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Debunking conspiracy sceptics

James, a regular (too regular, according to some) commentator on this blog has provided a very interesting link here on so-called conspiracy theorists.  This rang a bell with me because just the previous day I'd had a conversation with a guy I know on that very subject.  When talking about mass immigration into Ireland he came up with the boiler-plate response 'I'm not into conspiracy theories'.  This lead to a long and non-acrimonious discussion on this subject. Here I give you a précis of the points I made in rebuttal.

First, the corollary of not being a conspiracy theorist is that you believe everything your government, the 'new media', the drug companies tell you.  This is so inherently ridiculous that it's strange anybody at all clings to it.

Second is the argument that the government is so incompetent that they couldn't organise the proverbial piss-up in a brewery (long list of screw-ups triumphantly follows).  But this argument conflates the corrupt posturing imbeciles we see in our parliamentary chambers with the Real/Permanent government. It should be blindingly obvious that politicians come and go but national policies remain pretty much the same. The Real/Permanent government, comprised as it is of shadowy ruthless operators, is more than capable of organising a conspiracy, often with a staggering degree of brazenness (cf. 9/11).

Following on from the last is the rebuttal that a massive conspiracy could not be covered up. Government leak like sieves, that everything gets out.  The famous example used to gainsay this is the Manhattan Project.  This was a world-changing initiative involving massive expenditure and government commitment.  Yet the secrecy surrounding it was so great that Truman - the Vice-President - admitted he knew nothing about it until sworn in as President after Roosevelt's death. Now that is secrecy, and again the Real/Permanent government, not the public representatives, were the agents.

Finally a word on the Internet. This, possibly because of its power and the (for now) lack of control exercised over it has become a focus of derision for the conspiracy sceptics.  'Oh I suppose you got that on the Internet' is seen as a telling smugly delivered rebuttal. But the Internet is just a medium, pretty much like paper or radio.  In fact of course the Internet is - potentially - a far better source of information than any of the conventional outlets for the simple reason that it is uncontrolled and uncensored. Sure, you can get all sorts of nonsense up there and anybody can post anything. But the point is you can cross-verify in a way that's totally impossible under the prevailing conditions applying in the West today. Just try getting some contra information about the Holocau$t™  under official outlets on and you'll understand what I mean.

So there you have it.  The good news is that my friend bought into a lot of what I was saying so maybe we should build up a compendium of Conspiracy Sceptics debunking material.


Dan said...

You always have to look into the ethnicity of the person saying things.


Dan said...

Conversely it is possible therefore, for hard core Jihadists to keep their Twin Towers plan secret enough.

That's a logical outcome too. Almost no American field commanders like Eisenhower or Patton appeared to know about the A Bomb before it was dropped.

That example cuts both ways.

However, Paul Wolfowitz as good as telegraphed forknowledge at the graduating speech at Westpoint. Case closed on LIHOP. That weasel knew.

Keiser said...
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Keiser said...

Here is a very good link on conspiracy theories, I don't know if another reader has previously submitted it already.

Subtle Racism and Conspiracy Theories

The argument made is that people need to ascribe agency to what is sometimes just a consequence of biology.

A black man imagines "institutional racism" just because White do better than him.

It is a global conspiracy to oppress of course and never just a result of innate genetics differences.

Similarly Whites imagine a shady cabal of Illuminati death cults to come to terms with the fact that certain groups behave as they behave.

The Jew have evolved the "group evolutionary strategy" of infiltration and unbridled destructive parasitism.

It is no different to a wasp that lays its eggs in a caterpillar or a fungus that takes control of an ant and no more of a "conspiracy".

I am not saying that global shady interest groups don't exist but are they our equivalent of the "institutional racism" conspiracy that the kneeegreos cling to.

Keiser said...

and is the answer just a simple...

it's in their nature to destroy. This is the invisible hand, not a shady network of agents. I'm not saying that "they" or anyone for that matter doesn't have secrets and organisations but simply that the coordinated plan is as a result of an innate drive expressing itself and therefore needs no secrecy apparatus in and of itself.

Anonymous said...

Some good news Britain First invades mosques across the UK and gives out Bibles and literature condemning Muslim child grooming.

Keiser said...

This guy make a good point and has coined a nice term


He make some good arguments for its use.

Calculus said...

Regarding a global conspiracy to organize mass immigration in order to support a future Zionist World Order, what we can read in the blogosphere are conjectures, only backed up by circumstantial evidences.
Sure it makes sense that a world populated by isolated mix-race individuals is ideally suited for a Judeo-centered New World Order, but does it mean that there is awareness and the will of individuals behind all of that?
Global Organizations such as AIPAC, or the CRIF in France, support mass immigration, but there is no video records, written papers, recorded phone calls, etc., of any of their attendance specifically plotting behind the curtain.
There are a few videos, but they are always more like rants, like for example this woman admitting that 'Jews are at the front line to support mass immigration and therefore they may be resented for that'.
There are plenty of electronic gadgets to record hard proof undercover, such as miniatures spy cameras that fit inside a watch, a pen or a desk clock. Even DNA analysis is at the reach of almost anybody using the ancestry kits available on the market. And people talk, look at the Sterling story, he was very likely set up by his 'girlfriend'. After a glass or two and a few baits from the bitch, he went full throttle in rant mode against niggas, with her cell phone right open in front of him!

David said...


I agree its a good word. I have always found the "anti racism is anti white" to be a bit cumbersome and confusing, not, to detract from Bob Whitakers great work. Anyway what will we call Irelands situation:

"Stop the Paddyocaust, oy vey the suffering of ve 6 million Paddies""

Seriously though:


Keiser said...


The problem is that Irish people are White mulattos and I mean that with no insult because a White horse and and White donkey still gives a White offspring :-)

We have Celtic, Norman and Pure Viking Influence (as opposed to Romanticised Norman Viking) and probably a good bit of Anglo Saxon and other Germanic influences.

It is hard to nail down an particular group as definitive of Irish.

The great thing is that we don't have to because we are all ethnically European and that is good enough. For our purposes there is no difference between a Blonde Swede and a Brown haired Irish person, they are pretty much the same thing when compared to someone from the third world.

I think Eurocide suits our purposes very well indeed.

Now to up the anti and learn from the Oy Vey and climate change money rackets. We could accuse people who challenge the term by saying...

"You're a Eurocide denier"


"You're a White Genocide denier"

In and of itself it is an empty vaccuous statement, a logical fallacy at best. The point is it is a "good old label" as Bob Whitaker says and good old labels are how the emotion left have shut down discussion for ages. Time for a taste of their own medicine.

Keiser said...

*how the emotional left have...

David said...

Keiser I am not sure I agree, unfortunately many Irish people still (wrongly) view what is happening in the UK and the countries of western Europe as a form of karmic payback for the evils of empire, the inconsistence is most obvious when countries like Ireland and Finland are been colonised by the turd world so I think greater dividends will result on focus at a local (ie national)level, once a critical number begin to question or are aware we can expand out.
For instance the IRA in its last campaign linked itself to left wing groups like the ANC and the Sandinistas, although most Irish people did not support the IRA many sympathised nevertheless, and its fellow leftist groups gained currency down here, not the only reason of course our academia like all the academia of the West was subverted as well. However at the start of the IRA campaign it would have been suicide and killed the movement off at the start making connections with leftist causes in a traditional Catholic country.
For us in Ireland this decade is an optimal time as the centenary of independence is coming up, no better time to question mass immigration and membership of the Euro project. Be mindful that the Easter Rising celebrations of 1966 helped give new life to Nationalism/Republicanism.
I don't want to appear small minded about this but I am of the opinion get people aware of their countries future first then start expanding. Yesterdays article in the Journal on the graffiti was a perfect example.
Nevertheless "Eurocide" is a great meme which I will use.

Rogue said...

The one area of conspiracy theory that gives me most caution is, indeed, the notion "that a massive conspiracy could not be covered up."

The Manhattan project seems like a good example of a rebuttal on the face of it, but not sure it is.

The Manhattan project was a state sanctioned project, with participants who knew that it was state-sanctioned, and who were overwhelmingly patriotic citizens or participants, believing that what they were doing was their duty in a just war to keep as much of what they knew about it as secret. Everyone involved was thoroughly vetted in this regard. Not to mention the repercussions of transgressing.

The point is, the people involved, especially lower down the chain of classification, were being moral, upright citizens, and not criminal or maverick villains.

Once the first A bomb had hit Japan, a certain amount of the project became known to the general public; the US government didn't pretend it was someone else.

If 9/11 (for example) was a conspiracy, which I certainly don't rule out, it would require a fair number of people to be "in on it."

They'd all know they were doing something immoral, illegal and dishonest. Even if they all thought it was a necessary measure to accomplish some or other goal, surely eventually some of them would feel remorse or guilt at their involvement, or find out after the dust had settled that they were part of a heinous conspiracy?

The people involved in the Manhattan project would have known that they were safe from national and international laws and conventions and, overwhelmingly, from the opprobrium of their own citizens.

That surely would be a very different mindset from a presumably fairly large group of people that would have to be involved in something like 9/11.

The Manhattan project was a state secret, not a conspiracy, so I don't think it fit's the definition.

Rogue said...

Sorry, my last sentence on previous comment should have been:

The Manhattan project was a state secret, not a state conspiracy, so I don't think it really compares to the type of cover-ups or secrecies that conspiracies require (such as, but not exclusively, the alleged attacks on 9/11).

Calculus said...

In the case of 911, judge yourself how to deal with the following issues, from the point of view of a puppet master.

1) How can you be sure 'your' terrorists are not going to blow off the entire thing way BEFORE the operation, by just being drunk with a hooker, speed ticket, accidental death or any other circumstance of life where the cover up for the conspiracy could be revealed or jeopardized?
2)Provided they could board the plane, how can 'you' be sure the terrorists are not going to fall in a plane full with MMA black belt team, being unable to take control of the airplane and end up being captured and later talk?
3)targeting the twin towers by amateur pilots was not an easy task, according to professional pilots. The risk of missing the towers was high, Wouldn't it be better to plan something easier?

IMO, if there was any conspiracy here, it was about what information was intentionally disclosed or not, to the US intelligence services.

Another conspiracy is certainly real and will be revealed one day, IMO, it is the 'yellow cakes' (Uranium material) documents. The information that they were forged documents was already circulating on internet BEFORE GW. Bush addressed the nation, yet he used it to go to war. That was his main argument to put troops on the ground in Iraq. Without it, the glass vial of Gnl. Powell could have been insufficient to convince the UN.

Question: who were the forgers?

I quote Wikipedia, read at the end:

" Origin - who forged the documents?
No one has been convicted of forging the documents. Various theories have been reported on how they were produced, distributed, and where pressure was applied to keep their fraudulent nature a secret..."

Rastus O'Flaherty said...

Anti-semitic conspiracy nonsense™

Keiser said...

What happens when you say no to the Cathedral of Tolerance.

Shaunantijihad said...

Allow me another plug for the fine Porter, whose comment on his own thread excels the main article itself:

"One more entry to this comment thread monologue: so much I hear about preservation of culture in lieu of a people. As if we were stripped of the knowledge that the former exists only to serve the talents and temperament of the latter.

What does it profit the (true) French for Africans and Arabs to ape their customs in their absence? Is the sting of loss less acute while Gouda* is still being consumed in Parisian cafés? Do ancient bloodlines manifest only in the cloth of a tricolor?

Why would a Frenchman care what culture his replacements adopt? For that matter, why would he care to maintain a pristine environment only to bestow it onto the meticulous stewardship of others? We’ve got our civilization running as best we can. She’s all yours now.

As we are granted not the slightest accommodation or reprieve, I’d leave the place in an entirely different condition. The West needs a Samson Option."

*I'm sure we can forgive a North Western Caucasian for confusing Gouda with Brie.

Keiser said...
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Keiser said...


"However at the start of the IRA campaign it would have been suicide and killed the movement off at the start making connections with leftist causes in a traditional Catholic country. "

Interesting point and it got me thinking of a corollary that what we see is these "left" organisations and I include the ANC and its likes are now THE ESTABLISHMENT and true to their roots a lefty, socialist one at that.

That goes for the IRA too, sorry I mean Sinn Fein with their Mulhuddart candidate gorilla Edmond Lukusa.

I can understand the need to appeal to Nationalist sentiment but for me the common heritage, culture and historical achievements of European peoples wherever they are Americas, Australia, etc is enough.

For me and doubtlessly many of us it is a Race issue not a Nation or State issue. The Nation is just an expression of Race.

However there are those in Ireland that more readily think in those terms, in part because of the struggle for independence and in part because of socialist leanings toward "anti-racism" so perhaps yes a local variant would be helpful with regard to this.

I feel that statements based on Nationalistic sentiment that appeal on an emotional level to the preservation of identity don't translate well to biological descriptors, they lose the impact as all the emotion is seated in Nationalism as opposed to consanguinity and Nationalism can be hijacked. We see examples of this all the time in the article comment sections where idiots assume a nigger with an Irish passport is Irish.

Hibernocide as you suggested would be my pick but ultimately I feel Eurocide will be more effective for the reasons outlined above.

Keiser said...

Careful Shaunantijihad lest the Hasbarat decides to go walkabouts :-)

Keiser said...

"I feel Eurocide will be more effective for the reasons outlined above."

For clarity I guess I mean that the term is more easily associated with a region and a people.

Anonymous said...

1. Conspiracies exist.
2. Some people enjoy believing in conspiracies for which there is no reason to believe ever occurred.
3. People who believe that nothing is a conspiracy are retards.
4. People who excessively believe in conspiracies are retards.
5. As usual it's the rationalists who are the most correct, because these people can at least fairly accurately decipher reality.

It's interesting to study the most prolific conspiracy theorists. The Sandy Hook ones are very interesting to look at. These are people who are so far removed from reality that they have rang up parents of the dead children to tell them that their children never even existed.
The 911 troofers are another odd lot. Although 911 was a conspiracy, there are millions of people out there who have tried to use the tragedy to satisfy their own need to feel conspired against by a certain group. Why believe it was Muslims when a person needs to believe that it was Jews/ Neocons/ and so on.

Anonymous said...

@Keiser 19:54


That's always good for amusement value (for those able to know), and for self-help (for those unable to know).

When it's gotten to the stage that a person thinks that anyone who is disagreeing with them must be part of some "hasbara" operation, then it's time for a little introspection. Continued obsession with "hasbara" is justification for a trip to the doctor's, just in case.

What's also amusing is that there will be some people here who will think that I am a "hasbarat" becauase of what I have just said above. To those people, I say that you are unusually gifted in spotting a conspiracy and you should give up your job and become a professional conspiracy investigator. Start a blog and put up a Paypal Donate link - you'll make millions.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 20.20

Did you vote for Ukip today?

Oilly Fischer said...

Police Chief and Rabbi Arrested in New York City’s Largest Ever Child Abuse Ring

Two police officers, a rabbi, a registered nurse, a nanny and a Boy Scout den leader are among 70 men and one woman arrested on charges of trading child pornography in what federal officials say is one of the largest-ever roundups in the New York City area.
The arrests included a woman charged with producing and distributing child pornography involving her own child and a man who had previously been convicted of sexually abusing a child. Another used hidden cameras to secretly film his children’s friends.
The arrests were part of a five-week federal investigation that resulted in the seizure of nearly 600 desktop and laptop computers, tablets, smartphones and other devices containing a total of 175 terabytes of storage, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Homeland Security Investigations said in a press release Wednesday. Some of those possessed libraries with thousands of sexually explicit images and videos of children.
At a press conference announcing the 71 arrests, officials laid out tools used by the suspects to acquire the illicit materials.
On a long table, 22 hard drives, 5 tablet computers, 7 discs, 4 SD cards and one laptop sat as evidence of wrongdoings. A large map with red dots showed the suspects involved stretched from all over New York state to parts of New Jersey.
Nearby a large poster board displayed photos, names and occupations of five men arrested as part of the operation. Featured were: Brian Fanelli, a former police chief, Samuel Waldman, a rabbi, Yong Wu, a police officer, Jonathan Silber, a Boy Scout leader and Little League baseball coach, and Aaron Young, a paramedic.
The expansion of the “Dark Web,” where pedophiles hide using websites that encrypt their computers’ identifying information, has fueled an explosion of child pornography.
“The sheer volume of confirmed and suspected instances of individuals engaging in the sexual exploitation of children … is shocking and the professional backgrounds of many of the defendants is troubling. We can no longer assume that the only people who would stoop to prey on children are unemployed drifters,” said James T. Hayes Jr., special agent in charge of HSI New York. “Clearly, this criminal activity has reached epidemic proportions.”

Jewish Rabbis Have Now Infected 14 Babies with Herpes After Sucking Their Penis: Where Is Child Protection Service?

During the rite, the mohel places his mouth on the infant’s penis to suction blood from the circumcision wound.
The health department says 14 infants have been infected in the city as a result of MBP since 2000. Two of those babies died and at least two others suffered brain damage.
MBP is practiced mostly by ultra-Orthodox mohels and is most prevalent in New York’s ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods.

Schmoilly Fischer said...

Golden Dawn: Unprecedented Victory Under Hostile Circumstances!

The hardships and hostility of the double municipal and regional elections were numerous. Not only was there constant propaganda by all the politicians and Media against us, but also for the conspiracy of silence that barred Golden Dawn’s representatives from public and open conversations. There was an issue of politicization of the elections, that were won, but not to their fullest potential. This will be more evident in the European Elections. But we must see the numbers for our revolutionary Party, to alleviate all doubts that the Greek People will not withdraw from the nationalist phalanx!
In 2012 in the capital Attica region, GD received 7,5% of the vote. Yesterday, we received 30.384 additional votes even though 236.597 less votes were cast in comparison with the 2012 elections. Golden Dawn almost doubled her Nationwide percentage receiving 11,11% of the vote and conquering the 3rd place!
The capital city itself rewarded us with an even greater support. Golden Dawn increased her strength there from 7,81% to 16,12%!
In Western Greece, there was an increase in every department, getting us from 7,59% in 2012 to 9,46% in 2014!
In Macedonia we saw increases ranging from 0,8% to 2,5%. Our candidate mayor for the capital of the region, Salonica, went from 6,8% to 7,7%!
Mainland Greece gave us the highest regional increase, from 7% to 10%!
All other regions increased our support by ~1%
Returning back to Athens, there are departments, like Plato’s Academy and others, that rewarded Golden Dawn with 20,7% of the vote and the first place! Other densely populated areas also gave big support for Golden Dawn, about 18,8%.

Keiser said...

@Anonymous 22 May 2014 20:20

...lest antagonistic, rude and insulting thought police go walkabout.


James said...

Some people dismissively say "It would be impossible to cover X up, too many people would know about it, how do you stop them all talking about it?", when all the time X is all over the Internet in massive detail, on hundreds of websites! So who's the retard, really?

In the 1940s "The Mafia" was just a conspiracy theory(tm). Yes they used those words, or very similar, even back then.

Five years ago "LIBOR rate rigging" was just a conspiracy theory(tm). Now it's in the courts, and is a huge financial scandal.

At present, gold price manipulation is just a conspiracy theory(tm). That story will break one day, and then all the conspiracy deniers and trolls will say "so what?".

In a world of disbelief and ostrich-like behaviour, the opportunities for domination and monetary gain are just too easy.

What happened to the pallet-loads of money that went missing in Iraq? Literally tons of hundred dollar bills just "disappeared". Nothing to see there, move along.

As Winston Churchill said: men often stumble over the truth, but they just pick themselves up, brush off their clothes, and carry on as if nothing happened.

I'm thinking of a certain troll (who made an inanely stupid post on this thread today), when I write this. They talk as though conspiracy is actually impossible.

Sponge Cake said...


The Electoral Commission has identified 16 areas as “high risk” for vote-rigging and bullying, including Bradford, Peterborough, Birmingham and Coventry.

In Tower Hamlets, East London, officers will be stationed at every single polling station. Returning Officer John Williams said the council was responding to allegations of intimidation at previous elections.

Councils are also probing irregularities on nomination, voter registration and postal vote forms.

The high-risk areas are mostly Asian communities. Another is Pendle, Lancs, where Tory council candidate Abdullah Zaid claimed activists have previously coerced vulnerable voters to complete postal votes on the doorstep.

Asian= Muslim

James said...

Why believe it was Muslims

Yeah, why?
Troll us one reason.

Att's passport was on the ground/--Troll

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

James said...

Second is the argument that the government is so incompetent that they couldn't organise the proverbial piss-up in a brewery (long list of screw-ups triumphantly follows).

Ummm, it is obvious that the UK govt screwed up the UK on purpose. They are very good at what they are doing.

Following on from the last is the rebuttal that a massive conspiracy could not be covered up.

As I said, they are all over the internet. It's no secret. They know it's no secret. They don't care. Who's going to stop them? Knowing about it actually increases our sense of powerlessness, because we can't even blow the whistle. Everyone already knows. The conspiracy has been open for a long, long time. It's not a secret conspiracy for the most part.

Churchill described it as "a growing menace since the days of Weishaupt".

There are many books on the menace of Illuminism. These were written 150 years ago. They are on the Internet now though, so I suppose that means they are false now.

Finally a word on the Internet. This, possibly because of its power and the (for now) lack of control exercised over it has become a focus of derision for the conspiracy sceptics. 'Oh I suppose you got that on the Internet' is seen as a telling smugly delivered rebuttal.

CNN is on the Internet.
NY Times is on the Internet.
FOX News is on the Internet.
Everything is on the Internet.

James said...

Britain conspired to get the US into World War One.

But it's only on the Internet. I bet there are books about it, but we'll just ignore those for now.

Pearl harbour was a conspiracy too. We all know that, but people that read too many newspapers are so warped in the head that they would never understand that simple fact.

BTW, that's what I tell people who say "That's just on the Internet". I say "which TV program or newspaper did you get that crazy idea from?"

Anonymous said...

RE: Manhattan Project.

BAD part of Manhattan Project:

The American people were loyal but the scientists (Enrico Fermi, J Robert Oppenheimer etc) scooted information to the Soviets even before the war was over. There is evidence the Roosevelt Administration was in on the high-level leaking.

GOOD part of Manhattan Project:

It was an early version of the "national security state", since then totally installed.

The American national security state has been likened to a parasite regime that does what it wants and sends the bills AND the blame to the American people.

This one is hart to argue with. Citing "national security", no full report of the 911 debacle was ever submitted to US citizens. But they got plenty of bills to pay.

No sense getting into the details of just WHO runs the American security state. Can you say "Michael Chertof?"


Anonymous said...

Keiser said:-
''The great thing is that we don't have to because we are all ethnically European and that is good enough.''

This is probably the most important point in white politics. We cannot fight alone. Not so long back I had a meeting with a well known British Nationalist. His great idea was to form small Nationalist groups that would work together. This would be certain streets in towns and at best villages and small towns. I hate to say this but that is ludicrous. I would go as far as saying stupid in the extreme. Just suppose, if this actually worked out. Let's suppose we could arm these people in a worse case scenario. You would end up with armed pockets of Nationalists surrounded by the enemy. It wouldn't take a military strategist mind to defeat them. The rapid change in demographics makes this strategy even worse.
To win we have to have a homeland. A large area we can call our own.
Having been so critical of my fellow patriots idea I can't see us having our own lands any day soon. Perhaps, if we could consolidate our resources we could make it happen. I don't see that happening either.
I think the vast majority of us on here know where to lay the blame. The evidence always seem to point in one direction. Even if it's some sort of un-natural phenomena when you are being pushed over a cliff it hardly matters who's driving the bulldozer.
If we think that we are going to make changes through the ballot box we need to have a big think about that. Governments are not going to solve our problems. Governments ARE the problem.
Democracy is a pup. A proven failure. If it wasn't for Democracy we wouldn't be in this shit.
The unmentionable one seemed to have the right ideas. If his ideas turn out to be wrong we will still be better off than we are now.


Anonymous said...

As far as government being not being able to cover up conspiracies your argument is true. They cannot cover up what they have done. Savant points this out in the main article. I have said for a long time and a few times on here that once you uncover one government lie you tend to question everything they say. The problem is getting to believe that ALL governments are self serving mother fu. The Democracy lie is well embedded. You can have as many votes on as many subjects as you like and things will still remain the same.


Anonymous said...

As far as government being not being able to cover up conspiracies your argument is true. They cannot cover up what they have done. Savant points this out in the main article. I have said for a long time and a few times on here that once you uncover one government lie you tend to question everything they say. The problem is getting to believe that ALL governments are self serving mother fu. The Democracy lie is well embedded. You can have as many votes on as many subjects as you like and things will still remain the same.


Anonymous said...

Sorry got clickers finger.

James said...

The American people were loyal but the scientists (Enrico Fermi, J Robert Oppenheimer etc) scooted information to the Soviets

Both Jews, but that means nothing.

Another Jew had a privileged position in the Atomic bomb project. That in itself is proof of some kind of conspiracy according to Eustace Mullins.


Despite the fact that the Manhattan Project was the most closely guarded secret of World War II, one man, and one man only, was allowed to observe everything and to know everything about the project. He was Lipman Siew, a Lithuanian Jew who had come to the United States as a political refugee at the age of seventeen. He lived in Boston on Lawrence St., and decided to take the name of William L. Laurence. At Harvard, he became a close friend of James B. Conant and was tutored by him. When Laurence went to New York, he was hired by Herbert Bayard Swope, editor of the New York World, who was known as Bernard Baruch's personal publicity agent. Baruch owned the World. In 1930, Laurence accepted an offer from the New York Times to become its science editor. He states in Who's Who that he "was selected by the heads of the atomic bomb project as sole writer and public relations." How one could be a public relations writer for a top secret project was not explained. Laurence was the only civilian present at the historic explosion of the test bomb on July 16, 1945. Less than a month later, he sat in the copilots seat of the B-29 on the fateful Nagasaki bombing run.

So, is a "Secret History" of the atomic bomb proof of some conspiracy? Yes. There was a conspiracy to bomb the Japanese with these things. Those bombings were not necessary to "save one million American lives" or any of the other excuses.

There was a conspiracy to drop two bombs on Japan, no matter what.


Corroboration of these statements is found in the remarkable record of Ellsworth Torrey Carrington, "Reflections of a Hiroshima Pilot", (p.9) "As part of the Hiroshima atomic battle plan my B-29 (named Jabbitt III, Captain John Abbott Wilson's third war plane) flew the weather observation mission over the secondary target of Kokura on August 6, 1945." (p. 10) "After the first bomb was dropped, the atom bomb command was very fearful that Japan might surrender before we could drop the second bomb, so our people worked around the clock, 24-hours-a-day to avoid such a misfortune."

How deep did that conspiracy go? Was it just a normal one, or one with occult, religious, revenge motivations?

So what's the NSA really up to? It part of their job just to scare us?

(The FBI has long been known as the Federal Bureau of Intimidation).

Horatio said...

You make a variety of good points.

Why not plan something simpler?

That 20 odd hijackers could pull off a caper like that without someone like Wolfowitz knowing are astronomically small. Indeed I BELEIVE (in as much as I just have circumstantial proof) that he must have known given what he said at Westpoint commencement in 2001.

I digress, the chances of pulling off a caper like that without the services knowing about it is astronomically high.

Anonymous said...

Tony Bliar slippery like an eel.

Uncle Nasty said...

Lemmyhead said:

As far as government being not being able to cover up conspiracies your argument is true. They cannot cover up what they have done. Savant points this out in the main article.

Which is why all nations have what can be called "Official Secrets" acts.

If an appalling secret can be concealed for long enough ... the perpetrators to be out of the way or, even better, safely dead, then the secret activity is cushioned or insulated by years, if not decades.

It recedes into the past and safely becomes "history".

Most people are sane enough to simply recognise the injustice (no matter how huge and appalling) and simply shake their heads and get on with their lives.

A good example is myself. My Grandmother's two younger sisters perished in Kitchener's concentration camps. A sad event and, if I should ever, by some metaphysical accident, meet Kitchener in the afterlife, I would kick the fucker in the balls for it.

But I don't see myself letterbombing Maggie Thatcher for it.

Hoffjuden jews however, as a race, are not sane. They will carry a grudge (real or imagined) beyond all reason ... yea, unto the hundredth generation, and will bend every effort to destroying real or perceived enemies, again and again, over and over -- not realising that their attitude is that of a race of psychopaths.

They are obsessive, and, like a dog with a bone will never, never let go. If they simply just shut up and fucked off to israel, they might just survive.

But they are a feminine race, full of relentless feminine spite -- a whole race of Sicilian peasant shrews. This attitude is what earned them the flat (and later the edge) of the Cossack's blade in the shtetls ... and will ultimately earn them the rightful and final annihilation that, I think, they secretly yearn for.


Anonymous said...

BBC one, Question Time

Ukip are racists, facists, sexist, dangerous.

Putin is racist, facist, dangerous.

The audience comprised of the usual libtards.

Anonymous said...

Some queer kike has obviously had his jimmies rustled by nilus.

Good. Who wants endorsement from a



BBC : "The Vote", after QT

Presented by Dimbleby, with
KIKE Emily Maitliss and
KIKE Nick Robinson, now talking to a panel of 3:

KIKE Grant Shapps,
KIKE Lynne Featherstone and
closet queer NIGGA
Spearchukka Umbongo

Question Time:

LESBO Jack Monroe and
QUEER? Jeremy Browne LIB DEM MP(preceded by
QUEER Chris Bryant):

"Browne was nominated for the Stonewall Politician of the Year Award in 2011 for his work to support equality for lesbian, gay and bisexual people. He was given a score of 79% in favour of lesbian, gay and bisexual equality by Stonewall. On 5 February 2013 he voted in favour in the House of Commons Second Reading vote on marriage equality in Britain."


Anonymous said...

"BBC one, Question Time

Ukip are racists, facists, sexist, dangerous.

Putin is racist, facist, dangerous.

The audience comprised of the usual libtards."

QT tonight was from Radlett near Elstree.

Totally KIKE.

Anonymous said...

2011 Census Data

As a town, Radlett has an official Jewish population of 28.3 per cent, the highest proportion in England and Wales by some margin, the next highest percentage being 19.4% in neighbouring area of Shenley and the near-by areas of Bushey, Barnet, Borehamwood and Elstree being the only other areas with a percentage greater than 15%. As the method used by the British census for identifying race and religion has shown itself to be problematic, it is likely that the actual number of persons of Jewish background in Radlett is somewhat higher, approaching 35%. Radlett has been called "the new Edgware."

There are two synagogues: the Radlett United Synagogue which serves the Orthodox Jewish community, and the Radlett & Bushey Reform Synagogue which serves the Reform Jewish community.

Anonymous said...

Radlett is one of the most prosperous places in Britain.

The town contains many substantial detached houses with large gardens. In the older centre there are also a few streets with Victorian semi detached and terraced houses. Over the past few years, the combination of its proximity to London and good transport links have meant that Radlett has become a property hotspotwith majority of roads with an average price of over £1,000,000.....

AnalogMan said...

OT: I've complained before that AIDS has failed to live up to its hype, with annual deaths in Africa not keeping up with the birth rate of the "at-risk" demographic. Now, this article says it may yet make a comeback due to drug resistant strains evolving:

Drug-resistant HIV pandemic is a 'real possibility', expert claims

Resistant strains of tuberculosis, malaria, MRSA and HIV have already spread around the world, they write. The focus of concerns has been antibiotic resistance, which relates to bacterial infections, but viral infections such as HIV and malaria are now also showing signs of resistance.

Of course, the same people who gave the world AIDS are the ones creating the drug-resistant diseases, too. XDR TB is a big problem in South Africa because the Babuntu don't complete their treatments. They'd rather have TB, because it qualifies them for a disability pension. The only way to tackle this problem is the way it used to be: isolate the patients forcibly and supervise their treatment. It won't get done, because that would be racist, so let's welcome AIDS Pandemic II.

I've obviously been out of circulation, and missed it, but when exactly did malaria become a viral infection?

Dan said...

We had the weaponry to exterminate them.

Who lost their nerve? The scum would have be vaporized in a painless flash.

Blue Streak Rockets n Antrax said...

If AIDS was designed by an evil Nazi in an American bio weapons lab, in order to exterminate coons...

I want me money back.

Uncle Nasty said...


Read the whole article ... right to the end, and tell me how surprised you are that jews still feature pre-eminently in South African politics and business ... as well as their purposeful cover up of the present blood bath of white murder in ZA -- 50 a day officially

And here you were, thinking they were all in Perth, in Oz ... Tel Aviv By the Sea, I understand.

Africa Check director Peter Cunliffe-Jones is a good example. A former Guardian journalist, he once reported the Muslim massacres of hundreds of Christians in Nigeria as non–religious squabbles about land and poor government.

This proved too much for even Guardian readers to stomach. One complained bitterly “That the majority of the Christian victims, including even women and children had their hands and feet hacked off…resembles barbaric Shariah punishment.”

Cunliffe-Jones has found a good home for his skill in not noticing that which his paymasters do not want to be noticed. His staff have run the numbers and decided that not only is there less crime against Whites than in the nineties but it is going down.

Africa Check also boasts yet another former anti-apartheid activist, a Jewish journalist called Anton Harber who is now a journalism professor. The publishing company he set up with another Jewish businessman has thrived under the new dispensation, especially when it comes to winning government contracts.

Flush with money pouring in from a variety of international NGOs such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Google, Africa Check is opening bureaux in Tanzania, Zambia and Swaziland. It is the new “soft” face of colonialism.


Anonymous said...

The lowly conspiracy theory very often models and integrates all facts of matter and data.

The official co-incidence theories (usually involving a string of co-incidences)never explain the relevant facts of matter and rely upon Jew media to condition the mass mind into acceptance.

Today anyone can Google:

Steel melts at what temperature?
Jet fuel burns at what temperature?

The fluoridated, vaccinated, chemically processed mass mind is not capable of basic questions and deductions.

Uncle Nasty said...

AnalogMan said...

OT: I've complained before that AIDS has failed to live up to its hype, with annual deaths in Africa not keeping up with the birth rate of the "at-risk" demographic. Now, this article says it may yet make a comeback due to drug resistant strains evolving:

Drug-resistant HIV pandemic is a 'real possibility', expert claims

One wonders if that statement is one of conviction ... or wishful thinking.

Sadly, like so many things these days, HIV/AIDS did not come up to expectation.
Almost nothing, these days, does what it says on the box.

Lying joo bastards.


PS: AnalogMan ... you still swanning around the world? When are we going to see you? I have about 1.5 GB of downloaded SciFi for you

Anonymous said...

It's quite amazing that people like Savant's friend STILL don't get it. If not for the Internet, most people would still be floundering in the dark asking the right questions, yet not receiving the world-shaking answers often found on this Blog and other Blogs of the same genre.

Long before the Internet existed, let's go back to 1961 and listen to jewish defector, Benjamin Freedman on the jewish question itself.

Rogue said...

@anon 23:33

So neither UKIP nor Putin were accused of being homophobic?

The QT crowd must be losing their grip.

Rogue said...


Don't think Enrico Fermi was Jewish, though he was married to a Jew. The other great Italian boffin of the time was Emilio Segre, who was Jewish.

(Please, let us goys have at least a few of the brains!)

As for Oppenheimer, is there any evidence that he gave stuff to the Reds? His parents were Commie and he leaned somewhat that way himself, but is there any actual evidence of wrongdoing?

James said...

(Please, let us goys have at least a few of the brains!)

OK he's not Jewish.
Doesn't matter.

nilus' sister said...

Me and me black boyfriend enjoy playing hide the radiator hose, and stink finger.

Anonymous said...

"Me and me black boyfriend enjoy playing hide the radiator hose, and stink finger."

What a clever boy you are, you done another poo poo for mummy.
You're a big clever boy, yes you are. You wipe bot-bot or want mummy do it?

Real Brighton Tales:

Six men in court for teen prostitution case

A 16-year-old girl is alleged to have been prostituted by six men in the first case of its kind in Sussex.

Details of the Brighton teenager’s abuse have been released as police reveal more than 100 young people could be at risk of sexual exploitation.

The six men have been charged with conspiracy to arrange the prostitution of a child.

Christopher Kayla-Joseph, 26, of Elphick Road, Newhaven, Mohammed Kamali, 45, of Harper Road, Newhaven, Khosrow Sobhanieh, 55, of North Lane, Guestling, near Hastings, Stephen Daramola, 47, of Park Lane, Eastbourne, Khalid Del-Rosario, 44, of Upperton Road, Eastbourne and Guiseppe Carella, 18, of Brighton Road, Newhaven, are due to appear on bail at Brighton Magistrates’ Court on June 5.

Kayla-Joseph is also charged with two offences of supplying cocaine – one together with Carella and the other with Kamali, Daramola, and Del-Rosario.

Carella is also charged with rape, Sobhanieh is charged with two counts of rape and Daramola is charged with sexual assault.

44-year-old woman raped in cemetery

A WOMAN was raped by a man after being attacked while sitting on a bench.

The 44-year-old victim was sitting on a bench in Littlehampton Cemetery, off Horsham Road, when a man attacked her and forced himself on her.

The man then released the woman and left the cemetery.

He was of mixed race, in his early 20s with short dark hair. He spoke broken English and was wearing dark clothing.

Family tells of horror of language student lodger

A father has told of his horror after discovering a language student staying in his family home was a convicted sex offender.

The first Wayne Beavill knew of Czech Republic student Zdenek Junek's history was when police raided the family's home in Bevendean, Brighton and found indecent pictures of children on Junek's computer.

The 32-year-old was staying with Mr Beavill and his wife and two young sons for three months when he was stopped by police for filming children in Brighton's Old Steine.

Mr Beavill has since learned that Junek has a criminal record for similar offences in his home country.

Anonymous said...

UKIP candidate quashes claims his tattoos are 'Nazi'

A UKIP candidate accused of having Nazi body art has defended his choice of tattoos.

Kevin O’Doherty, of Combermere Road, Hastings, has tattoos depicting a German eagle, a Star of David and war planes.

He told The Argus: “My tattoos tell a story of good and evil. The right side of my body is all good things and the left side is things that represent evil.

“On the right side I’ve got God, a gay hieroglyph, a dove of peace – in fact I think that one looks a bit like the Lib Dem logo. Funny that should be the one I regret a bit now.

“On the left it’s things that represent evil.”

Mr O’Doherty said the Eagle is not the Reichsadler used by the Third Reich.

He said: “This is not a Reichsadler as there’s no swastika. And these are not German planes they are British planes defending the

Star of David. “I’ve had these tattoos for nine or ten years and I’ve never had a single comment of criticism about them.

“There’s a narrative to them.”

Man stabbed by stranger as he walked to work in Brighton

A man was stabbed as he walked to work.

The 39-year-old was walking in Plaistow Close when he was approached from behind by a man who struck him repeatedly in the side and then ran off at about 5.45am on Monday.

The 39-year-old fell to the ground and at first believed he had been punched but then realised he was bleeding from the wound.

The victim was treated in hospital for minor wounds to his side before being released.

The attacker was Asian, in his late teens or early 20s and slim.

Police said he had had black hair and “sucked in cheeks”.

He was wearing a black hooded top, black skinny jeans and white trainers.

'A MAN was smashed over the head with a glass bottle and stamped on in a row over parking.

The 53-year-old was assaulted in Preston Park in Brighton after confronting a couple about parking their car on the grass.

Sussex Police are appealing for witnesses to the incident which took place at 6.30pm on Thursday.

The victim, who suffered serious cuts to his head, told police he tried to speak to the man about parking on the grass but as he turned to walk away his attacker hit him over the head with a bottle and stamped on his head when he fell to the ground.

His attacker got into the passenger seat of a silver Ford Fiesta and the woman drove it away.'

'A gang of youths set their dog on a cat before throwing the feline over a fence.

Police are appealing for witnesses after the incident in Arne Close, Bewbush, Crawley on May 12 at 7.30pm.

The three boys were seen playing with a ginger cat and waving it in front of their white Staffordshire bull terrier.'

'An 18-year-old girl was raped after being forced into a car park near a supermarket.

Police were called shortly after 10pm on 13 April to a report that an 18-year-old woman had been raped as she was waiting for a friend in New England Street, Brighton,

The woman said she was waiting at around 9.20pm by the car park for Sainsbury's when she was approached by two men who asked for a cigarette. They then pulled her into the car park and one of the men raped her.'

'A 51-year-old man was raped after going home with another man.

The victim was walking home from a pub on Brunswick Street West, Brighton, when he met a man at the junction with Western Road and Lansdowne Street.

They got chatting and then went back to the victim's nearby flat where he was raped.'

Anonymous said...

Green Party rejects SOUTH AFRICAN KIKE millionaire's donation because he is not full UK taxpayer

The Green Party has rejected a £7,000 donation from one of country’s richest men because he is not a full UK taxpayer.

KIKE Antony Tabatznik, who is said to be worth £500 million, had his donation returned because his tax situation did not meet the party’s “strict ethical criteria”.

The donation was permitted under electoral law because KIKE Tabatznik is registered to vote in the UK and has a house here.

However, his non-dom tax status means while he pays tax on his UK income, money accrued abroad is out of reach of the taxman.

Caroline Lucas, who is the party’s only Member of Parliament, said the money was returned as soon as his tax situation became clear.

The MP for Brighton Pavilion, said: “I’ve always championed tax and financial transparency and I look forward to a time when the rules on political party funding promote such transparency.”

South African KIKE Mr Tabatznik, 66, previously supported the Labour party and gave £5,000 to Tony Blair’s New Labour back in 1998.

However, the pharmaceutical magnate’s son, who worked with the party on sustainability issues, is believed to have persuaded his father to donate the cash to Dr Lucas.

It is understood the donation was made in March and sent back earlier this month.

KIKE Tabatznik was named as the 199th richest person in The Sunday Times Rich List at the weekend with an estimated wealth of £500 million.

He recently sold his Stevenage-based Arrow Generics business for $1.75 billion.

'Police are appealing for witnesses after a man was glassed during a night out in Brighton.

The 31-year-old from Croydon had been out with friends but was walking in Upper Gloucester Road towards Brighton railway station to get a train home when he was attacked by two men.

The victim was taken to Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton where he was treated for a deep gash to the head and other cuts to his face, head and neck.

PC Leonie White said: "We believe the attackers had argued with the victim earlier and followed him before glassing him in the back of the head outside Maccheroni at the junction of Upper Gloucester Road and Queens Road.'

Lancing nurse due in court charged with sexual assault of patients

A nurse is to appear before court charged with the sexual assault of two patients at a hospital.

Ioan Galatanu, 51, of South Street, Lancing, will appear before Worthing Magistrates' Court on May 27.

He is charged with touching two women at Goring Hall Hospital, in Bodiam Avenue, Worthing.

Shaunantijihad said...

"BBC one, Question Time

Ukip are racists, fa[s]cists, sexist, dangerous."

If only it were true. I made a tactical vote for UKIP rather than BNP this time, until the BNP get their act together, but I did so holding my nose because of the stench of anti-White racism around UKIP.

You can see all the pictures on their website at the moment is if Farage surrounded by H. Africanus and Muslim Dravids. Very inclusive.

One can only hope it's camouflage... but by the gods it must fucking stink in that Trojan Horse! We'll have to wait and see, eh?

Anonymous said...


"Corruption I think is the order of the day.
Without it a person these days simply loses."

Anonymous said...

"Hitler was informed by a mix of wounded German pride, biological racism, territorial imperative and, importantly, a conviction that Bolshevism and Judaism were the same and that they had to be wiped off the face of the earth – a blend of prejudices unique to the 1930s.
Each conquest he attempted was not an end in itself but a step towards a final confrontation with Marxism and the domination of the world by the German master race. Given that the democracies knew what Hitler wanted to do (it was spelled out in Mein Kampf), knew that he was rearming in preparation for war and had witnessed him accrue territory piecemeal through Austria and Czechoslovakia, they were bound by common sense to act when he entered Poland.
How does Putin compare? Thinly. It is true that he uses the presence of his ethnic group within other countries as an excuse to cross the border and grab large tracts of land. Hitler, likewise, used the supposed oppression of Sudetenland Germans as an excuse to carve up Czechoslovakia.
Yet Putin is not a totalitarian dictator on Hitler’s scale. He is an autocrat who bends the rules to suit his needs and who doesn’t have to worry about losing elections. But it is generally thought that he has to continue to command the popular will to remain in power and it is conceivable that he could exhaust his authority and be kicked out.

Leonid Bershidsky, a Russian journalist, wittily observed that under the former KGB agent, Russia had evolved from a “fake democracy” to a “faux dictatorship”. Yes, there are laws against unsanctioned rallies, the promotion of homosexuality or websites with “extremist content”, but they are randomly enforced.

For the record, homosexuality is legal in Russia, as is the right for transsexuals to change their legal gender; such liberalities were not present in Nazi Germany.

Putin does not teach his people that they have some godly duty to rule the world. On the contrary, he roots his foreign policy adventures in a language of human rights borrowed – cynically – from the West. Opposing Ukrainian nationalism, aspects of which have pro-Nazi sympathies, he insisted that he was resisting anti-Semitism. In 2004, Putin nominated the Jewish Mikhail Fradkov as the new prime minister of Russia – a move that further complicates the Hitler comparison. "


"Buffoon" Neil Hamilton on QT was the only person to point out the sheer idiotic crassness of comparing a Russian to "Hitler" in the light of the millions of Russians that lost their lives in WW2.

SAVANT said...

The Manhattan project was a state secret, not a state conspiracy, so I don't think it really compares to the type of cover-ups or secrecies that conspiracies require (such as, but not exclusively, the alleged attacks on 9/11).

Rogue, point taken. However the point I was making is that major initiatives involving large numbers of people can in fact be kept secret. I was making this in rebuttal to the trope that 'the government' can't keep anything secret.

Heraclitus said...

"but there is no video records, written papers, recorded phone calls, etc., of any of their attendance specifically plotting behind the curtain."

Calculus, well of course there will not be any such records, at least available to the rest of us. But compelling circumstantial evidence suffices to arrive at a reasonable interpretation of what's going on.

To my mind there is no other possible explanation for the multi-pronged attack on all things Western and Christian.

Rob said...

There's nothing secret or "conspiratorial" about the programme of white genocide. It's happening in broad daylight under our noses. It's just the motive behind it that's being lied about. Not everybody who's involved in it is lying. A lot of them are merely unwitting accomplices. In fact, I'd say most of the work is done by useful idiots like that.

Kevin R. said...

"As I said, they are all over the internet. It's no secret. They know it's no secret. They don't care. Who's going to stop them?"

James, this is correct. My own belief is that once they get 90% or so believing or indifferent they don't care. And they have that as of now.

Anonymous said...

@James 20:59

Muhammad Atta's passport did not survive the crash.

Anonymous said...

@SAVANT 10:12

"However the point I was making is that major initiatives involving large numbers of people can in fact be kept secret."

But you're still missing it even with this statement.

Did the people involved have a moral problem in doing their work?
Were they able to anonymously reveal to the world through the internet what they were doing?

Contrast it with 911.
Would it have been likely that one or more of the people involved in setting it up (if it had been a government conspiracy) had a moral problem with slaughtering their own countrymen?
Was it possible at the time to anonymously release information via the internet?

The fact is that people with certain political persuasions need to believe in bizarre conspiracies in order to avoid having to admit to themselves that they are loonies.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 08:51

For all the EU's faults, it's actually a far more accurate statement of the affairs of Russia, China, Venezuela, etc.

Gary Paul said...

UN, enough of them have stayed on here to administer the coup de grace.

The one glimmer of satisfaction is that their role is now being recognised, at long last, for what is was and is.

David said...

"Contrast it with 911.
Would it have been likely that one or more of the people involved in setting it up (if it had been a government conspiracy) had a moral problem with slaughtering their own countrymen?
Was it possible at the time to anonymously release information via the internet?"

Well the people who did this may indeed have had a moral problem with slaughtering all those people but could possibly justify it to themselves that they were doing it for a greater cause, one we are not privy to understanding, much like another "conspiracy" the Communist Bolshevik revolutionary party which after all was a minority party that no one had heard of in Russia, but, went on to control one third of the worlds economic system and murder 100s of millions in concentrations camps, how many of those people, the useful idiots, not the Kaganoviches or Bronsteins involved in the Communist revolution actually believed it was for a good cause and were prepared to murder for it?

How many conspiracies involving murder and other dark deeds have been kept quiet by other organisations the mafia or IRA for example?

The fact that groups keep dark and bloody secrets should not surprise us at all, even once trustworthy groups like the Catholic Church have more than their fair share of secrets.

Also for the sake of argument you could have a secretive religion that views all others as mere cattle and believes it has a divine mandate to rule over them with a rod of iron, that its a sin to help non believers and takes a yearly promise that all vows or obligations given to non believers can be broken and God has no problem with that, well then that shows that some people don't always work to the same moral standard at all.

Keiser said...

Anonymous said...

"Would it have been likely that one or more of the people involved in setting it up (if it had been a government conspiracy) had a moral problem with slaughtering their own countrymen?"

I think that people sometimes miss the point that a conspiracy assumes that everyone knows.

If I were in a position of authority and wanted to plan an attack, say for arguments sake a bombing, I would hand someone a bag and say drop this in town would you or a car with a locked "mystery" container in the back. I would not say "here drop this fucking huge bomb in town for me".

This is similar to how governments keep secrets. Divert this traffic here, why? "Because" that's why.

Even the person issuing the order probably doesn't know why.

A massively large operation can be organised without practically anyone knowing except the guys at the top giving the orders in a few key positions and a few Mossad agents.

Invictus said...

This is a very good article, Savant, and could prove very useful.

I have one minor point though: people who dismiss "conspiracy theories" out of hand are not sceptics, since they believe the "official" account without doubt.

Invictus said...

re 9/11

I think most of those who actually knew what was going on would have believed they were doing the right thing for their country (Israel).

Thus it is analogous to the Manhattan Project.

John W said...

Very good point Invictus. No doubt what these people see as 'their' country.

Wolfhound said...

That surely would be a very different mindset from a presumably fairly large group of people that would have to be involved in something like 9/11.

How large does the group really need to be?

A handful of people in positions of power who were appointed to these positions by the same people benefiting from 9/11; several people within the military organising the wargames on the same day to cloud the whole situation.

Al-qaida asset(s) in position(s) of power to direct the jihadists.

Small team of people planting the explosives over a period of weeks or months; possibly Mossad who have no scrupules regarding the loss of innocent American lives if it serves their interest.

I don't know all the ins and outs obviously, but I really don't think too many people need to be involved to carry it off.

Anonymous said...

Nationalism—The Specter Haunting Europe.

Memorial Day will likely bring alarmist headlines in the elite media about a populist fever raging in Europe, and manifest in the shocking returns from the elections for the European Parliament.

Marine Le Pen’s National Front may run first in France, and Nigel Farage’s UK Independence Party first in Britain.

What is happening in Europe?

In his unpublished “Leviathan and Its Enemies,” my late friend Sam Francis wrote of the coming crisis of the “soft managerial state,” of which the European Union is a textbook example.

Oswald Spengler used the word “Civilization” to describe “the terminal phase of a cultural organism,” wrote Francis. In 1941, Pitirim Sorokin described the characteristics of a Spenglerian “Civilization”:

Between the managerial state and the civilization and culture that preceded it, the polarities are stark.

Yet they mirror the clashes of today as the European Union of Jean Monnet and Robert Schuman’s vision exhibits unmistakable symptoms of disintegration and decay.

In a way, this is remarkable.

For undeniably the rise of the EU has coincided with an unprecedented rise in the standard of living for the hundreds of millions from the Atlantic to the Baltic and from the North Sea to the Mediterranean.

Still, though Alfred Lord Tennyson’s “Parliament of man” and “Federation of the world” captured the imagination of 19th-and 20th-century one-worlders, the dream has proven incapable of capturing the hearts of European peoples. Who would die for the Brussels bureaucracy?

What are the identifying marks of these populist parties that have sprouted up now in almost every European country?

There is first the rejection of universalism and transnationalism, and a reversion to patriotism and its songs, symbols, holidays, history, myths and legends.

Anonymous said...

Anti-White ZBC scum rattled by UKIP. Pompous upper class twit David Dimbleby thinks that there is some sort of shame in most of their support being in 'predominantly White areas'.

Isn't it funny how the ZBC shabbas goy never think it shameful that most of the ethnic areas vote majority Labour, still less actually ASK a Labour MP if they are ashamed of this. Yet I've hardly met a black 'Briton' who was anything other than Labour. The Daily Mail even admitted the Trotskyite YKW Millibands hate White Britain. Judging by the row upon row of Turd Worlders on the Labour benches it's hard to see how anyone can disagree. I hope that smug twit Dimbleby and his entire poncey family get cancer!

katana said...

Another good post Savant.

Here's my comments.

posted by SAVANT at 14:00 on 22-May-2014

James, a regular (too regular, according to some) commentator on this blog has provided a very interesting link here on so-called conspiracy theorists.
James posts some great stuff amongst a lot of weaker stuff that can get annoying. James, please consider not feeding the trolls.

This rang a bell with me because just the previous day I'd had a conversation with a guy I know on that very subject. When talking about mass immigration into Ireland he came up with the boiler-plate response 'I'm not into conspiracy theories'. This lead to a long and non-acrimonious discussion on this subject. Here I give you a précis of the points I made in rebuttal.
I think this is often an opening argument gambit that actually means the opposite, as in, "I'm into conspiracy theories, but I'll pretend for the moment that I'm not, just to suss you out". Or like saying, "Fight Club doesn't exist. What do you think?"

First, the corollary of not being a conspiracy theorist is that you believe everything your government, the 'new media', the drug companies tell you. This is so inherently ridiculous that it's strange anybody at all clings to it.
Well, no, it's not "inherently ridiculous" because that is what most people do, in fact, believe. It only becomes inherently ridiculous once you have crossed the Rubicon of trust in authority and decided to be seriously skeptical about the "good nature" of our system.

To give up trust in the "authorities" and to start to doubt their motives and words is a slippery slope that few are willing to pursue because ultimately it leads to conflict with those "authorities", the ones with the big stick, able to inflict pain and punishment.

I think most thinking people suspect that there is something wrong, yet choose to pull their heads in, turtle like, to wait and see what develops. Meanwhile they can continue to live their life normally.

Second is the argument that the government is so incompetent that they couldn't organise the proverbial piss-up in a brewery (long list of screw-ups triumphantly follows).
Good point Savant.

The bungling and corrupt politicians along with their equally craven, self serving bureaucrats, as shown in such TV humor shows like "Yes, Minister", serve several agendas in making us accept that our situation is the result of these sorts of characters.


katana said...


But this argument conflates the corrupt posturing imbeciles we see in our parliamentary chambers with the Real/Permanent government.
Now, we are getting to the real meat of the argument. To what degree there exists a "Real/Permanent government" … The tearing open of the curtains to reveal hook-nosed string pullers with their accompanying band of goy traitors playing second fiddle background music.

Even Churchill, the lip-spittle, degenerate tool of jewish money power and traitor of the British people alluded to them as the "High Cabal". The cabal of international jew bankers that engineered WWII, being a repeat performance of WWI.

It should be blindingly obvious that politicians come and go but national policies remain pretty much the same. The Real/Permanent government, comprised as it is of shadowy ruthless operators, is more than capable of organising a conspiracy, often with a staggering degree of brazenness (cf. 9/11).

9/11 should be a gigantic wake up call for all thinking people.

It was a creation of international jewry to create a phony "War on [of] Terror" that leads to a Jew World Order (JWO/NWO) tyranny over us non-jews.

A clear way to see that 9/11 was a jewish false flag event is to look at how the Twin Towers "collapsed".

Look at any video of the two buildings being destroyed. What you will see is the building being destroyed, floor by floor, like Chinese fire-crackers. Bang, bang, bang, and so on.

As each floor is exploded outwards it ceases to exist as a weight on the floors below. So, when the 51st floor is exploded the 50th floor now has to support not 60 floors above, that existed before, but only itself.

Effectively it is 60 times stronger.

So why, in hell, would it self destruct? Because it was wired with jewish explosives. That's why.

There is overwhelming evidence of the existence of a gigantic long running, multi-generational conspiracy against us by organised jewry to bring us under their total control.

Anonymous said...

National Front's Marine Le Pen of France Leads Anti-EU Drive.


This week, students at DePaul University are being asked to get involved in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and vote on a non-binding resolution that asks the university to divest from companies that do business in the Jewish State. But for some Jewish students on the Lincoln Park, Chicago campus, the campaign behind the proposed measure has created an atmosphere of intimidation, not free speech.
Rachel (last name withheld), a sophomore at DePaul, explained that the “DePaul Divest” campaign, begun two months ago, has transformed this campus from one that used to be “safe and community-giving.”
“This entire campaign and entire sit-in going on in the SAC (Schmitt Academic Center) is totally unsafe for Jewish students and I have had a lot of Jewish students text me and call me today and tell me they are not comfortable walking through that part of our campus, which is really disheartening.”
Rachel added, “About two months ago when SJP (Students for Justice in Palestine) started the ‘DePaul Divest’ campaign, I no longer felt safe on this campus and I no longer felt I could be a proud Jewish student.”

Keiser said...

O.k. here's a conspiracy theory.

Disgraced Minister Alan Shatter decided to take his severance pay of 70,000 Euro despite requests from Enda (PM) not to as it may damage public perception right before election day.

Shatter took the pay but gave it to charity provoking outrage as this is tax money and Shatter although legally entitled to it despite the fact that the Government he was part of voted to scrub this severance payout. It has just to be formally signed into law.

Given this people find his behaviour insulting a la "I can do whatever the fuck I want as it is only your money"

Well you can read the op ed pieces on the papers for more details and analysis.


Fine Gael is associated moreso with the European Peoples Party which is less in favour of an "open borders" policy in the EU. There are more staunch advocates of tough immigration in Europe but none with associations with Irish Parties. All other parties in Ireland are associated with very social ones in Europe which advocate a border free for all.

Could Alan's deliberate action be designed to weaken Fine Gael's position in Europe so other more socialist and immigration friendly parties could get a boost in votes.


Sponge Cake said...


Shatter donated the 70K to the Jack and Jill foundation with the promise that the money will go to deprived niglets.

Sponge Cake said...


The Jack and Jill foundation is a front used to funnel shekels back to Isreal.

David said...

Re Shatter: a plethora of grudges exist there, apart from the intention to shatter the ethnic composition of the island, no doubt to shatter the party of the Blueshirts and one Oliver J. Flanagan who promised to "rout the Jews from the country" (talk about broken promises!!)was his initial intention, probably could nt believe his luck when Justice and Defence was handed to him on a platter.

David said...

I say handed to him, but, the sordid reality is probably the IMF, EU or a player like such simply told Kenny: "this is the man we want in that position".

Keiser said...

@Sponge Cake

Jack and Jill Foundation actually takes orphans and trains them as Mossad agents!

Jokes aside.

I'm not detracting from Shatter's asshole credentials or the very real effect he has had on immigration policy here.

I was just using the example to illustrate that a conspiracy theory is just an assertion that has no evidence and that it is best to go off the evidence and facts available in any situation.

There is of course a raft of evidence to support that Shatter created a situation much more conducive and accommodating to third world immigration here but I was just taking it to an extreme in the example above just to prove a point.

Thank Yahweh the Lazy Demiurge that Disgraced, Incompetent Minister Shatter is gone.

Sponge Cake said...

On Sunday, Ireland will celebrate Africa day.

The good people of my neighborhood have decided to mark this historic occasion.

2 p.m. Albino child called Sean to be chopped up for good luck key rings.

3 p.m. All the women in the local area gang raped.( Last man standing) :)

4 p.m Mrs Kelly in number 26, has volunteered for a necklacing.

9 p.m The local boffins have built a space rocket. Mr Murphy in number 77, has volunteered to be the first Jackeen in outer space.

Keiser said...

10 PM
I perform a ritual dance in tribal "clothing" in order to keep the Juju spirits out of the area and send them back to the Ghost Estate where they reside.

Witch policy will you choose

David said...

Don't forget Mr Gogo Mndawe will running a workshop for investment opportunities in medical practice in South Africa:

Sponge Cake said...


That's what I love about this blog. As well as being informative, we can have a laugh as we watch our civilization crumble around us.

Gallows humour !!!!

Sponge Cake said...

Eric Holder Gives Half a Million in Tax Dollars to Extreme Anti-White Group.

The DOJ, under the ultra corrupt US Attorney General Eric Holder, has given Beyond Diversity Resource Center at least a half million dollars in free money since 2011.
The document below is part of a pamphlet published by the far-left group. You can clearly see that the group openly espouses hatred of all white people.
The Beyond Diversity Resource Center website has an Alexa score of “no data.” That means virtually no one is visiting their website. Probably less than ten per day. So despite getting a least a half million in your tax dollars. They can’t get anyone to come to their website.
On the website, the group says it hold seminars. Tuition is $600 per person! So what happened to the $500K?

The DOJ, under the ultra corrupt US Attorney General Eric Holder, has given Beyond Diversity Resource Center at least a half million dollars in free money since 2011.
The document below is part of a pamphlet published by the far-left group. You can clearly see that the group openly espouses hatred of all white people.

The Pitfalls of working with white people.

Sponge Cake said...

When medieval merchants traded in slaves to buy wines and spices.

IRISH merchants living more than 1,500 years ago traded slaves and sold butter, wool, leather hides and food to countries thousands of kilometres away including Turkey, Greece, Tunisia and Iceland.

A transformation in Irish society between 400AD and 1100AD created a wealthy upper-class keen to experience the finer things in life, with exotic spices and foodstuffs imported from the Mediterranean, wine from France and Spain and olive oil from Greece, a new book reveals.

And while much of the wealth was created due to the introduction of new agricultural practices, it was also fuelled by a lucrative slave trade.

A new book, 'Early Medieval Ireland AD400-1100, The Evidence from Archeological Excavations' published by the Royal Irish Academy, says the trade extended as far south as Africa and north to Scandinavia and Iceland.

There is reference made in ancient texts of Moors being captured and taken to Ireland where they "remained for a long time".

They'll be teaching this shit to Irish schoolkids.

Evil white people

Keiser said...

@ Sponge Cake

I think my humour is based on mocking and hopefully is as sardonic as intended.

Sadly I find nothing funny about the issues. That they provide ample target for mockery and derision is however "a given"

Gallow's humour is great so long as it is not oneself on the end of the noose. :-)

Keiser said...

I saw niggers in my home town today. What disturbed me most of all was that one was conversing in a group of Irish lads and the other was making his way over to them while offering the obligatory jungle babble "what's up" to the seriously out of place coon in the group of lads.

Very distressing. Kids these days, back in my day we called a nigger a nigger.

Anonymous said...

One really GOOD conspiracy involves an American president with Irish-Catholic roots.

We all remember that.

Sad, sad. That day we never forget: October 22, 1963, the gunfire from a storage window as the presidential motorcade moves through downtown Chicago...


Wrong, the whistle got blown on the Chi-town hit. It was moved to November, in Dallas.

Even casual researchers have always known about the Chicago wash-out. The Douglass book, {i}JFK and the Unspeakable{/i} has a creditable idea about WHO blew the whistle on the Chicago hit.

But of course only cranks believe that sort of thing.


David said...

And just look at the picture the shows of the Euro and local election..why its our new planters..giggling away as they exercise their right to vote, after all that what Padraig Pearse, Nelson Mandala and Rosa Parks dey dids fights for....and de Bobby Sands mc he dids die in the famine for dis
fuck them..they are a blight no different from 1847..yeah BLACK 47.

Uncle Nasty said...

Sponge Cake said...

When medieval merchants traded in slaves to buy wines and spices.

And while much of the wealth was created due to the introduction of new agricultural practices, it was also fuelled by a lucrative slave trade.

That's interesting So, there were jews in Ireland 1500 years ago?


David said...

@Keiser I see you did nt last too long on the Journal, your posts are gone already...sorry I am banned myself have to get a new account, but they make give a phone number..grrr

Keiser said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Keiser said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Keiser said...


I know, they are absolute assholes and I wasn't even saying anything problematic.

It was a valid opinion, fucking Cultural Marxist Cathedral!

Oh creating multiple fake accounts is easy.

Phone verification is also no problem, use this...


this is the link to TOR

Keiser said...

TOR is great for giving you a random ip address.

I don't bother with it sometimes but if I was being particularly egregious I would.

David said...

I know TOR is good it just takes a little long to start up:
But yeah sounds good.

Anonymous said...

As for the Jewish people, we are a global nation, a family.. we are the Children of Israel, we all have a common ancestry, a common history and a common destiny, but we are of many difference races & cultures and anyone who sincerely wishes to join our family can do so via conversion. We have a binding, everlasting, covenant with God, and the land of Israel is the land that God has given to us. Even those Jews who do not believe in him are still Jews; Hashem still believes in them.[Genesis 17, 3-8 & Exodus 3, 3-6].

We, the children of Israel, have a shared 4,000 year 'ourstory', we are music makers, poets, writers, philosophers, scientists, engineers, teachers, doctors, nurses and of many other backgrounds, who have given the world so much & received little in return, a nation 'so scored, oppressed, humiliated, and made to suffer’ (Yevamot 47a-b) .

We have know great joy, but great sadness, great light and great darkness, we have shed tears of joy and tears of laughter. We have been scorned, mocked, slaughtered and beaten. We are still here. We are the Children of Israel. We have HaTikvah. We have hope.

David said...

Please mind your language as well, I note "Cultural Marxist Cathedral"
Cathedral is synonymous with the ascent of Western civilisation, please, far less offensive and truthful is Cultural Marxist Sanhedrin.

Keiser said...

Well I consider Cultural Marxism a religion and a Cathedral is an apparatus as much as it is a building in some definitions of the word.

For some words resonate differently I guess. I think Cathedral is a word that people readily understand and it evokes the religious nature of the ideology.

Only a Jew or a Nationalist will know what the word "Sanhedrin" means.

Temple is another choice but is focus on a specific place. A Cathedral evokes an organisation more than it does a place in my definition.

but either way noted, we shall not split hairs. :-)

David said...

Of course...
however Sanhedrin helps lead people down that road...
But I accept Temple.

Keiser said...

The Temple of Cultural Marxism it is then, complete with sacrificial alter and knockout games

Oh yes regarding
Sellaite SMS Receiver

have a look at the entry for
2014-05-24 02:08:31 here

Keiser said...

We all should have free speech but we don't...

so i.p. spoofing, cryptography, and telephony proxies will have to do.

Time for commenting under multiple identities. I believe this is referred to as "sybil action"
haw haw :-)

Uncle Nasty said...

Things are getting interesting.

Apart from the anti immigration parties making huge gains in recent elections ... Or so I was told on the radio this morning, we now have Nancy Pelosi and her buddies being accused of anti-schlemitism.

I begin to think that the left ... never very bright -- nor consistent for that matter -- are displaying the characteristics of the WWII Gooney Bird.
A creature that flew, so the story goes, in ever decreasing circles until it finally flew up its own fundament.

The international left are stumbling around in their own self-created fog of political correctness. I now begin the see the logic of the communist purges in Russia during the thirties, forties and fifties.

The bullshit simply got so thick, that they had to clear the room somehow.


James said...

"The man of the future will be of mixed race. The races and classes of today will gradually disappear due to the elimination of space, time, and prejudice. The Eurasian-negroid race of the future, similar in appearance to the Ancient Egyptians, will replace the diversity of peoples and the diversity of individuals. Instead of destroying European Judaism, Europe, against her will, refined and educated this people, driving them to their future status as a leading nation through this artificial evolutionary process. It's not surprising that the people that escaped from the Ghetto-Prison, became the spiritual nobility of Europe. Thus, the compassionate care given by Europe created a new breed of aristocrats. This happened when the European feudal aristocracy crashed because of the emancipation of the Jews [due to the actions taken by the French Revolution] "

The troll will say this is just one man's fantasy.

Unfortunately for the trolls of this world, who don't understand the attack on the white race, this mad fantasy is coming true.

Anonymous said...

a recent incident at Northwestern university here in Chicago was kept in the papers and tv for last two nites,there is a Jewish frat house that put out in front of their building a Menorah for their hoidays,a couple of drunk kids came by and knocked it over and fled.big investigation going on if it was hate crime etc,all caught on house security camera, this clip of incident got more screening then the explosion of the Hindenburg,they are trying to get the Feds involved i heard,,

Anonymous said...

22:32,sorry to burst your bubble but the only guy sitting in the co pilots seat on the Nagasaki bomb run was Lt.Fred Olivi from the south side of Chicago,the command pilot was Sweeney and the plane was the ''Bocks car",Fred wound up working for the city of Chicago as a Bridge const eng.he stayed in the reserve and rtd, as a Colonel.he was my neigbor and a nicer guy you could never meet..look it up,,

Anonymous said...

The Jews are an untouchable group, even the slightest perceived aggression towards them will bring on the full wrath on the Federal government.

Corkonian said...

Jewish students are 'fearful' at De Paul University?

Well BOO-FUCKING-HOO! Their tribe made sure that tolerant whites were excluded, to be replaced by the various enrichers who are now showing the jews what diversity is all about.

Karma's a bitch, baby!

Kruger said...

Keiser, that incident about local lads welcoming the jigaboo with his 'obligatory jungle babble' is testimony to the success of the CM programming that said lads are subjected to everywhere, 24x7. Been indoctrinated to think that a black jabbering like this is the ultimate in cool. That in essence is our problem.

Shaunantijihad said...


Identifying enemy propaganda is essential in anti-White race war, which is why Covington targets journalists and Hollywood in his novels.

The banking Uberjews created the central banking system, giving them world beating financial clout, in particular the creation of the Federal Reserve System in 1913, essentially giving them control of the USA by using this money power to capture the stock market by the deliberately created depression and then enrich their friends to fund Jewish groups like the ADL and buy media and corrupt politicians over the next few decades.

If they had not taken hold of the British Empire via the BofE and then the USA via FRS, they could not have bought up media and advertising to brainwash Whites from Ireland to Ukraine, Spain to Sweden that being colonised by Congoids and Muslims is "diverse" and "enriching".

Little Jews and White useful idiots bring up the rearguard action as TV presenters and journalists, with the lower scum taking positions in the various violent antifascist groups.

The most worthless of the dregs of the scum try to play their part as trolls on blogs where they insult people like GTR Man who exposes the levels of Jewish infiltration into the said professions.

katana said...

Good article by David Duke on former Oz PM Malcom Fraser, finally spilling the beans on the deliberate jewish attack on the USS Liberty on June 8, 1967, killing 34 crewmen, and injuring 171.

Also, recently the former Foreign Minister, Bob Carr, stated that the jew lobby dictated the country’s foreign policy on the the Middle East.


“Straight Out of the Protocols” Former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser Exposes Zio Power!

MAY 22, 2014 AT 2:50 AM

By Dr. David Duke — The former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser (who is said by many to be actually Jewish)  has joined the growing list of prominent public personalities to “take the plunge” and publicly identify the Jewish Lobby as a pernicious influence in public affairs.


Once again the assertions of the Protocols of Zion concerning inordinate Jewish influence over governments have been proven correct. Perhaps they could be dismissed if it were only Australia, but this scenario can be repeated in country after country, and  of course, it is most dominant in the most powerful economic and military power on Earth: the United States of America.


Fraser was a slave to Jewish supremacist interests unfailingly in his term of office and was instrumental in opening the gates of immigration in subservience to the Jewish “divide and conquer” scenario. But, as you will see, Prime Minister Fraser also had the chutzpah to expose the Israeli terrorist attack on the USS Liberty, [1] an attack that the Jewish dominated media has dropped down Orwell’s Memory Hole.

Fraser is former leader of Australia’s Liberal Party who was the 22nd Prime Minister of Australia. He came to power in 1975 and led his country until 1983.

In a radio interview with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) of Melbourne, while promoting his new book, “Dangerous Allies,” Fraser pulled no punches in describing how Israel had betrayed America with the attack on the USS Liberty, how the Jewish Supremacists in Australia controlled the government in that country and how the Jewish Lobby went to work to put Israel’s interests first.

Speaking to hosts Jon Faine and Professor Damien Kingsbury of Deakin University, on the May 9, 2014 The Conversation Hour show, Fraser was asked about Autralia’s “allies” and “enemies” and what had caused Australia to become involved in wars such as Iraq—and what might cause that country to enter a “fourth war” (in Syria).


“Israel years ago, during one of the wars, killed 30 or 40 Americans on a spy ship in the Western Mediterranean,” Fraser told Faine.

“The Americans tried to cover it up. It wasn’t a mistake. It was deliberate.”

When asked on what he based the claim, Fraser said: “Information I have. I am not going to tell you the source.”

Asked by Faine if he agreed that “the pro-Israel and in particular Jewish community lobby in Australia wielded too much power”, Fraser responded, “They certainly do.”

When Faine suggested other religious, ethnic and communal groups, like the Italian community, also lobbied the government, Fraser said, “I don’t think the Italian community, just to take one example, try to get us to follow any particular policies in relation to Italy. And that’s the difference.

“The Jewish community seek to get Australia to support policies as defined by Israel.”


The Jewish leaders are now shocked that their boot-licking subservient Australian Prime Minister has gone rogue on them.


Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council (AIJAC) national chairman Mark Leibler said in his response that Fraser’s comments were part of a “mad demented conspiracy theory.”

Liebler added that “This is not the same Malcolm Fraser … It seems he’s developed an antagonism towards the Jewish community and Israel for reasons which are certainly not apparent to me or to anyone else.”

Keiser said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Keiser said...

@ Kruger

Yes indeed, I think that they have also been told that they must accept this unquestioningly and must never ask "is this good for me?" We can't have questions like this being asked.

In communism I believe there was a phrase, perhaps Hungarian in origin

"the neighbour's goat must die too"

This meant that under communism if your goat died it was unfair for your neighbour to have his so to balance the books his goat giving milk, etc. So his must die too and be shared.

This is the guiding principle of Cultural Marxism except that it is applied to possessions AND people. Do not ask if the nigger is good for you, it is good and proper that you be at the same level and down is always easier than up.

Cultural Marxism is the flat earth theory of our time and will one day be looked upon along with Governments as barbarous relics.

Keiser said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Keiser said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Keiser said...

Africunt day on the and some good comments...

In the article a negress delights in Ireland's "generosity"

John Kennedy said...
"Delighted we could help Justine, and if there are any more teenagers in Uganda looking for a leg up, send them on, plenty of room here, and the next time you are home (in Uganda), could you ask the Defence Minister if we could send our Air Corp pilots out on a jet fighter conversion training course on the Russian built Su-30 fighter jets, which we seem to be subsidising through Irish Aid, you see we can’t afford air defence jet fighters, we had to sub contract our air defence out to the neighbours, so, enjoy Africa Day, me, I’ll pass, I am going to the count centre to see what political shape our bankrupt local authority will take for the next 5 years.One fool of a country."

The journal doesn't generally tolerate free speech however so I am amazed that even the above comment got in.

All I can say is that they in the Journal and liberal establishment in general seem to think that, well let me sum it up in the words of my White ancestors...

"Dulce et decorum pro patria et pro hospes mori"

katana said...

Here’s how “conspiracy theory” plays out in real life.

International jewry conspired to take down South Africa, with these predictable results. ...


A blind eye to murder of Whites in South Africa

May 22, 2014

Francis Carr Begbie

It’s business as usual in South Africa where the ANC has won a predictable victory in the first elections since the death of Mandela. It is unlikely there will be any big changes in a country mired by one corruption scandal after another, which is now the murder capital of the world and which is slowly sliding into economic chaos.

And one thing that will not be changing soon will be a relentless upward tick in the grim daily toll of murders of Whites by Blacks.  Around 50 murders take place in South Africa every day and according to Genocidewatch around 20 of these are of Whites by Blacks — a  grossly disproportionate figure for a minority who make up only nine per cent of the total population. This and the shrill, blood curdling threats from some Black politicians mean many Boers fear a White bloodbath in the future.

Since the beginning of Black rule in 1994 around 70,000 Whites have been murdered though exact figures are difficult to come by because the police have stopped breaking down victim statistics by race.


The murder of the Viana family was unusual in that a trial and convictions resulted from it. The lives of Tony Viana and his family ended in a scene of horror that almost defies the imagination. Three Black robbers took the father, 53, into a room then shot him dead. Then they took turns raping his wife Geraldine before murdering her.

Finally they took the family’s 12 year-old son Amaro, whom they had forced to watch, and pushed him into a bath of scalding water where he drowned. The attackers then casually walked away from the family home in a rural suburb 50 miles from Johannesburg.


It is worth remembering that the ANC was largely a Jewish creation and the senior ranks were dominated by Jewish communists who talent-spotted and groomed new talent like the young Nelson Mandela whose legal career owed everything to Jewish patronage (see “The role of Jews in South Africa since 1948” by Sam Davidson, The Occidental Quarterly, Summer, 2011).  Jews also dominate the main opposition party, the Democratic Alliance. Both its current leader and previous leader and many of its shadow cabinet are Jewish.

The Jewish experience in post-apartheid South Africa seems to fall into two categories. The Jewish population of 70,000, has turned inward, is much more orthodox and is said to be one of the most religiously observant in the world. It is a far cry from the days of Apartheid when Jewish activists revelled in rebellion. At a business, cultural and political level Jewish elites are increasingly moving into a dominant position. Despite being only 0.2 per cent of the population Jews are well on the way to elbowing Whites out of the way as the pre-eminent non-Black group in South Africa.


In the entire speech devoted to the grievances of Blacks, Jews, and LGBT  there was not one word on the daily attacks on elderly White farmers. Instead the audience heard about the spray painting of a swastika on a gravestone in a Blomfontein Jewish cemetery.

It revealed Jewish enmity is particularly undimmed over the Aliens Act of 1937 which was aimed at curtailing Jewish immigration to South Africa.  The message was unmistakable: if White South Africa thought truth and reconciliation stretched to them then they were mistaken.


Soon Johannesburg will be blessed with the opening of that ultimate international status symbol of Jewish triumphalism — it’s own Holocaust Museum in a plush new building on Jan Smuts Avenue. It will be the third holocaust centre to be opened in South Africa and all schools will be required to visit it.  You can bet that the opening ceremony will be a lavish affair.

Anonymous said...

From 'the can' to Cannes: Australian actor David Gulpilil, 60, wins best actor prize at 67th French film festival for a role he won when filmmaker visited him in jail

His performance earned a standing ovation from audiences at the Cannes Film Festival.
Australian actor David Gulpilil has taken home the best actor award for his role in Charlie's Country - a part he won while still a prisoner in a Northern Territory jail.
The prize was awarded to the 60-year-old actor in France on Friday.

In the film, David portrays an aging Indigenous man who struggles to live in the traditional way when he 'goes bush' to live off the land.

A review in Variety praised David's emotional range, calling him 'an actor capable of mischievousness and gravitas, often within the same shot'.
Casting David was a risk for Australian filmmaker Rolf De Heer, who says he decided to cast the experienced performer after visiting him in a Northern Territory jail, where he was serving time for assault.

Read more:

Australian filmmaker Rolf de Heer's latest movie Charlie's Country has received a standing ovation at Cannes Film Festival.
The film, which was directed, produced and co-written by de Heer stars David Gulpilil and since its May 22 screening, has been generating positive reviews.
Variety says the film is a "compassionate clear-eyed drama... richly personal... anchored by the charismatic tragicomic performance of indigenous icon David Gulpilil".
The Hollywood Reporter also raved about Gulpilil and called the film "the most affecting depiction of contemporary Aboriginal experience since Warwick Thornton's Samson & Delilah".

Helloboys1, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, 23 minutes ago
"I have loved David since I saw him in Walkabout with Jenny Agutter. Long overdue award..well done David."

LivingInTheWrongEra, London, United Kingdom, 45 minutes ago

"Such a brilliant achievement ! He looks like a lovely soul"

Anonymous said...

I think that by Sunday night it will be even clearer that the discredited old parties of British politics are in serious trouble. They are paying for nearly 50 years of treachery and lies.

They lied about the real nature of the Common Market and its successor, the European Union.

They lied about immigration. They lied about the economy, they lied about schools, they lied about crime and justice. They lied about unemployment and they lied about global warming. They are still lying about all of them, aided by great battalions of professional liars, hired by them but paid for by you and me.

I have been saying all these things for years, and derided for it by the 'mainstream opinion' which is now utterly puzzled by an unprecedented voters' revolt. They maunder about what the existing parties can do to head this off, or contain it, or defeat it, not realizing that the whole point of it is that these parties have themsleves been rejected by legions who once supported them. and in many cases will never do so again.

They see the voters' revolt as a problem to be managed not a reason for change. They are too used to lying, and they lie too instinctively, to turn for honesty when it is the only possible remedy.

As so often I am reminded of Rudyard Kipling’s bitter jibe in another circumstance, summarising the secret motto of the politician as

‘I would not dig, I dared not rob - and so I lied to please the mob’.

These parties, their spokesmen and the supposedly independent commentators who have been in their pockets and at their lunch tables for so long have no idea what has hit them. How funny that the Republic of London, which is barely part of Britain any more, was the only major part of England where UKIP’s surge was weak. But London is where all these people live, who do not understand their own country because they never visit it, except for swift and insulated photo-opportunities.

On Friday morning they floundered to explain the UKIP vote, which they had all hoped to destroy with a tornado of smears. Well, the smears failed. The collusion between media and political parties failed. The BBC’s blatant bias failed. If they can fail once, can they fail again? Will they keep on failing? That is one of the things I am not sure of.

Listen. Millions of people really are sick of the unwanted changes forced on them by European Union government. They are tired above all of the mass immigration which they were never asked about and which has changed their lives.

Anonymous said...

I recently attended one of those free investment seminars, where the company who is sponsoring the seminar will offer people a free dinner if they attend and listen to their sales pitch. This particular one was held at a fairly expensive, top-notch local restaurant and much to my initial surprise, I counted about a dozen blacks in attendance. I wound up choosing a seat at a table that eventually filled up with about 8 of those blacks.

Hang a sign that says ‘Free Stuff Here’ and let blacks get wind of it, and it’s like coating a fence post with honey and then coming back an hour later to count the couple million ants and flies that are covering the fence post. My hunch was that if those dozen blacks were to pool their entire life savings into one big pot, they’d be lucky to have $10 grand total.

Anyway, one thing I noticed during the course of the evening was how artificially ‘polite’ and ‘friendly’ and ‘cordial’ – and one could almost say, downright ‘civilized’ these middle aged and elderly blacks were behaving. Some of the other White humans at my table would engage these blacks in ‘small talk’, chatting away, as if these blacks were their best and oldest friends – and the blacks would be smiling, nodding their heads, and making all kinds of funny faces – as they probably were getting high on the idea that they were rubbing elbows with investment savvy honkies, some of whom probably thought that they were black financial geniuses. The whole scene had a strange, supernatural kind of bizarre, almost surreal artificiality associated with it.

Now, every single one of those blacks voted for Obama twice, and he is clearly and without any remaining doubt whatsoever – an avowed, obsessed, hate filled, anti-White racist and a Communist Marxist Socialist to boot. Every policy this mulatto asshole has pushed from the first second his feet hit the Oval office has been deliberately designed to inflict financial and physical harm upon White Americans in one way or another. The hatred that Obama and his mulatto sidekick, Holder, harbor for White Europeans and for every principle, value, tradition, and institution created by our 100 percent White European Founding Fathers is both open and in our faces and these racist mulattoes remind Whites of their hatred for them in every speech they make, and in every policy that they try to enact.

So, as I sat there – half listening to the sales pitch and spending the other half of my attention watching and observing this cat and mouse game going on around me – where these stupid, probably self-loathing, white guilt ridden White morons were falling all over themselves to be extra polite and extra friendly to the 8 blacks who were sharing our table, and inside those wooly black heads, simmering inside those IQ of 75 or 80 pea sized black brains – those blacks were thinking the kinds of thoughts that accidentally slipped out of the mouth of the butt ugly negress Whoopi Goldberg on the TV show ‘The View’ where, she and the jew bitch sidekick on the show were gleefully salivating over how excited they were about the idea of Whites becoming just a tiny minority in America and then Whoopi made some ‘witty’ insinuation about how much fun it was going to be to be able to extract a bit of ‘payback’ out of Whitey’s hide. The mostly White female audience roared with laughter, as if they too, were eagerly looking forward to being ruled and terrorized by swarms of angry and violent and revenge seeking Negroes.


St Nilus said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
St Nilus said...

After the dinner and sales pitch was over, driving home with a friend – I related some of the thoughts I had been having during the evening with regards to the surreal and artificial nature of the racial interactions at the table we were seated at. Despite the fact that most of these older and more mature blacks have seemed to learn how to behave in a manner that they sense is acceptable to White standards, whenever they are thrust into a majority White environment or activity – beneath the surface, they are still a very dangerous racial competitor. On literally every single issue of importance to Whites, blacks of all stripes and at all levels of civility – are going to always be on the exact opposite side of the issue as Whites. And, yet – the hypocrisy of this incident – this phony, insincere, artificially manufactured, exaggerated sense of polite discourse and polished courtesy act that plays itself out a million times a day in every corner of our nation’s society whenever Whites are forced to interact with blacks – this phoniness just screams to be done away with.

Get this through your head, White man. These creatures are our racial competitors, White man. They are NOT our friends, despite the chameleon-like act that many of them have learned to adopt whenever they are surrounded by large numbers of White humans. They vote for an anti-White racist mulatto who openly hates our White guts and who behaves as if he is an African dictator who finds the Constitution useful only as a medium suitable for wiping his half black ass after he has taken another in a long and never ending line of nasty shits on the Bill of Rights and the rule of law. This man hates your guts, White man – and so do every one of these chameleon-like blacks who you stupidly try to chit-chat with and pretend that you’re their best pal, in order to ‘prove you are not a racist’.

Stop this game of pretend, White man. Recognize who your enemies are and stop groveling at their feet and licking their toes, trying to get them to ‘like you’. Blacks do NOT like the White race, despite their carnal urges to destroy our genes by filling our White female’s wombs full of their African seed as often as they can. Oh, and today I see an article where Michele Obammy is saying that Whites who are opposed to race mixing and to their own genocide are ‘racists’ and how she hopes the younger, more brainwashed for auto-genocide generation of White kids will be able to ‘drag their racist parents’ along with them into the graveyard of racial extinction.

This is the race of creatures who’s toes are worthy of licking, White man?

St Nilus said...

Aboriginal star of Crocodile Dundee jailed after breaking wife's arm with a broomstick during drunken attack

The world's most famous Aboriginal actor David Gulpilil, who has appeared in numerous hit films including Crocodile Dundee, has been jailed after beating his wife with a broomstick.
The 58-year-old was given a one year sentence at a Darwin court in Australia for breaking wife Miriam Ashley's arm during a drunken attack last December.
He was also ordered to enter a seven-month alcohol rehabilitation programme.
Gulpilil's lawyer Eugene Schofield told the court the actor had been in 'a state of extreme inebriation' when he beat Ms Ashley, who was in court to support her husband.
Apparently the star had been homeless when he violently assaulted his wife, and it is not the first time he has been in trouble with the law.
The actor was up on domestic violence charges in 2007 and 2009 for again attacking Ms Ashley.
In 2000 he had a short period in prison after a sixth drink-driving conviction and claimed difficulties moving from Australia's bush to the city had made him an alcoholic.

Kurtz said...

Thanks for that link about Malcolm Fraser. Always thought he was a Zio poodle. Maybe he was. But I suppose he had to be to keep his job. That's the scary part. Better late than never to come clean.

Anonymous said...

"After a year or so when UKIP voters see no change, no end to immigration, no end to the dissembling lies of establishment politicians and their media, no democracy in the EU along with more of their interference in UK matters, what will they do then? Our nation is in the grip of a very powerful and toxic cabal."

Posted by: Dr Stuart H Russell | 24 May 2014 at 09:14 AM

Olav from Oslo: 'Most Western European countries have parties resembling Ukip. The rise of these parties, even when they reach 25 per at general elections within proportional systems, haven't destroyed or split any pseudo-conservative parties. Nor have they seriously reduced immigration.'

"I wouldn't be too sure about that last sentence. In countries like Ireland where no party of this ilk exists and where there's no debate whatsoever on mass immigration, the problem is much worse. Even that most PC of bodies, the UN ,has taken the Irish state to task on its de facto open borders policy. It's an extraordinarily Kafkaesque experience to hear neutered Irish journalists and politicians endlessly "debate" the economy, the health service, schools, public spending, and so on, as if the extraordinary massive waves of immigration have not made a huge impact on all of these issues."

Posted by: Colm J | 24 May 2014 at 01:34 PM

St Nilus said...

Radio 4skin, Sat 24-5-14


JEW Micheal Rosen presents
JEW Henry Goodman as
JEW Walter Benjamin, produced by
JEW Kate Schneider :

"The Benjamin Broadcasts"

'The German-Jewish philosopher Walter Benjamin is best known as the author of seminal texts such as "The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction" and for his influence on %JEW Theodor Adorno and the "Frankfurt School" of philosophy. But behind the much-mythologised figure of Benjamin the philosopher, there lies the little-known historical reality of Benjamin the broadcaster...

When the GESTAPO stormed Walter Benjamin's last apartment in 1940, they stumbled upon a cache of papers which the fleeing philosopher had abandoned in his hurry to escape Paris. Amongst these papers were the scripts for an extraordinary series of radio broadcasts for children covering everything from toy collecting to the politics of tenement housing, from the psychology of witch hunts to human responses to natural catastrophes. Designed to encourage young listeners to think critically, to question sources and to challenge clichés, Benjamin's broadcasts stand in stark contrast to the FASCIST PROPAGANDA which would come to take their place. (LOL)

Benjamin committed suicide in 1940, when his flight out of Europe was blocked at the Spanish border. He died believing that most - if not all - of his writings were lost.

Here Radio4skin listeners have an exclusive chance to discover them in this Archive on Four documentary presented by JEW Michael Rosen, and with JEW Henry Goodman as the voice of JEW Walter Benjamin. It's the first ever English recreation of his pre-war broadcasts to children."

6.07 am "Walking With Dykeosaurs"

(Rambling with LESBO Clare Balding)

"Saturday Live" presented by

QUEER COMMIE VICAR Richard Coles and JEW Suzy Klein

"The Kitchen Cabinet"
JEW Jay Rayner hosts the culinary panel programme from the Bristol Food Connections Festival.

"Any Questions?"
LESBO Angela Eagle MP


"Woman's Hour"
Editor JEW Alice Finestein

The Rich List named a thousand of Britian's wealthiest people but just over a hundred were women, and only two of them made their own fortune. Why are female entrepreneurs less likely to make millions?

We discuss what the impact will be of women in Iran showing themselves on Facebook while not wearing a headscarf or veil?

The impact on women in sport, and particularly football, of the lack of sanction on Premiership Chairman Richard Scudmaore for sending sexist emails.

Is violence on TV crime drama's too excessive and predominately aimed at women?

Woman's Hour Power List 2014 – Game Changers
Doreen Lawrence is named number one game changer.

"Loose Ends" presented by
JEW Emma Freud

"From Fact to Fiction"
JEW Will Self creates a fictional response to a story in this week's news.

"Saturday Review"
'Fings Ain't Wot They Used T' Be' was the 1959 musical that
JEW Lionel Bart wrote before his mega success with Oliver!

Archive on 4
The Benjamin Broadcasts
JEW Michael Rosen discovers JEW Walter Benjamin's radio works for children. Read by JEW Henry Goodman.

"Four Thought"
(Brit Arab)SF Said believes fiction can help to bridge the divide between 'us' and 'them'.FFS

"Poetry Please"

'Still I Rise'
By Maya Angelou FFS

St Nilus said...

"You may write me down in history
With your bitter, twisted lies,
You may tread me in the very dirt
But still, like dust, I'll rise.

Does my sassiness upset you?
Why are you beset with gloom?
'Cause I walk like I've got oil wells
Pumping in my living room.

Just like moons and like suns,
With the certainty of tides,
Just like hopes springing high,
Still I'll rise.

Did you want to see me broken?
Bowed head and lowered eyes?
Shoulders falling down like teardrops.
Weakened by my soulful cries.

Does my haughtiness offend you?
Don't you take it awful hard
'Cause I laugh like I've got gold mines
Diggin' in my own back yard.

You may shoot me with your words,
You may cut me with your eyes,
You may kill me with your hatefulness,
But still, like air, I'll rise.

Does my sexiness upset you?
Does it come as a surprise
That I dance like I've got diamonds
At the meeting of my thighs?

Out of the huts of history's shame
I rise
Up from a past that's rooted in pain
I rise
I'm a black ocean, leaping and wide,
Welling and swelling I bear in the tide.
Leaving behind nights of terror and fear
I rise
Into a daybreak that's wondrously clear
I rise
Bringing the gifts that my ancestors gave,
I am the dream and the hope of the slave.
I rise
I rise
I rise."

Maya Angelou

St Nilus said...

'Glass ceiling is keeping gay people out of top jobs in City'

Top City jobs are still dominated by “straight, white, elite-educated” men despite efforts by gay and lesbian people to break through the glass ceiling, a leading lawyer said today.

KIKE-QUEER Daniel Winterfeldt, a partner at CMS, said that huge strides in equality had been made for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender employees but there was still much to be done to get them into the boardroom.

CMS is the legal sponsor of Pride, which this year includes a dinner at The Mansion House hosted by Lord Mayor of London Fiona Woolf, with guest of honour QUEER Sir Ian McKellen.

The Pride parade on June 28 will see thousands of people marching and dancing from Baker Street to Trafalgar Square.

Mr Winterfeldt said that a major report into LGBT workers found too few in senior roles in the City. He said: “The report says that if you’re straight, white, male and elite-educated you are paid the highest and you think things are the fairest and work is allocated in the best way.

“When you think LGBT people are between 10 and 15 per cent of the population, by no means are they occupying 10 to 15 per cent of leadership roles.”

He added: “If you look superficially it’s an amazing time, people are making the right noises and have the right diversity policies in place, but it’s not getting people into management where the decisions are made.

“As far as out CEOs of FTSE-100 business, I think Christopher Bailey of Burberry is it.”

Mr Winterfeldt, 41, founded the InterLaw diversity forum, a network with more than 1,500 LGBT members in law, corporate and financial firms.He said: “You can get angry and frustrated that it’s unfair — or you can do something about it.

“The cases of really awful, direct discrimination do happen but I think they are few and far between, such as a trainee who wrote for the report that a senior partner dedicated his life to harassing him to the point where he had to leave his job.”

“But the thing that affects most people is the unconscious bias, such as work allocation.”

He added: “In my first job I’d be the only out person among 500 people in my offices. It was isolating in the sense that it was lonely — I didn’t know if I could be senior and gay.”

QUEER Michael Salter, Pride in London chairman, said: “Bankers’ and lawyers’ groups march alongside community groups from every part of the capital, charities, health workers, the police, armed forces, sports clubs, performers and proud parents.”

Go to

Anonymous said...

I wandered lonely as a cloud
That floats on high o'er vales and hills,
When all at once I saw a crowd,
A host, of golden daffodils;
Beside the lake, beneath the trees,
Fluttering and dancing in the breeze.

Continuous as the stars that shine
And twinkle on the milky way,
They stretched in never-ending line
Along the margin of a bay:
Ten thousand saw I at a glance,
Tossing their heads in sprightly dance.

The waves beside them danced; but they
Out-did the sparkling waves in glee:
A poet could not but be gay,
In such a jocund company:
I gazed - and gazed - but little thought
What wealth the show to me had brought:

For oft, when on my couch I lie
In vacant or in pensive mood,
They flash upon that inward eye
Which is the bliss of solitude;
And then my heart with pleasure fills,
And dances with the daffodils.

William Wordsworth

nilus said...

Yo, the Maya Angelo poem was dope, man, especially the bit where she has diamonds in her snatch, like Irene Zisblatt.

More 4skin:

Just a Minute
Paul Merton, Jenny Eclair,
QUEER Julian Clary and
JEW Vanessa Feltz take the 60-second challenge.

Open Book
JEW Will Self on "Conspiracy Theories"

nilus said...

Funny how there were no complaints when QUEER JEW Matt Lucas "blacked up" as an African woman who stole from her employers, or "yellowed up" as Jap schoolgirl, etc. Same with JEW Simon Brodkin (Lee Nelson) or JEW Sasha Baron Cohen...

Top grammar school forced to apologise after headteacher posts Twitter picture of his pupils 'blacked up' as Jamaican bobsleigh team at fancy dress party
Stephen Lehec is head at Aylesbury Grammar School, Buckinghamshire
Tweeted picture of year 11 pupils dressed as Jamaican bobsleigh team
Teens dressed as Cool Runnings characters to celebrate leavers' day
The image of students provoked fury on Twitter
Head removed the tweet and has now apologised 'unreservedly' for gaffe

Were these kids taking the piss or being mean? No, they just loved the film and the characters.

BBC in fresh race row as Harry Enfield blacks up and pokes fun at girl in a burka in his latest comedy sketch show
Comedian mocks young Muslim girl in a burka in latest BBC show
Enfield also covers his face in dark make-up in another controversial sketch
Artist and comedy partner Paul Whitehouse accused of being 'crass'
Risque show Harry & Paul: The Story Of The Twos will be shown later this month as part of BBC's 50th anniversary

No-one moaned about Enfield's South African character...cos he was White, of course.


"From the director of Scary Movie comes WHITE CHICKS, a gender-bending, gut-busting comedy starring funnymen Shawn Wayans and Marlon Wayans. What happens when two fumbling FBI agents disguise themselves as mega-rich princesses to infiltrate high society? Snap! It's frantic antics and nonstop hilarity as the brothers go from hapless G-men to haute couture G-strings...with attitude! Groovin' tunes, hardcore jams and a sidesplitting disco dance-off with the bluebloods fuel outrageous laughs from start to finish in WHITE CHICKS - two brothers just keepin' it real. Sort of."

nilus said...

Havent drunk booze since a wedding in Wiltshire 4 weeks ago. But why it's of interest to anyone else beats me.

This blog is written by, and read by a fair few Irishmen.

Not a place to be getting your petticoats twisted about anyone's alcohol consumption.


Is this now the Savant Temperance League?
The Methodist Savant?
The Muslim Savant?

I'll have a drink when I feel like it, thanks.

nilus said...

I'm assuming that that wasnt the regular/real James.

Keiser said...

Good to see the orange blogger Nilus handle and the HONEST TV LISTINGS again.

Have a drink on me Nilus, do you take bitcoin?

Keiser said...

and I mean that sincerely and as a compliment!

nilus said...

Thanks Keiser.

Just looking now at telly..

Channel 4, "The Restoration Man" a couple in Nottingham want to restore an underground minutes of "Blitz" "Nazi" "WW2" "Enemy Aircraft" etc footage...interview with old lady who "survived" the Coventy Blitz..yawn..I just wanted to see an old building being done up...the WW2 bollocks is going to be RELENTLESS this year.

On BBC1, JEW Gaby Roslin and FAGGOT Dale Winton present the National Twat Tax

JEW Rachel Riley is on "The Guess List" later


On BBC2 now, "The Mysterious Mr Webster"...
JEW Prof James Shapiro goes in search of....

Yes, ANOTHER BBC/TV history JEW: Schaama, Sebag-Montefiore, etc etc

"Shapiro was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. He obtained his B.A. at Columbia University in 1977, Master's degree in 1978 and Ph.D. at University of Chicago in 1982. After teaching at Dartmouth College and Goucher College, Shapiro joined the faculty at Columbia University in 1985. He taught as a Fulbright lecturer at Bar-Ilan University and Tel Aviv University (1988–1989) and served as the Samuel Wanamaker Fellow at the Globe Theatre in London (1998).
Shapiro has received awards from the National Endowment for the Humanities, The Huntington Library, and the Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture for his publications and academic activities. "

Even Shakespeare belongs to the jews...

same every day in Adam Sandler film...check....faggot Norton "chatting" to kike-swine Jonah Hill Feldstein as he promotes new kike movie..check..UK politics and political coverage dominated by kikes...check..

The Jew: An Irreconcilable Racial Enemy

There has been of late some discussion among Daily Stormer readers concerning the actual nature of the Jewish Problem that is currently a plague among our racial brethren. A small but significant minority has voiced the theory that a percentage of Jews may actually be redeemable through reason or conversion to the Christian faith. However, both logic and the study of historical events prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that this solution is a fallacy due to the inherent nature of the Jewish Race.
The Jew is a biological parasite that cannot be changed, corrected, or tolerated within the confines of our ancestral Homelands.
Any Aryan civilization that has gone against the above statute of Natural Law whether through ignorance, altruism or sloth has regretted it sorely by the end. The Jew sows discord, chaos, and degeneracy in an effort to adapt and survive within its host society, and in almost all instances carries out these behaviors in what can be best described as subconscious instinct. Just as a nest of ground wasps will attack and sting any nearby creature as part of their God-given nature, so will the Jew engage in subversion and treason without a second thought or pang of guilt. We must understand and accept these facts if we are to have any success at rising up and saving our great Race from extinction at the hands of these tapeworms in human form.

Anonymous said...

nilus said...

Sky Movies, 8 pm:

sky premier:

'Parental Guidance',starring
JEW Billy Crystal
JEW Bette Midler,
JEW Joshua Rush,
JEW Jennifer Crystal
JEW Steve Levy
JEW Linda Cohn
JEW directed by
JEW Andy Fickner,produced by
JEW Peter Chernin,music by
JEW Marc Shaiman

Sky Greats:

'The Cable Guy" starring
JEW Matthew Broderick directed by
JEW Ben Stiller
JEW Jack Black
JEW George Segal
JEW David Cross
JEW Amy Stiller
QUEER Andy Dick
JEW Ben Stiller produced by
JEW Judd Apatow
JEW Andrew Licht, edited by
JEW Steven Weisberg

Sky showcase :
'Fast and Furious 6' directed by
JEW Neal H Moritz starring
various muds

Sky Greats : 'Kindergarten Cop' directed by
JEW Ivan Reitman,music by
JEW Randy Edelman written by
JEW Murray Salem
JEW Herschel Weingrod starring
LESBIAN Linda Hunt

Sky (JEW)Disney:
'Oz The Great and Powerful'
Directed by
JEW Sam Raimi,written by
JEW Mitchell Kapner
JEW? David Lindsay-Abaire,
produced by
JEW Joe Roth, music by
JEW Danny Elfman ,starring
JEW James Franco
JEW Mila Kunis
JEW Zach Braff
JEW Rachel Weisz
JEW Joey King
JEW Ted Raimi
JEW Ellen Sandweiss
BLACK Bill Cobbs

"JEW Roth initially sought out
JEW Robert Downey, Jr. for the titular role of the Wizard in April 2010. By summer of that year,
JEW Sam Raimi was hired to direct the film from a shortlist that reportedly included directors
JEW Sam Mendes and
JEW Adam Shankman."

Sky Family 'Free Willy'

produced by
JEW Lauren Shuler Donner
JEW Richard Donner(Schwartzberg)
JEW Arnon Milchan,cinematography
JEW Robbie Greenberg for
JEW Warner Bros

Sky action: 'Men in Black 3'

Directed by
JEW Barry Sonnenfeld written by
JEW Etan Cohen
JEW Jeff Nathanson
JEW? David Koepp music
JEW Danny Elfman starring
JEW Michael Stuhlbarg,editing
JEW Don Zimmerman

Sky Comedy '50first dates'

JEW Adam Sandler
JEW Rob Schneider
JEW Sean Astindirected by
JEW? Peter Segal

Sky Thriller 'Deadfall'
produced by
JEW Gary Levinsohn,editing
JEW? Arthur Tarnowski
JEW Dan Zimmerman
1/64th JEW Olivia Cockburn !!!

"she is also of 1/64th Sephardi Jewish descent (from Spain and Portugal) through Ralph Bernal (1783–1854), a British Whig politician and actor." LOL LOL LOL

Directed by
JEW? Stefan Ruzowitzky:

"In 2007 Ruzowitzky's The Counterfeiters premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival and was nominated for a Golden Bear award.[1] The film is based on the memoirs of Adolf Burger, a Jewish Slovak typographer and Holocaust survivor involved in Operation Bernhard.[2] The Counterfeiters, nominated on behalf of Austrian cinema, won the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film at the 80th Academy Awards on 24 February 2008."


nilus said...

BBC1 "The Guess List"

Panel of 5.

QUEER Russell Grant,
JEW Rachel Riley.


"One of the biggest issue with believing in conspiracies is that it makes it impossible to explain the situation to normal people, because it requires such massive leaps of faith to believe that such an organized conspiracy such as Alex Jones promotes is possible or makes sense in any way. If a person’s mind is not prone to thinking in that way, they will simply dismiss everything you say, whatever facts you include, because the final conclusion doesn’t make sense.
Conversely, if we look at it as a biological problem, all is included in the actual facts which exist, and there is zero need to postulate theories. We have so many mounds of facts on our side – Jews are everywhere, controlling everything, completely openly – that there simply is no reason to complicate this situation. No one can deny any of this."

Jew List: 20% of the Richest People in Britain are Jews

'You cannot deny that the Jews are a very hard-working people.
Because how else do you get billions of dollars, except through hard work?
Only a communist would deny that these Jews worked for their billions. If the British people suffer from it, it must be because they are lazy or stupid or something.'

"Here’s the Jew list.
4 Len Blavatnik £10bn
7 David and Simon Reuben £9bn
9 Roman Abramovich £8.52bn
18 Nicky Oppenheimer £4.57bn
21 Sir Philip and Lady Green £3.88bn
25 Idan Ofer £3.43bn
26 Joe Lewis £3.35bn
29 Nathan Kirsh £3.1bn
30 Laurence and Francois Graff £3bn
35 Eddie and Sol Zakay £2.75bn
36 Ian and Richard Livingstone £2.6bn
43 Mark Pears and Family £2.3bn
52 Sir Michael Moritz and Harriet Heyman £1.68bn
55 Alan Howard £1.6bn
57 Poju and Anita Zabludowicz £1.5bn
78 Alexander Knaster £1.26bn
79 Benzion Freshwater and Family £1.25bn
80 Bernard Lewis and Family £1.25bn
82 Richard Desmond £1.2bn
99 Stephen Rubin and Family £1.02bn
We need to start making more lists of Jews. It’s very good material to show the people.
I got in an argument with a Jew last night who heard me talking on the phone about his race and became enraged when I referred to the Jews as a viral infection, and he tried to tell me that Jews don’t run everything, using the “some powerful people happening to be Jewish” line.
I kept thinking how useful a comprehensive Jew list would be. Maybe in the form of a card people could keep in their wallets, to pull out and read off in such situations."

Sponge Cake said...

London-land can’t ignore this Ukip protest.

"There's no mystery about why London didn't vote for UKIP, it's because White Brits are only 45% of the population. In those boroughs which are still (for the moment) predominantly white British - Bexley, Bromley and Havering - UKIP did as well as it did in the rest of the country and picked up some seats. The presumed fact that the population is better educated etc. (really? all those village wives from Bangladesh in Tower Hamlets and Newham?) is neither here nor there."

"Why don't the DT reporters say what we are all thinking? London is different because it has been taken over by immigrants or the decendants of immigrants and the white indigenous british are being pushed out. Don't be afraid to call a spade a spade. That is the appeal of UKIP."

"The reason that the people are moving to UKIP, is because the lower than pond life in the Lib,Lab,Con are anti British and Muslim loving EU loving vermin!"

"There is racism and there is "auto-racism", the drive to discriminate and look down upon one's own people. This is widespread in Europe and especially the media and even more the public broadcasting corporations are a breeding ground for this social caste. It is really the same in every European country I know better, UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands."

Sponge Cake said...

Santa Barbara rampage was motivated by hatred of blonde women

Says he wanted to kill blonde women because they failed to recognize his superiority.
“I will slaughter every stuck up, blonde slut I see inside there … You will finally see that I am in truth the superior one, the true alpha male” – Santa Barbara spree killer Elliot Rodger before slaughtering six people.

The suspect is a twenty two year old Jewish college student from a wealthy family. He drove a BMW during the murder spree. His father is a Hollywood big shot and was assistant director of the Hunger Games.

Now that it has come out that he was targeting blonde women, the media will be unlikely to give it the same sensationalistic coverage as FBI wind-up toy Glenn Miller.

Anonymous said...

"Nothing cures an enthusiasm for integration like a good dose of niggers..."

Uncle Nasty said...

It has been said that liberalism can honestly be termed a mental illness.

It is a measure of the degradation of our world that people (invariably liberals) can say and do things that would have have got them locked up sixty short years ago along with corrupt jews, murderers, fags, rapists, criminal niggers and dangerous loonies in general.

Like this woman(?) -- Glenda Jackson.

Friday, May 23, 2014
Glenda Jackson And Dan Hodges - The Hereditary Bitterness Of The Left Personified

As the candidates, supporters and voters of the United Kingdom Independence Party ( UKIP) deservedly celebrate their stunning victory over the entrenched political establishment, one has to wonder what the result would have looked like if the media, including the BBC, had done their job properly and scrutinised the parties and candidates, together with their policies, in a fair and balanced manner.

It must be remembered that this result was won in the face of a coordinated campaign of vilification and smear that was unprecedented in the history of British election campaigns, with the vilest abuse reserved for the UKIP party leader, Nigel Farage.

What this coordinated campaign has also exposed is that the supposed unbridgeable ideological differences between the three legacy parties is non existent. It is highly unlikely that historical political enemies from diametrically opposed ends of the political spectrum could ever cooperate to such a detailed level unless, of course, the enmity is a sham acted out for public consumption.

It is now plainly obvious that it is their consensus on the major issues that has allowed this cooperation to take place, together with their fear of of losing power and with it the prospect of a taxpayer funded sinecure in the future.

Back in the sixties, when Glenda Jackson first burst on the scene in high concept movies like Marat/Sade and Women in Love everyone was raving on about this stunning new talent ... and so, so ahhh -- unconventionally -- ahhh, beautiful, too.

Well almost everyone.

A very good friend of mine went to see Women in Love and upon returning everyone said "ooh" and "ahh" and what was this paragon of beauty really like?

My friend's response?

"I'd rather spend an afternoon looking at my dog's dick than watching that crunched-up, snaggle-toothed bitch again."

The favourite liberal pastime -- putting lipstick on pigs.


Anonymous said...

@Uncle Nasty

You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear.

Barbra Streisand ?

Moochele Obama ?

Uncle Nasty said...

While we're on the subject of lefty jew slime ...

What makes leaders unelectable
by Cameron Slater on May 25, 2014 at 8:30am

Leaving John Armstrong’s truly weird opinion piece this weekend, Labours modern leadership across the globe is strikingly similar, out of touch, a bit odd and a long way away from the ordinary man on the street.

It is a life of multi million dollar properties, backyard beehives, fine wines and the pretence of trying to represent the working class.

When aside from having them cheer you on at a meeting for the faithful then retiring to your nice hotel ordering an expensive glass of wine and hanging your $3,000 suit up, the gardener, window cleaner, house cleaner and the odd tradesman are the only time the new Labour elite get to rub shoulders with mere mortals.

It is the same for David Cunliffe and it is for Ed Miliband.

This should have been one of the best weeks of Ed Miliband’s career. In fact, it has been by far the worst. Disaster followed disaster.

Having made the ‘cost of living crisis’ the centrepiece of his local and Euro election campaign, the hapless Miliband suggested that his family’s weekly shop cost around £70 or £80 — a figure most commentators agreed was a woeful underestimate, suggesting that he didn’t really know what he was talking about.

Then the man who lives in a London house worth £2.5 million announced rather coyly that he is only ‘relatively comfortably off’.

Elsewhere, he floundered in a cringe-making radio interview in Swindon, unable either to remember the name of the borough’s Labour leader, or identify that the Tories ran the council.

Worst of all were those pictures of him clumsily scoffing a bacon-and-ketchup sandwich in a desperate attempt to look like a man of the people. Those images, above all, will remain in the public’s minds.

Well, well, well. A hosenose eating a bacon sandwich. Jewish only when strictly necessary, eh, Miliband?


James said...

Anti-Whites Can Count on Pro-Whites to Keep Their Secrets

Posted by Bob in Coaching Session on 05/21/2014

As I have repeatedly pointed out, The French leader Sarkozy made a speech, which is on White Rabbit’s YouTube, in which he threatens to use force if the French do not intermarry soon!

No one mentions it!

Here, in “We will use force for interracial marriage,” is the kind of statement anti-whites would never let people forget.

Yes, they will use force. They are serious: the white race simply has to go. It's almost as if the galactic federation has ordered humanity to become less white before we will be allowed in space, it's that serious. Every trend, idea, and religious feeling in the world today is directed towards making the world LESS WHITE. It's rather bizarre, but there you have it.

James said...

Well, well, well. A hosenose eating a bacon sandwich. Jewish only when strictly necessary, eh, Miliband?

Was it real bacon or the fake stuff?

James said...

This is an interesting article by a White man who escaped the west.

Also there is a comment from a Thai Taxi driver about niggers.

James said...


nilus said...

BBC1, Sunday Morning

"The Big Questions":(from Walsall)

"Is it possible to be a Christian and vote UKIP?"

Black vicar says no.

But black UKIP member Winston praises his leader Nigel Farage as a Christian,and denounces the overuse of the word "rayciss".He also says that there are many of "his people" (black)that support UKIP.

Gay Tory Milos Gyros and wet fart Limpet Oatcake are reppin' de White Male.

Nigger vicar invokes Saint Stephen Of Lawrence.

All in all, two blacks arguing about Christianity and Waycissm, quite amusing.

J Bull said...

"Is it possible to be a Christian and vote UKIP?"

Nilus, even for the Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation that one just blows the mind.

nilus said...

Addendum, Milos the Gay Tory is now a UKIP supporter.

General consensus is that "normal people are SICK of being called wayciss, and the MSM fucked up in their tactics."

Sly Paki asks " Do we kick out people who were born here but who arent productive?"


another black speaks, he's representing the "Birmingham Empowerment Forum"

" Are we going back to the days of 'No Blacks,No Irish,No Dogs?"


nilus said...

Covington believes that unelectable buffoons are put up as leaders of the opposition when it's the other parties turn at the (phoney) wheel.

I believe that's all Pathetic Ed Milliband is or was ever intended to be.
He's being (politically)assassinated as we speak.

His "Big Brother" David was a far more valid choice, but I reckon Spearchukka Umbongo is being prepared...our very own Obongo..

slick, phoney half-black closet ex-lawyer with an African name...

Imagine the laughter from the kikes as stories like

"the UK Prime Minister Chukka Umunna today agreed with US President Barrak Hussein Obama that the time for 'playing nice' with Iran is over.."

appear in the press.

They can even go and visit "The Auld Country" together and pretend to drink Guinness! :

"Umunna, born in London in 1978, is mixed race. His father Bennett, who was a Nigerian of the Igbo ethnic group, died in a road accident in Nigeria in 1992. His Irish mother, Patricia, is a solicitor and the daughter of High Court Judge Sir Helenus Milmo."

"In April 2013, The Sun stated that in 2007 Umunna, using the Wikipedia Username Socialdemocrat, created and repeatedly edited his own Wikipedia page.

The newspaper highlighted edits such as those describing Umunna as the British Barack Obama and 'gifted'.

Umunna told the Daily Telegraph that he did not alter his own Wikipedia page, but the paper quoted what they called "sources close to Umunna" as having told the newspaper that "it was possible that one of his campaign team in 2007, when he was trying to be selected to be Labour's candidate for Streatham in the 2010 general election, set up the page." On 11 April 2013, the Evening Standard stated that an edit in January 2008 to Umunna's Wikipedia page was made from a computer at the law firm at which he then worked. Umunna said that he had "no recollection" of making the edits.

Umunna was accused of hypocrisy when it emerged that he had accepted a £20,000 gift from a gambling executive, even though he has been campaigning against the spread of betting shops in his constituency and had promised new powers to limit them"

nilus said...

BBC1, "The Big Questions",
'Executive Producer for the BBC':
"Aqquil Ahmed"

The jackals and hyenas of the MSM press/media have REALLY turned on Milliband, the speed and nastiness of it is something to behold!

Invictus said...

@ Sponge Cake

Is Elliot Rodger definitely Jewish? Do you have a link for that?


nilus said...

James, re:

This line stood out, it also perfectly describes the "mood" of the UK :

"..I have, indeed, escaped the sullen hostility that now pervades Amerika"

"One element of the Marxist insanity affecting Western nations is the negative attitudes toward white men. When searching for a retirement location, I specifically wanted a country that has mostly avoided Cultural Marxism. Thailand fit that goal nicely.

Everything here is not idyllic, far from it, but the overall mood is that life is good. People have a positive outlook, a quiet joy of living. I see weddings, new homes being built, and lots of pregnant women ― all examples of people placing personal bets on a positive future.

In Thailand, the government doesn't solve problems. It is so paralyzed by corruption that it can't do much of anything, good or bad. So, people here take care of themselves and their families. As a result people are mostly self-reliant and, often, helpful to each other. To some extent, a person's social status is influenced by his helpfulness. There is a spirit of generosity that we used to have in The West, prior to about 1965...

...People here are free to think and converse as they wish, limited only by good manners rather than government dictate. As a white man in Amerika, I would be a prime target for the festering resentments of females, negros, Muslims, homosexuals, and all the other "diversities" which are promoted by the ********* bankers."

I workrd for a Thai bloke, he taught me to cook Thai food, I ran a Thai Noodle Bar for a while.

I talked about jews, he also couldnt stand them, for him it was more specifically israelis.

The arrogance and attitude, etc. He used to run pleasure boats and once threw 3 israelis off his boat half a mile from shore and made them swim back.

He told me it's quite common to see "No israeli" signs on bars, etc.

Ive had this confirmed by a friend who has been to Thailand many times.

Sponge Cake said...


Sexless Jew Spree Killer Wanted to Kill Every “Blonde Slut”

The half-Jew, half-Asian spree-killer Elliot Rodger posted a video the day before the shooting claiming that he would kill “blonde sluts” for “retribution” because at 22, he had never had sex or even kissed a girl.
Here have clearly demonstrated both the weird sexual nature of Jews, as well as the inherent mental illness of mixed-race individuals.

Anonymous said...

"This line stood out, it also perfectly describes the "mood" of the UK:"

Speaking of such a mood, a previous Savant post:

nilus said...

more movie magic:

SKY movies,Sunday,1-2pm:

Sky Premiere: 'The Internship'

Directed by
JEW Shawn Levy written by
JEW? Jared Stern starring
JEW Josh Brener
JEW Josh Gad
JEW Sergey Brin
JEW B J Novak
JEW Eric Andre

"Stephen Rea of The Philadelphia Inquirer wrote on his review, "The Internship itself would be kind of charming, too, if this Google-recruitment film, this 119-minute commercial for Googliness, weren't so downright creepy". The Guardian's David Cox described the movie as a "two-hour corporate video," whilst British film critic Mark Kermode called the film "the longest advert I've seen in the cinema". He dismissed it as "one of the most witless, humourless, vomit-inducingly horribly self-satisfied, smug, unfunny comedies I have ever seen"
(Budget $58 million)

Sky comedy: 'Here Comes The Boom'

JEW Henry Winkler
JEW Mike Goldberg written by
JEW Allan Loeb produced by
JEW Adam Sandler
JEW Jeff Susman

(Budget $42 million)

'That's My Boy' starring
JEW Adam Sandler
JEW Andy Samberg
JEW James Caan
JEW Ian Ziering
JEW Rachel Dratch
JEW (convert) Jackie Sandler written by
JEW David Caspe produced by
JEW Allen Covert

"Reviews for That's My Boy were very negative. Rotten Tomatoes gives the film a "rotten" score of 20% based on reviews from 112 critics, with an average rating of 3.4/10. The consensus states, "While it does represent a new foray into raunch for the normally PG-13 Sandler, That's My Boy finds him repeating himself to diminishing effect – and dragging Andy Samberg down with him."

Metacritic gives it a weighted average score of 31% based on 27 reviews, indicating "generally unfavorable reviews".

Online review show Half in the Bag called the film "pathetic", it went on to criticize Sandler as a comic, including his inability to create real humor that isn't based on childish jokes.

JEW Bob Fishbach from the Omaha World Herald gave the film one out of four stars, saying it was "...worse than Sandler's previous stinker, Jack and Jill."

JEW? Richard Roeper gave the film an "F" rating, calling it "an ugly, tasteless, deadly and mean-spirited piece of filmmaking,” while Alonso Duralde gave the film a scathing review, calling it "vulgar, trite, sexist, misogynist, hacky, tacky, gross, sentimental and stupid, with occasional flourishes of racism and veiled homophobia thrown in to boot."
(Budget $70 million)

James said...

I see weddings, new homes being built, and lots of pregnant women ― all examples of people placing personal bets on a positive future.

How many times have you heard white couples say "It won't be nice being white soon. We won't bring children into this horrible world."

AnalogMan said...

Uncle Nasty said i.a.

PS: AnalogMan ... you still swanning around the world? When are we going to see you? I have about 1.5 GB of downloaded SciFi for you

Nope. Done swanning. The turkey has landed. I'm your new neighbour.

I'll get in touch once I find my feet. You have my number and address.

I already have more SF than I'll ever read in my lifetime, but as Sturgeon's Law states, 90% of it is crap, so more choice is always good. I also have some that got left out of the collection I sent you.

Invictus said...

@ Sponge Cake

Thanks for the link.