Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Celebrating diversity in the Emerald Isle

Ireland's Prime Minister Enda Kenny is the politician straight from central casting. Winking, back-slapping, promising anything, all things to all men, never took a brave or original decision, never did a productive days work in his life.  But he's still the democratically elected leader of our country, and by a huge majority at that.

Yesterday he visited Galway where he was met by a group of protesters angry at having to pay for the water they used. He could have asked who then should pay for extracting, treating and piping the water as well as the €600 million annual infrastructure costs. And he'd have learned that somebody else, not the protesters, should pick up the tab.  Now Galway adjoins the constituency which both Enda and his father represented for well over half a century between them while his broader family has extremely deep roots in the region.

What were his thoughts then when he had a sign shoved in his face which blared 'ENDA  YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE'? Especially as the sign was held by two coal black free-loaders recently arrived from the Dark Continent. One can only imagine.

And there's nothing unusual about this. Recently asylum tourists in Cork blockaded the road in protest at the 'dire conditions' in which they were 'forced' to live.  The media were wholly supportive, banner headlines screaming that the poor creatures had less than €20 per week to live on. True, but the 'journalists', you know, those diligent fact-checking seekers of the whole truth, neglected to mention that in addition to the €20 they also had free accommodation, free food, free medical care, free education and free public transport. All courtesy of the Irish taxpayer.

And what exactly was the latest protest about? The poor suffering creatures had a list of very specific demands. The full range of sports channel (Sky, BT and Eurosport), free university education, free in-house gym, food (free, of course) that reflected their ethnic origins, and, especially for the Religion Of Peace, separate social areas for males and females.

And you know what? Each and every one of their demands was met. 


Anonymous said...

The Jews could do little without the enthusiastic collaboration of whites themselves in the destruction of the white race and it's culture. Maybe nature has given us a self-destruct gene for a reason.


Kevin Rafferty said...

Rick I agree with you. In the final analysis we can blame only ourselves. They got us to swallow their indoctrination, we were are are too lazy and too stupid to question it and now we bear the consequences. And we are still too stupid and lazy to even see that it's happening. The reality is that most people would probably have agreed with those Africans'

Dan said...

Free winminz?

Dan said...

What you Irish must do and quickly is re-establish the right to bear arms.

Sponge Cake said...

Here's a link to the protests in Galway that Sav was referring to.

Taoiseach greeted by anti-water charge protesters in Galway


nilus said...

I was lucky enough to travel around Ireland in 1995. I cant remember seeing a black face.
Not one.


Fugliest Kikel Howard Jacobson :

'Russell Brand and Miriam Margolyes: Don’t fall for the false charms of those two pantomime preachers

Little by little all argument evaporates, and soon what a fool thinks, we all think'

"When Russell Brand uses the word “hegemony” something dies in my soul. When Miriam Margolyes sees the word “Jew” something dies in hers. Such accomplished clowns, both of them, it’s a matter of regret to those of us who like to be amused that they don’t stick to clowning. It takes from their comedy to discover they are fools in earnest. But it’s also on behalf of seriousness that we ask them to stay with what they know. For neither has the first idea what serious thought is. And these are dangerous times, when what looks like an idea is more likely to be attended to than what actually is one."

"Meanwhile, Miriam Margolyes – who could do with a few of Russell Brand’s words, since she has none of her own – is doing her giggly thing about the nature of contemporary anti-Semitism, which she calls “horrible”. “I don’t think people like Jews,” she has just rocked readers of Radio Times by telling them. A judgement she backs up with her usual long sense of history. “They never have. English literature, my great love, is full of greasy and treacherous Jews. I’m lucky they like me, and one always needs a Jewish accountant.”

Why greasy and treacherous should have been the terms she reached for, when it’s actually hard to think of many Jews in English literature who quite answer to that description and when there are countless writers in English from Shakespeare onwards for whom the Jew is a complex and even heroic figure, is perhaps a question for a psychiatrist. As for her joke about Jewish accountants – why make it if she is concerned about the spread of anti-Semitism, central to whose ideology is the nexus of Jews and money? Couldn’t she have left that one to the Liberal Democrats?"

"But if we allow Miriam Margolyes her eternally detested greasy Jew, it’s hard to follow her reasoning that it’s Israel that makes the world detest his greasiness. “Israel is stupid for allowing people to vent their anti-Semitism,” she reasons, which begs the question of the view of Israel which anti-Semitism itself begets, elides all distinctions between Israel as a country and Jews as a people, allows that anti-Semitism is OK until it’s “vented”, and assumes a nation is responsible for the irrational hatred others already bear its citizens. If it’s true that people didn’t like Jews long before there was an Israel – for confirmation of which see her brief history of English literature – then anti-Semitism, vented or otherwise, cannot be blamed on it. The implication of this daffy intervention into matters of serious concern is that they aren’t serious at all: anti-Semitism is simply something Jews bring on themselves."




nilus said...

Ten things that immigration has done for Britain

From the Mini to Marxism, 10 things created for Britain by immigrants



Jews! Jews! Jews! So endlessly fascinating!

"Rosh Hashanah: 20 Hot Celebs You Didn’t Know Are Jewish

Today marks “Rosh Hashanah,” the first day of the Jewish New Year. While most Jews will be attending synagogue or having family gatherings, we here at StyleBlazer are doing some investigating.

Although celebs like Drake and Adam Sandler often speak of their Jewish heritage, there are others who have flown under the radar as far as their beliefs are concerned.

In honor of the religious holiday, click through to see 20 Jewish celebrities you may not have known."


(linked from Independent)

"And from then on in it was the same depressingly old sexist hat historically trotted out by the likes of Jim Davidson and Roy Chubby Brown - except, would you believe, much, much more unpleasant."



Anonymous said...

"I was lucky enough to travel around Ireland in 1995. I cant remember seeing a black face.
Not one."

Nilus, things have changed a lot since your visit to the emerald isle.

Surly black youths hanging around.
Sheboons waddling around with a clutch of niglets in tow.
African taxi drivers who take you on a mystery tour.
Roma gypsies begging, shoplifting, defecating.
Muslim women dressed like Batman.

This all happened in less than 20 years.

Anonymous said...

The only reasonable explanation for all this is that the globalist and corporatist elites find it easier to deal with fractured, relatively poor, dis-enfranchised and diverse populations than with empowered, homogenous working and middlle classes.

Didn't catch his name but some brit with a posh accent was being interviewed on NYC's local communist radio station WBAI 99.5FM.
"So, you're sort of a Jewish Gilbert & Sullivan."
"Well, uh..kind of..I guess."
"Were Gilbert and Sullivan Jewish?"

This being Veteran's Day, I should have gone to the NYC parade. Great weather for it. Last year I went and met Woody Williams, Medal of Honor winner from Iwo Jima. Nice, little guy, a bit self-conscious. I checked his record out later on-line. Woody took out two machine gun nests and four pillboxes with his flamethrower. He jumped on top of one of the pillboxes and put the nozzle down the chimney. By this time, the Japs must have seen him coming and they sent out a team to ambush him. But Woody was quicker and caught them all. In a documentary interview, he tells how when he hit them, they continued the charge in slower and slower motion until they collapsed.

Anonymous said...

Deluded White liberal teacher (or crypto-Jew, take your pick) helped write new US education standards to curtail white privilege.

Teachers purposefully attenuating the education of White kids to end "White Privilege"? They'll do anything to destroy us, and they have millions of useful white idiots to do it now.


Watch the Jew-fros.

Anonymous said...

Have you scowled at an anti-white today?


Why not?

Anonymous said...

Man republishing anti-feminist book.

Will they try to kill him this time? The stakes are high. The white race might survive another 20 years if this book gets out, so every weapon in the arsenal must be brought to the fight.


Anonymous said...


They came from many, many backgrounds, including Ireland, the Philippines, east Europe, the Indian subcontinent, and Africa, as they still do, but the contribution of the black nurses who came to the UK from the Caribbean to heal and care for is a debt of honour that must be recognised. It so sometimes forgotten that it was Enoch Powell, then Minister of Health (1960-62), who campaigned to recruit their skilled nurses to come and work over here. One abiding legacy we can thank Enoch for.

Enoch Powell brought the darkies over?

Then he must have changed his mind.

SAVANT said...

Thanks for that link Sponge. Have now included the offending image in the post.

Anonymous said...

From A Study in Jewish Faces.

Who Controls the Ivy League (As of 2011?

Brown University:
Ruth J. Simmons(Black) – President
David I. Kertzer(Jew) – Provost
Thomas J. Tisch(Jew) – Chancellor, Brown Corporation

Columbia University:
Lee C. Bollinger(Jew) – President
Claude M. Steele(Black) – Provost
William V. Campbell(White European) – Chairman, Board of Trustees

Cornell University:
David J. Skorton(Jew) – President
W. Kent Fuchs(Jew) – Provost
Peter C. Meinig(Jew) – Chairman, Board of Trustees

Dartmouth College:
Jim Yong Kim(Korean) – President
Carol L. Folt(Jew) – Acting Provost
Stephen F. Mandel Jr.(Jew) – Chairman, Board of Trustees

Harvard University:
Drew Gilpin Faust(Jew husband: Charles E. Rosenberg) – President
Steven E. Hyman(Jew) – Provost
Robert D. Reischauer(Jew) – Senior Fellow, Harvard Corporation

Princeton University:
Shirley M. Tilghman(Jew husband: Joseph Tilghman) – President
Christopher L. Eisgruber(Jew) – Provost
Stephen A. Oxman(Jew) – Chairman, Board of Trustees

University of Pennsylvania:
Amy Gutmann(Jew) – President
Vincent Price(Jew) – Provost
David L. Cohen(Jew) – Chairman, Board of Trustees

Yale University:
Richard C. Levin(Jew) – President
Peter Salovey(Jew) – Provost
Richard C. Levin(Jew) – Chairman, Yale Corporation

Of the twenty-four(24) senior administrators of the Ivy League colleges and universities, twenty(20) are Jews or have Jewish spouses.

This is a numerical representation of 83%. Jews are approximately 2% of the United States population. This means that Jews are over-represented among the senior administrators of the Ivy League colleges and universities by a factor of 41.5 times times, or 4,150 percent.

This extreme numerical over-representation of Jews among the senior administrators of the Ivy League colleges and universities cannot be explained away as a coincidence or as the result of mere random chance.

nilus said...

On LBC right now: The topic is "The N-Word" and waycissum, for a change. Apparently something to do with Piers Morgan.

Lots of blacks from de black coonmutiny explainins to QUEER Ian Dale (who quotes JEW Chomsky)about why dey can say "de n word" but Whitey cant, and empowerment an' shee

White Minority said...

Irish government spends over a hundred million dollars annually on asylum seekers

@Nilus 17:23: You visited at a good time; our ongoing enrichment kicked off in earnest around 1997.

nilus said...

Enoch Powell also favoured the
kike-o-nomics of Milton Friedman. Whether this was a good or bad thing I cant say:

"(Keith)Joseph became interested in the economic theory of monetarism as formulated by Milton Friedman, and much earlier by Enoch Powell, and persuaded Mrs Thatcher to support it."

Oh, now I read it as "Those policies were formulated BY Powell and later by Friedman"


Another excuse to paste this...


( Empty Space )

The above empty space is where, just a week or so ago, on Keith Joseph's Wiki page, under a section headed "Allegations of Sexual Misconduct"

there were details of a 140 page dossier, handed to Thatcher, describing Tory paedo rings and coke-snortin', boy-fucking parties.

Thatch was warned off by William Hague and a "senior civil servant".

Some of you here might recall me pasting it here TWICE recently.

Its gone. ALL OF IT, including the external notes at bottom:



PS The only people calling into the "NIGGER" word "conversation" are blacks, and boy are they thick.

None of them seem to know that the word "NIGGER" is from the Latin for black, it was purely descriptive, not pjorative (at least not at first)

What the fuck do they think when they read "Monte Negro" , etc?

Fucking dumb Enwords.

nilus said...

Piers Morgan is now on LBC talking about
the "N Word"
the "F-Word"
the "Y-Word"
the "K-word"
the "B-Word"

These words have all been apparently "reclaimed" by niggers,faggots,yids,kaffirs and bitches, respectively.

He also said that any White South African who used "the K word" would "get their face filled in, and rightly so"

Beyond Parody.

nilus said...

Lena Dunham: JUDEN

"Personally, I think Lena Dunham’s niche has always been eye-watering intimacy. Her characters in Girls must be constantly pissing, scheduling abortions or crab removals, changing tampons, lying in the bath naked with their best girl-friends, or squeezing out a public poo.

This toe-curling admission of infantile sexual curiosity is painfully on-brand. The anecdote in Dunham’s book is also quite tame, once one sweeps aside Dunham’s visceral language about “carefully spread open” vaginas. Aged seven, Dunham wanted to know about vaginas."

"She looked at her baby sister’s. She found that on that particular day her sister was storing some small stones in her private parts. Both children laughed. The end. Dunham’s tale is an uncomfortable trip down memory lane for all of us about sexual awakenings."

"Girls writer Lena Dunham is currently defending accusations that her latest book – Not That Kind of Girl - contains a passage that suggests that as a child she molested her own baby sister.

Dunham has been in the UK promoting the book, which TV, radio and all sections of the press declared a wondrous and fascinating venture. Meanwhile, readers who didn’t have a vested interest in keeping her publicity team sweet for future promotional tours have noted the anecdote, which some might class as a creepily enthusiastic “doctors and nurses” experimentation and others see as plain child-on-child abuse.

Dunham is outraged by this thought. Those who are outraged do not seem – to me at least – chiefly outraged at Dunham, but at the easy ride she’s receiving over this stink plainly for being the white, feminist, media-darling Lena Dunham."

"But then Lena Dunham talks provocatively about very complex infantile sibling sexual power games. “As she grew, I took to bribing her time and affection: one dollar in quarters if I could do her make-up like a ‘motorcycle chick’. Three pieces of candy if I could kiss her on the lips for five seconds. Whatever she wanted to watch on TV if she would just ‘relax on me’. Basically, anything a sexual predator might do to woo a small suburban girl, I was trying.” And anyone who raises the alarm is branded hysterical, right-wing, nit-picking or in dire lack of perspective."


nilus said...

"I see no ships":

JEW Danny Cohen's BBC1:

QUEER Nick Grimshaw presents
"The One Show"

JEW Alan Yentob presents a tribute to
JEW Bette Midler
(2 programs)

BBC2 10.30:
JEW Emily Maitliss presents
JEW Ian Katz's "Jewsnight"

JEW Claudia Winkleman presents
"Film 2014"

Channel 4 10pm
JEW Leon Bernicoff and the
JEW Tapper family ,
plus various
NIGS and
PAKIS: "Gogglebox"

BBC4 7.30 /8.30
Poofter Portillo

Film 4 6'45 "Hairspray"

Anti-American,anti-Hetero,Anti-White KIKEFEST: A White teen (actually jewish) (JEW Nikky Blonsky) yeartns to appear on a black US TV dance show. BUT SHE'S UP AGAINST 1960'S WAYCISS ATTITUDES"

A remake of
QUEER John Waters movie, it stars

QUEER John Travolta
DYKE? Negro Queen La Queefer
JEW Nikki Blonsky
JEW Amanda Bynes
JEW Zac Efron. Directed by
QUEER JEW Adam Shankman ,music by
QUEER JEW Marc Shaiman, produced by
QUEER (JEW?)Craig Zadan and
QUEER (JEW?)Neil Maron

Dave 9pm "QI"
DYKE Perkins followed by
"Mock The Week"
JEW Josh Widdecombe followed by
"Would I Lie.."
QUEER John Barrowman

More4 "8 out of 10 cats"
QUEER Nick Grimshaw followed by
"Embarrassing Bodies"
QUEER Christian Jessen

4music "8 out of 10 cats uncut"
DYKE Susan Calman

Anonymous said...


Whites haven't got a self-destruct gene.

Maybe it seems that way once in awhile, but the real problem is the large number of WINOs.

White-In-Name-Only types disconnect themselves from the rest of us then turn on us.


This is where evolutionary types like Kevin MacDonald lose me. If Whites "evolve" beyond thinking racially then loyalty is impossible and we're doomed as a subspecies. I find this unlikely.


nilus said...


ITV2 10.50 pm
"I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry"

Two men pretend to be
FAGGOTS, starring
KIKE Adam Sandler

"The film's depiction of same-sex marriage in New York preceded the 2011 enactment of the Marriage Equality Act, which legalized marriage for same-sex couples in the state."

"At a gay benefit costume party, the partygoers are confronted by homophobic protesters, whose leader, Jim the minister, calls Chuck a "faggot". Chuck punches him, causing the event to be published in a newspaper. With their apparent homosexuality and marriage revealed, the pair come under fire: Chuck and Larry are heckled, while their fellow FDNY firefighters refuse to work or even play basketball alongside the couple. Their only ally is Fred G. Duncan, an angry, intimidating firefighter who comes out to a very surprised Chuck. Larry's effeminate son, Eric is harassed in school by a homophobic bully - but he surprises everybody by easily winning the fight. During the ordeal, the previously homophobic pair come to understand what it is like to be persecuted, and become more accepting of homosexuality. "

BBC3 10.30 "The Revolution Will Be Televised" starring
JEW Jocelyn Rubenstein

followed by
"Family Kike"
JEW Alex Borstein
JEW Seth Green
JEW Mila Kunis
JEW David Zuckerman
JEW David A. Goodman
JEW Neil Goldman
JEW Matt Weitzman, etc etc etc:

""Family Goy" is the second episode of the eighth season of the animated comedy series Family Guy. The episode features Irish Catholic Peter after his wife, Lois, discovers that her mother is Jewish, and begins her struggle to adapt to her newfound heritage. Meanwhile, Peter begins to embrace his wife's new religion, but after a spiritual visit from his deceased Irish Catholic stepfather, Francis, he becomes increasingly anti-semitic towards Lois and the family's religion."


So, the wife is jewish, therefore the kids are all jewish. The only non-jew in the family is the:
Dumb, fat, childish idiot Irish Catholic Father.

Drama 11.10 JEW Lesley Joseph

ITVbe 10pm
QUEER JEW Andy Cohen

Viva 9.30
JEW Zach Braff

True Ent 11pm
Movie starring
QUEER Neil Patrick Harris

Coonmutiny Channel 10pm:

"The Gayest Show Ever"
'Performance artist Nina Arsenault explains how having a penis makes her no less of a woman (UH?)"

Londoners (Londynczycy)

"Drama depicting the lives of Polish people in London"

Dan said...

This is the answer.

Whites are masters of war, masters of cooperation. Two sides of the same evolutionary coin. Effective war fighting is a high aggression activity. It's also an activity that requires exceptionally close machine like cooperation.

Sadly white men have given up the war fighting against outsiders. All we have left is a sort of altruistic socialism.

nilus said...

Memo to self: Never ,ever go to Independent Online again..it rivals the Guardian for leftylib sickness:

"If you're worried about immigration, then you should be terrified about climate change"

Our politicians appear content to jump on the xenophobic band-wagon driven by the likes of Ukip, yet no one is talking about climate refugees

On Sunday, the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released its latest report, reiterating, for those who haven’t yet noticed, that we are on the brink of epochal changes driven by climate change, and that we must act now to avoid the worst impacts.

The IPCC report is a welcome distraction from the recent hysterical series of immigration-related news headlines. However, the reality is that both climate change and immigration are inextricably linked.

The truth is that if you are worried about migration then you ought to be terrified of what is happening to the global climate. In addition to increasing the devastation caused by extreme weather events including storms, floods, droughts and fires, climate change will affect water supplies, crops and livestock, ultimately affecting food security. For many, the only solution is to move."




16 Things That Made Shaka Zulu A Military Genius

'Shaka Zulu is said to be one of the greatest military leaders in African history, and PERHAPS ALL OF HISTORY.

There is controversy around the brutality of his methods, and the strictness with which he trained his troops, but in many ways, he improved warfare methods forever. Born in 1787 in what is now South Africa’s KwaZulu-Natal province, he died in 1828. His legacy lived on in the Zulu warriors who fought the British in 1879. The military conflict helped immortalize the Zulu in the minds of Westerners, but Zulu history was far from over in 1879. The Zulus persevered through apartheid and remain the largest ethnic group in South Africa. Here are 16 things that made Shaka Zulu a military genius. - See more at:


18 Famous Black People You Didn’t Know Were Black


Anonymous said...

The only reasonable explanation for all this is that the globalist and corporatist elites find it easier to deal with fractured, relatively poor, dis-enfranchised and diverse populations than with empowered, homogenous working and middlle classes.

Either that, or they are driving the world towards Marx's utopia where "the Jews become their own Messiah by dissolution of the races".

Never mind all that class struggle, cheap workers, and tax payer exploitation bullshit - blood and soil are what it's all about. The "economy" is an abstract distraction, something for the papers to talk about instead of genocide.

Ask Disraeli.

nilus said...


"On Tuesday Czech authorities honoured Sir Nicholas Winton, sometimes endearingly known as the ‘British Schindler’. Sir Nicholas was 29 when he put his life in great danger to provide safe-passage to 669 children, most of them Jews, out of Nazi-controlled Czechoslovakia. Some of the people Sir Nicholas rescued looked on with tears in their eyes at this week’s ceremony. Hundreds of people owe their life to this man. Calling him a hero somehow doesn’t cut it."

"British policy toward asylum seekers is now set by the spluttering bore in the pub. Human catastrophes like the war in Syria and the Isis takeover of Iraq are just a sideshow; the real reason refugees want to come to Britain is the £50 a week they might claim in Jobseekers Allowance. Better that we don’t look like a ‘soft touch’ by saving them from drowning.

Outrage would likely have greeted this policy a few years ago. Yet because the drumbeat of anti-foreigner sentiment has been beaten for so long, all we can do is shrug. To do anything else would be to fail to understand the “genuine anger that’s out there about immigration”, or so the argument goes. "


Anonymous said...

Check all your privileges.

How many you got Honky?


Anonymous said...

What happened to the Immigrant Reaction Association? They were so successful with other pushy immigrants.

Californian said...

The only reasonable explanation for all this is that the globalist and corporatist elites find it easier to deal with fractured, relatively poor, dis-enfranchised and diverse populations than with empowered, homogenous working and middle classes.

This is a major factor. You have globalization of the economy, which breaks down the nation-state. The corporate foundations support many multicultic and non-white activist organizations because they provide the ideological cover. Under multicultism, national populations are broken down into atomized consumers-producers. There's no national economy or national economic advocates to impede globalization, or provide an effective opposition.

Similarly, the corporate media glorifies third worlders and attacks white nationalists.

Weird thing is that the left believes that they are fighting against the corporations, when they are doing the corporations front work. Then again, Gary Allen (among others) had something to say about corporate funding of the left. It's all a big pincer movement against the middle.

Californian said...

What you Irish must do and quickly is re-establish the right to bear arms.


There ought to be a global front of nationalists advocating (and practicing) the right to bear arms.

Iron Felix said...

Well now; just checked out this Dunham person. The case is an interesting one, underscoring the filthy double standards of today. A small boy does what was described in Dunhams book, gets three years in jail (a ten year old, for heaven's sake)and Dunham gets a million dollar book deal.
A Greer can publish a book of pix of nude boys and be lauded; a man doing this can look forward to ten years in pokey.
Thus is the magisterial impartiality of the law made manifest, for if a man walking along a public street sees in a window a woman dressing/undressing he is a Peeping Tom, and away he goes in chains, whilst should a woman on a public street see through a window a man dressing/undressing, why he is thereby an Exhibitionist, and will be dragged away in chains.
Adult White Males, happy days, eh?

Seamus O'Blodbaoith said...

Pondering Enda's behaviour there with these tinted folk and their demands, a thought. Throughout the nineteenth century in Ireland, with particular reference to the Famine, only three types of Irish people seem discernible. There were firstly the class of bailiffs, landlord's agents, assorted flunkies. These implemented the whole set of policies---mainly evictions and clearances---deemed desirable by interests abroad. This produced the second group, the destitute who died like flies of starvation or managed to flee the country. The third group were that whole section of thugs who carried out the demolitions and evictions, who robbed and raped and murdered the famine victims on both sides of the Atlantic, who ran the coffin ships, who profited mightily from the disaster. Today the Fine Gael party are the spiritual heirs of the first group, giving us the janitoriat government we see today. Fianna Fail are likewise with respect to the third group, giving us governance by casino-scum. There is nothing much need be added here to clarify that Ireland is a more or less First World country with a slum, prison-camp mentality.

Anonymous said...

I returned in 2000 to live in Ireland, a time when the influx of mud was probably at its height.

People then hated what was happening but disliked me pointing it out!. They disliked me even more for telling them about the laws that would inevitably be put on the books--"hate speech", anti discrimination, discrimination in favour of the influx etc. All came to pass and remarkably quickly for a country that can tie itself up in knots over silly things.

Oddly, at that time and not holding an Irish passport, I was still not entitled to any of the benefits which the influx so freely availed of. i didn't need anything but, as an exercise, I applied anyway.

I got a snotty reply from one of my TD's (MP) pointing out that I was no longer even an Irish citizen!. I sent an abusive return which made clear that neither he, nor his party, would ever be receiving a vote from my house.


Piet said...

mr. a. your experience is the same as that of any white person who has come here. Saffers in particular seem to be made jump through hoops.

Seneca said...

That has to be the greatest laugh of all 'we hear nothing bout Climate Change'. We hear NOTHING ELSE but CC, which you might note has been changed from Global Warming, a title that lacked resonance given that the weather seems to be getting colder.

Anonymous said...


Clogheen said...

Driving through Youghal today I saw the water protesters out in force. One in four was a visible cultural enricher.

Anonymous said...

The EU brought in the free movement of shirkers as gypsy beggars prove.

Anonymous said...

Saffers in particular seem to be made jump through hoops.

An elderly woman was returned to Zimbabwe because she did not meet resident requirements.

A "nurse" who was signed up by a Talent agency after appearing on Big Brother haveing never worked a day in England was allowed to stay.

It is like there is one rule for them and another for us.

Anonymous said...

"I was the first journalist to trawl through the mortality statistics and find that prostate cancer kills more men than all genito-urinary disorders for women put together. "

Neil Lyndon.

@CiaraKellyDoc is on Newstalk with George Hook where she displays her lack of knowledge of how much water a human needs and the fact that she regards people who die from prostate cancer as non-humans. (Even the darkies!)

Anonymous said...

I'm from the Black Country. Can you tell me how I should tell people where I'm from in a politically correct way? I'm losing sleep. Please help.

nilus said...

Corrections and Clarifications:

It has come to our attention that the media observer 'nilus' made a few errors /omissions in a recent listing of
"wonderful people who just happen to be Jewish" and
"loveable, witty creative showbiz types who just happen to be of the homosexualist/lesbotic tendency.

Our sincere apologies.

Nilus listed the Charity version of "Only Connect" (BBC1) as having two JEWS, out of the six appearing (Victoria Coren -presenting, and Robert Peston (guest) when in fact there was a third JEW on the panel: Patrick Marber.

Yes, some JEWS are called Patrick!

So , the presenter and 2 of the 6 panelists were JEWS.

That's a whopping 45%-ish percent share!

2) Nilus listed "Ana Matronic" as the sole QUEER on the most recent edition of "Never Mind The Buzzcocks", when in fact there was also the QUEER Joe Lycett, making 2 out of the 4 guests QUEER.

That's an impressive 50%.

Once again, our apologies, we do strive for accuracy here at Nilus Towers.

"QUEER Lycett was the 2009 Chortle Student Comedian of the Year, the runner-up in the 2009 Laughing Horse New Act of the Year, and a finalist in the 2011 BBC New Comedy Awards. In 2012, his debut stand-up show Some Lycett Hot was nominated for the Best Newcomer at the Edinburgh Comedy Awards.

On the radio he has been a guest on QUEER Scott Mills and
QUEER Nick Grimshaw's programmes on BBC Radio 1 Lycett is also known as "the resident news hound" on
JEW Josh Widdicombe's XFM radio show, currently broadcasting on Saturday mornings'


Here's what Wiki just scrubbed from Lord/Sir/Baron Keith Joseph's page:

'Allegations of Sexual Misconduct'

"In July 2014, Joseph was named by former activist, Anthony Gilberthorpe, as one of a number of senior Conservative Party politicians who he had seen having SEX WITH BOYS at cocaine-fuelled romps, in private rooms at seaside conferences. Gilberthorpe claimed he handed a 40-page dossier to Margaret Thatcher, in 1989, detailing Cabinet ministers who took part in the sex parties but says he was warned off by (FAG?) William Hague and a senior civil servant."

Sponge Cake said...

Black and ethnic minority coaches not getting top jobs, study shows,

There are only 19 black and ethnic minority (BME) coaches in the 552 'top' coaching positions at professional English clubs, a report has found.
BME coaches take up 3.4% of those positions despite at least 25% of players coming from BME backgrounds.
Findings of the study, carried out by the Sports Person's Think Tank, will be revealed at Westminster on Monday but have already been seen by BBC Sport.
Sports Minister Helen Grant said the findings are "appalling and worrying".
She added: "It's going to take a concerted effort by everyone in football to get the sea change that we need."
The think tank will announce its recommendations at Monday's meeting with MPs and the sports minister in London.


"appalling and worrying"

The premier league is a meritocracy. Some of the world's best players and managers are to be found here.

I'd love a "top job", however, I realize there are people who are a lot smarter and more deserving than me.

Sponge Cake said...

"appalling and worrying".

Helen Grant (born 28 September 1961)[2] is a British Conservative Party politician and solicitor. She is the current Member of Parliament for Maidstone and The Weald in Kent and the current Minister for Sport and Equalities. She was elected at the 2010 general election, replacing the constituency's previous incumbent, Ann Widdecombe, who had decided to step down as an MP. Grant was the first black woman to be selected to defend a Tory seat and her election made her the Conservatives' first female black MP.[3]

Grant received her first government appointment in September 2012, when she received the dual roles of Under-Secretary of State for Justice and Under-Secretary for Women and Equalities. Grant attracted media attention in November 2012 after it emerged she was allowed to claim the maximum expenses allowed within the IPSA rules for a London flat, despite her family home being within 20 miles of London.


Anonymous said...

I'm from the Black Country. Can you tell me how I should tell people where I'm from in a politically correct way? I'm losing sleep. Please help.

In Scotland, on the Black Isle, there's a village called Nigg.

People from there must be called Niggers, surely.

Anonymous said...

Modern male/female interaction at American universities. Thanks to feminism.

"These delightful young ladies deal with their massive insecurity by getting fucked by frat boys. Lucky for us guys, frat boys treat sorority girls like shit. As soon as Sally Pi Phi thinks she has secured Johnny Soccer Player, Johnny is off boning Chrissy Tri Delta . . .. All of this leads to unhappy, insecure girls all fighting to get rammed by someone of status.''


It continues:

This trend is part of a gradual process of eliminating marriage and family by imposing the male homosexual model on society. Studies indicate that less than 10% of male gays form permanent relationships, mostly childless, and that the vast majority are promiscuous with 43% of them having more than 500 sex partners in their lifetime.

BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZT, sorry it is not possible to change how people are hardwired, and if you try it causes harm to our kids. Stop harming our kids.--Liberal "progressive" nitwits.

Anonymous said...

A guy called Dan commented on Henry's article:

23 years ago I lived with a professional feminist for a year, and learned that there really is a network with agendas coming from a top down organization. The hierarchy of the feminist organization was not just lesbians at the top - they were self proclaimed "pagan" witches too.

I remember after we split up, the last time we met she said they'd decided to stop all sexual contact between men and women - period. They decided that only homosexual men would be allowed in the New Age.

The way they intended to turn heterosexual girls was to push them to 'take the initiative' to behave like whores. That would - the elder dykes reasoned - would fuck up their relations with men beyond recognition, and they would be ripe for recruiting by lesbians.

Well, I nearly fell off my chair when she told me that. It sounded insane in 1985. It IS insane, of course. Unfortunately, they went ahead with the plan and they're doing it to this day.

The fellow who said that he's only going to consider women from church is right. The key for males is change what they look for as value in a women to nobler things. If what you seek is a slut - like the culture trains boys to want, you can get it, along with all the woe that goes with that.

Males have to raise their own minds out of the cesspool first. I say if a man is having 'bad luck' in 'relationships' he needs to take a year off to reassess himself.

Typical non-thinking geniuses like our best mate Nastiestuncle will of course say that is nonsense. They always do.

How about shutting up and letting more perceptive people handle the battle with the devil?

Anonymous said...

The Guardian, 10 November 2014



Artists United Against Apartheid

Artists United Against APARTHEID was a 1985 protest group founded by activist and performer Steven Van Zandt and record producer Arthur Baker to protest apartheid in South Africa. Van Zandt, Baker and Schechter would gather a wide array of artists, including... BOB GELDOF...

Jewish Telegraphic Agency, 23 October 2008

GELDOF [anti-apartheid campaigner] to address JNF [Jewish National Fund] Australia FUND-RAISER

Note: The Jewish National Fund was founded at the Fifth Zionist Congress in Basel in 1901 to buy and develop land in Palestine for Jewish settlement.

The Jewish National Fund and the Finance Ministry are currently trying to draft a new agreement that would separate the JNF from the state, thereby allowing it to CONTINUE selling land to JEWS ONLY [APARTHEID!!!].

In 1961, the JNF signed an agreement with the state under which the ILA assumed responsibility for managing and marketing all JNF lands. However, since the JNF is a private organization that was explicitly founded to SERVE THE INTERESTS OF THE JEWISH PEOPLE, the ILA REFUSED TO SELL THESE LANDS TO NON-JEWS [APARTHEID!!!], at the JNF'S INSISTENCE.

PHOTO: JNFuture Leaders with [anti-apartheid campaigner!!!] Sir BOB GELDOF*


*Geldof’s paternal grandfather married a Jewish woman, Amelia Falk, in London before moving to Ireland.

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

In 1961, the JNF signed an agreement with the state under which the ILA assumed responsibility for managing and marketing all JNF lands. However, since the JNF is a private organization that was explicitly founded to SERVE THE INTERESTS OF THE JEWISH PEOPLE*, the ILA refused to sell these lands to non-Jews, at the JNF'S insistence.

NOTE: “...explicitly founded to SERVE THE INTERESTS OF THE JEWISH PEOPLE...”

*Honorary Patrons of the Jewish National Fund-UK include former BRITISH PRIME MINISTERS Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. David Cameron resigned as Honorary Patron to JNF-UK in 2011.

Frank Galton

Tony in VA said...

Californian, my view is that lefties are driven as much by anti-white hatred as they are anti-corporation. Check what they do, not what they say.

nilus said...

I'm from the Black Country. Can you tell me how I should tell people where I'm from in a politically correct way? I'm losing sleep. Please help."

Surely by now ALL countries are Black Countries?

Try moving to the Isle of Wight, stuffing your pillow with lavender, and have a hot opium toddy before bed.

PS Brummies are great folks.
John Hardon was a Brummie ( I use the term loosely as I know that if youre from Solihull,Dudley,Wolverhampton, etc you will get the hump)

Paul Hickman also.

Frank Skinner, Robert Plant,John Bonham, Tolkien,Black Sabbath ,Jasper Carrott,ELO, Duran Duran,Traffic,UB40,Dexys,etc,
and it's still a massive 53.1% majority White British!"


This came and went without a fanfare. I watched it online last night.Not sure what to make of it really:inconclusive.
It was probably on at the same time as "Coronation Street" so probably nobody watched it:


'Eleven years on from the disappearance of Blackpool schoolgirl Charlene Downes, Shelley Jofre investigates why nobody has been brought to justice for her murder.
Reporter Shelley Jofre unravels a story of serious failings in the police investigation and asks should more be done to protect vulnerable girls from grooming and sexual exploitation.'


Charlene was the girl who "allegedly" ended up as kebab meat.

Anonymous said...

Dopey white people who get those big things in their ears must regret it.

So alternative.

So progressive.

So anti-racist.

So gay.


Anonymous said...

Courtney Love said: “I just want the mouth God gave me back.”

But the difference between Love and the guy with phantom penis syndrome is that the guy isn’t allowed to talk about his regret. Not openly. The transgender lobby actively polices and suppresses discussion of sex-change regret, and claims it’s rare (no more than “5 percent.”) However, if you do decide to “de-transition” to once again identify with the sex in your DNA, talking about it will get you targeted by trans activists.

Trans Activists, ha ha ha ha. Do they ride unicorns around cornflakes? Ha ha ha ha.--Nastiesuncle again.

Anonymous said...

Poor man.

In “Regretters,” one of the men, Mikael, describes how he felt immediately upon seeing the results of the surgery and his penis gone. He rues aloud: “I was devastated. What have I done? What on earth have I done?” In the full version he explains how he cried and would have likely changed his mind if the doctor simply asked him just before the surgery if he was certain about it. Mikael also explained that he was always painfully shy towards women and never felt he could find someone who would date him or marry him. So—starved for a woman and fearful of rejection—he concluded that he needed to be a woman.

Liberals promote these horrors and attack anyone who suggests care in these matters. The west is turning into one big fucked up experiment.

Anonymous said...


Feminists can be very picky about the exact message you promote.

Last year, I was nominated for the Stonewall Journalist of the Year award. This seemed fair enough since I write prolifically about sexuality and sexual identity. But I guessed that Stonewall would not dare give me the prize, because a powerful lobby affiliated with the lesbian and gay communities had been hounding me for five years. Six weeks later I, along with a police escort, walked past a huge demonstration of transsexuals and their supporters, shouting "Bindel the Bigot". Despite campaigning against gender discrimination, rape, child abuse and domestic violence for 30 years, I have been labelled a bigot because of a column I wrote in 2004 that questioned whether a sex change would make someone a woman or simply a man without a penis. Subsequently, I was "no platformed" by the National Union of Students Women's Campaign, a privilege previously afforded to fascist groups such as the BNP. As a leading feminist writer, I now find that a number of organisations are too frightened to ask me to speak at public events for fear of protests by transsexual lobbyists.

Esther Vilar got many death threats for writing "The Manipulated Man".

Anonymous said...

Remember the cat call vid?

What if she's hot and drunk?

Watch the nigs in the vid.


Anonymous said...

Gender dysphoria (GD) was invented in the 1950s by reactionary male psychiatrists in an era when men were men and women were doormats. It is a term used to describe someone who feels strongly that they should belong to the opposite sex and that they were born in the wrong body. GD has no proven genetic or physiological basis.

Any one who wants the op should get the op. Stop harming our kids.--Crazies on the internet.

S said...

Lads, I've found that top job I've been looking for all these years. Next week, I'm gonna show up at Esa head quarters and demand they give me a top job. I'm an a astrafizzist !!!

European scientists make space history by successfully landing probe on a comet after 10-year mission - but reveal Philae is teetering on the surface as harpoons supposed to tether it did not fire.


nilus said...

BBC Radio 4skin, home of JEW WORSHIP:

"Front Row"
Kirsty Lang talks to the Oscar-winning writer and producer
JEW Aaron Sorkin, acclaimed for The Social Network and The West Wing, as the final season of The Newsroom airs.

And NEGRO crime writer Dreda Say Mitchell joins Kirsty to talk about her new thriller, Vendetta - which features an undercover cop who falls in love with one of the members of the criminal gang that he's infiltrated. (LOL)

"Moral Maze" Loyalty
Presented by
KIKE David Aaronovitch.

'The rumours swirling around
KIKE Ed Miliband's future have an unmistakeably Shakespearian character about them...etc'

POOFTER Portillo,
JEW Vicar Giles Fraser,
PAKI Mehdi Hasan.

"World Agony" Australia

JEW Agony aunt Irma Kurtz talks to Australian counterpart Kate de Brito about Australian agony

"In and Out of the Kitchen"
Shit-com about a pair of

Lord Atticus said...

Guys, this is a serious question and I jest not. Are all Nigerians dishonest? Are there any honest decent reliable ones? I have been exposed to about only a dozen but they all are shifty and unreliable.

Anonymous said...

Former Colonel Commandant of the SAS, Field Marshal the Lord Guthrie Craigiebank, GCB LVO OBE DL, just happens to be an Honorary Patron of the JEWISH NATIONAL FUND-UK.

Lord Guthrie (Director of NM Rothschild & Sons Limited from 2001 to 2011)


The Barony of Craigie remained in the Guthrie family estate until it was passed by assignation to RABBI Robert Owen Thomas, III in February 2011.

Israel Today, 24 July 2014

British Commander [Col. Richard Kemp]: IDF Most MORAL ARMY WORLD HAS EVER KNOWN [LOL!!!]

Tape release proves Israel's attack on USS Liberty was DELIBERATE

Jerusalem Post, 23 February 2010

Speaking at the UK Zionist Federation's annual dinner on Sunday night in central London, Colonel Richard Kemp, a former commander of British forces in Afghanistan and infantry battalion commanding officer, said that BRITAIN HAD NO STRONGER ALLY THAN ISRAEL AND THE IDF [ROTFLOL!!!].

'A deep-rooted hatred of the British': How Israelis 'armed junta' in Falklands conflict

Colonel Kemp is a board member of Friends of Israel Initiative

Expect Colonel Kemp to be appointed new director of NM Rothschild & Sons Limited.


Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

now you know what the american taxpayer has been putting up with for the last 70 years courtesy of FDRs New Deal and other asst, bullshit givesaway programs to keep the niggers fat and happy and securing their vote for life, the govt here with OLD BARRY is just about in free fall and getting worse.the anticipated out come of the cop shooting in Missouri is being waited with bated breath as to see if he is indicted and it looks like he wont be so the state is gearng up for massive protests from the free loaders and losers who will riot non the less.signs of hope tho,last week one of the nigger enablers a former white man who was marching with the niggers was beaten and robbed by same,hope does spring eternal.John old rtd, chicago copper..

Anonymous said...

Hey, good news! Lots of coons makes white ppl cleverer!!!

nilus said...

London's schools outperform others in UK 'because they have a better ethnic mix'

White British pupils get worse grades at GCSE, compared with their previous performance, than any other ethnic group, the report’s authors said.

But London has the lowest percentage of these children in the country — 34  per cent of year 11 pupils are white British compared with 84 per cent in the rest of England — so the capital’s overall GCSE results are better.

Professor Simon Burgess of Bristol University, who carried out the research, said that when ethnicity was taken into account the “London Effect” in pupil progress disappeared.

He said: “We know that ethnic minority pupils score more highly in GCSEs relative to their prior attainment than white British pupils. London simply has a lot more of these high-achieving pupils and so has a higher average GCSE score than the rest of the country.”


Yes, London is so very VIBRANT!!!

"Boy, 18, stabbed to death in one of four murders in London in just over 24 hours

This is the first picture of a teenager stabbed to death in the street in London, one of four murders in the capital in just over 24 hours.

David Maxwell, 18, collapsed and died outside a convenience store after being knifed in the back during an argument (AN ARGUMENT?) in Southwark.

He is the tenth teenaper to be murdered in London so far this year.

Hours earlier Noor Hassan, 22, was stabbed to death during a fight outside a student union building at Middlesex University in Hendon.

Police are investigating reports that a group tried to gatecrash an event run by the university’s African Caribbean Society at around 1am. (ha ha lol!)

Mr Hassan, who was not a student at the university, was stabbed once in the chest and was taken to hospital where he died. Friends today described him as an ASPIRING MUSICIAN (!!!lol) who went to Harrow High School and Stanmore College.

“He used to go to a studio in Harrow and he was into his rap, so I think he was trying to get that on track. It’s such a waste."
Police are trying to trace one suspect, a black man with short dreadlocks

*"Man stabbed at Elephant and Castle shopping centre"


*"Robber seen on CCTV holding huge knife to shopkeeper's throat during cash raid"
Police described the robber as an Asian male, about 6ft tall, wearing a black hooded jumper

*"Police hunt violent serial mugger Sabul Miah, who slashed victim's throat for pension"
A manhunt is under way for a violent serial mugger who is on the run from an open prison.

Sabul Miah, 40, who is serving two life sentences for brutally robbing at least 15 pensioners, went on the run from Category D prison Standford Hill in Kent on Thursday.

*"Tube groper banned from the Central Line for the next five years"
A man has been jailed for 16 months and banned from travelling on the Central Line during peak times after he was found guilty of twice sexually assaulting the same woman on the Tube.

Mohibur Rahman, 35, of Shoreditch, east London was ordered not to use the Underground line between 7am and 10am or 4pm and 7pm for a period of five years when he was sentenced at Blackfriars Crown Court last Friday.


Anonymous said...

I have been exposed to about only a dozen but they all are shifty and unreliable.

You have admitted then that all 12 of those you have "been exposed to" have been exposed to racism. (You yourself being the source of the racism.)

Blame the racism, not the victims.

nilus said...

*Teenaper stabbed 'in front of aunt' outside south London off licence

A teenaper has been stabbed to death in south London.

The 18-year-old man died at the scene in Pilgrimage Street, Southwark just before 3.15pm today.

Southwark Council leader Peter John tweeted: "So sorry to hear of fatal stabbing on Pilgrimage Street this afternoon - knife and violent crime has no place in Southwark #SE1."


*Music promoter 'crawled' for help before dying after stabbing 'over £400 debt'
A music promoter(LOL!) was chased down by a gang of (NIGGERS)men and stabbed to death in a terrifying murder in broad daylight.

NIGGER Olamide Feshina, 25, known as Ben and nicknamed Trigger, was cornered in an estate in Thamesmead, south east London, by the (NIGGER)group who reportedly attacked him over a unpaid debt.

Neighbour Ted Knott told the News Shopper: “Five of them were chasing three other boys. One had a knife about eight or six inches big and a hacksaw.”

*Woman died of gun shot wounds close to Arsenal's Emirates Stadium

Originally from Cork, she had been living in north London and had attended Highbury Fields School as a child.

Best friend and colleague Adele Butcher, 24, from Wandsworth, said: “She was a popular, straightforward Irish girl, an amazing person who touched so many people’s lives and changed my life when I became friends with her.

*Man stabbed in front of parents and children near Tooting Bec Common
A man was beaten and stabbed in a broad daylight attack just yards from a popular park.

The 41-year-old man was stabbed(by NIGGERS) in the leg in front of parents with their children in Tooting Bec Common, south London.

*Mob of 80 youths 'armed with machete and chains' in late night Tube brawl at Belsize Park
Tube passengers fled in terror after a clash between young partygoers ended with two men being stabbed in scenes likened to a “Hollywood movie”.

The victims aged 22 and 24 were knifed on the southbound Northern Line train as it pulled into Belsize Park station.

Fighting broke out after witnesses said a group of 80 NIGGER teenagers boarded the train after they had apparently been turned away from an all-night rave by police.

*Two men in hospital after being stabbed on Tube train

*Two men have been taken to hospital after being stabbed on the London Underground.

The victims were travelling on a Northern Line train when the attack happened at around 11.50pm on Saturday.

*NIGGER Teenaper jailed for 'opportunistic' stab murder of gang rival outside shop in Hackney

A teenaper has been jailed for life after stabbing a rival gangster and leaving him to die in the street outside a shop in Hackney.

NIGGER Daniel Campbell, 18, pulled out a knife in the shop in Homerton High Street before confronting NIGGER Lamarni Hylton-Reid, 20, who was walking with a friend.

His victim collapsed on his back in the middle of the street after being stabbed. Campbell then plunged a knife into his chest to kill him, before running away into the nearby Linzell Estate.

*(WHITE)Father, 19, chased 'like a dog' and stabbed to death(BY NIGGERS) in Hackney

*Murder probe launched after man is stabbed to death(by NIGGERS) on south London basketball court

*(NIGGER)Man who stabbed victim as he was working under car bonnet jailed for life

*(NIGGER)Schizophrenic 'ordered to kill by Kojak' detained for life for knife attacks on women

*Two teenapers charged with stabbing 31-year-old man to death in north west London

*CCTV released of (NIGGER)man sought by police after teenager is stabbed five times on tram in south London

*Police charge teenapers with murder over attack on London market stallholder while he was still alive on life support machine

Three teenapes , one aged 16 and two aged 14, were due to appear at Stratford juvenile court later today.


Malcolm Xcrement said...

Teeenaper stabbed in London? Thanks nilus, I can now go to bed with a light heart.

nilus said...

*The mother of an autistic teenager slashed across the neck for “looking at someone funny” today appealed for help to track down his attacker - after seeing a photo of his injuries go viral online.

Eamonn Finn, 16, was walking to a youth group in Pimlico, central London, for people with disabilities, when he came across three youths/NIGGERS.

Before he could reach the end of his road, one of the NIGGERS yelled “What are you f****ng looking at?” before lunging at him.

*Man fighting for life after attack outside Seven Sisters Tube station

*Sabrina Moss: Three drug dealers guilty of murdering nursery teacher on 24th birthday

She was struck in the heart by one of the six rounds fired in her direction from a Mac-10 “spray and pray” sub machine gun which had previously been used in gang violence in London and Birmingham.

Her friend Sabrina Gachette, also 24, was hit in the back by 50 pellets from a double-barrelled sawn-off shot gun but miraculously survived.

NIGGER Martell Warren, 23 of Kensal Green,
PAKI Hassan Hussain, 29 of Willesden Green, and
PAKI Yassin James, 20 of Wembley, were all convicted of Sabrina’s murder.

The killers were mostly members of the Kensal Green Boys (KGB) who were involved in a violent conflict with the South Kilburn Gang also known as Family About Cash (FAC) or the Money Making Family (MMF).

The jury was told how the war – with weapons “designed to kill and maim at close quarters” - came to a terrifying climax in the early hours of the Bank Holiday in August last year.

The killers were tracking Mahad Ahmed, 23, and Edson Da Silva, 27, who they suspected were members of the South Kilburn Gang and were to be injured in the shooting.

They will be sentenced on September 12 by
JEW Judge Stephen Kramer QC.



McDonald's manager racially abuses customers who came in to eat after a night out

The manager of a McDonald’s in south-east London has been arrested and cautioned after a racist tirade against customers.

Yasin Farah, 27, and friends went to the restaurant on High Street in Penge for breakfast at 5.30am after a night out. Mr Farah, of Penge, said: “When it came to us being served the manager jumped on the till and straight away was aggressive with us.

“Then he started telling us to get the f*** out of the restaurant. He says, ‘You are a low-life, get out the restaurant, all you f***ing Somalians are the same’.”

Mr Farah called the police, who arrested the 41-year-old on suspicion of a racially aggravated offence and cautioned him. McDonald’s said of the incident on November 2 : “We are working with the individual and restaurant team to ensure this never happens again.”


Anonymous said...

The premier league is a meritocracy. Some of the world's best players and managers are to be found here.

There was only one thing stopping me from becoming a pro footballer.
I'm shit at playing football.


Anonymous said...


You are so right about the Black Country/Brummie thing. I now live in Brum so I'm a YimYam. We are now not allowed to have pride in where we come from now. My Black Country was a land that few could understand. We had that great ability to laugh at ourselves. My Uncle was a pig dealer. We would traipse all around the Midlands markets and farmers buying and selling pigs. He once told me that because we were Black Country people thought we were 'thick'. He said to me 'Let 'em think it'.
I have a strange feeling we may have met. I know Paul Hickman.


nilus said...

BBC1 9pm "The Apprentice"
JEW Lord/Sir?Baron Alan Meshuggah

followed by "Jews At Ten"
JEW Nick Robinson interviews
JEW Ed Milliband

followed by "Film 2014"
JEW Claudia Winkleman

BBC2 9pm
POOFTER Portillo, followed by

JEW Ian Katz's "Jewsnight",presented by
QUEER Evan Davies

Channel 4 9pm "Liberty of London"

12.40 "Ramsays Kitchen Nightmares"
(The one with the despicable insane KIKES, the only time Ramsay has just given up and walked out!)

ITV2 10pm "Happy Gilmore"
KIKE Adam Sandler

followed by "2 and a half Foreskins" x4
(JEW Chuck Lorre (Levine)

Channel 5 12.00 "Dallas" produced by
JEW Aaron Spelling

BBC3 "Sweat The Small stuff" presented by
QUEER Nick Grimshaw, with camp
HALF-JEW Russell Kane and
PAKI Romesh Ranganathan

followed by
"Family Kike" x2 and

"JEWmerikweeran Dad" x2

BBC4 11.30
"The Joy Of Easy Listening"
JEW Herb Alpert
JEW Burt Bacharach, etc

Dave: Q.J.FRY

More4: "8 out of 10 cats/countdown"
JEW Rachel Riley
QUEER Joe Lycett

followed by

"Was it Something I said?"
JEW Josh Widecombe
(slagging Hitler, making out he started "The War" with Britain)

followed by

"8 out of 10 Cats"
QUEER Christian Jessen
(slagging Nick Griffin, Jeremy Clarkson, and Piers Morgan's skin colour)

Really 9pm "Embarrassing Bodies"
QUEER Christian Jessen

4music 9pm "8 out of 10 cats"
JEW Claudia Winkleman followed by

QUEER Derren Brown x2

Viva 9pm "Scrubs" x2
JEW Zach Braff

ITV4 10pm "Age Of Heroes"
WW2 movie

Yesterday 9pm "Forbidden History"

'The Holy Grail: Can Jamie Theakston solve history's most enduring mystery?


nilus said...

Addendum: "8 out of 10 cats", More 4

should have read:

QUEER Christian Jessen

AND the jewbiquitous
JEW Josh Widdecombe.

(panel 50% jew/queer)

nilus said...

The Kulcha

JEW Chelsea Handler Just Posted Her Own Version Of COALBURNER Kim Kardashian’s Butt Photo


Iggy Azalea’s Costume Malfunction Makes Boy’s Bar Mitzvah


Eamon Bejayzuz said...

Savant, why do you say "asylum seekers"? These dangerous parasites are anything but.....

Anonymous said...

First it was "being told to do something you didn't want to do at work and being threatened with punishment" falling under the definition of slavery.

Now its having therapy if you don't want to be gay anymore.


When is "being forced to put up with diversity" going to be classified as torture? - because that's exactly what it is.

Anonymous said...

Hey, good news! Lots of coons makes white ppl cleverer!!!


If white people weren't already feeling like shit with all the anti-white propaganda, now our kids have to feel inferior at school and force themselves to parrot bullshit to beat the darkies.

What a disgrace.

If white kids had parents constantly telling them to study harder to prove that their race is best, they'd be way ahead.

Instead, they've probably got liberals or screw-ups as parents. They do pretty well considering.

Anonymous said...

What did Kissinger say about dumb stupid animals?


God save us from Americans and their war propaganda.

How about fighting to save the white race for a change? It wouldn't take much, and there would be far fewer casualties.

Anonymous said...

SS recruits.
The best of the best.


Shaunantijihad said...

London? Hah! We got vibrant up North big time too, innit?

Small selection of recent news:

1. Halloween in Keighley described as a war zone with "youths" (Paki colonial scum) attacking fire engines, police, women and babies in prams with rockets and bricks.

2. School teacher gets drunk and gets in a multiculturally enriching Paki colonist's taxi. (Racist BNP girls would NEVER EVER do that, those horrible racist BNP girls!) Result is quite commonplace - Paki colonist takes her to Bradford Great Horton park and rapes her. Calls more colonists who all make their way to the park to take turns raping the kaffir whilst she kneels in the mud.

3. 79 year old ex-serviceman in Kieghley attacked by "youths" on his way to the Cenotaph. Beaten and robbed not of any money, but of his beret and war medals. (Humiliation of the Kaffirs)

4. And finally, some good news! Labour Party councillor in Bradford on his way back from the Cenotaph who was very bravely sporting his late BROTHER'S war medal is chanced upon by a gang of vibrant, enriching colonists invited by Labour from shittystan give the Councillor a thorough enriching.

Unfortunately, doctors think that his life threatening condition and blood on the brain may not be sufficiently severe to cause a reflection upon his Party's treasonous 3RD WORLD mass immigration policy.

Welcome to Yorkshire. Soon to be Allah's own country, where the right to bear arms will be applied to Muslims and Muslims only in the very near future.


J Bull said...

Nilus, that MacDonals manager WAS black. Hows about that! He called Somalis thieving bastards. I love it!

The Mail is a shit paper in terms of it's reporting and editorial but you must hand it to them for constantly bringing us stories like this. The comments are also usually worth a read.

rambaloosa said...

Niggers are very, very averse to work of any kind. The nigger's most prominent anatomical feature, after all, its oversized buttocks, which have evolved to make it more comfortable for your nigger to sit around all day doing nothing for its entire life.

Niggers are often good runners, too, to enable them to sprint quickly in the opposite direction if they see work heading their way.

The solution to this is to dupe your nigger into working. After installation, encourage it towards the cotton field with blows of a wooden club, fence post, baseball bat, etc., and then tell it that all that cotton belongs to a white man, who won't be back until tomorrow. Your nigger will then frantically compete with the other field niggers to steal as much of that cotton as it can before the white man returns. At the end of the day, return your nigger to its cage and laugh at its stupidity, then repeat the same trick every day indefinitely. Your nigger comes equipped with the standard nigger IQ of 75 and a memory to match, so it will forget this trick overnight. Niggers can start work at around 5am. You should then return to bed and come back at around 10am. Your niggers can then work through until around 10pm or whenever the light fades.

Anonymous said...

Probably the greatest concern is over pupils, especially boys, of AFRICAN AND CARIBBEAN origin. This concern extends beyond examination performance to issues of discipline and motivation.

The proportion of African-Caribbean students achieving 5 good GCSE grades is well below the national average.

There has been a growing focus on exclusion figures since analysis by ethnic background has revealed that pupils of African-Caribbean origin are SEVERAL TIMES more likely to be expelled as whites of the same gender.

In 2000/01, 38 in every 10,000 Black Caribbean pupils in England were permanently excluded. This was the highest rate for any ethnic minority group.

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Daily Record

A [WHITE] THUG who shouted racist abuse [black bastard] at a [MCDONALD’S] fast-food worker because he wouldn’t serve him has been JAILED.

Daily Mail

BLACK MCDONALD'S manager arrested after launching foul-mouthed racist tirade issued with police CAUTION.

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

The chimp may be taken from its native environment but the africanness never leaves it.

Coming to a town near you because of Barbra Spectre.

Anonymous said...

Jews trying to stop intermarriage with the despised goyim.


Anonymous said...

Durand Academy
South London

Welcome to the Durand Academy

Our philosophy is simple. We give each [negro] chile all da time and attention [detention, LOL!!] dat dey needz to ensure dey can do da basicz - reed, rite an do da maffs.

Durand Academy Trust runs an infant and a junior school in Stockwell, and a small FREE STATE BOARDING SCHOOL in SUSSEX which opened this term.

PHOTO: St Cuthman's School, 2013

Daily Telegraph, 09 November 2014

A boarding school education in the country for children [“teens”] from inner city London

Daily Mail

Teenagers [“teens”] will be transported from London on Monday mornings to spend five days and four nights in the country, returning on Friday evenings, all free of charge.

BBC, 13 November 2014

Flagship academy's business links probed

A flagship south London academy praised by education ministers of ALL PARTIES has come under examination by the public spending watchdog.

There were also concerns raised over the salary of Durand's executive head teacher, Sir Greg Martin [Common Purpose?], which rose from £146,415 in 2011-12 to £229,138 in 2012-13 (including salary and pension contributions). A pay rise of 56% in a single year.

PHOTO: St Cuthman's School, 2014

Frank Galton

VOMan said...

That is a total fucking disgrace that guy in Livingston being given 60 days for insulting a coon. Meanwhile 4 Somali sheboons who beat white English girl to a pulp were left off with a warning.

Anonymous said...

Angela Merkel is a NAZI!


Netanyahoo would just like to point out that out, if you don't mind.

Anonymous said...

Forget about the right to bear arms. If you've lost it, you will never get it back.

BUT you can insist on safe streets and effective police enforcement. It's necessary for business. Note the difference between Manhattan 20 years ago and now. Even with the communist mayor, the violence will be contained to the hopeless neighborhoods.

Your police do carry guns now, right?

Controversy over Robert O'Neill and how he should have remained silent on killing Bin Laden. Military secrecy is so strange and forever, even for what is common knowledge. Far as I understand, there are several things I can never say about my old artillery unit even though there are 230,000 references to it on the internet. Movies, cartoons, old training information, corporate marketing films.

O'Neill is from Butte, Montana which is interesting in that Irish copper barons heavily recruited Irish immigrants to move there in late nineteenth century.

Anonymous said...

"8 out of 10 Cats"
QUEER Christian Jessen
(slagging Nick Griffin, Jeremy Clarkson, and Piers Morgan's skin colour)

Piers is a mushy liberal, still an easy target.

Maybe Piers will wake up and realise Americans need their guns so they don't get stuffed into gulags like the Russians did. Until that happens he's a totally useful total idiot.

How Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn burned in the camps because there were not enough gun nuts in Russia to stop the Cheka.

Everything you are supposed to know about him is here. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aleksandr_Solzhenitsyn#On_Russia_and_the_Jews

David said...

@Anonymous said...
What happened to the Immigrant Reaction Association?

They renamed themselves the Indigenous Replacement Agency and acted accordingly.

Anonymous said...

The problem with “Diversity” (Multiculturalism/Inclusion/Tolerance/Institutional Racism) is you eventually run out of white children to chase down.

“Diversity” is a code word for white genocide.

--Quote from latest BUGS post's comments.


Anonymous said...

Thejournal has an brain-farticle from Denise Charlatan about a Sudanese asylum seeker who got here after travelling 23 days on a ship.

No mention is made of the failed rejections of asylum.
This was the xth version of one of these stories in the last three days.

The sinagougers want you sinagouged!

Anonymous said...

Barbara Spectre is famous for one thing: admitting that JEWS drive WHITE GENOCIDE.

Wikipedia doesn't mention that. Apparently she's on Wikipedia for leading an organisation that does nothing. They did have the real reason up for a little while, then it got sent down the memory hole.

Then it got put on again. And taken off again. That repeated a few times, and now her page is on permanent HATE WATCH so such unfortunate twists of truth can't be put back in by HATERS of DIVERSITY.

They even stopped some enterprising young hater making a shadow site called KIKIPEDIA by making one themselves and saying it's for kids!

whorefinder said...

This is why I drink earlier and earlier each day.

Anonymous said...

Thejournal has an brain-farticle from Denise Charlatan about a Sudanese asylum seeker who got here after travelling 23 days on a ship.

Please write out 100x:

I will provide a link next time.
I will provide a link next time.
I will provide a link next time.
I will provide a link next time.
I will provide a link next time.
I will provide a link next time.
I will provide a link next time.
I will provide a link next time.
I will provide a link next time.
I will provide a link next time.
I will provide a link next time.
I will provide a link next time.
I will provide a link next time.

There, I've done the first lot for you.

Tony in VA said...

whorefinder, are you thes ame guy who posts on Chateau Heartiste? If so you are one funny guy and I welcome you to this site.

Anonymous said...

French feminist protested for something called Reclaim the Metro because of bad behviour on the trains. Well the de Beauvoir types imported rapeapes because of their hatred for white men and this is the logical conclusion of the campaign.

Anonymous said...

Ethnic cleansed from Sudan

I just wonder why I have been kept in the hostel for eight years – it’s a long time. I could have done many things in that time. I’m not lazy, I’m trying to teach myself.

African claims not to be african?

I could never go on a college night out because I couldn’t afford it. At lunchtime I would always have banana or a yoghurt and people would ask ‘Why do you eat the same thing everyday?’ I’d tell them I was on a diet.

How many Irish students cannot go on college nights out because they are not Deefers?

I knew many like that and they did not whinge because they were glad to have a place. The places they stayed in did not have free Sky Sports which is worth how much per month?

You kicked out the white farmers and you wonder why you starve?

I agreed with my mother that I should leave the country before they killed me. That’s the reason I came to Ireland.

Isn't South Africa closer?
Aren't there more of you Zimbabweans there than there are in Zimbabwe owing to Mugabe?

It was never reported in the Irish media – even after the deportation of “Pamela”, – in a nutshell, it is known and can be proven from UK records that Pamela, her husband and children moved from Nigeria to London approx 5 years before she turned up here. He had managed to get a business visa by opening an office for his company in the UK – online council tax records show them in a london borough for approx 5 years before the UK authorities refused to extend his visa (some issue with the legitimacy of the company) hevwas deported and she had vanished yo Ireland. And very costly appeals were permitted when this was known !!!!!

Surely the press would report that Mr Rotimi had lived in London if there was proof?

I mean Mr Pamela.

Anonymous said...

Recommended vid. 6 hours of pure hate and conspiracies. All you sick, twisted, angry white devils will love this. Might be worth a watch.

Australian Youtuber Peekay22 Assembles Incredibly Funny Compilation Highlighting the Ineptitude and Imbecility of Presstitutes & Crisis Actors Alike, Bumbling From One Staged Hoax to the Next


the vid here


Anonymous said...

Does anyone here know if Uncle Nasty has passed away?
I have yet to see him not comment here for this extended amount of time.

Anonymous said...

Ebola: More Jewish Supremacist Hypocrisy

In yet another example of outrageous Jewish Supremacist hypocrisy, major US Jewish organizations have demanded that Americans not stigmatize immigrants because of diseases they may carry—but at the same time support Israel which openly stigmatizes African immigrants as “carriers of diseases.”

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL), in a blog post titled “Anti-Immigrant Groups Call For Immigration Bans Following Ebola Scare” slammed a whole series of what it called “anti-immigration activists” as “bigots” because they oppose mass immigration from central and south America, and Africa, on the grounds that they pose a serious health and terrorist risk to America.

According to the ADL, anti-immigrant groups [have] seized the opportunity to use this information [Ebola] as a way to speak out against “mass immigration.”

In addition, the ADL blog said, the “anti-immigration activists” had also attempted to use the threat posed by terrorism to try and stop mass immigration into America, saying:

“Over the past month, anti-immigrant groups used the same tactic when attempting to bring the terrorist group ISIS into the immigration debate.”

“The anti-immigrant movement often paints immigrants as disease carriers in an attempt to create a climate of fear around the issue and call for a restriction on immigration. Attempting to capitalize of the recent Ebola diagnosis is the latest example of this trend,” the ADL blog concluded.

However, in Israel—which the ADL fanatically supports—these “bigoted” arguments are exactly those USED BY THE ISRAELI GOVERNMENT TO KEEP OUT IMMIGRANTS!

As revealed in an article published in the Jewish Daily Forward of October 23, 2014, new measures have been introduced at all Israeli airports to screen visitors for Ebola.

In addition to identifying immigrants as carriers of diseases, the Jews-only state clearly linked immigrants to terrorism—exactly the things which the ADL calls “bigoted” if said by any Americans!

The Daily Forward continued:

These precautions [about Ebloa] came after a highly publicized meeting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu convened 10 days ago, where he announced that Israel is prepared to stop the entry of Ebola patients into its borders.

Netanyahu went on to define these steps as “part of Israel’s general efforts to protect our borders from illegal infiltrators and terror.”

While he was still the interior minister of Israel, Eli Yishai said that African migrants bring in “a range of diseases such as hepatitis, measles, tuberculosis and AIDS.”

In May 2012, prominent Israeli physicians warned that asylum seekers from Africa are “a real health time bomb.”

Concerns of terrorism are often mentioned with regard to African migrants as well. In mid-2011, the mayor of Eilat sent an urgent letter to the defense minister following the arrival of dozens of asylum seekers in his town. In his letter he argued: “Today they are infiltrators, tomorrow they are terrorists.”

So, in the Jews-only state of Israel—which the ADL unequivocally supports—immigrants are openly blamed for Ebola and threatening the public health.

But anyone who dares say this in America, is attacked by the ADL as a “bigot”!

How much more blatant can Jewish Supremacist be? It is the standby rule: ONE LAW FOR THE JEWS, ANOTHER FOR THE HATED GOYIM.

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Britain to introduce tough new foreign fighter laws

British nationals (Christians, Muslims, Sikhs, Hindus, Buddhists, Scientologists, Jehovah's Witnesses, Harikrishnans, Jediists [Jedi Knights], Rastafarians, etc etc) who become foreign fighters abroad could be prevented from returning home under tough new laws, Britain’s mischling Jew Prime Minister, Dovid Ben-Cameron, said on Friday.

Jews are, of course, exempt from these new laws.

The new counter-terrorism bill will also prevent airlines (El AL excluded) that do not comply with Britain's no-fly lists or security screening measures from landing on its territory,

Russia Today, 20 September 2014

Confusion appears to reign over how the Foreign Enlistment Act is enforced. We ask how some British citizens [YOU-KNOW-WHO], in DEFIANCE OF THIS BRITISH LAW, seem able to FLY IN AND OUT OF THE UK to join FOREIGN FORCES, without let or hindrance, whilst others are lucky to escape police detention if their passports show they’ve been anywhere near Syria or even just a beach in Turkey! London barrister Toby Cadman of the prestigious 9 Bedford Row Chambers joins Sputnik to help us unravel this confusing anomaly.

The Guardian, 23 November 2006

We followed young British Jews signing up for service in Gaza and the West Bank

Jewish Chronicle, 07 March 2014

British [Jewish] mothers battle stress of having children in IDF

The Huffington Post, 30 July 2014

What About the Britons Who Fight for Israel?

The Israeli military runs a programme called "mahal" which allows non-Israeli nationals of Jewish descent to join the ranks of the armed forces for an 18-month tour of duty. There are around 100 BRITISH NATIONALS serving with the IDF.

Frank Galton

SAVANT said...

Anon 2.52. I too am concerned about Uncle Nasty. When he hadn't commented for a while I felt it might be due to the Fred Reed thing but it's been a couple of weeks now since his last comment. I have an old email address and have written to him but got no response. He's in his seventies so wo knows?

Wasn't Analogman going to meet him at some stage? Analog?

SAVANT said...

Anon, re that 'Pamela' story (Shatter of course supported that bitch all the way) here's another guy who got clean away with it. http://irishsavant.blogspot.ie/2011/02/rotimi-rides-again.html

Anonymous said...

The YKW-Nepotist-Ugly-Tranny Song

Girls will be boys and boys will be girls
It's a mixed up, messed up world
Specially for Logan
Tra-Tra-Tranny Logan.

Anonymous said...

I've worked in a school. Believe me the black boy has to behave reeeeeeally badly to be suspended. They also get so much special treatment that ALL but the most retarded of White kids would get 5 a-c GCSEs if given the same tretment. The educational KGB... I mean OFSTED has specific criteria that judges a school according to how its animals perform.

If the rules for White kids applied to blacks, the MAJORITY would be suspended in the first few years of secondary school. They also need to be separated from the civilised races because they mature earlier and use this to bully and abuse.

Anonymous said...

White people need help in football. The last 3 FA heads are all ugly hooknosed kikes - Trieseman, that ugly prick in charge at Man Shitty andGreg 'i hate hideous white people' Kike.

Anonymous said...

Assylum seekers are so starved of nourishment that they eat their passports on arrival so that the authorities do not know who they are. Fingerprint these criminals so that they can be compared between countries to record their attempts to make an ass out of the process and kick their worthless butts back to the detroitcontinet (The one that time forgot!) when they are found to be cancers on first world society.

Anonymous said...

Winking, back-slapping, promising anything, all things to all men, never took a brave or original decision, never did a productive days work in his life.

If you wonder why a "shining" star like Adam Sandler is around decades in flop after flop he just might be a jew.

Anonymous said...

The only time you will see a cross or crucifix in a jew movie is when it's around the neck of a jew like Cathy Bates in the movie "Misery" or when it's being pissed on or it's being used to stab someone. You won't even see a cross on a church in rural scenes in a movie, but you will see niggers even when the nigger has nothing to do in the movie. Of course each time I see a nigger in a movie I shout out "Cue the nigger."

Sponge Cake said...

Who were the greatest inventors in all human history?


Anonymous said...

Ishmail Indante is a Nigerian who plays with (Insert name of team here) who was found too have sexually assaulted an Irishwoman leading to the Irish Mirror calling for his sacking (link here) because that is the papers UK sister attitude to Marlon King (link here) who they do not want back in football after his third release from prison and you must admit they are consistent because this is is their position after his first release (link here) and his second (link here) and shame on you people for calling them racist for having different standards for Ched Evans and Clayton MacDonald as there is no proof that they do have different standards just like there was never a cover up of Jermaine Penannt and his ankle jewellery Ricky Otto, that "Swedish" rapist (Unfortunately he did not get Barbra Spectre but maybe someday the jhag will get justice)and Luke Mccormick, Lee Hughes.

So it is not fair to say that it is if they is one standard for cultural enrichers and another for normal people.

The media treats all people the same.

David said...

A small bit of common-sense from the legal profession.

Mother and son lose challenge against Ireland's direct provision for asylum seekers. However, the High Court has declared some of the house rules of direct provision refugee centres, including daily signing on, unannounced inspections, and ban on having guests, are unlawful.

Mr Justice Colm MacEochaidh said the mother and son, who are residents of the Eglinton Centre in Galway since seeking asylum in 2011, had failed to discharge the burden of proof that direct provision, with or without a time limit, breaches their human rights because it constituted inhuman or degrading treatment.

The judge also found the €19.10 per week State allowance to adult residents (€9.60 for children) of these centres was not unlawful.

HAHA the dumb fuckers were trying to make the case that the pocket money allowance was unlawful, a good state lawyer would have pushed that one and scrapped it completely.


Direct Provision means the chimps have trashed their enclosure and are now demanding to move in and live with the orange orang-utans..deys bez equals after all.

whorefinder said...

Tony in VA:

I am that whorefinder. And thank you.

Rape to you, sir!

Anonymous said...

Vladimir Putin on Femen

Anonymous said...

#Pantsup Don't Loot with added awesomeness!

Anonymous said...

Haha Nazi cows I herd it all!

A farmer has been forced to cut down Britain's only herd of Nazi-engineered cows because they were too aggressive and tried to kill his staff.
Derek Gow imported more than a dozen Heck super cows to his west Devon farm in 2009.

It was the first time the creatures had set foot on British soil since the Bronze Age.

But the farmer has now been forced to destroy seven of the cows due to their ferocious nature. The meat was turned into sausages which Mr Gow said were "very tasty" and a bit like venison.
Now that the herd has been reduced to a managable size, Mr Gow hopes to start breeding the animals for meat, which he said was considered a delicacy in Germany.

"I'm not sure how appealing Third Reich sausages would be," he joked. "But they are very tasty."

German zoologists Heinz and Lutz Heck were commissioned by members of the Nazi party to produce a breed of cattle based on aurochs, a species of ancient wild bull.

The pair traced the species' descendants to domestic breeds and managed to "pull the wild genes out", creating the cattle in the '20s and '30s.

The Hecks' programme at zoos in Berlin and Munich was so successful that the new aurochs flourished and were used in propaganda material during World War II.

The cattle were largely destroyed following the defeat of Nazism in 1945.


Anonymous said...

ALL niggers ARE DIShonest !!!

Anonymous said...

Except of course, for white heterosexual males.
Those are racist, homophobic sexists - don'cha know..!