Saturday, 17 May 2014

Ishag to shag no more

More from the Religion Of Peace. 

In In Sudan a pregnant 27-year-old Christian has been convicted of apostasy and sentenced to death for refusing to renounce her faith.  The court also sentenced her to 100 lashes for marrying a Christian man. Mariam Yehya Ibrahim Ishag says she was born to a Sudanese Muslim father, who was absent, and raised by an Ethiopian Christian mother. But the judge' maintained she was a Muslim raised in an Islamic environment and said that her brother, who is also a Muslim, had filed the charges.
Gotta love a religion like that.
Naturally enough the paid mouthpieces in the West and various Islamic 'scholars' have designated the ruling an outrageous distortion of Islam.  But it's not. The judge's verdict is the authentic Islamic one. The Paedophile Prophet made the penalty for apostasy very clear. Death, same as it advocates for a whole host of other offences like adultery, mocking the Paedophile, blasphemy, piracy, homosexual behaviour...might be easier to list what offences do not attract the ultimate punishment..  Probably reflecting its barbaric desert origins the Religion of Peace seems to recognise only death and various forms of physical mutilation as appropriate forms of punishment.
But Allah, as the man said, can be merciful little devil too, although his mercy is strictly confined to 'good Muslims'.  Like this guy.  A Saudi Arabian cleric ('a popular Islamic preacher') told Saudi officials he used cables and a cane on his five-year-old daughter, leaving her with multiple ultimately fatal injuries, including a crushed skull, broken ribs and left arm, extensive bruising and burns. "In addition, one of Lama’s fingernails had been torn off. Hospital staff reports the child’s rectum had been torn open and the abuser had attempted to burn it closed. Reports indicate the father had doubted his five-year old daughter's virginity."
Well if she'd lost her virginity at that age I can understand her father being annoyed.  Had she held her passions in check and waited another year she'd have been the same age as the youngest of The Paedophile's many wives. And if that was ok by him, it must be all right. Presumably. And this isn't out of line with Islam's attitude to youthful crime seeing that in Pakistan recently a nine-month-old baby was charged with attempted murder.
So what penalty was inflicted on this doting father?  Saudi media reports that the father paid 200,000 riyals ($50,000 US) in “blood money” for his crime, but will not be required to serve any time in prison.
Seriously, this 'religion' is truly Satanic.


Jeff Hughes said...

The Catholics and Jews in Kiev recently appointed a Tatar, blond Muslim to rule Orthodox Russ in Donbass.

It's going to end well, I can just tell.

Dan said...

Fast forward 20 years and some blond blue eyed Steel Magnate will do the same thing in Tower Hamlets or Bradford and Birmingham.

A weak Ukraine and a weak Russia suits the Turks. Donetsk ought to be annexed by Russia, along with Crimea. The hawk nosed Turks are going to smell the blood in the water now.

Anon said...

Apparently the Muslims in Crimea are fleeing.

Rob said...

There's no sense in criticizing Muslims, or any other non-whites, using our own standards. Open any paper and you'll see liberals doing that - fretting about honour killings, genital mutilation, etc. and wondering how to stop the invaders from continuing their barbarities here. The only thing to do is keep them as far away from us as possible.

Dan said...

Agreed. This post is fit for Pam Geller or Robert Horowitz Spencer.

All true, up to a point but largely a waste of breath.

Anonymous said...

The Satanists are our own white bolshiveks and their jewish helpers.

These are just stories of niggers being niggers. I see plenty to admire in Islam. I've more respect for a camel jockey father honour killing his daughter than a white man allowing his daughter to fuck a nigger.


Anonymous said...

It is sad that White men cower to Jews, and Muslims hate their guts.

Nero said...

The scary thing is, there probably isn’t a muslim alive who has read the Old Testament from start to finish, then the New Testament and then pondered the Koran.

Pondering the Koran is officially part of Islam ... that’s pondering.

Now ponder this...

Let’s just suppose this God person actually exists, and that we are supposed to follow scripture. Well, guess what the book says. It says there will be people who come along and claim to be sent from god – David Icke and the like – and there is a strict rule as to discern who is for real and who isn’t.

And the test is ... drum roll. Can the guy predict the future?

Mohammed’s best effort ... nope, nada, nothing. He claimed he ‘didn’t do signs’. Something about alleging their lack of effectiveness for previous prophets, people not worthy, blah, blah, blah.
Mohammed could not read, by the way.

This is in Deuteronomy. That’s the end of the foundational part of the bible, with Moses’s summary of the story so far, and the outline of what is to follow in all the rest of the bible. Deuteronomy 18 to be precise.

So next time you meet one of these muslim fundamentalists. Just ask them if they have read the hand book from start to finish, and if they might care to do so before killing anyone. Just point them to Deuteronomy.

Anonymous said...

And the test is ... drum roll. Can the guy predict the future?

I would have liked it if God had told me I was going to be a Prophet. I've been predicting things were going to go to shit for years. I said multi-culturalism would never work. Am I a Prophet? No, more like Casandra.


Herod said...

Sahih al-Bukhari 6922—Allah’s Messenger said: “Whoever changed his Islamic religion, kill him.”

Sunan Ibn Majah 2535—It was narrated from Ibn Abbas that the Messenger of Allah said: “Whoever changes his religion, execute him.”

Al-Muwatta of Imam Malik 36.18.15—Yahya related to me from Malik from Zayd ibn Aslam that the Messenger of Allah said, “If someone changes his religion—then strike off his head!”

Thor said...

The reason you have blond blue-eyed Tatar Muslims is that in earlier times they kidnapped Polish and Russian women as sex slaves. They not change much.

Rob said...

In other news...

Get rich quick, African style.

Anonymous said...


I'm guessing Islam will be the State religion of Britain in the not too distant future.
The English are servile and have shown themselves willing to stand by and support any race or creed intent on destroying their culture and the legacy of our ancestors.
I have given up trying to explain the obvious to otherwise intelligent friends.
Maybe it's for the best - I can already see the Polly Toynbees of the future falling over themselves to demonstrate their loyalty to the prophet. They'll fit right in.

allahu akbar

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha. This post from a writer who hates the patrimony of Ireland: Christianity, the Church and the baptised nations built on the foundation of the Church - which has warred against Islam since the religion of the Pedophile first swept out of the desert and into the Christian East (Byzantium) and put those nations to the sword.

Probably the whole desert army of the Pedophile was mounted by Babylonian Jewry.

Consistency thou are a jewel.

Anonymous said...

Nero said: “And the test is ... drum roll. Can the guy predict the future?”


Mohammed may not have been able to predict the future, but these guys (and gals) certainly could:


Jacob Koppel "Jake" Javits
Norbert Schlei
Emmanuel Cellar


Frank Soskice
Harry Cohen
Jack Straw
Barbara Roche
Peter Mandelson

You’ll notice that these prophets (“fortune tellers”, LOL!!!) all belong to a certain tribe.

Frank Galton

Xavi said...

Is it weird? If u're muslims, a failed to obey certain islamic rules might be punished with death. But then, if u feel u're not suitable to live under that rule, & decided to leave, u also might punished to death..!

It's like saying to someone : "Do this! If u can't, i'll kill u. & if u don't want, i'll also kill u..!"

If a muslim didn't practice 5 times prayer, fasting etc., they'll say he's not a good muslim. So why need to kill a 'not good' muslim if he wants to leave? After all, he seems doesn't give any good to Islam if he didn't live like the way it thaught, right..?

Anonymous said...

90% of our problems could be solved if we applied these punishments to dirty chavy coalburning sluts: The death penalty for beastiality!

Nero said...

And furthermore:-

There were some people around Mohammed’s community who knew the bible. Some Jews. Maybe they pointed him to the unlikelihood of him being sent from God, according to biblical standards. He had them massacred. 700 no less.

Guess the moral of the story is, if the Muslims loose the argument, they have you massacred. At least, I think there’s a moral in there somewhere.

Just trying to be educational.

Keiser said...

Pandering Labour politicians

Next prayer isha in 3mins 10 secs!


Dame Edith said...

Where is Sami Zaatari,Shabir Ally, and the rest of the western muslim apologists who always have denied that the quran teaches these babaric, and archaic doctrines ?

Will Shabir Ally or Sami Zaatari and for that matter any western apologist have the gall to tell the Sudanese government that they are misinterpreting Islamic doctrine when it comes to apostasy? What about Yahya Snow, what does he say about this barbaric sentence given to this Sudanese women ?

Muslim apologists always defend the indefensible and it is indeed pathetic to see such intelligent people like Shabir Ally and Sami Zaatari and others like them so deceived in following Islam.

This Sudanese woman and her 20 month old son are both in jail all because she is being accused of having left Islam. How insane and barbaric is that! Muslim apologists always tell us that we are misinterpreting Islam and yet what is being practiced in Islamic countries always prove our point, that Islam is incompatible with western civilization.

Once again let me state that we are not against moslems, we are against that satanic cult and doctrine called Islam.

Dan said...

The First generation of Muslims were quite clearly the spawn of Arab men and Jewish sows.

Tony in VA said...

Islam is the cult of the dogs....the filthy dogs of Sudan and every other cult-nation favoring that bizarre worship of the mere mortal Mohammed.

There is nothing about this cult that is worth becoming involved in; it is discriminatory and backward, believing in nonsense that today has no relevance.

It is the "judge" who should be flogged 1000 lashes, and hung.....

Anon said...

The existence of subhumans dictates socialism. The lunatic.

Medina said...

Of the Jews he ran into he appears to have killed the men and put the women in concubinage.

This could explain their determination to conquer Christendom in the next few generations of Arab-Jew Mischlings.

Dan said...

Mohammad married a Jew.

My guess is that she and her sisters masterminded the next generation's assault on Jerusalem Antioch and Constantinople.

Dan said...

Her political ally was Uthman.

Who had about 1000 Jewish "slaves" in his household. Although Uthman is Arab I have some suspicions about him. He was the Editor of the Koran. Which hadn't really been written down of codified yet. I'm guessing he was always a nice Goyische frontman for his "1000" strong household of Jewish slaves.

Uncle Nasty said...

Seemingly off topic ... There can't really be a recession, can there?

After all, look at all the cars they're selling. Year after year.

Well ... no.

Where the World's Unsold Cars Go To Die

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 05/16/2014 20:02 -0400

In the past several years, one of the topics covered in detail on these pages has been the surge in such gimmicks designed to disguise lack of demand and end customer sales, used extensively by US automotive manufacturers, better known as "channel stuffing", of which General Motors is particularly guilty and whose inventory at dealer lots just hit a new record high. But did you know that when it comes to flat or declining sales and stagnant end demand, channel stuffing is merely the beginning?


Where the World's Unsold Cars Go To Die (courtesy of Vincent Lewis' Unsold Cars)

Above is just a few of the thousands upon thousands of unsold cars at Sheerness, United Kingdom. Please do see this on Google Maps....type in Sheerness, United Kingdom. Look to the west coast, below River Thames next to River Medway. Left of A249, Brielle Way.

Timestamp: Friday, May 16th, 2014.

There are hundreds of places like this in the world today and they keep on piling up...


Houston...We have a problem!...Nobody is buying brand new cars anymore! Well they are, but not on the scale they once were. Millions of brand new unsold cars are just sitting redundant on runways and car parks around the world. There, they stay, slowly deteriorating without being maintained.

Check out the images ... and ask yourself:- Is this a healthy situation? ... and more to the point -- how long can this go on, before everthing goes poof?


Dan said...


Much respect to you Gem Junior! You obviously see a great of nigger shines in the ER. I salute you. Please accept my apologies on behalf of the hosenose from Colchester. He's a coprophilic one nutted wanker.

James said...

Some car manufacturers moved their production over to China, General Motors and Cadillac are examples of this. They are then shipped over in containers and unloaded at ports. However they are now being told to put a big halt in their import into the U.S.A. as they just can't sell them in the quantities they would desire. Consequently Chinese car parks are now filling up with brand new American cars. Well nobody in China can afford them on their meagre pittance wages, so there they will stay until our economy improves...which it might do in a few generations.

If they just kept the industry in the US, everyone would have a job and they would sell the cars. What insanity.

Now we just need to wait for the troll's fact-checking report about how those cars all got sold within a month.

James said...

Affirmative action target?

James said...

You can go and visit the Elephant Man's house in London if you live there.

It's a bit different now, of course.

Anonymous said...


"If they just kept the industry in the US, everyone would have a job and they would sell the cars. What insanity."

The problem is that they are making too many cars whether they are made in China or the US. If they were made in the US, the cars would be even more expensive and even less likely to sell, even though there would be slightly more people employed in making them. The auto unions in the US have ensured that car production jobs have gone overseas. $100k a year for a production line operative? Yeah right.

Cars are now so reliable that people do not need to buy a new one so often. One of my cars is twelve years old with less than 30k miles on the clock and it runs as if it were new. I won't be getting rid of it for another eight years at least.

Anonymous said...

Jobbik's 2ic telling the tribe how it is going to be


Gem Junior said...

Dan 3:23
LOL thanks Dan -- an untold treasure trove of shuckin' and jivin', buck-dancin', bo-janglin' monkeyshines.

Gem Junior said...

These people are truly sick. To hurt a child of 5 is nothing to do with anything but cruelty, and this animal is a sick bastard influenced by an even sicker philosophy, Islam. If our crazy "leaders" or whatever they are called won't stop them from invading our countries then we need to stop them from being in charge. Strip them of any ability to keep letting these fuckers in here.

Shaunantijihad said...

When it comes to cult mindfucks, the more absurd the ideology, the more fanatically devoted will the followers be to prove it is "the truth".

"So what if the Koran says Mary was pregnant with Jesus for 20 years (or something like that)? You think that is absurd or that it proves Mohammed was innumerate? I'll kill you and take your wife and daughter as booty. That proves I'm right!"

From a purely evolutionary (and historical) viewpoint, demographics is destiny.

So, if the PC status quo continues, Britain and France will become Islamic States in approx. 25 - 30 years. With about 1,000 inter-Continental nuclear missiles between us.

Any other European States that refuse to convert will be attacked, at some point, possibly with nukes.

Along with this will come all the ordinances typical of a Sharia Constitution*

This is the logical conclusion of PC liberalism. But the Kalergi Plan will have been accomplished and the White race will be interbred with Pakis and Negroes to lower the mean IQ and exterminate the European race.

Or, the so called racists - who want to preserve the White race - will stage a fightback.

I suggest those in the UK vote UKIP this time as after all it was started as an anti-Islam party by Lord Pearson.

Also,if you would be so kind, please get your friends to watch this little video of the Kalergi plan in action in Bradford - a template for every European city, town and village:

None dare call it Treason

* The Prophet of Doom website is sadly offline. It was an amazing resource. But this one is a newsfeed of Islam in action daily around the globe. Despite the faults of our own folk, many though they presently are, be wary of thinking Islam will be good for us just because they are Jew aware:

Religion of Peace

Esther said...

Mohammad married a Jew.

My guess is that she and her sisters masterminded the next generation's assault on Jerusalem Antioch and Constantinople.

Of course, Dan. If something bad happened it MUST BE the JOOOOS.

Croesus said...

"If they just kept the industry in the US, everyone would have a job and they would sell the cars. What insanity."

That is very true, James. But the goal is about maximising profits and internationalising trade, ultimately about breaking down national and ethnic boundaries.

Jeremy said...

@Seanantijihad. I used to thing it would be impossible for our countries to slide into Islamic majorities.

But look at Lebanon. Christians and Druze used to be the overwhelming majority at one stage but were gradually outbred by Muslims. The Boiling Frog Syndrome.

Abe Foxman said...

Esther, how many countries have your tribe brought ruin to? Off the top of head I count
Babylon your tribe sided with Darius the Mede against Nebuchadnezzar. Jews held high position in the court there.
Against the Persians your so called liberators who gave Nehemiah the use of the Persian army to enforce the Jewish Law in Judah. Your namesake arranged Purim..remember?
Against the Spanish during and after the Muslim invasions
Russia 1917-1957 Alexander Solzhenitsyn estimated 60 million Russians slaughtered.
Ukraine 1933-1934 the Holodomor perhaps as many as 10 million Ukrainians murdered by Judeo-Bolsheviks.
Hungary under Bela Kun
Bavaria in 1918 - Kurt Eisner
Berlin 1918 - Rosa Luxemborg
Palestine before and most definably after 1948.
And that is just the tip of the iceberg: multiculturalism the big killer of nations.
I like many used to support Israel and hate the Muslims, funny how I have changed my views is nt it?
I guess it must that anti-Semitism thing the ADL warned us about.

Anonymous said...

Rob @19.30
I think this is a made-up story. A single hyena when they are pack animals? The animal ate his toes and then his junk? The animals instinct would be to kill before feasting. It then let him crawl to the road without eating anything else? Was his junk so large the animal was satisfied?
Why they would make-up this story is beyond me but it stinks of bull shit.


Dan said...

The trouble is that it's right there in the story. It's not hidden, just rarely noted or seen as yet another Cohencidence.

I find it very hard to BELEIVE that the Arabic desert pirates could have written the Koran. It's a shitty book but the scribes, could they have been anything other than Jews? The only literate people in Arabia.

Anonymous said...

The US is already in the hands of the turd world. It has enough nukes to obliterate the third rock from the sun, and with a pinhead like Barry Soetero (exmuslim) I wouldn't be surprised at anything from this slimbag. The mexiskins and the blacks are already warring with each other in the US.

Kaybar said...

Read the Medina story Esther. Mohammad moved there invited by three tribes of Jews. Once there he transformed into a belligerent pirate. Who provided the arms? Livestock? According to Muhammad's legend he turned on the Jews there. But most of them probably threw in their lot with the strongman. The females were all absorbed into the Umma and many appear to have become leaders.

Anonymous said...

Mohammad claimed god spoke to him.

Perhaps Mo was a nutter.

Sponge Cake said...


Teenager punched in face by man who tried to kiss her

POLICE IN BELFAST are appealing for information after a teenager was punched in the face by a man in the Tates Avenue area of South Belfast last night.
The incident happened at around 10pm last night, according to the PSNI.
The 18-year-old was walking along the street when she was approached by an unknown man, who attempted to kiss her before punching her.
The young woman suffered swelling to her forehead as a result of the attack.
Police are seeking a man described as being around 5′ 7″ in height, of athletic build, with short black hair and swarthy skin.

Swarthy skin ????

Anonymous said...

This contribution was from one of Savant's posters in April. Always serves as a reminder, whether the invaders be black or Muslim, or a combination, thereof.

Anonymous said...

Israeli boffins reveal the secret of the tribe’s slippery fuckers

Jews have evolved an ingenious way to avoid tying themselves up in knots, researchers from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem have shown.

They believe a chemical signal in the Jews brain prevents self-criticism.

Without it, Jews would quickly wind up in a tangle.

“We were surprised that nobody before us had noticed this very robust and easy-to-detect phenomena,” said Hebrew University researcher Dr Guy Levy.


Frank Galton

FOD said...

"it stinks of bull shit."

I'd say his junk stank of BS as well!

Anonymous said...

RT accused of anti-Semitism

The Wiesenthal Center [the organisation that claimed 2.25 million Jews died at Auschwitz] has demanded a public apology over a satirical show broadcast on RT they say expressed “raw Jew hatred.”

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

First they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for the Blacks, and I did not speak out because I was not a Black.
Then they came for the Latinos, and I did not speak out because I was not a Latino.
Then they came to my door and told me taxes were down, the streets were secure and ninety percent of conflict in society was over.

Dan said...

Perhaps he was a front man. A nice Goyische boy who did as he was told by his Jewish wife.

Anonymous said...

Journalist labelled a paedophile for criticising Israel

Top Ten Anti-Semites Controversy: Wiesenthal Center Refuses Debate with Accused Author

The Simon Wiesenthal Center [the organisation that claimed 2.25 million Jews died at Auschwitz] has triggered a major debate by listing a prominent German publisher and SPIEGEL ONLINE columnist among the world's top 10 anti-Semites. The evidence is debatable, but now the center refuses to speak to the publisher unless he apologizes first.

Prominent German journalist Jakob Augstein, publisher of the weekly newspaper Der Freitag and author of a regular column on SPIEGEL ONLINE (which is occasionally translated into English for publication), appears in 9th place on the list.

It's a scandal. SPIEGEL immediately sought to find out what had happened and why Augstein had appeared on the list -- but failed. It is a failure that speaks volumes about the methods and position of the Wiesenthal Center. At issue are absurd demands and emails that seem to stem from a different world.

Most journalists felt that the accusation against Augstein was absurd, with the exception of Henryk Broder, a former SPIEGEL writer and well-known polemicist. Broder, in an effort to illustrate Augstein's lack of self reflection, even went so far as to liken him to a PEDOPHILE who views himself as a friend of children.

No Evidence

In one case, Augstein quoted German author Günter Grass, who had said that Israel, a nuclear power, posed a threat to an already fragile world peace. In another column, Augstein likened the Gaza Strip to a camp in which Israel was incubating its own enemies. A number of journalists, including some in Israel, have published similar remarks.

Quotes by Broder are the worst of the supposed evidence cited by the Wiesenthal Center. Broder refers to Augstein as a "pure anti-Semite" and a "little Streicher," a reference to Hitler propagandist Julius Streicher. Broder was out to provoke -- but he offered NO EVIDENCE to support his arguments.

Read more:

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 17:06


Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

@Croesus 10:49

It's actually very, very false what James said. US car makers do not exist to sell vehicles to the people who make them. They exist to sell them to the general public.

The fact is that they simply make far too many cars, and in the case of US car makers, they have for years been building models which people do not want to buy. People increasingly want to buy efficient, safe Jap models, not the gas-guzzling behemoths which Americans used to buy.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 17.06

Comment of the year. Bravo!!

Anonymous said...

"First they came for the unmentionable one and I did not speak out because I was not a Jew."


Anonymous said...

Double standards

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

An Egyptian woman gets kicked out of a TV studio for insulting 'the great one'.

...other good items, as well.

Anonymous said...

The GB vote in the Eurovision would have gone to Poland - great song and performance - had the public vote stood. ZBC witch Laura Witchmore even said its 'not to everyone's taste'. Whereas the Austrian one is, you inane little brat!!! Instead it went to the hideous nauseating ballad of the grotesque freak of natute b/c a 'panel of experts' AKA YKW+pervs load of filthy Frankfurt School appointed rats who want to destroy the White race. And anyway how does Tranny Logan qualify to represent Austria? Israel or Skirtland? Ja. Osterreich? Nein.

PS Steven Fry is not a national treasure. He's an insuferrable, pompous, starchy, overpriveleged YKW.

Anonymous said...

but on the bright side,the warm wheather in Chicago has claimed this wkend thus far 6 niggers killed and a score wounded and its not even monday yet,community activists have stated that the violence is due to lack of jobs for minority youths and extreme prejudice on the part of the white communities and their negitive outlook at the poor intercity residents,heres hoping as it gets warmer their aim increases for the better,John old rtd Chicago Copper...

James said...

It's actually very, very false what James said. US car makers do not exist to sell vehicles to the people who make them. They exist to sell them to the general public.

The fact is that they simply make far too many cars, and in the case of US car makers, they have for years been building models which people do not want to buy. People increasingly want to buy efficient, safe Jap models, not the gas-guzzling behemoths which Americans used to buy.

What about all the Nissans lined up on the ground then?

"Very, very false" is a very, very grave sounding assessment. How can you be sure I wasn't just "very false", or even maybe just "false".

James said...

I find it very hard to BELEIVE that the Arabic desert pirates could have written the Koran. It's a shitty book but the scribes, could they have been anything other than Jews? The only literate people in Arabia.

There exists an old document that claims that Islam was invented by the Catholic Church.

James said...

It's a scandal. SPIEGEL immediately sought to find out what had happened and why Augstein had appeared on the list -- but failed. It is a failure that speaks volumes about the methods and position of the Wiesenthal Center. At issue are absurd demands and emails that seem to stem from a different world.

Wiesenthal had FAKED photos of Auschwitz on their web site. I saw the one with airbrushed smoke coming out the top of fence posts which they claimed were Krema chimneys.

James said...

"Anti Semitism" - Goyim React Like Pavlov's Dogs

May 18, 2014

What does it say about the world when the thing people fear
most is not the KGB, or the CIA, or DHS, it's the charge of "anti Semitism"!!??

Makow - We can counter the Pavlovian programming by saying
"the political agenda of organized Jewry is world tyranny, and if its 'anti Semitic'
to oppose the NWO, I'm proud to be an anti-Semite!"

"An anti-Semite used to mean a man who hated Jews. Now it means a man who is hated by Jews." - Joseph Sobran

My wife knows she was indoctrinated but doesn't know when or how.

By the way, she's been wide awake to all this for a long time and totally agrees "anti Semitism" is a disingenuous (shall we say stereotypically Jewish?) trick used for the purposes of controlling the Gentile mind. They admit they use it as a sleazy trick to disarm their political opponents.

This charge of "anti-Semitism" is a form of mind control. We have been so programmed by guilt, we're like Pavlov's dog. Even whisper the "J" word and wham!--you get jolted with a thousand volts of "anti-Semite!"

How DARE you! People even do it to themselves now, the programming is so profound, and you can almost see people self-flagellating when the word is brought up.

James said...

Refreshing rationality: Why NOT believing in conspiracies is a sure sign of mental retardation

Maybe the town troll needs to read that.

James said...

Israel's richest man moves to London. He's in shipping. London is a world centre for shipping.

What's he up to?

Rogue said...

@anon 19:39

Stephen Fry not a national treasure?

Oh, I beg to differ!

He is so much a national treasure that like all great treasures I would immediately bury him deep underground on some far-off, obscure island with only one crappily drawn map hidden in some old granny's attic showing you how to get there.

James said...

Comptroller: Tel Aviv's Mountain will Collapse

Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated; later, at court, it was found that a Shin Beth agent had convinced the assassin to commit the crime, and that the latter found a strangely clear path to whom is probably the best secured political person in the world, after having been trained in the use of short weapons by the Shin Beth.

Then, Ariel Sharon died, after the ambulance and not the reserved helicopter took him to hospital following a stroke, got stuck in Jerusalem's rush hour. He was administered the wrong medication for someone in his condition and spent several years in comma. Fortunate incidents for the Shin Beth.

His turn towards peace was viewed so badly by the State, that part of the Hiriya Waste Dump was turned into a park, and named by the government's Names Committee "Ariel Sharon Park."

Will Israel be able to surpass this insult? Trust its brilliance; special committees are already planning a better insult. If Netanyahu signs a peace agreement, expect a "Netanyahu Human Waste Recycling Center."


Untidy politicians tried to solve Israel's Demographic War in the 1990's by bringing over one million Russians. They forgot to check a tiny detail. Judaizing the Russians is not possible.

Nowadays, Israel is facing a new demographic war, but it is too late. Zion is crumbling under the weight of its own trash.

Anonymous said...

Ariel Sharon now really a Jew? He was just a goy? Is that why they killed him?

The easiest way for the State of Israel to solve the new demographic war is by declaring the Russians to be Jews. The only way to achieve that in an acceptable way is having rabbis to declare that.

Only by passing a formal conversion this can be achieved. Adult Russians will not accept the process which includes circumcision for men, mikve-bath humiliations for women, and for both accepting to live according to the mitzvot, the orders on how a Jew must live specified in the Torah.

Russians living in Israel never renounced to their Russian culture; they consider it better. Once I made the error of inviting a fellow student, heir to Communist aristocracy from Leningrad, to a plebeian hummus. "That's swine food," was the answer in a tone that even a proletarian plebeian like I am could recognize as a purposeful insult.$

Exemptions from the conversion lengthy course are given only to little children. The most famous such case belongs to Ariel Sharon, who was not Jew.

Ariel Sharon's father was Jewish. One of the reasons for the maiden surname of his mother not being in the public domain is that she was not Jewish, she was a Subbotnik, a Russian Christian sect.

His parents arrived at Israel through the Third Aliyah movement and settled in socialist Kfar Malal. Vera Scheinerman became Dvora Sharon, and in 1928, Ariel was born. Born to a non-Jew, he is a non-Jew.

What happened afterwards is the stuff legends are made of. Dvora Sharon decided to convert according to the Halakha. She accomplished that. Yet, Sharon was old enough to be asked questions by the Ultra-Orthodox rabbis that converted his mother.

According to the Halakha, he was asked by the rabbis if he wanted to be a Jew. "No!" young Sharon said and went out to play with the dagger his father famously gave him as a birthday present when the toddler reached the age of five.

Grave Doubts Regarding the Jewishness of the Prime Minister Sharon
"Grave Doubts Regarding the Jewishness of the Prime Minister Sharon"
Passover 2005 Headline of Ultra-Orthodox News' Good Hour
Paul and the Jewish Law: Halakha in the Letters of the Apostle to the Gentiles (Compendia Rerum Iudaicarum Ad Novum Testamentum)

Sharon never converted afterwards; thus he remains a goy. In 2005, there was an attempt to remove him from the Prime Minister office due to this embarrassing part of his past. Yet, Israel does not recognize the Halakha, thus this attempt to throw out the man that returned Gaza to the goyim failed. It was one of the reasons for his odd burial; he is not buried with other Prime Ministers in Mount Herzl, Jerusalem, but near Gaza (see Goy Sharon Killed Twice).

The new Zionist enterprise wants to reenact Sharon's conversion with masses of Russian children, hoping that this time the Russians would be wiser. In a Zionist course likely to be forced before the rabbinical course, it will be taught: "It does not matter what the rabbi asks, you answer 'ken,' that is what Middle Easterners use instead of Russian 'da!' Forget 'niet,' you say 'da, da, da!'"

Tony in VA said...

Anon 17.06.

That is brilliant buddy. Noted and stored for future use.

Dan said...

In the US the weather ought to be be measured in average murders.

2/1000 2.5/1,000 etc.

Anonymous said...

Not only that:

Reading between the lines of his story it's quite obvious that Mohammad was brought into Medina at the request of the Jewish tribes who'd just out manouvred the Arab tribes in Medina.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Nasty 01.06.
As luck would have it I was involved in the car trade in a previous life.I would often go to Sheerness to load up.
Also try :-
Thurleigh Bedfordshire Go up 11 o’ clock to the airfield

Upper Heyford Go right 2 o’ clock to the airfield

These are just some of numerous sites dotted throughout the UK.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 14:31

That image was provided by the one who hammers fear into the people here, so you can't use it because it might be a Jewish trick or something.

Anonymous said...

wheatsacker said...

Ref: Australia, I mentioned a while ago that England exported its underclass to Australia, and within ca. 100 years they had creates a strong first-world (an anachronistic term, but you know what I mean). The ruling elites of Britain imported a wave of middle and upper-class Jamaicans in the 1950s, and within a mere 60 years they have become little more than orcs - and this in spite of all the benefits of arriving into an already-functioning first-world country. Regression to the mean is as predictable and relentless as a terminator.

Stolen for you.

Anonymous said...

Ellie Weasel lost her case and must pay for her holohoax story. ?Misha: A Mémoire of the Holocaust Years, By now, the wild tale of a 7-year-old girl who trekked through the snowy wilderness after her parents were taken by Nazis has already been translated into 18 languages and made into a movie. She also escaped an airtight room, she ate diamonds every night that she sold at the end of the war, she danced the yamulke head gear dance in fountains of blood and could tell who was being cremated by knowing how to tell invisible colors apart. And she had the prisoner number tattooed onto her arse by Doctor Heinrich Goering himself.

Sponge Cake said...

Nigel Farage’s Romania comments show he is ‘clearly a racist’, says Labour MP David Lammy.

A senior Labour MP has insisted that Nigel Farage’s comments about Romanian immigrants make it “clear he’s a racist”, dismissing party leader Ed Miliband’s refusal to describe him in such terms as “pedantic”.

The Ukip leader has been criticised by members from all the other main UK political parties this weekend after he said in a car-crash interview on LBC Radio that he would feel “uncomfortable” if a Romanian family moved in next door to him.

David Lammy, the MP for Tottenham, described how his parents had arrived in the country as immigrants and experienced similar offensive comments.

He told the BBC’s Daily Politics programme: “I remember a context in which some people said, ‘you don't want these people living next door to you’ – that was racist.

“What Nigel Farage said over the weekend was racist,” Mr Lammy said. “So I’m clear, he’s a racist.”


James said...

My posts are deleted if I mention the troll, but his are left alone.
I wonder what else is deleted.
My trust in this blog is diminishing rapidly.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who doesn't believe in White Genocide is a 'waaaycis' to the afro Lammy.

Wolfhound said...

In 2012 in the capital Attica region, GD received 7,5% of the vote. Yesterday, we received 30.384 additional votes even though 236.597 less votes were cast in comparison with the 2012 elections. Golden Dawn almost doubled her Nationwide percentage receiving 11,11% of the vote and conquering the 3rd place!

The capital city itself rewarded us with an even greater support. Golden Dawn increased her strength there from 7,81% to 16,12%!

In Western Greece, there was an increase in every department, getting us from 7,59% in 2012 to 9,46% in 2014!

In Macedonia we saw increases ranging from 0,8% to 2,5%. Our candidate mayor for the capital of the region, Salonica, went from 6,8% to 7,7%!

Mainland Greece gave us the highest regional increase, from 7% to 10%!

All other regions increased our support by ~1%

Returning back to Athens, there are departments, like Plato's Academy and others, that rewarded Golden Dawn with 20,7% of the vote and the first place! Other densely populated areas also gave big support for Golden Dawn, about 18,8%.

The most triumphant winners were our comrades in Golden Dawn, and the greatest losers are the polling companies, that failed tragically to predict the actual results, under-representing GD and over-representing the Left and the Right.


Wolfhound said...

^ And that is after a large chunk of the leadership has been incarcerated by the scumbag criminals in power.

Greece is a shining beacon for the Nationalist and race realists all over Europe. Onwards and upwards.

Rogue said...

Re: Nigel Farage and the "car-crash" interview on LBC radio.

If one listens to the "interview", Farage was not referring to the Romanians generally, but to the Roma (gypsies) specifically.

If he did a poor job of making that clear, well, he's between a rock and a hard place.

If he'd said: (1)"we don't want Romanians (which is mostly what he did say)", then the MSM and others can call him a racist, fascist, neo-nazi, BNP-lite etc. (which, of course, they have), but if he were to have said: (2)"bollox to having loads of gypsy Roma flood into this country" - which I'm pretty sure is what he meant -, then the MSM and others would have said the same as in the first scenario, but howled away with such faux indignation that there wouldn't have been a fag paper's thickness of difference between him and Nick Griffin, Adolf Eichmann, Josef Mengele, and all the other usual names that are trotted out in these kinds of debates.

Britain is so PC that trying to have a sensible debate on immigration or anything else to do with race is nigh on impossible. I look forward to the day when this kind of bullshit mind-control and speech-conformity comes to an end.

If it ever does.

I also believe Farage and co would actually prefer to talk about immigration from third world countries, but won't - precisely because of point (2) mentioned above.

As for the so-called interview, it was typical left-wing baiting and argumentativeness, with constant interruptions and not allowing a question to be properly answered.

This is nothing new, of course, but is typical of British MSM TV interviewers in general (who all veer to the left, as far as I can tell). It is not about finding out the opinions or stance of the interviewee, but all about an ego-trip for the interviewer. It pisses me of no end.

As it is, I take my hat off to Farage. Doing alternative politics in the conformist British establishment is not for pansies.

Uncle Nasty said...

Wolfhound said:

The most triumphant winners were our comrades in Golden Dawn, and the greatest losers are the polling companies, that failed tragically to predict the actual results, under-representing GD and over-representing the Left and the Right.

I think the truth of the matter was that the favourite leftist/marxist/jew tactic is to starve opposing viewpoints (and factions) of all oxygen, by denying that have any relevance, legitimacy or even existence.

They work on the principle that all opposition -- if thoroughly ignored, is perceived to simply not be there ... a tactic that works very well when dealing with the brain-dead twittering masses.

Sadly -- for them, anyway -- no one is more surprised than they when these concealing tactics bite them in the arse with the razor sharp teeth of reality.

The left truly believes that if you shut your eyes it will all go away. Think about it. The Left are always, always, always surprised when things go wrong.


Keiser said...

UN said...

"The Left are always, always, always surprised when things go wrong."

A sign of their predisposition toward monumental hubris and denial of reality.

In fact to be a left-ist you must be able to hold two contradictory ideas simultaneously, deny reality and reason with your feelings.

Keiser said...

So here is a list of genetic conditions sperm banks screen for. Does anyone notice the common denominator.

"3-4 generation family medical history, which is reviewed by a trained genetic specialist or a medical doctor (all donors)

Cystic Fibrosis screening for 32-86 mutations in the Cystic Fibrosis gene (all Caucasian donors)

Chromosome analysis (all donors)

Thalassemia (all donors). An HPLC analysis is done to detect this indirectly. Please contact us if you would like to have your donor genetically screened for carrier status. Less than 1 in 1000 are carriers for this disease in Northern Europe.

Tay-Sachs disease (donors with Ashkenazi Jewish or French Canadian ancestry)

Canavan disease disease (donors with Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry)

Familial Dysautonomia (donors with Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry)

Fanconi Anemia type C (donors with Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry)

Gaucher disease (donors with Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry)

Niemann-Pick type A disease (donors with Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry)

Sickle Cell Disease (donors with African ancestry are genetically screened). For all donors an HPLC analysis is done to detect this indirectly.

Canavan disease (donors with Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry)"

Oy Gawd, de steeearch in moi collar eeeeeitches. Is de temperatuuuree to hoi in hereee
Ov Vey.

Keiser said...



Coontacts said...

I'm watching Cosmos narrated by a nigger. The episode is about "how civilizations crash" then the editor shows the clip of a nigger telling us all how "climate change" could destroy our City.

Lol. Fucking gollywogs.

Anonymous said...

A truth-telling video explaining "the problem". A bit too fast for me.

Anonymous said...

Ban James

Anonymous said...

Off topic.
Remember the argument about what is an inappropriate video?
This is on Yahoo and 'has gone viral.'

It really does make you ask where the line has to be drawn. Is this art or child porn?

SAVANT said...

My posts are deleted if I mention the troll, but his are left alone.
I wonder what else is deleted.
My trust in this blog is diminishing rapidly.

James, I presume you're referring to my not acting on the regular lists of comments you demand to be deleted. It'd be a strange blogmaster who'd allow a reader decide on what comments are to be published.

Not everything you provide enhances general confidence in the blog either, I imagine.

John W said...

Anon 9.21. That video of Mattie Ziegler just confirms that there is a program for normalizing child porn. One way or the other this will not end well.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes you have to step back and think if things were really as you remembered them. I was pondering this when I remembered a song from years ago by Lieutenant Pigeon called Mouldy Old Dough.(Keiser this is before you were born). I pulled up their performance on TOTP (Keiser this was a BBC programme called Top Of The Pops. It was sort of the music video of it's day. It was watched by men of all ages so they could letch at dance groups who were usually scantilly clad).
Well look at the audience. Happy days.


James said...

James, I presume you're referring to my not acting on the regular lists of comments you demand to be deleted. It'd be a strange blogmaster who'd allow a reader decide on what comments are to be published.

Not everything you provide enhances general confidence in the blog either, I imagine.

Fair enough.
I'll leave NU's stuff to you.

Anonymous said...

James volunteered to be the milk monitor in the hope that teacher would love him. It doesn't work like that.

Anonymous said...

100 video clips of Black Mob attacks.

Keiser said...

SAVANT said...

"It'd be a strange blogmaster who'd allow a reader decide on what comments are to be published."

Dat's rayciss Savant, you're a fascist!

Keiser said...


I have vague recollections from my chilhood of TOTP especially a particularly terrifying one of a band called Slade telling me its Christmas and people with bowl haircuts. It was on before Benny Hill which was on before the "V" a show where alien lizards posed as humans. I beleive David Icke was the screen writer on that one. I watched that too at an early age which may explain a lot. :-)

Also believe it or not RTE the state broadcaster is kind of stuck in a bizarre time warp. This is generally known because you may actually turn on the t.v. here during prime time and see a James Cagney movie from the 1940's.

I wouldn't be surprise to see reruns of TOTP.

Keiser said...

@ Anonymous 20 May 2014 09:21

Oh dear, it looks like that video was directed by Humbert Humbert. It has all the hallmarks of severe paraphilia and fetish, the silvered wig, the innocence amongst dilapidation and physical binding motif with the curtains...

oh no maybe I'm the pervert.

In all seriousness when did society stop protecting children and start exploiting them.

If anyone has seen the movie Donnie Darko this phenomenon was observed by the writer Richard Kelly in the "Sparkle Motion" sub-plot. Whereby desperate parents were pushing their young daughters in to a sexualised dance troop in a misplaced and sad attempt to give to give themselves a sense of meaning.

Another good commentary is in the series True Detective whereby the character "Rust" describes the psychosphere, the overarching psychological zeitgeist which colours everyone's experience, polluting it and this pollution trickling down all the way to vulnerable youth. Think Miley Cyrus.

Analysis of True Detective and the Psychosphere

Maybe this psychosphere idea is a valid observation.

Anonymous said...

The Niggerfication of Western civilisation at the behest of the Jews continues apace, noamsayin!

British teenagers will study Dizzee Rascal as part of a new English A-level.

The Daily Telegraph, 6 May 2014

US students to study Hip-Hop.

The Guardian, 12 May, 2014

Late registration as US universities finally embrace the study of RAP

Hip-hop has long been used as a VEHICLE for EDUCATION – check out the countless children’s videos that teach fundamentals like SPELLING and MATH through RAP. But ask any serious hip-hop head and they will attest to the fact that dissecting the culture – understanding something that bloomed from concrete and found its way into pop culture and beyond – is a SCIENCE.

Frank Galton

Wolfhound said...

Absolutely UN, that may even be the crux of what makes us view the world differently.

We see the world as it is and try to find the best solutions to the problems we face.

They view the world the way they would like it to be and then expect it to mould itself around their interpretation of reality.

All in all, some great news from Golden Dawn, the second round of voting is coming up in five days.

In the meantime I'm stuck abstaining as every fucking party in this country is at the very least "left leaning". Not a single one of them is willing to stand up for Ireland or the Irish, even the supposed Nationalist party is a gaggle of Marxist muppets. They should change their motto to: "Brits out, Somalians in!"

Sponge Cake said...

To all our British friends who post comments here. On Thursday, get out and vote BNP/UKIP. As Wolfhound pointed out, we Irish don't have that option.

Corkonian said...

Lemmyhead, speaking of letching, do you remember Pan's People on TOTP?

Sponge Cake said...

Man set for second court appearance following tragic death

A 42-yearold man is due to make a second court appearance this week in connection with the death of a young Kildare town man late last Friday night in Naas.

Zoltan Almasi, believed to be a Hungarian national and whose address was given as Harbour View House, Naas, appeared before Judge Desmond Zaidan at a special sitting of Naas District Court on Sunday afternoon.

He faces an allegation of assault causing harm on Joseph Dunne contrary to the Non Fatal Offences Against the Person Act.

He was remanded in custody to appear again at Naas District Court tomorrow (May 21).

Meanwhile, tributes have been pouring in for Mr. Dunne, a former secondary school student in Kildare town and who was more recently employed by FAS.

Sponge Cake said...

SHANGHAI, May 20 (RIA Novosti) – Russia and China are planning to increase the volume of direct payments in mutual trade in their national currencies, according to a joint statement on a new stage of comprehensive partnership and strategic cooperation signed during high-level talks in Shanghai on Tuesday.
“The sides intend to take new steps to increase the level and expansion of spheres of Russian-Chinese practical cooperation, in particular to establish close cooperation in the financial sphere, including an increase in direct payments in the Russian and Chinese national currencies in trade, investments and loan services,” the statement said.

David said...

Happy Africa day everybody!!!

Nice article in the Journal tonight featuring writer and broadcaster originally from Nigeria Carol Azams who writes about her life in Ireland.

"my husband and I moved to Ireland 12 years ago, in 2002, to seek asylum with four of our children. We were fleeing from the risk of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) for my three young girls.My fifth child was born here in the same year (how fortunate)we moved and we were then able to withdraw from the asylum process. We re-applied on the Irish Born Child (IBC) scheme and were granted permanent residency on the basis of having a child born in Ireland in 2005.
When we first got here, our kids were aged between three and 12 years old, with the eldest just about to enter secondary school. They now age between 11 and 24 years old, respectively. My two eldest are both university graduates now, one with a master’s degree from DCU, and the other with a bachelor’s degree from Institute of the Technology Blanchardstown. My middle child, who only started in Junior Infants when we arrived here, will be going to college next year and my second youngest is doing well in secondary school. The baby of the family, born here in Ireland, can’t wait to start secondary school next year."

But it has not always been easy..the ugly head of racism as always raises its head .."And there was also the issue of racism; unfortunately, I have personally experienced racism in Ireland at different levels and in different forms both from individuals and institutions. I know it’s not an ‘Irish thing’ and it happens all over the world. If I had the divine power to change one thing, it would be to eliminate racism from the planet."

Read the comments they are quite good..Emily says "So you got out of Nigeria because of the threat of FGM, and came to Ireland. You’ve experienced racism here but not felt the need to flee. But if you had “divine power to change one thing”, it would be to eliminate racism rather than to eliminate FGM. I am genuinely curious – how does that line of thinking work?"

Anonymous said...

Oy vey! Vat a surpise! Ze Frankfurt School snitchy witchy who abused her position in the Scudamore case is called ABRAHAMS!

James said...

James volunteered to be the milk monitor in the hope that teacher would love him. It doesn't work like that.

OK I think I now understand the blog rules:

1. NU is banned.
2. NU can post as much as he likes as "Anonymous".
3. Mentioning NU is banned.

These rules may appear strange at first, but we'll all get used to them.

Keiser said...

@ David 20 May 2014 19:33

Excellent comment by Emily. I think everyone at this stage can see that these black bastards are taking us for a ride.

I think that their presence in Ireland is racist.

I think that they get a better life at our expense and that is racist.

Keiser said...

Racism is a lie. It is a word africunts use so they can get more free stuff from White people.

James said...

Book review.

Ubuntu!: An Inspiring Story About an African Tradition of Teamwork and Collaboration

By Bob Nelson

A powerful story about the African philosophy of teamwork and collaboration that has the power to reshape our workplaces, our relationships with our coworkers, and our personal lives, written by the bestselling coauthor of Fish! and the bestselling author of 1001 Ways to Reward Employees.

John Peterson, a new manager in the credit department at a major big-box retailer, is struggling in his job. The people under him are not working as well or effectively as they need to, and his department is falling behind in meeting its goals. His only solution is to take on more work himself, burning the midnight oil and coming in most weekends to pick up the slack and keep his department above water.

When one of the employees stays behind to help him—a young man who came to America from a small village in Africa—he learns of the ancient wisdom and hidden power of the African philosophy of Ubuntu. Before long, it begins to change the way he thinks about the people he works with, about himself, and about how he runs his department and his life.

In an engaging and completely fresh narrative that holds a unique message for today’s business world, Ubuntu! shows us a way to overcome our fears, insecurities, and the “me-ism” that so often permeates our workplaces, and replace it with a culture of genuine respect and collaboration. It promises to take its place alongside Fish! and other business parables as the next bestselling classic in the business category.

Enrichment in action. Someone got some help from an African and decided it was such a miracle it was worth a book.

David said...


recently I was supervising Irish teens 13-16 years in some outdoor activity and had occasion to listen in on their conversation, they all seemed to agree that there is a double standard at work, that Africans perceive racism even when it is not there,which was encouraging,.
Among adults there definably is a sea change as the reality of glorious multiculturalism dawns.
It seems to be the early twenties demographic that embrace it the moment.

Anonymous said...

Sponge cake, if your constituency is Ireland south vote for Peter O Loughlin as he is highlighting the current mudslide.

Sponge Cake said...

Mass brawl erupts between rival groups of youths in area where former Home Secretary David Blunkett warned of rioting due to influx of Roma immigrants.

A mass brawl erupted between rivalling groups of youths who clashed in an area where former Home Secretary David Blunkett warned of rioting due to the high influx of Roma immigrants.
The former Home Secretary warned last November that tensions between local people and Roma migrants in the Page Hall area of Sheffield, South Yorkshire, could escalate into rioting unless action was taken to improve integration.
Tensions came to a head last night when more than 25 people got involved in the mass disturbance which broke out in the residential area at around 8pm.

One teenager was left needing hospital treatment as a result of the violence, which escalated quite quickly.
The 17-year-old boy suffered a suspected broken arm in the disturbance, which was watched by dozens of concerned residents who poured into the street to watch the clash unfold.
Several residents rang 999 after becoming concerned at the scale of the disorder and many have now called on the authorities to do more to help ease community tension.

Sponge Cake said...

"Sponge cake, if your constituency is Ireland south vote for Peter O Loughlin as he is highlighting the current mudslide."

If he's on the ballot paper, he has my vote.

Uncle Nasty said...

I'm watching various posts about the UK, and am beginning to feel that things are coming to a head, there.

The one immediately above from Sponge Cake:

The 17-year-old boy suffered a suspected broken arm in the disturbance, which was watched by dozens of concerned residents who poured into the street to watch the clash unfold.

Concerned residents? They're all niggers and paki's. Then we have this ... the UKIP obviously under siege

Things are just going from bad to worse for Nigel Farage and Ukip:

Ukip’s gaffe-prone election campaign has taken another turn for the worse – after its by-election candidate lashed out at a disabled protester.

The party has claimed Roger Helmer was provoked as he gave an interview to a paper in Newark.

But rivals have insisted the 70-year-old, who has likened homosexuality to mental illness, started a fight with a one-armed man when he was asked about his expenses.

The protestor he fought with, David Challoner, lost an arm in his job at a steelworks.

A spokesman for Ukip said: ‘A rentamob turned up led by a councillor chanting “Roger down”.

‘He tried to take the megaphone and was pulled away. He wasn’t arrested and he’s not heard from the police.’

The latest scandal came a day after Nigel Farage’s deputy told protesters to ‘f*** off’ during a leafleting drive.

Janice Atkinson, who is also Ukip’s press advisor, is accused of insulting a rival about her weight, then flipping the middle finger at her.

Sounds like the attack-poodles of the lefty press are pulling out all the stops ... and how about this?

The number of so-called taxi-rapes has snowballed to such an extent that a British judge recently issued a warning that no woman can expect to be safe while travelling in a cab.

Ibrahim Munir, an exiled senior leader of the Muslim Brotherhood now living in Britain, when asked if violence would be an option, replied, "Any possibility."

"Do I have to change my religion to get the best [banking] deal?" — Lloyds Bank customer, quoted in The Daily Telegraph.

Islam and Islam-related issues were omnipresent in Britain during the month of April 2014, and can be categorized into three broad themes: 1) The British government's growing concern over Islamic extremism and the domestic security implications of British jihadists in Syria; 2) The continuing spread of Islamic Sharia law in all aspects of British daily life; and 3) Ongoing questions of Muslim integration into British society.

It now appears that:-

"... Separately, Lloyds Bank was accused of religious discrimination after dropping overdraft fees for Muslims. The bank sent customers a booklet in April explaining the new policy. While non-Muslims will have to pay up to £80 (€97, $135) a month for an overdraft, Muslims were told they would escape the charges. The document (p.26) says: "We are removing the monthly overdraft management fee of £6 from our Islamic Account, Islamic Student Account and Islamic Graduate Account. So, if you use an unplanned overdraft on these accounts, there won't be any charges."

On its website Lloyds says: "Following the guidance of Islam is an important part of everyday life, so we've made it an important part of everyday banking. Our Sharia committee of two independent scholars has guided us to create an account that's right for you."

The Daily Telegraph quoted one Lloyd's customer as saying: "I can't believe that they're thinking of offering one account for Muslims and making everyone else pay for the same service. Do I have to change my religion to get the best deal?""

Interesting times in the UK ...


Uncle Nasty said...

Speaking of bad to worse ... here's an interesting set of questions:


You know the question:

If you're not preparing for the worst, what are you preparing for?

You know the answer: avail thyself of long-term food stores, good water, viable food production, shelter and meds and supplies and security. You know the list of doomsdays too: financial collapse, EMP, pandemic—MERS or Ebola or worse, insurrection and civil war, and on and on—the exact nature of the beast almost doesn't matter, preps are preps, and serious preps put you way ahead.

The question now changes to: if you—your own corporeal self—are not prepared for the worst, that is, if you are not prepared to personally do what has to be done, what are all your preps for? Perhaps you only imagine you know the answer.

Assume the worst doomsday scenario: grid down, distribution systems down, lawlessness and predation, mass privation, disease and death. Assume it's many months into an on-going calamity. You're skilled enough in useful crafts and were well situated at the start.

But the growing season was as bad as it was short. Now your supplies are low. Scary low. You're laboring long hours but you and your family are hard pressed. You'll probably make it, but there's no cushion. A family with small children approaches your door; exhausted, ragged and so famished it's all they can do to walk. You know legitimate charity is provided from surplus, that giving away needed sustenance is an unwarranted sacrifice. The weather's turned nasty and it's getting dark. There's a soft knock at the door.

Or, the local Committee of Emergency declares all stockpiled food to be common property. 'Hoarders' were given three days to turn in their 'excess' provisions. With so many improvident people—the ones who chose to live high on easy credit and harass preppers as a sort of hobby—it's obvious this won't make a real difference. You don't comply. The Community Action Committee is at your door, they're your neighbors, they know what you have, they're armed and they're not backing down.

These are questions that should be answered ... preferably now, while one has the leisure(?) to do so ...

Being paranoid? Of course I am. But it's always worth keeping it in the back of the mind.


Anonymous said...


Re the Gatestone Institute

Check out the Gatestone Institute founder and President, Nina Rosenwald.

Nina Rosenwald is the founder and president of the GATESTONE INSTITUTE, a New York-based think tank and policy council. A descendant of philanthropists and JEWISH refugees from Eastern Europe, Rosenwald has focused on donating to PRO-ISRAEL organizations. She has been "an ardent ZIONIST all her life"

Nina ROSENWALD, President, Gatestone Institute
Naomi H. PERLMAN, Vice President, Gatestone Institute

Frank Galton

Nero said...

I'm watching various posts about the UK, and am beginning to feel that things are coming to a head, there.

Cameron is beginning to realise that UKIP can deny his clique from power for eternity unless they get with UKIP's message.
The Sun is rising on the UK at last.
Think of it, 30% vote for UKIP this week, maybe 15% in a General Election. All the Conservatives need to do, is do what their core voters always wanted, and the Conservative Party are over the threshold and into power. Otherwise, they're out of power every time.

Cameron is weak, and has caved in several times for the Liberal Democrats to gain 5 years of coalition power. Just squeeze the pudgy little gerbil (that's Cameron) once more.

James said...

"... Separately, Lloyds Bank was accused of religious discrimination after dropping overdraft fees for Muslims. The bank sent customers a booklet in April explaining the new policy. While non-Muslims will have to pay up to £80 (€97, $135) a month for an overdraft, Muslims were told they would escape the charges. The document (p.26) says: "We are removing the monthly overdraft management fee of £6 from our Islamic Account, Islamic Student Account and Islamic Graduate Account. So, if you use an unplanned overdraft on these accounts, there won't be any charges."

It would also be compatible with Islam to allow Muslims to opt out of overdrafts altogether. But that's not "fair", is it?

Do those accounts have a zero interest rate policy also?

tsnamm said...

Hey Savant...more outrages from the religion of "peace"

Dan said...

Don't advertise your supply depot.

James said...

Michelle Obama says kids should monitor their parents for thought crimes and try to modify their parents' behaviour if anything is detected.

This is good, since parents are so harmful to kids, right?

Anonymous said...

What gay activists really want.

James said...

"Macbeth's self-justifications were feeble – and his conscience devoured him. Yes, even Iago was a little lamb, too. The imagination and spiritual strength of Shakespeare's evildoers stopped short at a dozen corpses. Because they had no ideology. Ideology – that is what gives evildoing its long-sought justification and gives the evildoer the necessary steadfastness and determination. That is the social theory which helps to make his acts seem good instead of bad in his own and others' eyes.... That was how the agents of the Inquisition fortified their wills: by invoking Christianity; the conquerors of foreign lands, by extolling the grandeur of their Motherland; the colonizers, by civilization; the Nazis, by race; and the Jacobins (early and late), by equality, brotherhood, and the happiness of future generations.... Without evildoers there would have been no Archipelago." — Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Chapter 4, p. 17

"Stop harming our kids" is a superior evil-doers' motto, as most of us know already.

Keiser said...

The ultimate "concern troll"
. Well done Sir

Keiser said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Keiser said...

@ David 20 May 2014 20:18

This is an interesting point. It would seem that we are coming full circle and racism and nationalism are now becoming cool.

I think that a saturation point has been reached with this multicultural shit. Kids are smart and paradoxically dumb in some ways too but I digress, they are smart enough to see bullshit.

Could it be that they are calling out the lie of death-versity is strength.

I think that this would be an interesting topic to be aware of...

Are kids starting to see the liberal camp for the death cult that it is and beginning to question and rebel against the current disastrous orthodoxies of the LEFT?

Keiser said...

Being a liberal is just not cool anymore kids, all the cool kids are fascists :-)

James said...

ram z paul's guide to dating Asian girls.

James said...

Some very good comments here about white flight.

I repeat: VERY good comments. Learn them for interacting with anti-whites.

Anonymous said...

The Jew’s EU Manifesto and the Man Who Would Implement It.

After the Jewish Board of British Deputies released a list of dos, don’t and demands expected from EU representatives prior to their election and/or re-election on the 22nd of May, the response of Nick Clegg, leader of the Lib Dems, was immediate.
He grovelled. He wagged his tail. He bared his bot. Everything the Jews wanted was theirs for the asking. If only they’d do him a favour and somehow magic a better result than the one everyone expects.

Anonymous said...

‘Shocking’ racist messages to be removed immediately from N7.

THE NATIONAL ROADS Authority has told that graffiti scrawled on hoardings at the N7 roadworks overnight will be removed immediately.
Head of Communications, Sean O’Neill, said the group were “shocked” to find the messages this morning and noted that the contractors, BAM, were dealing with the issue.
The messages and symbols were written on construction hoardings in place around roadworks on the N7 at Newlands Cross.

A guest at a nearby hotel said it was “not the best thing to wake up to on what was a great summer morning”.
The symbol is the same as the one seen with similar messages outside the Immigrant Council of Ireland offices and the Bank of Ireland on College Green in Dublin earlier this year.

Anonymous said...

"@Anonymous 14:31

That image was provided by the one who hammers fear into the people here, so you can't use it because it might be a Jewish trick or something."

"the one who hammers fear into the people here"

"the one who hammers fear into the people here"

"the one who hammers fear into the people here"

Jew-troll, typing with his beak, one hand on his schmeckle, the other working a dildo.

Nothing, not even darts, is safe from Fry:

It's Fry and Waddell
See more from Sid and Stephen in our online show

t's a little bit of Fry and Waddell...

Sky Sports brought you an unlikely meeting of minds last Monday as actor and comedian Stephen Fry joined the Voice of Darts Sid Waddell in the commentary box.

Alongside Rod Harrington, the duo talked us through Phil Taylor's Premier League semi-final match against Mervyn King - and the results were hilarious.

In a special online programme here on, we can now bring you a re-edited version of this fabulous occasion.

We bring you a unique split screen showing the commentary camera and the match feed - giving you a unique perspective of the action in the commentary box as Sid leaped all over the place.

Highlights include:

Fry: "This is the most important day of my life sporting wise to be here with you Sid"

Fry: "Aaah Waddell. What could be better? I'm like a pig in chardonnay."
Sid: "Once upon a time it was me doing cracking the jokes round here. Now everybody's doing it!"

Fry (on Mervyn King): "Mervyn moves his lip when he throws. That's about the only part of his body that does move."
Sid: "I wish I was like that!"

Sid: "Once upon a time he was breaking all records, now he's only breaking his hearts. Nothing you can do, total eclipse of the dart."
Fry: "Aaah, Bonnie Taylor!"

Holocaustralian said...

@ anonymous 12.42

Some encouraging comments at that link, but the hook appears to be in very deep all the same.

I think someone here mentioned the benefits of graffiti as a cheap, effective means of presenting a message to the herd and i initially dismissed it.

The article in the journal has apparently now had over 20,000 views and no doubt thousands more spotted it from their cars. Not a bad return on a $2 spray can and 5 minutes work.

Keiser said...

@Anonymous 21 May 2014 12:42

I like their style. That sort of graffiti is good.

I think the sprayed message

"Feel like a stranger in your own country"

is not specific enough and yet they still saw "racism". It could just be existential crises.

(They see racists in their cornflakes it would seem)

Anyway I would propose an even more stringent mantra variant that leaves nothing to the imagination.

"Diversity means becoming a minority in your own country"

or one such as

"Diversity means hunting down the last White person"

too extreme?

Dan said...

Diversity is the Gulag

Diversity is your Doom

Diversity is for Bullies

Diversity is a boot lip nigger having a tantrum

Dan said...

Diversity is a congenitally lobotomized grandchild.

Diversity is picking your pockets

Dan said...

Diversity picks your pockets

Anonymous said...

Diversity is just another name for subsidised immigration.

Keiser said...

Diversity means less for YOUR children and more for THEIR children.

Anonymous said...

Diversity is getting up at 6 A.M. to go to work, while the Nigerian cunts next door laugh in your face.

Anonymous said...

T’was the night before Voting and all round the place
Tories have realised their losing the race
UKIP have gotten them right on the rope
In the EU election they haven’t a hope
EU immigrants let in by these fools
Will all require healthcare, housing and schools
The Tories it seems obey EU orders
And flatly refuse to shut down our borders
So it’s good-by to Cameron and all of his mates
And hello to someone we know Cameron hates.

Dan said...

Diversity, because you've got to pick a pocket or two boys, you've got to pick a pocket or two.

Anonymous said...

Diversity is when you lose your job and go the dole office to sign on, and the nice African woman tells you to fuck off.

Anonymous said...

Diversity is when your landlord's name is Mohamed.

Diversity is sitting in A&E surrounded by coughing, spluttering turd worlders.

Diversity is when all your politicians are Jewish

Sponge Cake said...

Boy, 14, arrested after 'gang rape' of schoolgirl in north London park.

Police hunt man who 'left mobile phone 'selfie' at scene of jewellery theft'

Armed robbers make off with £200,000 worth of jewellery from Whitechapel shop.

Probe launched after 'hundreds of paramedics cheated in qualifying exams'.

Shocking CCTV of mugger choking reveller unconscious before stealing his £5,000 Rolex

Anonymous said...

Corkonian, I do remember Pans People, Hot Gossip, Legs & co and others that I can't remember the names of. I am of course abnormal. It's just not the done thing to recognize that women can be beautiful.

James said...

‘Shocking’ racist messages to be removed immediately from N7.

The media did an awesome job publishing the graffiti. Good on them.

That's the sort of media we need!

James said...

"Diversity means becoming a minority in your own country"

or one such as

"Diversity means hunting down the last White person"

too extreme?

No, what they are doing to us is extreme. Diviersity is just a code word for White genocide- and they mean it. They wear a velvet glove on their Kosher iron fist at the moment, but if they need to they will get more severe. This is why we need to be clever and never give them any ostensible reason to attack. That way they look bad.

The only thing I didn't like about that graffiti was the stupid swastika symbol. The actual message is perfect though.

James said...

Some on here have argued that sex education is just "information" and that it is "good for kids", and that withholding it is "harmful".

More intelligent people disagree, because they can see what's really being done. It's an old topic, and even appeared years ago in the book "Brave New World".

Some people will say, in a troll-like fashion, that anything on the following website is false because the website is called "truthseeker". Some people would do well in Orwell's 1984 then.

Some excerpts:
The current trend to “sexualize” young children, that is to expose children to sexual issues as early as kindergarten, shares striking similarities to the dystopian novel Brave New World in which children are encouraged to start exploring sex at a young age.

In the latest example of the trend, a couple of YouTube film makers produced a video in which they described homosexuality to children as young as five and asked for their opinions on the subject.

The film makers defended the video by stating that the “raw opinions of children” offer “incredibly valuable insight on our current society,” but the youngest of these kids likely had no clue about the subject until it was explained by the producers.

As if these incidents weren’t concerning enough already, just compare them to Brave New World, a 1932 novel written by Aldous Huxley which anticipates a future society that is centrally controlled by a powerful government through the use of various techniques such as the sexualization of children.

In the book, the central planners encourage the populace to explore recreational sex starting from early childhood. The intent is to remove romantic relationships by cheapening sex in order to ensure that the citizens have complete allegiance to the state and not with each other through personal connections such as families.

This is further aided by the elimination of natural reproduction in favor of “creating” children in “hatcheries and conditioning centers” so that the World State in the novel can permanently limit the population to two billion people who are conditioned from birth to completely obey the government.

I can hear the buzzers going off now...








A strong argument, I must admit, but I am still unconvinced that the buzzy one has a clue about anything at all.

James said...

An even more ridiculous website -, has a list of famous anti-semites from throughout history. The ADL would love to go back in time and kill them all, wouldn't they?

Now for the puzzle - since bible believers is obviously an "insane" website, does that mean these famous people were not anti-semites? Oh, the riddles of political correctness!

Keiser said...

James said...

"The only thing I didn't like about that graffiti was the stupid swastika symbol. The actual message is perfect though."


One more from the RamzPaul

This page has some of my favourites, Combat Hate App and Ban Bossy

James said...

In New Zealand, Indians have taken over most of the "dairies". This is what the corner shops in NZ are called. In Auckland it is exceedingly rare to find one run by a White person now. The Chinese and Koreans are starting to take some of them over now, but you wouldn't lose much money betting that there is an Indian in any randomly selected dairy.

Does that mean Indians are better at running corner shops? No. The shops are shit now.

So, this proves that it is possible for a pushy race to take over an industry without actually being "better" at conducting business in that industry.

So, how did they do it? By networking. They all have "cousins" that help run their shop when they want to go on holiday. They give each other loans when a new shop is sold by Whitey. They work together to grab all of them.

And they achieved this without a 115 IQ. Amazing!

AnalogMan said...

James, that's not what a swastika looks like, silly boy.

James said...

Additionally, families in real life are also being frowned upon just like in Brave New World, such as the notable example in which MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry stated that your children are not yours – they belong to the community.

“We have to break through our private idea that kids belong to their parents or kids belong to their families,” she said, adding that kids belong “to whole communities” instead.

Now although the current sexualization of children and the attacks on families in our society haven’t quite reached the extremes presented in the novel, the similarities between these current trends and Brave New World are alarming nonetheless, and its not entirely far-fetched to believe that our future society will inch even further towards Huxley’s complete predictions.

Certain trollers will back this bitch up. They seem to actually believe that everything is getting better.

James said...

James, that's not what a swastika looks like, silly boy.

It represents an encircled St Bridget’s Cross and is used by white supremacist groups across the country.--from the article

If everyone in Ireland knows that then fine. I just thought that most people seeing that will just see another hateful White Nationalist symbol. Why not use a shamrock?

People aren't that stupid. They know that this cross was used because it is similar to a Swastika but isn't a Swastika. Unfortunately, it may as well be a Swastika. I'm not from Ireland so I don't know how well known the cross is. International people will see it too though, so maybe a shamrock would be a better choice.

If you painted the Isle of Man's symbol all over the place people would instantly think that was a Nazi symbol too, even though it isn't. Get real.

James said...

Why don't we all wear T-shirts with a big fat fylfot on it?

I'd love to see you explain to everyone you meet that there is nothing wrong with fylfots and that "a Swastika doesn't look like that silly boy".

If that doesn't work, wear a Gammadion instead. Why not? Who will care about some old Greek symbol?

I hope I've explained my reasoning satisfactorily. We need to get a message across, not spend all day discussing the choice of symbol.

Wolfhound said...

You'll all get a kick out of this, for the worst possible reasons. It encapsulates the great slide of the West perfectly.

Backstory: The 2014 Cross Examination Debate Association's national championship was held at Indiana University. The all African American female team from Towson University defeated the all African American male team from the University of Oklahoma. Though this my be a first for African American women, it is not a real win for women or African Americans, but a loss for collegiate debate specifically and America in general. I am not sure what the winners won, but it certainly wasn't a debate. In fact, to enable this hallow victory, the very concept of debate was thrown aside. In the name of political correctness and affirmative action, we have destroyed college debate, simply to bestow a meaningless trophy on students who demonstrate no actual debate skills. It would be funny if it wasn't so sad. However it provides a shocking example as to why America is a nation in decline.

Video link

James said...

However it provides a shocking example as to why America is a nation in decline.

Tocqueville said a revolution would occur in the USA, because of the presence of blacks.

He said this in 1835.

So what he predicted was the Civil War.

Whitey is tied on knots by the presence of blacks. You see it on a small scale, and on a large scale.

beppo said...

Re Wolfhound 21:57

Read down thru' the comments - far more laughs than a Lenny Henry gig.

Cheaper too.

James said...

OMG, that's so funny.

Debating black style:

da ha haa di di the way the whiteness races, ah ah theat is hah ah ah ah the witeness ah ah the whiteworldisculterualthis is ah ah ha ahah hah the blackchyletheyonlyrecreated we are ton truly speaking to niggers who wrote this shit ah ah ah ah ah

We are known ah ahh in this space as the opposition to niggers. Niggers there is no death, yah yah tyha,.

I'll be having dreams of chocolate covered watermelon and fried chicken now too.

Keiser said...

OK Guys (Goys) and Gals

Voting is on the 23rd (Fri) for Euro-lections but who to choose?

I have taken the liberty of cue-ing up THE important issue on this explanatory clip...


...because a fortress with spongy, jelly soft walls is better than one with no walls at all.

James said...

Vote GTR!

Keiser said...

Oh yes above clip is pertinent for an Irish audience only.

UKIP or BNP for across the pond I'm sure.

any Americans readers feel free to vote by drone striking the European Parliament.

Uncle Nasty said...

There is something that I find eternally fascinating ... the hot, hot. hot!! news stories of the day, the literally** earth-shaking events that will plunge us into the Abyss, suddenly falling -- no, plummeting -- off the radar, the minute their purpose (whatever that may be) is served.

What happened to Greece and its economic collapse?

Not a word.

What happened to the Villain du Jour ... Iran?


The dog and Pony show that is North Korea (in which, by the way, we discover that a porn star who was executed by being blown to smithereens (or something) by a mortar (or something) a year or two back -- is alive and well, after all ...)


Kidnapped negritas in Nigeria?


And even more interestingly the Crimea -- where the world was going to end?


Here, however, is a rather interseting political history of the Ukraine.

Ukraine, or Jewkraine?

Submitted by William Finck on Thu, 03/27/2014 - 09:59

Only a few White Christian nations have suffered as much under the heel of satanic treachery as has Ukraine. In the 20th century Ukraine was trampled under foot by Russian and German armies in two major wars. In between the two wars, it was ravaged in the aftermath of the Bolshevik Revolution, its population decimated by both the results of the victory of Jewish Communism and then by the famines of the Holodomor during the forced Soviet collectivization in the 1930's. The second German occupation was seen by many native Ukrainians as a liberation from their Soviet Jewish oppressors, although it was sadly short-lived. Today, many Ukrainians still hope for that same liberation.

Ukraine is about 78% Ukrainian, 17% Russian and the balance is made up mostly of Tatars, while there are some Poles, Romanians and others in the various border areas. But those general numbers are deceiving. The Russians and Tatars are concentrated along the eastern border, and mostly in the Crimea, which is perhaps 65% Russian and practically 100% Russophone. Russians in the Crimea may consider themselves as natives now, however most of them settled there during the Soviet era when the region was an important asset to Soviet military interests. Basically, the Russians gained the Crimea through Tsarist and then Soviet imperialism, and the land is not even contiguous to Russia – at least presently. Therefore, since a Russian government gave Crimea over to Ukraine over 60 years ago, and it is contiguous to Ukraine, present Russian claims to the Crimea are of less substance than Mexican claims to southern California, although the results of a referendum in either place are inevitable. The pre-Soviet inhabitants of Crimea, who are ethnic Tatars, oppose pro-Russian political parties and have supported Ukrainian nationalists, although Tatars are certainly not Ukrainian.

It's a interesting read. I recommend it.


**I now use the word "Literally" the way Americans use it ... to mean "Figuratively"

Uncle Nasty said...

Wolfhound said...

You'll all get a kick out of this, for the worst possible reasons. It encapsulates the great slide of the West perfectly.

Damn right. Replace "Debate" with "Mass debate" and the nail is struck squarely on "de haid"

When the blonde presenter gets home at night, after a day in the studio and looks in the mirror ... I wonder just what she sees?


Uncle Nasty said...

There's hope for us, yet.

ADL: the truth is "anti-Semitic"

According to the results of a recently released global survey conducted by the Anti-Defamation League, over 25% of the world's population is "anti-Semitic".

"A lot of people around the world hate the Jews," the Jewish Telegraph Agency ominously reported. "That's the main finding of the Anti-Defamation League's largest-ever worldwide survey of anti-Semitic attitudes."

The article continues:

The survey, released Tuesday, found that 26 percent of those polled — representing approximately 1.1 billion adults worldwide — harbor deeply anti-Semitic views. More than 53,000 people were surveyed in 102 countries and territories covering approximately 86 percent of the world’s population.

“Our findings are sobering but, sadly, not surprising,” ADL National Director Abraham Foxman said at a news conference Tuesday morning at ADL’s national headquarters in New York. “The data clearly indicates that classic anti-Semitic canards defy national, cultural, religious and economic boundaries.”

Among the survey’s key findings:
Some 70 percent of those considered anti-Semitic said they have never met a Jew. Overall, 74 percent of respondents said they had never met a Jew.
Thirty-five percent of those surveyed had never heard of the Holocaust. Of those who had, roughly one-third said it is either a myth or greatly exaggerated.
The most anti-Semitic region in the world is the Middle East and North Africa, with 74 percent harboring anti-Semitic views. Eastern Europe was second at 34 percent. The least anti-Semitic region was Oceania (Australia and New Zealand) at 14 percent.
The three countries outside the Middle East with the highest rates of anti-Semitic attitudes were Greece, at 69 percent, Malaysia at 61 percent and Armenia at 58 percent.
About 49 percent of Muslims worldwide harbor anti-Semitic views, compared to 24 percent of Christians.
The West Bank and Gaza were the most anti-Semitic places surveyed, with 93 percent of respondents expressing anti-Semitic views. The Arab country with the lowest level of anti-Semitic views was Morocco, at 80 percent. Iran ranked as the least anti-Semitic country in the Middle East, at 56 percent.
The least anti-Semitic country overall was Laos, where 0.2 percent of the population holds anti-Semitic views. The Philippines, Sweden, the Netherlands and Vietnam all came in at 6 percent or lower.
Approximately 9 percent of Americans and 14 percent of Canadians harbor anti-Semitic attitudes.
Thirty-four percent of respondents older than 65 were deemed anti-Semitic, compared to 25 percent of those younger than 65. Men polled were slightly more anti-Semitic than women.
“The ADL’s Global 100 index will serve as a baseline,” Foxman said. “For the first time we have a real sense of how pervasive and persistent anti-Semitism is today around the world.” [...]

Don't you just love the inclusion of Laos, Vietnam and the Philippines as "Least Anti-Semitic countries?

Laotians and Filipinos wouldn't know a jew if they found them in their cornflakes. To paraphrase an old ballad of yesteryear:

To know, know, know them
Is to loathe, loathe, loathe them
... and I dooooo ...

Strangely enough, Foxman. It's not jews in general .... just hosenoses like you.


James said...

That is an interesting article on Ukraine, Uncle Nasty.

Over at he explains why the news is like this. He says it is full of actors and made up stories.

Reading his site it's hard to tell if you are going crazy because it all looks so believable, or if you are crazy for not believing it.

My guess is that some of it is true, but how much?

The news is definitely centrally controlled. Watch this vid.

Dan said...

While I'm not going to pick up an AK for mother Russia I side with Putin.

Ukraine is a bankrupt bullshit failed state. He's entitled to look out for his people in Crimea and even in Donbass.

James said...

While I'm not going to pick up an AK for mother Russia I side with Putin.

Ukraine is a bankrupt bullshit failed state. He's entitled to look out for his people in Crimea and even in Donbass.

They got ground up in WW1, starved in between, and smashed in WW2. The commies flooded Crimea with Russians.

The same thing happened to Rhodesia and South Africa. They "failed" too.

Maybe the Ukraine is bullshit and failed because the bankers detected some independence of thought and took away all the goodies.

The Ukraine used to have the third largest army in the world, and dozens of nuclear weapons. But they are too white to keep all that. They have too many ideas. They apparently even think the Holodomor is worth remembering.

Shaunantijihad said...

Every Ukrainian I've met has been smart and likeable. Would you rather have Alexander or Mohammad move next door?

Anyway, in my mind at least, Ukrainians moving next door are just Caucasians moving to another part of Caucasia.


HEX said...

Dey dont like batty boys in the BBC sends its very own "Ironside" ( niggercrip Ade Adepitan ) over there to sort it out.

nigger? tick
foreign ? tick (Nigerian)
cripple? tick
LGBT-related? tick

Shoot the mangy dog that is the TV, it is lousy with ticks.

"Ironside" has already cured polio in niggereria, so expect an instant end to "homophobia" in Jamaica by the end of next week.

"Ade Adepitan travels to Kingston to investigate the growth of homophobic attacks in Jamaica and meet the gay and transgender friends who've ended up living in a storm drain"

(promoted by "rival" BBC , Breakfast)

'Ade Adepitan returns to Nigeria to find out why it remains one of three places on Earth where children are still contracting polio'

Alan Carr's last show?

Queer Ian McKellen
Queer Nick Grimshaw
Queer Icon Kylie Minogue

(Grimshaw's breakfast show has lost more than half a million listeners in the past three months.)

Here's McKellen 'partying' with
JEW QUEER boy -rapist and X-men director Bryan Singer:

(above:The Jew Singer with fellow anus-obsessed homosexualist pervert Ian McKellen)

"The Jewish director of the X-Men films has been charged with “forcibly sodomizing” – that is, anally raping – a then 15-year-old boy in 1998 at his California mansion.

NY Daily News:
The suit, filed Wednesday in federal court in Hawaii, accused the 48-year-old “X-Men” filmmaker of first preying on the 15-year-old aspiring actor at a party at a California mansion where underage boys were plied with drugs and alcohol and taken advantage of.
“The stories that I’ve heard of what went on at the estate are truly despicable,” the accuser’s lawyer, Miami attorney Jeff Herman, told the Daily News Wednesday night."

Corey Feldman: "Hollywood ran by jew queers/paedos":

Anonymous said...

"Young Ms Page doesn’t give off a lesbian vibe to me.

The X-Men movie franchise is little more than a vehicle for the promotion of homosexuality and the holocaust, aimed primarily at the youth. Because her coming out was so dramatic, borderline hysterical, and obviously timed for the premier of X-Men Days of Future Past, I wonder if she’s faking it."

"Yes, X-Men’s primary purpose is pushing the holohoax narrative."

Kevin R. said...

"There is something that I find eternally fascinating ... the hot, hot. hot!! news stories of the day, the literally** earth-shaking events that will plunge us into the Abyss, suddenly falling -- no, plummeting -- off the radar, the minute their purpose (whatever that may be) is served."

UN, have often asked myself the same thing.

Question is, is it ordained from On High or is it just the 'journalists' who have the attention span of a goldfish?

Keiser said...

Stop hate buses in DC.

I want to ride the hate bus!

Holocaustralian said...

Dan said...

While I'm not going to pick up an AK for mother Russia I side with Putin.


At this late stage of the game, and their Parliament voting 438-0 to ban gay marriage, id defend Russia with a rolled up newspaper.

Anonymous said...

@James & Keiser

Here is a description of the symbol, in the groups words:

Truth-graf Icon
The icon signifies several convergent meanings, (which remain undisclosed), characteristically symbolic of the white race, their spirituality and relationship with nature, the universe, and the naturally occurring patterns that are contained within their own distinctive and particular cosmic, spiritual and corporeal realm and which emerge in this world as their unique, intrinsic, racial expression.

Their full statement can be found here complete with photos from their anglo-bank protest.

If you do not know what the symbol is, it's origin and reasons for such, then any commentry of judgement is by definition, idiotic.

Anonymous said...

"The article in the journal has apparently now had over 20,000 views"

Views on the journal reached 75,110.

Was debated on Irish mainstream TV3, midday programme:

Made some national newspapers:

Made Irish-American online daily:

Media love graffiti that pushes support away or reviles public perception against our ethnic protection, they hate carefully crafted graffiti that makes people feel allowed to protect their ethnicity, identity and their ethnic territory.

Anonymous said...

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