italian felons,now we got the dashing jew boy who was in the Obongo cabinet like he just walked in and got it dont know how he now said the city is broke and pensions are the cause but he found 35 million to build a park for the mayor daleys jr wife Maggie,once ran into a rtd FBI guy in Florida and conversation centered on Daley and his games and my question was how come the feds never went after him with all the obvious shit he was pulling and he said and this i beleive that Daley jr was a snitch for the fed so they had hands off but his co horts went down,only in Chicago my friends only in Chicago,John old rtd chicago copper.

rambaloosa said...

Being anti-abortion in America is bad. Without it the coon population would be twice as big.

Be thankful.

Anonymous said...

But so many White Republitards are anti-abortion Christians, worse ZIO-worshipping Christians. They really don't get that w/o abortion they would be much further down the line to complete marxist degeneracy.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know why 'guests' can't upvote on disqus anymore.

The Telegraph, Morgoth, Breitbart etc it's all the same. You have to have a login to upvote. Seems to have changed today.

Were 'wayciss', pro-nationalist comments getting too many upvotes?

Anonymous said...

Ex-England footballer Sol Campbell refuses to rule out Kensington MP bid.

racist and so what said...

21.22 right right right

Agree with this. It's all bubbling just under the surface in Britain especially in white working class areas. There's a sea-change underway.

People have had enough of this shit. Why should some black/Asian turn up in our country and get free housing, translators, driving lessons, money, driving lessons, furniture, white goods etc etc all paid for by British taxpayers?

Why should these hostile, free-loading aliens be able to step off the boat and immediately accuse an indigenous person of being "racist" towards them and then the "common purpose" cops arrest said indigenous person without proof, witnesses, justificaton etc

Would the Chinese, Japanese etc tolerate this crap in their countries?

Of course they wouldn't. They think we are literally fucking mad to be giving our country to third world savages and criminalising any white native who dares to object.

Well Salford is boiling, so is Wythenshawe and so are many other areas. The worm is turning at last and not before fucking time!

Anonymous said...

Italy anti-immigration rally draws thousands in Rome.

Thousands of supporters of Italy's Northern League have poured into one of Rome's biggest squares for a rally against immigration, the EU and Prime Minister Matteo Renzi's government.

Anonymous said...

In real life negro doctors are like Conrad Murray.

Anonymous said...


Don't you know that black conservatives - e.g. Carson, Allen West - don't count as real blacks in America? That's why there was no hype about Condi Rice and Colin Powell holding high-level offices: they were Republicans. Blacks who go against the Dem stereotype are "Uncle Toms".


Anonymous said...

racist so what said.......

Well Salford is boiling, so is Wythenshawe and so are many other areas.

What evidence do you have of these areas getting the hump?


Anonymous said...

UN @ 12:35 "Once again, I am particularly fond of defenestration. It allows the terminated a few tenths of a second to contemplate their sins on the way down.

Speaking of defenestration (sort of) ... what do readers think about this captured video event? Any news on this? Doubtful ... how would the Queen explain a dead man's body lying several stories below from where he was escaping??

Artist said...

The republican party is now so twisted up it's unbelievable. The only difference being that the republicans want to drive the car less fast towards the cliff. The big money mainstream repubs believe ether won the mid-term election, where the right put a crushing defeat on the left. Yet Obama struts about as the winner, totally contemptuous of the electorate and will of the people. While he does this the republican majority in congress seems to cave again and again. everyone else is smashed in the progressive agitprop campaign. No one on the right can speak up, and all the while there are enough disgusted Americans to oust the commies, but no one has the balls to speak the truth about anything.

Artist said...

This week in my quiet country neighborhood my friends, an elder couple enjoying their golden years, were brutally murdered in their home. They were beat to death. Special attention was payed to their faces. It took an autopsy to ID them. The grim faces of the investigators gave a hint. The couple was beat and tortured. The state is probably covering up the brutality of the crime. they no doubt died the most horrifying and terrible deaths.

A close relation of theirs had a taste for black men. As happens, the black man accepts the hospitality of well-trained and well-conditioned whites, looks around and assesses the house, assesses the whitey, and sees an easy mark. The killer (yes, he was caught in 3 days) told police he planned for 10 years to get these people. While accepting their hospitality he must have built quiet a contempt for his hosts. I knew the victims 8 years. That means every time I saw them, every time we spoke, he was on borrowed time.

The killer's mug shot is in the paper. You've never seen a happier negro. Lately around the internets we've seen plenty of arrest photos of happy black killers. This guy has the biggest grin of the all.

Flanders said...

To primitive tribal people, stealing from non tribe members is not a crime.

That’s the key to understanding a lot about politics - and about why our White countries are dealing with the effects from certain tribes - who have imported "immigrants" and multiculturalism.

Israeli Flag Flies in Texas

Flanders said...

UN @ 12:35 - You have my vote for having a most practical proposal.

Savant, I suspect that whoever is chosen will have credentials similar to Obama's, no matter which color skin the tribal chiefs decide their members must wear.


no white flight said...

Savant, right on the edge of your beloved Cotswolds. Here's the latest Paki Muslim mass rape case of young white girls, this time in Oxfordshire:

300 victims groomed and assaulted by Oxfordshire gangs, report finds
Serious case review finds failings by police and social services as it identifies hundreds of victims
(However, it is feared that the figure may be just the tip of the iceberg.)

Joanna Simons, the chief executive of Oxfordshire county council, announced several weeks ago that she would be stepping down this summer.

Note that the chief executive who presided over the cover-ups and lack of action by the authorities, is a Jewess.

Anonymous said...

Trailee trash coalburner sluts are our Achilles heel. No punishment is too severe for them. I suggest 'the boats' of ancient Persia.

SAVANT said...

@no white flight. Terrible to hear but there is one potential upside in that it might drive the 'Saxon To Hate'. How long more can red-blooded Englishmen stand for this?

Rob said...

Would it be possible to find even one white Republican or Democrat who'd give you a straight answer to the question "Are you prepared to stand up for the interests of white people?"

Anonymous said...

no white flight and Savant.

The Telegraph not allowing comments on that article says enough. The problem is that the Telegraph/Mail reader will generally agree with us. The rest just don't seem to be getting it. In my own case I can only use my own two sons as an example. Both seem to think that we are living in a multi-cultural heaven and it will only get better when we dinosaurs are dead. When I try to put across a different point of view they think I'm Hitler incarnate. Personally I think I'm Cassandra incarnate. This is my biggest worry. I realised my Dad was a wise man and there was no big problem. When my kids realise that I'm right it will be to late for them. All will be lost.
Perhaps I should buy them prayer mats for Christmas.


Anonymous said...

What kind of men will not or cannot protect their women from rape and assault? They are not men at all.

Matrix-buster said...

Rob, there are very many Republicans who would answer in the affirmative. But none at the higher levels of the party. These will have been weeded out long before they reached any level of influence.

Anonymous said...

Just Another 300 Little White Girls Raped And Tortured.

This was the front page of the Telegraph this morning on the 2nd March 2015. Prince William visits China, Maggie Smith discusses working with another British thespian, a PC branding farce, Army cuts and 300 White Girls have been systemically raped and tortured by racially alien colonizers we never wanted in our living space. Just another headline, just another 300 raped white girls. This is what 300 school children look like:

The latest child rape grooming scandal is breaking out in Oxfordshire, this comes after Rotherham and according to a Guardian source ''if you think you haven't a problem in your city and town then you just aren't looking for it''. But even if we just take Rotherham and Oxfordshire it amounts to 2000 white girls raped and tortured by third world immigrants. This is what 2000 people looks like:

Anonymous said...

'Stop killing and lay down your knives', plead friends of boy, 15, stabbed to death on bike.

Friends of a 15-year-old boy stabbed to death as he cycled in north London today called on young people to “stop the killing” and lay down their knives.

Alan Cartwright, from Islington, was killed as two friends had their bikes stolen in Caledonian Road just after 7.30pm on Friday.

Police were today still hunting the Holloway High School pupil’s three male attackers and analysing CCTV footage for clues to their identities.

Friends gathered last night for a vigil to the murdered teenager at a shrine of flowers, candles and tributes left for him by Cally Pool leisure Centre.

They spoke of a community struggling to come to terms with the death of three young people in just five months.

Anonymous said...

Malmö school 'too dangerous' for students.

A secondary school in Malmö has been closed after the teachers' union declared that it is too dangerous a place for students and teachers to attend due to widespread violence and criminality.

Anonymous said...

Immigration is now on the verge of destroying UK, blasts LEO MCKINSTRY.

As our national identity is eroded, the political class still refuses to admit the scale of the catastrophe.

When the bloodthirsty Islamist brute nicknamed “Jihadi John” was exposed as a London computer graduate and terror suspect called Mohammed Emwazi, the cry went up, “How was he allowed to slip through the net?”

But it was an absurd question.

There is no net.

The last remnants of that tattered fabric have been torn away by a gang of unpatriotic, self-serving politicians who have imposed a destructive social revolution on our country without any consent from the British people.

The scandalous ease with which Emwazi was able not only to practice his violent fundamentalism but also to embark on his global jihadist travels is a graphic symbol of the collapse of our national integrity.

Fixated by the ideology of multi-culturalism, our rulers are unwilling to uphold either our borders or our British way of life.

Leo will never mention YKW

Anonymous said...

Blacks are seven times more likely than people of other races to commit murder, and eight times more likely to commit robbery.
When Blacks commit crimes of violence, they are nearly three times more likely than non-Blacks to use a gun, and more than twice as likely to use a knife.
Hispanics commit violent crimes at roughly three times the white rate, and Asians commit violent crimes at about one quarter the White rate.
The single best indicator of violent crime levels in an area is the percentage of the population that is Black and Hispanic.
Of the nearly 770,000 violent interracial crimes committed every year involving Blacks and Whites, Blacks commit 85 percent and Whites commit 15 percent.
Blacks commit more violent crime against whites than against blacks. Forty-five percent of their victims are white, 43 percent are Black, and 10 percent are Hispanic. When Whites commit violent crime, only three percent of their victims are Black.
Blacks are an estimated 39 times more likely to commit a violent crime against a White than vice versa, and 136 times more likely to commit robbery.
Blacks are 2.25 times more likely to commit officially-designated hate crimes against whites than vice versa.
Only 10 percent of youth gang members are white.
Hispanics are 19 times more likely than whites to be members of youth gangs. Blacks are 15 times more likely, and Asians are nine times more likely.
Between 1980 and 2003 the US incarceration rate more than tripled, from 139 to 482 per 100,000, and the number of prisoners increased from 320,000 to 1.39 million.
Blacks are seven times more likely to be in prison than Whites. Hispanics are three times more likely.

Anonymous said...

We have allowed segregation to happen.

One in nine primary school children comes from a non-Irish background but just a small number of schools cater for most of these children, an analysis of Irish primary school data has found.
Information collected during the Department of Education’s annual census for the school year 2013-2014 shows 23 per cent of Irish schools educated almost 80 per cent of children of immigrant origin.
In 20 schools more than two-thirds of pupils came from a non-Irish background, while in two Dublin schools nine in every 10 pupils came from an immigrant background in 2013-2014. Almost three in 10 schools (29 per cent) had no immigrant-origin children enrolled in the same period, however. The clustering of children from immigrant backgrounds in schools has led principals, academics and the Immigrant Parents and Guardians Support Association to call for more to be done to improve integration in schools.

Californian said...

It gets back to YT's lack of faith in himself that he has to look to a black for leadership. There was a time that whites produced plenty of alpha male types who would take the lead. When we are talking President of the United States, we are talking the most powerful man in the world, but YT is abdicating the throne.

Then again, maybe it is a recognition that the real power is elsewhere. And that the President is just another teleprompter reader.

Californian said...

Have they considered the millions of  conservative White Americans who'll stay at home on election day rather than voting for another token black placeman?


Now supposing if instead of promoting a black, the Republicans were to push the following program:
* abolish all affirmative action, minorities-only contracts and "diversity" programs...
* ...and instead fund white studies departments on public universities
* put a lid on the outsourcing of American jobs
* provide grants to conservative student activist groups
* create a national public radio/TV network with a conservative editorial policy
* give whites reparations for neighborhoods destroyed by 60 years of liberal social engineering
* bus liberals to America's inner cities where they would be required to live among the blacks they glorify
* support whites in South Africa/Zimbabwe who are being attacked by black governments
* and oh yeah...seal the borders against third world mass migration

Now that party program would get millions of conservative and white voters to the polls!

Flanders said...

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), despite it's lofty title, is a leftist hate site against White people, at least against those who are true Americans. It operates in a public manner as a jewish watchdog, although it is allegedly not a jewish organization.

SPLC sometimes places background pieces on people whom they are actually intending to promote, by listing them on their list as being haters. I suspect Carson is one of those. He was recently presented on their site - and then "retracted" with apologies.
It was likely a scam attempt to increase Carson's bona fides among likely voters.

In 2014, in his first visit to Israel, Carson had this to say,

"I do not believe that Obama has been one to cultivate the relationship," said Carson, a retired neurosurgeon who has emerged as a favorite of some conservatives in the early field of possible GOP candidates. "I would make it very clear that Israel and the United States have a long, cordial relationship, and I don't think we should ever leave the Israelis in a position of wondering whether we support them."

Cassius said...


Bingo! THAT program would attract tens of millions of disillusioned white voters and give whites the chance to reverse the destruction that has been visited on us.

But nobody espousing that program would have a chance of getting into the primaries, let alone allowed win them.

Henry IX said...

No description of the 'youths' in that Islington murder.So we can take it that they were vibrants.

AnalogMan said...

Anonymous said...

... if not for abortion there would be 36 million I stead of 12 or 13 million blacks infesting the USA.

You need to count again. Even by the government's fake statistics, they are about 14% of the population of 320 million, in other words well over 40 million. You've got about as many kaffirs as South Africa.

leon said...

What a sick joke of a country Britain has become, every bit as bad as Sweden:

"More than 300 young people in Oxfordshire were groomed, raped and sometimes forced into 'sex slavery' by (Pakistani)gangs over the last 15 years, a damning report will reveal tomorrow.
In a scandal startlingly similar to the one in Rotherham, police and social services will be criticised for failing to protect vulnerable children from sexual abuse.
One gang of Asian men was responsible for abusing and enslaving 50 girls, mainly from Oxford, but the men were also able to sexually torture girls as young as 11 for eight years after a series of missed opportunities to stop them.

Not a word on this nationwide scandal from the prime minister or even on the state broadcaster, the BBC. Meanwhile the British government, police and media are still conducting a hysterical witchhunt against a few Chelsea football fans who stopped a black man boarding a tube train in Paris.

Anonymous said...

anon 17.03

Let's not kid ourselves. These immigrants don't want to integrate with us and, apart from a few disturbed and desperate mudsharks, we certainly don't want to integrate with them.

Stop immigration, start repatriation is the only sensible answer.

Nero said...

@Lemmyhead 13:59

You could try this argument:-
‘What about the ladies? In many countries rape is considered merely naughty’. That’s an emotional and moral argument. Do they have a sister?

Then there’s the one about how this multi-cultural experiment has been tried before; in the Austrian Empire. It didn’t work. That country then dissolved into paralysed factionalism which led directly to it starting the First World War. That’s a logical argument.

The idea. Logical sense. Moral sense.

Nero said...

* give whites reparations for neighborhoods destroyed by 60 years of liberal social engineering. Californian 18:41

Awesome. Definitely a vote winner in areas on the cusp of getting enriched.

Even if you, as a conservative on immigration, are not allowed to stand, you can still put up a billboard in the endangered area. Make it an issue for the election.

Anonymous said...

Great on topic comment. Just how does it tie in to a negro doctor who wants to br President though?

Uncle Nasty said...

Californian said...


Now supposing if instead of promoting a black, the Republicans were to push the following program:
* abolish all affirmative action, minorities-only contracts and "diversity" programs...
* ...and instead fund white studies departments on public universities
* put a lid on the outsourcing of American jobs
* provide grants to conservative student activist groups ...

And so on.

Unfortunately, Californian, you base your thoughts on the charming assumption that there really is a Republican party anymore, and that there is a genuine, two-party democracy at work.

"There's not a dime's worth of difference between the Democrat and Republican parties."
George Wallace -- 1968

I believe that the whole fake system, thrust on us from above, anyway is utterly flawed and should be dragged out and decently shot ... like the Ceaușescu family.

I pray that I live to see that day.


Flanders said...

An absolutely great party platform, Californian!

Imagine how eager the jew-media (MSM) would be to make certain that everyone in the public is made aware about the specifics of such a good Republican platform.

Everyone would support it, except the Republican leadership.

Anonymous said...

@ right right right @ 28 February 2015 at 21:22

"Savant, don't worry, the fightback is underway. Whitey is waking up and is reclaiming territory:"

"Violent clashes break out during anti-Islam march in Newcastle city centre with hundreds of far-right protesters met by MP George Galloway leading a rival demonstration......"

I wouldn't get my hopes up too high if I were you for the main speaker at the UKPEGIDA rally was none other than kippa-wearing Zionist Jew Paul Weston, ex-EDL financier who for years led UK patriots right up the garden path before Tommy 'crypto-Jew' Robinson went over to working for the UK govt. Weston stays mainly in the background and promotes naive clueless nationalists as a front to cover up his filthy Jew deceit.
I looked in on the BNP website for the first time in years today (absolutely no comments section for this Zionist-ridden once patriotic party). And lo & behold if new BNP chairman Adam Walker wasn't in a photo op at the UKPEGIDA rally shaking hands with the little nation-wrecker Paul Weston himself. It won't be any consolation, but for once Weston was not wearing his 'kippa'. Evil little kike fecker.

I'm all for PEGIDA Europe-wide but when the European branches of PEGIDA learn that UKPEGIDA is mixing with the kikes it will be interesting to see the reaction. Never mind - we patriots shall prevail in spite of the morons & the traitors.


Anonymous said...

It's possible Ben Carson is Irish. Or, should I say, the Irish are related to Ben Carson.

Get a load of this crappola: