Friday, 6 June 2014

Do they really believe this shite?

Ok, you're a one-eyed black dwarf who wants to make it big in Hollywood.  Any chance?   Sammy Davis Junior knew what to do. Become a Jew!  And boy did it work. As it should, given that Hollywood and Tin Pan Alley are owned and run by and for Jews, as they themselves proudly admit

Anyway you'll be happy to know that Sammy's career subsequently prospered and improved even further when he later joined the Church of Satan.

Sammy has an entry on the site Jew Or Not Jew? (a useful reference site) and the following is an excerpt:  'If there's one thing we can't understand (actually, there are lots of things we can't understand, but bear with us) it's someone who isn't Jewish that chooses to be so. Seriously, who in their right mind looks and says: "You know what? Thousands of years of prejudice, violence and misery with little end in sight sounds good to me. Sign me up!" Oh sure, it's a great religion, wonderful culture, good sandwiches, yadda yadda yadda. And we've all been indoctrinated that there's nobility in being the underdog, the shlimazel done good. Heck, plenty of people marry in and we understand how that happens, too. But choosing this kind of inevitable heartbreak of your own accord? On purpose?  So, do we welcome someone as famous and distinguished as Sammy Davis Jr. with open arms? Every day of the week and twice on shabbos. But do we understand his decision? Not even a little bit.'

Here's my question.  Do they really believe this shite? And if so, how could they? I mean being Jewish is an open sesame for the media, a guarantee of a glittering career irrespective of talent.  The only other requirement being to have a pulse. Jesus, they even got the equine Sarah Jessica Parker classified as a beauty.  As GTRman/Nilus has demonstrated in copious detail, much of what we see in the media is one Jew talking with another Jew about things important to Jews on a media platform owned by Jews. And anyone who even hints that Jews may be less than 100% wonderful is consigned to oblivion.  Ask Mel Gibson or Helen Thomas.

If the excerpt above actually represents the way they see flies so much in the face of all available facts as to be literally psychotic. Literally psychotic. Which in turn could explain the phenomenon of Jews never owning up to even the possibility of their having contributed in some small way to their historical problems.

If so the prognosis for future Jew/goy relations is grim.


WyrdWalker said...

"much of what we see in the media is one Jew talking with another Jew about things important to Jews."
.....ain't that just the way of it?

WyrdWalker said...

"Jesus, they even got the equine Sarah Jessica Parker classified as a beauty."
Hit this one on the head too! Slap some make up and a high dollar hair cut on this Jew girl and presto....a beauty...right!....a beauty at the county fair!

Anonymous said...

Just a "heads-up" ... a new gun-slinger has arrived in town to be book-marked.

" ... We know that sooner or later a Google Alert will drop our little organization into their net like a quail about to be savaged by a group of cats. And yet there is still peace and quiet here in the dawn hours at the CEC".

grrr said...

Sarah jessica parker in the late 80's was easy on the eye.

Bette midler is stretching it, but sandra benhard that proves that if you jew in hollywood you get on the silver screen, to redefine the standard of beauty.

nilus said...

JEW Rachel Srevens just been crowned "Sexiest Woman of All Time" by FHM magazine.

Akira called it:

Anglo-American Main-Stream Media:

(1) A Jew or Jews debating with another Jew or other Jews on or in a Jew-produced show or article on or in a Jew-owned-and/or-run network or publication, about something some other Jew or other Jews said about another Jew or other Jews on or in another Jew-produced show or article on or in a Jew-owned-and/or-run network or publication in relation to the activities of another Jew or other Jews.

[Plus the active and/or passive collaboration of those who serve, assist, enable, deny and/or defend Jewish domination of public discourse and non-organic culture.] -Brian Akira

UK TV now:

BBC1 'George Gently' "Gently and Baccus awaken to the consequenses of CASUAL RACISM after a young girl is murdered at a Northern Soul all-nighter"


Chan 4
JEW Heston Blumenthal followed by
JEW Rachel Riley followed by
QUIEER Alan Carr 'chatting' to
JEW Carrie Fisher and
JEW Jonah Hill Feldstein

followed by
JEW Andy Samberg and his
QUEER NIGGA BOSS followed by

'Hot Shots part deux' written and directed by
JEW Jim Abrahams

followed by
'Desperate Housewives' created by
QUEER Marc Cherry music by
JEW Danny Elfman produced by
JEW Jeff Greenstein
JEW Michael Edelstein
JEW David Grossman
JEW Annie Weisman
JEW Tracey Stern
JEW Jamie Gorenberg, etc

ITV2 QUEER Anthony Cotton

BBC3 'Family Kike'

BBC4 Tribute to
JEW Carole King
Dave: QUEER JEW FRY with
QUEER Julian Clary

More4 QUEER Dr Christian Jessen

Film 4 "Naked Gun"
JEW David Zucker
JEW? Peter Segal
JEW Jim Abrahams
JEW Jerry Zucker
JEW? Robert K. Weiss

Yesterday: "Nazi Hunters":

Death Camp Kommandant: blah blah blah blah

Drama: "Escape From Sobibor" starring
JEW Alan Arkin , directed by
JEW Jack Gold,written by
JEW Thomas "Toivi" Blatt
JEW Reginald Rose based on book by
JEW Richard Rashke

VIVA "The Fresh Prince of.." created by
JEW Andy Borowitz
JEW Susan Borowitz

JEW Jerry Springer

E$ "Ferris Bueller's blah blah"
JEW Mathew Broderick
JEW Jennifer Grey and
QUEER/PAEDO Jeffrey Jones

"In 2003, Jones was arrested for possession of child pornography and accused of soliciting a 14-year-old boy to pose for pornographic photographs. Jones pleaded no contest to a felony charge."

And so on....

nilus said...

Thomas "Toivi" Blatt (born April 15, 1927) is a Polish-American writer and speaker, who at the age of 16 was ONE OF THE FEW Jewish people who survived the uprising and escape from the Sobibor extermination camp in October 1943, when more than 300 escaped. Most were captured by the Germans and killed.

Thomas "Toivi" Blatt was born in 1927 to a Jewish family in Izbica, Poland. He had a brother. In 1942, at the age of 15 Blatt and his family, with about 400 other Jewish people from Izbica, were transported by the Germans to Sobibor, which was built as an extermination camp. All of Blatt's family were killed there, along with most of the people from his village. In total, an estimated 250,000 Jews from Poland, France and the Netherlands were killed at Sobibor as well as 1,000 Poles.

Blatt was among the 300 prisoners who participated in an uprising in October 1943 and escaped from Sobibor. While fleeing the SS at the age of 16, Blatt was betrayed by someone (allegedly the farmer hiding him) and was shot in the jaw. He escaped and survived the war, but still carries that bullet. After the mass escape, the Germans closed and dismantled the camp. They bulldozed over the site and planted numerous trees to hide it. The site has been commemorated since the end of the war.

In 1958 Blatt emigrated to Israel and later to the United States. In the late 1970s and 1980s, he worked with Richard Rashke, an American author, to locate and interview Sobibor survivors for the latter's book, Escape from Sobibor (1983), about the revolt at the camp.
Blatt also did his own research. In 1983 he interviewed Karl Frenzel, a German who had been third in command at Sobibor, after his release from prison on appeal. Frenzel had been convicted in court and sentenced to life in prison for his actions at the camp. After serving 16 years, he was released on appeal due to a technicality. Blatt believes his interview (included below as "A Confrontation with a Murderer") was the first time after World War II that an extermination camp internee spoke face-to-face with an accused camp staff member.

The AWARD-WINNING 1987 TV movie, Escape from Sobibor, was adapted from the 1983 book by Rashke.

It portrays the events at the death camp Sobibor. Blatt served as a technical adviser on the film. The revolt leaders Leon Feldhendler and Alexander Pechersky, Blatt, and other camp prisoners were played by actors. Escape from Sobibor gives varied accounts of the Jewish escapees.
Blatt later wrote two books about Sobibor. His memoir, From The Ashes of Sobibor (1997), is about his experience in the camp, including his part in the plot that led to the 600-prisoner revolt on October 14, 1943. He also wrote about his life before the war, leading up to the German occupation of his village, Izbica, in Poland, and the transport of him and his family to the camp.
He also wrote Sobibor, the Forgotten Revolt (1997), a history based on his years of research.He has adapted this as a website by the same name, featuring links to his documentation of the events.

Hector said...

"Sarah jessica parker in the late 80's was easy on the eye.

Yes, if you're a horse fancier.

nilus said...

BBC Radio 4skin was predictably kosher today:

00:30 Book of the Week
A Broken Hallelujah:
JEW Leonard Cohen's Secret Chord,
Disaster threatens JEW Cohen's first European tour, but in Buddhism he finds spiritual solace.

05:43 Prayer for the Day

"Lord God, we remember today all those who took part in the D-day landings. We give thanks for their courage and commitment. And we pray that future generations will continue to honour what they did and what it cost. Amen"


Book of the Week
A Broken Hallelujah:
JEW Leonard Cohen's Secret Chord, Now hugely successful, JEW Cohen retreats to Mount Baldy to spend time with his guru.

s Leonard Cohen turns 80, a new biography by JEW Liel Leibovitz explores the life, work and passion of the poet-turned-musician. What makes JEW Cohen such an enduring international figure in the cultural imagination? ( ERR...OTHER JEWS?)

Granted extraordinary access to JEW Cohen's personal papers,
JEW Leibovitz evokes a complicated, sometimes contradictory figure. Born into a Canadian religious Jewish family, for years a reclusive lyricist on the Greek island of Hydra, known for his bold political commentary, his devotion to Buddhist thought and his later despair over contemporary Zionism, JEW Cohen hardly follows the rules of a conventional rock star.

An intimate look at a man who, despite battles with stage fright and years spent in hermit-like isolation, is still touring and now seems to be reaching a new peak of popularity.

In the final episode, JEW Cohen begins the 1990s as a hugely successful songwriter, poet and performer. Yet spiritual crises still plague him, and he retreats to the San Gabriel Mountains to spend time with his guru. By 2006, he's forced to start touring again when evidence emerges that a long-time employee and friend may have stolen millions of dollars from him."

12:52 The Listening Project

Bob and Steve - Do the Right Thing
Two gay men who came out later in life share their experiences of marriage and children.

see photo:

15:45 Skylines
By NEEGRA Maaza Mengiste.
The exiled Emperor Haile Selassie visits Stonehenge.

16:00 Last Word (obits)

JEW David Katz remembers Count Suckle, a Jamaica-born sound system operator and former club owner who was influential in the development of ska and reggae music in the United Kingdom.

16:55The Listening Project
Rachel and Fran - Perfect Proportions
Two short actors share their experience of being dwarves and how it works for them.

18:30 The News Quiz
chaired by
LESBIAN Sandi Toksvig,
JEW Hugo Rifkind

19:15 Front Row
JEW David Lang

19:45 15 Minute Drama
The Little Ottleys, Episode 5
Based on characters from
JEW Ada Leverson's trilogy of novels.

The Listening Project
Alison and Adam - Family Politics
The first black woman to be elected to Leeds City Council talks politics with her son.



Book of the Week
A Broken Hallelujah:
JEW Leonard Cohen's Secret Chord,by
JEW Liel Leibovitz

And so on...

nilus said...

"The JEW?critic Bruce Eder assessed Cohen's overall career in popular music by asserting that
"[he is] one of the most fascinating and enigmatic … singer/songwriters of the late '60s … [and] has retained an audience across four decades of music-making … Second only to
JEW Bob Dylan (and perhaps
JEW Paul Simon) [in terms of influence], he commands the attention of critics and younger musicians more firmly than any other musical figure from the 1960s who is still working at the outset of the 21st century."

"His mother, Marsha (Masha) Klonitsky, was the daughter of a Talmudic writer, Rabbi Solomon Klonitsky-Kline of Lithuanian Jewish ancestry. His paternal grandfather, whose family had emigrated from Poland, was Lyon Cohen, founding president of the Canadian Jewish Congress. His father, Nathan Cohen, who owned a substantial clothing store, died when Cohen was nine years old. On the topic of being a Kohen, Cohen has said that, "I had a very Messianic childhood." He told Richard Goldstein in 1967, "I was told I was a descendant of Aaron, the high priest."

"On 24 September 2009, at the Ramat Gan concert, Cohen was highly emotional about the Israeli-Palestinian NGO Bereaved Families for Peace. He mentioned the organization twice, saying: "I bow my head in respect to the nobility of this enterprise."[66] At the end of the show he blessed the crowd by the Priestly Blessing, a Jewish blessing offered by Kohanim. Cohen's surname derives from this Hebrew word for priest, thus identifying him as a Kohen."

Cohen is Jewish, and he has drawn from Jewish religious and cultural imagery throughout his career. Examples include "Story of Isaac", and "Who by Fire", the words and melody of which echo the Unetaneh Tokef, an 11th-century liturgical poem recited on Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur. Broader Jewish themes sound throughout the album Various Positions. "Hallelujah", which has music as a secondary theme, begins by evoking the biblical King David composing a song that "pleased the Lord" and continues with references to Bathsheba and Samson. The lyrics of "Whither Thou Goest", performed by him and released in his album Live in London, are adapted from the Bible (Ruth 1:16–17, King James Version). "If It Be Your Will" also has a strong air of religious resignation.


Having suffered from depression during much of his life, Cohen's early works often included themes of depression, self-harm and suicide. "

Yeah, itz tough at the topf

Anonymous said...

A classic perfume ad showed a pretty young girl who looked like Anna Friel getting into a limo and coming out the othee side to a glamorous red carpet and dress. In that dress was... the old horse-faced YKW herself. How delusional and self-indulgent. Funny thing is I can imagine a lot of naive White girls buying the product.

The ad would never in a million years have worked on men.

The above hateful amd prejudiced description should be read as projection; ie how the kikes view the rest of humanity but are too messed up to recognise.

nilus said...

Channel 5 , now:

QUEER Rylan Clark talks to
CAMP JEW Lionel Blair and
JEW Stacey Solomon.

Presenter: QUEER

Panel of 3: 2 JEWS

Yeah, it's hard for a jew to break into showbiz, for sure.

FOD said...

I wonder how long this will last. I never really understood how after all this power in Germany the Jews had it took Hitler just 10 years to turn it around without the Jews doing anything to stop him. Maybe America is different and it may never change. Or maybe their influence in America is much stronger than the case in Germany.

nilus said...

Their power is based on 6 factors, as far as I can see:

ONE: Nobody (ie the masses) knows that they are jews.

TWO: Even if they did know, it's "So What?"

(Because jews are simply just White people with a different religion, who are very clever ,creative,funny, hard-working and have been relentlessly poisecuted for no reason and they never ever get up to no good, and anyway, Jesus was a jew)

THREE: The Holocaust

FOUR: The Holocaust

FIVE: The Holocaust

SIX: The Holocaust.

nilus said...

Movie Mix: 'The Omen' remake

Gregory Peck is replaced by
JEW Liev Schrieber, who, when his satanic offspring freaks out about going into a Cathedral, says,

"Yeah, I know how you feel" and orders the driver to turn the car around.

Kike in joke.

JEW? David Seltzer's remake of
JEW Richard Donner's (Richard Donald Schwartzberg)1978 film .

great white said...

A good overview of the practice of stealth-nepotism by Jews who know how to take advantage of the affirmative-action policies put in place by an earlier generation of The Tribe. The guise of whiteness is used cunningly: white gentiles think the appointments are going to one of their own while blacks see the perpetuation of white-power. The rest of us dare not point out the obvious.

nilus said...

Brilliantly put, great white.

With all their wealth and clout, jews can always cry " But we are a MINORITY "

Minority: Another loaded, weaponised word.

Africans, Indians, Chinese,Hispanics: MINORITIES!

Sure, there's only a billion of each group!

WHITES= Majority.

Sure, 7-8% of global population and NOT BREEDING!

My favourite loaded word: DEMOCRACY!

nilus said...

Challenge: "Strike It Rich"
presented by
QUEER coke-fiend Micheal Barrymore, who hosted a coke/sex party at which a young man died of "the most horrific internal injuries " the coroner had ever seen.

That's showbiz!

Another one bites the dust:

"Pathologists discovered severe anal injuries, although not until the post mortem had taken place; which the media said were consistent with a sexual assault.

Many tabloid newspapers accused Barrymore of holding drug-fuelled gay orgies in his home and asserted that he must have had some responsibility for the death. It was claimed that Barrymore had been seen at the party rubbing cocaine onto Lubbock's gums.[

Barrymore subsequently received a police caution for possession and use of cannabis, but no other charges were laid against him or anyone else in connection with the death, although two other party-goers, unemployed Justin Merritt and drag queen Jonathan Kenney were arrested on suspicion of murder on 6 June 2001. The inquest that took place in September 2002 reached an open verdict"

nemesis said...

Not really surprising that he moved on after his jewish 'conversion' to the Church of Satan. To follow Judaism is to revert to a darker time, which is why it has always been a minority cult, existing for thousands of years on the cusp of civilization ( hence, it’s the reason why they desire a homeland to legitimize their soulless existence). This dishonest tribe bases itself on treachery and deceit as beneficial attributes. I only need to skim today’s headlines to smell this odor – my assumptions often lead me to the same culprit.

Anonymous said...

Apparently us Cornish are minorities now. Maybe we could follow the Jewish example and make our homes Celt only. We could even form our own Union. It'd be like the UK but with less cunts.

According to Wikipedia the population of the 6 nations is 18.5 million. That's pretty viable.

nilus said... more: UK Kikertainment Kont:

Channel 4seven:
QUEER Alan Carr presents Channel 4's Comedy Gala, opening act: Unfunny dwarf wotsisname. Unfunny Gervaises mate.

Next, unfunny Paddy McGuiness, who opens by calling Jeremy Clarkson a twat.

And so on..

E4: "Friday Night Dinner"
Kike-com by kike Robert Popper about some kikes and their stupid goy neighbour starring
JEW Tom Rosenthal and
JEW Paul Ritter, directed by
JEW? Steve Bendelack:

"Friday Night Dinner is a British television sitcom written by JEW Robert Popper and starring Tamsin Greig, JEW Paul Ritter, Simon Bird, JEW Tom Rosenthal and Mark Heap.

The JEW comedy is JEW focused around the JEW regular JEW dinner experience of a British Jewish family (the Goodmans) on each Friday night. The first series aired from February 2011 on Channel 4. The series began airing in the U.S. on BBC America as of 30 July 2011.

The series began airing in Russia on 2x2 on 10 August 2012"

""I’m from Russia and I’m not surprised as well. It’s the same here. Jewish dominance everywhere. in every sphere, not only in movies. Tv is perverted and not controlled, I just do not watch it. Thanks for article."

Movie Mix: "Evil Dead" directed by
JEW Sam Raimi starring
JEW Ellen Sandweiss

ITV2 "Two and a half KIKES"
x 6 million

ITV3 Judge JEWdy

True Entertainment: Death of a cheerleader:starring
JEW Tori Spelling

Uncle Nasty said...

We know this already. The really big surprise is that some ... only some, are only finding it out now.

“You Can’t Embarrass An Israeli”: Spying, Lying and Shameless Effrontery

June 4, 2014 | Author: Tobias Langdon

To understand an animal, you have to see it in its natural habitat. This also applies to words. The Yiddish word chutzpah means “shameless effrontery.” But to understand it properly, you have to see it in its natural habitat:

Israel’s Aggressive Spying in the U.S. Mostly Hushed Up

… Despite strident denials this week by Israeli officials, Israel has been caught carrying out aggressive espionage operations against American targets for decades, according to U.S. intelligence officials and congressional sources. And they still do it. They just don’t get arrested very often.

As Newsweek reported on Tuesday, American counter-intelligence officials told members of the House Judiciary and Foreign Affairs committees at the end of January that Israel’s current espionage activities in America are “unrivaled and unseemly,” going far beyond the activities of other close allies, such as Germany, France, the U.K. and Japan.

“It has been extensive for years,” a former top U.S. security official told Newsweek Wednesday after Israeli Intelligence Affairs Minister Yuval Steinitz, among other top Israeli officials, “unequivocally” denied the Newsweek report, saying Israel stopped all spying operations in the U.S. after Jonathan Pollard was convicted of spying for Israel in 1987. One anonymous official was quoted in the Israeli media as saying Newsweek’s account “had the whiff of anti-Semitism in it.”

But a former U.S. intelligence operative intimately familiar with Israeli espionage rejected the anti-Semitism charge. “There is a small community of ex-CIA, FBI and military people who have worked this account who are absolutely cheering on [the Newsweek] story,” he said. “Not one of them is anti-Semitic. In fact, it has nothing to do with anti-Semitism. It has only to do with why [Israel] gets kid-glove treatment when, if it was Japan doing it or India doing it at this level, it would be outrageous.”

It's true. Trying to embarrass a jew is like pleading for civilised behavior, mercy and compassion from a nigger.


nilus said...

For our Aussie friends, two excellent audios:

DR Jim Saleam has been a Australian White Nationalist for four decades

Jim formed the Radical Nationalists, at the University of Queensland in 1974, subsequently, he helped to form with other students, National Resistance in the 1970s; National Alliance and the political party National Action in the 1980s, with Saleam as chairman, which brought him to national attention.

Saleam is now a director of the Australia First Party, founded in 1996 by Graeme Campbell, an ex-Australian Labor Party Member of Parliament. He is also a co-organiser of the annual Sydney Forum, which provides a platform for patriotic speakers from a variety of backgrounds.

While at the University of Sydney, DR Saleam wrote his thesis titled 'The Other Radicalism -An Inquiry Into Contemporary Australian Extreme Right Ideology, Politics And Organization 1975-1995'.

On this edition of The Realist Report, we'll be joined by the heroic Dr. Fredrick Toben. Dr. Toben sits on the Board of Contributing Editors of The Barnes Review, and has been persecuted as a "thought criminal" in a number of Western countries for challenging the official narrative of WWII and commenting on other controversial topics. Dr. Toben and I will be discussing a variety of subjects. Calls will be taken through the broadcast!

Below are relevant links for this program:

nilus said...

Red Ice Radio has become Jew-Wise and Racially Aware of late.

Great news.No one's buying Alex Jones , Rense and Icke anymore.

Useful stepping stones though they are.

Ramzpaul - Multicultural Chaos, Peaceful Nationalism & White Guilt

Ramzpaul is known for his iconoclastic YouTube show that mocks cultural Marxism, mostly satire that pokes fun at the establishment. In the first hour, we'll discuss why ethnicity is important and how it stands in the way of the elite. We laugh at stupid things fanatically politically correct people say and the absurd notion of a one size fits all approach. Ramzpaul explains why he's a nationalist for everyone and how it can solve conflicts. We'll talk about foisted White guilt and the ridiculousness of "White privilege." Paul shares what he believes is at the root of "White guilt." In the second hour, we'll discuss how multiculturalism is creating unnecessary conflict. Cultural Marxists are waging war on reality, pushing their religion of egalitarianism. Ramzpaul speaks about nationalism as a way to preserve diversity. Later, we discuss being brave to speak out against the lies and hypocrisy and to stop self censorship in fear of being labeled the "r" word. At the end, Ramzpaul shares his opinion on how multiculturalism will play out.

Us "jew-wise" "raycissts" are just waiting for the rest to catch up.

And it's happening, at a speed that has got the jews rattled.

James said...

"In 2003, Jones was arrested for possession of child pornography and accused of soliciting a 14-year-old boy to pose for pornographic photographs. Jones pleaded no contest to a felony charge."

I read somewhere that child porn is legal in Russia.
Is that true?
If it is why isn't Putin stopping it?

James said...

Thousands of years of prejudice, violence and misery with little end in sight sounds good to me. Sign me up!"

In the future, if the Jews pull off their diversity prank and the world becomes one big Brazil the mixed brown bulk of humanity will worship the Jews. They will respect the Jews as the "pure" race. They will love the Jews as the most beautiful race. This is our future if things are not changed. That's the final result if the Kalergi plan runs to completion.

Anonymous said...

Sheppard was raided again on 5 June, at 8 am. Details are vague, but it seems that some sourpuss at the Post Office opened an outgoing package, saw something about Anne Frank, deemed it “anti Semitic” and reported it to the police. This was enough for the special “anti racist” task forces to spring into action. His computers have been removed and everything is turned upside down. "The ludicrous second Christmas card trial has been discontinued at the last minute, but the new arrested offence section 19 Public Order Act, 1986, involves jail time. Political persecution at its finest. So much for “western democracy”!

Anonymous said...

Sammy Davis Jr?

RIGHT! Here's one great snippet from the grave. (OK, from "find a grave") --

"Did anyone else read the book by Linda Lovelace, Ordeal? She talks about Sammy asking her how to deep throat...and then he practiced on her husband/abuser Chuck Traynor...

Wait, Sammy Davis Jr blew Linda Lovelace's husband?"

Born to it, I think.


Canuck said...

Michael Bradley ( has some rather compelling evidence showing that Ashkenazi jews carry more neanderthal dna (nearing 50%) than any other grouping and that they could and likely should be considered as a separate strand of humanity. This high level of neanderthal dna explains the highly aggressive nature of this group and also (due to their being pegged back into the caucases by cro-magnon man) why they developed their “us against the world” complex.

Dame Edith said...

nilus 00.02. On the button, +1000.

And there is also a 7th reason. The holocaust.

Dame Edith said...

UN, Those American counter-intelligence officials who told the House committees that Israel’s current espionage activities in America are “unrivaled and unseemly” will probably find themselves flipping burgers in McDonald's in due course.

brian boru said...

It's hardly surprising when one observes what these creatures have done over the last 3000 years. They are responsible for more human death and suffering and cultural and environmental destruction than all people on earth combined. They are, literally, a tribe of psychpaths and are, therefore, incapable of feeling any remorse for what they have done. On the contrary, they revel in their evil. There will never be peace or spiritual progress on this planet until this most highly evolved parasitic life-form is dealt with permanently.

Anonymous said...


Violent rapist has visa renewed as he cannot be deported.

A VIOLENT rapist who brutally attacked a woman in St Stephen’s Green has had his visa renewed because authorities are not allowed to deport him.

Bereket Mekonnen (25) received a seven-year jail term after being found guilty in 2007 of raping a 42-year-old woman in the city centre park in August 2005.

However, following his release, the Eritrean national cannot be deported home under EU and UN conventions as he is from a war-torn country.

He is understood to be living in the Dublin 8 area after his visa was extended to an unspecified date.

He met his victim in a late-night disco-bar where she was in an intoxicated state.

She drank some of his wine there before leaving and he raped her while she was on her way home.

Authorities here cannot deport him because he is from a war-torn country.

Decisions on whether a person can be deported or not are taken by the Department of Justice in consultation with the Garda National Immigration Bureau (GNIB).

But Mekonnen now has to be kept in Ireland on legal advice because authorities here are bound by EU and UN Conventions in regard to refugees and asylum seekers.

katana said...

A good article followed by an excellent comment.

Invading Their Own Country: Thoughts on the 70th Anniversary of D-Day

Gregory Hood

With detachment, we see reality. What was achieved by those we remember today – those brave white Americans, British, Canadians, and Europeans who overcame the mines and machine guns of Hitler’s Fortress Europe?

As time passes, historians of the future will be able to take the long view on the Second World War in the same way we can sensibly discuss the rise and fall of Carthage or the Golden Horde. Absent the propaganda, the shrieking moralizing, the half-truths, and the outright lies, the real consequence of the Allied victory is obvious. Within a historically insignificant period of time after the fall of the Third Reich, European people and European civilization will cease to exist – unless something changes.

Today, of course, you cannot say this – indeed, questioning certain aspects of the Second World War is punishable by prison time.


This about sums up what most people in the post-West today think of the greatest conflict in world history – it was simply about saving Jews and fighting racists.

But historians of the future – largely because they will probably be Asian or some other non-white – will be able to see what actually happened. Just as we recognize the barbarian incursions into Rome as the death knell of the Empire, the Muslim influx into Europe will be seen as what it is – a hostile demographic invasion by an alien force. The collapsing birthrates, degenerate culture, and xenophilia of the post-West will be seen as what they are – the death throes of a society too sick to survive. And the wholesale replacement of the populations of once proud nations will be seen as what it is – not “enrichment,” but simply conquest. …


Br Evola

Both of my decorated grandfathers (Marines and Army Officer) fought against the Axis Powers. They are both alive in their nineties, awaiting death. These men were of fine quality (speech and manners), compared to the generations that followed, no doubt.

Yet, I cannot help but feel a sense of disgust and hatred towards these two old men … I feel that they were ‘traitors’ in a genuine sense. What I blame them for is not their war time actions, but rather, the inability and unwillingness to later show the slightest bit of doubt that what they, as white Americans, engaged upon was moral and justified. Instead, their petty narcissism caused them to congratulate themselves as being ‘the Greatest’, despite having collectively sacrificed the LEAST of all wartime European nations.

After the war, they were compromised and corrupted away from asking hard questions with an easy life full of post-war consumerism, hamburgers, and jazz. They sat passively while the propaganda machine built lie after lie about the German people. They sat passively as all major institutions of Western culture were dismantled without so much as a peep of resistance. They didn’t show much remorse about Dresden. They didn’t ask many questions about Poland being the reason for British involvement, which was latter handed back over to the Soviet Union (thus defeating the original justification for Allied involvement).

Their boomer children remind me of Golem from the Lord of the Rings, whispering ‘My precious! My precious!’, whilst gathering their toys and consuming the carcass of the West. I guess WW2, and the narrative that followed, is a lesson in how the white man can be seduced and ruined by his own pride and greed. They didn’t ask any questions because the beer was cold and the football game looked more interesting.

The anonymous Germans, who I do not know, who fought in WW2 make me proud to be white, my own grandfathers do not.

Anonymous said...

If the pro White Genocide Diversity scam works the remaining coffee coloreds will worship the Jews? Perhaps that's what they think in their own twisted, psychotic minds.

I suspect what will really happen: the coffee's will finish the job Hitler started.

Anonymous said...


The Nine Satanic Statements

The Nine Satanic Statements outline what "Satan" represents in the Church of Satan:[26][27]

Satan represents indulgence instead of abstinence.
Satan represents vital existence instead of spiritual pipe dreams.
Satan represents undefiled wisdom instead of hypocritical self-deceit.
Satan represents kindness to those who deserve it instead of love wasted on ingrates.
Satan represents vengeance instead of turning the other cheek.
Satan represents responsibility to the responsible instead of concern for psychic vampires.
Satan represents man as just another animal, sometimes better, more often worse than those that walk on all-fours, who, because of his "divine spiritual and intellectual development", has become the most vicious animal of all.
Satan represents all of the so-called sins, as they all lead to physical, mental, or emotional gratification.
Satan has been the best friend the Church has ever had, as He has kept it in business all these years.

The Nine Satanic Sins

The Nine Satanic Sins are:[28]

Herd Conformity
Lack of Perspective
Forgetfulness of Past Orthodoxies
Counterproductive Pride
Lack of Aesthetics

The Eleven Satanic Rules of the Earth

The Eleven Satanic rules of the Earth have been given as:[29]

Do not give opinions or advice unless you are asked.
Do not tell your troubles to others unless you are sure they want to hear them.
When in another's lair, show them respect or else do not go there.
If a guest in your lair annoys you, treat them cruelly and without mercy.
Do not make sexual advances unless you are given the mating signal.
Do not take that which does not belong to you unless it is a burden to the other person and they cry out to be relieved.
Acknowledge the power of magic if you have employed it successfully to obtain your desires. If you deny the power of magic after having called upon it with success, you will lose all you have obtained.
Do not complain about anything to which you need not subject yourself.
Do not harm little children.
Do not kill non-human animals unless you are attacked or for your food.
When walking in open territory, bother no one. If someone bothers you, ask them to stop. If they don’t stop, destroy them.


Sounds pretty good to me. We wouldn't have a nigger problem under Satanism.

Let's get signed up.

Anonymous said...

They absolutely do not believe in this shite. Or since when did Jews become nigger lovers?

Jews only use blacks as a weapon against us, cannon fodder.

Ban Koran said...

Abu Hamza, that muslim radical p.o.s. has Sammy Davis' eyes:

Anonymous said...

"Yes, Jews Do own the media"

From the Times of Israel.

white flight said...

Nowhere is safe.

"Rural school deemed 'too white' by Ofsted visits London to mix with ethnic pupils

Payhembury Primary in Devon was criticised for not being multicultural

So visit planned to a school in London where most pupils are from minorities

Smallberry Green primary in Isleworth, West London, will host 29 pupils

Parents have called the £35 trip 'patronising' - though others welcome it
PUBLISHED: 00:04, 7 June 2014 |

A small rural primary school has organised a sleepover to London – so the children get a chance to see people who are not white.

Payhembury Primary in Devon was criticised by Ofsted for being insufficiently ‘multicultural’.
So the 68-pupil Church of England school is asking parents to pay for their children to make a two-day trip to a school with a wide mix of ethnic backgrounds.

Uncle Nasty said...

James said...

Thousands of years of prejudice, violence and misery with little end in sight sounds good to me. Sign me up!"

In the future, if the Jews pull off their diversity prank and the world becomes one big Brazil the mixed brown bulk of humanity will worship the Jews. They will respect the Jews as the "pure" race. They will love the Jews as the most beautiful race. This is our future if things are not changed. That's the final result if the Kalergi plan runs to completion.
7 June 2014 04:42

Well, actually .... no.

The only reason we have not exterminated the vermin is because we are basically (as Whites) contemplative and therefore capable of realising that actions have consequences.

I invite you to look at the video in a previous post of the ANC gorillas crushing a woman's skull with a conctrete breeze block ... should Whites perish as so many of the tribe desire ... that will be their ultimate fate.

Because they can camouflage themselves as Whites -- when among Whites, we are inclined to attribute to them, White attitudes, creativity and intelligence ... none of which they possess in reality.

They are parasites, pure and simple. Without Whites to leech off, jews will disappear in a few generations.

Their type of parasitism will not be nourished by a sea of mulattoes ... and I have a feeling that some jews are beginning to realise this.


Uncle Nasty said...

Anonymous said...


The Nine Satanic Statements

The Nine Satanic Statements outline what "Satan" represents in the Church of Satan:[26][27]

What are your sources, please?


Anonymous said...

Another white mudshark murdered by her black boyfriend. This time in Gloucester, England. (Cotswolds, Savant?)

No shame: Ex-boyfriend who stabbed hairdresser to death in frenzied attack in front of colleagues shows his contempt as he is driven away to life in jail
Asher Maslin has admitted murdering Hollie Gazzard while she was working
22-year-old bought a knife after the pair had split then stabbed her 14 times
Attack happened in front of horrified her colleagues at salon in Gloucester
Maslin has been told he will face life sentence after pleading guilty to murder
He raised his middle finger as he was driven to prison following the hearing

Thor said...

A company I used to work for appointed a new supervisor of operation. The guy didn't know what a clue was, let alone did he have one. An old Jewish guy, seemed to be severely unqualified for the position, and word went around he was a friend of some of the major share holders of the company, so basically everyone had to deal with it. The guy sitting at the top, knew absolutely nothing about anything, and just delegates all the challenging problems that a real qualified CEO would be expected to take on himself. I think this is typical of Jewish run business. If their company goes belly up, they lay the blame off on someone else, fire others, and never accept responsibility for being the head of the company, and keep their jobs anyway. How many Companies got bailed out by the government, how many went bankrupt and the CEOs still kept their jobs? Many even got raises after the bail outs? This is Jewish run business at its finest.

Many of them aren't successful because they are smarter, more creative, or more qualified than the next guy, but instead rely on tribal nepotism to get them in positions they wouldn't normally get if they weren't Jewish, and had those connections.

The reason Jews are so powerful is that they see each other as a collective group, and seek to aid and further each other. White people used to have this same mentality, which over the period of a couple generations has now been taken from us in the form of increasing multicultural propaganda and vitriol that has made us White Europeans more divided in America as we have ever been, and much of that is due to the Jewish controlled media. We are the pioneers, the inventors and the innovators, and they know it, and they know as long as White Europeans are unified, they have no chance. So you can be absolutely certain that is one of their top priorities is making sure we stay exactly where we are right now.

Anonymous said...

@Uncle Nasty 22:33

"What are your sources, please?"

The Satanic Bible, of course.

Uncle Nasty said...

You may find this interesting ...

“Soccer Aid” – don’t waste your money on this supposed “charity”

By David Craig, on June 7th, 2014

Apparently there is some kind of ‘charity’ football match this Sunday called “Soccer Aid”. I suppose a bunch of preening, self-regarding multimillionaire celebs will be taking part while ‘doing a Bono’ – telling us to give our hard-earned, heavily-taxed money to their wonderful charity, while they keep their own fortunes safely hidden away from the British tax authorities.

So, where will the “Soccer Aid” money go? It will be given to UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund) an organisation that already receives around $4.2bn a year, mostly from Western governments (ordinary taxpayers). UNICEF’s boss, Anthony Lake only gets paid about $201,000 a year. But there are 36 UNICEF National Committees and that’s where the real money seems to be. For example, Caryl M Stern CEO of the US UNICEF National Committee, gets about $484,855 a year (tax-free, I think, as UNICEF is a United Nations organisation).

I’ve tried to get hold of UNICEF’s accounts to see where our money goes. But without success. All I’ve managed to establish is that UNICEF admits it spends around $636m on administration each year, though I suspect that, as with all the other ‘charities’ I’ve investigated, the real figure is at least three times higher.

And what will UNICEF do with the $3.588bn it does supposedly use for charity work each year? Around $2.492bn (70%) of UNICEF’s (our?) money goes to help the poor in Africa. Well, that’s good isn’t it? After all, Africa’s poor need our help, don’t they?

In fact, the bleeding heart liberals and the Guardianistas of this world often claim that Africa needs a Marshall Plan to escape from its backwardness and poverty.

But hold on a minute – the Marshall Plan gave Europe $15bn (the equivalent of $148bn in today’s money) over four years to rebuild after World War II. Africa currently receives about $50bn a year in Western aid. So, Africa receives the equivalent of a four-year Marshall Plan every three years and has done so for the last 60 years. That means that about twenty Marshall Plans have poured into Africa. Yet around 90% of Africa’s people still live in abject poverty. I wonder why.

Could Africa’s plight have anything to do with the stupidity, incompetence, greed and brutality of the kleptocratic buffoons who always seem to get power?

Just imagine for a moment, what will happens to the niggers when the kike-driven money fountain dries up ... and it will. It will. Once it has served its purpose.

It will be ... epic.


Anonymous said...

Another Blogger, just recently discovered, who "tells it like it is".

nilus said...

This thread is great!

Brilliant comments, so far unsullied.

And it turns out Im a Satanist.

nilus of the goat said...

Well, Ive always been partial to horny, cloven-hooved reprobates.

I cant think why...

See if this stirs ye soul:

The Waterboys - The Return of Pan

(with lyrics)

Cilla Brown said...

no one awake?

Geordie Hard Nut vs Hispanic Killer live, free:

(Ross Pierson v Dieago Sanchez)

Geordie will lose.

please yersen

nilus said...

My mistake. Geordie easily whipp[ed Wetback over all 3 rounds.

If he doesnt win, its...waycissm..

The Greasy Gardener won. ASbsolute bullshit.

He was beat in every round.


"Those judges should be ashamed" says the commentator.


( 12 White guys nominate Token Nigger to be their "LEADER" on Bear Grylls Island.


UK TV viewers nominate rancid She-coon to be in "Power Position" on Big Brother.


Weverse Waycissm.

Brit Geordie Ross Pearson kicked that oily beaner to shit, in all 3 rounds.


Cassius said...

Nilus, don't know what you got against Alex Jones and Rense. They have done more to get ppl questioning the Approved Narrative than anyone else.

Jeremy said...

Katana, that is a most thought-provoking comment from Br. Evola. I read it twice. Maybe a bit hard on his grandparents whose biggest sin was that they did not question in the face of an easy life. That is damning, true, but it is also reflective of 90% or more of our own friends and family today.

Anonymous said...

Yes. This is a classic example of the 'sunk cost fallacy'.

Anonymous said...

Ding dong the witch is dead... & the ape is in prison.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said: “Apparently us Cornish are minorities now...”

I wonder why?

Cornish Jews celebrate return of 250-year old Torah

The Daily Telegraph:

Cornish to be given 'national minority' status

Danny Alexander, the Chief Secretary to the Treasury, announces the Cornish will be given same status as white minorities from London, Birmingham, Bristol, Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool, Leicester, Coventry, Wolverhampton, Rochdale, Oldham, Luton, Slough, Reading, Sheffield, Derby, Nottingham, Newcastle, Sunderland, Huddersfield, Peterborough, Stoke, Swindon, Bath, Gloucester, Cambridge, Oxford, Swindon, Middlesbrough, Northampton, Dover, Folkestone, Blackpool, Hull, Norwich, Ipswich and Bradford.

Leslie Lipert, treasurer of Kehillat Kernow, added: “This is a great day for the Jewish people of Cornwall who have long campaigned against traditional Cornish culture.

“The Cornish and Welsh are the oldest peoples on this island and as a proud Jew I look forward to seeing the African Union flag [O Sons and Daughters of Africa, Flesh of the Sun and Flesh of the Sky, Let us make Africa (and Cornwall) the Tree of Life] flying over Truro with extra Jewish pride.”


Frank Galton

J Bull said...

Frank Galton. You just cannot make this stuff up. "Let us make Africa (and Cornwall) the Tree of Life] flying over Truro with extra Jewish pride.”

Jes-us Christ.

Anonymous said...

Excellent Australian VIDEO on apologists for ISRA-HELL.

Analogman said...

Nilus is a man child without children, and someone who has never been married. A very juvenile mindset to say the least. He is in his late 40's and has accomplished nothing in life. Coining the term 'radio 4 skin' is his highlight in life.

Anonymous said...

Analogman is a victim of grotesque genital mutilation. Like all of his tribe he has a very weak understanding of empirical reality. A~ suffers from an opressive feeling of worthlessness which is all too justified as he knows that he will never be more than a liar, a fraud, a cheat and a thief. To cover his inadequacy he desperately desires to tear down his betters --- those mysterious white men who actually work, create and produce.

Nun erst recht! Juden 'raus!


nilus said...

"Nilus, don't know what you got against Alex Jones and Rense."

I didnt mean to slag them off,
"I thanked them and that (for me)they were useful stepping stones."

I agree that many people come to awareness of the jew, etc ,via the "conspiratard" stuff.

For instance I used to read Icke's Headlines every day and bought many of his books.I never go there now and didnt bother to read the last book of his I bought. I used to go to Rense every day also. Infowars,not so much.

German Death Cult Illuminati Interdimensional Reptoids on UK TV now:


The importance of being Rothschild:

" Countryfile is in Buckinghamshire where Matt Baker visits Waddesdon Manor and discovers the Rothschilds, a family that shaped the landscape of the entire county. He explores the legacy left behind by Charles Rothschild, founder of the Wildlife Trust, and he gets his hands dirty on the estate's farm, where cutting-edge environmental experiments are taking place to inform the government's HLS schemes."

'Homes under Mohammed'

(Paki slum landlords make a prohet)

followed by "Flog It":

(Paki whips daughter for winking)

followed by
"Escape To Your Country"

(Pakis 'relocate' from Calais to Dover)

"Points Of Jew"

Jeremy Vine slimes up to BBC Boss
JEW Danny Cohen. Cohen uses that favourite kike phrase

" ..these changes needed to happen..." and wibbles about "diversity" and "Jeremy Clarkson"

"Songs of Praise"

(produced by a Paki and presented by a black,this week features "Christians from the Indian and Pakistani "communities" in Leicester")

BBC2 'Great British Menu'

(World War 2 Cooking Show)

Channel 4 "Beaches"

JEW Bette Midler
JEW Barbara Hershey(Herzstein)
JEW Lainie Kazan( Lanie Levine)
book by
JEW Iris Rainer Dart:

"Has the Jewish cultural dynamic in your upbringing influenced what and how you write?", Dart replied "Unquestionably. I grew up in a household where both my parents were immigrants – my mother from Russia, father from Lithuania – and they spoke more Yiddish in my house than English, so it was just completely a part of who I was."

Channel 5 "Ghostbusters"
JEW Harold Ramis
JEW Lick Moranis
JEW David Margulies
JEW larry King music by
JEW Elmer Bernstein, directed by
JEW Ivan Reitman:

"Reitman's parents were Jewish; his mother survived the Auschwitz concentration camp and his father was an underground resistance fighter."

followed by "Mannequin":

Directed by
JEW? Michael Gottlieb Produced by
JEW Art Levinson
JEW Edward Rugoff Written by
JEW? Michael Gottlieb
JEW Edward Rugoff starring
JEW Estelle Getty (Scher-Gettleman)

and Christopher Maher:

"In 1982, Maher moved to Los Angeles to pursue motion-picture roles. He changed his name from Maher Boutros to Christopher Maher. "I was typecast as a dumb Arab or a bad Arab, one or the other. It depressed me, and I just refused to do any more."

CBBC "Horrible Histories"
The Blitz, evacuees.....

nilus said...

ITV2 "Britains Got Talent"
JEW Simon Cowell

QUEER French bearded faggots twerking and doing niggersex dance, for all the family.

A zygote raps about how hard his life was when he was a sperm, and how he got bullied by the other sperms.

Then A foetus with a guitar sings a song, the chorus of which contains a message of hope.
And anti-bullyng.

"America's got Talent"
JEW Howard Stern
JEW Howie Mandel

Black man shout-singing a song wot he rit called B-O-O-T-Y, all about bottoms. Everybody starts twerking.


Drama "One foot In The Grave" starring
QUEER Richard Wilson followed by "Birds ofa Feather" starring
JEW Lesley Joseph

5USA "The Glen Miller Story"
Directed by
JEW Anthony Mann(Emil Bundesmann)
produced by
JEW Aaron Rosenberg starring
?June Allyson(Eleanor Geisman)

"Miller studied with JEW Joseph Schillinger, under whose tutelage he composed what became his signature theme, "Moonlight Serenade". In 1926, Miller toured with several groups, eventually landing a good spot in JEW Ben Pollack's group in Los Angeles,with
JEW Benny Goodman and
JEW Harry Goodman and
JEW Lou Kastler and
JEW Harry Green.He also played for
JEW Victor Young, whose Los Angeles studio orchestra accompanied Judy Garland and Bing Crosby,and
JEW Nathaniel Shilkret
(Naftule Schüldkraut)

QVC: JEW Laura Geller Makeup

True Entertainment Movie:
"Mussolii and I" followed by

"M.A.S.H" (created by
JEW Lawrence Simon "Larry" Gelbart
music by
JEW Johnny Mandel :

" JEW? Psychiatrist Major Sidney/Milton Theodore Freedman (played by
JEW Allan Arkus)writes a letter to
JEW Sigmund Freud about his frustrations.."

"Star Trek the Roth of Cohen"

JEW William Shatner
JEW Leonard Nimoy directed by
JEW Nicholas Meyer produced by
JEW Harve Bennett ( Fischman)
JEW Barry Diller
JEW Michael Eisner
JEW Charles Bluhdorn
JEW Jeffrey Katzenberg followed by

"King Solomon's Mines"(1950) ,
screenplay by
JEW Helen Deutsch,music by
JEW Mischa Spoliansky directed by
JEW Andre Marton( Endre Marton)

"Marton cited the fact that he was Jewish as a reason that the film could not be released with his name as director, citing a conversation he had had with Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels."

VIVA "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air"

Shit-com about Magic Niggers created by
JEW Susan Horowitz
JEW Andy Horowitz

E4 "Brooklyn Nine Nine"
KIKE Andy Samberg plays a wisecrackin' jew detective whose boss is a QUEER black man.

Right now on BBC6 music
LESBIAN Alison Goldfrapp is playing
JEW Serge Gainsbourg..

* JEW? Michael Gottlieb, the film's director, got the idea for the feature when he was walking down Fifth Avenue and thought he saw a mannequin move in the window of
JEW Bergdorf Goodman.

JEW Bergdorf is a subsidiary of JEW Neiman Marcus:

which is owned by the private equity firms

JEW TPG Capital


JEW Warburg Pincus.

Scenes taking place at the fictitious department store Prince & Company were filmed at Wanamaker's flagship store (now
JEW Macy's Center City)
in Philadelphia.

Scenes taking place at the fictitious department store Illustra were filmed at the
JEW Boscov's department store (previously a
JEW E. J. Korvette that was taken over by JEW Boscov's in 1985 after the JEW Korvette's chain went out of business)

nilus said...

"Nilus is a man child without children, and someone who has never been married. A very juvenile mindset to say the least. He is in his late 40's and has accomplished nothing in life. Coining the term 'radio 4 skin' is his highlight in life."

Hardly a highlight, my KIKE friend.

Its just wordplay, 'Four' as in 'Fore',it succinctly describes the kosher nature of that station,and hopefully it will become a meme, like "cohen-cidence"

Now stop obsessing about me and run along,Schlomo.

Havent you got inter-racial gay porn to watch/ make?

nilus said...

I am NOT in my late forties and I have achieved a LOT, sunshine.

Is being married some sort of membership to the "Grown Ups Club?"

Not from what Ive seen.

I have, however, performed at many,many weddings,including one VERY famous person's, million-pound wedding, 'Hello' magazine, all that jazz.

They were divorced within 5 years or less.It's a fucking joke.

Lots and lots of very, very miserable married people out there.

AnalogMan said...

I'm assuming that the comment by grettir is, like its preceding comment, a forgery by the banned troll. Like all its forgeries purporting to be from me, the pathetic creature couldn't even spell my name correctly.

Unlike the troll's, my foreskin is intact, thank you for your concern.

Anonymous said...

Between my last video-link at 16:25 and now, a lot of distracting "noise" seems to have occurred.

Anyhow, another great video to be viewed:

Anonymous said...

Well now, Mr Anal Ogman,

You claim not to be a jew? You do realize that if you are a white man that only makes your childish abuse the more shameful? But I suppose you are confessing to being some variety of nigger.

Before hurling insults, you might like to parade your achievements in some verifiable form. Until then, I invite you to go fly a blind fuck up your dead end.


Anonymous said...

mr.a says

@ Uncle N (or anybody else)

Apologies Savant for going completely off topic but,only yesterday,I went through a box of ancient videotapes. On one of them I discovered that I had recorded several fights of the great SA boxer Brian Mitchell.

I had almost completely forgotten Mitchell and his extraordinary achievements.

But what I would like to know was what the reaction in the 80's in SA to Mitchell's brilliance?.

I do remember one commentator who,begrudgingly,described Mitchell's success as "the elevation of competence into an artform"


Anonymous said...

The Pirates of Men’s Pants (Penzance)


Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Soccer Aid = transfer of white money to blacks. The FA is prob behind it considering it's run by David Bernstein and Greg 'white people are hideous' Kike.

Reminds me of an Oxfam story I saw years back. A man died and in his will left a betting slip that Federer would win a record number of Hrand Slams. The odds were good brcause the bet was made at thr start of his career when there was little sign of how good he would become.

They interviewed the geekiest looking little bald white man. He looked so pleased with himself when he announced that the winnings had been earmarked for some wells in... you guessed it - BLOODY AFRICA. I thought: 'Boy, what would those blacks do to you if we dropped you into Africa.' For once I'd be on their side! You'd soon be cured of your sentimentalism.

I've nothing against charity in principle but because I know the sort of leftists/YKWs that run charities I NEVER donate. They'd feel queasy if any charity were to help poor whites, the barstewards. #BoycottCharity

Wolfhound said...

@ anon 13.36

Absolutely vile. That fucking kaffir should be swinging from a tree, instead this banana republic rewards it.

Something which has been really bothering me lately is the TOTAL absence anything even resembling a right wing party in this country. Almost every other European country seems to be moving in the right direction. Can you imagine where the turd wurlders are all going to flock to when they realise Ireland is the most welcoming and naive of the Western countries?

And this country is so full of fucking cultural Marxists and ignorant muppets they would probably take them all in with open arms...Yuck.

Uncle Nasty said...

You claim not to be a jew? You do realize that if you are a white man that only makes your childish abuse the more shameful? But I suppose you are confessing to being some variety of nigger.

... and once again the Lavender Nose Mob rise to the bait. Our daily dose of joo.


Anonymous said...

UN at 22.15

Duly penitent. I shall try to forbear in future. But really, such an ass.


Uncle Nasty said...

How low can everyone go, before the backlash?
Pretty low, it seems.

Have things actually changed since the Dark Ages?
No. Not really.

Slavery As a Means to Fatten the Coffers of the Elite

Most Third World countries practice some form of overt and/or covert forms of slavery which serve to economically benefit the elite. America is no different. The US has simply traded one form of slavery for another.

Despite the fact that the United States makes up less than 5% of the world’s population, America’s prisons confine more than 25% of all people who are incarcerated on the entire planet. An unknown but huge number of these prisoners perform labor at twenty-three cents per hour while housed in our federal prisons contracted by the Bureau of Prisons’ UNICOR.

UNICOR is a for-profit corporation, and it is the US government’s 39th largest contractor. Privatized prisons are the fastest growing prisons in the United States and they are normally guaranteed a 90% occupancy rate. This criminal corruption leads to a Third World type of abuse of the public by police departments in order to meet arrest quotas which guarantee the owners of the growing privatized prisons that they are promised occupancy rates will be met.

Read the rest here:-


AnalogMan said...

Was that really you, grettir? I thought you were smarter than that, which is why I thought it was a forgery. Let me explain it again.

I did not post that abusive comment. It was a forgery. Most of us are smart enough to spot the forgeries instantly and we just ignore them. Apparently you are not. That's OK, I don't hate you for it and I don't abuse you for it. But really, the foul language and that childish "anal" thing are not necessary, nor clever, nor even original.

I share your opinion of the troll that tried so pathetically to impersonate me, but really, it wasn't me. You should have known better. Its whole purpose was to get us at each others' throats. Don't fall for it.

Anonymous said...

Compare and contrast the J % of the UK population and the J % of Question Time panellists. My bet? Over-represented by a minimum 1000%.

But what can you say for an org run by Michael Grade, Danny Cohen, Alan Yentob amd Greg 'White people are hideous' Kike!!!

nilus said...

UK TV Sunday Night:

BBC2 "QI" presented of course by
QUEER JEW FRY followed by

"Adventureland" (2009) starring
JEW Jesse Eisenberg
JEW Margarita Levieva
JEW Josh Pais produced by
JEW Sidney Kimmel

"Sue drunkenly makes out with Joel, but rejects him the next day, saying her Catholic parents would not allow her to date a Jew; outraged, Em calls Sue an anti-Semite in front of the entire staff."

followed by another chance to see Matt Bakers trip to meet the
JEW Rothschild family in "Countryfile"

ITV London '"The Drag Queens Of London"
' Silver confronts her issues with frenemy Vicki Vivacious'

Channel 4 "The Debt" (2010)

"Thriller about a 1965 Mossad mission to capture a NAZI WAR CRIMINAL .."

Screenplay by
JEW? Jane Goldman, it's a remake of the 2007 Israeli film Ha-Hov directed by
JEW Assaf Bernstein,written by
JEW Ido Rosenblum

"In 1965, Mossad agent Rachel Singer arrives in East Berlin to meet with fellow agents David Peretz and Stefan Gold . Their mission is to capture Nazi war criminal Dieter Vogel —infamously known as "The Surgeon of Birkenau" for his medical experiments on Jews during World War II—and bring him to Israel to face JEWstice."

followed by

"The Conspirator"

produced by
JEW Greg Shapiro
JEW? Brian Falk
JEW? Robert Stone Screenplay by JEW James D. Solomon Story by
JEW James D. Solomon
JEW Gregory Bernstein staqrring
%JEW Kevin Kline music by
JEW Newton Thomas Sigel

Channel 5
"Dirty Dancing" starring
JEW Jennifer Grey as a rich jew in the borsch belt who cops off with a filhy goyim

written by
JEW Eleanor Bergstein,directed by
QUEER Emile Ardolino,produced by
JEW Linda Gottleib, also starring
%JEW Jerry Orbach

followed by

"The Greatest 80's Movies" with
JEW Cory Feldman,
JEW Corey Hain,
JEW River Phoenix
JEW Rob Reiner,
Rob Reiner's JEW mum
JEW Billy Crystal
JEW Jennifer Grey etc

followed by "Classic Car Rescue" starring
JEW Bernie Fineman.

BBC3 "Family Goy"
'Road to Germany'
JEW Mort Goldman accidentally steps into a time machine and finds himself transported back to NAZI-occupied Poland in 1939 - to the horror of Brian and Stewie, who set out on a mission to save him' starring
JEW Seth Green
JEW Mila Kunis
JEW Alex Borstein
JEW Jeff Witzke
JEW Robert Boomfield

"After reading the script aloud, Jewish executive producer David A. Goodman said, "I'm going to get kicked out of my temple"

BBC4 "Youve Got A Friend" A tribute to
JEW Carole King (Klein)

followed by"Decisive Weapons" How the Soviet T34 tank helped the Red Army fight back against the (EVIL,NAZI)Germans in WW2.

ITV2 "Red Dragon" directed by
JEW Brett Ratner starring
JEW Harvey Keitel music by
JEW Danny Elfman

ITV3 "In The Name Of The Father" starring
JEW Daniel Day-Lewis

followed by
Judge JEWdy

E! "Fashion Police" starring
JEW Joan Rivers (Molinsky)

ITV4 "Police Academy 3" starring
JEW Steve Guttenberg followed by

WATCH "Trick of the mind"
QUEER Derren Brown x2

"The Fantastic Mr Feynman"
A profile of American physicist JEW Richard Feynman,who was part of the team that designed the atomic bomb and won a Nobel Prizefor his work in quantum electrodynamics, and is seen as one of the most influential and inspiring scientists of the 20th century'

ITV4 "Age of Heroes" WW2 drama followed by

"The Black Windmill" directed by
JEW Don Siegel starring
JEW Janet Suzman

DRAMA: Jew Lesley Joseph

E4: "The Big Nose Theory" x2

QUEST: "Surviving D-Day"

Movies4men: "Rhineland" WW2 drama

"Reunion at Fairborogh" WW2 drama

James said...

I suspect what will really happen: the coffee's will finish the job Hitler started.

Some people think that the job Hitler started was half-destroying Europe and creating Isreal.

Maybe you are right.

Keiser said...

Been reading Dante...

Paradiso (Commedia)
"Your city, which was planted by that one
who was the first to turn against his Maker,
the one whose envy cost us many tears

produces and distributes the damned flower
that turns both sheep and lambs from the true course,
for of the shepherd it has made a wolf."

The "damned flower" was the Florin and the "city" was Florence but he just just as easily have been talking about the Federal Reserve and the Dollar (Jew Bucks)

katana said...

A fascinating talk given in Sweden by researcher Christopher Bollyn on 9/11 followed by an extensive question and answer session that explains who was behind it all and why (YKW).


Have We Been Deceived About What Happened on 9/11? Christopher Bollyn

Published on Jun 3, 2014

A lecture by Christopher Bollyn that took place the 25th of May 2014 in Gothenburg Sweden.

Christopher Bollyn is an American journalist who has investigated the events of 9-11. He helped Professor Steven E. Jones in the spring and summer of 2006, when Jones found solid evidence of Thermite in the dust of the Twin Towers. The discovery and discussion of Thermite in the demolition of the World Trade Center led to serious trouble for both Jones and Bollyn. In the end Bollyn had to go into exile.

Christopher Bollyn has written several book on the subject, for example "Solving 9-11: The Deception that Changed the World".

The lecture was arranged by the Cui Bono Association.

James said...

"Star Trek the Roth of Cohen"


The needs of the many outweigh the white race.

James said...

Haters gotta hate.

As a fellow member of the world's most hated race, I feel what they are going through.

James said...

Why immigrants are so annoying:

EXAGGERATED BEHAVIOUR IN ALIEN CULTURE, EBIAC. A most distinctive instance was by one of a bevy of Middle Eastern (probably Iranian) women dressed in robes and traditional headscarves walking along the Nieuwendijk. One broke away from the rest and gave me a very pronounced Collision Signal; it was very obvious. This was similar in degree to Arabic women shoplifters in London. These women, even including the wives and daughters of diplomats and dignitaries, learning of the practice of shoplifting among the indigenous population, went at it with a vengeance, their enthusiasm apparently being in direct proportion to its prohibition in the culture from which they had come.

Germans could be forcefully uninhibited when they came to Amsterdam. It seemed that whatever behaviour was repressed in their home culture was expressed in exaggerated form in an environment in which it was not. These few reports of this effect are undoubtedly unsystematic, and in isolation might be regarded as unreliable, but in each case there is a consistent pattern. The phenomenon is evident among many different cultures.

A further example was British and other white emigrants to South Africa during apartheid. Reportedly they would spend their first year in righteous indignation, saying how disgraceful the system was and refusing to have coloured servants. After a year or so however their views would be revised and house servants, a luxury for the fairly ordinary people who would otherwise have no prospect of such convenience, would be accommodated. They would then treat them with less consideration and often more violently than the indigenous white South Africans who had grown up with the system.

Also, they can be annoying for more simple reasons. But, they always do things they wouldn't do back home.

James said...

Who Took the Slaves to America?
Slave Ship Owner(s)
Abigail Aaron Lopez, Moses Levy, Jacob Franks
Crown Isaac Levy, Nathan Simpson
Nassau Moses Levy
Four Sisters Moses Levy
Anne & Eliza Justus Bosch, John Abrams
Prudent Betty Henry Cruger, Jacob Pheonix
Hester Mordecai & David Gomez
Elizabeth Mordecai & David Gomez
Antigua Nathan Marston, Abram Lyell
Betsy Wm. De Woolf
Polly James De Woolf
White Horse Jan de Sweevts
Expedition John & Jacob Roosevelt
Charlotte Moses & Sam Levy, Jacob Franks
Caracoa Moses & Sam Levy


Paul Sheehan

From the Sydney Morning Herald, May 20, 1995

James said...

Who Took the Slaves to America?
Slave Ship Owner(s)
Abigail Aaron Lopez, Moses Levy, Jacob Franks
Crown Isaac Levy, Nathan Simpson
Nassau Moses Levy
Four Sisters Moses Levy
Anne & Eliza Justus Bosch, John Abrams
Prudent Betty Henry Cruger, Jacob Pheonix
Hester Mordecai & David Gomez
Elizabeth Mordecai & David Gomez
Antigua Nathan Marston, Abram Lyell
Betsy Wm. De Woolf
Polly James De Woolf
White Horse Jan de Sweevts
Expedition John & Jacob Roosevelt
Charlotte Moses & Sam Levy, Jacob Franks
Caracoa Moses & Sam Levy


Paul Sheehan

From the Sydney Morning Herald, May 20, 1995

nilus said...

"GTR sucks nigger cock?"

No,fake Dan,he doesnt,but your concern is duly noted.


9.15 "The Wright Stuff"

Panel of 3 :

JEW Tom Rosenthal

JEW Anthony Horowitz

and UKIP supporter Christine Hamilton.

Jews make up 0.4% of UK population,(according to David Baddiel) but 66% of this panel.

"Anthony Horowitz was born in Stanmore, into a wealthy Jewish family, and in his early years lived an upper-class lifestyle"

He described his school as "Auschwitz-on-the-hill" but this has been removed from his Wiki page which now reads:

"Horowitz described his time in the school as "a brutal experience", recalling that he was often beaten by the headmaster."

Horowitz adored his mother, who introduced him to Frankenstein and Dracula. She also gave him a human skull for his 13th birthday.

Horowitz claims to believe that H. P. Lovecraft based his fictional Necronomicon on a real text, and to have read some of that text.

(Horowitz is the UK's best-selling children's author)

'Horowitz's father was associated with some of the politicians in the "circle" of prime minister Harold Wilson, including Eric Miller.[8] Facing bankruptcy, he moved his assets into Swiss numbered bank accounts. He died from cancer when his son Anthony was 22, and the family was never able to track down the missing money despite years of trying.'

(JEW) Sir Eric Merton Miller (1927 – 22 September 1977) was an English businessman, who committed suicide while under investigation for fraud.

He received a knighthood in Wilson's retirement Honours list in 1976 (the controversial 'Lavender List').

Miller committed suicide, by shooting himself on the Jewish Day of Atonement.

nilus said...

The 1976 Prime Minister's Resignation Honours were announced on 27 May 1976 to mark the resignation of Prime Minister Harold Wilson. The list of honours became known satirically as the "Lavender List".

The list caused controversy as a number of recipients were wealthy businessmen whose principles were considered antipathetic to those held by the Labour Party at the time.

Roy Jenkins notes that Wilson's retirement "was disfigured by his, at best, eccentric resignation honours list, which gave peerages or knighthoods to some adventurous business gentlemen, several of whom were close neither to him nor to the Labour Party."

One businessman on the list,
JEW Lord Kagan, was convicted of fraud in 1980;

JEW Sir Eric Miller committed suicide while under investigation for fraud in 1977.

Another beneficiary was the buccaneering financier
JEW James Goldsmith.

(JEW Goldsmith was the inspiration for the character of the corporate raider Sir Larry Wildman in JEW Oliver Stone's Wall Street.

Goldsmith's father Frank changed the family name from the German Goldschmidt to the English Goldsmith.

The Goldschmidts, neighbors and rivals to the JEW Rothschild family, were a wealthy, Frankfurt-based, Jewish family, who had been influential figures in international merchant banking since the 16th century. James' great-grandfather was Benedict Hayum Salomon Goldschmidt, banker and consul to the Grand Duke of Tuscany. James' grandfather Adolphe Benedict Goldschmidt (1838–1918), a multi-millionaire, came to London in 1895.)

In 1978, he married for the third time; his new wife was his mistress Lady Annabel Birley; the couple had three children, Jemima (born in 1974), Zacharias (born in 1975) and Benjamin (born in 1980). Zac and Jemima have both become much reported upon figures in the British media; in 2003 Ben married heiress Kate Emma Rothschild (born 1982), daughter of the late Amschel Rothschild and his wife Anita Guinness of the Guinness Brewery family. Speculation about Goldsmith's romantic life was a popular topic in the British media: for example, in the press, there were claims that James Goldsmith was the father of the family friend Lady Diana Spencer, due to his friendship with Diana's mother, and later with Diana.

Goldsmith, like his friends Lord Lucan and John Aspinall, believed Britain had been victim of a socialist conspiracy and that communists had infiltrated the Labour party and the media.

nilus said...


Joseph Kagan, Baron Kagan (6 June 1915 – 17 January 1995) was a Lithuanian-British industrialist and the founder of Kagan Textiles, of Elland, which made raincoats from the waterproof Gannex fabric he had invented. Gannex raincoats were worn by Prime Minister Harold Wilson, a friend of his. Kagan was sent to prison for ten months in 1980 for stealing from his own companies.

He was born Juozapas Kaganas into a Litvak family in Lithuania. He first came to Britain in 1934 to study at the University of Leeds but returned to Lithuania where he was trapped on the outbreak of World War II in Kaunas. He married Margarita Shtromaite (later Lady Kagan) in the Kaunas Ghetto. The newlyweds and Joseph's mother, Mira managed to survive over three years in this ghetto. First, they were ordinary inmates, but when Kagan realised there was no chance of their surviving unless they escaped, he organised a hiding place for himself, his new wife and his mother in a factory just outside the ghetto walls.

The three lived in a small box in the factory attic for nine months, kept alive by the efforts of a Lithuanian non-Jew, Vytautas Rinkevicius, who risked his and his family's life to save them.

When the Nazis were ousted from Lithuania, Joseph and Margaret Kagan made their way to Bucharest and from there, to England.

When Wilson resigned as Prime Minister in March 1976, Kagan was made a life peer as Baron Kagan, of Elland in the County of West Yorkshire in the 1976 Prime Minister's Resignation Honours (known satirically as the 'Lavender List'), taking the Labour Party whip.
He was later charged with tax evasion, though the formal charges were styled as "theft" and "false accounting", to comply with extradition treaties which did not cover tax offenses. After a stay in Israel, he was arrested in Paris. On December 12, 1980, he was convicted of four counts of theft. He was fined £375,000 and served a ten-month sentence, first in Armley, then in Rudgate open prison, Yorkshire. He lost his knighthood, but his peerage could not be forfeited.

nilus said...

The Lavender List:

Life Peers:

JEW Sir Lew Grade(Winogradsky)
JEW Sir Bernard Delfont
JEW Sir Joseph Kagan
JEW Sir Max Rayne
JEW Sir Arthur George Weidenfeld*
JEW Sir Joseph Ellis Stone
John Ernest Vaizey**


JEW James Goldsmith
JEW Sigmund Sternberg***

*born Boris (or Boruch) Winogradsky, was a leading Russian-born British theatrical impresario.
He was born in Tokmak, Russian Empire, the second son of Isaac and Olga Winogradsky. His brothers Lew Grade and Leslie Grade also entered showbusiness. His nephew Michael Grade (now Lord Grade of Yarmouth), Leslie's son, has had a career in the television and film industries.

**In 1961 Vaisey married the author JEW Marina Stansky, daughter of JEW lawyer Lyman Stansky from New York.
One of their children is the Conservative Party politician
JEW Edward Vaizey.

***Sternberg is Jewish and was born in Budapest, Hungary. He emigrated to Britain in 1939 and was naturalised as a British citizen in 1947.

He has worked in promoting dialogue between different faiths. Successes in this area include:
Relocating a Roman Catholic convent at Auschwitz.

Organising the first papal visit to a synagogue in 1986
Negotiating the Vatican's recognition of the state of Israel

He established the Sternberg Foundation in 1968 and was one of the co-founders of the Three Faiths Forum. He was the founding Chairman of CRU Group. Sternberg is currently Life President of the Movement for Reform Judaism.
In 1976, he was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II, and in 1985 he was made a Papal Knight Commander of the Order of St. Gregory the Great (KCSG) by Pope John Paul II.

In November 2005, Sternberg was promoted to the highest rank within the Royal Order of Francis I to the grade of Knight Grand Cross (GCFO), this in recognition of his contributions to furthering the interfaith activities of the British and Irish Delegation.'

nilus said...

*Weidenfeld, who became a British citizen in 1946, was knighted in 1969 and created a life peer as Baron Weidenfeld of Chelsea in the County of Greater London in 1976. He was appointed Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the British Empire (GBE) in the 2011 New Year Honours for public service. Further honors have included Honorary Fellow of St Peter's College, Oxford, Honorary Fellow of St Anne's College, Oxford Hon. Fellow, King's College London and Honorary D.Litt. from the University of Exeter. He was made an Honorary Senator of Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität, Bonn in 1996 and awarded the Degree of Doctor of Letters, honoris causa, by Oxford University in 2010. He holds the German Knights Commanders Cross (Badge & Star) of the Order of Merit (1991); the Austrian Cross of Honour First Class for Arts and Science (2002); the Decoration of Honour in Gold for Services to the County of Vienna (2003); the Italian Grand Officer of the Order of Merit (2005); the Order of Merit of the Land Baden-Württemberg (2008). The Polish Foreign Minister awarded him with the Bene Merito distinction in 2011. He received the London Book Fair/Trilogy Lifetime Achievement Award for International Publishing in 2007; the Teddy Kollek Life Achievement Award in Jerusalem in 2009.

Joseph Ellis Stone, Baron Stone (27 May 1903 – 17 June 1986) was an officer in the British Army, and a doctor, most notably to Harold Wilson. He was given the name of Joseph Ellis Silverstone. He was knighted, and then created a life peer in the 1976 Prime Minister's Resignation Honours with the title Baron Stone, of Hendon in Greater London, on 24 June 1976.

During World War II, as a Captain in the Royal Army Medical Corps, Joe was in the British Army force that liberated Belsen Concentration Camp. He became heavily involved as a doctor in the initial army reaction to the situation they found in Belsen, and to the rehabilitation of the prisoners there. He was possibly the first British Jewish doctor to enter Belsen after its liberation. His brother-in-law, Sidney Bernstein was then commissioned by the British Government to make a documentary about the liberation of Belsen and the Concentration Camps, which may have been influenced by the letters Joe sent home to his wife, Beryl.

His brother was Arnold Silverstone, later Lord Ashdown,who was the brother of Lord Stone, brother in law of Lord Bernstein.

Anonymous said...

There's some enlightening comments about Jews following Andrew Gilligans article on Islamism in The Telegraph.

Here's one: "sunmoontruth bink57 • 2 hours ago
The "enrichment" was pushed on us by your ilk

The jew Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi (1894–1972) was an anti-European racist, he espoused that the founding purpose of a European federalist state would be to destroy the European people, not simply through reducing internal differences but through destroying Europeans entirely and replacing us with "a mixed race of Asians and negros"

seaneen said...

Why do most adverts on British TV nowadays feature some happy young couple, the man is black and the woman is white?

Is it because the biggest ad agencies like WPP, Saatchis etc are Jewish-owned?

Should we join the boycott of those companies products like some Brits are now doing?

BTW is the reason that popular soap Coronation Street is full of lesbians, homos, mixed race couples and useless, thick white men down to the fact that the scriptwriters are all homosexual or Jewish?

Anonymous said...

A lot of companies get niggers in their promotional material handed to them by the agencies.

We should complain more.
They sometimes listen and will change these things.

nilus said...

BBC2 now " Daily Politics"

JEW Jo Coburn talks about
JEW Ed Milliband with
QUEER lefty Owen Jones.

QUEER Rylan Clark(This Morning)

QUEER Micheal Barrymore talks to Jeremy Kyle

Channel 5
QUEER Rylan Clark(Big Brother)

CBS Judge JEWDy x 6

5USA "Hungerpoint" starring
JEW Barbara Hershey (Hertzstein)

followed by

"The Fantastic Mr Fyneman"
(Documentary about JEW Richard Fyneman)

"Under Ten Flags" (WW2 NAZI drama)

"The story alternates between scenes at the Admiralty and scenes at sea, particularly showing Captain Rogge's humanity and chivalrous conduct of his military engagements.

Rogge was one of the few German flag rank officers who was not arrested by the Allies after the war, due to his conduct as a military officer."

Film4 "The Desert Fox:The Story of Rommel" (WW2 NAZI Drama)


00:15 "Thinking Allowed"
Make-up in Iran:

'Dr Aliakbar Jafari, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Marketing at the University of Strathclyde, discusses his research on Iranian women's use of make up, as a form of escape and self expression. He's joined by Dr Ziba Mir Hosseini, Professorial Research Associate at the Centre of Islamic and Middle Eastern Law at the School for Oriental and African Studies at the University of London.'

09:00 "Start the Week"

'Charu Lata Hogg from Chatham House looks at the challenges to democracy in Thailand where the country is in political turmoil, and the journalist Anjan Sundaram spent a year in The Congo during the violent 2006 elections, and looks at day-to-day life in a failing state.'

09:45 "Book of the Week"

'JEW Rebecca Front reads from her new book, a collection of anecdotes and yarns exploring all that is remarkable about everyday life.'

10:00 "Woman's Hour"
(Editor JEW Alice Finestein)

JEW Ruby Wax on how to manage your stress, anxiety and depression

10:45 "15 Minute Drama"
JEW Miriam Margolyes

"Britain at Sea"

Lord West explains how a battle in April 1940 helped saved Britain from invasion later that summer, while in northern France he looks out from the top of a NAZI-era submarine pen and imagines how the prospects envisaged by the German U-boat aces must have changed during the course of the war.the Battle of the Atlantic in the Second World War.

"Beyond Belief"
Ernie Rea and guests discuss the meaning of apostasy within Islam.

18:30 "Just a Minute"
JEW Vanessa Feltz and
QUEER Julian Clary

20:30 "Analysis"
What Does Putin Want?

With guests including
JEW? Anne Applebaum,
Anna Arutunyan,
JEW? Mary Dejevsky, columnist for The Independent

"Why doesn't Russia have a Yad Vashem for the gulag?
One of the 20th century's great crimes is still awaiting a fitting memorial"

Has Germany confronted its Nazi past? Not where art is concerned
The discovery of 1,400 paintings in a Munich flat is only a fraction of a much bigger picture

Book at Bedtime
The Temporary Gentleman, WW2 drama

nilus said...

Why do most adverts on British TV nowadays feature some happy young couple, the man is black and the woman is white?

See latest Morrisons ad, for half-price French sticks. Happy couple, she White and pretty, he black as pitch, looks like a nig from "So Solid Crew"

nilus said...




11 Palace Chambers, Bridge Street, London, S.W.I, ENGLAND

First Published July, 1965

This book is dedicated to my colleagues and to the true patriots of every land. — A.K.C.

They have given us into the hand of new unhappy lords, Lords without anger and honour, who dare not carry their swords.
They fight by shuffling papers; they have bright dead alien eyes;
They look at our labour and laughter as a tired man looks at flies.
And the load of their loveless pity is worse than the ancient wrongs,
Their doors are shut in the evening; and they know no songs.

G. K. CHESTERTON, “The Secret People”.

"bright dead alien eyes" :

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 12:35

I don't think he was Jewish.

Keiser said...

@Anonymous 7 June 2014 15:41

Not to disagree with your point about intolerance leading to less niggers, which is true but the Satanic Bible sounds like well intentioned advice for young teenagers that are afraid to leave the safety of their bedrooms. I remember a friend who showed it to me in secondary school and I thought that it was ridiculously juvenile even then, which says a lot.

From the treatise in question ...
"When walking in open territory, bother no one. If someone bothers you, ask them to stop. If they don’t stop, destroy them."

"Destroy them"?, somebody has been watching too many Defenders of the Earth cartoons.

"Do not complain about anything to which you need not subject yourself."

"Satan represents kindness to those who deserve it instead of love wasted on ingrates."

A few good pieces of advice in the whole thing.

"Satan represents indulgence instead of abstinence."

This is problematic as they indict "Solipsism" as a Satanic sin.

Disavowal of limits, i.e. indulgence, leads one to a solipsistic outlook. It is in limits that I can recognise that which is outside of me.

It is in the recognition of that which is outside of me that I avoid solipsism.

"Satan represents vital existence instead of spiritual pipe dreams."

"Satan" offers certainty and comfort, a safe harbour for those unable to reconcile the vastness of the world with the frailty and mortality of the self and the attendant anxiety that comes with the denial of this and of death itself which is the ultimate source of valuation.

"Satan represents undefiled wisdom instead of hypocritical self-deceit."

Pot kettle black. The Devil is a liar and the Father of all lies.

'nuff said

"Do not give opinions or advice unless you are asked."

Satan forbid one sticks one's neck out.

"Do not tell your troubles to others unless you are sure they want to hear them."

A rule for a person of no substance terrified of putting themselves in a position of "weakness" or dependency by relying on others because of their lack of spiritual capital. One must hide weakness and remain austere and aloof because underneath one is a pussy. Hail Satan!

"When in another's lair, show them respect or else do not go there.
If a guest in your lair annoys you, treat them cruelly and without mercy."

Too many words

"Do not make sexual advances unless you are given the mating signal."

Did a fifteen year old D&D player ghost write for LaVey (who was a Jew B.T.W)

"Do not take that which does not belong to you unless it is a burden to the other person and they cry out to be relieved.

"cry out to be relieved"
Not to split hairs but what if the person is confused or under duress. These are simple directives for simple people.

"Acknowledge the power of magic if you have employed it successfully to obtain your desires. If you deny the power of magic after having called upon it with success, you will lose all you have obtained."

Like a HUGE SACRIFICIAL MEGA RITUAL held in the centre of a city. I swear if I see one more
marching band make a formation of the all seeing eye I might actually start believing LaVey juvenile shit, I suppose all the cool kids are doing it these days.

In summation, advice for teenagers.

Anonymous said...


Have you seen this article at the telegraph site


Anonymous said...

Is the NHS institutionally racist?

I have bookshelves of reports detailing the unfair treatment many NHS Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) staff receive in recruitment, promotion, training, discipline and pay. The Snowy White Peaks of the NHS suggests such unfair treatment extends to every level of leadership and governance of the NHS, with important adverse consequences for patients.

Latest statistics show that 20% of nurses and 37% of doctors in the NHS are from BME backgrounds. Yet just 6% of senior and very senior managers in the NHS are from a BME background and just over 7% (and falling) of NHS trust board members are in this category.

It's worse in London. Over two fifths of London's population and its NHS staff are from BME backgrounds, yet just 8% of NHS trust board members are. London currently has just one BME trust chair and not one BME chief executive. Almost two fifths of London's NHS trust boards have no voting BME members at all. The proportion of trust board members from BME backgrounds has actually fallen in recent years while the proportion of BME staff and local populations has grown. The likelihood of white staff in London are three times more likely to become senior or very senior than BME staff.

The inevitable impact on staff morale is that a quarter of BME staff consistently report they are discriminated against and that they are denied a fair opportunity to develop their career. If BME staff are treated unfairly, patients pay a price. When panels appoint "people like us" during recruitment and promotion, then patients may not get the best possible staff. When BME staff are treated unfairly once employed, there is a cost to those staff, to their employers and most importantly to .

Bolting the stable door after the horse has left said...

Jesus dolls removed, raffles banned and non-Muslim pupils blocked from school trips to Saudi Arabia: the damning Ofsted findings into five 'Trojan Horse' schools.

Five Muslim-dominated Birmingham schools were placed in special measures today to 'protect children from extremism' following a bombshell report into a Trojan Horse plot to radicalise pupils.
Hardline Muslim governors led an 'organised campaign' to change the character of ordinary state schools, the Education Secretary Michael Gove told MPs in a fiery Commons statement this afternoon.
He revealed how one school had played the Muslim call to prayer over loudspeakers in the playground while another had invited a hate preacher to speak even though he had previously called for 'victory to the Muslims in Afghanistan'.
Mr Gove announced that schools will be made to 'actively promote British values', as he pledged to take 'decisive action" over Ofsted's findings. All schools could also be subjected to unannounced 'dawn raid' inspections with those that fail taken over and put under new leadership.

A mooselimb is not just for Christmas said...

Tower Hamlets council 'targeted in Trojan Horse-style Islamist infiltration plot'.

A London MP today warned of the risk of a 'Trojan Horse'-style Islamist plot to infiltrate councils in the capital amid claims of schools being targeted in Birmingham.

As Ofsted criticised five schools at the heart of the row, Labour's Jim Fitzpatrick said there is a risk of "race politics" taking hold after the re-election of controversial mayor Lutfur Rahman in Tower Hamlets.

He said Labour had rejected "several hundred" applications from people the party believed could be "extremists" trying to infiltrate the borough's politics, as well as expelling party members during the past five years.

"We think our act is pretty clean now, but that doesn't stop people trying because that's what was influencing our politics in the past and that's certainly a way of working," he told the Standard.

"Much as the entryism, the Trojan Horse allegations [were] in education in Birmingham, the Trojan Horse in east London was a political one rather than an educational one."

Shaunantijihad said...

"The jew Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi (1894–1972) was an anti-European racist..."

Kalergi wasn't a Jew. He was an aristocrat, half European & half Japanese. I presume other blue bloods excluded him for being half Japanese and maybe Japs did the same. Either way, he ended up with a seething hatred of Whites and in the company of rich and powerful Jews and married one.

His book not only espouses the extermination of Caucasians by mass immigration but the advancement of Jews into societal leadership roles of the new, lower IQ Mongrel Man in Europe.

You can be sure that all the horrors of the Jewish Soviet Union will eventually be visited upon the mongrels once they have effected the revolution to overthrow the White race, just as happened in Russia.

Shaunantijihad said...

"The jew Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi (1894–1972) was an anti-European racist..."

Kalergi wasn't a Jew. He was an aristocrat, half European & half Japanese. I presume other blue bloods excluded him for being half Japanese and maybe Japs did the same. Either way, he ended up with a seething hatred of Whites and in the company of rich and powerful Jews and married one.

His book not only espouses the extermination of Caucasians by mass immigration but the advancement of Jews into societal leadership roles of the new, lower IQ Mongrel Man in Europe.

You can be sure that all the horrors of the Jewish Soviet Union will eventually be visited upon the mongrels once they have effected the revolution to overthrow the White race, just as happened in Russia.

Keiser said...

Shaunantijihad said...

"His book not only espouses the extermination of Caucasians by mass immigration but the advancement of Jews into societal leadership roles of the new, lower IQ Mongrel Man in Europe."

9 June 2014 20:36

Reminds me of the Morlocks and the Eloi from "The Time Machine". Did H.G. Wells know something?

Keiser said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

You're totally right, Savant. Unfortunately.

Most jews do believe the shite about the "centuries upon centuries of persecutions".

They like to believe it because it is self-flattering. It amounts to say : "We Jews have been the most persecuted people in human history but despite this we have overcome and become such a great, succesfull people !".

It's an (unconscious ?) attempt at rationalising their religious belief in their own "chosenness" (read : superiority).

Though it is of course true that Jews, like basically all other ethnic and religious groups on Earth, have sporadically been victims of persecutions it should be obvious to anyone that if all gentiles - or even just a thousandth of them - had wanted to slaughter jews or force them to conversion, then there would be no more jews in the world today.

Considering how much more Blacks have suffered from actual persecutions through US history than Jews have, the whole "Why does this black guy want to become a jew ?" thing seems indeed to be the expression of a self-centered mentality that amounts to psychosis.

Keiser said...

@ Rob 9 June 2014 19:43

I am just reading it now. Good article, longer than most. I think that we won't see immediate change in the system of banking and finance, etc but now we have the beginnings of a choice.

It is like the Internet and the MSM. When the Internet first became usable it was a curiosity that people said would never replace the fax machine let alone mainstream publishing.

They couldn't have conceived of affordable terabyte sized hard disks being commonly available to consumers, of server farms, blogs, P2P file sharing, pdfs, youtube, email, etc.

Now in its current state we see that the Internet easily replaces tradition media or certainly offers a more than viable alternative.

Not to labour the point and this is of course obvious to all but its decentralised nature also allows for choice and for other viewpoints to be expressed. The MSM is as we all know now incapable of that and panders to the prevailing powers and whoever has the money.

This is where we are heading with Bitcoin, in its current state the crytocurrency movement is like the nascent Internet.

In a few years it will be a more evolved beast hopefully.

The main thing is that like the Internet it is decentralised and offers us choice. We won't need a financial revolution now that we have a choice!

James said...

Kalergi wasn't a Jew. He was an aristocrat, half European & half Japanese.

Maybe he's a crypto-Jew? He might be 100% gentile but his thinking is certainly Jewish.

Maybe his Japanese mother is part Jewish? The nobility of Japan is heavily Jewish by blood (including the Emperor), as pointed out by Henry Makow.

It is interesting that the Byzantine Empire is never mentioned in the history books at school because it had the most successful anti-Jewish laws ever. The Jews had little power there, until the Muslims destroyed it.

It's slightly ironic that a descendent of the nobility of that Empire is the arch anti-white.

Uncle Nasty said...

Anonymous said

Considering how much more Blacks have suffered from actual persecutions through US history than Jews have, the whole "Why does this black guy want to become a jew ?" thing seems indeed to be the expression of a self-centered mentality that amounts to psychosis.

Aaaah, no. Blacks have not suffered under US persecution.

Blacks have suffered a hundred, a thousand times more through the actions of other blacks.

The typical behavior of niggers is like the typical behavior of jews. All consequences springing therefrom are richly deserved.

But your statement is interesting in itself as it's an excellent example of how the brainwashing can affect even hardened racists like us ... or like me, I should say.

I know how you feel. I too find myself comparing the "suffering" of so-called groups of "victims", until I realise that it is all part of the narrative and have to metaphorically shake myself awake like a dog.


O'Sama O'Hagan said...

Ireland, the most truly Muslim country in the world!

That's why they love it here, we're their ideal country.

James said...

Israel Shamir wouldn't like trolls of the type that infest forums such as this one. Such people claim to regard the Jews as nuts who follow a ridiculous religion, but also appear to believe that the number one purpose of life on earth is to prevent more jew-gassing. You get all sorts on the Internet, don't you?

By Israel Shamir

I do not like philo-Semites, i.e. people choosing to fight anti Semitism, of all ills.

In this world, so full of trouble and real suffering, there is something deeply perverted in persons preferring to protect and support - not the poor, not the refugees, not the oppressed, but the wealthy, influential and well-connected group actively engaged in ethnic cleansing of Palestine.

More here

nilus said...

"@nilus 13:44

"Why do most adverts on British TV nowadays feature some happy young couple"

It's to brainwash people into being straight because there are too many queers, like in Brighton where you chose to live"

"@nilus 11:13

I see that the human reproductive system is not known to you, but that is understandable since you are homosexual."

"nilus said...
I enjoy a good stiff cock up my arse. Sweaty black men are my favorite."

HA! You give SO much away about yourself, C*lch*st*r C*tt*g*r!

Is that the best you can do?

Childish, feeble, predictable.


The "American jew" persona is much more convincing.

Two QUEERS have just moved in the flat downstairs, though. Before that it was CRUSTIES.

Ah, Brighton. Yesterday I went down the beach(near the marina): absolutely full of paki families having barbies, their kids all throwing stones at each other...and there were blokes walking round starkers, apart from baseball caps, rucsacks and cock-rings: you'd have loved it!

UK TV, right now:

QUEER Graham Norton

BBC4 "Only Connect" presented by
JEW Victoria Coren

Channel 4
JEW Rachel Riley followed by
QUEER Alan Carr "chatting" to
JEW Carrie Fisher and
JEW Jonah Hill Feldstein

followed by
"Fargo" produced by
JEW Joel Coen
JEW Ethan Coen
JEW Adam Bernstein starring
JEW Adam Goldberg

Channel 5
QUEER Rylan Clarke and
QUEER Ed Gleave followed by

"Under the Dome" produced by
JEW Spielberg
JEW Darryl Frank
JEW? Stacey Snider
JEW Jack Bender starring
JEW Rachelle Lefevre

5* "War of the Worlds" directed by
JEW Spielberg

QUEER Louis Walsh and
QUEER Scott Mills followed by

"2 and a half KIKES"

Dave: "QI"
JEW Barry Cryer

ITV3 Judge JEWdy

More 4 QUEER Dr Christian Jessen

Film 4: "The Client" directed by
QUEER JEW PEDO Joel Schumacher

Produced by
ISRAELI JEW Arnon Milchan
JEW? Steven Reuther
Screenplay by
JEW Akiva Goldsman
JEW? Robert Getchell

Moviemix "The Entity" starring
JEW Barbara Hershey(Hertzstein)
JEW Ron Silver Directed by JEW? Sidney J. Furie Producedby
JEW? Harold Schneider

Later parodied by Souith Park as
JEW Kyle's very ,very
JEW cousin comes to stay.

Yesterday: NAZI HUNTERS!!!!!!!!!

nilus said...

Dave: Half-jew Russell Kane

Half-jew Russell Kane and
JEW Rachel Riley

Challenge: QUEER Micheal Barrymore!!!


James said...

Are Jews Neanderthals?


Among Ashkenazi “Jews” there is also a genetic tendency toward beaky faces, not only just noses, and big mouths (in more ways than one) that “wrap around” the lower face.
Barbara Streisand and Julia Roberts provide two lovely and very well known examples of how attractive this genetic trait can be.

Ha ha ha ha. Julia sure do got a purty mouth aint she?

It continues:

This unfortunate combination of high aggression combined with a tendency toward emotional instability and hysteria when they feel nervous or threatened… which is all the time when they are not in absolute control. And they are arrogant, but uneasy, even then.
An ethnic symptom of this emotional instability is the Jewish tendency toward hypochondria. Even they cannot control death. This unfortunate combination of high aggression combined with a tendency toward hysteria and emotional instability has proved to be a dangerous and tragic situation over the course of Western history.
Their aggression encourages continual Jewish attempts to control societies, while the emotional instability makes it difficult for most Jews to distinguish reasonably between justified social criticism by their non-Jewish neighbors and attacks.
Insensitive even to objective concerns about inordinate Jewish influence in societies, and reacting with hysterical aggression to any such supposed “attack” on their behavior and pleas from non-Jews to limit it, Jews have always provoked violence against themselves. And then they, with much emotional satisfaction, feel victimized and attribute the situation to innate “anti-Semitism” among their neighbors.

So cavemen run the planet.

nilus said...

"At King's College, Cambridge, David Baddiel was not as 'right-on' as he might have been: 'I was as PC as I could be, but I could never quite give up pornography,' he says"

'I've always wanted to be in therapy'
Depressed and an insomniac he may be, but David Baddiel doesn't lose sleep over people who find him irritating.

"N spite of a decade spent appearing on his own television shows, writing two novels and now launching a new American-style sitcom series for Sky Television, comedian David Baddiel knows that he is - in some unfathomable, strange way - an unpopular character. He knows that there is something about him that irritates a lot of people and, to be perfectly honest, there is something about him that irritates me, although I can't pinpoint exactly what it might be."

Is it the elaborate way he combs over his teasy weasy hairstyle? Is it his new goatee beard, which makes him look as if a horse with a sooty hoof has kicked him in the mouth? Or is it just that I never found his brand of smart-boy, cruel-edged observational humour particularly funny? The Mary Whitehouse Experience? Newman and Baddiel? Fantasy Football League? Baddiel and Skinner Unplanned? Maybe I just couldn't get the joke, which was usually about masturbation or sex or pop music or sport.
Baddiel, 36, has never made any secret of his love for hard core pornography and his endless passion for football - two more black marks there, my boy - but there is something unkind and irrational about my aversion to him. For starters, we've never met before. So be fair! Try to be nice.

We shake hands and I notice that his are tiny and soft, adorned with silver jewellery and shaped like a child's.

His girlfriend, the actress and comedian Morwenna Banks, tells him that he has hands like a Balinese dancer's and he likes to take it as a compliment.

"Please put that about my hands in your article," he says. Being the object of so much critical antipathy means that he obviously cherishes every complimentary crumb, although he does not shy from the opportunity to expound his theories about the judgments passed down upon him.

"I think it has to do with class primarily, and, on a lower level, sometimes to do with race," he says.
What? Is he suggesting that people who do not like him are anti-semitic? That is a terribly serious allegation.
"I know! I never wanted to think it, but Ben Elton talked to me about some of his bad press and he said, 'I am sure it is anti-Semitic'. And I told him not to say it because it is such a serious accusation. But as the years have gone on - well, we get similar things written about us.
"Some critics, probably unbeknown to them, don't like me because I appear to be racially different. Some of the really personal, really vicious stuff that I get is often a bit physical, it often goes on about the way I look and it seems to me like it might be racially motivated."
On the class front, Baddiel feels that - as a middle-class boy who got a double first from Cambridge - he is further penalised for his background. "I am always being called smug. Smug, smug, smug everywhere. It has become an adjective applied widely to any males who are not working class and who appear on television."


nilus said...

And this is the really interesting point about David Baddiel. Despite his successes and his brilliance, he has been unhappy for much of his life; plagued by a chronic insomnia which means he gets only about three hours' sleep each night - "it's a terrible strain" - and affected by bouts of major depression.
"A few years ago, the stuff that kept me awake at night was starting to creep into my daily life. And that is when I started to show symptoms of clinical depression." For some time, he took a variety of medication courses to help counteract his condition - anti-depressants, Prozac derivatives, anxiety disorder pills.
"But nothing was helpful - they just made me feel worse, so I stopped taking them," he says. "I have definitely suffered from clinical depression while doing major television shows and that is a really difficult experience, but I thought it was better to soldier on rather than just collapse."
And now?
"Now, I often feel symptoms of depression within me, but I don't want to take anti-depressants and I don't want to go to the Priory," he says. "I can't even go to a spiritual retreat in the Himalayas because I just know I'd get bored."
Instead, what David Baddiel did was write a sitcom featuring a central character who has therapy, thereby giving himself a proper excuse to sign up for treatment, for research purposes. "It's a lie that it is research," he says. "I've always wanted to be in therapy. I go once a week, lie on the couch, talk about myself for ages and then the therapist "
Wakes up?
"He wakes up, makes rude signs at me behind my back and tries to throw some light on whatever I've said. It's all part of the journey towards self knowledge."
His new series, Baddiel's Syndrome, is an important venture for Sky, which has spent more than £5.5 million on the series.

He plays the role of an architect beset by the problems of modern life; annoying flatmates, irritating friends, a son who might be gay.

Produced by a team of writers headed by Baddiel - "I am the show runner, people pitch gags to me. Every so often they would say, 'I don't think this works'. I would listen if I thought they were right. If they weren't, I wouldn't."
The format is closely based on successful JEWmerican sitcom hits such as JEW Friends in general and JEW Seinfeld in particular, and JEW Baddiel says it's possible that after a successful run on Sky, a terrestrial station will be interested enough to pick it up for Britain.
"But I'm not hopeful about that," he says, gloomily. "I think there will be a prejudice against it because it has never been done before."
Frankly, I thought that Baddiel's Syndrome was absolutely terrible - surely a team of writers bolstered by the likes of journalist Peter Bradshaw, presenter Jonathan Ross and his novelist wife, JEW Jane Goldman, could come up with better jokes than silly gags about genital warts, pistachios and pipes."

Tiny Hands:!

nilus said...

"Tell that to the Irish slaughtered and sold into slavery on such a scale that about a fifth of the population perished in the time of Cromwell. Tell that to the Irish in the nineteenth century when Ireland underwent a second Holocaust under British rule.
Tell that to the generation of Africans who were treated like animals or worse under racial segregation in places like South Africa that were boasted centres of the Empire. Tell that to the tens of thousands who perished in Kenya as late as the 1950s. Tell that to the tenth of the population of Angola and Mozambique that was wiped out in ruthless raids by racist South African forces in the 1970s and 1980s supported by the US and the UK - again, proportionately a far worse crime than what happened under Stalin.
Tell that to the Aborigines of Tasmania who suffered EXTINCTION under British rule."

The_Savage •
"According to Solzhenitsyn, 66 million perished in Soviet gulags. The Russian Christian holocaust was 10 times greater than the Jewsh one, so why does the latter dominate?"

Daniel Maris >The_Savage
"I've never read a claim like that from Solzhenitsyn - do you have a citation? Bear in mind the population of the Soviet Union was at most around 200 million.

Crazy stats help no one."

Scott Lowson >Daniel Maris

"The article below from the NY Times mentions 66 million killed in Solzhenitsyn's The Gulag Archipelago.

"In it he implores the Soviet leadership to disavow this "rubbishy ideology." It has killed, he argues 66 million and bred cynicism and hypocrisy among the living; now it is leading to a disastrous war with China as well as ecological catastrophe through unbridled economic and technological growth."

Probably the greatest evil ever perpetrated if the number is correct."

nilus said...

The BBC’s head of television has been heavily criticised after he suggested that viewers have “free access” to the corporation’s output.
In an apparent slip of the tongue, Danny Cohen, the Corporation’s head of television, said the BBC would not adopt a Netflix-style subscription service because it must continue to give “free access” to everyone in the UK.
BBC viewers currently pay £145.50 a year for a TV licence. MPs immediately attacked the comments and said they were indicative of how “out of touch with reality some overpaid BBC bosses are”.
Mr Cohen, who is responsible for the output of all BBC television channels, said subscription and one-off payments for watching programmes was not the “right route” to go down. Appearing on the BBC’s Points of View programme ahead of the licence fee renewal in 2016, Mr Cohen insisted that the BBC should continue giving “freeaccess” to news and television to all.
The possibility of introducing a subscription model has been hotly debated in recent months, as the BBC fights to stop its licence fee payments being cut.

No subscription service for the 'free access' BBC, head of television says
Subscription service would not be the "right route" for the BBC because it must give “free access” for all, director of television Danny Cohen says

nilus said...

"Mr Cohen, who is responsible for the output of all BBC television channels..."

And the current head of BBC drama is a faggot, who has promised that we can expect more LGBT storylines, themes and characters...

Jews,queers,feminists, lefties,setting the agenda.

nilus said...

Comments at the Telegraph, saved for record:

StJohnofAustria • an hour ago

“I believe in the universal cultural marxist propaganda of the BBC, I believe the BBC should provide something for everyone (pro-EU anti-democrat marxist anti-western anti-british heterophobic christian-phobic xenophile islamophile), and it should be free access to news and great television programmes for everyone in the UK.” D.Cohen

The pseudo british Left (Cohen ,Miliband,Straw(insky),Hodge(oppenheimer)) has achieved its goal with Britain and the British: it has torn apart any sense of ambition and desire for leadership. For the Left, Britain - as perhaps the most successful civilization since Rome - represented the very worst qualities: hegemonic power built upon insatiable commercial and military ambition.

At the heart of this ambition was a sense of nationhood, destiny and exceptionalism: without these beliefs, the improbability of Britain as a major power would have dawned upon its population. All the Left needed to do was to undermine the certainty of these beliefs, and we see this in the doctrines they espouse:

1. multiculturalism
2. cultural relativism
3. imperial guilt, (white pathological liberal self hatred ) transmitted via the education system and BBC)
4. welfare and tax systems that destroy aspiration; stymie the desire for self-improvement and sever the link between work and income.

Liblabcon shoved mass immigration and multicultural extremism shoved down our throats for decades ."

StJohnofAustria • an hour ago

"Mr Cohen and his rotten BBC are at the center of the indoctrination of future generations. The youth have been taught a long list, an 'itinerary of apologies' for mostly imagined crimes constructed by criminal multikulti internationalist left wing socialism that has nothing but contempt for Britain and its native people.

It is why young generations have no patriotism and don't know what it is to be British. Very simply, they have been robbed and dumbed down while being taught to be passive and weak. Meanwhile these Extremist Anti-british pro-EU anti-democrat marxist anti-western anti-british anti-everything traditionally ethnically european heterophobic christian-phobic xenophile islamophile lunatics run your lives from cradle to grave. PC anti-british multicult has been drummed into society, a continual exercise of brainwashing.

My generation is not brainwashed because we remember a world pre-PC/Multikulti and are not fooled by the propaganda that passes for orthodoxy in ''modern'' Britain."

nilus said...

More of the same:

"Which planet does Cohen come from? (JEWPITER)It costs 145 pounds every year just to HAVE a TV set....even if you do not want to view the Carefully Researched And Produced programs offered by the BBC.They advertise themselves using the TV tax money...the EU has classified the 'licence fee' as TAX(. Can you imagine the outcry there would be if the politicians used taxpayers cash to promote the ruling party?)
When I hear BBC, I think of the following words......over-paid,under-worked,profligate,unaccountable,self-serving,greedy,out-of-touch,over-manned,biased,duplicitous,smug,wealthy,and other words that I can not repeat here."

"Propagandists, Marxists, destroyers of civilisations..."

"I watched some of this interview & to say this bloke appeared to be a total goit is putting it mildly. He strikes me as the archetypal liberal luvvie guardian reading pc numpty"

"Says: “I don’t believe that’s the right route for the BBC to go down."

Thinks: "Because no one will pay to watch it (apart from Guardian readers and there aren't enough of them to pay for our 23,000 employees) "

"Cohen, who is responsible for the output of all BBC television channels"

If that's true, then cohen is doing a very, *very* poor job indeed."

BBC's head of documentaries: 'my mission is to be braver'
Emma Willis, head of documentaries at the BBC, talks about the success of Bake Off and announces documentaries on domestic abuse and sex offences

Director Vanessa Engle will tackle domestic violence in the single film Till Death Do Us Part. “We will tell the story of every woman murdered by her partner in Britain over the course of one year,” says Willis.

When documentaries are fronted by famous people, Willis says she wants them to be “protagonists” rather than “presenters” – and mentions an upcoming film from (BLACK)chef Lorraine Pascale about her own experiences as a child in foster care. But new, iconoclastic presenters are, says Willis, “hard to find”.

But one of Willis’s neatest ideas for a series is one which, in real life, she’d never actually commission. “It’s a cross between Benefits Street and Bake Off,” she jokes with a twinkle. “It’d be called Let Them Eat Cake."

RIP Rik Mayall:

British comedian RIK MAYALL has launched a bitter attack against the BBC, insisting the only people who succeed at the broadcaster are black, gay or female.

The 47-year-old star, best known for starring in cult BBC show THE YOUNG ONES, feels he was victimised for not fitting into a minority category, and is convinced his 1990s series BOTTOM was axed simply because it was about two straight men.

Mayall blames BBC2 controller JANE ROOT for ruining his chances of success with the comedy, which he created with long-term comic partner ADRIAN EDMONDSON.

He says, "She destroyed mine and Adrian's baby. The last series of Bottom, they never made it because she didn't like it. It was the finest series of Bottom we'd written.
"You have to be black, homosexual or a woman to work at the BBC.
"That's why they didn't like Bottom. They were two men who were heterosexual and that was the problem.
"The BBC banned Adrian and I from being on TV, for being heterosexual or known to disagree with the government.
"British TV used to be the finest in the world, now it's totally imploded."

Anonymous said...

@Keiser 18:04

The thing is though that you are religious by nature, so you really just wasted your time writing that post.

Anonymous said...

@nilus 13:44

"Why do most adverts on British TV nowadays feature some happy young couple"

It's to encourage people to be heterosexual. Plus one more straight person is needed due to your own homosexuality.

nilus said...

Oh look, the little sissy BANISHED TROLL RAT is back, contradicting everyone. What a ponce.


Just saw the latest McDonalds ad: Black male with PAKI/INDIAN female!

A new and even more ludicrous development.

Keiser said...

@Anonymous 10 June 2014 01:47

I love you too NU :-)

nilus said...

OY! TROLL! Get to bed, havent you got a Business Empire to run?

Or are you "self-unemplizzled"?

You funny little worm.

Keiser said...

UN said...
"Blacks have suffered a hundred, a thousand times more through the actions of other blacks."
How did that "slavery" thing really work out for you?

Keiser said...


Been reading your comments, have you considered starting a blog. I think it would be wildly popular.

People have got to sick of the media lies in the UK. I'll bet money that you would not have any shortage of material to write on and people would no doubt be over joyed that someone is telling the truth!

You could have a segment on Anti-White adverts too like the Morrisons French sticks one you mentioned. Kind of like an except for U.K. or that f*cking Halifax ad where the nigger soccer coach has a knocked up "White Wimmenz".

Your t.v. listings alone would replace all the newspaper ones!

If you do start one make sure you tell me!

nilus said...

"This unfortunate combination of high aggression combined with a tendency toward emotional instability and hysteria when they feel nervous or threatened… which is all the time when they are not in absolute control. And they are arrogant, but uneasy, even then."

See for instance:


"Being the object of so much critical antipathy means that he obviously cherishes every complimentary crumb, although he does not shy from the opportunity to expound his theories about the judgments passed down upon him.

"I think it has to do with class primarily, and, on a lower level, sometimes to do with race," he says.
What? Is he suggesting that people who do not like him are anti-semitic? That is a terribly serious allegation.
"I know! I never wanted to think it, but KIKE Ben Elton talked to me about some of his bad press and he said, 'I am sure it is anti-Semitic'.
And I told him not to say it because it is such a serious accusation. But as the years have gone on - well, we (KIKES)get similar things written about us."

see also
KIKE Ruby Wax on "depression" and

KIKE Stephen Fry on "depression"

"In 1995, Mayall featured in a production of the play Cell Mates alongside QUEERKIKE Stephen Fry. Not long into the run, Fry had a nervous breakdown and FLED to Belgium, where he remained for several days, and the play closed early.

In 2007, Mayall said of the incident: "You don't leave the trenches ... selfishness is one thing, being a cunt is another. I mustn't start that war again."

Edmondson poked fun at the event during their stage tours. In Bottom Live: The Big Number Two Tour, after Mayall gave mocking gestures to the audience and insulted their town in a silly voice, Edmondson said, "Have you finished yet? It's just I'm beginning to understand why Stephen Fry fucked off."

In Bottom Live 2003: Weapons Grade Y-Fronts Tour, after Richie accidentally fondles Eddie, he replies, "I see why Stephen Fry left that play."

"They flee from here....
they flee from there..
there cries are loud

Eagerly usuring all the
shekels to the goy
They are the dedicated
Synagogue of Satan"

Copyright Roy Tov Davids and The Kikes, 1967

stitch that , ya c*nt

nilus said...

"Been reading your comments, have you considered starting a blog. I think it would be wildly popular."

I dont save my comments, so if "Irish Savant" gets taken down, away they go. Ive been hoping that some people save them (the lists) cos I do think they serve a purpose.

Ive got a load saved at Hardons Blog, but again, it could be disappeared in a flash.

My hope is that someone else on the net is pasting them. Id like for instance to maybe have a "UK JEW Media" page at "Daily Stormer".

However: Would you go to a blog that just had lists of TV and the jews and queers involved?

I know some people roll their eyes when they see another "list" but it basically comes from my own sense of "WTF?" when I see the MASSIVE over-representation of kikes and queers. At least I am "documenting the event".

If you listen to the audios I posted , you'll see that the situation is identical in Sweden, Australia, etc, and of course, the JEWSA.

Im just doing my thing, I cant help it, and sometimes it takes fucking hours and its a sunny day outside and....yet..

AKIRA did set up a site for me, but I still reckon Id rather post these things at blogs where folks actually see them. To those it annoys: Im sorry, but that is what the scroll-wheel is for.

All are encouraged to copy/paste/share, or set up a blog and copypaste all of these lists -which catalogue the jew-queer/anti-German/anti-White nature of our fake media "reality":

In fact, someone,please do so.

I cant find the time to do a blog, I wish I had an entire day just to read all the "Stormer" articles.

So, as annoying as it may be for some, it's a kind of therapy for me.

The jews will lose, BTW.
They are losing as I type.

Keiser said...

When I grow up I am going to be a...

They forgot one thing... rapist

They should consider renaming the nigger latin genus to Homo Internecivus Raptus: Murderous Thief Homenid

Keiser said...

@ Nilus

Ah pity. I think you should still cut and paste on blogs of course but a central repository would be nice.

Blogger pages such as this are simple to setup.

I have seen more than just lists from you. I have seen valuable commentary that goes beyond just opinion.

If you coupled that with links to videos of the offending shite like this and it would be... a good thing. Well either way I enjoy reading those lists!

BTW my buddy Ezra threw up a few on his youtube channel too. I suspected him of being Jewish but he denies it, he say he is a 100% Anglo-Saxon business owner.

nilus said...

This is related tangentially to the above article. It poses the question: are the Jews’ Neanderthal genes, which account for their double-than-average rate of aggression, also responsible for their high libido and sexual hyperactivity?

It has always been an “antisemitic canard”, or perception among anti-Semites, that Jews are given to excessive amounts od lechery compared to non-Jews. The “Jew as Lecher” featured frequently in Nazi Germany Der Stürmer cartoons showing the Jew lusting after young Aryan women. When the Jews took over Weimar Germany, they flooded the country with pornography and made it the most sexually decadent country in Europe. Today, Jews dominate the world porn industry and produce roughly 90 percent of American porn in the San Fernando Valley, California. (See here)

Again, the Talmud’s obsession with sex is well-known. I have dealt with this subject in great detail in my article, Secret Sex Life of the Jews. Amazingly, the Talmud has to be the only religious text in the world to discuss and compare the penis size of its most venerated sages. (See The Passionate Talmud, Introduction, p. 1).

The Jewish appetite for non-Jewish women, especially blondes, is apparently insatiable. All these appear to be Neanderthal characteristics — a huge libido, excessive testosterone, seething aggression — with the hairy Neanderthal-type male lusting darkly after the Cro-Magnon type female with her regular features and honeyblond flesh.

“I have not yet met a Jewish guy who wasn’t a horny rabbit,” porn star Nina Hartley once revealed. Nina should know, being Jewish herself — and having kicked up her heels for endless legions of lecherous Jews during her lubricious life time.

Here is Jewish novelist Philip Roth, who would undoubtedly have Neanderthal genes, going into raptures over the physical charms of Cro-Magnon woman. This is his hymn to the Aryan Blond Goddess from Portnoy’s Complaint:

“But the shiksas, ah, the shiksas are something else…. I am so awed that I am in a state of desire beyond a hard-on. My circumcised little dong is simply shriveled up with veneration…. How do they get so gorgeous, so healthy, so blond?”

"At King's College, Cambridge, David Baddiel was not as 'right-on' as he might have been: 'I was as PC as I could be, but I could never quite give up pornography,' he says"

"Baddiel, 36, has never made any secret of his love for hard core pornography "

The jews, being more primative and bestial, venerate sex. If jews had carved "David" he would have been slinging a donkey schlong.

In jew pornography, semen is the sacrament, and the asshole is the Holy Grail.

"Pussies are BULLSHIT" as one jew hard-core pornographer once said.

The world is waking up to these vile creatures, and we do indeed live in interesting times.

Let the backlash begin.

Let's start with Hollywood.

May it Burn Down.

nilus said...

Man, I cannot keep a straight face when I hear some of those American nu-nigger names:

" Taiqueesha, welcome to the Jeremy Kyle show.."

Taikwondo? Thaicurry? Tie-a-yellow-ribbon-round-de-old-oak-treeshalonda?"

In the absence of Gtrmans media listings, I think I'll settle down and enjoy a day of balanced historical tv on pbsamerica.
Sat 07

6:00am - 6:55am Hitler's Atlantic Wall
6:55am - 8:15am Hitler's Lost Sub
8:15am - 9:35am Hitler's Lost Sub
9:35am - 10:50am Hitler's Sunken Secret
10:50am - 11:55am Killing Hitler
11:55am - 1:00pm Killing Hitler
1:00pm - 2:10pm Hitler's Atlantic Wall
2:10pm - 3:30pm Hitler's Lost Sub
3:30pm - 4:50pm Hitler's Lost Sub
4:50pm - 6:00pm Hitler's Sunken Secret
6:00pm - 7:10pm Killing Hitler
7:10pm - 8:15pm Killing Hitler
8:15pm - 9:30pm Hitler's Atlantic Wall
9:30pm - 10:45pm Hitler's Lost Sub
10:45pm - 12:00am Hitler's Lost Sub

Lyons, Bernstein

nilus said...


Nazi flags, SS runes and a gas mask case: Group behind German WWII memorabilia auction accused of profiting from the Holocaust and 'trading on misery'
About 20 items from World War I and II were sold on Thursday in Adelaide
The sale angered the Jewish community who said it was 'irresponsible'
The auctioneers said it was never their intention to offend anyone
Collectors forked out between $300 to $700 to get a piece of Nazi history

Read more:

"What Brett says about Adelaide is true of the whole of urban Australia. It’s Asians, Muslims of all descriptions but most alarmingly, it’s Africans. Sudanese gangs have already appeared in my city and have been responsible for the firebombing of a car park and are suspected of having destroyed a school canteen also. They are linked to other bashings and drug related crimes as well.They terrorise the occupants of public housing in certain places and the police refuse to act and the media simply do not report it. We are going to hell in a handbasket."

Elizabeth Hitler said...

Peak jew has been reached.

Schlomo better get a new schtick, cos the old one is all worn out.

Im sick of jews, and worse, BORED of jews.

The next few years are going to be historical, and hysterical.

It's time for the kikes to fuck off.

And they know it.

Elizabeth Hitler said...

And one more thing - nilus, you can kiss my cellulite covered fat ass!

nilus said...

"Anonymous said...
@nilus 13:44

"Why do most adverts on British TV nowadays feature some happy young couple"

It's to encourage people to be heterosexual. Plus one more straight person is needed due to your own homosexuality." INSISTED that advertising and media had ZERO influence over behaviour...

Why, you even contradict yourself, you confused little contrarian!


Anonymous said...

Shaunantijihad said: “he [Count Coudenhove Kalergi] ended up with a seething hatred of Whites and in the company of RICH and POWERFUL JEWS and MARRIED ONE. His book not only espouses the extermination of Caucasians by mass immigration but the ADVANCEMENT OF JEWS into societal LEADERSHIP ROLES of the new, lower IQ Mongrel Man in Europe.”

Jewish Telegraphic Agency, October 5, 1926

Jews Participate in Pan-europe Congress Sessions in Vienna

SEVERAL JEWISH European LEADERS took a PROMINENT part in the FIRST Pan-European Congress which opened here Sunday, when the movement to establish a United States of Europe, modelled after the United States of America, took definite shape.

The keynote of the Congress was sounded by Paul Loebe, president of the German Reichstag, and Francis de Laisi, a Frenchman, Count Richard Coudenhove Kalergi, an Austro-Japanese, who launched the movement in 1923, Rudolph Goldscheid and Bronislaw Huberman, who delivered the principal addresses. MANY individual European JEWS are FURTHERING THE PAN-EUROPEAN movement by giving it FINANCIAL SUPPORT.

Count Coudenhove Kalergi, who is married to Ida Roland, a JEWESS, when interviewed by the representative of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency here expressed his opinion that the Pan-European movement ought to find particular support on the part of the Jews who are scattered throughout the various countries in Europe. The creation of the United States of Europe would be BENEFICIAL TO THE JEWS as it would eliminate racial hatred and economic rivalry, he said.

Frank Galton

Clive Dunn said...

Frank Galton nice to see you, nice.

Here is a D-Day Tribute, this is what you fought for, bredren!

Brap! Brap!

An 2 fink, we is could ave all bin speekin German, nah, innit?

Vetwanz, wespeck!

My grandad grounded an entire fleet of Bombers after spotting metal fatigue in one of the wing-joints.

He may have inadvertently spared a few German lives , or postponed them for a day or two

Anonymous said...

Jewish Telegraphic Agency, August 5, 1940

Baron Eugene de ROTHSCHILD [Austrian branch of the Rothschild family], former Viennese banker, arrived here today aboard the Yankee Clipper from Lisbon to rejoin his wife, the former Kitty Wolff of Philadelphia, who sailed from the Portuguese port a month ago.

Count Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi, founder and president of the Paneuropean Union, and his wife also arrived on the Clipper. The Count hinted at hopes of creating a democratic Europe out of the ruins that will remain after the peace is signed.

“I am here to study the federal government of the United states and the Pan-American Union, with the idea of applying it to Europe after the peace is made,” he said. The count first came to America in 1925 as a lecturer for the Foreign Policy Association of New York.

Frank Galton

Duffy Moon said...

If only our Grandads knew that "their England" would soon be populated by mulatto lesbians that identified wiv dey black half and hated "CRACKERS" ,hey, dat's YOU, Grandads:


The lady rapper has already bragged to the other fellow that she can "get mo pussy than him"

Stay Tuned

Anonymous said...

James said re Count Coudenhove-Kelergi: “Maybe he's a crypto-Jew? He might be 100% gentile but his thinking is certainly Jewish.”

Jewish Telegraphic Agency, August 29, 1931

Baron D’aguilar: Jewish Families [Coudenhove-Kalergi’s etc] Claim Legacy of Millions Said to Have Been Left by Marrano Banker W

A story about a claim by a number of Jewish families in Austria, Czecho-Slovakia, and other countries, to a vast fortune estimated at about 42 million pounds, said to have been left by the JEWISH BANKER, Baron Moses d’Aquilar, or d’Aguilar, who fled from Spain, where he had been a BISHOP in THE CATHOLIC CHURCH, while SECRETLY PRACTISING JUDAISM, and went to London, where he died in 1759, is the sensation of the day here.

A meeting has been held at the Czecho-Slovakian health resort, Pistyan, of members of the claimant families, who trace their descent from Baron d’Aquilar, in order to draw up plans for a campaign to obtain their share in the legacy, which is said to be at present in the possession of the British Treasury.

Dr. Joseph Feuer, who was in the chair, stated that there are also members of the family in America, especially in New York and Chicago. There are members of the family even in Australia, he said, and the CLAIMANTS include SEVERAL FAMOUS PEOPLE, NOTABLY COUNT COUDENHOVE-KALERGI, the founder and head of the Pan-European movement, and Baron Groedel. COUNT COUDEN-HOVE’S MOTHER and Baron Groedel’s grandmother are said to have been DESCENDED FROM BARON D’AQUILAR.

Frank Galton

The Galloping Gourmet said...

So I puts on BBC Radio 4skin randomly at 7.15 in the morning to hear the uplifting words,

" She was twelve, when she was raped"

Then some A-Free-Can Wommen spreeching.

Outside now: The Chink students in the Very Expensive flats next to me are trying to get a car in or out of their lot.

All that chinkytalk is makin me hungry

Anonymous said...

Praktischer Idealismus (1925) by R. N. Coudenhove Kalergi

Page 22

Der Mensch der fernen Zukunft wird Mischling sein. Die heutigen Rassen und Kasten werden der zunehmen-den Überwindung von Raum, Zeit und Vorurteil zum Opfer fallen. Die eurasisch-negroide Zukunftsrasse, äußerlich der altägyptischen ähnlich, wird die Vielfalt der Völker durch eine Vielfalt der Persönlichkeiten ersetzen.

Rough translation (using Google Translate):

The man of the distant future will be hybrid. Today's races and castes will be lost to increasing the overcoming of space, time, and prejudice to the victim. The Eurasian-Negroid future race, externally similar to the ancient Egyptian, the diversity of peoples will replace diversity of personalities.

Frank Galton

Brookside Lezzer, Adamson's Thumb said...

So I puts on the radio "LBC" at 7.55 in the morning to hear : " Is the Front Nationale ANTISEMITIC?

(There is apparently a schism between father and daughter and somebody may have said something "antiseptic"

A bloke just phoned in to say that the EU was all Hitler's idea.

The leading news story was

Angelina Jolie and William Hague are to have a "we dont like rape" party.

We are all invited.

The max fine for speeding on the motorway is now £10,000

Enjoy the freedom, and Never Forget D-Day!

Anonymous said...

nilus said: “JEW? Jane Goldman”

Profile: Jane Goldman

Life for Goldman, however, has always been about pushing boundaries. The five-year-old, who covered her hair in red paint on her first day at school, came from a liberal, middle class background in north London. Her father, Stuart, was a wealthy JEWISH property developer.

Frank Galton

James said...

Dr. Joseph Feuer, who was in the chair, stated that there are also members of the family in America, especially in New York and Chicago. There are members of the family even in Australia, he said, and the CLAIMANTS include SEVERAL FAMOUS PEOPLE, NOTABLY COUNT COUDENHOVE-KALERGI, the founder and head of the Pan-European movement, and Baron Groedel. COUNT COUDEN-HOVE’S MOTHER and Baron Groedel’s grandmother are said to have been DESCENDED FROM BARON D’AQUILAR.

Awesome fact-checking Frank.
We love fact-checking on this blog don't we?

Yes we do! All of us, even him.

James said...

The man of the distant future will be hybrid. Today's races and castes will be lost to increasing the overcoming of space, time, and prejudice to the victim. The Eurasian-Negroid future race, externally similar to the ancient Egyptian, the diversity of peoples will replace diversity of personalities.

Neanderthal Japs will get off on that alright.

James said...

Just to be clear, the EU is a plot to disappear the White race.

Are we all agreed on that? Any arguments? How about you there, under the fridge. What do you think, Cockroachiest?

Anonymous said...

European Council

President Van Rompuy is awarded European Prize Coudenhove-Kalergi 2012

The President of the European Council Herman Van Rompuy was awarded the European Prize Coudenhove-Kalergi 2012 on 16 November 2012 at a special congress in Vienna to celebrate 90 years of the Pan-Europa movement. The prize is awarded biennially to leading personalities for their extraordinary commitment in the European unification process.

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

@nilus 05:09


Who is "you"?

Are you becoming confused?

Anonymous said...

@nilus 02:33


1. You are obsessed with queers.
2. You moved to the gayest part of the UK to be near to the queers.
3. You like to watch oiled butch men touch each other.
4. You spend a lot of time at a website called "Hardons".

Man, you are the gayest thing to happen since Liberace ordered ten yards of crushed velvet curtains.

James said...

1. You are obsessed with queers.
2. You moved to the gayest part of the UK to be near to the queers.
3. You like to watch oiled butch men touch each other.
4. You spend a lot of time at a website called "Hardons".

He is an expert on queers on TV.

Next question please.

We must spread the word about the genocidal EU. We have the facts and they check out. The Zioists and anti-whites cannot deny that the EU is genocidal. They cannot deny their own role in the genocide of the white race.

It's time for people to be told about it. These people really mean business. That's why they work so hard at it.

White genocide is out in the open now. All we need to do is direct more people's attention to it, and name and shame the perps. Right Tony Bliar?

Anonymous said...

As early as 1924 he [Coudenhove-Kalergi] spoke of the need to introduce a single European currency and to create a European bank; he was the first to propose a European flag, European anthem, and European passport, and to evoke the ideas of a SINGLE EUROPEAN POLITICAL PARTY, European armed forces, and a European constitution.

Frank Galton

Uncle Nasty said...

Try as they might .... they just can't win.

They'll bullshit you, lie to you with their press, their cinema, their news organs, their books, magazines, their PR and advertising agencies.

They'll run their misinfo and disinfo campaigns, tell you what victims they are and how they have been hard done by and how, the (sob) whole world hates them and hates them all for (sob) no (sniff) real reason at all.

... and it doesn't mean a rat's fuzzy little arse .... everybody still loathes them.

19 MILLION Germans have anti-Semitic views, finds survey which shames it as one of the worst countries in western Europe

27% hold negative views, according to survey by Anti-Defamation League
Highest level of anti-Semitism was found in Palestinian territories of West Bank and Gaza at 93%
Greece was most anti-Semitic country in Western Europe, with 69% of adults expressing such opinions
Sweden, with 4%, was least anti-Jewish; in UK, figure was 8%; in US 9%
Study shows a total of 1.1billion people are anti-Semitic around the world

By Simon Tomlinson

Published: 12:37 GMT, 16 May 2014 | Updated: 15:01 GMT, 16 May 2014

Anti-Semitism is still prevalent in Germany with some 19 million adults harbouring negative sentiments towards Jews, according to a new study.

The Anti-Defamation League's Global 100 Index found that 27 per cent of German adults answered 'probably' or 'definitely' true to six or more of 11 stereotypes about Jews in the survey.

The finding places Germany - which has an adult population of around 69 million - among the countries with the highest levels of anti-Semitism in western Europe.

Austria (28%), Spain (29%), France (37%) and Greece (69%) were higher.

Meanwhile, Sweden, with 4 per cent, had the least.

In the United States, 9 per cent of adults were found to harbour anti-Semitic views, while the figure for the UK was 8 per cent.

The highest level of anti-Semitism in the world was found in the Palestinian territories of West Bank and Gaza at 93 per cent.

The global average came in at 26 per cent, meaning some 1.1billion adults hold anti-Semitic views around the world.

The study, which the ADL called 'the broadest survey of anti-Jewish attitudes ever conducted', found the lowest level of anti-Semitism in Laos, with just 0.2 per cent of the adult population expressing such views.

'Our findings are sobering but sadly not surprising,' said ADL National Director Abraham Foxman.

'We can now identify hotspots, as well as countries and regions of the world where hatred of Jews is virtually non-existent.'

Read more:
Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

Let me get this straight. The noses have conspired to drag Europe and the world in general -- and Germany in particular -- into two global wars and a forty year long Cold war ... and they're surprised that no one likes them?

They're dumber than I thought --- or more thick skinned.


James said...

As early as 1924 he [Coudenhove-Kalergi] spoke of the need to introduce a single European currency and to create a European bank; he was the first to propose a European flag, European anthem, and European passport, and to evoke the ideas of a SINGLE EUROPEAN POLITICAL PARTY, European armed forces, and a European constitution.

Hey Frank, old Nic was pretty busy back then.

Did that site mention the Afro-Eurasian mongrels looking like Egyptians at all?

If they didn't, leave them a comment and remind them to put it in!

Expose them to themselves. Do they all know what the true nature of the organisation they are working for is? I would guess that most don't. It's our job to tell them. Erode the whole bullshit structure like termites. We can do it. We have the BUGS anti-anti-white shield. The mantra and the charge of white genocide is like our armour now.

Anonymous said...

“The Anti-Defamation League's Global 100 Index found that 27 per cent of German adults answered 'probably' or 'definitely' true to six or more of 11 stereotypes about Jews in the survey.”

The “One Billionth Anti-Semite”—Rabbi Inadvertently Confirms ADL “Canards” as Truth

Rabbi Jay Michaelson, who is also a visiting scholar at Brown University, wrote in an article titled “I Am 1 Billionth ‘Anti-Semite‘”, published in the Jewish Daily Forward, dismissed the ADL’s survey as a “tangled hodgepodge which anyone could fail.”

Rabbi Michaelson starts off by asking “Why is anyone taking the Anti-Defamation League’s survey on global anti-Semitism seriously?” and then says that although it has been “taken as fact by pundits, tweeters, and politicians around the globe,” a look at the survey shows that it was a “stacked deck.”

He then answers each of the questions in turn in an attempt to show that the ADL survey is flawed—but actually all he does is confirm that the basic allegations contained in each one is accurate!

In answer to the ADL survey question “Do Jews have too much power in the business world?” Rabbi Michaelson writes:

Well, what’s meant by “too much”? We do certainly have disproportionate power, relative to our population. Do we use it for nefarious, Elders of Zion type purposes? No, but that’s not what the question asks. As a purely statistical matter, Jews have “too much” power in the business world relative to our numbers. That’s two.

In answer to the ADL survey question “Jews still talk too much about what happened to them in the Holocaust” Rabbi Michealoson writes:

In my opinion, “probably true.” The Forward offices are still deluged by Holocaust memoirs and micro-histories. Many of us still carry the emotional scars of genocide. You can forgive us for talking too much about it – but admit it, we do.

In answer to the ADL question “Jews have too much control over global affairs’” Rabbi Michaelson wrties:

Again on “too much.” Too much for the world’s good? Too much for our numbers? This one is a toss-up, and I’ll answer no, but just by a hair.

In answer to the ADL survey question “Do Jews have too much control over the United States government” Rabbi Michaleson writes:

Here, the answer must be yes, proportionally speaking. How many U.N. resolutions does the U.S. think it can veto before, at some point, this canard becomes impossible to resist?

In answer to the ADL survey question “Do Jews think that they are better than other people?” Rabbi Michaelson writes:

Deuteronomy 14:2. Need I say more?

Although he doesn’t say what this bible verse says, here it is by way of explanation:
“For you are a people holy to the LORD your God. Out of all the peoples on the face of the earth, the LORD has chosen you to be his treasured possession.”

In answer to the ADL survey question “Do Jews have too much control over the global media?” Rabbi Michaelson writes:
Proportionally yes.

He goes on to say that expressing these honest opinions would classify him as an “anti-Semite” in terms of the ADL’s definition.

This is, however, missing the point: the reality is that the majority of the ADL’s “questions” are not, as this one honest rabbi has admitted, “canards” but actual real facts—the truth.

In other words, what the ADL “survey” actually shows is that to merely state the truth is, in their eyes, to be “anti-Semitic.”

Frank Galton

James said...

Jews still want to annihilate "Amalek".

They want to extirminate someone, not sure who, it depends on the day.

James said...

Our politicians just think we don't care about White genocide. I guess that's reasonable since nobody talks about it.

Things can change fast though. Here's what Bob Whitaker says:

On one major point anti-whites are perfectly correct: As white genocide becomes more and more familiar, other questions will be raised.

It is forgotten now, but the hard line Soviets were right in the 1980s: Once discussion was allowed to start, the whole system would collapse.

As usual, no one but me noticed the pivotal moment in history. Gorbachev was visiting Estonia, and began to talk with the crowd on the street. He looked at one of the complainants and said, with a smile, “Would you like Estonia to SECEDE?”

Yes, the Estonian did talk about sessession and the look on Gorby's face was priceless.

Anti-whites shout that if we are allowed to question White Genocide, people will start questioning everything else the public has been forced to accept over two generations.

They are perfectly correct.

Like the Soviet Establishment before it, our present neo-Marxists rulers are in a balloon they think is a monolith.

It's like talking about banning an annoying Jewish troll. It seems impossible, until it happens. Then it looks so easy.

Anonymous said...


Re Michael Hoffman - "Amalek And Irving" - Extract

Michael Hoffman: “...the [Jews] policy which seems to constitute collective punishment, for example the blockade and closure of whole Palestinian cities because of the actions of a few Palestinian guerrillas.”

Funny how the Jews go to great lengths to blockade/close whole cities in Palestine because of the actions of a few Palestinian guerrillas, yet actively encourage gorillas in the United States (Detroit etc) to run amok amongst the white community with impunity.

Jewish hypocrisy!


Frank Galton

Anonymous said...


ITV London, we’ve got the Jerry Springer Show on at 11:30 am, queers, dykes, trannies, prostitutes, niggers, “white trash” etc all performing for the Jew ringmaster.

Great example for the kids.

As you say: “Enjoy the freedom, and Never Forget D-Day!”

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

“ITV London”

Meant to say “London region”.

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Read this anti-white diatribe by one of The Telegraph's most poisonous leftists and then read the comments after it: some of the strongest stuff yet seen is getting past the moderaters....


"Hugo Strange bugalugs2 • an hour ago
Because like all self loathing white Leftists he thinks he is being morally superior by spitting on his own group, he's damaged goods. They are sick, and the ideology itself is a con trick dripped into them by smarter minds to further a very different objective.

It's why they are called ''Useful Idiots''.

They are also unique to white people, despite the vaunted ''universalism'' it is only they who think this way. If we are too survive then these people will have to be cast from a very great height and permanently silenced."

Anonymous said...

nice ..ooogggaaa booogggaa

tourist said...

From the telegraph comments

outofEUnow IvyMike • 14 minutes ago
Devon, is getting the treatment now, one village school there has been deemed too white, not enough diversity, and the children are to be taken to London for a sleep over to experience diversity in all its glory, and the parents are having to pay for it.

Parents who allow their children to be taken for diversity lessons should hang their heads in shame, but then again from what I read some heartily approve.

Before too long every town, village & hamlet in this country will be blessed with diversity, only select parts where the very rich & political filth reside will be free from it.

Savant, I hear there's now a Roma gypsy selling the Big Issue outside a newsagents in every town in the once "quintessentially English" Cotswolds

There's also an "African community" growing in once-lovely Cirencester.

Anonymous said...

There are many out there who would like to convert to Judaism.... Like my mate Mike:

Anonymous said...

this ones good though ..lulz

Anonymous said...

Another pretty White girl removed from our gene pool:

Piet said...

That yard ape up on the wires. Notice nobody went to help him. Just jabbering and shrieking.

Anonymous said...

Good AUDIO INTERVIEW discussing much of what we discuss here. Hmmm ... has Savant considered doing the same?? First guest could be the resident troll, eh?

James said...

The Karate instructor looks to be in bad shape. More of a perv instructor.

Hook-nosed pervert Jaspal Riat managed to convince the jury that it wasnt rape, but ‘sexual activity with a child’. This is very unsettling, the idea that a child is capable of giving consent to sex.

If kids are given the right information at school then they would be capable of giving consent. Stop harming our kids. Give them the information they need.--The trool

James said...

Parents who allow their children to be taken for diversity lessons should hang their heads in shame, but then again from what I read some heartily approve.

I heartily approve. It's good for kids. I actually agree with the idea. Kids can learn a lot by interacting with minorities, as this video shows.

James said...

It sounds like Savea is emigrating to England, judging by this headline.

All Blacks: Savea has power to damage England

James said...

Joys of diversity New Zealand style.

Fatal stabbing: Boys charged

Uncle Nasty said...


War of the Saints
The Administration

/ 2 days ago

It seems our time to luxuriate in heedless oblivion is soon drawing to a close. I’m certain that many have quite enjoyed the morally gratifying narcotic of living in a first world civilization without ever having to defend it. That languorous warmth of denouncing racism from the safety of one’s own race. Of preening conspicuously to peers while chiseling away at society’s edifice. Of the juvenile churlishness of a teenager cursing his parents, while living comfortably under their roof. How invigorating it all must be. To discuss white privilege over lattes in a safe sidewalk cafe. The vainglorious rectitude and petty posturing toward every maladaptive fashion…without ever understanding that one’s own face may soon be ground into the results. It’s the emotional whimsey of children who want to eat their society and have it too.

Well a decision point is coming…in long human waves over fences, rivers, and seas. Through action or inattention, profound decisions on our children’s behalf are being made right now. The saints are marching in.

For those who don’t care to read what their sense and intuition already reveal, I’ll ease your suffering by capsule: From Guatemala City to Managua, the justifiable rumor has spread that El Norte’s backside is now open. And so hundreds of thousands, a huge number of whom being unaccompanied children, are now trekking by train-top to the land of capitated heads and free everything. That includes free lawyers as well bigots. And once they emerge from our southwestern desert like an ocean of sandcrabs, the adults are given a hearing date, released to their own recognizance, and told to kindly report at the date and time indicated. To the non-Americans reading, that is not a joke. One might be tempted to ask why they aren’t released onto the side of the border from where they came rather than the one on which they have no right to reside. But that question would be racist and so asking it is a temptation to which one does not succumb.

This guy is good.

nilus said...

Jews,Queers 'n' NAAAAZIS:

Film 4 now: "Tobruk"
WORLD WAR 2 thriller.

QUEER Rock Hudson leads a daring raid into the heart of the North African desert to destroy the NAAAAZIS fuel dumps.

directed by
JEW Arthur Hiller music by
JEW? Bronislau Kaper AKA Bronislaw Kaper, Bronislaw Kapper, Benjamin Kapper,Edward Kane.

"Major Donald Craig (Rock Hudson) has been captured by Vichy French forces and is interned at the port of Algiers. Craig is a Canadian expert on desert topography, desert exploration, and has extensive practical knowledge of the Sahara, so he is considered essential to the success of the planned raid on Tobruk.

Craig is liberated by (JEW)Captain Kurt Bergman (George Peppard) of the SIG and some of his men, who are GERMAN JEWS serving with the British.

They then join up with the LRDG, under the command of Lieutenant Colonel John Harker (Nigel Green), at Kufra in south-eastern Libya.
Colonel Harker explains that they have eight days to get to Tobruk and destroy the fuel depot and German field guns protecting the harbor, before a scheduled amphibious landing. The plan calls for the LRDG to pose as POWs being guarded by the SIG posing as Captain Bergman's personal Afrika Korps.

Harker is ANTISEMITIC, which he makes known to Craig at several points.

He warns Craig to not trust the SIG - "A little trust is alright, but there's no point in overdoing it. Six years in PALESTINE taught me that".

"Craig is noticeably frustrated at Bergman when the Captain seems to simply accept Harker's BIGOTRY and also his seeming disregard for the lives being risked - when Craig asks Bergman why he does not speak up in his own defense, Bergman's reply ("'Begin thinking of death and you're no longer sure of your life.' It's a HEBREW proverb") is rejected by Craig ("A dead martyr is just another corpse")


'The Jewish Avengers'

After the WAR, a Jewish group called The Avengers decided to hunt down known NAAAAZIS who had blood on their hands. Targets included lawyer Wilhelm Stuckart.

Movie Mix, now:

"Two Be Or Not To Be"

WORLD WAR 2 comedy starring Mel Brooks and Anne Bancroft.
A group of actors become spies in order to stop the occupying NAAAAZIS, who have closed their Warsaw theatre.

Starring James Brooks (Brookman/Kaminsky)
JEW Estelle Reiner(Lebost)
JEW George Wyner
JEW Max Brooks
JEW Larry Rosenberg
original story by
JEW Melchior Lengyel,(Lebovics Menyhért)
JEW Ernst Lubitsch and
JEW Edwin Justus Mayer,starring
JEW Jack Benny (Kubelsky)
JEW Felix Bressart as "Greenberg, a Jewish member of the company who plays bit parts and dreams of playing Shylock"

"After the Nazis seized power in 1933, Jewish-born Bressart had to leave Germany and continued his career in German-speaking movies in Austria, where Jewish artists were still relatively safe. After no fewer than 30 films in eight years, he immigrated to the United States."

followed by "Suspect Xero" starring
JEW Sir Ben Kuingsley and
QUEER Kevin Chamberlin produced by
JEW Lester Berman
JEW Gaye Hirsch
JEW? E. Elias Merhige
JEW Darren Miller
JEW Paula Wagner(Kauffman)
JEW Moritz Borman
JEW Tom Rosenberg
JEW Jonathan Sanger

5* now, "American Idol"
JEW Harry Connick Jr (Judge)

E$,now,"Big Nose Theory","How I met your Mother,etc,all JEW-COMS, followed by fim starring %JEW Zac Efron
"Hollyoaks" (pro-queer propaganda)
"Youngers" Race-mixing propaganda)

ITV2 "Real Housewives"
QUEER JEW Andy Cohen

ITV "The Chase"
QUEER indian Paul Sinha

Anonymous said...

The Church of England may dismiss clergy if they back political parties promoting the “sin of racism”, its bishops agreed on Tuesday in an unprecedented move by the mother church of the world’s 80 million Anglicans.

William Fittall, secretary general of the Church’s General Synod, said they would be disciplined if they joined or sought support for the British National Party or National Front, whose views the Church considers incompatible with its teachings.

It was the first time Church of England clergy have been banned from joining a political party.

The move is likely to be welcomed by many congregations in the worldwide Anglican Communion, particularly in Africa.

Outlining the reasons for the ban, the Church quoted from statements by the two parties published on their websites.

The BNP, a far-right party set up in 1982, said it would do all it could to stop immigration driving “indigenous British people” into a minority and halt “Islamic immigration … as one of the most deadly threats yet to the survival of our nation”.

The National Front described its mission as being to “ensure the survival and advancement of the White Race and the British Nation”.

“The Church is more interested in putting out politically correct platitudes than following the lines of scripture and what is in the Bible. You can understand why people don’t go to church any more,” Darby said.

Anonymous said...

And so ever more starkly we come to realize: natural selection favors not the most intelligent, but the least deluded.

James said...

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

nilus said...

5* now: "Bulletproof Monk"

'A Tibetan monk enlists the help of a pickpocket to ptotect an immortality-giving scroll from NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZIs...

ITV4 "Memphis Belle"
World War 2 drama. The last mission of a bomber crew over NAAAAAAZI Germany

produced by
JEW David Puttnam (Lord,Baron,Sir,The Right Honourable
The Lord Puttnam of Queensgate)

followed by

"Schindler's List"

Directed by
JEW Spielberg produced by
JEW Spielberg and
JEW Branko Lustig

"The script earned an Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay, while the film itself won six others and was hailed as one of the greatest films in cinema history."

Based on a NOVEL:

"Thomas Michael ("Mick") Keneally, AO (born 7 October 1935) is an Australian novelist, playwright and author of non-fiction. He is best known for writing Schindler's Ark, the Booker Prize-winning novel of 1982 which was inspired by the efforts of Poldek Pfefferberg, a Holocaust survivor. The book would later be adapted to Steven Spielberg's Schindler's List, which won the Academy Award for Best Picture."

Starring :
QUEER JEW Jonathan Sagall (Hebrew: יהונתן סגל‎; is an Israeli actor, film director, TV director and screenwriter.

Sagall was born April 23, 1969 in Toronto, Canada.

(But is an israeli?)

Several members of his family were survivors of the Holocaust, who then emigrated to Israel after World War II, then to Canada. Sagall immigrated to Israel from Canada with his family at age 11. During the rest of his childhood, Sagall grew up in Haifa and eventually graduated from the Hebrew Reali School in the city. His mother, Ruth Sagall, is an actress at the Haifa Theatre."

"In 1983 Sagall played the lead role in the drama Drifting by his boy-friend Amos Gutman, where he played a lonely young homosexual man whom attempts to find love and break into the movie business."

NOTJEW? (Sir)Ben Kingsley
(born Krishna Pandit Bhanji)

Kingsley's father, born in Kenya, was of Gujarati Indian Ismaili Muslim Khoja descent. Kingsley's paternal grandfather was a spice trader who had moved from India to Zanzibar, where Kingsley's father lived until moving to Britain at the age of 14.
Kingsley's mother was British; she was born out of wedlock, and "was loath to speak of her background".Kingsley's maternal grandfather was believed by the family to have been of Russian- or German-Jewish descent, while Kingsley's maternal grandmother was of English background, and worked in the garment district of East London.

Kingsley stated in 1994:
"I'm not Jewish... and though there might be some Russian-Jewish heritage way back on my mother's side, the thread is so fine there's no real evidence".

john said...

To answer the title question, no. They dont believe it any more than they believe that they are Biblical Israel or descendants of Isaac or Jacob. Just read their own writings. All that tripe is merely foisted on the gullible goy to take advantage of our good and sympathetic nature and allow them to continue their parasitic existence.

Uncle Nasty said...

Further to the 800 infant skeletons found recently ... could it be that a large pharmaceutical company is doing a leetle ... damage control?

Getting their story out first, so to speak?

Revealed: Thousands of Irish orphans were used as ‘drug guinea pigs’

Published time: June 09, 2014 23:35
Edited time: June 11, 2014 11:16

Over 2,000 care-home kids were secretly vaccinated against diphtheria in the 1930s in medical trials undertaken by international drugs giant Burroughs Wellcome, Irish media reveal. Among the testing sites was a recently discovered mass grave.

The medical records cited by the Irish Daily Mail show that some 2,051 children and babies across several Irish care homes may have been subjected to the practice.

Michael Dwyer, of Cork University’s School of History, found the data after foraging through tens of thousands of archive files and old medical journals. What he did not find is whether any consent was gained for these alleged illegal drug trials or any records of the effects on the infants involved.

Dwyer discovered that the tests were carried out shortly before the drugs were made readily available in the UK. The homes involved included Bessborough, County Cork, and Sean Ross Abbey in Roscrea, County Tipperary.

“What I have found is just the tip of a very large and submerged iceberg,” Dwyer told the paper. “The fact that reports of these trials were published in the most prestigious medical journals suggests that this type of human experimentation was largely accepted by medical practitioners and facilitated by authorities in charge of children’s residential institutions.”

The Newstalk Breakfast on Monday show also found out that nearly 300 children living in care homes in the 1960s and 70s were used as guinea pigs in medical trials. Ireland had no laws pertaining to medical testing until 1987.

Sean Ross Abbey (Image from

The show talked with a former child resident of Bessborough House in Cork who went by the name of Christy.

“I remember speaking to my mum and I asked her why I’d do many marks on my body, she said ‘I don’t know’ and said ‘when you arrived your arms were sore and bandaged.”

He had eight vaccine marks, on his arms and two on his legs.

“Most people from my generation have one, if not two, that’s it, not as many as me,” Christy stated.

The reports come on top of a shocking revelation in Tuan, western Ireland, where a mass grave for almost 800 children was unearthed just a few days ago. Most of the bodies from the facility for unwed mothers and their children were dumped in a sewage tank without coffins.

Burroughs Wellcome, eh? Hmmmm. Who owns them now, I wonder.

Follow the money.


Anonymous said...

Yet another Anti-jew website for the hasbarah to harass with their incessant consistency. It's difficult to stem the tide as more and more of these sites are popping up.

Anonymous said...

You must admit that ad where this guy moves to a dump, lifts the veil to see that his bride to be is some hideous jewish animal that that jewish woman got that part on pure talent alone!