Monday, 11 August 2014

Cat emerges from bag

Sport is surely a good thing for everyone, including young girls and women. Obvious health and fitness benefits as well as offering an innocent alternative to potentially darker pursuits. Strong sporting competitiveness in women though has, to me at least, been a turnoff.  It's just not feminine. Ok, call me old-fashioned but I always liked women to be women.

But as we now know, gender is just a social construct. (Why, one of my friends just told me that he's six months pregnant).  Men and women are the same, even in sport.  Of course as every schoolboy knows they are nothing of the sort.  Even in more or less gender-neutral sports such as tennis and golf men are vastly superior. For example while at their prime and pumped up with steroids the Williams brothers were both well beaten by an unknown German ranked outside the Men's top 200.

So what's behind the relentless campaign to push women's sport and to create some kind of perceived equality with their male counterparts? For a start I don't believe it's commercial, especially for sports traditionally associated with men.  There will never be a major audience for the female versions of those sports. So what then?

Well maybe I'm paranoid, but I see it as part of the overall project for the destruction of traditional Western civilisation. Now at first glance it might seem preposterous to imagine the 'muddied oaf at the goal' to be concerned with such lofty objectives. And indeed he or she will be blissfully unaware of such profound underpinnings to their pastime. But bear in mind what I said about The Architecture, whereby once the ball has been set rolling the gullible pawns can safely be allowed to take things forward under their own steam.

Take the case of women's rugby. Now for those of you unfamiliar with the sport, rugby is like American football, but without the protective accoutrements. It's brutal and almost all of us who've played carry the scars of those confrontations. For example an ex-prop forward can usually be identified through his cauliflower ears, smashed in facial features and restricted joint movements. Other positions carry their own unique risks with concussion all too common among the backs.

Seems like just about the last place to find the fairer sex, you'd imagine.  Au contraire. women's rugby is taking centre stage in the sporting least according to the media. The Rugby Unions pour in funding while sponsors rush to get involved. This despite minuscule attendances and participation rates.

What's it all about? Well, I'll leave you with this advert for women's rugby at Arizona State University which perhaps inadvertently leaves this particular cat out of the bag


Iron Felix said...

Well, Savant, dunno if I'd be in total agreement, though certainly so in part. Fact is, sport and fitness are good for females just as they are for males, and a healthy athletic woman with glossy hair and radiant skin is as pretty a picture as a meadowful of beautiful thoroughbreds. That said, there is certainly something in what you say---this area too has become the target of political subversion.

Anonymous said...

I've been roundly abused for saying that not only do I not give a shit about the Irish women's Rugby team,but that they shouldn't be allowed play the game in the first place.

I felt the same about women's boxing and Katie Taylor.The vilification then was enormous.I enjoyed every second of it.

On the other hand on the Sunday Game last night,there was an interview with the captain of the Clare Camogie team (womens hurling) and my god she was gorgeous!I fell in love with her instantly and told my wife I was leaving her.

I'm 56 in October.


FOD said...

Consider black 'women' (if you can) and you encounter huge jaws and brows that could sprout Wolverine claws when roused to anger. Maybe this is the end result of a mating market where generations of women have spread for the most violent, thuggish men in the hood. If so, is there a trickle up effect to the rest of society?

Anonymous said...

Olympics 2012

Somebody else picked up on the inappropriateness of Sherena Williams doing The Crip Walk on Centre Court. (Read the bit on MTV.)

Birgit Prinz (fussballerin) was subject to interest from a charlatan Italian football team owner and she said she would leave a press conference if the next question was as dumb as the preceding two about her playing in a professional Mens' league.

5 foot 9 inch Hope Solo (apparent brain donor) said that she would like to earn £20 000 a week in a professional Mens' league.
(i) She is too slow off her line
(ii) She is too small
(iii)She is not strong enough

but her, and womany gender study types, need their egos stroked so nobody will point out why she could not make it.

Dan said...

Maybe it's just sevens?

Clovis said...

I was wondering about James as well?

lemmyhead said...

Hope Solo. Is that Hans sister?

00:39 said...

I'm with ferrous Felix here. I think women's boxing and rugby are disgusting sports, but then women's hockey, tennis and beach volleyball are watchable. Don't think it's a part of the plot to bring down Western Civilisation, though.

SAVANT said...

Don't think it's a part of the plot to bring down Western Civilisation, though.

00.39. As I said, I don't think the various people pushing it have this explicit objective in mind. My point is that it derives from the overall Cultural Marxist strategy to bring down our civilisation. So for example if you keep chipping away at traditional gender roles and what was deemed appropriate behaviour for women there comes a time when monstrosities such as women's rugby and boxing become acceptable.

Important that this distinction is clear.

Anonymous said...

Apart from graceful sports like gymnastics and skating, it's only disgusting mannish piggies that get involved in *cough* 'women's' sports' cough. Look at the Marxists at the BBC pushing dykeball ('women's rugby'), they only allow presenters with massive amounts of testosterone manjaws to present *cough* Tranny L *cough*.

It's clearly an ideological drive like Greg Kyke wants to kill the hideous White race. There is no demand from normal people for it. Hostile Elite pretend the only difference is strength - b**lox. Snooker and darts don't require strength but any woman who tried to compete with men would be weed on.

Ireland finished last at Olympics. I award minus points for hagfighting medals. That only proves your women are fatter, uglier, less graceful and feminine than other countries. Proves your men can't control them.

Anonymous said...

If it wants $20 p/w, let it compete with men. The US female soccer team was beaten by an underage male team in training!!!

Iron Felix said...

Well, I don't know that women should be stopped from putting the shot or spear chucking or pole-vaulting if they genuinely want to do it; why not let them at it should they so wish? If some folk don't like it, well they needn't watch, now need they? As an example, and bearing in mind that, as some of you may have noticed, females are on average noticeably smaller than men, just consider the men's 110 metres high hurdles. Being smaller than men, women are a) apt to have a shorter stride and b) apt to jump a little less high,
so what was done was that the hurdles were marginally reduced in height, a mere few inches or so, and the same number of flights of hurdles were fitted to a 100m length rather than 110m, in effect making them somewhat closer together, i.e., approximately nine metres from hurdle to hurdle rather then ten. The result was a version of the men's event neatly and elegantly tailored to suit women's abilities and physiques and I really can't see a whole lot wrong with this so long as people leave well alone. A beautiful feminine woman is not going to lose any femininity by being a beautiful female athlete. As Savant says though, the game---well, all games---are being deformed for squalidly evil ends by squalidly evil people, and therein lies the problem.

Anonymous said...

You say sponsors rush to get involved. But I wonder how Usain Bolt's sponsorship contract compares with the female 100m champion.

P.S. I can't name a single female sprinter.

Anonymous said...

Just call me Kellie: Legendary boxing promoter Frank Maloney reveals he is having a sex change


Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Have a look at this South African hatched and reared, pale skinned JEW?/khazarian fuck pretentiously cavorting with local coons.

This form, invariably of East European/Khazarian-Asian origin and not unlike the rest of them, is the foulest form on the planet - trust me!

North America, the Antipodes and the UK are now riddled with these cunts adjoining their filthy brethren in these countries.

Israhell being their 'family' home and 6 pointed star

parisclaims said...

I quite like the idea of a level playing field, but the women's Wimbledon winner getting the same as the men's is plain daft.

Anonymous said...

Wake up white kufar before it's too late

Piet said...

Anon 00.25. Who is this South African jew that you refer to? Not in the videos you link.

Anonymous said...

The Board of Deputies of British Jews called on Lord Bassam, the Labour chief whip in the Lords, to initiate MISCONDUCT PROCEEDINGS against Lord Prescott, after Prescott likened Gaza to a concentration camp.



Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

This guy following the parents in their favourite sport - money grabbing!

Anonymous said...

Snooker and darts don't require strength but any woman who tried to compete with men would be weed on.

Alison Fisher is the snooker bird and the two darts chicks I forget.

Women used do the 80 meters hurdles as they weren't able for the 100 which is probably never going to be changed.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you need a course in anthropology or some glasses. Look at the features, the facial contours of this cow eyed Mediterranean fuck. Only a kike and white hating affiliates would make such a vid

Having said that I'm occasionally surprised when I bump into ruddy faced gingers and bloated blondes like the mayor of London a confirmed zionist.

"They live" - globally

Mrs. Heraclitus said...

I agree with the central theme of this post, in that things like women in rugby work towards supporting the principle that gender is just a social construct. also I agree that your average Joe or Josephine has no idea about this.

Anonymous said...

Will Lord Bassam be making sure that senile pederast Lord Janner cannot get his finger on the button?

Anonymous said...


"Lord" Bassam is a particularly foul,,hideous white hating CUNT of the highest order.

This creature was leader of Brighton council for some time and probably shares a bed with English hating Jack Straw and Greg Kyke. All choose to live in England, simply because they couldn't do better or make it anywhere else, like most of their alien kind along with other forms they invite in to live here. It makes them feel more comfortable.

Anonymous said...

it's not just the participation of women in sport but women even talking about men's sport.

My eyes tend to glaze over and I then lapse into a strange kind of a trance whenever a woman starts talking to me about football,rugby,Gaelic,boxing,you name it.

The woman may be quite knowledgable about a particular sport but,her opinion is of utmost irrelevance to me.

Give Katie Taylor her due,she scrubs and dresses up well.A not unattractive young lady in a formal gown.


lemmyhead said...

' I can't name a single female sprinter.'
Can you name a white one?
Can you name one black that has made a significant contribution to physics?
Stupid question really because you obviously can. Race is only a social construct.

lemmyhead said...

Paris Claims said:-
I quite like the idea of a level playing field, but the women's Wimbledon winner getting the same as the men's is plain daft.

The women get paid more than men. The men play best of five sets, women three. Men have to do more for their money.

Anonymous said...

"Obvious health and fitness benefits as well as offering an innocent alternative to potentially darker pursuits."

Keying into the "darker pursuits" angle, I must question this reasonably intelligent woman's mindset to have taken the route she did. MSM brainwashing is such a powerful tool, and hopefully this story will alert other White woman to co-habit within their own gene pool.

nilus said...


PAKI head of housing ,Brighton Council, multi-million pound scam involving his brother:

Bail for 4 arrested in alleged £18m housing fraud in Brighton

As investigations continue into allegations of fraud at Brighton and Hove City Council’s housing department, Sussex Police says it has released on bail four men who were arrested on suspicion of misconduct in public office and corruption.

The website named one of those arrested as Ashley Parker, who it said is the brother of the council’s suspended head of housing JUGAL SHARMA .

The website also reported that the 51-year-old Parker is a director of KEM Property Services which it said "housed homeless people at short notice under a premium-priced 10-year contract with the council".

Radio 4skin, today:

06:00 “Today”

Morning news and current affairs.
QUEER Eddie Mair
QUEER Evan Davies

See photo:
JEW Seigfried Sasson
QUEER Eddie Mair

09:30 “Witness”
Steve Biko

In August 1977 Steve Biko, leader of the Black Consciousness Movement, was arrested in South Africa. Weeks later, he was killed while in police custody. We hear from Mamphela Ramphele, who was in a relationship with Biko.

10:00 “Woman’s Hour”

A new romantic comedy starring JEW Daniel Radcliffe will be in cinemas later this month.

NOTE: Permanent photo of “Number 1 Female Game Changer” Doreen Lawrence, mother of UK’s Trayvon, now a BARONESS

16:00 “Word of Mouth”
The Online Me
Are we different online than in real life? Mud-mongrel and cretin Gemma Cairney asks
QUEER Nick Grimshaw and friends.
Grimshaw says he’s cooler, funnier and more ‘street’ on twitter, while ultra-hip fashion blogger Bip Ling has made up her own language and a character called Mooch on instagram…


16:30 “Great Lives”
Soul II Soul frontman and DJ (NIGGA)Jazzie B chooses the life of musician and singer (NIGGA)James Brown. Presented by
QUEER Mathew Parris.

17:00 “PM”
QUEER Eddie Mair presents coverage and analysis of the day’s news.

18:30 “Meet (QUEER) David Sedaris”
QUEER David expounds on the guilt he feels as a result of writing stories about his family.

20:00 “The Tories and the Police: The End of the Affair”
Robin Aitken examines the relationship between the Conservative Party and the police.

The Tories and the Police: Robin Aitken examines the apparent close relationship between the Conservative Party and the police force. Robin Aitken talks to Conservative politicians who have been key players in the story of this marriage of law and order over the last four decades including former Home Secretaries
(alleged QUEER)Ken Clarke and
(JEW)Michael Howard.

QUEER JEW Stephen Fry’s English Delight

nilus said...



‘Gay venue’ sign at pub causes controversy

The oldest gay bar in Brighton has caused a stir over a sign about who the venue is suitable for.

The Bulldog Tavern in St James’s Street in Kemp Town has a controversial sign on the door of the premises stating: ‘This is a gay venue for gay clientele and their friends only’.

Resident Gavin Kinsey said he believes the sign needs to be reworded.

The 32-year-old said: “I do not see how this is allowed. No other business would be allowed to discriminate against gay people, so what gives them the right to display the sign?”

Patricia Weller, 40, from Preston Park, was told about the sign by a friend who had been deeply offended by it.

She said: “I think it’s unnecessary. Everyone knows it’s a gay bar and that sign seems discriminatory.”

James Hunstman, 51, of Kemp Town, did not see the need for the sign and the upset it could cause.

He said: “It’s a bit daft because you would have thought that gay people went in there anyway. It’s a weird thing to do.

“I think everyone who lives round here knows that The Bulldog is a gay bar so that sign is redundant.”


Synagogue is sprayed with pro-Gaza graffiti

Tensions in the Middle East have threatened to spill over here after graffiti supporting Gaza was sprayed onto a synagogue.

Police were called after the words ‘Free Gaza’ were found sprayed in black onto the door of the Hove Hebrew Congregation in Hove.

Tensions are running high over the current flare-up of extreme violence in the long-running conflict between Israel and Palestinian territories. More than 1,800 Palestinians and 67 Israelis have been killed since Israel started bombing Gaza in early July, officially in response to rocket fire.

The synagogue’s Rabbi Vivian Silverman said the graffiti was “upsetting” but it has now “all been removed and things are back to normal”.

Many Israel supporters described the message as “anti-Semitic” on social media, although Rabbi Silverman was more cautious. He said: “People’s feelings are very pent up especially when you see the pictures coming out of Gaza, so it does not necessarily mean anti-Semitism.

“But as you know anti – Israel things have a smacking of being anti-Semitic.”

A protest supporting Gaza was held in Brighton last Saturday. The Israeli government has said it wants to destroy tunnels allegedly used by fighters from the militant group Hamas.

Rabbi Silverman added: “We just hope that things will become calm now and once Israel has done what it has to do to make sure that people don’t come out of tunnels and murder people, once that’s been taken care of, things will become quiet again.”

A spokesman for the Brighton and Hove Palestine Solidarity campaign said: “The real issue here is that there needs to be a political solution to the occupation of Gaza and the West Bank.

“We would like the members of the Brighton Jewish community who do not agree with Israel’s policies to stand up – as 150 in Brooklyn did the other day, and many others have done – to show that there is not a divide between Jews and non-Jews.”

A Sussex Police spokesman said nobody was arrested, adding: “This is an isolated incident of damage – we are not aware of similar reports in the area.”

nilus said...


Owner of dirty Whitehawk chip shop fined £1k


Owner of dirty Whitehawk chip shop fined £1k

A chip shop was found to be infested with rats after a customer found a deep fried cockroach in a bag of chips.

Health inspectors found rat droppings at the Cod+ takeaway in Whitehawk Road, Brighton after the customer complained.

Owner Asif Javaid, who lives above the shop, denied breaching food hygiene regulations but was found guilty of not keeping the takeaway clean, not taking measures to prevent rats from infesting the premises and not properly supervising staff in food hygiene measures.

He was fined £1,000 and ordered to pay a further £1,600. But he said he already had plans to sell the business.

Len Batten, prosecuting, told Brighton Magistrates’ Court yesterday: “A customer Joanne Pope stopped on her way home to buy a bag of chips from Cod+. She got on the bus home then ate the chips.

“As she got to the bottom of the bag she found what she thought was a bone. Then she noticed it had legs. Then she realised it was what she thought was a cockroach.

“She put it in a plastic bag and informed the environmental health department.”

Brighton and Hove City Council food safety officer Kevin Newman inspected the premises on October 13, 2013.

He told the court that he found rat droppings in a storage area, a filthy microwave, greasy tiles and a huge build ups of grease during the inspection.

He said the takeaway had been served warning notices on previous occasions.

After being found guilty of three counts of breaching food hygiene regulations Javaid told the court: “Since this case was reported my family has been subjected to all kinds of abuse.

“As a result of that I had a heart attack. I’m a 43-year-old man and it was entirely because of the tension of it.

“We have suffered abuse and my wife has also had two miscarriages.” Father-of-three Javaid was found not guilty of a fourth count of failing to put in place processes to prevent infestations of rodents.

a woman was raped in the toilets on the pier last week. A woman was raped in the toilets of "The Fishbowl" pub the week before that. A man was stabbed in the neck last week, these attacks are becoming more and more common, as Brighton's demographic becomes more "vibrant" and "enriched".

Twenty years ago this was a White town, safe for all. Never heard of any rapes, or stabbings. Now common.

nilus said...

A man is still fighting for his life after his neck was slashed during a fight but his condition is described as "improving".

The 22-year-old was attacked amid a series of confrontations in Brighton during the early hours yesterday.

Police officers were “covered in blood” as they fought to save his life before he was taken to the Royal Sussex County Hospital.

He remained there in a critical condition yesterday night but this morning a Sussex Police spokesman said his condition was "improving".

Crime officers combed the scene in Castle Square and took away bins to check for evidence but a weapon was not found yesterday. It is unknown what weapon was used in the fight.

Chief Superintendent Nev Kemp tweeted officers were “covered in blood” as they administered emergency first aid at the scene.

The victim, who is Hungarian, was involved in one of a series of incidents in Castle Square near the Be At One Bar, police said.

The confrontation moved outside the Natwest bank at 5am and the man was attacked.

s&k says...

"What a lovely nightlife culture we've created - utter savagery. Let's hope this poor young guy pulls through."

localboy78 says...

"I wouldn't go out on a night out in Brighton if it were the last place on earth. Chavvy, rough, boozy, staggy and henny...the pits.

I much prefer going out in London Far more civilised and much more thriving and fun.
Brighton is a cess pit and I can't wait to get out of here."

Brighton FC's KIKE owner:

Albion chairman Tony Bloom has reassured supporters they will be happy with the squad by the end of the transfer window.

He made the pledge to fans last night following reports in the North-East that the Seagulls have lost out to Middlesbrough in their pursuit of Huddersfield midfielder Adam Clayton.

Anonymous said...

Females are in sports alright and in the US they are in combat units. If there ever is another war I hope our enemies send their women to fight.

Anonymous said...

O/T but this could be interesting. Perhaps the more astute "techies" could respond to this:

Anonymous said...

Yasmin Thomas could not be sentenced for assault despite coming up in front of the beak for assault for the 18th time because of black privilege.

Think of what Emma West and a few others had to go through yet no prison for 4 Somalis who attacked Rhea Page nor for the failed plumber because of black privilege.

Time to start a new meme Black privilege.

Rodney King commits a crime and the California Highway Patrol hold him there for the LAPD. He refuses to cooperate. He walks towards a police officer and she fears for herself so could shoot him as justifiable. Sergeant Stacy Koons tells her to holster the gun and tries to reason with a guy suspected of being high on PCP. He refuses and has to be taken down. All the above was on the famous video yet the media only showed the pinataing.
The jury see the whole a correctly do not convict. Senator Tedddy "Treason" Kennedy (Damnit Chappaquidick you claimed the wrong one!) introduces a bill suspending double jeopardy when obsolete farm equipment is involved. Black privilege.

Junior thug in training is casing houses to see who has free TVs for a stoodentafleet. He is seen by a neighbourhood watchman who calls the police. They arrange to meet him somewhere to see what to doabout it. To get to this somewhere George Zimmerman walks back towards his truck. He is blindsided by Tray'Von Martin and he shoots his attacker in self defence. The media rigs the phone call and events to show the future Asstronaught, Chemist, and President. Black privilege.

Barack Hussein Obama says if he had a son he would be a worthless thug. The media never notice. Black Privilege.

There is no case to answer for. George Zimmerman given a showtrial. Black privilege.

Drunk black guy seeing walking drunkly in a neighbourhood. Professor Henry gates whines "Don't you know who I am?" Yes you are the suspicious drunk guy. Barack Hussein Obama criticises the police for doing their job. No pointing out BHO's idiocy. Black privilege.

Barack Hussein Obama gets some beauty sleep and therefore is not available to let a MC-130 Talon try to save the 4 murdered Americans in Benghazi. Utter in competence not noticed due to Black Privilege.

nilus said...

Just caught a few minutes of my local BBC news, " South East Today". I never watch it, havent seen it in many months. They just happened to be talking to an "84 year old American stand up comedian" who is now based in Brighton, named "Lynn Ruth Miller.

"Sounds kikey", thinks me..she then describes her past employment: teacher,professor,journo,writer,
"Sounds kikey", thinks me.

She then refers to herself as "an old JEWISH woman", which definitely sounded kikey.

Next: The One Show, BBC1, an interview with an actress who plays a LESBIAN in a new BBC drama about expectant parents called "In The Club". The obligatory "same sex couple having a baby" role.

As far as the actress knows, its the "first time a same sex female modern family has been portrayed on TV "

Whoop De Doo.

By the way, the Head of Drama at BBC is a FAGGOT who promised to deliver more "LGBT" storylines, themes and characters".

Next, a"heartwarming" report about a mixed race family (Female White,male Indian/Paki), who have adopted lots of brown kids.

BBC2 8.30 pm "Coast"

"Tessa Dunlop uncovers the story of how HITLER'S bombers could have drowned London" LOL, fucking LOL!


And now, (7.16pm) on Channel 4 News (read by elephant worshipper Krishnan Gurumurthy)

an interview with JEW Alexei Sayle about Robin Williams..JEW Sayle manages to get a snide dig in about Jim Davidson (The Evil White Sexist Rayciss Homophobe)within the first 30 seconds.
What a cunt.

Sorry, what a KIKE cunt.

NEXT: A poor ickle nigger has been "SHOT DEAD" by Ebil White Po Po in America. Niggaz are weepin and a wailin and chimpin out cos they want "Muh Justice".

Did we hear a peep about any Whites murdered by niggers in USA lately?


Dis we hear about all the niggers that died at the hands of otherbrothaz?


I read at The Stormer that the Poor Innocen' Nigger Angel was leaning into the Ebil Whitey Po Po's car, trying to get his gun!!

More stuff about Iraq.

If I was The Strategic Operations Manager of "ISIS" , I would have kept quiet while the israeli kikes were slaughtering kids under the nose of the world.

Instead, they completely take Gaza/Israel off the front page and down the memory hole...

Nothing to see here, move along, just a Cohencidence, like a plane being shot down on the same day israel began its "ground assault", just a Cohencidence..

nilus said...

My "Solution" to the JP:

When we've rearranged the furniture,and sanity prevails once more,all jews have to work for niggers.

Each jew to have a black boss.

So simple, so ..poetic.

Anonymous said...

Jews now say “Boycotts Divide”.


Check out the photo:

South Africa's Mbeki calls for Israeli goods boycott


After Cape Town students pass BDS, Jews fear campus nightmare


Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Yasmin Thomas could not be sentenced for assault despite coming up in front of the beak for assault for the 18th time because of black privilege.”

Daily Mail

Mrs Archer added that Thomas [a sales negotiator at Palmer Snell] was trying to TURN HER LIFE AROUND...


Frank Galton

Shaunantijihad said...

I recall when the working men's club eventually allowed women in the snooker room. That night they all piled in and sat watching. Then they were bored after making their point and went back to the lounge to talk about stuff women talk about. And that's pretty much how it still is.

But those mild exclusions were typical of White men and White women should be grateful that their menfolk are so chivalrous in comparison to the only human alternatives - non-White men.

What about women being stopped from leaving the house without a male relative? And in a burkha as well?

It's coming unless this shit called multiculturalism is destroyed.

Oh btw, though Craig Winn's site Prophet of Doom is no longer available you can download a copy of his book with all the relevant quotes from the Hadith and Koran here:

Send a copy to all your liberal friends.

Anonymous said...

off topic, for a moment of true comic releif check ouy you tube for super lefty sound alike JOAN BAEZ sing'' KEEP THE TRIGGERS NIGGERS''sounds like a old 60s hippie revolution song.hilarious..

Anonymous said...

Still worshipping Putin the great white knight?

Then think about why Europe relies on Russian gas for winter.

For decades, the Russian communists have subverted Iranian, Syrian and Armenian politics to cut them off from supplying Europe with the energy it needs, while Russian communists have subverted European politicians to make Europe dependent on Russian supplies of energy. This all a part of their long term communist strategy to weaken Europe and Islam, and make them subservient to jewry and communism. It is part of their plan to flood Europe and these nations with Chinese and Africans and destroy the White Race and eliminate its territories from White control.

Turkey and Saudi Arabia are also working with the jews to destroy Europe, America, Iran, Syria and Armenia. Both jewish dominated nations supply the money, arms, training and manpower to destroy Muslim countries and make Russia the main supplier of energy to Europe. They have helped Russia hold Armenia and Iran back from supplying Europe with energy, in favor of Russian contracts and supply lines.

The Russians, Turks and Saudis have done much to maintain Russian, Saudi and Venezuelan domination of oil and natural gas supplies, while pretending to be the defenders of Islam from jewish aggression. It is no coincidence that South America and Africa are being taken over by these communists. Europe and America will be next, in short order and by design. . . unless we fight back against the communists. We need a presidential candidate for 2016, right now!

Anonymous said...

obsolete farm equipment

LOL. Good one.

nilus said...

Aussie audios:

Thunder from Down Under

Kyle is joined by Adam and Garth from The Crazz Files. They discuss the current state of affairs in Australia, non-White immigration, anti-White bias, hate speech laws, Jewish power, and whatever else comes to mind.

Max Igan - Hour 1 - Zionist Terrorism in Gaza
July 30, 2014
From New South Wales, Australia Max Igan runs the website, which covers a vast array of different topics spanning from government corruption to the mysteries of our ancient past. In this program we discuss Zionist terrorism in Gaza and the current bombing campaign and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians. We’ll talk about the lies pushed by the Zionist controlled mainstream on this issue and the double standards of Israel’s policies. Max also talks about his visit to the Gaza Strip and the many kind Palestinians he met there. He tells us how he entered in to the checkpoint ridden area using one of the many tunnels from the Egyptian side, where he also met border officers from Hamas. Later, we discuss the monumental lies and disinformation surrounding World War II, especially what happened to Germany. In the second hour, we’ll talk about how to weaken the influence of the Zionist controlled media. Max highlights previous atrocities in Palestine, such as the death of Rachel Corrie and the people murdered on the Gaza flotilla.

nilus said...

Anon @12 August 2014 16:10

Great comment.

Shaunantijihad said...


Once upon a time I went to Sussex Uni for a day, and after noticing the huge sign "Gay and Lesbian Building", I asked, in my innocence, "So where is the Heterosexual building?"

Then I was considered a redundant cultural Luddite, today I'd be thrown in irons...

Shaunantijihad said...

"If there ever is another war I hope our enemies send their women to fight."

They have. Go to a maternity unit and understand that "demographics is destiny." And note that this is a deliberate policy commented upon by many Muslim leaders.

Their women fight to take our children's land, knowing that White men cannot destroy them or else our government and culture will imprison us. Even our own women will condemn us, as they stand at the school gates chatting to Aisha and her nine sisters and seventy cousins about some inane shit.

Anonymous said...

Schabas Goy appointed head of UN Gaza commission.

Israel-Basher Appointed to Lead UN Inquiry of Gaza War



Schabas: "I want to see Netanyahu in The Hague"


Frank Galton

Matrix-buster said...

UN and others. I too would be sorry to see James depart totally for whatever reason. Must admit there were times I thought he was a troll, what with that nastiest uncle thing, but he did provide some very good links and had worthwhile comments.

So come back James, all is forgiven!

Eamon Bejayzuz said...

Lemmyhead at 13.45---dunno about physics but anyway; Betty Cuthbert/Barbel Wockl/Yulia Nesterenko/Lyudmilla Kondratyeva/Annegret Richter, all White, AND Wilma Rudolph/Wyomia Tyus/Florence Griffith-Joyner/Gail Devers/Marion Jones,
all Black. Just thought I'd mention it.

Anonymous said...

Alexei Sayle is another filthy form of hideous kike that can't make it in its stinking east euro/west asia/khazarian rootland.

These mouthy kikes on the box say what they like as they know the pigs will arrest and prosecute any indigenous white man and guarantee a conviction with a hefty sentence, plus ensure his working life is fucked when details are published in the kike press

Piet said...

Doncha just love that fucking boycott comment. Well the Jooz in SA worked to hand it over to the porch monkeys and now they start to feel their bite. Fuck you bastards, now off to Tel Aviv or Perth. No problems for you finding a new home having fucked up our one.

heuristic said...

anon 15.25. The 'outernet' is a peer-to-peer network based on wireless and operates out of Poland I think.

Impossible at this stage to know if it could become a real force. But definitely P2P offers a way of avoiding control by the major backbone providers who are working on controlling us via differential payment.

Anonymous said...

A major triumph for Hattie Harman!

Pederast teacher not jailed for pederasty just like she campaigned for in the 70s.

Did you know that part of The Vagina Monologues* is about the statutory rape of a 13 year old by a 30 year old and for some reason the media and celebrities celebrate this.

*Was it (je)written by a Nabakovian?

Anonymous said...

I've been thinking the same thing for awhile. Children's sports are out of control and I suspect it's the parents living vicariously encouraged on by the media i.e.the jews. I would add that while we are encouraging our girls to act like boys we are simultaneously encouraging our boys to act like girls. A sensitive man, a man who wasn't afraid to cry....(stifled laughter).

Anonymous said...

nilus said: “My "Solution" to the JP:”


Jews feel safe in the knowledge that when the shit finally hits the fan in Europe and America, they can slip off in the middle of the night to the safety of their little bolt-hole in the Middle East, leaving the goyim to fight it out amongst themselves.

As long as the racist, apartheid State of Israel exists, there will be no end to Third World immigration into Western Europe, North America and Australasia. This is why the racist, apartheid State of Israel must be dismantled. This can be achieved through the use of boycotts/sanctions.

nilus said: “When we've rearranged the furniture,and sanity prevails once more,all jews have to work for niggers. Each jew to have a black boss.”


Also, it will be made compulsory for every Jewish family to adopt a niglet.

And there will be daytime TV shows where Jews will be forced to air their dirty linen in public e.g. The Jeremy Kike Show.

I also propose introducing DNA tests for Jews living in Europe.

Just as Israel is introducing DNA tests in order to prevent non-Jews from settling in Israel, I say we follow suit and introduce DNA tests to PREVENT JEWS FROM LEAVING EUROPE.

Why should Jews be allowed to leave the multicultural party early and miss all the fun. They will be forced to stay to the bitter end.


Frank Galton

nilus said...

Found via Franks link above.

No woman 'deserves' to be raped...but a woman "sex worker",a 'self-motivated self-employed entrepeneur' offering sex to niggers in public parks at 3 in the morning may, just may, just a teeny weeny ickle bit, be seen, by some heartless misogynist types, to be at least upping her chances of being "shoplifted" by an enricher..

Hamster-cheeked rabbit-toothed rat-brained vibrancy embassador rapes scabby Harringey whore :

Police are hunting a man with "hamster cheeks and buck teeth" after a prostitute was strangled, dragged by her hair and raped in a north London park.

Detectives said the victim, in her late 40s, approached a man to offer him business in Harringey before the attack.

He is then believed to have asked her to go somewhere more secluded, and they walked from Green Lanes to Chesnuts Park, off St Ann's Road between 2am and 3am on September 9, 2012.

When they arrived in the park, the man is alleged to have forced her to the floor and strangled her until she passed out.

Police said the man then threatened to stab her as she set off her rape alarm. He is then said to have dragged her along by her hair before snatching the alarm from her and either burying or disabling it.

The man is then alleged to have sexually assaulted and raped her before walking away from the scene.

Scotland Yard today released CCTV images of a man wanted in connection with the assault.

He is described by the Met as black, round 5ft 9in tall, of medium build, with short afro hair and a London accent.

Police said he also has hamster-like cheeks, with a round face, prominent cheek bones and elongated front teeth, and looking aged in his 20s. It is believed that he was wearing jeans at the time of the incident.

DC Karl Dines of the Met's serious crime command, said: “The victim was utterly traumatised by this nasty attack and continues to receive support from specialists.

nilus said...

Caption competition, Savant?

My best effort off the cuff is:


Man accidentally killed himself with vibrator, inquest hears

A man accidentally killed himself after a vibrator became lodged in his body, an inquest heard.

Nigel Willis, 50, of Forest Hill, spent five days with the sex toy stuck inside his body as he was too embarrassed to go to the doctor.

Southwark Coroners’ Court heard he lay on the sofa and complained of feeling dizzy and weak to his mother in the house they shared.

Mr Willis, who suffered from diabetes, was taken to Lewisham Hospital on December 30 last year when a concerned friend said he should get help.

He was admitted to intensive care on New Year’s Eve with septic shock.

ITV "Lorraine" 8.45 am

Kate Garroway is talking to "manager to the stars"
JEW Ron Weisner, coming up is

QUEER Mathew Kelly and money-saving orthodox
JEW Martin Lewis.

On Chan 4 is kike-com "King of Queens" followed by kike-com "Everybody Loves Raymond" followed by uber kike-com "Big Nose Theory" x2

E4 More kike-coms, "Suburgatory", "The Mindy Project" , etc

Pick: QUEER corpse-whisperer
Colin Fry

ITV2 : "Real Housewives"
QUEER JEW Andy Cohen

ITV3 Judge JEWdy Sheindlin

and all before Ive had my breakfast bagel..

Anonymous said...


Here's a Scottish leftist fuck I have very little time for. But to be fair he is honest and he has the balls to tell this squeaky jew at an Oxford union what he thinks. He reveals all the support he got from South African reared kikes during his subversive activities in SA too
Very interesting

nilus said...

White boy bleed a lot: Man stabbed to death by two yoofs over cigarette:

A man was stabbed to death in south-east London following a trivial row over a cigarette, it was claimed today.

The 26-year-old victim died after being chased through a shopping centre by two men following the incident in Lee last night.

Firefighters from a local fire station tried to save the man’s life but he died before he could be taken to hospital.

Fuzzy wuzzy nigger stabs bus driver in eye:

A bus driver was stabbed in the eye by a savage nigger beast who walked out in front of his vehicle.

The 41-year-old man was driving a route 227 bus in High Street, Penge, on June 30 when a man walked in front of the bus causing him to brake hard.

The suspook, who was holding the hand of a niglet and accompanied by another coon, kicked out at the bus doors in anger, police said.

After a confrontation, the bus driver drove off and stopped again at a red light a short distance away.

The nigger was then seen running down the street towards the bus.

He then allegedly stabbed the driver in the eye with a Stanley knife through the open window of the bus, before making off towards Cottingham Road.

The victim was taken to hospital and was treated for a 3cm puncture wound. Miraculously there was no permanent damage to the victim's sight.

Police hunt four NIGGER BEASTS after bus driver spat on and beaten in east London

Police are hunting four people after a bus driver was spat on and beaten up in east London.

The driver of a route 25 bus was spat at through his open cab window by one of the four passengers after they got off at Stratford station, according to police.

Scotland Yard said a gang of three men and one woman had been involved in altercation with the driver, before punching and kicking him and fleeing the scene.

The victim was left concussed and was taken to hospital for treatment.

Video: Football fans hurl racist abuse at pro-Palestinian demonstrators

One begins hurling racist abuse, which is too offensive to repeat, and said: “F*** off and fight for your own country.”

The video, which has been viewed by more than 27,000 people, has attracted some racist comments on YouTube.

nilus said...

Hungarian man bleed a lot: YES, IT WAS A NIGGER:

Police believe taxi driver could hold vital clues in Brighton neck slashing

Police officers were covered in blood as they fought to save the Hungarian man’s life opposite a taxi rank before he was taken to the Royal Sussex County Hospital.

At the same time, it is thought the suspect got into a Brighton and Hove green-and-white taxi after the attack and headed for Worthing.

He is described as BLACK, 22 to 26, and was wearing a dark hooded top and jeans at the time.

Man slashed across his chest with a knife in Brighton

A man was slashed with a knife along his torso during an evening out with friends.

The 22-year-old man was in Trafalgar Street, Brighton, near to the Trafalgar Court junctio, when he was assaulted.

Police are appealing for witnesses to the incident which took place around 8pm.

Detective Constable Duncan Lloyd said: "A woman was arrested at the time of the incident, however we would like to speak to anyone who witnessed the incident and can give us some details of what happened."

A 33-year-old woman from Brighton, was arrested on suspicion of assault. She was questioned and released on bail until September 7.

Woman slapped in the face for asking NIGGER BEAST to turn down his phone on the Tube

A female commuter was slapped in the face by a NIGGER after she asked him to turn down a video which was playing on his phone.

The 54-year-old woman was travelling on the Northern Line southbound between Camden Town and London Bridge on April 28 when she sat down next to the man, police said.

She asked the man, who was dressed in a formal suit, to turn down the volume on a video he was watching on his mobile phone.

The NIGGER, believed to be in his 40s, is described as black, of stocky build and with a shaved head. He was wearing a black suit, red stripy shirt, glasses and was carrying a brown briefcase.

James Lord said...

Knowing Leeds fans as I do they probably hurl abuse at any demonstrators they see.

Still, good to see that they highlighted 'your own country'. They don't see them as British. Which of course they are not.

Anonymous said...

South Africa's Mbeki calls for Israeli goods boycott

Well it's about time Jews got more of the benefits of White privilege.

Anonymous said...

13 August 2014 08:40


James said...

The video, which has been viewed by more than 27,000 people, has attracted some racist comments on YouTube.

Other things which attract some racist comments on youtube:

- Teletubbies
- Miley Cyrus
- Moon landing documentaries
- Cooking demonstrations
- Skateboarding accidents
- Smurfs reruns
- M*A*S*H reruns
- Music videos
- Golf training videos
- Cats being rescued from trees
- Xbox gameplays
- Niggers talking sheet an sheet
- Political commentary of any kind
- etc

Ban the lot I say.




James said...

Schabas: "I want to see Netanyahu in The Hague"

He should have been on MH17.--Netanyahoo

Why wasn't he on MH17? --Abe Foxman

Put him in MH17.--Tim Wise

Mrs. Heraclitus said...

Welcome back James. We were beginning to miss you.

nilus said...

The Vagina Monologues?

YEP, of course it was shat out by a jew: A Feminist Kike jew called Eve Ensler.

At one point, the entire audience is encouraged to join in with a mass cry: "Cunt! Cunt! Cunt! Cunt! Cunt!"

JEW Ensler originally starred in the production which was produced by JEW David Stone, JEW Nina Essman, JEW Willa Shalit.

"Each of the monologues deals with an aspect of the feminine experience, touching on matters such as sex, love, rape, menstruation, female genital mutilation, masturbation, birth, orgasm, the various common names for the vagina, or simply as a physical aspect of the body. A recurring theme throughout the piece is the vagina as a tool of female empowerment, and the ultimate embodiment of individuality."


Some monologues include:

"I Was Twelve, My Mother Slapped Me": a chorus describing many young women's and girls' first menstrual period.

"My Angry Vagina", in which a woman humorously rants about injustices wrought against the vagina, such as tampons, douches, and the tools used by OB/GYNs.


"My Vagina Was My Village", a monologue compiled from the testimonies of Bosnian women subjected to rape camps.

"The Little Coochie Snorcher That Could", in which a woman recalls memories of traumatic sexual experiences in her childhood and a self-described "positive healing" sexual experience in her adolescent years with an older woman.

This particular skit has sparked outrage, numerous controversies and criticisms due to its content, among which the most famous is the Robert Swope controversy (see below). In the original version, she is 13, but later versions would change her age to 16. It also originally included the line, "If it was rape, it was a good rape", which was removed from later versions.

"Reclaiming Cunt", a piece narrated by a woman who illustrates that the word "cunt" itself is a lovely word despite its disconcerting connotations.

"The Woman Who Loved to Make Vaginas Happy", in which a sex worker for women discusses the intriguing details of her career and her love of giving women pleasure. In several performances it often comes at the end of the play, literally climaxing with a vocal demonstration of a "triple orgasm".

"Because He Liked to Look At It", in which a woman describes how she had thought her vagina was ugly and had been embarrassed to even think about it, but changed her mind because of a sexual experience with a man named Bob who liked to spend hours looking at it.

Every year a new monologue is added to highlight a current issue affecting women around the world. Every V-Day thousands of local benefit productions are staged to raise funds for local groups, shelters, and crisis centers working to end violence against women. In 2003, for example, Ensler wrote a new monologue about the plight of women in Afghanistan under Taliban rule. This monologue is known as "Under the Burqa".

nilus said...


Ensler was born in New York City, the daughter of Chris, a housewife, and Arthur Ensler, a food industry executive. Her father was Jewish and her mother was from a Christian background. Ensler identifies as a Nichiren Buddhist and states that her spiritual practice includes chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo and doing yoga.

As described in a profile in The Nation, "In her 2007 book, Insecure at Last she describes being raped and brutally beaten by her KIKE JEW father, a food company CEO, from age 5 to 10."

Ensler said that her fascination with vaginas began because of "growing up in a violent society".[2] "Women's empowerment is deeply connected to their sexuality." She also stated, "I'm obsessed with women being violated and raped, and with incest. All of these things are deeply connected to our vaginas."
Ensler wrote the piece to "celebrate the vagina". Ensler states that in 1998, the purpose of the piece changed from a celebration of vaginas and femininity to a movement to stop violence against women.

Elements of the play that critics find contentious include:
The amount of attention given to brutal or non-consensual sexual encounters compared with consensual or harmonious sexual encounters;
Negative portrayal of male-female sexual relationships;
In "The Little Coochie Snorcher that Could", an underage girl (thirteen in earlier performances, sixteen in the revised version) recounts being given alcohol and then having sex with an adult woman; the incident is recalled fondly by the narrator, who in the original version of the play ends the monologue by saying "if it was rape, it was a good rape." Her female abuser is portrayed positively as someone "rescuing" her from sexually abusive men of her past.[8]
Part of the play comes from Ensler's interviews with a six-year-old girl, which included questions deemed by social conservatives as sexually obscene, such as what her vagina smells like, what it would wear, and what it would say if it could speak.


PS right now on LBC: "Why cant UK politicians cant tell the truth about immigration?"

beppo said...

@ frank galton 20:04

The top picture in the report shows a pretty white girl as Yasmin Thomas,
while at the bottom an aggressive -looking black woman is also named as Thomas.Wha?

On the same lines-more or less-It was reported recently that a woman in Dublin had been given a few weeks sentence for assault in Temple Bar.
She was reported to have over 460 previous convictions(!).
Her career is one of preying on tourists in the Temple Bar area.

This time however she got into a ruck with a Bean Garda (policewoman) and pulled out some of her hair.

We can be forgiven for suspecting that if it had been just a member of the public it would be business as usual for her.

The previous highest that I personally have noticed in my irregular and desultory perusal of Irish newspapers was 160 odd. This was a man who was stopped by the police while on his way with a bomb in his car to carry out a "hit".

Uncle Nasty said...

Schmoes getting hysterical ... again. My late mother was very fond of what she called "Irishisms".

One of her favourites was "He's never happy unless he's miserable ..."

Jews are good at this. They're never really content until the whole world hates them.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014 Must Read: Are Jews facing a global Pogrom?

A mere 75 or so years after the Holocaust, Jews worldwide are facing another groundswell of hatred oozing from below the surface of society and out into the light of day! Predictably, ground zero in Europe is centered in France. The Global Pogrom Everything that needs to be said has already been said. But since no one was listening, everything must be said again. —Andre Gide There is a Global Pogrom under way. This is a terrible truth. And people tend to ignore terrible truths. So it must be said again: There is a Global Pogrom under way. And another terrible truth must be spoken: The Global Pogrom has been under way for more than a decade. It has taken lives.

It has destroyed property. It has injured, brutalized, and terrified Jews and Jewish communities in many nations. And it is creating a silent exodus, a de facto expulsion, an ethnic cleansing in slow motion. To say again, because it must be said again, this is something almost no one wants to admit. A truth that almost no one, including many Jews, wants to speak or hear. But over the past month, it has become a truth that is impossible to ignore. Yet even in the face of this, many continue to deny it, or at least to minimize it. And many, one regrets, have chosen to blame it on the Jews themselves.

A mere seven decades after the Holocaust, after the world was supposed to have learned its lesson, this is not only monstrous. It is not only evil. It is also an existential threat to the civilized world. Because the Global Pogrom presents the world with a stark choice: The Global Pogrom or civilization. And a civilization, any civilization, that cannot or will not say no to barbarism, is no longer a civilization at all. The moment when, at long last, the Global Pogrom became impossible to deny took place in France.

This is not surprising, as France has been the epicenter of the phenomenon from the moment it began. But this time, the violence was so savage, its target so public, and the perpetrators so obvious, that no one but the most demented apologists could pretend it did not happen. -

And so on ... Kvetch, kvetch, fucking kvetch. Shriek, shriek, shriek.

I would like to have emphasised the more outrageous statements in the article - but where the hell does one begin?
If you think the purple prose quoted above is over the top, try plumbing the excesses of the rest of the article.
It's hysterical ... in every possible sense of the word.


Anonymous said...


My life has never been affected in any way by Hitler, Nazi's or Nazism, but my life has been severely impacted by Zionists, Jews, and Jewism whose goal is the destruction of White people everywhere in the world. If I ever met a Nazi I didn't know it.
The jews are on the march everywhere in the world that you find White people. So far Whites just cower.

katana said...

've posted this comment over at Carolyn Yeager's site under the post:

The Heretics' Hour: The Race to Derail Race

and also at Daily Stormer:

Don’t Hoax Me, Bro: Being on the Lookout for Disinfo


Interesting talk as usual Carolyn.

This whole troublesome issue about the words "racist" and "racism" comes about because our racial enemies "own" the meaning of those terms and use them as weapons in their propaganda war against us.

As you indicated, "racist, anti-semite, Holocaust denier, and Nazi", etc., are the big nasty words that are used against us. They can and are all translated into the everyday propaganda language to mean, "Evil".

So, when you are asked, "Are you a … racist, anti-semite, Holocaust denier, or a Nazi?", it can be translated as, "Are you that Evil?".

The standard and almost traditional answer is to say, "No, but …". What usually follows is a series of embarrassing, squirming verbal and logical gymnastics where the answerer tries to explain himself using the enemies definitions, that by definition find him already guilty, hung, drawn and quartered.

Isn't it time for us "racists, anti-semites, Holocaust denying Nazis" to proudly say with full conviction: "Yes, because …"?

For example:

Yes, I'm a "racist" because I love my own people!

Yes, I'm an "anti-semite" because "organised jewry" is anti-human!

Yes, I'm a "Holocaust denier" because it is a historic hoax!

Yes, I'm a "Nazi" because NS is pro-human!

You can then go to explain how as a "racist" it doesn't mean you hate other races, as a "anti-semite" you don't hate every jew, except those who are anti-human, as a "Holocaust denier" you only hate the lie, and finally as a "Nazi" you love the spirt of NS and its desire to liberate and elevate people, free from the anti-humans.

People are tying themselves in verbal knots to avoid speaking the plain truths in front of our faces.

Sponge Cake said...

DUBLIN,never a dull moment..

john7 said...

Actually 00:39, it sort of is part of the plot by continuing to turn the west into matriarchal societies where women are viewed as being able to do anything better than men. [or at least as well] men are only sperm donors ya see...

Sponge Cake said...

Former 400m world champion could be banned for two years following failed doping test at Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games

The B sample taken from Botswana’s Amantle Montsho at the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games has also tested positive for a banned substance, with the sprinter now facing a two-year ban


Sponge Cake said...

Try this link

Sponge Cake said...

University law lecturer face disfigured after attack by burglars.

A senior academic lawyer was left with “life changing” facial injuries after being violently attacked by a gang of burglars at his home.
Paul Kohler, 55, was rendered unrecognisable by severe bruising and cuts and needed reconstructive surgery after being assaulted when he answered his door to four masked thieves.
The head of law at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) at London University underwent two days on the operating table as surgeons battled to rebuild his shattered eye and forehead.
Cambridge-educated Mr Kohler, who remained in a south London hospital on Wednesday, also suffered widespread bruising to his body and limbs as he tried to fight off the men.
Police described his injuries as “life changing” and said it looked as though he had been beaten up with a baseball bat.

Two “blood soaked” suspects in their late 20s were arrested at his £2 million house in Wimbledon, south west London, the same evening.
Police are still hunting two other robbers, also thought to be in their late 20s, who managed to run away and have released CCTV footage to try and identify them.
The lawyer was assaulted by the burglars just before 10pm on Monday evening after opening his front door.
The men, believed to be Polish, knocked him to the ground and straddled him while punching him “again and again” in the face.

You can bet your bottom dollar, Mr Kohler is one of the diversity, pro immigration libtards.

Sponge Cake said...

London calling....

Train chaos as burglary suspect climbs tree near station in 15-hour standoff with police.

Two men robbed at knifepoint in separate muggings in south London park could be victims of same gang

Radical students hand out Isis leaflets on Oxford Street in bid to tempt British Muslims to join jihad.

James said...

Europe has plenty of alternatives to Russia for getting its energy.

Why aren't we told about these sources? Why are all those sources cohencidentally targets for war, suddenly all full of terrorists? Why is buying gas from places like Syria, Armenia and Libya so difficult?

Why the unfortunate reliance on Russia?

KGB Putin's Death Grip on European Energy Supplies, and How to Break It

Something smells gefilte fishy, as usual.

The contrived ISIS campaign cuts at the throat of European energy supply lines and agitates all the players who could rescue Europe from Russia and China against each other, setting up a future Russian monopoly on energy supplies to Europe. It is in America's and Europe's vital interests to work towards stability in the region of Iraq and Iran and to form a block of friendly and mutually cooperative nations in Iran, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Syria and Georgia; all working together to cut off Russia from monopolizing the European energy market and blackmailing not only these nations but Europe, as well. Iran could do better for Europe what Russia has done, and the jews are doing their best to ensure that not happen. The jews not only make Europe dependent on Russian communists, they also make the Iranians, Armenians, etc. dependent on Russian communists, all to the detriment of these nations and Europe and America.

One of the biggest problems we face are that some of us think about Jews too much. I'm sure of that.

An infinitely bigger problem is that so many more don't think about Jews at all.

James said...

This whole troublesome issue about the words "racist" and "racism" comes about because our racial enemies "own" the meaning of those terms and use them as weapons in their propaganda war against us.

IMO Bob Whitaker over at BUGS has the best techniques for countering these smears.

Everyone should go there and learn from the master.

James said...

Forget the Nerds, Talk About the THUGS!

Posted by Bob in Coaching Session on 08/13/2014

I looked at one of the YouTubes cited in the comments. It was an anti-White speaking on campus.

One commenter on the You Tube said he was a “nerd.”

Boy, was that ever a telling blow!

BUGSERS have come far along in this business to wonder something with me:

How is it that membership group types unfailingly manage to find the least telling points conceivable to say?

Only now that BUGS had been at it do we see ANYBODY saying anything that hits home with the anti-whites. The War Against Whites did not spring up out of nowhere. In fact one of those brains that hasn’t been mushed in News and Jews might wonder if it was accidental that that congressman’s phrase seemed to sound like those a former professional speechwriter for congressmen pushed.

So this guy with the mashed brain says “nerd.”

Meanwhile, back on Planet Earth, here is a guy like Tim Wise who hides behind the thugs who run campuses. They never have to come from behind their thugs and face people like me, so they declare themselves the winners. All totalitarian toadies do that.

But none of us would ever expect anybody outside BUGS to mention the thugs everyone knows about who rules the campuses.

The term thugs might get people to realize what is going on.

But so what? People who join up and pay dues don’t want to WORK for what they call their Cause, too. They stop when the fun stops.

James said...

Serena Williams does the Crip Walk

Any dainty and fair maiden will have learned this at her finishing school.

Yo! doin the crip walk in la gonna get yo wig peeled if you aint a crip

James said...

UN's link about the Global Pogrom has an interesting photo.

A protester launches a flower pot on a truck while the street is full of tear gas outside the Synagogue de la Roquette.

The day may come when we will see synagogues hit by boxes of chocolates.

Every pogrom in history has had its defenders. Slaughters like Kishinev have been called mere peasant uprisings, justified assaults on the Jews who economically exploited others, or attempts to “fight back” against the Jews who supposedly run the world. There have been innumerable other excuses. And indeed, there are just as many this time around.

Too true. These pogroms are unacceptable. Jews don't have any real power except their White privilege. When the White race is finally destroyed the Jews need to go with it unless they renounce their White privilege. Brown power. Thanks for the understanding Tim Wise.

If Jews renounce their White privilege then they can stay on Earth. Whitey still needs to go though. Everyone agrees on that.

James said...

A recent article in the Times of Israel described the travails of those who moderate comments on major French websites. In regard to Israel and the Jews, 90-95 percent of comments have to be blocked due to violent and racist content. “We see racist or antisemitic messages,” said one moderator, “very violent, that also take aim at politicians and the media, sometimes by giving journalists’ contact details.” Another chillingly noted, “Calls for murder are our daily life. It’s sometimes hard psychologically for our moderators.”

Maybe the moderators need to take a break, or they could hire NU.

Maybe he could also explain why these comments "have to" be blocked.

Nothing anti-white ever "has to" be blocked.

What are they trying to do? are they trying to create a Pogrom? These Zionist-created pressure cookers will only harm innocent Jews while the crooks preaching white genocide hide behind them.

I've said before, the only thing I have against Jews is their anti-white activity. If they stopped that, we'd all just get along right Tim? Right Barbara?

James said...


Here's a Scottish leftist fuck I have very little time for. But to be fair he is honest and he has the balls to tell this squeaky jew at an Oxford union what he thinks. He reveals all the support he got from South African reared kikes during his subversive activities in SA too
Very interesting

Thanks for that link.

Now, everyone go watch it. Here's the synopsis.

A nerdy/poncy Jew asks GW if he is RACIST!!!%$@#% and the crowd applauds. Then GW asks then why they applauded. Nice one GW.

Then it gets interesting! GW says he is one of the few on the left who actually travelled the length and breadth of apartheid South Africa. He says that during his travels, in the ANC underground every house he slept in, every dinner he ate, every car he drove in was provided by.... guess who.

I thought he'd say blacks. But no, he said JEWS! (Jewish activists on the ANC) Well there you go. Jews hated apartheid. But they have it in Israel. Hmmmmmm.

Next GW talks about Jewish heroes like Joe Slovo.

Wow, GW is a liberal and seems to want the White race to disappear. Actually, I don't think he understands the struggle he is involved in.

He says Jews were the greatest leaders of the world. Marx!

GW doesn't understand what liberalism really is I guess.

Instead of asking if he is racist, he should be asked if he is an anti-white.

David said...

Saw this flyer here in Dublin:
"Ethnic Film Extras - needed for season 3 of "Vikings".
We want to meet people from ethnic backgrounds of all ages, shapes & sizes, for example, Middle Eastern, African, Indian, Caribbean, South American Asian...if you want to apply, please come along to our **Open Casting** Saturday the 16th of August - 10:30 to 5:30pm at Filmbase, Curved Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2."

Season One - Lip service to Scandinavian and European history.
Season Two - Introduction of proto feminism, strong Viking Female who fights in Battle.
Season Three - Hagar Kwa-Shawn the Muh Dikker of the North who discovered Amerika while inverting Turbo- Rap the fastest rap ever MO.

Anonymous said...

2 half coons suspected of murdering unwise academic

Some two non-humans from Obama's State murder her mother. Tweets nobody can tell I and I what 2 do or some such nonsense.

Under fear of traveler violence retired man shoots himself and his wife who has alzheimer's

Travellers were going to be given a site next to a retired couple and it had a sad ending.

Essex mother of one ran property empire

Is this untypical "British" woman's brother a drug kingpin?

Middle class a dirty word June Whitfield

Greg Dyke's prejudices revealed aiit?

Travellers dump 60 tonnes of rubbish in Nature reserve

Not getting their way they go and spoil it for the rest of us.

Getting their way and they spoil it for the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

Michael Brown gent(i)le giant who wanted to be a rapper

Who was Michael brown

* "Brown was an aspiring rapper"
* "This week, he was supposed to start college"
* "He could bring people back together"
* "Neighbors described Brown as quiet and respectful...who was never in trouble

It depends on what your definition of trouble is.

Anonymous said...

“Who was Michael brown”

He uh goo boi. He ain du nuffin.

Frank Galton

NILUS said...

"could have been a rapper"

The word "rapper" contains the words "rape" and "ape".

'Chillin' with my homie or what's left of him': British rapper turned ISIS jihadist poses with severed head as they seize more key towns close to Syrian border with Turkey
Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary, 23, was pictured holding severed head in Raqqa

Disgust as Israeli soldier spotted laughing and drinking in Jerusalem bar wearing a 'Deployed, Destroyed and Enjoyed Gaza 2014' T-shirt
Army reservist pictured wearing the T-shirt while drinking in a Jerusalem bar

Cleared, the Lib Dem who said he's bomb Israel: Backlash after party decide not to suspend MP and say his comments were not anti-Semitic
David Ward, Lib Dem MP for Bradford East, initially apologised
He was accused of inciting violence following a post on Twitter
But after investigation chief whip said it was not 'in any way anti-Semitic'

'We know he wants us to be happy': Brother of White boy fatally stabbed on playground by sub-human Ape Creature gives heart-wrenching memorial speech
Michael Connor Verkerke, aged nine, was fatally stabbed in a Michigan playground on August 4

He was playing with two of his brothers when a 12-year-old SAVAGE NIGGER APE pulled out a knife and repeatedly stabbed him
He spent his dying breaths telling his brother he loved him and re-assuring him that the shocking attack wasn't his fault


Family and friends gathered at a memorial service Wednesday to remember him as big-hearted and fun-loving White boy who was taken much too soon

Anonymous said...

Suicidal Germany is once again under siege by economic migrants from 3rd world nations (AKA "refugees"). Instead of screaming, screeching and hollering, the German leftists shown in this video could quietly agree to house 1 asylum-seeker each in their own homes until their status is either confirmed or denied. Think that could happen? Not a chance with liberal hypocrites. Raucous street demonstrations favouring the invaders "rights" just seems to be more fun while also offering the opportunity to display their "competitive altruism". Such dewy-eyed naïveté displayed here.

NILUS said...

This Is What Anne Frank's Arrest Looked Like

The Jews in hiding had withstood bombs, near-starvation, two break-in attempts, and the many privations of their helpers during over two years in hiding, and the suspense had begun to take its toll. They were pale and malnourished from life without sun, but they were alive.

Anne, 15 years old and the diarist of the house, had long since grown out of the schoolgirl clothes she took with her into what she called Het Achterhuis (the house behind). In hiding, she studied, argued with her mother, experienced her first kiss, and watched the huge chestnut tree in the back of the house bloom and die and bloom again.

The Complacent Generation: Raised on the hollow dreams of reality TV, egos bloated by social media, today's 20-somethings expect success with no effort, says PATRICK STRUDWICK. And it can only end in tears
Despite shaky economic growth, 20-somethings still believe a life of glamour and opportunity will miraculously materialise for them
But experts says Generation Entitled is heading for a serious fall
Hannah Vickers, author of blog 'Away With The Fairies', is dreaming about her perfect life, yet is unemployed and living at home
Depression rates have risen among young people due to failed expectations


Read more:

NILUS said...


Shopper discovers his local Tesco had 22 different types of apple - but NONE of them came from Britain
Leo Deen found 22 types of apples in local Tesco but none of them British
Instead, they had been imported from Chile, the U.S. and South Africa
He left the shop empty handed and is now calling for 'local produce' sections
Tesco spokesman said Macclesfield store was probably having an 'off day'

World's leading geneticists attack 'racist' book based on their research: Work claims racial basis for behaviour and intelligence
Nearly 150 geneticists criticise contents of NEW BOOK by Nicholas Wade
Science writer's work includes claims there is a biological basis for race
Leading geneticists claim he has 'misappropriated' research from their field
Mr Wade, an old Etonian, emigrated from Britain to America in 1970

Read more:

Donations to UKIP overtake those to the Lib Dems for the first time as Nigel Farage's party rakes in more than £1.4m
Ukip was given more than £1.4million in the three months to June
Most of the total came from a single donation from supporter Paul Sykes
The Lib Dems meanwhile raised just £1.2million in the second quarter of 2014

Read more:

NILUS said...

Fifty years after the last execution in Britain, UKIP MEP calls for the death penalty to be reintroduced
Louise Bours said there was no ‘ethical reason’ to keep child killers alive

Man stabbed in the heart after bumping into two strangers on the street while texting
Aria Kahafizadeh, 33, suffered multiple life-threatening stab wounds in Toronto knife attack
Police arrested Mohamed Ali, 27, on attempted murder and aggravated assault charges

I was raped aged 4 by top aide to Thatcher: Woman claims she was abused by senior Conservative MP who visited notorious guest house with paedophile Cyril Smith
Susie Henderson, 48, says she was raped by Sir Nicholas Fairbairn
Tory politician was solicitor general for Scotland, and Perth and Ross MP
MP died in 1995, aged 61, and was a favourite of Margaret Thatcher
Miss Henderson says she was abused by late father, a prominent QC
New evidence suggests Fairbairn visited Elm Guest House
Property is the focus of investigation into alleged paedophile ring in 1980s

Read more:


Anonymous said...

MSNBC the nigger loving channel with the irish american nigger enabler stated tonight that the police were in a iraq type uniform mode and it upsetted the ''yutes'' and that is one of the reasons that they burned thier neighborhood down.but on a positive side light Al Sharpton was booed by the rioting brothers and was called a ''snitch for the man'' as you will recall the good reverend was a informer for the feds concerning mafia activity in the ny area,,,,

James said...

Are Jews really scared of "anti-Semitism"? They've fooled most of the Western world into thinking so. But most of the Western world is full of liberals and people scared of upsetting liberals.

Roy Tov explains:

Data published by the premium section of Haaretz on August 12, 2014, shows that Israel profited financially from its brutal attack on Gaza. While accusing Europe of anti-Semitism, Israeli coffers in Zurich got a fresh supply of blood-stained funds.

Anti-Semitic Europe

In recent months, I got a remarkable amount of emails commenting on European anti-Semitism. Some of them may had been influenced by the even more remarkable number of articles in Hebrew media condemning the raise of anti-Semitism in that part of Western Asia.

One of the emails came from John, in the Netherlands. He informed me on Dutch soccer, a topic in which I am outright ignorant. His email commented on slogans shouted during soccer matches of the Ajax Club of Amsterdam, nicknamed "the Jews" due to its large share of Jewish players. A slogan which became popular during the Israeli attack on Gaza was "Hamas, Hamas, Hamas! ... de Joden aan het gas!" (Hamas, Hamas, Hamas! ... The Jews to the gas!).

Americans and Europeans may be shocked. Israelis laugh, speaking to each other in the Holy Land they utter vastly more offensive insults. Growing up in a Jordan Valley Kibbutz, I was told more than thrice by Jews: "it is a pity that the Nazis did not make soap from you." (Later it was proven that the infamous soap bars did not contain human DNA. The story was a fabrication of the historians who won the war.) This trash-talk is common in Israel, one cannot complain about such abuses. Who is the anti-Semite?

Read the article here, unless you live in Australia where you don't have enough freedom of listening and reading to access the site. So why does the Aussie govt block this site in particular then? Are they accomplices in the torture of Roy Tov?

The Australian govt is an utterly shameful organisation (and so is the NZ govt).

James said...

Israel is so scared of anti-Semites is sells them weapons.

The full extent of the hypocrisy became clear the following day, when the premium section of Haaretz published an ecstatic review on the financial profits created by Israeli attacks since 2002.

Defensive Shield was an attack on the West Bank in 2002 (which sent me to exile), the Second Lebanon War took place in 2006, and Operation Cast Lead violated Gaza in 2008-09, like Pillar of Cloud did in 2012. All of them created huge profits at the cost of human misery. The newspaper is expecting even greater profits from the ongoing attack on Gaza. Dancing on blood, the unofficial Voice of the Shin Beth secret police stated:

"The numbers show that, after the initial period of criticism against Israel after the various operations quiet down, sales pick up. And there has been continuous growth in defense exports in recent years. In 2002, such exports were worth $2 billion, grew to $3.4 billion in 2006, and were $6 billion in 2012. In 2013, the three largest defense contractors all showed increases in sales: Elbit had annual revenues of $3 billion; IAI $2.65 billion; and Rafael $2 billion. At 15%, Rafael’s sales showed the highest growth rate."

This is just the tip of the volcano. Over one thousand companies are registered with the Defense Ministry as arms suppliers. Many of them are very secret, hidden in technological incubators placed near large companies known to the public; data on them is not available. Companies developing tactical aerial vehicles and exo-skeletons for commandos seldom publicize their products.

Anti-Semitism is not contagious. One can shake the hands of anti-Semites safely as long as they buy weapons. The same source added: "The ministry refuses to reveal the overall figures on Israeli arms exports, but some of the data was revealed last year after a human-rights activist filed a suit here. It transpired that $3.83 billion-worth of deals were signed in 2012 with Asian countries; $1.73 billion with European nations; $1.1 billion with Canada and the United States; $604 million with Latin America; and $107 million in Africa."

James said...

Israel Burns Books

Envious of other nations, Israel replaced its non-existent Constitution with George Orwell's 1984, a book obviously cherished and memorized by all its civil servants. The Memory Holes+ used by Britons in Orwell's book to rewrite history are the norm in Israel, were Taboo$ ownership records dating to the Ottoman Empire are routinely altered with the help of the Court.

Since 1967, the expropriation of Palestinian properties follows the pattern described in Robbing East Jerusalem. It is based on the challenging of the authenticity of Ottoman Kushan papers (land ownership) and the Taboo registry. The main trick is creating a false one that challenges the one held by a family and then forcing the Court to declare both false.

Burning ownership documents with the fire of illegitimate laws and corrupt Court resolutions is an efficient way of dominating a population all the way to extinction, but it is not enough. "War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength," Orwell wrote. The offending government must keep its population ignorant.

This explains the faulty education programs enforced by most governments. The best-kept secret is their clockwork. With the exception of books published or approved by the Ministry of Education, books are an enemy of the state.

Some countries brought that to extremes. The most-famous case is Germany under the Nazi Regime in 1933, but also the Military Dictatorship in Chile burned books in 1973. Now also Israel became a chosen nation leading this elect group to higher peaks.

Today, Saturday, Gaza and Israel are among ceasefires. One ended yesterday, another is being negotiated in Cairo.

Waiting for news, watching images of current events made sense. Images of the bombings on both sides abounded. Associated Press provided the best ones. Two of them are featured on this page.

They are from the Martyr Imam Hassan al-Banna mosque in Zeitoun, a neighborhood of Gaza City. They were taken today after a deliberate Israeli bombing on the institution. Israel knows that mosques contain large libraries; it was not an innocent bombing. How would Israel react on similar bombings of Jewish libraries? How many times they will shout "Nazis! Shoah!"&

One can understand the Israeli attack, after all the refugees were trying to educate themselves to freedom. According to the State, this is a thought-crime.

"Where they burn books, they will in the end also burn people," said Heinrich Heine.

James said...

Woman fired for not being black enough.

So what's the problem then? It's on the Internet isn't it? They got in trouble.--Average Libtard

OK, libtard, lets reverse the races. Would this happen:

Other employees joined in on the bullying, with one telling Brothers she should “go work for whitey,” reports.

Well, if you do some fact-checking, it turns out that the plaintiff was awarded $11,000 dollars but the Human Rights Commission.--Señor Libtardo

The point is, the organisation exists. A similar white organisation would not be allowed even if it was completely staffed by jews and blacks. That's the big difference.

You're insane.--Libby


Heraclitus said...

One would imagine that this 'aspiring rapper' trope is so played out, almost approaching self-parody, that it would be quietly dropped. Then again, what else could they say the thug aspires to? A nukular fizzisist?

Anonymous said...

Ajax FC handed over a list of every single jewish member to the big bad Germans WITHOUT BEING ASKED TO. Remember that the next time you hear about how courageoush they were in Amshterdam in Shecond World War II and while their fansh hold (i)Shtar of David in the Shtandsh.

nilus said...

The word "rapper" contains the words "rape" and "ape".

And "perp" !

Brits abroad hit new low: Shits and giggles:

‘Code Brown’: Hotel threatens £1,400 fines to rowdy Brits caught pooing in swimming pools in disgusting new 'logging' craze that exposes guests to harmful bacteria
Disturbing trend responsible for infecting innocent holidaymakers
Egyptian resort threatens to evict and prosecute party poopers
Pools at Turkish resort have been repeatedly closed due to floating faeces
Holidaymakers will be hit with £1,400 if caught pooping in the pool

Rowdy teens, students and boozed up Brits are behind a revolting new craze that encourages people to deliberately defecate in hotel pools while on holiday.
Travel experts say the troubling trend, known as ‘logging’, is responsible for thousands of innocent holidaymakers becoming infected with harmful bacteria that causes diarrhoea and sickness and could result in irritable bowel syndrome and even death in extreme cases.
The party poopers are purposely ruining holidaymakers’ getaways without realising or caring about the threat they are posing to fellow guests.

At least one hotel has issued a stern warning to guests after its pools were fouled several times, and reps for tour operators are calling the vile incidents ‘code browns’.
While it is believed teens or young adults are mostly responsible, children as young as 10 are now believed to be taking part.
Travel law expert Nick Harris, of Simpson Millar solicitors, said the ‘worrying’ craze has taken off in the last few years.
He said: ‘We have dealt with hundreds of cases where people have been left seriously ill. Some idiots think it is humorous to deliberately poo in a crowded pool and then sit back and watch the carnage unfold as people try to escape the pool like a panic scene from the film Jaws.’

Secret files about BBC reporters vetted for their links to communism during the Cold War 'were shredded in the 1990s'
Michael Hodder worked in BBC's covert vetting unit in 1980s and 1990s
Division amassed files on thousands of journalists over seven decades
Mr Hodder claims documents were shredded in 1992 when Cold War ended


The vetting first began in 1937 - initially to ensure that the BBC's staff did not have connections to Oswald Mosley's fascist political party, The British Union of Fascists, also known as the 'Blackshirts'

nilus said...


Ive been telling people for a while that he's next: theyll all think Im psychic...again

NO...just that some of us prefer to use the internet for research, reading,learning, rather than sharing pictures of lol cats or tonight's dinner, that's all.

An Aussie landlord told me about Rolf Harris ten years ago.

Icke's been naming people in print for over 15 years..

A Labour MP told me Gordon Brown is queer. (Of course, there are darker allegations about Gordon Brown on the net). And Mandelson, Heath, etc

See my link above about the woman who's named a Tory MP as the man who raped her when she was FOUR YEARS OLD.

Our world is SICK, we need to "re-format the hard drive".


EXcellent short vid, narrated by Snordelhans:

"The Truth Is Anti-Semitic"

Eric Hunt talks WWII revisionism and reacts to David Cole’s views on Treblinka

Paul interviews Steve Squire who is the BNP Organiser for London.
Steve became active in the BNP in 2009 and has stood for local elections in Enfield. He was the first on the list for the Greater London Assembly elections in 2012, and also first on the list as a BNP European Parliament Candidate in 2014.

Steve has consistently kept candidate numbers high in his region and has also recruited young members to the party. Locally the BNP Political stalls and foodbanks have become a regular fixture.

Sponge Cake said...

There have rumours for years, that Cliff likes the young ones. No more hiding in the shadows and definitely no summer holiday this year.


BREAKING NEWS: Police search home belonging to Cliff Richard as part of historic sex abuse investigation into claims made by underage boy.

luke said...

Blacks are rioting and looting in Missouri, USA. Telegraph commenters know the score:

Anonymous said...

Unwise academic was a campaigner for Edward "Treason" Kennedy himself.Dumbocrats are so stupid as Whoopi Goldberg (Jewsih but no white privilege for her!) points out.

Anonymous said...

Love Nilus ( what happened to the St).
I want to marry him.

Anonymous said...

Many of these women literally turn into men with the amounts of steroids they pump into their bodies.

Anonymous said...

I had a visit from I think CIA with their Dutch counterpart AIVD, this forum played a big role in it. But my guess is nobody here knows, they incorporated it in their own personal internet, that is quite "different" from normal internet, no wonder with spooks between the cable.

Anonymous said...

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