Thursday, 7 August 2014

The hidden persuaders

The leading role played by non-Jewish actors in multiculturalism and the societal destruction that flows from it is often cited as evidence of The Project's catholic (small 'c') nature.  I offer the Project Architecture concept as an explanation for this phenomenon. The conventional architect draws up a plan which the  builder follows through to completion. Jewish interests have in similar manner drawn up a program for a multi-ethnic society in a way which induces stupefied goyim carry out much of the hands-on work.

Here are just a few components:

(1)  'All races are equal': This canard is essential for The Project which obviously would be undermined were  the 'host' country to acknowledge the obvious inferiority of Third World immigrants.

(2) Cultural Relativism: Same as (1)

(3) 'Hate' and 'discrimination' legislation: Despite the impact of the first two factors, most people can see, if only through a glass darkly, that races and cultures are not equal. Hence  the introduction of heavily punitive legislation to pre-empt acting on this awareness

(4) Destruction of traditional family, education, art, sexual mores, religion and other key cultural and national institutions

(5) Control of the Narrative through control of media

Jews represent the fountainhead for components (1) through (4), the primary vehicle being Critical Theory and its various offshoots, while their legendary media control underpins the ongoing dissemination of the poison (5).

A society that's been subjected to such an attack is rendered largely defenceless against the proponents of multiculturalism and mass immigration.  As Lenin said, a society without traditions is easily conquered.  The Architecture has thus over time build up a mindset which induces Whites to  work for their own ethnic extinction. Therefore Jews don't need to write all the legislation (although they do so in a vastly disproportionate manner) or always lead from the front in order to get the destruction implemented.

 I've also written on The Architecture  here and here.


Glen C. said...

We should know by now that the number of jews in the country doesn’t matter. A couple dozen rich jews in seats of power is enough to wreck the whole country, especially when their cousins in NY, London, and DC are willing to work with them.

If you see the same symptoms in multiple patients, odds are they all have the same disease. Right now every White nation has the same symptoms, which means all White nations have the same disease. Unfortunately diagnosing this disease is considered a “hate crime.”

Anonymous said...

I'd add feminism to that list. It's probably the most devastating to the White family. Women are good at many things but critical reasoning isn't one of them; they are gullible and airheaded and believe whatever the ziomedia tells them. An evolutionary explanation would be that they never had to deal with large numbers outside the family so developed no immunity to brainwashing.

parisclaims said...

Off topic, but too good not to share. Enjoy!

parisclaims said...

Anyone who believes all races are equal might like to scroll down to the contrasting photos at the bottom of Aug 2nd post.

parisclaims said...
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parisclaims said...
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Anonymous said...

Problem is the Jews are shooting themselves in the foot. How do you support both Israel and cultural Marxism? Loyalty to Israel means loyalty to religion, race, blood, soil, true history and culture - the very things despised by Marxists. And from my own observations, Jewish youth in the West have been just as corrupted by the cultural revolution as their goyim counterparts.


nilus said...

JEWS? I turned on the radio yesterday, JEW Vanessa Feltz was occupying Jeremy Vine's chair on BBc Radio 2.

Later that night I flicked on Radio 1, of all things, the show was presented by JEW Alice Levine.

JEW Grant Shapps was interviewed on LBC.

LBC's PC Contrarian James O Brien presented JEW Ian Katz's "Newsnight" last night.

On the BBC Radio 4skin news were reports fron Science Correspondent JEW David Shukman and Moscow correspondent JEW Steve Rosenberg.

Last night on BBC4, JEW Simon Shama presented his history of Britain, whilst JEW Alan Yentob was on BBC1.

"Dirty Dancing" was on one of the channels, JEW Jennifer Grey playing a JEWish girl at a JEWish resort for JEWS who gets involved with a FILTHY GOY, much to her JEW parents disgust and fury.

Channel 4's "The Mimic" last night had the guy proposing to his JEWish girlfriend, who said he would have to convert and get circumcised. She also backed out of a "Miss Piggy" tattoo as it would upset her JEW father, and it wasnt kosher..

BBC3 is trailering a new series of SHITCOM "Cuckoo", in which a suburban English girl returns from a gap year, married to a hippy KIKE played by KIKE Andy Samberg.

Funnily enough, it echoes another BBC3 SHITCOM, "Hebburn" in which a Geordie bloke returns from travels, married to a JEW!

Then there is BBC2's "Granmas House" written by and starring QUEER JEW Simon Amstell(co-written by JEW Dan Swimer), in which he plays a version of himself -his mom is JEWbiquitous Rebecca Front-in one episode he fucks a boy on his 16th birthday. That's right:

Series 2, episode 1:
"Simon, now living at his Grandma's house, has had a one night stand with Mark, a just-turned-sixteen classmate of Adam."

Then there is JEW Robert Popper's
(Haberdashers Aske School)"Friday Night Dinner" (Channel 4) about a JEW family witha DUMKOPF GOY neighbour.

Two new movies being promoted now : One is a Rom-Com starring the seriously over-rated(acting-wise) JEW Daniel Radcliffe, another "LUCY" stars the seriously over-rated (looks-wise)JEW Scarlett Johanssen as a woman who learns to use more than 10% of her brain (LOL!) with of course Morgan Fucking Freeman as,of course,the Wise,Scientific Genius
(magic nigger)

Anyway, JEWS in UK?

350,000 out of a pop. of close to 70 million.

JEWS in New Zealand?

12,000 in a pop. of 4 million
(from memory)


Anonymous said...

We have been told this before. Not a criticism. The Protocols give this in detail. Are they a hoax? It doesn't matter who, why or where if it is happening it's the truth.
One of the great men on the subject is Henry Ford. It's chilling how perceptive this man was. A truly brilliant man. If you haven't read his 'The International Jew' you are missing out. What's more you can get it for free!
Here's a link :-

400+ pages of incite and knowledge. If there is one book you should read about 'The Jewish Problem' this is it. Ford writes in an easy language without masses of data and statistics yet makes every sentence count.
The non-Jews that you mention all seem to have skeletons in their cupboards. For example, Tony Blair arrested twice as Charles Lynton? Known as 'Miranda' when practicing as a barrister? Brown in a pedophile ring? It seems as though every politician of whatever hue has some sort of abnormal predilection. For 'investigation' read 'cover up'.


BTW Thanks Sponge the other link worked fine. I think the events shown happen in every major European city numerous times every day. We don't hear about though because it destroys the narrative that Savant has outlined.

nilus said...

Times of Israel Pretends Holocaust Jew-Skin Lampshade Selling for $26,800 is Real


09:00 "The Long View"

JEW Jonathan Freedland looks at the boom in coffee shops now and in the 17th century.Jonathan looks at the lessons for today's coffee shops with guests including food critic JEW Jay Rayner

10:00 "WYMMINZ Hour"
(JEW Alice Finestein)

The Director, Maria Aberg, on her latest play "THE WHITE DEVIL",and the gender bias in British theatre

How do you define your sexuality?

Rosie Garland identified as a lesbian for twenty years but is now in a relationship with a man, Jayne Headon-Meldrum was married to man for over 20 years and they had children together, but she now in a relationship with a woman.

They join Jenni to discuss the reactions they have experienced to their changed sexual identities.'

10:56 "The Listening Project"
Anthea and Ramarni - A Better School

'Fi Glover with a NIGGER boy and his NIGGER mother, who worries that her NIGGER son is too bright for his school
'The 12 year old NIGGER's IQ is higher than that of KIKE Einstein, Stephen Hawking and Bill Gates, and his NIGGER mother is concerned that the local school cannot meet his needs, yet he wants to stay put.'


11:30 "The Gobetweenies"
'Lucy has found an ethical way of eating meat, thanks to her
JEW hero Mark Zuckerberg.'

15:30 "Inside Health"
BLACK skin and cancer
'Do people of African Caribbean descent need to use sunscreen?'

With JEW? Julian Gold.

16:00 "Thinking Allowed"

Gaybourhood and City Life
Gay life, at home and in the 'city' - a special programme.

'Gay life at home and in the 'city' - a special edition of Thinking Allowed presented by Laurie Taylor. From squatted terraces to rented bedsits, the social historian, Matt Cook, explores the domestic and family lives of gay men - the famous, infamous and unknown - in London over the past century. The social anthropologist, Rachel Scicluna, charts the changing domestic lives of metropolitan lesbians. And US sociologist, Amin Ghaziani, describes the way in which urban enclaves such as Greenwich Village in New York have long provided sexual minorities with a safe haven in an unsafe world.

How have gentrification, as well as increasing social acceptance and legal rights, impacted on the existence of gay neighbourhoods? And do lesbian and gay home lives now mirror those of heterosexuals rather than offering alternative models of domesticity, family and belonging?'

19:15 "Front Row"

Kirsty is joined by critic David Benedict to review a new production of My Night With Reg, a 1994 GAY comedy set during the AIDS crisis.

nilus said...

Radio 4skin, TODAY:

10:00 "Woman's Hour"

Deepti Kapoor talks about her first novel "A Bad Character." It's set in 21st century Delhi and offers an insight into what it means to be a middle-class woman who chooses to reject the security of an arranged marriage in a city that can intimidate single women.

Over the past twenty years considerable social, political and legal changes have taken place for the TRANSGENDER community, after years of campaigning.

Professor Sheila Jeffreys latest book claims that despite this progress, TRANSGENDERISM illustrates another way in which stereotypical notions of 'gender' hurt people and societies.

11:30 "Graffiti: Kings on a Mission"
Was NIGGER graffiti the great art of the 70s? Some of New York's pioneers (NIGGER VANDALS)share their stories.

In 1974, one of America's most celebrated cultural figures declared graffiti as "the great art of the 70s".

Back then, thousands of teenagers were vandalising New York, in particular the subway system.

Yet KIKE JEW Norman Mailer described their "passion", their "cool", their "masterpieces in letters six feet high".

PHOTO: A NIGGER "Great Artist" scrawls his name on the interior of a train carriage:

15:27 "Radio 4 NIGGER Appeal"

Monty Don presents an appeal for GardenAfrica.

15:30 "Bookclub"

NIGGER Sadie Jones talks about her novel The Outcast, which won the Costa First Novel award 2008.

16:00 "The Film Programme"

Lilting director Hong Khaou reveals the personal story behind his new drama about a GAY MAN who tries to form a bond with the mother of his late partner, even though she cannot speak English and suspects that she would not have approved of their relationship.

19:15 "Front Row"

Arts news, interviews and reviews with "openly gay" writer ,
QUEER Damian Barr.

20:00 "The Report"
Litvinenko: The miniature nuclear attack
Why was a Russian security officer publicly poisoned by radioactivity in London in 2006?

'Marshall discovers how far Alexander Litvinenko's decision to flee to Britain, the special work he undertook and the enemies he had all affected how he died. And he questions how far the Russian state and its president, Vladimir PUTIN -(AKA THE NEW HITLER) already under pressure over Ukraine and the downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 - should be under examination too.'

21:30 "Zeitgeisters"
JEW Will Gompertz meets
JEW Sonia Friedman, the prolific West End and Broadway producer.

23:00 "Don't Make Me Laugh"
JEW David Baddiel presents the show where all the usual BBC lefty cunts try, sucessfully, not to be funny.

23:30"With Great Pleasure"

QUEER actor Simon Callow presents his favourite readings.


Anonymous said...

Consider Ireland. There are hardly any overtly subversive organisations and yet we have succumbed just the same as US/UK, all it took really were a few American sitcoms and we became a completely brainwashed people.

Hitler said if you have good propaganda you don't even need an organisation or party. If one patriotic millionaire bought a paper and just highlighted all the anti white negro barbarism that takes place daily around the world it could be revolutionary.


katana said...

Thank you Savant for this wonderfully straightforward, concise, yet complete description of how White societies are being taken down, destroyed, by "The Tribe", aka, organized jewry.

Indeed they do have a grand "Architecture" in place that has corrupted all our institutions over many generations to do their will. Jewish power comes from controlling and accumulating limitless money/power through their complete dominance over the banking and finance industries resulting in control of all the "thought" industries such as politics, education, and media.

Using such power over generations jewry has been able to brainwash, bribe and blackmail our so-called elites and us to the present dire state of looming racial extinction on present demographic trends.

Organized jewry, and their goy lackeys, have demonstrated through their actions all the characteristics of psychopaths. They have engineered, for example, the Boer Wars, the so-called "Russian Revolution", WWI and WWII and all subsequent major wars.

Then there is the ongoing psychological war called the "Holocaust" designed to wipe out White people psychologically through inducing massive guilt, for something that in fact, never happened.

Organized jewry is a fatal parasite that over generations has taken over, and is firmly lodged within, our societal higher brain functions.

As melodramatic and outlandish as it might sound, organized jewry is on a long mission to destroy and enslave us, slowly but surely. They had a practice run in Russia and killed tens of millions of people in the most horrific ways.

As Savant points out they are destroying our societies by a process of brainwashing, using the methods, among others, promoted by "Cultural Marxism". This involves destroying every good and decent thing in our societies while promoting ever decadent and destructive vice possible.

The end result is the genocidal below replacement level birth rates of Whites world wide.

And one of the jews "success stories" is their ongoing flooding of White societies with the Third World. One of the triumphant final nails in our racial coffin.

White people need to wake up, to wise up, to the fact the organised jewry is destroying us.

And to start fighting back.

Esther said...

It’s worth noting that the Jews promoting multiculturalism/secularism/pluralism tend to be the lapsed and secular Jews. In other words, not the orthodox (see Roots of Radicalism for some citations). For many non-religious Jews, there is nowhere to go – not back to synagogue and shul, which they loathe, and not towards assimilation, which is tantamount to conversion. So the remaining alternative is militant secularism/multicultarism, etc. In other words, they will not change, but they will change the society. A true multicularism is not actually a bad idea – the Amish and the orthodox and the Mormons are not trying to change society, as long as they are left alone. Ironically, it’s this radical secularism which is the greatest danger to Jews.

Anonymous said...

The six nigger students in Liberia where the doctor contracted Ebola will be allowed to return to the US. You know our fear must not compromise our compassion. (A loud maniacal laugh)

Anonymous said...

Whoops. Made a mistake. I meant insight not incite. Is that what Freud meant?


Anonymous said...

Still below average j for BBC - no Tranny Logan or pompous twit Steven Fry

nilus said...


BBC Radio 4skin 19:15 "Front Row"

Arts news, interviews and reviews with "openly gay" writer ,
QUEER Damian Barr.

JEW Naomi Alderman explores the current glut of television shows about geeks, including Silicon Valley and the (QUEER KIKE)Big Bang Theory.

Earlier on LBC, QUEER Ian Stone spoke to silly little
JEW Laurie Penny about israel.

Silly Penny is the assistant editor or some such at the lefty Spectator.

Tricycle Theatre cancels plans to host UK Jewish Film Festival
Theatre says the festival should not accept funding from 'any party to the current conflict' between Israel and Palestinians

A theatre has refused to host the UK Jewish Film Festival while it is sponsored by the Israeli Embassy amid the ongoing crisis in Gaza.
The Tricycle Theatre in London, which has hosted the festival for the past eight years, had been due to screen at least 26 films as part of the event in November.
But Indhu Rubasingham, artistic director of the Tricycle, said the festival should not accept funding from ''any party to the current conflict'' between Israel and Palestinians.
She said the theatre offered to use funding from its own resources to replace the festival's sponsorship from the Israeli Embassy in London.
But the UK Jewish Film Festival (UKJFF) said the Tricycle's demands were ''entirely unacceptable'' and it was taking its screenings elsewhere.

Stephen Margolis, chairman of the UKJFF, said: ''The Jewish community as a whole has enjoyed a successful relationship with the Tricycle and it is extremely saddening that they should look to politicise this festival by making demands that the UKJFF could never accept.''

KIKES: Its time for you to shut up. Shut Up. SHUT UP. SHUT UP! SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP!

nilus said...

The “Genius Nigger” is becoming quite a meme within the Hebe-Bee-Cee.

“Ultimate Brain”: NIGGER:

A recent (Channel 4-kike David Abraham) programme “Child Genius”…who did they use for the publicity shot? The nigger boy, the paki girl of course. And is “ProfessorJoan Freeman a kike? Looks like it:

This is becoming very common. And another recent series , about Very Badly Behaved Boys at school..showed ONLY WHITE BOYS!

WEIRD,cos every other report/programme from a UK school is like ‘Spot-The-White-Kid’

Oh look, 2 English Policemen: A nigger (played by a rapper from “So Solid Crew” who got busted for possession of guns) and a paki. Yep, its the Hebe-Bee-See:

Oh look, the NIGGER is front and centre, as usual. He’s probably the ‘Natural Leader’:


Who could resist falling for this Carribbean Queen?


Wow, another Nigger Rapper as a guest. Well, theyre usually so charming, chatty, open, intelligent, quick-witted an shee:


David said...

The reality of life for Coptic Christians in Egypt, Christian girl stripped and filmed in an attempt to "Islamise" her.

Warning disturbing;

chris taylor said...

Its jews savant, jews and the shabbot goy, aka anti-white whites. Who so quickly sell out their race for a dollar. Economics over Race is their poison. Its always been the jew always will be. Until Whites wake up this will continue. Expel the parasite.

110, then never again..14

Shaunantijihad said...


Once again I must commend your devotion to exposing the Jewish disease infecting and gnawing at our culture and race.

I just don't know how you manage to do it, but I'm glad you do.

I think I mentioned this before, but you more than anyone must truly understand what Goebbels must have felt as the man who saw more than anyone else the role of the Jew in the destruction of German society.

nilus said...

"To inform, educate and entertain"


"Here's Mud In Your Eye!":

Channel 4 9pm "Embarrassing Bodies"

'QUEER Dr Christian Jessen helps a man with a sore penis and meets a woman with a bottom cyst. The show helps Sharon with her large breasts and a woman with a tight vagina that makes sex unbearable.'


BBC2 9pm: "The Honourable Woman"
JEW Maggie Gyllenhaal stars as a JEW israeli woman who jew, jew, jew, jewby jew jew..

followed by "QI"

QUEER JEW super-duper clever and witty and charming JEWNIUS Stephen Fry presents bum bum ,willy titty poo poo bottom, jew, jew, jew..

followed by
JEW Ian Katz's "Jewsnight"

BBC3 : "Indiana Jewns and the Temple of Doom"
JEW harrison ford stars in
JEW Spielbergs over-rated
anti-Nazi, anti-Arab shitfest.

followed by "Our World War"

We fought GERMANS, right? Dont you EVER forget! GERMANS! GERMANS! GERMANS! "The 1st day, August 1914-Britain's professional soldiers come up against an overwhelming and demonic and evil and nasty baby-killing GERMAN army.

followed by

"Cuckoo" New series of shitcom about having a KIKE CUCKOO in the nest.
JEW Andy Samberg starred in the first series

followed by "Siblings",
shitcom directed by
JEW? Dan Zeff

followed by "Family KIKE" x4

BBC4: JEW Simon Schama gives you HIS 'History Of Britain"

More4 "The Perfect Penis" The penis is arguably the organ most central to mans sense of self, and the quest fore penile perfection has...WILLY WILLY PENIS WILLY WEE WEE! HE SAID PENIS!

JEW Chuck Lorre's (Levine)
"2 and a half mensch"

Channel 5: "Big Brother/Brothers Bit On The Side"
Want to watch faggots and jews present a show about faggots,queens and thickos screaming at each other or laying around on sofas?

Then this is the show for you.

Dave: "Mock The Week" with
QUEER NEGRO Stephen K Amos

Film 4 "High Crimes"
NEGRO director casts NEGRO Morgan Freeman as MAGIC NIGGER in
israeli JEW Arnon Milchan's flick.

NEGRO Freeman plays "an embittered former military attorney who has a grudge against the military brass" and says words written by
JEW Yuri Zeltser.

Yesterday: "Battleplan" The Allied (GOODIES) breakout from the Normandy beachhead, fighting the BADDIES, the EVIL NAAZI GERMANS! ZE GERMANS, REMEMBER?



nilus said...


A whole bunch of smug
KIKES produce and appear in this show:
Ariel Schulman,
Yaniv "Nev" Schulman,
Max Joseph
Andrew Jarecki
Ariel Schulman
David Metzler
Henry Joost
Jonathan Karshis
Jonathan Mussman
Julie Link Steffens
Mark Smerling
Marshall Eisen
Nomi Ernst Leidner

One of them,KIKE Andrew Jarecki tried to defend and protect the PAEDO KIKE Friedmans.

followed by

"Scrubs" x2

JEW Zach Braff stars as a loveable wisecrackin' JEWBOY who hangs out with his BEST NIGGER BUDDIES and tries to avoid all the WHITE MEN who are stupid, buffoons,
absolutely SHIT people, scum.

E4: KIKE Chuck (Levine)Lorre's
"Big Nose Theory" x 2
Starring a QUEER, a JEW LESBO and a whole bunch of other
KIKES, as previously documented.


BBC1, News at 10, read by
PAKI FEMALE Rita Chakrabarti

Paki? FEMALE Chulit Razunda reports from DISEASED-NIGGERLAND.

followed by movie "Trust The Man"

JEW Maggie Gyllenhaal
JEW David Duchovny,
JEW Gary Shandling
JEW Ellen Barkin
JEW Justin Bartha, directed by
JEW? "Bart" Freundlich,produced by
JEW Sidney Kimmel

"KIKE Rebecca is a KIKE film actress, who is about to make her stage debut at Lincoln Center. Her KIKE husband, Tom gave up a lucrative job in KIKE advertising to take care of their young KIKE.

Occasionally, KIKES Tom and Rebecca have sex; once a year, they meet with their KIKE therapist, Dr. Beekman.

KIKES Tom and Rebecca each face extramarital temptations. Tom responds to a personal crisis that stems from his decision to choose kids over career by watching PORNOGRAPHY and having an affair with a divorced mother from his KIKE son's KIKE school.

KIKE Rebecca is pursued on the set by a young costar, KIKE Jasper, who would like to be able to claim that he's bedded a famous KIKE actress."

OY VEY!!!!

Music by Clint Mansell from
'Pop Will Eat Itself'!

AnalogMan said...

Nilus quoth

'The 12 year old NIGGER's IQ is higher than that of KIKE Einstein, Stephen Hawking and Bill Gates

Hilarious. Remember a few years ago, Stephen Hawking travelled to Africa, looking for the Black Einstein? I may have missed it, but I don't recall the announcement of his success. Now, it turns out he could have just stayed at home.

Uncle Nasty said...

I enjoy Fred Reed, immensely. He has not yet stepped on the third rail, but I have faith.

He will. He will.

Weimar America
Groobers, Shickle and Otherwise
August 6, 2014

Unstable countries are unstable, this not always being obvious in those countries, and then comes a man on a horse. The United States, methinks, is not particularly stable.

That anything seismic might happen is an idea doubtless inconceivable to most Americans, who still remember the America of Reader’s Digest, but is daily less improbable. Weimar America is not stable. The cracks in the foundations, the social crumbling and virulent antipathies grow daily more evident.

The economy declines, jobs leave for other climes, the petroyuan looms, college graduates crushed by debt find no work, the middle class shrinks, and the young begin to live perforce with their parents. Times of diminishing expectations are dangerous.

City after city joins the ranks of the bankrupt, semiliterate, corrupt black Bantustans which by honest naming would be called Lower Third World. Their culture is utterly alien to that of Eurowhites. Across the open border to the south pour huge waves from the Latino slums, less alien to Eurowhites, less hostile, but nonetheless threatening to form yet another country within a country. The Third World proportion of America closes rapidly on a full third. Despite desperate attempts to impose multicultural harmony, experience shows that widely disparate peoples who do not like each other do not enjoy happy endings. My country ‘tis of three, sweet land of dystrophy….

His penultimate paragraph?

... A Pentagonal coup d’état does not seem likely, granted. Our generals are not greatly political as long as they get their toys and wars, and they lack the doughty moralism of a Hindenburg or Ludendorff.

In practical terms, though, four helicopter gunships and twenty Black Hawks of troops arriving over Washington from Quantico would do it. Whether the public would care enough to do anything about it, or whether there would be anything they could do, is uncertain.

Quite heartening, dontcha think?


Anonymous said...

I think Nilus should be the T.V. film and theater critic for Times.


Anonymous said...

Pussy Jew

Anonymous said...

Off topic

Not mentioned much in the MSM. Russia has banned agricultural products from the West. It is now considering closing its air space. What this really means is 'Sanctions against us?'. 'Fuck you'.


Shaunantijihad said...

UN, Fred only has to realise that neither "Weimar" Germany nor "Weimar" America was controlled and undermined by that elusive people the "Weimarians".

Anonymous said...


You have "As Lenin said, a society without traditions is easily conquered"

You wouldn't happen to have a source to share, would you?


I don't think I've voiced my appreciation before now. Add me to your fan-club.


nilus said...

followed by "Siblings", (BBC3)
shitcom directed by
JEW? Dan Zeff


Starring JEW Traci-Ann Oberman !

Keiser said...

A nice summation Savant and very useful to remember as a primer for people who amazingly aren't aware of the seriousness and all pervasiveness of this issue.

I would add that number six is financial disembowelment is also part of the strategy.

6(a). Keep you working hard but not generating any wealth for yourself.

6(b). Graciously redistribute that wealth via socialist welfare and usurious interest/bailouts to the least deserving and alien.

Just for fun
Drone Records Muslims Going at It With Goats

Keiser said...

@Esther 7 August 2014 15:58
"A true multicularism is not actually a bad idea – the Amish and the orthodox and the Mormons are not trying to change society, as long as they are left alone"

Yes Esther Ireland has always had Chinese and no one had a problem with them because they worked and were law abiding. The problem with "multiculturalism" is that it is a political agenda that benefits anyone but the people of the host Nation.

Also lets remember that we are not talking about peaceful White Amish when we say "multicultural" but feral, violent and moronic third world garbage.

Anonymous said...

A one hundred year old hymn to our race.

18. The Fisherman

ALTHOUGH I can see him still,
The freckled man who goes
To a grey place on a hill
In grey Connemara clothes
At dawn to cast his flies, 5
It’s long since I began
To call up to the eyes
This wise and simple man.
All day I’d looked in the face
What I had hoped ’twould be 10
To write for my own race
And the reality;
The living men that I hate,
The dead man that I loved,
The craven man in his seat, 15
The insolent unreproved,
And no knave brought to book
Who has won a drunken cheer,
The witty man and his joke
Aimed at the commonest ear, 20
The clever man who cries
The catch-cries of the clown,
The beating down of the wise
And great Art beaten down.

Maybe a twelvemonth since 25
Suddenly I began,
In scorn of this audience,
Imagining a man
And his sun-freckled face,
And grey Connemara cloth, 30
Climbing up to a place
Where stone is dark under froth,
And the down turn of his wrist
When the flies drop in the stream:
A man who does not exist, 35
A man who is but a dream;
And cried, ‘Before I am old
I shall have written him one
Poem maybe as cold
And passionate as the dawn

The Harp that once....

The Harp that once... said...

Nilus, whether you realise it or not you may have found your true vocation in life. No one else is doing what you do, you are unique and now that we see what you can do, utterly necessary. Do not lose faith, continue. Everyone reading this blog is rooting for you.

Anonymous said...


Whenever Jews start ranting on about Muslims conquering Europe, I always ask the following question:

“Can you name one – just ONE – Jewish political organisation opposed to mass Third World immigration into Western Europe, North America and Australasia?”

This is the question we should be asking on every MSM forum/comments section, because this is the one question Jews CANNOT answer.

Whenever I post this question on the Daily Telegraph comments section it always ends up being deleted (you can just picture the hasbarats frantically hitting the report button. LOL!!!).

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Questions/comments to post on MSM forums:

• Why do Jewish political organisations lobby for/demand open borders for Europe, North America and Australasia, but not for Israel?

• Jews say flooding white nations with Third World immigrants is in their “strategic interest”.

The Jewish Daily Forward

Jews Unite Behind Push for Immigration Reform

HIAS president and CEO Mark Hetfield says immigration reform is “in our strategic interest.”

Note the language used by the Jews quoted in the article. They use terms such as “strategic self-interest” – words that are normally associated with someone fighting a war. [LOL!!]

• The Jewish Stake in America's Changing Demography

“The Jewish community is thus in a position where it will be able to divide and conquer and enter into selective coalitions that support our agendas.” – Dr. Stephen Steinlight

• Why do Jews CONTINUE to ELECT Deputies who call for the relaxation of UK immigration controls?

Board of Deputies of British Jews – Immigration and Asylum

The Board of Deputies believes that TIGHTENING IMMIGRATION CONTROLS FURTHER WILL MAKE IT DIFFICULT FOR THOSE FACING PERSECUTION...the Board believes that there is a place for the Government to work in partnership with faith bodies to ENSURE THE ABSORPTION OF REFUGEES.

Board of Deputies of British Jews

The Board receives Deputies ELECTED by individual synagogues, confederations of synagogues, and other organisations within the Jewish community such as charities and youth groups.

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Links to MSM (kosher media) articles that are guaranteed to be deleted from the Telegraph comments section, or get you banned from the Telegraph (LOL!!!) include:

ANY MSM article re Gaza used to counter Israeli propaganda e.g. when Jews talk about Palestinians using human shields, post the following (guaranteed instant ban, LOL!!!):

BBC News, 12 October 2005

IDF to appeal human shield ban

The Israeli Defence Ministry will appeal against a supreme court ruling banning the use of Palestinian human shields in raids, officials said.

Russia Today, 20 June 2013

Israel used Palestinian minors as human shields, detain and torture – UN

Even posting links to TELEGRAPH ARTICLES is enough to get you banned from the TELEGRAPH (LOL!!!) e.g.

The Daily Telegraph, 09 March 2014

The Jews who fought for Hitler


The Daily Telegraph, 20 April 2011

Israel 'supplied arms to Argentina during Falklands War'


Frank Galton

IKantunderstand said...

The time to fight back is NOW. While we still have a chance. Even my friends who are dumb assed liberals(I've been working on them), are beginning to freak out over the tsunami of illegal invaders. And. quite frankly, the so called "legal ones". Somebody who runs for office needs to hit the immigration HARD. As in, be totally against it. If they do, they will win election. No matter what public office they run for.

Uncle Nasty said...

A quote from one of the most influential women in The USA -- tipped to be the President in 2016:-

“My accomplishments as Secretary of State? Well, I'm glad you asked! My proudest accomplishment in which I take the most pride, mostly because of the opposition it faced early on, you know ... the remnants of prior situations and mindsets that were too narrowly focused in a manner whereby they may have overlooked the bigger picture and we didn’t do that and I’m proud of that. Very proud. I would say that’s a major accomplishment.”

- Hillary Clinton 11 March 2014

Got to say one thing about the woman ... she's focused.
Presidential material, through and through.

It was Clarence Darrow who said: "When I was a boy I was told that anybody could become President. I’m beginning to believe it."

I prefer George Carlin's take: "Anyone can become President. That's the problem."


Anonymous said...

Sanctions won't work against a country like Russia.

Which begs the questions what are they for?

What comes next?

Anonymous said...

In essence this comedian in the link below was no different to Mugabe but he was removed during his tenure while Mugabe remains.

Have a look at this clip to see the possibility as to why

clogheen said...


Jesus H Christ, that 'child' is a fucking APE! Higher IQ than Einstein. Yeah, right.

Jeremy said...

Chris Taylor. I think we should recognise that most of the whites who support the self-destructive agenda are not bought out rather have bought in to the jewish suffering narrative. Amazing how many intelligent and usually well informed whites have fallen for this.

SAVANT said...

Frank Galton. Great links there. In fact I've now appended them to the post itself.

Nilus, I concur with everything the others have been saying about your work. Have you been keeping a record by any chance? I plan to do an 'expose' on the BBC and that material would be invaluable.

Anonymous said...

Israel are criminals

Anonymous said...

More on this character

Anonymous said...

Funny how the skirts are voting on independence when they are the least independent race. The Irish, English etc... wear trousers and wave their own flags. The skirttish wave the flags of their pimps in Jerusalem or Belfast. It's so bad that they even have to carry the red fist or pointy stars their pimps shove up their skirts when they are late for their orange march because they were injecting themselves with smack when they should have been learning how to turn around on stairs

nilus said...

Thanks for the kind words people.

PS, Savant, no, I keep no record,I wish I had. Maybe others do. There's a bunch of older stuff in the comments at Hardons:

"Jewish Domination of the British Main Stream Media"

"This is just one example from Channel 4 here in the UK (October 11 2012)

23:40 - Jewish Mum of the year. (A competition in which 8 Jewish women compete for the title). This is an ongoing weekly series.

12:40 - Jews at Ten. (Jewish celebrities discuss pivotal moments in their lives).

Just imagine if an Independent TV Program Producer offered programs to any of the MSM TV companies like: Anglo Saxon Mum of the Year or White Europeans at Ten? The MSM TV companies would turn them down immediately and the makers would probably be accused of being Racist or Antisemitic.

Considering the Jews only constitute a small minority of the population of the UK (and America) How come we have to be bombarded with their Bullsit. Well of course most of you here know the answer to that! J.H."

Sometimes I cant believe my eyes when I look at the Radio 4skin listings. Remember the jokes in the late eighties about how :

"You have to be a one-legged black jewish eskiomo lesbian to work here"..

And what I do isnt entirely frivolous, what is happening/has happened to Radio 4 IS A MICROCOSM, an example that can be extrapolated to explain the wider cultcha.

I do wonder if my awareness of all these jews in media cohencided with a point where there really were more than ever before, or has it always been like this?

Obviously, when I was a kid in the seventies I didnt know a jew from a kangaroo,but ,in hindsight, there was, lets see:

Mike and Bernie Winters, who I found creepy and naff.

David Jacobs. Seemed nice enough.

Lionel Blair. Creepy.Weird.

Clement Freud: Advertised dog-food with a blood-hound.

Alexi Sayle. Youd be enjoying "The Young Ones" until HE came on.

Woody Allen(Konigsberg).
As an adolescent,in the eighties, I liked his slapstick stuff,'Take the Money and Run' , 'Zelig', and the sex one.

Couldnt stand his supposedly clever stuff. Still cant. Never could get why these pretty women wanted this little worm of a man.

My mum, with her built-in jewdar, absolutely despised him.

Esther Rantzen. "That's Life" Vegetables that looked a bit like genitals.

"American" stuff: Built in jewdar? I absolutely couldnt stand ANY of it:

"Happy Days", "Different Strokes" "Laverne and Shirley", "Mork and Mindy","Taxi" "Cheers" all the rest of those shitcoms with the sofa, the open-plan living room, the laughter-track, the whining, grating yiddishy tone...

NO. Of course, now, when people tell me that they cant stand "American" stuff, I have to tell them that it's not "American", its jewish.

The jews have given real America and real Americans a really terrible reputation.

nilus said...

PS: More examples of how the "gas chamber" part of the narrative is making way for the new trope, the "straight into the ovens" version:

“Sh*tty Jews. You should all be thrown in the ovens.”
“Jewish sons of b*tches. The ovens of Auschwitz your home. Syria bomb Israel.”

Or this, from the mouth of The Weasel:

“In my own lifetime, I have seen Jewish children thrown into the fire. "

Voice of Albion with Paul Hickman 2014.08.06

Paul is joined by Craig Cobb. A veteran White Nationalist – Craig is a adherent of the Creativity Religion, which was founded by Ben Klassen.
Craig was a contributor to the innovative podcast Goyfire, which was started by Alex Linder in 2005. Craig created Podblanc in 2005 which was a Pro White version of You tube.
Craig also worked with Alex Linder on the publication ‘Aryan Alternative’. They distributed some 250,000 copies!
Paul and Craig discuss topics including; the incarceration of Matt Hale, Government gang stalking techniques, Frazier Glen Miller, and Craig’s White Community project in Leith – North Dakota.

Keiser said...

Frank Galton said...

"“The Jewish community is thus in a position where it will be able to divide and conquer and enter into selective coalitions that support our agendas.” – Dr. Stephen Steinlight"

That pretty much says it all.


Rock on!

nilus said...


John Stapleton talks to
JEW Sir Malcom Rifkind on LBC.

JS:"Should Umbongo bomb Iraq?"

JEW Rifkind: " Bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb Iraq! Bomzzies are precioussss!Dropsies the bombziesss! Preciousssss!


Child Genius:

Adult Genius:

Lessons in lies: How the BBC, school text books and even exam boards have twisted history to smear Florence Nightingale and make a saint of this woman
Site for memorial statue of Mary Seacole was blessed in London last month
Seacole has been treated with huge reverence - but is surrounded by myth
Presented as medical pioneer - though she was never even a nurse

The USA is bombing Iraq as I type.

Which theyve been doing now since..1991?

Israeli kikes are killing arab kids as I type..which they've been doing since...?

katana said...

"Gaza Everywhere" — Amren Deleted Comments

The recent American Renaissance (Amren) article "Gaza Everywhere" by Brett Stevens sparked a lively exchange of comments both at Amren and at Daily Stormer, Jared Taylor’s American Renaissance Goes Full Retard with Pro-Holohoax, Anti-Gaza Article. Of the total known* number of comments (702) at Amren about one third have been deleted by the mod/s in the final Comments Closed version (464).

I've compiled all the comments, both shown and deleted (color coded) that I was able to retrieve, in a PDF (click on the top link to go there).

While the comments themselves are a very good read the moderator/s decisions give a good insight into the current "state of mind" or "world view" re Amren's ambivalent position on our enemy, the jews**.


* Some genuine comments were marked as SPAM and are not shown at all. See my blog for an example of 23 comments from a commenter called Black Swan.

** Organized jewry.


nilus said...

Radio 4skin, 8.8.2014

11:30 "My Teenage Diary"
MUZZIE Sarfraz Manzoor relives his adolescence growing up in a strict Muslim family in Luton.

14:15 "Afternoon Drama"
The Lamp
A widow and a KENYAN LIBRARIAN form an unlikely bond in a remote Perthshire reading room. FFS!

15:00 "Nazi Gardeners' Question Time"
Eissengruppen Eric Robson chairs a special edition about blood,soil and Volk aboard a Panzer tank, and explains the necessity of eradicating invasive species, weeds and parasites.

19:15 "Front Row"

QUEER Damian Barr talks to actor QUEER Ben Whishaw about his new QUEER film Lilting.

'Lilting is a 2014 British drama film written and directed by Cambodian-born British director Hong Khaou. Lilting tells the story of a mother’s attempt at understanding who her QUEER son is after his untimely death. Her world is suddenly disrupted by the presence of his QUEER lover.'

20:00 "Any Questions?"
LESBIAN Julie Bindel

MR Soweto Kinch:

20:50 "A Point of View"
Believing in Beliefs
JEW Will Self offers a weekly reflection on a topical issue.

21:00 "Home Front"

Epic new drama series set in Great War Britain a hundred years ago this week. Omnibus of the first week, as Folkestone comes to terms with being at the hub of Britain's war effort...against the germans, the GERmans, the gerMANS, THE GERMANS, THE DIRTY FUCKING EVIL SATANIC BLEEDIN GERMANS WOT KILLED YOUR GRANDAD and tried to kill our beloved King wotsisname.

Anonymous said...

The jews mantra: Kill, Kill and Kill again and again.

Anonymous said...

I agree a thousand times

Gem Junior said...

Can anyone find the original article in the Telegraph and the comments? I'm having a heck of a time finding it and I've been just searching for "immigration" "Jews" "Telegraph" and don't get anything. Can anyone just post a comment on here with the date of the article and then maybe I can find it. Thanks !!!

Gem Junior said...

Ditto to everything that's been said to Nilus: What an amazing contribution and WHAT an eye-opener it is to see the who's who on every friggin program on TV. That right there is pure evidence. They really do control the airwaves. For now, anyway.

Anonymous said...

Meet Ireland's future racket scientists, astrofizzists, brain sturgeons and computa eggsperts.

nilus said...

Check out LBC at 6pm: "The Rise of Anti-Semitism in UK"

Saving this here for posterity,I dont think it will last long at the Telegraph:

alegitbritcit says:
"Our screwed up Jew hating media can't seem to grasp this,to them losing one of their terrorist brothers is like losing ones testicles,haven't you noticed Jon Snow and many of the BBC and Guardian staff walk very funny"

"Tony Hayers" (Alan Partridges JEWISH BBC Controller) says:

Our "Jew Hating Media" :

BBC Controller:
JEW HATER Danny Cohen
Channel 4 boss:
JEW HATER David Abraham
Chan 5 owner:
JEW HATER Richard Desmond(pornographer)
JEW HATER Jonathan Levi

"Newsnight": Editor:
JEW HATER Ian Katz (Guardian)

"Newsnight" Presenters:

JEW HATER Emily Maitliss
JEW HATER Robert Peston

"Newsnight" Correspondents/editors:
BBC Chief Political Editor:
JEW HATER Nick Robinson
(Formerly JEW HATER John Sergeant)

Business: JEW HATER Robert Peston(independent/FT/Spectator/Telegraph)
Washington:JEW HATER Jon Sopel
Moscow: JEW HATER Steve Rosenberg
Kiev: JEW HATER David Stern
Law: JEW HATER Joshua Rozenberg(guardian/telegraph/Radio 4)
Science: JEW HATER David Shukman(telegraph/guardian)
Arts: JEW HATER Will Gompertz
Finance: JEW HATER Simon Gompertz
Saving: JEW HATER Martin Lewis (Orthodox)
Medical: JEW HATER Sir Robert Winston
Literary :JEW HATER Will SelfTelegraph/Times/Guardian etc)
JEW HATER Howard Jacobson(Telegraph/Times/Guardian etc)
Culinary: JEW HATER Jay Rayner(New Statesman/Observer)
Music (classical): JEW HATER Suzie Klein (Radio 3)
Investigative: JEW HATER Tim Samuels(Guardian/Times/Radio 4)
Culture and Tech. JEW HATER David Grossman

Regular guest pundits:

JEW HATER David Aaronovitch (Times/Independent/Guardian/Jewish Chronicle/New StatesmanRadio 4)
JEW HATER Melanie Phillips (daily mail/Times/guardian/new statesman/Spectator/Radio 4)
JEW HATER Angela Epstein(daily mail/jewish chronicle)
JEW HATER Sir Lord Baron Micheal Howard,
JEW HATER Sir Lord Baron Danny Finklestein (The Times/Jewish Chronicle)

JEW HATER Sir Lord Baron Alan Sugar
JEW HATER Jonathan Freedland (Guardian/Radio 4)
JEW HATER John Kampfner(Telegraph/FT/New Statesman)
JEW HATER Jake Wallace-Simons(Telegraph)
JEW HATER Emma Barnett(orthodox) Womens Editor:Telegraph,Radio 4)
JEW HATER Alice Finestein(Editor,Womans Hour, Radio 4)
JEW HATER Naomi Alderman (Radio 4)
JEW HATER Roz Altmann(orthodox)
JEW HATER Micheal Rosen
JEW HATER Anthony Horowitz,
JEW HATER Laurie Penny (new statesman/guardian)
JEW HATER Alex Brummer (City editor,Daily Mail/New Staesman/Jewish Chronicle,etc)
JEW HATER David Elstein


nilus said...

"The Daily Politics" presented by

JEW HATER Tim Franks

"Film 2014", "Strictly" and "The Arts Show" (Radio 2)
JEW HATER Claudia Winkleman

JEW HATER Alan Yentob

"QI" (and everything else)
JEW HATER(and homophobe?) Stephen Fry (guardian etc)

"Little Britain"
JEW HATER(and homophobe?) Matt Lucas

"Grandmas House/Buzzcocks"
JEW HATER(and homopohobe?) Simon Amstell

"The Apprentice"
JEW HATER Sir Lord Baron Alan Sugar

"History of Britain/History of the jews"
JEW HATER Simon Schama

"Byzantium: A Tale of Three Cities"
JEW HATER Simon Sebag Montefiore

JEW HATER Nigella Lawson
JEW HATER Jay Rayner (One Show, etc)
JEW HATER Heston Blumenthal

National Lottery: JEW HATER Gaby Roslin

Dragons Den: JEW HATER Kelly Hoppen

BBC Radio 4: So many JEW HATERS here its hard to know where to start: Stephen Fry (of course) Ruby Wax,Emma Freud ,Arthur Smith, Andy Zaltzman, Micheal Rosen, Anthony Horovitch, Jonathan Freedland, Barry Cryer,Naomi Alderman,Traci Ann Oberman,Alain De Bottain,Will Gompertz, Mariam Margolyes,Alexei Sayle,David Baddiel, Victoria Coren,Giles Coren,Alice Finestein (Womans Hour editor)Stephen Pollard, Alice Levine,Vanessa Feltz,Hugo Rifkind,Joshua Roxenberg,Melanie Phillips, Jenny Abramsky (former (Head of music and radio) Mark Damazer (former Radio 4 controller) etc etc etc

And there are of course no jewish writers/colomnists/reporters/editors at The Guardian,The Telegraph,The Mail, The Independent,The Times,The Observer,The Spectator,The New Statesman, etc etc etc

PS Just found out that Radio 4's Eddie Mair is another QUEER.

nilus said...

Again, for posterity, saved here:

tony hayers
"The homosexual broadcaster Ian Dale is talking to Rabbi Jonathan Romain on LBC about "anti-semitism" as I type.

Such a small world.

And now he's talking to an Israeli gentleman called Gideon Levy, who writes for Haaretz, who is, I presume, Jewish.

How indicative of our jew-hating, homophobic, right-wing media.

Next, a Jewish man from Finchley who seems to think that PC doesnt apply to Jews, as in, he thinks its somehow OK to speak ill of Jews,Judaism, whereas criticizing anyother ethnicity or religion is met with the Iron Fist.

I think he couldnt be MORE WRONG! Its open season on Christians and Christianity and White Europeans.

Jews are among the MOST PROTECTED groups of all! If my post or the one above is edited/moderated or removed, will merely prove my point.

Next, a text from a "Jewish Person" who says that if you say "Jew" it is anti-Semitic. Even "Jews" dont call ourselves "Jews" he says. "We call ourselves "Jewish People"

That's just insane, bordering on trollery.

Next, a "Female Jewish Person" called Naiomi.

Now, another "Male Jewish Person" who begins his call with "Shabbat Shalom" who has worked in media and has just mentioned a number between 5 and 7 million and who also thinks "the media" (that he once worked in) is biased against the Jews, sorry,"Jewish People".

He doesnt believe that 1800 Gazans have been killed.

So far, no "Anti-Semites" have called in...or at least got on air.

In fact,so far, no "Non Jews" have called in!
(or at least, got on air)

Strange, cos usually, 90% of callers to that station share a common middle-Eastern name beginning with M..

Anonymous said...

I'd just like to say to Savant, nilus, katana and the stalwarts of this site who provide so much useful info: KEEP IT GOING! Places like this are sources from which I provide the killer facts to other sites during the usual disputes with 'liberals', though I do cite the source. Many thanks


Keiser said...

@ Anonymous 8 August 2014 17:34

Ahhhh Sheeeeit

@ All

People were wondering about keeping records. I might offer this suggestion

Teleport Pro

It is a web spider which can reproduce entire websites offline. I know etiquette would require permission from the blog owner but the software exists. They (the easily offended) have a habit of shutting down sites (like they did to Irate Irishman). Offline mirrors would allow preservation of the comments with low storage overhead as it is all text and images.

You could even get the software from the P**** B** ahem

Anyway just a tip.

nilus said...

BBC2 9.30 "Gardeners World"

Rachel De Thame vists Coleton Fishacre in Devon.

Rachel's birth name is Cohen.

Anonymous said...


Comment on the Telegraph linking to your blog.

Tony Murphy Guy Bailey • 4 days ago
What claptrap. Britain is being destroyed before our very eyes. This link shows what's happened in Blackburn but the same thing is going on in 100 other cities and towns.

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Nilus. All ya gotta do is copy and paste it to the hard-drive.

nilus said...

UK TV Friday Night.
Can you spot the jew?

BBC2 9.30 "Gardeners World"
JEW Rachel De Thame (Cohen)

10pm "Edinburgh Nights " presented by
LESBIAN Sue Perkins
(charmless unfunny boxticker/boxlicker/

"Meet The Fockers"
It's funny cos it sounds like "Fuckers" geddit?
JEW Ben Stiller,
JEW Dustin Hoffman,
JEW Barbara Streisand
JEW Shelley Berman directed by
JEW Jay Roach produced by
JEW Jane Rosenthal
JEW Nancy Tenenbaum screenplay by
JEW Jim Herzfeld
JEW ohn Hamburg
JEW Marc Hyman music by
JEW Randy Newman Cinematography JEW John Schwartzman

followed by
"Cuckoo"(Originally starring
JEW Andy Samberg) followed by

"Siblings" starring
JEW Tracy Ann Oberman directed by
JEW? Dan Zeff

followed by "Family Kike" x4 starring
JEW Seth Green
JEW Mila Kunis
JEW Alex Borstein etc

"Over 70% of writers and producers are JEWISH!"-Seth McFarlane

followed by "Our World War"

The First Day Drama based on the experiences of British soldiers during the First World War. They receive information that reveals the FUCKING BLOODY EVIL GERMANS, THE GERMANS,THE BASTARD GERMANS may be closer than expected.

BBC4 7.30 "The Proms" presented by
JEW Suzie Klein

followed by

JEW Alan Yentob looks at the career of Rod Stewart.

followed by "The Great (jewish) American Songbook"
JEW Irving Berlin, etc

Channel 4 9pm
"The Singer Takes It All"
Poorly conceived fail: kareoke show presented by
FAGGOT Anal Carr.

followed by KIKE SEX FILM:
"The Dilemma" starring
JEW Winona Ryder
JEW Jennifer Connelly, produced by
JEW Brian Grazer written by
JEW Alan Loeb

More4: "8 out of 10 Cats"
JEW Rachel Riley

E4 "Suburgatory"
JEW Jane Levy
JEW Carly Chaikin
JEW Emily Kapnek

Channel 5 10.35: "Big Brother's Bit On The Side" presented by
FAGGOT Rylan Clark, with
JEW Lesley Joseph

ITV2 "Two and a half Mensch" Craeted and written by
JEW Chuck Lorre (Levine)
JEW Lee Aronsohn
This episode is called
"A Kosher Slaughterhouse Out In Fontana"

ITV3 9pm "Best of Royal Variety"
JEW Lionel Blair

Gold 9pm "Little Britain"
QUEER JEW Matt Lucas

Dave "QI"
QUEER JEW Stephen Fry

followed by
"Only Connect" presented by
JEW Victoria Coren

"Friends With Benefits"
directed by
JEW Will Gluck starring
JEW Mila Kunis
JEW Bryan Greenberg
JEW Andy Samberg
JEW Jason Segel
JEW Rashida Jones
JEW Lili Mirojnick produced by JEW Martin Shafer
JEW Liz Glotzer
JEW Jerry Zucker
JEW Janet Zucker Screenplay by
JEW? Keith Merryman
JEW David A. Newman

VIVA "Catfish" KIKEFEST as previously documented.

CBS Drama "Judge JEWdy x 2
followed by
JEW Jerry Springer

nilus said...

must see vid of nasty yids at Sydney Airport

nilus said...

This one's a classic. Put it in the "Why people dont like jews" file:

Another horrible,nasty ,arrogant kike at Sydney Airport who believes he doesnt have to stand in line with the filthy goyim.

He bizarrely claims to be "aboriginal" to Australia but also israeli!
"Why Do They Persecute Us So?" indeed .

He is also attempting to bring diseased eucalyptus leaves into Aus...very sinister.

The "Russian" yids from New York in the previous vid were also carrying fruit that was full of fruitfly...

dwolfe said...

Not all Jews support mass immigration.

Shaunantijihad said...

Nilus, reading your stuff is like getting a slap in the face. The Jews have massive influence over our media, end of.

And that fucking kike at the Oz airport! What a fucking kike cunt! WTF is an aboriginal Jew? Of course, Jews believe the whole world belongs to them and that they are native to all countries, which they intend to steal from the actual natives via the fiat currency machine which gives them the power to buy and control media and politics.

Today Gaza. Who tomorrow will bombing raids by the ever enlarging Eretz Israel? Lebanon? Egypt? There will be no limits to Israel's borders, at least politically. They intend to rule all. All nations to become Satraps and provincial conquests of worldwide kikery.

Didn't they just have a military coup over Ukraine? Yet Russia is being demonised by the kike media? Oy vey!

And they did 911. They did it. The Jews in power in the USA and in Israel.

Of course, they prosecute war against us now by propaganda and mass immigration.

Know your enemy. When your village and town become copies of Pakistan or Somalia, know that it was the Jews and their useful idiot traitors that brought them to you.

Read The Gulag Archepelego if you want a taste of how the Jews rule once they divide and conquer.

I kid you not that it will soon become a crime of racism if a White girl fights back against a moslem or nigger rapist in our homelands.

nilus said...

LBC has in the past few days spoken to Tory JEW Grant Shapps,Tory JEW Malcom Rifkind and one or two others I cant recall.

Right now Ken Livingstone is talking to Tory JEW Zac Goldsmith, who was preceded in his parlimentary seat by Lib Dem Baroness JEW Susan Kramer (millionaire) who ran against Ken Livingstone as a candidate for Mayor of London.

Its rumoured that Zac Goldsmith may run for Mayor of London if Boris Johnson quits.

Goldsmith was married to Sheherazade Ventura-Bentley (1999–2010, div.)
But now is married to Alice Miranda Rothschild

He has written for (JEW HATING)UK newspapers including the Daily Mail, Evening Standard, Observer,and the Telegraph. He is also a contributor to magazines such as the New Statesman and Quintessentially Magazine.

He is a contributing author of the book We Are One: A Celebration of(NON WHITE) Tribal Peoples, published in late 2009.

The book explores the culture of (NON WHITE)peoples around the world, portraying both its diversity and the threats it faces.

Among other contributors are several western writers, such as JEW Noam Chomsky, JEW Claude Lévi-Strauss, who argued that the

"savage" mind had the same structures as the "civilized" mind and that human characteristics are the same everywhere.

During the First World War, he lived with his maternal grandfather, who was the rabbi of the synagogue of Versailles.

He died on 30 October 2009, a few weeks before his 101st birthday. The death was announced four days later.

French President JEW Nicolas Sarkozy described him as "one of the greatest ethnologists of all time".

JEW Bernard Kouchner, the French Foreign Minister, said Lévi-Strauss

"broke with an ethnocentric vision of history and humanity [...] At a time when we are trying to give meaning to globalisation, to build a fairer and more humane world, I would like JEW Claude Lévi-Strauss's universal echo to resonate more strongly".

From 2007 until 2010 JEW Kouchner was the French Minister of Foreign and European Affairs under president JEW Nicolas Sarkozy, although he had been in the past a minister in socialist governments.

In 2010, the Jerusalem Post considered Bernard Kouchner the 15th most influential Jewish person in the world.

Anonymous said...

The latest, and passionate David Duke video condemning the jewish mass murder of innocent civilians of Gaza:

...and also

I can only imagine how the hasbara brigade who infest this blog must be reacting when more and more people are waking up to the real truths.

Keiser said...

This is interesting. I think it offers hope in the Americas.

We could let diversity eat itself while our people hold out and then mop up the feral, degenerate remnants when they have regressed to little more than cave people living in the ruins.

Anonymous said...

Ireland letting these savages in is the worst thing you could do. Theres no such thing as the human race there's us then there's blacks.Enjoy the diversity...

nilus said...

A fascinating take on jews and White genocide by John Lash, who puts a gnostic spin on things: Including WHY Whites must be destroyed and how EATING PORK has helped us !! (around 61 minutes)

"John Lash - White Genocide & The Archontic Infection
August 4, 2014

John Lash is a self-educated free-lance scholar and author who combines studies and experimental mysticism to teach directive mythology. He is a leading exponent of the power of myth to direct individual experience and drive historical events over the long term. On, he presents a radical revision of Gnosticism, with original commentaries on the Nag Hammadi codices.

He also presents the only complete restoration by any scholar of the Sophianic myth of the Pagan Mysteries, the sacred story of Gaia-Sophia, recounting the origin of the earth and the human species from the galactic core.

Unexpectedly, John Lash returns to discuss how he recently came to the political issue of White genocide after being deeply involved within the Sophianic myth. Johns explains how he discovered that the myth itself contains details of White genocide.

We’ll discuss the supernatural factor behind this plan, an archontic force at play that has infected a specific race who are serving as proxies of the Archons.

Raging on the planet, this archontic infection is both neurological and ideological.

John talks about Sophia’s correction, her collaborators and what can stop the archontic infection as told by the Gnostics. We’ll continue to profile the problem and discuss the taboo of stating the obvious.

Lash gives two perspectives on why we didn’t see this agenda sooner.

Also, he explains why the Gnostics were against procreation and how they warned it could be used as a weapon. Later, John speaks on the importance of reviving folk memory circuits and recovering important racial memory.

At the end we’ll discuss Jewish liberation in 1859 and how they got the upper hand. John also talks about German genocide. When blowback falls on the sources of fraud, there will be no place to hide."

nilus said...

Ramzpaul interviews Harold Covington!

No, really!:

Seneca said...

Great to see RamZPaul linking up with HAC. Seems clear to me that he (RP) is becoming increasingly clear-eyed on where the problems and solutions lie.

Anonymous said...

Here is a link to an article about the young boy Romarni with a high IQ.
I listened to the BBC Listening Project recording and he sounds like a very sensible, pleasant and intelligent young boy.
While I an sure the BBC have been keen to push this story because he is black, it is nevertheless unkind and racist to imply the story is just 'made up'.
The average IQ of Africans is a little lower, but that doesnt mean there isnt a wide range and this little boy is clearly at the top!

Anonymous said...

International Business Times, Saturday, August 9 2014

Gaza Protests: Thousands Attend Pro-Palestinian Demo in London

Check out the photos.

“...crowd estimates ranging from 15,000 to 100,000.”

The Irish Times, Saturday, August 9 2014

Thousands take part in protest march to Israeli embassy in Dublin

Speakers at demonstration call for EXPULSION OF ISRAEL’S AMBASSADOR and BOYCOTT OF GOODS

A Garda at the march, which began at the Spire on O’Connell Street, estimated that up to 10,000 people had taken part.

Gaza Demo 3 to Israeli Embassy 26th July 2014. DUBLIN

Gaza Demo - Dublin 2nd August 2014

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

The Independent, Saturday 09 August 2014

Israel-Gaza conflict: 150,000 protest in London for end to 'massacre and arms trade'

...the march, from the BBC’s headquarters near Oxford Circus to Hyde Park, was claimed by organisers to have had as many as 150,000 in attendance.

Frank Galton

AnalogMan said...

I can't share the general enthusiasm for RamZPaul. I've watched quite a few of his videos and he's actually sort of lame. Apparently the SPLC is worried about him, but I think that's just trying to scare up another white racist hate group threat that they need to combat so please send $$$...

I mean, just check out this video. That's the second most dangerous White nationalist? Even he doesn't think he's a White nationalist at all. Pretty useless, both at humour and at White preservation.

Californian said...

You summarize the process nicely:

(1) 'All races are equal'

(2) Cultural Relativism: Same as (1)

(3) 'Hate' and 'discrimination' legislation

(4) Destruction of traditional family, education, art, religion and other key cultural and national institutions

(5) Control of the media.

This is one more reason to keep the Internet free. A level of analysis is being developed here and on other websites which exceeds anything you'd see in the mainstream media--and certainly from academia. And this deals with the central issue of our day, which is the war being fought against white people.

Thing is, there was a time when you might have seen such analysis in mainstream conservative publications, say National Review in the early days of Wm. F. Buckley, jr. (yeah, I know, Buckley...). And certainly we can consider how Enoch Powell, Ian Smith and the French OAS understood all this a mere half century ago.

It's as if a realistic appraisal of race, politics and points between has been relegated to the Underground, a front for resistance conducted via the Internet.

Anonymous said...

Every time I turn on the telly there is some competent negro doctor. On Casualty last night, he even has supernatural powers to bring arguing couples together. FFS have these people never heard of conrad murray #TypicalBlackDoctor

katana said...

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Anonymous said...


I am doing my bit for the Jewish boycott by not getting any blowjobs from Monica Lewinsky!

Heraclitus said...

Thanks for that always interesting analysis katana.

My verdict, fewer comments but the standard has improved. Speaking of which the inestimable James seems to have tapered off significantly in recent weeks.

Heraclitus said...

Californian, you say 'It's as if a realistic appraisal of race, politics and points between has been relegated to the Underground, a front for resistance conducted via the Internet.'

But it has. That is just what has happened. Very much like the Samizdat phenomenon in the old USSR. I foresee major warfare on internet freedom being implemented.

katana said...

Heraclitus said... 10 August 2014 11:04
Thanks for that always interesting analysis katana.

My verdict, fewer comments but the standard has improved. Speaking of which the inestimable James seems to have tapered off significantly in recent weeks.

Yes, this is certainly a case of less is more. Before moderation we were being subject to a deluge of hasbarat crap that was making the blog a tiresome read and also no doubt turning people away.

The cost though, is the reduced interaction as comments are delayed.

I've suggested this before and ask again Savant; could you get some reliable and trustworthy moderators in different time zones to vet comments in a timely manner?

OT, I've posted an article on my blog, KATANA on Sylvia Stolz, the German lawyer who served 3 years plus in prison for presenting evidence in the defence of her client in the criminal court trial in Germany of so-called holocaust denier Ernst Zundel.

Click here: AZK – Sylvia Stolz - Lawyer Who Was Jailed for Presenting Evidence in the Zundel Trial

Anonymous said...

The Irish Times, 05 August 2014

Trade union urges Irish businesses to boycott Israeli goods

David Gibney from the trade union said only two companies have responded so far - Brown Thomas and Shaws Department Stores.

The SuperValu chain, meanwhile, confirmed that it sent out an email to all 232 of its stores on Friday, saying the Chantenay variety of carrots must not be sold.

Meanwhile, a number of businesses around Ireland have publicly announced a boycott of Israeli goods. Community members in Kinvara, Co Galway, have united to boycott all Israeli goods including fruit, vegetables, herbs, cosmetics, toys and Stanley tool boxes.

In Dublin, the Yard Florist in Clontarf announced on its Facebook page its decision to boycott Israeli flowers and greenery.

The Exchquer gastropub also posted on Facebook last week its decision to boycott all Israeli goods... The central-Dublin pub and its partner, the Exchequer Wine Bar in Ranelagh, asked customers to join them in the boycott, adding that “civilians DO have a voice, we just have to use it”.

Kinvara First To Boycott Israeli Goods

Boycott Israeli Products App Gets 350,000 Supporters

Over 300 Scholars Seek Boycott Of Israel

The list of signatories includes over 20 professors or postdoctoral fellows at Ivy League schools. Several other elite global universities are represented as well, including McGill University in Canada, the University of Tokyo in Japan, and both Oxford and Cambridge in the United Kingdom.

NUS Votes To Boycott Israel Amid Gaza Conflict

The National Union of Students has passed a motion boycotting companies that support Israel...

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Yesterday I was lucky enough to be invited to a meeting of the young Nationalists of National Action. I cannot describe the joy I felt seeing and hearing these young people. The local leaders of N.A. came from corners of England and Wales. Gone has the old attitudes that have held Nationalism back. These young people are unashamedly National Racialist. Smartly dressed they refer to themselves as 'Nationalist Hipsters'. Completely aware of who, why and what is destroying their Nation. They know they are not the only country suffering this fate. National Action is forming strong alliances throughout Europe with likeminded groups.
These young people have caused a stir in Nationalist circles. Some older Nationalists disagree with these youngsters. To those I would say that N.A. cannot destroy something that doesn't have foundations. Representatives of Western Spring and the British Movement also attended and gave speeches. It was inspiring to hear that they were going to give their full support to N.A. I congratulate both for this decision.
The ideas these young people have will bring Nationalism well and truly into the twenty first century. Completely savvy of how the modern world works they are going to use this knowledge to advance our cause. Anyone from anywhere who is interested should throw their support behind this group. For young people you have a home and friends. Join them. Young white Nationalists from other countries should also get in touch.
Happy, happy day.


Anonymous said...

Freda Hughes, Poster Girl for Ireland's Anti-Israel Hate

“Here she is, the chairperson of the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign and JEWFINDER GENERAL FOR IRELAND...”


Frank Galton

Nero said...

Katana, thanks for the analysis.

Your work against Amren with Black Swan was a revelation and hilarious. It seems the tide is turning - and rapidly too. What makes these hasbaras and those who fear the Jews even think of resisting.

It's like watching Canute trying to command back the waves.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for speaking the TRUTH.
- Fr. John+

tsnamm said...

@Heraclitus...internet regulation would deal a serious blow to the "counter culture" as it is. For example HAC often laments that all the white resistance is currently, is a bunch of separated people bitching on the internet without actually doing anything about our situation. While that may be a true assessment, the real issue is that the majority of our people STILL don't think anything is wrong, and or have no idea why things seem to be going downhill. Many are either apathetic, ignorant, or actually believe the lies on the BBC, CNN etc, because their parents did. In light of this the free exchange of information via the internet, with the ability to report in real time and across national borders, and the globe is extremely important. Hearing the problems of our people in Europe, SA, and ANZ, and being able to give information about whats going on here in the US, has been a great help to me personally to realize I am seeing clearly. Anything we need to do to prevent internet oversight/regulation should be a main focus.

great white said...

Analogue. RamZPaul is doing a good job for White Nationalism.


Maybe he's not saying or doing all we'd like but he's doing great work. Be glad for that.

Anonymous said...

Irish hospitals are set to treat Gaza war wounded.

FINE Gael TD and Chairman of the Oireachtas Foreign Affairs Committee Pat Breen has urged the Government to allow Palestinian citizens who have been injured in the Israeli bombardment of Gaza to be treated in Irish hospitals.

"I will be urging the Government to accept these Palestinians for treatment in Irish hospitals on humanitarian grounds. The Palestinian authorities intend to ask the EU to accept up to 1,800 injured citizens, as they do not have the capacity to treat all the injured themselves. Ireland will be asked to accept a tiny number of these citizens," the Clare TD said.

First we treat the war wounded, then we take in thousands of refugees.

Marcion said...


I feel the same as you do about RamZPaul. He's a funny guy, and I'm happy to laugh along, but …

Saffers like you and me only need to remember how shit the New South Africa is. We don't need to take direction from Americans …

Anonymous said...

excellent comments.

Anonymous said...

Might the reason Henning Berg cheated with his sub be because of the long term neurological damage caused by his time in Glasgow. He od'd on bigotry, Special Brew, Chips, Mars bars on those stick up the ass, line dancing marches. HH

AnalogMan said...

Marcion said

We don't need to take direction from Americans …

Indeed, no. On the contrary, we desperately need Americans to learn from our experience (since they wouldn't listen when we warned them, before they gleefully piled on to destroy our country). Like it or not, if America is lost, the world is lost.

Some good news on these comments today.

Lemmyhead, thanks for the report-back on National Action. That's great, and a real pick-me-up.

Also, I get a kick out of all these anti-Israel protests. I wonder, sometimes, how this is possible, since Jews practically own the left. So, where's the nigger in the woodpile? Is it really possible that they've been just a little too clever, and the left is now eating itself? That's a lot funnier than RamZPaul!

Anonymous said...

Donations for a billboard.
Time to stop all the talking and typing and get active.

gallowglass said...

Am a big Celtic fan but no justice in having Warsaw thrown out over a guy that played for 10 minutes.

Anonymous said...

out of curiosity I looked up your early Christian namesake and found his idea to be exceedingly interesting. It will repay further study, methinks. Thanks for that.

Rachel said...

Hi Savant/Everyone. I'm glad this site has been rescued; it was pretty ugly around here for awhile.

Keiser! :-)

Anonymous said...

Call me a crazy old physiognomist, but my theory is that you can always spot a lesbian by her big thrusting chin. Celebrity Eskimo Sandi Toksvig, Ellen DeGeneres, Jodie Foster, Clare Balding, Vita Sackville-West, Sue Perkins Comdienne and StephenFrytypechickandTVpresenter God love them: there’s a touch of Desperate Dan in the jaw-bone area, no doubt the better to go bobbing for apples. I guess they need their manjaws for eating cow stuff?

Anonymous said...

National Action it has been suggested is a Globalist led attempt to 'flush out' young nationalists and to encourage 'extremism' to tar them with a bad name, much as th BNP was tarnished

Uncle Nasty said...

Mentioned in your previous thread (the inability of the MSM to keep a straight face when feeding us joobullshit), I said that when you develop an eye for MSM fakery, it leaps out and smacks you in the kisser like a wet kipper.

It's amazing how often that happens.

As an example, this image as the main image from this very recent (how about today?) "news" article.

We'll ignore that fact that the article shows no such thing, and merely write it off as the media showing their customary good taste and restraint ... simply a shot of some bearded, camo-clad bozo with three kids -- all holding modern weaponry ...

(image alone)

Well, I am starting a small competition, here. What is wrong with the image and how is it faked? Let us not forget that it is running in NZ Stuff - New Zealand's premier online news website.

First correct answer gets my heartiest best wishes and congrats -- my budget stretches no further.

Seriously ... what is wrong with the image?


Heraclitus said...

UN, does that look like 'jews' in the middle of that poster? If so something seriously wrong as Arabic spelling goes from right to left. Maybe a little subliminal programming here, to get us all to subconsciously sympathise with the Most Abused People Ever?

Anonymous said...

"National Action it has been suggested is a Globalist led attempt to 'flush out' young nationalists and to encourage 'extremism' to tar them with a bad name, much as th BNP was tarnished"

No - it's for real. I've checked via genuine nationalists.


Fiona said...

What has happened to James? Seemed every second comment used to be his, now only the sound of silence?

Anonymous said...

Holy India, officially celebrated by the left for its anti-imperialism, pacifism, ganja and harmless colourful religiosity, was revealed as teaching race realism with state authority – if without conspicuous scientific back-up. A leading Hindu educationalist supported by India’s new prime minister, Narendra Modi, was accused of racism over his portrayal of ‘negroes’ as violent, half-baked criminals in school textbooks (D.Telegraph, 28 vii).

Of course it is racist any fool can see that a negro is a fully baked criminal.

Anonymous said...

I love Nilus, I think i want to marry him.

SAVANT said...

Anon, that issue of manjaws. Check out Chateau Heartiste who has written a lot about it. Not only is it the dykes but women in general seem to be getting bigger jaws. The elimination of distinctions between the sexes is actually taking physical form after all.

Sponge Cake said...

The leaving cert exam has worked fine for many years in Ireland. I suspect all this dumbing down is to accommodate recent arrivals.

Students to get points for fail grade in Leaving Cert revamp.

They never miss an opportunity for a bit of looting.

Chaos erupts in Missouri town after police shoot dead unarmed black man.

Anonymous said...

"Well maybe I'm paranoid, but I see it as part of the overall project for the destruction of traditional Western civilisation".

It's "paranoia" that can only save us.

Fiona said... "What has happened to James? Seemed every second comment used to be his, now only the sound of silence?"

Count your blessings.

Anonymous said...

Some black enough "lady" was not black enough to join the Black Educators Association in Halifax, Nova Scotia so she took a case and 8 or so years later she won $10 200. Had she taken the initiative to urinate on the floor she would have proved that she was black like Michael Jackson.

Anonymous said...

Raised by librals she hated white men

in that basketball coach

WNBA reject way

she lived for blacks

going out of her way to help them

and hating white men Sue Perkins style

That was the story of Maggie Daniels

a victim of the hidden persuaders

Do not let yourself be a victim

Maggie Daniels twitter account. She worshiped blacks and they all hated her.

Anonymous said...

White Privilege is knowing that…

1. Diversity is the one and only source of goodness and it is impossible for me to contribute towards it.

2. There will never be university programs or departments bearing the name of my race.

4. Mine is the only race with no legitimate political interests.

5. There will never be a legitimate advocacy group appealing to me on the basis of my race.

6. Mine is the only race that can be legally discriminated against in hiring.

7. There will never be a legitimate scholarship set up for people who look like me.

8. My race will always count against me if I apply for a teaching position, especially in a grade school.

9. No politician will ever appeal to me on the basis of race.

10. No matter how much disproportionately your race suffers from interracial crime, conversations about that fact are unfit for public discourse.

11. No one will ever use the word “community” in reference to the people of my race.

12. Even though it may be possible (but not in rural Minnesota or the mountains of Idaho) for me to surround myself predominantly with people who look like me, it is never okay to want to do so.

13. Mine is the only race that has no legitimate right to its ancestral lands and is the only race whose countries are morally obligated not to turn away any who wish to settle there.

14. It is perfectly acceptable for academics, journalists, and movie directors to celebrate the mass execution and extinction of my race.

15. There is a set of words and phrases that only I am not allowed to utter, print, tweet, email, or think.

16. I may not legitimately get a tattoo, bumper sticker, t-shirt, or wristband indicating pride in who I am.

17. I am perpetually one slip of the mouth, pen, or keyboard away from losing my job, livelihood, dignity and worth as a human being.

18. I am—on account of my race—responsible to all for all, always.

Anonymous said...

19. It is perfectly legitimate for someone to intimidate, harass, beat, torture, and kill me because of my race.

21. The United States Department of Justice is not obligated to protect my constitutional or political rights.

22. I may have my children taken from me if I give them the wrong name.

23. I am an existential threat to all other members of all other races.

24. While I must always strive to understand and appreciate—even celebrate—those different from me, it is perverse to desire that anyone try to understand or appreciate me.

25. I am, always have been, and always will be an oppressor.

26. I will lose my job, livelihood, reputation, and human dignity if anyone even so much as accuses me of racism.

27. It is legitimate for journalists to hope that terrorists look like me.

28. I must always “adapt” and “accommodate” others but it is perverse for me to expect that they do the same for me.

29. I may not observe that “flash mobs” are near universally composed of black youths, even though black politicians can.

30. It is legitimate to ascribe types of crime as a problem of my race.

31. Polite people may legitimately call for profiling people who look like me.

32. My government considers people who like me to be the single greatest threat to their security and the security of my fellow citizens.

33. I have nothing and have accomplished nothing that I could have attained or accomplished on my own merits, aside from White Privilege.

34. The U.S. government has a compelling interest in making sure that there aren’t too many people who like me in universities, the financial industry, agriculture, police and fire departments, and health care.

35. The government will never award grants to institutions for finding ways to make sure more people who look like me become doctors.

36. If I go a shooting rampage I may not blame my actions on “racism”.

37. I may not admit in polite society that I prefer to company of people who look like me.

39. I can be expelled from university for asking someone to list the “benefits of diversity”.

40. No matter how much I despise myself and those who look like me I can never atone for being someone who looks like me.

Anarchyst at whitegenocideproject dot com wrote the above. It is so good I think that must be a codeword for Tim White who knows all about white privilege.
That must be Tim White.

Anonymous said...

Rachel said: “I'm glad this site has been rescued; it was pretty ugly around here for awhile.”


Disqus enables administrators/moderators to select who can/cannot comment on their site by using name, email address and IP address to filter comments/ban commentators. Using Disqus means you wouldn’t have to waste your time pre-moderating comments.

Might be worth checking out.

Installing Disqus on Blogger

Specifying who can comment

Restricted Words

I used to use (instant email address) when creating new Disqus accounts. When banned from posting comments on the Telegraph I would sign up for a new Disqus account using (instant email address) and be back commenting on the Telegraph within a couple of minutes (LOL!!). The Telegraph administrators/moderators have now wised up to this and have banned all Disqus accounts using email addresses from commenting on their site.


I’m now having to use when creating new Disqus accounts.

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Excerpted from EO-History: The now-retired general counsel and chief of staff of the House Judiciary Committee, who supervised Hillary when she worked on the Watergate investigation, says Hillary’s history of lies and unethical behavior goes back farther – and goes much deeper – than anyone realizes.

Jerry Zeifman, a lifelong Democrat, supervised the work of 27-year-old Hillary Rodham on the committee. Hillary got a job working on the investigation at the behest of her former law professor, Burke Marshall, who was also Sen. Ted Kennedy’s chief counsel in the Chappaquiddick affair. When the investigation was over, Zeifman fired Hillary from the committee staff and refused to give her a letter of recommendation – one of only three people who earned that dubious distinction in Zeifman’s 17-year career.


“Because she was a liar,” Zeifman said in an interview last week. “She was an unethical, dishonest lawyer. She conspired to violate the Constitution, the rules of the House, the rules of the committee and the rules of confidentiality.”

How could a 27-year-old House staff member do all that? She couldn’t do it by herself, but Zeifman said she was one of several individuals – including Marshall, special counsel John Doar and senior associate special counsel (and future Clinton White House Counsel) Bernard Nussbaum – who engaged in a seemingly implausible scheme to deny Richard Nixon the right to counsel during the investigation.

Why would they want to do that? Because, according to Zeifman, they feared putting Watergate break-in mastermind E. Howard Hunt on the stand to be cross-examined by counsel to the president. Hunt, Zeifman said, had the goods on nefarious activities in the Kennedy Administration that would have made Watergate look like a day at the beach – including Kennedy’s purported complicity in the attempted assassination of Fidel Castro.

The actions of Hillary and her cohorts went directly against the judgment of top Democrats, up to and including then-House Majority Leader Tip O’Neill, that Nixon clearly had the right to counsel. Zeifman says that Hillary, along with Marshall, Nussbaum and Doar, was determined to gain enough votes on the Judiciary Committee to change House rules and deny counsel to Nixon. And in order to pull this off, Zeifman says Hillary wrote a fraudulent legal brief, and confiscated public documents to hide her deception.

The brief involved precedent for representation by counsel during an impeachment proceeding. When Hillary endeavored to write a legal brief arguing there is no right to representation by counsel during an impeachment proceeding, Zeifman says, he told Hillary about the case of Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas, who faced an impeachment attempt in 1970.

“As soon as the impeachment resolutions were introduced by (then-House Minority Leader Gerald) Ford, and they were referred to the House Judiciary Committee, the first thing Douglas did was hire himself a lawyer,” Zeifman said.

The Judiciary Committee allowed Douglas to keep counsel, thus establishing the precedent. Zeifman says he told Hillary that all the documents establishing this fact were in the Judiciary Committee’s public files. So what did Hillary do?

“Hillary then removed all the Douglas files to the offices where she was located, which at that time was secured and inaccessible to the public,” Zeifman said. Hillary then proceeded to write a legal brief arguing there was no precedent for the right to representation by counsel during an impeachment proceeding – as if the Douglas case had never occurred.

The brief was so fraudulent and ridiculous, Zeifman believes Hillary would have been disbarred if she had submitted it to a judge.

A hillaryous review of the other unethical Clinton.

Anonymous said...

Is it true that Denise Charlton is Ethnicallyethically challenged?

Anonymous said...

The hidden persuaders explained?

The family request privacy you can look at their roof on ABC.

Uncle Nasty said...

I too, have been wondering at what happened to James.

I am inclined to agree with several posters here, that he overdid it at times -- especially with the Enyoo persona, but, on the other hand, I found a good deal of his posts and links very valuable and often thought-provoking.

The one rather odd thing was, when he first posted, he seemed (to me, anyway) to be diametrically opposed to the views of a good deal of ... How shall I put this? More conservative posters -- myself included.

I found his sudden one-eighty-degree conversion ... interesting. Or was it only paranoid me who felt this way?


phaedon said...

I could never work out the James thing. Posted too often, for definite, especially when he got into that 'bzzzzzzzzzzz' thing with NU. That really pissed me off.

I sometimes wondered if he was a troll but he had a lot of good links and comments as well. Something not 100% on the level with him, whatever it was.