Sunday, 27 July 2014

A pointless rant

Ok, I know this post is something of an indulgence, undergoing as we are societal collapse (or more accurately destruction). But it just gets so frustrating.  What does?   The staggering number and range of toiletries in our shower. If things ever get bad Lady Savant could surely open up a 50,000 sq. ft. personal care outlet that would keep us in clover until we shuffle off these mortal coils.

Those simple days of a bar of soap and a bottle of shampoo have long gone.  Now I'm faced with a dazzling array of choices. Totally baffling choices.  Because you see, the bottle or sachet never says what it contains. Oh yes, it will describe the qualities, but only in worthless advertorial form. So, standing drenched in the shower I reach for the first one.

Milk Of Morning Sunrise.  Sounds nice, but what the hell is it?

NOW CONTAINS HYDROHEXOCHRLOROFYL!  Will delight all chemists I'm sure, but not much use to me.

And so it goes.  They all seem to be 'gentle', contain 'natural ingredients' are 'infused with essential oils' and, most excitingly, offer 'a triple acting complex'. But what the fuck is it?  All I want is a shower gel.

Now you may ask whether all of this matters, my being a bloke and all that.  But yes it does. For example, what if, in my ignorance, I were to apply a defoliant (exfoliant?) to my dwindling wisps of greying hair?  Think about that.  And speaking of hair, once I excitedly arrived upon a shampoo that promise to 'restore your hair to its natural thick luxurious form'.  Brimming with anticipation I used it and rushed to the mirror the next morning, thinking I'd look like Kurt Cobain. But noooooo. Same old me.

So you can see that I have problems. Any tips for deciphering the baffling puzzle that faces me every morning would be much appreciated.


Anonymous said...

I have no tips whatsoever Savant,only to say that I share your pain.

I hate shower gel and refuse to use it;give me an old fashioned bar of soap every time. Only yesterday morning,I went in for a shower and was,as usual, confronted by by about 15 bottles of shower gel and an equal number of shampoo and hair conditioners.

But no fucking soap!.Eventually, under several shower caps, I located a tiny and ancient sliver of real soap. It had to do as I still don't know where the real soap is kept. It's not my job.

When the wife got back from the church,I expressed my outrage and then had a good sulk.However,this morning when I went in for my shower, I saw several bars of soap displayed but all of them still had on that thick paper which soap manufacturers use. Outrageous.

You just can't win!.


Ulick McGee said...

The ingredient in shampoo that creates those magnificent suds dries out your hair. Conditioner is missing this chemical which is the reason it does not lather up as well. Neither shampoo nor conditioner is necessary to keep your hair in good shape.

Unless you are doing something that actually gets dirt in your hair, rinsing it with warm water daily will keep it perfectly clean and healthy (o.k. at least for 80% of people). Wash your hair with one teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate dissolved in one litre of warm water once a week to fight dandruff and keep the scalp healthy. It takes a month of doing this before your hair starts to shine but shine it will, without the chemicals.

A pinch of sodium bicarbonate massaged into the armpits after a shower will eliminate body odour better than any deoderant, which are unhealthy.

A pinch of the same stuff in your shoes gets rid of foot odour. A teaspoon in with your wash and your sports clothes lose their smell.

You can gargle it dissolved in water to improve breath and even brush your teeth with it. It is dirt cheap and one box lasts for months. Oh yes, you can also bake with it.

I no longer shave with shaving foam or wash my face with soap - just warm water and a face cloth. I do use a good four blade gillette razor with a lube strip. Each catridge lasts me for a month. Because I don't use soap on my face, my beard is soft and I can shave cleanly. I have a scraggly, wirey, taliban type beard so I am not special. Shaving foam from a can weakens the skin on your face and makes you prone to bleeding.

Getting rid of these standard toiletries saved me a lot of money and brought home to me better than reading a thousand blog posts how much propaganda rules our lives.

They are selling us shit we don't need for our bodies and doing the same for our minds. Get your male friends to try sodium bicarbonate as a deoderant and it will be easier to convince them that the Media is lying to them about immigration being good for economies or that Islam is the religion of peace.

Anonymous said...

It's clearly a Jewish plot by the Illuminati and NWO.

Cassius said...

'Milk Of Morning Sunrise'??

Does not the sun always rise in the morning? Or is there some other explanation?

Anonymous said...

Oh, and did anyone not see this one coming?

Anonymous said...


Just wait until the new water meters are installed. A beauty regime will only be for the rich in Ireland.


I hope its not human soap.


Will sodium bicarbonate repel third world types.

Anonymous said...

as long as you dont see Madam Queens hair straighing creme,orDr, Johnsons skin lightner products or the last one i like best the blessed candle to make one wealthy to be lit in all rooms to bring prosperity to this happy home,i woulsay that minus these your go to go,

Anonymous said...

Yes I feel your pain.Having gone through a range of bottles and containers labeled exfoliate this,organic body scrub that,hair conditioner for anorexics etc etc. I got to the the Cillit Bang. I know that removes dirt so I used it.

Ed America said...

Mr. McGee, Are you a descendant of the Jew, Armand Hammer?

Just kidding.

This blog is a great place to hang out.

Thanks, Savant.

Keiser said...

Do not use "veet" as a shampoo better yet mix it in the shampoo of people you don't like.


In fact avoid anything that smells of sulphur (hydrogen sulphide, H2S is the active hair remover)

Gem Junior said...

It's easy enough to just put a bar of soap, a bottle of plain shampoo (a good cheap one is Suave) that cleans your hair good and if you have long hair (I do) you need conditioner so you can comb it out without it getting rough. Other stuff is just fluff that will definitely clutter and annoy.
Thanks for the info about the NaHCO3, I'm amazed at it's wonders but I need a little something more. I like lather.

Anonymous said...

Dragon's Den: "Welsh entrepreneur". No, he's Asian!

James said...


James said...

They are selling us shit we don't need for our bodies and doing the same for our minds. Get your male friends to try sodium bicarbonate as a deoderant and it will be easier to convince them that the Media is lying to them about immigration being good for economies or that Islam is the religion of peace.

Here here!

Anonymous said...

Didn't Kurt Cobain solve his hair problems by blowing his head off?


Iron Felix said...

As a small child I was familiar with what I thought was Bicker-a-bownet (dammit, I was only two years old, young enough to be outfoxed by surnames like Featherstonehaugh)but I gotta say this sodium bicarbonate is extraordinary stuff. In addition to it's other uses there's no better thing under god's heaven for settling a temporarily out-of- kilter stomach.

James said...

Bolshevik Bullshit Corporation caught red-handed again.

Kind of on topic, to do with white-washing.

BBC Russia accidentally aired a truthful report about the HM17 crash, they have since deleted it. The problem with the report was that local people told they had seen two fighter jets with the Malaysian Airline Boeing 777 MH17 and that it was one of these fighter jets that shot the HM17 down. Before they deleted it, it was saved by watchful internet users and have now been uploaded many times to internet. Just like they did with the video were they claimed that the Salomon building (WTC7) had collapsed 20 minutes before it actually happened. That video have also been deleted from BBC's archives.

[Also remember the skinny guy behind the wire in the Serbian POW camp.]

Maybe Mark Thompson can explain that one?

Keiser said...

I hear this stuff is wonderful for personal hygiene, especially after long train rides.

Actually I hear many of the precious immigrants coming across from the Mexican border at the moment are suffering from scabies. Perhaps they could consider using the product above to help cure them of the scabies infection.

Anonymous said...

McGee's got it right. Unless you work in a coal mine or oil field, you don't even need a bar of soap let alone any of that other crap. For years, I've only showered with water and no soap nor shower gel nor shampoo.

nilus said...

Latest advert for Anchor butter has a White dad,black wife and a troupe of fuzzy piccaninnies.

BBC4, 9.45 "In Darkness"
Premiere. A petty crook and sewer worker in German-occupied Poland comes across a group of JEWS looking for a hiding place, and offers to conceal them underground in return for money. His cynical motives gradually fall away as he comes to realise the dangers these people face. In Polish, Ukrainian, Yiddish and German

BBC3, New Family Guy..
Mucho Goldsteins and Goldbergs as the credits run,full of sick body-fluid/sex/jew-in-joke humour, new kid (bully) comes to school, he's WHITE of course and beats up girls.

Jews keep popping up through the show: Adam Levine,Judge Judy,James is voiced by jew Seth Green, jew Mila Kunis,jew Alex Borstein...Seth McFarlane boasted that "over 70% of our writers are jewish."

Next episode, another blonde-haired White male bully/wife-beater...

Channel 4: "The Negotiator"

Samuel L Jackson is your Magic Nigger, a hostage negotiator who must proove his innocence..must have been set up by Evil White Man.

BBC1: Queer Sports Day presented by lesbian Clare Balding and some muzzies.

BBC2: Queer jew Fry, of course,"QI"

Elsewhere, jew Joan Rivers,jew David Blaine,jew Jerry Springer ,jew Tracy Gold, jew Andy Samberg...

Radio4 / 4xtra:

16:00 "Open Book"
Mariella Frostrup talks to
(Levy's father was a member of the African National Congress)

01:00 "Archive on 4"
Bonnie Greer explores how BLACK broadcasters put radio at the heart of the RACE debate.

19:45 "The Empire Cafe:
The Business of Tea"

Kei Miller kicks off our series with a clever and multilayered story drawing together themes of slavery, Glasgow's Empire past in Jamaica and the most traditional of British drinks, tea. Kei Miller is a Jamaican poet and fiction writer based in Glasgow.

(Lots of "Evil Whitey" bullshit)

20:00 "Feedback"
Was Moral Maze just a slanging match? (Listeners complained about KIKE WITCH Melanie Phillips screeching and kvetching and shouting down any rational debate)

08:45 "A Point of View"
Is patriotism the last refuge of the scoundrel?
JEW Will Self reflects on what really lies behind our sense of patriotism.

09:30 "World Agony"
JEW Agony aunt Irma Kurtz talks to Australian counterpart Kate de Brito about Australian agony

"In the Psychiatrist's Chair"
JEW Steven Berkoff
The director and playwright tells Anthony Clare about his lonely childhood.

12:00 "I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue"
JEW Barry Cryer

"The Comedy Club Interviews"
JEW Arthur smith chats to Tierman Douieb.

Meet (QUEER)David Sedaris

Fry's English Delight
(QUEER JEW Stephen Fry)

"Sport and the British
Ireland, North of the Border"

LESBIAN Clare Balding is in Belfast to explore the impact the Troubles had on sport in the region.

14:15 "Sport and the British
War Games"
DYKE Clare Balding explores the vital role sport has played during both world wars.

00:15 "Sport and the British"
Ireland, Politics on the Pitch
SCISSOR SISTER Clare Balding is at Croke Park in Dublin to discoverhow Ireland developed its own sports.

01:00 "The Unbelievable Truth"
With JEW Arthur Smith.

05:30 "Absolute Power"
Starring QUEER JEW Stephen Fry

16:30 "The Infinite Monkey Cage"
QUEER JEW Stephen Fry joins Brian Cox and Robin Ince to ask, 'Can science save us?'.

19:45 "15 Minute Drama"
Queens of Noise: Get It On,
It's 1989, and all-girl rock band Velveteens sign their first record deal. Written by
JEW Louise Wener

12:30 "The News Quiz"
LESBO Sandi Toksvig,
LESBO Susan Calman

13:10 "Any Questions?"
JEW Baroness Susan Kramer

nilus said...

New cooking show on More 4.."Cooks Questions" presented by LESBIAN Sue Perkins.

When people tell me they dont watch TV anymore, "cos it's shit", I always think,"You have NO idea!"

“Rape Hot Spot” Billboard Goes Up in South Africa

Scotland Humiliated by Homosexual Acts at Opening Ceremony to Commonwealth Games

"Just as the Olympics opening ceremony was more about promoting race-mixing than sport, the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony in Scotland has also been used to promote a part of the Jewish agenda – homosexuality.

The flamboyant and irritating FAGGOT John Barrowman was chosen to front the spectacle, which is an insult to the Scottish people just on its own, as he is only half-Scottish and has a broad American accent.

One can only hope the reason for this was that the organisers were unable to actually find a full-Scottish homosexual.
The highlight of the show was him snogging his latest bum-chum, who also just happened to be one of the main male dancers.
Besides humiliating the native Scots by claiming that this was a way of accentuating Scottish values, the unnatural act was also calculated to scandalise the 42 countries of the Commonwealth where homosexuality is still quite rightfully illegal.

It should come as no surprise to anyone then, to discover that a JEW was behind all this, the head of ceremonies and artistic director of the show, David Zolkver."

(Barrowman's) words came as Glasgow 2014 chief executive David Grevemberg (???????)called the kiss a ‘confident’ move which emphasised the equality of Scotland.

Mr Grevemberg, who confirmed the kiss was planned, said: ‘We thought this accentuated the values of Scotland and the diversity of Scotland.
‘Some people may say (it was) bold, but I think confident. Gretna Green is a place where people elope.
‘That moment was about people getting married. It’s all about love.’

john said...

Well, its no real consolation, but I too feel your pain Mr Savant. There is barely enough room in the cabinets of both bathrooms combined for a tube of toothpaste or anything else for all the different 'stuff' my lovely wife just loves. At least all her stuff includes bars of soap - goats milk, and various others in 20 different fragrances.
But dont get me started on all the 'free sample packs' of lotions etc that she collects in there... :)

James said...

Good Jew, bad Jew.

It's an old game.

tsnamm said...

Didn't Kurt Cobain solve his hair problems by blowing his head off?


as a matter of fact he was murdered...probably by Courtney Love, to make it look like a suicide...and being that we all enjoy conspiracy theories, here's another one for you...

Anonymous said...

@James 20:43

"local people told they had seen two fighter jets with the Malaysian Airline Boeing 777 MH17 and that it was one of these fighter jets that shot the HM17 down."

So some people see a dot in the sky, 6 miles up, then see another two dots, claim that they were fighter jets (no other than SU-25 ground attack planes, lol) and claim that one of the dot-fighter-planes shot down the first dot?


Because if you wanted to fake a passenger jet being shot down, what you would definitely do would be to place two fighter jets with it in plain view even though you could shoot it down with a missile from 50-100 km away.


Oh, but then there's the problem that the rebels said they had just shot down a plane then they went all quiet once they realised that it was a passenger jet. Oh, well.

But hey, let's believe the fighter jet story, because, ummmmmmm, well I'm not sure why.

Anonymous said...

We should all have such problems.

Denise said...

I buy soap from a local manufacturer. It's wonderful. The make is a genius! The various soaps smell heavenly!

Go to a store, and get your own stash of stuff. There is all kinds of things out there. Go get your own stuff. My hubby keeps his own stash, since my soaps and shampoos and heavenly things are too "girly".

I am bit perplexed by your post, however, Savant, Here in 'Murka everything is labelled. Shampoo bottles are labelled "Shampoo", body gel wash bottles are labelled "Body gel" or "Body wash". Which is soap. you ever read the labels?

I just got four month's worth of lovely hand made soaps. Yum!

Eamon Bejayzuz said...

Ulick McGee, two points, one major and one minor. Islam IS the religion of peace. This peace will become a global reality when every infidel---and every lukewarm Moslem---in the world has been annihilated. This peace of theirs is the peace of the graveyard. This ISIS crowd currently give us a foretaste of things to come from this death-cult.
The minor point; Ulick mentions deodorants. Look carefully at any such on a supermarket shelf and you will see writ exceeding small the word "antiperspirant". This is a very different thing; it works by aborting a natural process of elimination, and how healthy can that be? Assiduous use leaves one wondering a week later where the zits and such came from, forgetting that it has to come out somewhere---but of course there is a cream for these too!!

Lars said...

Jews are trying to distort reality in Sweden.

Jewess Klara Selin claims Sweden's rape statistics are exaggerated and misleading:

The Muslims responsible for the Swedish rape epidemic don't even get a mention!

The reality:

Anonymous said...

Natural mineral rock works better than any chemical deodorant and will last a year:


Anonymous said...

Psych yourself up. It works!

Daddy hated getting haircuts and always got a baldy at the barber. Still had a full head of hair when he died at 90.

Chip off old block, me. Learned to cut my own hair from advice on google and trial & error with carpet shears.

Vinegar rinses gunk out of the hair with less fuss than anything.

Then the carpet shears.


nilus said...

There's a jewy-looking historian on TV called Ruth Goodman. She did the Victorian Farm, etc.

I read somewhere that (because of what she learned making those shows)she no longer uses washing powder/detergent when she does laundry, she reckons it comes out just as clean.

Then again, a lot of people wash clothes these days just because theyve been worn for a couple of hours.

Sponge Cake said...

Off Topic

Chairs and tables are thrown and restaurant diners flee as trouble flares during Gaza protest in Cardiff.

Violence breaks out during Gaza protest march in Cardiff, BBC News

Sponge Cake said...

Another video of yesterday's kerfuffle in Cardiff.

Anonymous said...

On the subject of body hygiene.
Savant - please remember to read the instructions on your wife's hair removal products before use.

Being a loose cannon who does not play by the rules the first thing I did was ignore the warning and smear this all over my knob and bollocks. The bollocks I knew and loved are gone now. In their place is a maroon coloured bag of agony which sends stabs of pain up my body every time it grazes against my thigh or an article of clothing. I am suffering so that you don't have to. Heed my lesson. DO NOT PUT ON KNOB AND BOLLOCKS.

(I am giving this product a 5 because despite the fact that I think my bollocks might fall off, they are now completely hairless.)

Anonymous said...

@ Ulick McGee

I personally think soap is necessary for things like the penis glans, anus, scrotum, earholes, armpits, feet etc. Wright's coal tar soap is excellent.

Dr Hilary Jones

Anonymous said...

"Do not use "veet" as a shampoo better yet mix it in the shampoo of people you don't like."

Bleach in eye drops would be better.

Sponge Cake said...

In Queens, Immigrants Clash With Residents of New Homeless Shelter.

The crowd of 500 included grandmothers and small children, Chinese immigrants and the president of a local Republican club, all shouting that the mayor had trampled their rights.

The source of their anger? The 180 homeless families that New York City had moved into the defunct Pan American Hotel in Elmhurst, Queens. The residents felt nervous around the new arrivals, they said. There were reports of shoplifting from the Good Fortune Supermarket, public urination and panhandling — all things, they said, that had been unheard-of in their neighborhood until now.

During the protest on Tuesday night, one of the organizers spoke through a bullhorn in Mandarin, as a few people looked out the windows of the hotel.

“Speak in English!” a woman leaning out a window shouted, holding up her phone, perhaps to videotape the protest.

Homeless with money,” a protester sneered, referring to the woman and her phone.

While local residents often object when the city opens a homeless shelter in their midst, the vitriol in Elmhurst since the city began moving families into the hotel in early June has shocked New York officials. Because many of those opposed to using the hotel as a shelter are Chinese immigrants, the conflict has also produced discomfiting images of immigrant families and the mostly black and Latino homeless families shouting insults at one another. A local civic group, Communities of Maspeth and Elmhurst Together, has organized a series of protests, including one in late June in which some of the protesters yelled at the shelter residents to “Get a job!” The homeless families responded that their opponents should “go back to China.”

The Chinese don't want the nigs in their neighborhood.

But, but I thought diversity was our strength.


Anonymous said...

Everyone is entitled to their summertime soap rants, but here is another rant-of-sorts, although nothing that would find dis-favour with regular readers here.

nilus said...

Channel 4 news, what a shower of shit:

Muzzie reporter in headscarf,Fatima Manji, interviewing FORIEGN pakis/indians in a report about overstretched NHS! Oh, poor them!

Then an interview with the JEW israeli amassador, then a nigger reporting on the floods, then a nigger reporting about the 13 year old swimmer, then, finally, "two writers" discuss Gaza: BOTH JEWS!

One was Kike Wallace Simons from the Telegraph (Pro israeli) and the other was an israeli-born jew sci-fi writer! ( neither for or against)

James said...

Ayn Rand - Just another Communist Jew.

This probably means Ron Paul is just another communist Jew too. Which means Rand Paul is JACJ too.

All these followers of Murray Rothbard, Ludwig von Mises, et all, need to realise that they are all anti-white communist Jews.

Von Mises was good friends with Einstein and Coudenhouve-Kalergi. We all know what they though of the white race - get rid of it.

They've infiltrated all our cornflakes too. They never stop.

Anonymous said...

Now,now Denise,Buying your own stock of soaps and shampoos may be acceptable for American men,but any Irishman or Briton of a certain age would rather die then be seen purchasing anything like that.THAT'S WHAT WOMEN ARE FOR!.

Anyway,you have to consider our Savants advanced age.He is probably half blind without his bifocals and what with the scalp flakes also falling into his eyes,cannot be expected to read let alone comprehend these...."labels". God love him.

To the anon who used hair remover on his bollocks,that sounds extraordinarily painful and has gone to the top of my not to do list.


Anonymous said...

James --

Ayn Rand put her agenda in easy-to-unpack code.

Ayn -- Short for a Hebraic affactionate nickname for kids, meaning "bright eyes". The original sounds more like "ayanin" (Her scam: Was taken from a Finnish name.)

Rand -- In her time, most famous use of "rand" was the S. African coin, minted by a largely Jewish cabal. (Her scam: Came from her remington-rand typewriter, ha!)

"Who Is John Galt?" -- Actually the most obvious, "galt" is how you pronounce "gold" with a Yiddish inflection. The entire book, Atlas Shrugges was plundered from a white man's novel, "The Driver" by G. Garrett.

Murray Rothbard only broke with Ayn Rand because his NGO benefactors told him he'd get no "research" money if he hung around with her. Because she was too obvious.


Keiser said...

@Dr Hilary Jones 28 July 2014 16:04

I agree. There's nothing like a pungent yellow bar of proper tar soap to scrub with. I find gels, etc just don't cut it.

I would be also eager to try this classic bar of tar soap

nilus said...

Coal tar soap is great, makes you squeaky clean and also acts as an air freshener in the bathroom.

Jew soap is nasty , and impossible to find, but Shoah Gel is an affordable alternative for the dedicated exterminationist.

Dan Hannan is a jew lover:

Cameron gets tough, lol:

"Its Complicated"

Out of Africa debunked,apparently:

Keiser said...

"Earlier in my college career, there was no doubt in my
mind that as a member of the Black community I was somehow
obligated to this community and would utilize all of my
present and future resources to benefit this community first
and foremost."

From Moochelle Obama's
Affirmative action thesis

and they say that we are the "racists"!

Dan said...

Are you trying to wind up Holocaust survivors?

nilus said...

Great vid, please watch it. Jimmy Marr putting himself on the front line: Notice how its the brainwashed Whites that give him the most aggro:

Denise said...

Keiser - that Nigger Soap is hilarious, but I am referring to things like this:

or this:

These types smell so....aaahhhh...intoxicating....that you won't want to leave the bathroom!

Anonymous said...

Hi, this isn't relevant to this post on soap but to your usual theme, I would have emailed it but I see no contact information. Anyway, please check out this post, I think you'll find it interesting, especially as it's from a normally nonpolitical writer:

Denise said...

Sponge Cake,

I did a wee blog post on your link to the Jew York Times article you posted on YOUR link of your post on 28 July 2014 17:07

You don't have to look. I just wanted you to know.

Anonymous said...

You shower?

Just jump in the pool.

James said...

Somewhat interestingly, Henry Makow links to Bjerknes' analysis of Ayn Rand's philosophy.

Ayn Rand's Subversive "Objectivism" Is a Devilish Doctrine Which Embodies the Occult Nature of Jewish Secularism

So there you go. Since this is relevant, complete, and proven we'll see no comment from Mark Thompson about it.

James said...

German experts. Who else can you trust?

Anonymous said...

Since 9/11 the media is getting worse and worse.

Beyond Propaganda:
Discourse of War and Doublethink. “When the Lie Becomes the Truth”

Anonymous said...

Atlas Shrugged

It is an Illuminati book. The book was ordered written and produced by Philip Rothschild, the leader of the Illuminati in his day and age. It was ordered written by a woman named Ayn Rand. She was, at that time, one of Philip Rothschild's mistresses. She was already a well-known author and her books sell nationwide. She wrote this book, it was suppose to be a novel. It's 1100 pages.

It was written as a novel supposedly, but it is a codebook. And what's in the book, is a step by step plan to take over the whole world by taking over the United States.

Anonymous said...

The Babylonian Talmud, Tractate Sanhedrin, folio 97a, teaches the Jews that the Jews' Messiah will arrive if they make the World entirely evil.

Uncle Nasty said...

Be afraid, Jungle Bunnies ... be very afraid.

The yids and their enablers are coming for Youuuuu

America’s Involvement in Africa’s God Wars in One Map

The Washington Post ran an interesting article yesterday, but the accompanying map didn’t do the piece justice. We’ve taken the trouble to re-create the map using their data:

The lighter-shaded countries are where U.S. personnel have been active, and the soldiers represent troop numbers confirmed/reported by the Post. The 4,000 troops in Djibouti are more than likely spending a good chunk of their time focusing on al-Qaeda in Yemen; though based in Africa and probably dealing with al-Shabab in Somalia, their theater of operations includes the southern part of the Middle East as well. Nevertheless, it’s a striking map that draws into stark relief just how involved the United States is in African affairs—and how underreported this involvement actually is.

Another uncomfortable truth that’s not explicitly represented in the above map and that most papers like to sweep under the rug: Most of these countries are in the belt of increasingly tense relations, especially between Christians and Muslims. Like it or not, America is increasingly involved in Africa’s god wars.

Published on May 23, 2014 3:16



Uncle Nasty said...

If you can't trust your friends and allies, who can you trust?

Hoover-Era American Plan For War Against Britain and Canada Uncovered

American military officials drew up a secret plan in 1930 for war against Britain in which Canada would be the main battleground. "Joint Plan Red," as it was known, envisaged the elimination of Britain as a trading rival.

Professor Floyd Rudmin of Queens University in Ontario, Canada, charges that the plan was a blueprint for an American invasion of Canada. According to the plan, the United States was prepared to invade Canada if political unrest brought on by Quebec's secession threatened American access to Canada's fresh water and cheap hydroelectric power.

The war plan document was drawn up by the Joint Board of the Army and Navy in May 1930, when Herbert Hoover was President. It identified Britain as Red, Canada as Crimson, Australia and New Zealand as Scarlet, and the U.S. as Blue. Its aim was to dismember the British empire on the grounds of "competition and interference with American foreign trade."

Describing the objectives of a possible war, the document stated:

"It is believed that Blue's war aims in case of war with Red [Britain] should be the expulsion of Red from North and South America and the definite elimination of Red as a strong competitor in foreign trade."

Plan Red called for a series of coordinatedmilitary attacks against Canada to deny Britain land and naval bases. A naval force from Boston would seize Halifax (Nova Scotia), cutting off Canada from the Atlantic Ocean. Other U.S. forces would occupy the gulf of St. Lawrence, isolating Quebec City and Montreal.

American land forces would move from New York, Vermont and New Hampshire to take Montreal and Quebec City, much as American forces did during the Revolutionary war for independence during the 1770s. Other U.S. forces would cross into Canada at Detroit and head for Ottawa, Canada's capital. American troops would also take the Welland Canal, paralyzing shipping on the Great Lakes, and would seize the power stations at the Niagara falls. Naval forces would blockade the Pacific at Victoria and Vancouver.

Who can you trust? ... indeed.

Bit of a bummer that the Poms -- or to be more exact, London's Square Mile -- beat you to it, eh?

Gotta be quick.


Uncle Nasty said...

This is interesting ... just who is winning, anyway?

The End of Israel

Monday, July 21, 2014 at 1:21PM Gilad Atzmon

By Gilad Atzmon

In his speech to the nation Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu acknowledged yesterday that the war on Gaza is a battle for the existence of the Jewish State. Netanyahu is correct. And Israel cannot win this battle; it cannot even define what a victory might entail. Surely the battle is not about the tunnels or the militants’ underground operation, the tunnels are just weapons of resistance rather than the resistance itself. The Hamas and Gaza militants lured Israel into a battle zone in which it could never succeed and Hamas set the conditions, chose the ground and has written the terms required to conclude this cycle of violence.

For ten days Netanyahu did all he could to prevent an IDF ground operation. He was facing the reality that Israel lacks a military answer to Palestinian resistance. Netanyahu knew that a defeat on the ground would eradicate the little that remains of IDF’s power of deterrence.

Five days ago, Israel, at least in the eyes of its supporters, held the upper ground. It saw it['s] citizens subject to an endless barrage of rockets, yet it showed relative restraint, killing Palestinian civilians only from afar, which served to convey an imaginary image of strength. But that has changed rapidly since Israel launched its ground operation. Israel is now, once again, involved in colossal war crimes against a civilian population and worse, at least strategically, its elite infantry commandos are being eradicated in a face-to-face street battle in Gaza. In spite of clear Israeli technological superiority and firepower, the Palestinian militants are winning the battle on the ground and they have even managed to move the battle to Israeli territory. In addition, the barrage of rockets on Tel Aviv doesn’t seem to stop.

IDF’s defeat in Gaza leaves the Jewish State with no hope. The moral is simple. If you insist on living on someone else’s land, military might is an essential ingredient to discourage the dispossessed from acting to reclaim their rights. The level of IDF casualties and the number of bodies of Israeli elite soldiers returning home in coffins send a clear message to both Israelis and Palestinians. Israeli military superiority belongs to the past. There is no future for the Jews-only-State in Palestine; they may have to try somewhere else.


a swedish friend of this blog said...

Like it or not, America is increasingly involved in Africa’s god wars.

Well everything will be fine then. Just look at anywhere else America has gone in to help and spread democracy.

Heraclitus said...

UN, I would not attribute too much significance to that Hoover-era war plan against Britain. Those military types draw up contingency plans for just about everything.

Keiser said...

@ Denise 29 July 2014 01:24

You are so like my girlfriend! It is skincare all the time with her.

I guess in a different way we are in to skin care too on this blog :-)

Have a look at this:

Might be of interest.

nilus said...

LBC now: Julia Hartley-Brewer asks

"Why are so few black (especially male)babies/kids adopted?"


Anonymous said...

@Keiser 11:33

"You are so like my girlfriend!"

Dude, you always go soppy at the females on this forum.

Keiser said...

Anonymous said...
29 July 2014 15:43
"Dude, you always go soppy at the females on this forum."

Is that you NU my old pal? :-)

If it is read on (or if NU happens to be reading), if not disregard...

O.k. I know many were dissatisfied and I don't question Savants rules or actions which are in my opinion very even handed and reasonable so if it is you this is just a personal message.

I never believed in your Nu-Nationalism (read like Linkin Park's or Limp Bizkit's Nu-Metal of the late 90's), Nu-Nationalism where muslims were the enemy but the jews were off limits. However I must say I always enjoyed the even handed chaos, discord and dissension that you sowed. The trolls are just that, trolls but you were more than a troll, you were a virus! :-)

I believe in evolution through chaos so always appreciated your style in that regard and sometimes miss it.

Look at me going soppy for another female on this blog :-)

James said...

UN, I would not attribute too much significance to that Hoover-era war plan against Britain. Those military types draw up contingency plans for just about everything.

Except Hitler. Every plan his guys ever came up with was bound to happen. Nazi efficiency.

Or so we are constantly jewed over to believe.

nilus said...

"I never believed in your Nu-Nationalism (read like Linkin Park's or Limp Bizkit's Nu-Metal of the late 90's), Nu-Nationalism where muslims were the enemy but the jews were off limits. However I must say I always enjoyed the even handed chaos, discord and dissension that you sowed. The trolls are just that, trolls but you were more than a troll, you were a virus! :-)"


Denise said...

Keiser - thanks for your reply. Ignore childish, jealous little boys who are scared of girls. We girls do. We like boys who aren't afraid of us.

Good for you girlfriend. My hubby loves to touch my White skin. He loves White skin, and he always comments about how soft my skin is. He as a very physically demanding job, care is a very very good thing!

Yes. All our White blogs are really about skin care. :}

Unknown said...

People need to stop with this "illuminati" crap, Reptiles, Jesuits etc.

It's the Jews, stupid...