Tuesday, 21 January 2014

At last - an all-White TV series

A new Lifetime movie adaptation series is due to air shortly on America's screens.  And be prepared for a surprise.  There are no people of colour.  Just your typical blonde blue-eyed wholesome American family.  There must be a catch, you say, and you'd be right.  Of course you would.  Because this typical White American family is in fact steeped in the sickest form of degeneracy. Adultery, violence and yes, incest.  The plot of Flowers in the Attic has been described approvingly by one movie magazine as 'a delicious [sic] assault on family morals, with details considered so lurid and depraved' that nobody would be seen reading it when the book version was initially released in 1979.

Ah, but that was then, this is now.  Now it is, if I may make a play on incest itself, a game for all the family.  Why, there's even a video out entitled 'Nine reasons to Love [sic] Flowers In The Attic'. The media moguls, with lip-smacking relish, anticipate lots more dollars and civilizational breakdown.  I referred here to the program underway to get paedophilia accepted. It now seems that a second incest-armed front has been opened up because 'Flowers' is just one element of a general infestation.

A survey of incest plotlines in popular culture over the past few years alone includes Game of Thrones (sister and brother, Cersei and Jaime); Boardwalk Empire (mother and son, Gillian and Jimmy); Dexter (adopted sister and brother, Deb and Dexter); Bored to Death (half-sister and brother, Jonathan and Rose); Bates Motel (mother and son, Norma and Norman); and Top of the Lake (half-sister and brother, Robin and Johnno, though was only a scare)—not to mention, Brothers and Sisters, Supernatural, Nip/Tuck, Lost, Veronica Mars, CalifornicationSix Feet Under and the upcoming mini-series The Spoils of Babylon, which stars Toby Maguire and Kristen Wiig as romantically involved adopted siblings.

“Degradation and conquest are companions. By attacking the character and morals … by bringing about, through contamination of youth, a general degraded feeling, command of the populace is facilitated"

Never forget that we are being attacked in a planned, deliberate, cold-blooded and ruthless way.  Our naivety and good intentions have been used against us and will, in all probability result in the our civilisation's destruction.  And never forget or forgive those who are doing it to us.


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St Nilus said...


4 o'Clock Club



Anonymous said...

James said: “Smoking lots of pot during pregnancy can make your male baby homosexual.”

What’s the betting Nastiestuncle’s mum was a heavy smoker!


Frank Galton

Shaunantijihad said...

I watched the Irish citizenship video TTWO posted above at http://www.independent.ie/videos/irish-news/3092-people-receive-irish-citizenship-29932977.html.

The interviewees were:

1. A White male who is a civil engineer.
2. Muslim woman, possibly Paki, who came to "join her husband". Whether she will join the holy Jihad by bombing kaffirs or having several babies she failed to say.
3. A couple of Chinese looking girls.
4. An Indian family from Bombay?already producing offspring.

How can White people not understand that once we have no homeland anywhere, we will be a persecuted minority, and then exterminated.

Caucasians Unite!

Anonymous said...

The Official List of “Humans”

Haaretz interviews Deputy Minister Dahan about homosexuality and Judaism, asking if this affects the “Jewish nature of Israel” and then goes on to produce the “hierarchy” of human beings, according to Jewish law.


Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

The Official List of “Humans”:

1. Jewish men who have sexual relations with Jewish women
2. Jewish bastards
3. Jewish women who have sexual relations with Jewish men or with the Holy One Blessed Be He
4. Jewish men who have sexual relations with non – Jewish women
5. Jewish homosexual men who have sexual relations with Jewish men
6. Jewish lesbians who have sexual relations with Jewish women
7. Jewish homosexual men who have sexual relations with non – Jewish men
8. Jewish lesbians who have sexual relations with non – Jewish women
9. Male Goyim
10. Female Goyim
11. Nastiest Uncle

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Yes. We are being attacked in a planned, determined, cold-blooded and ruthless way.

The Proverbial should hit the fan right smack on JewTV. The storm and the fury should be sheeted home to the network, the studio, the producer, the director/s and the sponsors. Especially the sponsors. How dare they polish this turd with a sponsorship deal?

Jewood is up to the same trick with "The Wolf of Wall Street" - a heinous film about some Jew stock swindler's autobiography. Naturally, in the movie version, the Jew swindler morphs into a Gentile.

Can't wait for the Jew Award shows. Is that DiCaprio cockscomb up for best shabbos goy in best piece of Jew crapola?

Gentiles make sure your luggage is secure in the overhead locker, your seat is in the upright position, your seatbelt is fastened and your tray table is stowed. Get out your barf bag and write, write, write the sponsors - if your have any of their junk in your domain - package it and mail it to them.

Especially mail it to them if it is a food item with a kosher stamp.

I regret that only once can the enraged Gentile pull out the TV and all the connections and throw it in garbage truck. Hell. I am ready to do it all again. But as my grandson reminds me - Grandma, you did all that two years ago.

Anonymous said...

A study done shows sissy boys grow up to be faggots.

You can do a google on this if you like.

St Nilus said...

Re: "Jewood is up to the same trick with "The Wolf of Wall Street" - a heinous film about some Jew stock swindler's autobiography. Naturally, in the movie version, the Jew swindler morphs into a Gentile."

Some recent examples:

"American Hustle" :

Handsome goy Christian Bale plays JEW con-man and fraudster Irving Rosenfeld.

"The Wolf Of Wall Street" :

Handsome goy Leonardo Di Caprio plays
JEW con man, fraudster, crook
Jordan Belfort

"Shattered Glass" :

Handsome goy Hayden Christensen plays nerdy
JEW fraudster, liar, crook Steven Glass


"Phil Spector" Handsome goy Al Pacino plays ugly chinless
JEW freak , psycho and murderer Phil Spector

"Howl" Handsome half-JEW James Franco(Italian dad) plays fugly kike pervert and pederast Allen Ginsberg

(kikefest): http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Howl_(2010_film)

"Kill Your Darlings" Handsome half-JEW (Irish dad)Daniel Radcliffe plays fugly QUEER KIKE pervert Allen Ginsberg

( Directed by QUEER KIKE John Krokidas)

See also
"Gainsbourg: A Heroic Life" about JEW pervert, runt and corruptor, Serge Gainsbourg


It used to be a comical idea( The Comic Strip Presents..) that Al Pacino would play "Arthur Scargill" in a Hollywood version of the miner's strike, with Meryl Streep playing Mrs Scargill...


Fast forward and Streep has played Thatcher and Pacino has played over-rated psychotic jewish runt Spector...

Separated at birth:





Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 09:40

Isn't it funny how each group seems to think that they are at the top of the pile.

Jewish supremacists think that they are the best, devout Christians think they are tops, the Black Panthers think that blacks are superhuman, White supremacists think that they are the best, Muslims think that they are the only real humans, and so on.

And each group, upon hearing that another group thinks that they are the best, is shocked and outraged.

Anonymous said...

"Isn't it funny how each group seems to think that they are at the top of the pile"

I have no problem with jews being top of the pile - in Israel, and I want them all to move there.

I have no problem with blacks being top of the pile - in Africa, and I want them all moved back there.

But a certain group wants to destroy white nations from within, degrade us as a race and ruin us morally and culturally. That group is organised jewry.


Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 15:36

Jewish extremists to model Bar Refaeli: Don't marry goy

Jewish extremists have urged supermodel Bar Refaeli not to marry her actor goyfriend, Leonardo DiCaprio, because it would dilute the Jewish race.


Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

@the little nose behind the curtain 15:36

“Isn't it funny how each group seems to think that they are at the top of the pile.”

The difference is, is that the Jew who produced the “hierarchy” of human beings list, Eli Ben-Dahan, is a minister in the Israeli government (Deputy Minister of Religious Affairs).

I don’t see any current serving politicians in the West producing lists titled “The hierarchy of the human species” etc, with Jews at the bottom of the list.

Can you imagine the outcry in the Jew/Zionist-controlled media in Western Europe and North America if a goy politician were to produce such a list?

Frank Galton

James said...


Is this a wind up? Is there any evidence of this, because to me it sounds like Christopher Jon Bjerknes is talking complete bollocks!

The commies liked to make up all sorts of funny laws, like Death penalty for speaking real names of jewish commissars,
Mandated public gay orgies, etc.

Stalin reversed many of them and made marriage and familes legal again.

Jews are always pushing and scheming:

Jewish activists offer advice fighting Russian law

Activists from the Bay Area Jewish community held a community forum last week where the harsh new Russian anti-gay law was discussed, along with a history of oppression faced by Russian Jews.

The meeting, "To Russia With Love," was held at the San Francisco LGBT Community Center, and organized by Elka Looks and Joe Goldman of the Jewish Community Relations Council.

They are like the Ring Wraiths in Lord of the Rings. "They will never stop hunting you" - if you are white.

James said...

I have read the thing about being forced to buy vodka before, but my guess is that its so far down the memory hole only nastiestuncle's boyfriend could reach it by now.

James said...

(Mainly Jewish) bootleggers killed 30,000 people with methanol-laced booze during prohibition, but they get away with it.

Isn't that true?

James said...

We are all worse than Jewish lesbians!

James said...

Is this true? Can we have some fact-checking please? Maybe its just a Robert Crumb parody?


The White slave trade is big business in Israel. Ukrainian authorities estimate that as many as 40,000 Ukrainian women under the age of 30 are taken from Ukraine each year. Some of these women respond to advertisements promising employment abroad, like Irina did, and some are simply kidnapped and smuggled out of the country. Those who try to escape from their Jewish captors are treated brutally. Often they are butchered in front of other captive women to keep the others terrified into doing whatever they are told. At slave markets operated by the Jewish gangs in Italy young Slavic women are stripped, put on blocks, and auctioned off to brothel owners.

The most astounding thing about this whole, filthy business is that most people are forced to learn about it from a Jewish newspaper like the New York Times. And really, you should read for yourself the article to which I referred. It was in the January 11, 1998, issue, and the news is not likely to be repeated.

Ask yourself, why doesn't Interpol, the international police agency, do something to put a stop to this White slave trade? Why don't the governments of the countries from which the women are being abducted do something? Why don't the mass media raise a hue and cry? Why don't powerful feminist organizations demand the eradication of White slavery?

And the answer to all of these questions is easy: they dare not do or say anything because it is a Jewish business. In places like Germany, where the Jews have almost total control of organized crime, anyone who announces that fact publicly will be arrested and charged with "inciting racial hatred." Germany and most other European countries have laws against what they call "hate speech." Saying anything negative about Jews, true or not, invokes these laws.

James said...

Who brought the slaves to America?


James said...


Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 17:27

Better give David Duke a call then because he is outraged that a Jew in Israel wants Jews to be top of the pile.

Anonymous said...

'Horizontal trade' looks to upswing at Davos meet

“And the sex scandal involving DOMINIQUE-STRAUSS-KAHN, the former head of the International Monetary Fund and a past WEF visitor, also “dampened libido”, Blick said.”


Can’t for the life of me figure out what Dr Who’s arch-enemy, Davros, has to do with the World Economic Forum.

Frank Galton

James said...

Power, Ignorance, and Anti-Semitism:
Henry Ford and His War on Jews

Some Jews responded to the ridiculous charges with legal suits. In February of 1921, theatre producer Morris Gest filed a $5,000,000 damage suit against Ford for an article which had referred to him as �a Russian Jew who has produced the most salacious spectacles ever shown in America,� and which accused him of abandoning his Russian parents. Mr. Gest was livid, saying to the press, �I�ll make that Peace Ship Henry pay dearly for what he said, and more, I�ll make him eat his own words.�62 In an official response, Liebold responded simply, �Mr. Gest will be ignored.�63 The suit was eventually abandoned.


Abandoned because of rampant anti-Semitism in the courts, or because the case had no merit - what Ford said was true?

The courts were anti-Semitic and still are.--nastiestuncle

James said...

Deanna Springola discussing Sandy Hook on Blogtalk radio.


Link from Henry Makow.

James said...

Is the new world order Jewish?

It isn't.--nastiestuncle

Loveliest Aunty said...

I chanced upon the following purely by accident, not looking for it (was checking out his film review site) and not thinking of the current (Savant) article. It is lengthy, and obviously from a christian world-view point of view (the author is a missionary in Africa). But some might find it interesting:


by Peter Hammond

There is tremendous power in art and entertainment to change lives and shape society. Through the mass communication media - newspapers, radio, films, videos and TV - ideas and values are promoted that transform history. The media can be used to inspire great sacrifice and service. It can also influence people to commit terrible acts of cruelty and carnage.

“Whoever controls the media, controls the culture.” Dr. Ted Baehr
“Whoever defines the word, defines the world.” John Locke
“The pen is mightier than the sword.” William Shakespeare

In households with television, the average child sees between 15000 to 30000 hours of television before leaving school! (Nielsen Media Research 1995). During the same time period the average child will spend from 11000 to 16000 hours in school and less than 2000 hours of quality interaction with their parents (The Media-Wise Family by Dr. Ted Baehr). Many children spend more time watching TV before reaching age six than they will spend with their fathers throughout their entire life!

To most young people films are more real than reality. Movies show you what to do, how to do it, when to do it, why to do it and how to feel about it! Children learn by teachers presenting information and behaviour, repeating the information and behaviour and rewarding the accurate feedback of the information and/or behaviour. Television presents, repeats and rewards behaviour even more than teachers or parents do, because it occupies more time, delivers more information per minute and it is exciting, entertaining and captivating. So what are films and TV programmes presenting?

Do You Know What Your Child is Watching?
The average child, in a home with a television, by the time he or she leaves school, will have seen from 800000 to 1,5 million acts of violence, including 192000 to 360000 murders depicted on television (US News & World Report 15 April 1996).

The average child who watches TV sees 240000 to 480000 sexual acts or references to sex (including kissing, caressing, foreplay and intercourse) by the time they reach seventeen years old. (This does not include sexual acts or references they will see or hear in other media.) Premarital fornication and adultery on TV outnumbers sex within marriage by eight to one (Media Research Centre). Very seldom are movie or TV characters shown to reap the consequences of their actions. The heroine rarely gets pregnant and the fornicators never seem to be afflicted with herpes, gonorrhoea, syphilis, AIDS or any other Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD's).
Dr. Ted Baehr in The Media-Wise Family has documented some of the tragic consequences of this irresponsible and exploitative media diet of immorality and violence:


Loveliest Aunty said...


Eric Smith (13 years old) who loved reading Stephen King novels and watching gruesome slasher movies, lured four year old Derrick Robie into the woods, bludgeoned his head with rocks and sodomized the dead body.

Scott Edward May, a seventeen year old obsessed with slasher movies, the occult and heavy metal music, attacked a girl during their first date. As she closed her eyes for a good night kiss, he stabbed her. They had just seen the movie “The Cutting Edge.” May told the police that he had had an urge to kill since childhood “I like knives . . . I like to go to the movies a lot. A lot of people get stabbed in the movies. I really liked the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. A lot of people got stabbed in that.”

Fifteen year old Jason Lewis murdered his parents. Police found that Lewis worshipped Satan and along with three friends, had formulated a plan to kill all their parents and to copy the cross country murder spree portrayed in Oliver Stone's “Natural Born Killers.”

After being arrested for murdering an eighty-two-year old man, Christopher Smith (18 years old) shouted at the TV cameras: “I'm a natural born killer!” echoing the words of actor Woody Harrelson in the movie “Natural Born Killers.”

The same week that “Silence of the Lambs” won the Academy Award for “Best Picture”, a young man decapitated his handicapped mother and yelled “I'm Hannibal the Cannibal!” as he was led away by the police (Associated Press, 26 March 1993).
After watching “Jungle Fever”, a thirteen year old boy raped his eight year old female cousin.

Dr. Robert Kubey in his “Media Use and its Implications” study noted that the primary messages of the media seem to be: “Materialism; For everything there is a quick fix; Young is better; Violence is acceptable; Sex is only good outside of marriage; Religion is unacceptable.”

Research indicated that people over 40 years old watch an average of six films a year in cinemas (Most of which are all ages or family films). Teenagers watch an average of 50 films a year in cinemas (80% of which are age restricted). Teenagers also watch another 50 movies a year on video (Teenage Research Institute, Wheaton, IL). This does not include broadcast television, video games, computer games, CD's, comics, magazines and the internet. Music Television (MTV) available in some homes by satellite is by far the worst form of media for teenagers. MTV averages 1500 sexual acts or references per hour! (US NEWS and World Report.)

“I often wonder: Do movies influence the world, or does the world influence movies? What's influencing us more than we know is MTV!” Matthew Broderick.

No less a media authority than Ted Turner (of CNN) has declared that “everything we're exposed to influences us . . . Those violent films influence us, and the TV programmes influence us. The weaker your family is, the more they influence you . . . The problems with families in our cities are catastrophic but when you put violent programmes before people who haven't had a lot of love in their lives, who are angry anyway, it's like pouring gasoline on the fire.” (Los Angeles Times 3/4/1994).

Over 3000 psychiatric, psychological, medical, paediatric and sociological studies have researched the effects of the mass media on behaviour. The influence of the mass media on violent behaviour is now so thoroughly documented as to be irrefutable. (Media-Wise Family)


Loveliest Aunty said...


Even media executives are now acknowledging the media's role in contributing to violence in society. However, Michael Medved, an orthodox Jew who is a famous movie critic in the USA, reported this humorous, true story which gives us a disturbing insight into the thinking of many decision makers in Hollywood:

“After I criticized the irresponsible behaviour of the movie industry, one panelist, furious, replied that while Hollywood is always blamed for the bad it does, it's never given credit for its positive impact. 'You don't acknowledge that a movie like Lethal Weapon III saved thousands of lives” he said.

“I couldn't recall a life-giving message in this blood spattered thriller, so I asked what he meant.

“'Well," he replied, "in that movie, right before the big chase scene, there was an intense, three-second close-up showing Mel Gibson and Danny Glover fastening their seat belts!'

“He was suggesting that people would immediately imitate what they saw for three seconds, but the rest of the movie's ultra-violent 118 minutes would have no influence at all. Isn't that contradiction illogical and absurd?” (Hollywood's Three Big Lies, Readers Digest, Oct. '95)

It is very traumatic for young children to be introduced to sexual activity through explicit magazines, movies and videos.
The invasion of pornographic materials into South Africa has been accompanied by an explosion of sexual crimes including rape.

One judge who presided over 1 000 child sexual abuse cases found that all but four included pornography. He concluded that pornography fueled and assisted the seduction process that led to molestation (“Report on the Use of Pornography by Sexual Offenders,” Report to the Federal Department of Justice, Canada). Without pornography the child molestation would not have occurred or been possible to accomplish (Don't Touch That Dial).

The link between pornography and prostitution has also been repeatedly established (“Youth Prostitution in Child Sex Rings” Report). Yet in South Africa, only the ACDP has consistantly voted against all pornography.

As Marilyn Monroe mused: “Hollywood is a place where they'll pay you $10 000 for a kiss and fifty cents for your soul!” (Movieguide 1X:2)

Gregory Peck commented: “Generally, my characters were dignified and brave men who did their duty stoically. Today, the heroes are the anti-heroes of yesterday. They're motivated by hatred, greed and violence. They are rude, vulgar, ill-educated and incapable of making an effort because they are totally selfish and devoid of morals.” (The Cognac Film Festival, 1996).

And why are so many films so vulgar and crude? Studies have found that typically less than 7% of people curse on the job and only 12% curse in their leisure time. Yet many Hollywood scriptwriters would have us believe that normal people use profanity and obscenity in regular conversation. The famous Marxist professor Marcuse, of Sorbonne, advocated the use of foul language as a weapon with which to attack bourgeois society. Marcuse inspired many of the most renowned communist revolutionaries of the Twentieth Century. Even Jane Fonda studied under him. (Media-Wise Family)


Loveliest Aunty said...


Italian Marxist Antonio Gramsci was a co-founder of the Italian Communist Party. Gramsci declared that to capture the Christian West one needed to “Marxise the inner man . . . to alter the Christian mind to turn it into its opposite in all its details so that it would become not merely a non-Christian mind but an anti-Christian mind.” This meant getting individuals to think about life's problems without reference to Christianity and the laws of God. Gramsci advocated a quiet revolution: “Everything must be done in the name of man's dignity and rights, and in the name of his autonomy and freedom from outside restraint. From the claims and constraints of Christianity above all.” Gramsci's slogan was “Capture the Culture!” And many Marxists in Hollywood continue their “long march through the institutions of the West” using art to influence politics. (Capturing the Culture: Film, Art and Politics by Richard Grenier)

Oliver Stone, who directed Platoon, Salvador, JFK and Nixon always inserts his political bias into his movies. Stone bluntly declared: “America has to bleed. I think the corpses have to pile up. I think American boys have to die again. Let the mothers weep and mourn.” (New American, Jan. 92)

Similarly actress Jane Fonda (Agnes of God) and director Costa-Gravras (Betrayed and The Music Box) design their films to attack Christianity and/or to promote atheism or even communism.

Martin Scorsese (Director of The Last Temptation of Christ and Cape Fear) and Paul Schrader (Scriptwriter of The Last Temptation and Showgirls) both used to be theological students. Scorsese is an apostate whose intense hatred for Christianity is vented in his vile films.

But, of course, most films aren't that blatant. Most scriptwriters, directors and actors don't have such an obsessive anti-Christian axe to grind. Most are far more subtle, but they still have a message.

Nor can one rely upon age restrictions as a reliable guide. Even “all ages” family films can contain an anti-Christian message. In a blatant distortion of history, Disney twisted the story of Pocahontas to promote new age paganism. In fact, the main reason Pocahontas is famous, is because she was the first Indian convert to Christianity to be baptised in North America. Not that anyone seeing the Disney film would realise that.

Many Disney animated films are full of witches, demons, sorcerers, spells, genies and goblins but there is scarcely a mention of God. If prayer is depicted then invariably it's not to God but to “wish upon a star!”

Anonymous said...

“They used to poison the Slavs they so hate by having their puppets in Slav government MANDATE LAWS which REQUIRED the SLAVS TO BUY VODKA FROM THE JEWS AND DRINK IT whenever PASSING A JEWISH TAVERN OR LIQUOR STORE.”

“Is this a wind up?”


The reason I asked is this a wind up is because:

1. There are certain groups/individuals that will disseminate legitimate information (backed up with facts and figures etc).

2. This draws the gullible goyim in.

3. These certain groups/individuals will then slip in something so absurd (such as the above statement).

4. The gullible goyim, knowing that these certain groups/individuals have provided legitimate info in the past, believe these absurd statements.

5. The gullible goyim then spread this information (e.g. “laws which required the slavs to buy vodka from the jews and drink it whenever passing a jewish tavern or liquor store.”), on the internet and amongst their friends/family/colleagues etc.

6. Anyone reading/hearing these type of comments (e.g. “laws which required the slavs to buy vodka from the jews and drink it whenever passing a jewish tavern or liquor store.”) will automatically think: “The MSM is right: these people are raving lunatics”.

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...


Frank Galton ,read belowe excerpts taken from a masterpice of memoirs :

''From Serfdom to Self-Government: Memoirs of a Polish Village Mayor, 1842-1927'' first publish in Poland in 1914.The book is forbidden in Poland.

''...Jews ruined as much as half of the
farmers, for there were enough light-headed folk in every community
who would borrow money, and do nothing with it, or
even spend it for drink. Such people could get loans easier than
others, for they would sooner agree to pay high interest, and
the lenders were ready for them. The latter knew very well
how much each owed, and what his property was worth. They
would then lend up to the point where the principal, interest
and legal costs were sure to be covered, but no more.

In Dzikov alone they got control of three eighteen-acre
farms, all from one village; four six-acre farms, and almost
wholly the property of a number of others. As an example
of how they got the peasant into their claws, even for small

LOLocaust survivor Moshe

James said...

Frank, fell free to ignore CJB's statement that Slavs were forced to buy brews from jews, or is it booze from jooze.

Remember though that if verified it makes our case even stronger.

We need to probe that memory hole.

Anonymous said...

''As an example
of how they got the peasant into their claws, even for small
debts, let the case of my neighbour, Michael G., serve to

He had six acres of good land with decent farm buildings. He
was industrious—no drunkard, for if he took betimes a glass it
was only on special occasions. He had no need to borrow
money, for what he had from his land satisfied his needs, so
that he was no man's debtor. There was only one trouble, that
he and his wife could not always agree, and then he would beat
her: but like a storm this would pass and they would be friends
again. During such a quarrel his wife would always annoy him
with the reminder that the whole property was hers, since she
had brought it all with her as a bride.

The Jews took advantage of this discord. They got hold of
G., plied him with liquor, and talked thus: 'See here, Michael,
what's all this that your wife says about the property being
hers? We're not afraid of all her talk; when you need money,
you can have it from us. Let her see that the place is yours, and
she will have more respect for you!'

Talking on this wise they would lend him five to ten
guilders, and then take him to the notary where he would sign
the necessary papers. As witnesses they had the Tarnobrzeg
police, known in those times as sots. As the months went on
they would report the loans to the county office, and the new
loans and the interest, until they had G. signing a document
amounting to 600 guilders, and with the interest reckoned at
sixty per cent, yearly.

Then at last they brought a Court Commission to make an
inventory of G.'s property, and assessing a mortgage for 600
guilders. The wife made a fuss. Where, when, and for what had
Michael borrowed the money? While he, seeing now the ruin
that threatened him and his, began to weep and cry out: 'God
in Heaven, what have they done with me!' When the Commission
was gone I began to question him as to how he contracted
such debts, and the truth came out. He had borrowed
only fifty guilders in all, and most of this he had spent on
drink with his creditors. He had no idea of reckoning, and did
not know what 600 guilders meant.

I took him and his wife to the county office, made an affidavit
there as to how much G. had borrowed: that for the money he
had bought nothing. The registrar told me that he had told G.
at the time to be careful, and that he should call his wife, but
the answer was: 'To the devil with my wife—the land is mine,
I had it from my father!' That was what the Jews had told him.
The registrar went on that now there was nothing to be done,
for a legal act like this one could not be touched. He counselled
G. to sell at once part of his land and pay the debt, since
otherwise the costs and interest would eat him up, and he
would lose the whole place. The creditors could sell him up,
and drive him from his home. G. did as he was told—the only
possible thing: he sold two acres of his best land, suitable for
orchards, and paid the whole debt. Thus did he save his home,
but theJews wouldn't let him offone cent''

to be continued...

LOLocaust survivor Moshe

James said...

In Dzikov alone they got control of three eighteen-acre
farms, all from one village; four six-acre farms, and almost
wholly the property of a number of others. As an example
of how they got the peasant into their claws, even for small

And then The Church would come to the rescue, kick out the usurers, and confiscate the lands in the name of God.

The Jews would be forced to move on, and whilst they could keep their money (to loan to the next village of Goyim), the land belong to the Church.

Nice symbiotic relationship, wasn't it?

James said...

Thus did he save his home,
but theJews wouldn't let him offone cent

They are good at business and you are jealous of their abilities.--nastiestuncle

James said...

So long as you only take half the village, the Goyim won't hurt you. If their whole village is gone they get mad. They can't help it, they suffer from anti-Semitism, even if we take it fair and square.--Rabbi Goldberg.

Remember they are number 8 on the list of Humans, so they get jealous of us because we are number 1.--R. Sinanwich

Anonymous said...


''Business in the villages, as well as in town, was almost
wholly in Jewish hands. The rural taverns were held by
Jews, and along with vodka they would sell buns and doughnuts
oftheir own making, with cottage-cheese cakes and pickled
herrings to match them. On the side they would also deal in
salt, tobacco, matches, needles, ribbons, edgings used for
girdles, etc.—all of which they had in small lots, and kept as a
rule in a package behind the bar(...)

(...)In the town business was almost wholly done by the Jews. It
wasn't worth much, for as late as i860 there were not even ten
shops in Tarnobrzeg, and these in wooden houses(...)

(...)Most numerous were the taverns or 'pubs' for vodka, and the
chief of these was Joe's in the town-hall. There was another in
the same building at the other end, and in addition several scattered
about town. There were still more 'blind' ones, in which
the peasants would get drunk just as well as in the regular
Bread and buns were sold by the Jews under the colonnades
around the town square, which projected more or less two
metres over the street. In the square too they sold pots and
dishes, wooden spoons, tubs, pails, sieves, troughs, and the
coarse sieves called 'raytaks' that came from Maydan.''

Anonymous said...

What will happen to us Whites when we no longer have a homeland to call our own, which we do not have now, and we are a minority in our former homelands? Extermination? We are being attacked on every front now even where we are a majority.

Dan said...

The Pakis and Algerians will do exactly what Albanians did in Yugoslavia. A war. Britain is going to have a Muslim republic on its soil inside 50 years. The imposition of which will be fully supported by US and German armed forces.

Anonymous said...

''...Jews ruined as much as half of the
farmers, for there were enough light-headed folk in every community
who would borrow money, and do nothing with it, or
even spend it for drink.”

LOLocaust survivor Moshe,

No doubt true, but to claim there were LAWS which COMPELLED Slavs to buy vodka from Jews and drink it whenever they passed a Jewish tavern or liquor store is absurd.

Frank Galton

Uncle Nasty said...

Frank Galton says:

Anonymous said...

Re Christopher Jon Bjerknes: “They used to poison the Slavs they so hate by having their puppets in Slav government MANDATE LAWS which REQUIRED the SLAVS TO BUY VODKA FROM THE JEWS AND DRINK IT whenever PASSING A JEWISH TAVERN OR LIQUOR STORE.”

Agree wholeheartedly. this reeks of the joobaby bayoneting, gas chamber bullshit that we have all come to know and love --

Available in hundreds of flavours and concentrations from the real enemy.


James said...

Info on Jewish mass murderers nobody ever hears about on the MSM.


Anonymous said...


@Frank Galton...

Me didn't say so,me know it is chutzpa,me only pasted some excerpts from a great memoirs:

''From Serfdom to Self-Government: Memoirs of a Polish Village Mayor, 1842-1927'' written by a Polish peasant Jan Slomka.

The book, as me said before, is banned in Poland,you can't even buy it on Amazon, it is out of print,lol.The last edition was by Minerva Publishing Co. in 1941,since then nil.

Considering its historical and ethnographic value,it should be widely available,don't you think?

LOLocaust survivor Moshe.

James said...

Very good commentary here.


Whites are presented as fat and over-weight, while ethnics are bright and clean. One Channel 4 programme, How clean is Your House, has two women visit couples homes to instruct them on how to keep the house free of grime. Another, Supernanny has a woman visit inadequate parents to tell them how to bring their children up. They select lower-class inadequates but never tell an inadequate Muslim couple how to bring their children up. One of these programmes is shown in 47 countries! This sends the message to potential “asylum seekers” that we are inadequate and weak, and they can come here and take everything off us, including our women.

On a normal evening in every town and city you see young women collapsed on the pavements, usually being attended by paramedics and stretchered away comatose or with cracked heads. Is that all our young women are worth? They walk up to cars waiting at traffic lights and ask for lifts and often just open the door and get in. You see them staggering around the streets at 2 to 4 am lobbing their boobs out to stop passing cars for lifts. They are perfect victims for ethnics and asylum seekers who drive up and down the entertainment streets imitating private hire cars.

No wonder others have no respect for our women when they have no respect for themselves

St Nilus said...


4 music "8 out of 10 cats"

JEW Tom Rosenthal
QUEER Christian Jessen and
FOUL CREATURE Sarah Millican

followed by "8 out of 10 cats" with
Hari Kondabolu and
Krishnan Guru-Murthy

More 4: "Embarrassing Bodies"
QUEER Christian Jessen

Dave: "Never Mind The Buzzcocks"
Sarah FUCKING Millican

BBC1 "Question Time"
DYKE Ruth Davidson

followed by "This Week"
QUEER Portillo

ITV "Strictly Kosher"

KIKEumentary about the jewish community in Manchester.

'JEW Jack Alzenberg boards a plane to Poland to visit the place where he was born and where he last saw his family alive'

Yesterday: "WW2's Luckiest Man"

'Plucky veteran Alistair Urquhart reveals the astonishing story of how he outlasted WW2-overcoming torture and starvation and surviving a torpedo hit and atom bomb'


VIVA: Kike Nev Schulman

Movie Mix "White Chicks"
Non-rayciss movie.

KIKE Adam Richman,
KIKE Zach Braff,
KIKE Andy Samberg,
QUEER Rylan Clark , etc etc etc

St Nilus said...

We all love Chaim Witz (Gene Simmons)

So does Akira:



Go on, you wont be kissapointed..

St Nilus said...

Angry men behind podiums speaking Austrian/German...OY VEY, to the attic, bubeleh..

Swiss Member of Parliament Oskar Freysinger Has Had Enough


Austrian MP Ewald Stadler to Turkish Ambassador: “People are Sick and Tired of the One-Way Street Tolerance Babble Which You Feed On”


Of course, he's the latest new Hitler!!!


St Nilus said...

[KIKE] Girls [KIKE] cast on the [KIKE] show's [KIKE] quest to 'normalise' sex on [KIKE] TV

By Sarah Jane Griffiths [http://www.sarahjanegriffiths.com]
Entertainment reporter, [KIKE-run] BBC News, 20 January 2014

[KIKE] Girls revolves around the trials, tribulations and love lives of four twenty-something female friends in [KIKE] New York

As season three of [KIKE] Lena Dunham's hit comedy-drama [KIKE] Girls arrives in the UK, the cast talk to the BBC about its success, life on set and the show's quest to normalise sex on TV.

When the twenty-something [KIKE] Girls first graced our television screens in October 2012, the comparisons to [KIKE] Sex and the City were inevitable, revolving as it did around the lives of four young women living in New York.

But the struggles of [KIKE] Hannah, Marnie, Jessa and [KIKE] Shoshanna have been less about finding a man to settle down with and much more about finding themselves.

"[KIKE] Lena doesn't ever write a sex scene that doesn't have a [KIKE] point in the [KIKE] story. So we really trust her and will pretty much do anything she asks” -- [KIKE] Zosia Mamet who plays [KIKE] Shoshanna in [KIKE] Girls

"People everywhere seem to really relate to the concept of struggling to try to become yourself, to try and figure out your place in the world," says [KIKE] Dunham, who writes, directs and produces the show for [KIKE] HBO, as well as playing [KIKE] Hannah - a [KIKE] character inspired by her own years fresh out of college, struggling to forge a [KIKE] writing career.

With [KIKE] Girls, 27-year-old [KIKE] Dunham is hoping to "give women a more realistic portrayal of their lives" than what has been available on TV before.

Which, so far, has tended to involve [KIKE] Hannah being naked quite a bit (in the bath, on the loo, playing table-tennis) and many highly awkward sexual encounters for all four of the girls.

"There's a lot of [KIKE] integrity in that you know," Allison Williams, who plays Marnie, tells the BBC.

She says [KIKE] Dunham wants the sex on [KIKE] Girls "to normalise sex for other people".

"She wants people to see the sex on our show and be like 'oh my god, other people have that sex?'.

read more:


Uncle Nasty said...

James said:

The Jews would be forced to move on, and whilst they could keep their money (to loan to the next village of Goyim), the land belong to the Church.

Nice symbiotic relationship, wasn't it?

Sadly, yes. I freely admit that I never have been and never will be a Christian of any flavour. My parents tried to raise me a Methodist, but it simply didn't take.

I actually don't remember my first run in with organised religion, but everyone was regaled with the tale at family affairs, years later.

It would appear that on my first day at Sunday school all the other kids were given little cards with holy images on them. When I asked for one -- very politely, I might add -- the supercilious dickhead of a Sunday school teacher said: "I haven't seen you before."

I responded:"No, Sir. This is my first day." Polite little bugger, wasn't I?

His rejoinder?

"Well, if you come over the next few weeks, I might give you one."

First thought in my head? The six-year old equivalent of "Hmmmm ..."

I squirmed through an hour of Love Thy Neighbor or whatever -- all the time thinking: "All this crap for a crappy picture of a guy on a donkey with palm leaves on the ground? I've got better pictures in my Uncle Remus book, Brer Rabbit and Brer Fox and all that ..."

Long story short, at the end of this interminable screed, when my folks had come to fetch me, the dipshit said: "See you next Sunday?"

Apparently I simply said "No", walked out to the car ... and never went back.
My Mom was really pissed off, but my Old Man thought it was hilarious.

Thinking back, I was a contrary little fuck, even then.



Uncle Nasty said...

St Nilus said...

Angry men behind podiums speaking Austrian/German...OY VEY, to the attic, bubeleh..

Swiss Member of Parliament Oskar Freysinger Has Had Enough

The really interesting thing? He says the very same thing about the jew interlopers .. without actually using the J-words.

If I were you, Yehudi, I'd seriously start thinking about a career change.


St Nilus said...

NU: Not every comment labelled "James" is from THE "James".

Some are from the person who pretends not to know who Enyoo is.

St Nilus said...

Sorry, that should have been adressed to "UN".

Gets confusing, dont it!

Someone is sowing confusion.

Reap what you sow, by their fruits, and so on

St Nilus said...

UN: I reluctantly went to Sunday School ( Methodist) and remember getting an extra digestive biscuit for drawing an exceptionally bloody and gory picture of JC on the cross.

I joined a Sunday Morning football team to get out of it.

This was on top of Saturday morning Cubs football, School football, and Judo 3-4 times a week.

THAT'S how much I didnt want to go to Sunday School.

St Nilus said...

EE BY GUM: Frosty pitches on a Saturday morning , no gloves (unless you were a goalie) then back home for a luke-warm bath in 4 inches, yes, inches of water,(pre shower) with Beer Shampoo that dad bought off the barber,run downstairs to get warm in front of the gas fire ( pre central heating) then off down to the very cold Judo club for 3 hours.

Maybe some fizzy pop and a slice of a Marathon ( pre Snickers) bar, or if we were REALLY lucky, some Chinese Take-away ( A "pork ball"...a lump of chewy pig-fat in greasy batter)in front of t'Generation Game

But you try t' tell the kids t'day, and they wont believe you...

( Best time of my life, though)

St Nilus said...

"Long story short, at the end of this interminable screed, when my folks had come to fetch me, the dipshit said: "See you next Sunday?""

He called you a CUNS !!!

St Nilus said...

Now on "This Week" :

Half-JEW pseudo-FAG Russel Kane towing the lefty-lib Party Line.

He's so post-post-modern.

Russell Kane is 59 years old.

( See latest VIZ)


You're gonna have to buy it..

PS Russell is actually NOT towing the Party Line re : "Equality"


James said...

NU: Not every comment labelled "James" is from THE "James".

Some are from the person who pretends not to know who Enyoo is.

I've only seen one comment from a different "James" in a long time, and it was pretty obvious it was a joke.

St Nilus said...

"Frosty pitches on a Saturday morning"

(Pre man-made Global Warming, lol)

St Nilus said...

"I've only seen one comment from a different "James" in a long time, and it was pretty obvious it was a joke."

Is that you, James?

St Nilus said...

"NYMPH SQUAD": Hitler Loving Man Seeks White Women on Campus; Cops Seek Him


Man With ‘Not See’ Vanity Plate Probably a ‘Nazi’
Also there’s a swastika on his car


St Nilus said...

PC frots itself sore:

Had to laugh at the panel on the uber-trite "The Wright Stuff" panel( one queer black, two fembots) tying themselves up in knots about the photo of Kike Abramoviches girlfriend sitting on a chair in the shape of a funky 70's Afro Sista.

"Is it rayciss?"

"Is it sexiss?"

"Is it sexiss AND rayciss?"

But the chair was an homage to the 60's original , which was a WHITE woman...so was THAT one rayciss? Or just sexiss?

But what if the artist was a woman, ...?????

If it was a table with a White Man underneath would that be just dandy?


Abramovich's girlfriend apologises for posing on naked 'black woman' chair on Martin Luther King day
Russian fashion blog Buro 24/7 used shocking image of Dasha Zhukova
Miroslava Duma, blog's editor, also posted insensitive photo on Instagram
Ms Zhukova criticized blog for using image on Martin Luther King day
She has since apologized, saying: 'I utterly abhor racism'


The 'racist chair' is not shocking but a cruel reminder of the art world's views
Black women as hypersexualised, abused and ridiculed objects is not new. Shame they are barely visible in their own right

"The photo of Zhukova provoked outrage among black women, who are all too familiar with white women's historical complicity in the oppression and injustices suffered by black women and men (as highlighted recently in the award-winning film 12 Years a Slave ).

While these images are offensive, painful reminders of being subjected to regular inhumanity, they aren't shocking to black women, who are used to being portrayed as hypersexualised, abused and ridiculed objects. There is a long colonial history that stretches from academia to the everyday imagination in the form of cartoons, caricatures and even human zoos. One of the best-known examples is the Hottentot Venus, or Saartjie "Sarah" Baartman, a Khoi woman taken from the Eastern Cape and paraded all over 19th century Europe. Displayed for scientific examination and public entertainment, she was ultimately classified as both negro and orangutan. More than 200 years later, Baartman's skeleton and a cast of her body remained on display in a museum – until the late 1970s. Her body offered a spectacle: one that read blackness, and black womanhood as inhuman.

Melgaard pays poor lip service to these racist tropes, arguing that "racism is a form of sexuality. It is all about sexual jealousy and sexual threat". He might be attempting to confront the act of fetishism that is often involved in the gendered racialisation of black bodies – the eroticism and desire that underlies the disavowal involved in racism – but he does so by using black women's bodies as collateral."

These comments have been chosen by Guardian staff because they contribute to the debate.


St Nilus said...

Can a Chair Be Racist? Critics, Defenders Trade Tweets

"Outrage over a photo of Dasha Zhukova, editor of Garage magazine, sitting in a “black woman chair” has settled into a more measured, rhythmic online debate.

On one side people defend the sculpture-as-furniture, contending it is an artistic expression that may be provocative but is not racist or sexist. On the other, critics say the chair, which looks like a black woman bound so her upturned calves form a backrest, is yet another case of whites oppressing and marginalizing black women or women in general.

The trouble began earlier this week when the online magazine Buro 247 ran a story featuring Zhukova that included a photo of the editor sitting in the chair, designed by the often-controversial artist Bjarne Melgaard.

The chair design, which is part of a series of pieces that include human female forms used as tables and chairs, has chairs and tables, has been shown in public for some time, including an exhibit in Rome last spring and summer.

People familiar with Melgaard’s work recognize the chair and related pieces as interpretations of similar work by the 1960s artist Allen Jones. However, the image of someone actually sitting on the chair appears to have salted societal wounds. Some critics argue the chair didn’t become “racist” until Zhukova sat on it.

“I might not be an art critic but I know racist sexual objectification of women when I see it,” said one commenter on Twitter."


Madonna, Uppity Negroes, & Racist Chairs

"Yesterday, on the day of commemoration for Dr. Martin Luther King, a Russian magazine called Buro 24/7 decided to publish a story about Dasha Zhukova— heiress, art investor, and editor-in-chief of the fashion magazine, Garage. The accompanying photo features a pouty-mouthed Zhukova, staring pensively into the camera, while perched on a chair sculpture (designed by NY-based Norwegian artist, Bjarne Melgaard) of a half-naked black woman-mannequin, folded over on its back, legs in the air.
Keeping in line with the long-held trend of desecrating and using black women’s bodies for science, for the amusement of the white gaze, and as props to accentuate white womanhood — ahem, Miley, Lily, … and others— the image is unsettling and, as Fashion Bomb Daily’s Clair Sulmers suggested, conveys a white woman who “appears the total opposite of the compromised black woman on the floor. The message: white dominance and superiority, articulated in a seemingly serene yet overtly degrading way.”

"It’s becoming tenuous to exist, express one’s self, and navigate spaces (virtual and in 3D) as a black woman. As much as I want to sequester myself away from the racist sentiments and sexism that’s seeming to become par for the course in this social networking age, it’s important to continue to take up as much space as possible, without needing to serve as objects to prop up, pacify, or amuse others. Black people deserve to tout successes, and just safely be, without incident."


"Ooh, girl, preach."

TiffJ ankhesen • a day ago

"I mean really... Every time I turn around... Sometimes I wish I could just stay indoors and unplug for life. It gets overwhelming, sometimes."

St Nilus said...

"Some critics argue the chair didn’t become “racist” until Zhukova sat on it."


OK, that's more than enough from me, goodnacht

St Nilus said...

Last One, I promise:

whoda thunkit: she's a kike!..
..and kikes cant be rayciss

The KIKE girlfriend of Russian tycoon KIKE Roman Abramovich has dramatically apologised after being accused of racism by posing in a chair that resembled a bound and semi-naked black woman.
Art expert and fashion guru Dasha Zhukova, 32, said: 'I utterly abhor racism, and would like to apologise to anyone who has been offended by this image.'

Dasha Zhukova, the partner of Chelsea Football Club owner Roman Abramovich and editor-in-chief of bi-annual art and fashion magazine Garage, was born in Moscow but grew up in California.

The 32-year-old's father is a prominent Russian businessman and oil magnate and her mother was a Russian scientist. Her parents split when she was 3 and she and her mother moved to the US when she was 10.
She went to a privileged Jewish day school in California

She and Abramovich, who is worth $14 billion and known for his luxury yachts, have two children Aaron Alexander, born 3 December 2009 and Leah Lou, born 15 April 2013.

The image created a storm in Britain and other Western countries.
'Certain things just shouldn't exist,' said Cosmopolitan.com's pop culture editor Alex Rees.
'But if they must... they really shouldn't be photographed and uploaded onto the Internet -- and especially not on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.'

"The photograph showing her sitting in the shocking chair was published 'completely out of context', she said."

'Buro 24/7 is against racism and everything that may humiliate people,' said an editorial statement.

Outrage: Buro 247 used the horrendously offensive image, pictured, of Dasha Zhukova Monday to illustrate an unrelated interview about the former model's new magazine, Garage


Keith Expat Expat, Perth, Australia, 1 day ago
"So if a white woman had been the chair, there would be no problem and no outrage. GROW UP YOU STUPID PC FOOLS!"

megosaa, Naha, Japan, 1 day ago
"gimme a break! its only art... they won't even blink an eyelid if that "chair" was a white woman."

katana said...

23 January 2014 23:25 Uncle Nasty said...
Long story short, at the end of this interminable screed, when my folks had come to fetch me, the dipshit said: "See you next Sunday?"

Apparently I simply said "No", walked out to the car ... and never went back.
My Mom was really pissed off, but my Old Man thought it was hilarious.

Thinking back, I was a contrary little fuck, even then.

I have to say UN, that I do really enjoy your little stories. So much so that a compilation should be made!

What could we call it? Perhaps a simple, “Uncle Nasty’s Little Bedtime Stories”?

Even better would be to have you illustrate them, even if you can only draw crude stick figures.

Anonymous said...

Oy,Vey,Gewalt!!! Volksdeutsche!!!

''It was almost always their policy to get their money, without
regard to whether the goods were unspoiled, of high grade, or
likely to satisfy the customer. I recall a couple of famous examples
in Tarnobrzeg, that showed eloquently what sort of a
record the Jews had in business.

On one occasion the town
watchman, while making his rounds, peered into a bakery
through a window that was not well shuttered. He saw how
the Jew in charge undressed and took a warm bath, and then
let the helper pour the wash-water into the big trough to make
the dough. This by way of getting the next baking for his customers!
The thing was reported, and the case was heard in
Rzeszow. It turned out that the baker had mange. He was convicted,
and his bakery closed for good.''

Me eygene is has gut; sense of humor and understanding of occupational hygiene.

LOLocaust survivor Moshe.

Anonymous said...

Oy,Vey,Gewalt!!!Ball lightning chambers at Oswiecim aka Auschwitz.

Me remember vividly when Lech Walesa (aka ''Bolek'' as he was known to me Jewish handlers of his) single-handedly toppled up communism in Poland in 1989.

At that very moment Judeopolonia was flooded with pornography and alcohol by me generous bruders.

Me libn to watch you goyim: wank to me bruders made porn,and drink me folks brewed booze.After all;porn and vodka make families and nations strong.

LOLocaust survivor Moshe.

St Nilus said...

I love your tales of the old country, Moshe, keep em coming.

Some people dont realise just how difficult it is to stuff a flapping, shreiking live jew into a hot oven.

No-one said it was gonna be easy.

I still have the scars.

St Nilus said...

Apparently the modern "humane" way is to put them into the freezer for 30 mins first, they just go to sleep ( after 25 mins of kvetching)

Then you can just stick a knife thru the spinal cord and toss em into boiling water.

When they go Commie Red, theyre done.

Be careful not to over-boil.


St Nilus said...

Fourth Position Radio: Paul Hickman
Wolf Wall Street
Fourth Position
January 21, 2014

Wolf Wall Street talks with Paul Hickman, host of Voice of Albion on The White Network. His website is The Birmingham Nationalist. The discussion centers on John Tyndall and Colin Jordan.


James said...

I'm a little teapot, short and stout.
Pick me up and pour me out.

James said...

Worse than the black woman chair is the black woman cake.


But racism goes worse and worse. people like you will like this.


Shopping while black!

Anonymous said...

Oy,Vey,Gewalt!!!Gassing diesel vans!!!

''In the first years after serfdom ended, while the country folk
were still ignorant, the Jews managed to get hold of not a few
people, win them by cleverness, loans, or vodka, and for the
moment persuade them that they had no better friends in the
world. But before the latter could think things out, in a year or
two their farms were gone, and became the property of the

Even this did not satisfy the schemers, for as the proverb has
it, 'One tramp can't make a gentleman of another tramp!' It
was the gentry, lords of the big estates, who gave the Jews their proper
chance to get money and lands.

They put them in
charge of the village inns, and gave them the licence to sell vodka. With this chance to drown the brain of the ignorant,
they began their thieving trade, and in time wormed their way
into the manor houses as agents, purveyors, dealers in timber,
in cattle, hay, lands, etc.—in short, before long they got the
whole estate under their thumbs.''

to be continued...

LOLocaust survivor Moshe

St Nilus said...

I'm A Teapot:

The Goodies: I'm a Teapot


I'm A Nut:


here endeth the lesson....

St Nilus said...

I never thought I'd find myself admiring Bill Oddie's rythm guitar-work

but I just did


James said...

Henry Makow recommends the movie "A Serious Man". It knocks Jews off their pedestal apparently.

Hollywood's Scathing Portrayal of Judaism

In the article Henry states:

Joseph Sobran said that working for the National Review for 21 years was like listening in on a conversation between Jews.

That reminds me. A famous quote from Sobran (famous among racists, haters, anti-semites, cornflake inspectors, etc) is:

"Western man towers over the rest of the world in ways so large as to be almost inexpressible. It's Western exploration, science, and conquest that have revealed the world to itself.
Other races feel like subjects of Western power long after colonialism, imperialism, and slavery have disappeared.
The charge of racism puzzles whites who feel not hostility, but only baffled good will, because they don't grasp what it really means: humiliation.
The white man presents an image of superiority even when he isn't conscious of it.
And, superiority excites envy.
Destroying white civilization is the inmost desire of the league of designated victims we call minorities."
Joseph Sobran, April 1997

Go Joe! That says it all.

Now, there was a man working in the lion's den, working with Jews, no doubt publishing stuff that made his stomach turn, yet he could say something like this.

Many of us appear to be sheeple, even to each other. But there is an element of society that doesn't agree with White genocide...and it's numbers are growing.

James said...

Jared Taylor liked Joe Sobran too.


Joe Sobran, who left this world on Sept. 30, was perhaps the most brilliant man I have ever known. Not brilliant in all ways, of course, and even obtuse in some, but in his power to see the essential, to lay bare hypocrisy, to capture an idea with a turn of phrase, to mock with gentle humor, and to treat the heaviest subjects with the lightest touch, I have never met his equal and never expect to.

He got hard thinking about Joe Sobran.--nastiestuncle

Typical nastiestuncle comment. Thanks mate.

Pensees: Notes for the reactionary of tomorrow.

National Review; Joseph Sobran; 12/31/1985.

James said...

"The purpose of a college education is to give you the correct view of minorities, and the means to live as far away from them as possible."--Joe Sobran

It isn't.--nastiestuncle


Thicko, people go to college to get an education. People want to be educated.--nastestuncle

OK, you must be right.

Of course, thicko.--nastiestuncle

James said...

From http://www.wildwestcycle.com/f_pensees.htm

The highest form of appreciation is worship. I don't insist that there is a correlation between formal religion and conservatism. But there is an attitude prior to any creed, which may make a healthy-minded unbeliever regretful that he has nobody to thank for all the goodness and beauty in his life that he has done nothing to deserve. One might almost say that the crucial thing about a man is not whether he believes in God, but how he imagines God: as infinitely good and adorable, or merely as an authoritarian obstacle to human desire? The opposite of piety is not unbelief, but crassness.

Nastiestuncle is quite crass.

James said...

C.S. Lewis says sensibly that Christian politics must come from laymen who are experienced in politics rather than from the clergy, who aren't, "just as Christian literature comes from Christian novelists and dramatists--not from the bench of bishops getting together and trying to write plays and novels in their spare time." And Burke, deploring the spectacle of "political theologians, and theological politicians," comments that politics and the pulpit are terms that have little agreement. No sound ought to be heard in the church but the healing voice of Christian charity. The cause of civil liberty and civil government gains as little as that of religion by this confusion of duties. Those who quit their proper character, to assume what does not belong to them, are, for the greater part, ignorant both of the character they leave, and of the character they assume. Wholly unacquainted with the world in which they are so fond of meddling and inexperienced in all its affairs, on which they pronounce with so much confidence, they have nothing of politics but the passions they excite. Surely the church is a place where one day's truce ought to be allowed to the dissensions and animosities of mankind.

Which is in no way to deny the real relevance of religion to politics--provided that religion keeps its "proper character," not as preceptor of daily policy, but as custodian of an eternal vision of God and man, from which practical policy can take its bearings. "Mankind more frequently require to be remined than informed," says Samuel Johnson. One gets the uneasy feeling that the clergy are trying to inform us when they ought to be reminding us, or that they want to posture as bold rebels a la mode. Perhaps they need reminding themselves.

Let Chesterton have the last word: "We often read nowadays of the valor or audacity with which some rebel attacks a hoary tyranny or an antiquated superstition. There is not really any courage at all in attacking hoary or antiquated things, any more than in offering to fight one's grandmother. The really courageous man is he who defies tyrannies young as the morning and supertitions fresh as the first flowers."

Joe Sobran 1985

James said...

James said: “Smoking lots of pot during pregnancy can make your male baby homosexual.”

What’s the betting Nastiestuncle’s mum was a heavy smoker!


Frank Galton

She was probably a glue sniffer.

James said...

Although liberals call the Soviets "paranoid," they don't mean this as a criticism. It is merely a condition, eminently understandable, and it behooves the United States to act with "restraint" and avoid "overraction" to the latest Soviet invasion. Liberals give the Soviets the benefit of the doubt on every question: the attempt to kill the Pope, yellow rain, arms-control violations, the shooting down of a civilian airliner. These are issues of fact, and it is easy to try to disguise an evaluation as an empirical judgment: conservatives may be too ready to convict the Soviets in every instance. But liberals are too ready to exonerate them. Again, the debate about whether Alger Hiss was a Communist was really a debate about the merits of Communism.

It has become a cliche of liberalism that the Soviets "no longer believe in their ideology." This is rather like saying that the later Borgias had lost their innocent faith in Machiavelli. True, Mikhail Gorbachev doesn't lie awake nights wondering whether the Marxian labor theory of value holds water; the question pretty obviously doesn't interest him and his colleagues. The point is that the Leninist techniques of subversion and amassing power work very well. And the Marxist ideology "works" as a device for demoralizing non-Communist societies, for enlisting support among them, and for lending an aura of legitimacy to the Soviet system itself.

Communism has a genius for finding the secret nerve of self-doubt in any society. It is not reliant exclusively on believing Communists; it owes much of its success to non-believing non-Communists who accept its critique of their native societies. Governments are often unjust; men are often greedy and selfish; religion is often practiced hypocritically; families often fail. If people can be induced to judge their institutions against utopian (and therefore irrelevant and destructive) criteria, the process of subversion is well under way.

Communism depends, in other words, on disaffected and restless men who seek political solutions to ill-defined problems. As the family was sentimentalized in the nineteenth century, so the state is sentimentalized in the twentieth. Despite mountains of evidence--in the form of mountains of corpses of people slaughtered by states--this prejudice in favor of solving problems by politicizing them persists. And we are still being warned that the robber-baron capitalist is the clear and present danger to human happiness.

James said...

We must conclude that nastiestuncle is just a Liberal.

A strange liberal that hates blacks & Muslims, but otherwise a Liberal.

James said...

In practice, though this is never openly admitted, liberalism divides the world into two broad zones: what might be called the "zone of morality" and the "zone of reality." There is no moral continuity between them, since moralizing stops at the borders of the latter. The two zones correspond roughly to what Soviet strategists call the "zone of war" and the "zone of peace." In the zone of war--the areas outside Soviet hegemony--everything is up for grabs, eligible for subversion and open aggression. Soviet conquest, dominsation, or alliance moves a country within the zone of peace, where no challenge to state power is tolerated. As Leoid Brezhnev put it, "What we have, we keep." And Soviet territorial claims, as Jean-Francois Revel observes, are the only firmly assured property rights left in this world. Certainly those claims are never questioned by liberalism, which excludes those under Communist power from its lengthy list of "oppressed peoples."


Similar to Islam?

James said...

Blacks must really be different to want to listen to this stuff.


James said...

2 books in PDF form.

Race and Reason.
Race and Reality.

Both by Carleton Putnam.


James said...

Incogman thinks chimpout.com is jew infested.

It isn't.--nastiestuncle

Well here's Incogman's take on things, which is probably more useful than anything you have to say.


James said...


Fake Jewish operation?

It isn't.--nastiestuncle

James said...

“Every time new and promising opportunities for meddling have arisen,” he brought out, “the Jew has been immediately involved. He has demonstrated an uncanny ability to sniff out like a bloodhound anything which was dangerous to him. Having found it, he uses all his cunning to get at it, to divert it, to change its nature, or, at least, to deflect its point from its goal.

Schopenhauer called the Jew ‘the dregs of mankind,’ ‘a beast,’ ‘the great master of the lie.’ How does the Jew respond? He establishes a Schopenhauer Society.”

— Dietrich Eckart

I am starting a James Foundation. Do you want to join. You can be member number 7 if you want.--nastiestuncle

James said...

Incogman says

I don’t have the time to list out all the stuff about Jews that backs me up here (my blog is just the tip of the iceburg). Trust me: The more you look into a particular problem going on in America, or any White country for that matter, you will find the Jew. Not just as part of the problem, either, but the prime mover and shaker. Just read some things here, you will see exactly why I think this. Go to my “Revealing Quotes” page up above and read some of what they themselves say.

James said...

“To communicate anything to a Goy about our religious relations would be equal to the killing of all Jews, for if the Goyim knew what we teach about them, they would kill us openly.”

– The Talmud: Libbre David 37

It isn't.--nastiestuncle

Uncle Nasty said...

When poofs go bad ... or should that be worse?


Well, one blessing. The shower will hold no terrors for him.


Anonymous said...

@James 06:25

"“To communicate anything to a Goy about our religious relations would be equal to the killing of all Jews, for if the Goyim knew what we teach about them, they would kill us openly.”

– The Talmud: Libbre David 37"

There is no book of Libbre David. A one minute search on Google was enough to find that out, just like with most of those made-up Talmudic quotes which do the rounds. It would appear that Incogman is a liar.

If you want to hate them, hate them for something real. Why make stuff up?

Anonymous said...

Apparently the Incestous TV gets worse.

Thought Flowers in the Attic Was Disturbing? You Won't Believe What's Next


They just have to use a All White Blonde family don't they.

Dan said...

One doesnt even need the Talmud


Here a Jewish Holyman tells all the stinking Goyim that if thy openly stand up against Jews they will be executed.

It's fascinating that he moans about one stinking Movie that shows a Jewish crook too. Jews make pretty damned good villains in real life. They can also be heroes on occasion.

Thing is this poor old rabbi from Forest Hills (holocaust survivor?) thinks Jews have been historically obsequious. Roman orators going back to Caesar feared them. You have Josce of Gloucester bankrolling Strongbow, Thesaloniki Jewish taylors cornering the market on Janissary uniforms in the Ottoman Era. Probably the arms dealers for the muskets they carried. No longer obsequious? Wft? A more arrogant people have never walked the planet. What an old fox.

stanley said...

The most important point that can be derived from this is that the media is controlled by elements that are openly and virulently hostile to white people. They fill the media with non-stop negative images of white people.

Its not that one perverted tv show will cause millions to fuck their sister. The problem is that there are almost no positive images of whites, white males in particular in the media any more. There are negligible healthy normal white characters in the media, advertising, movies etc at all. They put up 2 dimensional "amazing intelligent superior" non-white and female characters all day long.

The effect of this especially on white children reinforces the idea that there IS no normal healthy behavior, it demoralizes those who could have a healthy view of what life can offer for themselves,their families and their race.

Watching tv is pure poison. You can especially see how sick it is once you stop watching it altogether. You realize how deeply sick it is and how desensitized to the poison those people become who watch it non-stop, which is likely 80% or more of our race.

TV in particular has become 99% sister fucking, evil whitey heroic negro football-faggotry 24/7.

I'll take a violent video game over the anti-white morality plays on TV any fucking day of the week.

Dan said...

Well said Stan.

Nail hammer head.

St Nilus said...

Predictable UKIP/Farage-bashing ,Putin-bashing ,Jeremy Clarkson-bashing on "The Now Show" (BBC Radio 4skin)just now,complete with a Putin-bashing song by the obligatory Unfunny Lesbian.

Predictable Nick Griffin-mocking on smarmy Charlie Brooker's "Weekly Wipe"
(BBC2) last night. (Griffin released a video of himself cooking some (Mexican?) food to show that you dont need to bring in ethnics to cook ethnic food, or something)

Funniest of all, today I put on BBC Radio 4skin for the first time in over a week, the first thing I hear is about some dead black American poet called Imamu Amiri Baraka.

(born Everett LeRoi Jones)

It was the obituary programme "Last Word".

Anyhoo, said Black Poet was considered "homophobic" (but this was explained away by 400 years of slavery) and, after he published a poem called,"Someone bombed America" (or similar) he was also considered "ANTI-SEMITIC" , and was stripped of his status as "Poet Laureate of New Jersey" !!

Next was an athlete who did"lots for blacks and queers", etc etc

Leroy Jones:

First wife:
JEW Hettie Cohen

"A focal point of the work is also her struggle to find an identity, as an outcast of her Jewish family and wife of a black artist during the Civil Rights era."

"Baraka's poetry and writing has attracted both extreme praise and condemnation. Within the African-American community, some compare him to James Baldwin and call Baraka one of the most respected and most widely published Black writers of his generation.[5] Others have said his work is an expression of violence, misogyny, homophobia and racism.

Baraka's brief tenure as Poet Laureate of New Jersey (2002–03), involved controversy over a public reading of his poem "Somebody Blew Up America?" and accusations of anti-semitism, and some negative attention from critics, and politicians."

according to Jones:

"In most cases the Negroes who found themselves in a position to pursue some art, especially the art of literature, have been members of the Negro middle class, a group that has always gone out of its way to cultivate any mediocrity, as long as that mediocrity was guaranteed to prove to America, and recently to the world at large, that they were not really who they were, i.e., Negroes."

"After the assassination of Malcolm X in 1965, Baraka left his wife and their two children and moved to Harlem. Now a "black cultural nationalist," he broke away from the predominantly white Beats and became very critical of the pacifist and integrationist Civil Rights movement. His revolutionary poetry now became more controversial.[22] A poem such as “Black Art” (1965), according to academic Werner Sollors from Harvard University, expressed his need to commit the violence required to “establish a Black World.”[23] "Black Art" quickly became the major poetic manifesto of the Black Arts Literary Movement and in it, Jones declaimed "we want poems that kill," which coincided with the rise of armed self-defense and slogans such as "Arm yourself or harm yourself" that promoted confrontation with the white power structure."


St Nilus said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
St Nilus said...

"Not long after the 1967 riots, Baraka generated controversy when he went on the radio with a Newark police captain and Anthony Imperiale, a Politician and private business owner, and the three of them blamed the riots on "white-led, so-called radical groups" and "Communists and the Trotskyite persons."

" In the late 1960s and early 1970s, Baraka courted controversy by penning some strongly anti-Jewish poems and articles, similar to the stance at that time of the Nation of Islam."

"Around 1974, Baraka distanced himself from Black nationalism and became a Marxist and a supporter of third-world liberation movements. In 1979 he became a lecturer in Stony Brook University's Africana Studies Department.[citation needed] The same year, after altercations with his wife, he was sentenced to a short period of compulsory community service. Around this time he began writing his autobiography. In 1980 he denounced his former anti-semitic utterances, declaring himself an anti-zionist."

"In July 2002, Baraka was named Poet Laureate of New Jersey by Governor Jim McGreevey. Baraka held the post for a year mired in controversy and after substantial political pressure and public outrage demanding his resignation. During the Geraldine R. Dodge Poetry Festival in Stanhope, New Jersey, Baraka read his 2001 poem on the September 11th attacks "Somebody Blew Up America?", which was criticized for anti-Semitism and attacks on public figures. Because there was no mechanism in the law to remove Baraka from the post, the position of state poet laureate was officially abolished by the State Legislature and Governor McGreevey."

"Baraka's writings, and the covers of his early notebooks with large images of erect penises which were on open display in the Greenwich Village cafes where he sat, have generated controversy over the years, particularly his advocacy of rape and violence towards, at various times, women, gay people, white people, and Jews. Author Jerry Gafio Watts contends that Baraka's homophobia and misogyny stem from his efforts to conceal his own history of same-sex encounters. Watts writes that Baraka "knew that popular knowledge of his homosexuality would have undermined the credibility of his militant voice. By becoming publicly known as a hater of homosexuals, Jones was attempting to defuse any claims that might surface linking him with a homosexual past."

Critics of his work have alternately described such usage as ranging from being vernacular expressions of Black oppression to outright examples of the sexism, homophobia,antisemitism, and racism they perceive in his work.

"The following is from a 1965 essay:

Most American white men are trained to be fags. For this reason it is no wonder their faces are weak and blank.…The average ofay [white person] thinks of the black man as potentially raping every white lady in sight. Which is true, in the sense that the black man should want to rob the white man of everything he has. But for most whites the guilt of the robbery is the guilt of rape. That is, they know in their deepest hearts that they should be robbed, and the white woman understands that only in the rape sequence is she likely to get cleanly, viciously popped."

St Nilus said...

"In July 2002, ten months after the September 11 attacks on the World Trade Center, Baraka wrote a poem entitled "Somebody Blew Up America?"[44] that was controversial and met with harsh criticism. The poem is highly critical of racism in America, and includes angry depictions of public figures such as Trent Lott, Clarence Thomas, and Condoleezza Rice. It also contains lines claiming Israel's involvement in the World Trade Center attacks:

Who knew the World Trade Center was gonna get bombed
Who told 4000 Israeli workers at the Twin Towers
To stay home that day
Why did Sharon stay away?
Who know why Five Israelis was filming the explosion

And cracking they sides at the notion'

Baraka said that he believed Israelis and President George W. Bush had advance knowledge of the September 11 attacks,[45] citing what he described as information that had been reported in the American and Israeli press and on Jordanian television. He denied that the poem is antisemitic, and points to its accusation, which is directed against Israelis, rather than Jews as a people.[7][8] The Anti-Defamation League though, denounced the poem as antisemitic,[46] though Baraka and his defenders defined his position as anti-Zionism.

After the poem's publication, then-governor Jim McGreevey tried to remove Baraka from the post of Poet Laureate of New Jersey, to which he had been appointed following Gerald Stern in July 2002. McGreevey learned that there was no legal way, according to the law
authorizing and defining the position, to remove Baraka. On October 17, 2002, legislation was introduced in the State Senate to abolish the post which was subsequently signed by Governor McGreevey and became effective July 2, 2003.[47] Baraka ceased being poet laureate when the law became effective. In response to legal action filed by Baraka, the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit ruled that state officials were immune from such suits, and in November 2007 the Supreme Court of the United States refused to hear an appeal of the case.


St Nilus said...

Other offerings from 4skin include:

5.43 am

Prayer for the Day

A spiritual comment and prayer to begin the day, with Rabbi YY Rubinstein. OY VEY!!

Book of the Week
Gold: The Race for the World's Most Seductive Metal,
China currently mines more gold than any country, and everyone wants a part of it.

Producer: Karen Rose OY VEY!

Farming Today:
Britain's cows are too fat.

'Germany's New Children'

Will immigration from southern Europe help Germany's chronic labour shortage. OY VEY!!

"Southern Europeans are moving to Germany in large numbers. Because of the German economic boom but also because of Germany's low birth rate. John Laurenson explores the flaw at the heart of the German economic miracle.

With its labour force likely to decline by 6.5 million people by 2025, huge numbers of people are moving to Germany. Net migration is running at 400,000 people a year, many of them are fleeing the struggling, unemployment-ridden economies of Italy, Spain and Greece.

But there's a deeper reason behind this extraordinary, sudden demographic shift at the heart of Europe than Germany's new 'economic miracle': the Fatherland can make the euros but it can't make the babies.

Demographic crisis has been creeping up on Germany for years. It has been called "the most important political and social challenge in the coming decades for Germany".

At 1.39 children per woman, Germany has one of the lowest birth rates in the world. Much worse, it has been like this since the early 70s.

Now, with its industry in acute need of new manpower, the population has started to shrink.

John explores the reasons Germans have been failing to reproduce and looks at the government's efforts that have so far failed to reverse the trend.

Business leaders and some politicians say the current high-level of immigration into their country is a God-send for Germany but are Germans really ready to accept the changes that huge scale immigration might bring?"


"are Germans really ready to accept the changes that huge scale immigration might bring?"
OY VEY !!!


Afternoon Drama
The Road to Yalta
Ian Curteis re-imagines February 1945, through the eyes of British spy Donald Maclean.

"February 1945. Hitler's exhausted armies are in full retreat before the triumphant advance of American and British troops from the West, and Russians from the East. It becomes imperative that Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin meet face-to-face, to decide the future shape of Europe. They meet at the tiny Russian resort of Yalta, each ready to play their hand in a high-speed game of poker, and each relying on their diplomatic and intelligence communities to deal them the winning hand." OY VEY !!!


St Nilus said...


Last Word: "Lord McAlpine, the colourful bon viveur* who raised millions for the Conservative Party"

*and alleged sadistic peadophile!

More or Less
'Counting the contribution of immigrants'

Tim Harford presents a detailed looked at the impact immigration has on the public purse.

"Now the initial furore about Romanian and Bulgarian people being allowed to work in the UK has subsided, what does a more detailed look at immigration statistics tell us about the benefits, or otherwise, of welcoming overseas citizens? OY VEY!!!

The picture is mixed, More or Less discovers.

With author
JEW? Lynne Segal .

Tim speaks to sports number-cruncher
JEW? Ryan Rodenberg OY VEY!

8pm " Any Questions?"

This week's obligatory KIKE is
QUEER JEW Micheal Fabricant,(Lord Commissioner of HM Treasury,Vice-Chairman of the Conservative Party for Parliamentary Campaigning)

"Fabricant was born in Brighton, into a Zionist British Jewish family" OY VEY!!


Also on the panel is David "The Right Honourable
The Lord Steel of Aikwood
KT KBE PC" Steel.

Book at Bedtime
Dissident Gardens, Episode 5
5/10 A reflection on the men who have mattered in JEW Rose Zimmer's life.

By JEW Jonathan Lethem

A Twentieth Century American epic by prize-winning novelist
JEW Jonathan Lethem, applying his sharp, funny and perfectly crafted prose to an alternative history of America which puts a woman at its heart - a Jewish, Communist woman, a single mother, a second generation immigrant deeply involved in the civil rights movement.

In 1955 Rose Zimmer is kicked out of the American Communist party for her affair with a black policeman.

Her ire and her radicalism, her incendiary disappointment in the Twentieth Century, prove inescapable for the generations that come after her - her idealistic hippy JEW daughter Miriam, BLACK stepson Cicero and her lost grandson Sergius.

Read by JEW Laurel Lefkow

OY VEY!!!!


St Nilus said...

Some of JEW Jonathan Lethem's favourite music:

THE FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE was directly concerned with race, and with its white protagonist's overwhelming, even irrational, sense of identification with black soul singers. It was also a book that depended on a kind of blatant confessional language — the story required giving things their full names rather than leaving them implicit. Syl Johnson's magisterial, anthemic, paranoia-tinged plaint,

"Is It Because I'm Black?"

helped define the tone I sought. "

"DISSIDENT GARDENS is my Jewish-Communist book, but to the extent there's such a thing as Jewish-Communist music I'll admit I've avoided listening to it. Fortunately the atmosphere of the book was saturated in the folk scene of New York City in the late fifties and early sixties, where the music quite precisely charted the fading of the "Old Left" then gave way to the countercultural "New Left". Some of it was even, I suppose, Jewish and Communist — but my personal emblematic figure was Phil Ochs. Ochs, who tried to follow JEW Dylan on the journey from the writing of literal protest songs to creating folk-rock panoramas, failed brilliantly, in examples like "Doesn't Lenny Live Here Anymore?" The elaborate portrait of losers and loss gains poignancy when considered in the light of Ochs' own tragic career."



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