Friday, 31 October 2014

Got to hand it to the Israelis

Israel and the Israelis clearly aren't everyone's cup of tea, and not only on this site.  But they sure know how to pursue their own national and ethnic interests without giving two hoots about 'international opinion' and in a way that's truly inspirational.

Here are a few of those things I admire.

They don't fall for the bull about illegal African  immigrants, calling them 'infiltrators'.  Which is what they are.  Not only that they then round them up, incarcerating them in concentration camps before shipping them back to Africa.  Their clear-headed recognition of how the world works is manifest in the problem associated with the infiltrators' countries of know of course how they dump their passports once they land in the the welfare state of choice.   In the West we agonise about this, poor dhimmified castrated dummies that we are. Usually for years at a time,  Meanwhile providing the infiltrators with free accommodation, food, healthcare, education and living expenses. The Israelis on the other hand simply provide a modest lodgement to some dictators Swiss bank account sum in "development aid" and hey presto, issues of national origin disappear and the welfare tourists are on their way back to the Dark Continent.

And presumably you've heard about the 'black Jews' from Ethiopia?  Having given them sanctuary the Israelis quickly realised that while they might call themselves Jews in reality they were African, Dumb, largely unemployable and prolific breeders. But again, being admirably clear-sighted they solved the problem by administering copious doses of Depo Provera to the unwitting birthing units.

Israelis also understand at the deepest level how to deal with the Religion Of Peace. They realise that the worst of all approaches is that of appeasement, that any concession will merely whet the appetite and lead to more and more demands until we kuffars begin to live as dhimmis. Their 'minorities' start blowing its citizens up?  Put up a wall and make them travel on special roads. Could you just see us in the West doing that? And they don't just react to provocations.....they take the fight to the enemy ,,,,,, the Mayor of Jerusalem plans to ban the ear-splitting howling of their muezzin  and now they've even blocked access to the Al-Aqsa mosque.

How cool is that?

Now of course everyone will jump in and point out that Jews in the West would fiercely oppose those very same measures being applied here while turning a Nelson eye towards Israel,  And that is true. But any Israelis I know, and I know a lot, think that we in the West are insane and suicidal in allowing our lands to be colonised.  They also believe that if we're stupid enough to behave as we do - and that includes letting Jews decide our destiny - then maybe we deserve to fade away into the night.

And maybe they're right.


Uncle Nasty said...

Savant said:

But any Israeli I know, and I know a lot, thinks that we in the West are insane and suicidal in allowing our lands to be colonised. They also believe that if we're stupid enough to behave as we do then maybe we deserve to fade away into the night.

Indeed, yes, Savant ... but here is another take on this.

I have a friend (now continents away) who was and is confined to a wheelchair. Like me, he was a smoker, and like me -- in those golden days ('83-'84) -- he used to trundle down to the CNA (ZA's local book and mag distributor) and have a free read of all the mags ... while having a smoke -- like one did.

-- golden days, as I said.

Well some bearded sandal wearer oozed his way over and started the PC ritual of waving his hand in front of his nose, coughing theatrically and saying something like "Must you ... ?"

Mark's response? "Yes I must. If you don't like it, I suggest you fuck off somewhere else. Faggot."

Reeling back in shock, the BSW then said to me (obviously unaware that we were together) "Did you just hear what he said to me???"

"Yes. So why don't you just do it?"

It was all Mark and I could do to keep a straight face while the little prick stormed off in a cloud of lavender outrage.

Those creeps and their ilk now have Power, with a capital "P".

We have been brainwashed into grovelling before these little Mini STASI officers, and rolling over like trained seals, in the name of "not being offensive" or "not giving offense."

And who do we have to thank for all this?
Those who have given unlimited power to the hairy legged lesbo's, the militant faggots, the niggers and the general dark detritus of the planet, in the form of political correctness and second-hand guilt.

The Arabs? The muslims?

No. The usual suspects ... the fucking Hoffjuden.
I will resist them with every fucking breath in my body.


Dr. Destructo said...

Mr. Savant PUL-EASE! You have lost your senses. The people whom you admire are none other than our destroyers,

Uncle Nasty said...

Once again ... Fred Reed.

Black Power
A Done Deal

October 30, 2014

As I write America waits, again, to see whether blacks will riot, this time in Ferguson. Will they loot, burn, kill, and rape? The usual? The police in Ferguson prepare to protect stores from looters, as rioters seem to regard their insurrections as shopping opportunities. Will it come, we wonder tensely? Will the destruction get out of hand, spread to other cities?

It is curious that blacks, the least educated thirteen percent of the population, the least productive, most criminal, and most dependent on governmental charity, should dominate national politics. Yet they do. Virtually everything revolves around what blacks want, demand, do, or can’t do. Their power seems without limit.

Courses of instruction in the schools, academic rigor, codes of dress, rules regarding unceasing obscenity, all must be set to suit them, as must be examinations for promotion in fire departments, the military, and police forces. Blacks must be admitted to universities for which they are not remotely qualified, where departments of Black Studies must be established to please them. Corporate work forces, federal departments, and elite high-schools must be judged not on whether they perform their functions but on whether they have the right number of blacks.

And, once again, highly recommended.


Iron Felix said...

Savant----spot on, right down the line. That is Israel to a tee and more power to them. If we had even the sense we were born with we in the west would be doing the same.

Uncle Nasty said...

1 – 1 of 1
Dr. Destructo said...

Mr. Savant PUL-EASE! You have lost your senses. The people whom you admire are none other than our destroyers,
31 October 2014 22:22

A friend of mine once said (regarding politicians) that "The truth is a rare and precious thing ... we must be economical with it."

Regarding Savant's comment, what I get from it is that we should admire the purity of their motives ... and do something that would terrify them -- emulate them and their behavior in every way.

By 2020, there won't be a jew on the planet.

Then we can really go to town on the sub-species.

By 2040, the planet will be White again ... and extremely well fertilised.

Ripley: How do we kill it, Ash? There's gotta be a way of killing it. How? How do we do it?
Ash: You can't.
Parker: That's bullshit.
Ash: You still don't understand what you're dealing with, do you? Perfect organism. Its structural perfection is matched only by its hostility.
Lambert: You admire it.
Ash: I admire its purity. A survivor... unclouded by conscience, remorse, or delusions of morality.

Alien (1979)

We should start thinking like that.


SAVANT said...

Dr. Destructo. Have you read the last paragraph of my post? The Israelis in effect are saying that if we let 'liberals', even if they are Jews, to destroy our countries then we are the ones to blame.

By way of contrast they say we don't give a fuck what the international 'community' thinks, or our own Arabs think....we will pursue our own national interests.

That is what I admire.

SAVANT said...

UN, More or less what I replied to Dr. Destructo. I'm not disputing any of that. My point is that the Israelis pursue their national interests and don't give a fuck about anyone else. They say that if we allow "our"!! Jews to fuck up our countries then it's our own fault. They don't do sympathy or understanding.

Anonymous said...

They also believe that if we're stupid enough to behave as we do - and that includes letting Jews decide our destiny - then maybe we deserve to fade away into the night.

Blame the victim - standard Jew MO.

However, if you were to suggest that Europe needs a ne Hitler to deal with the problem and to round up the likes of Barbara spectre, then would they agree?

They have a point, but do these Israelis even know what leftist jews are doing to Europe? They battle leftists in Israel all the time. Leftists (Jewish and otherwise) in Europe are far more powerful.

Anonymous said...

Our fave cornflake inspector would love to send his kids to this:

Ontario Lesbian government will introduce child sex education
curriculum drafted by child pornographer Benjamin Levin

Source: makow

Anonymous said...

There's a good vid that has "right wing" Jews shouting "Leftists to Gaza" at an anti-mixing rally.

Good stuff.

nemesis said...

Comparisons of Israel vis-a-vis white nations leave out the fact that Jews have never built a stable nation, and Israel is no exception. The Zionist experiment is completely dependent on a large (never patriated) expatriate community of Jews, and internally is riven by infighting. The basic business model of Zionism is (1) create a myth of settlement; (2) use the myth to extract funds from Gentiles; (3) use the money to bribe Jews to live in the Promised Land; (4) use the Jews in the Promised Land to create a myth of settlement.

Anonymous said...

They say that if we allow "our"!! Jews to fuck up our countries then it's our own fault. They don't do sympathy or understanding.

It's Jews' fault they didn't leave when Hitler go into power.

It's Jews' fault they get called big nose if they don't get nose jobs.

It's Jews' fault people don't like them because they are assholes.

The list could go on. Typical Jewish attitudes. The White race has tried to assert itself in the past, and look what happened.

Maybe the Israelis are sincere when they tell Savant that the White race should stand up for itself more, but in reality they don't want that because then we might come after THEM!

SAVANT said...

"Regarding Savant's comment, what I get from it is that we should admire the purity of their motives ... and do something that would terrify them -- emulate them and their behavior in every way."


David said...

Great post Savant and if there is to be any détente between Christendom and Judaism it must be based on the recognition with the full support by those who control finance and the media that Europeans here and in our satellites have both the right and the moral obligation to pursue a similar course.

While individual Jews may well see it like that unfortunately the Zionists in pursuit of what their tribal god promised two and a half thousand years ago, have shown us repeatedly over millennia,an enduring and implacable hostility towards us and an ability to undermine and destroy our societies, in the last century alone the attempted take-over of Europe post WW1, Communism with the actual take over of half of Europe stand out glaringly, (as an Irishman the treachery of Alan Shatter stands out significantly, I like you was once philosemitic) historical facts that render mutual trust impossible.

Finally the concept that a certain commentator here used to preach makes sense that if Israel falls Europe falls..well I guess the immediate injection of 5 million plus Israeli Jews into Europe would only accelerate the decay that their rootless cosmopolitan co-religionists/ co-ethnics have worked so hard to bring about. A stable Israel is actually in our all interest, however as there seems to be only subversion rather than reciprocation, it is in our interest at present then to support its enemies and repay like with like.

Uncle Nasty said...

Excuse me while I ROTFLMAO ...

'Epidemic of ignorance': Tourists avoid Africa, all of it

Natalie DiBlasio, USA TODAY
3:50 p.m. EDT October 31, 2014

Travelers fearful of Ebola are avoiding Africa or canceling long-planned safaris, creating dire consequences for the economy in Africa, tourism and government officials said.

More than 13,000 people have become infected with Ebola, and approximately 5,000 have died, mostly in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone. But the outbreaks are thousands of miles from prime safari spots, tour operators say.

The Ebola panic shows most Americans don't know Algeria from Zimbabwe when it comes to African geography, safari operators say. They point out that those stricken West African countries are closer to Madrid, Paris and London than they are to safari hot spots, such as Kenya, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Namibia and Tanzania in the continent's south and eastern areas.

South African Ambassador Ebrahim Rasool said jobs affected by canceled vacations reach far beyond the safari workers. Every tourist who visits South Africa generates income for eight jobs in industries such as transportation, hospitality, restaurants and agriculture, he said.

There are no Ebola cases reported in South Africa and the country is 3,300 miles from the nearest outbreak in West Africa.

"Ironically it's not the epidemic of Ebola that is the problem," Rasool says. "It is the epidemic of ignorance that is the problem. Anyone who would even look at a map would know the tourism industry in most of Africa is suffering from an outbreak of ignorance."

Before Ebola, African tourism had soared to an all-time high, said Wouter Vergeer, owner of, an online marketplace with hundreds of safari operators. On Aug. 8, the World Health Organization declared Ebola an international public health emergency. Vergeer heard the first reports of trouble from safari companies in mid-August.

"It has taken a huge hit on our industry, and it's getting worse and worse," he said. surveyed 500 safari tour operators in September and found more than half had experienced drops in bookings ranging from 20% to 70% since the Ebola outbreak.

Why am I laughing? Because Ibrhim Rasool ... communist party hack and ANC arselicker complains about "ignorance about Africa."

Ibby, old sweetheart ... if people were not ignorant about the truth of Africa, tourism would have evaporated around, oh, 1962 ... and right now the population of niggers in the whole world would be about three or four million.

About what it was in 1890.


Anonymous said...

All power to Israel. I want its jewish population to be 14 million, and I'm prepared to pay compensation to arabs just as long as it gets the yids out of all white lands.


AnalogMan said...

Here's a nice cartoon that you'll all appreciate:

Israeli newspaper cartoon depicting 9/11.

An editorial cartoon in Israel’s Haaretz newspaper is drawing criticism for using Sept. 11 imagery to depict U.S.-Israel relations under Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

... Biderman defended his work ...

"I was mocking Bibi," he said. "He's been acting like a bull in a china shop with the United States, which is Israel's most important strategic asset."

My emphasis. As you said, they don't care who knows it.

Anonymous said...


There's a big difference between Israeli Jews and Western Jews. Western Jews pay lip-service to Israel but would never emigrate there or join the IDF in Israel's defence.
Israeli Jews are on the front line against the Mohammedan hordes. I unreservedly support them.


Anonymous said...

Right Savant.

I got slagged once for putting it like this:

Either Israel is the template for ALL White homelands, or
Israel will be the ONLY
White homeland.

(For those who say Israelis refuse to count themselves as "white", I can only offer
in evidence Savants summation of the treatment they gave African "Jews". That's what G.L. Rockwell once referred to as "Acting White", and I think he was right.)


Shaunantijihad said...

It's why Brevik was pro-Israel.

Yes, we should follow exactly the same policies. And any Jews who start shouting Nazi etc will and should face face the same fate. But being shipped off to Israel can hardly be called persecution can it? After all, they spent the last thousand years planning to create the place. But they will call us Nazis anyway.

We brings us back to who controls are media and politics, and who owns the £ and $.

Iron Felix said...

Mildenstein characterised these Israelis thus; "these new Jews will be a new people. In a mere generation or two the sun and soil has transformed him, straightened his cramped means of this a two thousand year old running sore on the world's face has been healed.
Mildenstein was a senior officer in the SS, which organisation had close cooperative ties with Zionism in the '30's. I mention this in passing as possible grounds for cogitation.

Anonymous said...

Just look at this vulgar abomination recently erected in Birmingham

Says it all about post war Britain

nilus said...

(Gem Junior: Thanks mate, its become a Labour Of Hate.
Even I cant believe my eyes,
every day I discover a new jew,
see last post re:Josh Widdecombe)


Celebrity Jewish Wizard Woman Says No One Likes Jews, People Hate Israel Because of Their Behavior

'[Jew (DYKE) actress Miriam Margolyes, who played a wizard teacher in the Harry Potter movies, came out and told the truth about Jews and Israel. She said that the rise in Antisemitism is due to Israel’s recent baby-killing operation in Palestine, and that no one has ever liked the Jews.

She made these factual statements in an interview with Radio Times Magazine, Sky News reports.'

Let's emulate their tactics but not become like them...


'Aservant' said
November 1, 2014 at 3:26 am

"I read this book a few years ago by a Canadian Jew that went to Israel for a job in the government,;_ylt=AwrBTzyQUVRUQV8AdJZXNyoA?p=shut+up+i%27m+talking+and+other+lessons+i+learned&trbkt=SME697&.sep=&fr=yfp-t-328-s

He says the same thing, it was a good read. He says that he had never been around people so rude, aggressive and obnoxious as he had been in Israel.

I ran into a group of young, Israeli backpackers in the south of Mexico about 10 years ago. They were incredible…… the most obnoxious NY Jew you could imagine times 10. The innkeeper where I was staying was absolutely traumatized by them. I asked him if he had had Israelis there before. He said they come all the time, and they were always like that.

And I kid you not, about of a group of about 8 of this yids from the motherland, 3 or 4 had T-shirts on with cartoons on them of running over arabs with tanks or blowing them up, shit like that."

GTRman said:

November 1, 2014 at 11:51 am

“Margolyes is openly gay and has been with her partner Heather for over 40 years.She described herself as “gay” rather than as lesbian and mentioned her relationships with women on several occasions when she appeared on BBC Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs in September 2008.

She has since described herself as a lesbian on the (QUEER)Graham Norton Show in June 2012. On becoming an Australian citizen, on Australia Day 2013, Margolyes referred to herself as a ‘dyke’ live on national television and in front of the then prime minister Julia Gillard. She is a campaigner for a respite care charity, Crossroads.”

“Margolyes is a Palestinian human rights activist, having been a member of the British-based ENOUGH! coalition that seeks to end the “Israeli occupation of the Gaza Strip and West Bank.” She is also a signatory of Jews for Justice for Palestinians.

Margolyes divides her time between homes in London, Tuscany and Robertson, New South Wales”


I worked with a Thai who had run pleasure boat tours back in Thailand.

I got talking about jews, and he told me how he despised israelis, he once threw 3 of them off his boat and made them swim back to sure.

It voss a holocaust..for the sea-life.

He told me that you will often see signs reading “no israelis” or “israelis not welcome” on some of the bars, as the owners had just gotten sick of the obnoxious brats.

Then there’s that well known story from a few years back of them deliberately shitting beds at a hotel/hotels inEurope
(cant recall where it was exactly)

katana said...

SAVANT at 21:36 on 31-Oct-2014

They also believe that if we're stupid enough to behave as we do - and that includes letting Jews decide our destiny - then maybe we deserve to fade away into the night.

And maybe they're right.


Sav, when you boil this down, you end up with the essence of the criminal mind.

* If they "let" us pick their pockets, they deserve it.

* If they "let" us rape their daughters, they deserve it.

* If they "let" us poison them, they deserve it.

* If they "let" us murder them, they deserve it.

* If they "let" us destroy their societies, they deserve it.

This criminal, psychopathic mindset, as shown by history and right up to today is the mindset of our alien predator, the parasitical jew. The very people that now rule over the West.

[For more on this please see: THE RIDDLE OF THE JEW’S SUCCESS : Chapter I]

So should we become like jews and therefore exterminate the jews?

Obviously not, given our nature, as even the Germans with NS couldn't bring themselves to be so jewish as to put the jews out of our misery by exterminating them, despite Holohoax rumors to the contrary.

What we need to do is, among other things, is to expose these fiends for what they are and expel them to Oblivionostan.

A kind of meeting of minds here, Sav.


For my latest blog post, Heinrich Himmler on Homosexuality, click here >>> KATANA


nilus said...

BBC Radio 4skin, Sat Nov 1:

00:30 "Germany: Memories of a Nation "
'Neil MacGregor visits Buchenwald, one of the earliest and largest concentration camps.'

previous episode:

"Purging the Degenerate"
Germany: Memories of a Nation

Neil MacGregor examines how the NAAAAAZIS attacked art they viewed as 'entartet' - degenerate.

He charts how GOEBBELS, HITLER's propaganda minister, led a process designed to purify all German culture, including books, music, paintings and pottery.

The programme focuses on a vase created by Grete Marks, with an evident debt to Chinese ceramics, and a loose brush-splashed glaze suggestive of modernist painting. GOEBBELS condemned this vase in his newspaper Der Angriff - The Attack. Grete Marks, who was JEWISH and had trained at the Bauhaus, left (surely FLED?) Germany for England.'

next episode:

"The Germans Expelled"
Germany: Memories of a Nation

'Neil MacGregor focuses on a small hand-cart to tell the story of the forced movement of more than 12 million Germans, who fled or were forced out of Central and Eastern Europe after 1945.'

(none of them killed or raped, then?)

09:00 "Saturday Live"
PAKI Aasmah Mir and
FAGGOT Richard Coles are joined by IRANIAN comedian Shappi Khorsandi and
NIGGER Emmanuel Jal, who shares his story and some of his music. At just six years old he was recruited to fight in Sudan's civil war and lost more than five years to the conflict. Now the self-described 'peace soldier' says his only weapon is music.'


11:30 "From Our Own Correspondent"

(JEW?)Jon Donnison in Sydney talks to Muslims about the wave of Islamophobic attacks in cities across Australia

12:30 "The News Quiz"
A satirical(UNFUNNY LEFTY-LIB BIASED SMUG SMARMY GLIB SNIDE MARXIST OXBRIDGE) review of the week's news, chaired by
DYKE Sandi Toksvig,with
DYKE Susan Calman
PAKI Samira Ahmed
Jeremy Hardy.

13:10 "Any Questions?"
PAKI Ratna Lachman,
PAKI Nadhim Zahawi MP

Jonathan Dimbleby presents political debate and discussion from a mosque in (PAKI)Bradford in Yorkshire.

14:00 "Any Answers?"
A chance for Radio 4 listeners to have their say on the issues discussed on Any Questions?
presented by
PAKI Anita Anand

16:00 "Weekend Woman's Hour":

JEW Lena Dunham on feminism,
JEW Felicity Green on Fleet Street and
JEW DYKE Susie Orbach on cosmetic surgery
Produced by
JEW? Rabeka Nurmahomed

17:00 "Saturday PM"
Full coverage of the day's news.
Presented by
QUEER Eddie Mair

17:30 "The Bottom Line"
presented by
QUEER Evan Davies,
Produced by
JEW Sally Abrahams.

19:15 "Saturday Review "
Review of "Nightcrawler" starring
JEW Jake Gyllenhaal

KIKE BBC1's latest World War 1 drama,YAAAAWN, 'Passing Bells' follows the lives of two young recruits, one English, one German as they take part in and are affected by the conflict.'

22:15 "Moral Maze: Teaching Moral Values"

POOFTER Portillo,
COMMIE Claire Fox
JEW lefty/lib Vicar Giles Fraser
JEW Ralph Levison

* "Fox joined the Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP) as a student. For the next twenty years, she was one of the RCP's core activists and organisers, becoming co-publisher of its magazine Living Marxism. Fox stayed with her ex-RCP members when the group transformed itself in the late 1990s into a network around the web magazine Spiked Online and the Institute of Ideas, both based in the former RCP offices."

nilus said...


Desert Island Discs
Kirsty Young talks to film-maker JEW Roger Graef.

09:45Neil MacGregor visits Buchenwald, one of the earliest and largest concentration camps.

"Assassination: When Delhi Burned"
PAKI Bobby Friction goes back to Delhi 30 years after the assassination of Indira Ghandi.

12:04 "Across the Board"
JEW Dominic Lawson takes on a child chess prodigy who just sold his company for £400 million.

13:45"Voices of the First World War By Night." YAAAWN

19:45 Neil MacGregor visits Buchenwald, one of the earliest and largest concentration camps.

20:50 "A Point of View"
JEW Adam Gopnik identifies four different types of anxiety that afflict modern people.

********** UK TV, 1-2 pm Saturday

"Homes Under Mohammed"

"Flog Her"

"Escape to Our Country"

Channel 5 :Alex Polizzi is currently visiting the "Jewish Ghetto", and talking to jews about jewy things, on her Italian Adventure. Because jews are just so endlessly fascinating.

ITV "The Unforgettable Sid James"
(Solomon Joel Cohen : South African kike)

Dave: "Man vs Food"
KIKE Adam Richman

YesterdayChannel:"WW2: Countdown To Victory"

' Blood,toil,tears and sweat:the story of WW2. Winston Churchill's first task as incoming Prime Minister in May 1940 was the evacuatiuon of Allied Soldiers from Dunkirk'

E4: "How I Met Your Mother" followed by "Brooklyn Nine Nine"

KIKE-SHITE, kikes Josh Radnor,Andy Samberg, etc etc

5* "Over Her Dead Body" starring
JEW Paul Rudd (Rudnitsky)

CBS Judge JEWkike

Anonymous said...

Take a leaf out of Israel's book?

Okay. Start by looking for Turd World vermin crossing the Med. Supply the Italian / Spanish / Greek navy with weapons. Capsize turd world boats. Let the shitskin floaters sink. Added bonus - they can't swim.

Cruel? Maybe. But word spreads quickly. Once they realize Europe takes no BS, the number of chimp-ships trying to cross will dwindle rapidly. I guarantee it!

Anonymous said...

Do they have female suffrage or are Israel's yentas less imbecilic than ours?

Cassius said...

katana, Savant is not saying, as I see it, the the Israelis or their stance on immigration and dealinsg with Arabs are good or moral. He says that we can admire them for the single-minded way they prioritize their national interests.

And speaking for myself. yet we allow Jews and by extension infiltrators and domestic parasites to do what they do. We allow it. This point is crucial - The Jews and other instigators would be powerless if we stood up against them.

But we do not and hence we have only ourselves to blame.

Anonymous said...

Interestingly if you look at the United States marital statistics, a higher percentage of black women marry white men than white women marry black men.

2.1% of White women in the US have a ''Non-White'' spouse. 3.9% of Black women have a White Spouse, not including other ''Non-Black'' groups.

And these 3.9% are less likely than a mudshark to be murdered tahn an oilburner.

And even less likely to be murderde are Lena "actress" Dunham and Sarah "Comedienne" Silvermann as they will have notrhing to do with Schwarzes!

Olda said...

Speaking as someone in mid-Europa, why is Lena Dunham such a "hate figure" for many people on many blogs.

Dr. Destructo said...

Hotel keepers on Cape Cod hate Jews as well. Always complaining, looking for refunds etc. They have a joke. Head Waiter goes to a table of Jews and asks "is anything all right?"

Anonymous said...

She's a fat, ugly, uber PC, uber feminist, pig. Her shows are delusional, self–indulgent propaganda – she makes out she could attract an alpha male when IRL she'd be lucky for p&d. Her jewpropaganda stems from the heart of the MSM NYC.

Sponge Cake said...


Three Kildare men sentenced for sex abuse of teenage girl

Three young Kildare residents have each received suspended sentences for the sexual abuse of a teenage girl.

Judge Mary Ellen Ring today apologised to the female victim, who was 14 years old at the time, for the four year delay in getting the case completed.

She said she was considering this delay when sentencing Leixlip men Edgar Ojo (20), Olajafar Adetoro (21) and Ismaheel Akinade (20) to two years suspended for three years.

Judge Ring criticised the time issue, saying: “These matters should not take four years to get through the prosecution process. All parties should endeavour to deal with the case.”

The more diverse Ireland becomes, the less safe it will be for Irish females.

Anonymous said...

Just seen the greatest quote of the century by Andrew Lawrence on the Ziomarxist piece of BBC propaganda Mock The Week.

I wonder if Baldy O'Brien would have his job from Danny Cohen if we rearranged his pet hate on Room 101. I.e. instead of saying, "I hate White South Africans", he said, "I hate black South Africans".

How does the kosher sausage taste, Fatboy?

Anonymous said...

The Director of British Gas

The owner of Gatwick and City Airports London

Or is Goldman Sachs the real owner? See comments

Country is fucked!!

Mary said...

Meanwhile in Ireland gang raping nigerians are let off with a slap on the wrist for gang raping a 14 year old girl:

but it's ok cuz one of em can kick a ball apparently:

Sponge Cake said...


Roma Beggars Threaten Strike Action In Waterford

WATERFORD city is facing widespread disruption tomorrow as more than 12 Roma gypsy beggars are going on strike over ongoing racial and physical abuse handed down to them by a select group of local people.
Cash point areas such as ATM’s and car park stations will lie empty from 8am to 6pm, forcing many people to carry their unwanted change around for the duration of the day.
“What am I supposed to do now – give my change to the junkies instead?” asked local shop worker Dermot Power. “At least they’re not sticking shit up their arms and funding local dealers”.
Speaking to WWN earlier, the head of the local begging syndicate, Silvano Gusto, said he will cease operations tomorrow in protest of the latest racial abuse, which saw 60 anti-Roma protesters attack the home of a well known gypsy family on Manor street, by kicking in doors and windows and forcing Gardaí to intervene.

nilus said...

Hmmm...thought I was obsessive?

Check THIS out: (cos the kikes, despite the Hebe-Bee-See being KIKE from Top to Bottom, perceive it as "JEW-HATING" and "ANTI-ISRAEL" :

"BBC Watch: Monitoring BBC coverage of Israel for impartiality and accuracy "

"In the year 2000, British and Israeli lawyer Trevor Asserson established the ‘BBC Watch’ website and over the following decade produced several reports on various aspects of BBC reporting on the Middle East. In recent years however, Mr. Asserson’s external commitments as founding partner of a UK law firm based in Israel have restricted his ability to continue with that work. The closing of the media monitor ‘Just Journalism’ in 2011 further exacerbated the obvious need for close and regular monitoring of the world’s most influential broadcaster.

It was therefore decided to re-launch BBC Watch as a sister project to CiF Watch (established in 2009 to monitor the Guardian newspaper’s ‘Comment is Free’ website) and with the independent support of CAMERA – the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America. The site is run by Managing Editor Hadar Sela and Adam Levick – Managing Editor of CiF Watch.

As of the re-launch in October 2012, Mr Trevor Asserson carries no responsibility for material published which did not form part of his original BBC Watch site. "


Sick nigger "prank":

FUNNY! Prankster parents trick kid into thinking he has Ebola

Another holocaust for the Sachs.

(the real culprits were Jonathan Woss and whatever producer OK'd that section of the pre-recorded show to be aired. Sachs slutty grand-daughter had indeed had sex with Brand. She's part of an erotic dance troupe" called "The Satanic Sluts".)

nilus said...


another PR f*ck-up for dork Milliband: gives 2 pence to professional gypsy beggar..the ones that dont exist)

Nero said...

The difference between Israel and ourselves?

Israel is a democracy with clear obvious needs which show everyone exactly who the enemy is.

In a democracy the fundamental rule is for the majority when the chips are down. Otherwise, if this kind of ethnic threat is not the main issue in politics democracy goes horribly disastrously off course. The politicians like the idea of equality and levelling, rights and fairness, even when they haven’t a clue what all this really means. Result, their minds are elsewhere. Elsewhere as in, ‘let’s be fair to the poor/down trodden/ any old loser types.’

That’s the difference, and it will change real quick when the politicians realise that the masses realise there’s this massive threat. Despite their high rhetoric, politicians are the weakest, most selfish, backstabbiest, most principle evaporated element in a democracy’s population.

Change is a coming. And when it does there's no going back. Let’s not forget. Hitler’s Austria started out as on the wrong side of all this ... and then he rose to power democratically. And, ... I seem to recall, he wasn’t famous for his sissy, PC, pandering to foreigners. Remind me, what was his asylum seeker policy?

white rose said...

Nero 19.14. Read the comment a few times and it was inspiring. Thank you

White rose

Finn McCool said...

Suspended sentences for sexual assualt of a teenager. Jesus Christ! And that stupid fucking judge says the conviction in itself would be punishment. For NIgerians? Thay see it as a badge of honour. We truly are fucked.

Anonymous said...

F-off Femiwitches:

Sharapova - 15 million facebook likes

S Williams - 2 million facebook likes

nilus said...

movies4men 6.10 :
"Raid On Entebbe"
'The true story of an Israeli commando assault on Uganda's Entebbe airport to free hijacked hostages'

followed by

"Battle For The Skies"

'When an RAF bomber is shot down over NAAAAAAAZI occupied territory, the crew must fight for survival whilst being hunted down by the SS' (2013)

followed by

"Wheels of Terror" : 'A ragtag group of German prisoners are recruited to fight in a Panzer division, where they are promised freedom if they can destroy a train on the Russian front' (1987)

ITV3 11pm "Bomb Girls"
World War 2 drama series.

Coonmutiny Channel, 9.10 pm:

"Secrets of Sex: Roma Boys":

Gypsy,Roma, Traveller season: A film exploring the rtaboo subject of homosexuality within the Roma coonmutiny through the personal story of a Roma activist '

followed by

'Secrets of Sex: Global Gay'

A contemporary and pan-continental saga, chronicling the battle for the decriminalisation of homosexuality worldwide through the lives and work of some of its fearless pioneers '

nilus said...


BBC Radio 5 Live, today:

"Fighting Talk":

Fighting Talk 01/11/2014

JEW Josh Widdicombe is joined by JEW Rachel Riley, and
JEW Ian Stone.


5 live Sport 01/11/2014

JEW Mark Pougatch builds up to the day's sport, with team news ahead of Newcastle v Liverpool.

Up All Night 02/11/2014

NIGGER Dotun Adebayo takes you through the night with news, interviews and global stories.

(Doton Adebayo is another ex-Haberdasher's Aske pupil)

Dame Edith said...

Is Rachel Riley Jewish??

Riley is a very Irish name, but Rachel, well!

%E~p:kdBWijwchy9 said...

They also believe that if we're stupid enough to behave as we do - and that includes letting Jews decide our destiny - then maybe we deserve to fade away into the night.

And maybe they're right.

You believe in learning from Israelis and imitating the methods that help them to survive.

Is that the attitude that they take when someone else harms them? If we were stupid enough to let them harm us that badly, maybe we deserve to fade away into the night?

Or is this their attitude? Intense fighting to secure our survival and our interests suits us, but passive resignation and an acceptance that you've got it coming suits you.

Gem Junior said...

Sponge Cake:
"Three Kildare Men" LOL, sure, I got it. Three Kildare laddeens, right? Three Kildare boyo's? Three Kildare gossuns?

I knew when I saw "Three Kildare men rape..." and that's all I needed. Needless to say, I knew the left-wing Irish press (no different from any other European media) think these three pavement apes are really "Kildare men". I, on the other hand, prefer to call them what they really are - unwelcome savage boons who are destroying the country - one of the most beautiful, unique, ancient jewels on the earth.

nilus said...

"O Connor" is also a very Irish name, but swarthy Des O Connor is a jew also!

His wiki used to have a quote from him saying "I bet Im the only "O Connor" to have been Bar Mitzvahd"

But it's gone now. Curious.

"Born in 1932 in East London to an English Jewish mother and an Irish father, O’Connor jokes that he is probably the only O’Connor ever to have had a Bar Mitzvah."

JEW Micheal Winner describes the former Countdown presenter Des O'Connor as "the meanest sod in the world".

Winner recounts a comment made in jest by his friend Cleese when the pair were at the Sandy Lane Hotel in Barbados, in the presence of a hotel manager. "John who's very tall, said in a snooty voice to no one in particular 'Personally I think all Jews should be treated abominably.' The manager's face was an absolute picture. He didn't know what to do or where to look. He couldn't believe what he'd heard! I thought it was extremely funny because John and I mock each other about subjects which are extremely politically incorrect. So it meant nothing to me because he�s not anti-Semitic, he's a marvellous fellow."

Katie Prices (AKA 'Jordan') WIKI used to say that she was a Halachai (? sic) jew, as her grandmother was jew, but that's also gone.

David Beckham:

"Beckham's maternal grandfather was Jewish, and Beckham has referred to himself as "half Jewish" and wrote in his autobiography "I've probably had more contact with Judaism than with any other religion". In his book Both Feet on the Ground, he stated that growing up he attended church every week with his parents and his older sister, Lynne Georgina and younger sister, Joanne Louise."

Rachel Riley:

"Riley describes herself as a "non-religious" Jew."

nilus said...

Dont let your kids watch tv

E4, 2.40 am "The New Normal"


The series was created and principally written by
QUEER Ryan Murphy and
KIKE DYKE Ali Adler.

The storyline follows wealthy same-sex couple Bryan
(QUEER Andrew Rannells) and David (KIKE Justin Bartha), who are living in Los Angeles. Deciding to have a child, they choose a surrogate mother, Goldie Clemmons (Georgia King), who moves into their home with her 9-year-old daughter Shania (Bebe Wood).

Also starring
JEW Ellen Barkin

followed by "New Girl", "Being Erica", KIKE-COMS..

Anonymous said...

Where has GTR scurried off to?

nilus said...

The Horror
BBC news, 3.30 am , presented by a Nigerian nigger female with a posh English accent of course. Now, a "special report" by PAKI REPORTER Kavita Puri about Switzerland, cos some kids used to have to do farmwork..they are of course now all VICTIMS,,some of them had their hair pulled and their ears tugged...can Switzerland now FACE UP TO IT'S PAST?

Some kids had to SWEEP FLOORS!


(piano music, black and white photos)


Just saw a trailer for a new series on Channel 4, "Small Animal Hospital", presented by
FAGGOT John Barrowman.

Hide the gerbils.*

It's such a shame that , because of recent events, the proposed series "Rolf's Insect Casualty" had to be shelved.

I was looking forward to seeing a centipede being treated for gout.

*In reference to the allegedly popular homosexual parlor game, "Hide The Gerbils", from which the inexplicably popular QUEER synth-pop band "The Pet Shop Boys" get their name.

See also "Scissor Sisters".

nilus said...

"And speaking for myself. yet we allow Jews and by extension infiltrators and domestic parasites to do what they do. We allow it. This point is crucial - The Jews and other instigators would be powerless if we stood up against them."-Cassius

You are right but it's like people "allowing" themselves to be bitten by a mosquito while they are sleeping.

Most Brits dont know a jew from a kangaroo, and when they use surnames like "Robinson", "Barnett", "Widdecombe", "Phillips","Smith" and "Riley" it's hardly surprising.

Earlier I posted a program on "Five Live" called "Fighting Talk", presented by
JEW Josh Widdecombe, with guests
JEW Rachel Riley and
JEW Ian Stone.

My educated guess is that the word "jew" never came up once during that show.

Whereas, if they all supported the same footy team, that probably WOULD have been remarked upon.

They know what they're doing, even subconciously.

What's the mathematical odds on 3 people, all from a group that makes up 0.2% of the population, coming together as a cluster?

Even factoring in the "over-representation" of jews in showbiz/media, I'll leave that to the statisticians.

nilus (get a life!) said...

5.15 am BBC Five Live

speaking now:

American kike, and BBC Ukraine correspondent, David Stern.

Speaking now on LBC:

FAGGOT Steve Allen.

Prior to that,
FAGGOT 'Cristo'.

Arent we fortunate that none of these people allow their sexual or ethnic identities to influence their opinions in any way?

On BBC Radio 2 now:
JEW Paul Simon.

On BBC6 now: The B-52's:
Lead singer
FAGGOT Fred Schneider...

On BBC Radio 5 Live now:

The non-league football show, presented by a female.

Because it's well-known that women are really, really into non-league, Sunday morning football.

Isnt it.

Anonymous said...

JP said: “Western Jews pay lip-service to Israel but would never emigrate there or join the IDF in Israel's defence.”

Haaretz, 02 April 2010

Why do so many Diaspora Jews want to join the IDF?

The Guardian

We followed young British Jews signing up for service in Gaza and the West Bank

Jewish Chronicle

British mothers battle stress of having children in IDF

Canadians Join IDF: Harper’s Government Silent

About 2,800 soldiers are serving in the Israeli military despite not growing up in the country, according to the Lone Soldiers Program, which provides them with social and other services. Three have died in the current conflict with Hamas: Along with Carmeli and Steinberg, French immigrant Jordan Bensemhoun was killed on July 20.

Israel’s Lone Soldiers are those whose families live abroad and who chose to leave their countries of origin to serve the State of Israel.

- Approximately 40% of Lone Soldiers who enlisted in the last three years joined combat units
- At any given time there is an average of 2,800 immigrant Lone Soldiers serving in the IDF
- 950 new Lone Soldiers join the army each year

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Confusion appears to reign over how the Foreign Enlistment Act is enforced. We ask how some British citizens [YOU-KNOW-WHO], in DEFIANCE OF THIS BRITISH LAW, seem able to FLY IN AND OUT OF THE UK to join FOREIGN FORCES, without let or hindrance, whilst others are lucky to escape police detention if their passports show they’ve been anywhere near Syria or even just a beach in Turkey! London barrister Toby Cadman of the prestigious 9 Bedford Row Chambers joins Sputnik to help us unravel this confusing anomaly.

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Digital Journal, 02 November 2014

Tape release proves Israel's attack on USS Liberty was DELIBERATE

In a devastating documentary aired by Al Jazeera America on October 31st, never-before heard tapes released by the NSA prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the 1967 Israeli attack on the USS Liberty, which killed 34 American sailors, was deliberate.

Al Jazeera, 30 October 2014

Exclusive: Audio tapes from Israeli jets prove Israel identified the USS Liberty as American before its forces attacked the ship in 1967.

The Day Israel Attacked America (video)

In 1967, at the height of the Arab-Israeli Six-Day War, the Israeli Air Force launched an unprovoked attack on the USS Liberty, a US Navy spy ship that was monitoring the conflict from the safety of international waters in the Mediterranean.

Later Israel apologised for what it claimed to be a tragic case of MISTAKEN IDENTITY.

However, as this exclusive Al Jazeera investigation reveals, FRESH EVIDENCE [IAF REAL-TIME AUDIO TAPES] throws new light on exactly what happened that fateful day - and the remarkable cover up that followed.

Skip to 08:10, 13:36, 15:00

Frank Galton

Thor said...

Frank Galton. The reaction to those tapes about the USS Liberty will be a case study in methodical indifference. Just watch how this disappears down the plughole.

Anonymous said...

His wiki used to have a quote from him saying "I bet Im the only "O Connor" to have been Bar Mitzvahd"

What about his Dad?
BTW, Serge, have you ever mentioned BET (Black Entertainment Channel)?
Is there a WET? Why do blacks have their own channel?


Anonymous said...

Dykes are

Anonymous said...

In America The Council of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations is composed of the 50 largest Jewish organizations.

With over a billion dollars of wealth they are dedicated to Israel and Jewish interests nationally and globally. They support clear domestic policies in Western nations. They all support Israel, but the policies they support for every other nation are the VERY OPPOSITE of that of Israel.

1) They support Israel which bans same sex marriage in defense of the Jewish family.


2) They support Israel where it is illegal for a Jew to marry a non-Jew. Most of the largest Jewish organizations in Western nations have programs to prevent intermarriage of Jews and non-Jews.


3) They support Israel which has the strictest immigration policies in the world, based on Jewish DNA and accept almost no refugees.


4) They support Israel which is overwhelmingly segregated in schools, apartments, neighborhoods, whole cities and towns and even in the settlements they stole from Palestinians. Israel even segregates public transport and has “Jews only” roads in the occupied territories.


5) They support Israel where Israel citizens can publicly carry around machine guns if they wish.


6) They Support Israel which honors Jews who spout hate and even genocide against Gentiles (such as the late Rabbi Yosef).


7) They support Israel where massive casino gambling such as in Las Vegas is not permitted.


8) They support Israel which a Jewish State that celebrates and honors its Jewish religion and culture.


9) They support Israel which is the very opposite of “diversity.” In fact they demand that Israel be a “Jewish State” openly dedicated to the Jewish People.


Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Celtic draw the tax & stair dodgers in the cup. There expecting a flood from Ulster. Apparently they finally got the message that the smackheads can go back to Skirtland the plantations are over. Liz I has no use for ugly, bigot smackheads anymore.

Sponge Cake said...

Looking at the Irish water protests yesterday, I couldn't help but notice the lack of enrichers among the crowds.

Was it too cold?

Was it too wet?

Anonymous said...

The absence of enrichers at the water protest?

Do you really think any of them guys will be paying? No WE will be paying, one way or the other.

Anonymous said...

You Brits have the most articulated and embellished ruling class in the world and your problems are all Jews, Jews, Jews? I don't buy it. At minimum your aristocracy and, dare I say it, yes...I will, fucking monarchy have been involved in a massive conspiracy against the population. What are the connections? What are the mechanisms? You are kidding yourselves, and shooting yourselves in the foot, by simply going after the Jews.

S said...

"Do you really think any of them guys will be paying? No WE will be paying, one way or the other."

Revealed: How debt mountain of unpaid council tax is worth £450 for EVERY family in some parts of the country.

Unpaid council tax is adding up to £450 for every home in some areas of the country, with town halls accused of turning a 'blind eye' to people who refuse to pay up.
Latest figures show £2.5billion is owed in council tax areas in England, equivalent to more than £100 for every home in the country, with £3 in every £100 going uncollected last year.

A league table shows that Liverpool was owed £98million in council tax arrears in March this year, worth £450 for every family in the city.
London councils also have some of the highest amounts of arrears per household. In Haringey, north London, the figure was £366, Hackney £321, Newham £299 and Lewisham £290.
Other councils in the top 10 include Salford, Luton, Manchester, Barking and Dagenham and Birmingham, where £245 is owed for each of the £430,000 homes.

Heavily enriched parts of England are some of the worst offenders.

turning a 'blind eye' to people who refuse to pay up.

Uncle Nasty said...

Off topic, but not so much ...

What do you do when the dead horse you've been flogging, actually falls apart?

Why, you pretend that it never happened, and flog the bones.

Climate report gives stark warning

Last updated 07:17, November 3 2014

WARNING: Failure to reduce emissions could lock the world on a trajectory with "irreversible" impacts on people and the environment, the report says.

Climate change is happening, it's almost entirely man's fault and limiting its impacts may require reducing greenhouse gas emissions to zero this century, the UN's panel on climate science says.

The fourth and final volume of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's (IPCC) giant climate assessment offered no surprises, nor was it expected to since it combined the findings of three reports released in the past 13 months.

But it underlined the scope of the climate challenge in stark terms. Emissions, mainly from the burning of fossil fuels, may need to drop to zero by the end of this century for the world to have a decent chance of keeping the temperature rise below a level that many consider dangerous.

The IPCC didn't say exactly what such a world would look like but it would likely require a massive shift to renewable sources to power homes, cars and industries combined with new technologies to suck greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.

The report warned that failure to reduce emissions could lock the world on a trajectory with "irreversible" impacts on people and the environment. Some impacts already being observed included rising sea levels, a warmer and more acidic ocean, melting glaciers and Arctic sea ice and more frequent and intense heat waves.

"Science has spoken. There is no ambiguity in their message. Leaders must act. Time is not on our side," UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said at the report's launch in Copenhagen.

Amid its grim projections, the report said the tools are there to set the world on a low-emissions path and break the addiction to burning oil, coal and gas which pollute the atmosphere with heat-trapping CO2, the chief greenhouse gas.

"All we need is the will to change, which we trust will be motivated by knowledge and an understanding of the science of climate change," IPCC chairman Rajendra Pachauri said.

You know, I actually had to look at the date on this article, to convince myself that the ani who printed it were being serious ... and that it was not a propaganda piece from 2003, that had accidentally been reprinted.

Like this one:

Or these, perhaps?


Uncle Nasty said...

Anonymous said...

You Brits have the most articulated and embellished ruling class in the world and your problems are all Jews, Jews, Jews? I don't buy it. At minimum your aristocracy and, dare I say it, yes...I will, fucking monarchy have been involved in a massive conspiracy against the population. What are the connections? What are the mechanisms? You are kidding yourselves, and shooting yourselves in the foot, by simply going after the Jews.
2 November 2014 19:29

... and who is it that financed that corrupt aristocracy and monarchy before Edward the Oneth booted their sorry circumcised arses out?

... and financed that very same corrupt aristocracy and monarchy after that mad, corrupt fucker Cromwell let them all back in?

The fucking jews of course ... you know -- the very ones we're all going after.

Give my regards to Tel Aviv, and don't let the door hit you in the arse on the way out.



BTW ... I think you mean articulate. When you refer to embellished though, I don't know what the fuck you mean.

AnalogMan said...

Uncle Nasty said

-- golden days, as I said.

UN, I remember those golden days. Sorry, this is going to be long, and unpopular.

I remember when it seemed everyone smoked, everywhere, all the time. As, in fact, we all did, willy-nilly. I didn't mind. In fact, I remember, in my early teens, reading an article that said a poll had showed that women thought the smell of tobacco smoke was a "manly" smell. Hell, who wouldn't want to smell manly? So the fact that my clothes all smelled "manly" didn't bother me at all.

I remember another aspect of those golden days, that, curiously, still occasionally haunts my dreams.

Remember the good old army days?

For the benefit of the younger people, and non-Saffers here, I should explain that in those days, all White South African boys, and only White South African boys, were required to undergo military training. For nine months, we lived in barracks, sleeping in dormitories, showering in communal ablution blocks. We maintained our own bungalows (dormitories), but the ablution blocks, shared by several bungalows, were maintained by black civilian employees.

Among the Afrikaners, "White" was sometimes a relative term. Some of those guys from South West Africa (now Namibia) were really raw. Frankly, some of them were no better than kaffirs. They used to smear excrement on the toilet cubicle walls, usually to write or draw crude pornography. (Of course I have no direct evidence of who did that, but have my suspicions based on the language of the dirty words used and general congruence with their public behaviour) Those toilet walls never got washed, and the art work is probably still there.

Anyway, those toilets became, in my mind, a metaphor for low-class, anti-social behaviour that still persists in dream imagery.


AnalogMan said...

Years later, in my late twenties, I got my break when I took an aptitude test at work and won a transfer to what was then called the Data Processing department. During the final month in my old job, I had to train my replacement, and so shared my office with him. He was a smoker. I thought nothing of it, but couldn't understand why my eyes were always sore. I had them tested, and the optometrist said my eyesight was excellent, but he prescribed glasses to "relax" my eyes. They did me no good. The problem went away after I moved to my new private office.

I think that month sensitized me in some way, because I became gradually more aware, and less able to tolerate cigarette smoke. Just a few minutes' exposure gives me a headache. But mostly I grew to hate the smell. As you can imagine, that led to a lifestyle change.

Imagine if all social interaction were to be inextricably linked with a foul smell. If going to work, movies, restaurants, parties, weddings, sporting events, public transport, all made your head ache, your eyes smart, and your clothes, hair and skin stink, so that you couldn't bear even the smell of your own hands. If you couldn't bear to take a book out of the library, or buy one of those magazines, because you'd get a blast of the same stink the moment you opened it. If you had to have a new suit dry cleaned before you could wear it, to get the stink of the store out of it. You'd stay home a lot more. I've known some really nice people that I really liked, but can't bear to be in their homes, and I can't invite them to mine. Friendships wither.

Then it's particularly infuriating when you go to a place where smoking is expressly prohibited, and people smoke anyway. There's always one who will walk through the non-smoking area with an unlit cigarette in his mouth and matches in his hand, glaring about him and daring anybody to challenge him, because he will point out that he's not smoking; then, just before he reaches the exit, he lights the cigarette and quickly ducks out the door, leaving the room stinking. Why? Why?

So, yes, I'm on the other team. I don't wear a beard, or sandals, and there's nothing lavender about me. What's more, I actually have progeny to prove it. But I can't understand that "smoking is manly" mentality. Yes, it's politically incorrect. So is smearing excrement on the walls.

Uncle Nasty said...

This is also wonderful.

Patrons Piss on Pinocchio Press

The Administration / 1 day ago

I read recently where Google now generates more in advertising revenue than the entire print media industry. A 2012 version of the article is here, and has been updated since though I fail to locate it given meager effort.

And though Google is certainly no friend to the readers of this site, it’s a fascinating trend that is not wholly technology driven. Many newspapermen like to assuage their bell-tolling grief by embracing a fatalistic “it had to happen” lament. People, particularly those of more recent vintage, want their news and opinion delivered electronically. And what could print do against this? Unfortunately for them, that isn’t the whole story. For not only did their means of delivery become antiquated, but also their content. Milquetoast mainstream liberalism has been the only permissible perspective for newspapers across the country (including those handful of nominally conservative) for generations. The same with magazines, excluding fringe editions that attract no material sponsorship.

While editors of these outlets hew tightly to their received wisdom, huge swaths of the market no longer accept their Pravda monopoly. Diversity, Vibrant, Youths, Teens, and Random Act of Violence are now acknowledged terms of derision. Ones that, to my own personal amazement, this industry continues to obliviously deploy. Do they ever deign to read their own electronic comment sections? The ridicule in race-related articles will usually commence by the first or second entry. The original article doesn’t even function as a medium to communicate information, but rather as a clay-pigeon. A lump of dumb transparent propaganda, briefly wobbling airborne with no other function than to be fired upon by the exasperated readership who are increasingly having none of it. Of course when this fire becomes too accurate or intense, editors routinely shut down the range with the now ubiquitous: Comments are closed. This uttered with an impenetrable lack of circumspection. Those were just thousands of comments by hate-filled racist extremists. Nothing to see there. This followed a quarter later by shocked anguish at disintegrating financials. It’s almost as if the public no longer trusts these outlets. And almost as if they can’t comprehend why.

And so media consumers continue to move in two intersecting directions. Away from both paper and the pap printed on it. More are seeking outlets that speak candidly about the world on display from their own senses. And more want to be able to discuss what they see in terms outside the sliver of publicly acceptable discourse. In short, people gravitate to sources they trust.

A brief closing anecdote: My local newspaper recently called to market a subscription. The salesman stated his terms ... $25/month (or some such) for full delivery.

I want more than $25/month.

Ummm, sir, actually it would be you paying us.

Oh. Well that’s out of the question then.

But sir, how will you remain informed?

How indeed?

Anonymous said...

Dealing with foreigners for years, I think there are several cultural forces at work in trying to unravel the fucked-up state of things. One is that foreigners, and I noticed this also in Germany with the army, think our stupid, little lives over here are somehow iconic. As if they couldn't go shopping and to the beach at home.

So, since everybody thinks this way, the communists (formerly liberals) figure they should have the same excruciating racial problems we have here. Import them if you have to. You might figure that former colonial powers might have chickens coming home to roost. But Ireland?

The thing is, however similar it might look, that our problems and defenses to these problems are organic and longstanding. Law enforcement culture (thank the Irish for this) is much stronger here. The minorities and communists might want affirmative action for the criminal classes, and win some rounds, but our prison population is well on the way to approaching two million. And they still execute them in the South and West.

The communist mayor of New York might break the NYPD but the cops can just move up the Hudson Valley. Virtually all cop jobs here are good jobs. Better off than being a middle-range lawyer, if you can take it.

I'm interested in how it will play out between the feminists and the savages now that women are demanding respect on the streets. Good luck with that. A white guy of fair size can go virtually anywhere while a single woman is a target everywhere after dark. It's a different world.

Uncle Nasty said...

I laughed until the tears ran down my legs ....

First we have this:-

In which the little jew fag Ed Miliband along with Harriet Harman and that cunt Cameron all pretend to be touchy-feely sensitive little petals ...

Then we have all the luvvies wetting their little frillies over Benedict Cumberbatch wearing the same thing ...

Then we have this -- where it all falls to pieces:

Got to love the left ... never mind an inch. Give them a foot --- and they'll shoot themselves in it.

7.62 x 51 ... meet tarsals.



David said...

And just to prove that journalism is a noble calling (in spite of what many of you think) brave female journalist goes undercover dressed as a Roma gypsy in the wake of the Waterford protests to show how hard life can be when you are nothing more than a vagrant, robbing, begging scumbag.

"I had no suitable clothing and at 6ft in height, fair- skinned and blue-eyed, I'm not particularly Roma-looking and thought I would be as conspicuous as a giraffe amongst a group of alpacas.
So firstly I asked a Roma lady on O'Connell Bridge where I could buy a skirt similar to hers. In return for nappies for the young child she carried on her arm she brought me to a clothes shop. She herself wasn't allowed in. I felt bad for her and the baby, but she was used to it, saying she can't go into most shops. When I asked her how old she was, she said she was 17. The child was at least one year old.
I bought a long skirt, a knitted black and red throw and a scarf, which I wrapped around my head making me look quite viable. I also acquired a cup and made my way to the Ha'penny Bridge where I met my friend with whom I'm currently filming a feature on homelessness."

In return for nappies she showed her to a shop!! Oh those generous to a fault gypos.

Lets not forget the War...
"In the 20th Century, Hitler deemed the Romani as subhuman, inferior undesirable beings or 'untermenschen,' and up to 1.5 million lost their lives during the war."

Pile of shite, but, unintentionally hilarious, the recent protests have shown that the MSN is completely losing the narrative and Irish people appear to be waking up.

Anonymous said...

Some Eyombo guy from the Cameroon has been kicked out of the garda Reserve for stealing and will pay back the money at €48 from his job seekers allowance.

Nevermind Barack Warmonger Sotero winning the Nobel Pecan er Watermelon er Peace Prize that really shows that satire is dead.

Watch the James Randi magician exposes charlatans programme BBC4 when it is repeated to see that some of the people want to be fooled by Rintintin Lenin and Barbra Spectre all of the time.

Anonymous said...

They've kaffirised this sport now glorifying the Tiger Woods of F1 (eyes roll) They even have a monkey on the pit wall holding up the position board to galvanise the chimp effect... and they call them 'British' English even LOL!

What a fucking circus .. but you know the worst bit? It's all the white trash who fawn and guff all over this pampered prick. It's enough to make your stomach turn

tokyo_paddy said...

All, check out the comment below about Cameroonian 'police reservist' who was caught fiddling his welfare.

Check out the link here and send it, together with the photo of the boon, to all your friends and say THIS GUY WAS A GARDA RESERVIST!!

gala said...

Analog I'm on the other team as well. Smokers who demand the right to pollute the air that non-smokers breath must be the most selfish fuckers on the planet. Why the fuck should they have the right to make our eyes sore, give us a cough, make our clothes stink to high heaven. Fuck it even our HAIR stinks when the get loose on us.

Away wi' ya, ya stink bastards!

Anonymous said...

You Brits have the most articulated and embellished ruling class in the world and your problems are all Jews, Jews, Jews? I don't buy it. At minimum your aristocracy and, dare I say it, yes...I will, fucking monarchy have been involved in a massive conspiracy against the population. What are the connections? What are the mechanisms? You are kidding yourselves, and shooting yourselves in the foot, by simply going after the Jews.

The aristocracy of Britain is heavily judaized. The Queen is Jewish. Prince William looks like Seinfeld, especially when they stop dying his hair blonde from time to time.

Henry Makow has numerous articles on this fact.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone effectively refute this argument that Hitler was a British agent, and knew that England was under Jewish control?

Anonymous said...

Always willing to share newly discovered blogs that carry a similar meme as here.

Anonymous said...


Dave444 said...

Re the jewish British monarchy the latest is Kate Midleton whose family is largely jewish.

SAVANT said...

Talking about South West Africa I was talking once to a guy who had toured with the Irish rugby team to SA. He said that the guys from SWA were a different breed - he hated them - but maybe it's more of these people that were needed.

Anonymous said...

I saw a pretty blonde (prob a b list actress) on Sky News doing a weepy report from Africa about ebola. Am I alone in hoping that her crew 'accidentally' lose her so she'd see some real Apefrican hospitality?

Anonymous said...

Bit by bit, it started to come home to me, in the form of incontrovertible evidence, that there was present in Britain and around the world a definite Jewish network wielding immense influence and power – through money, through politics and through its strong foothold, in some sectors amounting to virtual monopoly, in the mass media.

Then what of the uses of Jewish wealth and power? I set to work studying the political orientation of Jewish writers in the press, Jewish book-publishers, Jewish political leaders, political philosophers and academics. I investigated the various causes to which Jewish money was being donated.

The truth was inescapable. In not one single case could I find any prominent, powerful and influential Jewish personage who identified himself or herself with any cause complementary to the interests of the British Nation… Quite the contrary, every cause inimical to these things seemed to have Jewish participation and backing. Looking back to the political arguments I had had earlier, it now occurred to me, as it had not done at the time, that the most vociferous and aggressive opponents of all I believed in had been Jews.

I became aware of a strange paradox. While Jews were to be found among the most ardent and committed opponents of British Nationalism and British race-loyalty, they were at the same time the most passionate champions of nationalism and race consciousness on the part of their own people . . .

From "The Eleventh Hour" by John Tyndall

Anonymous said...

Can anyone effectively refute this argument that Hitler was a British agent, and knew that England was under Jewish control?

LOL Looking at Eichmann's features I'm pretty sure he was Jewish too

Anonymous said...

‘I don’t know how to be happy’: Asylum seekers speak out about their experiences in Ireland

IN A DOCUMENTARY due to air tonight, TV3 will explore Ireland’s much-criticised Direct Provision (DP) system.
For The Irish Asylum Seeker Scandal, the station gained access to a DP centre in Mosney, Co. Meath – the first time any camera crew has been inside one of the facilities.

Kobe, a woman from Nigeria, is one of the asylum seekers interviewed in the programme. She came to Ireland nine years ago and has an 11-year-old daughter and an eight-year-old son – both of whom grew up in a DP centre. The whole family now lives in one room in Knocklaisheen House, Co Limerick.
Speaking about her experience in Ireland, Kobe said:
I don’t know how to be happy, you know that word happiness? I don’t even know it. It’s so sad that my children are at the receiving end you know. I said to my social worker the last time I saw her, ‘I just want to stop crying, how do you stop crying? I just want to be happy’ but you know it’s just so hard, when I see the kids growing up.
Kobe added that she finds it difficult to fill her days.
“You wake up … it’s just the same old thing every day. When the children go to school, I love working, I clean my house, I move the bed around and I do that until they come home from school and like that, the day just every day, nothing to do.”

Anonymous said...

Uncle Nasty,

I didn't mean by "articulated" that they speak well. I mean complex and separated. As from what I've seen, there are levels and ranks of knights, baronets, dukes, counts (do you have counts?) and so on.

"Embellished" in the sense of the specific and peculiar lore surrounding your aristocracy which we never hear the end of over here. Every spic, pollock, nigger, wop, squarehead and you name it is all gaga about them. I resent it as an Irish-American that your British monarchs are referred to here as "the royal family." Instead of the "British royal family" which would be okay.

Further, I confess to being a prick but I'm not Jewish. Maybe dad was soft on the Jews but the message was: "Of course, they're out for themselves, like everybody else, but they don't mind you doing well." and "You know, those Jewish kids really hit the books and get the grades. A lot of them aren't even all that smart, but they study and get the grades."

This is in contrast to the British rule in Ireland which could be considered cut-throat. Like the lethal mechanism in Ireland during the famine wasn't the famine itself but the evictions. Think about it. I know I could survive for a couple months around the house but put me out in the street and I'd be done in a few days.

In labor-management relations there is the British take no prisoners model and the continental symbiotic model. Here in the states, it's the British model which is why we have a violent labor history. And that although there was a labor shortage here until 1970.

Kevin Rafferty said...

Anon 16.17. As an Irishman I understand where you are coming from. But looking at it objectively the British rule here was not particularly cut-throat. The evictions and such things also happened on 'mainland' Britain (e.g. the Clearings in Scotland) and indeed to English people themselves. It was more a function of the time and prevailing ethos.

Referring to "the" Royal Family, when that just reflects the close relationship, if I may put it that way, between Britain and Ireland since time immemorial.

My advice? Don't sweat such things. We have a common enemy now.

Anonymous said...

Why the fuck do we smokers have to put up with you whining non-smoking twats? Wherever somebody is enjoying a a quick ciggy it's spoilt by you moaning bastards. The smoker is stood outside in gale force winds and some whiny, prissy cunt deliberately goes down wind. ''Your killing yourself and polluting my air' So fucking move up wind. I get so stressed out by your incessant winging I have to have a smoke. Why the fuck have us smokers had every fucking pub taken away from us? Why not let the landlord decide if it's a none smoking pub? Then I could have a relaxing fag without hearing that constant whine. Next time you go to hospital remember it was us smokers that pay for the NHS three times over.
You anti-smoking commissars are a pain in the arse. I know smokings going to kill me. Great. It was enjoyable. I won't be a burden on my kids. I will have happily passed away when you are sat in your own shit and piss in adult nappies while some minimum wage 'immigrant' ignores your plight.
Lighten up and light up.

Anonymous said...

LOL Looking at Eichmann's features I'm pretty sure he was Jewish too

It's an established fact that Eichmann was fully Jewish.

That's probably why they put him in a glass box at his trial, they didn't want the truth about Nazi-Zionist cooperation escaping.

Kilbarry1 said...

Now of course everyone will jump in and point out that Jews in the West would fiercely oppose those very same measures being applied here while turning a Nelson eye towards Israel

I have written a fair amount on an issue that should be very relevant to Irish Jews i.e. Blood Libel. In this case it is false allegations of child murder directed against the Catholic Church - specifically the Christian Brothers and the Sisters of Mercy. Since some of these clams relate to periods WHEN NO CHILD DIED OF ANY CAUSE , I have coined the phrases "Murder of the Undead" and "Victimless Murders" - you can try Googling these.

I have often pointed out the similarities between these lunatic allegations and medieval claims of child murder against Jews. I have found to my considerable surprise that some Irish Jews are (or were) actually promoting the anti-Catholic blood libels. (They include Alan Shatter and the late Louis Lentin who produced the absurd documentary "Dear Daughter") Don't they understand that the NON-Jewish accusers will turn on the Jews as well?

My article on Louis Lentin is here

Anonymous said...

“I propose an interrogation of how the Irish nation can become other than white (Christian and settled), by privileging the voices of the racialised and subverting state immigration but also integration policies. Stage one of such interrogation would be to do all we can to defeat the citizenship referendum on June 11.”
Ronit Lentin, Trinity College Dublin.

Israeli scum.

“The EU should “do its best to undermine” the “homogeneity” of its member states, the UN’s special representative for migration has said.”
Peter Sutherland, former FG politician.

Goldman Sachs scum.

Goldman Sachs should not have been saved as we do not need to rescue insolvent investment banks who got to be insolvent due to the stupidity of the likes of Peter Sutherland.

At 10 TV3 is doing a programme about asylum seeekers featuring Kobe from Nniigeerriiaa and her sob story.

A roof over your head, 3 meals a day, all utility bills paid for, free education. You’re looked after better than those from here. If I wasn’t happy I would return to my home country. as another poster put it. Elsewhere another poster pointed out that he does not have Sky Sports because he cannot afford it but these spongers get it without paying for it.

Go back
Go back to where you once belong as John Lennon sang. Or was it Paul Mccartney?

Who cares the sentiment is correct.

katana said...

Cassius said… 1 November 2014 15:21

katana, Savant is not saying, as I see it, the the Israelis or their stance on immigration and dealinsg with Arabs are good or moral. He says that we can admire them for the single-minded way they prioritize their national interests.

And speaking for myself. yet we allow Jews and by extension infiltrators and domestic parasites to do what they do. We allow it. This point is crucial – The Jews and other instigators would be powerless if we stood up against them.

But we do not and hence we have only ourselves to blame.


Thanks for your comment Cassius.

I get that Sav is not praising jews for their moral behavior in Palestine/Israel. He’s praising them for their ruthlessness and amorality.

Leaving that aside, what I take issue with, is this idea that we Whites, the target of jewish genocidal scheming, have only ourselves to blame, simply because we are the victims of their predation. Because we have “allowed” the jews to destroy our societies we are somehow “responsible” for that.

Whites have been, and continue to be, the target of multigenerational psychological warfare waged by organized jewry and their shabbos goy minions for the purpose of getting Whites to accept their racial destruction via mass third world immigration. Whites have been brainwashed into thinking that defending your own race in any way makes you a racist, that in turn leads to being a “Nazi”, the gold standard for unforgivable evilness. Lies upon lies.

The end result of so many decades of psychological manipulation and abuse is the average person “allowing” or “letting” themselves to vote or otherwise go along with with the jew agenda. Added to this is all the financial incentives and job advancements that can be had by toeing the party line, versus all the punishment for not doing so.

As such, Whites are not “allowing” or “letting” what is happening to them in any normal sense of the meaning of those words and what that implies regarding taking full responsibility. Whites have been manipulated, tricked and fooled by a traitorous, alien “elite” within their own societies into accepting their racial destruction.

White people, especially the “thinking members” of our societies need to get into their collective brainwashed heads that we have been betrayed by this so-called elite, run by jews and their hanger ons, that are in fact our deadly enemies.


For my latest blog post, Understanding the Jews, Understanding Anti-Semitism – Part 5, click here >>> KATANA


AnalogMan said...

Anonymous said...

Why the fuck do we smokers have to put up with you whining non-smoking twats?

Thank you for your perspective, Anon. I think you illustrate my point better than I could.

Anonymous said...

Just so you all know....Lawyers for the gang-raping nigerians/Bray wanderer are scouring the net and demanding that all traces of the story be deleted.

The Irish Times and The Irish Examiner as well as have deleted everything with no apparent explanation for it.

See here:

Anonymous said...

RE: Ravishing and buggering peshmurder army trainees in Cambridge.
I bet you a pound to a pinch of shit …. ‘That some posh folks spawnings have been penetrated!’
Never known the Kamoron to move so fast against effnicks.

Eliezer Ben Yehuda said...

>> Mildenstein was a senior officer in the SS, which organisation had close cooperative ties with Zionism in the '30's.

Were that it were so. If it was truly "close", we wouldn't have lost the eastern half of the British Mandate.

If it were truly close, the Hebrews would not have been ethnically cleansed from Judea & Samaria in the 1948 war.

If it were truly "close", close enough to listen to rational advice about invading Russia..... the Germans would have won the war.