Thursday, 3 July 2014

The burden of proof

I long ago came to the conclusion that Orwell, far from over-egging our dystopian future, actually understated it. Take the concept of Doublethink, whereby cognitive dissonance 'enables' the victim to hold beliefs utterly at variance with what everyday evidence tells him. Orwell intuitively realised that, far from being pointless and counter-productive the exercise actually contributed to the mind control of the masses. Subsequent empirical psychological studies revealed that cognitive dissonance actually weakens the subject's will and self-belief.

Which brings me to the all races are equal/race is a social construct meme.  How in God's name have our masters been able to pull that one off? And more to the point, why does the burden of proof lie with those of us who hold contrarian views given that the evidence is so extensive and so overwhelmingly in our face?  First there's the little matter of colour. It's not exactly a forensic triumph to identify pigmentation differences between say America's First Ho' and Michelle Pfeiffer.  But noooooo.......we must prove that they're different. The colours we see are a social construct.

And so it goes.  Blindingly obvious differences between Whites and blacks in intelligence, crime rates, and overall societal outcomes are social constructs.  Even in the face of increasingly clear empirical evidence from the physical sciences which reveal race-based differences in musculature, bone density (blacks can't swim) and susceptibility to diseases the burden of proving race is not a social construct lies with us. Science has now reached the stage where DNA testing can identify  race, as evidenced by the Baton Rouge rape murder case in which multiple victims died because police were searching for a white man whereas the actual perp was black.   (Worth a read, check it out here.)

Two questions:  How could they have got away with such a monstrous falsehood? And, how long can the edifice of lies hold up in the face of the tsunami of evidence to the contrary?


Anonymous said...

Coalburning slut Katie Piper had acid thrown at her by her apefriend, yet in a documentary she was embarrassed to go near a group of Vibrants b/c her face was scarred. This Doublethink is effective on the world's most stupid and naive creatures: middle class White women. We'll never rid ourselves of Frankfurt School whilr idiots control everything, AKA female suffrage.

Seneca said...

Herer's what the great HL Mencken said nearly 100 years ago.

“Consider [the pedagogue] in his highest incarnation: the university professor. What is his function? Simply to pass on to fresh generations of numskulls a body of so-called knowledge that is fragmentary, unimportant, and, in large part, untrue. His whole professional activity is circumscribed by the prejudices, vanities and avarices of his university trustees, i.e., a committee of soap-boilers, nail manufacturers, bank-directors and politicians. The moment he offends these vermin he is undone. He cannot so much as think aloud without running a risk of having them fan his pantaloons.”

Seneca said...

Prof. Kevin McDonald wrote this a few years back.

"[A recent paper] found that if just 10% of a population strongly believes something and is impervious to opposed arguments, the population as a whole will swing to their position. It could be that race realism (and the ideas related to White identity and interests as well as beliefs that Jews are influential in ways that often are not in the interests of Whites) are gradually percolating through the White population, soon to be followed by a tsunami of change. … But the problem is that the study didn’t model what happens when the current state of opinion is controlled by elites that are not open to opposing views; in the case of the American media this is at least partly because elite attitudes are intimately tied up with their perceptions of their own ethnic interests. That’s a tough nut to crack, although the Internet certainly provides an opening for skirting the MSM."

nilus said...

LBC now: Julia Harltley-Brewer.

Topic: "Waycissm" "Will Waycissm ever end?" "Mixed race couples", etc

All callers nigs and pakis, muzzies, etc, as usual.

"Levi" just told us that "White Europeans/Anglo-Saxons hold all the financial/political power"...

Next, Julia talks to militant lesbian Julie Bindel who is flogging a book called "Straight Expectations", all about wot it means to be queer today..

"In January 2009 she wrote about the radical lesbian feminism of the 1970s and 1980s, and her desire to return to those values. She concluded with an invitation to heterosexual women to adopt lesbianism, saying "Come on sisters, you know it makes sense. Stop pretending you think lesbianism is an exclusive members' club, and join the ranks. I promise that you will not regret it."

Next presenter after Julia Harley-Brewer is .....queer Ian Dale.

Radio 4: Lame queer black "comedian" Steven K Amos followed by queer Pet Shop Boys...queer Louis Spence on "The Wright Stuff",
queer John Barrowman on "The One Show"

Finally Leon Brittan's name is in the in charge of the hen-house...

john said...

How did they get away with it? Gradually obtaining total control of 'media' and the 'educational system' , as well as perverting Seminaries. As one of the Founding Fathers stated - although I paraphrase slightly as my memory to the EXACT wording is somewhat fuzzy - "A Bible reading people cannot be enslaved".

It will hold up as long as the populace remains ignorant, immoral, drunken and preoccupied with their x boxes and television propaganda shows. This is the whole idea behind 'dumbing down' - so the populace may be controlled. The systematic elimination and marginalisation of the white male is imperative also, as we have historically been the only impediment to one world government. [yes, I know 'we ' ignorantly fight their wars, invent stuff that they use against us and pay all the bills, but historically, the statement is accurate in the macro]

Anonymous said...

O/T, but if you're like me, I am interested in BANNED websites because they must be citing some Truths that must not be publicly revealed. This financial/stock market website is based -- and heavily censored -- in Australia.

"Australian readers of this blog can bypass this censorship by adding /ncr to the blog address":

Anonymous said...

Egads! White American couple from Tennessee adopt not one or two Black African kids ... but 8 (eight) of them!

More info from the original Daily Mail item, but comments are now closed. You can still add to the "thumbs down", of which there are many.

Tony in VA said...

That Tenn. couple have bought themselves a lifetime of trouble and misery.

Anonymous said...

great conservative commentator named Michael Savage who goes where MSM dares not,just disclosed a out break of leprosy on American east coast brought to you courtesy of the Obama diversity genuis,this hasent been around in strenght since Bibical times,lets hear for the Somolians,,

James said...

They tell us blacks are prejudiced against. Blacks are worshipped.

They tell us gays are prejudiced against. Gays are worshipped.

The list goes on.

How's that for double speak?

nilus said...

Got bored of hearing queer Ian Dale talking to queer Nigel Evans (the deputy speaker) about 3 dead jew "children", on LBC, so I flicked over to Radio 4skin for the first time in ages..

First words I heard was "concentration camp", I kid you not.

JEW Maureen Lipman and
JEW Harry Shearer were promoting their play about a couple of old yid "holocawst survoivahz"

After that,
JEW Chelsea Handler interviewed.

Elsewhere today on this rotten channel:


Prayer for the Day

A spiritual comment and prayer to begin the day with Sheikh MICHAEL Mumisa.


In Our Time
Mrs Dalloway
Melvyn Bragg and
JEW Jane Goldman discuss Virginia Woolf's novel Mrs Dalloway.

Available now
Woman's Hour

Hillary Clinton on 'Hard Choices' and her LIFE at the political top table.

"In 1973 Billie Jean KING performed in the most watched tennis match ever. She played former tennis champion and keen chauvinist Bobby Riggs in The Battle of the Sexes. In a treat from our Archive she talks about a documentary made to mark the 40th anniversary of the match"

(he threw the game)

Vera Brittain, author of Testament of Youth published a controversial pamphlet in 1943 which argued against the Allied use of saturation bombing in Germany during the Second World War. The German city of Hamburg, two thirds of which was destroyed by Allied bombs has decided to honour her by naming a canal after her. Her daughter Baroness Shirley Williams and her friend JEW Helge Rubinstein travelled back to the City last week and describe what it was like to receive the honour which, for different reasons, celebrates both their mothers."

"On the 28th of June, Vera’s daughter Baroness Shirley Williams and her friend Helge Rubinstein, whose German Jewish family became refugees in Watford in 1939.."

Available now
From Our Own Correspondent

Tristan McConnell: Famine in South Sudan
The harvest was good, the rainfall plentiful, so why is famine on its way to South Sudan?

Aleem Maqbool: Meeting the White Supremacists
How freedom of speech laws give a green light to HATE SPEECH in America

Judith Crosby: No More Boat People
What's the price being paid for Australia's tough immigration policy?

Chris Bowlby: The JEWISH Community of Brno
Charting the history of a Jewish community through a walk in a Czech cemetery


Radio 4 Appeal
Excellent Development
Alison Bell presents an appeal for EXCELLENT Development.

Every day, women and girls in rural drylands - places of severe water scarcity - spend up to 12 hours just collecting enough water to live.
This all-consuming task prevents families from growing food. It withholds girls and young women from school. And it traps people in poverty. Excellent Development is bringing clean water to within 30 minutes of homes, thereby transforming lives. Alleviating the burden of water collection is creating the opportunity for families to grow enough food to eat, store and sell, and for girls to go to school. They do this by supporting people to build sand dams – the greatest, but little known, solution to water scarcity in drylands.

The Film Programme

QUEER Mark Gatiss on his favourite movie detectives

The Bottom Line
Mental Health
QUEER Evan Davis and guests discuss coping with depression and BUSINESS success at the same time

(producer: JEW Sally Abrahams)

Channel 5 now: "The Boy Soldiers of WW2"


Sponge Cake said...

" How could they have got away with such a monstrous falsehood?"

It can be almost guaranteed that any statement or belief which can be deemed to be politically correct is, by the same token, factually incorrect.

Examples can be found in almost every aspect of our society and how we are required to perceive and describe them. It is, for instance, politically correct, and all but mandatory for anyone within the media, law or politics, to insist there is no difference in the rate of street level criminal offending between the races.

As in any totalitarian society it then becomes the role of the state controlled popular media to promote the approved doctrine in the propaganda beamed into the homes of the population by means of misreported news or fictional drama bearing no resemblance to reality, with the effect that, over time, the lie becomes a universally accepted truth.

Indeed, in in their eagerness to obey their orders, the media go even further and if one were to judge by the story lines and portrayals in all popular TV and celluloid drama the vast majority of all street crime, be it mugging, robbery, assault, rape or drug dealing is perpetrated by whites, whereas non-whites more commonly appear as victims or employed in law enforcement. Progressively as people lock themselves away from the frightening reality outside, the pretend world coming in through their TV screens becomes confused with the far less appealing one outside, until it becomes the new reality.

This applies even more invidiously to the constant propaganda aimed at the most vulnerable and receptive amongst us, our children. The makers of the new US TV Childrens' adventure cartoon "Dora the Explorer" brag that their Latina heroine and politically correct plots may "Change a generation". They will, of course, be changing that generation by making it believe in lies, and what else is that but propaganda?.

This form of reverse reality extends far beyond popular entertainment the tentacles of political correctness have wound themselves throughout all levels of society, especially into government, the media and of course all government funded institutions, which now suffer from what might be termed institutional political correctness. On the face of it, this may not appear too malevolent and there is a temptation to treat the zealots of political correctness with the benign amused tolerance one might grant to an eccentric maiden aunt. That is, until one realises that they are functioning on the basis of what are, in effect a series of untruths and blatant lies and that they are imposing those lies on almost every aspect of our lives.

Gradually these lies have come to dictate official policy within so many areas which directly impact upon our current well being and the very future of our nation.

The police for instance are the organisation tasked with protecting society from criminality, yet they are not permitted to acknowledge, or in many instances even address the truth of the criminality they are confronting. Instead they are required to operate as if within a parallel universe or pantomime, playing lip service to an entirely false reality.

Shaunantijihad said...

Everybody who says that Somalia and Pakistan are shitholes are racists.

So, I'm a racist. And the sun rises in the East.

Let the non-racists come and tell me publicly why Somalia and Pakistan are better than White countries.

Come and fucking tell me, instead of arresting innocent Caucasian women under mental health laws, you bastards. Do you know just how much pent up revenge you are preparing? We will deport you all to Shitistan with "Kaffir" and "Gay Rights" tattooed on your foreheads.

Yes you!

When you see a sign saying, "Asian wedding festival" in Bradford you say, "CULTURE!"

But if any dissident made a sign saying "Caucasian wedding festival!" you would be in with the tanks and straight jackets saying "RACIST!" you evil fucking anti-White bastards.


Anonymous said...

Just reading 1984 and had the thought that perhaps the book was not a warning but a nice lead into how the future would be. So instead of spooking the natives we can all sit back comfortable that how our world is now is just fine as we have been prepared well in advance.

James said...

People in China and Russia are free to read these posts if they wish, and make their own mind up, but Australians are not allowed to. In Australia, criminals decide what information you are allowed to access.

In Australia, and of course NZ, everyone thinks there is no corruption at all.

Anyway, look at this post:

So if you open the pointless PDF, who is the superhero protecting hordes of Aussie investors from Jewish scam artists?

Elvis Omyura
Senior Advisor, Listings Compliance [Syndey]

Elvis Omyura? What kind of name is that? It sounds like some kid from Africa who was adopted by some do-gooders and has now reached his full potential. Just the right person to send pointless letters to scam artists and ignore the responses, all the while working his way towards a medal for service to the community.

Sponge Cake said...

Ireland gave more than €637m in overseas aid last year.

THE GOVERNMENT GAVE over €637 million in overseas aid in 2013. This is a slight increase on 2012’s figure of €628 million.
Launching the Irish Aid’s annual report today, the Minister for Trade and Development, Joe Costello said that “Irish people can be proud of what their overseas development aid programme has achieved” in the last year.

When I was a kid we had the "penny for the black baby" and "Trocaire box". The situation in Africa has gotten worse despite all the money thrown at the place. Might as well piss it up against a wall.

James said...


1 hour 15 min long.

nilus said...

UK TV, :

QUEER Christopher Biggins, giggling at "sausages".

Question Time, with Bernard Jenkin:

"Bernard Jenkin is the UK parliament's most famous nudist."

"This Week" with JEW Chelsea Handler

BBC2 Lesbian Susan Calman and c*nt Romesh Ranganathan (Mock The Week)

ITV: JEW Joaquin Phoenix

Channel 4 : QUEER Christian Jessen

Channel 5: Queer Rylan Clarke, etc

BBC4: JEW Simon Schama

Pick: Ladyboys

Yesterday: "Escape Fom Colditz"

VIVA: JEW Zach Braff

etc etc , same old

James said...

This other blog might be worth a visit from time to time.

As a race realist, I see evidence that the New World Order agenda includes the soft genocide of the White race. Only 8 percent of the world’s population today is White, with the percentage constantly shrinking.

The Cultural Marxists in the media openly rejoice over the death of the White race. Oprah Winfrey, for example, stated that racism would not disappear until Whites died off. I resent that statement and have absolutely no use for Oprah.

Anonymous said...

A judge decided that NBC acted without malice when then misreported the audio of George Zimmerman's call to a police number which was not 911 despite what the idiotic media say on the night he was vicously assaulted by Trayvon Martin.
Considering that their editing of a tape led to Sergeant Stacy Koons (What a name for a guy who was railroaded in this case!) being tried in LA for saving Rodney King's life.
Stacy Koons tried for saving a koon's life?
Only in America to quote Don King.

nilus said...

Looks like I missed one: (courtesy of Akira's site)

The Honourable Woman

JEW Maggie Gyllenhaal as Nessa Stein: The daughter of a Zionist arms procurer, Stein takes over the running of her father's company and changes its purpose from supplying arms to laying data cabling networks between Ixxxxl and the West Bank. Her appointment as a life peer creates an "international political maelstrom".

Re: Hey guys check out beebs new high budget 8 part drama

"Surely the BBC is just responding to the hordes of viewers who have been demanding a series about The Kikess Stein?"

nilus said...

nilus said...

Even after Harry Enfield ripped the piss out of BBC Panel Shows, in particular the unfunny c*nt Andy Parsons just saying "The Daily Mail", he's just done a "gag" about.."The Daily Mail"

Im really, really hoping the backlash comes.

Jewsnight is a joke.

Question Time is a joke.

No-one is laughing.

So sick of jews.

parisclaims said...

Sorry to go off topic so early in a thread, but......

Iron Felix said...

John at 13.14 seems to have caught the main issue with commendable dexterity. More commentators of this calibre would be welcome.

Anonymous said...

It's genocide for European-Americans

Thousands of Americans go around with “Free Tibet” bumper stickers on their cars and are concerned about the demographic extinction the people of Tibet by the Chinese. Many of those same people would call “hateful” any American who would plead for the survival and preservation of European mankind in the United States or in Europe.

Millard speaks about the reality of race, of genes, in a common sense and absolutely scientifically correct fashion, but the Jewish supremacists who dominate the media don’t want any other people to be concerned with their own survival, heritage and freedom. Only the Jewish people should be concerned about their existence! Hence, they tell non-Jews that race doesn’t matter while they select immigrants to Israel based on their Jewish descent which supersedes the immigrants religion. A Jew by heritage who is an outspoken atheist critic of religion can immigrate from any nation in the world to Israel. In Israel, the Government will let a non-religious Jew marry another Jew, but marriages between Gentiles and Jews are not legally allowed. Many of the leading JEWISH ANTHROPOLOGISTS who tell us that RACE DOESN’T EXIST, such as JARED DIAMOND, tell us how great it is that new DNA techniques can IDENTIFY WHO IS A JEW (by genetics).

The idea that race doesn’t exist has become a weapon for them to reduce the loyalty of non-Jews for their own people, and thus increase the respective power of organized Jewish supremacists. This weakens resistance of non-Jews to the efforts of Jews for supremacy in media, politics and the economy. For instance, if a Palestinian who has been driven out of Palestine becomes convinced there is no such thing as the “Palestinian people” why should he support the resistance of the Palestinian people to the Zionists? If a European American becomes convinced there is no such thing as race, why should he resent Jews (who he perceives as no different) from controlling the American media and dictating American policy. Of course, Jews understand their identity and they want to preserve it. Any Google search on the Internet will find tens of thousands of more articles about the threat of intermarriage to the Jewish people than any idea that intermarriage would pose a threat to the European people.


Frank Galton

Uncle Nasty said...

john said... (above)

How did they get away with it? Gradually obtaining total control of 'media' and the 'educational system' , as well as perverting Seminaries.

How do they get away with it? Read the following excerpt with a critical eye.

Two views of your President (Video and Photo)

The first is a photo of our narcissist-in-chief who has shown time and time again that the rules of our nation, our government and yes, even that of displaying the most basic form of common decency in a restaurant do not apply to him.

The second view is in video form showing the utter disdain that the President and his administration seem to have for the only true ally the United States has in the Middle East, Israel.
Iraq, Iran, Syria, Egypt, etc. How's that foreign policy working for you Mr. President?
And let's throw his failures dealing with Russia in for good measure as well!

Let' have that again, shall we?

only true ally the United States has in the Middle East, Israel.

only true ally the United States has in the Middle East, Israel.

only true ally the United States has in the Middle East, Israel.

only true ally the United States has in the Middle East, Israel.

Isn't it wonderful? The yids created and endlessly protect this useless nigger and his yard ape wife ... solely so the hard of thinking have something to focus on, while the Tribe rape the country ... and the world.

The same way that George "Dubya" Bush shoehorned Saddam Hussein's name into every 9/11 comment until the two were inextricably entwined in what laughably passes for the public mind.

Common sense? Reality? Truth?

Didn't get a look-in.


Anonymous said...

Re: Anon's Frankfurt School comment (+ Willi Munzenberg quote that they would use the Intellectuals to corrupt Western Civilization to the point that it would literally Stink); & re Seneca's comment re HL Mencken quote re Uni Professors; & re comments in several posts re white women/black men; & re John's comment re A Bible-reading people cannot be enslaved:

Brief true story: Graduated high school 1970, South USA. Best friend went on to junior college 2-yrs., then UF. I never went to college, went straight to work instead. We would go visit the college friend several times a year, weekends, etc., not too far away. Myself being totally naive, young, clueless about the world, college friend, looking back, turned out to be a very BAD influence! (She was not corrupt in high school, though she did have the "gift of schmooze" > could sweet talk 12th-grade teachers to let us out of class.)

What I "learned" from visiting college friend:
1. The F word! None of us ever used the F word in high school. It was unheard of. Yet one weekend visit to college friend, she & roommate were saying F F F! & laughing their heads off while saying it, claiming, "It's only just a word!" I was bewildered & shocked, yet they were giggling & laughing hysterically.
2. Promiscuity & Drunkenness: The "new norm," according to college friend, was to get drunk, party, & sleep with as many guys as one could snag. Keep a list, more is cool! (Prior to that the "norm" was, Find ONE boyfriend, go steady, hope for marriage with that ONE guy.)
3. Sleep with Black Guys, the "new cool thing to do." College friend mantra, "Everyone should try it! Do something different!"
4. Later, Drugs: Coke, speed, diet pills, etc.!

Fortunately I was only "under the influence" of corrupting college friend for about 5 years. In the 6th year I got saved & proceeded to extricate myself from the debauchery of the world as "brought home" to me via college friend. I was SO HAPPY to learn from Scripture that my gut instincts were right afterall, that I did NOT have to live like her, as I had HATED every "one night stand" experience, felt used & denegrated, etc., hated the hangovers, etc.) contrary to college friend who seemed to have no remorse nor qualms about any of it.

Point being: Imo, it's very true, that "College Corrupts" the soul, & that the Frankfurt School has been very successful in their goal from the 1970's, & even before (WW2). I also blame parenting for not giving children a Godly foundation AND instruction on how to thwart the world's influence (blind ignorant parents who ignore what the world is REALLY like, etc.)

So what happened to college friend? She also had a love of $$ (though not raised w/$$; the only reason she could go to college in the first place was due to her deceased father's Veterans Benefits, which is why she had a car in high school long before any of us had cars), so she went on to become a very successful "head hunter" & had her own biz in CA w/large corporate clients (her ability to "schmooze" paid off with "head hunting" & being able to sway corporate execs to switch companies, etc.). After building her own rich lifestyle she married a rich guy who owned an advertising agency w/offices in LA & NY, & they are retired to a fancy ski resort area out West.)

Corruption will always pay well in this world but not in the next life! Me, I'm just a pauper but happy to have eyes to see reality, something I may never have woken up to without the Lord's guidance. I used to try to witness to college friend re the days we live in & the Biblical outcome. Her reply, "I'll never believe it unless I see it."

All parties described herein are White Gentile, no Jews (me, college friend, her hubbie).

nilus said...

Enough whining and kvetching:

We shall live to see the fall of babylon.

We will witness the end of jewry's sick control.

And it will be soon.

nilus said...

"They tell us blacks are prejudiced against. Blacks are worshipped.

They tell us gays are prejudiced against. Gays are worshipped."

Yes indeed. But jews are worshipped most of all, without anyone ever saying "jew".

Listen to the R4skin interviews with JEW Lipman, JEW Shearer, JEW Handler:

"JEW" is never mentioned.

James said...

Right you lot.

You think you are proper Keyboard Kommandos? Ok then, take the TEST.

Do not let down your komrades.

Shame on you if you don't get 10/10.

Shame on you if you do. Oy vey.

James said...

2. Promiscuity & Drunkenness: The "new norm," according to college friend, was to get drunk, party, & sleep with as many guys as one could snag. Keep a list, more is cool! (Prior to that the "norm" was, Find ONE boyfriend, go steady, hope for marriage with that ONE guy.)

That's because prior to that the telly was making everyone go steady with one guy. Now the telly is telling everyone to do the opposite.-- the floater that will not flush.

James said...

Nilus that Bacon link was embarrassing for the elites.

There was another link on there.

Black Woman in Detroit on Her Water Being Turned Off: “I Thought This Only Happened in Africa”

Detroit's like Africa. Why is she so surprised? Ha ha ha ha.

James said...


If you could rid the world of ONE THING, what would it be?

Interesting answers from blacks.

Dem 7% of Whites in Detroit taking all the water and leaving the black man all thirsty n dry n sheet. Dat aint right.

James said...

Any Google search on the Internet will find tens of thousands of more articles about the threat of intermarriage to the Jewish people than any idea that intermarriage would pose a threat to the European people.

Well this blog is a step in the right direction then. Maybe if we whine about it enough something will happen.

It works for them doesn't it?

naive white said...

Wikipedia does not mention the race of the asalients! A little digging makes all clear. Quelle surprise!

Anonymous said...

Chosenite wideboy Adrian Goldberg on Talksport went apoplectic when a caller suggested Jurgen Klinsman for England manager. He said you couldn't have a GERMAN as manager of the England tem. He was tying himself in knots trying to explain why an EVIL EVIL GERMAN was different to a Swede or Italian. It's almost like he's got something in common with the Hollywood smarmballs who always portray Germans as NASTY AND EVIL.

Funny as the reason I listen to TS is b/c it doesn't have the constant j**propaganda as the ZBC stations. Oh well, at least they don't have the constant feminist misandry as the state sponsored brainwashing Harpersonites.

James said...

Speaking of burden of proof, here is what Paul Craig Roberts says about ZOG.

the vocal part of “the world community”–the West–has become inured to Washington’s crimes against humanity and doesn’t bother to protest. Indeed, many of these governments are complicit in Washington’s crimes, and there could just as well be arrest warrants for members of European governments.

The one exception is Russia.

They published a White Book detailing crimes of the "West".

Anonymous said...

''The harvest was good, the rainfall plentiful, so why is famine on its way to South Sudan?''
So the South Sudan can head for Europe.


Corkonian said...

All parties described herein are White Gentile, no Jews (me, college friend, her hubbie).

Fair enough. But remember, the cause of all this degeneration originated largely with Jews.

Thor said...

UN, this 'Israel is our best friend' meme draws on simple but highly effective techniques, the same ones used by the Chinese to 'brainwash' prisoners. It emerged subsequently that endless repetition was the basis for the brainwashing, nothing more sophisticated than that. And that is why the Israel meme is working today.

David said...

Any hope of a respite following the departure of Shatter is gone as treacherous Fine Gael continue their Race Replacement policies under Frances Fitzgerald:

Almost 4000 people were granted Irish citizenship today in a ceremony in Dublin Convention Centre - See more at:

"I hope this is the first of many"
Seriously the backlash cannot begin quickly enough.

David said...

Re my last, someone is awake, and if you are reading this..Thank You.

David said...

Scenes of grief that followed Alan Shatters resignation:

Anonymous said...

Q: "How could they have got away with such a monstrous falsehood?"

A: By brain-washing the masses with 24/7 television and other entertainment propaganda. That's how. A steady diet of the MSM's racial agenda could lead one to believe that the Queen of England descends from African chieftains.

Sponge Cake said...

re Rolf Harris

That’s what you get for playing with your didgeridoo in A minor.

Uncle Nasty said...

The thin end of the wedge? The beginning of the end?

Google’s demise starts here, ctd.

by Pete on July 5, 2014 at 7:30am

Not only are Google changing history, they are effectively censoring you, and me, and journalism too.

This morning the BBC received the following notification from Google:

Notice of removal from Google Search: we regret to inform you that we are no longer able to show the following pages from your website in response to certain searches on European versions of Google:

What it means is that a blog I wrote in 2007 will no longer be findable when searching on Google in Europe.

Which means that to all intents and purposes the article has been removed from the public record, given that Google is the route to information and stories for most people.

So why has Google killed this example of my journalism?

Well it has responded to someone exercising his or her new “right to be forgotten”, following a ruling in May by the European Court of Justice that Google must delete “inadequate, irrelevant or no longer relevant” data from its results when a member of the public requests it.

Let’s pretend, 8 years from now, Len Brown petitions Google to have all of Whaleoil’s articles on him suppressed. After all, it’s no longer relevant, he’s no longer mayor, and it is definitely out of date.

This is insidious stuff.

So there is an argument that in removing the blog, Google is confirming the fears of many in the industry that the “right to be forgotten” will be abused to curb freedom of expression and to suppress legitimate journalism that is in the public interest.

Jews, like rust and rot, never sleep.


Anonymous said...

@James 01:15

Funny, because Jews "marry out" more than any other group.

Anonymous said...

Another Anti-yid website to bookmark for further references, if you're not aware. A post from last year:

He only became "jew-aware" about 5 years ago.

Esther said...

UN, I think it's unfair to taint Jews with the Google ruling ("Jews, like rust and rot, never sleep").

Google vigorously opposed this COURT DECISION. So are Google the Jews or are they represented by the EUROPEAN courts? You cannot have it both ways.

Uncle Nasty said...

Read this heap of steaming ordure, separate the truth from the lies ... and look for the unintended revelations.

An extract:-

What is it about his dishonest moral indictment of Israel that excites them?

For generations of American Jews, Israel was perceived as “poor little Israel.” As they saw things, Israel was economically backward. It was dependent on charity from the American Jewish community. And it needed organizations like AIPAC to protect and promote its interests in Washington.

There was truth behind these perceptions in Israel’s early years in particular. Israel was a weak country and a poor country. American Jewish support was a critical component of Israel’s economic and diplomatic viability. But in recent decades, Israel has become more and more capable of standing on its own.

Today Israel is not dependent on the charity of American Jews.** It is a prosperous country with a healthy, rapidly growing and diverse economy. With Asia expected to eclipse the US as Israel’s largest trading partner next year, Israel has become less dependent on the US in general than it was in the past.

Israel’s economic vitality is an unwelcome development for many American Jews who cannot get their arms around Israel not needing them to save it.

**Damn right it isn't. The amount of voluntary loot you can squeeze out of a hebe is negligible.

The amount of dough you can wring out of the drooling Goyim in ZOG Occupied America, however, is almost infinite.


Uncle Nasty said...

Esther said...

UN, I think it's unfair to taint Jews with the Google ruling ("Jews, like rust and rot, never sleep").

Google vigorously opposed this COURT DECISION. So are Google the Jews or are they represented by the EUROPEAN courts? You cannot have it both ways.

Yes I can. The yids do. Never heard of "common purpose"?
Once again, controlling both sides of the argument.

It is actually amazingly simple, Esther. Whenever you see anything, be it legislation, so-called morality, fashion, fads, etc., that go against the grain of common sense, or even Western civilisation, all you need to do is turn over rocks until the little jewish grub stares up at you, blinking in the sunlight.

Simplistic? Perhaps. But then, from context, I have learned to disregard the left's use of the word "simplistic", as it is, so often, a derogatory smear word for "simple".

Rather like the use of "racist" or "Nazi" for White Nationalist

The one thing that terrifies them is the word "simple" in its original sense.

sim·ple (smpl)
adj. sim·pler, sim·plest
1. Having or composed of only one thing, element, or part. See Synonyms at pure.
2. Not involved or complicated; easy: a simple task. See Synonyms at easy.
3. Being without additions or modifications; mere: a simple "yes" or "no."
4. Having little or no ornamentation; not embellished or adorned: a simple dress.
5. Not elaborate, elegant, or luxurious. See Synonyms at plain.
6. Unassuming or unpretentious; not affected.


Uncle Nasty said...

I like Fred Reed. He always delivers.

Send him a buck or two if you can. Otherwise, just enjoy.

Through the Eye of the Microscope
A Biopsy of Sorts

July 1, 2014

“The proximate cause of all our woes is/
Civilizational apoptosis”
—My Ling Gum, late Tang (or early Gatorade) Dynasty

In my role as chief social oncologist of the Republic (remember it?) I offer the following diagnostic snippets. Although the patient is dying, the disease remains of interest. Let us begin with the Secretary of State. A headline:

Kerry: 'I'm Working Hard to ... Have Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Ambassadors'

From a curmudgeonly point of view, this is wonderful. America is going to be represented abroad by a freak show. The country is going to hell, sissified neocon Tamerlanes in panties bankrupt us with brainless wars they don´t understand, the schools make us an international joke, but the Secretary of State rushes to fill the consulates with sexual abnormalities.

Washington begins to make a Weimar bordello look like Mormon Sunday school. I picture myself showing up at some embassy for an interview and being told, “The ambassador will be with you in a moment. Just now, he’s fucking a sheep.”

Male or female? The sheep, I mean. With the ambassador, it would probably be hard to tell.


Uncle Nasty said...

What is our problem? Could it be that this is our problem?

Good ol' Joe

Tipping points are a release, they're the ship in a storm that exceeds its recovery roll, the bimetallic strip that pops to its alternate state. They're a phase change, a sudden liquidity or a sudden solidity, but there's always a run up. Everybody has a favorite candidate, but after "it" happens it's all forensics in search of an I Told You So. Actually, "we didn't see it coming" is a decent defense. Many strings lead to the wall, nobody can say which one will punch through. If tipping points are unknowable, and they are, the effects are even more so. Alas, we must deal with the effects, not the causes. Jimmy Hoffa doesn't care who killed Jimmy Hoffa, or why. Which, speaking of being prepped for morgue duty, brings us to Joe S. Everyman. The S is for Sheeple.

The S used to be for Salt of the earth, the nation's backbone, the independent yeoman building the world of tomorrow. You've seen him, he's the one in the old posters, portrayed from below eye level, jaw set, resolutely defiant of the threat du jour, grimly determined to accomplish some pressing civic duty, with a catchy appeal in big print at the bottom. Now he's being depicted as an irredeemable schmuck content to watch [insert worst show eh-ver] on a big format tevee and, therefore and perversely, offering up himself and us to be crushed for no good reason. It's like in the movies where the monster is sneaking up on somebody and the audience is agonizing, Look out! It's right behind you! But he doesn't see it coming, he's looking elsewhere. Jeez, what can he be thinking? Let's take a look.

Please read on ...


Rob said...

@David 17:12

Brilliant clip!

James said...

Funny, because Jews "marry out" more than any other group.

4 July 2014 21:38

Thanks for your input, Nastiestuncle, although it's nice to see your scatalogical insult levels down since the moderation rule came into effect!

Yes Jews are sometimes, whining about the same things we are whining about. The difference is that we have a lot of catching up to do before we do it as good as they do it.

Glad you agree how funny it is. I also find it kind of interesting and ironic.

James said...

Google vigorously opposed this COURT DECISION. So are Google the Jews or are they represented by the EUROPEAN courts? You cannot have it both ways.

Why not?
Got any proof?

James said...




Need a new religion?

You've heard of the "Nazi Book Burnings", where people had public bonfires where people could throw all their porn away? That is the source of the meme that "book burning" is the worst of all sins.

As usual, the truth is different. It was actually German books
that got burned.

James said...

Which reminds me; remember the Jeorge Jooney movie "The Monument Men", where the good guys were trying to save civilisation from destruction by the "anti-culture Nazis"?

Again, the truth's a bit different.

Anonymous said...

RE:- David @ 16.35.
I can't thank you enough for that link. It brought tears to my eyes I laughed so much. Savant and Keiser running round with a paint brush and ladder sprung to mind.
On a serious note. That is fantastic graffiti. A work of pure genius. That sort of graffiti would get people thinking. Far better than 'Blacks Out' or 'Stop Immigration Now'.
Congratulations to who ever did it.


Seneca said...

UN, I too think Fred Reid is great. Thank you for the initial link a long time ago. I do notice however that he avoids the "J" Question like the plague. Cannot be totally honest this being the case.

clogheen said...

David, that clip on the Shatter resignation was superb. Have forwarded to many friends who need awakening.

Sponge Cake said...

Two teenage girls arrested after London gang stab father, 38, to death in front of horrified parents taking children home from nearby schools.

Four people including two teenage girls were being questioned last night over the fatal stabbing of a father in front of children and parents on the school run.
They were arrested along with two young men after 38-year-old Zydrunas Laurinavicius was murdered on Thursday afternoon.
The builder was walking along a street with his father when he was jumped by a gang who tried to run off with his bag.
When he refused to hand it over, they took out knives and slashed his arm and chest, witnesses said. One of the group also attacked his father, who survived only to watch his son die in his arms.
Last night, devastated friends paid tribute to Mr Laurinavicius, a Lithuanian described as a ‘dedicated worker and loving father’.
Officers from the Met Police, meanwhile, continued to question two men aged 19 and 20 and two girls aged 16 and 17 in connection with the killing.
Mr Laurinavicius, who has lived in the UK for many years, had been working with his father Pranas, 67, to renovate a £1.6million detached house in Hendon, north west London.
They were targeted as they walked in a leafy area close to St Mary’s Church of England High School, Hendon School and a nursery as parents were taking children home. Pranas told friends they were jumped by a gang of black youths, who tried to steal a bag his son was carrying.

katana said...

Here's a list of all the commenter names and number of comments for the month of June 2014 posts.

Comment: In this month the hasbarat like trolling reached such a fever pitch that Sav finally pressed the emergency button and brought back comment moderation.


Blog Comment Stats for: June 2014 Posts

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149 - The Special Olympics of debating
218 - Comment policy update
223 - America in 2050..and it's beautiful
197 - More evidence for climate change
187 - Do they really believe this shite?
176 - Has Snowden failed the 9/11 Litmus Test?


Total Comments = 1,398
Total Names = 162


Total Comments - Commenter Name

333 - Anonymous
290 - James
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7 - Keiser (Posting from a different 'puter)
7 - Heraclitus
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5 - Director
5 - Anonymous [WR]
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3 - Veritas
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1 - 1488 Carling, Sir


Sponge Cake said...

Busy 4th of July for cops in Chicongo.

More than 20 shot overnight across Chicago.

At least 21 people were shot during an 11-hour stretch starting about 6:30 p.m. Friday night into Saturday morning, according to police.

Of those shot Friday night into Saturday, one wounded himself and another was killed by police. Two other men were shot by police Friday morning and 13 others were shot, two fatally, Thursday night into Friday morning.

The shootings stretched across the entire city but were concentrated in the city’s South and West Sides. The city’s Englewood and Harrison districts have both seen a handful of people shot over the first 36 hours of the holiday weekend, and shootings have happened as far south as the Altgeld Gardens neighborhood at the southern edge of the city to the Rogers Park neighborhood bordering Evanston.,0,6022291.story

Sponge Cake said...

I've been following this story for the past week.


Obama did say he would transform America.

Murrieta, CA Right To Fight–Obama Regime Plans European-Style Asylum Camps Throughout The US

katana said...

Seneca said... 5 July 2014 09:10

UN, I too think Fred Reid is great. Thank you for the initial link a long time ago. I do notice however that he avoids the "J" Question like the plague. Cannot be totally honest this being the case.

Interesting point Seneca.

Reed offers a defense of his non-mention of jews here: Stop Writing Me About the Jews

It boils down to, … I've known and know of a lot of good jews and the bad things they are accused of doing isn't true.

Well, if you say so, Fred. … Fred is so clueless here.

John "Birdman" Bryant takes him to task in his reply to the above article, here: Fred Reed, Paul Gottfried and Me

Seneca writes, "Cannot be totally honest this being the case."

I like to think it's a case of Fred Reed simply knowing which side his bread is buttered on and as such doesn't want to make waves. The best way is to not go there. Be as outrageous as one likes, just don't touch the third rail, the jews, or else. But I think he must know, even if he doesn't want to know, because it pays him, however much or little, to not to know. So, yes, there's a dishonesty lurking there.

Are the Fred Reeds' of our lives, sell outs?

I think in the main they are not, because many are actually clueless about the JQ*, and they have families to support and going against their jewish paymasters (at the end of the line) would end their livelihoods. Yet, many are sell outs in a principled sense, just like the vast majority of us are.

Fred Reed helps us, all things considered, because he moves ordinary people towards race realism and consequently away from jew race propaganda. He also helps us through his piss-poor explanation about why he doesn't talk about jewish scheming to destroy us.

Thanks Fred.

* The Jewish Question (JQ), is another term for the Jewish problem (JP) which is about how to respond to the total destrustive effects of having jews living in ones society.


Sponge Cake said...

New Irish eyes are smiling as 4,000 become citizens.

Sporting colours and stripes, hijabs and burkas, afros and braids, almost 4,000 people from 123 countries have pledged loyalty. "I'm delighted, I'm so happy, the country has done so much for us and I look forward to being a good citizen and contributing to the economy of Ireland," said Oluwatoyin Ogundare, originally from Nigeria.

Ms Ogundare and her husband Okikiolu fled their country because of the economic situation and the "endless fighting".

She said she felt unsafe and was drawn to Ireland because of the country's missionary work in Nigeria.

"The Irish people were some of the first to come to Nigeria and helped bring Christianity to the place and they were very welcoming and very nice and I am a woman of great faith," she said.

"I feel at home here and I feel safe and now my citizenship gives me more opportunities to get a job.

"Unadulterated treason."

"Well its interesting anyway, I wonder how many actually have jobs and contribute to the economy. Very few from the ques down the social that I can see, but they all seem to have the most expensive clothes, buggies etc."

"Shatter started these rallies of national suicide. Afterwards they clear up the Convention Centre for the next overseas job fair for unemployed Irish kids.

We're still broke. The debt didn't go away and neither will these new Irish. Stop the madness."

Calculus said...

"The burden of the proof" has long been done.

Most people, when they declare 'Scientists agree that we are all one single human race', usually cannot put one single name on all these scientists, as opposed to Einstein for example.
Most will agree that the origin of the statement above goes back to the work of Richard Lewontin in the 70's, and that since then, the Western scientific work, i.e, from the academic establishment, build up on that without any further consideration.
I bet it can be quite different among the Asian academics, but that's another issue.

Anyways, so Lewontin found that most genetic variation occurs between individuals rather than between ethnic groups, therefore that no human races could be delineated. Unfortunately, he didn't do a positive control, that is, an experiment that would prove that the genetic markers he used would differentiate between KNOWN DIFFERENT Species or subspecies.
The issue has been discussed at Evo&Proud here:

In Particular:"....… genetic and biochemical methods … have shown domestic dogs to be virtually identical in many respects to other members of the genus. … Greater mtDNA differences appeared within the single breeds of Doberman pinscher or poodle than between dogs and wolves. Eighteen breeds, which included dachshunds, dingoes, and Great Danes, shared a common haplotype and were no closer to wolves than poodles and bulldogs. These data make wolves resemble another breed of dog.

… there is less mtDNA difference between dogs, wolves, and coyotes than there is between the various ethnic groups of human beings, which are recognized as a single species. (Coppinger & Schneider, 1995)..."
Coppinger, R. and R. Schneider (1995). Evolution of working dogs. In J. Serpell (ed.), The Domestic Dog: Its Evolution, Behaviour and Interactions with People. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, pp. 21-47.

So this is it for the burden of the proof. And since then we have more modern genetic data that go in the same direction.

Anonymous said...

Perceptions are more powerful than truth. The anti-White brainwashers know it well. Their memes must be countered with opposing memes.

"If race does not exist there couldn't have been a Holocaust."

Just an example, maybe not the best one though.

"If Diversity is such a strength why does it need totalitarianism to enforce it?"

Perhaps a better one than the first. To go to the master see:

katana said...

David said... 4 July 2014 16:29
Any hope of a respite following the departure of Shatter is gone as treacherous Fine Gael continue their Race Replacement policies under Frances Fitzgerald:

Almost 4000 people were granted Irish citizenship today in a ceremony in Dublin Convention Centre - See more at:

"I hope this is the first of many"
Seriously the backlash cannot begin quickly enough.


Almost 4000 people were granted Irish citizenship today in a ceremony in Dublin Convention Centre

Here's a transcript of the speech given by Frances Fitzgerald the Minister for "Justice and Equality".

Claire McCormack: [sitting on the left in a room with a window view of buildings with a background rainbow]

Almost 4,000 people were granted Irish citizenship at Dublin's Convention Centre. In what in such four such ceremonies, minister for Justice. Frances Fitzgerald welcomed people from 123 different cultures, nations and backgrounds.

Frances Fitzgerald:

I want to begin, by welcoming you all, to this great day, which marks a major milestone in your lives. I want to especially welcome all those immediately, in front of me, who are shortly to become Ireland's newest citizens. [cut to a wide shot of the the mixed race audience]

For you, for your families, [cut to close up shot of a presentable black woman with a black female child on her lap] it is indeed a wonderful day and a special moment in your lives, which in no doubt you will cherish for many years to come.

It's also a special day for me, as it marks my first Citizenship Ceremony as Minister for Justice and Equality since I was honored to be appointed to the post back in May.

I hope that this is the first of many such such ceremonies that I will get to attend as Minister for Justice and Equality.

Today is also about symbolism. The things that matter to us, such as … [?standing], respect, and the [?tri-colour] of our state, … and the completion of our ceremony.

All have been [?accomplished] in their own way, and this is also an important event for us, as a host nation.

Under our laws, one of my tasks decides who gets citizenship. Here today, in addition to discharging my lawful responsibilities at the completion of the application process.

I also represent the Irish people, in conveying to you what this momentous occasion means to us. Be in no doubt at all about that. It is an honour that we greatly cherish. [cut to Irish military members standing on the stage with the Israeli, … sorry, Irish flag] And which today we bestow upon you. As the newest members of our national family of Irish citizens.

For many years, Irish people, the world over, who traveled far from their homes, […] in that evocative phrase, "the kindness of strangers". It is now our turn, as a people, and as a nation, to return that kindness and to say to you and those qualifying applicants, come and become part of our nation. [Applause, and a wide cut to the mixed race audience]

Claire McCormack: [sitting on the left in a room with a window view of buildings with a background rainbow]

For, I'm Claire McCormack.


The treason rolls on, ...

Californian said...

Very good point, Savant.

When I first read Nineteen Eighty-Four, I asked myself how could people pull off any of the mindgames Orwell describes. Look at "crimethink," the automatic rejection of any idea which might contain unorthodox views. And now look at how liberals go into hysteria over "racism," "sexism," et alia.

As for doublethink: liberals tells us they are for "tolerance," yet launch the most inane witch hunts against those who show the slightest sign of deviation from liberal orthodoxy. Liberals tell us they are for "diversity," yet do not tolerate a diversity of opinion. Liberals tell us that "race is just a 'construct'," yet make "race" the central pillar of their public policies.

I'd suspect that Orwell, having been in the belly of the beast (so to speak) from the Spanish Civil War to the BBC saw the liberal mindset from inside.

Holocaustralian said...

@ James
Need a new religion?

That is some link. I noticed the Heretical banner on the bottom of the main page, does that mean its part of the Sheppard / O'Farrell group of companies?

That site wholeheartedly reinforces my belief that we are completely and utterly fucked and that its nothing less than we deserve.*

The Germans dont deserve that fate of course, their ancestors died heroically defending Europe and under AH enjoyed 12 years judenfrei.....which is 12 more than any of us here has experienced.

The "victor" nations are now enjoying a slow motion moral, spiritual and cultural death whilst being overun by black, brown and yellow cockroaches.

Thanks AlLies

* US, UK and vassals

Anonymous said...

Joan Rivers who i never really liked as she reminded me of a know it all pushy sheeny broad told a reporter in Los Angeles that Obama was a fairy and his wife Moochele was a transgender woman.this can be seen on You Tube,now this was said in the open on the street in full view of all,starting to like old Joanie for telling it like it is,,John old rtd Chicago copper..

Anonymous said...

Brilliant synopsis on "globalization" given by this young man. Highly recommended video.

Peter Sutherland is cast as a major villain in this game, though not sure if he has jewish roots.

Anonymous said...

UN Said :-
Male or female? The sheep, I mean. With the ambassador, it would probably be hard to tell.

It would be a man f@cking a ewe of course. They won't all be queers. And it would only be good looking ewes.


Glen C. said...

Regarding Fred Reed and the Jews. Well I don't know about his bread buttered etc. From what I know Fred is ain very impecunious circumstances. Certainly not benefitting from bending the knee, if that's what it is.

But I agree his defense is basically 'I've known a lot of nice Jews'.

nilus said...

UK TV Saturday:

BBC1 National Lottery presented by
QUEER Dale Winton and
JEW Gaby Roslin


followed by movie starring
JEW Dustin Hoffman followed by movie

"A Single Man" directed by
QUEER Tom Ford ,written by
QUEER Christopher Isherwood:

"(he) gave up his studies after six months to join Auden for a few weeks in Berlin.
Rejecting his upper middle class background and embracing his attraction to men, he remained in Berlin, the capital of the young Weimar Republic, drawn by its reputation for sexual freedom. There, he "fully indulged his taste for pretty youths. He went to Berlin in search of boys and found one called Heinz, who became his first great love."

Commenting on John Henry Mackay's Der Puppenjunge (The Pansy), Isherwood wrote: "It gives a picture of the Berlin sexual underworld early in this century which I know, from my own experience, to be authentic."

"Heinz was arrested as a draft-evader in 1937 following his brief return to Germany after he was ejected from Luxembourg as an "undesirable alien." Convicted of "reciprocal onanism," he was sentenced to six months in prison, a year of state labor and two years of compulsory military service"

The film is about " a depressed gay British university professor living in Southern California in 1962."

ITV "Fletch" produced by
JEW Peter Douglas
JEW Alan Greisman, screenplay by
JEW Andrew Bergman

Channel 4: "Transformers" starring
JEW Shia La Boef, directed by
JEW Micheal Bay written by
JEW Alex Kurtzman
JEW? Ehren Kruger music by
JEW? Steve Jablonsky,edited by
JEW Paul Rubell

followed by "Attack The Block" Urban nigger savages save London fron...savage alien invaders..

followed by "What's Happening, White People" Stand up from anti-White racist paki c*nt Paul Chowdry

followed by "The Last Exorcism" starring
ISRAELI JEW Iris Bahr ,produced by
KIKE Eli Roth
JEW? Eric Newman
JEW Marc Abraham music by
QUEER Nathan Barr

"The film follows two JEWISH film-makers as they ..."

"In the UK, a poster image for the film showed a young girl, wearing a blood-spattered dress, bent over backwards below a crucifix."

Channel 5 "Columbo" starring
JEW Peter Falk ,directed by
JEW Steven Spielberg produced by
JEW Steve Bochco ,created by
JEW Richard Levinson
JEW William Link

followed by

"She's 78,He's 39: Age Gap Love"

ITV2: "Nanny McPhee" starring
JEW Maggie Gyllenhaal

followed by "The Matrix": JEW


nilus said...

BBC3 "Meet The Parents" starring
JEW Ben Stiller written by
JEW Jim Herzfeld
JEW John Hamburg directed by
JEW Jay Roach

(Roach was raised a Southern Baptist, and converted to Judaism before marrying Suzannah Hoffs.)

Produced by
JEW Jay Roach
JEW Jane Rosenthal
JEW Nancy Tenenbaum, music by
JEW Randy Newman

"Greg Focker is a middle-class Jewish nurse whose social and cultural position is juxtaposed against the Byrnes family of upper-class White Anglo-Saxon Protestants. With respect to Greg as a Jew and a nurse when compared to the Byrnes and Banks families, a distinct cultural gap is created and subsequently widened. The cultural differences are often highlighted and Greg is repeatedly made aware of them. This serves to achieve comedic effect through character development and has also been commented upon as being indicative of thematic portrayal of Jewish characters' roles in modern film "

"JEW Vincent Brook observes mainstream Hollywood cinema's tendency since the 1990s of incorporating Jewish liminality and "popularizing the Jew."

He explains the "manly Jewish triumph" of characters like JEW Jeff Goldblum's David Levinson in Independence Day and labels it as a

"certain answer to America's yearnings for a new Jewish hero."

This stands in direct contrast to the schlemiel or "the Jewish fool" which was seen to have been revitalized in the mid-1990s after faltering since the 1960s. The schlemiel, Brook explains, is an anti-hero in whose humiliation the audience finds supreme pleasure.

Within that context, Brook describes Greg Focker's character as "the quintessential example of the postmodern schlemiel."

The repeated embarrassing encounters that Greg faces with his girlfriend's all-American family is compared to the example of Jason Biggs's character JEW Jim Levenstein of the KIKE American Pie film series where Levenstein is often the comedic centerpiece due to his repeated SEXual embarrassments"

followed by "Family Goy/Family Kike" x 6, including the one where the dog directs a porn flick.

ITV3, QUEER Paul O Grady celebrates
Cilla Black, with QUEER Dale Winton, etc, followed by

"Vicious", shit-com about and starring two old queers,
Ian McKellen and Derek Jacobi

Film 4 "Star Trek IV" Directed by
JEW Leonard Nimoy, starring
JEW Leonard Nimoy,
JEW William Shatner, produced by
JEW Harve Bennett (Fischman) music
JEW Leonard Rosenman

followed by

"Zoolander" starring
JEW Ben Stiller
JEW Jerry Stiller,
JEW Judah Friedlander
JEW David Duchovny, produced by
JEW Scott Rudin
JEW Stuart Cornfeld screenplay by
JEW Jon Hamburg

followed by "Conan The Barbarian" directed by
JEW John Milius,screenplay by Milius and
JEW Oliver Stone

followed by S & M/Sex film "Secretary" starring
JEW Maggie Gyllenhaal ,directed by
JEW Steven Shainberg produced by
JEW Andrew Fierberg
JEW? Amy Hobby

More 4: QUEER Dr Christian Jessen followed by
"Gogglebox": Queers, jews and pakis watching TV. The queers describe a walrus being wanked off, and describe how their own semen doesnt shoot out very far these days.

They call their dildo "Dave".

Really: QUEER Dr Christian Jessen, again.

Yesterday: QUEER Richard Wilson.

Earlier was " Auschwitz, The Nazis and The Final Solution", followed by "Nazi Collaborators"

E4: The (kike/queer) Big Nose Theory" x 6 followed by
(kike) "How I met your Mother"

5* "Over Herdead Body " starring
JEW Paul Rudd (Rudnitzski)

Movie Mix "1941" directed by
JEW Steven Spielberg

4seven "Dolphins: Born in the Wild"
JEW Joy Reidenberg is obsessed with dolphin sex.

followed by "8 out of 10 cats does Countdown" with
JEW Claudia Winkleman and
JEW Rachel Riley

Im sure I saw that fat little greedy jew Adam Richman somewhere, too.

Anonymous said...

Re:- Rolf Harris
Those f*cking Aussies sending their criminals here. Since when was that acceptable?

John Rtd. Cop. Does Joan Rivers go on the good Jew list then?

nilus said...

Notice the sickening "anti-wayciss" speech that FIFA are forcing the captains to read out before the game?


nilus said...

Read the comments here re: The Queer Agenda. People are really getting sick of it.

There will be a righteous backlash against all this:

examples: "I'm proof positive that the gay agenda has become so twisted and sick that even someone who is very indifferent to homosexuals can become fed up with their incessant attention whoring and agenda to twist society into their own little playground of perversion"

"Same here.

A few years ago, I rarely wrote about homosexuals. I was more tolerant of them than I am today and that is due to how hard the gay agenda has been pushed since 2012. You can't even turn on your television now without seeing it shoved in your face.

Just the other day, I watched an epsidoe of "True Blood" on HBO and there was a homoerotic scene between two of the male characters. I didn't even mention how much more widespread homosexuality has become in movies and television because I stopped watching it a long time ago."

"I'm the same way. Pre-2012 I didn't think gays were a big deal. Now I utterly despise the gay agenda."

"I had been watching the new TV series 'Halt & Catch Fire'. In episode 3 (I think), the male suddenly was engaged in a passionate kiss with another male. Off goes the TV. AMC banned from my DirecTV receiver. They're shoving this homosexual crap down our throats ... I ain't swallowing'!"

"Re gays: If all they wanted for us to be tolerant of them, that would be fine. But give them enough power and they won't be tolerant of us. They want to push their "lifestyle" in our faces incessantly, almost to the point of advertisement. Worst of all, because of their grand acronym, they have to drag along all their other freak shows in the acronym. You can't be just tolerant of gays and lesbians, you better be on board with the whole agenda and everything that every letter of the acronym wants, including that freak show called "Trans," or if you don't, you might as well want to burn all gays and lesbians at the stake."

"Every man in the occupied territories must realize that this is World War Gay."

J Bull said...

"Notice the sickening "anti-wayciss" speech that FIFA are forcing the captains to read out before the game?"

I specifically don't start to watch until I know that this shit is finished. Also note the expensive FIFA CONDEMN RACISM ads all over the place?

Uncle Nasty said...

nilus said...

UK TV Saturday:

BBC1 National Lottery presented by
QUEER Dale Winton and
JEW Gaby Roslin


Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera ...

Reading Nilus's posts on the Heeb Beecee, reminds me of that bad old joke ... the definition of a real diplomat.
Someone who can tell you to go to hell in such a way that you look forward to the trip.

I almost wish I lived in the UK so that I could legitimately refuse to watch BBCTV.


Keep 'em coming Nilus. There is no end to the degradation, so why should there be an end to your reportage of it?


noncewatch said...

The corruption, degradation and destruction of Western society continues apace.Frankfurt School cultural Marxism in action in Britain today:

University professors openly push the case for paedophilia....

'Paedophilia is natural and normal for males'
How some university academics make the case for paedophiles at summer conferences.............

Anonymous said...

More about those British university professors who promote the evils of child abuse.....

What is happening in Britain FFS!

Uncle Nasty said...

Nilus's other post quotes this:-

"Re gays: If all they wanted for us to be tolerant of them, ...

Then they should be tolerable. This is one thing the left simply do not get. Their logic(?) dictates that we should all love the unlovable, tolerate the intolerable, embrace the repellent, celebrate** the mediocre ... all part of the jew agenda of course; We are a nasty collection of cunts, but you must love us all the same.

There are certain things that simply set the alarm bells clanging, but they are deaf as posts


"Celebrate" ... a word, that, along with "caring", "passionate", "empathy" and a host of others, I have come to loathe with every fibre of my being.

I remember first hearing the inappropriate usage of the word "Awesome" sometime in 1995 and thinking: "How embarrassing. Ah, well ... one consolation.
That should fall off the radar pretty quickly ..."

God, how wrong I was.


nilus said...

"hebephelia" : a love of hebes?


Hebephilia is the sexual preference for children in early puberty, typically 11 to 14-year-olds.

'Paedophilia is natural and normal for males'
How some university academics make the case for paedophiles at summer conferences

"Paedophilic interest is natural and normal for human males,” said the presentation. “At least a sizeable minority of normal males would like to have sex with children … Normal males are aroused by children.”
Some yellowing tract from the Seventies or early Eighties, era of abusive celebrities and the infamous PIE, the Paedophile Information Exchange? No. Anonymous commenters on some underground website? No again.
The statement that paedophilia is “natural and normal” was made not three decades ago but last July. It was made not in private but as one of the central claims of an academic presentation delivered, at the invitation of the organisers, to many of the key experts in the field at a conference held by the University of Cambridge.
Other presentations included “Liberating the paedophile: a discursive analysis,” and “Danger and difference: the stakes of hebephilia.”

Another attendee, and enthusiastic participant from the floor, was one Tom O’Carroll, a multiple child sex offender, long-time campaigner for the legalisation of sex with children and former head of the Paedophile Information Exchange. “Wonderful!” he wrote on his blog afterwards. “It was a rare few days when I could feel relatively popular!”
Last week, after the conviction of Rolf Harris, the report into Jimmy Savile and claims of an establishment cover-up to protect a sex-offending minister in Margaret Thatcher’s Cabinet, Britain went into a convulsion of anxiety about child abuse in the Eighties. But unnoticed amid the furore is a much more current threat: attempts, right now, in parts of the academic establishment to push the boundaries on the acceptability of child sex.

'More than 10' politicians on list held by police investigating Westminster 'paedophile ring'
Whistleblower who prompted Operation Fernbridge says up to 40 MPs and peers knew about or took part in child abuse

The David Icke Videocast: Leon Brittan and the Elephant in the Living Room

James said...

Are the Fred Reeds' of our lives, sell outs?

Well, a Jewish eye doctor blinded him in a fashion that was so amazingly incompetent that it borders on deliberate.

Maybe he's starting to wonder about that?

I recall letter to the Jews of Spain from the Princes of Jewry in Constantinople, instructing them to become doctors so they can harm gentiles. Perhaps that is the case here? Or perhaps the doctor was just a total idiot? The latter is hard to believe because popping someone's eyeball seems like a really, really dumb thing to do, and don't Jewish doctors have an average IQ greater than 115?

James said...

Blogger Holocaustralian said...
@ James
Need a new religion?

That is some link. I noticed the Heretical banner on the bottom of the main page, does that mean its part of the Sheppard / O'Farrell group of companies?

Yes I believe he runs the site. And it's legal. You can spread it. What you will get arrested for is screaming at Jews in the street and showing printouts into their faces. Passively handing out copies to goyim is permitted apparently.

James said...

When I first read Nineteen Eighty-Four, I asked myself how could people pull off any of the mindgames Orwell describes. Look at "crimethink," the automatic rejection of any idea which might contain unorthodox views. And now look at how liberals go into hysteria over "racism," "sexism," et alia.

Sometimes if you discuss the book, people will tell you that 1984 was over-stated and hasn't happened yet. They say there is no big brother, and no aggressive state smashing it's boot into people's faces.

What they fail to see is that they are the proles, and in the book the proles were hardly mentioned at all and had no clue what was happening anyway. They lived happy and contented (albeit fearful) lives.

So the book did come true. There was a big debate years ago about whether Brave New World was a better description or not.

Brave New World came true too. 1984 describes the fate of people that think and know something, people closer to the levers of power.

Brave New World describes the fate of sheeple, the ignorant masses.

That's kind of how I think the dilemma is resolved anyway.

James said...

What Fred Reed said about the Jews:

Now, the conventions of discourse being what they are, it is hard to talk about Jews at all. If you say, "Some of my best friends are Jews," it means you hate Jews. If you say, "I can't stand the freaking Jews," it means you hate Jews. If you don't say anything, it means you secretly hate Jews.

If you say anything good about the Jews, it means that you are a tool of the Jews, or afraid of the Jews, or have had your mind clouded by Jews. Where does one go from here?

I would agree with that.

James said...

Perhaps Fred Reed could explain the anti-White Jew phenomenon, and people like Kalergi and Barbara Spectre.

He's right, there are lots of very good Jewish people.

But they are the ones causing the trouble are they?

It is a fact that trouble is being caused, right?

So who's causing it all? Whites? Are Jews ALL INNOCENT?

OK, then he'll say OK there are Jewish criminals just like there are Japanese criminals, Chinese criminals, etc.

My problem with what he is saying is that you can point the finger at any type of criminal you like, except Jewish criminals.

The Mafia was Jewish. But you aren't allowed to say that. You can only say it was Italian. That's OK.

So by his logic, he should deny that the Mafia is Italian because his Italian swimming coach was a nice guy.

He's wrong.

There is a Jewish mafia. It is concentrating, at least in part, on destroying the white race.

For all his cleverness, Fred Reed is simply ignorant of this fact.

Jews have told me this.

nilus said...

Im so damn sick of this incessant onsession with "waycissm", I didnt expect to find it here:

PS Is Tim Stanley queer?

"When Remembrance of the Daleks hit the screens in 1988, it was immediately obvious that the show had gone off in a whole new direction. A realistic 1960s East End setting, grisly visual effects (a green claw grabs the Doctor by the throat) and a Dalek that can climb the stairs. The theme is the self-destructive power of racism. The Daleks have split into two factions, each convinced that the other is insufficiently racially pure. Crucially, their war is really just a metaphor for real world prejudice. The human villain is a National Front leader, Mr Ratcliffe, who talks about the importance of “putting yer own first” and dreams of running a renewed British empire with the help of a handful of deadly pepperpots. The Doctor and his companion stay in a boarding house that bears the sign “No Coloureds”.

nilus said...

It continues:

"The Curse of Fenric represents a final high point of the series – an insane swan song. It’s a tale of racist vampires using Norse legends to break into the world of 1940s Britain and unleash murderous toxins over the Earth. A little bit of Bram Stoker, a little bit of Rachel Carson. The over-arching theme of the final series is evolution and it makes the point that there is a distinction between evolution of the biological, racist variety and evolution as moral progress. The villain of Curse of Fenric wants to create a new race of demons; superior simply because they are more powerful than man. The Doctor represents the liberal force of rational opposition to fascism, greed, even unrestrained market forces. Even though he’s an alien, he emerges as he ultimate humanist who opposes domination of anyone by anyone."

Want to "end waycissm"?

There's a very simple answer...

nilus said...

from above:

Herr von Behren • 6 hours ago

"I started watching the new Dr Who when it first came back on the screen and it made me feely more than a little uncomfortable. As a child I remember a sci-fi series that was pure entertainment (maybe any agenda just went over my head back then), what it has morphed into is a vehicle for whatever PC driven tosh the BBC feels it needs to indoctrinate children with. The grossest line I ever heard used on a childrens TV program (new Dr Who) was something along the lines of "In the future nobody cares who you sleep with". Even my mother stopped watching it and she thinks I'm too conservative for my age."

Ravenscar • 5 hours ago

"In a race to the bottom and down the chute and into the cesspit, Britain drowns in the effluvia of human despair.

Pretty soon, ISIS and home grown soldiers of Wahabism will want to make their mark - fomenting war, as deliberate and by design - it will be the commencement of the final battle, in an ages long war. On the streets, particularly when civil war erupts in the towns and cities of England - people will cry, "how did it all come to this?"

Culprits galore, so many to choose from but so much of it - the blame can be laid at one door.

The echelons of the Cultural Marxists, who permeate the establishment, the political elite will be blamed but the medium and author of Britain's destruction - was and is, the loud and very proud mouthpiece of Brussels - aka the BBC.

Seeping into our front rooms with it's subliminal propaganda, for nigh on 40 years and longer. Sowing it's diseased tares, whispering and procreating, altogether a malformed dissemination. And - thus, the corrosive poison did its work eating away at the minds, morals and societal structure of the nation, cleverly, mendaciously corrupting the young - Dr. Who - a good example, EastEnders another.

The BBC is filth but then, done in our name, maybe, what is coming is warranted."

Anonymous said...

Some people above were getting upset about the bashing which Germany took in WW2. This is because they do not understand the true nature of total war. Well actually it's not, it's because they wanted Germany to win, but let's pretend that it's because they do not understand the true nature of total war.

In total war, the objective is not to simply win the battle. The objective is to win all future battles, or at least to win as many as possible. Therefore, the enemy must not only be beaten but beaten sufficiently that they are disabled from launching future aggression. Therefore, German industries and armies had to be annihilated and its citizenry suitably dissuaded from allowing their country to be ruled by genocidal madmen. The bombing of German cities was a good way of winning future battles/ wars with Germany.

On a side note, this is why we have the EU. Germany realised, due to the absolute kicking they took in WW2, that they could not take Europe militarily. So, the way to take Europe is by political and economic means. So, national governments and "elites" are bribed with riches beyond their wildest dreams to betray their own people and hand power to Germany.

nilus said...

Apologies for posting so much, but everywhere I look...:

Alan Johnson is the Editor of Fathom: for a deeper understanding of Israel and the region and Senior Research Fellow at the Britain Israel Communications and Research Centre (BICOM). A professor of democratic theory and practice, he is an editorial board member of Dissent magazine, and a Senior Research Associate at The Foreign Policy Centre.

'Shoot all the Jews!' Blue Peter, Hamas-style

'Please watch this short video. It’s what passes for children’s television on the official Hamas-controlled Al-Aqsa TV (2 May 2014).
Palestinian kids are running home from school, tuning in, and being told to shoot Jews. Blue Peter it isn’t.
The academics use a technical term for this kind of kill-em-all anti-semitism: eliminationist anti-semitism. Most of us just think of it as Nazi anti-semitism. The profound influence of mid-century Nazism upon today’s Islamists and Jihadis is only now now beginning to be uncovered by historians such as Jeffrey Herf, Matthias Kuentzel, the late Barry Rubin and Wolfgang G. Schwanitz. Perhaps we all need to wake up to it?
The Hamas Charter drips with eliminationist anti-semitism. The video is no aberration.
And tomorrow, Nahoul the bee will be back on air, killing all the Jews.'

Death to MSM , it's a torrent of poison.

nilus said...

Dammit: Just saw 2 0seconds of "American Dad" (with the faggot alien" and heard the words "Hebrew School"...

Some more comments:

rogerhicks • a day ago
"If Jews and Israel are to survive in the longer term, they need genuine friends.

I like to see myself as one of those friends, but friendship has to be reciprocated, and many Jews are contemptuous of my - and their own - white race, advocating policies and an ideology which are racially self-destructive.

If we remain so divided, we will surely fall, Jew and gentile together. Only united will we succeed in standing against the destructive forces of globalisation and the demographics of Muslims and others who haven't learned to control their population growth.

How do we unite?

By acknowledging that Race is NOT a "social construct", as the state and its privileged clients and employees in academia (many of them Jews) would have us believe (except when you try dividing closely related peoples from the same subcontinent into different races, as the Nazis insanely did). Race is REAL and important. Not in the way that racial supremacists believe it is, but because central to any deep and meaningful sense of both personal and group, i.e. genuine national, identity.

European Jews are the SAME race as other Europeans and that should unite us. Not against other races, but in the interests of our collective survival as a distinctive race of closely related peoples."

Edith Crowther @rogerhicks • a day ago
"This is pie in the sky. I.e. it is very nice, and no doubt broadly correct - but it is not available as a solution, being out of reach albeit ever so nice.

First of all, Jews are proud to be a distinct race, set apart from all other races whom they call Gentiles. I have no quarrel with this - and if they consider themselves superior,

well they probably are,

I would just point out that being superior is not always the be-all and end-all, but someone has to be I guess.

Secondly, Jews are not going to help Europeans against colonisation by other Gentile ethnic groups. Why would they? - they have been persecuted by all and sundry for centuries, and they don't like any of us, not surprisingly.

It was a mistake to try and set up their own homeland in someone else's country - yes, they once colonised Judea but they did not stay for long. Prior to that, they had invaded Canaan (the land of milk and honey) and got rid of the Canaanites by wholesale slaughter, but they made no impression on the Philistines, who were and still are the indigenous people of that area.

Abraham and his people originated in Ur of the Chaldees, which is now a radioactive desert in the south of Iraq. Ur is legendary of course, but there seems little point in returning there now.

As I understand it, Jews are forbidden to have a secular state here on Earth anyway. They are commanded to live as ethnic minorities in the states of other races. This is their mission, their nobility, their pride and their supreme achievement. They risk persecution in times of trouble of course, but otherwise they are adept at remaining separate yet not irritating - in fact positively helpful, like a Rolex watch, not a thorn in the flesh."

ossettian @rogerhicks • a day ago
"European Jews aren't the same race as the rest of us: they're a (paternally) Middle Eastern- (maternally) European hybrid people who, whenever they achieve wealth, power or influence work against European ethnic interests."

rogerhicks @ossettian • a day ago

"According to his DNA analysis, my nephew, whose father is Jewish is 44 percent Ashkenazi, but at the same time virtually 100 percent European, as I am.

So how can he, or his father be a different race?

I see all Europeans, including European Jews as different tribes or nations of the same race of closely related peoples.

If German Jews had been a different race from other Germans, the Nazis would not have needed to distinguish them with a Star of David."


nilus said...

In the news at present:

"Lord" Malcom Rifkind: JEW

"Lord" Nigel Lawson : JEW

"Lord" Leon Brittan" : JEW

But NOT Lord Janner: JEW Paedo

and, of course, HITLER:

Censoring Mein Kampf – or anything – simply makes its ugly ideas more attractive (YAWN)

"Is this the Summer of Censorship? In the US, it emerged that the NBC network requested a film trailer remove the word “abortion” in order to be advertised on its website. From New York to Tel Aviv, there are calls to scrap the Metropolitan Opera’s production of “The Death of Klinghoffer”, lest it “inflame anti-Semitism”.

Monkey Fall
"Yes a weak group with no power or influence at all. Its not like they can get other nations to fight for them or can use the media to swing a superpower behind them.

Jewish billionaires as a fraction of the country’s total number of billionaires:

US 105/442 = 24%
Israel 16/16 = 100%
Russia 12/99 = 12%
Canada 6/29 = 21%
Brazil 6/45 = 13%
UK 5/37 = 14%
Ukraine 3/10 = 30%
Monaco 3/3 = 100%
Australia 3/22 = 14%
Spain 2/20 = 10%
France 2/24 = 8%
Germany 1/58 = 2%
Hong Kong 1/39 = 3%

I am not backing the Muslims but to say Israel is defenseless and would not use a divide to rule strategy is not accurate."

Anonymous said...

Michelle Obama and Serena Williams are actually men.

Anonymous said...

I beleive Joan Rivers were german jews way back when,so i would put her in the catagory of at least a Disirable Volks Deutsch Fraulein to be on the safe side and come to her aid during a night time round up,John old rtd chicago copper

Anonymous said...

I only watch the Euros. The World Cup is full of politics, apefrican teams and corruption.

Essex boy said...

"The World Cup is full of politics, apefrican teams and corruption."

Some Euro teams (England, Holland, Belgium) are more like African teams.

Seneca said...

Lewontin found that most genetic variation occurs between individuals rather than between ethnic groups, therefore that no human races could be delineated.

This is pure fraud. Any 1st year philosophy student could have put him straight on that. Called the Continuum Fallacy, in essence it states that the absence of distinct calibrated variances does not mean that group distinctions cannot be applied. Also called in less elevated circles the Horse's Tail argument.

Dogs have almost 100% the same DNA but even Lowentin would admit clear distinctions between an Irish Wolfhound and a Chihuahua.

Iron Felix said...

Jonas Salk and Albert Sabin, inventors of effective polio vaccines, were both Jewish, so "HEY, LOOK HERE--JEWISH PLOT TO DESTROY AMERICA'S LEG-BRACE INDUSTRY, EH, EH..........."
For God's sake some of you, do please get a grip will you...

Roem said...

katana. I look forward to your monthly analysis of comments. I see James' proportion has gone down. STill too many. He overdoes some good work with TOO MUCH.

Sponge Cake said...

Call for a public inquiry into historic child abuse: Forget the expenses scandal. If MPs have harboured paedophiles, the damage to British democracy will be fatal says MP SIMON DANCZUK.

MPs will pay a heavy price for harbouring paedophiles in their midst.
As I was I was making my way from the House of Commons on Monday night after a late vote a Tory minister stepped out of the shadows to confront me. I'd never spoken to him before in my life but he blocked my way and ushered me to one side.
He warned me to think very carefully about what I was going to say the next day before the Home Affairs Select Committee when I'd be answering questions on child abuse.
'I hear you're about to challenge Lord Brittan about what he knew about child sex abuse,' he said. It wouldn't be a wise move, he advised me.
'It was all put to bed a long time ago.'
He warned me I could even be responsible for his death.
We looked at each other in silence for a second. I knew straight away he wasn't telling me this out of concern for the man's welfare.

katana said...

Roem said... 6 July 2014 09:57
katana. I look forward to your monthly analysis of comments. I see James' proportion has gone down. STill too many. He overdoes some good work with TOO MUCH.
Thanks Roem.

As for James, bless his keyboard skills, I think that now that the troll/s have been reined in we are likely to see more quality and less quantity. Or even same quantity but more quality.

katana said...

James said... 6 July 2014 00:01
Perhaps Fred Reed could explain the anti-White Jew phenomenon, and people like Kalergi and Barbara Spectre.

So by his logic, he should deny that the Mafia is Italian because his Italian swimming coach was a nice guy.

He's wrong.

There is a Jewish mafia. It is concentrating, at least in part, on destroying the white race.

For all his cleverness, Fred Reed is simply ignorant of this fact.

Jews have told me this.

Good points James.

Despite all the good that he does in describing the insanity that we exist in, he does willfully ignore the jewish elephant in the room that is causing such insanity.

Not only does he ignore the elephant but he is compelled to justify his willful blindness by saying that he doesn't ignore it, because, in fact, "there is no elephant to see here folks, so let's all move along".

Fred Reed is perceptive enough to write perceptive, clever and humorous articles, yet such qualities all seem to fall apart and melt away when the topic of jews rears its hugely ugly trunk.

In summary, Fred Reed's world view consists of writing about the absurdities and insanities of our societies including all causes except the real cause, the unmentionable International Elephant in the Room (famously written about by Fenry Hord).

Anonymous said...

Pedophilia is normal. Very normal.
It means child love in Greek. It is normal to love children. It's how children survive. The love of their parents and the society they are raised in protects them.
Pedophilia is a misnomer. Those that are being called pedophiles are the complete opposite of lovers of children.
They are the destroyers of childhood. They are the destroyers of civilized society. Their only consideration is their own lust. They do not consider the consequences of their vile acts.
To say that pedophilia is normal is the same as condoning rape.
The practitioners of these vile acts should be strung up from the nearest tree. They destroy lives. They destroy everything that is good about being a human being in a civilized society.
And therein lies the rub.


Moz said...

Why does the burden of proof lie with us? Good question. I believe that asking libtards that question is more effective than digging out scientific studies.

No doubt some libtards really do believe the races are equal. But the even more fundamental belief underlying that is the supposed immorality of white self-preservation. Notice how one minute libtards will be telling you race doesn't exist, and then the next minute they'll be promoting miscegenation using the concept of hybrid vigor (doublethink in its purest sense). And even if race really is just a social construct, people self-organize around "social constructs" all the time, so why shouldn't people self-organize around whiteness? Why not? Because the anti-white narrative says so, that's why not. (PS - I think I recall a few years ago reading a liberal blogger saying that he was quite prepared to believe in biological racial differences, but that he still supported affirmative action on the grounds that it was unfair for some races to have "unearned" biological advantages.)

It took me a few years after converting to WN (and reading Pierce, the BUGSters, Kurtagic, Tanstaafl, Svigor etc) to appreciate that endlessly quoting facts and evidence and statistics is not enough in itself. The anti-white Left do not care about facts; they care about controlling the narrative, and the perception of moral superiority that flows from that. And it is the perception of moral superiority that the masses respond to. This is why the BUGSters have the right idea. When debating with anti-whites, don't waste your time expecting them to congratulate you on all the facts you have at your disposal; instead you should be demonstrating to the audience that anti-whites are just anti-white.

Julian said...

Iron Felix, fair point about the leg brace industry. Some people see everything that any Jew does as geared towards destroying the goyim. It's not.

Iron Felix said...

Of COURSE there is what may be called a Jewish mafia, and of COURSE it's collective activities seem and indeed are inimical to the White Race, but seguing seamlessly from there to seeing every Jew as being a paid-up button man of this Mafia simply by virtue oh his being Jewish is stretching things a little. The Cosa Nostra is essentially Sicilian, yes? Why would it follow that every Sicilian is ipso facto a Mafioso? To paraphrase the alleged victor of Waterloo, a chap may be born in a stable but it does not follow that he is thereby a horse.
Julian's comment accordingly seems apt and fair to me.

parisclaims said...

If you want to chuck up your last meal, watch this.

eah said...


Video claiming Serena Williams is really...

Watch it to find out! At > 25m it's a bit long, but stick with it.

Moz said...

Re: the jew Lewontin - I used to think that his fallacy was a bit like saying that since the range of heights within the sexes was greater than the difference between the average height for a man and the average height for a woman, then the groups themselves don't exist.

However, on one of Steve Sailer's threads, the well-informed commenter Ben Tillman said "The only appropriate comeback to Lewontin's 85/15% claim is, WTF does it even mean?"

This is apparently what Lewontin said:

The results are quite remarkable.

The mean proportion of the total species diversity that is
contained within populations is 85.4%.... Less than 15%
of all human genetic diversity is accounted for by differences
between human groups! Moreover, the difference between populations within a race accounts for an additional 8.3%, so that only 6.3% is accounted for by racial

Well, WTF does that mean? It looks like utter gibberish to me, and I doubt the average libtard could explain it either.

James said...

If German Jews had been a different race from other Germans, the Nazis would not have needed to distinguish them with a Star of David."

The yellow star was the chief Rabbi of Berlin's idea. The purpose was to reduce the amount of paper checks, with their associated animosities.

That is, Jews got sick of being asked for ID, so they wore it on their sleeve. Then it became policy.

Anonymous said...

Here we go again! Another version of the "Emma West" rant, but this happened in Australia. Charges laid!

James said...

Brainwashing - Norway style

Anonymous said...

OFF TOPIC,another banner week here in Chicago during the 4th of july independence long week end,50 wounded 5 D.O,A, although i think it could have been a better total,if they tried harder.all black on black thank GOD.John old rtd chicago copper....

Corkonian said...

Re that comment about Shatter's legacy 'Ireland's 4,800 new citizens' I note that of the 20 comments so far 14 have been deleted. This is the MSM's idea of free speech.

James said...

The Cosa Nostra is essentially Sicilian, yes? Why would it follow that every Sicilian is ipso facto a Mafioso?

Here's a comment:

I read the book, 'The History of Organized Crime' years ago and found that a large number of Jews were involved bootlegging and gambling. They included Dutch Shultz, Meyer Lansky, Bugsy Siegel, Mickey Cohen, and Arnold Rothstein (AR), who was once dubbed as the most powerful man in New York City. The sad thing about it that these gangsters were not the worse of the Jews. The most satanic and corrupted of the Jews in New York City are the ones who planned and engineered the Communist Revolution from the Lower East Side of Manhattan known as 'Hell's Kitchen'.
They weren't gangsters, they were genocidal murderers.

Interesting thing about Meyer Lansky here.

Shaunantijihad said...

This "Nilus" is not the same style as St Nilus.


Shaunantijihad said...

Savant, do me a favour and check the IP's of all the posters in this comment section. Too many of them don't sound like the real ones.

Cheers mate.

Uncle Nasty said...

This is about as off-topic as you can get, but interesting, nonetheless.

It says that the USA (or, more to the point, Israel) has lost all sense when it comes to fancy-schmancy military materiel or the cost of prosecuting a war

Raytheon's $70,000 magic bullet

Rich Smith, The Motley Fool
8:15 a.m. EDT July 6, 2014

Smart bombs. Laser-guided missiles. Actual laser guns.

The weapons that America's defense contractors churn out often seem like the stuff of science fiction. The platforms that deploy them, too, sound unfailingly high-tech: "fifth-generation" fighter jets, "drone" aircraft, and "stealth" warships. But did you know that one of the military-industrial complex's most important inventions comes out of the barrel of a howitzer?

King Arthur, eat your heart out

It's called the "Excalibur," and it's a 155-millimeter howitzer round that creator Raytheon (ticker: RTN ) says can target an object 30 miles away and consistently hit within two meters of that target. To put that in perspective, say you set up a Paladin self-propelled howitzer in San Jose, Calif., and stood William Tell's son somewhere in the suburbs of San Francisco with an apple on his head. Say you then told the Paladin to hit the apple with an Excalibur round. Excalibur might miss the apple -- but nine times out of 10, it'll nail the younger Tell somewhere between socks and eyebrows.

In fact, Excalibur is usually even more accurate than that. In a test firing last year, several Excalibur rounds fired at a distance of 30 miles landed within one meter of their targets, on average. (It achieves this extraordinary range by gliding on wings at the apex of its firing arc, while the extraordinary accuracy comes via GPS guidance.)

Ever listen to the lyrics of Roger Water's The Bravery of being Out of Range?

Just love those laser guided bombs
They're really great
For righting wrongs
You hit the target
And win the game
From bars 3,000 miles away
3,000 miles away


Tony in VA said...

"Their greatest weakness is that they have to use deceit, propaganda, media monopoly, and false flag violence in order to convince the public that they are the “right side”. All we have to do is continue telling the truth, and stand fast…"

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@Corkonian 21:20

"This is the MSM's idea of free speech."

No, it isn't.
The websites are owned by companies and they get to choose what is allowed. There is no claim of free speech.
There is no free speech on this blog either.

If you want anything approaching free speech then go post on /pol/.

Anonymous said...

ISIS have threatened a new Holocaust against the Jews.
So are ISIS our allies or not?

James said...

Blogger parisclaims said...

If you want to chuck up your last meal, watch this.

David Cameron.

What's the matter with him?

James said...

Cameron says Muslims are the most charitable people in the UK. They donate more money.

Then, in this video he talks about Easter. He says Christians do so many acts of kindness (not measureable like Muslims money though unfortunately).

Then he talks about Christians around the world who are persecuted. (Doesn't mention by whom)

He brings "other faiths" into his Easter speech (as if they care), but Ramadan is just for Muslims.

What a worm of a human being. Totally disgusting.

James said...

Jewish control of the media and why it matters - A Jewish point of view.

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Dan said...

World Cup is pretty good evidence that black Athleticism is overblown. Top goal scorers are Latins or Med type Europeans. Brainy clever average looking men. Which half of the Mulatto Brazilans is actually the competitive part?

James said...


So there.

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Yeah, those jewish hypocrites can certainly give fresh meaning to the word HYPOCRITE! To highlight the issue, just contrast this story with the current happenings on the southern U.S. border.

James said...

Were they really Dutch?


James said...

Gilad Atzmon vs Hasbara

This is the best video you will watch for a long time.

See the lying Hasbarat get beaten.

James said...

Atzmon, Kapner, and Rense discuss the Goyim.

"Goyim everywhere. It's like a disease. "

While the Jewish kids are in their room doing homework so they can become CEOs, the Goy kids are watching TV.

About right...

Anonymous said...


Democracy is the opposite of Islam.

Eamon Bejayzuz said...

I think that person Felix is simply saying that, while we know perfectly well that the American Mafia was headed by Jewish gangsters and that the Russian "revolution" was engineered by genocidal murderers of tenor Abrahamic, it should be equally clear that all Jews are by no means of this type, least of all simply by virtue of merely being Jewish. Interestingly, the Nazi's did not so regard them.

James said...

Micheal James in Germany

The English-Celtic Struggle Against The
Ridiculously Laughable Serpent Race

Day 10 Of His Hunger Strike For
Freedom From The Soviet EU

James said...

Putin says the Internet is a CIA weapon.

Mike Harris, editor of Veterans Today agrees!

James said...

Just in case you missed the previous link about Celtic-Saxon people's struggle, by Michael James, here is an excerpt:

The sanitized (Satanised) definition of Tikkun (Jews divinely empowered to repair the universe) is, of course, all you shall learn from conventional “authoritative” sources, such as Wikipedia.

What you shall almost never discover is that Tikkun represents a Kabbalistic game-plan, incorporated within both Freemasonry and Satanism, and practised by all world leaders, politicians and bankers in hock to Zionism to destroy the Celtic-Saxon peoples of the world by means of war, multiculturalism, social dissonance, miscegenation, poverty, drug addiction, dietary poisoning, feminism, communism, psychiatry and the artificially created boom-bust cycle of economics.

They are openly stating that the way to fix the world is to destroy the White Race, are they not? Yet, they have the temerity to insist that Hamas is trying to wipe out Jews, or that Iran wants to "wipe Israel off the map".

Gilad Atzmon is right. They are asking for it. Our patience with them is wearing thinner. When the White race finally realises that the Jews simply never stop, they will be in trouble.

They mistake our tolerance for stupidity, as they have always done.

Shaunantijihad said...

Thanks for that link to whoever gave it. Very readable.

Anonymous said...

Abraham Foxman of the ADL: Jewish Supremacist

If Jewish supremacist hypocrisy is not obvious to every last Gentile as well as every truly fair-minded Jewish person, the following article should make it crystal clear. The ADL is the leading organization fostering multiculturalism and multiracialism for America. It condemns any Gentile who opposes interracial marriage.

An interview with ADL national director Abraham Foxman took place about two and a half weeks ago in Jerusalem. Portions were today published in the newspaper’s online edition.

Foxman warns of “intermarriage” and tells of the need to — in his words — “stop our bleeding now.” Foxman also warns that only 29 percent of Jewish children in the United Stated attend private JEWISH SCHOOLS and yeshivas.

He proposes two solutions: That Israel invest in Jewish education with the money it receives from American Jews; and that young American Jews be given free trips to Israel.

According to Foxman, $70 million should be invested each year in Jewish education in the United States — in expanding the infrastructure and in tuition subsidies. “You could double the percentage of Jewish children receiving JEWISH EDUCATION,” he says.

Foxman recommends that 30 percent of all money raised should be invested in programs to bring young Jews to Israel, with initiatives such as Birthright Israel or Masa (“Journey”), the new program by the Jewish Agency. “We have developed the most exciting audio-visual JEWISH IDENTITY PROGRAM that anybody could dream of, and it is called Israel,” Foxman says. “We know it works. This is the tourniquet. If you send 100 kids here, one third will be ZIONISTS FOREVER. That’s a pretty good investment for $5,000.”

Foxman’s RACIST ATTITUDES ABOUT JEWS MIXING WITH NON-JEWS — in bed and in school — may seem strange to new National Vanguard readers. After all, isn’t it the ADL that provides MANDATORY “DIVERSITY TRAINING” FOR PRE-SCHOOL TEACHERS ALL ACROSS AMERICA?

Yes it is. In fact, in 2003 B’nai Brith launched a new program “TARGETING CHILDREN AGES 3 TO 5″ — their words. It’s called The Miller Early Childhood Initiative.

The program, proudly described by them as “the first of its kind,” subjects toddlers to POLITICAL INDOCTRINATION specifically designed to eliminate all feelings of racial kinship and loyalty, and to [in the minds of the children] equate such feelings with ‘hatred’ and ‘bigotry.’

“Research and experience show that, by the preschool age, many children have begun to acquire negative attitudes about others,” Jewess Melissa Morgan told reporters last year. Morgan is project director for ADL’s new program. “These feelings need to be addressed so children can develop positive bias-free attitudes,” she said.

Linda Santora, director of ADL’s early childhood education programs, proudly announced that the lessons shall be “incorporated into the children’s normal classroom activities.” She adds, “There’s a song children can sing that encourages them to stand up for other children when they see them being excluded.”

The ADL operatives utilize activity guides featuring ‘Sesame Street’ characters so as to make it more palatable. “Tolerance, forgiveness and acceptance are at the very depth of making change in the world,” said Jewess Marlene Canter, an ADL board member.

Of course, Foxman’s Miller Early Childhood Initiative program is strictly for GENTILE CONSUMPTION. The Miller program doesn’t create children who will be “ZIONISTS FOREVER.”

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

“Like President Kennedy, I hold the ANTI-DEFAMATION LEAGUE in the highest esteem... you're an INDISPENSABLE ALLY today in the struggle to REFORM OUR IMMIGRATION LAWS.” – Senator Edward Kennedy, Anti-Defamation League National Leadership Conference, Washington, D.C., May 1, 2007

Frank Galton

Sponge Cake said...

Chicago Group Answers Street Violence With Yoga.

With their brightly colored mats spread along a sidewalk, Tameka Lawson's yoga students try to follow her instructions: concentrate on their breathing and focus on the beauty of their surroundings.

But this is Englewood, one of Chicago's most dangerous neighborhoods, where streets are dotted with boarded-up houses and overgrown lots, and residents are as familiar with the crackle of gunfire as the chime of an ice cream truck. So while the students stretch their arms to the sky, a man the size of a refrigerator stands guard over the class.

It seems odd, all these slow movements, deep breathing and talk about being centered in a neighborhood ruled by drug-dealing gangs. It's simply the latest attempt to curb violence in a city where the number of homicides and guns seized leads the nation. The hope is that yoga's meditative focus will help cooler heads prevail the next time violence or vengeance looms.

What's next?
Gangbangers doing origami.

had enough said...

White flight is rampant in increasingly beleaguered Britain. As the blacks and asians move in the whites flee.

Trouble is, the enrichers are now following them in to the market towns and villages:

read the comments

Sponge Cake said...

'Brittan raped me, then police undermined me by saying I had mental health problems,' claims woman: Tory grandee denies assault after blind date in 1967.

Leon is a happily married man. No interest in young boys. Pre-emptive strike.

tsnamm said...

Happy Independence Day! Reading some of our Irish posters comments lamenting the addition of 5000 3rd world immigrants to their country all I can say is; I is an article from The Washington Times concerning the illegal invasion into the US...some of the comments are the best and most race realistic I've seen at a basically Tea Party Mainstream publication, that usually avoids race at all costs...

"Welcome to the Peoples' Republic of Norte Mexico where every girl has six kids by the time she is 21, all paid for by WIC, EBT and MediCal or your state's equivalent thereof... until the Gringos' money runs out.

Unless you live in one of those very upscale areas along the Pacific Coast or in a tony enclave in Palm Springs, this is the reality of today's California. Most of this state is already something that visitors from Kansas wouldn't even recognize as America. And it's coming to your state and your town and quickly.

How many wives and girlfriends can you stash between San Francisco and the Panama Canal? How many ninos can you cram into your Honda Civic? How much junk can you pile up in the back of your pickup even after you have stuff falling off into the freeway? How many used baby diapers can you hide in the sand? How many shopping carts can you accumulate? How many "cousins" can you camp out in your garage? How many tattoos can you stick on the side of your neck? Some of these remarks may seem strange to folks in Kansas. Californians know exactly what they mean.

Anyone who still celebrates the Fourth of July is living in a world that no longer exists. There is no Land of the Free or Home of the Brave. It's gone. Dead and stinking. It has become the Land of the Freeloader, Home of the Handout Seeker.

If you want to get a sense of the magnitude of the massive transfer of wealth from productive Americans of all ethnic backgrounds to unproductive Mexicans, look up your local Department of Social Services and drive by. These are now massive, mall-like structures with Mexican handout seekers lined up inside and out all day, every day.

The Mexis are never going to assimilate. Never. They did not come here to become Americans. They came here to drop ninos on the Gringos' nickel... as many as they can, as fast as they can. That is what they are doing. That is what they are going to continue to do until the Chinese pull the Gringos’ credit card. After that? Who knows? Nobody really wants to think that far ahead.

Their comedians even make jokes about it…

The time for solutions is long past. It's too late. Even if you closed the border tomorrow and never let in one single more Mexican, there are already enough here to overwhelm and sink not only California but the entire country. A majority of the people living in California under the age of 8 are Mexican. Less than half will finish high school. More than half of the children beginning elementary school in Fairfax County Virginia can't speak English. That's in Fairfax County - right across the Potomac from Washington, D.C. and over 2,500 miles from California. Seventy percent of the Mexicans who have lived in the United States for more than 20 years are still on welfare.

And even now, the Gringos are running deficits at the federal level alone in excess of $1 trillion a year. The Gringos are broke. They've already run out of other peoples' money. They are using other peoples’ credit to pay these Mexicans to drop ninos that neither the Mexis nor the Gringos can afford... and still they invite more deadbeats to the banquet. In days past, we would have said this is madness. Now we say, the Gringos are loco!

Demographics are destiny. America, at least as a free country, is done, over, finished.


Kevin R. said...

@hadenuff. That's always the way. The muds will follow us no matter where we go because they know that their parasitical existance is possible only while living in white society. And that's why the so-called 'White Homeland' will never work, at least in the West because the 'Law' will ensure that you can't 'discriminate' against them.

Anonymous said...

Mr Leon Brittan, the Home Secretary, was asked yesterday to investigate an MP’s file of cases involving paedophilia in Buckingham Palace and the diplomatic and civil services.”

“A homosexual link between Buckingham Palace and the sex with children group PIE was claimed yesterday in a massive dossier of evidence by Tory MP Geoffrey Dickens.

5 . The long list of decisions taken either by an Attorney General or a Director of Public Prosecutions that it would not “be in the public interest” to continue any criminal proceedings against the likes of Sir Peter Morrison, Sir Cyril Smith and Sir Peter Hayman.

Two years ago, Mr Dickens defied leading figures in the Tory party by publicly exposing former diplomat and NATO adviser Sir Peter Hayman.

Hayman had not been named in a court case involving members of the Paedophile Information Exchange, but Mr Dickens decided it would be wrong to let him get away with it. It was case of ‘speak out or be damned’ and he spoke out.

Corkonian said...

tsnamm. While I sympathise with my American brothers you must understand the difference in population between Ireland and the USA, the latter's of which is nearly 100 times bigger.

Arch-traitor Shatter has arranged for over 60,000 Turd Worlders to be given Irish citizenship IN THE LAST TWO YEARS ALONE. That would equate to about six million in the USA so you can see we're not different in proportional terms.

James said...

Information on the coming English Revolution.

May they lead the White World to salvation.

James said...

Nobody has the right to rob natural-born indigenous Englishmen or Englishwomen of their God-given liberties, for every Englishman is a King, every Englishwoman a Queen. To this cause I am willing to lay down my life.

I am therefore appealing to you, dear reader, whatever your nationality or culture, to disseminate and publicise my stated aims as widely as possible, for I am hated, ignored and pilloried by the mainstream media as a dangerous “alternative thinker.” I shall soon be too weak to muster the strength sufficient to the task of writing to just one newspaper editor or government official. I thus implore you to make my case known to the world. Without your support, the pains yet to afflict me will be for nought. Please e-mail, fax or copy this article to as many news outlets and government officials as possible.

Remember that this guy fought the Jews in court twice, in Germany, and won twice!

A truly noble man. Better than pr Charles or William, sitting on their slimy thrones. (For unless I am mistaken, those Windsors hate the English too, do they not?)

James said...

White Privilege: Not being allowed to have your own country.

James said...

Imagine if defence lawyers in murder trials were then charged with aiding and abetting the murder suspect.

That is what happens in German Holocaust trials!

I talk openly about this stuff with every German I ever meet. They are usually overwhelmed that someone understands their plight. It brings tears to their eyes.

They are our brothers. It's time they were treated as such.

James said...

Oh, and here is a photo of the chimney at Auschwitz. Not a normal chimney, as no smoke ever came out of it. The only thing this chimney produced was lies, with the odd puff of ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT!

James said...

An assistant pinned the mike on me. My stunningly beautiful anchor leaned forward, pulled her face into the ugliest visage of hatred I have ever had the displeasure to see, and literally hissed at me:

“Are you a Nazi?”

I leaned forward, too. I said as calmly and as sweetly as I could: “Are you a Kike?”

I might as well have punched her in the nose. She reeled back. She was speechless.

I caught my breath and added:
“I just called you a name. You didn’t like it, did you? You just called me a name. I didn’t like it either.”

Remember the old rhyme about sticks and stones? Another lie we tell kids.

Uncle Nasty said...

Sponge Cake said...

Chicago Group Answers Street Violence With Yoga.

With their brightly colored mats spread along a sidewalk, Tameka Lawson's yoga students try to follow ...

Living proof of the old adage that those who beat their swords into ploughshares ... end up ploughing for those who didn't.

That worthless fake, Einstein got it wrong again.

I spent one afternoon with Albert Einstein: unpretentiousness, warmth, some false political predictions. I soon lost my self-consciousness, a rare treat for me at that time. I still love to quote a statement of his: “Two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I am not yet completely sure about the universe.”

Two things are infinite, the universe and liberal self-delusion, and I am not yet completely sure about the universe.

There ya go. Fixed it.


tsnamm said...

@Corkonian...understand I'm not saying Ireland doesn't suffer from the same disease...I guess its just a matter of scale...if we were only talking about 5000, instead of 13,000,000 here, our problems would be manageable...but as it is we're being flooded with an endless stream of human filth. I feel for you as well, that lovely green isle being sunk with human flotsam. But on the July 4th weekend I'm especially grim for the fate of European America.

Johnny Rebel said...

Flyer: Why white women shouldn't date black men: