Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Rejoice! The rat departs

In this post I revealed the glad tidings that "Ireland's"  Minister for Justice and Defence was getting it from all sides.  Not for the main reason, in that he traitorously used is brief time in office to single-handedly alter the ethnic makeup of  "his" country. No, he finally was forced to resign as a result of an unending series of scandals all of his own making having clung to office like, let me think of a suitable analogy, like shit to a blanket.

If you read his valedictory address you'll find it hard to believe his brief was (cough) justice and defence. Because most of  the address is given over to his 'achievement' in granting Irish (and hence EU) citizenship to a motley collection of 68,000 Third Worlders (=1.5% of the Irish population) in the 28 months he's been in office. Prior to that the annual average was just a couple of hundred.

So even his attenuated period in office will enable him to look back with satisfaction at the scale of his nation-wrecking. But this is somewhat offset by the glorious own-goal he scored in relation to the public's perception of Jews generally.  Because it's fair to say he came to be universally loathed for, among other things, his over-weening arrogance and willingness to throw everybody and anybody under the bus to save his own skin. To paraphrase Oscar Wilde, even his own friends hated him.

Anyway, let us savour our moment of joy......God knows we don't have many.

PS: I tried to comment on the article cited above to the effect that if all those immigrants are so wonderful for Ireland why is Shatter so opposed to such people immigrating to Israel. Got the 'waiting moderation' message and shortly afterwards it disappeared into the ether. Must keep the peasants in the dark.


David said...

Yes a little bit of good news alright. No doubt the treasonous rat will make aliyah shortly because of Irelands anti-Semitism.

Shaunantijihad said...

It's a victory to be rid of him. So have a pint and celebrate.

But make sure you celebrate getting rid, not of one man, but of an anti-White. It will get them thinking. It might open up conversations. Another "Israeli citizen. The only "white" country left in the world." Hmm...

However, if his legacy of non-Caucasians is not dealt with the victory will be his. Demographics is destiny.

Until Caucasians celebrate getting rid of anti-Whites, and especially Jews, or at least bringing them to justice for genocide by immigration, then getting rid of one man is just one small battle.

But celebrate it still.

Fuck off Shatter you anti-White bastard. You fucking Jew.

Anonymous said...

Now let's hope the Irish all read this site and NEVER vote in a non-Euro, esp a rat, again.

Anonymous said...

Bravo.the wicked witch is dead,,i can tell you that the people in GURTEEN CO,SLIGO were about to take matters into their own hands and sort things out...lucky for him that he left,,,

Anonymous said...

Sav, please replace "over-weeing". Or was it perhaps intentional?


Keiser said...


I just hope that his legislative reforms die with him and are ignored due to apathy or whatever reason, most likely apathy as an Irish person couldn't give a shit about importing immigrants especially when so many of their own family likely have had to leave.

As far as I know his Shittzenship ceremonies have not been enshrined in legislation yet but I will be sure to check and monitor any legislative bill excrement he has left that may be passed.

Most likely it will be forgotten as it is effectively now political kyptonite; no one will want to push anything he did. :-)

Apparently all his family law reforms were basically about requiring that people retain legal council (Muh Shekels) for basic judgements and we all know his desire to furnish any piece of living dog shit with a passport and infinite first world gibs for a few grand.

A tribute to Alan, die alone and in pain Alan

Anonymous said...

Israel has a race problem. Israel needs Diversity.

Keiser said...

*we all know his desire to furnish any piece of living dog shit with a passport

referring to his Visa for cash scheme for "Entrepreneurs" like this guy

James said...

It is a reasonable bet that he did it because he is a Jew.

A very reasonable bet.

There was a rat on this blog a while back that would disagree. Actually many would disagree. But the evidence is quite clear - he very probably did this because he is a Jew.

It's amazing how well-established this fact is, and so much evidence has accumulated, yet it is so hard to inform people of this, and objections are raised at every turn.

James said...

Until Caucasians celebrate getting rid of anti-Whites, and especially Jews, or at least bringing them to justice for genocide by immigration, then getting rid of one man is just one small battle.

True. Spread the mantra.
I mean it.

Spread it. Don't wait for someone else to do it. We know have powerful defences against the charges of racism and all the other usual tactics of the anti-whites which used to leave us tongue-tied. But not anymore.

James said...

However, get rid of one Jew and there are plenty more.

The Pernicious Jewish Myth of "White Privilege" Versus the Reality of Genocidally Destructive Jewish Domination

Christopher Jon Bjerknes

The jewish religious books of Deuteronomy, Psalms and Isaiah, among many others, instruct the jews to dominate and destroy every other nation on Earth. The jews have been forcibly expelled from numerous nations for engaging in their ancient mandate to dominate and destroy every Goy nation (a redundancy).

This is a provable and well established fact. There ought to be a website devoted to exposing both the jewish texts, including communist texts, which call for the ruin of all Gentile nations and for jewish domination over the Goyim. The same website should provide the past compilations of proof that the jews have come to dominate many nations by corrupt practices set forth in their foundational religious literature, including genocidal warfare and usury.

One such text is Jewish Domination Of Weimar Germany 1919-1932, which is available for free here as a pdf download:

Anonymous said...

Right now on ZBC1 on a program about phobias a black woman says, "I'm a trained nurse". TRAINED as opposed to what other sort of nurse? One who walks in off the streets, screams waaaaycisum and is given a qualification by leftists/rats to meet an imposed quota. The very fact she used that word suggests she's not bright enough to earn any sort of qualification. I'm having surgery tomorrow. Is the surgeon trained? Hmmm I'm not sure.

Anonymous said...

31 per cent of Africans in Ireland on rent supplement, vs 6 per cent of irish population.

Uncle Nasty said...

There is a problem, though, amidst the rejoicing. All left wing, liberal and jewish goals are cumulative and never have an end.

Even if there was real justice and Shatter met the same well-deserved end as Leo Frank, he could still rub his hands and say:- "My work here is done."

Will a single one of the niggers, ragheads, currymunchers and gyppoes he imported be sent back?

One now has to move on to the Covington solution. Cleaning the Augean stables -- with industrial-strength detergents.

House by house, street by street.


SAVANT said...

A Freudian slip grettir, a Freudian slip!

Heraclitus said...

UN, I agree the Augean stables remain mired in dung. But this is a victory nonetheless. It is certain that whoever follows this reprobate will dramatically decrease the number of new citizenship awards.

00:39 said...

Is it too optimistic to think that his mad drive to darken Ireland was the real reason why he was asked to leave? Had he just pissed off too many people-even politicians?

Anonymous said...

I thought I'd share a story from last weeks Sligo Weekender that illustrates Shatters legacy perfectly and gives I fear a taste of things to come.
(Good to see someone else from Sligo reads this by the way)
A paki was caught driving without tax, insurance OR a valid license. Somehow the Guard who stopped him figured out the license was a fake Pakistani one. So theres a staggering disregard for the laws of the road normally only seen in tinkers to start with. But it gets better. Reading on it turns out the bastard is unemployed, has FIVE children and failed the theory test three times because his English is that bad. And guess what - he is an Irish citizen! Of course! Why wouldn't you naturalise a man who has so much to contribute to ''his'' country. Thanks to Alan Shatter he is just one of thousands of parasites who are now legally indistinguishable from those of us whose ancestors have been here since before Newgrange was built.We can look forward to stories like this becoming a regular feature and this prick will probably keep up his contempt for our country right up until the day he slits one of his daughters throats for wearing a miniskirt.

clogheen said...

What's this with GURTEEN and Shatter?

clogheen said...

Is it too optimistic to think that his mad drive to darken Ireland was the real reason why he was asked to leave? Had he just pissed off too many people-even politicians?

Unfortunately it had nothing to do with it. There was a whole variety of scandals and he actually broke the law in one of them. His citizenship stunt actually got him praise, at least of the MSM.

White Minority said...


Will his replacement be any better? There are many/all in FG/Lab who rue the day we ever left the UK and will not rest until we've reached the same level of enrichment as Britain.

Sad but true.

Anonymous said...

I thought the title meant that you had finally banned James.

Uncle Nasty said...

Where do you suppose the rat will go?
I have a few suspicions.

The Chinese and the Jews. By a Jew

Over the past couple of decades the Chinese have become more interested in the Jews. Of late the Chinese regime has been bringing Jewish scholars and theologians to the People’s Republic to discuss Torah, Talmud, Mishnah and even some of the more mystical tracts.


It’s no surprise that China-Israel trade is increasing, nor that the China-Israel relationship has grown and deepened. Israel may well be the most dynamic country in the world, bursting at the seams with high-tech startups, dazzling inventions–especially in military and medical technologies–and highly educated and talented people.

But I’m not talking about Israel here. This is about the Chinese fascination with the Jews and Judaism, the religion and the People of the Book.

I’ve got a theory. It’s based on some real history, some anecdotes from participants in those ongoing conversations, and my own views of how the Chinese think about the world. Some of it will likely turn out to be fanciful, but it’s an important subject and it behooves us to ponder it. David Goldman has done some first-class pondering already, as is his wont, and I’m hoping to add some context.

Back when the country’s greatest modern man, Deng Xiaoping, converted the PRC economy to capitalism, Chinese “social scientists” went to work trying to figure out what makes capitalists tick. They were quickly baffled. They kept running into problems; that “knack” we’ve got somehow eluded their new system. After a while, they figured out that the capitalists’ success couldn’t be entirely explained by the nuts and bolts of the marketplace, or by institutions like private property, important though they were. Yes, it would have been easier just to read Michael Novak’s magnum opus, but they got to his end place: religion is an essential part of successful capitalism.

In their amazing way of organizing most anything, the Chinese launched churches, and of course millions upon millions of them attended Christian (mostly Catholic) services. To be sure, the Party kept a suspicious eye wide open, and some of the churches were deemed too dangerous, even in the cause of Communism. But on they went, convinced they were on the right path. If anyone doubted it, they had mountains of research and even Tocqueville to justify the turn to religion.

After a couple of decades of this, there were still problems, and their social scientists took another look. This time around, they found–surprise!–lots of Jews involved in capitalist enterprises, from banks to stock exchanges to corporations. Indeed, the Jews had a history of doing it. Maybe the Jews knew something the others didn’t? Well, look at Israel…or New York…

And so they’re talking to Jews, not about capitalism but about Judaism. State radio now broadcasts in Hebrew. The Jewish experts who are brought to China find themselves speaking Hebrew with their Chinese interlocutors. Chinese students can now learn Hebrew, and immerse themselves in Jewish studies (maybe they’ll give Ayaan Hirsi Ali an honorary degree sometime soon?).

Looks like the tribe are looking for a new (dare I say it?) host. Guess the old ones are wearing a bit thin.

... and when I say host ...

host 1 (hōst)
1. One who receives or entertains guests in a social or official capacity.
2. A person who manages an inn or hotel.
3. One that furnishes facilities and resources for a function or event: the city chosen as host for the Olympic Games.
4. The emcee or interviewer on a radio or television program.
5. Biology The animal or plant on which or in which another organism lives.
6. Medicine The recipient of a transplanted tissue or organ.
7. Computer Science A computer containing data or programs that another computer can access by means of a network or modem.


James said...

Even if there was real justice and Shatter met the same well-deserved end as Leo Frank, he could still rub his hands and say:- "My work here is done."

So he generates a few scandals, pretends to be a victim, and that satisfies his critics that he finally got what he deserved. Then everyone forgets what he's done, and he's off the hook.

The standard set at Nuremberg for genocide was the death penalty. Surely such standards should be upheld? Or was Nuremberg actually a farce?

James said...

Illuminati is always up to something, but this interview contains shocking revelations.

Nero said...

Oh happy day! Joyous news.

One thing history teaches us: these Jews do get caught in the end :-)

Now let's go pick some lottery numbers.

Anonymous said...

@Uncle Nasty 21:38

Turns out Leo Frank was innocent.

James said...

Savant, please delete the comment at 00:50. It's not from the usual source perhaps, but we don't need that sort Judenschtick on here anymore.

Back to business; Noel Ignatiev is famous amongst haters and racists for saying that the White race needs to be eliminated. He stressed that he only meant the social construct of the white race, so it's nothing to worry about.

On his retirement day he said this:

"If you are a white male, you don't deserve to live. You are a cancer, you're a disease, white males have never contributed anything positive to the world!"

It sounds like he's a class creep.

Kevin MacDonald is endorsed by Henry Makow.

Are Jew's white? No.

In this interview with actor Morgan Freeman, CBS veteran Mike Wallace is visibly surprised when Morgan Freeman clearly thinks of him as a white man.

Morgan Freeman on Black History Month

James said...

Turns out Leo Frank was innocent.

No, he was pardoned.

It also turns out that you were banned.

Savant, uphold your ban and delete Nastiestuncle's comments please.

Anonymous said...

He's a useless Paki that can't speak English. He could get a job as an NHS doctor

Anonymous said...

The dammage this anti-Irish fuck to the Irish homeland shall surpass the attempted genocide of the Irish stock, land ownership and culture by the english/norman/hun monarchy, cromwell and the traitorous yes-men to the EEU/ brussels oligarchs and the useful idiots of the anti-fascist action and their ilk.

No doubt, this harbinger of Irish Death will be placed upon the thrown of anti-Europe autonomy within the EU in no time.

God Save Ireland!

Anonymous said...

Yes, just like deporting one Pam "the scam" Izevbekhai, there are tens of thousands Shitter granted Irish shittizenship to. Has the wickedly mad doctor Ronit Lentin resigned from Trinity College?

Handel's Handle said...


Anonymous said...

I would love to see how long an Irishman/woman [goyim] would last if they granted citizenship in Isreal, like giving cotton candy to kids, to Palestinians and Somalis!

Anonymous said...

Ireland for the Irish

Anonymous said...

Ding-dong the kike is Dead!

Anonymous said...

Goodbye Shitter and good Shittance!!!!

Ireland for the Irish!

James said...

That's it - I just defecated in my underwear and I'm not changing them until ALL of NU's comments are deleted.

Anonymous said...

Tiocfaidh ár lá! Ireland for the Irish!

Anonymous said...

Ban James.

Anonymous said...

Jewish genocide against whites here:

Anonymous said...


"Rejoice! The rat departs" -- SAVANT

"Dont rejoyce in his defeat, you men! Although the world stood up and stopped the bastard, The bitch that bore him is in heat again."

-- Bertolt Brecht (1898 - 1956):

Odd bugger to quote (the second one I mean) but it just stuck in my head & thought it's all too true, ain't it.


James said...

Supposed interview with a top Rothschild man.


James said...

Bro Nathaniel, (a.k.a. Borat - thanks NU), says The Jews Destroyed America.

Maybe Mexicans can fix it. They do the jobs whites won't do.

Anonymous said...

Bro Nathanial says:

Jews Are The Main Pushers Of Homosexual Activity.

Jews Brought In Multiple Creeds via Their Open Immigration Law of 1965.

Jews Offshore US Jobs via Jewish Wall Street.

Jews Have Accelerated Inflation via The Federal Reserve.

Jews Have Created a Jewish Police State via Homeland Security.

Jews Form Public Opinion via TOTAL Ownership of the Main Stream Media.

Jews Blackball Christian Groups via Homeland Security.

Jews Litigate Against Christian Symbols in the Public Square.

Jews Celebrate Passover In The White House But Forbid Easter Services.

Jews Control Capitol Hill via AIPAC, ADL, and Sheldon Adelson.

Jews Manipulate Elections via Money & Media.

Jews Corrupt The Youth via Jew-owned Hollywood and the Music Industry.

But Leo Frank is innocent, of course.

James said...

Jews figured out how to talk and read and write before any of the dumb goys.

This ancient form of Hebrew is the oldest written language, and the origin of all alphabetic languages used in the world today.

Hebrew tradition says that this language was used before the tower of Babel, and was used all the way back to the time of Adam.

Aren't you amazed? At their BS, I mean?

Egyptian is much older.

James said...

Twerking and slut programming.

Miley Cyrus

She is allowed to reprogram a whole generation of young girls to swallow pills and to become lesbians and sluts. At a sold out concert in London Tuesday, Miley was: 'drinking water and spitting it on the crowd' and asking people to make out with members of the same sex. 'She got loads of same sex people to snog in the audience and put them on camera on a giant screen and make a speech about how we should all just 'be ourselves,' an attendee said.'She said she "hopes we are all drunk and on loads of pills", and at one point her dressers had to come on stage as her corset was undone while humping midgets.'

They were all gay to start with, you can't control who anyone fancies.--The standard complete idiots opinion on the matter

Anonymous said...

The problem is that his successor,now that the precedent and policy have been established,will continue with his citizenship regime.Shatters gone but nothing will change.

Confront ALL representatives of ALL parties during the forthcoming elections.Tell them it is your number 1 issue and many of your friends and relations feel the same.


Mary said...

Thought I'd pop in just to share in the joy of this glorious Shatter-demise , but I see the 'ass-to-mouth' James and NU show is still in full swing,(their performance as nauseating as ever), rendering the comment section semi-unreadable.

And James is STILL plugging the jew Makow too, lol! Now that's commitment!

Groundhog day is everyday here.

SAVANT said...

White Minority. I doubt very much that his replacement will systematically set out to turbocharge immigration. For sure the replacement won't try to save the nation but will be unlikely to deliberately destroy it either.

SAVANT said...

James, your constant referring to NU's offending comments are a distraction in themselves and have exactly the same impact as his. Please let me deal with them in my own way and time. Thanks.

Setanta said...

Mary. I agree with you about James. I suspect he is a troll. I cannot help feeling that he orchestrates this whole NU/James thing. As Savant said above the impact is the same. I suggest Savant ban James as the good things he brings in are outweighed by his constant trolling. He messes up threads just as effectively as NU did.

Keiser said...

SAVANT said...
"I doubt very much that his replacement will systematically set out to turbocharge immigration. For sure the replacement won't try to save the nation but will be unlikely to deliberately destroy it either.

Exactly, the main concern is how much of his psychopathy he managed to get in to legislation. If enacted it will roll on but if he hasn't managed to enact any immigration "reform" legislation then any proposed bills will no doubt fizzle out.

This Visa Entrepreneur scheme is the main issue. I hope that is wastes away in his absence but what will also improve, hopefully, is the situation whereby we have had a lack of deportations (especially welfare tourists, etc), stealth induction by advertising Ireland as gibs central by EU back channels, increased funding for immigrant rights groups, military spending and troops to Israel, attacks on Christian symbols and traditions, etc.

The main issue we need to be aware of is that the law states that anyone with 5 years here can apply for citizenship. Our stance is that it should be next to impossible for a third world immigrant to gain residence for that long in the first place especially when our own, highly educated, have to leave.

The turd worlder should not be allowed in to Ireland in the first place as it will not have
(a) a job
(b) an education
(c) a brain
(d) impulse control
(e) ability to comprehend the future
(f) ability to understand cause and effect
(g) ability to understand action and consequence.

Deny entry, deport, have the bare minimum of "refugees" I'm talking the old numbers here of just as many as we absolutely have to under EU nanny state law.

I hope the next guy sees things this way or is just plain apathetic about immigration.

Dan said...

Good points Mary.

The back n forth was like stumbling into a fetish club.
I think that they are one in the same poster however.

Dan said...

Now all you have to do is get Elena Kagan off the Supreme Court.

Anonymous said...

A few more "victories" like this and we'll be living in Africa. I'd prefer an ugly jew destroying our homeland as quick as he can to the dopey taigh who'll take up the role next, "only" allowing maybe 10000 invaders in per year.

Better to be inundated with filthy hordes over a small amount of time than the slow boil that has destroyed Britain. Be easier to pass Nuremburg/deportation laws that way.


Nero said...

Has his immigration irreversibly changed society? Can it be reversed?

Globalisation of the travel industry works both ways. What made it easy for 3rd world immigrants to immigrate also makes it easy for them to emigrate.
Many minorities are half citizens with half loyalty. When it would be better for them and their own to go away, what is there to stop them?

You can see this already happening with the minorities that arrived in the U.K in the 50s 60s and 70s: if they sell their houses that’s an instant fortune in the 3rd world; if their work sends them overseas etc..

If only the frontiers are closed to yet more immigrants, immigrant re-emigration will take care of it.



P.S. Why did no-one try rat poison on this guy?

Anonymous said...

This is encouraging news, considering that lately I've been considering leaving the US for Ireland. Ireland apparently has birthright citizenship for people of Irish descent, and lately I feel that I need to go to my roots. There is no sense of roots in white America, unless you're from the South. And quite frankly, I'd rather fight for Ireland (and Europe) than America.

Keiser said...

@Anonymous 8 May 2014 13:18

Fuck off

O'Brien said...

I don't take the histiography seriously. The Irish used to populate London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Manchester, Glasgow.

Perhaps some leading Irish were killed in conflicts but the broad mass of Irish migration into the UK and into North America more than makes up for conflict among elites. Jeebus, Churchill's right hand man was Brendan Bracken. Until recently you couldn't swing a cat at the BBC without hitting a Paddy.

Anonymous said...

Ban James.

Anonymous said...

Off topic. I was wondering if any of you guys could help out. My friend Hans runs a chip shop. Unfortunately the other night during a storm part of the roof blew away and let in rain water. To add further to his troubles the ingress of water destroyed his electrical system and heating system. I'm afraid it's now a case of the fryery of Hans dank.

p.s. please feel free to have me banned.

T. K. H. said...

"NU didn't used to mess up the threads. It was people getting upset when he proved them wrong about stuff which messed up the threads because they would lash out like children rather than alter their beliefs accordingly."

Yes he did. And the conceited,arrogant, contrarian asshole is still here, insisting that Only He Hath The Truth.

He never leaves.

But like Keiser, I too wish he'd FUCK OFF.


Anonymous said...

@St Nilus 16:28

Anon said: they would lash out like children
You said: I too wish he'd FUCK OFF. AND DIE.

Anon must be some kind of prophet.

SAVANT said...

@Keiser 11.18. I fully concur.

Has anyone any idea how many 'entrepreneurs' have taken up the Visa wheeze?

Anonymous said...

No idea Savant,I never saw any numbers.

On the other hand,if I as a German citizen,renounced my dual Irish citizenship,could I claim retrospectively?.I have a (very)small business but one that has been rather profitable lately.

Er no...I think I'll keep my mouth shut.


Anonymous said...

Great news about Shitler!

Voice comments there as the anti-Irish drones are out in force.

Anonymous said...

Ban James, he adds nothing but problems here.

Anonymous said...

Jews in Britain lead a 'cross-party' campaign to smear and denigrate UKIP.

Led by Lynne Featherstone Lib Dem Jewess and the vile Barbara Roche, Immigration Minister in the 1997/01 Labour government who covertly opened the floodgates to mass third-world immigration, and backed by the likes of Nick 'Ugly' Cohen Jewish propagandist, and Danny Cohen, BBCs Director General.

Well worth reading to see just what we are up against:

James said...

James, your constant referring to NU's offending comments are a distraction in themselves and have exactly the same impact as his. Please let me deal with them in my own way and time. Thanks.

OK, I was just concerned that you might be missing some of them. In my defence I will simply state that I did request that you also delete my posts referring to NU, as well as his. I was trying to ensure that his presence is entirely erased from the blog. Sorry if I over-did it, but he seems to be creeping back in.

According to the thinking of people like Mary, if Henry Makow posts an article from Kevin MacDonald, then Kevin MacDonald must be a Jew. Nothing makes me fear for the future of the white race more than people like that. They take it upon themselves to save the race, but are too stupid to ever achieve it. OTOH, they will derail any serious efforts with Hitler BS.

Anonymous said...

James said...

I've smashed anti-whites in the real world.

It's slightly different than having Hitler fantasies on the Internet, I can assure you.

The real world requires discipline and thought, and certain people seem to lack these abilities on this blog.

Thanks Mary, but I'll keep posting Makow articles. Do you support Miley Cyrus? Is that what the problem is?

Anonymous said...

@James 21:59

"OK, I was just concerned that you might be missing some of them."

You're like the creepy Turkish inmate in Midnight Express who tells the guards of the other prisoners' escape attempts. You're effeminate and creepy.

"I was trying to ensure that his presence is entirely erased from the blog."

You're utterly obsessed with NU. He has literally ruined your life. You've allowed him to turn you into a shell of a man.

James said...

U.S. angered at too much Israeli spying.

Maybe they just want it hidden better so the public doesn't see?

Anonymous said...

@James 22:04

"I've smashed anti-whites in the real world."

You couldn't smash a papier mache model of Barbara Spectre.

Anonymous said...

@James 22:12

Israel spies on the US and the US spies on the UK and the UK spies back and Germany spies on etc etc etc.

Let's all get together and have a group weep at this terrible situation.

James said...

At the risk of Mary now deciding that Bob Whitaker is a Jew too, here is his latest post.

I pointed out that we need to avoid terms, like “save the white race,” that allow anti-whites to remind people of the Old Days.

There was surprise at that.

I was there, I was drafting speeches, when the Great Educated Spokesmen of the South screwed up the truth so completely that we can’t be associated with them now.

Southerners knew: 1) that the world was overwhelmingly non-white, 2) that only a racist mentality kept the third world from overwhelming the white world.

To change our racial attitudes would be suicide.

But not one single spokesman the dombasses paid to represent them would accept a speech with the simple truth in it.

When I drafted a speech that put those two simple facts into plain English, they would tell me that it was the integrationists who called attention to the world’s non-white majority. So we couldn’t say that.

They were too Educated, too Sophisticated, too Subtle to bring it up.

Like so many of today’s AMPWs — anti-Mantra pro-whites — their entire dialogue was devoted to REACTING to what the anti-whites said.

They never told the truths everyone sees now and a lot of people would have seen then.

What those Great Spokesmen said then what such a mishmash of reactions and idiotic “Shrewdness” that they are STILL a laughing stock.

And today’s Jews and News AMPW reactors are following the exact same path.

Anonymous said...

@James 22:18

A link will suffice Mr Blog-Hogger.

James said...

Some one else who doesn't care about being attacked, even my anti-mantra pro-whites:

In a comment, Jason mentioned that (as I had predicted before it happened, by the way) blacks would get tired of electing whites who said they were black and finally demanding BLACK leaders.

I said this some time before Obama became a national figure.

When the debate changes, whites are likely to demand white leaders.

Another thing I have repeated here many, many times was that Mussolini very nearly missed the March on Rome that put him into power.

In real history, as with Mussolini, you see time after time that the people who keep demanding torchlight parades and instant action are the very ones who make it so routine that they MISS it when a REAL eruption takes place.

It is critical to know when the time is right, when the time may have come.

The problem is that in order to keep people interested and membership up, one has to keep saying that the time is COMING SOON!

Get out your torches, the Parade is about to begin!

After saying that thousands of times, Mussolini was caught totally by surprise when he demanded a March on Rome and the damned thing started without him!

No pro-white membership can afford to take the realistic position BUGS does.

Which is the reason BUGS is tiny and will stay tiny.

There is a progression in any successful movement which is attributed to at least a dozen famous men.

I forget all the steps, but it begins with 1) totally ignored, 2) ridiculed, 3) viciously attacked (note that attacks on BUGS have been very mild so far. Take it from one who knows how nasty they CAN get).

Steps 4) and so forth go on to the point where the point is accepted, or there is a revolution.

BUGS is just beginning step 2).

We glory in it when anybody makes fun of us. Other pro-whites are hurt by ridicule.

One of our commenters promised to show us a clip from one of those leading Comedy Central leftist shows where one of their two big guys made fun of “White Genocide” Easter eggs!

I doubt seriously whether Jared Taylor would brag about being laughed at by anybody!

But Jared and Dr. Dave have big movements to keep going.

Like other historical leaders they must keep their people enthusiastic.

But there must be room made on the pro-white side for a tiny group of pros who violate the rules and keep track of What and When.

What works, and When we are REALLY likely to move towards power.

Bob @ BUGS

Anonymous said...

@James 22:22

Can you stop trying to take over the blog with your copy/ pasted crap please.

Uncle Nasty said...

Here's a thought. Avoiding the mud-slinging fest of the last dozen or so posts, I have been wracking my alleged brains for an answer to the ground-in memes that have found fertile soil in the Western consciousness over the last few decades.


meme (mēm)
A unit of cultural information, such as a cultural practice or idea, that is transmitted verbally or by repeated action from one mind to another.
[Shortening (modeled on gene) of mimeme, from Greek mimēma, something imitated, from mimeisthai, to imitate; see mimesis.]

These would be the tired old chestnuts like "Racist" "Fascist" "White Supremacist" "Anti-Semite" "Extreme Right Wing" ... etcetera, etcetera.

Note the repeated use of "-ist", "-ism" and "-phobia". Pretty much all of leftist sloganeering fits into these three categories. Logic, of course, never enters into it. Look at "homophobe" ... who the hell is afraid of a faggot?

Fascinating (I'm sure) to an independent observer, the very word "White" has now become anathema ... rather like "nigger" "kike" or "coon".

Say the word "White" in any conversation unrelated to laundry detergents or snow and one can actually see a shrinking away.

So, what I have been dreaming of over the last few weeks, is a method of hijacking the conversation back to our corner.

"Anticaucasian" comes to mind, but is clumsy in the extreme, being possessed of six syllables. "Blancophobe" would be better ... but how many people would get the "Blanc"?

"Europhobe" is good, but would have to be rolled out quickly as Europe is blackening fast, and the mind recoils at "Caucaphobe".

Even instant recognition is not really necessary, as a catchy enough phrase or word would gain currency though sheer repetition. After all, "Google" "Tweet" or "Twitter" did not exist two or three short years ago.

This notion was triggered by a phrase I read this A.M. pinched from the Occidental Observer:-

Mjolnir: Magazine for the Creative Artss
Issue 1: Blast Off
David Yorkshire, Editor

“Leftism is the lie writ large. In any case, the right knows that equality itself is a fabrication and can only be achieved and maintained by holding back those who strive for excellence. The opposite of equality is quality. So it is with art. Quality is known instinctively: go into any art gallery and answer honestly which you prefer, Ian Davenport or J M W Turner. Mjolnir stands for quality; Mjolnir is therefore elitist and promotes spiritual elitism in all its forms.”

—Mjolnir Magazine

Isn't that brilliant? The opposite of equality is quality.

This is what we need.

Your thoughts are welcome.


Essex boy said...

Ban Lemmyhead. That was unforgivable.

reconquista2200 said...

Bring back Michael Mc Dowell. A man who took no nonsense.

Corkonian said...

UN, yes, White has become a term of abuse. My daughter is expecting a child and both she and her husband are fair. She said that she looked forward to a blond blue-eyed baby. Unbelievably, this was frowned upon by some of her WHITE friends.

It was 'racist' you see.

Mosche Tannenbaum said...

Ban everyone, especially all those racist, anti-Semitic types, including James, UN and indeed yourself Savant, ban them all and let's intone the Kol Nidre together, one big happy anti-fascist family.

James said...

Iran's Nuclear Fatwas.

I will only supply the link, in case pasting excerpts offends the sensitive. The link is good for fact-checking, but might be Jewish so use extreme caution before you believe any of it.

Also, use extreme caution before you disbelieve any of it - it might be a Jewish trick!

James said...

Look at "homophobe" ... who the hell is afraid of a faggot?

Doesn't it mean afraid of someone the same as you? A BS term if ever there was one.

James said...

I came out of the closet years ago.

James said...

Massive fraud in Bank of America etc, not being punished.

Good interview, but I think Prof. Black is a Jew so better not believe anything he says. Just believe the opposite and you'll be fine.

Rob said...

Savant: How many entrepreneurs have taken up this "visa" wheeze?

Amazingly, only 20 so far, according to this piece dated March 2014. There must be some civil servants within the department who are using their discretionary powers to frustrate Shatter's genocide programme. By the way, he dropped the "investment sum" to €50 000, or only €30 000 per person if it's two-person "enterprise", and I'm sure if he hadn't been run out of the job he'd have ended up offering €50 0000 to anyone who'd come.

Rob said...

Uh-oh, I just read a bit further and I see there have been only 35 applications, so 60 per cent are being accepted. Or maybe many potential applicants are being told they have no chance and that there's no point in trying.

Anonymous said...

Commercial break:

...and who might be "Mr. Northern IRELAND", you ask?

Why is the White Irishman's image blurred?

James said...

If the commenters here want me banned, so be it. I will no longer cast my pearls of wisdom before the swine that reside here.

Ciao, bitches!!

Anonymous said...

68,000 Third Worlders (=1.5% of the Irish population) in the 28 months he's been in office.

Is it this 1.5% who are responsible for 25% of rapes?

Remember golly gosh come back to my place for drugs guy who was jailed for two rapes when he took two drunk girls back to his place for a druugy night was kicked out of LA for exactly the same crime. For some reason Ireland needs third world computer experts who have been kicked out of a first world country for third world behaviour.

TB is making a comeback because Irish authorities are not allowed to screen for it but Saudi Arabia, which cares for its citizens health, does. You test positive you don't get to go to Mecca.

Ratman should have been forced to resign when he disclosed that he broke data protection laws with regard to Mick Wallace. Remember that? David Moyes was still at Everton at the time.

Anonymous said...

Leukophobe is the word Uncle Nasty is looking for.

Anonymous said...

"@St Nilus 16:28

Anon said: they would lash out like children
You said: I too wish he'd FUCK OFF. AND DIE.

Anon must be some kind of prophet."

No . Some kind of wanker or jew.

And the post you were replying to wasnt by St Nilus, you nonce.

So, not a prophet.

Uncle Nasty said...

Seemingly off topic ... but decidedly odd all the same.

Remember the so-called shootings at Sandy Hook? Please read the following and tell me that there is not something rotten in the woodpile ... if I may mix my metaphors.

May 4, 2014
Ministry of Plenty 62
Home • Tags: gun control, Public Opinion, Sandy Hook Elementary, state crime
Newtown residents and Sandy Hook parents win the Connecticut Lottery

By Duke Reichert*

“There was a whole tribe of men who made their living simply by selling systems, forecasts, and lucky amulets. Winston had nothing to do with the Lottery, which was managed by the Ministry of Plenty, but he was aware (indeed everyone in the party was aware) that the prizes were largely imaginary. Only small sums were actually paid out, the winners of the big prizes being nonexistent persons.
― George Orwell, 1984

You are almost certainly familiar with the fact that there is a mass of people around the world who question what “Sandy Hook” was, and you probably have you own opinion about how much of what the media told us was true. However, when it comes to truth, the people and events of the small village of Sandy Hook, Connecticut, and the 60 square mile of rural town in which it rests- Newtown- seem to be a mystery. And from what even the dodgy media are saying, that may not be a coincidence.

As the talking heads and printing presses interrupted our regular broadcasting, the critical masses and awakened population started to question what was being reported. A discerning public began to rise, a swell of whispers and theorizing that has become an internet frenzy, and fodder for podcasts, blogs, websites, and chat rooms. Seekers of truth are pushed to the periphery to find out what really happened that day, because the center of it all- the media stories and government reports- serve to show us only that the Sandy Hook event was without question a function of secrecy, an act of concealment. Lies of omission, and outright lies. And, if you believe the media’s version of events, your trusted media is, too, reporting that Sandy Hook is an event that is “shrouded in secrecy”, as reports Jon Lender of the Hartford Courant. Indeed, Lender explores this very topic in his article, “Secrecy, Funding Hobble Sandy Hook Commission” . More recently, the front page of The Hartford Courant trumpeted the headline, “FBI releases heavily blacked out records”.

To some it seems that Sandy Hook has opened a Pandora’s box of conspiracy and lies. As more is revealed each day, however, the information has started to beg the question: What if the secrecy did not start on 12/14/2012….What if Newtown, the Sandy Hook event—whatever one wishes to call it—was business as usual?

Let us take a look at a certain mysterious aspect of Sandy Hook, and Newtown, that predated the Sandy Hook Event (SHE). Without speculating if there is a conspiratorial, or even sinister reason for this, the facts stand:

(C)ertain Newtown residents are winning the lottery at alarmingly strange intervals, at high rates of succession and repetition.

Read it all. It's quite fascinating. Maybe I should move there. I could use the dough.


Anonymous said...

Niggerbabble to be studied in English A-level

Teenagers will study Dizzee Rascal as part of a new English A-level designed to focus on contemporary uses of language, it was announced today.

“The new A-level will introduce new approaches and scope for more creative writing, while offering teachers and students the flexibility to explore an extremely broad variety of styles, methodologies and genres.” – JEWESS Barbara Bleiman, co-director English and Media Centre

PHOTO: Barbara Bleiman

“By creating a new model with a linguistic approach to literary texts, we aim to set a new gold standard to transform the A-level into a more valuable, distinctive qualification.” – JEWESS (?) Hester GLASS, OCR Subject Specialist for English Language and Literature

Chris McGovern, a former head teacher and chairman of the Campaign for Real Education, said: “This is just a continuation of the Jewish drive to make subjects more relevant, accessible and trendy that’s dominated education thinking for the last 20 years.

“I can assure you that when Jewish pupils in Israel sit down to study English they won’t be turning to Dizzee Rascal, rappers and Tweets. This is all about diluting and dumbing down, innit bruv!”

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Guess who plays the Prime Minister in the new series of "24"?:

Homosexual Jew Stephen Fry.

That figures.

Anonymous said...

Good news indeed would be even better if he died of cancer or aids tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 10:34

It was indeed written by St Nilus.

katana said...

[Since the thread has wound down I'll also post this comment in Savant's next post.]

Savant wrote:

Which brings me to my hypothesis: Are Ashkenazi Jews to Whites what Whites are to (American) blacks? Ashkenazi Jews score 0.75 to 1.0 standard deviations above the general White average, corresponding to an IQ 112-115. That's there or thereabouts the same differential between Whites and blacks in America.
Accepting these figures as being largely correct, can we then say that American blacks (with their average 20% + White blood) be considered as the "Ashkenazi" of blacks compared to African blacks with an average IQ of 70 (according to Prof. J. Phillip Rushton)?

Also, can the number of Whites with an average IQ of 130 be considered the "Ashkenazi" of Whites compared to real Ashkenazi jews with an only 112-115 IQ average?

Obviously the numbers of individuals in these groups is important.

And I would say that Whites easily out IQ jews in total, simply because of the number of Whites compared to the number of declared "jews".

So, Savant, I don't see jewish dominance mainly as a function of above average IQ. It's essential for them, of course, but equally important are other traits, such as: common cause, intense networking, intense work ethic, a self inflicted persecution complex, religious indoctrination causing them to believe in the delusion of being "God's Chosen Ones", an immoral worldview to non-jews, a lust, greed and sadism that knows no bounds, and very importantly a drive for power without limits. In other words, the makings of a perfect organized international criminal organization set out for world domination through deception, corruption and every trick in the jew book.

Now I hastily concede that far from that of the suicidal out-group mentality of Whites the focus of Jews is ruthlessly and relentlessly in-group.
Yes, this is a weakness that the jews have stoked to the max, in order to destroy us. The universality teachings of Christianity and our natural inclinations for altruism have been targeted and amplified to our severe detriment.

They are also hard-working and tenacious. (They are!). And this differential again equates to that applying between Whites and blacks - who are generally lazy and lacking in tenacity.
Same again with the IQ issue. There are many more Whites with the same work ethic, although, of course, not single mindlessly focused on destroying a race. Perhaps we need to learn from the jews, here.


katana said...


So yes, Jews are outmanoeuvring us, controlling us, using us. But is this not nature's way?
Yes, as nature is utterly cruel and indifferent to the outcome. But we shouldn't be of such mind since we are the victims of jewish predation. Perhaps, instead of letting them destroy us we should destroy them, as, is it not nature's way?

Does not their control of the political, financial, academic and media arenas not equate to the control Whites exerted over their colonial subjects?
Yes, in some respects, but no, in the intent. Jews do not act as relatively benevolent occupiers or masters. The jews, according to their religious teachings, and current actions, want to enslave us.

It's no good saying that were enough Whites to realise what's going on the Jews' game would be up. The fact is only a tiny minority of Whites is in this category and that is our racial stupidity (yes!) and weakness.
You are wrong in the first part and right in the second part, here, Savant. The jews' game would be up in a proverbial few days or weeks if we had full control of the media. The only reason we are not in control is because they have brainwashed us for years with non-stop lies. It's not stupidity, it's the brainwashing, whether it's some dummy or some "smart" professor. Yes, the cluelessness is still across the board (from low IQ to very high IQ) about the jews and what they have done and are doing to us. How many high IQ Whites do you know who are totally clueless?

Our swallowing - hook, line and sinker - the bogus narrative they've cooked up for us equates to Rhodes buying the Kimberly diamond field for a handful of shiny beads.
Not sure where you got that … In any case, your point is that we have been taken for fools, giving up everything for worthless things. I understand your exasperation at the lack of popular awareness of how we are being led to racial destruction, but it's more complicated than just "stupidity".

The jews have subjected us, over several generations, to massive propaganda and corruption to such a level and depth that it has befuddled and corrupted our natural leadership and elites. They have sold out so far that they likely don't even fully understand it. On the other end we have the general public who are naturally inclined to follow and trust what they are told.

Then, in a very small, but rapidly growing corner, you have a motley crew consisting of the general public that has "woken up" to the deeply evil nature of what is really going on and who the perps are. The people who are willing and able to add up, "two plus two equals, name the jew".

A painful issue to confront, for sure. But am I - sadly - not correct?
SAVANT at 20:06
We are sadly in a bad situation, but it's not the result of lack of intelligence, but an excess of trust, goodwill and crucially, information, when the enemy consists of intelligent psychopaths who have been organized as an international criminal conspiracy over centuries.

As Henry Ford did in his book "The International Jew", the answer is to understand and expose the enemy of humanity to your family, friends, and neighbors. If you don't do that they will continue to destroy us.

katana said...

Correction >> We are sadly in a bad situation, but it's not the result of lack of intelligence, but an excess of trust, goodwill and crucially, information,

should be, …

>> We are sadly in a bad situation, but it's not the result of lack of intelligence, but an excess of trust, goodwill and crucially, a lack of information,

Kurtz said...

James. I agree about Mary and some others. They see things totally black/white. Real life is different. You get nowhere if you fail to realize this. You end up fighting everyone. You can't win doing that.

SAVANT said...

There must be some civil servants within the department who are using their discretionary powers to frustrate Shatter's genocide programme.

Rob, I'm thrilled to learn this as I thought we'd be flooded with Paki and Nigerian 'entrepreneurs'. I think you're on the ball w/r/t patriotic civil servants' role in this. I do know from internal sources that many in the Dept. of Justice were appalled by Shatters behaviour, and apparently frustrated many of his plans to foil deportation of illegals.

SAVANT said...

James, some commentators want you banned, presumably most of the others don't. I think most feel as I do that you have a lot of very good input and links but that you overdo it at times. If you completely drop the NU subject, or his surrogates, I don't see a problem and would welcome your ongoing input.

Anonymous said...

@Kurtz 16:28

James also needs to learn to stop having multiple personality disorder and acting like a whiny schoolgirl at every opportunity.

Anonymous said...

@SAVANT 16:37

How about instead of having James, you just put links to Henry Makow and (lol) truthseeker at the top of every thread. Then whoever wants to waste their time visiting those sites can and the rest of us don't have to witness his frequent meltdowns and his example of being whiny, creepy and school snitch-like. White men aren't supposed to be pathetic specimens like that. He belongs with the sodomites.

Sponge Cake said...

Why are so many white men trying to save the planet without the rest of us?
Climate change affects minorities and women, the elderly and the poor. But the leadership of the environmental movement is pale and male. That doesn't look like progress.
Suzanne Goldenberg

mericans are regularly told that climate change is happening here and now, in real time, and that nobody will be left unscathed. Just this week as a corporate-backed disinformation campaign continued to fuel lobbying against climate science and on behalf of a failed vote on the Keystone XL pipeline, the White House released a landmark climate change report, underlining that "[c]ertain people and communities are especially vulnerable, including children, the elderly, the sick, the poor, and some communities of colour." According to the even more landmark IPCC report, that goes for the developing world and rich countries alike.

Just the other day, the National Wildlife Federation announced its new president – a white male "whiz kid". Last month, the Climate Reality Project, founded by Al Gore, replaced its female chief executive with a white man. Last November, the National Parks and Conservation Association replaced its veteran leader with another white male. The Union of Concerned Scientists is due to announce its new leader as early as next week. Spoiler alert: it's not going to be a woman.

Goldenberg Oy Vey

Anonymous said...

@Sponge Cake said...

"Why are so many white men trying to save the planet without the rest of us?"

It's probably because the vast majority of people don't think in terms of race.

Sponge Cake said...

@Anon 17.20

Ms Goldenberg, clearly has a problem with white males.

Sponge Cake said...

What do British contributors to the blog make of this?

David Cameron: Taxes will rise unless we can raid bank accounts.

Taxes will have to rise unless officials are given new powers to raid people's bank accounts, David Cameron has said.
The Treasury select committee warned that allowing HM Revenue and Customs to remove cash from bank accounts without court orders is "very concerning" because of its history of mistakes.
The committee said that taxpayers could suffer “serious detriment” if officials are able, either by mistake or through an “abuse” of power, to take money from people who have done no wrong.
Mr Cameron yesterday claimed that the alternative was to "put up taxes". He told Sky News: "We have a choice here. If we don't collect taxes properly and make sure people pay their taxes properly we look at the problems of having to raise tax rates. I don't want to do that, so I support the changes the Chancellor set out in the Budget which is to really say that not paying your taxes is not acceptable.

"It is very clear that they can only do this if there is a debt of over £1,000, they can only do it if there's £5,000 or more in the account after this has been completed. The general principle – do we want to pursue every avenue of making people pay their taxes they are meant to pay before we put up taxes, because that's the alternative – absolutely, yes we do."

Sponge Cake said...

Seven children killed by horror flesh eating bug.

The terrifying disease is now killing in higher numbers than meningitis and more than half of the 66 children who contracted the infection had to be treated in hospital intensive care units, with 70pc needing surgery.

The invasive Group A Streptococcus infection (iGAS) hit three times as many girls as boys and 42pc of those infected were aged two years or younger.

In some cases the disease was so aggressive that doctors had "little time for effective intervention", a major European conference in Dublin has heard.

Anyone with a medical background?

Is this another imported disease?

Anonymous said...

@Sponge Cake 17:48

How does pointing out the fact that most people don't think in terms of race mean that a person has a problem with white males?

Sponge Cake said...

@Anon 19.02

"most people don't think in terms of race"

What's "most"?

I'll tell ya what playah. You go and vist Haiti, Pakistan, Congo, Detoilet, Morocco and test your theory.

Sponge Cake said...

Here is the news headlines:

A 35-year-old man from Colchester has been stabbed to death in the Haitian capital, port au prince.

He was apparently conducting an experiment to find out "that most people don't think in terms of race".

Wolfhound said...

@ Sponge Cake

From Wiki:

"Infection of GAS may spread through direct contact with mucus or sores on the skin. GAS infections can cause >500,000 deaths per year. Despite the emergence of antibiotics as a treatment for Group A β-hemolytic streptococcus, infection of GAS is an increasing problem, particularly in the continent of Africa."

Big fuckin' surprise there eh.

Rob said...

Savant: I do know from internal sources that many in the Dept. of Justice were appalled by Shatters behaviour, and apparently frustrated many of his plans to foil deportation of illegals.

That's great, who knows, they may be even reading this blog at work when they're supposed to be dishing out visas like confetti to the Third World. I've a feeling someone is making it clear to applicants for these "entrepreneur" visas that there's no point in applying in most cases - that's the only explanation for the fact that there have only been 35 written applications submitted

Uncle Nasty said...

Wolfhound said...

@ Sponge Cake

From Wiki:

"... infection of GAS is an increasing problem, particularly in the continent of Africa."

Big fuckin' surprise there eh.

Something the group may find interesting is that the original antibiotics, Sulfonamides ...

.. Were literally hundreds of times more potent than necessary, annihilating the robust, beneficial, naturally-occurring bacteria in the body ... along with the alien infection.

I suggest you look up antibiotic poisoning -- 3, 000,000 plus hits.

The new improved (and antibiotic-resistant) streptococcus infections, however, (GAS, Ebola, etc.,) are so virulent that in many cases the treatment involves the necessary use of the original formulas, thereby utterly disrupting -- and overwhelming -- the natural immune system.

Check it out ... and be terrified. Many Americans (and Westerners in general) are being medicated to death.


Anonymous said...

Savant will bitch and complain, but will he be sending in a letter to the goy replacement francis fitzgerald to undo some of the damage and take a close look at the forecoming immigration and residency bill Shatter was engineering? - will he fuck.

At what point does this rolling commentary evolve beyond online prattle at how awful the situation is?

Uncle Nasty said...

Sort of on topic.

For those who have had contact with niggers and been affected by TNB ... but have never been immersed (horrible thought) in negroids, this may go a long way towards explaining their behavior ...

A longish read and definitely not PC. Probably runs true for Maoris too

How Africans may differ from Westerners by Gedaliah Braun

I am an American who taught philosophy in several African universities from 1976 to 1988, and have lived since that time in South Africa. When I first came to Africa, I knew virtually nothing about the continent or its people, but I began learning quickly. I noticed, for example, that Africans rarely kept promises and saw no need to apologize when they broke them. It was as if they were unaware they had done anything that called for an apology.

It took many years for me to understand why Africans behaved this way but I think I can now explain this and other behavior that characterizes Africa. I believe that morality requires abstract thinking—as does planning for the future—and that a relative deficiency in abstract thinking may explain many things that are typically African.

What follow are not scientific findings. There could be alternative explanations for what I have observed, but my conclusions are drawn from more than 30 years of living among Africans.

My first inklings about what may be a deficiency in abstract thinking came from what I began to learn about African languages. In a conversation with students in Nigeria I asked how you would say that a coconut is about halfway up the tree in their local language. “You can’t say that,” they explained. “All you can say is that it is ‘up’.” “How about right at the top?” “Nope; just ‘up’.” In other words, there appeared to be no way to express gradations.

A few years later, in Nairobi, I learned something else about African languages when two women expressed surprise at my English dictionary. “Isn’t English your language?” they asked. “Yes,” I said. “It’s my only language.” “Then why do you need a dictionary?”

They were puzzled that I needed a dictionary, and I was puzzled by their puzzlement. I explained that there are times when you hear a word you’re not sure about and so you look it up. “But if English is your language,” they asked, “how can there be words you don’t know?” “What?” I said. “No one knows all the words of his language.”

I have concluded that a relative deficiency in abstract thinking may explain many things that are typically African.

Know thine enemy ... read it.


Piet said...

Spongecake. The reason whites are the only ones concerned about climate change is that they are the only ones concerned about other people's problems! Nobody else gives a fuck apart from what they can get for themselves. Even with climate change. See the porch monkeys are all excited about it. And they want YT to lodge 10,000 billion or something to their bank accounts at which point they'll diligently spend it on...themselves and their mistresses.

YT has been deliberately infected to become suicidal do-gooders.

Piet said...

"Ms Goldenberg, clearly has a problem with white males."

Well non-Jewish white males anyway. You can be damn sure she'd shut her cake hole if the appointees where the same group as her.

clogheen said...

31 per cent of Africans in Ireland on rent supplement, vs 6 per cent of irish population.

Do you have link for that?

Anonymous said...

The little nose behind the curtain said: “Israel spies on the US and the US spies on the UK and the UK spies back and Germany spies on etc etc etc.”

From David Duke:

In a last ditch effort to protect America from Israeli spying and treachery, a few senior American members of America’s Intelligence community have briefed the U.S. Congress that Israel poses a dire threat to American security.

In discussing the Congressional testimony a major American publication put it this way:

Israel’s espionage activities in America are unrivaled and unseemly, counterspies have told members of the House Judiciary and Foreign Affairs committees, going FAR BEYOND activities by other close allies, such as Germany, France, the U.K. and Japan. A congressional staffer familiar with a briefing last January called the testimony “very sobering…alarming…even terrifying.” Another staffer called it “damaging.”

The Jewish state’s primary target: America’s industrial and technical secrets.

“No other country close to the United States continues to cross the line on espionage like the Israelis do,” said a former congressional staffer who attended another classified briefing in late 2013, one of several in recent months given by officials from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the State Department, the FBI and the National Counterintelligence Directorate.

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

@Sponge Cake 19:36

"I'll tell ya what playah. You go and vist Haiti, Pakistan, Congo, Detoilet, Morocco and test your theory."

We were talking about white men, not niggers.

Not many white men think in terms of race, hence our problems.

Anonymous said...

The Daily Telegraph, 07 May 2014

Anti-apartheid movement founder died after racism row attack, court told

A pensioner who helped found the anti-apartheid movement died after he was knocked over in a row by a man who accused him of being racist, a court hears

Court News UK, 09 May 2014

Shopper cleared of pensioner attack after he claims apartheid campaigner was a racist

Murray Wrobel, 91 [anti-apartheid campaigner born in Liverpool to JEWISH parents], was knocked down by Marcus Jean, 31 [Negro], who complained that his bike was blocking the entrance to the trolley rack outside a Tesco supermarket.

Jean, of Lingfield Road, Wimbledon, was found not guilty inflicting grievous bodily harm.

Outside court, Peter Wrobel told of his father's FOUNDING ROLE in the AAM [Anti-Apartheid Movement].

'It was set up in Britain and was originally called the Boycott Movement, it was set up after the Sharpeville Massacre', he said.

'My father [JEW] set it up alongside Liberal MP Jeremy Thorpe [raving queen married to JEWESS Marion Stein] and Labour MP Barbara Castle [shiksa useful idiot].

'He [JEW] gave FINANCIAL ADVICE and he was involved in the ORGANISING of the boycott of the Springboks tour of Great Britain and Ireland in 1961, just after the Sharpeville Massacre.

Frank Galton

Doug said...

Shitter splatter Shatter!

Rob said...

Clogheen: "31 per cent of Africans in Ireland on rent supplement, vs 6 per cent of irish population.

Do you have link for that?

Some info here.

Anonymous said...

I would be reasonably confident that the figure of 31% is a severe underestimate.Double it and you might be getting closer.


Anonymous said...

US syphilis rate among gay and bi men

As one poster warned us these groups are petri dishes for worse forms of diseases owing to unsafe practices of the media loved groups.
A comment on the article mentions that WOCs have crazy rates for these diseases compared to normal people.

SAVANT said...

katana. Thanks for that thoughtful analysis. I agree with most of what you say but I think you miss my central point which is this: Whatever way you look at it Whites have been outmanoeuvred by Jews and are unable to see it. That is characteristic of all conflicts where one antagonist is more intelligent than the other.

Rob said...

Note the elephant in the room carefully avoided in this article, as in all others on the subject of property prices and desirability of neighbourhoods.

Anonymous said...


“Whatever way you look at it Whites have been outmanoeuvred by Jews [jews] and are unable to see it. That [This] is characteristic of all conflicts where [in which] one antagonist is more intelligent than the other.”

The mismatch is this: North Europeans compete as individuals within their own society, jews compete as a foreign, invading body, a racial body.

Your suggestion that we are simply outmatched by a superior opponent is outrageously and culpably defeatist.

Can you not recognize the reality of race, and racial differences?

Our rules and institutions do not apply to outsiders who must be kept out if these rules and institutions are to continue to function.

Everything is race, and no two races can survive on the same soil.


Dan said...

I wish my father had actually discussed antisemitism. He bought the ww2 narrative about protecting the British from the Nazis/Germans.

Had he linked the effect of the "peace" and the causes of the war in a dispassionate way I'd have probably made a number of decisions differently.

The war porn that the English are subjected to is corrosive beyond measure. The breathless history of the third reich has lead to national delusion.

Dan said...

The main problem is that the average English is not allowed to see an individual Jew as a part of the collective.

That and the absurd ww2 porn they grow up with. It need not get to the level of a Beer Hall Putsch or an Enabling Act but awareness of the collective might encourage blokes to not take out loans. Might encourage men to design better machinery instead of being distracted by ideological chimera and politics. Might encourage men to avoid spectator sports and stop consuming Hollywood or the BBC.

A small shift in consciousness would work wonders.

katana said...

SAVANT said... 10 May 2014 11:08

katana. Thanks for that thoughtful analysis. I agree with most of what you say but I think you miss my central point which is this: Whatever way you look at it Whites have been outmanoeuvred by Jews and are unable to see it. That is characteristic of all conflicts where one antagonist is more intelligent than the other.


Thanks for your reply, Savant.

I agree that Whites have been out-manoeuvred by Jews and are unable to see it.

Where I disagree is that they are more "intelligent" in the terms you talked about, i.e., IQ scores, for the reasons and qualifications I gave.

But if we talk of intelligence in terms of the totality of characteristics leading to a dominate outcome, as you are now talking about, then you are right. Jews have a high average intelligence and combined with a rat-like cunning, psychopathic drive and lust for control and dominance, makes them a snake like opponent that Whites are largely oblivious to.

The success of the jews is based crucially on being able to operate in the shadows in secrecy with their central role never being aware of or talked about. What this does is to effectively neuter all the massive White high intelligence horsepower that could be arrayed to utterly crush jewish power. Jews have done that by slowly but surely gaining control of all the organs of information flow, such as the media, legal, politics, etc.

So, we have been out-manoeuvred by the jews, so far.

What do you suggest Savant?

What are your solutions?

Nero said...

Whatever way you look at it Whites have been outmanoeuvred by Jews and are unable to see it.

...At First!

Yes, there's the 'Russian' Revolution and the Austrian Empire. But then people awoke, and the manipulators were destroyed.

The Jews manipulated the British Empire to get Palestine: and are now disliked for it. They are now trying the same trick in Murica as in the Austrian Empire.

The issue is not intelligence. It's the fact the the target had never before come across a tribe that acts like this.

Anyone can be taken by surprise the first time.

Dan said...

The main thing is to warn your kids.

I do not think that Edward I or
St Louis are about to return.

Nero said...

Consider it like this. Could any of what the Jews have achieved through deception have worked if Europe was still a collection of monarchies? Each of the Jews deceptions involve hijacking the mob i.e. mass politics:
Russian had just had a revolution for democracy, which was hijacked.
The Austrian Empire was moving towards democracy, which was hijacked.
Great Britain had become a democracy by 1917 and thus was governed by a pack of politicians, which were deceived on a peripheral matter.
America, only a democracy, power divided among so many groups and individuals, successfully played by a cohesive group against the unsuspecting.

So here's a question - are aristocrats more intelligent?

SAVANT said...

Katana asks "What do you suggest Savant? What are your solutions?"

I'm not saying that I have a solution or even that there is one. A degenerative self-destructive disease has overtaken Whites. Quite possibly the combined impact of all the measures applied against us has resulted in the actual biochemical structures of our brains becoming impaired. For example White women most definitely have become more masculine in looks and attitudes.

In addition our enemies control all the levers of power and influence, are clear in their destructive objectives while 95% of Whites are blind to what's going on, the remainder hopelessly disunited.

A solution if there is to be one can come only by awakening a sufficient number of Whites to what's being done to them. Given the circumstances outlined I believe this will be possible only in the event of there being a really calamitous social and/or economic disaster.

And that's what I'm hoping for, even if I get swept up in its wake.

SAVANT said...

Nero, the difference now compared to the earlier empires and such is that Jews never had anything remotely like the control they now have, media, finance, academia and also have the Holocau$t™ to repel any criticism. Different ball game baby.

Shitler said...


Getting fired from my position as chief importer of third world rapists is the same feeling my ancestors had when 6 million of them were killed by Irish nazis during the brutal Limerick Pogrom!

As my dear colleague Barbara Spectre says we must make Europe less Caucasian for the nations to survive. I did my bit so I want a Kitchener type WW1 poster all around Ireland with my face and a mustache on it saying, "I work for Irish genocide, will you?"

Dan said...


Not so, Pro Flacco indicates that there were powerful Jews suborning the Roman Senate.

Before the sack of the Temple Jerusalem was taking a massive tribute that drained Roman coffers.

Dan said...

The February Revolution was mastered by Commies and Suffragettes.

Anonymous said...

"A solution if there is to be one can come only by awakening a sufficient number of Whites to what's being done to them."

The fact is that most whites are too stupid to matter and they are a clear majority. They get their 'thinking' passed down to them from those above, and it is this group that must be targetted by setting the explanatory discourse at a high level. For example, showing that the '6 million' has been cited by jews for many years before they could get it to stick to the Germans causes some reaction in those intelligent enough to grasp its significance. Pretty soon, our views will become the edgy, non-conformist opinion that the rebellious will adhere to. Here is the example - 6 million jews murdered in Austria and Germany - in January 1939:

- John Perez of the Rome Popular Front (i.e. Rome in Oneida County, New York State), was clearly a supporter of anti-Franco (i.e. communist) forces in Spain. He wrote to the Daily Sentinel of New York in January 1939—8 months before WWII began—advising that:

"Does Mr. X really believe that if Hitler gains control of Spain with the help of Franco, that life in Spain will be any different than it is today in Germany, Austria and Czechoslovakia where 6,000,000 Jews have been murdered, ..."

There are hundreds of other claims of pre-holocaust 6-millions etc.


Dan said...

There is also the Treatise by Cicero's teacher Molon that details the behaviour of Jews in Rhodes and the Greek World.

Keiser said...

Muh Holocau$t™

I think that it will get to a point where people will be so over run by "diversity" particularly in the UK that they will seriously start to question it. They already are considering UKIP's increasing support and the parallel support for Le Pen's National Front et al in France.

The big question is will they ever tie it back and realise where this is coming from, where it came from or will it just be reaction with no reflection.

They may even try to follow the U.S. in its complete denial that the source of the problem is "diversity".

I don't think people will buy that here. I can't help feel that Cynicism and realism are more prevalent here in Europe.

What people here will buy is MUH Holohoax and this is the problem.

We will figure out that "diversity" is a death cult eventually but will never, even in our minds, associate it with or trace it back to its instigators... because MUH Holocau$t™

Believe it or not it is possible to question Muh Holocau$t™ in America without fear of prison, something to do with that problematic document "The Constitution of the United States" but try that in Europe and you will be cell mates with David Irving.

This is the problem, their shield.

Learn real history, real genocides and always ask a holoco$ter if they have heard of them. Shake head in disapproval when they admit that they haven't.

Oh and if you have a permanent marker try this new and improved mantra...

"Diversity means becoming a minority in your own country"

I have had great success with it and have managed to stop a couple of brainwashed liberals in their tracks with it. They actually had no answer to it.

Write it in public places :-)

Anonymous said...

"In addition our enemies control all the levers of power and influence, are clear in their destructive objectives while 95% of Whites are blind to what's going on, the remainder hopelessly disunited."

And unfortunately that that 95 percent includes 100 percent of White politicians.

Wolfhound said...

Katana and Savant talking about possible solutions.

People of Europe are really crying out for patriotic alternatives to the spineless leaders and their disconnected, corrupt parties with proven track records of screwing the natives time and time again.

You have to play them at their own game and be prepared for dirty politics. I don't believe the likes of UKIP or FN are in any way the political leaders we need, but there is a lot to be learnt from their recent campaigns which will pay huge dividends come election time.

Parties like this can be used as a Trojan horse by campaigning based on certain beliefs which the average man or woman can sympathise with despite their ignorance on the big picture; Pointing out the pitfalls of losing your sovereignty, mass third world immigration, being controlled by the EU and banking interests rather than our own elected officials, the ill will of world Zionism etc.

It's vital to keep our more 'hardline' views behind the scenes until the dial has been shifted enough for people to be spoonfed the real truth about subjects.

There has to be atleast half a dozen to 10 Irish regulars on this blog so there is most definitely a thirst for truth out there in this little peripheral nation. (Sav, Keiser, Clogheen, Kevin R, Sponge cake?, myself, all the anons etc.)

1.Provide a political voice
2.Gain and consolidate power
3.Network with other European parties
4.Make the radical changes

Surely if the likes of 'people before profit' can make a little impact in a short space of time despite not having any real political platform we can too.

Dan said...

One thing that can be worked on: in Australia, New Zealand and Canada there is a great deal of pride about ww1 and ww2 and how the dominions contributed to thrashing the Japs and Krauts. While these nations can take a great deal of pride in this, it's worth pointing out to the old dominions that they were tricked into killing whites by some very shady puppet masters. Sometimes the Canadians, Aussies and Kiwis engage in whining about the English needing help etc. Or imperialist domination. Of course this misdirects the issue Cohenveniently.

The real culprits own factories and contracts in Poland, Czech, USSR and were not exactly telling the public that they were in competition with Goering or Himmler for said contracts.

Anonymous said...

Was this Keiser or Savant?

Keiser said...

@Anonymous 10 May 2014 19:00

Yes, it was me :-) Here is a video of another incident where I met with a female FG canvasser

Anonymous said...

The jew's strength is their racial cohesion. They will argue amongst themselves but always and I mean always circle the wagons when a White man attempts to persuade his own out of the poisonous tar pit of universalism. Race is the alpha and omega and everything else is diversion.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Yes indeed Dan.

In 'The Decline and Fall...Gibbon uses this piece in full.


Anonymous said...

Mr a

I wonder if you could give me the Gibbon reference? I had a bit of a look and couldn't find it.


Uncle Nasty said...

The point of the matter is that jews are politicised and propagandised by the hoffjuden from the cradle ... and take in subversion -- and cohesion -- with their mother's milk.

Us against the uncaring world.

One solution would be adopt these tactics ourselves, but it would mean several major -- I mean seismic -- shifts in our attitudes.

By that I mean we become jews ourselves in all but the physical ... the hosenose is not mandatory.

We treat jews as the enemy ... the implacable enemy; and we treat all other nations and races as useful tools to ensure our supremacy -- to be discarded or, if necessary, subverted and destroyed before they see the light and turn on us.

The bad news is that it makes us jews.

The good news is that it ensures survival in a hostile world.

Our utter downfall is that we whites want so desperately to be loved ... or even liked. And the only cure for this is to completely destroy and discard any guilt about our past, present or future.

I think it was von Waldersee of the Boxer rebellion who stated -- after some German troops had been attacked by Chinese gangs -- that he wanted reprisals so severe that "It will be a hundred years before a Chinaman dares lift his hand to a German again ..."

We have to start thinking like this.

How to achieve it? An organisation like a cross between the Golden Horde, the Thuggee and the IRA (without the marxism) organised by about three hundred Breiviks -- and led by Charles Martell, Vercingetorix and Erwin Rommel. That is to say ... no more Mr Warm and Fuzzy.

The time for that cuddly shit is long gone.


Anonymous said...

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James said...

The little nose behind the curtain said: “Israel spies on the US and the US spies on the UK and the UK spies back and Germany spies on etc etc etc.”

From David Duke:

In a last ditch effort to protect America from Israeli spying and treachery, a few senior American members of America’s Intelligence community have briefed the U.S. Congress that Israel poses a dire threat to American security.

Good fact-checking Frank. It avoids the tut-tuts and tsk tsks and BZZZZZZTs!

James said...

White men aren't supposed to be pathetic specimens like that. He belongs with the sodomites.

Since most white men are like that, then you must agree with the plans to wipe them all out then, and just leave the ones that can survive.

In that case, you don't need to do anything because its all happening the way you want it.

Our race has weaker individuals, and we aren't all 6 foot 5 super heroes with 125 IQs. In fact the average white IQ is about 100. So, about half the white race has an IQ less than 100. The way some of you shit heads talk, you'd like to see every white person with a sub-par IQ just die off and leave you guys to fantasize about Hitler and how you invented everything and how the darkies should get down and worship you all.

The problem with that is that when the Chinese point all "your" inventions at you, calling them gooks isn't going to stop the bullets coming out.

Get real.
Stop having SS/James Clerk Maxwell/Isaac Newton/we-are-the-master-race, no-form-of-weakness-will-be-tolerated fantasies.

You'll end up like the Spartans: alone, dwindling, extinct.

katana said...

SAVANT said... 10 May 2014 15:48

Katana asks "What do you suggest Savant? What are your solutions?"

A solution if there is to be one can come only by awakening a sufficient number of Whites to what's being done to them. Given the circumstances outlined I believe this will be possible only in the event of there being a really calamitous social and/or economic disaster.

And that's what I'm hoping for, even if I get swept up in its wake.
Certainly we absolutely need to be in the business of spreading awareness among the thinkers among us.

As for relying on "there being a really calamitous social and/or economic disaster" for an awakening, I think we will be waiting in vain, let alone whether it would be positive for us, in any case.

Our overlords control and engineer "economic disasters", such as the 1930s Great Depression and all the other bubbles and contractions.

So any "economic disaster" will be at their instigation and to their benefit.

As for for a "a really calamitous social disaster", we are already living it, although it could be called a slo-mo social disaster.

I wouldn't hope for events outside of ones control. That's a bad move. I would be basing ones hope on our own plans for our own future. Whites need to be organizing their own salvation at whatever level and part of society they are in. We will defeat the judenrats, but at unknown cost.

Savant, I don't think you yet appreciate how deep this rabbit hole goes.

Anonymous said...

UK TV Sun Morn 11-5-14

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Anonymous said...

Make that "Bearded Lady/queer JEW"

Anonymous said...

James said...

Genocide charges applicable in this case?

Warren Buffet gave 1.2 billion dollars to abortion groups

Is WB a Jew?
Have a guess.

James said...

David Cameron, says taxes will have to rise unless the govt raids bank accounts.

But Martin Armstrong says the tax rate could be zero and it wouldn't make any difference, the government can just print the money.

Unfortunately, in today's world, before you can print money you need to borrow it off the central bank.

And that's why 2 of the "planks of Communism" are central banks, and income tax.

The other one is state education for everyone so nobody will ever notice what's going on.

James said...

Benny likes the Talmud.