Thursday, 8 January 2015

Winston nails it.

“How dreadful are the curses which Mohammedanism lays on its votaries! Besides the fanatical frenzy, which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia (rabies) in a dog, there is this fearful fatalistic apathy. The effects are apparent in many countries. Improvident habits, slovenly systems of agriculture, sluggish methods of commerce, and insecurity of property exist wherever the followers of the Prophet rule or live.

A degraded sensualism deprives this life of its grace and refinement; the next of its dignity and sanctity. The fact that in Mohammedan law every woman must belong to some man as his absolute property, either as a child, a wife, or a concubine, must delay the final extinction of slavery until the faith of Islam has ceased to be a great power among men.Individual Moslems may show splendid qualities, but the influence of the religion paralyzes the social development of those who follow it.

No stronger retrograde force exists in the world. Far from being moribund, Mohammedanism is a militant and proselytizing faith. It has already spread throughout Central Africa, raising fearless warriors at every step; and were it not that Christianity is sheltered in the strong arms of science, the science against which it had vainly struggled, the civilization of modern Europe might fall, as fell the civilization of ancient Rome.”-- 

Sir Winston Spencer Churchill (The River War, first edition, Vol. II, pages 248-50)

Sometimes the old brute was on the money. Muslims are a curse on Western society.  Which is why they've been foisted on us.


Anonymous said...

Apparently the magazines director Charb was a big fan of Femen We can expect Femen to do something nasty,tits out for the lads down at the Mosque Things are heating up nicely.

Anonymous said...

Quoting those particular lines from Churchill can get you arrested in post-Holocaust Britain.

"It is, in fact, coming to be understood in the United States and Switzerland, at any rate—and possibly the conviction is growing in England too—that our present civilisation, which is all we have been able to build up through the sufferings, the perils and the splendid achievements of so many centuries, is the object of a deliberate world-wide, profoundly-conceived conspiracy.

All over the world, in every country, and in almost every class of society, there exist the members of the formidable Jacobin or Bolshevik sect and confederation. This is the same force as that which perverted the glorious achievements of the French Revolution, and, having rendered unavailing the sacrifices which all classes had made to accomplish the modernisation of France and of Europe, marched through a welter of butchery to the establishment of a military dictatorship.

It is this same force which overthrew the Russian Republic three years ago, while the Allies gaped ignorantly at their action, and which robbed the Russian people of the free constitution they had at last won, and the peace and victory which were almost within their grasp. It is the same force that at this moment is striving to overturn the German Republic and deprive that nation of its chance of self-redemption among the States of Christendom."

- "The Red Fever: A Way to Deal with Our Bolshevists: Segregate Them!" by Winston Churchill, Illustrated Sunday Herald, January 25, 1920, page 5.

Anonymous said...

Scroll to Thursday, January 8th, 2015

F. McCool said...

Dr Ali Selim an Islamic "scholar" at the Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland threatened legal action against Irish journalists who post pictures of the page to their Twitter accounts and warned media not to reproduce it. The page contained a picture of Muhammad kissing another man, with the line "love is stronger than hate".

Anonymous said...

Jeffrey Epstein, the prince's pimp.
Is that a Jewish name?

Wasn't Andrew involved in another scandal years ago where he had to quit British marines because he had too good of a buddy? Something like they were both going to quit together and go off to brokeback mountain. Something like that. Maybe you Brits have more information.

Bet you didn't know: black people worry about the shape of their skulls. A black woman told me once that, in her family, they would cup the baby's head in a certain way while holding it so as to form it in an acceptable way.

QCCoper said...

I’d also like to take this opportunity to get people here aware of halal certification, the subversive money spinner operating under our noses.

Things vary from country to country, but here in Australia I know that its very hard to avoid halal food, not only meat, but everything in grocery stores from spreads to sauces, to chocolate, to hot cross buns and pet food (mostly the international brands). In an interview with the head of this scheme in this country (its on youtube), he said that to avoid halal you’d have to basically stick to pork and wine only, and the scheme has made him a millionaire.

Do some research and you’ll realise how much of a scam it is, its a big global money spinner for their tribe.

Anonymous said...

We should be thankful for every jihadi. I'm not bothered about the "islam" problem, I want ALL non whites gone. The US State Department actually spends big money in the Paris slums trying to turn the arabs into American style rap niggers. That way they'll only rape and murder whites on an individual level, which everyone accepts.

Seems the only conceivable way we can even begin to discuss the destruction of Europe by invaders is if they attack us in spectacular ways. That being the case, a jihadi nuke in a European capital is to be welcomed. Though after Rotherham I doubt even that will make a difference.

Oh and I'm delighted with the demise of these cartoonist pieces of shit, talk about being hoist by your own petard, ha! Burn in hell treasonous scum.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

BBC London news - mulatta reporter outside French embassy. In the background were 2 sand-nigs both wearing headscarves. What a coincidence! Bet the licence fee pays them wel!

nilus said...

Interview with Paul Weston by Guessed Worker at Majority Rights.

He talks about the Winston speech incident and more, even the JQ.
He comes across as sincere,IMO.

Anonymous said...

Churchill really fucked up Gallipoli. I'd have to agree with his summation about Islam.

The French magazine shop should of had armed security. Expensive stuff. That magazine was a liberal rag. Terrible tragedy never the less.

When will Whites in Europe/USA/Canada/Australia wake up?

Scot Irish

Anonymous said...

How many innocents must a Muslim kill
Before you can call him a Muslim?
Tell me how much blood must the immigrants spill
Before you can call it a river?
The answer my friend, is blowing in the wind...


great white said...

Yeah Scot-Irish, that magazine was a strong champion of immigration and diversiteeee.

Didn;t work out too well for them, did it?

Anonymous said...

great white said:

"Didn;t work out too well for them, did it?"

It will get spun. Have no doubt.

Scot Irish

R.A.Moore. said...

To anonymous 21:07.

I could not have put it better myself. They were most definitely hoisted on their own petard. Talk about sowing the seeds & then reaping the whirlwind of their own endeavors. Poetic justice for those who were devoted, even fanatical, enablers of the multicultural Jew World Order that stands triumphant over a comatose Western World! May all such leftwing scum suffer the same fate!

Gem Junior said...

I am not happy about dead white people killed by sandy cavemen. But if they had to be whites, then this magazine's cheerleaders are not a terrible choice. This illustrates how out-of-touch with reality liberal lefties truly are. They are so self-righteous and condescending - do they think they have an invisible bulletproof shield around them? This kind of killing is usually given the works by the useless media s having been the work of "right wing groups" blah blah. The "hoist by your own petard" is an understatement of what's gone on here. It's also a wake-up call to these white idiots in la-la land who just bury their heads in the sand about Islam. It's impossible to live with them and we cannot. They Have Got To Go - GOT to GO. Anonymous 19:28 -- I cannot believe that quote from Charbonney about Femen -- wow, "things are heating up nicely." He had NO idea how nicely things were heating up. We live in a really crazy world - crazy times.

Shaunantijihad said...

Muslim scum threatens Ireland against freedom of speech.

waterboy said...

I read that jews are fleeing France after this latest attack.

Well ain't karma a bitch?

Thing is, THEY have somewhere to flee. Most ordinary French citizens do not.

Anonymous said...

Meet the three American families bank-rolling Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu.

More than 90 per cent of the recent campaign contributions collected by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu came from the US, official records show. In previous campaigns, around half of his campaign funding has come from just three American families.

Mr Netanyahu last week easily won his Likud Party’s election to select a prime ministerial candidate – easily overcoming his nearest challenger, former deputy defence minister Danny Danon. The 65-year-old Mr Netanyahu is now gearing up for the general election, due to be held on March 17.

Records from Israel’s State Comptroller Office and collated by show that Mr Netanyahu raised around 1m shekels (roughly £166,000), for his primary campaign. Around 90 per cent of this came from the US.

Nero said...

And then there’s the big one...

The Islamic reformation, or realisation, whatever you call it.
Martin Luther read the scriptures, looked at the religion, it’s powers, it’s institutions and saw that it was really nothing to do with the original ... nothing to respect.

Islam has no foundation based on old testament scriptures. Like the medieval Church it is a fraud. And this has consequences. Enormous consequences. At some point everything will implode. It looks like another crisis century for the Middle East...

And the interesting news...the Middle East will soon have nuclear weapons. A safe working distance? ... oh, I would say, 2000 miles.

Anonymous said...

If the next James Bond was a Muslim.


Dr Mo

Golden Eid

The Wahibi is not enough

The Imam with the golden gun

Jihad another day

The goat who loved me

Never say Mecca again

A view to a Khalid

Dhimmis are forever

Cresent-moon Raker

Iron Felix said...

Ferdinand, Isabella, if you are know what is to be done.

Rob said...

A comment I posted earlier on Kakistocracy blog:

Here’s an interesting snippet on Charlie Hebdo: They fired their satirist and cartoonist Siné in 2008 for writing in his column that it was a smart move on the part of the President’s son to convert to Judaism on his engagement to a Jewish heiress. The remark seems innocuous by any standards. But the editor Philippe Val ordered him to apologise. And when Siné didn’t, Val, editor of the magazine that published nude pictures of Muhammad, gave him his marching orders.

"Mr Val’s decision to fire Siné was backed by a group of eminent intellectuals, including the philosopher Bernard-Henry Lévy."

Anonymous said...

Ireland had no colonies. So no turd world shittskin barbarian darkies have the right to be in the country.

Nero said...

1/ Islamic world chaos:-

If you take in the political scene of Europe 100 years ago, what do you see?

There had been the old world of Monarchy that had been eventually superseded by the new system of democracy. It seemed impossible to return to the old system and so everyone looked to the future through new eyes. But there was a problem. The new democratic system didn’t work too well: it seemed ineffective, often paralysed, corrupt, in many places it was a kind of racket with the same people winning power regardless of the wishes of the people. Worse, it came under threat from communist revolutionaries and other extremists and seemed incapable of rising to the challenge. As a result it lost esteem, many were ambivalent to it, and dictatorship or military rule seemed an acceptable solution. The authoritarian rulers were not corrupt like democratic politics, they got things done and were less cruel and vindictive than the extremists.
In summary, in much of Europe 100 years ago, there were 4 systems:
The old monarchical ways, the new democratic ways, the communist challengers and the safe-pair-of-hands, the fascists and the like.

Taking a look at the Islamic world after independence and what do you see?

Colonial rule had ended and wasn’t coming back. There was initially a spirit of optimism where many things seemed possible. Then they became corrupt democracies, way more corrupt than their European predecessors, and worse, they just never put the goods on the table. It was as if the whole political class were just cliques playing for position. More recently we have seen the Islamic challenge; radical ideologues advocating a new system. Like the communists before, they are intolerant, extreme, often vindictive, ‘driven’ to destroy the new westernised ways, and the silent majority is afraid the openly criticize. And so an alternative appears, military rule, dictatorship and the like: they avoid ethnic conflict, crush the extremists, are credited everywhere with getting some good economic development done, and avoid the strangle-hold of a massive corrupt over class.

In other words, there are again 4 systems:
The old rule from above that was colonial rule, the new democratic ways that don’t seem to work, instead of communist challengers there is radical Islam, and the least worst alternative, military rule.


Nero said...

2/ Islamic world chaos:-

In the 20th century the nationalism bug spread from Europe to the Middle East causing many ethnic conflicts – the problem was nationalism did not fit the region. Take Iraq. Were the nationalists iraqi nationalists, like in the 1958 revolution, pan-arab nationalists like in the 1963 revolution or iraqi-arab nationalists like in the 1968 revolution etc.. There were no solutions to these upwelling conflicts which is why the British Empire had granted them independence where upon many minorities were pushed out by extremists. Islamism is just another continuation of this problem, but now it allows for Sunni versus Shia, Islam against Christians etc..And so it is that the Middle East was trouble spot in the last century and is set to continue being trouble for decades to come.

Another thing. Islam and democracy are natural opposites:-
The Black and the Red are natural enemies. Democracy tends to socialism style class politics (the Reds) and so to liberalism, which leads to a changing of the moral order of society e.g. liberal divorce laws. Religion, on the other hand, has some doctrine from scripture which isn’t supposed to change. As we see in Ireland where the Catholic Church and the democratic State have collided, the Church eventually loses. Democracy together with Westernisation causes liberalisation which provokes an Islamist reaction.
Islam has no experience of the separation of Church and State, therefore an Islamist reaction will presumably be of the political fundamentalist variety. Furthermore, a Muslim Reformation would surely cause as much trouble as in Christian Europe in the 15th and 16th centuries.

So there are two reasons why the Middle East will be a trouble spot in this century:
1/ The continuation of ethnic politics with Islamism now replacing nationalism.
2/ The clash of the forces of democracy with the forces of Islam.

Both of these are new phenomena for the region, but there is yet another new cause for religious strife. It goes all the way back to the Islamic Conquest.

Mohammed’s career was full of violence and the justification for violence in the early days...
Then the Arabs were united by violence under Islam...
Then the Arabs conquered the Middle East. There were bloodbaths within Islam as well...
Then they settled down over their subjects in peace for some centuries. Islam was originally just for Arabs...
900 A.D. to 1100 A.D. the subject nations peacefully and willingly converted to Islam.

And there’s the problem. If you take Islam at face value, it is an extreme religion demanding violence against Apostates, political control and the like. However, the non-arabs never much practised this extremism could even ask, were they ever real Muslims?

The two reasons given above for the extremism in the Middle East for the foreseeable future creates a new factor that reinforces the tendency to some sort of violent Islamic reformation – which may last centuries.
The non-arab Muslims are being asked to go down an extremist version of Islam for the first time. Meanwhile, modern information technology – the modern equivalent of the Gutenberg press – means that many of these Muslims will learn for the first time, that the whole Islamic religion has little claim to follow on from biblical prophecy.

Surely any such religious conflict will eventually give way – like in 18th century France – to the realisation that much of this religious conflict is really for nothing, bogus. Which leads to yet more conflict like in the French revolution, surely?

In short, the Middle East could well be a disaster zone for centuries to come. We should treat them like lepers.

AnalogMan said...

nilus said...

Interview with Paul Weston by Guessed Worker at Majority Rights.

Thanks, Nilus, very interesting. Weston has crossed the Rubiicon. He's on record now, and there's no going back. Is Exciting too strong a word?

Anonymous said...

They came out shooting, whatever you may think of them,they died like men, this is bound to inspire more of them.

Anonymous said...

ppl tell me that the biggest mosque in Western Europe was or is being built in Mayo,is this true savant and if so can the Gurteen Volunteers do something about it?

Anonymous said...

Alan Shatter and pals seeing that the black man will not have the whip hand over his fellow countrymen

Good work Alan looking after your country.

Anonymous said...

* Migrant settlement is seen as a process of transferring primary loyalty from the state of origin to the new state of residence. However, the transnational theory argues that this is no longer applies for growing groups of migrants who form transnational communities and maintain strong cross-border affiliations.

*A society may or may not have an agreed upon body of core or fundamental values, but that is of no relevance. The values might be racist, authoritarian or otherwise unacceptable. And even if they are rationally defensible, the society has no right to impose them on its minorities.

Student's questionYou agree that the core values of our societies should be irrelevant to immigrants even if they are rationally defensible?

* The multicultural model: definition of the nation as a political community, based on constitution, laws and citizenship, with the possibility of admitting newcomers, who may maintain cultural difference and form ethnic communities providing they adhere to the political rules.

You agree with the formation of specific ethnic communities rather than an integration of people from different backgrounds all living together in the same community? You agree that no emphasis should be put on people from all backgrounds living side by side, next door to eachother, in the same areas?

* Migrant settlement is seen as a process of transferring primary loyalty from the state of origin to the new state of residence. However, the transnational theory argues that this is no longer applies for growing groups of migrants who form transnational communities and maintain strong cross-border affiliations.

A student was given the above as examples of multiculturalism at "a place where retards gather" or the Social Studies part of a looniversity by an enricher who came to lecture white people what they should do for africans.

reconquista2200 said...

Savant - seen/heard this?

U.S. use of Shannon Airport makes Ireland a target - Anjem Choudary

Denise said...

This event was a false flag. If you childless men-children can not see the obvious, then what good are you to us White women? No wonder so many go for niggers.

Iron Felix said...

Good people all, what is happening in Paris is going to be repeated. This is because the internal logic of Islam can persuade to no other end.

Anonymous said...

Muslim warns the Irish to behave themselves or else!

A lecturer at an Irish university has said he would consider legal action if a member of the country’s media published or retweeted a cartoon of Mohammed.

Dr Ali Selim, who teaches at Trinity University and is a member of the Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland, made the comments in an interview with Irish radio station 4FM.....

Anonymous said...

Ireland to Build One of Europe's Largest Mosques

City planners in the Irish capital, Dublin, have given the go-ahead for the construction of a sprawling mega-mosque complex that will cater to Ireland's burgeoning Muslim population.

The massive €40 million ($50 million) "Islamic Cultural Center" will be built on a six-acre site in Clongriffin, a new and as yet unfinished suburb at the northern edge of Dublin.

Anonymous said...

The German Anti Islam movement seems to be genuinely gaining some traction, just before Christmas a march in Dresden attracted 17,000 people, just for context, that's more than 3 times the size of the largest ever EDL demo.

Merkel has predictably wailed about the shocking racism of it all but the movement shows no signs of slowing down. In a recent poll 1/3 Germans said they would attend a PEGIDA demonstration.

Anonymous said...

Re Salon article.

I reached the leader of Femen in France, Inna Shevchenko, a frequent subject of Charlie Hebdo’s (admiring) coverage, who knew and was friends with the slain, including Charb, the cartoonist who was also the magazine’s director. Femen has won notoriety for its bare-breasted protests against ISLAM, including this one, and countless bold demarches against CATHOLICISM there and elsewhere.

Huffington Post, 02 July 2013

Should I Thank God for Not Making Me a Woman?

"Blessed are you, Lord our God, Ruler of the Universe, who has not made me a woman." -- Morning Blessings, Artscroll Siddur, p. 12.

Jewish Chronicle, 27 September 2011

Interview: Noreena Hertz

Firstly, I had a real problem with that prayer every morning. I used to mouth "I am so glad I wasn't born a man" every morning.

The Guardian, 10 June 2009

There is a deep conflict between Judaism and feminism which puts many Jewish women under intense pressure. all Orthodox synagogues men pray separately from women and in many women are relegated to an upstairs gallery. Gender hierarchies are entrenched in Jewish thought: a blessing orthodox Jewish men are required to say everyday thanks a God "WHO HAS NOT MADE ME A WOMAN".

The Independent, 10 January 2012

Sexism and the state of Israel

Driven by a theology that refuses to grant women equal rights, ultraorthodox Jews have begun to flex their misogynist muscles. is common to see segregated buses with women seated to the rear, often crowded in while seats remain free at the front.

While segregation on buses has come to epitomise discrimination against women, it is only a small part of the story.

Why aren’t Femen protesting against Judaism and holding demonstrations outside synagogues?

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

The Jewish Supremacist Hypocrites behind the Radical Feminists “Femen”

A new investigation into the support network behind the radical feminist “Femen” group—which specializes in defiling Christian churches—has revealed that almost all of its major backers, both financially and morally—are Jewish Supremacists.

The revelation that Jewish Supremacists are behind Femen explains why this organization only organizes protests in Christian churches—and never in synagogues. The importance of this is, of course, that Judaism is one of the most extreme anti-female religions to be found.

If a feminist group was really looking to claim equality for women, then a Synagogue would be the most logical first target, and not a Christian Church...

So who are Femen and who is paying for them? Who is pulling the strings behind these obscene, marionettes?

Femen were launched by a group of Kiev University students campaigning against sex tourism in 2008 and quickly got attention. But as their topless fame grew, the nagging questions increased. How are they able to rent such nice flats in Kiev? How do the girls make a living? The Italian magazine IL Foglio did its own investigation and uncovered some tantalizing facts.

Il Foglio identified an American Jewish businessman called Jed Sunden as a key funder of Femen.

“Jed was the very first influential person who noticed us, helped us with all the resources he had, gave use some useful advice, generously donated and said we were special. Jed was the very first person who helped us in promoting the organization and creating our website.” – Anna Hutsol, founder of FEMEN

Femen were inspired by another radical feminist group called Pussy Riot who first came to fame when they desecrated Christ the Savior, Moscow’s largest cathedral...

Like Femen, the key Pussy Riot motivating force seems to be a demented hatred of Christianity in general and the Orthodox Church in particular.

But it was the writer Israel Shamir who first pointed out that Pussy Riot’s prominent supporters from the Russian arts and media are overwhelmingly Jewish.

Pussy Riot’s cause has also been aggressively taken up by a leading anti-Putin opposition group called the Union of Solidarity with Political Prisoners which is led by another two high-profile Jews, Garry Kasparov and Boris Nemtsov.

Pussy Riot is also supported — in a circuitous route — by the Soros-funded National Endowment for Democracy.

Read more:

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Guys don't fall for the jew scheming and plotting, they just playing whites against Muslims, all the jews are doing are pulling the strings and watching the marionettes move accordingly.

We haven't had freedom of speech and freedom of expression in ages, you have the k-word, the n-word, the j-word, you can't call gays the f-word, so remind the sheep out there that freedom of speech is long gone and not to fall for freedom of speech schpiel.

Muslims are only doing what's in their nature, the jews are using muslims like the police use German Shepards, that is all, that's why the jews are behind the drive to bring in more Muslims into Europe.

Why is it that desecrating Muslim holy objects is deemed as freedom of speech and expression, which is actually encouraged by the media, making a movie about killing Kim Jun yung is freedom of expression, and all the sheeple are falling for this bullshit.

There isn't freedom of speech or expression cause you end up in prison if you deny the holycost, questioning many of its falsehoods and obvious fabrications gets you a jew pack attack.

So don't fall for the bullshit, the Jews are pulling both side for a confrontation, the Jews want a war, for some much needed entertainment and population cull, and they will make a couple of shekels in the process.

Muslims can have the right not to have their sacred objects desecrated, in their countries, but come to Europe and that right falls away, because it's in white europeans nature to allow those who want to desecrate their sacred object that freedom.

Observe how the Jew is playing both sides masterfully, don't fall for it, it's high time the Jews fight their own wars, and not the white warriors

Anonymous said...

So many go for blacks cause they have been brainwashed into believing that being a feral slut is fully expressing the freedoms of womanhood that feminism has fought so arduously for.

If you see the Paris event as a false flag but can't see why white women go for blacks, then something is wrong

Anonymous said...

Someone has managed to decipher the whole Paris event, but he ascribes this masterful planning to the camel shaggers, and we all know that the camel shaggers could never have hatched such a beautifully masterfully thought out plan

And such pearls of wisdom on

2cypher said...

Merkel is a repugnant bag of old shit, she should be hung.

And it's good that Germany is so moved. This attack will give the right wing in Europe another big push. We can hope.

Anonymous said...

now correct us if we are wrong,while fighting the Brits to regain "the lost six counties" ira guys would plant bombs in mail boxes,hedges,doorways,bus stations etc and set them off remotely killing a young mom and toddlers in prams,and other poor white man going about minding his or her business either Prot or Catholic,Christian Denominations after the Dayton Accord ending the violence,Now you have a wave of wild savage niggers fron Shitland who came to milk the system,rob,rape ,pillage, steal, swindle and also AntiChrist Mouslims who are bigger nuts about their religion then 1,000 iAN pAISLEYS and to prove they are right will kill your whole family to prove it.BUT the IRA does nothing,says nothing,condemms nothing and fucking Jerry Adams sits there in the gallery with his new suit and cute beard and just smiles and seems to condone the influx of the new diversity multicutural mudmen,,whats wrong with this picture Savant?

Anonymous said...

TIMES OF ISRAEL, 29 May 2013

Norway paper’s cartoon ‘so anti-Semitic it would have made HITLER WEEP WITH JOY’

Jewish groups on Wednesday sharply condemned Norway’s third-largest paper, Dagbladet, for publishing a cartoon that one group said was “so virulently anti-Semitic it would make Hitler and Himmler weep tears of joy.”

In the cartoon, printed by the paper on Tuesday and meant to oppose the Jewish ritual of CIRCUMCISING baby boys, the mother of a Jewish child is seen holding a blood-soaked TORAH while saying, “Mistreating? No this is tradition, an important part of our BELIEF!”

Rabbi Abraham Cooper, associate dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, who is currently attending the Global Forum on anti-Semitism in Jerusalem, demanded that the Norwegian government condemn the cartoon.

“We call upon Norway’s leaders to denounce this INCITEMENT TO HATE and especially urge the ombudsman for children’s rights to denounce this outrageous denigration of a core Jewish RITE dating back to the BIBLICAL times of Abraham,” Cooper said.

The EUROPEAN JEWISH CONGRESS said it was “carefully considering” the option of LEGAL ACTION over the cartoon.

“This cartoon has crossed all lines of decency and is dripping with hate and anti-Semitism,” said Dr. Moshe Kantor, president of the European Jewish Congress, in a statement. “We are now studying the possibility that this legally constitutes INCITEMENT and even a HATE-CRIME and will therefore require LEGAL ACTION.”

The cartoonists at Charlie Hebdo like to poke fun at religion. Isn’t the cartoonist at Dagbladet just poking fun at religion?

Is it, as David Duke says, “One law for the Jewish supremacists, another for the Goyim”?

Frank Galton

katana said...

posted by SAVANT at 19:15 on 08-Jan-2015

Sir Winston Spencer Churchill (The River War, first edition, Vol. II, pages 248-50)

Sometimes the old brute was on the money. Muslims are a curse on Western society. Which is why they've been foisted on us.

Foisted on us by the usual suspects that have thoroughly earned and caused this to exist …


But what sort of speech is this for a Jew, you are probably asking yourself, by this time? I can see the question half-glimmering in your eyes. My answer must be steel set in granite. The dew of compassion has entirely dried up in my bowels. I am myself a Jew, I know it. But I am a Jew who has been brought to the point where he so loathes his people that he thinks in terms of their destruction. No, it has not escaped me that the destruction of Israel would mean my own end, too. I would not want to survive in a world without Jews. Yet, by God, I don’t know how I shall ever again contentedly live with them: I pray for my own effacement as fervently as I pray for theirs. This is a work of terror, and I am trying to make a terribly good job of it. I have taken out the old Jewish carcass to expose it in the sun. I shall rub it till every sore on it shines like a planet of light.

I know how well the Jews have earned the hatred which is in my heart towards them. I do not doubt that they have earned in equally good measure the hatred which the nations entertained towards them since records of such international courtesies have been made. Anti-Semitism is a natural effect of a social cause. I cannot understand why such a deep mystery is made of this simple cause.

The causes of anti-semitism lie in the very deepest recesses of human nature. They are like pebbles at the bottom of a very deep stream. But the waters of the stream are clear and I have no difficulty making them out.

The first cause of Jew-hatred goes back to the nature of Jewish leadership, a black veil on the conscience of the race. The second goes back to the nature of the people itself, and it is an evil no less foul. The first appears to be an evil without remedy. But the second does not seem to me impossible to deal with.

Cont'd here, ...

For my latest blog post, Jews Must Live – Part 4, click here >>> KATANA


Eamon Bejayzuz said...

Today, this Islamic geezer tells us in Ireland what we may or may not say/do---he will be avidly backed up by the chattering classes. Today they are going to build a huge mosque in Ireland and tomorrow they will order the demolition of churches---they will be avidly endorsed in this by the C.C's.
Today they will raise the matter of Shannon/US military flights---cut to C.C. agreement. Tomorrow they will bomb a railway station, a cathedral---we will be bidden by the C.C.'s to kneel before these jihadists in penitence. DFace it folks; we are turkeys avidly looking forward to Christmas.

Holocaustralian said...

Denise said...

"This event was a false flag. If you childless men-children can not see the obvious, then what good are you to us White women? No wonder so many go for niggers."

To say im surprised at the dogs barking on command in here would be an understatement.

Is the enslaved to the jew white male as worthless as a nigger? Ill let the far more intelligent than i Savantians answer that one Denise.

Have a look at these 2 vids goyims and tell me what you think.
Allahu Akbar

Anonymous said...

Re Charlie Ebdo
It will have to go some ... to compare with:
Vicky Newlands war in Ukraine.
Nutty Yarhoos Efforts in Gaza.
Our efforts in Syria etc etc.
Regarding the anticipated western leaders shedding of tears shindig.
I am thinking they will have to use gossamer drapes and the latest lazer wizardry .. A’la tv shows eg. kum dancing /OO wants to be a instant star shows .... To hype the whole thing up!

Dave+33 said...

Paul Weston, yeeeeeee!

Yes, he has indeed crossed the Rubicon. Now we will see. Does he get vilified or does he disappear from view?

Heraclitus said...

Nero, a most interesting dissertation on Islam, most of which I concur. Perhaps the distinction between the Arab and non-Arab versions is open to question though. For example the Turks, Chechens and Kurds are not exactly exemplars of enlightened tolerant free-thinking!

In any event your central thesis is correct and we can expect enormous turmoil before some normality is achieved. Unfortunately thanks to our leaders have invited tens of millions of them into the West we too will become embroiled in the turmoil.

Anonymous said...

There are many, especially the jews, who claim that jews are very smart. I beg to differ. The jews took over a country right in the heart of Islamic land surrounded by millions of Arabs, muslims, Islamics. Just how smart is that? The jews came to America and busily set about destroying Christian White America, a country that is their greatest supporter and biggest teat to suck on and many White Christian Americans have died in jew wars. How smart are jews for that debacle? The jews are even now busily destroying White Christian Europe, another of the jews greatest supporters. How smart is that for the jews? Now the jews are in full flight from France. Their mission of destroying White Christian France accomplished. Just how smart are the jews? Of course White Christians, for the most part still support the jews. Just how smart is that?

Anonymous said...

There's a big "unity" march in Paris tomorrow. Cameron and Merkel will be in attendance. Multiculturalism is their religion, the tower Of Babel must not fall.

Anonymous said...

Taoiseach to attend massive ‘unity’ rally planned for Paris.

TAOISEACH ENDA KENNY will join British Prime Minister David Cameron, Germany’s Angela Merkel and others in Paris tomorrow for what’s likely to be a massive demonstration in the French capital to show unity against extremists.
Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald confirmed the Taoiseach would attend, at an event in Dublin Castle this morning.
Tánaiste Joan Burton, Garda Commissioner Noirín O’Sullivan, Dublin Lord Mayor Christy Burke and around 250 others took part in a commemoration for the victims of the French terror attacks outside the Chester Beatty Library, organised by the NUJ.
French Ambassador to Ireland, Jean-Pierre Thébault, also attended.

"to show unity against extremists."-If you watch the march on tv tomorrow, I can guarantee you the camera will be focused on the non whites in attendance.

Anonymous said...

This mad multicult experiment which has been imposed upon us does not have to become the new norm in Europe. Its philosophy is full of holes and it just doesn’t work in practice.

Our Elites fail to understand that the vast majority of the population will not go to war to protect Multiculturalism, or Liberalism for that matter.

European people will defend their family, their clan and their country as all these represent their way of life but some incomprehensible ideology imposed by an out of touch elite that just seems to get in the way of sensible living will be dumped and forgotten.

Anonymous said...

The rise of Islam in France.

Anonymous said...

Je suis – a very fortunate policeman. One sees that the gunman in the ‘point-blank shooting’ missed – yes, he missed:


Anonymous said...

Two interesting links. If it does show something it's that people are waking up. The Governments of the world are revealed as the lying scum that they are. Now many people are questioning everything. Our problem is sorting the wheat from the chaff. The MSM are 99% chaff. The other 1% is the football results.

Anonymous said...

All the flaccid cock conformists holding up "I am Charlie" posters makes me laugh. You are not Charlie, you stupid bastards. You point and scream racist at anyone who doesn't conform to your ideology.

Anonymous said...

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Wolfhound said...

Fuck with the bull and get the horns, that's what happened to these Marxist faggots at CH.

And then the sickening outcry from all the MSM claiming we are all such champions of free speech and the Muslims just can't deal with that. We all know freedom of speech means absolutely FUCK ALL to the ZOG governments and media in the West. Ask Garron Helm about that. I don't want the Muslims here, but you have to admire their backbone and unwillingness to be debased as much as the European people.

Here's to supporting Golden Dawn in the upcoming elections so we can have atleast some semblance of opposition which isn't kosher approved like UKIP or FN.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Here is some more on Jeb Sundan and his muslim buddy Zahoor

Anonymous said...

" For the last ten yeárs the former strict immigration policies of the Irish goverment has beenb reversed by the liberal immigration policies in the hands of Alan Shatter, a Jew and an outspoken partisan of Israel , and who was born and raised in Dublin by Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe.
He has made it Irish policy to increase third World immigration to the Emerald Isle .
As mininster for Justice . Equality and Defence , Shatter is using his considerable clout to increase third World immigration . Before Shatter the Irish goverment had taken steps to reduce non-European immigrantion .
Shatter, Ireland's immigration Czar attempted to justify flodding his " native " land with immigrants by attacking Ireland's post WW2 immigration policy . "

Shatter ; quote ;

" There were many who did nothing in the face of industrialised genocide and the destruction of European civilzation .Indeed the Irish goverment of the day sat on their hands , and even after the death camps where liberated, the Irish goverment denied Jewish refugees to Ireland "

" It's hard to imagine the mirror image of Shatter in Israel . Just imagine one Alan O'Slattery devoted to promoting non-Jewish immigration to the Zionist state and putting the military and diplomatic needs of Ireland above the nation he serves and welding comparable power in Israel "

Anonymous said...

A little amusement.
Nazi cows! Honest!

Dairy was really a gas chamber?
Cows used tails to whip Jews?
Churner used to turn Jews into butter?

Anonymous said...

I remember in the good old days the MSM wouldn't mention race when a crime was committed, posting a picture is beyond the pale.

Anonymous said...


"This event was a false flag."

So what?

What something is is irrelevant. What matters is how it can be used.

Can the event be used to attack mass immigration and the multicult?


So use it.

Anonymous said...

"There are many, especially the jews, who claim that jews are very smart."

They wage war by moving to a country of smart people, destroying it from within and then inviting stupider people onto the land of the destroyed smarter people.

They've been doing it for 3000 years.

In the long-term it doesn't matter if Muslims temporarily drove them from France or America collapsed if they succeed in destroying all the competition.

AnalogMan said...

Holocaustralian said...

Have a look at these 2 vids goyims and tell me what you think.

Offhand, I would say the first one, at least is inconclusive. I'm not sure exactly what his point about the second one is, and in any event its quality is too poor to see much of anything.

About that first one, the following:

A blank sounds nothing like a live round. It sounds flat. I'm not 100% convinced those are shots, and the sounds could have been edited in afterward, but they don't sound like blanks. Furthermore, to fire blanks on semi-auto, you need an attachment on the muzzle to generate the pressure to eject and reload. The video is poor, but I see no sign of it.

The lack of blood is not conclusive. This video of Boko Haram doing what kaffirs do (shooting other kaffirs and dumping them off a bridge) looks very bloody, but not every shot takes off the top of the victim's skull.

Don't get me wrong, now; there's nobody who loves dogs more than I do, but sometimes it's necessary to kill them, and I've shot several. You seldom, if ever, see a drop of blood.

The video also makes a great deal about a lack of body movement. This is typical. If you get shot in the head, you go limp and drop. Hollywood notwithstanding. The video I linked shows this, too. There is no jerk of the head from the bullet's impact, no muscular convulsions, no last words.

There is a fashion lately for calling "fake" when mass shootings are reported. I tend to stay out of those discussions (though I must say that little Jewish/Pakistani boy who got shot at two separate school shootings was fascinating). The reason is, it's too easy to get type-cast as a conspiracy nut, which tends to get everything you say lumped into that category and discounted. There is only one "conspiracy" that matters, and it's happening right out in the open. Concentrate on that one, and don't dissipate your energies fighting on every front.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

German Jews back the Muslims with their stance of finding the PEGIDA marches in Dresden racist, intolerant and not how white ppl should be.

Just like the Australian jews that backed up the Muslim brothers in Australia after a spate of Muslim assaults, in both cases their reasoning is, today the muslim, tommorow the Jews. I wonder if the French Jews will now back up PEGIDA in France following the dekoshering of the kosher super market?

Now that the buffer population, that the Jews have always viewed Muslims as, a buffer against white racism and intolerance, now that that buffer has turned on the protected group , strangely all this anti Islamization has sprung up across Europe,

Here is my take on things, jews didn't think the whole equation of buffer minorities thru( no Nobel prizes there for utter stupidity) now that the buffer minorities, imported to protect the Jew and make the jew feel safer in numbers of other troublesome minorities, has backfired, they are agitating as per usual to get the whites once again to clean up the hook nose mess they have so spectacularly brought about.

Nothing warmed the cockles of my heart more than to see the rabbis attack dogs turn on their masters, I hope no gentile was a casualty in the dekoshering process, the silver lining in that tragedy, they got to spend Shabbat in the company of Abraham and Moses in jew heaven

Sean said...

Some great comments on one of the few Telegraph articles currently allowing them:

"RFB • 12 minutes ago
Our political leaders are traitors. They are allowing every sort of detritus from any and every corner of the world to enter this country and abuse our welfare system, health system, housing system, and our children. Yet bot one person will speak out against the destruction of our society, or put an end to third world immigration.

The results? The rape of underage girls in Rotherham, the attacks on in London on 7/7, the murder in broad daylight on our streets of a British soldier, the ongoing knife crime on London's streets.. And of course the atrocities in France.

This is the true price of the misguided process of multiculturalism. Not any form of enrichment (except for rich employers getting dirt-cheap workers), but a massive deterioration in the quality of all our lives.

And what do the Conservatives and Labour do about? Plan to bring in even more immigrants. Plan to make it even more difficult for us to protest by conspiring with the MSM to cover up as much as possible, and whitewash what leaks out, and bring in "hate" laws to prevent any discussion.

I'm not sure voting for UKIP would improve anything, though it is clearly better than voting for the Consrvatives or Labour. We need our own Marine Le Pen. Someone who will put us and our country first."

Anonymous said...

Here's an interesting take on the Paris massacre on 'Morgoths Review':

"The irony of the Charlie Hebdo massacre is that the Leftists who were gunned down were, like all modern Leftists, in the business of supplanting themselves with another revolutionary force in Islam. As the editors and ''artists'' of Charlie Hebdo were lined up to be shot they may as well of whimpered '' Oh my sons, look how powerful and strong you have become, we love you'' as the AK47 bullets splattered their brains across the office.

When the Anti White, Anti Free Speech, Anti Jew, Anti Left Muslims walked into the Charlie Hebdo HQ it was like Frankenstein's Monster returning to the laboratory that bore him....."

Anonymous said...

Maybe France will soon be Jew free ?!? Good to time to plan on moving out there. England has been a commie Jewland since the '30s. Coral them in London, Leeds and Manchester and let the Shitslims deal... Bwahahaha!!

Anonymous said...

Whites apologising for Murdoch Bwahhahaha - fucking retards!

Anonymous said...

Jewish patrol cars in London ?
Says it all about "Eengleand" no?

Anonymous said...

I have to say Thank you Irish Savant and all the bloggers. I've learned a great deal over the past couple of years.

Your blog is different than some of the other blogs because you are not afraid of calling a spade a spade or a nose a nose. lol

Keep up the good work sir.

Scot Irish

Anonymous said...

Winston's statements now perfectly fits the West, though the guy is but a crap. In fact that's what you call decadence. But now Islam is both the Great ennemy and the Scapegoat, i guess it shall rise again and proove it's better armed against this kabalo-masonic assault than our dead christendom. And if my fellow whites won t get it, (that here's the only sacred alliance) then, i shall find myself a place in the Umma, a land that's not been stolen. Remember Christ used to say in arameic "bi sme llahi" and salam, as well

Anonymous said...

Have you heard about this yet? Would love to see a post from you about it...

"NYC public schools, nation's biggest district, to close on 2 Muslim holidays"

Anonymous said...

Do Democrats feel guilty knowing that millions of babies have been murdered just so
they can have fun and party with not repercussions? They were likely
going to grow up to be republicans so it's cool.