Wednesday, 15 October 2014

'Multicultural society' is an oxymoron

The term 'multicultural society' is an oxymoron for the simple reason that being multicultural prevents its being a society as commonly understood. Instead what you get is a range of 'cultures' incompatible with one another to a greater or lesser degree. The resultant societal pathologies, which should have been apparent to anyone with a functioning brain cell, have been identified in a number of research studies like this one.

One of the basic requirement of any functioning society, and one crippled by multiculturalism, is the impartial administration of justice under a system of laws. Under multiculturalism the system inevitably degenerates into an ethnic and/or religious zero sum game geared towards ensuring that 'our guy' gets, not justice, but the benefit of any verdicts. Things got so bad in the USA that the Supreme Court felt compelled to create special rules for jury selection (the Batson Challenge). This in turn was driven by the repeated failures of blacks to convict a brudda even when the prosecution's evidence was overwhelming. Think O.J. Simpson and Curtis Vance.

In Wales we had the extraordinary case in which two footballers had sex with an inebriated waitress. They said it was consensual, she said it was not. Whatever. The extraordinary thing was that both admitted doing exactly the same thing to/with the girl yet the White guy was convicted (got five years jail) and the black one acquitted.  You see all it takes is a couple of jurors to vote against conviction for the defendant to go free.

And it's going to get worse in Britain as the pathology extends from juries to the Crown Prosecution Service itself which is getting taken over by immigrants from Third World cultures.......where Traditional Justice rules. For example in Pakistan, whence many top CPS executives originate, a religious or tribal leader can, completely on his own initiative, order a woman to be punished by means of gang rape or have a Christian killed for 'insulting the Prophet'.  And now this guy's sons and cousins have taken over huge swathes of Britain's justice system.

Yes, The Long March Through The Institutions is proceeding at a brisk pace.


Anonymous said...

I still stand in awe of this.

“So the final conclusion would surely be that whereas other civilizations have been brought down by attacks of barbarians from without, ours had the unique distinction of training its own destroyers at its own educational institutions, and then providing them with facilities for propagating their destructive ideology far and wide, all at the public expense.

Thus did Western Man decide to abolish himself, creating his own boredom out of his own affluence, his own vulnerability out of his own strength, his own impotence out of his own erotomania, himself blowing the trumpet that brought the walls of his own city tumbling down, and having convinced himself that he was too numerous, labored with pill and scalpel and syringe to make himself fewer. Until at last, having educated himself into imbecility, and polluted and drugged himself into stupefaction, he keeled over–a weary, battered old brontosaurus–and became extinct."

Buying all his books.

Social media are anti-social said...

I just read the following at Majority Rights:

"Multiculturalism - the political ethologist Frank Salter recently described it as a system in which government protection is extended to every minority but is withheld from the ethnic majority. It is a despicably unequal system - and has to be so because the native English have birthright and natural justice on their side, so there is no foundational equality to discover."

Winston Smith said...

Anon 22.24. Agreed. He was a genius to have foreseen this so early. As we speak I am seeking out more of his material.

Uncle Nasty said...

Surprisingly from me ... an on-topic post.

From my favourite hasbara site.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Exporting Taxpayers Money - British Families Financing Poverty Abroad........From Daniel Thomas

One would think that the first priority of any government would be looking after the interests and well being of its citizens, after all that's what they promise every four years or so when trawling for votes at election time.

As the British people slowly emerge from their media induced, two decade long slumber, they are finding reality is somewhat different. What they were promised in exchange for their vote compared to what has been delivered is an indication of the contempt that they held in by their elected representatives.

The previous Labour government followed their socialist instincts by taxing the people until the pips squeaked while spending the country into bankruptcy at the same time. The incoming Conservative/Liberal Democrat coalition, led by David Cameron, promised to mend the broken economy using a combination of spending cuts and increased taxation.

In other words, a severe dose of austerity for everyone except the ruling class and the so called poor in undeveloped world. Cameron not only promised to 'ring fence' spending on international aid but to increase it in real terms.

All the British people have to show for their sacrifice, and their votes, is an economy that is still broken accompanied by an unprecedented drop in living standards.

One would have thought that the package of austerity measures would have fixed the broken economy as promised, but the government are still borrowing some one hundred billion pounds per year and the national debt has passed a staggering one trillion pounds.

The outgoing Chief Secretary of the Treasury, an odious individual by the name of Liam Byrne, infamously left a note for his successor making light of the fact that his Labour government had emptied the Treasury.

"Dear Chief Secretary, I'm afraid there's no money. Kind regards - and good luck! Liam".

The flippant message conveyed the fact that the petty, small minded Byrne was not only reveling in the discomfort of the incoming Chief Secretary, it also inferred that emptying the Treasury, borrowing to the limit and racking up record levels of debt was a deliberate scorched earth policy designed to make it difficult for the incoming government. This would make it unpopular and hence limited to one term.

(Byrne story here)

Uncle Nasty said...

In a previous thread (The Swaziland Appeal), a very interesting conversation was started between AnalogMan, Grettir and Shaunantijihad on the strategy necessary if we are to to survive in an increasingly jew-centric world bent on our utter destruction.

Survive? Hell we want to win. Survival, as Shaun pointed out is not sufficient.

We have to adopt a mindset similar if not identical to that of the yids, who laugh at the concept of "a fair fight".
By this, I mean we must use their own tactics against them in that we have to look at every strategy available and ask ourselves: Will it benefit the Whites? Will it fuck up the jew agenda? Even in the tiniest and most insignificant manner?

If the answer is "yes" to either of the above -- preferably both, then go for it. That is the short term plan ... but don't announce your aims and targets. Feed them nothing as far as information is concerned. What they don't know cannot harm you.

Controlling the media? A pipe dream, in my opinion. Yes, continual propaganda, drip-fed or a torrent, will work -- over a period of years and decades. We simply do not have the time.

Please note, that at no stage do I advocate the following ... I merely throw it out as one method that totally single-minded, consciousless, and -- let's be frank -- unscrupulous people would go about getting their power back.

First, find financial backing. There is no way that you are going to stage a successful counter-revolution if every waking moment is spent worrying about the overdue rent or your maxed-out Mastercard. This the opportunity for a right-wing self-made millionaire or billionaire who is not a member of George Carlin's infamous and intimate little "club" to wake up, smell the coffee and realise that he is a target ... Disney corporation and Ford Motor Company are hideous examples of what can happen when one allows predatory yids to get their oversized probosces into the tent -- this year they acquire the crop ... next year they own the farm. I have never read the story of how Henry Ford's dream devolved into what it currently is (read about the Ford Foundation) but I am sure it is an interesting one.

Secondly, choose your fights. Jews are paranoid that everyone is out to get them. Make their dreams come true. But not mindless violence against Izzie at the local delicatessen, or Selwyn at the Handbag shop.
A few Uberjuden, however, taking the big step off their corporate headquarter's roofs would be a good thing. Adelson or "Lucky" Larry Silverstein would be an excellent start. Soros as well.
The agenda to follow would be that of the farmer who accidentally drives over a protected snail or plugs a few coyotes or wolves consuming the spring lambs. It's called Triple-S.

Shoot, shovel and shut up. Seriously ... whack a few of them, then keep quiet. Don't tell them why you're doing it or who you are, but when a significant amount of traitors, enablers and planners begins to die suspicious deaths every week, bells will begin to ring. Needless to say, the press (owned by them) will, initially say nothing -- after all you do not want to spread the word that people are jumping the plantation. Thirdly they are very much aware of self-fulfilling prophecies, and fourthly they (at first) will be victims of wishful thinking.

Rather like we are ... thinking that it's all coincidence (Cohencidence?) and that if we don't examine it too carefully or open our mouths too wide, they may get bored or distracted and simply go away. The way most people react to bullies AND IT DOES NOT WORK!! Pardon the Caps.

Don't forget the world is controlled by 300 families and about 6000 enablers ... none of whom are bulletproof. In the Grand Scheme, a drop in the ocean.

More on this later.


Uncle Nasty said...

Is this insignificant? I think not. Further to my previous post, the seconds are ticking away.


By John Ward October 15, 2014

Antonis Samaras Athens market slides 10% biggest buy-in ever to US T-Bills FTSE suffers biggest decline since 2012 oil slides again.

Athens exchange dives by 10%, biggest buy-in ever to US T-Bills, FTSE suffers biggest decline since 2012, oil slides again. Is this the end of the beginning?

You have to ring some alarm bells when dramatic market price movements occur in the context of large trading volumes. That’s what has been happening over the last 36 hours.

Yesterday, the Brussels goblins rather less than politely informed fantasist and human olive stone Antonis Samaras, the Prime Minister of Greece, that the chances of his country escaping from bailout/support mode were lower than the likelihood of Queen Elizabeth II winning the 2028 Grand National ridden by Prince Philip.

As a result of which, today (Wednesday) for the second consecutive day, the Athens Stock Exchange has been plunging. More than €4 billion euros have been wiped from the exchange: the percentage dives were 5.7% yesterday, 10% today.

So it seemed more than likely that this would have at least some knock-on effect. And at the opening Bell this morning EST, there was a flight to the safety of T-Bills such as has never been seen before: three times the normal volume…with demand so vastly exceeding supply, an awful lot of investment money failed to get into the lifeboats. By 11 am there, explosive trading in Treasury futures – over 1 million trades – had computer-screen-shiny faces looking distinctly uneasy.

By midday, all the S&P’s year-to-date gains had been wiped out. And things weren’t helped by US retail sales for September falling back to a much lower level than forecast.

Further awareness of the reality of Global slump was supplied by yet another drop in the price of crude oil to $81.84.

And in London, the FTSE 100 finished 2.8% down – the biggest one-day percentage decline in 16 months, and the lowest level since the middle of 2013.

Tick tock. Tick tock.


Anonymous said...

He was a genius to have foreseen this so early. As we speak I am seeking out more of his material.

I don't think seeing it was his act of genius. Many saw it way, way before he did, hundreds of years before even. There are dozens of books written in the 1900s, 1910s, and even 1870s and earlier that predict this.

I think his genius lies in the way he writes about it. Judging by the above quote, he may perhaps exceed Joe Sobran's excellence:

"The concept of envy -- the hatred of the superior -- has dropped out of our moral vocabulary ... The idea that white Christian civilization is hated more for its virtues than its sins doesn't occur to us, because it's not a nice idea. ... Western man towers over the rest of the world in ways so large as to be almost inexpressible. It's Western exploration, science, and conquest that have revealed the world to itself. Other races feel like subjects of Western power long after colonialism, imperialism, and slavery have disappeared. The charge of racism puzzles whites who feel not hostility, but only baffled good will, because they don't grasp what it really means: humiliation. The white man presents an image of superiority even when he isn't conscious of it. And, superiority excites envy. Destroying white civilization is the inmost desire of the league of designated victims we call minorities." --Joseph Sobran (Sobran's -- April 1997)

We need more stuff like this to write on toilet walls.

Anonymous said...

Birdman on Jews and haters.

Very well then, when do we start?

Anonymous said...

Delightful chain of correspondence between a liberal and The Birdman.

Ex-liberals make our most powerful allies - just hit them with arguments that don't turn them off, don't sound stupid, don't contain too many useless facts (facts can be twisted around), and contain a few decent opinions (opinions can never be twisted around, they are always clear).

Read and learn. Ladies and gentlemen of the right, enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Uncle Nasty, you remind me of the poster named "Bogo" (abbreviated) from SBPDL. You don't use the same vernacular or nomenclature but I believe you are almost two of a kind.

That's not an insult! I enjoy his post there and your post here. Keep up the good work and thanks Savant!

It's great to known not everyone has been brainwashed.

Speaking of brainwashing Savant, are there any statistics related to how many self hating white people graduate with "degrees" from "Universities" in the UK/Ireland/Europe?

I asked the same question on the SBPDL blog.

Keep your powder dry white folks!
Scot Irish

Anonymous said...

1. An oxymoron is an apparent contradiction in terms used as a device to attract attention; "cruel to be kind", remember?
2. ad UN
you write "Secondly, choose your fights. Jews are paranoid that everyone is out to get them. Make their dreams come true. But not mindless violence against Izzie at the local delicatessen, or Selwyn at the Handbag shop.
A few Uberjuden, however, taking the big step off their corporate headquarter's roofs would be a good thing. Adelson or "Lucky" Larry Silverstein would be an excellent start. Soros as well."
I must disagree with much regret. I don't like it but I am convinced on present evidence that four of theirs for one of ours would bring peace almost instantly.
I think it a hideous mistake to try to pick and choose. How do I get at the guys on top? Make every school or shop a death trap, and it will all end at once. I should very much like to be shown wrong.


Anonymous said...

UN 23:40 --

Gotcha. With ya most of the way. Many variations to consider. Many different ways to go with such thinking. The avenues are many, the goal of the white nations remains the same.

One little crabbie --


To everything there is a purpose. Excite, entice, educate, BUT DO IT -- EVERY TIME A WHITE MAN SAYS "MULTICULTURE" WITHOUT SPITTING IT'S TOO LATE FOR ONE MORE!


Shaunantijihad said...

It's problem - reaction - solution.

The hidden agenda is the extermination of the White race.

Firstly, instigate your useful idiots into starting WW2. Then offer the solution to the next generation suitably horrified by alleged gas chambers and the real horrors of war.

That solution is multiculturalism. It states at the EU HQ that nationalism is the cause of all evil, or similar.

Thus, the race you seek to destroy embraces the very method of their own annihilation - mass immigration of none Caucasians into the Caucasian heartlands.

Multiculturalism is a codeword for White Genocide.

Eamon Bejayzuz said...

There is really only the one target in all this; the highly intelligent, muscular, ethical, creative, active and profoundly healthy adult white male. He alone is the seawall between civilisation and cataclysm; once break him and all else will succumb. See everything that happens these days in these terms and you won't go far wrong.

Shaunantijihad said...

Make sure on newspaper blogs that you highlight the extra torturous treatment awaiting Jews once Mohammad and co take over. This really does play on their fears, and, as it happens, is justified.

After all, divide and conquer is a game for all the multicultural family.

I really think we should be helping out the IDF more don't you? Surrounded by all those nasty Muzzies.

What they need - and to show necessary respect for the Racial purity of Israel as to do otherwise would be anti-Semitic - is to give basic training to all those good Jewish lads in Europe and send them off to fight for Israel.

Let's just hope some bastard doesn't secretly arm Hamas.

We should also pay dues to the lonely Jewish ladies left at home by hiring handsome servants for them at our expense, preferably from the Congo.

I am a reformed man! Fuck you anti-Semites. Bring them young Negro slaves I say!

Though in our "multiculural society" slaves should get inheritance rights...

FOD said...

"give basic training to all those good Jewish lads in Europe and send them off to fight for Israel."

Some fucking chance. Jews like to get the goyim to do their fighting. Preferably against one another.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of brainwashing Savant, are there any statistics rela

Too f'n many or damn near 100%.

If you do not drink the Kool-Aid you cannot get the job. Look at the snoozepapers for proof. Or ESPN or CNN if you can bear to see the graduates of zombie university.

Emma West Baaaa'hd
Nigerian woman unnoticed.

Marlon King is not gettin 100 000 petitions to prevent him playing football because he is b(l)ack in prison for sexual assault. First time out was there any petition against him?

Scouser said...

"There is really only the one target in all this; the highly intelligent, muscular, ethical, creative, active and profoundly healthy adult white male. "

Correct. And that is why the Bolsheviks in Russia and Eastern Europe set out to exterminate them either directly (as in the case of Tito just shooting them by the thousand) or indirectly by setting them against one another in wars.

Anonymous said...

Avery Brooks found analogies between the Jem'Hadar and young African-American men when Brooks directed "The Abandoned". Brooks commented: "for me, it was very much a story about young brown men, and, to some extent, a story about a society that is responsible for the creation of a generation of young men who are feared, who are addicted, who are potential killers."

Jem Hadar

They do reach "maturity" quicker than humans but only physically not mentally as Michelle Obama showed.

And they do have proto-females as Michelle Obama showed.

Perhaps there is a thesis in this fro her?

Corkonian said...

They do reach "maturity" quicker than humans but only physically not mentally as Michelle Obama showed.

That is one thing I have noticed even here in Ireland. If you look at a bunch of school kids you see the black ones (and there are always black ones in any group now) are invariably bigger and more developed. I am also told that they begin making sexual advances at an age way younger than their contemporaries.

Dan said...

Jim Jones was an outgrowth of Anwrican liberalism.

Uncle Nasty said...

The Birdman Bryant article is a stunner, but this really stuck out, probably because I have felt -- and feel -- the same sentiment in my very bones ...

... But there is another argument from self-interest to which we can and must direct Jewish attention: If Jews, who constitute less than 3% of the population, continue to threaten the other 97%, then they are doing little more than requesting a genuine Holocaust -- an event from which -- once the sleeping white giant awakens -- there are unlikely to be many 'survivors'.

... or, to put it succintly, be careful of what you wish for.


Anonymous said...

@01:26 ... thanks for the reminder of the brilliant "Birdman". He died much too young.

If some readers have doubts about the actually training of yid hasbaRATS to help re-create history to their liking, check here:

Savant - hope to see more link-referrals to your previous posts. Lots of good material back there.

Uncle Nasty said...

I think the group is, by now, aware of my ignorance concerning global economics, but this must surely be bad ... for someone.

Wall Street selloff wipes out $1.9 trillion in paper wealth

By: Adam Shell October 16, 2014 6:16 am

Specialist Meric Greenbaum works on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange on Oct. 15.The Dow plummeted 460 points in afternoon trading, then clawed back much of the ground it lost. It ended down 173 points, or 1.1%. (Richard Drew, AP)

The nasty selloff on Wall Street is adding up to big losses for U.S. investors, with paper losses in the broad Wilshire 5000 Total Market stock index now totaling $1.9 trillion, according to Wilshire Associates.

The Wilshire 5000 is considered one of the best measures of the U.S. stock market, as it contains well over 3,500 stocks, both big and small.

Here are some statistics that tally up the losses for the Wilshire 5000 due to the recent batch of market turbulence.

* Since the Sept. 5 market high, the Wilshire 5000 index is down 7.77% — or approximately $1.9 trillion.

* At the end of Wednesday’s wild ride, the index closed at 19,617.56 down 90.07 points or 0.46% — a paper loss of approximately $100 billion.

* In the past five trading sessions, it has dropped 5.13% — a loss of approximately $1.2 trillion.

But despite the nearly $2 trillion paper loss so far in the current market downdraft, it is important to note that the Wilshire 5000 is still up 186.04%, or $15.3 trillion, from the Financial Crisis low of March 9, 2009.

So ... what they are saying is that in six short weeks nearly two trillion buckazoids disappeared down the poopy chair?

Nearly one sixth of America's debt?
Easy come, easy go, eh? Way to go, Yehudi.

And this is a recovery?
I am reminded of the running gag in Disney's Meet the Robinsons which seems to pertain to much of the world today ...

"... are you sure you thought this all the way through?"


paradigm shift said...

Uncle Nasty, the so-called markets in the USA, in fact in all of the western world, are totally rigged. as they gyrate up and down those in the know make vast profits while the losses are passed onto guileless or corrupt pension and public investment funds.

However, rest assured that the whole ponzi scheme will come to an end in due course. The big question is who will be left standing when the music stops.

Anonymous said...


They do a "dance" which involves a five year old presenting her ass to her ass and he (i) simulates taking her from behind.

Anonymous said...

Vonderrit Myers sammich holder

had gun residue on his hands owing to the delicious Hot Chili sauce.


Sponge Cake said...

London theatre director in drive to get new black stories heard.

A London theatre director will spearhead a three-year drive to commission black writers to tell stories from their communities.

Dawn Walton will lead Revolution Mix, which has received nearly £250,000 from Arts Council England to support the writing of new plays, a radio piece and two short films.

Storee from da co-moon-tea, innit. Ya get me bruv.

British taxpayers have to pony up £250,000 for this shit.

Anonymous said...

First, to get a handle on this, you have to have armed police officers. Couldn't believe the guy getting his head chopped in London, then the perps giving speeches for 20 minutes. In my town in central NJ, you get a cop in 2-3 minutes if you call an ambulance. Anything like the London murder here and you'd have dozens of cops within 15 minutes. The hammer here is violence and if a particular group have a 500% murder rate, they will be punished accordingly. Regardless of all the commie crybabies.

Fat White Loser said...

Yes Birdman is worth a read.

Don't forget to post links to your favourite blogs from time to time guys.

I quite enjoyed Uncle Nasty's kakistocracy blog recommendation a while back and spent half a day trying to remember how to spell kakistocracy so I could find it again.

Another Big Fat White Loser said...

Wall Street selloff wipes out $1.9 trillion in paper wealth

That means the people who bought the stocks lost money.

The Jews that sold them the stocks made their money long ago.

Remember this:

The newspapers never tell you where the money "went". They only tell you it was "lost"...

Useless White Shit said...

Wikipedia isn't censored like some racists claim, but there was a time that you could go to the Barbara Lerner Spectre page and never know whether the part about her saying jews would be resented for being at the forefront of the push to multiculturalize (trans: genocide) Europe.

It changed so often it would have served well as a random number generator for Monte Carlo style experiments.

Racist would edit it in, jew (or liberal anti-racist (trans: anti-white)) would edit it out. Racist would edit it in, jew (or liberal anti-racist (trans: anti-white)) would edit it out. Racist would edit it in, jew (or liberal anti-racist (trans: anti-white)) would edit it out. etc etc

What's the current status? Maybe they left it in so Wikipedia could be charged with censorship. Maybe they took it out so Wikipedia couldn't be charged with hate.
At least it's got all the facts on everything else.

Anonymous said...

Nobody takes takes multiculturism seriously, least of all the supposed beneficiaries. Just do the little tap dance about different ideas from different people, and get the job. The way it works is that you filter by simple math and reading tests, and wind up with completely segregated units in the military (notice that the elite commando units are exclusively middle-aged white guys).
Of course, the wheels come off quickly when the communists actually enforce affirmative action (as happened during the recent White House incursion when the fat chick at the front door was bowled over by the lame nut case).

Seneca said...

USW, your description of the wiki process is correct. But the 'racists' you refer to (and thereby living up to your avator) are vastly outnumbered and outgunned by their - our - opponents.

Do you know that there are special hasbara teams in Israel that focus on ensuring Wiki adheres to the approved narrative at all times?

Big Fat Arab said...

Rabbis do bad things to the Goyim all the time.

That doesn't make Jews "feel physically ill" reading about it.

But this does.

Disgusting liar said...

AIDS was made to wipe out lots of people?

Something's wrong. There's lots more people since AIDS came out.

None of these wonder diseases created by the Illuminati so white people can kill blacks and gays seem to be working.

The White race is still in trouble.

Derty Basterd said...

More from Jim Stone on the Ebola hoax.

Lobotomized Serf said...

From Liberian Observer - poison in water causes Ebola-like symptoms.

OK so that's how they manufacture "victims" for their scam.

When it really hits, and they start "vaccinating" everyone like crazy - that's when you'll see "cases" skyrocketing.


Who knows anything anymore?

Anonymous said...

"Remember my children, that all the earth must belong to us Jews, and that the gentiles, being mere excrements of animals, must possess nothing". ~ Mayer Amschel Rothschild on his deathbed in 1812. (One must wonder where his soul resides now.)

Quotable quotes taken from this latest post at Snippits and Snappits:

To keep those fires burning hot, why not take your favourite quote and just include it in your next commentary?!

Ignorant twat said...

Is Ebola real?

Surely if it was a hoax someone in Liberia would say so, right?

Actually they are saying so. They say whenever they go to the hospital for Cholera, or dysentery or anything else, the Doctors say "You have Ebola".

OK, but is it real?

Liberians don't think so and that is why they are being hit with a pervasive "Ebola is real" propaganda campaign.

How pervasive? Well, every time anyone answers the phone there, before they can talk to anyone a message plays saying Ebola is real. All the DJs say it between each song on the radio.

Signs are everywhere.

Check it out.

tsnamm said...

never trust a Hebe...

Anonymous said...

Don't know if you have been following the "White Nationalist' brouhaha here in the States, but this column is about the only one that nails it on the head.

For your readers.

- Fr. John+

Anonymous said...

The last man in Britain executed for Treason. Was it treason?

nilus said...

“What does it matter that the Tory chairmen, Lord Feldman and Grant Shapps, are both Jewish? That’s reality. If you point it out, Theresa May may well want you silenced.”

The other two top men of the Tory party are also jews:
Billionaire Lord/Sir/ Baron Maurice Saatchi,
and faggot-kike Micheal Fabricant.

The Speaker of The House is also a JEW, Jon Bercow, and the deputy is a faggot called Nigel Evans who was recently “cleared” of homo-rape charges.

Of course, the Leader of the opposition is commie-kike Ed Milliband, previous Labour leader was Gordon Brown who is queer ,prior to that was Blair who was arrested twice for cottaging and was manipulated into place by millionaire KIKE Lord Levy after the untimely ‘death-by-heart-attack’ at the age of 53 of previous Labour leader,John Smith..

The Tory MP recently involved in “sexting”, Brooks Newmark, is also a kike, and almost every day I hear of yet another jew MP/Lord, see the current controversy about KIKE Lord Freud..

The presenter of BBC2’s “Daily Politics” is JEW Jo Coburn, and the presenters of BBC2’s “Newsnight” are JEW Emily Maitliss,faggot Evan Davies and occasiopnally JEW Robert Peston (BBC’s Financial/Business editor.) The boss of “Newsnight” is KIKE Ian Katz, the BBC’s Cheif Political Editor is JEW Nick Robinson (previously JEW Jon Sergeant)

Other Newsnight/BBC pundits/editors include:

JEW David Shukman (Science)
JEW Robert Peston (Business)
JEW Steve Rosenberg (Moscow)
JEW David Stern (Ukraine)
JEW Joshua Rozenberg (Law/Legal)
JEW Will Gompertz (Arts and Culture)
JEW Simon Gompertz (personal finance)
JEW (orthodox) Martin Lewis (money-saving)
JEW Sir/Lord/Baron Robert Winston (Medical)
JEW Suzy Klein (classical music)
JEW Rachel De Thame(Cohen) : gardening
JEW Will Self: Literature/Philosophy
JEW Alain De Botton (philosophy)
JEW Jon Ronson (quirky journalism)
JEW Heston Blumenthal (cooking)
JEW Nigella Lawson (cooking)
JEW Lord/Sir/Baron Nigel Lawson (climate change sceptic)
JEW Howard Jacobson (literature/racism/anti-semitism)
JEW David Baddiel (whining/racism/anti-semitism)
JEW Micheal Rosen (children’s literature)
JEW Anthony Horowitz (teen lit, also new Sherlock Homes author)
JEW Melanie Phillips (opinion/rent-a-jew)
JEW Angela Epstein (opinion/consumer/rent-a-jew)
JEW Adam Gopnik (opinion/rent-a-jew)
JEW Danny Finklestein (Lord/Sir/Baron) opinion,newspapers)
he is editor in chief of The Times)
JEW David Aaronovitch (opinion/rent-a-jew)
JEW Claudia Winkleman (movies/Arts,,etc)
JEW queer Stephen Fucking Fry (everything)
JEW Maureen Lipman &
JEW Rebecca Front &
JEW Miriam Margolyse &
JEW David Schneider : (acting/racism/rent-a-jew)
JEW Simon Kelner
JEW Jon Kampfner
JEW Charlie Wolf (Stephen Linskey) rent-a-kike:

“During his talkSPORT show on 4 December 2005, Wolf described Rachel Corrie, an American activist who had been killed by an Israeli military bulldozer, as “scum.”

TalkSport fancies itself as the “voice of the geezer/footy fan/White working class bloke” .Presenters include:
JEW Mike Mendoza
JEW Ian Abraham
JEW Jonny Gould
JEW Andy Goldstein
JEW Adrian Goldberg
JEW Andy Jacobs

This list is from memory and is therefore far from complete.

nilus said...


Lords Feldman and Finkelstein: Guiding the Tories to Oblivion

nilus said...


Been fishing at night a lot lately, listened to a lot of "LBC" cos I like the no music/phone-in format, plus I cant stand the sound of that dopey nigger on Five Live, Dotun Adebeyo (who also attended Haberdasher's Aske school..)

Turns out the presenters are pretty much all faggots or jews, surprise surprise.

One night, a jew called in to Olly Mann's show, and was talking about his synagogue, and Olly Mann interjected, "Hey! That's my synagogue!"

Another fucking kike, talking.

See photo:

The 4pm presenter, Ian Dale, is queer, as is the late night presenter, Cristo.

There's also a total faggot called Steve Allen who comes on around 4am, when there are no phone calls, so he just prattles and gossips and bitches in a very faggy way to himself. Hard to bear more than 3 mins of this.


NHS Had 500 New Cases Of FGM In ONE Month

Reports Of Rape Soaring In London

'Hundreds' Of UK Terror Arrests This Year

Religious Hate Crimes Up Almost 50% In London

Also, according to ALL MSM:

Creaking NHS,straining infrastructure,massive benefits bill, long waiting times to see a Doctor,too many cars, crowded trains and buses, etc etc etc, all have got NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with immigration, ie millions of EXTRA PEOPLE.

I actually heard some faggoty vicar, the Rev Giles Frazer, on "Question Time" last night trot out the mantra of " colourful, vibrant, enriching".

I hope he gets colourfully enriched by a gang of vibrants, ASAP.

Then again, he's a vicar, so he might enjoy it:

Vile Homosexual Priest Refuses to Repent of His Sodomy and Claims It was Anonymous Butt-Sex That Liberated Him

‘This place where men could meet other men and have sex. I can’t say where it is because it’s not far from here.’

The location offered, he says, ‘the perfect infrastructure for late-night debauchery’. What occurred there was ‘one of the great liberations of my life. Having lots of casual and anonymous sex with strangers.’

In another interview he explained further: ‘I was very much healed by the experience of anonymous sex with strangers in lay-bys. There were moments of profound intimacy with people who were dying to be intimate. Dying for it — just being close and being able to be vulnerable and express longing.’

He has admitted this wasn’t consistent with his growing Christian calling, but he wouldn’t repudiate having behaved the way he did then, saying simply: ‘I had a fantastic time.’

In 2005, he was ordained into the Anglican priesthood, and now lives a celibate life, albeit in civil partnership with David Oldham, a 37-year-old curate in a neighbouring parish. They met when Oldham went to hear Coles preach in Norwich seven years ago.

Church of England rules dictating the celibacy of ministers in civil partnership coincided with their own sex life ‘fading away’. They sleep side by side and kiss, but only chastely."

Anonymous said...

'85% increase within the last year', Charlton says to RTE's 'News at One'. And of course no sceptical question delivered then by the presenter. RTE are there to sing off the same hymn sheet as the quangos, it is a joke.

I think you'll find that the presenter was just too dense to think of an answer to all the nonsense.

Stolen from the interweb. People are starting to see.

Anonymous said...

Children are the future

Children are the future future
Unless we stop them now!

katana said...

SAVANT at 21:49 on 15-Oct-2014

Yes, The Long March Through The Institutions is proceeding at a brisk pace.


And that Long March of Utter Destruction is being directed by jews and carried out by brainwashed goys throughout the education and media industries among others, for purposes explained in the interview below.


Hervé Ryssen interviewed

By Margaret Huffstickler

Hervé Ryssen explains Judaism is not a faith but the geopolitical project of a hysterical, incestuous master-race cult.

Hervé Ryssen, born in 1967, is a French writer and activist who specializes in Judaism as a geopolitical project, and graduated from the famous Sorbonne in Paris. He was fired for his views as a high school history teacher and became a militant with the Front National and then other groups. In 2003, he threw a pie in the face of a famous Catholic priest who, on television, had condoned illegal immigrants occupying his cathedral. He has been constantly fined and given prison sentences for denouncing Judaism, and especially the practice of incest in Jewish families, which he says makes Jews suffer from both inbreeding and hysteria. He is known for his definition of Judaism as a political project of world domination over a planet of uniform slaves. His website: http: //

Interview by Margaret Huffstickler in Paris for The Barnes Review magazine (httpt: //

TBR: For decades, writers and activists have indulged in “anti-Zionist” talk and agreed on the hatred of Jews toward gentiles. But you think the Jews have not only negative attitudes and feelings, such as resentment, toward gentiles, but also a kind of concrete geopolitical plan. What exactly is their plan?

HR: To understand and explain Judaism, one must always begin with the idea that Jews are obsessed with a vision of “peace” on earth (“shalom”) as depicted by their prophets. This is because they are convinced that only when peace reigns over all mankind, only then will their messiah finally come and establish the new kingdom of David, which will mean their absolute domination of the planet earth.

How does one recognize a Jew?

By what he says, how he writes, and what he does.

The Jew wants a world without borders and a global government. It all starts with this one goal.


My latest blog post, Hervé Ryssen interviewed by Margaret Huffstickler, is here: KATANA


Sponge Cake said...

He walked up to me and he looked real bad,
I asked what was wrong
and then he looked real sad and said, "Ebola".
E-B-O-L-A Ebola. La la la la Ebola

Well I'm not the world most smartest guy,
But if I get too close then I just might die
From ebola, la la la la Ebooooooooooola

These last few days
I've sat on the can
I've lost 10 pounds, I'm less of a man 'cause Eboooooooola. Lo-lo-lo-lo Ebolaaaaaaaa. . . . .

Well I'm not the world's most paranoid doc
But when I tried to get up it nearly cleaned my clock,
oh Ebola Bo-bo-bo-Ebola

And I know my flu, but I really don't get
Why I bled from my eyes all over the jet,
it's Eboooooooooooooooooola
Bo-bo-bo-Ebola Bo-bo-bo-Ebolaaaaaaaa

Uncle Nasty said...

Ah, America. I thought things sank pretty low when you were told that you had elected a nigger as a president.

Notice, I don't say you elected one, but you got one all the same.

Now the money boys are setting you up for this in 2016 ...

You think you had it bad with the boog ... just wait until this psychopathic twat gets her hands on the levers of power.

God help America.


Remember you read it here, first

Social media are anti-social said...

Fr. John,

The Inner Crusade is good, but.

There's always a but. The "but" is Christianity.

I just got back from the centre of the northern English town I've lived in these past several years and once again it was the harrowing experience it always is when I have to venture out to witness yet again the slow suicide of my people. I positively hate it these days because I know I will see at least one white woman accompanied by her black beau and her mulatto offspring. I find it simply unbearable, and I have to suppress an urge to say something.

On the way home I was thinking once again about why it is vital that WNs disabuse themselves of Christianity completely. Specifically, I was thinking that if Oliver Cromwell's head hadn't been crammed so completely with pious nonsense, he wouldn't have made the fatal mistake of allowing the Jews back into Britain.

My point being, I'm grateful for the coincidence that the essay you linked to reflects what was on my mind, and it is instructive to revisit the vexed question of what role, if any, Christianity will play in our future.

But I submit it is just an idle fantasy because Christianity is a spent force. Or, worse than that, even, it is an impediment because, at the same time as it retains its fatal power to seduce people into confusing meaning with truth, which humans easily do anyway, it is utterly impotent to act anywhere outside the private realm.

Meanwhile, another church in my town, a handsome red brick building in the Palladian style, has been converted into a mosque.

What to do?

Sponge Cake said...

One Young World: Hundreds to march in Dublin in solidarity with Ebola victims.

Delegates at the One Young World Summit in Dublin also handed a petition to implore the United Nations to do more to fight the crisis to its acting director Michael Møller.

The young people – many upset because the Liberian delegate could not travel to the four day summit in Dublin – said they want to raise awareness of the disease by walking along Customs House Quay at 8pm on Saturday.

“We have heard many times here at this conference that we have to act, not tomorrow, not next month, but now,” said Heather Turney, 27, from the United States as she handed over the petition.

“We have created this petition which, on behalf of the delegate and our networks, implore you, the United Nations, to value the lives of the dying as much as you would your own and dedicate the required resources to end Ebola.

“We hope take you take this and start acting stronger to pull the international community act now, not tomorrow, so that people can get the treatment they need and not infect their loved ones.”

"One Young World" - Great name for a boyband :)

Anonymous said...

Specifically, I was thinking that if Oliver Cromwell's head hadn't been crammed so completely with pious nonsense, he wouldn't have made the fatal mistake of allowing the Jews back into Britain.

It was his piety that allowed him to do what he did.

Tom Roberts said...

Savant, This is not about the above topic. Can you remember a post about 2 years ago of a Choir of girls in one of the Baltic states? Estonia or Latvia maybe! I've been looking for months for it.
Tom Roberts.

Anonymous said...

Blame the Jews all you want, but the globalization crisis we currently face is more the creature of your odious ruling class and our (USA) brainless, Anglophile, wannabe ruling class. De Niro's The Good Shepherd catches a lot of this.
It was obvious the way it was going to go back in the eighties. Actually, with the '65 immigration bill, it became clear that Irish people would be robbed of their birthright to come over here. Could have been stopped but the Irish organizations were useless, just had to forcefully ask for an exemption. Dad did write a few letters. Oh well.
Good news is the law of unintended consequences. Half the Spanish are at least as white as the Italians, and the Italians are great Americans. You Brits should check out Marine gunnery sargent John Basilone, our local hero, at Bloody Ridge during the battle of Quadalcanal. His machine gun section annihilated an elite Japanese regiment. 38 personal kills. If his unit hadn't stood, the entire Pacific offensive would have been blunted. Only war hero I'm aware of whose actions had actual strategic effect, as opposed to local tactical effect.
Start dating the immigrant women. I went out with a Columbian woman who's whiter than we are. Well, not really, but she was a natural redhead. Like being twenty gain.
If all else fails, come over here. England still has a large immigration quota. Claim to be mixed race if necessary. Who's to say? Everybody loves you guys over here. They think you're smart. British accent is worth 15 IQ points.
I think large scale immigration is more difficult on a smaller countries. Ireland's sparse population was its primary resource. Here, if you don't like the foreigners, you can just run to another part of the continent.

Sponge Cake said...

Obama’s New Ebola ‘Czar’ Does Not Have Medical, Health Care Background.

WASHINGTON (CBSDC/AP) — President Barack Obama on Friday turned to a trusted adviser to lead the nation’s Ebola response as efforts to clamp down on any possible route of infection from three Texas cases expanded, reaching a cruise ship at sea and multiple airline flights.
Facing renewed criticism of his handling of the Ebola risk, Obama will make Ron Klain, a former chief of staff to Vice President Joe Biden, his point man on fighting Ebola at home and in West Africa. Klain will report to national security adviser Susan Rice and to homeland security adviser Lisa Monaco, the White House said.
Klain does not have a medical or a health care background.

Klain was born on August 8, 1961 in Indianapolis, He is a member of the DayBreak Boys Band and grew up in a Jewish home.[5] He graduated from North Central High School[6] in 1979 and was on the school's Brain Game team, which finished as season runner-up.[citation needed] He graduated summa cum laude from Georgetown University in 1983. In 1987, he graduated magna cum laude from Harvard Law School,[6] where he was one of several to win the Sears Prize for the highest grade point average in 1984–85. While at Harvard Law School, Klain was also an editor of the Harvard Law Review.


Flin said...

Anonymous @ 17 October 2014 01:23 said

"Remember my children, that all the earth must belong to us Jews, and that the gentiles, being mere excrements of animals, must possess nothing". ~ Mayer Amschel Rothschild on his deathbed in 1812. (One must wonder where his soul resides now.)

I don't want to sound like that hasbarat troll who used to post here, but I am skeptical about this quote. There are plenty of easily verifiable jewish supremacist quotes we can use, but that quote seems to have made its first appearance on a handful of anti-NWO and anti-jewish websites in around June 2012. It could well have been made up by a hasbarat as far as I can see.

AnalogMan said...

Big Fat Arab said...

Rabbis do bad things to the Goyim all the time.

That doesn't make Jews "feel physically ill" reading about it.

But this does.

16 October 2014 23:31

That was just creepy. Made me pretty queasy, too - the part I read.

The mikveh is sacred space. All of it, including the rooms in which women prepare to immerse. The act of preparation is, in fact, part of the ritual. And the profound, complex, and deeply personal feelings that can be part of mikveh immersion can manifest in the preparation room as well as in the water itself.

Then she goes off into what appear to be masturbation fantasies, without ever seeming to notice the irony of her bitching about the Rabbi's voyeurism. Is it this total lack of self-awareness that they call chutzpah?

Uncle Nasty said...

nilus said...

“What does it matter that the Tory chairmen, Lord Feldman and Grant Shapps, are both Jewish? That’s reality. If you point it out, Theresa May may well want you silenced.”

The other two top men of the Tory party are also jews:
Billionaire Lord/Sir/ Baron Maurice Saatchi,
and faggot-kike Micheal Fabricant.

Welcome back, Nilus. We were getting worried ... :)

Off topic, I see the bullshit story about the two thousand or whatever or whatever kidnapped Nigerian virgin** schoolgirls has resurfaced ... again.

Whatsa matter, jewboy? Did no-one notice the story first time round?

I guess one of Obama's next acts will be inviting them all to enrich some all white small town in Washington state or somewhere, as a reward for all their saafaareeeeng.


** Virgin on the ridiculous

Uncle Nasty said...

Sponge Cake said...

He walked up to me and he looked real bad,
I asked what was wrong
and then he looked real sad and said, "Ebola".
E-B-O-L-A Ebola. La la la la Ebola

Dammit, Spongecake ... another keyboard shot to hell.
Now I'm going to be humming and whistling "Lola" all day ... and it's all your fault


Shaunantijihad said...

Names of recent new "posters":

Fat White Loser
Another Big Fat White Loser
Useless White Shit
Big Fat Arab
Disgusting liar
Derty Basterd
Lobotomized Serf
Ignorant twat

And heare I was thinking that the enemy was unconcerned by our dear Savant.

UNcle Nasty said...

Regarding AnalogMan's article on the wanking rabbi, the article itself is pretty puke-inducing, mainly because of the "Oh Woe Is Poor Little Me" flavour of this stupid fucking woman wallowing in her petty grievance.

Wait till you read the comments.

Oy vey. Der sufferink.


nilus said...

Apologies in advance to anyone here who finds my TV/Radio lists tedious / redundant /pointless or just annoying but tonight was an absolute jew and queer fest!

Firstly, today's kike-heavy Radio 4skin schedule , it's beyond parody:

Radio 4skin, today:

Woman's Hour

Jenni Murray talks to actor Shabana Azmi about her work as a social campaigner.

With KIKE Eve Pollard
(mother of Claudia Winkleman)

Women only train carriages

'The number of sexual offences on the railway went up by almost 21% in the 12 months to March 2014, according to the British Transport Police. Sao Paolo’s city authorities recently approved a bill enforcing women-only carriages on the city’s metro network. But could similar measures help tackle the issue in the UK?'


Networking Nation Nation of Networkers

In the final part of her series,
KIKE Julia Hobsbawm asks if the UK is a networking nation.
(Her father was a famous British KIKE Marxist)

17:00 "PM" 17/10/2014
Coverage and analysis of the day's news with QUEER Eddie Mair.

18:30 "The Now Show"
Steve Punt and Jon Culshaw are joined by special guest Nish Kumar.


19:15 "Front Row "
Damian Barr talks to Hollywood's highest-paid actor (KIKE)Robert Downey Jr about his latest role
Film director (KIKE) David Cronenberg discusses penning his first novel, Consumed, and Mr Francis Wells, one of the UK's leading cardiac surgeons, reviews medical drama The Knick, directed by
(KIKE-ish) Steven Soderbergh.
(mother's last name "Bernard" and he is married to a kike called Asner..)

19:45 "Germany: Memories of a Nation" 1848: The People's Flag and Karl Marx

Black, red and gold become the colours of Germany, and (KIKE)Karl Marx publishes a manifesto.

20:50 "A Point of View"
The Football Fallacy
KIKE Adam Gopnik explains why the English are better at watching football than at playing it.

23:00 "A Good Read "
Sheila Hancock and KIKE Cosmo Landesman talk about the books they love with Harriett Gilbert.
(Landesman was once married to commie-israel-loving bitch, now dyke, Julie Birchill):

23:55 "The Listening Project"
Paul and Rob - Just a Beautiful Family
Adoptive parents in a civil partnership celebrate their new baby son.

05:43 "Prayer for the Day" 18/10/2014
A spiritual comment and prayer to begin the day, with Shaunaka Rishi. WTF?


Uncle Nasty said...

Interesting article. The US is wearing itself out, militarily.

As Covington pointed out, wars are started by politicians ... but often ended by accountants.

The US Can't Outsource Warfighting

Offshore powers have long tried to get continental powers to fight their wars. It’s rarely worked.

By James R. Holmes
October 17, 2014

America has hung out a shingle: HELP WANTED. Offshore powers — powers beset by few if any overland threats — habitually do. But good help doesn’t come cheap, in world politics as in private industry. One hopes Washington gets this as it tries to accomplish big things while slashing the resources needed to fulfill its purposes. Simply appealing to mutual interests is not enough to marshal and sustain multinational enterprises. Deeds — and resources devoted to the common cause — speak louder than words.

Look back to look ahead. In its imperial heyday, not-yet-weary titan Great Britain was constantly on the lookout for a “continental sword” to project force onto faraway shores. Finding capable land allies would spare London the need to raise and maintain large standing armies. Prussia’s King Frederick the Great, for instance, acted as Britain’s continental sword during the Seven Years’ War (1756-1763), known in these parts as the French and Indian War.

Read on ...


Anonymous said...

Further to Nilus jews in UK

An almost complete picture list

Rev Giles Fraser
Fraser's father was Jewish Fraser himself was circumcised according to Jewish tradition.

Fraser was the founder of Inclusive Church and campaigns for lesbian and gay inclusion within the church. He was voted Stonewall Hero of the Year in 2012.

Corby Crusader said...

nilus, the only thing tedious about your research is the unending gall of those bastards who have usurped our countries.

nilus said...

UK TV, Friday evening Oct 17 2014

"Jews /Queers /Naaazis"

7pm "The One Show"
Big-Mouthed Oirish kike Bob Geldof

9pm "Have I Got News For You"
JEW Nick Robinson

10.35 "The Graham Norton Show"

QUEER Graham is joined by
QUEER JEW Stephen Fry,
JEW Robert Downey Jr and
Big-Mouthed Oirish part-kike Bono.

11.20 "The Secrets" written by and starring
JEW Sarah Solemani


9.30pm "Gardener's World"
JEW Rachel De Thame (Cohen)

10pm: "QI" presented by
QUEER JEW Stephen F. Fry with
JEW Victoria Coren

10.30 "Jewsnight" presented by
JEW Emily Maitliss

11.35 "Later with Jools Holland"
JEW Adam Cohen and
QUEER Holly Johnson

2.30 am "Question Time" with
JEW Vicar!!! Giles Fraser:

"Fraser's father was Jewish and his mother from a Christian background, and Fraser himself was circumcised according to Jewish tradition"

"Fraser was the founder of Inclusive Church and campaigns for lesbian and gay inclusion within the church. He was voted Stonewall Hero of the Year in 2012."

"This German circumcision ban is an affront to Jewish and Muslim identity"
A German court has rejected identity and history in favour of a liberal concept of choice, but there's more to right and wrong"

says Fraser:

11.10 Movie "Couple's Retreat"

Script by
JEW Jon Favreau, starring
JEW Jon Favreau

Channel 4

7pm: CANCERFEST! presented by
QUEER Alan Carr and
QUEER Dr Christian Jessen
7.30 more Alan Carr
8pm More Alan Carr
8.30 QUEER Paul O Grady
11pm QUEER Derren Brown
12 midnight
More Alan Carr, this time with
QUEER Gok Wan, and
QUEER Olly Locke and
QUEER Bruno Torlioni, plus all the faggots,jews,nigs and pakis from "Gogglebox".

12.35 Sarah Fucking Millican.
Rubbing her gross udders.

These surely must be The End Times.

Now NIGGER Reggie Yates.

Channel 5 7pm
NEW! "World War 2 in Colour" starring NAAAAAAAAZIS

10pm "Body Of Proof"
KIKEY Cops 'n' Corpses Trash.

10.55 NEW! CSI Los Angeles
Dumb kikey cops'n'corpses trash

ITV2 8pm "Two and a half Mensch" x2
KIKE-COM created and written by
KIKE Chuck Lorre (Levine)

11.10 "Release The Hounds" presented by
NIGGER Reggie Yates (again)

12.15 "Dapper Laughs: On The Pull"

This utter wanker uses "game" techniques to "pull the birds".
Sickening. followed by

"Two and a half men" x 2 ,followed by
"Dads" Kike com created by and starring kikes like Seth Green, etc

BBC3 "The White Slums: Reggie Yate's (yep-him again)Extreme South Africa"


NOPE, this is the Hebe-B-See:

"Reggie Yates spends a week in South Africa's largest White squatter camp, Coronation Park.

followed by kike-com "Some Girls" followed by "Family Kike" x 3

"Road To Germany" (JEW) Mort Goldman accidentally steps into a time machine and winds up in 1939 Poland in the middle of the NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZI invasion'

Oh, the hilarity.

followed by "The Revolution Will Be Televised" with
JEW Jolyon Rubinstein

Notable regular sketches

Inside the Story: Rubinstein dresses as "fearless hetero journalist" Dale Maily and goes out to events (for example, an EDL march, or a protest against the badger cull) to deliver what he claims "fair, impartial news", by interviewing people at the event. It is in fact not impartial as he often tries to be controversial when speaking to people, voicing his highly conservative, borderline racist and generally far right opinions to them. Dale Maily is a parody of Daily Mail.



nilus said...


ITV3 7pm Judge JEWdy x 2

10pm "Blue Murder" more cops'n'corpses..

11pm "The Vice" Cops 'n' Corpses:
"A dead prostitute...."

Dave 7pm "Lizard Lick Towing"
'Laugh at the stupid redneck goyim, go on, laugh.'

11.35 "Never Mind The Buzzcocks" with
FAGGOT Jason Gardiner and
DYKE Ana Matronic.

Film 4 : "Definitely Maybe" written and directed by
JEW Adam Brooks, starring
JEW Rachel Weisz
HALF-JEW Kevin Kline
JEW (convert) Isla Fisher
( She married kike Baron Cohen)

1.15 am "The League Of Gentlemen's Apocalypse"

Written by and starring
JEW Jeremy Dyson and
QUEER Mark Gatiss

VIVA 9.05pm "Star Trek 3: The Search For Spock"

JEW William Shatner
JEW Leonard Nimoy directed by
JEW Leonard Nimoy produced by
JEW Harve Bennett
(born Harve Bennett Fischman)

11.15 "Van Wilder: Party Liason"

JEW Simon Helberg

Produced by
JEW Peter Abrams
JEW Robert L. Levy Written by
JEW Brent Goldberg:

"In one infamous scene, Van and his friends replace the cream inside some pastries with semen from Van's pet bulldog and send them to Richard's fraternity, where the frat brothers begin eating and do not realize what it really is until it is too late."

Hilarious. Nice one, kikes.

"On the morning of Richard's MCAT and interview with Northwestern Medical School, Gwen laces his ritualistic protein shake with a powerful laxative. Since there are no bathroom breaks allowed during the test, Richard rushes through the 2-hour exam in 20 minutes, "dialing down the middle" while disgusting the other test-takers with frequent flatulence. Afterwards (handing in his exam unfinished), just as he's about to reach the bathroom, he unexpectedly runs into the medical school interview committee. They pull him aside into an office to begin the interview and Richard ends up defecating explosively into a trash can while in their presence."

Ah, JEWnius, pure JEWnius.

Semen AND shit, in one movie. You kikes are just TOO funny.

"A subplot depicts the saga of Taj Mahal Badalandabad (Kal Penn), an Indian foreign exchange student who is accepted (out of many "talented" applicants) to be Van's personal assistant. The main reason for his application for this position, Taj explains, is he wants to have sex with an American girl before he goes home."

1.35 "Scrubs" x 4 starring
JEW Zach Braff as a loveable, wise-crackin KIKE with Cool Black Friends, surrounded by White Men who are all Stupid Buffoons.

Also starring
JEW Dave Franco. Produced by
JEW Neil Goldman,
JEW Jonathan Groff

11.40 "Death Wish 2"
KIKE revenge porn ,directed by
KIKE Micheal Winner,Produced by
KIKE (israeli)Menahem Golan and
KIKE (israeli)Yoram Globus Written by KIKE? David Engelbach

nilus said...


Drama 11.30 "Birds Of A Feather"
JEW Lesley Joseph

ITVbe "The Real Housewives of.."
Presented by
QUEER JEW Andy Cohen

11pm "Flipping Out"
QUEER JEW Jeff Lewis

E4 5pm "How I met your mother" x2

6pm "The Big Nose Theory" x2
KIKE/QUEER COM created and written by
KIKE Chuck Lorre (Levine)

7.30 "Suburgatory"
KIKECOM created by
JEW Emily Kapnek, starring
JEW Jane Levy
JEW Carly Chaikin

5* "Dodgeball" starring
JEW Ben Stiller
JEW Hank Azaria,
JEW William Shatner, Produced by JEW Ben Stiller and
JEW? Stuart Cornfeld music by
JEW Theodore Shapiro

5USA 6pm "Law and Order" followed by "NCIS" x2, then "Gotham", kike cops'n'corpses, then
"Snatch" about some kike diamonds.

QUEST 5pm "World War 2: The Complete History"

1am "FBI Case Files"

'Trap,Kill,Repeat': A serial killer is raping,killing and burning women in Chicago..but how long will it take the authorities to connect the murders and stop the slaughter?'


3AM "The New Yankee Workshop"
JEW Norm Abram

Movie Mix "Code 7, Victim 5"

A private investigator is hired by a 'South African millionaire'to solve a murder, and soon stumbles into a conspiracy involving...wait for it, wait for it...


Channel 5=24 "The Gadget Show"
JEW Rachel Riley

True Ent 8pm "Highway To Heaven" starring
JEW Micheal Landon
(Eugene Maurice Orowitz)

9pm "The Crash Of 401" starring
JEW William Shatner directed by
JEW? Barry Shear

11pm "Star Chamber" starring
half-JEW Micheal Douglas, directed by
JEW Peter Hyams, produced by
JEW Frank Yablans

Community 10pm " Im A Muslim and the BNP got my Vote"
'Tre azam's documentary looks at how non-voting amongst ethnic minority coonmutinies may assist the rise of FAR-RIGHT POLITICAL GROUPS SUCH AS THE BNP'

11.45 "Postcards: When The Souls Arrive" 'Told from the perspective of TWO MEXICANS living in the UK, this film explores the Mexican holiday called the Day of the Dead'

CBS Reality 5pm "Judge JEWdy" x 4, then
7pm "Cops" 7.30 "Cops" 8pm "Cops Reloaded" 8.30 "Cops Reloaded" then "Medical Detectives" x 2, more cops'n'corpses.

truTV 10pm "Hardcore Pawn: Chicago" x2
The JEW COHEN bros pawn store.

followed by "Fear Factor", in which kike producers get blonde shiksa to drink HORSE SPUNK.

CBS Action "NCIS" x infinity. Cops and corpses crap, for morons.

Anonymous said...

19;22 beautiful sentiments expressed,and all correct we might add,BTW Gudacanal was the first time EVER Japenese military was ever defeated either on land or sea,John old rtd chicago copper,,reading a great book now about the British burning of Washington in the war of 1812,citizens who stayed couldnt compliment soldiers and sailors enough whoeven tho burned the white house and all public buildings. left pvt, property alone and if individual soldiers caught looting were either shot or whipped.most looting was done by ppl who stayed behind it was discovered,locals who took advantage of situation,only building left alone in navy yard was marine barrack as respect to a gallant foe that fought gallantly.

Anonymous said...

Attn TOM ROBERTS,think you want to go to you tube and hit choir of two thousand in either Estonia,or Latvia,agree it was awesome,

SAVANT said...

Hi Tom Roberts. I'm working on a different computer and don't have the link but be assured I do have it on my own device. In fact I had a lot of difficulty finding it as well.

Shaunantijihad said...

If the Multicultists genuinely thought all cultures were equal, then they would have to admit that Sharia law was equal to, say, the British or US Constitutional law or Common Law, or even the European Union law.

If they believe that the Constitution is superior to Sharia then they do not believe in multiculturalism.

So challenge any cultists with this:

Q - Do you think multiculturalism is good or bad?
A - Good!
Q - So you think Islamic Sharia law, like cutting of hands, hanging homosexuals and so on is good?
A - No, no! Of course not!
Q - So you think Islamic culture is inferior to Western culture?
A - !

There will probably be no answer at this point, but you will have planted a seed of doubt in their godless religion.

You could follow up with some general observations. This one works where I live with DWF's:

I saw a sign saying Asian bridal makeup courses at the university for £495! I thought that was a bit expensive. (Wait for agreement) I asked where was the Caucasian bridal makeup course and was told I am a racist! Can you believe that! Anything for White people is called racist! I think they are anti-White! God! What will it be like for White women when the Muslims become the majority?

Just plant the seed and leave it with them.

Croesus said...

UN, the US military wearing itself out financially is yet another example of the similarity to the decline of the Roman Empire. The results will be similar,

Anonymous said...

@18 Oct.06.20
Same in London in the Blitz!
The Krays and their ilk , would put on
ARP helmets and look for injured in empty clothing shops.

nilus said...

UK TV Saturday Morning, 18 Oct 2014

BBC1 10am "Saturday Kitchen Live"

More cooking for the hoi-polloi to stare vacantly at whilst eating crisps: right now celebrating
World War 2. For a change.
D-Day Landings on a plate...I kid you not.

Other cooking shows include "The Hungry Sailors" (ITV 9.25)

"Weekend Kitchen with Waitrose": 'Getting spicy in the kitchen for Diwali with chef Atul Kochhar'(Channel 4, 9am)

"James Martin : Home Comforts" (BBC1, 11.30)

"Rick Stein's Mediterranean Escape"
(BBC2 12.00)

Back to business:

BBC23 1pm "Rock Around The Clock" produced by
JEW Sam Katzman starring
halfJEW Alan Freed

followed by "Guys and Dolls"
directed and written by
JEW Joseph L. Mankiewicz
JEW Ben Hecht
Produced by
JEW Samuel Goldwyn based on book by
JEW Abe Burrows
(Abram Solman Borowitz)

ITV2 1.10pm "Junior"
Male pregnancy film directed and produced by
JEW Ivan Reitman ,Cinematography by
JEW Adam Greenberg:

"Reitman's parents were Jewish; his mother SURVIVED the Auschwitz concentration camp and his father was an underground resistance fighter." OY VEY!!!

ITV 1.30 "Columbo" starring
JEW Peter Falk created by
JEW William Link and
JEW Richard Levinson produced by
JEW Phillip Saltzman directed by
JEW Steven Spielberg
JEW Boris Sagal
JEW Jeremy Kagan
JEW Edward M. Abroms
JEW Leo Penn , etc etc

Channel 4 10 am
"Everybody Loves Raymond"
KIKE-COM , created by
JEW Philip Rosenthal, starring
JEW Doris Roberts (Green)
JEW Monica Horan/Rosenthal
JEW Brad Garrett ( Gerstenfeld)

11.30 am "The Big Nose Theory" x2
KIKE-COM created and written by
JEW Chuck Lorre (Levine) starring
JEW Simon Helberg
JEW Melissa Rauch
JEW Mayim Bialik
JEW Kevin Sussman
JEW DYKE Sara Gilbert (Abeles)
QUEER Jim Parsons

12.25 "The Simpsteins"
Goy-Mocking JEW cartoon that first aired on the
JEW Tracy Ullman show:
JEW John Frink
JEW Matt Selman
JEW David Silverman
JEW Jay Kogen
JEW Mike Reiss
JEW Jeff Goldstein
JEW David M Stern
JEW Marcia Mitzman Gaven
JEW Jon Lovitz
JEW Albert Brooks
JEW Josh Weinstein
JEW James L Brooks
JEW Josh Silverstein,
JEW Sam Simon
JEW Danny Elfman
JEW Hank Azaria
JEW Julie Kavner
JEW Harry Shearer etc etc etc

12.55 "Gadget Man"
Wry mulatto Richard Ayoade talks to
JEW Claudia Winkleman


katana said...

Tom Roberts said... 17 October 2014 18:56

Savant, This is not about the above topic. Can you remember a post about 2 years ago of a Choir of girls in one of the Baltic states? Estonia or Latvia maybe! I've been looking for months for it.
Tom Roberts.

Tom, i think this is what you are after, ...

Gleanings (5)


Friday, 9 March 2012
Gleanings (5)

Samuel L. Jackson voted for Obama because he’s black
Naturally that’s not racism

Estonian song festival
Enjoy it: Sights like this will soon be gone for all time

Blacks doin’ da business in Russia
Some people think Russia is the last line of defence for whites

Chanting “USA, USA” in the USA is now racist
Grovelling apologies all around for this shocking offence

“White people are scum”
White panel giggles approval
at 00:51

Labels: Gleanings

Anonymous said...

Yes indeed, Estonia is a very small European White outpost containing only about 1.34 million people in this world of 7,000,000,000 of whom 92% are of NON-white origin.

Let's hope that the Barbara Spectre(s) of this world don't emigrate to Estonia and spoil that garden, too.

This Estonian song clip actually did include about five Chinese (Oriental?) faces, and hopefully they were student visitors intending to return home soon. Of course, the cameraman had to zoom in for close-ups and spoil a rarely seen large group of homogeneous White people in their own country.

Here's another Estonian song clip from a few years prior, and note the national pride in their voices. (Audio cuts out 30 sec. before the end)

I surmise that the all-White crowd seen in these videos could have been all-white IRISH as little as 20 years, eh?
9 March 2012 19:42

Ann on a mouse said...
That Estonian choir is a disgrace. Not one face that wasn't white! How can they get away with that monocultural exclusiveness? Tut tut.
9 March 2012 13:39

SAVANT said...
That's my point about the Estonian choir. Not a 'person of colour' in sight.

Enjoy it while it lasts.
9 March 2012 13:49

Franz said...
Actually, there were a couple of Asians among the Estonian choir. 

Which is good.

Otherwise NATO already would have declared Estonia a rogue state and moved in there, sixgun blazing.
9 March 2012 15:26


For my latest blog post, Hervé Ryssen interviewed by Margaret Huffstickler, click here >>> KATANA


nilus said...

ITV3 10.55 am "Columbo" starring
JEW Peter Falk, etc etc etc

Yesterday Channel 10am:
"The Men And Machines That Beat HITLER"

followed by

"The Men And Machines That Beat HITLER" part 2 followed by

12.00 "The Road To Dunkirk"


followed by 1pm "The World's Wierdest Weapons: Secret Weapons of D-Day" MORE NAAAAAAAAZIS!!!

ITVbe 9am "Beauty and the Geek"
Produced by
JEW Jason Goldberg and
wannabe JEW Ashton Kutcher

Dave 1pm "Man vs Food" x2
JEW PIG Adam Richman

E4 3am "The Cleveland Show" x2
Nigger spin-off of "Family Kike"

3.35 "Being Erica" kike-com
created by
JEW Jana Sinyor produced by
JEW? David Fortier
JEW Ivan Schneeberg
JEW? Aaron Martin
JEW Jana Sinyor

4.15 "Desperate Housewives" created by
QUEER (JEW?) Marc Cherry ,produced by Marc Cherry
JEW Jeff Greenstein
JEW? Tom Spezialy
JEW Michael Edelstein
JEW David Grossman
JEW Annie Weisman
JEW? Stephanie Hagen
JEW? Jamie Gorenberg
JEW Tracey Stern ,music by
JEW Danny Elfman

5am "Charmed" produced by
JEW Aaron Spelling

6am "Desperate Housewives" again

6.50 "Suburgatory" x 4
Created by
JEW Emily Kapnek,produced by
JEW Annie Weisman, starring
JEW Jane Levy
JEW Carly Chaikin

9am "Rules of Engagement"x2
Created by
JEW Tom Hertz produced by
JEW Adam Sandler

10am "How I Met Your Mother"x2
JEW Josh Radnor
JEW Jason Segel
JEW Alyson Hannigan
JEW Bob Saget directed by
JEW Rob Greenberg
JEW Pamela Fryman
QUEER Neil Patrick Harris

Sponge Cake said...

Immigrants in 20s put in Kent schools with pupils as young as 11.

Immigrants who lie about their age are being placed in Kent schools alongside pupils as young as 11, KentOnline can reveal.

Headteachers in Canterbury have disclosed that men in their 20s claiming asylum are being dishonest about their ages - prompting concern over the safety of children in schools.

It is the latest alarming twist in the immigration crisis engulfing Kent as thousands of people pour into the county from the continent each month.

Education chiefs at Kent County Council insist they are careful about where they send unaccompanied asylum-seeking and will remove any pupils discovered to be adults.
Michael Walters, the headteacher at St Anselm’s School in Old Dover Road, says children are being deposited in schools in a "random and haphazard" way with very little known about their backgrounds.

When contacted, he described instances when schools had been told to expect pupils "who were 15 or 16 only to find that they were clearly 20 or 21".

Mr Walters said: "While we have great sympathy with those unaccompanied asylum seekers who arrive in England in need of education and support, this does present a difficult position for schools.

Anonymous said...

There's a disgusting, ugly, parasitic, sneaky, ratlike virus spreading in Apefrica... About time the kikes went to Africa.

nilus said...


E4 12.00 "Marvel's Agents Of Shield" created by "male feminist" Joss Whedon -who created the kike Buffy The Vampire series starring JEW Sarah Michelle Gellar and JEW Alysson Hannigan , etc ) based on characters created by
JEW Stan Lee (Lieber)
JEW Jack Kirby (Jacob Kurtzberg)
produced by
JEW Alan Fine
JEW? Jeph Loeb

12.00 "The 100" Developed by
JEW Jason Rothenberg produced by
JEW Leslie Morgenstein Cinematography by
JEW Nathaniel Goodman

1pm "Alvin and the chipmunks" starring
JEW David Cross produced by
JEW? Janice Karman

movies4men 8.55am "The Hand"

"Three British soldiers are tortured by the Japanese in Burma during WW2.."

followed by

"A Place In Hell":
"Three US soldiers end up on a Japanese controlled island after the fall of Manila..."

True Ent. 8am "Little House on the Prairie" x5

JEW Micheal Landon (Eugene Maurice Orowitz)
JEW Melissa Gilbert directed by
JEW Leo Penn music by
JEW David Rose

"Albert takes a job as apprentice for a Jewish coffin maker, who is the target of deep prejudice in the community, particularly Harriet Oleson and Judd Larrabee and his sons."

"When Percival's parents visit Walnut Grove for the birth of Nellie's baby, Percival reveals that his real name is Isaac Cohen, much to Harriet's consternation. Percival's father, Benjamin, is passionately and devoutly Jewish, which brings him into conflict with Harriet and her Christian beliefs, especially over the question of which religion the new baby will be raised in. Nels brokers a truce between Benjamin and Harriet with the suggestion that a boy should be raised in the Jewish faith and a girl should be raised as a Christian. When Nellie gives birth, she unexpectedly has twins, a girl and a boy, so Nellie and Percival agree to raise their son Benjamin as Jewish and their daughter Jennifer as a Christian."

"Doc Baker hires a highly qualified doctor named Caleb Ledoux, but is disconcerted to discover that he is black. Despite a friendly welcome from the Ingalls, other citizens are diffident or openly hostile, while Doc Baker gives his new assistant only menial tasks. Eventually, when Doc Baker is unavailable for a call, Charles has to resort to desperate measures to enable Dr. Ledoux to attend to a pregnant mother experiencing complications during childbirth. Ledoux safely delivers the baby, but angrily decides he will never be accepted in the town and plans to leave. When Doc Baker makes an impassioned plea at the next church service and is supported by the congregation, Dr. Ledoux decides to stay."

CBS Reality 10 am
"Judge JEWdy" x 12
JEW Judith Scheindlin

CBS Action 9am "Star Trek" x 3
JEW Leonard Nimoy
JEW William Shatner
JEW Jerry Fielding
JEW Gerald Fried
JEW Sol Kaplan
JEW Samuel Matlovsky
QUEER George Takei

followed by NCIS x2

produced by
JEW Gary Glasberg
JEW Mark Horowitz

tsnamm said...

Whats even more contradictory concerning US defense/military policy is, that at the same time they are finding more and more conflicts and operations to engage in, the Obama administration is busily slashing the DOD's budget with draconian cuts. Even back at "full strength/funding" they were not prepared for more than 2 theaters of operation. Now with enlistments dropping and budgets slashed,on top of all the wars, they keep finding stupid crap like this for them to do...

I'm sure this will help bolster recruiting...and of course WHO'S paying for all this; the hospitals, the medicines, the power all of it...the US taxpayer, as we give away $100's of millions of dollars on worthless niggers... as well as risking deadly infection for our troops for no reason...what will it take to get people in the streets?

nilus said...

A trailer on KIKE David Abraham's Channel 4 for a programme tomorrow night:

"Hitler's Secret Medical Diaries and Hidden Drug Habit Uncovered"



Last night: Lee Mack's BBC1 shit-com about a Loser White man. He and his attractive landlady decide to walk home from the cinema. They stupidly end up in a subway and are mugged by three sinister hoodies:


He offers no resistance and decides to take up boxing. His trainer is a Strong Black Man.

His character gets floored by a 14 year old girl in a sparring bout.

Later he gets knocked out by an elderly lady.

He makes at least 2 references to his masturbation habit.

"Peep Show" Channel 4, Wimpy, White ,Mark gets mugged for his phone in a subway: by a nasty WHITE hoodie.

"Harry Brown" Micheal Caine plays an old geezer who, along with his mate , are terrorised by WHITE hoodies that hang out in the subway. There are a couple of nigss but the nastiest one, the leader, is White, as is his nasty White dad.

This is the PC infection, where a producer/writer/casting director/director dare not cast even ONE nigger as a thug/mugger/dealer/stabber/rapist/killer.

Which is a sort of admission when you think about it.

As Chris Rock said, "When I withdraw $200 from the ATM late at night, it's not the group of White kids Im worried about"
And he's an Anti-White, PC piece of shit.


"Drive": Kike gangsters, shown killing someone by ritually bleeding him out.

"Ca$h" with Sean Bean.
Kike shown as fraudster.

"Lucky Number Slevin"
Ben Kingsley plays a jew crime boss.

"American Hustle" Kike con-man played sympathetically by handsome goy Christian Bale.

"Wolf of Wall street"
Kike fraudster Jordan Belfort played by handsome goy Leonardo DiCaprio. Kikiness played right down so as to be un-noticable to the non jew-wise.

"Casino Jack"
Criminal kike Jack Abramoff played by goy Kevin Spacey.

"Shattered Glass"
Kike conman/liar/fraudster Stephen Glass played by...handsome goy Harden Christensen.
Conversely, the goyim are played by jew Peter Sarsgaard and jew Hank Azaria:

"... chronicled the rapid rise of Stephen Glass' journalistic career at The New Republic during the mid-1990s and his steep fall when his widespread journalistic fraud was exposed."

nilus said...

Ever wondered why all these BBC panel shows and "comedies" all seem to have the same level of humour? (wanking/swearing/farage-bashing/Daily Mail mocking, etc)?

Ive been looking more closely at the end credits ..

Additional writers on
"Not Going Out":
JEW Dave Cohen
JEW David Isaac

Commisioning editor
JEW? Chris Sussman
(not likely a jew being called Chris but you never know..)

Executive Producer
JEW Jon Thoday.

This JEW is the biggest comedy agent in UK and has most of the biggest comedy names on his books:

"Jon Thoday is the joint founder and Managing Director of Avalon Entertainment Ltd.

Founded in 1988, Avalon is a multi-award winning entertainment and talent management company with offices in the UK and US. The company has discovered many acts who have become household names including Frank Skinner, David Baddiel, Harry Hill, Al Murray, Russell Howard, The Mighty Boosh, Stewart Lee,Greg Davies,Russell Kane Lee Mack,Chris Ramsay Dave Gorman, Chris Addison, Kristen Schaal and John Oliver and has an international reputation for cutting edge comedy, theatre and TV production. Jon also manages high profile presenters Adrian Chiles, Christine Bleakley and Fiona Bruce."

"Thoday was accused of blasphemy for his role as the producer of Jerry Springer the Opera. The charge was unsuccessful."

The series producer of
"Would I Lie To You?" (BBC1) is
JEW Richard Cohen.

The series producer of
"8 out of 10 cats" (JEW David Abraham's Channel 4) is also
JEW Richard Cohen.

"Mock The Week"
(Danny Cohen's BBC1) was created by
JEW Mark Leveson and the executive producer is
JEW Jed Leventhal.

"Never Mind The Buzzcocks" (BBC2):
Additional material by
JEW Dan Swimer (who is the writing partner of
QUEER JEW Simon Amstell)

"Dan Swimer is a British television writer, producer, consultant and associate."

The director is
JEW? Ollie Bartlett

Legal Affairs are handled by
JEW Joshua Franks who also does "QI" etc.

The Hebe-B-See is

Anonymous said...

Every coalburning slut should read this article and every White person should spread it (how about an article on it?). Google: NORTH PRESTON'S FINEST, PIMPED. You'll come to an article about a Canadian whore who was abused and beaten by a feral negro gang. Interesting thing is she blames "White men" for it rather than black men. Bitch, I'm glad you were beaten for 36 hours naked with a heated coat hanger by an ape!

nilus said...

Briefly, tonight's pleb-vision:

BBC1: "Strictly Come Dancing"

Minor celebs dancing badly for a KIKE and a brace of FAGGOTS.

Followed by "National Lottery" presented by
KIKE Gaby Roslin

BBC2 "Dads Army" cos there's a war on, you know..

followed by "Schama on Rembrandt"

KIKE Simon Schama explains to us GOYIM that Rembrandt wasnt half bad with the old brushes. Thanks kike, what would we do without you?

followed by QUEER KIKE FRY with KIKE Victoria Coren in "QIXL"

KIKE Jonathan Levi's ITV:

"The Hex Factor"

White kids trying to sing black: (over-emoting,over-vibratoing,ruining melody,trying to emulate a painful orgasm)in front of a RICH KIKE, a CREEPY QUEER, a GEORDIE COALBURNER and a MULATTO SLAPPER.

Later, a remake of "The Hitcher"

EVIL BLONDE WHITE MAN with GERMANIC-SOUNDING NAME, Rutger Hauer, is replaced by EVIL WHITE MAN Sean Bean. Cos in America, it's those EVIL WHITE MEN you've got to look out for!!!

directed by JEW? Dave Meyer , produced by
KIKE Micheal Bay

Channel 5, 8pm : "World War 2 in COLOUR!!" cos there's a war on, you know..

BBC3 9pm movie: "Little Fockers"

KIKE Paul Weitz Produced by KIKE Jane Rosenthal
KIKE Jay Roach
KIKE John Hamburg Written by KIKE John Hamburg
KIKE? Larry Stuckey music by
QUEER Steven Trask

"Four months later, on Christmas Day, Greg and Pam's parents come to spend Christmas with them in their new house. Greg's parents (who are Jewish) give Jack a kippah as his present, informing him that they have traced his family roots while they were nursing him back to health, and discovered that he is part Jewish."

followed by "Family Kike " x 6

Film 4 "The King's Speech" written by some KIKE called David Seidler

That's it I cant bear any more but you get the point.

HOWEVER: There's a GREAT film on Film 4 tonight called "Dog Pound", like an American version of "Scum". Worth recording.

Anonymous said...

Semen AND shit, in one movie.

The Aristocrats 2005

The kikiest film of all time is 89mins about a kike joke about incest, group sex, graphic violence, defecation, coprophilia, necrophilia, bestiality, child sexual abuse and blah blah kike kike kike

The kike critic’s loved it.
79%-Rotten Tomatoes

The public didn’t

Uncle Nasty said...

interesting article on the forthcoming Brit elections.

UK: Political Earthquake Next May?

by Peter Martino
October 18, 2014 at 4:00 am

The United Kingdom Independence Party [UKIP] not only managed to halve the Conservative vote, but also the Labour Vote and the Liberal Democrat vote.

UKIP stands for small government, low taxes, and preservation of Britain's identity and sovereignty, values that appeal to Conservative voters; and it wants to pull the United Kingdom out of the European Union. UKIP also stands for strong policies on law and order and immigration, which appeal to the traditional old Labour heartlands.

Strategically, to pick up Labour votes, UKIP would need to move to the left, but examples in France, Switzerland, Denmark and Geert Wilders's PVV in the Netherlands, show that it is possible to attract voters from both the left and the right.

Last Thursday, the United Kingdom Independence Party [UKIP] won its first ever seat in the British House of Commons. For years, UKIP, led by the flamboyant Nigel Farage, has been a major party among the British contingent in the European Parliament, but winning a seat in the British national parliament had so far never succeeded.

UKIP stands for the preservation of Britain's identity and sovereignty. It wants to pull the United Kingdom out of the European Union and aims for tougher immigration policies. Last August, Douglas Carswell, Member of Parliament for Clacton in Essex (a prosperous county to the East of London) defected from the Conservative Party to UKIP. Carswell had been elected for the Conservatives in 2010 with a 53% majority – a 28% lead over Labour. After his defection, he gave up his seat, so that a by-election had to be held. On October 9, Carswell was re-elected on a UKIP ticket, with 60% of the vote and a 35% lead over the Conservatives.

The interesting thing is that UKIP not only managed to more than halve the Conservative vote (from 53% to 25%) but also the Labour vote (from 25% to 11%), and the Liberal Democrat vote (from 13% to 1.5%.)

End Part One.


Uncle Nasty said...

UK: Political Earthquake Next May?

(continued from before)

UKIP also did extremely well in the by-election in Heywood and Middleton, a constituency near Manchester in the north of England. This part of the country is a Labour Party stronghold. In 2010, Heywood and Middleton went to Labour with 40% of the vote – a 13% lead over the Conservatives.

Last Thursday, Labour won 41% of the vote, but UKIP came second with an astonishing 39%. Four years ago, the party had only received 3% of the vote. The Conservatives saw their share of the vote drop from 27% to 12%; the Liberal Democrats from 23% to 5%.

UKIP originated as a party of dissatisfied Conservative voters. However, as Nigel Farage pointed out last Friday, "UKIP is now tearing great holes in the old Labour vote." Heywood and Middleton was considered a safe Labour seat, at a time when Labour was in the opposition against an unpopular coalition government of Conservatives and Liberal Democrats.

As if last Thursday's blows to the British political establishment were not enough, on Sunday, a nationwide opinion poll revealed that one in four Britons intend to vote UKIP in next year's general elections. According to John Curtice, professor of politics at Strathclyde University, the ratings would result in UKIP winning 128 seats in the next House of Commons, against 253 seats for Labour, 187 seats for the Conservatives, 11 seats for the Liberal Democrats, and 71 seats for other parties, such as the Scottish, Welsh and Irish Nationalists and the Ulster Unionists. The Conservatives currently hold 303 seats, Labour 257 seats, the Liberal Democrats 56 seats, UKIP 1 seat, and the others 33 seats.

You think it'll happen?

Of course it won't fucking happen. Anyone who thinks that things will change for the better in a fucking election has not been paying attention for about 200 years, now.

Those who get in will be the ones that the chosen choose to get in.

The only real path to change is through a fifth story window and how speedily one can assist the Hoffjuden through it.

Like the fifteenth century Florentines, I have alway favoured defenestration. It's so .... visible.

Seriously though ... has anyone here, any notion of why the Brit left are so savage in their criticism of Farage?

Is he a real symbol of an emerging common sense? Is he the safety valve on a quivering pressure cooker?

Or is it all, like so much else, merely theatre for the masses?


Anonymous said...

Dale Mailey
Very weak comedy typical of today’s corporate comics, weak overdone copycat of brass eye etc…

Why do people hate the Daily Mail?

Yes it does have loads of kikey nazi nazi nazi crap, but imo that’s cause historically they supported the blackshirts and Hitler which russell brand won’t stop bringing up all the f—cking time.

The daily mail does print a lot of celeb crap too.


It does report nigger & immigrant crime unlike the guardian, independent etc. (though they go quiet when things like Rotherham and paki child abuse things happen, and seem to dismiss ukip even though most of their readers probably are ukip)

Most of the writers at the mail probably hate it too, but it represents most of middle England

Liberal left stuart lees wife
Bridget Christie: My Daily Mail Hell

The video of gays is sick, bondage in the street, worst is US Folsom street fair, if any straight people did that they’d be arrested for public indecency.

Thanks to jews, frankfurt school cultural Marxism people are now more offending of you reading the Daily Mail

…then they are seeing gays wearing bondage costumes with dildo’s hanging off or a man wearing a gimp costume in public

Anonymous said...

re:Dapper Laughs, Daniel O'Reilly.

Biological jew?

so many of the 2010’s generation fed upon bbc3, channel5, big brother, x factor, mtv etc. are utter c-nts.

Art imitates life imitates art.
Nathan Barley

nilus said...

Speaking of movies...

movies4men 9pm: "War of Resistance"

'A young student becomes involved with the Dutch resistance movement and plots a series of attacks against the NAAAAAAAAAZI regime'

Community 10.15:
"Secrets of Sex: Global Gay"

'A contemporary and pan-continental saga, chronicling the battle for the decriminalisation of homosexuality worldwide through the lives and work of some of its fearless pioneers.'

Enjoy, Goy

Uncle Nasty said...

tsnamm said...

Whats even more contradictory concerning US defense/military policy is, that at the same time they are finding more and more conflicts and operations to engage in, the Obama administration is busily slashing the DOD's budget with draconian cuts.

Here's a theory. Let's pretend that the US Armed forces, rather like the Centurions of old are beginning to rumble about whether or not they can run the country better than the Kike 'n Koon Komedy Klub.

What better way to defuse the situation by wholesale firing of the top (and most experienced) generals

[FACT: It's already happened]

... and there you go, you have decapitated the threatening beast ...

But what about its writhing, thrashing, mindless body, I hear you say? The conscripts and volunteers; lower rank commissioned officers and NCO's?

Once again ... simple. You exhaust the corpse by holding it in place until the neurons stop firing and the thrashing stops; that is to say expend their energies on useless, unfocused and demoralising action

Sort of like putting 3000 troops into Nigeria to hunt down the fictitious Boko Haram virgins ... or dispersing thousands more to act as arsewipers for AIDS and Ebola-riddled niggers in Liberia or whatever.

Works for me ... and I'm not even a yid.


Anonymous said...

Ahh, yes! What's that ole` saying that says "you only appreciate something only after you've lost it". Well, I'm appreciating it now BEFORE it's lost.

Estonian songfest (click FULL SCREEN bottom left on youtube).

Uncle Nasty said...

Stunning article by Katana, by the way, on understanding why jews insist on behaving like, well ... jews.

Hervé Ryssen interviewed by Margaret Huffstickler

October 17, 2014 by katana17

Hervé Ryssen interviewed By Margaret Huffstickler

Hervé Ryssen explains Judaism is not a faith but the geopolitical project of a hysterical, incestuous master-race cult.

Hervé Ryssen, born in 1967, is a French writer and activist who specializes in Judaism as a geopolitical project, and graduated from the famous Sorbonne in Paris. He was fired for his views as a high school history teacher and became a militant with the Front National and then other groups. In 2003, he threw a pie in the face of a famous Catholic priest who, on television, had condoned illegal immigrants occupying his cathedral. He has been constantly fined and given prison sentences for denouncing Judaism, and especially the practice of incest in Jewish families, which he says makes Jews suffer from both inbreeding and hysteria. He is known for his definition of Judaism as a political project of world domination over a planet of uniform slaves.

His website: http: //

... and no. To know, know, know them is not to love, love love them.


Anonymous said...

Names of recent new "posters":

Fat White Loser
Another Big Fat White Loser
Useless White Shit
Big Fat Arab
Disgusting liar
Derty Basterd
Lobotomized Serf
Ignorant twat

And heare I was thinking that the enemy was unconcerned by our dear Savant.

They are just names man, turn down the suspicion. The data provided was good.

GAIDS said...


Anonymous said...

Good evening Herr Nasty.
Just a question about M. Ryssen. Lots of the encapsulations are very attractive. I dislike intensely his downplaying of genetic determination; the idea that jews could be made fine decent people if raised in good Christian homes.
"Alles ist nach seiner Art, an ihr wirst du nichts ändern. . . ." R. Wagner "Siegfried".
The question: Have you ever seen anything to support his claim that incest is rife amongst the jews?


Iron Felix said...

Savant, referring back to the two footballers and this "rape" nonsense (there is rape and rape and of course rape if she chooses to call it so), one need only keep one's eye on the ball here to stay on track. Only one fact is of vital importance---the chap in question is white. Given that, nothing else matters, because the one element in all human society that must be destroyed at all costs is the White Man. Once the whole system has been made to understand that the White Man is the embodiment and source of all the world's evil, and that women, blacks and all other categories are---no matter how foul, vicious and despicable in themselves---are supremely BORN WITHOUT SIN, then the stage is set. From here on, the black guy being released without charge and the white drawing five in the cage and with a lynch mob outside the gates upon his release will be seen as unremarkable and acceptable.

SAVANT said...

Felix (09.21). I agree. I'd add though that showing the White male as the embodiment of evil is but a means to an end. The string-pullers are evil and couldn't care less about other evil people. No, I think they realise that the White male is by far their most dangerous opponent and thus must be neutralised. Having him embody everything that's bad is one excellent method.

nilus said...

In reference to that awful torturous nigger singing style which has become the default singing style, Julian Lee has two great articles on that topic over at Counter-Currents, and probably elsewhere:

"Getting to Beyonce Overload"

"In Praise of the White Voice"

A great read if you're sick of all that nigger warbling shite.

BBC1's Sunday Morning Live:

On the sofa:

JEW Lucy Siegle (from "The One Show - yes, another BBC JEW)

JEW Charlie Wolf (Stephen Linskey)

(He's the kike that called Rachel Corrie "Scum")

Prior to that, an interview with a Rabbi in full garb.

George Monbiot wants to re-introduce wolves to Scotland.

On the programme after that:
JEW Grant Shapps.

0.2 of the UK population is KIKE.

58% of BBC population is KIKE.

katana said...

I second UN's appreciation of this witty reworking of the lyrics of Lola by Sponge Cake! Let's spread it around and hope it goes viral!

Sponge Cake said... 17 October 2014 14:57

He walked up to me and he looked real bad,
I asked what was wrong
and then he looked real sad and said, "Ebola".
E-B-O-L-A Ebola. La la la la Ebola

Well I'm not the world most smartest guy,
But if I get too close then I just might die
From ebola, la la la la Ebooooooooooola

These last few days
I've sat on the can
I've lost 10 pounds, I'm less of a man 'cause Eboooooooola. Lo-lo-lo-lo Ebolaaaaaaaa. . . . .

Well I'm not the world's most paranoid doc
But when I tried to get up it nearly cleaned my clock,
oh Ebola Bo-bo-bo-Ebola

And I know my flu, but I really don't get
Why I bled from my eyes all over the jet,
it's Eboooooooooooooooooola
Bo-bo-bo-Ebola Bo-bo-bo-Ebolaaaaaaaa

For those unfamiliar with the classic hit pop song (or just want a reminder), please click here: The Kinks - Lola



For my latest blog post,Don’t Laugh! It’s “Anti-Semitic!, click here >>> KATANA


nilus said...

Meanwhile, on Channel 4's moronic cooking and chat programme with the risible Tim Lovejoy, "Sunday Brunch", the guests are:

JEW David Baddiel, who has turned his film "The Infidel"( about a muz who discovers he's a kike) into a musical: with the help of
JEW Aaron Baron Cohen, brother of Sasha..well, they did all go to the same school..Haberdasher's Aske.

JEW Logan Lerman
JEW Jon Bernthal, who are promoting a new WW2 movie called "Fury", also starring
KIKE Shia LaBeouf and
KIKE Jason Isaacs
(who also went to Haberdasher's Aske school)

"The film is set during the last month of the European Theater of war during World War II in April 1945. As the Allies make their final push into Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazi Germany, a battle-hardened U.S. Army sergeant in the 2nd Armored Division named Don "Wardaddy" Collier (Brad Pitt) commands an M4A3E8 Sherman tank called "Fury" and its five-man crew, consisting of Boyd "Bible" Swan (A KIKE), Grady "Coon-Ass" Travis (A KIKE) and Trini "Gordo" Garcia (A BEANER). After losing the assistant driver in battle, he gets a recently enlisted typist, Norman Ellison (A KIKE), as a replacement.

The crew, which has been together since the North African Campaign, initially despises Norman for his lack of experience and excessive compassion towards Germans (Norman refuses to shoot a captive German artilleryman, and cannot bring himself to shoot at Hitlerjugend teenagers because of their age), so Wardaddy makes Norman shoot a captive German soldier to break him of his innocence."

Plus Ashley Banjo whose all-nigger dance troupe is called,without irony: "Diversity".

nilus said...

First item on BBC1's
"Sunday Morning Live"

Immigration: Good or Bad?

Answer: Good, and let's start by showing some enrichers in Northern Ireland all playing football and being integrated..

They actually framed the poll question as:

" Is The UK TOO HOSTILE to Immigration?"

HOSTILE? Spreading your buttocks and dabbing some organic butter (or goat fat, or ghee) on your ringpiece is NOT HOSTILE BEHAVIOUR!

So, lets first talk to the Black Authority Figure, Dr Lez Henry (author and lecturer) in a suit, with dreadlocks down his back, and a Brixton street accent...which always sounds good coming from a "Doctor", innit, y'get meh?

He starts off by comparing the New Niggers of Ireland with the jewish immigrants that came to Britain..

"So people are suspicious of "The Other"?" simpers Sian.
(this is the latest buzz-phrase for the left-lib copycatz, much like "going forward")

Now let's talk to the Nasty Kike, Charlie Wolf (not his real name)

He starts with KIKE 101:

"Im the child of immigrants, they came over from the Ukraine in the 1820's..they were peddlars, but now my cousins are all doctors and lawyers and businessmen.."

(rags to riches)

KIKE 101 again:
A mention of Einstein.

Now over to a glamorous blonde woman who won the apprentice, she's got no probs with immigration and reckons "the media" are just making up stories.


Now, for some reason, over to Bill Oddie, who also has no problem with immigration.

Oddie says he "LOATHES" the "chauvinism" of people who think that "We are British and this is our island"

He says he's "not proud to be British and am very often ashamed to be Britsh..WE'RE A TERRIBLE RACE..ALL THE HOOLIGANISM AND GOD KNOWS WHAT.."

Sian says "If you hate it that much, why dont you leave?"

"Now you sound like UKIP" says Bill. Bill goes on: " In my lifetime Ive seen the culture flourish and improve cos of immigration. I love the fact that I can walk down the road in North London and here's and Indian shop and there's another Indian shop and this one's from Iran and here's a West Indian guy running that bit there..and we've got the Romanian builders in next door, and they DONT PLAY THE RADIO AS LOUD AS THE ENGLISH BUILDERS "


So that's the 'immigration debate' settled then, BBC style:

Take 4 people-including a nigger, a kike and a female-and a liberal White man who is a BBC employee - who all agree about something and have them "debate" it for 5 minutes.



katana said...

Anonymous said... 19 October 2014 01:38

Good evening Herr Nasty.
Just a question about M. Ryssen. Lots of the encapsulations are very attractive. I dislike intensely his downplaying of genetic determination; the idea that jews could be made fine decent people if raised in good Christian homes.
"Alles ist nach seiner Art, an ihr wirst du nichts ändern. . . ." R. Wagner "Siegfried".
The question: Have you ever seen anything to support his claim that incest is rife amongst the jews?


Hi grettir

Without prejudicing UN's response, perhaps you are referring to Herve Ryssen's statement (which is contained in some other writings that I will make a post on later in my blog) where he says:

The Jewish Identity
The Jews are scattered over all the countries of the world, on all five continents, but they reside principally in ethnically European countries. Most of them are of “Ashkenazi” origin, that is, from Central and Eastern Europe, which they left in successive waves starting at the end of the 19th century. A minority, also scattered over the entire surface of the globe, come from the Mediterranean basin: these are the so-called “Sephardic” Jews. But there are also a few black Jews in Ethiopia, called “Fallashas”, as well as Jews in India and China, for example, who claim to be “perfectly well integrated”. The Jews are not, therefore, a race.


Taking this at face value, even allowing for Ryssen's fondness for sarcasm and perhaps translation issues, he is, in my opinion, wrong on this critical issue.

Ashkenazi jews have characteristic core physiological and anatomical traits that give them their big noses, etc., that generally makes them very hard on the eyes, along with susceptibility to a host of genetic disorders. Incest anyone?

As to the idea that members of organised jewry just need to be raised in the right environment to become decent people, our world today is living proof that that is a futile hope.

Some jews or part jews have no doubt been tamed by a welcoming gentile world, yet there is remaining a hard core group of jews that have got control of the levers of power over us and are intent on carrying out our destruction and installing themselves in permanent tyrannical power.

Is incest rife among jews? Given that they dominate the porn industry and every other form of degenerate "art" forms, most likely as Ryssen says.


For my latest blog post,Don’t Laugh! It’s “Anti-Semitic!, click here >>> KATANA


nilus said...

Now, the Nigger Authority Figure is pulling Nigger 101.

Starts by describing himself as African (off you fuck, then) but then to "a person of African heritage", and then it's "Europeans have always exploited the Africans,", and "Slavery, slavery, blah blah"

(I bet I can guess what his "doctorate" is in!)

"My parents generation were ENTICED to come here and we came here to REBUILD YOUR COUNTRY..which is why you had people with MASTER'S DEGREES, FROM THE CARIBBEAN, WHO ENDED UP DRIVING BUSES.!!!"

Now a couple of mentions of Enoch Powell, Rivers of Blood, and the coon has just described jew rag-peddlars as "entrepeneurs".

Niggers love that word cos it sounds French, and better than drug dealer/mugger/pimp.

Now to an outside broadcast with some jewy-looking "expert" , a professor called Reiss, who also thinks that immigration is nothing but wonderful -and he's an EXPERT , REMEMBER - AND IF IT WASNT FOR MILLIONS OF SPONGING RAPISTS AND FRAUDSTERS, THE FRUIT AND VEGETABLES WOULDNT GET PICKED AND THE HOUSES WOULDNT GET BUILT " (wot houses?)

Next topic, "Should Women Freeze Their Eggs?"

Over to YET ANOTHER KIKE, Kayla Friedman, of the frizzy-haired American feminist variety.

Piano music playing in the background.

Now, ANOTHER KIKE on the sofa, Lucy Siegel, who writes in The Observer and is regular reporter on "The One Show" (BBC1).

Next topic : SHABBAT! Apparently, next weekend's Shabbat will be extra special, cos the chirf rabbi, Ephraim Murvis, has called upon all jews to celebrate it like never before!

So to an interview (by a female paki reporter, natch) with this FUCKING RABBI to explain all about the "Jewish Sabbath"..

Next, "The Sunday Politics" (with Spokesman of the Tory Party,
JEW Grant Shapps)

" A slam dunk for (JEW) Ed Milliband (Leader of Opposition) this week after the remarks by (JEW) Lord Freud (Welfare Minister).."

Uncle Nasty said...

Anonymous said...

Good evening Herr Nasty.

The question: Have you ever seen anything to support his claim that incest is rife amongst the jews?

19 October 2014 01:38

Me personally, Grettir? No, I have not. However, considering the well proven and documented (often by themselves) jewish love of perversity and perversion, their obsession with faecal matter, semen and masturbation and the leading role played by them in every -- and I mean every facet of pornography; not only behind the camera but in front of it, I can only quote from one my favorite subversive flicks ....

Cowboy: It sure don't surprise me none.
Full Metal Jacket (1987)

Or perhaps one should read this ... a series of quotes from and about Hollywood jews -- but I repeat myself:-

The so-called Light of the World are really a fucked up collection of booze-soaked, drug-raddled shit-obsessed perverts, so ... regarding possible incest?

It wouldn't surprise me none.


tsnamm said...

Hey Uncle Nasty...I was aware of the purge of leadership, which is being done IMO for both political, as well as AA reasons...however since the US Military is the de facto force of choice to do the yids bidding, I'm not so sure they are all that happy with it being reduced. A theory I have heard which goes hand in hand with your idea, that the powers that be are planning; is that Obama has signed a number of "Executive Orders" allowing the military to act domestically in times of martial law. Of course with martial law we couldn't possibly have elections, so Chairman Obama would stay in office indefinitely...and nothing like a good old epidemic to preciptate martial law, say like Ebola for instance, as domestic governmental structures break down...sadly most of the grunts in the military, which are all volunteer, and majority white for that matter; are still operating under the traditional America patriotism mindset. The majority of them don't realize they're being taken advantage of and being used, and the ideals they believe they're serving for are long gone. So I doubt that they would spontaneously rise up, as much as I would really like to see it.

Anonymous said...

Katana, Nasty,
Thanks for the feedback. So yup, it's plausible, but sadly no police reports. Still, I presume Ryssen didn't just make it up.
Damn! I guess I'll have to read the books.
Again, thanks guys


Iron Felix said...

Savant, I don't think there is much difference really. If the drive is to destroy western civilisation, which seems to be the case, then destroying the keystone of that civilisation is a pretty good way to go about it. The keystone/lynchpin/ridgepole/dam-wall is of course the white male.

Anonymous said...

Or perhaps one should read this ... a series of quotes from and about Hollywood jews -- but I repeat myself:-

Remember when this topic came up about a year ago and Nastiestuncle just kept on saying "Don't you like looking at tits?".

It's just what he was like.

Anonymous said...

Detroit Michigan. Walls keep out zombies

Yes just like Wicael Whoore in one of his 9 houses which is in Michigan there is a wall to keep the great architects of detroit michigan outside where the riff-raffrikans belong. Among the 99% not the 1%.

Afrika Hardy tells police where four of his victims are to be found in Gary, Indiana. Afrika Hardy? That is a very European name.

Charlie Webster

Will resign as Sheffield United if rapeaphrican Marlon King resigned by The Blades when he gets out of prison for the third time! Brava!

Uncle Nasty that Hokum in Nigeria was a pure scam as at the #BringOurGirlsHome shindig Anne Hathaway wore knickers which she never does on important occasions like attending movie premieres.

Dr Bob said...


I met her in a ward in the hospital,
Where the people were all black, as black as Coca cola.
C-O-L-A cola.

She walked up to me and asked if she had a chance,
I asked what was wrong and in a gurgling voice she croaked “Ebola”.
E-B-O-L-A Ebola, E bo bo bo bo bola

Well I’m not the world’s most paranoid guy,
But when I saw all the blood coming out of her eye,
I thought Ebola, Ebo bo bo bo bola…

Well I’m not dumb but I can’t understand,
Why there are no photos of Ebola on hand,
None of Ebola, ebo bo bo bo bola, Ebo bo bo bo bola

Well she was on a drip all through the night,
And when we turned on the light,
She put blood everywhere when she tried to pee,
And said “Where’s the doctor, can someone help me?”

Well, I’m not the world’s most medical guy,
But I could tell that she was going to die,
Well, I was sure she had Ebola,
Ebo bo bo bo bola, ebo bo bo bo bola…

Ebola, ebo bo bo bola, Ebo bo bo bo bola..

I pushed her away. I walked to the door.
I fell to the floor. I got down on my knees.
I looked at her, and she at me.

Well that’s the day I tried to get away.
But the doctors said that I had to stay, because of Ebola.
Ebo bo bo bo, bola.

Well I left home just a week before,
And I never ever even had AIDS before,
But Ebola got me don’t you understand,
And now I know that I’m a dead man.

Well I’m not the world’s most healthy man,
I’ve lost 50 pounds, I’m much less of a man.
Because I got Ebola.
Ebo bo bo bo, Ebola. Ebo bo bo bo, Ebola.

Ebo bo bo bo, Ebola.
Ebo bo bo bo, Ebola.

CS said...

Canada to allow non-Canadians to become members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Or as Obarmy said while visiting Britain, nationalism is obsolete now.