Friday, 5 September 2014

Monkeys guarding the bananas

The Rotherham sex scandal continues to surprise.  You think the awful facts can't get any worse but they just keep coming.

Peter McLoughlin and Gavin Boby in their report Easy Meat: Multiculturalism, Islam and Child Sex Slavery devoted a whole section of it to Barnardo's.  It  clearly demonstrates that Barnardo's knew for years what was going on. Not surprising given that they are in their own words  "the main provider of child sexual exploitation services in the UK". It will have encountered hundreds, if not thousands, of girls who have fallen victim to Muslim rape gangs. Some of these victims' stories are told in the Barnardo's report. But with one key detail mysteriously excised: the religious or ethnic identity of the perpetrators.
 Now who have Barnardo's, "the main provider of child sexual exploitation services in the UK", with more direct knowledge of child abuse problems than any other institution, who do they appoint as Chief Executive?  A fucking Pakistani Muslim.  A fucking Pakistani Muslim named Javed Kahn who goes out of his way, squirming, ducking, prevaricating and at times downright lying to deflect criticism of Pakistani Muslim child predators in this interview.

But it gets better. Who do you think the Crown Prosecution Service appoints as lead on child sexual abuse?  Another fucking Pakistani Muslim.  You could hardly make this stuff up.   And this guy, Nazir Asfal, who's been charged with prosecuting child abusers also goes out of his way to deflect attention away from the elephant in the room, the ethnic and religious connection. We learn that he is "unruffled by mounting media hysteria (sic) over the ethnicity of abusers in Rotherham.  He suggests stepping back and taking a wider view of the nationwide picture".  Oh, I believe him.  What should he be ruffled?  He'll deflect any questions by screaming 'racism' and 'Islamophobia' and he'll get away with it.  Yes he will.

How the hell have what are arguably the two most important positions for preventing child abuse been awarded to members of the ethno-religious 'community' that specialises in this very crime? (See this also). It goes without saying that there were many native British applicants for these posts.  But in each case they appointed those from a community notorious for its treatment of and attitude to child sex abuse as well as being a byword for corruption, extremism, filth and incompetence.

I wrote very recently here on the subject of vigilante justice.  I truly believe that this case and its broader implications demand exactly that.  The police, child 'protection' agencies, fact all relevant authorities not only failed to prosecute horrendous crimes but actually colluded in their cover up. In the absence of systemic root and branch reform - and there's no evidence of that - it's time that some of these sociopaths are found floating face down in the river Don.

Pour encourager les autres, you understand.


Dan said...

A merely incompetent Karl Pilkington type would be a vast improvement. Look at these two Extras from Taken!

Dan said...

It is one of those pogromy moments isn't it?
Make a move on them though and the USAF will bomb the bejesus out of the whites.

Anonymous said...

I thought I was the only one who noticed this anomaly Mr Savant. Good to know there;s two of us in the western world. If you carry on putting it that way we'll be up tp three in no time.

Gem Junior said...

Yes, it's certainly high time Savant, in fact it's WAY PAST HIGH TIME. And yet, our white brethren in all countries just continue mouthbreathing in front of the JewBox admiring the Kardashians and other sundry whores either twerking violently in a feverish attempt to imitate their niggerish idols or bouncing a ball around. It's downright disheartening. "The Wrath of the Awakened Saxon" should be changed to "The Loud Snore of Rip Van Winkle" because it ain't gonna be anytime soon. In fact, if I see another stupid white moron marching "in solidarity" with the people of Ferguson for the rights of simian monsters to beat their chests and rut upon the corpses of their daughters and granddaughters, I might just lose it altogether.
Sometimes I just think it's over for us. Nobody's going to stand up with us, and they're going to destroy our people if they have to forcibly rape our daughters, granddaughters, and if their are ANY left -- which I doubt -- great granddaughters.
It's fekkin' horrendous.

Anonymous said...

" there's no evidence of that - it's time that some of these sociopaths are found floating face down in the river Don."

AMEN (God has deserted us. I am not a religious person but an atheist would be revolted by what these people have gotten away with.)

Hate for the White race thru there children.

Iron Felix said...

Has anyone noticed the radically different way in which child sex abuse has been treated in the MSM and by the authorities as between that ascribed to the Catholic Church and that ascribed to the perps in the Rotherham case?
In the former the media behaved like starving ferrets after a rabbit, chasing down every imaginable lead, hounding alleged miscreants, encouraging the growth of an enormous parallel racket wherein huge sums were looted from the church based on bogus---but unquestioned---allegations? We see the same syndrome in divorce cases or in alleged sex harassment and rape accusations, which are simply a criminal enterprise run by and for women. Note that no woman has ever been so much as admonished for making the foulest accusations against a man, if by any remote chance the accusation is shown to have been without foundation.
The thing is, in neither case does the actual welfare of the children count for anything. The identity of the perp is the key to things. If the perps are regarded as a favoured group---Paki rape gangs, women---one gets one treatment of things in the MSM by the PTB and YKW. Should the perp be perceived as a hated enemy---white men, Catholicism---a radically different treatment of events will ensue.
Just as the sins of Catholic priests have been blown up out of all proportion, so have the crimes of these Rotherham rape gangs been blown DOWN out of all proportion. Incidentally, paedophilia is more common among a non-celibate laity than it is among a celibate clergy, interestingly enough.

Anonymous said...

“How the hell have what are arguably the two most important positions for preventing child abuse be awarded to members of the ethno-religious 'community' that specialises in this very crime?”


“The police, child 'protection' agencies, fact all relevant authorities not only failed to prosecute horrendous crimes but actually colluded in their cover up.”

Savant, the police, child protection agencies, courts, NHS, local authorities etc in the UK are riddled with COMMON PURPOSE (the Jews’ useful idiots).

Check out this article in the Daily Mail re little miss Common Purpose, Lin Homer. This fucking RAT, despite numerous scandals and fuck-ups, is never held accountable. It just keeps moving from post to post, deliberately creating chaos.

Daily Mail, 22 February 2012

The rise and rise of Ms Incompetence: Border Agency boss rewarded for failure by being promoted - to run the tax office

The civil servant who presided over years of chaos at the UK Border Agency has been promoted – to run the tax office.

Born in Norfolk, Ms Homer studied law at University College London, before working at Reading Council for two years then Hertfordshire Council, where over a period of 15 years, she rose to the position of Director of Corporate Services.

This proved the springboard for her first major town hall job, in 1998, as chief executive of Suffolk Council.

Just four years later, the married mother of three daughters was parachuted into the same post at Birmingham City Council, on a jaw-dropping £174,000-year.

Here came her first brush with trouble – a major postal votes scandal that ended up before the courts. Election judge Richard Mawrey said fraud in the city ‘would have disgraced a banana republic’ and claimed Ms Homer, who was the city’s returning officer in her role as chief executive, had ‘thrown the rule book out of the window’.

He described her decision to allow postal ballot papers to be transported to the count in shopping bags as ‘the direst folly’.

Yet this did not stop her, in 2005, being chosen by the Home Office to run what was then called the Immigration and Nationality Directorate – this time on £200,000, plus bonuses.

But it was on her watch in 2006 that we learned of the mistaken release of 1,000 foreign criminals

The same year it emerged some 450,000 asylum cases had not been dealt with but left in boxes at the Home Office.

The shake-up that led to the creation of UKBA was meant to clear up the mess and stop similar scandals happening in future.

After playing a key role in shaping the new agency, Ms Homer became its first chief executive, on an astonishing £208,000 a year, making her among the highest paid civil servants in Britain.

On her watch nearly 400 of the 1,000 foreign prisoners were told they could stay in Britain and dozens remained untraced.

More than 100,000 of the 400,000 asylum seekers were allowed to stay, which MPs said in effect amounted to an ‘amnesty’. Despite this, senior managers at UKBA, including Ms Homer, were handed bonuses year after year.

The many failings of UKBA were clear to all by 2011, but – once again – Ms Homer was considered as a suitable candidate for promotion, to the post of Permanent Secretary at the Transport Department

Frank Galton

Heraclitus said...

Gem Junior. Sadly I believe you could be correct. As we speak the Counter Revolution is easing into top gear. Pleas for 'social cohesion' - which means pandering to Muslims - and demands that 'lessons must be learned' - which means sweep everything under the carpet - now dominate discourse. And it will gather strength as the frivolities you refer to are afforded ever greater exposure.

Hector G. said...

Iron Felix, if we had voting on this site would give you 1000 pluses. So true. And yet we lie down and accept it. Sad really.

Scouser said...

Denis MacShane, the former Labour MP for Rotherham, told the BBC: “I think there was a culture of not wanting to rock the multicultural community boat if I may put it like that.”

Admitting he had been guilty of doing too little, he said he had been aware of the problem of cousin marriage and “the oppression of women within bits of the Muslim community in Britain” but: “Perhaps yes, as a true Guardian reader, and liberal leftie, I suppose I didn’t want to raise that too hard.”

Despite the Irish name McShane is a Jew whose real name is Matyjaszek. He was up to his neck in pushing Turd World immigration into Britain and side-tracking investigations into the abuse of White Christian girls in Rotherham.

TBone said...

Just to substantiate the gloomy prognosis of Gem and Iron Felix, and perhaps to underline the correctness of Savant's call for vigilantism we have this.

A former BBC presenter sacked following a call to a taxi firm has been criticized for a series of Facebook comments slamming Rotherham "Pakis.” Ex-model Sam Mason, 45, was removed from her position as a local radio host after asking a cab company to send a ‘non-Asian Muslim driver for her young teenage daughter’.

lemmyhead said...

Iron Felix makes some excellent points. It's no wonder the MSM is losing viewers/readers. IF few paragraphs make more sense that than the hundreds of articles in the press.
The Rotherham report also said that the abuse was also being carried out in another 40 - 50 towns and cities.
Not a mention into investigations into these claims. Do you know why? If the Rotherham figures are anything to go by then the number of children being abused would be in excess of HALF MILLION. Do you think the Government is going to allow those figures to be published? Hence these appointments of Pakis.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately this country is saturated with pale skinned commie trash like this.. females et al.

They daren't say a word being cowardly vermin they are.

If it weren't for this cancer we could 'clean up' VERY easily.

Anonymous said...

Derby, Rochdale, Preston, Oxford.. never had as much national media attention.

Oxford abuse started in 2004 it took over 8 years for Operation Bullfinch to start to tackle the problems. After years of girls and parents contacting the police and local authorities who failed to act out of PC fear of offending muz.

From 2013
They did what they wanted with me - no matter how disgusting': Victim of Oxford sex gang talks of her three-year nightmare

Katie was academically gifted and dreamed of becoming a forensic scientist
At the age of 12 two Pakistani brothers befriended her
She was completely unaware she was being groomed for sexual exploitation
For almost three years she was violently and sexually abused by a gang
She was also sold for sex on hundreds of occasions to child abusers

From 2010
Asian gangs, schoolgirls and a sinister taboo: As nine men are jailed for grooming up to 100 for sex, the disturbing trend few dare talk about

Anonymous said...

Pale skinned Yids who are Asiatic by creed and effectively run this country, USE these vile fucks against the indigenous Caucasians of all of the British Isles, Europe everywhere.

Only an IRA style campaign can rout out and eradicate this Asiatic scourge, includes all in my book (Khazarian "jew"/Muslim/Hindu/Seikh) the fucking lot !

We have enough tolerable problems amongst our own peoples.
Kikes deliberately imported this scum to galvanise their comfort zones.

Anonymous said...

Muz tells White man to step down.

Keith Mitchell, who stepped down as Oxfordshire County Council leader last May, wrote on his blog that he suspects police and social workers felt less able to intervene because many of the group were Asian.

Speaking out after seven Oxford men were convicted at the Old Bailey last week of child sex crimes against six vulnerable girls, he said: “If the abusers in this case had been white men, would the police and social workers have felt more able to intervene?

“I suspect the answer is ‘yes’ but I do not know.”

But Imam Monawar Hussain, founder of education project the Oxford Foundation, said politicians should stop playing the race card and take responsibility for their own failures.

He said: “It happened on his watch. Clearly there are going to be some questions he should be answering rather than making this a race issue.

“It’s not political correctness, it’s just failure of authorities to prosecute.”

Muz on the gravy train - From 2008 did this muz IMAM MONAWAR HUSSAIN​ try and tackle the muz child rape problem?
£105k to win Muslim hearts and minds

Yet 2013/14 AFTER convictions of muz scum he writes this-

Anonymous said...

From former head of Oxford council blog on Rotherham.

Political correctness, when embedded in a public body’s practices can be a pernicious evil because it brooks no opposition; it disallows the application of commons sense and reason. Public servants are literally brain washed into the importance of equality, equal opportunities, gender neutrality and other, equally murky areas like climate change, sustainable energy and carbon reduction. All are civilised and civilising tenets but not when applied blindly and so as to drive out common sense and common humanity.

The immediate issue of ignoring horrific abuse because of a fear of upsetting an ethnic community has to be embraced and dealt with. For the longer term, the supremacy of politically correct doctrines over the application of good old fashioned common sense needs to be addressed.

Iron Felix said...

Re this matter of Vigilantism, it may be more effective if the targets for this are not so much the wogs and pakis, who are what they are regardless, but rather their white abettors and enablers. In a parallel case in the US some fellow was divorced by his wife who, with the usual legal whore backing her up and operating in a court system vindictively bigoted against white men, was awarded every last dime the man possessed and every last cent he ever would possess. So he popped around to the ex-wife one fine day, produced an equaliser and expended a couple of rounds that ensured she would never live to enjoy the loot. But the great, significant thing was that he breezed by the Judges place shortly after and emptied the rest of the magazine into His Worship. See? He made the facilitator pay too. Had he left it at blowing away the wife, nothing much would have been achieved, but what he did by shooting the judge was put a salutary dart of fear up the judiciaries knickers also, which can have a serious effect. Splendid fellow that he was,he simply said "they left me with nothing; so I had nothing left to lose".
Thing is, when do we white Europeans arrive at that position; the one where we have nothing left to lose? It is not the savages we should consider here, but the libtards themselves, as these are the ones who have created the ethos of immunity in which the savages operate.

Anonymous said...

BBC right wing? hahahahahahaha

Max Kike-ser on UK media, only interesting point he makes is that when he worked for BBC he was not allowed to mention Ishell

Anonymous said...

And if the corrupt, turd-skinned, ugly Pakis fail at those jobs, we know what will happen: they'll get a job as an NHS doctor. You can't go to any surgery now and avoid those bu bu ding dinging rats. You don't want an incompetent ("positive" discrimination) Paki doctor who can't speak English? wat are you - a RACIST? Give them a six figure salary for sitting on their bums all day!

Anonymous said...

Feminists don't like rape yet have no problem over 1400 rape victims in Rotherham.

Then again you can find Harriet Harman in a t-shirt bearing the slogan this is what a friend of pedophiles looks like.

Wise CaveOwl said...

don't be too hard on the ragheads. They're doing precisely what the Jew billionaire-globalists and their stooge politicians brought them into the country to do: debauch and destroy the Whites. Why do Jews so hate White people? Because they don't want to be pogrom'd. Or ghetto'd. Or holocaust'd. Ever. again. And we don't want the Jews to be pogrom'd, or ghetto'd, or holocaust'd ever again. Do we?

Anonymous said...

The white police commissioner won't resign either ?

Says it all really about who's really to blame. The people facilitating the importation and breeding of this vermin know what they're about or should do by now but still continue to embrace them all as "Eqwuls" spelling intended.

Shit scared of the hidden hand that employs(and 'protects')them

Anonymous said...

Cowardly kneegrow pack attack.

Anonymous said...

82 year-old grandmother beheaded by black animal in North London yesterday. British media already trying to bury the story.

PC plod

"Not a terrorist attack"
"No motive for the murder"
"Very unusual case"

Anonymous said...

Joan Rivers died yesterday.

Some parts of her were 81.

Shaunantijihad said...

An entire generation of women who have or know someone raped by Pakis. Hmmm, I don't think they'll be voting Labour when they grow older.

In fact, apart from crucifixions, every horrific and seemingly outlandish prediction I and others have made about Muslims in Britain have come true.

My currently "outlandish" demand is that when/if we come to power, we enforce mass immigration on all politicians who formerly supported it - but in reverse.

We deport them to various locales around the world - Pakistan, Somalia, Congo etc.

Those enrichers there will surely enrich them properly, no doubt!

Anonymous said...

Two incidents within the space of 24 hours in north London.

BBC, 05 September 2014

Islington man [Negro] shot dead by Met Police officers

Police have shot dead a man who broke into a house and threatened a woman with a knife.

Officers were called to Shepperton Road in Islington, north London, shortly after 23:00 BST on Thursday and found a 40-year-old man threatening the woman.

Negro beheads pensioner in Edmonton north London.

Frank Galton

Rob said...

You skipped the best bit about Khan, Savant. Looks like he has no problems with vigilante justice himself.

Anonymous said...

This LBC presenter labelled as Julia Hartley-Brewer is such an anti-white, anti-Christian, ethnic toadying... arrogant prattling cunt it's almost unbelievable.

john said...

There comes a time when violence is the only answer. As Thomas Jefferson said , the tree of liberty must be watered with the blood of tyrants occasionally... [a slight paraphrase]

katana said...

SAVANT at 00:02 on 05-Sep-2014

How the hell have what are arguably the two most important positions for preventing child abuse be awarded to members of the ethno-religious 'community' that specialises in this very crime?

Your outrage is more than warranted Sav.

Like employing foxes to run hen houses, pedophiles to run child centers, criminals to run police services, 'politicians' to run governments, mainstream media to tell us the truth, jews to serve humanity, and so on.

That's the deceitful, upside world we now live in.

As chronicled in this blog, that you started it in 2007, the West is very deliberately and systematically being 'taken down' by the parasites who control our societies, namely organised jewry and their White traitors. All the "stupid decisions" being made in our name are simply part of a plan to destroy our societies, institution by institution.

Jews have a visceral hatred of White people and have plotted our destruction ever since we have been in their way of fulfilling their psychotic dream of total power.

To really solve our problems we need to spread the fact that organized jewry is the principle driver of our societies ongoing demise and to take action against it.

It's not the Muslims or the blacks.

They are merely weapons imported by our hidden destroyers.


My latest blog post is here: KATANA

Anonymous said...

A media blackout in action now, race relations and community cohesion and the illusion of multicultural harmony must be protected as all costs.

An elderly lady is murdered, just another invisible victim and just one of many soon to be forgotten, never mentioned and the cause covered up.

Little girls raped and abused, they dont matter, innocent people murdered, they are of no consequence when set against protecting the illusion of multiculturalism.

Just another day in the culturally enriched wonderland provided for us by the establishment, and just remember, if you are the wrong colour and religion and race you are and will remain at the bottom of the pile at the end of the list and invisible.

Nero said...

Savant says,’Rotherham sex scandal’. It wasn’t a ‘sex scandal’. Some Tory politician on Hampstead Heath caught with a prostitute is a sex scandal.

Gem Junior says Sometimes I just think it's over for us. Oh, Americans have turned exterminators a few times:-
Sherman’s march to the sea.
The lynching of Tories.
Vigilante lynching of blacks.

It’s all about creating the right mood.

lemmyhead said...

The I.R.A. had holes to run to. By this I mean strong Republican areas.
The Bogside/Creggan, New Lodge, South of the border et al. Even if whites had the finance, training and ordnance they don't have anywhere that is 'safe'. I speak from experience. The police force (the was)in the Republican side of Derry consisted of one policeman. He was stationed in Rosemount police station and didn't leave the building. A mere token to law enforcement.
When whites can paint on a wall 'YOU ARE NOW ENTERING FREE ENGLAND/IRELAND/HOLLAND/TEXAS' we can make advances.
The whole problem is that whites are a house divided.We should be pooling resources and establishing an area that is 'ours'. The Pakis have created 'no go' areas that the police are scared to police. That is one of the reasons we have the grooming scandals. If we could create our own area where the police where scared to enforce anti-white laws for fear of violence we will grow. As Savant has stressed in the past 'Worse is better'.
It's not going to be an easy ride. Whites have become complacent.

Anonymous said...

Wealthy French Jews Are Fleeing Anti-Semitism and Bringing Their Money.

Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, reads Lady Liberty’s welcome. Every year since New York City’s founding, tens of thousands have crossed over the Atlantic to trade in their European chapeaux for American caps. This year, New York has increasingly become home to one particular population seeking American status: Jewish Frenchmen.

Marlen Kruzhkov, an attorney at New York’s Gusrae Kaplan, specializes in helping Jews make the move from France to the States. Mr. Kruzhkov explained to the Observer in a phone interview that this migration has increased massively since the beginning of 2014, spurred by a spate of anti-semitic incidents, which only worsened with the war between Israel and Hamas. While last year he helped a handful of families with legal arrangements, today he is handling the arrangements of several dozen families—parents with children—looking to make the move. The families Mr. Kruzhkov works with are predominantly well-off investors, with an average net worth of $50 to $70 million. These dollars come along for the all-American ride.

Wolfhound said...

1. One who takes or advocates the taking of law enforcement into one's own hands.

We're rapidly moving towards a point in time where this will become the duty of every European man; our governments are utterly incompetent at best, actively betraying the native people at worst.

It seems impossible for them to take 'our' side. There were more police to kettle a handful of people angrily protesting at the handling of these paki paedophiles than there were to act on the complaints of these underage girls who were raped.

BTW, the guy rampaging around London who decapitated some old women yesterday was (try to contain your shock) some kaffirblack converted to islam although the MSM refuses to mention the ethnicity.

Our governments are traitors of the highest order.

Anonymous said...

employing foxes to run hen houses

UK establishment hire mayor of
UK establishment (city of London copr) to look into child sex abuse by the UK establishment

Lord Mayor Fiona Woolf to lead child abuse inquiry

Well aquainted - Fiona Woolf, will be speaking, in what will be one of her inaugural addresses following her installation as Lord Mayor a few days earlier.”

Flo Kaufmann added that “these major coups reflect the Board’s – and the Jewish community

Anonymous said...

Downtrodden poor slave negro Middle England Boarding Schools

Know anyone who has a spare £19,000 (day school) to £29,000 (boarding) to send one child to a private school.

Well here's a pic from Queen Anne's School which has the above fees.

Only 6 Whites out of 16.

Anonymous said...


They should raise all hell. I just dont understand it .......there should be nothing stopping the rage of English parents.

Anonymous said...

'Pale skinned Yids.' I've long thought of them as depigmented Asians. Occasionally they have an atavistic throwback to the Asian routes with a pure type that could never be mistaken for a Euro: e.g. Ed The Jew Milliband. Not just yellow skin, very dark yellow skin.

Anonymous said...

People tend to focus too much on religion and not enough on race. Most of the nutcase Islamic homicidal maniacs are SSAs. I've known Balkan and Berber Muslims and they don't behave like that. There does seem to be something about Islam that particularly attracts blacks.

Iron Felix said...

Vigilante; no, not precisely one who takes or advocates taking the law into one's own hands. Perhaps the term might better be understood thus; a policeman does the will of the State---a vigilante does the will of the People. Ponder that.

Tokyo Paddy said...

Iron Felix. Of course there is a dramatically different approach to offences committed by Catholic clergy and those by Muslims. And indeed Orthodox Jews too I might add.

For all its many faults the Catholic Church, as it used to be, was a bulwark against the destructive 'liberalism' that overwhelms us today.

But I wonder why they bother now. The Church has been fully brought over to the Dark Side and is worse than many of our other enemies.

Piet said...

Those fucking kikes fleeing France now that they fucked it up!

Just like they did in South Africa. Fought long and hard to hand it over to the porch monkey's and then they fuck off to Israel and Oz. Where they get looked after by their own tribesmen.

I was never anti-jewish but hate them for what they did to SA.

Anonymous said...

The way to deal with the Turd World savages at Calais: All the ones caught by British authorities to be taken to the middle of the English Channel and dumped overboard. I guarantee that word would spread quickly and they wouldn't be so keen to immvade GBR any time soon.

Harridan Harperson and Ed Jewiband would probably whine this breaches 'snivel rights'.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone else noticed the striking similarity between the methods used by the child rapists to deceive and ensnare their prey and the techniques of those enforcing diversity on the whole of society? Seeking to control, coerce and manipulate, the power structure uses instead subtle psychological measures to confine the narrative and insure our collective captivity. Films, TV, advertising and print media are all used to perpetuate multiculturalism's cycle of abuse and humiliation. Should that not work the authorities don't pour petrol on you but instead threaten social excommunication, incarceration or financial ruin. The drugs and alcopops of the establishment's choice are the soap operas, panel shows, "lifestyle" series and music industry products all heavily laced with a progressive slant. Tapping into our people's instinctive altruism, sense of fair play and need to fight injustice they are effectively weaponising our trust and gullibility against us. Essentially there's no difference between this and the Muslim nonces and pimps busily harvesting and abusing our children by corrupting their innocence. No wonder it was in everyone's interests, except the white working class, to keep it all under wraps. Bit late now though. - See more at:

Anonymous said...

Stupid Mick

Hey white people! I just found Irish Savant. Great blog.

I've read about this ritualistic abuse happening in England. I guess it's a side effect of multiculturalism.

You might wonder why white people in FUSA do not riot everyday of the week. The answer: We have jobs and obligations.

Of course, the thought crosses my mind "why aren't the English (read: Anglo-Saxons) fighting back against this tragedy? Why aren't you rioting? Let me have jobs and obligations.

I hope you folks will get the sarcasm. I'm not bashing the UK. I just remember a bigger and prouder UK. Hell, I remember a bigger and prouder USA. Stay safe white people.

SAVANT said...

Stupid Mick. I take your point about jobs and obligations. That's why I always say worse is better. It has to get really bad before productive Whites will revolt. The hope is that this will lead to a Great Reset where harbours heave with unwanted immigrants being sent back to their hell holes of origins and lamp posts groan under the weight of gibbets swaying in the breeze.

Ah, we can dream.

Anonymous said...

face up to it. we can write all the outraged feelings we want on these blogs but its our decision and fault we let them get away with it,i can recall while in Florida we met brits and we asked hows it look for the BNP they stated something had to be done on the immgration diversity issue but didnt i think that the BNP was a little to drastic for the problems at hand ,,,,,HMMMM and i also beleive they brought up something about Hitler,this was a few yrs back even before the bus bombing and i wonder if they still recall that i was drastic...

Anonymous said...

you can catch this on YOU TUBE if it already hasent been pulled,middle aged Chinese guy non English speaker in California park rest room was caught showing his love stick to little kids,odd in it self as Chinese are low profile people let alone weiney wavers, but i degress papa Mexicano came on scene with amigo who just happened to have video cell phone and took video while Hung Low took a beating.cops found the chinese guy fucked up in the bushes and mexicans fled the scene,anxious to find out real story here..

Anonymous said...

As one of those English-speaking South Africans (with an Afrikaner mother), I'm a little disappointed in Dr Roodt. He's welcome to his opinions, and I understand the bitterness of Afrikaners toward the British Empire, but he goes overboard with his hyperbole.

Yes, South Africa supported Britain and America through several wars, and was shamefully betrayed, but those were largely English-speaking volunteers, not Afrikaners. Back home, many Afrikaners supported Germany. They had an organization called the Ossewa Brandwag (Ox-wagon Vanguard). Turned out they were right after all, but they can't simultaneously claim to have been deceived.

Yes, it's true that Britain supported terrorism (the Church of England boasted that it gave more money to the ANC than anybody else), but so did the Netherlands, France and Germany, ancestral homelands of the Afrikaners. I am no more responsible for British sins than Afrikaners are for the sins of those countries.

The poofter Barry Ronge is no more representative of English South Africans than Andre Brink is of Afrikaners.

It's not "post-revolutionary, anglicised South Africa" that is to blame for the abominable standard of education, or even for the silly new flag, described by the other poofter Afrikaner comedian Pieter-Dirk Uys as "a beach towel with a Y-front" (as these poor people are wont to do; geddit? Y-front - that's underpants - snicker). It's post-revolutionary negrified South Africa.

".. the booming South African economy allowed their children to fully
participate in the decadent Anglo-American hippie culture of the 1960s
and 1970s"
... well, not quite. I was there. Afrikaners were firmly in control of the government. Censorship was strict. South Africa never even got television until 1976. It was only on my wedding night that I discovered that women did not have stars on their chests. OK, bit of an exaggeration, there. But the government was afraid that TV would destroy the Afrikaans language, since most programming would be imported from America (by that time Britain was boycotting us and we couldn't get their TV programs anyway). A lot of it was dubbed into Afrikaans, but SA could not produce enough material locally to compete. Decadent hippie culture? Must have missed it, somehow.

Look, when I was a kid, there was a lot of rivalry between the English- and Afrikaans-speakers. They called us rooinek (redneck) or soutpiel (salt- er... member) and we called them rock-spider or hairy-back. We grew out of it. It's sad that Dr Roodt is still hanging on to the old attitudes.

To say that no one in South Africa speaks or writes English very well is just silly. A billion dollars on an election - come off it. Afrikaans books, movies, folk music - they're abysmal. Google "youtube boeremusiek" or watch this video (with a Confederate connection) if you're interested and have the stomach for it. We're not just envious.

Question Diversity is at least somewhat correct when he compares Afrikaners to Southrons. They are despised for being unsophisticated, some of them are real jerks, but they have a natural courtesy that I admire (when they want to). I have many times stood in a group of Afrikaners, where I was the only English-speaker present, and they all spoke English, even among themselves, even though they struggled, out of consideration for me. It's quite embarrassing.

But they sound... quite different. Here's a sample. Obviously, it's a caricature, but you get the picture.

AnalogMan said...

Apologies for the comment erroneously posted here. Meant for Amren's article on Afrikaner victimisation by English-speaking South Africans.

AnalogMan said...

This Amren article. Apologies once again.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Brother Nathaniel and this Jewish professor have a lot in common.

Dies Irae said...

Even the left is criticizing Afzal, Savant. See this at the Telegraph (comments are of course closed):

How can the man in charge of child protection say Rotherham had nothing to do with race?

Dan Hodges is a former Labour Party and GMB trade union official, and has managed numerous independent political campaigns. He writes about Labour with tribal loyalty and without reservation.

Shaunantijihad said...

News from multicultural Bradford just in:

1. Police called in to a school protest. Police spokesman says, "We were called out at 3.26pm to facilitate a peaceful protest."

Facilitate. Great word. However, "A witness said staff had barricaded themselves inside Carlton Bolling College, in Undercliffe Lane, "for their own safety"."

Staff. Barricaded themselves in. For their own safety. Peaceful protest.

Nothing to do with violent turd world Muslim scum. Move along.

Stock picture of a police jacket.

2. "British" GP struck off for catalogue of "errors", including prescribing the contraceptive pill to a kaffir, sorry, woman, who was trying to conceive.

Male Dr Sirajam Haque had been practicing for 30 years, but is now apparently "not fit to practice medicine and there are no reasonable prospects for successful remediation".

Nothing to do with violent turd world Muslim scum. Move along.

Stock picture of a White female doctor.

3. 28 "men" arrested in Keighley paedophile rapist "grooming" gang.


Nothing to do with violent turd world Muslim scum. Move along.

Stock picture of a White male in handcuffs.

Harold Covington was is right about how to deal with journalists.

Shaunantijihad said...

News just in from occupied USA.

The Jewish-Negro communist conspirators have murdered Edgar Steel in his prison cell:

" Comrades:

I have just received word from Bob Magnuson that our elder and comrade Edgar J. Steele is dead, murdered by the Obama dictatorship in the Victorville fortress prison in California.

I have no details of his actual death, but a letter I received yesterday from Jake Laskey points to poison via “medication” while Jake was removed from his side for about six weeks in an apparently bogus legal proceeding which had him shipped to West Virginia and warehoused, then returned to Victorville.

I do not trust myself to speak now without endangering myself and my life’s work to the point where, however the wrath of God that fills me urges me to speak, my hope for a future that I still want to see arrive commands me to silence. I want to live to see the evil men and women who did this suffer like animals for it, and I dare not give them an excuse to do to me what they did to Ed. They will find one soon enough as things are.

May God damn unto hell the United States of America, and the murdering, cringing yellow dog cowards who rule it.

-Harold A. Covington"

VOMan said...

Edgar J. Steele was a true patriot, framed, jailed and now murdered.

They want it to be a lesson for us all.

Potgieter said...

Analog. Just heard last week that Dan Roodt had committed suicide. Or was the guy thinking of Fred Rundle?

Anonymous said...

I hear the North Sea is tolerant of Muslims.

S D Joe said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
S D Joe said...

How did we get to this point? Our media is not our own. Every stream and tributary of communication, whether for education/entertainment/enlightenment is controlled and vetted by a power both alien and hostile to us.

You want my prescription for not merely change, but restoration of White Civilization as it once was... prior to our secretly losing WW2? Point your weapons upward; not horizontally at the other guy, but vertically, towards the sky. Knock out a few comsats that act as a kosher leash tightly sheathed about the modern world's throat.

You even the playing field, and can begin reclaiming zombies back into human beings, by taking away their media: the power by which they control everything you see, hear, read and - finally - believe. Absent that, the ceiling-plaster will simply continue to rain down on our heads....

Sponge Cake said...

Watch this documentary

"Unbeknownst to us, Professor George had created a documentary with Tim Wise called “Whitewashed: Unmasking the World of Whiteness.” The documentary follows a bunch of White liberals around flagellating themselves over the wickedness of their “racism” and whiteness. It’s actually an excellent illustration why it is futile to deny the meaningless charge of “racism."

katana said...

Continuing from my comments in the previous post on the new book, Hidden History: The Secret Origins of the First World War, that postulates that WW I was a carefully crafted long planned aggression against Germany by a “Secret Elite” within Anglo-American society.

A recent blog post from the authors of Hidden History.


The Conquest Of Oxford

From the very earliest days of the First World War, the Secret Elite in London set about fabricating history in order to conceal their guilt and heap responsibility on Germany. Their version is still presented as truth in the present day and regurgitated by generations of undergraduates for the simple reason that it was written by professors at Oxford University, reputedly the greatest academic institution in the world. Professor Carroll Quigley revealed, however, that Alfred Milner (the most influential leader within the Secret Elite) and his faction had such power and control over Oxford University that it was able to completely monopolise the writing and the teaching of the history of their own period. [1]

It is a brave man indeed who questions the veracity of history as recorded by the eminent men within Oxford’s ivory towers. One courageous historian who attacked their myths and worked wholeheartedly on behalf of the truth, Professor Harry Elmer Barnes, was ostracised from academic circles and saw his life’s work trashed. It was a harsh lesson that has been heeded since by those intent on academic careers in modern history. Professor Barnes died before the term ‘conspiracy theory’ was invented as a term of contempt for critical thinkers who examined explanations other than those presented by the establishment.

Indeed our own book which challenged and frequently dismissed establishment accounts of WW1 has been subjected to this abusive term but, as the American author Peter Hof succinctly responded: ‘the conspiracy theory pejorative is a favourite refuge for the misinformed’.


Fearing for their livelihoods, historians have place themselves in academic straitjackets while, much to the discomfort of the powers that be, a new breed of independent investigator has pushed the boundaries in revealing the truth. Prof. Tracy added that research carried out by the hoi polloi and independent researcher ‘is a clear danger to those who wish to wield uncontested political authority.’ Indeed, the capacity to freely disseminate and discuss knowledge of government malfeasance is the foremost counterbalance to tyranny. Since this ability cannot be readily confiscated or suppressed, it must be ridiculed, marginalized, even diagnosed as a psychiatric condition. [3] Knowing that the establishment would ridicule their work with the tired ‘conspiracy theory’ label, dismiss them as cranks and ruin their careers, most historians have failed to challenge the Oxford accounts of the First World War. The problem that they will always face is caused by their inability to accept justified reason unless they have the documented evidence. This means that in stealing, shredding and otherwise destroying the evidence about the First World War, the establishment view is all that they can accept. It is surely a most uncomfortable straight-jacket.

Secret Elite control of Oxford was firmly established long before the outbreak of war. In 1905, Alfred Milner had returned from South Africa and constructed a ‘propaganda and patronage machine’ at the university [4] where he was a Fellow of New College. Oxford had long been the spiritual home of the cabal, and from the 1890s its central power-base was All Souls College which comprised well-to-do, upper-class and frequently titled men, many of whom were educated at Eton and Harrow, schools at the hub of the English ruling class.


Continue reading at their blog:


My latest blog post is here: KATANA

Sponge Cake said...

Locals concerned as 'Sharia police' patrol streets of German city.

A group of radical young Islamists has recently caused concern on the streets of a German city. The "Sharia police" have been observed trying to deter young Muslims from doing things like drinking or gambling.

Police in Wuppertal are seeking ways to stop the group of men who have been seen patrolling the area around the western city's main train station on several evenings recently. The bearded fundamentalists have declared the sleazy nightlife area of the city of 340,000 to be a "Sharia Controlled Zone."

Gun totin' wacko said...

A warning from the past, for us, NOW:

“And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?... The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin's thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If...if...We didn't love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation.... We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”

― Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Uncle Nasty said...

Speaking of South African race traitors ... I think the word I am looking for is Schadenfreude?

05 September 2014

South Africa: Wits professors in “horrific” attack at home

Wits University in South Africa, together with the University of Cape Town, are bastions of Liberalism.

So it was with interest that I read about married Wits professors who were attacked in their home by a screwdriver wielding criminal.

Both were attacked, both stabbed. Both in hospital.

Hmmmm..... Wits university....... so I did a little 'research' and true as Bob didn't Prof Horn write 'anti-Apartheid' poems!

Shame, must have been attacked by one of those evil White Apartheid people the Prof was famous for writing about.

Better luck next time Prof. Your attacker probably didn't know you're a good White liberal, eh?

Maybe you can write a poem about your attack, while thinking of all the White farmers, their wives and children being brutally murdered on their farms in South Africa.

Now you can relate!


Uncle Nasty said...

S.D. Joe said...

How did we get to this point? Our media is not our own. Every stream and tributary of communication, whether for education/entertainment/enlightenment is controlled and vetted by a power both alien and hostile to us.


You even the playing field, and can begin reclaiming zombies back into human beings, by taking away their media: the power by which they control everything you see, hear, read and - finally - believe. Absent that, the ceiling-plaster will simply continue to rain down on our heads....

6 September 2014 13:09

My own feelings exactly. Take control of the media -- and control of all else falls into your hands.

Start with the media. It's actually easily done -- regardless of the "Fearless Reporter" bullshit that is spewed from Hollyweird, the whole media empire does not have a single testicle between them. Knock off or disappear one or two of the top dogs ... and the rest will truckle and fawn all over you.

It's in the blood. It's what they are.

They are called Media Whores for a reason.


nilus said...

Radio 4skin, Saturday:

'Saturday Live'
PAKI Aasmah Mir and
JEW Suzy Klein talk to impressionist and actor Alistair McGowan.

Also joining us is Katy U'ren, a PE teacher from Glasgow. She discusses what it was like to teach children in Bangladesh how to swim as part of UNICEF's SwimSafe campaign.

'The Kitchen Cabinet'
JEW Jay Rayner

'From Our Own Correspondent'
Stories from correspondents around the world.
Claudia Hammond discovers that many patients in Israel remain on life support for years

'Any Answers?'
Spare room subsidy, ISIS, returning Jihadists

Presented by
PAKI Anita Arnand

14:30 'Saturday Drama'
Who is killing young girls in the parks of Stockholm?
But I guess it will be a White man, after all, this is fiction)

'Weekend Woman's Hour':
LESBIAN Jeanette Winterson on the impact of (LESBO NOVEL) Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit.

The sexual abuse and exploitation of 1400 mainly white girls in Rotherham by men "predominantly of Pakistani origin" has caused shock and outrage. What can be done to give British-Pakistani women in these communities a louder voice?

Rabeka Nurmahomed: Paki? Jew?

Loose Ends
JEW Arthur Smith,
JEW Sarah Solemani

'Agree to Differ'
Matthew Taylor presents a new discussion programme.
This week, JERUSALEM

'A Flash of Fireflies'
City Lovers

Story of forbidden love.

Marking Nobel Laureate
JEW Nadine Gordimer's death in July, the second of three stories from her remarkable career as a KIKE writer and KIKE political activist.

In this story of forbidden love, set during APARTHEID in South Africa and first published in 1975, an Austrian geologist falls foul of the country's Immorality Act.

tsnamm said...

politics of personal destruction alive and well even in Brazil...

tsnamm said...

Ebola my friend is blowin' in the wind...

and on top of it they bring another bleeding heart moron back and set them up in Nebraska. All the while claiming there's no risk on one hand, and then stating that ebola will make its way here sooner or later there's no avoiding it; on the other. Hypocrites such as this shouldn't be allowed to run a drug store let alone a national health organization, and still from the media, the silence is deafening...

Anonymous said...

as we all know by now comidian JOAN RIVERS died in the states although a tough talking Jew she hit the nail on the head when she told newsies on the street that nigger boy Obongo was a fag and his wife was a transgender bitch,she died about a month later hmmm.

Uncle Nasty said...

Jews doing what they do best ... extorting money while whining at the same time.

Germany and Claims Conference Announce $250M Fund for Child Holocaust Survivors

$3,280 to Survivors Born in 1928 or Later
Published September 04, 2014.

Germany and the Claims Conference are establishing a $250 million fund for child survivors of the Holocaust.

The fund will provide one-time payouts of approximately $3,280 (2,500 euros) to Jews born in 1928 or later who spent at least six months in Nazi concentration camps, in ghettos, in hiding or living under a false identity during World War II. The payouts are in addition to any other payments the survivors receive or have received.

Slated to open Jan. 1, the new fund is meant to recognize “psychological and medical trauma caused during their deprived childhoods,” Claims Conference President Julius Berman said.

Germany will provide approximately 75 percent of the money for the program. The balance will come from the Claims Conference’s so-called Successor Organization, which is funded by the sale of Jewish properties recovered in the former East Germany for whom no heirs could be found.

The deal is subject to approval by the German Bundestag and the board of the Claims Conference. Once ratified, the Claims Conference will publish details about applying.

Greg Schneider, executive vice president of the Claims Conference, said the suffering these victims endured as children — the fund covers those who were 18 or younger during the war — is having an impact in their later years.

“Witnessing unimaginable atrocities, deprivation from proper nutrition and a range of injurious experiences has had a cumulative effect and are resulting in late-onset problems that only now are manifesting as physical and psychological symptoms,” Schneider said.

And blah and blah and fucking blah.

I understand there's a move afoot to compensate those who were sperm cells, when Grossmutti read "Tales From the Ovens" to them in 1956.

Re-reading the article, I have to think that someone's taking the piss, here.
A one-off 2500 Euro payoff ... and then they shut up and fuck off?

Worth every penny.


Anonymous said...

We need to bear in mind that any catholic clergyman who molested young boys did so because they were homosexual not because they were catholic. So how do they get away with demonizing catholisism and not homosexuals

Uncle Nasty said...

Jews whining ... again.

Will Fact Ever Displace Anti-Israel Fiction?

by Denis MacEoin
September 5, 2014 at 5:00 am

Anti-Israel propaganda has been driven from the start by lies distortions and a massive rewriting of history. Blame for everything is piled on the Jews, while the crimes of the Arabs, including the Palestinians, are exonerated.

The American Vice-Consul, along with British officers and the British High Commissioner, Sir Alan Cunningham, stated at the time that the Arabs were encouraging flight while the Jews were doing all in their power to prevent it.

The Hagana's behavior was the exact opposite of "ethnic cleansing." Once order was restored, Arabs were appointed to key posts and part of the supplies originally earmarked for the Jewish inhabitants were given freely to the Arabs.

Just now I'm feeling a bit ashamed of being Irish. Although our music, dance, and Nobel-prize winning literature have helped us punch above our weight in the ring of international culture, our politics has never been a model for anyone -- and it is getting worse.

Back in 2011, for instance, Israel's Foreign Ministry stated that Ireland had undoubtedly become the most hostile country to Israel in the European Union, "pushing all of Europe's countries to a radical and uncompromising approach."

Oddly enough, Ireland also has a reputation as a country relatively free from anti-Semitism. According to John Gallen, anti-Jewish incidents are thirty-two times more likely in the U.S. than in the Poblacht na hÉireann. One of the reasons there are almost no anti-Semitic incidents in Ireland is that there are very few Jews in the Irish Republic in the first place: under 2000 (0.04% of the population).

This information is based on data from the European Jewish Congress and the Stephen Roth Institute for the Study of Contemporary Antisemitism and Racism, Tel-Aviv University; but I remain sceptical.

Anti-Israel rhetoric in Ireland is commonplace, and the press regularly prints diatribes against the Jewish state. A particularly galling example of this occurred when the Irish Examiner, a newspaper with a long history and a claimed readership of 189,000 per day (but a circulation of about 37,000), published an op-ed piece on July 31 by a little-known journalist, Victoria White, the wife of Eamonn Ryan, leader of the Green Party in the Irish parliament, the Dáil.

Entitled, "We are washing our hands of the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians", this piece was an uncompromising diatribe, a spittle-flecked assault on Israel that dragged out the usual false claims of "ethnic cleansing" during Israel's War of Independence in 1947 and 1948.

Just now I'm feeling a bit ashamed of being Irish.

You and hundreds of others, to be sure, to be sure.

One of the reasons there are almost no anti-Semitic incidents in Ireland is that there are very few Jews in the Irish Republic in the first place: under 2000 (0.04% of the population).

We've been saying it all along. Want to get rid of antisemitism? Get rid of the semites, and voila!!

Even the heebs agree.


Uncle Nasty said...

I realise that this (in a previous post) ...

I understand there's a move afoot to compensate those who were sperm cells, when Grossmutti read "Tales From the Ovens" to them in 1956.

... could be construed as tasteless, even by my standards, so for the sake of the Cheeedren, I water it down a bit:

"Tales from the Warming Tray".

There. I feel better already.


nilus said...

UK TV right now, Sat night, 11.45

BBC1: Kike movie by KIKE Neil Simon starring KIKE Ben Stiller

BBC2: "QI" Queer KIKE Fry and lesbo Perkins

ITV: "An Audience With Made-Good KIKE Joan Rivers, with KIKE Joan Collins and a whole bunch of FAGGOTS

followed by KIKE SEX FILM
"Knocked Up" starring
KIKE Seth Rogen, directed, written, produced by KIKES

(KIKE Rogen gets a very drunk Shiksa pregnant)

Channel 5: QUEER Rylan Clark,QUEER Leslie American Dwarf Actor, , French porn slut "Frenchie" etc

ITV2: KIKE Cowell's "X-Factor" with brash half-caste Mel B, Cheryl Coalburner, QUEER Louis Walsh and KIKE Cowell.

BBC3: Family KIKE (TEN EPISODES!) described as a "SUBVERSIVE animated comedy about family life"

preceded by KIKE SEX MOVIE "Road Trip" about an "explicit home sex tape" How apt, how timely, etc

BBC4 The KIKE Carole King Story


More 4: "9/11 The Falling Man" followed by

"(9/11: 102 minutes that changed the world"

Film 4: "The Brave One" LESBO Jodie Foster is raped by WHITES in Central Park! LOL!

She gets a gun, but guns are BAD, umkay?

REALLY: QUEER DR Christian Jessen eagerly inspects weeping septic anuses.

He also presents this programme, "Embarrassing Bodies"

followed by "Cheaters" Slimey reptilian creep Joey Greco should be a jew, he really should.

Yesterday( KIKE CHANNEL):
"The Baby Born In A Concentration Camp"

'The remarkable and MOVING (YOU'D FUCKING BETTER BE MOVED)story of Anka Bergman, who gave birth to her daughter in a NAAAAAAAZI concentration camp, yada yada..'

Drama: KIKE Leslie Joseph

E4: KIKE-COM "How I Met Yo Mamma"


Movie Mix "Brothers In Arms"

'Western about a ruthless and power-hungry(WHITE) gangster, whose command of a small New Mexico town is challenged by TWO PLUCKY AFRICAN-AMERICAN BROTHERS' LOL

Movies 4men : Soft -porn "Lost and Delerious":

'Three young girls explore their identities and sexual passion in an exclusive private boarding school.' Starring Mischa Barton.

Chan 4 HD "Homeland"

'With his old adversary in custody, KIKE Saul (played by KIKE Mandy KIKEsomething) takes the gamble of his career.

nilus said...

Mary Whitehouse manifesto, 1964:

"1: We men and women of Britain believe in a Christian way of life

2: We deplore present day attempts to belittle or destroy it, and in particular we object to the propaganda of disbelief, doubt and dirt that the BBC pours into millions of homes through the television screen.

4: Crime,violence, illegitimacy and venereal disease are steadily increasing, yet the B.B.C. employs people whose ideas and advice pander to the lowest in human nature,and accompany this with a stream of suggestive and erotic plays which present promiscuity, infidelity and drinking as normal and inevitable.

5: We call upom the BBC for a radical change of policy and demand programmes which build character instead of destroying it, which encourage and sustain faith in God (obscured)back to the heart of our family and national life"

That was 1964, folks, 1964

Fifty years ago.

I just picked up a book today for 99p, which had a RRP of £17, from the discount bookshop "The Works", called "Ban This Filth!: Letters from the Mary Whitehouse archive"

(Ben Thompson,faber and faber, ISBN 978-0-571-28149-7)

nilus said...

SHAMELESS RE-POST: Please share:


“I DID Survive, Oi Vey” (revised)

“First I was a shade, I was thus deified
I knew my Tribe and I could never thrive
without this massive lie

I spent Oy Vey so many nights
plotting how to do Goyim wrong
and I grew strong!
My rotten flesh would carrion!

So now Im back! (disco beat)
Eternal jew
Im still that fucked-up bitter twisted
whining phoney ass hebrew

I learned to cut my stupid locks
and hide my tell-tail beany hat
If you’d have known for just one second
I was a kike
You’d smell a rat

So, let’s ignore
and all the millions of non chosen cattle
killed in jewish wars

I was the one you tried to save
through Jesus Christ
But I am of my foul father and
so it’s no fun being “nice”

No, I wont go,
Im here to stay,
as long as I can fool the Goyim
I will prey and pray
That they dont wake up from the slumber of the dead
If they knew for just one second what Ive done

It took all the guile I had to tear your world apart
Kept trying’ hard to fuck the White race and to break their heart
And I spent oh so many nights
Just feeling sorry fore my skin
I used to cry
But if its anal, then I’m in!

Can you see me, some whiney jew
I’m still that hook-nosed little pervert counting shekels ,
taxing you
And so you felt like saying “NO”!
And just expect me to be agree
Ive got news for you Goyim
“Over my dead body!”

I DID survoive, oy vey, kvetch, whine, etc, to fade ”

Inglorius Gaynorm – I DID Survive

nilus said...

BBC1's "Lottery Show": Presented by
QUEER Dale Winton and
JEW Gaby Roslin with new
NIGGER...didnt catch his name.

As far as I can see, all BBC news is now read by NIGGERS.

Whites are relegated to the weather.

Last night, a repeat of an old KIKE Joan Rivers ( Molinsky: whats the madda, your grandparents name not good enough for you, kike?)

with special guest

There's a real affinity between KIKES and KWEERS, isnt there?

I assume they must both hate the same things...

nilus said...

Addendum ad nauseum:

ITV2: "Plebs" starring KIKE Tom Rosenthal, son of boxing's Jim Rosenthal, FUGLY BASTARD.

Funny how the KIKES are ALWAYS outside the ring, eh?

No, it makes perfect sense.

LOOK: The reason I do this is to point out how this numerically insignificant uber-minority is so massively over-represented in what most goy see as the "REAL" world: Telly, Radio, Cinema,News,etc.

Everywhere I look: KIKE

So Id say we could legitimately decree that we do indeed live in JEW WORLD.

If it was wonderful, then fine, have at it, carry on.



nilus said...

I used to think Radio 4 was listened to by Ol Colenel types, in Tunbridge Wells.

But now, it's the Radio equivalent of the Morning Star.

God, how I hate lefties. Left is Wrong and Right is Right.

Iron Felix said...

Way back, a decade ago w
there was a case in Dublin. Some girl from out of town, who was less than the sharpest knife in the drawer but who had enough smarts to be able to follow a routine, went missing. She routinely travelled to Dublin once or twice a week for therapy of some sort, but on this occasion failed to return. There followed the usual Hugh and cry, with the media ramping it up good-oh, hand-rubbingly scenting some sort of clerical involvement.Some days later she showed up; some fellow with sufficient perspicacity to notice things saw her wandering around, clearly distressed and disoriented, and called her in. This was all front page news, especially when it emerged that she had been abducted, held prisoner, and subjected to days of gang-rape by her captors until, tiring of it, they had thrown her out on the street to fend for herself as best she might.
Then something else emerged; the gang who did this were not the hoped-for group of priests, but a representative selection of highly desirable cultural enrichers brought over from that tropical Athens Nigeria. From that instant forward the episode vanished completely from the media. Not another word was said.The entire Irish media instantly chose to conceal all news of this foul crime specifically to cover up for and to protect the identity of the perpetrators. Rotherham? In Ireland they were way ahead of the game.

Corkonian said...

Felix, I remember that case. Disappeared faster than the report into the Malaysian Airlines plane in Ukraine.

I wonder was there actual communication between different outlets on the subject? As UN says, the MSM are the first targets.

Social media are anti-social said...

Who was Jack the Ripper? I present to you Aaron Kosminski, a Polish Jew who came to London to escape a Russian pogrom. It has now been proved beyond reasonable doubt, through DNA evidence, that he did the grisly Whitechapel killings.

Anonymous said...

Iron Felix, Corkorian,
Do you have any linked reports on that abduction and rape case from about 10 years ago?


Heraclitus said...

Referring to the latest wheeze unearthed by UN, is there no limit to the Jews' chutzpah? Do they have no shame? Does there not come a point at some stage where they finally acknowledge that they have shaken down the Germans for the last time?

Social media are anti-social said...


The new Holocaust reparations arrangements are likely the outcome of a decision made by Germany in 2007 to not revisit the terms of the 1952 Luxembourg Agreement. That is why the Jewish Claims Conference now looms large as an auxiliary conduit for compensation funds.

katana said...

Uncle Nasty lamented in an earlier post how many a good comment gets overlooked as new posts appear. Well, to go full retro here's a collection of iconoclastic comments, by one of my favorites ...


The Wisdom & Musings of John, an Old Retired Chicago Cop

Part 1

The following comments were all made on the Irish Savant blog* starting from June 2009 to Oct 2010. As a retired cop from Chicago, John’s comments reflect his street-wise wisdom, race realism and cutting humor that will have savvy readers nodding (and occasionally laughing) in agreement, or not.


John’s worldview is an acquired one, so bear with the birth pangs.

- John appears to have an on and off love affair with his CAPS KEY. It’s usually either ON or off. I suspect the cause of this stems simply from a sense of efficiency — why spend time and energy in engaging or disengaging that damn CAPS KEY lock?

- In a similar vein John is not man to be held down by tyrannical rules concerning punctuation, grammar or spelling. Real men make and follow their own rules.

- John calls a spade a fucking spade. He doesn’t call a nigger an African American, he calls him a nigger. Likewise he doesn’t call a jew a Chosen One, he calls him a jew.

- Dim Witted Liberals (DWL) and the Politically Correct (PC) crowds will find the following material deeply shocking and offensive. As John would say, “WELL FUCK OFF!” For those that persist, you can learn a lot from someone who has spent his life dealing with the damage to society that you fuckers have created.

With the above warning in mind please learn and enjoy!

PS: John, if you are reading this, many thanks!

Note: The bold text refers to the blog post being commented on in the Irish Savant.

Madness? Maybe, but maybe not

Anonymous said...

25 June 2009 18:08


More educational advances

Anonymous said...
just a thought how about a tv show called this old whore or why stop there how bout the beverly tranvestites, the list and possibilities are endless, the wild animal kingdom filmed in Cork city, the new history channel showing how Ireland has fallen apart in the lst ten years due to its new divesity,give it a shot savant you tell the truth, A RTD CHICAGO COPPER,

1 September 2009 18:28


I've been rumbled!

Anonymous said...

22 September 2009 13:52




katana said...


Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies....

Anonymous said...

23 January 2010 20:02


Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies....

Anonymous said...
DEar savant, are you telling me thatAndrea is into the guiding hand of a older man ala oh daddy ill be good for you hmmm.glad to hear of your weight loss, bet you can get into a size 54 waist in sans a belt.i remain John old ritred copper.@Chicago alcoholic treatment center/Swedish american home for the mentally impaired, 2600so,California ave, chicago Illinois, attn; cook county jail,

24 January 2010 21:51


Haiti relief: A true international effort

Anonymous said...

4 February 2010 20:43


Regenerating Limerick

Anonymous said...

17 February 2010 19:09


Regenerating Limerick

Anonymous said...

18 February 2010 22:39


Make the burka mandatory

Anonymous said...
at my age i think i would hit on granny the tatoo queen,John old rtd chicago copper

25 February 2010 03:47


Epic Beard Man: The main lesson

Anonymous said...
either way im glad the nigger got hos ass kicked. john old rtd chicago copper/

26 February 2010 03:34


Epic Beard Man: The main lesson

Anonymous said...
was in ireland back in 60s where the educated irish castigated me as a yank about the civil rights struggle in america, my answer alaways was how many do you want we can send you some. guess what itcame true and now where are the political correct people from that time. probably throwing rocks at the kaffirs. john old rtd. chicago copper.

26 February 2010 18:13


Make the burka mandatory

Anonymous said...
my statement about hitting on tatto grannie is to be restated, i think grannie is hot but i also relish rancid hamburger and milk 3 months past its exporation date. john old rtd chicago copper.

28 February 2010 21:09


Continued at my blog (see below)


My latest blog post is here: KATANA

Anonymous said...

New find for anyone who can get through a little German:

Heinrich Blume, “Das politische Gesicht der Freimaurerei” (The Political Face of Freemasonry) (1937)

I've always had trouble taking freemasonry seriously, but this is very, very good. It includes detailed explorations of the links with Coudenhove-Kalergi, Alliance Israelite Universelle (Cremieux), B'nai B'rith, Boshevism, ..., with splendid quotations.

Very sober and very factual.


beppo said...

@Heraclitoris 11:39

Briefly: No, no and no respectively.

Dan said...

Jack the Ripper was a Aaron Kosminski!

No wonder it took the entire establishment to bury it. Pogroms would have resulted. It's eerie how similar this is to the Paki Gangs.

The theories about the Crown being involved were both smokescreen and accurate. A smokescreen for a Jewish perp and accurate in that the police and goverment wished to avoid a Pogrom.

Dan said...

Same shit with Aaron Kosminski.

Iron Felix said...

Some thoughts here:
A) Anon and Corkonian, regrettably I have no such links, sorry.(A curiosity; the much maligned Hubbard, the Dianetics guy, said that he who takes sexual advantage of a female by virtue of her being not mentally equipped to look after herself, the same should be shot. Can't say I would demur, myself.

B) Anon, a slight trope in your piece: clerical child molesters are paedophiles rather than homosexuals BUT your main point is spot on. It is their Catholicism which is the target here, the welfare of the children counting for nothing.

C) Uncle Nasty, any sign soon of a groundswell demanding eye-watering amounts of boodle in recompense for a) the Holodomor and b) Kolyma, EACH of which had a handy seven million victims?

D) Katana, true for you. In 1907 this elite would have included Grey and Churchill. The latter said---see Pat Buchanan on this---that "Germany is getting too powerful---she must be smashed". To further this, 45,000 Irish idiots happily died, along with 110,000 Americans who were conned into it.

E) Gun totin' wacko, interesting that, from Solzhenitsyn. "We did not love freedom enough"; there it is, neat as jewels in a box. Had they taken axes to the Chekists back then would things be different? Suppose today some hero slits the throats NOT of the Paki rapists but of the assorted White traitors who have enabled and fostered the ethos which tolerates these outrages, would this progress matters at all? Perhaps. If it happens, we will know.

Dan said...

Haaretz and the Jerusalem Post replied to the Daily Mail story in Aaron Kosminski within hours.

Do they have Moles on the editorial board of the Daily Mail?

Anonymous said...

This Yank thinks the UK is on a mission of self-destruction. It's just effin' insane.
I've always had a soft spot for the UK, so it deeply saddens me to realize that it's on the fastest suicidal path of all Western societies.

Liam said...

In England and Wales there are 13 regional areas of the Crown Prosecution Service. Of these more than HALF of them are now headed by either an Asian (Pakistani or Indian) or a Jew.Below these heads of department increasing numbers of prosecutors are Asians, Jews and even Africans.

What race , other than the white race, would give up it's power to prosecute criminals to foreign, and hostile, races?

UKIP is just the start said...

I drove back to London yesterday through Bicester in Oxfordshire. Formerly a quiet, and all white English market town, the place was gridlocked with traffic and I couldn't help but notice a group of seven Africans and their piccaninnies emerging from a housing estate that had clearly only recently been built.

No doubt some of the houses were designated 'affordable housing', which meant that housing associations could fill them with immigrants under the governments dispersal policy, spreading the black tide from London in to the English countryside.

Then on to Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire, Again a former white market town that now resembled downtown Karachi crossed with Lagos, Nigeria.

Aylesbury, just another third world slum with it's very own Muslim rape/grooming gang of under-age white girls. Fourteen Pakistani rapists arrested there just last week though it got very little coverage in the MSM and none on the BBC.

Finally London, and spot the white man.

We have been deliberately colonised and are now being outbred and forced out of our own towns and cities through white flight. What will it take to make whites wake up.

SAVANT said...

I know Bicester well. And while by no means a typical Cotswolds town it is pretty and I weep to think of all those enrichers fouling the place. And Chipping Norton just a few miles away. Yes, England is finished.

Banbury has been destroyed for some while now.

David said...

Peter Sutherland in the Indo again with even more nation wrecking schemes
"Sutherland's plea for a more humane migration policy is the correct one" by a failed politician of a failed political neo-liberal party Liz O Donnell.
Peter Sutherland, as an Irishman and European statesman, was speaking up for me and many like me who feel unrepresented by the asylum procedures in place not only at European level, but here on this island "of the welcomes". I have long been critical of the unconscionable "direct provision" arrangements which have been in place here for the last decade. Direct provision sees asylum seekers and their families accommodated by the State in residential institutions as they await decisions on their asylum application.
The migration policy of the EU is morally wrong and driven by fear of the growth of far-right racist parties.
If only that were true Liz, the policy as you are no doubt aware is driven by a number of interlinked cabals who have the end result of the destruction of our societies. The next global war will be civil.
Comments are good though, there does seem to have a been a sea change.

Anonymous said...

In a market town like Bicester, it only takes a couple of hundred turd worlders to transform the place in to a mini Detroit.

A babbling brook can quickly turn in to a river of shit.

lemmyhead said...

Listen to the crowd in the background.

Wottonite on the edge said...

Aah yes, dear Savant, the Cotswolds. Once described as quintessentially English it is now undergoing a deliberate and rapid process of enrichment.

Some examples seen recently: Cirencester has it's very own African community, some of whom can be seen regularly parading around by the market place propositioning white girls and glaring at everyone else. Some of them are said to be students at the local agricultural college, part of an exchange scheme they have with Africa.

Black women living in housing association flats in the village of Fairford churning out their offspring ten to the dozen.

Blockley has an African postman, yippee!

Go to Moreton in Marsh and watch the Muslim yoof swagger around the streets on their way to the local fire college gym. Learning martial arts to practice on the kaffirs.

We've all heard about the mosque in Chipping Norton. Many of the locals don't like it but local MP and PM David Cameron says they're just waycists. Chippy's growing Muslim community feel at home and that's what counts.

Do-gooders in Evesham arrange for African women, sent there by some Common Purpose run housing association, to get the bus in to nearby Broadway where these massively obese creatures take over all the computers in the village library. Anyone who objects is a wayciss of course.

Soon they won't have to get the bus to pretty Broadway as they will be given flats and houses there on the former council estate at one end of the village.

Then we'll all be able to celebrate Broadway's African community, yippee!!

Don't even get me started on Gloucester and Cheltenham!

Anonymous said...

What message is the msm trying to send?
This blanket coverage of one..... unfortunate little boys condition.. is he more important to our media (famous for it’s selective blind eye regarding peedo’s and pervs in the UK). than the mass slaughter else where in the world?
Or are they sending some sort of sick message on big bro’s behalf?

Corkonian said...

Sutherland sold his soul to the devil many years ago. Hence his stratospheric career trajectory. How else could a humble Paddy become Chairman of the Vampire Squid itself, the belly of the beast of jewish control of Western finances? Just paying back Mephisto.

SAVANT said...

@Wottonite. Yes, nothing exemplifies the destruction of England more than the encroachment of these savages into the heart of Olde England. Gloucester and Banbury have been completely ruined, the fomer in a relatively short time, about a decade. How can the perpetrators look themselves in the mirror?

The most fearsome forward line is that approaching from Birmingham. It's starting already.

David said...

@Corkonian true and he will drag us all to hell with him.

Uncle Nasty said...

It would appear that the "Beheading of the Day" is possibly not?

Apparently a jewboy by the name of Sotloff is the beneficiary of the latest round of ISIS weight loss programs ("Lose ten pounds of Ugly Fat -- Instantly!!)

Or maybe not.

Even this guy ... the most uncritical person on the planet regarding yids is beginning to smell a hook-nosed rat in the woodpile.


By John Ward September 3, 2014

Early Sotloff career suggests agent role grooming Efraim Halevy International Institute for Counter Terrorism (IICT) Like Foley Sotloff not simple innocent journalist Steven Sotloff avowed Zionist? Tel Aviv's Interdisciplinary Center at Herzliya
Sotloff’s close links to Israeli counter-intelligence, emergence from same stable as Foley, and equally amazing ability to be ‘on the spot’ to cover Black Arts events in Middle East

That Steven Sotloff is Jewish isn’t exactly a secret. But what many media titles this morning have glossed over is that he studied at Tel Aviv’s Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya (IDC) before beginning his career. Located on the same campus at the core of of IDCs philosophy is the International Institute for Counter Terrorism. Its links to Mossad are well known. The Slog tries to join up some dots.

Having watched the second ‘beheading’ video and looked into Mr Sotloff’s background, my aim – as with James Foley’s apparent execution – is to offer key observations that I find significant:

There is no blood at all in this video. This time the ‘assailant’ isn’t even seen attacking his victim. There is no headless body seen at the end. The voice is identical to the first video.

Some excerpts from around the Web so far today: ‘A video has been released today showing the gruesome murder of Steven Sotloff‘ (The Mirror – it shows no such thing). ‘The killing of Sotloff ‘disgusting and despicable’ (David Cameron – this film offers zero evidence that he is dead). ‘A video that shows the beheading of American Steven Sotloff (CNN – it doesn’t show anything). ‘Sotloff family watched grisly video of Sotloff’s death’. (NBC – well then, they didn’t watch the one I did).

Youtube has blocked all copies of the video. Google is not showing any relevant results for ‘watch Sotloff beheading video’. Once again, senior politicians and most news anchors are advising against any viewing, on the grounds of it being ‘gruesome’, ‘gorey’, ‘disgusting’ or ‘disturbing’. Wikipedia already has an entry on him confirming his death.

Assumptions are being routinely presented as facts.

As with the Foley video, Mr Sotloff betrays no signs of fear whatsoever.

He may well simply be a very brave man, but the apparent calm of both ‘victims’ is, to say the least, odd.

Interesting article from a man who, a few short months ago, did not know the third rail even existed.


Uncle Nasty said...

Regarding my last post, on the extreme haircutters of ISIS, you might find this backstory of the first so-called victim (Foley) ... shall we say, interesting?


By John Ward September 1, 2014

Charles Sennott Did CIA cause Foley's death? Hearst Corporation James Foley - secret agent? Phil Balboni The 'last letter' looks like a fake The CIA The Ford Foundation The Global Post
Global Post founders’ history of unexplained funding
Links to Ford Foundation & CIA

Shortly after I’d posted about the Foley ‘beheading’, several people suggested by email that I should ‘look into’ James Foley’s (right) professional background. I had sort of vaguely heard of his employers – The Global Post – but couldn’t have told you the first thing about them. It is a Boston-based site, with 65 foreign correspondents throughout the world. These days in journalism, that’s a big number.

Focusing primarily on International news, the website TGB was founded in 2009 by Charles M. Sennott and Philip S. Balboni. So says the site. But Phil Balboni’s news organisation was founded much earlier – in 1994.

Still, I suppose they feel they know what they're doing.

As a corollary It's a amazing how simple these things become once one takes off the jew-tinted lenses. I take note of a movie, wonder if it's worth seeing, so I count the yids from top to bottom ... director, writer, producers and top billboard names. If the joo-factor is fifty percent plus, I walk on.

Same with books, magazines, news articles, Television.

You'd be amazed at how much stuff you can walk away from -- without a moment's regret ... Now or later.


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Uncle Nasty said...

Muslims, like niggers, are a distraction.

Nothing more.

In which we learn that the keywords are "follow the money ... follow the jew."

Wealthy French Jews Are Fleeing Anti-Semitism and Bringing Their Money
A "fixer" named Marlen Kruzhkov has helped dozens of rich guys move their families -- and over $1 billion -- to NYC

By Polly Mosendz | 09/05/14 7:21am

A French propaganda poster from 1942 asks “Who steals our North Africa? Roosevelt.” And blames the Jews.

Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, reads Lady Liberty’s welcome. Every year since New York City’s founding, tens of thousands have crossed over the Atlantic to trade in their European chapeaux for American caps. This year, New York has increasingly become home to one particular population seeking American status: Jewish Frenchmen.

Marlen Kruzhkov, an attorney at New York’s Gusrae Kaplan, specializes in helping Jews make the move from France to the States. Mr. Kruzhkov explained to the Observer in a phone interview that this migration has increased massively since the beginning of 2014, spurred by a spate of anti-semitic incidents, which only worsened with the war between Israel and Hamas. While last year he helped a handful of families with legal arrangements, today he is handling the arrangements of several dozen families—parents with children—looking to make the move. The families Mr. Kruzhkov works with are predominantly well-off investors, with an average net worth of $50 to $70 million. These dollars come along for the all-American ride.

As any good lawyer does, Mr. Kruzhkov begins his conversations with the families he represents by asking, “Why this, why now? Why do you want to be here and invest here?” Unanimously, the answer is French anti-Semitism.

(end part one)


Anonymous said...

Look at this; France has these commie white cunts kissing black arse an all.

These local government sponsored cunts are the biggest threat to white people who want to be amongst their own.

THIS is what needs exterminating!

In South Africa the blacks use necklaces to deal with black treachery, 'uncle toms' et al

We should 'learn' something!

Uncle Nasty said...

Part two.

“The truth is, there has always been a large [amount of] anti-Semitism in Europe, and particularly in France,” explains Mr. Kruzhkov. “France is a weird country because it has a large Jewish and large Muslim population, so there is a real tension, a real undercurrent of hostility and a threat. Now, it has become a lot easier for people to become a lot more open about their anti-Semitism and hate. Even a year ago, they were shocked.” Jewish people account for one percent of France’s population, whereas Muslims make up five to ten percent. The vast majority of Frenchmen are Roman Catholics.

For this Jewish population, there are two main options when it comes to moving: the United States or Israel. While Israel feels more familiar to many of those seeking to migrate – it’s nearby and many already have Israeli passports — Mr. Kruzhkov notes that their businesses are often the key to determining a location.

“Israel is a small place, business opportunities are less, there is much more red tape.

The US is easier; it’s a great place to do business, less red tape.”

Nonetheless, it is anti-Semitism, not business opportunities, that is driving the Jewish population out of France. “It’s no question, the driving force is the anti-Semitism, but the reason they are choosing the US is due to sound business reasons.”

For some who are looking to move, their funds go first, and then the discussion of relocating the family begins. While their wealth often ends up in the United States, not all families choose to immigrate, at least not immediately. Almost all of Mr. Kruzhkov’s clients aim to move their wealth from France; 75 percent of them consider immigration. Fifty percent end up going through with the move. In some cases, investments head to the States while the family moves to Israel. From the roughly two-dozen families he has represented thus far this year, an estimated $1.44 billion in wealth has moved from France to New York as a result of the rising anti-Semitism in France.

Don't you just love: “Israel is a small place, business opportunities are less, there is much more red tape.

The US is easier; it’s a great place to do business, less red tape.”

... and fewer joos to rip you off. Mosquitoes and leeches do not live off other mosquitoes -- and leeches.


AnalogMan said...

Potgieter said...

Just heard last week that Dan Roodt had committed suicide.

Apparently not. He just posted a comment on the Amren thread about his book.

James said...

I DEMAND that anyone using BUGS ammunition get OFF, totally OFF, the Jew Addiction.

Only a true retard would not understand THAT by now.

--Bob Whitaker

So maybe less talk about Jooz is a good idea.

Anonymous said...

Strange 9/11 Quotations put together in a story.

Almost makes you think Mossad might have known about it.

Can someone check the facts please?

Uncle Nasty said...

This is pretty funny. I have always regarded Theo Spark as a fairly professionally run hasbara site.

It pretends to espouse all the old right wing conservative values. Private gun ownership, the Military and its virtues (patriotism, valour, bravery, etc.) fast American Iron in the form of Mustangs and Harley Davidsons ... corn-fed girls with BIG tits ... you know the score.

Except that it never, never, never steps on the Third Rail ... israel.

It's always Brave little israel this and plucky little israel that and the other thing. We won't even mention the fact that every commenter on the Middle East -- or things jewish -- is a nose ... Caroline Glick, Dan Friedman ... etc., etc., etc.

Well, if you go there now, you will see the famous Voltaire quote as it was illustrated back in the nineteenth century ... when the Europeans knew the jew.

We have the shiny diamond pinky ring on the soft, podgy, stubby-fingered hand ... the nineteenth century visual shortcut for Das Ewige Jude.

Either someone at Theo Spark was not correctly tutored in the use of historical antisemitic imagery or that very same someone has finally jumped the plantation.

Either way ... check it out, It won't be there for long.


Uncle Nasty said...

Further to my last post ... a direct link to the offending (yay!) quote.


Anonymous said...

KATANA.thank you, i was humbled and surprised not to mention honored to see that you had me posted as 'Musings from John ,old rtd chicago copper''.this was the nicest thing anyone ever did for me and againg i humbly say thank you,will there be any residuals forh coming for any more publishings?? and also can i have my wallet back,sincerly John old rtd chicago copper.

SAVANT said...

Katana. Thanks again for this excellent analysis. I'm pleased that moderation hasn't decimated the number of comments which, while it has inevitably gone down the reduction has been 'moderate'.

Fiona said...

I always enjoy old John's comments and love what you say about him 'battling his caps lock key'.

Uncle Nasty said...

Even further to my last, I guess the actual link would be of some assistance ...

Have a good chuckle. Oh, the irony ... and, while we're at it, check out this character, Dan Gordon -- a nose of course, seeing as he so proudly touts himself as a reserve officer in the IDF.

Gordon honestly believes that we should sacrifice even more for the Red Sea Pedestrians. We haven't given enough, you see.
Not nearly enough.

He honestly thinks we owe them a living.

Yes, I know you gave up hundreds of billions of pounds of treasure for us in 1914 -- 1918 and 1939 -- 1945 as well as sacrificing up to 200 million of your White compatriots making the world safe for us ... but what have you done for us lately?

Go fuck yourself you kike bastard.

It's Your Move, World Dan Gordon

History fairly reeks of supposedly well meaning, high minded folk who “didn’t know”, and then paid the horrible price for their feigned or real ignorance.
Because that’s the point, after all.

History doesn’t really care if you’re pretending to be ignorant, or just a fool.
History exacts an awful price for those who turn a blind eye to evil, for those who will not hear the Devil’s siren song of complicity, or hearing, refuse to understand it’s meaning.

History doesn’t care if you’re really stupid, in the face of true wickedness, or merely playing the fool.
History is a hanging judge.

And whether you know it or not, whether you are intellectually honest enough to admit it to yourself , let alone others, or not, we are all in the docket right now.
What we do over the next weeks and months, not years, but over the next weeks and months, will color our fate and that of our children and grandchildren, for generations to come.

They will either look back and praise you for your courage, or damn you for your cowardice.
But don’t think for a moment that Judgement isn’t coming.

It’s already on it’s way.

Oddly enough, rogue apostrophes aside, I agree with everything he says, only not quite what he means.


nilus said...

UK TV mid-day, Monday 9 Sept.

BBC2: Daily Politics presented by
JEW Jo Coburn

ITV: 'This Morning'

followed by 'Loose Women' with
JEW Joan Collins

Channel 4: 'Celebrity Coach Trip'

pesented by
QUEER Brendan Sheerin, with
QUEER 'interior decorators' Colin and Justin.

Channel 5: 'Celebrity Big Brother'
QUEER Rylan Clark: Who is tomorrows "special guest" on "The Wright Stuff")

ITV2: Emmerdale..followed by Coronation Street x2
foloowed by 'Jeremy Kyle'

Latest TV: 'Cook It' QUEER Andrew Kay

Dave 'Top Gear' guest
JEW Simon Cowell


Really: 'Homes Under Mohammed'
PAKIS buying up your kids heritage

E4+1 'The Tomorrow People, created by a QUEER

5 USA 'Columbo' KIKE-created, written and produced, starring
JEW Peter Falk.

True Ent.: 'Little JEW on the Prairie' starring
JEW Micheal Landon
(Eugene Maurice Orowitz)
JEW Melissa Gilbert
JEW Jonathan Gilbert

CBS REality: JUdge JEWdy x 6

truTV 'Bait Car' Rigged car to catch NIGGERS in "America's toughests neighbourhoods"


'Eternal Jeweleery Collection, of course, that wont fit onto the small box on my TV guide, so it reads:

'Eternal Jew.."

katana said...

Anonymous said... 8 September 2014 07:35
KATANA.thank you, i was humbled and surprised not to mention honored to see that you had me posted as 'Musings from John ,old rtd chicago copper''.this was the nicest thing anyone ever did for me and againg i humbly say thank you,will there be any residuals forh coming for any more publishings?? and also can i have my wallet back,sincerly John old rtd chicago copper.


John, you are more than welcome.

You, like the rest of us that remain after Savant has recently fumigated the place with a bit of the old Zyklon B (every White household should have a can or two, just in case), are contributing to the noble cause of helping to save Western Civilization from destruction. We are all doing our little bit, or not so little, and it all adds up.

And yes, part two of what at least will be a Trilogy should be available next weekend,the wallets in the chigaco niggermail,so truly hope but don't expect to get it.

[Note for John and others: a PDF of Part 1 can be downloaded at my blog. Useful for emailing the truth to those you like or dislike.]


Thanks Fiona.


For my latest blog post click here > KATANA


Anonymous said...

Racially motivated assault at Kroger in Memphis, TN
This fight happened on September 6, 2014 at the Kroger at Poplar and Highland in Memphis, Tennessee. According to witnesses, a mob of teens attacked store employees at the front entrance to the store, and later an elderly customer in the parking lot.

Anonymous said...

Rotherham Rape Scandal “Tip Of Iceberg”–BNP, Like It Or Not, Vindicated.

The British political class is engaging in frantic damage control after the revelation that some 1400 white British girls were systematically “groomed” and sexually assaulted by Pakistani immigrants and their descendants in the northern town of Rotherham, Yorkshire, population just 250,000, over a period of 20 years. What is especially inconvenient is that this revelation isn’t new at all—but a scandal exposed by Nick Griffin and the British National Party a decade ago and deliberately concealed by “anti-racist” policies. And, incredibly, the British government actually prosecuted Griffin for talking about the issue—even as government workers were treating sexual assault and rape victims with indifference and contempt.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

"Sit down and take it!" "See yah later!"

Fast forward 3:20

Wolfhound said...

Three Italian nuns murdered in Burundi attack

Here's a delusional quote from the story: ""It is very difficult to know the reason behind the killing, but nothing can justify it," Father Mario said."

How about they were White father Mario, how about they were 3 frail old White women living amongst kaffirs who are still occupying a spot several rungs lower on the evolutionary scale.

No comments allowed ofcourse.

Kaptain Kurtz said...

Another white kid stabbed by a raceless and faceless murderer named Jamarion Hawthorne.

Anonymous said...

Police hunt for sex beast after man posing as taxi driver attacks teenager on night-out.

THE attacker drive the victim to a Tesco car park in Dumfries where he subjected her to a serious sexual assault.

Asian= Paki = Fuzzy Wuzzie

nilus said...

Comments on a KikeTube upload of a recent episode of Kweernation street:

Coronation Street production rule # 5,784: "The majority of authority figures (medical, judicial, police, etc) must be non-Whites"

Our media has been monopolized by Jews (tv, newspapers, Hollywood, magazines, music, etc.) and they have filled it with filth, constant bad influences (constant arguing, fighting, cheating, etc.) and anti white propaganda (constant race mixing (we have seen a white woman with a black man on tv literally millions of times, yet we have seen a Pakistani woman etc. with a black man on tv precisely zero times), making it news headlines for months when a white person is racist to a non white but covering it up when a non white attacks or rapes a white person, showing black athletes on tv constantly (Usain Bolt, Mo Farrah, etc.) whilst completely ignoring whie athletes (Chris Hoy anyone?), etc.). Watch as little of our Jew monopolized media as possible, you will be suprised by how much more happy and relaxed you feel.?Reply?3Hide repliesBerrie Brighteyes1 day agoListen to yourself! Have you been living in a box for the last few years?? There are black murderers and rapists on the !
news all the time who have attacked white people, equally as many whites who have attacked blacks. You r stupid and racist. And in what way is your comment related to coronation street (the best thing in the universe!)?????!?!?

CORRECT ! A+ They will even put up with losing viewers, and will even fore-go advertising-shekels, in their drive to promote constant queerness and anti-White anti-British and anti-Christian propaganda. The K. Agenda.

What is a racist anti-semite doing slamming Coronation Street? A fantasy made up soap opera. Good Heavens get off these boards and go to a political website and spew your racist anti-semite bullshit some where else.

I'm a loyal, extreme corrie fan. When you post pointless shit on my baby's comments I get pissed off! Corrie now and forever!!!?

?thank you for popping your UGLY head up. Now i can block you forever now. LOL :)

Aww Maddie!! 'Get your lips off of my mistress' ! So sweet...?

Whitey needs to accept subjewgation.

I thought Katie was supposed to leave the show? Wish Todd would get the ax BUT not until somebody takes him to a back alley and beat the living daylights out of the pretty boy.

"I thought Katie was supposed to leave the show?" - She's such a cute white girl that they needed to turn her into a mudshark before she goes. Is there any cute white chick in CS who doesn't get turned out as a slag, dyke, lowlife?

Poor Jason, a decent guy who's life is screwed up by his negrotic inheritance, his queerass brother, and a series of mentally and spiritually diseased modern britchix.?

Anonymous said...

This Yank would like to know how much of the Scottish independence movement is about rejection of the multi-cultural shitshole model that the UK has become.
Of course, UK papers won't say this, so could readers of the blog enlgihten me if, in fact, this is the case? Thanks!

nilus said...

WOW! How did this ever get made? Flicking through the guide I see a programme on "truTV" called "Nigger Island" :

'12 niggers are stranded on a tropical island with Quinton "Rampage" Jackson , but this is no holiday, they're here to compete for $10,000'

Actually, no,let me put on my reading glassesah, yes, my mistake,it's actually called "Redneck Island":

'12 redknecks are stranded on a tropical island with Stone Cold Steve Austin , but this is no holiday, they're here to compete for $10,000 (judenfetzen)'

On "True Entertainment": 'Killer Instinct': Candice Delong, the FBI's first female profiler ROSE ABOVE the bureau's SEXISM taking on her most terrifying and personal case- a kileer ( who will be White, I am sure) who targets mothers and Delong among them'

Movies4men: "Dont Wait,Django, Shoot!"

Oh, he will.

followed by "The Fighting Fists Of Shanghai Joe": A Chinese immigrant, with formidable fighting skills , (and a cock like a gypsy's clothes peg)arrives in a small Western town and soon takes sides with the OPPRESSED MEXICAN SLAVES '

4seven : "Educating the (niggers in) The East End"

An exercise in futility.

Movie Mix: "Shallow Hal"
Kike Paltrow and KIKE Jack Black.

followed by one of KIKE Seagal's six million movies.


ITV2: Movie starring
KIKE Sarah Jessica Parker


Yesterday: "Auschwitz, The NAAAAAAZIS and the Final Solution"

(for a change)

VIVA: "Scrubs" KIKE Zach Braff and his nigger best mates take the piss out of Whitey.

4music : "Peep Show"
KIKE Sam Bain, etc

More4: "911: The MIRACLE of stairway B" followed by the Faggot Doctor looking up peoples wotsits. Aaron has a rash on his penis. OOH! He said "penis"

Channel 4:


"8 out of 10 cats"
JEW Rachel Riley

On JEW Danny Cohen's BBC2,
JEW Ian Katz's "Jewsnight",
presented by
JEW Emily Maitliss

ITV: English NIGGERBALL. English nigger scores twice.
White girls, you should fuck him.

Dave: "Room 101"
JEW Victoria Coren

BBC3: "Family Kike" x2
"Subversive" kike kartoon.

ITV2: "Plebs" starring
KIKE Tom Rosenthal

followed by kike Chuck Levine's "2 and a half kikes"

Chan 5 QUEER Rylan Clark, and other faggots,freaks and trannies: "Big Brothers Bit On The Side"

Uncle Nasty said...

I find Nilus's comments on Fagnation Street fascinating ... or, more to the point, the comments by viewers along with the ever weaker rebuttals and straw man arguments presented by the hasbarats.

I personally loathe televison -- or more to the point, what it has become -- and only had one in the house (back in ZA) for my Dad who was aging rapidly at the time and found some sort of solace in it.

Be that as it may. My landlady (dumb as a box of facebricks, God bless her) LOVES fucking Coronation Street, is amazed that I don't share her fascination with it and continually updates me on the scripted antics of all these little feminised poofters all going on about their fucking feelings, fer fuxache.

Sweet as she is, my landlady is a living advertisement for the folly of democracy in general and the sheer grinding senselessness of allowing women the vote at all.

Emily Pankhurst ... may you rot in Hell. Cunt.

Having just said that, it may intrigue commenters to know the true history of the Pankhursts and their bovine supporters. They weren't quite the heroic (albeit deluded) little lambs that they are painted as.


Anonymous said...

OK, I must confess. Ha! I found this site via a link from a similar site. It's just more focused on BRA or the FUSA. I see posters from that site on this site. Hope things are well Analogman.
Getting to my point...I go by "Scot Irish" on SBPDL. I've posted on this site as "Stupid Mick" twice. Maybe it was "Dumb Mick"? I can't remember.
Anyone it'll be Scot Irish from now on even if all three monikers apply.

Congratulations Irish Savant! Great articles! Appreciate the blog. Keep up the good work please!
Scot Irish

nilus said...

Has anybody evr, I mean, evr, laughed at ANYTHING that scouse "comedian" ,John Bishop, has ever said?

He's like a cleaned up, PC version of a seventies comedian: Bernard Righton: " A jew, a black man and a Pakistani walk into a bar...what a fine example of an integrated coonmutiny"

He seems to just talk about stuff. No jokes, just crappy anecdotes about nothing in particular.

He does at least stand up. So he's a "stand up".

But not a "stand up comedian".

If I saw him doing a gig in a pub I'd probably go back downstairs.

But he's a "superstar", like Paddy McGuinness.

The first casualty of PC is comedy.

The laughter is Pavlovian.

Anonymous said...

Scot Irish, good god man! Can't you take those pictures down?

nilus said...

Even Channel 5 news was read by a chimp in a suit.

Im now watching a nigger doing the weather on BBC1.

On BBC2 "Scrappers" OOh, look at the silly White people, working for a living.

On Dave now, and forever, QUEER KIKE FRY, the world's cleverest and most charming man.

SOON, on BBC1: "Our Girl" about a woman(from Eastenders) on the front line in Afghanistan...meanwhile, lots of men wearing aprons and cooking, on telly.


Now to BBC news , read by a NIGGER.

Now to "Hard Talk" with PAKI Zena Badarhwi, talking to Baroso, the EU cunt.

Russia must be dealt with...good luck with that, zio-cunts.

Vladimir Putin on western propaganda and media lies

yeah, whatever..

Dan said...

Anti-racist socialists for the most part.

Scotland will be in the shit-hole pronto after independence.

Anonymous said...

Famous last words.

Anonymous said...

Liam said: “In England and Wales there are 13 regional areas of the Crown Prosecution Service. Of these more than HALF of them are now headed by either an Asian (Pakistani or Indian) or a Jew.Below these heads of department increasing numbers of prosecutors are Asians, Jews and even Africans.

What race , other than the white race, would give up it's power to prosecute criminals to foreign, and hostile, races?”


CPS appoints Kent's police chief Michael Fuller

Kent's CHIEF CONSTABLE, Michael Fuller [Negro], has been appointed as chief inspector of the CROWN PROSECUTION SERVICE.

Mr Fuller was selected by Attorney General BARONESS Scotland [Negress]. He was approved by the government and endorsed by the Commons Justice Committee.


Chief Crown Prosecutor East of England: Grace Ononiwu OBE (Negress)

Deputy Chief Crown Prosecutor East of England: Paula Abrahams (Jew)

Chief Crown Prosecutor North East: Wendy Williams (Negress)

Chief Crown Prosecutor North West: Nazir Afzal OBE (Muslim)

Deputy Chief Crown Prosecutor West Midlands CPS: Zafar Siddique (Muslim)

Chief Crown Prosecutor Thames and Chiltern: Baljit Ubhey OBE (Hindu)

Chief Crown Prosecutor for Yorkshire and Humberside: Martin Goldman (Jew)

Deputy Chief Crown Prosecutor London: Naheed Hussain (Muslim)

CPS Chief Executive: Peter Lewis (Jew?)

South East

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...


Negress wins racism case against Met Police, awarded £37,000 damages. Says it wants to continue working at that evil, racist (“institutionally racist”) organisation.

You couldn’t make it up.

CHANNEL 4 NEWS, 08 September 2014

Interview with SIMON ISRAEL:

She describes what she’s been through as “hellish” but when I ask her why does she WANT TO GO BACK TO AN ORGANISATION which has treated her so badly she replies...

The Metropolitan Police in a statement to Channel 4 News tonight said they will FULLY SUPPORT PC HOWARD’S RETURN TO WORK and accept there is learning [“lessons will be learned”] from this case...

Note that although it says, quote: “This case has nearly BROKEN ME”, the MPS are allowing this “nearly BROKEN” woman to return to work, where it will be back patrolling the streets of London.

You couldn’t make up,


After the Met’s Diplomatic Protection Group firearms officer won her claim last month it emerged that she had been ARRESTED THREE TIMES for a series of allegations, including assaulting her ex-partner, harassment, making threats to damage property [chimping out, LOL!!!], alleged possession of an indecent photo of a child under 16, witness intimidation and perverting justice.

All the allegations involve her ex-partner and the claims of assault have since been dropped but she is STILL BEING INVESTIGATED by Sussex Police for the other matters.


Carol Howard, 35, an armed officer in the ELITE Diplomatic Protection Group, SOBBED [just what the Metropolitan Police need back on the job: an emotionally unstable Negress in charge of a firearm] as she told of how she had endured a long campaign of harrassment by senior officers.

Mark my words: it will return to work, where members of staff at the Metropolitan Police will be treading on eggshells around it. It will then be promoted beyond its ability. When the MPS fail to promote it to a certain rank (Chief Inspector, Borough Commander etc) or appoint it Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, it will then sue for damages.


Black police officer takes GMP to a second employment tribunal alleging racism

It is the second time in five years the officer, who has been with GMP for 24 years, has mounted an employment tribunal alleging racism.

He launched the first in 2008 after he had been the subject of a two-year internal investigation which concluded he had broken ‘tolerance and politeness’ rules by wearing a TRADITIONAL AFRICAN ROBE TO WORK.

This is the end result of decades of indoctrination by the JEW.

Frank Galton

Clogheen said...

Nilus, the chimps in suits are everywhere, not just on British and American TV. France 24, even Russia Today are infested with them.

Anonymous said...

Does anybody remeber the PG Tips tea adverts? Tha's our world:


Wolfhound said...

@ anon 22.17

It would be a nice thought to have the Scots reject multiculti marxist Great Britain, but alas.

Listening to most of their reasons for wanting independence makes it clear that it's primarily an issue of economics. The Scots think they'll be better off financially without the Union and this money can be pumped in to more welfare statism, multiculti horse shit and foreign aid. Ironically I get the impression the Scots aren't happy with how long it's taking the Union to completely dissolve itself into oblivion and would love to speed up the process.

Anonymous said...

hi guys,found myself on You Tube under'' we got shots fired over here" headlining,you can see old John in a red baseball cap cowering on right fender of a Ford Explorer i beleive just before he had to run to station to change his underwere i should be at 06,enjoy i know i didnt at the time,John old rtd chicago copper,

Californian said...

White nationalists ought to consider pushing for a US style Right to Bear Arms.

A government disarms its people twice by restricting civilian ownership of firearms. First, by removing the means of self-defense (as well as rebellion against tyranny). The second is morally by saying to the individual, "You do not have the competence to protect yourself. Rely on us--your "friend" the state--for protection."

We have seen how relying on the state for protection plays out in Rotherham.

Of, course, the real enemy is not the "Asians" committing the crimes. It is the multicult establishment whose ideology and actions sets them against the British people.

Anonymous said...

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