Wednesday, 23 July 2014

No Country For Old Women. Or young ones either

Just been reading a harrowing report from the UN Human Rights Committee on the plight of women in a terrible country whose representative was subjected to ‘a severe grilling’ by the shocked  Committee members. In fact the women’s plight was so bad that the Special Rapporteur cried out in anguish that he was ‘unable to sleep at night’ thinking of it.

And the name of this backward misogynistic dystopian hell-hole?  Somalia? Saudi Arabia?  Iran?  No, it’s none other than the Emerald Isle.
Now let me give you just a few representative facts about the unfortunate Irish woman.   If she decides to never work and instead  live a comfortable life at the taxpayers’ expense the process is simple. Find a willing sperm donor, get pregnant, demand a private house or apartment, fully fitted out, and for the rest of her life never have to incur medical, education or public transport costs while enjoying generous spending money for herself and her kids. Want more kids and thus a bigger house and in a location convenient to ‘me mam’?  No problem. Just let us know the details.
Were she instead to choose a working life she’ll find all kinds of opportunities open to her just because of her gender. Often totally unsuitable ones like the police or fire services. And it doesn’t end there. Diversity quotas ensure that promotions will come thick and fast  (especially if she is in fact thick and fast) largely independent of ability. If by some chance the promotions don’t materialise she can sue the company for  gender discrimination, sexual harassment or bullying. Or whatever. She will never lose.
And what if she were to do the unfashionable thing and actually get married? Well, it’s another win-win. Say the husband is out working his ass off to provide a home for her and her children but she gets bored and decides to leave him for another man.  Irrespective of the merits she’ll get half of his estate and, except in very rare circumstances, gain custody of their children. And if at any time she claimed rape against the new lover she’d win in court 90% of the time. What about the other 10%, like say where there's the presence of exculpatory DNA evidence?  Well ok, the court finds the man not guilty. But behave yourself in future as all this has upset the poor woman. The false accusation that cost the victim a fortune and permanently tarnished his reputation?  Ah well, poor girl must have been upset and confused.  Ask her to take some (free) counselling.
So to what could the Committee have been referring? Apart from some regrettable events that took place generations ago their main issue for Ireland relates to restrictions on abortion, which, the Committee Chairman sternly reminded us, was ‘an unconditional right’.  To which I'd respond ‘says who?   There is no black/white, right/wrong on this subject. Fanatics on both sides want either a zygote to be deemed a fully formed human, or on the other the toleration of what is virtually infanticide.  The Irish people, on two occasions, have been asked to vote on the subject and have adopted  a fairly restrictive framework…abortion on demand it most certainly is not. Although constantly droning on about  ‘democracy’ and ‘democratic rights’ the Committee, in the one instance where there’s been a clear democratic decision, decide that democracy isn’t such a good idea after all.
And where does the head of this Committee come from? Some bastion of women’s rights like Sweden or Norway? No, from Tunisia, that progressive paragon of gurrrrll power. Assisted by his neighbours from Algeria and Egypt.  Other  human rights luminaries who have adorned this committee in the past include Saudi Arabia and Libya. As expected the Irish delegation and media grovelled before these moral titans and promised to improve. If only the voters could be convinced….   What they should have done was tell these posturing hypocrites to stick their human rights where the sun don’t shine. Or better again to return to their own dystopian hell holes and stop women being stoned to death for adultery there.

Be aware of course that this whole exercise is just further evidence of the anti-White agenda in action. More specifically the anti-White male agenda.  Knowing what it is makes is easier to defeat.


Keiser said...

SAVANT said...
"Often totally unsuitable ones like the police or fire services."

Apparently or judging from comment made by the new battle-axe in charge of Justice, Frances Fitzgerald, the latest crop of 100 Gardaí are diverse.

I know that in the last intake five years ago there was a Polish girl who spoke no English so I can only imagine what's to come. I have no problem with the Polish but still one would assume English to be a requirement for policing in an English speaking country.

It is not like that Gardaí didn't act like niggers already but now they may have actually bona-fide black monsters with access to the Pulse system and vulnerable victim's information.

I view society in Ireland, the liberal aspect at least, as allegorically similar to how Dante viewed the fortune telling fraudsters in hell... their heads twisted backwards and walking in reverse.

Keiser said...

What is with the wild swings from pole to pole also. I wasn't long ago that these unwanted mothers as a friend calls them (single mothers being too benign a term) would have been tortured by nuns for eternity and now they are encouraged. Wild swings from pole to pole. Has anyone every heard of a happy medium or at the very least an unhappy medium.

Anonymous said...

OT but interesting from a booze perspective. It appears that bottles of Scotch survived the shootdown in Ukraine. Not only did these bottles of whisky survive the crash and explosion, but they also survived – the following is tabloid-speak for the morons – Putin’s drunken looters. Amazing – at 1.10:


Anonymous said...

Off topic .
GAZA: I see that the death tole in Gaza is now greater than that of Coventry. (in November 1940)!
It still has someway to go to exceed those in Hamburg/Rotterdam/Dresden/Holdermore/and the Gulags, and many other places.
Per head of population it would appear to be higher than Coventry?

nilus said...

Julia Hartley-Brewer on LBC today at 1pm:

"Is anti-semitism on the rise?"

Oy Vey!

Sponge Cake said...

Apologies for going off topic.

The opening ceremony of the Commonwealth games takes place in Glasgow tonight. Will it be a celebration of Scottishness, or a multicultural wank fest.

Blacks and Pakis wearing kilts, etc. :)

Sponge Cake said...

@Keiser 09:03

I know several people who applied for the guards last year and didn't get a look in. I'm taking about honours Leaving Cert, college work, athletic, right age, etc.

These people will be over looked in favour of some semi-literate, jackanape.

Anonymous said...

Stoning sluts for adultery is far more sensible and healthy for society than the current suicidal feminism the west is choking to death on. I wish we were taking advice from Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt etc, it'd be an improvement.

Women will never, never, never support "the cause", aside from a handful post menopausal types, because it'll mean the end of all their outrageous advantages, well pointed out in the post, that our enemies provide them with.

They cheered loudest for Hitler yesterday, they cheer loudest for niggers today, no point trying to convince them of anything, just win, impose your will on them and they obey.


Anonymous said...

In the 'The Brigade' by H. Covington he wrote of a similar scenario.
It involves a guy whos' wife has a lesbian affair with a fat 'Native American'. The lesbian couple say that the husband has racially abused the fat chick. He gets locked up and has his house and children taken away. Good news is that his mate wastes both of them.


Keiser said...

Fun facts

63% of youth suicides are from fatherless homes (US Dept. Of Health/Census) — 5 times the average.
90% of all homeless and runaway children are from fatherless homes — 32 times the average.
85% of all children who show behavior disorders come from fatherless homes — 20 times the average. (Center for Disease Control)
80% of rapists with anger problems come from fatherless homes — 14 times the average. (Justice & Behavior, Vol 14, p. 403–26)
71% of all high school dropouts come from fatherless homes — 9 times the average. (National Principals Association Report)
70% of youths in state-operated institutions come from fatherless homes — 9 times the average. (U.S. Dept. of Justice, Sept. 1988)
85% of all youths in prison come from fatherless homes — 20 times the average. (Fulton Co. Georgia, Texas Dept. of Correction)

What really annoys me about the recent abortion issue here is that it was prompted by an Indian woman and not an Irish woman. So basically our whole society had to bend and contort because of what happened to her.

1. How many Irish women have died due to similar issues, did anything, policy or law, change on their account?

2. The law is the law except if you are a banker or a minority then the law is the law until it is ignored or changed for you.

Disclaimer: I am in against abortion for White people (with the exception of criminal acts and genuine medical issues) and for it for everyone else.

Keiser said...

@Sponge Cake 23 July 2014 13:55

You know the "Chinese Garda" who appeared on the stamp well rumor has it that she was involved in some "brothel issue", just a rumor mind.

Keiser said...

"They cheered loudest for Hitler yesterday, they cheer loudest for niggers today, no point trying to convince them of anything, just win, impose your will on them and they obey.


23 July 2014 14:10"

I have noticed this too. Feminists actually use the government as a surrogate husband. So when a man, a White man of course, makes a joke about a "dongle" (USB device) in a tech company a feminist can easily ruin him as the law and the suga' daddy government is on her side.

Juxtapose this against when a nigger rapes her. Daddy gov doesn't really care in this case as it is a "minority" and they are all angels and untouchable.

The feminist then goes in to survival mode as there is no surrogate hubby government to protect her. She accepts the rape and not only that she justifies it, example Amanda Kijera.

Sponge Cake said...

Reform of ‘direct provision’ a priority, says new Minister.

Reform of the “direct provision” system - asylum seekers can spend up to nine years waiting for a decision on their application with no right to work or study – will be a top priority for the new Minister of State for Justice
Aodhán Ó Riordáin, in an interview with The Irish Times, said direct provision was identified as a “major concern” by Tánaiste Joan Burton when she appointed him last week. He is also the new Minister of State for Equality and New Communities.
“Direct provision needs radical reform. It is unacceptable that a child could spend half their life in a direct provision centre – in poverty, marginalised, stigmatised.

“I will be working closely with the Minister [for Justice, Frances Fitzgerald] and officials on this. A lot of work has in fact already been done, and there is an awareness within the department it has to change.
“I plan to visit a number of centres in the next few weeks and to have proposals on short-term solutions in September or early October.”

Sav, with idiots like this running the country, the future looks bleak.

Anonymous said...

Amadan O'Riordan is on ToadyFM with Matt Cooper. He of the cheap shotting a Kildare mayor because he was sick of dealing with arrogant africans and Monaghan claiming it was anti-gay whereas it is the home county of Oliver Callan and he never had any trouble there. Poor lad Panti stole his martyrdumb.

He says the first thing that the Tanaiste and minister of Social Protection said to him was to get direct provision sorted. Jon The Bimbo Burton thinks that direct provision is of greater importance that gay marriage? Bring back Gilmore! Wasn't this under her remit when she was not Labour leader?

Now he is talking to some guy who came to Ireland from africa and Cooper did not ask how he got here.

My solution for not having them spend 9 years in direct provision is to kick them out when their fairy story about being threatened in their own country yes I am thinking of Pamela Iamascamartistbethehokai who was a 1%er in Nigeria is rejected.

Ireland was not his choice and he cannot answer how he got here!


Anonymous said...

Female Arizona State University students can receive extra credit for defying social norms and refusing to shave for 10 weeks during the semester.

Women and Gender Studies Professor Breanne Fahs, encourages her female students to cease shaving their underarms and legs during the semester and document their experiences in a journal.

Student Stephanie Robinson said it was a “life changing experience.”

The movie Idiocracy is a warning about the future!

Anonymous said...

the chicago fire dept is having exams for the 1st time in 10 years the catch is that graduates of chicago high schools will get 1st preference,now any city employee with half a brain sent his kid to a catholic or protestant run school as yours truly did as the apes totally destroyed and disrupted the chicago educational system and these are the teachers mostly illeterate no knowledge afirmative action this means that any person with a ounce of sense who worked two jobs and looked out for his child who then applies will be put back on the list.the ones they hired before were totally useless,more then one time i had to go to a fire house on a theft allagation or a out standing warrant for spousal abuse and these were all niggers.the mayor a jew boy who was on Obamas cabinet decided he wanted to be mayor and shazzam he was brought in and hes totally a zero,he in a moment of desperation brought in a drunk from New Jersy named mcCarthy to run the police dept and his 1st ever interview on street violence summed up his knowledge when stated that the street violence was because of the early Pilgrims who landed on American shores,go figure.his only real police work consisted of the City of Newark under another coon named Corrie Booker who is now under Federal investigation and of getting drunk one night and shooting out street lights,something that i also did in my early years but was never caught at lol,anyway thats how it stands in Shitcago aT the moment,more later,John old rtd chicago copper,

Anonymous said...

There's an occasional bit of hope if you look around. I'm writing this from Estonia, a 100% unenriched country, as far as I can see. Lots of beautiful blondes, great weather, calm peaceful people and nary a jig in sight, not one. How do they manage to survive at all! It is a tonic for the White soul. Even the tourists are White! Do yourself a favour and visit, support like minded peoples and countries.

Anonymous said...

Off topic but important:

Apparently oil reserves were discovered off the coast of Gaza. There's the real reason for this latest incursion.

Anonymous said...

Saudi Arabia must be having a laugh.

Why can't the Irish tell they are joking?

They are just playing witchu.

The west complains about their treatment of women so they complain about ours. The difference is that they don't listen to us, but we listen to them and get all guilty.

Anonymous said...

They cheered loudest for Hitler yesterday, they cheer loudest for niggers today, no point trying to convince them of anything, just win, impose your will on them and they obey.

Hitler got 10,000 pairs of panties in the mail a week.

We are lucky women get to vote. The world would be such a mess if it was left to men.

Unknown said...

long time reader, first comment. I really enjoy this blog. European displacement is the main objective by the yehud. Any and all laws are put into place to further displacement.

Uncle Nasty said...

Off topic, but I think a good reminder that when dealing with the West today, and their jewish masters, of course -- no good deed goes unpunished.

The Secret Betrayal

The Secret Betrayal, Nikolai Tolstoy, Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1978. 503 pages. Hardcover. ISBN: 0-684-15635-0.

Reviewed by Charles Lutton

From 1943 until early 1947 Western countries, led by Britain and the United States, returned nearly two and a half million prisoners of war and refugees to the Soviet Union, regardless of their individual wishes. Additional thousands of old émigrés (people who had fled Russia after the Bolshevik Revolution and the Civil War) were also forcibly sent to the USSR, along with other people of Russian descent who had never lived within the borders of Russia.

The forced repatriation of Russians at the end of World War II has been dealt with in several books that appeared before Count Tolstoy’s book was published in Britain in 1977 under the title of Victims of Yalta. One of the first studies of this grim episode was Peter Huxley-Blythe’s The East Came West (The Caxton Printers, 1964). The late Julius Epstein, of the Hoover Institution, twice went to court in an effort to dislodge records relating to this topic. His findings appeared in 1973 with the publication of Operation Keelhaul: The Story of Forced Repatriation from 1944 to the Present (Devin-Adair). A year later Nicholas Bethell’s The Last Secret: Forcible Repatriation to Russia 1944–7 (Basic Books, 1974) was published in Britain and the United States.

The Secret Betrayal is the most complete account of forced repatriation to appear thus far. Between 1971 and 1978 pertinent government records were declassified and the book has a firm foundation in British archival records, as well as a wealth of information gained by interviews and correspondence with policy-makers, military officers who conducted repatriation operations, and a few of the victims who managed to survive the ordeal. This is a thoroughly documented account of the British role in repatriation.

My father fought for the Allies in the Western Desert campaign and in Abyssinia (Later Ethiopia). He later regretted it, bitterly.


Uncle Nasty said...


Keiser said...

"They cheered loudest for Hitler yesterday, they cheer loudest for niggers today, no point trying to convince them of anything, just win, impose your will on them and they obey.


23 July 2014 14:10"

Giving women the vote? Bad idea. Just as bad as assuming that subhumans should also have it.

As someone once said of Mugabe: "One man ... one vote. Once."

New Zealand was one of the first to emancipate women ... and look where it got them. New Zealanders do not realise what a parlous situation they're heading for. I have, in the course of work had to spend some time at several NZ primary schools over the last few weeks.

Maybe one in twenty schoolkids are white -- at best one in ten and these, I might add, are expensive upmarket schools -- not the feral-infested decile ten schools that are nothing more than expensive and pretentious babysitters for violent, piss-ignorant, futureless Pacific Islanders and Maori.

Interesting thing about Islanders is that they are almost invariably, grossly overweight (I see twelve year old girls who weigh more than I do ... legs like tree-trunks and arses that would stun a Clydesdale stallion) and, rather strangely, they all look the same.

The Samoan gene pool must be a shallow, rapidly-drying puddle at best.


Anonymous said...

Ramzpaul talking about Marvel Comics turning their cartoon character Anne frank into a Muslim got me thinking that there is some bird on gofundme asking for $130 000 because she does not have white privilege like Cassiday Stay, Larry David, Larry Silverstein, Tim Wise, Henry Winkler,Robert Kraft, Alan Shatter, Ben Elton, David Baddiel Ph D, Vanessa Feltz, Sarah Jessica Parker, Zach Braff, Sheryl Steinberg, Marisa Mayer, Andrea Mitchell, Uglybird Yellen of Federal Reserve, Dianne Feinstein, Sergei Brin, Mark Zoidberg maybe someone without white privilege could ask for some money that these white privileged guys and gals for some of the money that they do not need. Steve Ballmer (partly?)

AnalogMan said...

Keiser said

... various fun facts about fatherless homes.

You want to be careful about coonfusing correlation with caucusation. If you bear in mind that most Babuntus grow up in fatherless homes, much becomes clear.

Iron Felix said...

A truth that must stay unvoiced is this; men are the sine qua non of culture, art, manners, all that is meant by civilisation. This does not mean that civilisation is the work in equal measure of every bonehead simply by virtue of his being male. However, all civilisation is almost exclusively a male enterprise and accomplishment, and moreover in very great measure of white Aryan Nordic men.
Therefore if certain elements inimical to civilisation wish to destroy it the surest way to do so is to undermine the bedrock upon which it stands. That bedrock is of course the male gender at it's peerless best. The quickest route to this termite-like destruction is of course, as Ayn Rand had one of her characters adumbrate; "We take what a man IS, the machine which he is---and set it to work against him". (Here by the way you see, as neat as jewels in a box, the sinister essence of every morality, the rationale for every Torquemada/Yagoda/Madam Mao.....................).
Downward select; motivate the worst of men against the best of them. What follows is inevitable, the vast surging of women into the ranks. All else falls into place as the pattern ripples through all of society with such consequences as to make Keiser's fun facts seem the least of it. In brief, the failure of civilisation and the attendant catastrophic deforming of womankind is a function of the failure of the one thing needful---manhood.

nilus said...

"We brought these people to America out of the savage death-world of Africa, gave them everything they could ever possibly desire, and they still wanted more. As we have nothing more to give them, we are now giving our lives in apology."

Elderly White Man Sets Himself on Fire to Protest Historical Racism Against Blacks

Anonymous said...

19;58 does it say any where that yhr Reich Chacellor sniffed the panties??

Anonymous said...

A friend checked up backpages of a Southern area he was traveling to and told me that virtually every girl had a version of "white men only" or "no black men please" in her ad.

He added: "a redneck whore has more class than a suburban mudshark."

Someone noticed that southern ladies of the night refused to do business with unreliable payers and violent types.

Good ole Ele Weisel standing up for the Gazzans

Anonymous said...

I know a family with a long tradition as firemen,and I mean men!.

Recently one of them,28/30,a superb physical specimen,intelligent,well qualified etc,was passed over for promotion in favour of a 90 lb female who could not rescue a kitten from a tree let alone hauling an unconscious body from a burning house.She is however very good at paperwork,so that makes it alright then.

Keep an eye on this one. The chap in question has a very pushy wife and this may well be going to court.


Keiser said...

@ AnalogMan 23 July 2014 22:49

Actual yes that is a very good point, the sampled population would no doubt have great bearing on those figures and given that most are from the states it would be hard to separate the real statistical effects of Fatherlessness with what is essentially typical nigger behaviour.

Uncle Nasty said...

Off topic ... or very much on topic if you prefer.

First we have Air Malaysia one ... the missing 370, then we have Air Malaysia two ... the downed MH17.

Then we have a crash in Taiwan ...

... and now a missing jet over Burkino Fasso

Is it just me who smells a big fat setup, here? Another major push to remove even more freedoms, create more paranoia and restrict air travel even more?

If I may mix an anatomical metaphor, here, do I detect the fine hand of the Nose?


Anonymous said...

UN Said :-
'My father fought for the Allies in the Western Desert campaign and in Abyssinia (Later Ethiopia). He later regretted it, bitterly.'
My father fought all the way through. Was evacuated at Dunkirk and on the beaches on D Day.
He said that he had been lied to and wished we had lost.


nilus said...

Only saw some clips, but the opening ceremony of the sports thing in Glasgow turned into a total QUEERFEST:

Yes, the faggot John Barrowman hosted and sang and danced his way through a kids TV idea of Scottish Tourism cliches -giant inflateable cartoon "Nessies",and such.

It even featured a prominent "GAY KISS"..a "Glasgow Kiss" used to mean a swift headbutt.

The camp "spectacle" was interspersed with video appeals from Ewan McGregor for people to give more money to black and browns.

Oily PC cunt Mathew Wright,however, was concerned that the over-use of cliches such as tartan/Irn Bru, etc, was..wait for it.."raycisst"


Some Scots called in to say they found it cringey,embarrassing,childish,patronising,naff,terrible...

Uncle Nasty said...

nilus said...

Elderly White Man Sets Himself on Fire to Protest Historical Racism Against Blacks
24 July 2014 01:26

Strangely, after reading the article, I applaud -- and approve wholeheartedly -- of this man's actions. I feel he should be emulated by liberals everywhere, preferably though, at a much earlier point in their collective life.

Puberty would be good.

He reminds me of this:


Rob said...

Here's a bunch of refugees fleeing misogynist Ireland. Hope they arrive safely in Kutklitoristan.

clogheen said...

Rob, if only....

Heraclitus said...

"Feminists actually use the government as a surrogate husband."

As far as I can discern this represents a fundamental component of The Plan. The CM one to break up the traditional family. Increase dependency on the government (Big Brother) and especially independence of the woman from a working husband.

It is not 'just happening' this way.

Anonymous said...

mr a sharon shoesmith got £679 000 because she was wrongly sacked by ed balls because despite her department visiting Baby P 60 times it was found that the tittle was over the i's and j's and that the t's were correctly crossed and all the paperwork were in order so how was any of her underlings to suspect that a child who was taken to a hospital with a broken back which was not noticed by the half-black doctor from the continent that civilisation forgot was in any danger?

Anonymous said...

@Uncle Nasty 10:58

"Is it just me who smells a big fat setup, here? Another major push to remove even more freedoms, create more paranoia and restrict air travel even more?"

Yup, that'll be the exact reason why those planes fell out of the sky.
Nothing to do with the laws of physics.

Hear that everyone? The new official line to follow, unless you are a Jew, is that planes cannot crash unless the NWO causes them to crash.


Dan said...

Hookers are not afraid to be racist. However, are they just saying this stuff to reassure YT customers that the pussy is cleaner?

Anonymous said...

"British Jews" fall out over the bloodbath in Gaza:

Hasbaras and useful idiots flood the comments board.

Sayle calls Israel psychopathic:

Sponge Cake said...

Maccabi Haifa v Lille abandoned after pro-Palestinian protesters storm pitch.

A friendly between the Israeli team Maccabi Haifa and the French side Lille was abandoned after pro-Palestinian protesters stormed the pitch and fought with players.

Salzburg police said the pre-season friendly in the town of Bischofshofen was interrupted shortly before the end when protesters waving flags entered the pitch. Nobody was injured, and the game was abandoned shortly after the incident.

The Jerusalem Post reported that “punches and profanities were exchanged between the handful of youngsters, who waved Palestinian and Turkish flags throughout the match, and the Haifa players, who were mainly stunned by the scenes”.

In a statement, Maccabi said: “This club believes in co-existence, tolerance and is against violence. We denounce the violence that was used against us.

“This didn’t happen because of sport or football, it happened because we are a team which represents Israel.”

The incident came as it was reported that 718 Palestinians, 32 Israeli soldiers and three Israeli civilians have now been killed since Israel launched its military offensive.

Sponge Cake said...

Canada To The Rescue? Will Imported Water Embarrass City Of Detroit Into Stopping Shutoffs?

WINDSOR (WWJ) – To protest thousands of residential service shutoffs by Detroit’s water department, a group from Windsor is planning to bring about 250 gallons of water across the border.
The Windsor chapter of the Council of Canadians says the water will be carried in a convoy Thursday through the Detroit-Windsor tunnel to a rally outside Detroit City Hall around 4 p.m.
Organizer Randy Emerson says it’s a symbolic move, but one he hopes can pay dividends.
“We decided that we should bring water over to them and that way kind of embarrass the city and the state,” he said, “so that maybe they would stop shutting off the water for these people because water is a right.

Bad move by Windsor.

Dem Canadian crackers aint too bad. Ima pack up my shit an head up to Windor. Dey prolly give us lots of free sheet. Nomesayin.

Keiser said...

This one is for Nilus :-)

Tonight on RTE2

21:25 She's Out of My League

Mischling jew Jay Baruchel "stars" Kirk is an average Joe who works as a TSA agent (well f**k me!) at the Pittsburgh airport with his friends. The status quo of his fairly monotonous life ends when he meets
Molly (Alice Eve), a smart, kind and gorgeous Aryan blonde. Because she's way out of his league (she's a hard 10 and he is but a 5 and clearly looks like a jew), Kirk knows there's no way on earth she's ever going to fall for him. Or is there...? Only kosher dollars can tell.

James said...

The Samoan gene pool must be a shallow, rapidly-drying puddle at best.

Thanks for the fine analysis of NZ, UN.

KIWI = Keen Interest Without Intelligence (according to Greg Hallet, he's right of course)

In Auckland, most schools are 90% non-white. I'm talking about schools that 20 years ago were 90% white.

It is very bad.

The only hope is that if the Illuminati pull the plug, these useless lumps will have to use their machetes to find food. Just keep out of the way for a month and voila! Problem solved.

James said...

Anonymous Dan said...
Hookers are not afraid to be racist. However, are they just saying this stuff to reassure YT customers that the pussy is cleaner?

24 July 2014 16:07

I find prostitutes utterly disgusting. I can't help imagining all the sweaty fat Indians heaving on top of them.

It turns ones stomach. How can they do it?

James said...

Go to Bro Nat's latest and open the page and search for Brendan O'Connell.

He makes some interesting points about Aussie government and police awareness of Israeli spying.

Once the Goyim decide it's safe to act, once that critical mass is reached...

Oy vey.

James said...

Further to UN's previous observations about primary schools in NZ, I would like to draw the reader's attention to this particular liberal.

Ann Milne: Principal of Kia Aroha School in South Auckland.

If we look at a child’s colouring book, before it has any colour added to it, we think of the page as blank. It’s actually not blank, it’s white. That white background is just “there” and we don’t think much about it. Not only is the background uniformly white, the lines are already in place and they dictate where the colour is allowed to go. When children are young, they don’t care where they put the colours, but as they get older they colour in more and more cautiously. They learn about the place of colour and the importance of staying within the pre-determined boundaries and expectations.

She even did a PhD on promoting this bizarre form of White Genocide.

Apparently all the brown kids have got white spaces in their heads.

I'd say that with all the porn and Hollywood crap they watch, its more like Jewish spaces. Maybe Ann needs to try harder to wipe clean the Jewish spaces too. It would be more useful to the kids.

Colouring in the White Spaces: Reclaiming Cultural Identity in Whitestream Schools

Whitestream? Don't ever say genocide can't be cute. :-)

Rastus O'Flaherty said...

Kicked out of every nation we've inhabited in history

Everyone else but jews are the problem


1. Sanhedrin 59a: "Murdering Goyim is like killing a wild animal."

2. Abodah Zara 26b: "Eyen the best of the Gentiles should be killed."

3. Sanhedrin 59a: "A goy (Gentile) who pries into The Law (Talmud) is guilty of death."

4. Libbre Dayid 3?: "To communicate anything to a Goy about our religious relations would be equal to the killing of all Jews, for if the Goyim knew what we teach about them, they would kill us openly."

5. Libbre Dayid 3?: "If a Jew be called upon to explain any part of the rabbinic books, he ought to give only a false explanation. Who ever will violate this order shall be put to death."

6. Yebhamoth 11b: "Sexual intercourse with a little girl is permitted if she is three years of age."

Schabouth Hag. 6d: "Jews may swear falsely by use of subterfuge wording."

8. Hilkkoth Akum X1: "Do not save Goyim in danger of death."

9. Hilkkoth Akum X1: "Show no mercy to the Goyim."

10. Choschen Hamm 388, 15: "If it can be proven that someone has given the money of Israelites to the Goyim, a way must be found after prudent consideration to wipe him off the face of the earth."

11. Choschen Hamm 266,1: "A Jew may keep anything he finds which belongs to the Akum (Gentile). For he who returns lost property (to Gentiles) sins against the Law by increasing the power of the transgressors of the Law. It is praiseworthy, however, to return lost property if it is done to honor the name of God, namely, if by so doing, Christians will praise the Jews and look upon them as honorable people."

12. Szaaloth-Utszabot, The Book of Jore Dia 1?: "A Jew should and must make a false oath when the Goyim asks if our books contain anything against them."

13. Baba Necia 114, 6: "The Jews are human beings, but the nations of the world are not human beings but beasts."

14. Simeon Haddarsen, fol. 56-D: "When the Messiah comes every Jew will have 2800 slaves."

15. Nidrasch Talpioth, p. 225-L: "Jehovah created the non-Jew in human form so that the Jew would not have to be served by beasts. The non-Jew is consequently an animal in human form, and condemned to serve the Jew day and night."

16. Aboda Sarah 3?a: "A Gentile girl who is three years old can be violated."

1?. Gad. Shas. 2:2: "A Jew may violate but not marry a non-Jewish girl."

18. Tosefta. Aboda Zara B, 5: "If a goy kills a goy or a Jew, he is responsible; but if a Jew kills a goy, he is NOT responsible."

19. Schulchan Aruch, Choszen Hamiszpat 388: "It is permitted to kill a Jewish denunciator everywhere. It is permitted to kill him even before he denounces."

20. Schulchan Aruch, Choszen Hamiszpat 348: "All property of other nations belongs to the Jewish nation, which, consequently, is entitled to seize upon it without any scruples."

James said...

UN's NZ comment is a rich source of ideas. Thanks for that.

The Samoan gene pool must be a shallow, rapidly-drying puddle at best.

Many Samoans have a lot of Chinese or German blood.
The German Samoans are a fine example of race mixing success and are actually quite nice looking people. The Chinese derived Samoans are wretched creatures - short, fat, and not so hot looking. The two strains tend to dislike each other.

That's just what I've heard.

There are skinny Islanders; they aren't all fat. But in the bad schools there will be lots of fat ones as UN saw.

As hew says, NZ has no real White future.

Uncle Nasty said...

There are some of us who try to find the plain, unvarnished truth.

Read the whole of this link ... and find out just how difficult it can be.

The Cross Examination of Fernand Gabrillagues

The following article, reproduced in full, appeared on the front page of The Advocate – described as “North-Western Tasmania’s Only Daily Newspaper” – on January 18, 1947:


TOKYO. Friday (A.A.P.) – A French war crimes officer, Fernand Gabrillagues, told the tribunal how 65 French prisoners of war singing the “Marseillaise” were shot en masse by Japanese in Indo China. The Japanese then bayoneted the wounded with unbridled savagery.

On another occasion the Japanese butchered 200 French prisoners with axes and bayonets on “soil running with blood.”

Witness gave other details of obscene savagery and Japanese treatment of women.”

This is the sort of thing which often passes for “fact” in the 20th and 21st centuries. Fernand Gabrillagues was the author of a “war crimes report” regarding Japanese atrocities in French Indo-China. The report” (referred to as a “deposition”), was introduced into evidence at the Tokyo Trial as “proof” of the “matter stated” – signed by the “expert witness”, Captain Fernand Gabrillagues, after which Gabrillagues appeared to testify and was cross-examined on his “report”.

On direct examination, he gave his date of birth as January 1, 1918, stating that he was a Bachelor of Letters and Master of Laws, outlining his other apparently impressive qualifications as an expert on “war crimes” and Delegate to the French War Crimes Office. His cross examination was less impressive, to say the least.

You've met people like this, I'm sure.


Uncle Nasty said...

Anonymous said...

@Uncle Nasty 10:58

"Is it just me who smells a big fat setup, here? Another major push to remove even more freedoms, create more paranoia and restrict air travel even more?"

Yup, that'll be the exact reason why those planes fell out of the sky.
Nothing to do with the laws of physics.

Hear that everyone? The new official line to follow, unless you are a Jew, is that planes cannot crash unless the NWO causes them to crash.


24 July 2014 15:34

Pretty crappy straw man argument, Enyoo. Even by your standards.
I'd hand in my hasbarat card if I were you.


James said...

No one is blaming the NWO for the Concorde disaster are they?

That was less suspicious.

Planes disappearing and then re-appearing and crashing in Ukraine after being told to fly over the area are more suspicious.

Stop the Nastiest World Order.

Anonymous said...

@Uncle Nasty 00:22

"Straw men" nor "Enyoos" do not come into it.

But you think, for some reason, that nothing newsworthy can happen unless some humans, whom you think possess godly abilities, and which you call "Jews", will it to happen.

For you, planes do not crash because of component failure or poor maintenance or pilot error or bird strike or bomb; they crash because these Jews have willed it to be so.

You get an adrenalin rush when you think of these things and even more so when you share these thoughts with others.

You even like to fantasize about "hasbarats", for no one can hold any view different to yours unless these magic Jews are involved.

Why become wise when you grow old when you can dream of magic Jews. Sounds like great fun. Or maybe not.

tsnamm said...

Canada To The Rescue? Will Imported Water Embarrass City Of Detroit Into Stopping Shutoffs?
well Sponge Cake like the old saying goes...if Mohammed can't go to the mountain, take the mountain to Mohammed!...rather than bring an insignificant amount of water to Detroit, lets move all the deadbeat niggers to Windsor! And as a bonus our Canadian pals can enjoy 1st hand the joys of Negro diversity! What an excellent plan! I'll rent a bus and provide free rides!

James said...

The modern Maori language is semi made up. All dialects rolled into one convenient package.

A lot of the words are English )sort of). Apple = Aporo, Cigarette= Hikareti, Car=Motoka, etc.

Maori names are becoming more popular.

Unfortunately, Stephen=Tipene, James=Hemi, William-Wiremu.

They need to try harder to colour in those White Spaces.

They are trying on One Tree Hill, the very famous Auckland landmark.

Auckland mayor Len Brown last year said his preference was to see a mature pohutukawa on top of the hill as most other trees would struggle to grow up there.

He said yesterday the Maungakiekie/One Tree Hill was his favourite volcano site and a symbol of the city's unity.

"There's something very special about the site. It's got the spire, raised by Sir John Logan Campbell.It was in honour of a brave native people, because he feared Maori wouldn't survive European occupation."

Unity Len? Really? We don't all have affairs with Chinese infiltrators Len.

James said...

Many victims of feminism are starting to see a better way.

Jeremy said...

Another thing about Pacific Islanders is that, while the young girls can be very pretty (e.g. in Tahiti) by their mid thirties they have not only degenerated into fat heaps but they become almost indistinguishable from their male counterparts.

Anonymous said...

"For you, planes do not crash because of component failure or poor maintenance or pilot error or bird strike or bomb; they crash because these Jews have willed it to be so."

So says Contrary Mary.

But there has been a cluster, a pattern of incidents involving airliners, the non-existent people you call "jews" are all over the Ukraine "crisis", and Malaysia is a country not exactly renowned for loving the non-existent people you call "jews".
Intelligence operatives will always look for anomalous clusters, in fact that's what many spying algorithms depend upon.

But by all means, keep jeering and sneering and scoffing from the sidelines, as you champion and defend jews, homos and paedophiles.

nilus said...

Channel 5: "The Wright Stuff": Panel of 3:

"Outrageous" faggy queer "comic" Scott Capiro

Lesbian Anabell Giles.

And a male dancer.

Review of a boo-hoo "its all our fault" documentary about crustaceans , sorry, "crushed asians", who died when a clothing factory collapsed in India.

BOO HOO, ITS ALL OUR FAULT for buying and wearing clothes!

(We used to make our own..)

ITV "This Morning" presented by a coffee-coloured pair of mulattos
(Marvin and Rochelle Humes), one used to be in "JLS".

Over to fat black co-presenter Alison who used to be on "Big Brother".

Now to queer Russel Grant.

BBC1 : Mishal Husain and Jason Mohammed and lesbo Balding present live coverage of sports thing.


nilus said...

"Why Do They Hate Us?" #666,ooo,ooo


'Responsibility for civilian deaths in Gaza lies solely with Hamas.'


Anonymous said...

Interesting that Tulisa Chavaopoulus was found guilty of assault for hitting someone and fined £3 020 and there are many comments that she should not have been charged for assaulting a guy as she is a girl.

BBC3 have hired her to make a documentary about her trials. Crime is a valuable asset as Vicki Pryce knows.

I guess it makes snese if you are a Gruadian erader.

Anonymous said...

Awesome facebook post

is awesome!

hoosier said...

tsnamm. In due course those in the Detoilet 'hood will expect fresh bottled water, delivered to their doors, as a 'fundamental right'. And kick up shit if they get forced back onto drinking the public stuff. Why don't they secede and become part of Canada? We'd raise NO OBJECTIONS.

Anonymous said...

One of of New Zealand posters once wrote about a 6' 6" south pacificer who was 6' 6"+ around the ample waist.

NCIS from season one featured an incompetent Detroiter type who was obviously overpromoted on geographical reasons and they have never run this theme again for some reason.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 11:07

"as you champion and defend jews, homos and paedophiles."

Nope, I am only doing this in your mind. Go see a doctor.

Anyway, the law of probability dictates that plane crashes will not be a constant thing (every X days) nor will they be evenly distributed. There will be clumps and droughts.

Being fortunate means not having to think that magic people are involved in everything which is newsworthy.

Anonymous said...

@18:36 "I'm writing this from Estonia, a 100% unenriched country, as far as I can see. Lots of beautiful blondes, great weather, calm peaceful people and nary a jig in sight, not one."

Sorry to disappoint you, but there is one intrusive and incongruent Nig in Estonia who loves being the "weed" in a White lily patch.

Anonymous said...

This is an interesting link. Don't be put off by the name.


Anonymous said...

was in the us navy with somoans,great people kind generous but dont go drinking with them,they will lash out at their grandmas if they get stoned,one guy in my outfit from Somoa was named SCANLON,his dad left Ireland yrs back and settled there and raised 9 kids,but your bloggers are right they do have a tendency as they get older to turn into obese tubs of lard,,

Anonymous said...

Bewonka posing as Rosie the Riveter

Rosie the Riveter gave up after a few months hopefully this talentless alleged singer will do the same.

The talented Kenya West who went up onto stage because he disagreed with the equally talented Taylor Swift getting a VMA which he thought should go to his woman Beyonce because he spent two days writing her song which should have won which he did not write and the ever professional MSM never picked up on this factual error from the narcissist's photo-op.

nilus said...

Radio 4:

12:52 "The Listening Project"
Eugene and Margaret - Bread for Africa

Fi Glover introduces a couple who anticipated a quiet retirement before a visit to Tanzania made them determined to remedy the endemic starvation they saw by setting up a bakery. Last year no-one starved in Ifakara.

18:30 "The News Quiz"
Lesbian Sandi Toksvig
Lesbian Susan Calman

20.00 "Any Questions?"
OBLIGATORY JEW Baroness Susan Kramer
Greg 'hideously White'Dyke

20:50 "A Point of View"
Is patriotism the last refuge of the scoundrel?

JEW Will Self reflects on what really lies behind our sense of patriotism.

Mark Thompson said...

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Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 16:13

That's like saying, "don't be angry" before telling someone you just ran over their dog.

James said...

For you, planes do not crash because of component failure or poor maintenance or pilot error or bird strike or bomb; they crash because these Jews have willed it to be so.

MH370 didn't just "crash".

MH17 didn't just "crash". It wasn't just "shot down" either.

James said...

Free Speech: Yelling NAZI in a crowded theatre.

Everyone knows that shouting “Nazi” in a crowded theater is the way universities keep any speaker they don’t approve of off campus.


James said...

BTW, just because fake Holocaust pictures keep appearing from nowhere, no one should suspect Jews of having anything to do with it. That would just be so illogical it defies belief that anyone could even seriously entertain such a crazy notion.

Its the super-clear color photos of Eli Wiesel without his famous number tattoo that are fake, obviously.

There has been a failure of education somewhere. More intensive, targeted, truthful education is needed. School should focus on the Holocaust. Once the kids learn that, what else do they need? Oh right, sex education. That's why they all need a computer each, with fast Internet.

"trust me" trousers said...

A list of jew expulsions is a squashed dog or something.

Thanks for that.

"MPs find John Bercow rude, pompous, arrogant and supercilious. "

Wow. You'd never have guessed he was a Benedictine Eskimo Buddhist Zorastrafarian.

Anonymous said...

Mark Thomson Illuminati recruiter.

Thanks NU, but Weird Al does a better job.

Anonymous said...

21;41 that sounds like a recruiting ad for the Jesuit Order.

James said...

Hugo Salinas Price says the elites are going to enslave us all.

Not a chance.--Mark Thompson

Well, under full-blown socialism, everyone gets ration cards.

Crazy.--Mark Thompson

EBT cards (food stamps) in America are not ration cards? 50 million people have them. They need them to get food.

So what?--Mark Thompson

So nothing I guess. Maybe Hugo is an idiot too. Thanks for your patience. It must be hard.

Social media are anti-social said...

Anonymous 18:18

When that thread closed there were 822 comments. Some time after the thread closed, the moderators went through it and cleared out the, er, somewhat more mordant comments.

James Lord said...

Is this Mark Thompson guy for real. I rang the number and got a message from the provider 'you are restricted from dialling this number'.

Anonymous said...

The Israeli's know from their bitter experience in WWII that the ONLY way to survive is to rely on themselves and not believe the assurances from outsiders like Eli Weasel and George Soros who will betray them without hesitation if things get difficult.

As comments are closed I was not able to correct the first comment at the telegraaf.

Gem Junior said...

Black police in Ireland? Shit. It would be good if they were sent to "police" the areas that are full of kneegrows, but it's more likely these foreign invaders will be insulting the native people left and right.

Anonymous said...

The Libtards have discovered another dirty (literally) racist amongst there number.


Anonymous said...

Research proves nasyiestuncle correct!

Go research it he would say and research shows how much hooknosed influence there is behind the curtain.

Businesses owned by the cohosenites

Again nu proved correct!

Importing monkies will lead to more monkey behaviour

Alan Shatter wants to bring in rapeapes because Barbra Specter-Agent wants him to. This is what she has imposed on Sweden and what has been happening here with the media ignoring it.

Anonymous said...

One man who family has travelled is a worker for the council and he inspects people's houses and coincidentally they wind up getting robbed.

Anonymous said...


Make sure to remind the hypocritical goy journalists/politicians who defend Israel whilst promoting multiculturalism for Britain, exactly what Israel’s policy is regarding African immigrants.

I’ve posted the following comment a couple of times on Dan Hodges’ blog, but for some “unknown” reason it keeps getting deleted, LOL!!! Latest name I’ve been posting under (I keep getting banned from the Telegraph, LOL!!!) is ‘Robert Shapiro’ (Robert De Niro) LOL!!!

Dan Hodges wrote (re Ed Miliband): “ is one of the most breathtakingly cynical and hypocritical speeches I’ve ever seen delivered by a major British politician.”

I replied:

Speaking of hypocrisy...

Note that Hodges co-founded the UK pro-immigration pressure group, Migration Matters Trust. This is the same man who defends the State of Israel – a State which routinely rounds up, imprisons and forcibly deports African asylum seekers; a State which granted asylum to just ONE (yes, ONE!!!) asylum seeker in 2011; a State which is introducing an amendment to its Anti-infiltration law which would allow the courts to jail for up to 15 YEARS (yes, 15 YEARS!!!) anyone convicted of aiding and abetting an asylum seeker; and a State which is introducing DNA tests for would-be immigrants in order to determine who is a Jew.

You couldn’t make it up!

Is it any wonder the Jewish Defence League refer to Hodges as a “useful idiot”?


The Times of Israel

Russian-speakers who want to make aliya could need DNA test

Prime Minister’s Office says would-be immigrants from former Soviet Union may be asked to prove Jewish bloodline

The Jerusalem Post

If convicted, infiltrators and asylum-seekers alike would face up to five years’ prison sentence, and those aiding or abetting them could be sentenced to up to 15 years.


Israel rounds up African migrants for deportation


Detention camp for African migrants in Israel's south to hold up to 30,000 people

The Guardian

African immigrants in Israel stage mass hunger strike over 'inhuman detentions'

The Guardian

Israel granted asylum status to one applicant out of 4,603 applications in 2011

I was then labelled a neo-Nazi for quoting from the Times of Israel, the Jerusalem Post, Haaretz, Reuters and the Guardian.


Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Here’s another comment I posted on Hodges’ blog (edited by the mods):

Dan Hodges wrote: “ is one of the most breathtakingly cynical and hypocritical speeches I’ve ever seen delivered by a major British politician.”

I replied:

Is this the speech?

The Jewish Chronicle, 19 June 2014

Opposition leader Ed Miliband received a standing ovation at the Labour Friends of Israel annual lunch... In a final flo"urish, he said that, if elected Prime Minister next year, he would enter Downing Street proud to be a "FRIEND OF ISRAEL, a Jew and… part of the community gathered here today".

The Daily Telegraph reported that Miliband had been asked whether he was a Zionist and answered: “Yes, I am a supporter of Israel.”

“I’m a ZIONIST...proud to be a FRIEND OF ISRAEL”.

The following text was deleted by the Telegraph mods:

Note that Israel’s prohibition of mixed marriages between Jews and non-Jews would, if implemented by the British government, be condemned as “Nazi” by Miliband.

Israel’s prohibition of same-sex marriage would, if implemented by the British government, be condemned as “homophobic” by Miliband.

Israel’s arrest, imprisonment and forced deportation of African asylum seekers would, if implemented by the British government, be condemned as “racist” by Miliband.

Israel’s past policy of administering the birth control drug Depo Provera to Ethiopian Jews without their knowledge or consent would, if implemented by the British government, be condemned as “Nazi” by Miliband.

Israel’s segregation of Ethiopian children in the public school system would, if implemented by the British government, be condemned as “apartheid” by Miliband.

Israel’s policy of separate roads for Jews and Palestinians would, if implemented by the British government, be condemned as “apartheid” by Miliband.

Israel’s policy of separate buses for Palestinians would, if implemented by the British government, be condemned as “apartheid” by Miliband.


Israel prohibits mixed marriages between Jews and non-Jews.

Israeli parliament rejects gay and inter-faith civil marriage bill

Israel rounds up African migrants for deportation

Detention camp for African migrants in Israel's south to hold up to 30,000 people

African immigrants in Israel stage mass hunger strike over 'inhuman detentions'

Israel gave birth control to Ethiopian Jews without their consent

Ethiopian Israelis accuse state of school segregation

Separate roads for Jews, Palestinians,7340,L-4353235,00.html

Israel launches Palestinian-only buses amid accusations of racial segregation


Frank Galton

Uncle Nasty said...


This is good ...

The Myopia Of IQ Fetishism

July 26, 2014 by CH

Excessive focus on IQ like that found in certain HBD quarters is dangerous for the reason that it will blind one to group differences in other important human characteristics.

Before hackles rise, this post is not an apologia for ignoring mean and individual IQ differences. IQ matters, arguably matters more than anything else, in big and small and strange ways. You will hardly find a soul who’d wish to possess fewer IQ points than more IQ points.

But IQ isn’t the whole story. There are, for instance, group differences in personality, temperament, proclivity to violence, trustworthiness, and what I’ll call General Interactive Behavioral Socialization (GIBS…medat).

That last mouthful is just a fancy way of describing how people socialize and behave when they aren’t constrained by etiquette or coerced by authority figures to act otherwise. A roomful of white people will organically form a particular social dynamic that is quite different than that formed by a roomful of black people, even controlling for IQ. Anyone who isn’t a lying liar and has not spent a lifetime in a cave knows this intuitively. High school cafeterias are usually the first real world laboratory where these truths about group social behavior and self-segregation become incontestably apparent. We then spend the rest of our lives trying to forget the patterns we noticed in high school.

Proof of group differences in personality and behavior can be found in science, if you’re the sort to mistrust your lying eyes. Chinese and White infants exhibit stark personality differences. In school, black students behave wildly different from white students, even within the same classroom where instruction and teacher demands are similarly accorded.

Get the third paragraph ... :o)


Uncle Nasty said...


Of course there are no connections.

Rothschild Influence Deep Within GOP

July 14, 2014 AFP

By Michael Collins Piper

— Call it the “War Party,” the “New World Order” or the “Zionist Elite.” However you describe this element—with multiple ties to the Rothschild banking octopus and its predatory tentacles on American shores—its influence reaches the inner circles of key Republican presidential hopefuls who promise to save the republic from Obama’s legacy in 2016. A review of those “advising” these GOP contenders indicates the same old faces are at work ensuring globalist powers will be directing the foreign policy agenda of whomever represents the GOP in the next presidential election.

Those from whom the GOP contenders are—as The Washington Post of April 6 put it—“soaking up guidance” are a disturbing lot. War-happy internationalist Senator John McCain (R-Ariz.)—whose wife’s $150 million beer fortune is owed to the patronage of the Jewish crime syndicate’s Bronfman family, longtime intimates of the Rothschild dynasty—bragged to the Post of the 2016 GOP hopefuls that “They all call, all the time” asking for advice from the failed former presidential candidate. However, McCain—who in 2008 actually raised campaign money in the London home of Lord Jacob Rothschild—was quick to assure the Post that “First, I tell them to touch base with Henry Kissinger—of course.”

That any future president would “of course” first touch base with Kissinger—long a top schemer among the New World Order elite—is of obvious concern to anyone who values national sovereignty. But others with whom the Republican contenders are mingling are equally of concern. -

See more at:

"There's not a dime's worth of difference between the Democrat and Republican parties."
George Wallace 1968


James said...

Anonymous James Lord said...
Is this Mark Thompson guy for real. I rang the number and got a message from the provider 'you are restricted from dialling this number'.

26 July 2014 09:28

Dude it was just NU being NU.

James said...

[Israel] a State which granted asylum to just ONE (yes, ONE!!!) asylum seeker in 2011

What about Tessa Cohen, criminal founder of Tesco?
She was granted asylum in Israel to escape justice in the UK.

Israel grants asylum to any jewish criminal that needs it. They never extradite. It's just like Hitler said: Israel is a sanctuary for criminals.

Any Jew will get Asylum there.

James said...

The carnage in gaza is 100% the fault of Hamas.--Mark Thompson, reporting live from his 100% white company head office.


It Turns Out Hamas Didn’t Kidnap and Kill the 3 Israeli Teens After All [Updated]


What's Netanyahoo's response?

Israel-Gaza conflict: Netanyahu says Hamas using rising death toll to make Israel look bad

What blatant anti-Semitism, using Israel's actions to make Israel look bad.--Mark Thompson, after finking weally, weally hard.


James said...

Barbara Spectre needs to do more.

There is still too much anti-Semitism. Genocide will fix it. Hurry up you lazy bitch. Europe's still got too many White people in it. You want your Kalergi medal don't you? Then step it up already!!

James said...

Evidence MH17 was a failed false flag attack.

Jim Stone proves that the downed MH17 was actually MH370. MH370 had only one window under the flag logo, and MH17 two.
The wreckage has one.

Uncle Nasty said...

Frank Galton post of 26 July 2014 20:10 is bloody hilarious.

If I never achieved anything else, I would like to hold the Miliband prick down and tattoo the whole damn screed across his podgy little body.

Then post the images on facebook.

Every now and then one of our posters is utterly inspired ... this is one of those times. This is a keeper.

Further to this, the sure mark of a total psychopath is their cast-iron inability to evince a genuine smile. Miliband is one of those ... he literally cannot tell the difference between a smile and baring his teeth.

Small children, I imagine, run screaming.

I mean look at the character. Would you leave him alone with your kids?


I wouldn't leave him alone with my fucking rottweiler


Uncle Nasty said...

I thought I'd share this with you ... and they say the Hebes have no sense of humour ...

Coming from those wonderful folks who brought you the French Revolution, the US Civil War, both Boer Wars, both World Wars and pretty much every major and minor war, police action, revolution, insurrection and general conflict in the last two hundred, plus, years .... it's pretty rich.

But ve, ve, ve are ta goot guys! Can you not see dat?


Anonymous said...

Good synopsis on the yid influence on today's current affairs.

Anonymous said...

Being a White country visited by the JewN must be like being Kenny when the Tranny comes home aftera long day's MSM sinecure: No matter what you do, you know the battleaxe woll find a way to harrang and maul you.

James Lord said...

Frank, I echo UN's assessment of your post on Millipede. Great research, great analysis. What a reptile that guy is. And to think that the election for Labour Leader was between him and his brother!

Social media are anti-social said...

Peter Hitchens in today's Mail on Sunday:

"It [Israel] is a place where Jews can go when other people want to kill them for being what they are, not for what they do, and when nobody else will take them in."

I expect he doesn't quite mean to suggest that Jews could ever be hated for what they do, but he, probably inadvertently, comes close to suggesting that sometimes Jews' behaviour just might have something to do with why they are hated.

Anyway, props to Hitchens for using the word "Jews" instead of "Jewish people."

Anonymous said...

UN, James Lord,

Re the Miliband post

All credit goes to David Duke. All I did was edit Duke’s post (cut out/added a few bits and provided the source links).

Here’s the original:

David Duke: Britain’s Labour Party Leader Proves Once Again that Jewishness is Not about Religion

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Wonder Woman is an Israeli. Oy vey

Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice: Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman unveiled at Comic-Con 2014.

Gal Gadot (Hebrew: גל גדות‎; born April 30, 1985) is an Israeli actress and fashion model. She won the Miss Israel title in 2004 and went on to represent Israel at the 2004 Miss Universe beauty pageant. She is the leading fashion model for the clothing company Castro. Gadot is known for her role as Gisele Harabo in The Fast and the Furious film series. On December 4, 2013, Warner Bros. revealed that Gadot had won the role of Wonder Woman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice starring Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck.[2][3]

gala said...

Marcion. What you quoted from Hitchens just underlines what now appears obvious. Jews are actually insane when it comes to their own persecution complex.

'When nobody would take them in'. I mean, really. They fucking well OWN most of the White counties, vastly over represented in finance, academia, media, entertainment, in fact everywhere that they WANT to be over represented.

Insane, definitely.

(PS Hitchens is Jewish)

tsnamm said...

@John old retired Chicago copper...

Good ol Rahmbo inviting US to send illegal immigrant teens to if you need more trouble...he can take ours as MD is supposed to get over 3,000 of them...

Uncle Nasty said...

James said...

Evidence MH17 was a failed false flag attack.

This article is wonderful. I really recommend reading all the way to the bottom in which a recently declassified document points out the plan for the US govt to destabilize Cuba ... in 1962

Official US Plan to Destroy Civilian Aircraft for Diplomatic Gain

The first official known plan to fake the destruction of a civilian aircraft was drafted by the US Pentagon in 1962. A former NSA analyst at Strategic Culture reports:

“The use of commercial passenger planes as false flag targets of opportunity for U.S. national security and intelligence planners is nothing new. The U.S. National Archives yielded an explosive formerly classified document some five months before the 9/11 attack in 2001. The document, “Justification for U.S. Military Intervention in Cuba”, outlined for Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara, a series of false flag attacks, code named OPERATION NORTHWOODS, which would be carried out by the United States on various targets but be blamed on the Fidel Castro government of Cuba. Dated March 13, 1962, the Top Secret NORTHWOODS document was prepared by America’s top covert Special Operations officer, General Edward Lansdale.”

“The NORTHWOODS plans called for the sinking of a boatload of Cuban refugees en route from Cuba to U.S. shores, blowing up an American ship in Cuban waters, and more importantly in light of the recent downing of Malaysian Airlines flight 17 over eastern Ukraine, faking a Cuban Air Force attack on a civilian jetliner.

Amazing, No? As the froggies say:

"plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose" — "the more it changes, the more it's the same thing" (Les Guêpes, January 1849)


Anonymous said...

Jim Stone says large numbers of the "teens" are hard-core MS13 soldiers.

Young, deadly.

Anonymous said...

It's another way for the Muslims to gain control of Ireland! They want Irish CHRISTIAN unborn babies to be murdered in the womb whilst their 4 wives each all give birth till their uteruses fall out and HEY PRESTO!They have a "democratic" majority,and the Christian Irish will be 2nd class citizens in their own country! AGAIN!
Unless they behead us all of course!

Anonymous said...

So by your logic, what keeps the planes which aren't tumbling to the ground aloft? Magic? Hopes and dreams? I mean, shouldn't the laws of physics apply equally to all planes, or are some just special?


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