Sunday, 11 January 2015

Frankenstein's Monster turns on its creator

Occasionally you see something that's so mind-blowing, so bizarre, so inherently counter-intuitive that you're left dazed, stupefied, holding your head in your hands, immobilised with bewilderment.  I remember the last time it happened to me.  I had just heard that one Nigerian family in my town were neither in jail nor on social welfare. I can tell you I wasn't right for a week.

And now it's happened again. Over on Politico I encountered this headline: "France's Multiculturalist Agenda Makes Jews Pack Their Bags".  How could you better that?  I mean Jews were the ones who developed and enforced 'France's Fucking Multicultural Agenda', harassing and demonising anyone who opposed it.

First the so-called intellectuals, most notably that boring and corrupt plagiarist Bernard-Henri Levy. He and his colleagues have been standard bearers for multiculturalism and denigrators of everything European and Christian. They provided the ammunition for the Socialist Party (the upper echelons of which have been a Jewish fiefdom going back to Leon Blum and continuing right up to Dominique Strauss Kahn) to implement a whole raft of nation-wrecking multicultural legislation.  They have provided (bogus) intellectual justification for internationalism, anti-nationalism, mass immigration from Africa, 'hate' legislation and every form of anti-family sexual depravity. They worked endlessly to demonise and marginalise the National Front and indeed anyone who opposed their multicultural agenda.

Numerous Jewish or crypto-Jewish 'charities' maintained the same agenda.  The best known is probably 'SOS Racisme'. Founded by Julien Dray (Jewish) its organisational engine (just like those of the ACLU and NAACP in America)  has been Jewish.....although the occasional goyishe dupe gets trotted out for the cameras when required. Again like the ACLU and NAACP SOS Racisme was active for decades in organising undesirable immigrants like Africans and Muslims to claim their 'rights'  including those in the key area of family reunion, which predictably resulted in a tsunami of 'relations' flooding the country. They also financed endless 'lawfare', opposing deportations, prosecuting - and often bankrupting - nationalists for 'hate' crime. There are several other such organisations, probably the best known being LICRA (International League Against Racism and Anti-Semitism). In another stunning example of chutzpah this outfit remains monochrome Jewish while poised to explode in righteous outrage at a lack of diversity anywhere else.

Admittedly a few Jews such as Alain Finkielkraut have begun in recent years to question the benefits of mass immigration. But exactly like this guy in America the only criterion they apply is the self-serving one of  'is it good for the Jews?'  Thus their opposition is not to nation-wrecking mass immigration per se, rather towards Muslims, who have been increasingly making their presence felt - to the shock and alarm of France's Jews. And to my amusement.

There are self-evidently huge numbers of French Jews not happy with the destruction of the nation's structure and institutions.  I know one family who've been complaining bitterly about such matters for as long as I can remember. But here I'll repeat what I wrote in an earlier postI wish ..... that the Jewish-American elite didn’t in fact represent the broader Jewish tribe.   If so, then it is the responsibility of the broader Jewish tribe to rein in their destructive, anti-white Jewish cousins. Will it do this, or would it rather blame those who understand the nature of the game, and have the temerity to point out the prominent Jewish role in it? It should also be said that the Jewish poison being fed to whites (and other races, for that matter) doesn’t become any sweeter just because some Jews are idiotic enough to swallow some themselves.  

This remains equally true for France.The family I referred to would accept no responsibility on behalf of Jews.  Several years ago our esteemed contributor Uncle Nasty told me that whenever Jews appear to have unassailable power they end up shooting themselves in the foot.  They've done it again now.  And this particular fat lady is only gargling in preparation for the forthcoming concert.


Anonymous said...

Excellent post, Savant.

Noticed this Mail headline:

Talk about in-your-face Chutzpa.


e said...

Does this make French Jews cowards? Cowards run! Stand up to anyone or anything that threatens you.

Just askin'

Julian said...

Islam is a religion virtually unchanged from the 7th Century.

Muslims didn't even have the concept of, or a word for, secular. They had to borrow a French word for secular, though they still don't understand the concept of secular society, and separation between the state and religion.

Here are the conditions under which Islam is a religion of Peace:

1. Convert to Islam and follow Sharia Law. Otherwise, *Achmed, the dead Muslim terrorist says, "I kill you!

2. Follow Sharia Law. Otherwise, Achmed says, "I kill you!"

3. Things are much, much worse if you are a woman. You are chattel; you are property owned by your father, elder brother or husband. You must be beaten to keep order in the family. You have no rights. You cannot own property of any kind. You cannot sign contracts.

4. Say you are gang-raped by four righteous, upstanding Muslim men. They cannot be compelled to and won't testify against each other to prove rape at your trial. Achmed says, "You guilty. I kill you!"

Islam is a pre-cancerous/cancerous tumor metastasizing in the Western world. The basic tenets of Islam are completely incompatible with the foundations of Western nations. There should be a complete cessation of allowing Muslims to immigrate to the United States, Canada, Mexico, UK, Sweden, Switzerland, Finland, Iceland, Greenland, the European Union, and the rest of the Western world.

Iron Felix said...

Yes; I sometimes in the small hours think to myself that there is a certain something in the Jewish character that is reminiscent of a certain type of woman. (Understand that what I am saying here does not apply either to the Jews or to the women to whom it does not apply). You all know her, she is ubiquitous, there's one on every bus. She is that obnoxious baggage who keeps trying it on every chance she gets. She is entirely predictable---advise her one day of the folly of pushing her luck and you can infallibly predict not only what she will do but how indeed she will do it. What will she do? SHE WILL PUSH HER LUCK. And how will she do so? INSTANTLY. Sooner or later the consequences will follow, and away HE goes in chains. There does seem to be an unusually large element of that mentality among Jews, and it seems to be cohesive among a certain percentage of them, just as a certain percentage of females are as I have instanced here. Take note that in neither case can the "victim" ever admit that they may be the authors of their own undoing---always they are the utterly innocent, uncomprehending "poor little me"victims. In neither case will they listen to cautionary counsel, not in one case from the woman's sensible companion telling her to shut up while she's ahead, nor in the other from that Rabbi in '30's Germany who counselled his flock "you are digging your own graves in this country". And that is what could happen; nobody wants it---noone wants to see women being battered, nor do they want pogroms and atrocities. But neither of these happens for no reason.

Anonymous said...

Jews - Listen to your world leader "GO HOME" !!!

G.T.F.O.O Europe !!!! and take your fellow semites white trash toadies on the flip side with you - deal with each other in the Middle east - not here!

Anonymous said...

French Prime Minister Warns: If Jews Flee, the Republic Will Be Judged a Failure.

The massacre at a kosher supermarket in Paris on Friday reinforced a fear, expressed openly and with distressing frequency by many in France’s half-million-strong Jewish community, that Islamist violence is compelling large numbers of Jews to flee. Already, several thousand have left over the past few years. But it is not merely the physical safety of France’s Jews that is imperiled by anti-Semitic violence, the country’s prime minister, Manuel Valls, argues, but the very idea of the French Republic itself. In an interview conducted before the Charlie Hebdo and kosher supermarket massacres, Valls told me that if French Jews were to flee in large numbers, the soul of the French Republic would be at risk.

“The choice was made by the French Revolution in 1789 to recognize Jews as full citizens,” Valls told me. “To understand what the idea of the republic is about, you have to understand the central role played by the emancipation of the Jews. It is a founding principle.

Anonymous said...

Ireland being used as 'transit hub for Jihadis' heading for Iraq and Syria.

A small number of Irish-based Muslim extremists have been playing a key role in providing logistical and financial support to international terror groups, especially Islamic State (IS).

The central group, consisting of about 12 radicals, are suspected of harbouring jihadi fighters from Britain and mainland Europe and supplying them with fake documentation, including false passports.

"What you have is small groups of jihadis who cannot travel directly to Turkey, for access to Syria, arriving here, receiving support and money and then transiting through Ireland to the war zones. There is quite an elaborate support network based in Dublin and other major Leinster towns which is attracting the attention of security agencies in the rest of Europe and further afield," a source said.

Police in France remained on high alert last night as they hunted for any accomplices of the gunmen who killed 17 people in two days of terror attacks. Some 500 extra troops are being deployed around Paris.

One of the individuals who features high up in all international terrorism bulletins has been living in south Dublin for over 15 years.

He co-ordinates an intricate financial network on behalf of Islamic State as well as a number of front companies set up to launder money. He receives up to €3,000 a month from the Department of Social Welfare, had links to al-Qaeda leader Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi who was responsible for a series of suicide bombings and beheadings in Iraq before he was killed by US forces.

Voltaire said...

Some of you will be gobsmacked when you see this:

"Jewish patrol cars out in force in London amid fears of copycat attack in wake of kosher store siege in Paris
Extra Jewish security patrol cars are out in force in North-West London
Move made amid fears of copycat attack in wake of Paris massacres
Security cars look similar to police vehicles and bear the name 'Shomrim'
Volunteers receive police training and uniforms, including knife-proof vests

Anonymous said...

The legendarily unbiased and non Politically Correct BBC Question Time, the BBC's ''Flagship'' focused, for about ten minutes, on the Paris Terror attacks. Finally the great issues of the day could be uncompromisingly addressed head on and we could get to the bottom of the concerns and worries of the Nation.

The first question was asked by a light skinned African or some sort of half caste, it was the big one, thankfully.......

Anonymous said...

No country with anti-White laws, hate crime laws, and hate speech laws is a free country. The people of these countries are not free. The people of these countries are slaves to the government. In countries with these laws they are only applied to Whites.

Anonymous said...

Comical Dave

BBC reporters interviewing every non white they can find at the march.

Anonymous said...

An old observation regarding the Yahoodies goes something like this:

The Jew sees his intended victim walking down the road and digs a pit to entrap him. But he falls into the pit himself and cries out for help. Upon being rescued by his intended victim, he begins to dig another pit.

Anonymous said...

Jewish patrol cars out in force in London amid fears of copycat attack in wake of kosher store siege in Paris.

Extra Jewish security patrol cars and police were out in force in North-West London yesterday following the kosher store siege in Paris.
The cars look very similar to police vehicles and bear the security group’s name ‘Shomrim’ – Hebrew for ‘guards’ – along the sides and back.

The Orthodox organisation, which works closely with the Metropolitan Police, tweeted: ‘Following events in Paris we will have on extra patrols throughout NW London over Shabbos [ the Jewish sabbath].'
Shomrim volunteers receive police training and uniforms, including knife-proof vests.

Wolfhound said...

Good post Savant, and I often find myself sympathising with the little Jews on a personal level, but then you have to ask yourself: 'what would they do if they could switch places with the big Jews tomorrow?'. We could get on absolutely fine if they weren't so consumed with their hatred and disdain of the goy.

@ Julian. Could you add some more 2nd hand information to your post please? You're just repeating shit you've heard somewhere else, and you're quoting a hand puppet for fuck sake.

Islam is a fine (not exclusively) foundation for civilization, the only problem it has at this moment is that too many low IQ turd world morons adhere to it.

Which basic tenets are completely incompatible with Western nations exactly? Is it their traditional family values, their objection to usury which is a tool for financial enslavement used by the jew or maybe their compulsory charity to the poor? Perhaps pork and alcohol are cornerstones of the West?

awakened said...

Rick, can you imagine the furore of police car lookalikes were patrolling under the @christian Security' banner? Ructions.

Sebastian B. said...

" Valls told me that if French Jews were to flee in large numbers, the soul of the French Republic would be at risk."

Valls - who in fact is jewish- knows well that it's soul has been destroyed by the people now who fleeing.

Dr. Wassel said...

"It was only after World War II that immigration law was drastically changed...In one of the first pieces of evidence of its political coming‑of‑age, the Jewish community had a leadership role in effecting those changes." Earl Raab, Jewish Bulletin, July 23, 1993, p. 17.

Croesus said...

Iron Felix, having had some commercial interaction with jews I totally concur with your assessment. They were ok to deal with in many respects but. holy god, they never had enough! I swear, if you offered them 100% they'd look for other way to get something else. This ultimately is counter-productive IMHO because my colleagues and I ended up by taking a 'dog in the manger' approach and conceding absolutely nothing that we did not have to.

Anonymous said...

The big march today in Paris was all about fear. Not fear of muslim terrorists, but fear that the multicult dream is over. The anti-whites understand that events this week in France were possibly a game changer.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what barbera spectre thinks now, she was bragging that jews were behind the multiculting of Europe, a pity they don't think far enough tho.

How idiotic do you have to be to bring in ppl that don't give a shot about the holycost, if they actually know what it is.

They overplayed their hand, as they usually do when they get over confident

But this whole Paris affair could be a plot to convince the world that " see jews need a homeland to flee to, when anti Semitic raises its head"

There are so many convolutions to this , unwinding them is near impossible.

Think like a jew, the kosher store was just the usual jew sacrificing his brothers for a greater agenda. Anti Semitism has been on the increase over the last 15 years in France, obviously perpetrated by Muslims rather than nazi whites. The Wiley jew has seen this very long ago, and they have already set the solution to slowly work itself out

This event has a double purpose, to convince the world that Israel is needed as a bolt hole, and that muslims seek jew annihilation. And secondly whites must clean the mess up that was needed to re convince the world that Israel is a much needed bolt hole.

This whole shindig has gone down when the EU was speaking of recognizing Palestine as a nation state much to the jews gnashing of gold fillings.

PEGIDA should chant for all ppl who refuse to assimilate to leave, including those that always form Jewish quarters in every city they are in.

Their little multiculti plan didn't work out too well, or did it

rambaloosa said...

That witch Barbara Specter is still on the go. I saw recently where she sent a supportive tweet to some groid who wanted to kill off the white race.

Uncle Nasty said...

Valls told me that if French Jews were to flee in large numbers, the soul of the French Republic would be at risk.

“The choice was made by the French Revolution in 1789 to recognize Jews as full citizens,


Cherchez le fucking juif, eh?


Questioning said...

It's amazing to read irish savant from his first blog posts to now. The change from philosemitism to talmud-wise is a sign of hope for the other awake whites who still fellate with wild abandon the primary cause of their displacement and destruction.

Uncle Nasty said...

Saw the link to the article about the jew police cars, and nearly had hysterics.

You must remember a few years ago the "Red Nose Day" charity campaign where one could get oversized red noses for the front of the car? I had an image of something similar ...

Seriously though ... what does the article tell us?

Simple, that the heebs have an officially sanctioned level of protection way above anything for us mortals.

And you know the really funny thing? The schmutters honestly don't see a problem with this.

They are so utterly self-absorbed and self-obsessed, that they really do not see the messages they send to the peasantry .... they feel in their very bones that this is the natural order of things


Anonymous said...

Preacher who radicalised Charlie Hebdo killers is now a NURSING INTERN 'on duty' in A&E unit at victims' hospital

Read more:
Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

Anonymous said...

Preacher who radicalised Charlie Hebdo killers is now a NURSING INTERN 'on duty' in A&E unit at victims' hospital

Read more:
Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

Anonymous said...

Some TV programs jumped the shark well The Simpsons are going on better in having Homer Simpson like blob Lena Dunham on so that they can jump the landwhale.

SAVANT said...

@Questioning. Yes, I freely acknowledge my transition. In many ways my views are more affirming in that I arrived at my Jew-wise state through methodical research and questioning rather. This renders me immune to the charge of 'anti-semitic bigot' so beloved of our "liberals".

Anonymous said...

"This renders me immune to the charge of 'anti-semitic bigot' "

I can assure you that it doesn't. On another Irish site where my posts are a matter of record since 2007, I had the same pro-jewish, pro-Israel, holoco$t-believing opinions that Savant had prior to actually doing some research of original sources and, having done all that hard work, suffered the headaches on seeing the scale of the lies, I changed my opinions and provided links to back-up sources. The result - "you're an anti-semitic bigot, jew-hater, holocost denier etc" (OK, the last one is true - now). BUT it's great to be jew-wise :-)


takin' a look said...


I agree and that terrifies talmudists and philosemites. it's one thing pull the racist and anti-semite card on people who can't really articulate beyond their own personal experiences. quite another to pull that with someone who was a "liberal" or some other such approved PC-ism who listened and paid attention to his lying eyes and ears and researched.

Anonymous said...

Something rotten in tha state of Denmark

A cartoonist sacked from a Parisian magazine. Paris is in Denmark right?

Anonymous said...

these lies and falsehoods have the hackels up of the Gurteen Volunteers up in arms Sir Savant all we wait is for the word....

Anonymous said...

I think they're more driven by paranoia than reason which is why it always goes wrong for them in the end.

Dicarlo said...

Where has our good friend nilus scurried off to? I do hope the bottle hasn't again gotten the best of the old chap.
His media exposures are superb.

Shaunantijihad said...

When these fleeing Jews move to London, they will support every lefty, mass immigration outfit they can. And they will donate to the Board of Deputies which is the most influential group on Labour and Tory policy making. And replacing the indigenous Caucasians with a lower IQ half breed race will still be their objective.

Their people will ensure freedom of speech if finally snuffed out in the UK, and that the HolyHoax keeps it's center stage status in the media. They will promote each other and non-Whites in their areas of influence - politics, media etc. - and they will base their policy on the destruction of the White race.

A few million more White girls will be raped, but that doesn't matter. Jewish schools will get all the more resources to make sure their gene pool isn't raped out of existence.

Those who find the mass Muslim immigration a bit too hot to handle will go to Israel, where they will give full support to prevent mass immigration into Israel and keep the Muslims and Negroes OUT.

They can be sure that so long as Europe and America continues to be dominated by Jewish kingpins that they will continue to receive billions of military and foreign aid.

Anonymous said...

Before Christmas, I watched a programme on BBC4 about the history of musical theater. Although not one of my favourite subjects, it was entertaining enough and, anyway, there was little else on that night.

Presented by Michael Grade, it gave a run down on the great musicals-Showboat,Oklahoma,My Fair Lady etc. Then it came to Cabaret and the actor Joel Grey was interviewed. He played the night club host in the film version.

Grey, a jew, claimed that when he arrived in West Germany to promote the film, he was immediately struck by the historical importance of the portrayal in the film of 1920s/30s Berlin.

However, neither Grey nor Grade (another jew of course) showed the slightest awareness that the depravity and debauchery of that era led, in no small way, to the catastrophe which may or may not have befallen their people. To them it was a good thing, pioneered by jews, until that awful Hitler came along and put an end to it.


katana said...

Questioning said... 11 January 2015 at 20:34

It's amazing to read irish savant from his first blog posts to now. The change from philosemitism to talmud-wise is a sign of hope for the other awake whites who still fellate with wild abandon the primary cause of their displacement and destruction.

Nicely put.

I was thinking the same on reading the post. Savant, like many of us here, has travelled much further than he expected, no doubt, traveling to where the evidence leads.

All my life until about four years ago I was also somewhat sympathetic to the jews, although never a philo-semite. But the Nazi-jew-gas thingy always bothered me, making no sense whatsoever.

Once you delve into the jewish issue with an open yet critical mind you will find it massively changes your world view. It's like a key that "unlocks" history and current events like nothing else. Understanding the hostile intent of organized jewry to the rest of mankind has tremendous explanatory power in all aspects of our society.

We need to spread that knowledge far and wide for us to prevent the destruction of our White societies by these nation wreckers.


For my latest blog post, Tales of the Holohoax - A Historian's Assessment - Part 1, click here >>> KATANA


SAVANT said...

Allen@Aberdeen....yes, I suppose my transition does nor render me 'immune' to criticism but it does provide a powerful debating tool."I used to think exactly like you but detailed research lead me to my present position. Have YOU done such research?'

Rhetorical question of course.

SAVANT said...

"Once you delve into the jewish issue with an open yet critical mind you will find it massively changes your world view. It's like a key that "unlocks" history and current events like nothing else. Understanding the hostile intent of organized jewry to the rest of mankind has tremendous explanatory power in all aspects of our society."

Katana, this is so true. It just makes so many things click into place. There is a risk of retrofitting the facts into the theory but I personally have taken care to avoid this. And the explanation still holds true.

Anonymous said...

I have cut and paste the following from the slogs site.... the sooner folk wise p the better

the Charlie attack began around 11.30 am (CET) on 7 January 2015
Immediately, a specialist cop with relevant experience – Helric Fredou – was assigned to the case. He had been an anti-terrorist Special Branch (SRPJ) police officer since 2011.

Just after 1 am the next morning, he died from a bullet wound to the head. He had “a history  of depression” the authorities quickly established. The verdict was suicide.
Just two months earlier, he’d found an immediate colleague dead in similar circumstances.The verdict was suicide.
One Paris contact says some of this film too has been edited since the incident. This person (and others on French blogs) claim they can clearly discern flak jackets on some of the observers.

Turning this same coin over, we are being asked to believe that two slogan-screaming idiots (who didn’t even case the joint before driving there) nevertheless had an espionage network capable of discovering the exact time of Charlie Hebdo’s weekly editorial meeting….but not which floor it took place on.

Doubt 7: Mass rally of world ‘leaders’ in three days flat

Shaunantijihad said...

Didn't think I'd be proven right so quickly: French troops deployed to protect the French... no wait, to protect Jews.

WiseCaveOwl said...

no, this is win-win for the both the Socialist and the Zionist wings of organized Jewry. On the one hand the violent Muslim invaders continue to destroy France as a White nation...and on the other (some) Jews then decide to "aliyah" to Israel, after conniving in the destruction. Same pattern with S. Africa: there the Jews spearheaded the destruction of the White regime and then, once the Black communists were in power, tens of thousands of the Chosen have scampered off to Zion-occupied Palestine and/or (e.g., Ilana Issacson, alias "Mercer") to America. Wash, rinse, repeat. Like crown-of-thorns starfish on a coral reef, leaving a trail of destruction and death

lol said...

BBC reporter faces the sack for upsetting Jews:

Calls for BBC reporter to resign after he told daughter of Holocaust survivors in Paris: 'Palestinians suffer hugely at Jewish hands as well'
Tim Willcox was covering yesterday's rally in Paris for the BBC
He spoke to woman who expressed fears Jews were being persecuted
She told him 'the situation is going back to the days of the 1930s'

The Campaign Against Antisemitism, which works to combat anti-Semitism in Britain, has circulated footage of the incident, and has called on those offended by it to formally complain to the BBC.
Director of communications, Jonathan Sacerdoti, told MailOnline said Willcox's Twitter apology was 'not really good enough'.

SAVANT said...

dofornow. I agree that there are some strange things about the CH attack but on the other hand I think in all such events you get issues like this. I'm keeping an open mind.

Rob said...

Bernard-Henri Lévy is the most ludicrous and overpraised "intellectual" ever. Imagine if a race-realist scholar (let's say Charles Murray) inadvertently used an article from some publication like the Onion to support an argument in one of his essays. The hyenas in MSM would ensure that he'd never work again. Yet that's what Lévy once did, and it didn't do him the least bit of harm. In an essay he wrote five years ago, he cited the work of "Jean-Baptiste Botul" as a central part of his argument. Botul is a spoof creation of the satirist Frédéric Pagès, a fact that should have been obvious from the fact that his school of thought is called "botulism".

Anonymous said...

O/T but speaking about what our "lying eyes" are telling us when describing who is White and who is not, check out these faces:

h/t to but his link comes up as "error" because of the dot (.) at the end.

Shaunantijihad said...

What will be the fallout of the Hebdo attack?

LESS freedom of speech for Whites and nationalists.

MORE power and money for Jews.

MORE surveillance by the State.

It's already happening.

Glen C. said...

@14.17. See it all the time. If you get some mongrel that does good - black or hispanic. Criminal? = white.

john7 said...

Anon12'31 - guess this shows who/what was behind the french 'revolution' and exactly what its aim was. ..

wolfhound, you MUST be kidding ; islam is in no way a foundation for a civilisation. In fact, nothing civilised nor the least bit 'advanced' has ever come from those goat molesters. Period. wake up people! the jew is merely using those dolts, just like they use the africans, to destroy us. But, as has been noted, they are doing so at their own peril as they cannot survive without us...but we go under in the process. The jew destroying their own parasitic existence is small consolation.

Anonymous said...

French Jews are packing for Perth.

Anonymous said...

"Have YOU done such research?"

Yes, and anybody who does their own research ends up with same result because the source material is the same for all. Examples are - the newspaper reports of 6 million dead jews BEFORE WW2; the numbers of 'holocaust survivors' being over 1 million in 2004 as taken from jewish sources; the technical impossibility of the gas chambers, the lies told by the 'survivors'; the facts of jews controlling media, news sources, finance, law, corporations, legislative bodies; the brutality and vengeful policy towards any perceived enemy etc. Indeed, an 'enemy' of jews is anybody who is jew-aware.


Anonymous said...


Many critics .... Palestinians suffer hugely at Jewish hands as well'

Funny how they did not hear that he said many critics said Palestinians suffer meaning.

Or maybe not.

Anonymous said...

Stealing this.

The lecturer is correct. Look at the whinging by the same-sex jihadists over a cake in Northern Ireland. Would they rush to defend a cartoon satirising Panti Piss cooking Flamer-grilled burghers in Donegal? NAH.

Je ne suis pas Charlie.

Anonymous said...

"their gene pool isn't raped out of existence."

It sounds crazy but that is literally what they're doing all over Europe (urban Europe at least) - creating and covering up the mass rape of young white girls one neighborhood at a time. All the parents who can afford to leave do so but the rest have their children assimilated into the invaders by force, starting in the inner cities and then gradually expanding outwards as each area is cleansed. The cities of Europe are one giant Darfur.


I don't care.

This event is useful for attacking mass immigration, the multicult and the eurovile political class.

Anonymous said...

The Guardian newspaper & the BBC reported that 35,000 anti-Pegida demonstrators took to the streets of Dresden on Saturday, suspiciously the accompanying photographs of the demonstration seemed to be taken from just about above head height using a panoramic type lense or from directly above a section of the demo.

Reading through the comments on German media sources I discovered the Germans themselves were amazed that 35,000 people could fit in an 11 meter square space....

Here's a sample.


35,000 people on an 11 000 square meters of space.
This is completely impossible.

Organizers always exaggerate that makes Pegida too.

Would not it be serious to wait for the figures provided by the police?


it is a mystery to me, have space as the relatively small space 35000 people! We were at an event there, 7500 crowded people, then the access was blocked! Or are they just wishful numbers? State-organized protesters ???


It can be said confidently that this event has not proven anything now with live music and folklore performances remotely with respect Pegida. Despite calls of all state institutions and calls to employees just 25,000 to 35,000 people came together, the numbers were indeed so far only be confirmed by the Assembly itself implements State Chancellery. It is a good sign that people do not have and start harnessed to the political carts to think for themselves.

Kommt endlich runter von der Straße!

I can not and will not reassess the objectives of Pegida movement. But I defend the right to protest for all citizens. Critical government demonstrations - they may now be justified or unjustified - must endure our "Political Class", at least as long as we are still a democracy. Government Officially organized demonstrations are not only (almost always) stupid and embarrassing, they also remember how to escape the numerous comments from celebrities, to the unfortunate GDR times with their jubilant parades and the artists and athletes constantly called-up of loyalty, which no one could. The argument: We must show abroad that the German people thinks otherwise is incorrect. A democratic government must not be ashamed for their people, and certainly not for those who think differently. And another thing: Wise politicians should not drive the people on the street, but also promote a culture of debate intelligently. The right to demonstrate is especially for those who otherwise can not give yourself heard.

James said...


Imagine if they actually reported like this.

James said...

Renegade Rothschild says Mossad behind Hebdo attacks.

Interesting comments regarding the veracity of the woman's testimony follow.

James said...

New pictures show Stephen Hawking enjoying the hospitality of Jeffrey Epstein on the private Caribbean island where Prince Andrew is alleged to have slept with an underage "sex slave".

Anonymous said...

Not even Saudi Arabia can stop feminists.

Anonymous said...

The real reason Bibi wants French Jews to move to Israel - they can enjoy supremacy there.

Anonymous said...

More on Sandy Hook.

Apparently the surgeon at a school stabbing and the Medical Examiner at Sandy Hook look like the same guy because they are twins separated at birth! Something good came out of the tragedies. How nice.

Anonymous said...

You have to admire Elton Nethangoogle for coming to Paris when he was not wanted to support the free speech rights of Quennelleman.

Uncle Nasty said...

How jews reason ...

He added that he would have had no idea about the court proceedings against Epstein if journalists had not contacted him.

Epstein served 13 months of an 18-month jail sentence after pleading guilty to charges of soliciting a minor.

He was allowed to spend much of his prison sentence working at his scientific institute, the Florida Science Foundation.

In a strongly-worded statement, Buckingham Palace earlier said: "It is emphatically denied that the Duke of York had any form of sexual contact or relationship with Virginia Roberts.

"The allegations made are false and without any foundation."

A lawyer for Epstein has described the allegations of orgies by "sex slave" Roberts as "old and discredited".

"old and discredited", eh? I wonder what John Demjanjuk would have made of that?

Or the other ninety-plus-years-old concentration camp guards that the heebs keep digging out, dusting off and putting on show trial. Heinz Trubelmacher was a woodsman in Chelmno in 1927 ... He must have supplied wood to the local concentration camp.

Hang him!!!

It didn't stop the fuckweasels from going after him ... just like the noses strangely demanded a different sort of "justice" for Leo Frank, Gendrick Yagoda, Roman Polanski, Woody Allen, Johnathan Pollard


or, for Allan Dershowitz who has, coincidentally, not only recently been more and more involved in the royal family/joo bum/banditry scandal but was a defence attorney for (you guessed it) ... Johnathan Pollard.

Amazing how, if you stand in the same place long enough, the faces (and noses) floating by, begin to seem ... familiar.

Like on a merry-go-round

I call it Deja ju


Anonymous said...

Stupid stupid white girl. Why are there so many of them ?

None of this shit would have happened pre WW2

Shaunantijihad said...

Anon, so called racists have long warned against dating Negroes, but the warning is a little late for Miss Piper.

She was stupid, no doubt about that. However, she still possesses the one thing only Caucasian women have - the only place in the Universe White children can be created - a White woman's womb. Will she use it for it's holy purpose? Or will she create Orks?

BTW, does anyone know if those people the "good Muslim" in the Jewish shop that were saved by being ushered into the freezer were actually Jews? They looked pretty dark skinned in one photo I saw.

You know why I ask, of course, because he seems to have been dropped by the msm. Their much hoped for Muslim saving Jews dropped already. Strange that. I thought they'd make the story run and run so that Whites could continue to be told we had to accept our colonisation by Muslims as a good thing..yadadada... you know the script.

Anonymous said...

Deja ju ..........LOLLOL

You made my day UN

AnalogMan said...

Anonymous said...

Stupid stupid white girl. Why are there so many of them ?

None of this shit would have happened pre WW2

Only for lack of opportunity. During the war, the American military had to ask the British to control their wimminfolk. The Brits replied huffily that there was no colour bar in the UK.

Unfortunately, America failed to civilise the old country.

Joshua Sinistar said...

The Jew has already lost. Its just handwaving smoke and mirrors all around now. Pegida is their end right there. They'll try to stop it, but its going to grow larger. White people have had enough. Hate crime laws are just going to lead to pogroms against the hook-nosed horrors. If people can't vent they'll explode plain and simple.

Flanders said...

A well-documented article with photos show the condition of the grounds and the prisoners at the link below. The article is an unbiased look at the controvery, and is, The Truth Behind, Max Musson, Western Spring, The Liberation of Auschwitz.

"The German guards captured when the camps were liberated claimed that the condition of the dead and dying was the result of infectious diseases that were rampant across the battlefields of Eastern and Central Europe and the result of food shortages caused by the intense Allied bombing and shelling of German supply lines during the final stages of the war. Later under torture in which the guards were beaten so badly that some of them died and almost all of them had their testicles crushed beyond repair, a number of them signed confessions in English, a language that they could not read or understand, admitting to the deliberate killing of incredibly large numbers of Jews and other prisoners."

"At this time therefore, when Jewish groups are campaigning to have so called ‘Holocaust denial’ made illegal, it is important that we retain the right to question what is presented to us as historical fact. Jewish groups claim that scepticism about some or all of the Holocaust narrative is ‘antisemitic’, however I would counter such claims by pointing out that the Holocaust narrative is distinctly anti-German and inimical to White people in general when one considers that the Holocaust is constantly cited as a justification for denying the rights of the nations of Europe to defend our genetic integrity in the face of uncontrolled non-White immigration from the Third World."

Flanders said...

A 35-year old White Dutchman, Jacob Van Der Hart, having a snack at the Tiriton restaurant is assassinated by a negroid hitman in Panama. Footage from a CCTV camera shows the shooting. From a Daily Mail online report.

Flanders said...

Joshua Sinster, Hebdo was a small-scale, pre-Samson doctrine by controlling jewry, used in an attempt to maintain control.

Don't underestimate the intentions of jewry to have more False Flags with as many casualties as necessary in order to maintain power. Jewry WILL make it difficult because they presently have the power behind them - and combined jews in 195 countries of the world will be working together - against the rest of us - as individuals.

A unified, informed and aware White people are the nightmare which jews have. Don't think that the jews won't continue working to prevent that - with every power jewry has.