Friday, 21 November 2014

Our black friends and neighbours: A tribute

"I think this would be a wonderful opportunity to pause for a moment and give thanks for the great contributions that the black community has made to American society. Their peaceful and generous nature make them ideal neighbors, lending testimony to their exceptional family values and parenting skills unrivaled by any other culture. 

Their quiet and calm behavior in restaurants as to not disturb other diners and the generous gratuity they leave after dining is an example that all diners should strive to achieve.   Their commitment to academic excellence enriches our schools and serves as an example to all who hope to achieve prominence as a people. 

Real estate values are fueled by the influx of African Americans into a neighborhood due to their caring and respectful nature for their own property as well as their community,an example of all that they have achieved through their enthusiasm for self improvement by their unmatched work ethic. 

Their hands on, hard work and a self-reliant can-do attitude nurtures a culture of integrity and honor.Without their industrious and creative drive, we truly would be lesser of a nation."

Kory Smith


Malcolm Xcrement said...

Their not all wonderful. Here a black male rapes a white woman and then sets her alight.

WiseCaveOwl said...

a heartfelt tribute to the vibrant diversity. One hopes that the White residents of Ferguson MO., and vicinity, will give a warm welcome to their Black neighbors who, it is rumored, may soon be drop by to spread some Holiday cheer

Confucius said...

While the west furiously debates who can go to which public toilets, China plans for WW3 and assumes it will be a RACE WAR!

Is this real?

While we debate about what's real on the Internet, China makes solid plans for the future.

Anonymous said...

@ Malcom Xcrement:

Speaking of wonderful Wichita wildebeests.....remember the Carr brothers of the Witchita Massacre?

And the poor lone survivor who was raped, shot and left for dead later contracted an STD from one of the animals

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha

Anonymous said...

Good satire.

The Hard Work part should include a hefty thanks to the eternal morons of the white working class starting with the tards who unloaded the slave ships before the USA was even a country.

What were they thinking?

No, they weren't thinking. Never did, never will.


nilus said...

..and then the Swedes move in and the neighbourhood goes to shit!


Matthew Wright's JEW today is Gaby Roslin.
Topic "Too Much TV Violence Against Women?" or

"Bitches Wanna Have Their Cake and Eat It"

Many of these cops n corpses shows (Silent Witness, etc) are

They almost all feature a
STRONG FEMAlE LEAD character (usually a senior detective or police boss: at the moment there is Gillian Anderson in "The Fall"

They are watched MAINLY BY WIMMINZ

They almost always feature a WHITE,MALE SERIAL KILLER.

Also , the STRONG WHITE FEMALE LEAD HAS A DWEEBY white male SUBORDINATE who she is rude and condescending to
(he fetches a lot of teas and coffees) She usually has an EFFNIK partner who she treats with respect.

Or the Top Cop is EFFNIK (as in "Luther")

There is "concern" (from who?) that when female characters are killed on these murder shows, their deaths take longer than any male deaths. DERRR, that's cos the viewer is supposed to be "engaged" with the character. Males are expendable:
Bang Bang, youre dead.Next.

The bottom line: WIMMENZ commission, write, produce,direct and act in these shitty cops'n'corpses shows. For some reason ,WIMMINZ and older middle-aged people cant get enough of them.Or at least, they keep making them, regardless of demand.

I cant stand them,or indeed any shows about cops/detectives/doctors/hospitals etc.

FEMBOTS: Please go and spread your ideas to the animal kingdom:
Those female lions are oppressed, doing all the hunting while the male just lays around.
Off you pop and sort it out.
Be sure to stuff the pockets of your dungarees with tasty snacks like raw bacon.

Anonymous said...

111Obviously the writer here lives on some other planet.

Sponge Cake said...

Sheffield Utd cave in.

Jewish board rejects Wigan owner Dave Whelan’s ‘half-hearted apology’.

Anonymous said...

News just in.

BBC's kike (surely ornstein?) David Ornstein interviews chinky chong Vincent Tan who says Whelan is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyycistttttttttttttttttt!!

Anonymous said...

Rejected Asian [Chinese, Korean etc] students sue Harvard over admissions that favor other minorities

Harvard University's affirmative action policies, which the school says are aimed at achieving diversity on the vaunted campus of Cambridge, discriminate against Asians who often can't get in despite having higher test scores and grade-point averages than BLACK and HISPANIC STUDENTS who are accepted, according to a lawsuit filed Monday.

The lawsuit cites a 2009 study by Princeton sociologists that concluded that while the average Asian American applicant needed a much higher 1460 SAT score to be admitted, a white student with similar GPA and other qualifications only needed a score of 1320, while BLACKS NEEDED 1010 [lowest score] and Hispanics 1190.

One piece of evidence is the advice that the Princeton Review, a popular college guide, gives to Asian students applying to elite schools.

“The Princeton Review… explains: ‘Don’t attach a photograph to your application and don’t answer the optional question about your ethnic background… Write about something entirely unrelated to your ethnic background,’” the lawsuit notes.

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Nilus the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was written by a marxist turnip.
You will not believe how unbelievably bad it is and how all new detective stories are written to be as bad as this.
Or maybe you can?

Anonymous said...

chinky Vincent Tan made his money in Malaysia.

The Chinese of Malaysia are like the jews, they have all the money and are generally hated by the indigenous Malaysians

Anonymous said...

College Guide Tells Asians to Act LESS Asian and Black Students to ATTACH PHOTOS

Prominent test prep company The Princeton Review candidly advised certain types of students to emphasize or play down their racial and ethnic backgrounds.

Black applicants were told to “MAKE SURE THE ADMISSIONS COMMITTEE KNOWS YOU’RE BLACK,” by including a photograph, as colleges relax their guidelines for black students.

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

The original writer had a momentary lapse of judgement and mistakenly typed in "Black" when she really meant to say "White". Ya think?

Anonymous said...

Even though European Americans founded Harvard, America’s most important university, and are almost 70 percent of the American population, the university is now under powerful Jewish influence, to the point that only about 20 percent of the students at America’s premier university are European Americans.

Harvard and the Ivy League practice a blatant racist discrimination against better-qualified students and only allows Whites to make up 20 percent of the Harvard student body–as compared to allotting 25 percent of it to Jews, who are only 1.8 percent of the American population.

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

People seem to have the idea that riots spread from black neighborhoods to white neighborhoods. But that never happens. You have to walk into it.

There was a really vicious riot around here in 1967. In the little city nearby. A cop was lynched. A harmless guy who got caught by a mob in a used to be working class neighborhood of single family homes. No local incident, just that the brothers were rioting in Newark and this was an empathy riot. They knocked him down, crushed his skull with a shopping cart. Also castrated him and mutilated him in other ways. But the riot never spread from a half mile square area.

The only visible effect was that people painted their yard jockeys white. And completely shunned the area after that.

nilus said...

Just caught Radio 4skin's "Last Word" obituary programme.
It is usually top-heavy with Special,Chosen People, today being no exception..

First Up:
JEW ALEXANDER GROTHENDIEK, described by Le Monde newspaper as "the greatest mathematician of the 20th century":

Father was Hassidic JEW, 'fled' Russia to Germanu, 'fled' Germany to France, ended up at...drumroll:

'Grothendieck lived with his parents in Berlin until the end of 1933, when his father moved to Paris to evade NAAAAAAZISM'

'His father was arrested and sent via Drancy to the Auschwitz concentration camp, where he was killed in 1942'

(Mikhail Igor Peschkowsky)

'Mike Nichols was born Mikhail Pavlovich Peschkowsky in Berlin, Germany, the son of Brigitte (née Landauer) and Pavel Peschkowsky, a physician. His father was born in Vienna, Austria, to a Russian JEWISH immigrant family. Nichols' father's family had been WEALTHY and lived in Siberia, leaving after the Russian Revolution, and settling in Germany around 1920.(OOPS!)
Nichols' mother's family were German JEWS. His maternal grandparents were anarchist Gustav Landauer and author Hedwig Lachmann. Nichols is a third cousin twice removed of scientist Albert Einstein, through Nichols' mother.'

'In April 1939, when the NAAAAZIS were arresting JEWS in Berlin, seven-year-old Mikhail and his three-year-old brother Robert were sent alone to the United States to meet up with their father, who had FLED months earlier.

(without his wife and kids? Nice)

His mother eventually joined the family, escaping through Italy in 1940. The family moved to New York City on April 28, 1939. His father, whose original Russian name was Pavel Nikolaevich Peschkowsky, changed his name to Paul Nichols, Nichols derived from his Russian patronymic, and set up a successful medical practice in Manhattan, enabling the family to live near Central Park.' OY VEY.

'...Also there he met
JEW FEMBOT Susan Sontag (Rosenblatt), who considered Nichols her "best friend." In 1954, Nichols studied under
JEW Lee Strasberg.
(Israel Strassberg)'

'While in Chicago in 1953, Nichols joined the staff of struggling classical music station WFMT, 98.7 FM, as an announcer. Co-owner
JEW Rita Jacobs asked Nichols to create a folk music program on Saturday nights, which he named "The Midnight Special."

In 1955 Nichols was invited to join the Compass Players, which was predecessor to Chicago's Second City and whose members included
JEW Elaine May*,
JEW Shelley Berman, and
JEW? Nancy Ponder, directed by
JEW Paul Sills.

*(May was born Elaine Iva Berlin in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1932, the daughter of Jewish parents, theater director/actor Jack Berlin and actress Ida Berlin. As a child, Elaine performed with her father in his traveling Yiddish theater company, which he took around the country.)

They were invited to audition for JEW Jack Rollins,(Rabinowitz) who later became
JEW Woody Allen's(Konigsberg) manager and producer.'

'In 1960 Nichols and May opened the Broadway show An Evening With JEW Mike Nichols and
JEW Elaine May, directed by
JEW Arthur Penn.'

'In 1963,
JEW Nichols was chosen to direct JEW (Marvin)Neil Simon's play Barefoot In The Park.'

'Nichols directed
JEW Murray Schisgal's play 'Luv' in 1964'

'In 1965 he directed another play by
JEW Neil Simon, The Odd Couple. The original production starred JEW Walter Matthau.'

'His next film was The Graduate (1967), starring
JEW Dustin Hoffman'
(whose part was originally written for a "tall, handsome, blonde haired WASPY type")

'Nichols next film was Carnal Knowledge (1971) starring
JEW Art Garfunkel . The latter film was highly controversial upon release because of the casual and blunt depiction of sexual intercourse.' OY VEY!!


nilus said...

'In 1980 Nichols directed the documentary Gilda Live, a filmed performance of comedian
JEW Gilda Radner's one-woman show Gilda Radner Live on Broadway.'

'In 1984 JEW Nichols directed the Broadway premiere of
JEW Tom Stoppard's(Tomáš Straussler) The Real Thing. The Jew York Times critic
JEW Frank Rich wrote that "The Broadway version of The Real Thing is not only Mr. Stoppard's most moving play, but also the most bracing play that anyone has written about love and marriage in years." OY VEY!

'In 1986 JEW Nichols directed the Broadway premiere of
JEW Andrew Bergman's* Social Security. In 1988 Nichols completed two feature films. The first was an adaptation of
JEW Neil Simon's autobiographical stage play Biloxi Blues starring JEW Matthew Broderick, also receiving mixed critical reviews. Later in 1988, Nichols directed one of his most successful films, Working Girl starring
JEW Harrison Ford.

*JEW Bergman wrote the original screenplay for
JEW Mel Brooks's classic 'Blazing Saddles'. Since then, he has written or co-written the cult classics 'The In-Laws' starring
JEW Peter Falk and
JEW Alan Arkin , 'The Freshman' starring
JEW Matthew Broderick; 'Honeymoon in Vegas' starring
JEW James Caan and
JEW Sarah Jessica Parker, and directed 'Isn't She Great' starring
JEW Bette Midler.'

'In 2012, JEW Nichols won the Best Direction of a Play Tony Award for JEW Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman. In April 2013, it was announced that he would direct
JEW Rachel Weisz in a Broadway revival of
JEW Harold Pinter's Betrayal.

JEW Nichols was also in talks to direct a film adaptation of
JEW Jonathan Tropper's novel One Last Thing Before I Go. The film was to be produced by
JEW J.J. Abrams .



"Leonore Davidoff (31 January 1932 - 19 October 2014) was a feminist historian and sociologist who pioneered new approaches to women's history and gender relations, including through her analysis of the

"gendered division of roles in public and private spheres."

She helped create the Feminist Library in London in 1975. For much of her academic career, Davidoff was based at the University of Essex in the UK"

Davidoff was born in New York in 1932, as the second of four children of Ida and Leo Davidoff, impoverished Jewish immigrants from eastern Europe.

Davidoff's later childhood in a white Protestant community in Connecticut, served as an "early lesson in marginality". OY VEY!!!

Her father became a neurosurgeon, and her mother an early women's rights supporter and marriage counsellor. Her brother and older sister were also doctors. Davidoff, however, chose to study music as a first degree at Oberlin College Ohio, later switching to sociology. She went on to do an MA at the London School of Economics in 1956"

OY VEY!!!!!!


Sir Thomas Macpherson:
'Sir Tommy Macpherson who won the Military Cross three times during the war for daring exploits which included bluffing thousands of German NAAAAAAAAAAAZI troops into surrendering.'

Paul Vaughn:
Matthew spoke to QUEER Paul Gambaccini about the former BBC 'Kaleidoscope' presenter.

Anonymous said...

The Washington Times, 20 November 2014

Obama offers amnesty to 5 million illegal immigrants

The ongoing saga of Jewish Supremacist racism and hypocrisy has been highlighted once again with the news that the world’s most racist Jewish Supremacist organization—the Anti-Defamation League—has welcomed the effective ‘amnesty’ granted to at least five million illegal immigrants in the US, while at the same time fanatically supporting Israel which actively expels illegal immigrants.

The executive order signed by President Barack Obama effectively opens the door to allow at least half of the estimated 12 million illegal immigrants to stay in America.

This strategy—of ensuring that America’s founding European population be reduced to a minority—and then preferably into total irrelevance—has been a major goal of the Jewish Supremacists since the days of Jacob Javits and his fellow Zio-racists since the 1960s, when the first Jewish-promoted immigration reforms were started.

Hence it comes as no surprise to learn that the ADL was one of the first major Jewish organizations to welcome Obama’s executive order on immigration—which, of course, completely side steps Congress.

In a special statement issued by Barry Curtiss-Lusher, ADL National Chair, and Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director of the ADL, that Jewish Supremacist organization announced that they:

Welcomed President Obama’s executive action on immigration, calling it “an important step toward fixing our nation’s broken immigration system.” The president’s executive action follows a 2012 measure to provide relief from deportation for immigrants brought to the United States as children, which ADL supported. The League has long advocated for fair and humane immigration policies and has helped expose the anti-immigrant bigotry and hatred that has been an undercurrent of the immigration debate in the past few years.

At the same time, the ADL—and all other major official Jewish organizations in America, including the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations*, which is the most senior representative body of American Jewish Supremacists—continue to fanatically support Israel.

That Jews-only state has the most racist, restrictive immigration policy of any nation on earth, and even uses DNA tests to check on the Jewishness of dubious would-be immigrants.

* The Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations’ British counterpart is the Jewish Leadership Council. UKIP’s Zionist Member of Parliament, Douglas Carswell, will meet with members of the Jewish Leadership Council next month.

Jewish Chronicle, 15 January 2009

MPs Andrew Dismore from Labour Friends of Israel and DOUGLAS CARSWELL from the CONSERVATIVE FRIENDS OF ISRAEL lent their voices to the rally...

Frank Galton

nilus said...

Other "highlights" from Fabulous Radio 4skin's schedule, Friday 21st Nov 2014:

"Book of the Week"
'Not My Father's Son: A Family Memoir'
FAGGOT Anal Cumming reads his me-me-me-moirs

"Desert Island Discs"
Kirsty Young talks to
NEGRO poet and playwright John Agard.)

"Book of the Week" 'Not My Father's Son: A Family Memoir'
QUEER Anal Cumming reads the final episode of his moving memoir.

"Wimminz Hour" :

*'When it comes to setting career horizons are too many women still their own worst enemy?'
Jenni talks to
JEW Laurie Cohen, Author of ‘Imagining Women’s Careers’

*Contraception in Africa

*In 2011, Alinah Azadeh and her husband were issued with a repossession order for their home where they had lived with their children for five years. After that this "British artist of Iranian heritage" resolved to make debt the subject of her next artwork.

"15 Minute Drama":
Inquest, Day Five

"The inquest into the death of a FEMALE SOLDIER found drowned reveals she has been the victim of a sexual assault by a fellow soldier." OH, JUST FUCK OFF!

"Foreign Bodies"
Series 3, Nigeria
Helon Habila and CM Okonkwo on the flourishing new tradition of Nigerian crime fiction.


"The News Quiz"
DYKE Sandi Toksvig,
DYKE Susan Calman,
JEW Hugo Rifkind and
LEFTY Andy Hamilton join regular panellist
LEFTY Jeremy Hardy. (Toksvig is on "QI" later with QUEER JEW FRY)

Anonymous said...

His [Dave Whelan’s] remarks were condemned by Simon Johnson, a former FA AND PREMIER LEAGUE EXECUTIVE who is JEWISH and is the chief executive at the JEWISH LEADERSHIP COUNCIL*.

* UKIP’s Zionist Member of Parliament, Douglas Carswell, will meet with members of the JEWISH LEADERSHIP COUNCIL next month.

It seems the FA is hideously Jewish.

Jew Greg Dyke, FA Chairman 2013-
Jew David Bernstein, FA Chairman 2011–2013
Jew Lord Triesman, FA Chairman 2008–2010
Geoff Thompson, FA Chairman 1999–2008
Jew(?) Keith Wiseman, FA Chairman 1996–1999

With Jews being over-represented at the FA, is it time to introduce quotas for Jews, after all, DIVERSITY IS OUR STRENGTH?

“Diversity is our strength” – Abraham H. Foxman, National Director of the Anti-Defamation League,213018c9-567c-418c-bdea-1cbda8f58810,frameless.html

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Nigerian Eniola Aluko makes history as first female Match of the Day pundit

“England” international Eniola Aluko

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Dave Whelan sacked a footballer* for assaulting 2 wimminz.
Unfortunately the footballer was a natural athlete so he is now getting his payback from cohencerned types.
Or maybe it is just a cohencidence that Malky Mckay, Vincent Tan and Dave Whelan are involved again where sports journalists are telling us that Tan is as pure as the driven snow and that Malky was bold in his choice of words in 3 texts out of 10 000+.

*Yes he did go on to Sheffield United before finding another prison to accomodate him.

nilus said...

Frank G: Ive never seen any evidence that Greg Dyke is Kyke.

Lots of people raped in Brighton these days : usually by blacks, sometimes by Pakis or East Europeans.

This just in from
"Saucy Brighton-By-The Sea!":

Three men tried to rape a woman in the street in Brighton as she walked home from a night out.

The 23-year-old was attacked in Western Street, Brighton, on the corner of Sillwood Street, when the men grabbed her, pulled her to the ground and tried to force her jeans down.

She fought back, struggled free from the men and ran off, shaken but unhurt, Sussex Police said today (Tuesday 18 November).

The force said: “All three suspects are described as black. One had shoulder-length braided hair and was wearing a beige jacket and dark jeans or trousers.

“The other two wore dark clothing. One of the suspects spoke with an accent.”

and here's a classic from yesteryear:

“Police are investigating reports that a man was raped by two strangers.

The incident was just one of three sex attacks reported to police in Brighton and Hove yesterday.

The man said he was attacked by two tall men after getting out of a taxi in Kemp Town, at about 4am.

A Sussex Police spokesman said: “He had shared a taxi from Hove with a female friend and had been dropped off in St James Street at about 4am.

The two attackers were both described as black and in their mid-20s to 30s. ”

Sponge Cake said...

Wigan Athletic chairman Dave Whelan's poisonous jibes bring Rooney Rule ever closer.

Black coaches need every chance if football club owners are as narrow-minded as Wigan's Dave Whelan.

Dave Whelan has always been known as old school but his poisonous comments belong in reform school. Such is the prejudice dripping from Whelan's tongue that a Football Association charge is inevitable, as are an apology to the communities he has offended, an early enrolment on an education diversity course and some urgent phone calls to more sponsors threatening to leave Wigan Athletic. The Rooney Rule has come a step closer too following the outrage at Whelan's views.

If Dave Whelan is forced out of football, the anti-whites will be jewbilant

rambaloosa said...

"Outrage" over roadside sign in Nebraska town that read: 'Aids, Ebola, Obama. Thanks Africa'
Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

Anonymous said...

@Confucious 02:10

Is that real? It sounds real I'm sure that is how they think of us.

nilus said...

UK TV Fri Night,10-11pm

BBC1 10.35
QUEER Graham Norton presents.

BBC2 10pm "QI"
QUEER JEW FRY presents with
DYKE Toksvig

QUEER Evan Davies presents
JEW Ian Katz's "Jewsnight"
featuring "Yougov"
JEW Peter Kellner, the company’s president, who is married to Baroness Ashton, the senior Labour peer appointed Britain’s European commissioner by Gordon Brown.

11.15 "Never Mind The Buzzcocks"
RAPER Lethal Bizzle
Sarah Millicant

ITV : "Im A Sleb"
JEW Edwina Currie
RAPER Tinchy Stryder

Channel 4 10pm
QUEER Anal Carr presents ,guests
JEW Bette Midler
QUEER Sam Smith

ITV2 "Celebrity Juice"
RAPER Chipmunk followed by
JEW Tom Rosenthal
JEW David Schneider

BBC3 "Family Kike" x 4 then
"Sweat The Small Stuff"
QUEER Nick Grimshaw presents,
JEW Stacey Solomon and assorted
NIGS, followed by

"The Revolution Will Be Televised"
JEW Jolyon Rubenstein presents

ITV3 "Judge JEWdy"

Dave 10.40 "QIXL"
DYKE Toksvig
JEW Roni Ancona

Channel 4+1 10pm "Gogglebox"
watching telly

Film 4 "Battle Los Angeles" starring
DYKE BEANER Michelle Rodriguez

"Zombieland" starring
JEW Jesse Eissenberg

QUEER Derren Brown x2

Yesterday 11pm "Dam Busters: The Race To Smash The German Dams"

ITV4 "Memphis Belle" WW2 movie, blah blah blah

movies4men 9pm "Sahara"
another WW2 movie..

VIVA 11pm "Star Trek VI"
JEW Shatner
JEW Nimoy

ITVbe 11pm "Flipping Out"

E4 9pm movies starring
JEW Jake Gyllenhaal followed by

"Big Nose Theory", blah blah

4seven 10pm "It Was All right In The Seventies"
QUEER JEW Matt Lucas presents,with
JEW David Baddiel
JEW David Aaronovitch
JEW Barry Cryer
JEW Arthur Smith
QUEER (JEW?) Jeff Lewis presents.

Coonmutiny, 10pm
"The Gayest Show Ever"

'We go to a rehearsal for the musical Priscilla,Queen of the Desert (queers are SO original) and get into the ring (OOER) at an international gay wrestling match'

Or as UNO HOO calls it, "MMA" !

nilus said...

'The Plot To Make America Gay'

The Plot To Make America Gay
By Brother Nathanael Kapner
Copyright 2014

'Why has homosexuality come out of the closet into the living room of American life?

Through a combination of Media, Hollywood, Lobbies, and Courts—all run by Jews—sexual depravity is now touted as the ‘new normal.’

In fact, a sitcom called, “The New Normal,” features perverted bedroom scenes and homosexual propaganda targeting American youth.

And shows like “Modern Family” and “Faking It” continue the endless onslaught of sexual perversion.

Jewish Hollywood also spreads the ‘great to be gay’ message with movies like “Brokeback Mountain” and “Adam and Steve.”

But it’s not just on our screens, it’s on our streets with ‘Gay Pride Parades’—egged on by the Jewish-owned Media—over-running the ‘real normal.’

Topping the plot to make America ‘gay’ are powerful Jewish Lobbies.

Behind the Boy Scouts lifting its ban on homosexuals were the National Jewish Committee on Scouting and the United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism.

And the Anti-Defamation League has unleashed in tandem with the American Federation of Teachers a flood of homosexual books placed before the eyes of impressionable young children in our public schools.

The goal is to dismantle a Christian consensus in America.

For where no shared-values are present a Jewish worldview takes over.

But the most sinister of Jewish influence is what’s happening in our courts.

Same-sex practice was force-fed all the way up to the Supreme Court by the ACLU when Donna Lieberman represented two Jewish lesbians, Edith Windsor and Thea Spyer.

The case resulted in four Jews on America’s highest bench: Ginsburg, Kagan, Breyer, and Sotomayor, striking down the “Defense of Marriage Act.”

Recently, the same four Jews refused to uphold bans on same-sex marriage by the states.

Whether its Media, Hollywood, Lobbies, or the Courts, the Jewish plot to make America gay is at our very doors.'

Anonymous said...

Mandleson and his true colours

The movie that Hilary swank won an Meier hotdog for was based on pure bullshit.

Hilary Swank won the lead role of Brandon/Teena after hundreds of other actresses had been considered and rejected over the course of three years. She told director Kimberly Peirce that, like her character, she was also 21 and came from Lincoln, Nebraska. But she was fibbing, and when Pierce later confronted her with the lies, she responded, "But that's what Brandon would do."

The director, Kimberly Peirce, first came across the story when reading a long article in Village Voice written by Donna Minkowitz which was printed a few months after the murder.

The court summons Candace finds in the trash can (for which Brandon traveled to Lincoln) says "Hunt County." The courthouse building that Brandon walks into to pay the traffic ticket ALSO says "Hunt County." That would mean that Brandon walked into the very same courthouse where the bench warrant was earlier issued. But the sheriff tells Brandon that "this is what the Lincoln authorities faxed us over."

With all the care that Brandon takes to appear male, this would certainly include NOT shaving his legs.

The film is framed, too unquestioningly, as a transgender Rebel Without a Cause, with Brandon the martyred innocent who dies for her infatuations.

An over-rated, heavily manipulative film detailing the true story of Teena Brandon, a woman trying to be a man and how she makes new friends in Nebraska, fooling them into thinking she's a man - and thus starting a relationship with a young, troubled woman there. By only briefly mentioning her criminal past but not detailing it, it feels like director (won't let me MLK the the next line. I wonder what that might be?) Matthew Sheppard anyone?

Wanted to enjoy one hell of a life, but...... Teena could have avoided the mess, but I guess sometimes you just can't help play stupid. The consequences of Teena's actions were tragical, but those actions weren't any praiseworthy in the first place.

Anonymous said...

the lead for this blog if not mistaken was done up by a Chicago Detective in area 2 homicide division some yrs back,it has made the rounds when i was on the job and i have been gone almost 14 yrs,was good then and good now John old rtd chicago copper...

nilus said...

Just caught Radio 4skin news,1 am:

President and Emperor Of The Known World NIGGER FAGGOT Obongos speech about "Amurika is a nation of immigrants, and enrichment,and vibrant, diversity, etc" =

Then something about the
NIGGER Attourney General Eric Holder
(I thought Holder had resigned or been sacked?) warning about possible "protests" if the EVIL WHITE cop who shot an UNARMED BLACK INFANT IN HIS COT is aquitted then something about NIGGER Bill Cosbys shows being cancelled cos of some LUDICROUS allegations of "sexual assault"


This really is WAR, folks.

"RAPIST EVANS" 'The Mirror' front page:

nilus said...

4 am:
Right now on Hebe Be See 1 News:

BBC KIKE Jon Sopel reporting impartialy on Emperor Obongo. HURRAH, HURRAH, THE SAVIOR HAS COME

Now an impartial report about Evil RUSSIA, from
BBC KIKE Steve Rosenberg.

Now, the PAKI newscaster is talking to an AMERICAN KIKE "Mathew Kroenig" about EVIL IRAN and their Nuclear Capability. EVIL IRAN is REFUSING to dismantle blah blah blah kike propaganda kike kike kike kike kike KIKE KIKE KIKE KIKE FUCKING DEVIL KIKE LIES

Next, a tribute to KIKE DYKE pervert photographer Annie Liebovitcz (sic, whatever)

Next: American KIKE Jay Kanzler tells us all about the innocent Christ-Child Foetus Micheal Brown who was ripped from his mother's Sainted womb by an Evil White KKK Hitler NAZI Cop, then gassed and crucified and spat on and racially abused, even in The Afterlife

Next Paki Female football,still SO MUCH TO BE DONE




This is why I am more focused on KIKE media, as opposed to finance, etc.

For the majority,

I think KIKE MEDIA CONTROL is the Number One Priority.

nilus said...

BBC1 now: Fucking FUGLY KIKE DYKE Annie Liebovitz talking about KIKE FEMBOT Susan Sontag. (Rosenblatt)


nilus said...


We gnash our teeth and ball our fists in impotent rage: We are witnessing an AGENDA being implemented. An agenda that the MSM tells us is just a "conspiracy theory".

Hang' em all.

nilus said...

I used to like and admire Frankie Boyle. But no more: He's a Government Approved Comic.

Which is just disgusting. What a cunt. "Hey Frankie, I hope your kids get brutally anally raped and strangled by a Black UKIP Tory"

Wassup, Frankie, its just a joke.

Its edgy. Boyle , sadly is just a pathetic cunt:

Ukip is fair game for comedians – and why shouldn’t it be?
Nigel Farage’s moan about ‘leftie comedians’ on panel shows is riddled with contradictions. He appears to want comics not to make jokes

Show me just ONE "right wing" comedian.

just ONE "right wing" newspaper.

Thought not, fuck off.

Anonymous said...

The article has DISAPPEARED from the Amren website, but here's a REAL eye-opener: American (ex-)slaves were generally very POSITIVE about slavery. We know this because they were interviewed. Some quotes:

Patsy Mitchner, age 84 when interviewed on July 2, 1937:

Before two years had passed after the surrender, there was two out of every three slaves who wished they was back with their marsters. The marsters' kindness to the black after the war is the cause of the black having things today. There was a lot of love between marster and slave, and there is few of us that don't love the white folks today. . . . Slavery was better for us than things is now, in some cases. blacks then didn't have no responsibility; just work, obey, and eat.

Betty Cofer, age 81:

The rest of the family was all fine folks and good to me, but I loved Miss Ella better'n anyone or anything else in the world. She was the best friend I ever had. If I ever wanted for anything, I just asked her and she give it to me or got it for me somehow. . . . I done lived to see three generations of my white folks come and go and they're the finest folks on earth.

Adeline Johnson, age 93:

That was a happy time, with happy days. . . . I'll be satisfied to see my Savior that my old marster worshiped and my husband preach about. I wants to be in heaven with all my white folks, just to wait on them and love them, and serve them, sorta like I did in slavery time. That will be enough heaven for Adeline.

The blacks have been taught to resent us by the you-know-who...

Anonymous said...

Dear Jessica Whinnis,

The day they make a stupid, meddling, northern black mongrel a judge, feel free to voice your opinions. Until then STFU up about Ched Evans and be grateful that you rather than the gorgeous Victoria Pendleton were chosen as THE POSTER GIRL OF THE OLYMPICS. I'll admit your pretty... for a black girl. But your turdy ski, short frizzy hair yuck. I wonder why our MSM chose you and think a half chimp 80 IQ opinion is of interest to anyone?

Anonymous said...

PantsUPDontLOOT as Clayton Mcdonald would say.

Or was that Jermaine Pennant?

Or Marlon King?

Or that other black guy who was a victim of a racist witchhunt by the mirror and guardian because of their background did not get to go to the right schools and then onto Oxbridge and because of these facts they are despised.

For shame!

To those sickos at the mirror and guardian. And the mail and the telegrapeh.

Sponge Cake said...

Lawrenson is 57. He'll do anything to keep his job at the BBC. Kick a man when he's down, well done Mark!

Dave Whelan: Wigan chairman should step aside - Mark Lawrenson.

Sponge Cake said...

Londoners say ‘no’ to letting rapist Evans play in capital.

Londoners today warned the capital’s football clubs not to sign convicted rapist Ched Evans.

Nearly two thirds of adults are against any London club taking on Evans, according to an exclusive YouGov poll for the Evening Standard.

His former club, Sheffield United, last night retracted its offer to let him return to training — following a request from the Professional Footballers’ Association — after the decision sparked a furious backlash.

Several celebrities stood down as club patrons, including TV presenter Charlie Webster. Olympic gold medallist Jessica Ennis-Hill said she would want her name removed from a stand at Bramall Lane if the club took Evans back.

If he now tries to play for a London club, he will face a wall of opposition, particularly from women, according to the survey.

It found that 63 per cent of Londoners would “generally disapprove” of a London club signing the Wales striker, compared to just 18 per cent who would “generally approve”.

Women, 67 per cent, are most against the idea, though well over half of men, 59 per cent, agree.

“I would be very disappointed if a London club signed Ched Evans,” said Diane Abbott, Labour MP for Hackney North and Stoke Newington. “We know how young people idolise footballers and he is a horrible role model.”

Tottenham Labour MP David Lammy said: “The values of families from Charlton, Leyton to Tottenham, giving up their time and money to watch football, are not compatible [with] a man who seems to show no remorse.

"Role model", "family values", you couldn't make this shit up.

Sponge Cake said...

Nile Ranger(black), currently plays for championship club Blackpool. Check out "Controversies" at the bottom of his Wiki page.

Anonymous said...

Here's the jew football agent Malky Mackay named.

Phil Smith

The name doesn't alert the jewdar but the face, well the jewdar explodes.

More jewish agents with anglo names.

Jerome Anderson.
Jonathan Barnett.

They with Pini Zahavi and Barry Silkman make up 4 of the top 10 agents in the world.

Again jews less then 1% of the world population are 40x over represented in another area of rich middlemen of power and influence.

Anonymous said...

Nilus mentions obuma

Kick it out are the Agitator anti-racist org who suggested Dave Whelan step down.

Look at who 'kick it out' have on their webpage.

"There is not a Black America and a White America and Latino America and Asian America, there’s the United States of America."
Barack Obama, US President

The staff list of 13;
8 are women
4 ethnics (though could be more blacks)

Robbie_7 said...

That survey about Evans. Probably set the question along the lines of 'would you just love to see a violent rapist play for a visiting team?

The coon who was with Evans at the time was let off.

Robbie_7 said...

Frabk G. The irony of all those kikes on the FA etc. is that there are practically no jews actually play the game.

Anonymous said...

Also that 'secretary' at the FA who leaked allegations of 'sexism' was a dirty kike called Abrahams. Really the yenta was a zionist plant by the Hostile Elite of Trieseman / Bernstein / Kyke. 'let's kick waaaycizum out of football' is another zionist sabotage act... I'd say LET'S KICK THE FAT UGLY YELLOWSKIN KIKES OUT OF THE FA!

tsnamm said...

Spot on Nilus...BHO has a pen and a phone and he's going to destroy the fabric of a nation he was taught to despise by his father, who despised British Colonial rule in Kenya...he spells it out quite clearly in his books if anybody bothered to take him at his word.

Anonymous said...

Tragic result vs skirts but not as tragic as ibrox disaster. Will thry ever do stairs?

Anonymous said...

Well the pressure is sure going on .
We have Big Brothers PC gestapo doing a spoiler on the fantastic Comet Rosetta Philae success.
The shirt lifters and muff divers were upset by The leaders T shirt. This will have sent a shiver through academia ... he apologized ..Psycho warfare, in my opinion.
Now they are attacking the one of the few areas area were there seems to be any bollocks left .. football ... This is designed, in my opinion .. to send a ‘Mexican wave’ of fear through the football fans .Watch out! Rugby will be next.

Anonymous said...

John Smith dated Pocahontas and later searched for the Northwest passage. Before that, he defeated the Turkish champion in personal combat on three successive days.

The Englishman, and the Frank, has been the gold standard for male competence for more than a millennium.

Perhaps the meek shall inherit the earth.

Or, you can get your balls in hand, identify your enemies and punish them. Of course, I mean punish non-violently because, as we all know, violence is never, ever justified. Just because the IRA, representing a quarter million people, was to some extent successful at that, you are better than that. Talking, and blogging, should be enough to do it.

Shaunantijihad said...

Read the comments. I'm one of them under another name, and still not banned... yet! It's interesting.

Miss Fortune said...

Reader comments, even with the massive censorship that goes on, are among the most reassuring things to me today.

Sponge Cake said...

Continuing with the football theme...

Arsenal defender Per Mertesacker tackles his toughest test as German is welcomed at St John's Synagogue.

World Cup winner does not shirk his nation’s past as he is welcomed at St John’s Wood Synagogue and answers questions from Jewish fans.

Until he came to London, to play for Arsenal, Per Mertesacker had never before met a Jewish person. Then, one Friday night, when the new signing was living in Hampstead, his neighbour invited him and his wife round for a Shabbat meal. This was some cultural summit meeting. And it was, the giant German centre-back recalled, rather awkward when he was expected to contribute to the musical section of the evening. But the welcome was so effusive – and the food so delicious – he overcame his nerves and soon settled in.
Later that night, however, in conversation around the dinner table, he discovered that his new neighbours also had German heritage. So, he politely inquired whether they spoke the language. No, he was told. On their arrival in England, escaping the Nazis, their grandparents had forbidden German ever being spoken in the house. It was, he recalled, a chastening moment. “We have a responsibility for our history,” Mertesacker suggested. “We – the new generation of Germans – have to show everybody that we are honest, that we do not shy away from it and that we will teach our kids to do things properly.”

Per, for you Ze var is over

Anonymous said...

Great comments from nlius.

OyVeyBaby said...

Mersesacker should tell them where to stick their fucking synagogue.

Fucking unbelievable. The Wigan Manager says jews like money and he gets persecuted!!! WTF!!! Like saying bees like honey.

Anonymous said...

Ennis-Hill MBE is a wayciss then as she had no problem with Marlon King being signed by the club after he had been sacked by Wigan Athletic for a minor understanding.

And that makes Paul Heaton as thick as housemartin shit for the same and Charlie Webster is a blunt blade for having two rules for rape apes and another for civilised people.

If we do not hold the enrichers to first world standards they will never be integrated like Morgan Freeman or Bill Cosby is.

Anonymous said...

W/R/T the Julien Blanc controversy. If what he was saying didn't have sime truth to it, do you think the PC mob would be so keen to ban him from Britain?

Anonymous said...

Why did he agree to go? #Brainwashed

Anonymous said...

Dear Savant, you really excel when you´re sarcastic. It wouldn´t surprise me if you had written the text for the excellent youtube video "Thanks Jews!"

Best regards from The Netherlands

Anonymous said...


Jewish Memories of Mandela UK Launch

Jewish Memories of Mandela is a unique publication which chronicles the story of Nelson Mandela and the anti-apartheid struggle through the lives and recollections of Jewish South Africans who were a part of it. The book also records the REMARKABLE EXTENT to which JEWISH SOUTH AFRICANS PARTICIPATED in the ANTI-APARTHEID STRUGGLE, as well as in the POST-APARTHEID ERA of nation building, reconstruction and reconciliation.

Highlighting the importance of the book Mr Davis [chair of the Jewish Leadership Council’s Board of Trustees] commented:

In generations to come, when the MANY SOUTH AFRICAN JEWS WHO WORKED CLOSELY WITH NELSON MANDELA and who vigorously worked against apartheid are no longer here to tell their stories, we will have this book to REMIND THE WORLD of the JEWISH CONTRIBUTION to the STRUGGLE

Jewish Chronicle, 18 July 2014


NOTE: UKIP’s Zionist Member of Parliament, Douglas Carswell, will meet with members of the JEWISH LEADERSHIP COUNCIL next month.

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Lord Janner is a Vice President of the JEWISH LEADERSHIP COUNCIL.

He was elected President of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, the main representative body of British Jewry, from 1978 to 1984, and became a key international figure in efforts to seek compensation and restitution for Holocaust victims. He is Chairman and Co-Founder of the Holocaust Educational Trust, Vice President of the World Jewish Congress and President of the Commonwealth Jewish Council.

He was instrumental in arranging the 1997 London Nazi Looted Gold conference.

Child sex claims, a police 'cover-up' and troubling questions for a Labour peer: This special report reveals the full extent of the deeply disturbing allegations against ex-MP Greville Janner

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

He [Lord Janner] has three children and six grandchildren.

“six grandchildren”


Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Prime Minister Dovid Ben-Cameron launches Holocaust Commission

The commission and commission chair, Mick Davis of the JEWISH LEADERSHIP COUNCIL, were first announced by the Prime Minister at the Holocaust Educational Trust 25th anniversary dinner in September 2013.

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...


A number of JLC members had the privilege to work with MARGARET THATCHER DURING HER TENURE AS PRIME MINISTER...What is clear is that since her era things have moved on in terms of how the community ADVOCATES FOR ITS INTERESTS. It is no longer simply the case that a good relationship between a few individuals and the PM is enough. Relationships MUST BE INSTITUTIONALISED, CIVIL SERVANTS and POLITICAL ADVISORS BEING A KEY PART OF THE LANDSCAPE. The POLICY COMMUNITY and LOCAL GOVERNMENT MATTER JUST AS MUCH AS WESTMINSTER AND WHITEHALL.

Margaret Thatcher 'rejoices' during Falkland's War 1982 - archive footage

Daily Mail, 20 April 2011

'A deep-rooted hatred of the British': How Israelis 'armed junta' during Falklands conflict

Gas masks, radar alert systems, air-to-air missiles and fuel tanks** for fighter bombers were sent from Tel Aviv to arm General Galtieri’s forces. The most audacious deal involved supplying 23 French-built fighter aircraft – Mirage IIICs.

** Additional fuel tanks for fighter bombers supplied by Israel were particularly important for Argentina's war effort as they enabled pilots to FLY TO THE FALKLANDS AND RETURN TO THE ARGENTINE MAINLAND WITHOUT STOPPING.

Despite knowing it was Israel that was supplying arms/equipment to Argentina DURING the Falklands War, shabbos goy Margaret Thatcher remained a “true friend of Israel”.

YNET News, 08 April 2013

Thatcher: “true friend of Israel”,7340,L-4365481,00.html

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Ilombe Mboyo, professional Belgian footballer, convicted of partaking in a "gang rape of a 11 [most other sources say 14] year old child"

Still got picked for "his country" though, and played in the WC 2014 qualifiers:

"Belgian FA president Francois De Keersmaeker also defended Mboyo, saying: “Once someone’s time in the cells ends, they don’t necessarily have to be lost to society."

“It’s too easy to stigmatise. Mboyo could be an example for young people who go down the wrong path.”

The gang-banger turned down a move to Norwich in Feb 2013:

The BBC wrote a terribly sympathetic piece on him in Sept 2013:

"Mboyo says prison changed him and he realised the gravity of his crime while locked up"

If only Chad Evans was black, like his mate, who arranged for Evans to visit the hotel room in which the girl was raped, and was present whilst the rape took place.

Anonymous said...

Off-topic but interesting:

Remember the band "Kiss", with the "cool" bass player Gene Simmons, who is such a good, conservative Bush and Romney supporter? Well, he's actually Chaim Witz, and he hates Gentiles:

"That's what gentiles are for":

His biography:

Wolfhound said...

@ Anon 17.21

I could taste sick in my mouth listening to the BBC football podcast recently, they were all UNANIMOUS in their outrage of a longstanding, well respected and well liked chairman saying jews like to make money.

They had the presenter Pougatch (little digging shows he's descended from Ukrainian jews) talking to a guy called Ornstein and a guy called Cohen, who's name they started pronouncing Khan for some reason.

They also had a woman, a full kaffir and half-a-kaffir to weigh in with their intellectual prowess essentially amounting to "It's bang outta order innit".

For once I'd love one of the accused to just tell them all to fuck off and stop whinging like faggots about words.

Shaunantijihad said...

JEWISH leadership Council works with every political party to ensure that there will never be a CAUCASIAN leadership Council to compete with their misrule over Caucasians.

Anonymous said...

I'm still trying to make sense of the Ched Evans 'rape' case, and the jewess Jenni Frazer simply makes things more inexplicable:

- The woman was said by the judge to have been so drunk when she encountered Evans and his friend – who also had sex with her but was cleared of the rape charge – that she could not possibly have consented to the encounter. -

Now, if the woman was too drunk to give consent to the white man who had sex with her, how could she possibly have given consent to the black man who mated with her at about the same time as the white man? It's a mystery.


SAVANT said...

ALLEN@ABerdeen. That's my point as well and I referred to it in a post at the time. She was too drunk to give consent but somehow - magically - the black guy was absolved and the White guy jailed and had his career ruined.

All we can hope for is for the realisation to grow among Whites of the extent to which we're being fucked over.

Dave+33 said...

Frank G. Followed that link about the new Nigerian "female" MOTD presenter.

She got it on her looks. THat's sexism.

Anonymous said...


As was pointed out here before when this case first turned up she was able to consent to the black guy was unable to consent to the white guy and then the black guy has her again after she was unable to consent to the white guy but she was again able to consent to the black guy. Why?

Elaine said...

@14.13. I believe the reason given was that the slut was in a 'relationship' with the black guy.
A match made in heaven no doubt.

Anonymous said...

The half black fraud in the Red Shed in the US has singularly voided the US Congress by his amnesty of the illegals in the US. The US doesn't have a government. It has Obama. This action by Barry Soetero, calling himself Barack Hussein Obama, is a prelude to his coming takeover of the US as Dictator for life. He will make the takeover of Haiti by blacks seem bloodless by comparison of what will happen in the US when Barry rises supreme.

Anonymous said...

Africa gave us nothing but AIDS

Written by Kevin Myers in 2008. Now there are X million more Ethiopians and Eritreans who as Ethiopians the Ethiopian government made no attempt to save in Band Aid 1 time. They were the wrong type of Ethiopian.

And Africa has generously given us Ebola.

Anonymous said...

SPOT-ON. Satire at its very best. Thanks for sarcastically articulating the gospel truth. A fed-up American.

Anonymous said...

"british" pakis, do-gooders and yids in ISIS - you have some company

Anonymous said...

That whinging playboy model (the frumpiest I have ever seen) on I'm a Celeb Kendra is a trailer trash coalburner. I wonder if the male celebs were warned. If not, I hope they sue the pants off ITV when they get AIDS / EBOLA.

Sponge Cake said...

The grand jury will announce their decision tomorrow in the gentle giant case. If Officer Wilson is cleared, will there be a category 5.

Anonymous said...

Somebody mentioned gay martyr Matthew Sheppard. Turns out he was tortured by his gay lover over some kind of drug deal gone bad, according to the gay author of a book with the real story.

Ahhh...speed. Nothing like it.
1968 was my methedrine summer.
Of course, it will tear you apart if you keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Diversity" means CHASING DOWN Every Single Last White person.

This is genocide Nobody is chasing down Black people with "diversity" Nobody is chasing down Asian people with "diversity" The program of "diversity" will continue in All and Only White countries Until The Last White Child Is Born. That's GENOCIDE!!

"Anti-racist" is a code word for anti-white "Diversity" is a code word for white genocide?

Anonymous said...

"Swedes" fighting for ISIS
Is white Europe collectively a flock of fucking chickens in a coop?

Take a look at the picture gallery on this "Swedish" news in English rag.

Note the arrogant cuntish looking wog life posing with dumb white females over there.

Fucking pathetic!

Bitches blessed with beauty mating with the foulest forms of groid / animal life imagineable

Anonymous said...

YNET NEWS, 26 October 2011

Tani Goldstein

A study of the Pew Forum institute from 2008 found that Jews are the richest religious group in the US.


Jews are well represented in Wall Street, Silicon Valley, the US Congress and Administration, Hollywood, TV networks and the American press – WAY BEYOND THEIR PERCENTAGE IN THE POPULATION [2% of US population].

The chairman of the Federal Reserve, Ben Shalom Bernanke, is Jewish too, as is his predecessor, Alan Greenspan, and the FED FOUNDER, Paul Warburg.

The cinema industry was created from scratch in the 1930s, and the JEWS BASICALLY TOOK OVER IT [anti-Semitic?].

"The JEWS were the first people to undergo globalization," says Rebecca Caspi, senior vice president of the Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA). "They had a NETWORK OF GLOBAL CONNECTIONS [anti-Semitic?] way before other NATIONS [what Rebecca is saying is that JEWS ARE A NATION!].

The Jewish COMMUNAL ORGANIZATION is considered a role model for all other ETHNIC GROUPS [apart from whites of course, who are forbidden from pursuing their own ethnic interests in their own countries]. It HELPED THE JEWS EVERYWHERE...

There is no doubt that American Jews' huge success helped Jews survive in Israel.

"The help is beyond the actual donations," says Caspi. "The federal aid arrives largely thanks to the JEWISH PRESSURE [anti-Semitic?]. Israeli businesspeople use their connections in America to open markets and raise funds...

The Americans [American Jews] view Israel as a "SHELTER FOR A RAINY DAY" and feel committed to help the State.,7340,L-4099803,00.html


Rebecca Caspi, senior vice president of the Jewish Federations of North America, says Jews are a NATION with a “NETWORK OF GLOBAL CONNECTIONS”.

Is Rebecca Caspi an anti-Semite?

Tani Goldstein talks about “JEWS IN ALL CENTERS OF POWER”.

Is Tani Goldstein an anti-Semite?

Danny Halperin, Israel's former economic attaché in Washington, says Jews took over the cinema industry.

Is Danny Halperin an anti-Semite?

If a Gentile made these statements would he/she be labelled an anti-Semite?

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Kurds have support

Anonymous said...

Robert Frederick Zenon was in court in London explaining that as a resident of Crostwhaite Park DL where houses go for €750 000+ he was a pleb who could only attend pleb schools like Blackrock College.

You might not recognise the Frederick Zenon from this almost famous "Belgian" but the Robert will put you in mind of ... . G

Anonymous said...

The state of football US/UK makes GAA all the more amazing.




England 1966 WC Winners




Worst placed finish after qualifying 26th place WC2014

5 black/mixed




Shaunantijihad said...

"The US doesn't have a government. It has Obama."

Not quite. Since 1913 the Jewish families who own the central banks of Europe bribed their way into creating the treasonous Federal Reserve system, and with that power bought everything they needed to control the opinions and minds of the goyim. Mainly media power and political clout.

They put up bought and paid for front men like Obama, who do their bidding. The stupider the better.

They have been your secret government since 1913 (and in the UK for centuries before that).

Anonymous said...

Whiteness versus kike/fembot/pc/Marxist/feminist/c*nts

A story.

White scientist does what White scientist does like landing a probe on a comet flying through space 300 million miles away.

Scientist wears flamboyant shirt given to him as a gift by a female friend

K/f/m/f/c’s go nuts at his shirt.

White scientist issues grovelling apology to appease kfmfc’s

White Swiss girl finds kfmfc’s c*nts. Swiss girl makes a petition and fund to buy gift for White scientist.

$23000 raised to give a gift to White Scientist and team.

But White scientist being White doesn’t want the limelight or to take away credit from team effort, therefore $23000 likely to go to charity.

Now compare that story to the one of the millionaire Ghana football team demanding their government send $3m in cash on a plane to Brazil to guarantee fees for playing for their country in the WORLD CUP!!!!

Whilst fellow countrymen survive on a dollar or two a day!!!

James said...

“. . . Now, how would it be if in Russia there were not three million Jews, but three million Russians, and there were eighty million Jews — well, into what would they convert the Russians and how would they treat them?

“Would they permit them to acquire equal rights? Would they permit them to worship freely in their midst? Wouldn’t they convert them into slaves?

Worse than that: wouldn’t they skin them altogether? Wouldn’t they slaughter them to the last man, to the point of complete extermination, as they used to do with aliens in ancient times, during their ancient history?

Read the comments from Maria and Hoff. More hate than you can handle. Leading to...

Be nice to some people and they will kill you.

Anonymous said...

Negress punches white kid because “he raped her ancestors”.

Understanding the Jewish Role in Ethnic Conflict in America and Elsewhere

The Jewish Supremacist-controlled media and entertainment industry plays a crucial role in helping to set the stage for this ongoing conflict—while, behind the scenes, dedicated Jewish Supremacist activists work full-time at inciting and radicalizing African-Americans—and all non-white Americans, for that matter—to engage in anti-European-American actions.

All of this is carefully designed not to provide “justice” to African-Americans or anybody else, but rather to bolster the Jewish Supremacist political agenda, which is based on a divide-and-conquer strategy of provoking disunity among everyone else while fanatically building Jewish unity and promoting a Jewish ruling elite.

The first step in this multi-faceted process is to influence African-Americans—and young people from that community in particular—to be filled with hate for European-Americans.

To achieve this, the media—through so-called “intellectual” channels and through the “entertainment” media (Hollywood, TV etc.)—feeds a constant diet of incitement and viscous propaganda which is designed to make African-Americans (and all non-European Americans) blame European-Americans for all their ills.

To do this on an “intellectual” level, the Jewish-infiltrated academic institutions twist, distort and outright lie about historical processes. A good example of this is the era is the issue of slavery.

Read more:

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Shaunantijihad said: “They put up bought and paid for front men like Obama, who do their bidding.”

The meeting of Jewish oligarchs Haim Saban and Sheldon Adelson at the Israeli-American Council has attracted considerable comment. Obviously, it’s another illustration of the power of a minuscule number of very wealthy individuals to influence the political process. And since Adelson is partial to Republicans to the tune of $150 million in the last election while Saban donates to the Democrats (substantially less [after all, he’s only worth 3.4 billion], but certainly not to be ignored), both parties are quite prone to doing their bidding. The Israel Lobby is nothing if not bi-partisan.

And while Israel is obviously their number one issue, both are quite on board with the transformation of America via massive non-White immigration, while at the same time they (like the rest of the organized Jewish community throughout the West) are quite opposed to non-Jewish immigration to Israel.

Frank Galton

Denise said...

Any White man who has not fathered White children are a part of the problem.

J Bull said...

Still no news from UN?

I'm getting worried about him, despite what he said to Analog.

Anonymous said...

Denise said... Any White man who has not fathered White children are a part of the problem. 23 November 2014 23:54

"Any white man" is not good enough.
I'd rather save a bunch of race conscious educated childless white men than a tribe of 'white' pykies, and/or race mixing white trash - the type you find at football stadiums and vulgar shopping malls.

Some or most of these whites are worse than kaffirs

Anonymous said...

This is BRILLIANT satire. I don't think there is a single person on earth who could read this and believe it. Even the dullest negro would realize how over the top untrue it is.

katana said...


French Speech-Police Raid Elderly Historian’s Home on Orders From the Jews


This just shows you how desperate jews are to suppress the truth about their so-called “holocaust”. They continually arrest, fine, hound, beat up (using jew thugs) Prof. Faurisson, multiple times in order to stop the truth about their damn lies from getting out.

If the “holocaust” is so self evident, why don’t they allow people like Prof. Faurisson to be ridiculed in open debate?

The answer is straightforward. He speaks truth against institutionalized lies. Once enough people know that the “holocaust” is in fact the Hoax of the Twentieth Century, a pack of lies, the jew house of cards will be blown away and their current control over us will be mortally wounded.

If people realize that the “precious jew thing” called the “Holocaust” is a monumental lie, a hoax in fact, they will then ask what else is also a lie. Then the whole tyranny starts to unravel.


For my latest blog post, Death of a City – Part 3, click here >>> KATANA


katana said...

The link to my blog is:

For my latest blog post, Death of a City – Part 3, click here >>> KATANA


Sponge Cake said...

All law-abiding white citizens of St Louis are urged to protect themselves by seeking shelter in the shoe store... in the work boot section. There will be no looting of work boots, as they are not needed by the "Youths". If you can't make it to the shoe store, the library could be your best bet.

parisclaims said...


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said... 24 November 2014 12:39

Erm ... except you! LOL!

Anonymous said...

The Local, 21 November 2014

In a survey of 1,915 German people between the ages of 16 and 95, half of respondents said they are tired of hearing “about the German crimes against the Jews AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN ”

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

I don't know who's dumber. The victim in the NYC projects stairwell, the (I think) Asian cop who shot him or the old man who shot his 45 year old son while hunting geese on his own land.

Okay. I vote for the old man hunting the Canadian Geese shit machines. I mean it's tough to decide but it's what always happens when there are guns around. Nothing more dangerous than a shotgun at 15-20 feet. And with every other gun, there is ALWAYS a round chambered.

BTW the end-game plan for the elites is obviously to fragment societies with any competence through immigration and atomize every individual through racial and sexual identity politics, all the while carving out special social places and rights for certain groups. They will then separate themselves from the rest of humanity through trans-humanism and claim to be a new and superior species. A bunch of stinking cyborgs who aspire to live for hundreds of years.

BTW Good news on the immigration front: turns out that Halloween is cannibalizing the Day of the Dead in Mexico. Luckily though, according to the NYTimes, there is a renaissance of appreciation going on currently for the old traditions. Good luck with that.

AnalogMan said...

Anonymous said...

Africa gave us nothing but AIDS

If you haven't read this article yet, do so.

Then read Kevin Myers' follow-up article:

Writing what I should have written so many years ago.

And the cherry on top? From that unimpeachable, unbiased source, the BBC News, we learn this:

Ethiopia famine aid 'spent on weapons'

The crisis in 1984 prompted a huge Western relief effort. Although millions of people were saved by the aid that poured into the country, evidence suggests not all of the aid went to the most needy.

Don't you love the British style of understatement?