Saturday, 31 January 2015

Leo's lovin' it.

Every so often I like to add a bit of class to this blog.  Hence the occasional rhetorical flourish and pithy axioms in Latin or French. But today I'm degenerating to the level of a Limerick bar-room....but all in a good cause.

Those of you living in the Emerald Isle will by now know that Leo Varadkar (Pakistani father....vibrant Ireland, you know) our Minister for Health, has 'come out' as gay. Cue a tsunami of phone-ins, texts, emails, tweets, all of which seemed to revolve around two words: 'Courageous' and 'admiration'.

Now why is it that every homo who comes out is considered 'courageous' when the disclosure is met with a chorus of acclamation?  Were it fifty years ago or more I'd agree.  But today it's a much-admired lifestyle choice. It would take more courage to keep it under cover actually.

Then what exactly is there to admire?  It's not as if he'd discovered the cure for cancer or some such. Here I come to the rudey Limerick bar bit. What's to admire about a man who takes it up the ass from other men, or administers oral sex to other men? Even leaving all other considerations aside it's no more admirable than say young Darren giving his girlfriend one in the back seat of his Skoda.

But we all know what's going on here. don't we, children? These people here, the Apostles of Degradation, will explain it all.


Anonymous said...

minister of health? what happens to his job when he comes down with a case of the crepping crud of the asshole when he gets AIDS?

Anonymous said...

Varadkar's father is an Indian Hindu from Bombay, no? Anyway the first ever protest against the head/knob hackers is in Dublin tomorrow,so we can expect Leo and his bum chums to attend,not likely.

Iron Felix said...

Yes; a little paradox there, Savant. Today---a parallel case---any little bit of dejecta in shoe leather capable of getting up on it's hind legs feels entirely at liberty to vilify the Church, in particular the Catholic one. For this he/she will get a huge chorus of approval and endless glowing tributes to their "courage". That filthy little psycho Sinead O'Connor and her tearing up of pontifical pictures exemplifies the thing nicely. Let her just once tear up, right there on tv, a sketch of the genital mutilator/paedophile Mohammed, shouting the while about him being the enemy, and dwell upon what likely will ensue. Attacking the Church in Ireland might have taken a bit of moxie in the late '40's way back, certainly. Today it takes a fair bit of backbone to attack the Church too---but this time around one needs nerve to attack, even to question, the NEW Church; this time around it is not Catholicism which enjoys immunity, it is the new conventicle church now in power before which all must kneel. This new church is centred upon the MSM, which in Ireland is a subset of the British media, with which it is "in communion"; it has it's evangelical wing, centred in the entertainment business; and it has it's own Magisterium, grounded in and derived from the gospels of the Frankfurt School. (Little Sinead, note, is a media luvvie). This church is all powerful today and, as always, any flouting of it's prescribed norms, any serious questioning of the values it promulgates can have serious consequences for the dissenter, beginning with public humiliation and prescribed enforced recantation, through career wrecking, job loss, excoriation and condemnation, unofficial certification of insanity (this being the contemporary edition of what was once called "demonic possession")and in quite a few instances actual imprisonment.If one even evinces insufficient enthusiasm this can draw suspicion on one; in the example of homosexuality, either one is joyously enthused or one is deemed homophobic; better, one is said to--get this---"suffer from" homophobia! If one does not---being indifferent to the matter in any case---display radiant approval, one is deemed to be mentally ill. Finally,today it is legally the case that any dissenter ("heretic") finding himself in the dock will be told that though he speaks the truth, in law TRUTH IS NO DEFENCE! Bona fide enquiry can thus legally have catastrophic consequences for the enquirer (e.g; Zundel; Irving). Plus ca change, eh!

Mrs. Heraclitus said...

That is the point Felix w/r/t that demented witch Sinead O'Connor. And with Femen. So brave, insulting the mangy corpse of the Christian Church in the full knowledge that they get acclaim for their so-called courage but at the same time avoiding jewish and mohammedan interests like the plague.

Awake at last said...

Keep on saying it just like it is, Savant. I read this post to my wife and she said, "He's right enough". I suspect that's the natural reaction you'd get from most non-shirt lifters. My daughter told us this morning that her 15-year-old gay school pal is regularly having sex with a 23-year-old man, ffs! I admit to being confused at that age, too: I didn't know whether to give up football for golf (golf won in the end).

I've been on a similar journey to your own and am slowly coming to terms with being a white supremacist, racist holocaust denier. Can't say I'm happy to have ended up here but I follow the truth wherever it goes.

Anonymous said...

I've had a growing admiration for Britain First. This morning I had one of their e-mails.Here it is.

The Jewish community in Britain is coming under sustained attack from Islamic extremists who are appeased by the authorities and politicians.

In the wake of the Charlie Hebdo attacks, many Jews are fleeing Britain in fear of their lives.

We are all aware of the anti-Semitic and anti-Christian verses in the Koran and the hostility to Israel and the Jews within the Muslim community in Britain.

Britain First will not tolerate a peaceful community being attacked or chased out of our country by Islamic extremism.

Unfortunately, the authorities, the police, the media and the politicians seem only to want to ignore this problem and turn a blind eye.

Britain First has a proven track record of opposing and confronting Islamic extremists, terrorists and hate preachers and this is why we have started our "Solidarity Patrols", starting in Golders Green, London.

And there it is.

Anonymous said...

I've been a long time reader and contributor to this blog. I feel that I have made many friends through the interaction we have had. Savant has been kind enough to correspond with me personally on a couple of occasions.
I know we have never met in person. I hope this doesn't blind you to the revelation I'm about to make.
I don't have many friends who have supported me although some have 'come out' to me when I told them. I don't feel that I should be ashamed. It's really tough for people like me in todays society. Many people who still adopt old fashioned attitudes still believe that I should have no part in society. Some say I should not be allowed anywhere near children.
I know you guys and gals on here are not narrow minded. I beg you ALL please, please, don't ban from this blog.
I don't know if I am this way due to nature or nurture. I certainly had 'feelings' when I was young. I did 'come out' to my Father. He told me that although he hadn't said anything he had suspected he knew. God rest him he was sooooo supportive.
So there you have it. My fate in your (you're lol). hands. Ladies and gentlemen, I'm a White Nationalist. I feel so much better now I'm 'out'.


Anonymous said...

"It would take more courage to keep it under cover actually."

Obviously you are giving Obama a compliment obliquely.

Rogue said...

Your post neatly sums up the bizarre perversion that has become the West.

If someone "comes out", I have no interest or desire in throwing rotten tomatoes at them, but I certainly don't think they're heroes either.

A number of those who've "come out" have left and betrayed spouses and children and yet, for some reason, they are considered heroes. As for their families? Aah well, that's life, just deal with it.

I suspect that many of the folks with this confused sexuality are suffering from a degree of mental illness and, if that's the case, the moronic congratulations of the mob is shown for all it's idiocy (then again, the effusive "oh, well done!" crowd are probably more thinking about themselves, anyway - to be neutral about these matters is no doubt seen as being the same as being a "hater").

Ragno said...

Now why is it that every homo who comes out is considered 'courageous' when the disclosure is met with a chorus of acclamation? Were it fifty years ago or more I'd agree. .... (and) what exactly is there to admire? It's not as if he'd discovered the cure for cancer or some such.

Maybe you didn't get the memo then. Oh, and while you're updating your files...? Walking around with feces on your wang is nothing less than "heroic" now. It used to be a bit foolhardy, given that shit+blood+semen is your basic recipe for AIDS, but now that nobody but woolly-haired tribesmen and prison lifers die of it any longer, it's safe for young catamites and pre-op trannies to stop drag queens in airports to thank them for their service. And not just in the lavatory, either; but right out in the open as well.

Anonymous said...

Hollywood version of homosexuality-Happy couples, monogamous relationships, stable families, etc.

The reality- Public parks, public toilets, STD's, promiscuity, one night stands, drug abuse, gay saunas, loneliness, depression, teenage boys, etc.

beowolf said...

Iron Felix. And of course the mentally ill sanction was applied with great effect in the Soviet Union, the homeland of these Cultural Marxists.

beowolf said...

Iron Felix. And of course the mentally ill sanction was applied with great effect in the Soviet Union, the homeland of these Cultural Marxists.

Iron Felix said...

Beiwulf, precisely; the old USSR was what I had in mind. Do we remember all that crap in China during the Cultural (sic) Revolution,with all those "confessions"....................?

Anonymous said...

can recall yrs ago here in Chicago when the gays or sads, take your pick came out and were called degenerates,fags,queers,dick eaters etc etc.the city would not hire them and kept them at arms lenght.then they came out in parades by the thousands and with the cutesy slogans and all.the Democratic machine here saw how many votes they represented they then referred to them as"our friends in the gay community"and being the whores that they are bent over backwards to hire them for various jobs in the city structure and made any anti gay slogans as a hate crime where you could lose your job and be taken to court.John old rtd chicago copper.

Malcolm EXcrement said...

John. I bet the queers liked it when the Chicago pols "bent over backwards for them"! LOL!

Uncle Nasty said...

Interestingly enough, for those who have a lingering suspicion that the noses do not attempt to frame -- and control -- the narrative ...

Matti Friedman on the Media’s Obsession with Israel
by Cameron Slater on February 1, 2015 at 9:30am

This speech by Matti Friedman, a journalist, explains much about the manipulation by media organisations against Israel.

It is being liberally published and has appeared at Honest Reporting and Quadrant Online.

I doubt it will get published in any mainstream media here, so I will.

Read it and understand how you are being manipulated, particularly over issues concerning Israel. It is quite long but very revealing.

One night several years ago, I came out of Bethlehem after a reporting assignment and crossed through the Israeli military checkpoint between that city and its neighbor, Jerusalem, where I live. With me were perhaps a dozen Palestinian men, mostly in their thirties – my age. No soldiers were visible at the entrance to the checkpoint, a precaution against suicide bombers. We saw only steel and concrete. I followed the other men through a metal detector into a stark corridor and followed instructions barked from a loudspeaker – Remove your belt! Lift up your shirt! The voice belonged to a soldier watching us on a closed-circuit camera. Exiting the checkpoint, adjusting my belt and clothing with the others, I felt like a being less than entirely human and understood, not for the first time, how a feeling like that would provoke someone to violence.

I recommend that you read the whole thing, which attempts once again, to portray the hebes as victims, using our own arguments totally ignoring the fact that jews control the whole of the MSM.


Anonymous said...

Will he be campaigning for men only gay Muslim swimming times

So that we respect them more

Up the villa

Anonymous said...

Look at these treacherous cunts
Anarchist groups from Britain probably made up of communists disgruntled Irish Scottish and welsh probably amongst them as well as English wankers travelling to Calais on 1 pound vouchers and handing out food and phone numbers to immigrants in Calais and telling them a lie for their own left wing stupid agenda . Telling them to carry on with their journeys because we in Britain will welcome them

Up the villa

James said...

The Rabbi says:

The Gentile does not want anything. He waits to be told what the Jew wants!”

What a lovely rabbi.

James said...


A man describes his lifelong struggle with Freemasons.

The NWO hardly even needs Jews anymore so many gentiles are pushing it.

Flanders said...

"Empathising with minorities in order to win reciprocal support for their perversion is another tactic, and one that has met with some success. In 1995, the Jewish Chronicle reported that the World Congress of Gay and Lesbian Jewish Organisations had arranged a two day conference in which it was resolved that “the homosexual community should become involved in Holocaust education”. Present at this conference was no less a luminary than the historian (and Zionist apologist) David Cesarani. The International Association of Lesbian and Gay Children of Holocaust Survivors was said to have 65 members. (39) Devout Jews who died under the Nazi régime must be turning in their graves."

If "devout" jews spin at that last report, then ALL the "devout" jews must all have died:

"The leadership of the Nazi Party included at least one avowed homosexual, Ernst Roehm. He was a member of Hirschfeld's League for Human Rights and openly attended homosexual meeting places. Between 1933 and 1934, Roehm was the leader of the SA (Stormtroopers) and, before the death of Hindenberg in 1934, he was a potential challenger to Hitler's supremacy. With the Nazis' rise to power came an attack from Germany's political left. Attempts were made to discredit Hitler and the Nazis. One of their arguments was the charge of homosexuality in the Nazi ranks. Hitler's old friend Roehm was one of their main targets."

Flanders said...


Well, if “Mordecai Freedman” isn’t evidence enough that he was Jewish, then read this:

"[Alfred Friedman:] My father was born in Poland in a small town, Wisocki Modiuvetz. He studied to be a Rabbi in a city, Lomza. … And then Hitler came into power. It was very troublesome. He was a threat to the world, but particularly to us Jews. … And I remember my father telling me that for thousands of years the men in our family had been Rabbis or teachers … I was very taken up with the Spanish Civil War, and was desperately eager for the Loyalists to hold out against Franco. … It was the time when the Spanish Civil War was winding up. It was also the time of the Munich Agreement and the onslaught on Czechoslovakia. I remember being very involved in those issues and going around the city in a car with a loudspeaker shouting, “Protect Czechoslovakia against the Nazis.” And the group that I was involved in organized a big rally on the steps of the University auditorium. … Another major achievement during my presidency was on the status of homosexuality. In December 1973 the Board of Trustees, passed a resolution to delete homosexuality from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of the Association (DSM II) and declare that homosexuality was not a disease."

And, separately linked from the page above is this information:

"The word “gay” used to mean “cheerful”, but now refers to homosexual degenerates. Why is that?

The answer: Gertrude Stein, a lesbian Jewess.

Stein wrote “Miss Furr and Miss Skeene”, a story about two lesbians, in 1911, and it was published in Vanity Fair magazine in 1923. It is considered to be the origin of the use of the term “gay” for homosexual.

So: please refrain from using the word “gay”."

Flanders said...

The Faces of Porn

A very insightful category is described within the tract from which the following is taken, and Sexual Bolshevism is a helpful category in describing attacks mounted against White European and Christian interests in specific, and to explain damaging subversions conducted against sane and rational societies by a perverse few.

"Sexual Bolshevism" [coined in 1920's Germany by Ludwig Hoppe, a Lutheran pastor from Berlin] encompasses a pattern of degenerate sexual behaviour in a few human beings. The category includes homosexualism, pedophilia, miscegenation, transsexualism and bestiality. Cultural norms of human society the world-over, have developed an evolutionary rejection of these social ills as a means of survival. Along with third-world miscegenation and abortion, homosexuality is a primary peversion promoted in society, under the guise of "tolerance", "equality" and "diversity" as part of a rival Jewish supremacist stategy to attack ethnic European demographics.

Particularly after the failure of state-communism and working-class ethnic Europeans largely rejecting the attempt by the Judeo-Bolsheviks to enslave and destroy gentile society, radical Jewish supremacists began to mould Sexual Bolsheviks into a new proletariat."

Corkonian said...

And yet when rabbi-schneerson kicked the bucket his funeral was attended by just about all the goy PTB and aspiring powers to be.

Anonymous said...

James said ;-

'A man describes his lifelong struggle with Freemasons.'

We are being attacked by our own on all sides. As well as the usual suspects like ANTIFA,Searchlight, Socialist Worker etc. (Where do they all get their finance from?)

We have the Freemasons as you say but we also have the insidious Common Purpose. The number of police, army, councillors and anywhere that power is held are C.P. trained.

Those that are imposing their will on us must be marvelling how easy it is.
White people are their own worse enemy.


Anonymous said...

If you're (your) bored and had enough of Stumbleupon try this.

Enter into Google search:-

'organisations for white people list'
'organisations for black people list'

National Bowling Association Inc
Ten pin bowling.
National Brotherhood of Skiers.
Whites not in the Brotherhood of skiers?
Hours of amusement.


Rob said...

Still in Ireland, coal-burning TD gets her office firebombed. And yes, the media are looking at the possibility of "racial motivation".

Rob said...

Here's the link to Savant's post that doesn't work in my last comment.

tsnamm said...

What's even more interesting about Schneerson, is that his followers in the Lubavitchers thought he was the Messiah... So when he was buried at Montifiore cemetery in Springfield Gardens, Queens, the area surrounding the Cemetery is all black. So the next thing you know the Jews all show up with bags full of money buying up all the houses around the cemetery So they can see when Schneerson is resurrected from the dead. Needless to say it created all sorts of friction with the neighborhood that was dutifully not reported by the MSM...

Anonymous said...

@Iron Felix

Sinead O Connor should become an imam as the burqa really would suit her features.

Anonymous said...

Is Limerick regarded as the naffest blue–collar hick part of Ireland then? Many of my ancestors come from there, you racist bigot IS!

Anonymous said...

There is a brilliant article in the Occidental Observer from a few months ago. It explains how FEMEN is a vanity project of jews. Completely kike funded. I'd liken it to what economists call a "loss leader". It loses money but instills the values the Frankfurters want to degrade society.

eah said...

@ 31 January 2015 at 15:26

The reality- Public parks, public toilets, STD's, promiscuity, one night stands, drug abuse, gay saunas, loneliness, depression, teenage boys, etc.

What's behind a rise in HIV? Craigslist hookups, U prof finds

“My suspicion is most of this [effect] is coming from the M for M section,” Chan said.

Another 'homophobe' apparently.

James said...

Further to the Freemason story-

Roger Barbour is the author of seven-part series "My Lifelong Struggle With Freemasons" reprised yesterday. I asked him if anything had changed
in the five years since the series was first posted. He said no but he offered additional anecdotes to illustrate that non-Masons are second-class citizens and don't even know it.

But of course Freemasons are really second class and don't know it.
Right Rabbi Schneerson?

Dan said...

It's quite an interesting game isn't it? Britain Firsters? kosher Fascists? Lol.

eah said...

@ 1 February 2015 at 13:36

It explains how FEMEN is a vanity project of jews.

Femen, Israel and its Jewish Backers

The famous third-wave feminist group known as Femen has hit the news once again with its best known member; Inna Shevchenko, has been chosen as one of the models (not 'the' model as some were proclaiming) for Marianne (the symbol of France) by its socialist president: François Hollande.

From the Wikipedia page for Inna Shevchenko, here is one of her, err, accomplishments:

She achieved attention in Ukraine by cutting with a chainsaw and then bringing down a 4-metre high Christian cross erected in memory of the millions of victims of the Holodomor (the man-made famine in the Ukrainian SSR in 1932 and 1933) in central Kiev in 2012.

Yes, I have seen several articles making the case that FEMEN is funded by wealthy western Jews -- these women of no apparent means seem able to travel the world.

Anonymous said...

On The Voice yesterday - an 'Irishwoman' auditionee described her 'job' as giving 'anti-racist lectures'. The sob story hinted it's the spawn of a coalburning slut sent to a convent to protect the civil races. Quite right.

Anonymous said...

You internet warrior you do fuck all only post stories.

Flanders said...

Every country has being paying Kosher Taxes for years. The taxes are hidden in plain sight. You have paid the tax since being a child. The taxes you pay go to destroy you. Check your products for these and other symbols.

Kosher Tax on America">here

Anonymous said...

Well done Leo for telling us that 1% of the population are responsible for 60% of new STD cases and 50% of HIV cases.

Anonymous said...

Well I guess if a Muslim cleric or BNP politician came out and admitted to being gay, that would be brave.

Similarly, if a guy comes and says he dreams about changing sex but argues that it's a bad idea because of the damage it would to his family, that would be brave as well.

However, liberals only like faux outliers not real world ones.