Friday, 28 November 2014

A child speaks from beyond the grave

I see that Oscar-nominated film makers Amy Berg and Nate Parker are going to do a film on the Ferguson tragedy, you know, the one where a gentle giant got ventilated by a local cop. Here's what they plan to do.
“In response to the growing problem of racial disparity due to the ongoing dehumanization of black men, actor and activist Nate Parker [with Amy Berg] are setting out on a journey of investigation. They will venture into black communities to speak to various stakeholders about the crisis facing these men.”
Here's one response to the idea:
Hello Ms Berg, Mr. Parker. . Don’t recognize me? That’s OK; I understand. My name was Antonio West. I was the 13-month old child who was shot in the face at point blank range by two black teens, who were attempting to rob my mother, who was also shot. I think my murder and my mommy’s wounding made the news for maybe a day, and then disappeared. 
A Grand Jury of my mommy’s peers from Brunswick , Georgia ruled the black teens who murdered me will not face the death penalty. Too bad it was I who got the death sentence from my killers instead, because Mommy didn’t have the money they demanded. See, my family made the mistake of being white in a 73% non-white neighborhood, but my murder wasn’t ruled a ‘hate crime’. Oh, and President Obama didn’t take a single moment to acknowledge my murder. He couldn’t have any children who could possibly look like me – so why should he care?
I’m one of the youngest murder victims in our great Nation’s history, but the media didn’t care to cover the story of my being killed in cold blood. There isn’t a white equivalent of Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson because if there were he'd be branded a ‘racist’. So no one’s rushing to Brunswick to demonstrate and demand ‘justice’ for me, or do a documentary about me. There’s no ‘White Panther’ party, either, to put a bounty on the lives of the two black teens who murdered me. I have no voice, I have no strident representation, and unlike those who shot me in the face while I sat innocently in my stroller – I no longer have my life.  Isn’t this a great country?
So while you’re out seeking ‘justice'  for Michael Brown, please remember to seek ‘justice’ for me as well.  Tell your friends about me, tell your families, get tee-shirts with my face on them, and make the world pay attention, just like you’re doing for Michael Brown.."


Malcolm Xcrement said...

Oh yeah, that black male is targetted all right. Targetted for affirmative action at every step of his worthless life, targetted for quota's in jobs and education no matter how useless he is, targetted for free shit with his EBT card.

Will the JEW AMy Berg talk about that?

rambaloosa said...

The mother was a mud shark. That's why she was walking in a black area.

Anonymous said...

The admission by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that the point of the proposed “Israel nation-state law” is to “THWART EFFORTS TO FLOOD ISRAEL WITH PALESTINIAN REFUGEES” has once again shown up the astounding HYPOCRISY of all major US-based Jewish Supremacist and Israel-supporting organizations, which demand that America accept all refugees.

Meanwhile, in America, all the major Jewish organizations—all of which fanatically support Israel—demand that the US accepts all refugees!

The leading Jewish organization in this regard is the HEBREW IMMIGRANT AID SOCIETY, or HIAS, which is devoted full-time to BRINGING REFUGEES IN TO AMERICA.

These Jewish Supremacists do not skip a beat in proclaiming their hypocrisy to the world: In America, they say, refugees are good for the country because they “bring the resilience and resourcefulness that saved their lives at home”—but in Israel, according to their own government, refugees “threaten to flood” the Jewish state.

The Jewish Supremacists know very well that Israel will cease to exist if it is subjected to an endless flood of non-Jewish immigrants and refugees.

So why then do they demand that the US accept a never-ending stream of immigrants and refugees?

There can only be one explanation: they know that accepting “refugees” will weaken and divide America—after all, that is why they do not allow Israel to have a “refugee” policy.

This tactic forms part of their ongoing divide and conquer strategy to destroy America.

It is the old story: one law for the Jewish Supremacists, another rule for the hated Goyim.

HAARETZ, 27 November 2014

Netanyahu: “This bill will...thwart efforts to flood Israel with Palestinian refugees...”

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...


David Duke - The Coverup of Zionist Organized Crime!

A jewish man wrote a book about it, and he ended up dead.

Russians, Russians, Russians. If you believed the media, Jews never do anything. Its just Triads, yakuza, Russians, and Italians.

Watch and find out who the most dangerous mobster in the world.
He's not a goy.
The media has said nothing.

Iron Felix said...

Yes; good comment Savant. Slightly off topic but only slightly, I saw the one interview given by Darren Wilson, the police officer who shot the twenty stone, 6' 6'' black thug, attempting to kill him. It was absolutely amazing!! Not a shred of any apology, no remorse, no rolling over begging for mercy, no cringing self-abnegation, nothing. The man stood his ground every step of the way. God amighty I thought there are still white males around with cojones, backbone and self-worth---all is NOT lost, provided there are more like him.

ps; rambaloosa's comment there seems overly harsh IMHO.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this one, Savant.


"Isn’t this a great country?"

It's stories like this that remind even old squids like me that us American whiteys no longer even HAVE a country.


Elaine said...

Absolutely heartbreaking. Was I more angry or sad? Hard to say. Our society is truly destroyed.

Dan said...

Jews love em some nigger!

Thor said...

White people are waking up. I can see evidence of it every day. The battle is heating up.

Dan said...

God forbid ordinary people get to interpret what they saw Monday Night. It must be Jewfiltered and modified to blame white men.

Anonymous said...

Rogue said...

Great comment of yours, Savant. Really, you should post it to them!

Small detail: you've got it as "Ms Berg, Mr West" instead of Berg and Parker.

SAVANT said...

Well spotted Rogue. Duly amended.

nilus said...

Anyone with access to BBC iplayer can see Diane Abbotts opening words on BBC1's "This Week" last night, at 3mins 49...:

(Diane Abbot is a ludicrous hypocrite black Labour MP/ex MP (unseated by Galloway's muzzie "Respeck'" party, I believe) who sent her offspring to a private school after encouraging state schools for all the plebs -she didnt want her kid hanging round with niggers - who talks in an affected posh drawl.

One of those simians that just looks odd wearing human clothes and human hair. She's as thick-as-pigshit and ironically, looks like a pig painted with shit)

If not here's a transcription :

" ooga booga oo oo oo ongo bongo kudu badanga, click nwbdoga Kill Whitey click booga goat yum yum"

Just kidding. Imagine an eighties impressionist doing a Thatcher impression , for the voice:

" I was actually struck by the scenes from Ferguson,in America, by people's response to the Grand Jury which said that the policeman,
who shot Micheal Brown,in cold blood, unarmed eighteen year old, shot him eight times, once in the back , but he had no case to answer.

Now I didnt..see all the evidence, but.."

NILUS interrupts this monkey-babble to suggest that, if she didnt see the evidence, she just shut the fuck up right now, as anything she has to say henceforth is just emotive and disingenuous nigger-babble )

"..but I understand why people are angry and of course it was reflected in disturbances across America "

Andrew Neil: "It's depressing too, isnt it, because it ..never seems to get better "

Diane Abbo: "No, it is depressing, I mean, you could have seen those remember that guy Rodney King in L.A.? it's like that...the other thing about Ferguson ..this is when they had the initial demonstrations,it's about the militarisation of policing.."

Neil: "Cos they looked like an ARMY going in"

Abbo:"They look..and of course actually that just makes things so much worse"

(Its not even worthy of deconstruction, she's hoist by her own retard)

nilus said...

Religious News.
Yet more shocking blasphemy and heretical thunkcrime against Pontious Correcticus:

Sarah Vine criticises lesbian mother Jack Monroe: 'If she was unsure about her sexuality, she should have taken greater precautions'

Gay poverty campaigner Jack Monroe has condemned "homophobic, deadnaming, ignorant" comments made by columnist Sarah Vine about her decision to become a mother in a same sex relationship.

In a feature for the Daily Mail, Vine - who is also the wife of former Education Secretary Michael Gove - labelled Monroe “revolting” for mentioning the tragic loss of Prime Minister David Cameron’s son in a stream of political posts to promote the hashtag #CameronMustGo

Nigel Farage condemns former Ukip deputy Monckton's comments that gay men have '20,000 sexual partners' in their 'miserable lives'
Farage is the same man who defended rampantly homophobic Newark candidate Roger Helmer earlier this year, who likened gay marriage to incest

Nigel Farage has come to the aid of Ukip’s ever-dwindling reputation for tolerance by condemning homophobic comments made by the party’s former deputy leader this week.

Lord Christopher Monckton, who is also a former Conservative advisor, claimed that AIDS was the “wages” of gay promiscuity and dismissively referred to LGBT people as “QWERTYs”.

Writing for WorldNetDaily, he asserted that SOME gay men “had as many as 20,000” in their “short, miserable lives” and declared HIV a “gay disease”.

In a column for The Independent, Farage said there was “no place for men like Monckton”, the Glaswegian politician lwho eft the party in December 2013, in Ukip.

(Farage) went on to highlight the existence of an “LGBTQ in Ukip” Facebook page for gay Ukip supporters, which has notched up over 1,200 followers thus far.

nilus said...

jews'n'nigger news:

JEW Shia LaBeouf claims he was raped during #IAMSORRY art installation performance

Shia LaBeouf has claimed that a woman raped him on Valentine’s Day during his week-long #IAMSORRY performance art installation earlier this year.

In a two week interview with a journalist from Dazed Digital, the American actor, 28, alleged that three days into performance – when he sat alone in an LA gallery with a paper bag over his head reading ‘I AM NOT FAMOUS ANYMORE – a woman came in and sexually assaulted him.

“One woman who came with her boyfriend, who was outside the door when this happened, whipped my legs for ten minutes and then stripped my clothing and proceeded to rape me.”

“There were hundreds of people in line when she walked out with dishevelled hair and smudged lipstick. It was no good, not just for me but her man as well,” LaBeouf said.

I think this JEW is just trolling the world, thinking he's a so-clever artist. He recently claimed to be Christian after playing a Christian in that kikey Nazi Tank film.

JEW Joaquin Phoenix did something similar a few years back,pretended he'd given up acting to be a rapper.

Pharrell Williams compares Michael Brown's 'bullyish behaviour' to Bill Cosby's view of young black men

Pharrell Williams is seemingly conflicted about how he feels concerning the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson – and has used the words of Bill Cosby as a point of reference.

Yesterday, he tweeted that he was “heartbroken” over the grand jury’s decision not to indict Darren Wilson, the white police officer who fatally shot the BLACK, UNARMED TEENAGER in August.

The ruling has sparked widespread protests across the US, some violent and some peaceful.

Yet, in an interview with Ebony magazine published on 13 November, Williams said that footage of Brown allegedly stealing from a convenience store minutes before his shooting looked “bullyish” and that the 18-year-old should have listened to Wilson’s instructions.

The singer then went on to reference the ‘wisdom’ of Bill Cosby’s 2004 ‘Pound Cake Speech’, in which the actor was critical of certain subsets of African Americans.

He said the black community should no longer blame discrimination and racism as the root of their problems, but rather their own culture of poverty. He said that parenting needed to be improved and responsibility and a better attitude instilled in young black people.

Williams quite agrees, and says the actor should be “respected”. An interesting viewpoint considering Cosby has recently been in the news for numerous sexual assault allegations made against him.

His lawyers have firmly denied the claims.

Anonymous said...

I believe the list of victims breakd the 4096? character barrier meaning that 3 posts needs to be made of the victims of Obama's offspring

Anonymous said...

Obi-Wan Nairobi

Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser trailer premieres

The trailer opens with a sweeping desert landscape, with a voice saying: "Whatchu lookin' at Willis?", before British star John Boyega appears wearing a Stormtrooper uniform.


Frank Galton

treason season said...

I just hope I live to see the day that those traitors are swinging from lap posts.

great white said...

The jury that recommended against the death sentence for the ape who did this was 80% negroid.

eah said...

Take a moment to view a bit of this Colin Flaherty video. Skip ahead to about the 2:55 mark -- around this time he is talking about violent attacks on students on the Illinois-Champaign campus (I seem to recall Savant may be familiar with the campus there?). Anyway, a bit later he quotes from the reports the campus is required by law to file about such incidents, and you hear the way they apologize about reporting the race of the suspects as part of the description.

This kind of grotesque manifestation of racially sensitive political correctness is so strongly embedded now that I really don't see how it can ever be eliminated.

Anonymous said...

Off topic?How about a special sandy hook memorial day?
Celebrating the un-dead!
My suggestion is ... So that all folks and youngsters can join in.
: For a starting point use any vertical post (with a full view of the sun) 2Mtrs or greater in height (goal posts/ lamppost etc) mark the 2 Mtr point with a horizontal stick. Due North of post at 2 Mtrs indicate North on the ground.
We are creating a sundial and astrolabe.
On the nearest sunny day to this coming 14th December . Make as many observation as you can.Re length and direction shadows cast.
Now if you are a resident at SandyHook you may find this primitive time piece is at odds with msm time/date stamps! (on the 14th December 2012.).

Sponge Cake said...

Shatter ‘very disappointed’ over immigration Bill

Former minister for justice Alan Shatter has claimed a move by the Government to “fragment” his Bill to reform immigration laws and improve the wellbeing of thousands of undocumented migrants is a “fundamental mistake and error”.
Mr Shatter also said it had been his intention, had he remained in office, to announce a scheme for undocumented migrants in Ireland that would have been largely in line with that of which US president Barack Obama recently outlined for the undocumented Irish in the United States.
The Fine Gael TD was speaking from the audience at the launch of new research by the Migrant Rights Centre Ireland on undocumented migrants. He said one of his “big frustrations” upon leaving office was the failure to publish “very comprehensive” legislation in relation to immigration, residency and asylum.

SAVANT said...

Sponge, thanks for that link. That fucking bastard Shatter, no shame.

I'll post on that separately.

Sponge Cake said...

Black Friday UK

Gem Junior said...

I don't think she was a mudshark - that baby has white features although he's olive-skin toned. Italian maybe? One things for sure, I am disgusted at the white college brainwashed who want to march on behalf of Gentle Giant Brown. WTF is wrong with these assholes? Why is it such a leap to imagine that after watching him throw the guy around the store in the video, he should refuse to obey the request of the police (the symbol of the law) and then become violent with him and assault him, attempt to murder him? Why so difficult to connect the two? Have we become that dumb? Jeez. I am so happy that Wilson did not grovel - he stood his ground. Not one word of regret or apology no matter how pushed toward it. And the great box headline of one of the NY rags (NY Post or NY Daily News) " Cold As Ice" or "Ice Cold" because he did not do the usual fawning act. Go look at The Blaze, there's a video of this bunch of "academic" looking white college kids with posters supporting the "Ferguson Rebellion" and admitting that it's time for violence, then cutting off the interview. One wonders were they paid agent provocateurs? Or just morons? I hate to think they are white college kids, because it's just plain frightening. They might get some muh dik if they aren't careful around there. The girls anyway, but of course not a care in the world - these black thugs they are slumming with, later to return to Mom and Dad's McMansion in the 'burbs, wouldn't dream of assaulting them. We're all the same, right

Anonymous said...

CNN, 13 August 2014

They [Mike Brown’s parents] describe Brown as someone who steered clear of violence...his father said: "HE WAS A GOOD KID."

Daily Mail, 27 November 2014

A man found dead during the Ferguson riots just yards from where Michael Brown was killed had been shot in the head and set on fire, police have revealed.

DeAndre Joshua was discovered dead while seated behind the wheel of his car on Tuesday morning close to the apartment complex where the teenager was killed in August.

Yesterday, family member Brian Joshua, 45, added: 'HE WAS A GOOD KID...”

Politico Magazine

The body of 20-year-old [“good kid”] DeAndre Joshua, a friend of [“good kid”] Michael Brown’s friend Dorian Johnson, was found the next day.

Daily Mail, 26 November 2014

Darren Wilson's friends demand that 'star' witness [Dorian Johnson] in Michael Brown case be charged with PERJURY for his 'hands up, don't shoot lie' after grand jury rejects teen's version of events

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

MSNBC, 19 August 2014


For its part, Brown’s family has hired local attorney Anthony Gray and Benjamin Crump, a civil rights attorney who represented the family of Trayvon Martin.

“That BABY was executed in broad daylight,” Crump said during a press conference Monday...

Benjamin Crump

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Frank the Stormtroopers were famous for being unable to shoot properly and you are surprised dat dey b revealt 2b gangsta'?

Anonymous said...

you remember that guy Rodney King in L.A.?

The LAPD arrived and stopped the CHP woman from shooting him thus saving his life.

Is Dianne Abo saying she would have preferred him shot so that they could have detroitdiscounted the shops earlier?

David said...

No difference from the pamphleteer of 1848, 1917 and Germany in the closing months of WW1 same old, same old, stirring the shit with the hungry, the angry, the stupid from behind the lines and nowhere near the front, watch the same people climb into seemingly innocuous positions in committee/quango or whatever the equivalent of todays soviet is.

We should start a slush fund to send someone on a Common Purpose course so they could report back as to what type of subversion is being propagated exactly.

Uncle Nasty said...

Something for the weekend ... George Carlin's take on politician's and journalist's take on PC bullshit.


Corkonian said...

Now that we have UN back, what happened to Keiser?

Keiser, are you ok mate?

Uncle Nasty said...

Frank Galton says:

Obi-Wan Nairobi

Star Wars: The Force Awakens teaser trailer premieres

Went there, saw it and rolled on the floor, laughing. This must be Luke Skywalker's bastard son, Dark Malltrasher.

But, what the hell. The Lucas fanboys have something to keep them sniping at each other on their keyboards, yea, unto the tenth generation.

Jewed to death ... again.


nilus said...

"This kind of grotesque manifestation of racially sensitive political correctness is so strongly embedded now that I really don't see how it can ever be eliminated. "

Fear not, it will eat itself. Right now we are at peak dumb.

But now the tide goes out.

Anonymous said...

Re Nilus’ link to the Daily Mail article re gang of Somali rapists (previous thread):

All of the men, though Somali in origin, were in the UK LEGALLY

Although the Daily Mail article states they were in the UK LEGALLY, they can still be deprived of British citizenship (if born outside the UK) on the grounds of UNACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOURS.

BBC, 01 November 2012

Somali Mahdi Hashi has British citizenship REVOKED

Mr Hashi was born in Somalia and moved to London with his family at the age of five.

Parliament UK

Deprivation of British citizenship and withdrawal of passport facilities

Under section 40 of the British Nationality Act 1981 (as amended), an order to deprive a person of their British citizenship can be made if the Home Secretary is satisfied that:

• it would be conducive to the public good to deprive the person of their British citizenship status and to do so would not render them stateless; or

• the person obtained their citizenship status through naturalisation, and it would be conducive to the public good to deprive them of their status because they have engaged in conduct “seriously prejudicial” to the UK’s vital interests, and the Home Secretary has reasonable grounds to believe that they could acquire another nationality; or

• the person acquired their citizenship status through naturalisation or registration, and it was obtained by means of fraud, false representation or concealment of any material fact.

In the second and third scenarios, a person may be deprived of their British citizenship even if this would leave them stateless. “Conducive to the public good” means depriving in the public interest on the grounds of involvement in terrorism, espionage, serious organised crime, war crimes or UNACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOURS.

Frank Galton

Thor said...

Frank Glaton. Great news about that Somali turd having his citizenship revoked. That is the ON THING that terrifies those bastards, much more than jail which they regard as just a bit of a holiday.

This was very clear when Denmark threatened to do just that.

Lupus said...

Thanks for this, Savant. Very poignant and a fine rebuttal to all the leftist BS currently be spouted on the various social media networks. It is galling to see leftists 'putting Ferguson in perspective'. I just wonder why these self-hating 'Whites' don't do themselves, us and their accumulated pets a favour and just top themselves. Morons and shitbags, all of them.

Anonymous said...

Refugees should be fleeing persecution, not prosecution.

Notice that on one level Wilson did not apologize for the shooting but, for legal reasons, had to do a dance about how afraid he was. Really more of a jig than a dance.

Anonymous said...

So much for free speech in a "Liberal" world ..

James Watson who helped discover DNA and what it means in the real world was unpersoned by the Frankfurt school.

Ched Evans might have to quit football no second chance for him from the racists such as Jessica Ennis-Hill who have no problem with Marlon King.

Anonymous said...

Bear in mind that the establishment's focus on blacks had a lot less to do with the segregation morality play than with the riots and the burning of a 100 American cities.

Someone said after the financial crash that if just one or two bankers had been strung up, the problem of banking fraud would disappear overnight.

The elites, the establishment, both here and in Britain have a history of radical and fanatical behavior (abolitionists, anti-slavery movement). But they are also pampered dilettantes, so force directed at them can have disproportionate effect.

Anonymous said...

Referred to a London hospital recently. The whole bloody thing is like positive discrimination for dumb apes - Apes on reception, cleaners, security, porters. I know a lot of the doctors are kikes too.

PS The Chinese drs are quite good but the Pakis corrupt as anything.

Anonymous said...


Where does he get his information from? He makes vids of Jews like Friedman who exposed dangerous jews and apparently got murdered for it.

Has David Duke ever been seriously threatened ? He's a very brave man otherwise if all he says is true

Anonymous said...

Are non whites to blame for this man's demise, or is it white leftist, non white toadying trash, OR is it Yids laying down the law using the scum I mentioned ?
This is incredible.

Sponge Cake said...

I went to one of the toughest schools in Dublin. Trust me, this tub of shite would have been mangled. Have a look.

Henry IX said...

ANon 18.57. It's the yids who designed the whole program. A lot of self-hating whites and extreme leftists are happy to deliberately carry it out but most of the whites are deluded and buy into the 'social justice' program.

beowolf said...

Gem, the really great thing is that the cop REFUSED TO APOLOGIZE!!! That is what needs to be done! Savant always says it and he is RIGHT.

Anonymous said...

I feel as bad about poor little Antonio West as a Rangers fan feels about the Ibrox disaster.

James said...

The attack on the young female mind.

Some think Barbie cartoons are great because "they are so white".

Not so.

James said...

The cop said the fact the perp was black made no difference.

He's lying. He wouldn't have shot the "kid" if he was white.

Why not?

Because a white kid wouldn't have attacked him.

Anonymous said...

Just finished watching Intruder on BBC and ex-Mrs Jimmie Cameron Gale Ann Hurd made a very valuable point about Science Fiction being able to show things that normal film cannot in that Alien Nation showed aliens coming to LA and integrating and getting proper jobs whereas mexcrements come over the border trash National Parks and use welfare to develop diabetes and breed welfare dependent offspring.

Gillian Anderson is now in The Fall and I think the scriptwriter missed a bit in that when she ordered the copper up to her bedroom he should have shrieked in horror and said "You cisgendered homophobe! I was not born this way. I am off to see my rabbi La'tesha Moesha Berjowitz." and with that turned away and tottered off on his 6" Laboutins.

That is the sort of drama that would keep mastiestuncle glued to the idiotbox.

James said...

Here's proof paedophilia is being pushed.

Fast forward to 33:33 (Masonic number, no?). Beware, dumb people swarm over the planet.

That's just kids in bikinis having fun. The people in the crowd are just guys like me. Those kids aren't brainwashed, they know exactly what they are doing because of all the information they get at school.--nastiestuncle

Here's what should happen to nastiest uncles like him...

He defends these people. He attempts to discourage people exposing this evil menace.

Anonymous said...

Chris Newsom and Channon Christian

tsnamm said...

Wilson resigns...these people don't stop...he'll be lucky to find work anywhere...

Anonymous said...

I, Darren Wilson, hereby resign my commission as a police officer with the City of Ferguson effective immediately. I have been told that my continued employment may put the residents and police officers of the City of Ferguson at risk, which is a circumstance that I cannot allow. For obvious reasons, I wanted to wait until the grand jury made their decision before I officially made my decision to resign. It was my hope to continue in police work, but the safety of other police officers and the community are of paramount importance to me. It is my hope that my resignation will allow the community to heal. I would like to thank all of my supporters and fellow officers throughout this process.

A decent police officer hounded out of his job by racist idiots.

Tony in VA said...

So Officer Wilson is forced to resign even though the jury found he did nothing wrong. That's the way things are today folks, things like facts and being right do not matter.

The one good things is that he did not apologize.Because it would have changed nothing. They would still have come for him.

Anonymous said...

Was reading about this white maggot piece of shite calling himself an "English" song writer and left wing activist. This mongrel cunt is no English than Mussolini. It's mother was an Eyetie.

What's more this cunt moved from the Barking niggerhood to whites only Dorset. Says it all eh? LOL!

Mrs. Heraclitus said...

UN, if this is true about Putin it explains so much. We are literally seeing Armageddon unfold before our eyes,

katana said...

Tony in VA said... 30 November 2014 10:29
So Officer Wilson is forced to resign even though the jury found he did nothing wrong. That's the way things are today folks, things like facts and being right do not matter.

The one good things is that he did not apologize.Because it would have changed nothing. They would still have come for him.


Yes, he didn't back down when being charged by a bull nigger and didn't back down when being "charged" by the interviewer George Stephanopoulos asking leading questions to get him to break down and confess his "racism".

But in other news Dr. James Watson, of DNA fame and Nobel Prize winner, grovels and sort of recants, by calling himself stupid, for telling the truth that blacks are significantly less intelligent than Whites. See here: Dr. Watson to Sell His Nobel Prize After Having Been Shunned for Saying Blacks are Not as Intelligent as Whites


For my latest blog post, Deadlier than the H-Bomb – Part 1, click here >>> KATANA


Anonymous said...

Racist: A word invented by Jewish murderer Trotsky, who in the end got what was coming .. and not from whites either despite being behind the deaths of thousands of them.

Incredible how that one word on its own, used by white people on white people has practically paralysed our entire race in this fucked up world we all live in today.

Anonymous said...

anon 1857 1708
I got the impression one of the talking heads was showing signs of “sour grapes” (initially) and then when the anchors failed showed indication of schanedfreude ..... Hung onto a little too long on the few failures of the
Rosetta mission . also one of the “patriot?” sights has done a spoiler!
At one time I would have thought I was being paranoid !

Anonymous said...

Antonio West's name and photo should be on a flag that Whites rally behind and carry into battle against the forces what would destroy us.

Sponge Cake said...

Gentle Giant 2

Jury nears decision on NYPD chokehold death.

NEW YORK — Amid the fallout from a grand jury’s decision in the fatal police shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown in Missouri, a panel in New York City is quietly nearing its own conclusion about another combustible case involving the death of an unarmed man at the hands of police.

Anonymous said...

Mike in Philadelphia is updating his victims list. It is very long.

The only "victims" Obongo can come up with are Trayvon Martin who was justifiably shot by a law abiding citizen after being attacked and Gentle Ben Brown who was shot by a police officer protecting himself.

It is awful that law breakers are held in higher esteem than law obeyers.

Anonymous said...

Black girls fight over lingerie on Black Friday

In support of Michael Brown honor stoodent and aphrofizzicyst.

Gruber said...

How would a single man or woman who has an EU passport get in contact with one of those racially aware Whites in one of those squatter camps or just some one who wants to get out of South Africa . After all we have enrichers marrying eastern europeon woman to gain residency
and scamming the system here already, Why not do likewise?

James said...

Anonymous Mrs. Heraclitus said...
UN, if this is true about Putin it explains so much. We are literally seeing Armageddon unfold before our eyes,

If what's true about Putin?

James said...

Are non whites to blame for this man's demise, or is it white leftist, non white toadying trash, OR is it Yids laying down the law using the scum I mentioned ?
This is incredible.

Please allow Revilo Oliver to explain part of the problem again.

What is 'Liberalism'?

James said...

I would like to introduce you to Sir Arthur Keith, father of modern Nationalism and the single most important thinker of the Twentieth Century.

James said...

Further to the last:

by Revilo P. Oliver

THE JEWS ARE a unique race, parasitic and predatory, evidently formed from hybrid stock (including, according to Mourant’s haematological analysis, c. 10% of Congoid blood) in the way described in Sir Arthur Keith’s theory of human evolution.

The parasites find, seemingly by instinct, and attack every inherent weakness in our racial stock and exploit our vices, so that it is often difficult to fix a boundary between our innate deficiencies and the parasites’ exacerbation of them.

The Three American Eras

Anonymous said...

Steven Woolfe is new MIGRATION SPOKESMAN for UKIP.

A Woolfe in sheep’s clothing

Steven Woolfe has a black American grandfather on one side of his family, and a JEWISH GRANDMOTHER on the other.

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...


Why would members of a Jewish organisation that praises Negro terrorists want to meet with members of an “anti-immigration” party (UKIP)? And why would members of an “anti-immigration” party (UKIP) want to meet with members of an organisation that praises Negro terrorists?

UKIP’s Zionist Member of Parliament, Douglas Carswell, will meet with members of the JEWISH LEADERSHIP COUNCIL next month.


Jewish Memories of Mandela UK Launch

Jewish Memories of Mandela is a unique publication which chronicles the story of Nelson Mandela and the anti-apartheid struggle through the lives and recollections of Jewish South Africans who were a part of it. The book also records the REMARKABLE EXTENT to which JEWISH SOUTH AFRICANS PARTICIPATED in the ANTI-APARTHEID STRUGGLE, as well as in the POST-APARTHEID ERA of nation building, reconstruction and reconciliation.

Highlighting the importance of the book Mr Davis [chair of the Jewish Leadership Council’s Board of Trustees] commented:

In generations to come, when the MANY SOUTH AFRICAN JEWS WHO WORKED CLOSELY WITH NELSON MANDELA and who vigorously worked against apartheid are no longer here to tell their stories, we will have this book to REMIND THE WORLD of the JEWISH CONTRIBUTION to the STRUGGLE

Frank Galton

James Lord said...

Why would members of a Jewish organisation that praises Negro terrorists want to meet with members of an “anti-immigration” party (UKIP)? And why would members of an “anti-immigration” party (UKIP) want to meet with members of an organisation that praises Negro terrorists?

The answer to this is quite simple. The jews will infiltrate Ukip and you will see within a couple of years that they have the same degree of control that they currently exercise over the Tories and Labour. This in turn will result in Ukip becoming a replica of the other two.


James said...

Negrophilia and anti-white hate are not new at all.

Beginning in the early years of the 19th Century and rising to a crescendo by mid-century, a veritable theology of hate came to be espoused in the North Meetings were held throughout the Northern states–especially in New England–and from the pulpits, rostrums, stumps, and public halls enemies of the South called for a grand crusade of extermination against the Southern people.

Lamar Fontaine, C.E., Ph.D., of Lyons, Mississippi, who lived through Reconstruction, wrote: “Thus it was that for two years after the close of the Great War [the War of Southern Independence] in every hamlet and convention hall in the North thousands of preachers, orators, and teachers dinned into the ears of the listening multitudes their fiendish venom until a wild wave of fanatical, insane New England Puritan hate swept like an East Indian hurricane over the entire North… Then a species of Negro insanity raged among the Negrophiles of the New England states and it too spread like a prairie fire and took possession of the unthinking masses. Books and pamphlets fell from the New England presses like hail from a passing cloud. Men and women, from the pulpit and rostrum, advocated the mixing of the Negro and the White races and the establishment of a Negro Republic in the South after its conquered people had first been destroyed and the land rendered, as Parson Brownlow expressed, ‘as God found it, without form and void.’ ”

Within eight hours of U.S. President Lincoln’s death, a caucus of radical Republicans under Thaddeus Stevens went to work setting into motion the evil machination which would come to be called “Radical Reconstruction”–an experience which would be lasered into the mind, heart, soul, and fibre of the Southland and her people forever.

During the era of rabid, all-consuming hate, Henry Ward Beecher asserted: “The Negro is superior to the White race. If the latter do not forget their pride and color, and amalgamate with the purer and richer blood of the Blacks, they will die out and wither away in unprolific skinniness.”

Judge Salmon P. Chase, a member of Lincoln’s Cabinet, paid a visit to the South after the surrender. Returning home, he said: “I found the Whites a worn out, effete race, without vigor, mental or physical. On the contrary, the Negroes are alive, alert, and full of energy. I predict in 25 years the Negroes of the South will be at the head of all affairs, political, religious, the arts and sciences.”

From the pulpit of Beecher’s church, Wendell Phillips delivered the following words: “You may plant a fort in every district of the South, you may take possession of her capitols and hold them with your armies, but you have not begun to subdue her people. I know it means something like absolute barbarian conquest, but I do not believe there will be any peace until 347,000 men of the South are either hanged or exiled.”


In another spot Brownlow said: “I am one who believes the war ended too soon. We have whipped the South, but not enough. The loyal masses [of the North]…intend to march again on the South, and they intend this [second] war shall be no child’s play. The second army will, as [it] ought to, make the entire South as God found the Earth–without form, and void.”

Following Brownlow’s speech, Governor Yates of Illinois rose from his seat and said: “Illinois furnished 250,000 troops to fight the South, and now we are ready to furnish 500,000 more to finish the good work.”

Even as late as 1875–ten years after the end of the war–William Gray, Mississippi Governor Ames’ right-hand man, “assailed the Whites before his Colored audiences asserting that the Republicans would win [the next election] even if it were necessary ‘to kill every White man, woman, and child in the state.'

James said...

The answer to this is quite simple. The jews will infiltrate Ukip and you will see within a couple of years that they have the same degree of control that they currently exercise over the Tories and Labour. This in turn will result in Ukip becoming a replica of the other two.

Unless some of you join the party and speak out at meetings, that will happen.

Revilo Oliver was one of the founders of the John Birch Society. He quit after 2 years because it was "completely infiltrated by communists already" by that time.

Uncle Nasty said...

Could this be the start of something big?

From Russia with Love
The Administration / 1 day ago

I’m beginning to warm to this Putin fellow. Russia allegedly funding Europe’s entire dissident right.

Marine Le Pen has admitted that her [far far far far far] far-right Front National accepted money from a Russian bank, amid growing evidence that the Kremlin is backing [pro-European people] anti-European parties across the continent.

Le Pen said that her party had received a loan of €9 million (£7 million) in September from the Russian-owned First Czech-Russian Bank, but insisted that the money would have no impact on her policies.

“We signed with the First bank who agreed and we’re very happy about it,” she said. But it is “ridiculous to suggest that gaining a loan would determine our international position,” she insisted. “These insinuations are outrageous and offensive.”

According to recent opinion polls, the National Front is now France’s most popular party.

Russian loans have also been extended to Greece’s [nazi nazi nazi nazi] neofascist Golden Dawn party, Belgium’s [extremist] Vlaams Belang, Italy’s Northern League [of bigots], Hungary’s Jobbik [haters] and the [intolerant] Freedom Party of Austria, The Times reports. All of these parties except Golden Dawn were invited to observe Crimea’s vote on joining Russia and all offered their support for the annexation of the south-eastern Ukrainian region.

The loans to the National Front from the Russian-owned bank occurred amid “growing evidence of a secret Kremlin campaign to buy influence in European politics,” The Times says.

Read on and hopefully be cheered up a bit ... Now all we have to do is destroy the MSM, and the journey back to reality begins.


Anonymous said...

BBC, 10 January 2013

Will South Africans ever be shocked by rape?

The BBC's Andrew Harding was told that even BABIES got raped

Almost 60,000 rapes are REPORTED to the police each year - more than double the number in India, in a far smaller country.

Experts believe the TRUE FIGURE is at least 10 TIMES THAT - 600,000 attacks.

This week South African newspapers are carrying gruesome stories of what is being described as a NEW TREND - the rape of ELDERLY GRANDMOTHERS

"Rape is in our CULTURE. It's part of the whole patriarchal culture," businesswoman and activist Andy Kawa, who was herself the victim of a gang rape...

Jewish Leadership Council

“In generations to come, when the MANY SOUTH AFRICAN JEWS WHO WORKED CLOSELY WITH NELSON MANDELA and who vigorously worked against apartheid are no longer here to tell their stories, we will have this book to REMIND THE WORLD of the JEWISH CONTRIBUTION to the STRUGGLE” – South African Jew Mick Davis, chair of the Jewish Leadership Council’s Board of Trustees

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

James said: “Unless some of you join the party and speak out at meetings, that will happen.”

Jewish pensioner speaks out at meeting (Labour Party conference)

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

You guys seem surprised at the revelations of a homo-pedophile ring in the conservative government of decades ago. I mean you brits are famous for that stuff. Well, the aristocracy anyway. What was that Lindsay Anderson film about public schools? "If" I think it was. Cold showers and sodomy in the morning. Didn't Napoleon call it the English disease? What about Churchill's rum and sodomy quip? I mean I'm starting to like you guys but really you can't be shocked.

Uncle Nasty said...

James said...

Anonymous Mrs. Heraclitus said...
UN, if this is true about Putin it explains so much. We are literally seeing Armageddon unfold before our eyes,

If what's true about Putin?
30 November 2014 18:48

This is a guess, here, but I think Heraclitus may be responding to my post of 30 Nov 20:20 ... which has inexplicably appeared after the response, if one believes the time stamp.

I have seen this happen on several occasions, and have no explanation for it. Maybe one of our more techno-savvy contributors can explain?


Anonymous said...

You can immigrate here to the USA even if you're white. Just pretend you're a mulatto or that you have AIDS or you are a homo who got beat up or, best of all, you're a "questioning transexual."
Visa priorities for all such.

Uncle Nasty said...

“In generations to come, when the MANY SOUTH AFRICAN JEWS WHO WORKED CLOSELY WITH NELSON MANDELA and who vigorously worked against apartheid are no longer here to tell their stories, we will have this book to REMIND THE WORLD of the JEWISH CONTRIBUTION to the STRUGGLE” – South African Jew Mick Davis, chair of the Jewish Leadership Council’s Board of Trustees

Frank Galton

we will have this book to REMIND THE WORLD of the JEWISH CONTRIBUTION to the STRUGGLE

Indeed we will. Along with hundreds of others. Remember that, you yidfucks.

The resemblance between yids and niggers never ceases to amaze. They cannot, cannot, cannot resist the impulse to crow when seemingly victorious -- and it will be their downfall.


AnalogMan said...

Anon said

What was that Lindsay Anderson film about public schools? "If" I think it was. Cold showers and sodomy in the morning.

Oh, is that what that crap was about?

Movies in South Africa were censored, so sometimes, after they cut out any flash of flesh or hint of impropriety, what was left wasn't always coherent. But I think that one was incoherent from the start. I remember only one scene from it, which was pretty typical: one schoolboy is sent to the principal's office for some offence against another. After a lecture, he is ordered to apologise to the other. The principal walks over to a cabinet, opens a drawer in which the second boy is lying. The two boys silently shake hands, the drawer is closed. That's it.

Oh, yes, it also had that other feature that irritates me so: the cameraman is the star. It's all "creative" camera angles, including my personal favourite - the close-up of the actor's mouth while he talks, a la "Rosebud" in Citizen Kane (another piece of crap I wish I could unsee, at least the part I did see).

I still get angry when I think of the money, and time, I wasted on that abortion. Taught me a lesson: When the critics rave, be very careful.

Anonymous said...

Thor said... "White people are waking up. I can see evidence of it every day. The battle is heating up."

I would like to believe that statement but when I read articles about gullible White Canadian protesters in Toronto being ordered to remain silent and stay out of the limelight, I have my doubts. This street protest happened in Canada ... not the U.S.

tsnamm said...

Yeah, the media doesn't spin things...picture of Brown in a graduation picture, as if he was going to amount to anything..."Black lives matter"...tell it to your "community"...Brown was an erstwhile Shakespeare...

James said...

Jewish pensioner speaks out at meeting (Labour Party conference)

Maybe speaking out at question time is better, or over tea and coffee.

He made his point though. Don't expect too much on the day. People listen though, even if too timid to do anything right away.

The fact that nobody heckled the heckler meant something.

James said...

Regarding the Le Pen loan from the Russian bank.

Kakistocracy makes the very astute point that no French banks would make the loan.

That would mean that they simply do not care what their own customers think, and they should be driven from the country with a whip, Jesus-style.

James said...

I think I may have seen it all now.

Anonymous said...

Fran Greene, a spokeswoman for Planned Parenthood, noted that “unborn white babies are little racist parasites who should be exterminated in the womb! Women can empower themselves and stop racism in its tracks by aborting their racist white baby and adopting an African one instead. Given the overpopulation and poverty in Africa, it’s really disgusting and offensive that a white woman would choose to give birth, instead of adopting a black baby! I would even say that these women who give birth to white babies, instead of adopting black ones, are murderers!”

Anonymous said...

Bosnian community in St. Louis outraged over fatal hammer attack in Bevo Mill neighborhood.

fight_back said...

@05.37. You do realise that Diversity Chronicle is a spoof? Brilliant, but a spoof, so be vareful how you present this link and to whom.

Anonymous said...

You can't spend time going on about any particular group. The Jews aren't carjacking and mugging anyone. Besides, over here at least, they are at the forefront of immigration and law enforcement issues. For every liberal Jew, there is a .5 conservative Jew, if not more. And they seem to be getting it pretty much in the chops firstly on the streets. Plus, extreme black militants and such have a cottage industry researching their villainy, similar to stuff I see here. The lethal anti-white racists of the last 150 years here have pretty much all been WASPs, particularly in that hotbed of fanaticism New England which ironically but not coincidentally has the the fewest blacks.

What you can go on about is law and order. The opening here to discuss racial crime is black on black murder. Cop on black murder being insignificant compared to. The impossible jump here is to discuss black on white murder which is radioactive in the media.

But when all is said and done, the black bastards are getting locked up over here at a fantastic rate.

Shame that the Supreme Court won't permit the execution of retards. Used to be at 70 IQ, but recently raised practically to 80. As because these are the most dangerous of rape, torture murder ambush predators. Can't consider consequences, although they understood the electric chair.

Anonymous said...

Bloody hell. On ITV The Chaser quiz a Miss Piggy lookalike Valleys troll says her "job" is to help WOMEN start up businesses. Would a man be allowed on with the opposite job? Also reminds me of my nightmare time living in Wales. They really do look like this troll - obese, dark frizzy hair, cavemanmish, short. They have got to be the ugliest race outside of subsaharan Africa.

Anyone else notice this unevolved Africanish thing in Wales. They still think swarthy medallion man Tom Kones is cool!

Anonymous said...

Black lives matter ...

except when they are murdered by other blacks.

Anonymous said...

So, at the end of Lindsay Anderson movie "If," a bad poem by the way except for keeping your head while all others are losing theirs and blaming it on you line, the kids pull out guns and start blowing the school apart. I took that to be symbolic of their rage at being butt-f*****. Can I actually say that, Savant?

Anonymous said...

With Jews and Zionists running UKIP*, is it any wonder white Christians are being targeted for deportation?

As we’ve seen in the past (1914 and 1939), this is the age-old Jewish tactic of creating division and disunity amongst whites, with whites directing their hate towards fellow whites. Meanwhile, Negroes and Muslims continue gang-raping white kids.

*Congoid Jew appointed MIGRATION SPOKESMAN for UKIP

*MPs Andrew Dismore from Labour Friends of Israel and DOUGLAS CARSWELL [UKIP] from the CONSERVATIVE FRIENDS OF ISRAEL lent their voices to the rally...

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

How long before Congolese “asylum seeker”, Edmond Lukusa, is appointed Sinn Fein spokesman for IMMIGRATION?

Sinn Féin welcomes call for change to immigration policy

"The Council has called on political leaders and the Government especially to accept and publicly declare that immigration is a PERMANENT and POSITIVE reality in Irish society, with the potential to bring ENORMOUS social, CULTURAL, and economic benefit to this island...”

Frank Galton

Sponge Cake said...

Obama told me, pa rum pum pum pum
Most things in life are free, pa rum pum pum pum
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Before policeman shoot, pa rum pum pum pum,
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How can we steal from them? pa rum pum pum pum,
In Ferguson.

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Shall I loot for him, pa rum pum pum pum,
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Michelle nodded, pa rum pum pum pum
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Michelle posted bail for me, pa rum pum pum pum
In Ferguson.

Anonymous said...

More Zio-Treason Against America!

The former head of the Israeli spy service which ran the Jonathan Pollard spy ring has publicly admitted—for the first time—that both Shimon Peres and Yitzhak Rabin knew all along of the spy’s existence but deliberately lied to the US government over the matter.

According to an article in the Israel-based Times of Israel, Zio-spymaster Rafi Eitan, confirmed that both the Prime minister and Defense Minister of Israel in 1985 (Peres and Rabin respetively) knew about Pollard.

The astonishing confession reveals once again the full extent of the treason committed by the Zionists against America.

Not only did the Israeli fanatics run the most damaging spy operation ever against the US, but the then president of the racist Jews-only state, Shimon Peres, and the then defense minister, Yitzhak Rabin, both gave undertakings to the US government that the Pollard operation was not official and that it was some “rogue” operation.

On the night of Pollard’s arrest, Peres denied any knowledge of the Israeli spy operation in a phone call to then-U.S. Secretary of State George Shultz, claiming to Shultz that Pollard was a “freelancer.”

The full extent of the deception and lies engaged in by these Zio-fanatics—and their co-religionists’ control of the US government—is perhaps best represented by the fact that Peres was awarded the PRESIDENTIAL MEDAL OF FREEDOM by BARACK OBAMA in 2012.

Ironically, the award recognizes those individuals who have made “an especially meritorious contribution to the security or national interests of the United States.”

Frank Galton

nilus said...

"Dark Malltrasher."

LOLLING hard. I O U one, UN

James said...

Frank, don't you realise that the entire US government is a spoof?

Anonymous said...

Look at this disgusting publicity seeking cunt. Almost as bad as Russell Brand - both kikes

see commentary

Californian said...

“In response to the growing problem of racial disparity due to the ongoing dehumanization of black men..."

Now that's an interesting statement. Exactly who is "dehumanizing" black men? The media which glorifies Mandela, King, Trayvon Martin, and etcetera? The TV shows which portray blacks as scientists, honest cops and wise men? The universities with their non-stop pro-black indoctrination? The government with its parade of affirmative action and etc? The white liberals who can be counted on to rationalize away any amount of black havoc from Ferguson to Johannesburg?

One might state the obvious: perhaps with all the controls lifted on blacks, their true nature is being revealed. Progressives, especially of the fawning white type, can't stand the reality. So they have to come up with even more disinformation to keep the ideological delusion rolling.

Vanishing American said...

Anonymous @ 17:07 - As for ''WASPs" in New England, please check out the latest stats on ethnicity in those states. The most White state in New England is Maine, but it only has 20-something percent of English-descended people. In the state of Massachusetts only 11 percent identify as of English descent. Only the rural areas have a majority of Anglo-Saxons left.
P.S., most migrated long ago when the first waves of immigrants descended on New England. They went on to pioneer in some of today's ''red states."

The South probably has more Anglo-Saxons than New England, immigration and relocated Yankees notwithstanding.

These kinds of statements about evil liberal WASPs go unchallenged all the time, far too often. See the census figures.

right said...

this was a mixed family, both the baby as the mother and the father /were/are mestizos!