Friday, 14 November 2014

Norway's education by rape

Even by Scandinavian standards Norwegians have been the most deluded and naive when it comes to multiculturalism. I've read that per capita they import the highest number of 'refugees' in Europe,almost exclusively African and/or Muslim.  With predictable results. Crime - especially rape -  and welfarism have ballooned, and ominously, second generation parasites are worse than their parents. This post introduces you to a witch while providing more details on the country's travails.

But change is in the air!  It seems that education by rape is working and Norway is deporting the parasites by the thousand.  "The National Police Immigration Service.... deported 824 people in October, which is a new record. PU believe some of the reasons for the rise in figures are more resources, more staff and a change of “portfolio priorities”. It has also become easier to deport people back to Afghanistan and Nigeria."   Could anything sound sweeter than that?  Maybe if you added in Somalis and Pakis.  No wonder this guy is gearing up for emergency action.

The overall target for this year is over 7,000 but all is still far from well.  You see "a percentage of those deported in 2014 were asylum seekers who had their application for continued asylum rejected. They were then deported along with their families. The majority of deportees however had committed crimes or had returned illegally to Norway" Would have been a lot better had the expulsions been more broad-ranging but still, be thankful for any progress. I like it too that the families are also being deported.

Check out the comments on the report.  Remember The Local is just about the most close-minded intolerant PC medium out there. Their censorial comments policy is well known - for example I'm totally banned even under my own name.  Yet almost without exception the comments jubilantly welcome this move by the authorities.  Things are indeed looking up.

In conclusion I simply have to provide you with a picture from another report from The Local. This one is of - I kid you not - the top two 'Norwegian' fashion designers for this year. Even without being told I knew that the guy on the left of the pic was Norwegian,  Obvious really.


Anonymous said...


The gang rape of 1000s of white schoolgirls is a small price to pay.

Oslo nearly every single rape was committed by a cultural enricher. Norway's Spectre was silent on the issue.

Malmo is the rape capital of Sweden every one committed by an enricher. Sweden's Spectre was silent.

Are the importers morons?

Anonymous said...

Yes, Savant, I agree it's a heartening development! But in my personal experience, scratch the PC surface of most and there's a race realist underneath. They just keep up the PC front to conform.


Anonymous said...


New England Patriots got 1 000 000 twitter users the olde fashioned way signing them up rather than paying twitter for fake followers and the 1 000 000th Patriot fan had a really interesting #tag #IhateN..... dammit what was that word again? Rita (m)Oro(n) who could only get 2 000 of her 2 000 000 million followers to request a new song because they might be the only real followers she has would not use it.

It is a word icki Miaj would use to describe a popstar going to a gig (a gigger) who is big and therefore bigger than a waif like Rita.

Barbra Specter is quite fond of them.

Anonymous said...

Great. I love the Scandinavians. They are the most physically attractive race on earth and they are honest and intelligent. For this reason the ugliest and most sneaky and manipulative parasites on earth hate them more than most other Whites. Just look at the flabby, turdskinned, bulldog-faced hooknose when an athletic Nordic goddess enters a room. They can't control their envy and resentment.

Anonymous said...

This guy's still on a mission

David said...

One wonders if Breivik may have played a part in this sea change even if it must remain unspoken.

Iron Felix said...

If the Norsemen actually really get down to the serious business of safeguarding one of the finest gene pools in the world, expect an anti-Norwegian campaign, like the previous one against South Africa or the current one against Israel, to gradually power up to hysterical levels.

Bandar said...

One wonders if Breivik may have played a part in this sea change even if it must remain unspoken.

David, I always wondered about this myself. If nothing else he got peoples attention.

Sponge Cake said...

That's good news about Norway. I went back packing around Scandinavia with a few mates in the early eighties. Had great fun in some of the hostels we stayed in. :)

Check out this news story.

Jessica Ennis-Hill receives rape threats over Ched Evans stance.

Where is the outrage from the likes of Ennis-Hill about the paki rape gangs. I'm no fan of Ched Evans, however, this smacks of an anti-white witch hunt.

P.S Uncle Nasty, Keiser, If you're reading this, it's time for you guys to come home.

BTW What ever happened to James?

Son_of_Bacchus said...

Felix, I doubt if that will happen.. Norway is still very much in the liberal-PC side of the equation. They have a long way to go.

AnalogMan said...

Savant, I never actually met Uncle Nasty. He got in touch and offered me the tour, but the weather stayed foul week after week, and it sort of lapsed.

I've tried to call him on his cell phone, but got his voice mail. I just missed him at his home number, so at least he's still alive and kicking. Anyway, I've asked him to get in touch.

AnalogMan said...

Uncle Nasty just called back. He thanks you all for your concern, and assures us all that he's in perfect health and not yet under arrest. Just having connectivity problems.

AnalogMan said...

Sponge Cake said...

Check out this news story.

Jessica Ennis-Hill receives rape threats over Ched Evans stance.

Aren't they precious?

How is "I hope Ched Evans rapes her" a threat?

Wishful thinking, maybe. She's a darkie herself. I wouldn't take her if she offered. Mind you, Evans has already shown he's not as fastidious.

Anonymous said...

"But change is in the air! It seems that education by rape is working and Norway is deporting the parasites by the thousand. "The National Police Immigration Service.... deported 824 people in October, which is a new record. PU believe some of the reasons for the rise in figures are more resources, more staff and a change of “portfolio priorities”. It has also become easier to deport people back to Afghanistan and Nigeria." Could anything sound sweeter than that? Maybe if you added in Somalis and Pakis. No wonder this guy is gearing up for emergency action."

824...WooHoo! That'll make a dent!

Seriously, what happened?

Why do White/European countries allow their countries to be over run by parasites?

I struggle with it as a "Yankee".

Is the fiat currency that powerful? Snark

Hell, the West should let the chinks sort it out. We certainly can't. Of course the chinks love it.

The Chinks don't tolerate diversity. They could teach us a lesson...wait didn't we teach them a lesson a few times in the past.

Here in Ameristan we are bracing for riots in Fergustan in the peoples republic of Missouristan.

Enjoy the show. It should start Monday. Happy Holidays white folks! Merry Christmasistan!
Scot Irish

Iron Felix said...

Ah, Son of Bacchus, we can but hope. Someone way back once sais "a single spark can start a prairie fire". And elsewhere, a deluge starts with but a single heavy drop.

R_Moreland said...

One wonders if Breivik may have played a part in this sea change even if it must remain unspoken.

As a great American (sorta!) once said, "You get more cooperation with a kind word and a gun than just a kind word."

Seriously, given the level of PC repression in much of Europe, you wonder why there has not been more Breivik style acts of violence. When the government criminalizes a people's liberties, the people have a right to take action--so sayeth John Locke.

Shaunantijihad said...

Put Brevik in charge and you'll see those targets surpassed poste haste.

And that's precisely what is needed.

One word of warning, is that if our enemies do indeed turn upon Islam, it will again be used to murder White males for the hidden agenda of more male Negro immigration - "to replace the lost workforce, you see?" - in order to genetically lobotomise the next generation of low IQ mixed species hominids. This is the long term Jewish plan for every White people. The Japs and Chinks will be next - far too intelligent to be allowed to remain untainted by Congoid DNA.

If such an event comes to pass, White women must conspire to share any White males of any age to get pregnant. Like the Viking women of old had to do after war losses.

white rose said...

SO happy to hear the good news about UN.

I really had been getting worried as we know he has reached 'mature' years.

Hope to hear from you soon again UN!

white rose said...

R_Moreland, I believe there will be more BReivk-style reactions. Even some of my female friends have undergone a sea-change in their views in recent years.

eah said...

Norway has a chance. They are not a member of the EU (very probably they will never join), and therefore citizens of other EU member states cannot just up and move there.

In general, if one EU member state has, or is (eg due to their asylum and/or refugee policies) a problem, then every EU member state has a problem, or will in the end have a problem. Because eventually significant numbers of these refugees, asylum seekers, etc will get citizenship. And once they have that, they can go anywhere within the EU they wish.

Obviously problematic now are the sort of gateway countries -- eg Greece, Italy, Spain. They attract huge numbers of "migrants" and do not seem to have the guts to get rid of them or discourage more arrivals. Sweden is a huge problem due to the Swedes' behavior -- their insane asylum and refugee policies. France, the Netherlands also due to their ties to former colonies. So it's clear there are enough problem EU countries to make sure every EU country has or will have a problem.

Of course hopefully Turkey will never be granted membership. Already it can be seen including countries like Romania and Bulgaria was a mistake. Standard of living differences ensure the migration flow is entirely uni-directional.

Nero said...

Education by Rape
Even some of my female friends have undergone a sea-change in their views in recent years.

Yes. In many societies rape is merely considered naughty ... and we let them in to God’s own hallowed turf!

Where I live is hardly the centre of the universe, hardly the most enriched, and yet I know of one person raped by a Pakistani and another near miss ...
A girl at our place finishes work early and decides to walk home. Along the way four blacks appear from nowhere and try to drag her away to their awaiting car. In broad daylight. Fortunately, she fought them off. They were all real Africans fresh out of Africa.

The ladies especially are waking up to the truth about immigrants – they’re just not from Dingly Dell.

Anonymous said...

Brevik was on to something when he went off on the liberal group doing their diversity shit on the little island,recall yrs ago that the American Communist Party decided to go to Greenwood Miss, and protest over some phony bullshit,the good old Confederate boys gretted them with automatic weapons and shot 3 Jews and asst. niggers left them laying aound in the street they did,John old rtd. chicago copper.

Sponge Cake said...

It's that time of the year again, when the low IQ people get their panties in a twist.

60 arrested in Black Pete protest in Netherlands.

THE HAGUE, NETHERLANDS—Police detained about 60 protesters Saturday as a traditional Dutch celebration of the arrival of Saint Nicholas was disturbed by demonstrators who say his faithful sidekick, “Black Pete,” is a racist caricature.
In some of the worst scenes of unrest in the increasingly acrimonious debate about Black Pete, opponents scuffled with police on the historic market place of the central city of Gouda as thousands of children welcomed Saint Nicholas nearby.

Anonymous said...

pabs and his dogs ... he had it spot on ..... reward or punishment.
daft bitches.

Anonymous said...

Breivik is a bad place to go no matter what the social, racial problems may be. I was under the impression he murdered whites anyway. But whatever the case, it's a bad place to go.

You might try some energy and dedication first. Form cultural and self-defense action groups, a la the Jews in Crown Heights. You people mock the Irish republicans, and I've begun to agree that it's a bit silly to fight a war for independence only to be overrun by third world savages, but do you show anything approaching their will and ability to sacrifice?

These mass murderers are only the canaries in the mine. Modern life is too stressful, too crowded and just like too many rats in the cage, we eat our own. That's also why so much of it happens here in the states, as we are on the cutting edge of modern shitty civilization.

I thought it very telling that the scumbag father of the maniac, who had not seen him in years, considered himself the victim, as he'd have to live with the shame for the rest of his life.

Dan said...

Not that I'd recommend his solution, I do think it had a profound effect on the inner dialog most Norwegians are really having with their consciousness.

It was a political act extraordinary.

nilus said...

I saw a few minutes of "Children In Need" last night, at one point they did a "live Radio 1 Broadcast" from a school.
The presenters they sent in were:

QUEER Nick Grimshaw
QUEER Scott Mills and
JEW Alice Levine.

Saturday Night UK TV:

BBC1 6.10pm
"Pointless Celebrities"
JEW Vanessa Feltz
Negro Kriss Akabusi

QUEER Craig Revel-Horewood
QUEER Bruno Tortellini, etc

BBC2 8pm
"Perry and Croft"

"..begins with a look at how they portrayed the nation at WAAAAR"

"Dads Army" Who does Mr Hitler think he's kidding?

QUEER JEW Fry presents, he's talking all about poo, with
QUEER Rev Richard Coles and
SHE-Monster Millican, talking about her tits, arse, and fanny, and what might ooze out of them.

"War of Words: Poets Of The Somme"
Doc about WW1 poets
JEW Siegfried Sassoon,
JEW Isaac Rosenberg, and a couple of non-chosen, unimportant ones.

ITV 8.15
"The X Factor"

JEW Simon Cowell
QUEER Louis Walsh
Cheryl Coalburner
Mulatto B.

Later, haberdasher Jonathan Ross brags about his big dick to celebs who are flogging product. (Ross is notorious for whipping out his schlong and showing it to people)

Channel 4 8pm
"Walking Through History: Nazi Occupation-Channel Islands.
'Talent-free creep Tony Robinson finds out what life was like there for the five years of German occupation'
(Let me guess: the very FIRST thing they did was to force everyone to speak German. Am I right?)

9pm "It Was Alright In The 1970's"
JEW Arthur Smith,
JEW Barry Cryer ,etc.

Yep, they've reduced the 70's to "homophobia, sexism and cigarettes": (Ive seen the trailer)

'This new series revisits the TV decade that taste forgot

(what about the frickin 80s?)

'This episode features JAW-DROPPING clips of OUTRAGEOUS sex jokes and SMOKING in prime-time shows and inappropriate kids TV'

Funny cos I was a kid in the 70s and the biggest and most well loved TV figures were obviously camp (but not FAGGOT camp like Alan Carr, etc) : Larry Grayson , John Inman, Frankie Howerd, etc.

And its funny that out of my Grandparents, my parents and us 4 siblings, my grandma was the only one that smoked. I started later, in the 80's.

This is one of those "talking head" shows: wankers watch a clip and pretend to be "shocked " and "horrified" by a Benny Hill or Dick Emery sketch.

As for "sexism", people like Les Dawson would make jokes about fictional mother-in-laws.

I dont recall him ever sticking a crucifix up his arse:

FEMEN Simulate Anal Sex with Crucifixes in Front of the Vatican

nilus said...

Channel 5
"Battle of Britain"

'Stirring war drama about Britain's air defence against the threat of a German invasion in WW2'

"Family Kike" x 6 , including:

'German Guy': Chris Griffin comes across a puppeteer named Franz, who befriends Chris and introduces him to his vast collection of puppets. The two bond over the puppets, creating their own puppets and stories (which Chris describes as the "Germanest thing he's ever seen"), but Herbert discovers their relationship and tries to break it up. Herbert confronts Peter, telling him that Franz is a NAAAAZI lieutenant named Franz Schlechtnacht, whom he had met during World War II after being shot down in his plane. He was then taken to a CONCENTRATION CAMP by the NAAAAZIS, after he was believed to be GAY, that was run by Franz, and was forced to undergo hard labor.

...finally, however, Franz stumbles and falls off his front porch step, Herbert tries to grab him, but Franz grabs short of his hand and is killed instantly by the fall. Herbert then salutes Franz's corpse and says
"Say goodnight you NAAAZI BASTARD"

KIKES Andrew Goldberg and Aaron Blitzstein were staff writers on the episode.

"At one point, a cutaway gag points out that paying a woman to star in a porno is not prostitution and therefore legal before saying the message is brought to you by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints."

followed by
"The Revolution Will Be Televised" Smart-arse
JEW Jolyon Rubenstein

followed by

"Sweat The Small Stuff" presented by
QUEER Nick Grimshaw, with
HALF-JEW nancyboy Russell Kane
PAKI Romesh Ranganathan
NEGRO Dane Baptiste etc

BBC4, 12.25
" Guitar Heroes At The BBC"
JEW Peter Green,
JEW Paul Kossoff, and a few unimportant, non-chosen pluckers.

Film 4 9pm "Zombieland" starring
JEW Jesse Eissenberg, directed by
JEW Ruben Fleischer

followed by "Attack The Block"
Stoned nigger muggers save London from savage aliens.

Ironic, eh?

VIVA 11.50 Star Trk 6:
JEW Shatner
JEW Nimoy, etc

True Ent 9pm ,movie "Seesaw" starring
JEW David Suchet

Coonmutiny Channel "Protection"

'Doc about the devestating impact of HIV/AIDS in Africa, and how traditioonal attitudes about manhood have hindered efforts to prevent the acceleration of the epidemic' LOL!!!

followed by a doc about QUEER Roma.

E4,'Home Of KIKE':
"How I Met your jewish Mother",
"Big Nose Theory x6 ,followed by movie "Love and other Drugs"
JEW Jake Gyllenhaal stars as a successful Viagra salesman.."

5USA : "Columbo"
JEW Peter Falk stars in JEW-created, written and produced cop show.

QUEST 10pm
"On The Case With Paula Zahn"

Zahn isnt jew, but her kids are:

"Zahn has three children with Richard Cohen, a New York City real estate developer. Cohen is Jewish and they are raising the children in his faith."

"In April 2007, Zahn announced she was divorcing Cohen after 20 years of marriage. That same year, Zahn filed a lawsuit against Cohen alleging he had mismanaged 20 years' worth of her career earnings."

"mismanaged", LOL! DOH! OY VEY!!

On January 9, 2009, Discovery Communications announced that Zahn, along with producing partners
JEW Scott Weinberger and
JEW Scott Sternberg, had entered into a development deal for a true crime documentary series. On the Case with Paula Zahn premiered October 18, 2009 on the Investigation Discovery cable channel'

nilus said...

Chief Rabbi Gives Thumbs Up to New Holohoax Theme Park in Nottinghamshire

The Mass Rape of German Women
by the Red Army and its Allies

. . . by JA Sexton and Lasha Darkmoon

nilus said...

Addendum : The 1970's "talking heads" show also featured
JEW David Baddiel
KIKE David Aaronovitch.

nilus said...

..and was narrated by
QUEER JEW Matt Lucas!

Anonymous said...

Some Jews are good:

Anonymous said...

Daily Mail, 15 November 2014

Convicted drug users and THIEVES will be allowed to join POLICE: Rules relaxed in bid to lure MINORITIES - and London is already RECRUITING CRIMINALS

Met has already been RECRUITING CRIMINALS to increase RACE DIVERSITY.

The Mail on Sunday has established that Britain’s biggest force is already recruiting those who have been on the WRONG SIDE OF THE LAW in a controversial attempt to increase RACE DIVERSITY.

The College of Policing, which sets standards for the profession, is to publish a code of practice in the New Year on the vetting of would-be police officers.

It will set out a relaxation of the current rules – which ban anyone with previous convictions, cautions or fines in all but the most exceptional circumstances – on the grounds that it is keeping potentially VALUABLE PEOPLE [“teens”, “talented musicians”, “aspiring rappers” etc] from becoming police officers.

A spokesman for the College of Policing confirmed last night: ‘We are looking at reviewing the national standards around vetting. The current vetting standards are CREATING BARRIERS [having a conviction for theft creates a barrier when applying to join the POLICE, LOL!!!] to people who might be interested in policing.


Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Superintendents’ Association of England and Wales

Speakers at the Superintendents’ Association of England and Wales annual conference 2014 include:

Ruth Hunt, Chief Executive, Stonewall

Ruth has spearheaded efforts on engaging people of FAITH in Stonewall’s work. Ruth has also developed strategic partnerships with organisations such as the Ministry of Defence...In 2013, Ruth was voted the fifth most influential LGBT person in Britain in The Independent’s Pink List. Ruth’s WIFE Kirsty [ROTFLOL!!!] is a doctor specialising in histopathology.

Jack Dromey MP, Shadow Minister for Home Affairs

Dromey is Harriet Harman’s husband. Harriet Harman MP admitted that a prominent child sex group (the Paedophile Information Exchange) was allowed to join a civil liberties organisation (The National Council for Civil Liberties) that she and her husband, Jack Dromey, helped run in the 1970s.

Shami Chakrabarti, Director, Liberty (The National Council for Civil Liberties)

Stephen Richards [Common Purpose], Chief Superintendent, Merseyside Police

Professor Dame Shirley Pearce, CHAIR OF THE COLLEGE OF POLICING [see Mail article re convicted drug users and THIEVES being allowed to join the POLICE in an attempt to increase RACE DIVERSITY]

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

nilus said: “Stoned nigger muggers save London from savage aliens.”


That’s no way to speak about the Metropolitan Police.


Frank Galton

Sponge Cake said...

Anti-immigration protests in Rome
Demonstrators gathered in Rome on Saturday morning to protest against Mayor Ignazio Marino.

Around 1,000 took to the streets to protest against his policies, saying he has abandoned the suburbs, allowing immigration without adequate facilities and leaving the area in ruin.

It comes after days of unrest targeting immigrants in Tor Sapienza on the outskirts of the Italian capital.

nilus said...


Frank Galton

The BBC have been running cop shows recently where the cops are not just black, they are played by those black "yoof" actors, like the one from "So Solid Crew":

"Ello,Ello,Ello, Innit ,Brav"

Currently showing on UK TV, Sunday afternoon:

Film 4 1pm "Planet Of The Apes" (1968)
'An astronaut lands on a planet where apes rule,humans are seen as a subspecies and militaristic gorillas treat everyone else ruthlessly ' LOL!

5USA 2.10pm
"(kiddy) Fiddler on the Roof"

'Oscar-winning (LOL!) musical starring loads-o-kikes about life in the Jewish coommutiny of a pre-revolutionary Russian village' (1971)

Yep, life was hard , what with all the pogroms and anti-semitism, until those kind jewish bolsheviks came and made everything nice.

CBS Reality: "Judge JEWdy",
from 10am, all day.

CBA Action, "Star Trek" (original)
JEW Shatner
JEW Nimoy
QUEER Takei, etc

Food Network 2pm
"How To Cook Like Heston"
JEW Heston Blumenthal

"Make sure the oven is really, really hot,gas mark precisely 6 million, and your Chosen Fowl has ceased kvetching and flapping.
You may have to trim off the beak to fit it in"

ITV+1 12.35 "Carry On Cowboy"
JEW Sid James (Solomon Joel Cohen)
JEW Bernard Bresslaw
QUEER Kenneth Williams
QUEER Charles Hawtrey

E4 3.30 "Brooklyn Nine Nine"
KIKE Andy Samberg is a jew detective with a black boss who is QUEER.
(followed by "Big Nose Theory", etc, all good kosher programming for the youngsters)

ITVbe 3pm "Real Housewives Of.."
QUEER JEW Andy Cohen

ITV2 4.25 "Kike Kong"
JEW Adrien Brody
JEW Jack Black

Channel 4, 3.30 "17 Again"
JEW Zac Efron
JEW Michelle Trachtenberg
produced by
QUEER JEW Adam Shankman

ITV 3.30 "The Kike/Kweer Factor"

BBC2 2.25 "Up Periscope"
WW2 Draaama

Sponge Cake said...

Milwaukee Chief tells the TRUTH that Black People dont want to hear.

nilus said...

It's "Spot The White Man Sunday" on Radio 4skin:

"Something Understood"

PAKI Samira Ahmed explores Durham Cathedral's enduring historical and spiritual significance.

'Bob Walker explores the latest government proposals for RE GCSE's and hears why the CHIEF RABBI has serious concerns about the plans.'

"Sunday Worship"

Celebrating 200 years of Baptist partnership between Jamaica and Great Britain.

'Two hundred years ago Baptist missionary John Rowe sailed from England for Jamaica. This service, live from Cannon Street Memorial Baptist Church in Birmingham, tells the story of an extraordinary 200 years of partnership at the start of which white Baptists migrated from the UK to join enslaved Black Christians to establish some of the earliest multiracial Baptist churches in the world. In 1814, John Rowe was the first to answer that call. In later years the partnership reversed as black Baptists travelled to the UK to found what are now some of Britain's biggest churches. Leader: Pastor Patrick Adetuwo. With the Revd Lynn Green, General Secretary of the Baptist Union of Great Britain. Preacher: The Revd Karl Johnson, General Secretary of the Jamaica Baptist Union.'

"A Point of View"
'The new food substitute SOYLENT allows you to give up eating meals in order to have more free time. But John Gray argues that human beings crave busy lives. We want to be distracted, he says, so we don't have to think too much.'

SOYLENT? seriously?

"Desert Island Discs"
Kirsty Young talks to poet and playwright NEGRO John Agard.

His work is "studied widely in British schools". He was the BBC's first poet in residence and along with WH Auden and Philip Larkin, he's a recipient of The Queen's Gold Medal for Poetry.
Born in Guyana he arrived here in the mid-1970's.

"Food Programme"
Dan Saladino travels to Terra Madre 2014 in Turin. It is a global movement of farmers and food producers which attracts the attention of world leaders such as Michelle Obama ' !!!!!

WORLD LEADER? Like, say, Dennis Thatcher?

NEGRA Edie Mukiibi, Vice President of Slow Food International, explains the impact of the project 10,000 Food Gardens in Africa.

Hardeep's Sunday Lunch Hardeep Cooks at the Circus
Hardeep Sing Kohli

"Dorset Rewritten"
PAKI/INDIAN whatever Daljit Nagra goes in search of the Dorset poet William Barnes.

"Pick of the Week"
PAKI/Dot-head/whatever Naga Munchetty chooses her BBC Radio highlights.

"Hal" Career
New shitcom starring and written by faggy-acting "comic" Hal Cruttenden about a faggy "stay-at-home-dad" having a "midlife crisis". With
JEW Roni Ancona

"Analysis" Conservative Muslims, Liberal Britain

Mustafa Malik, Director of the Pakistan Youth and Community Centre, Leicester
Saj Khan, Leicestershire businessman
Mufti Muhammed Ibn Adam, Islamic scholar, Leicester
Riaz Ravat, Deputy Director, St Philip's Centre, Leicester
Dilwar and Rabiha Hussain, New Horizons organisation, Leicester
Gina Khan, human rights campaigner

"The Film Programme"

'Francine Stock talks to Tommy Lee Jones about his new film The Homesman, a gritty take on the Western in which the harshness of frontier life and the impact it had on WIMMINZ are central to the story....'fer fooks sake

"Tweet of the Day" Arabian Babbler

Chris Packham presents the Arabian babbler of a Yemeni Desert. LOL

Sponge Cake said...

The Amish community were at it again in Chicago over the weekend.

Three men died and at least 15 people, including six teenagers, were wounded in shootings across the city from Saturday afternoon into early Sunday morning.

The law abiding coloured folk shouldn't have to put with these Amish gang bangers. It's a disgrace.

Gem Junior said...

That thing on the left is an ape. Look at it. It's a primate of some sort, and I'm not talking about any archbishop here - this is the real thing. We might have here, right in Norway, the actual missing link. Or else bigfoot. So, it's either an ape, the missing link, the bigfoot (also Yehti or Sasquatch) but the main point for sure is that it AIN'T is "a Norwegian man"...

Anonymous said...

or the current one against Israel,

The one against Israel is hardly serious.

Heraclitus said...

Gem, I agree that the creature on the left is of a different species. But in a way this is good as any Norwegian looking at it has to come to the same conclusion,albeit a silent one.

Anonymous said...

Wait? Inna Shevchenko took a menorah up her twat in a synagogue??

nilus said...

"Wait? Inna Shevchenko took a menorah up her twat in a synagogue?? "

OUCH! Actually it might have been a seven-pronged dildo marketed as "The Rampant Rabbi"

(batteries not included, oy vey)

Anonymous said...

Nilus is not a pooftah. He is a straight White man whom enjoys the company of females. He is not a homo.

Gem Junior said...

Heraclitus: Speaking of these crazy times, there's a new TV commercial or advertisement on, about Ireland and what a great place it is. It's not really advertising Ireland just for tourism but for business and for modernity. There are flashes of the Trinity College Library, modern airports, and then they get to flashing a few faces and they aren't freckled. THE VERY FIRST ONE, the very first face is a school aged girl (not to be mean or pick on the child, but I'm sorry) black, a million braids sticking out in every damn direction that you'd need a compass to predict, and the big smile taking up half the face, and the dead eyes. Completely fucking unreal. And if whoever made that ad thinks that Americans of every stripe who see it will not notice that, they are very much mistaken. Americans are retarded on many levels but they WILL comment on that in a joke but it'll be half in jest and half in earnest. After her, we can call her Kwaztwatze Mfumbm'dik there was another quick flash of Sum Yung Guy, could have been Chinese, Korean, Taiwanese, who knows -- but NOT Irish. I felt sick to my stomach. Guess who came in at third base? You got it - finally - a white guy. Was he specifically Irish? I don't know. Could have been. Could have been Romanian. Or Polish, Italian (doubt it), Czech, etc. It's unbelievable to me that there are still white people out there that are not getting the blatant, in-yer-face message to us as a race that says "You are dying off and it's us that's putting you to death by brainwashing your people, who are catatonic. Don't let the door hit your asses on the way out"

great white said...

Gem Junior, I saw that fucking ad as well. Nearly fucking threw up!

SerpentSlayer said...

If that isn't worth enduring a war for, I don't know what is. I'm bloody surviving if I have to crawl my way out of the underworld! :D

SerpentSlayer said...

I take exception to what you said about Sarah Millican, she is neither foreigner, nor deviant.