Monday, 6 January 2014

A reader quiz

Reflections of a Rock Lobster is a book that's been recommended by GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network) and its former head Kevin Jennings as a teaching aid for young children.

Here are a few excerpts to give you an idea what they have in mind for our little innocents.

"My sexual exploits with my neighborhood playmates continued. I lived a busy homosexual childhood, somehow managing to avoid venereal disease through all my toddler years. By first grade I was sexually active with many friends. In fact, a small group of us regularly met in the grammar school lavatory to perform fellatio on one another. None of us had any guilty feelings about it; we figured everyone did it."

Or this, as the author - now thankfully dead -  describes meeting a guy as he walked along a lakeside:  I just met him at the lake, and he already had a boyfriend and stuff. I just walked up to him and said, “Do you want to f**k?” and we did.

Now here's a quiz.  In line with best practice I'm dumbing it down to a set of simple multiple choice options, to cater for any dusky readers of this blog.

Question is, what should be done with someone who'd shatter childhood innocence and probably damage the kids for life by such a thing?

a)  Apply North Korean Canine Treatment whereby he's eaten alive by a pack of  starved and ravening dogs?

b) Force him to listen to Mariah Carey non-stop for 24 hours - and in a fiendish refinement, with hands tied (no blocking ears) and mouth stuffed with a gag (no screaming to drown out the terrible sound of her caterwauling)?

c) Appoint him as the country's school safety czar, specifically Deputy Secretary for the Office of Safe and Drug Free Schools?

Well, that was easy, wasn't it?  Blindingly obvious to anyone who's aware of the program to defile and debase our society, especially our children.  Yes indeed, Bath House Barry has appointed this depraved pervert to reign over the country's children, to look after their 'safety'. Further enhancing his credentials is the fact that he's  "a former schoolteacher who has advocated promoting homosexuality in schools, written about his past drug abuse, expressed his contempt for religion and detailed an incident in which he did not report an underage student who told him he was having sex with older men."

Yes, ideal man for the job, when you think about it.


Anonymous said...

Comrade Zero has many such nobodies working for his presidency.

Dan said...

Quick, quick quick...the Catholic Church! See see see! Move along now.

It's Satanic stuff.

Dan said...

Has this dirtbag been anywhere near the LAUSD? The Teacher's Union appears to be a paedo ring from what I can discern from the court cases.

Keiser said...

Stop the world I want to get off.

white rose said...

How can ANYONE still doubt that a culture war is being waged on us?

Anonymous said...


Where Al Gore failed Obama defeated Global warming as evidenced by the iced in ship where Clinton failed and he could not get faggots into the military while Obama can get them and those not able to throw a grenade where it is more dangerous to the enemy than her own comrades but Obama did he must now deal with the civil rights issue of this age and end this dreadful wrong!


Dan said...

Monkey see monkey splash acid in Mudshark face to monkey throw acid in udder monkey face!


tsnamm said...

Should be no surprise given that Obama's a homosexual...

Anonymous said...

As one can see, the predictions made by the Greatest Patriot in the event of defeat are coming true. He warned of how art would be degraded by jews: here it is (thanks to Paul Eisen, who believes himself to be jewish but I disagree).


IKantunderstand said...

Greetings from the cesspool of the world. The once proud United States of America. You know, once upon a time, America seemed to feel inferior to Europe. We of course eventually gained eminence in the world. (The "of course" is nothing more than an acknowledgement of the fact that America was founded by motivated White people to rid themselves of age old shackles). The question that needs to be asked is:How instrumental has the United States been in the insistence that Europe become multi-cultural? I used to admire the French for their anti-American stance on cultural encroachment. Is it possible that the French find muslim encroachment less offensive than American? Initially, it would seem so, but in the long term? My country sucks. Europe has somehow been forced to drink the Kool-Aid. Europe no longer is held in high regard, Europe is no longer to be emulated. Europe has been reduced to an interesting, safe(for now) destination for parties, vacations and weddings etc. I mean to say, that all the inferior coloreds of the world consider Europe to be a delightful locale to party. Especially the successful Blacks of the United States. Who, almost universally, have attacked White America, the source of their success and wealth as innately racist.(Confession: I actually am repulsed by large groups of Blacks, they seem so odd, so foreign, so UNLIKE me).I am an American, and I am talking about Blacks in America. They do not fit in, they have never fit in, they never will fit in. What exactly about the American experience with Blacks do Europeans not understand? Apparently, Europeans thought they would "do better" with the Blacks they admitted into their countries. You Europeans are being overwhelmed by the colored, muslim hordes. Can't wait to see how they redecorate Notre Dame.

Anonymous said...

IKantunderstand, if you want to know what happened to Europe look up the year 1945.

The troops are still there btw.

Dan said...

The thing the Yanks did wrong was to have a civil war to free the nigs. This centralization of power made the Germans salivate and you got the Dano-Prussian, Austro-Prussian and Franco-Prussian wars with a Second Reich. This lead to a German bid for supremacy TWICE. A largely Jewish manipulated Allied force then divided up Germany.

I contend that the defeat of the Confederacy lead to a series of events in Europe that meant the US and Russia would divvie up Europe. One other thing, it also led to the US electing a nigger as head of state. A calamity the US will never recover from. EVER. Thank Jesus the Cardinals did not elect a coon Pope. Amen.

Anonymous said...

could you be speaking of the old queen ARNE DUNCAN fpormer head of chicago schools, oh say it isnt so oh great savant. this man and we use the term stiffling a chuckle was a well known cocksucker in the city but considering that the schools are 90% jigaboo and we didnt really give a shit as their life style revolves around inceast , cornholing,bestality,baby raping,mutual public displays of giving head to each other and the list goes on ad naseum,just so you know John old rtd chicago copper....

Anonymous said...

"I'm not interested in reducing homophobia, I'm interested in ending homophobia." - Kevin Jennings

"What's wrong with that?" - NU

Anonymous said...

"What Channel 5 is effectively saying is that it’s okay for Holyfield to possess very outdated views about gay people but he is not allowed to express them, because they are not shared by “many people in society”. So what? Are we now only permitted to express views that chime with the mainstream outlook? Are no minority opinions, whether they come from Christians or Commies or 9/11 Truthers, allowed, even on a TV show that prides itself on capturing "real" life and interactions? Whatever happened to that great liberal John Stuart Mill’s insistence that, “If all mankind minus one were of one opinion, and only one person were of the contrary opinion, mankind would be no more justified in silencing that one person than he would be justified in silencing mankind”? Today, so cavalier have we become about the old Millian ideal of freedom of thought and speech for all – even for those who offend us – that we think nothing of censuring a man simply for expressing a view that is “not held by many people in society”. Big Brother, indeed."

The censuring of Evander Holyfield shows how intolerant modern Britain is becoming.

Anonymous said...

At the rate were degenerating, in 2064, that baby-raping singer from Lost Prophets shall be posthumously pardoned, and will receive a heart-felt apology on behalf of the European Partner (the island formerly known as Britain) deeply ashamed of its bigoted history of persecuting people due to their sexuality.

Anonymous said...

Well, diversity doesn't yet affect what type of person gets the Chairman of the Fed job.

nilus said...

Quuer issues dominate " The Wright Stuff", channel 5 ( Panel is an aussie soap acor, a lesbian and a jew)

First topic : Russia "torturing" queers ( the lesbian made this claim 3 times)and Obama, Cameron, Merkel, Harper, etc, not attending.

Second topic : Evander Holyfields " shocking and outrageous" words onCBB

What a queer country we are.

nilus said...

Top Israeli Government Minister Says even Homosexual Jews have “Higher Souls” than Non-Jews
DECEMBER 30, 2013 AT 7:27 AM
The Israeli deputy minister of religious affairs and former Director-General of the supreme Rabbinical Court system in Israel has announced that even homosexual Jews have higher souls than non-Jews.

Financial Swindling “Natural Outgrowth of Jewish Community”—Jewish Journal
JANUARY 2, 2014 AT 5:21 AM
The new motion picture “The Wolf of Wall Street” ignores the fact that its main character is Jewish, and that Jewish extremist attitudes to ongoing Wall Street rip-offs are “the inevitable outgrowths of attitudes that have taken root in our communities”, according to by Rob Eishman, publisher and editor-in-chief of the Jewish Journal.

nilus said...

The Jew of Wall Street

Martin Scorsese’s sordid, obscene, spiritedly profane, and epically hilarious new film The Wolf of Wall Street is an unflinching depiction of unfettered greed and unrestrained sleaze amongst the ethically challenged and the morally retarded. Yet as comprehensive a catalogue of depravity as the movie is (clocking in at a near three-hour running time), there is a significant piece missing. For one reason or another, Scorsese has rendered protagonist Jordan Belfort’s Jewish identity cryptic at best.
Indeed, the character played by the hardly hymie-looking Leonardo DiCaprio– with his highly goyische sounding surname– registers to the audience as little but a sort of debauched (white) American everyman, living every man’s debauched American dream of nonstop wealth, luxury, booze, drugs and sex, without enduring any intrusions of remorse or pesky pangs of regret. As a brilliant, tenacious, and relentlessly driven stockbroker selling crappy investments to the terminally gullible, Belfort is utterly unprincipled; in fact, he feels nothing but scorn for the poor schmucks he is screwing over; they mean nothing to him as people, but are only a means towards achieving his own ends of obtaining money, status, power, and carnal gratification.
In fact, our wretched protagonist isn’t just indifferent to his victims; rather, he takes a positive pleasure in humiliating them. In one memorable scene, which manages to be both uproariously funny and painfully disturbing, Belfort cracks up his coworkers by flagrantly giving a middle-finger to one poor schlub he has on speakerphone, a man whom Belfort has just conned into giving his life savings away to an utterly worthless entity. Given Jordan’s overall absence of compassion or conscience, such a gesture of contempt does not in the least surprise us, nor is this an isolated manifestation of his unscrupulous malice and boundless spite. At other points throughout the film, Belfort engages in numerous sordid marital infidelities and chemical indulgences—at one point combining each of these peccadillos at once by snorting coke from the buttcrack of a naked hooker—and never seems to feel bad afterwards, not even when caught in flagrante delicto by his own wife during a tryst with a shiksa floozy (later to become his second wife) in the backseat of a limousine. Yet much as we are shown the full extent of his depredations, we never learn how or why Belfort came to be the way that he is.
Explanations of character are never simple. However, it seems that, judging from his own words, the real Belfort felt inspired to “break bad” due to deeply-seated ressentiment against the gentile society from which he felt himself to be an outsider. He even admits as much in plain terms in the autobiography upon which the movie is based. As Rob Eshman at the Jewish Journal observes:
Belfort didn’t grow up poor by any means, he just wasn’t rich enough. The hole in him wasn’t from poverty, but from desire for acceptance. The “blue-blooded WASPs,” Belfort writes, “viewed me as a young Jewish circus attraction.”

nilus said...

Belfort had a chip on his shoulder the size of a polo pony, and so did everyone he recruited. They were, he writes, “the most savage young Jews anywhere on Long Island: the towns of Jericho and Syosset. It was from out of the very marrow of these two upper-middle-class Jewish ghettos that the bulk of my first hundred Strattonites had come….”
Perhaps this “Shyclockian” angle—cunning, vengeful Jew with hatred in his heart against the goyim– was too radioactive a through-line for Scorsese to pursue, or to render explicit?
My criticism on this front is more than tempered by admiration, of course; I speak, to be sure, as a Scorsese fan of the highest order. Over the course of his storied career, the venerable septuagenarian and current elder statesman of American cinema has generally been fearless, never afraid to plumb the depths of his subject matter in a fashion that is quite often shockingly un- PC. But Scorsese the artist has occasionally given way to Scorsese the shrewdly politic and canny self-promoter. Quentin Tarantino complained that Scorsese wimped out by making the repulsive urban pimps in Taxi Driver white rather than black, which they would certainly be in any realistic portrayal of New York city criminal life. In The Wolf of Wall Street, the only hint we have of Belfort’s ethnic identity are his lovable but clueless parents (Rob Reiner and Christine Ebersole) with their unmistakably Jewy appearance and oy vey-ish affectations. While the Taxi Driver affirmative-action casting was egregious, we at least got Harvey Keitel’s virtuoso performance out of the bargain. With Wolf, deleting Jordan’s Jewishness leaves out a critical aspect of understanding his character, as the real Jordan’s own testimony attests.
What makes this move more puzzling is the fact that Jonah Hill, who plays Belford’s best friend and partner-in-crime Donnie Azoff, is so garishly Jewish—and personally repulsive and physically ugly, to boot– that he’s veritable anti-Defamation League bait. Maybe it’s less problematic to have a loathsome sidekick who happens to be a Jew than to have an anti-hero who’s very anti-heroism is in some way rooted in his Jewish identity and heritage? Oy, the humanity.

Holocaustralian said...

Anonymous said...

As one can see, the predictions made by the Greatest Patriot in the event of defeat are coming true. He warned of how art would be degraded by jews: here it is (thanks to Paul Eisen, who believes himself to be jewish but I disagree).


7 January 2014 01:27

Having lost all data on my old pc, ive been searching for those pics for some time now, thanks for the link.

On topic, im taking option A on 3 conditions......
They are German Shepherd dogs
All named Blondi
There is 6,000,000 of them

Croesus said...

Definitely Scorsese wimped on 'Wolf'. As the post above says, Jordan Belfort (the real Wolf) was almost stereotypically jewish. So for all his acclaimed iconoclasm, Scorsese didn't have the balls to follow through on that.

Anonymous said...

Just when I think that things can't get any worse,events effortlessly prove me wrong.Nothing new about that.

A few years ago I remember scoffing when one of my daughters warned me that that paedophilia was next on the agenda;first a relaxation,then 'tolerance',inevitably ending up with promotion.

I scoffed but,of course,she is being proved correct.We are still in the early stages but the signs are unmistakable.The methods which worked so well in 'normalising' homosexuality are again being employed and I would not bet against them succeeding.


Olda said...

IKanunderstand. Very little difference between USA and Europe. Both have been destroyed from top down and both destined for same fate. Poland now has 1st black Member of Parliament.

SAVANT said...

Mr. a. your daughter's spot on. It's already started. They've even coined a euphemism - a mandatory requirement for every perversion. It's called 'inter-generational romance, or something like that.

I've written about it here:

Anonymous said...

Keiser said...

Stop the world I want to get off.

One cannot. You must stand and deliver or perish. Perhaps both.

Anonymous said...

If one is a pedophile what better profession to be than a teacher?

A "judge" in an American "court" ruled that a 60 year old man was not guilty of pedophilia as the 11 year old girl was in love with the 60 year old man.

Sponge Cake said...


Medical Council to introduce new training for foreign doctors.

THE Medical Council intends to introduce cultural and clinical training for foreign doctors in a response to the large number of non-Irish medics appearing before its disciplinary bodies.

Witch Doctors.

Anonymous said...

Clearly, the inmates are running the asylum and have been for some time. Make no mistake, the ultimate goal of the fudge packers is to bugger your kiddies.

Get your kids out of government run schools and home school them. Give them a fighting chance.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone seriously doubt that the UK/USA cause in WWII was pure evil?


Sponge Cake said...

'Who looks like a horror film character now?': What student 'wrote on WhatsApp after throwing acid in her friend's face while disguised in an Islamic veil'

Sponge Cake said...

The Failed States Index 2013.

No surprises

nilus said...

The sickness continues:

Secrets of the Living Dolls, Channel 4: TV review

Rubber doll masking is a subculture in which adult men transform themselves into life-size female dolls by wearing latex body suits, complete with face masks and realistic female genitalia.

In the documentary Secrets of the Living Dolls on Channel 4 (who else?) semi-retired 70-year-old Robert uses the privacy afforded by his California mansion to transform himself into a bouncy blonde called “Sherry”.

Closer to home, Joel from Essex likes computer games, medieval re-enactments and masking, which his live-in girlfriend views as just another such geeky pursuit.

Joel said he wouldn’t leave the house in the mask, but his admirably blasé friend “Tiff” is much braver. She thinks nothing of getting all dolled up, as it were, and nipping out for a coffee: “I look at this as an extension of amateur dramatics, but maybe I’m just being pretentious.”

Therein lies the inherent contradiction of a film like Secrets of the Living Dolls. If, as the film’s participants suggested, masking is no big deal and just a hobby like any other, then why make a film about it? And if it’s more complicated, then why not take the time to dig deeper and discover what makes it so?–tv-review-9042439.html

Shia LaBeouf: I was asked to send pictures of my penis to Nymphomaniac producers

The explicit film, by controversial Danish director Lars von Trier, sees the 27-year-old take on the role of office worker Jerome in a story that follows the erotic life of a woman from birth to the age of 50.

The actor revealed he was “not extremely well-endowed” when asked about losing his virginity in a 2009 interview with Playboy.

But LaBeouf need not have feared failing to measure up on set, as digital technology was on hand to create the graphic sex scenes that characterise the movie.

Last May, producer Louise Vesth told the Hollywood Reporter: “We shot the actors pretending to have sex and then had the body doubles, who really did have sex, and in post (production) we will digital-impose the two.

“So above the waist it will be the star and then below the waist it will be the doubles.”

Vesth added that the depictions of sexuality throughout the film go “right up against the censorship limits, maybe just over them”.

In 2012, JEW LaBeouf told US chat show host JEW Chelsea Handler that he had sent von Trier a sex tape to secure his role in the production: “I sent him videotapes of me and my girlfriend (then stylist Karolyn Pho) having sex and that’s how I got the job,” he said.

James Lord said...

'Does anyone seriously doubt that the UK/USA cause in WWII was pure evil?'

My father fought for the Allies.

I used to believe it was the Just War.

I now believe the wrong side won.

He must be turning in his grave.

Anonymous said...

@James Lord 17:43

Yeah, he must be turning in his grave that he helped free Europe from slavery and death.

nilus said...

Mutant super rats IMMUNE to poison invade British homes to escape flooded sewers and underground burrows
Plague of poison-resistant rats bringing new misery to homeowners
Super rats are invading houses to seek shelter from their flooded lairs
Pests are immune to traditional poisons and carry life-threatening diseases

Read more:

'I'm Nigerian. You know about Nigerians. We kill people.'


Nightclub shut down after police discover more than half of 210 people who witnessed 30-man brawl had criminal convictions

t states that tables can be booked providing you guarantee to spend £350 or more.
A 75cl bottle of Dom Perignon cost £200, a magnum of Grey Goose vodka cost £265 and a 70cl bottle of Jack Daniels would set you back £120.

The owner of the club, Franco Lumba, was represented at the meeting by Michael Bromley-Martin QC, who told the hearing the music was to blame for ‘attracting persons involved in gang affiliations’.

Read more:

Family doctor ‘cupped patient’s breast in his hands and started breathing heavily during examination for a COUGH’
Dr Abhijit Banerjee denies charges of sexually motivated misconduct
Medical tribunal hears Patient A recall Dr Banerjee locked the door
It is alleged he touched the woman's nipple as he cupped her breast

Read more:

'Homeless' Romanian Big Issue seller is finally jailed after stealing £50 from purse of blind pensioner as she gave him money
Razvan Dumitru jailed for four months after stealing from blind pensioner
Father-of-two was selling the Big Issue when the theft occurred last year
Jane Phillips had stopped to give him some money when he stole £50
Dumitru claimed he was homeless despite living in £250k terraced house

Read more:

Just a small selection of stories concerning our infestation of brown rats.

nilus said...

"Yeah, he must be turning in his grave that he helped free Europe from slavery and death"

I claim my £5.

Dan said...

All war is morally neutral. It is a chance operation.

The right side won, but perhaps the men who won it abandoned their posterity to the niggers.

Anonymous said...

The right side won, but perhaps the men who won it abandoned their posterity to the niggers.

Not a chance my grandfathers abandoned nothin'.

My father, however is another story.

Neither WWI nor WWII should have been fought by the United States.

But Jews had gotten control of the U.S. by then. That control was initially fairly benign, but that says less about Jewish intent than available technology. And I don't just mean media. Rural America always had a better head; every agricultural advance increased Jewish power.

Anonymous said...

WHITE MAN charged with HATE CRIME in FIRST ‘knockout’ prosecution

“Suspected crimes of this nature will simply not be tolerated [if the victim is a nigger or a Jew],” said JEW Kenneth Magidson **, the U.S. attorney for the Southern District of Texas.

The JEW added: “Evidence of hate crimes will be vigorously investigated and prosecuted [but only if the victim is a nigger or a Jew] with the assistance of all our partners to the fullest extent of the law.”

“Last month, New York authorities charged one person with a hate crime because the target was a JEWISH man.”

The JEW “brought the case to make a point about HATE CRIMES”


“Teens” and “youths” (as the Jew media constantly describes these worthless niggers) are brutalising, robbing, raping/gang-raping, kidnapping, torturing and murdering whites on a daily basis in the United States (concealed/covered up by the Jew-controlled national MSM), yet these same JEWS never “make a point about hate crimes” when the victims are white Christians!


** Wife of JEW attorney dies

JEW Kenneth Magidson is the 22nd presidentially-appointed United States Attorney for the Southern District of Texas and, as such, is the chief law enforcement officer responsible for prosecuting and defending the interests of the United States [LOL!!!] in the seventh largest district in the nation.

Frank Galton

James said...

Thieving Hasidic Jew gets murdered.

Cops don't know where to start looking, he had so many enemies.

Jews start campaign to condemn New York Port for being anti-Semitic.

Well that goes to show that the Jews believe he was murdered because he was a Jew, which goes to show that they know he was unscrupulous because he was a Jew.

Just saying..

James said...

Frank, under the law its really only a hate crime if the perp knew the victim was a Jew and targeted him because he was a Jew.

Most petty thugs would have a non-functioning jewdar, so this shouldn't be a hate crime.

Just another anti-white Jewish judge in action.

Dan said...

If the Americans had culled their own negro population as they slapped down the Japanese and gotten into Germany we'd have a different post war period.

I think that the motivation for fighting the Germans was a bit if a mystery for most Englishmen. Thus the rather ginger use of infantry men and tankers by the British. I've looked at the British performance in ww2 and my only conclusion is that the English were NOT interested in actually fighting the Germans. Until D-Day
and sometime after that British generals appear to have carefully avoided putting Tommy Atkins in the line of fire. My guess is that the soldiers understood that they were being used by squids.

The British required crew weaponry like ships and bombers where you couldnt we the face of the target to depersonalize the killing process.

Otoh German infantry were overly gungho about fighting as front soldaten.

The US was positively blood thirsty as it relates to the Japanese, and the Japanese casualties reflect it. The Pacific war was truly a racial struggle and a slight net gain for whites in certain respects. However the loss of supremacy in Singapore and Hong Kong and the Phillipines was a disaster.

The European war could have been a net gain had the actual fighters seized power upon demobilization.

parisclaims said...

Just been watching CH5 Location Location Location. For those who haven't seen it ( not missing much) some camp presenter helps couples find properties. Tonight's couples.... white man and paki woman followed by white man and black woman. Way beyond coincidence.

Anonymous said...

I have solved the problem for the scientists frozen in boat.

Just get some ICBMs from Newark, New York, Detroit, Chicago and Baltimore and the whiteness will soon disappear as they detroit the area.

We could call it Operation Treyvon.

Anon said...

Sweden accepts Israeli Asylum seekers, Eritrean Styley.

Spot the absurdity! See the hypocrisy.

Anonymous said...

THE Jew that was grabbed off the street and murdered in NYC will never be solved, the mini van was stolen and the idiot Jew had taken Mob money on the premise that he would double it in a short period of time,well money never doubled nor returned,the Dagoes got him good and from what we hear his Hebe brother is next on the hit list for pulling the same sort of shit with the Goyim...

AnalogMan said...

Anon @ 00:14 wrote

those not able to throw a grenade where it is more dangerous to the enemy than her own comrades

You must be referring to this hilarious animated gif, brought to you via UNITP (Uncle Nasty's Image Transfer Protocol). Right click to view.

Note how the nigger takes cover by crouching in the open with his butt in the air, ducking after the explosion.

Anonymous said...

I have noticed a trend and this bears it out, the fact that the catholic church is hundreds of years ahead, with its sexualizing of children, the destroyers bay and howl, how evil the catholic church is, when infact the church has been doing what they are only now trying to promote, if the catholic church can't do it why can they?

But I have noticed this trend, I have a mate who is undergoing brainwashing, to be a beacon of tolerance and forgiveness.

He doesn't mind ig athens becomes a nigerian ghetto shithole, or that europe starts looking like dune country.

But he was quite vocal about the muslims in horrads complaining about the fact that they have to serve alcohol to evil white heatherns.

That's when I heard him say that muslims should go back to their non alcoholic shitholes. But the reason for saying this want because he objects to savage muslims, no his objection is muslims fundamental tenacity to their religion.

Just like the catholic church's priests paedofilia, its not the fact that they paedo's that raises the rage and out cry and howling and baying, no, its because its religion.

Any religion is targetted for destruction, even ole judaism is scheduled for elimination.

People with out religion are easier to control.

Even if you don't belive, just go thru the motions, religion is tradition, an automatic response to external stimulii, THEY, don't object to the automatic response, they actually want total automatic responses, but to their stimulii, not to a set of rules called catholicism, or judaism or hinduism etc etc.

They want blind faith to their global order, they want blind obedience to their rules.

Catholics have been paedofiling for hundreds of years, why do they object to it when they want to do the same.

A glaring double standard, to thwart them, just to piss them off, where religious symbols, crosses, hindu swastika's anything.

Don't fall for the propaganda of getting muslim women to take off their ninja suits, they just using woman rights to globally destroy religion.

If putting up with ninja suited wenches, so be it, at least THEY, don't win.

THEY don't want us all to get along and tolerate, that's just the golden wrapper disguising the real agenda

Regarding the perception of truth, so what if paris dakar is in south america, the truth doesn't need to be the truth, why call it paris dakkar? Why not bomoko to timbuktu?

Or perth to brisbane, then we can all try and guess where is actually is.

Keep on wearing those crosses and garlic, it keeps vampires at bay

Anonymous said...

We've all seen the absolute hatred Naziest uncle attacks religion with, and his jacobian jacomo friend, and dave c, they think they being wise by rejecting religion, not realising that any belief can be made into a religion, just as their prefered white hating religion is, their absolute worship of non belief, but they pawns, that don't realize they pawns.

So even if you don't believe, where a cross, do the sign of the cross.

But that is a catch 22, if everyone starts doing it, those symbols lose their meaning, and its the meaning of the symbols that raise their hackles so much, hitler has become such a symbol, much to their chagrin.

If white women start wearing full hijab, that's the way to get at muslims, but the double edged sword is that you take the meaning of the symbols away.

The trick is not allowing THEM to subvert humanity into a colony of borg.

THEY have no respect for diversity even tho they always going on about it, they don't want tolerance, or one big happy family, they want total submission, they want a borg like hive mind, with a central mind, controlling the hive mind.

The issue isn't crosses or hijabs, its beliefs, peoplke without beliefs are easier to control.

My mind can hardly grasp this, its just coalescing on the fringes.

Any thoughts

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 07:55

Thanks for that expert analysis.

This was my favourite bit: "peoplke without beliefs are easier to control".

Holocaustralian said...

Meanwhile in Holocaustralia..............racist Australia Day t shirts have been banned by Aldi supermarket chain. Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oy Vey

You will note the fact the chain is GERMAN owned is featured prominently. I do feel they missed a good opportunity to further pile on the white race hate as the owner of Aldi, Karl Albrecht, was a Wehrmacht veteran.

Most of the comments on the msm and social madia down here leave you in absolutely no doubt.......we are completely and utterly fucked.

Anonymous said...

that any belief can be made into a religion,

True. Believers in climate global change warming are Crystal Meatheadists.

David said...

@Anon 00.56
WTF! Sweden accepts Eritreans from Israel, who were given the paltry sum of $3,500, the work of Barbara Spectre sure has paid off, how soon before Israel will be cashing in on its investments in Ireland with Ronit Lentin and Alan Shatter.

Dan said...

Meanwhile Robert Spencer has a pop at Pat Buchanan...

I gotta laugh at the posters decrying Pat's

Like importing Pakis and Nigerians isn't also importing Muslims.

Of course, effectively preventing Islamic spread is also a racial issue. Banning darkies practically solves the Muslim problem in one step.

The Truth Will Out said...

I'm not sure if GTR Man has this guy down as a crypto so thought I'd post.

For the record.
Yesterday there was some documentary that I haven't yet seen on the Bolshevik Brainwashing Corporation yesterday about immigration.

The article I read from last Sunday's Times "News Review" supplement actually informs us that the surprisingly goyische looking Nick Robinson [Political Editor] is Jewish.

Of course now some white Europeans are starting to enter Britain, we are now 'permitted' to discuss immigration as problematic as long as it focuses solely on white Europeans and muslims.

The article was short and mostly uninteresting I include what I feel are the only relevant parts.

His jewish heritage:
The article informs 'he was born in an affluent part of Manchester in 1963. His grandparents were jewish refugees, who fled first from 'nazi' Germany to China*, and then to Britain when China became communist**....'

The networking path he navigated to climbing the BBC ladder of success:
'Another political mentor was Brian Redhead, the Radio 4 Today program presenter, who was the father of Robinson's best friend, Will Redhead.
This relationship tragically collapsed when Robinson, Will redhead and and third friend took a driving trip to France the summer they finished their A-levels.
Shortly after leaving Calais, the VW Beetle they were driving crashed and exploded - the two other boys died and Robinson spent a year recovering from burns and smoke inhalation.

Anyway, here is the only part available from the Times website before the paywall kicks in, the following nicely sums up the angle of Robinson's 'free and open' discussion of the immigration problem.

Note how he refers to that rare fringe minority group who could be also known as "the unbroken" by jewish entities.

"The Mancunian Nick Robinson likes to call himself “northern, arsey and confrontational”. His new documentary about immigration is true to form.

It’s been a tricky subject for the BBC — Robinson says that in the late 1990s and early 2000s the corporation made a “terrible mistake” in its approach to the issue: “In public life, in politics and, I accept, historically at the BBC [we] didn’t have a warts-and-all ... debate about immigration.” Some people at the BBC “thought it would unleash some terrible side of the British public”. But the corporation is “now getting it right”, he says, and his program should only encourage this

At one point in the film Robinson visits an apparently all-white country show and interviews a bacon-munching local who says Enoch Powell was right. “I was keen to have him in because there are people who think like that,” says Robinson. "

Those filthy "bacon munching" goyim eh, the bane of Britain... no doubt an opinion that our unwanted yet-refuses-to-fuck-off nastiest flotsam would share.

* - ?!
** - !!??

Anonymous said...

@The Truth Will Out 14:44

"Those filthy "bacon munching" goyim eh, the bane of Britain"

He didn't say that. He merely interviewed someone who was eating bacon. Maybe you could write to him and get him to interview someone who is eating an apple next time if that kind of thing excites you.

Anonymous said...

Fuck the lousy jews

The Truth Will Out said...

PS - in order to avoid the semantic chicanery of the annoying kike-alike.

The following sentence:
"Note how he refers to that rare fringe minority group", really should have read as

"Note how the article refers to that rare fringe minority group...."

Genuinely miffed how the noted irritation [possibly a direct descendant of Zyklon B escapees] ever was considered in some way beneficial to the debate here.

Genuinely I believe the role of the troll is to make decent, calm and civil discourse impossible, as all it ever has achieved is creating an impulse of wanting to grab a few tins of bug spray and get down to the nearest synagogue to clear up a few mistakes of the past.

Anonymous said...

@The Truth Will Out 15:41

"Genuinely I believe the role of the troll is to make decent, calm and civil discourse impossible"

Then, you say this:

"an impulse of wanting to grab a few tins of bug spray and get down to the nearest synagogue to clear up a few mistakes of the past."

You couldn't have a "decent, calm and civil discourse" if you tried.

AnalogMan said...

Some interesting stats here:

NUMBER OF EXECUTIVE ORDERS ISSUED by U.S. Presidents in the last 100 years:

Teddy Roosevelt - 3
All Others until FDR - 0
FDR - 11 in 16 years
Truman - 5 in 7 years
Ike - 2 in 8 years
Kennedy - 4 in 3 years
LBJ - 4 in 5 years
Nixon - 1 in 6 years
Ford - 3 in 2 years
Carter - 3 in 4 years
Reagan - 5 in 8 years
Bush - 3 in 4 years
Clinton - 15 in 8 years
George W. Bush - 62 in 8 years

Obama - 923 in 3 1/2 years! More than 1000+ and counting Executive Orders in 6 years...

Read some of them below – unbelievable!

Read all about it at American White History Month.

America is essentially a dictatorship.

Anonymous said...

The right side won, but perhaps the men who won it abandoned their posterity to the niggers.

Not a chance my grandfathers abandoned nothin'.

My father, however is another story.

Neither WWI nor WWII should have been fought by the United States.

You go a step to far. You should have quit at 'Neither WWI nor WWII should have been fought'.
With hindsight nobody won, it wasn't a draw, white Europe lost.


Sponge Cake said...

He din du nuffin. Innit

Mark Duggan verdict: angry scenes as family hit out at lawful killing finding.

Uncle Nasty said...

For your Thursday edification: See the hosenose ... know the hosenose.

It seems as though the yid greaseball (no, not the trolls who cling to this blog ... a triumph of hope over experience) has been misbehaving himself again.

Sleazy Eliot Spitzer turned a resort hot tub into a steamy love cauldron over the weekend — kissing and sucking the toes of his topless mistress, Lis Smith, in front of families with children, mortified witnesses told The Post.
The still-married former Love Gov and Smith, Mayor de Blasio’s ex-mouthpiece, were spied frolicking near the family pool at around 4 p.m. Sunday at the Half Moon family resort in Montego Bay, Jamaica.
“It was gross,” said a hotel witness, who was vacationing with her family. “She had her top off.”
The disgraced Spitzer — infamous for wearing his signature black knee socks while having sex with hookers — appears to have a bit of a foot fetish as well, according to onlookers.
“He was licking her toes,” the witness said. “She would sit in his lap. Then he’d put her feet in his mouth. He licked her toes and was playing with her feet.”
He also cuddled and whispered sweet nothings into the ear of Smith — a political flack who lost her chance at being a top spokesperson for de Blasio in part because of her relationship with the raunchy Spitzer.
The couple’s public display became a spectacle at the resort, which was frequented by John and Jackie Kennedy during his presidency.
A 10-year-old boy who saw Smith topless in the pool ran back to his parents and shouted, “Mom there’s an old guy in the Jacuzzi with this girl and she’s topless and she’s got her legs wrapped around him,” sources said.

Look at the face. It exemplifies a creature born without shame, remorse or any of the virtues white people value.

Back in the sixties, when I started working in the ad game, we used to get several trade publications from the USA Like Advertising Age and one thing that was noticed even then was the push to make jews acceptable and (long shot, this) even lovable with campaigns like "You don't have to be jewish to love Levy's" -- for a rye bread.

They didn't work. How could they?


Uncle Nasty said...

Ah, propaganda ... thou art such a bitch.

The article describes a:- A woman was found dead inside her apartment along with three drunk guys, according to police reports in Israel.

Be’er Sheva Police said that the dead body of a local 40-year-old woman was found on Saturday morning, in her apartment.

Now, I think you can imagine what a -- probably drug-raddled -- forty year old yidbitch found with three drunks would look like ... not so?

Obviously the writers of the article could imagine it too, so they illustrated the article with a hot-looking blonde woman posed in a seductively upskirt shot.

Who would have thought a 40-year old corpse could look so good?


Uncle Nasty said...

... and a big thank you to AnalogMan for revealing the secrets of posting images.

I think this will be very, very useful in the coming year. When necessary, of course.


Calculus said...

Happy new year to all. May the tide turns this year. May our lands speak their mind.

For those who still doubt that the Soviet, Communism and associated mass murders were mostly Jewish in essence: it's not a fairytale told by cracked nut conspiracysts:
Putin confirms! and it's in a Jewish newspaper.
The First Soviet was mostly jewish! Yep, deal with it.
Oh so now Communists are the good guys?
'Putin has balls to say that', that was mostly the point of 'Chateau Heartist' from whom I got the news.

Also, here is a mirrored info: I recall that a direct jewish player of Mai 1968 (libertarian revolution, human rigths, etc) in France, Daniel CohnBendit, famously said: "During the General Assembly of the political buro of Mai 1968, you could speak Yiddish with no problem,everybody would understand..."

Anonymous said...

@Calculus 22:53

"Putin confirms! and it's in a Jewish newspaper."

A little research first would be advised.

A list of the original People's Commissars:

Chairman Vladimir Lenin: part Jew.
Secretary Nikolai Petrovich Gorbunov: not a Jew.
People’s Commissariat for Agriculture of the RSFSR Vladimir Pavlovich Milyutin: not a Jew.
Council of People’s Commissars on War and Navy Affairs Nikolai Krylenko: not a Jew.
Pavel Dybenko, a Ukrainian Cossack, not a Jew.
People’s Commissariat for Trade and Industry of the RSFSR Viktor Nogin: not a Jew.
People’s Commissariat for Education of the RSFSR Anatoly Lunacharsky, had Jewish friends, but was not a Jew.
People’s Commissariat for Food Ivan Teodorovich, came from Poland, which could mean he was Jewish, but there’s no mention of it in his online bio, executed 1937.
People’s Commissariat for Foreign Affairs of the RSFSR, Leon Trotsky: Jew.
People’s Commissariat for Interior Affairs of the RSFSR, Alexei Rykov: not Jewish.
People’s Commissariat for Justice of the RSFSR Georgy Oppokov: not Jewish.
People’s Commissariat for Labour of the RSFSR Alexander Shlyapnikov: not a Jew.
People’s Commissariat of Nationalities Joseph Stalin: not Jewish.
People’s Commissariat for Posts and Telegraphs of the RSFSR Nikolai Glebov-Avilov: not a Jew.
People’s Commissariat for Railways of the RSFSR – position was vacant, so no Jew.
People’s Commissariat for Finance Ivan Skvortsov-Stepanov: not a Jew.
People’s Commissariat for Social Welfare Alexandra Kollontai: not a Jew.

So out of 17 posts, two people had some Jewish in them.

"it's not a fairytale told by cracked nut conspiracysts"


Anonymous said...

@Uncle Nasty 20:29

Oh diddums.

A Google image search for "drunk woman asleep" brings up the image in question as being the first one.

So panic over, methinks.

Or maybe it's just an enormous conspiracy to make you feel upset.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 18:39

"white Europe lost."


Thanks, Hitler and the 1930s/ 1940s German people.

Anonymous said...

People’s Commissariat for Railways of the RSFSR – position was vacant, so no Jew.

Wouldn't that have been Elie Weasel?

He was meant to be at a tatooist ata holiday camp but missed that because of his forgetfulness so that is another jew in the column (as distinct from chim chim chimney).

Calculus said...

@Anonymous 23:41

I would assume that Putin, who is Russian and I presume well educated about his own country's history, would know what he is talking about.
By 'well educated', I mean he understands the hidden issues of that period that were not necessarily discussed in the New York Times by Wolff Blitzer.
To take a modern example, there is a buzz about Dieudonne and his so-called 'quenelle' in France right now. Yet, I havn't read a single article written in English that doesn't distort the story or mislead the readers voluntarly or not. In short, English-speaking journalists don't get it, at all. And despite a good dozen articles in Yahoo and other mainstream news channels, there is not a single chance that a casual English reader would get a fair account of the matter. It's already all distorted and anybody who would disagree with the main stream story would pass, already, for a dissident. See how fast it goes? just a few weeks.
You need the insider view to understand and perhaps it's the same for Putin.

Alternatively, if the 17 non-Jewish prominent soviets leaders you mentioned are representative
of the entire soviet politburo and subalterns, that means that Putin lies. Why? and why would his lye be retaken in jewish news?

While the later is possible: jewish organization spreading false infos about themselves to eventually expose the dissidents as nutcracks, I don't understand why Putin would lie in this matter.

Anonymous said...

@Calculus 00:49

"I would assume that Putin, who is Russian and I presume well educated about his own country's history, would know what he is talking about."

The mind boggles as to what kind of thought process led you to that assumption.

"You need the insider view to understand and perhaps it's the same for Putin."

Being a citizen of a country does not give one an automatically greater understanding of its history.

"Alternatively, if the 17 non-Jewish prominent soviets leaders you mentioned are representative
of the entire soviet politburo and subalterns, that means that Putin lies. Why?"

He may not be lying. He may believe it to be true. Or he might be lying. We don't know.

"and why would his lye be retaken in jewish news?"

The article is simply relaying what he said, that is all.

"While the later is possible: jewish organization spreading false infos about themselves to eventually expose the dissidents as nutcracks, I don't understand why Putin would lie in this matter."

Then you are rather naive, my friend.

James said...

Some Jews think the Goyim don't have souls and are to either be slaves to serve the Jews, or die.

And they say only white people can be racist!

James said...

9 January 2014 01:13

Nastiestuncle oozing pus again.

Go get yourself looked at mate.

James said...

Meanwhile in Holocaustralia..............racist Australia Day t shirts have been banned by Aldi supermarket chain. Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oy Vey

There are better shirts. I saw a guy wearing one that said:


We eat meat,

we drink beer,

and we f%$king speak English!

Oy vey. Oh the pain, from my head to my toes.

Uncle Nasty said...

Anonymous said...

@Uncle Nasty 20:29

Oh diddums.

Well, whattaya know? Hanukka is over and payday looms.

Gimme your body
Gimme your mind
Open your heart
Pull down the blind

Gimme your love gimme it all
Gimme in the kitchen gimme in the hall

Art for arts sake
Money for Gods sake
Art for Arts sake
Money for Gods sake

Gimme the readys
Gimme the cash
Gimme a bullet
Gimme a smash
Gimme a silver gimme a gold
Make it a million for when I get old

Art for arts sake
Money for Gods sake
Art for Arts sake
Money for Gods sake

Money talks so listen to it
Money talks to me
Anyone can understand it
Money can't be beat Oh no

When you get down, down to the root
Don't give a damn don't give a hoot
Still gotta keep makin' the loot
Chauffeur driven

Gotta make her quick as you can
Give her lovin' make you a man
Get her in the palm of your hand
Bread from Heaven

Gimme a country
Where I can be free
Don't need the unions
Strangling me
Keep me in exile the rest of my days
Burn me in hell but as long as it pays

Art for arts sake
Money for Gods sake
Art for arts sake
Money for Gods sake


Hey Enyoo, looks like Godley and Creme got your number ...


James said...

He didn't say that. He merely interviewed someone who was eating bacon. Maybe you could write to him and get him to interview someone who is eating an apple next time if that kind of thing excites you.

More NU/NUB. Pointless as usual.

Go away mate. Your nonsense stands out like a yarmulke in 1939 Berlin.

Uncle Nasty said...

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 18:39

"white Europe lost."


Thanks, Hitler and the 1930s/ 1940s German people.
8 January 2014 23:52

... and thank him, you should. Without Adolf the Antichrist, you guys would have had to invent him.

Oh. Wait.

I think you did ... re-invent him in the sixties, anyway.

A recurring hosenose nightmare:-

"You're just another Adolf Hitler!!"
"Adolf who?"
"Oofark! Looks like we'll have to create another meme."


Calculus said...

Anon, 00:49, or Nastiest ?
doesn't matter.
Yeah maybe I'm naïve, no doubt.
OK so I won't argue why Putin would make such statement, if it turns to be wrong, as you say.
I am not Russian, so the truth is that I have no certitude of who were the Soviets of 1917. Not all could be jews obviously, but some were:
There was a home invasion in Connecticut, years ago, by
a guy I remember his name was Komisarjevsky. That sounds pretty much like 'Jewish Komissar' to me. The details of the affair are there,_Connecticut,_home_invasion_murders

About CohnBendt now: that the 1968 leaders and agitators could all speak Yiddish is meaningless?

Anonymous said...

@Calculus 02:30

"I am not Russian, so the truth is that I have no certitude of who were the Soviets of 1917. Not all could be jews obviously"

You don't have to be Russian to know who the Soviets of 1917 were.

"but some were:"

Yeah, 2 out of 17, which translates as "most of them" apparently.

"his name was Komisarjevsky"

The original Russian name is Komissarzhevsky which becomes Anglicised to Komisarjevsky.
This surname originated a long time before communism existed in Russia.
So basically, you're reading something into it which isn't there.

"That sounds pretty much like 'Jewish Komissar' to me."

And that's why you need to stop thinking.

"About CohnBendt now: that the 1968 leaders and agitators could all speak Yiddish is meaningless?"

Of course it's meaningless. Was there not even a whiff of bullshit about that statement when you read it?

The Jewish purges in the Soviet Union had already happened by then anyway, so even if the "leaders and agitators" had been Jewish (which they weren't anyway), there would have been few or none of them left after the purges.

nilus said...

"Hair on fire illustration "

Boy burns girl’s hair in school while saying ‘let’s burn the Jews’

By: Moses Gold

A Jewish girl was burned by another student while sitting in her classroom, according to court proceedings in Canada.

Shockingly, the judge ruled that the incident was not a hate crime.

The girl’s hair was burned while studying in a high school in Winnipeg.

“She was not targeted because of her Jewish faith, but because her tormentor was a jerk and a bully," a judge ruled on Friday.

Now 17, the girl's attacker had already been convicted of assault with a weapon

According to prosecutors, the teen approached the then 15-year-old victim while crossing paths near the lockers and began to talk to her.

He took out a lighter and started flicking it around her head.

"Let's burn the Jews," he said.

A portion of the victim's hair caught fire. She suffered no lasting physical damage.

The boy apologized to the victim.

The boy was sentenced to 18 months of supervised probation, write a letter of apology to the victim and perform 75 hours of community service.

Anonymous said...

@Uncle Nasty 02:22

"and thank him, you should."

Yeah, because he was just swell for Europe and the White people. You simpleton.

"Without Adolf the Antichrist, you guys would have had to invent him."

Hmmmm. Senile. Never mind; you haven't got long now. And there's always Dignitas if you start to soil yourself.

Uncle Nasty said...

Anonymous said...

@Uncle Nasty 02:22

"and thank him, you should."

Yeah, because he was just swell for Europe and the White people. You simpleton.

"Without Adolf the Antichrist, you guys would have had to invent him."

Hmmmm. Senile. Never mind; you haven't got long now. And there's always Dignitas if you start to soil yourself.

Yup ... the dipshit's definitely back. I recognise his -- for want of a better term -- style.

Never mind Laddie, it's only a week to payday ... and all the Fritos you can eat. Give my love to your mom. If you can't manage, give Jacomo a call.

He'll do it for you. Be happy to.


James said...

Yup ... the dipshit's definitely back. I recognise his -- for want of a better term -- style.

Did he even leave?
Is he trying to force Savant to go full time with the moderation so then he can scream "CENSORSHIP" or "SAVANT HATES FREE SPEECH" or some similar agitation.

James said...

NU/NUB stated:

Then you are rather naive, my friend.

BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZT. You got no friends here.

Anonymous said...

@James 03:14

Stop giving him compliments.

Anonymous said...

@Uncle Nasty 03:07

And you be sure to thank the lovely nurses when they come to change your adult nappy and wipe the soup from your vest.

Not long now, anyway.

James said...

Maybe he's an alien?

Former Canadian Defence minister says he is certain aliens and UFOs exist.

I hope there's no space niggers or galactic jews.

BZZZZZZZZZZZZT. Nothing to worry about.--NU/NUB

Unless you are one of them. Then we should worry.


Uncle Nasty said...

Hey Enyoo ... I see your uncle is back in the news ... doing what it is that noses do best - screwing other noses.

MILWAUKEE (WITI) — In Judism, the Torah is a sacred set of rules and stories — but one Rabbi used it to steal more than $1 million from his congregation.

Rabbi Menachem Youlus, who called himself the “Jewish Indiana Jones” told dramatic tales of rescuing Holocaust-era Torahs.

“The Torah is something you can`t even describe how important it is. It is the essence of our existence really — so for someone to do such a horrible thing and cause so many people such despair, it`s unthinkable — especially in the name of religion,’” an anonymous fraud victim said.

But it was all fiction.

This anonymous fraud victim is still embarrassed by the fact that the “restored” Torah scroll her family thought they were buying for their father was a total fake.

“First, it was disbelief and shock. To think this Rabbi would do such a thing is unthinkable. Unthinkable. To tell my father would absolutely crush him,” the fraud victim said.

“Postal Inspectors found out through research and historical facts, where Rabbi said he found these Torahs — it couldn`t have been based on his travels,” Donna Harris with the U.S. Postal Inspection Service said.

Youlus sold the so-called historical Torahs for thousands of dollars to people who believed they were buying history.

“Rabbi Youlus had Torahs, but they weren`t rescued from the Holocaust, from concentration camps. They were Torahs he purchased from Torah dealers here in the U.S.,” Harris said.

Total losses to consumers amounted to $1.5 million.

Youlus spent some of the money in personal accounts and on private school tuition for his children — but more importantly, he stole the trust of his victims.

“It was truly a roller coaster of emotion, from the time we first came across this organization, to the time we gave him the gift — it was such a high — to when we found out this was a fraud — which was the depths of despair — and then had to go tell him. It really put a cloud over his 75th birthday,” the fraud victim said.

Rabbi Youlus was ultimately found guilty and sentenced to four years in prison. At his sentencing, Youlus apologized and said he regretted his conduct.

Don't you just love it? Let me see now. Would these be fake torahs from the real holocaust ... or are they real ones from the fake holocaust?

Kind of the semantic tangle you get when reporters tell you of a "robbery gone wrong".

Which reminds me ... I read of a negress who planned to rip off a dealer ... and got popped in de back ob de haid, by one of her own buddies.

Big boo hoo over the ex-groid until they found out she wuz de mussamine' behin' de whole t'ing.

Oh, how I laughed. The "jewish Indiana Jones", indeed ...


Anonymous said...

@James 04:22

Aliens do exist, just not on Earth. UFOs are real, but they just aren't alien in origin.


Are you a fly?

Anonymous said...

@Uncle Nasty 04:33

If you get off on ascribing Jewish relatives to people then that's ok.
As long as you don't start pushing your fetish on kids.

Anonymous said...

Oh the lying menace is cleartly back . Putin's Statement was discussed by prominent Jewish publications and found to be correct and now the little noisy nut pretends to know it all again.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 06:59

Your statement would appear to be at odds with reality. Some people don't like reality and try to make up their own. But I think that reality, good or bad, is best left as it is. It cannot be changed.

parisclaims said...
You lot figure this out.
I can't!

Anonymous said...

“Anonymous” (LOL!!!) said re Putin: “Being a citizen of a country does not give one an automatically greater understanding of its history.”

But being privy to certain information as Putin is (being President of Russia and former KGB) he will have a greater understanding of that country’s (Russia’s) recent history.

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

David Duke: Solzhenitsyn on the Jewish Role in the Bolshevik Terror

David Duke: The Secret Behind Communism

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Recognize this man?

Not one person out of a thousand knows his name.

I wonder why? (LOL!!!)

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 07:47

"But being privy to certain information as Putin is (being President of Russia and former KGB) he will have a greater understanding of that country’s (Russia’s) recent history."

That would be true if the religion/ ethnicity of the original Soviets was a secret. But it is not a secret. It's public information. Therefore, Putin doesn't have the privilege of knowing any more about it than anyone else.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 07:59

"I wonder why?"

Because they didn't read the file name.

Anonymous said...

The same happened with this guy:

No one knew who he is!


Anonymous said...

The little nose behind the curtain said: “Putin doesn't have the privilege of knowing any more about it than anyone else”


Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 08:09

Yeah, because Putin is the only person in the world who can read, according to you!




Anonymous said...

Someone's had their Jimmies rustled and are displaying great butthurts.


Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

We mustn't forget that some of greatest murderers of modern times were Jewish,7340,L-3342999,00.html

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 08:04

“According to a couple of niggaz on the interwebs”


Shaunantijihad said...

The degradation of the former USA was chronicled by some bloke in LA.

Seems the blog has been mothballed for a few years now, but the pictures he took of the "gay" Halloween parade in Hollyweird are, well, pretty weird.

Why LA sucks blog

Anonymous said...

Merril Streep trashes Tom Hanks' character in Emma Thompson film so people will go to hers instead

Me! Me! Me! Merril Streep criticizes Walt Disney so that people will not go to that film just like she criticized John Nash so that people would avoid J Connelly and marvel at the wondrous talented MS instead.

It were non white colonies that won WWI

Britshit shitory reshitten to give more prominent role to darkies in winning WWI.

South Park's Kenya west objects to currency named after him

All around humourous creation of Trey Parker and Matt stone objects to currency being named after him.

Lesser papped at NBA game

Elle Mcpherson, David Beckham and many more attend NBA games at courtside with empty seats behind them but they do not go after paparazzi after getting free publicity.

California mistreats lesbians!

In a blow to gay marriage California court did not give Jane Lynch's former wife half the married couples property thus ranking lesbain marriage below that of hetero. For shame California for shame.

Oprah has arse kissed at award show

Claims as it is so BIG she never noticed.

Headline of the year with aliens and concealed carrying of weapon by weapon!

Headline to the bizarrest story of the year so far.

And welcome back Nastiest Uncle.

You were right.

Russians need to be thought that 66.6% of paedos are gay or bisexual.

That the rates of happy people needing adult diapers to collect diseased fecal matter need to be told as normal people have to pay for the results of degenerate lifestyles.

Hep C where does it come from?

Dan said...

Of you look at the communists in Germany interbellum the Jewish contingent is astonishing. There were also coups in Hungary and other places. Bavaria in particular had Jew coups. The Premier of France Leon Blum at the tail end of the 1930s is a great example of this leftie/Jewish domination.

Take a look at the CP USA as well. It's shot through with them. Then their children Kagan Kristol Horowitz Radosh founded the neo con movement. The geneology of the communists is quite obvious. The geneological consistency between them and the current "conservative" radical libertarians is very obvious.

Anonymous said...

Remember when Nancy Reagan was crucified by the P O S leftist propaganda machine media for having the AUDACITY to change the china in the Whitehouse at HER OWN EXPENSE? Remember the P O S, leftist media excoriating Sarah Palin for accepting $150,000 worth of clothes paid for by the RNC, NOT TAXPAYERS, because, like you & me, she didn't have designer rags hanging in her closet?

Michelle Obama is a SELF SERVING VIRULENT RACIST, a lumbering cow with no grace whatsoever & a classless pig that has embarrassed herself & this country worldwide. All the multi thousand $$ designer shoes, clothing & makeup can't change that. She is also the most popular first lady we have had since Jackie O who actually had class, breeding & her own money. THAT is the POWER of the leftist press

Jackie O as first lady gave an interview in French MRO did the dougie. You swing one shoulder back and bring you that hand up by that side of the face. You do the same on the other side. Congratulations you are as talented as Chris Rock.

Did anyone else notice that it was a present FROM disbarred lawyer Moochelle to disbarred lawyer TO Barack Hussein Obama that she stayed an extra week in Hawai?

Got a 502 error when trying to pot this first time around.

Calculus said...

Regarding the composition of the fist soviet government, I'll take Putin's words over those of Nastiest-Anonymous.
By the way, I would trust any educated Russian, man or woman over 50, on this issue, not just Putin.
Nastiest's argument is weak. It's like saying that because the visible heads of the Us or French govrnments don't prominently wear their kippas, these countries are not ruled by and for jewish interests.

Calculus said...

Dan 13:21 is right.
This is also confirmed in a jewish source:

A History of the Jewish People
By leading scholars at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem
Haim Hillel Ben-Sasson

(…) people of jewish origin, such as Trotsky, Zinoviev, Kamenev, Sverdlov and many others were prominent among the leaders of the Russian Bolshevik revolution. Jews were also extremely active in the socialist parties that came to power or attained importance in many European Countries. They were even more prominent in the Communist parties that split from the Socialists and established the Third International. The ranks of the revolutionary parties were swelled by many young Jews who at first had tended toward Nationalist aspirations but had been caught up in the catch words of universal human brotherhood, or who were disillusioned by the limited success of the Nationalist movement.
In Baviara, a “people” republic was established at the beginning of November 1918, headed by Kurt Eisner, a Jewish socialist(…) At the beginning of April, Bavaria was declared a Soviet Republik and jewish writers and revolutionary thinkers such as Gustav Landaver and Ernst Toller played important roles in it. Eugen Levine was chairman of the Council of Commissars (Prime Minister) of the republic(…)The communist revolt in Hungary (March-August 1919) was also headed by a Jew, Béla Kum. Several other jews fulfilled important functions in his governement.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 8 January 2014 23:41

The High Commissaries of the People in 1919, two years after the Bolshevik Revolution:
ALIAS. . . . . . . . . . . . . REAL NAME. . . . . . . . ETHNICITY
Lenin ………………………..Oulianoff ……………….Partly Jewish
Trotsky……………………….Bronstein …………….. Jew
Stekloff ………………………Xachamress …………. Jew
Gottsief ………………………Prapkine………………Jew
Soukhanoff……………………Grimmer…………… Jew
Bogdanoff ……………………Silberstein …………….Jew
Sverdloff ……………………..Sverdloff……………….Jew
Kamkoff ……………………..Katz ……………………Jew
Parvus……………………… Gelphanat………………Jew
Adromovitch ………………….Rein……………………Jew
Radek…………………………Sobelson………………. Jew
Macklakowsky………………. Rosenblum……………..Jew
Lapinsky……………………… Levenson………………Jew
Glasounoff…………………… Schulze…………………Jew
Larine…………………………… Lourie…………………Jew

Anonymous said...

@Calculus 15:33

"Regarding the composition of the fist soviet government, I'll take Putin's words over those of Nastiest-Anonymous."

I don't think that they were Anonymous' words. I think he obtained the information from research into the ethnicities of the members.
So probably the best thing to do would be to conduct your own research.


Why is he the nastiest one?

"By the way, I would trust any educated Russian, man or woman over 50, on this issue, not just Putin."

We're starting to see where your problem lies.

"Nastiest's argument is weak."

It's actually quite strong. With the internet, information about almost any aspect of a country's history can now be read by anyone with an internet connection.
For example, I am English but this does not mean that I automatically know more about the English Civil War than a person who is studying the subject from Ouagadougou. I don't have some kind of genetic memory of the events of the English Civil War just because it happened in the place of my ancestry.

"It's like saying that because the visible heads of the Us or French govrnments don't prominently wear their kippas, these countries are not ruled by and for jewish interests."

It's nothing like that. You're just giving us more information as to why you made the original error.

Dan said...

The most important ones for Hitler must have been Eisner and Bela Kun.

If you'd lived through those coups you'd probably have Jewdar too. I also suspect that Leon Blum in Framce must have worried the crap out of conservatives everywhere in Europe. Under Blum France very nearly became a Socialist Dictatorship. Blum also shipped off French heavy artillery to Spain to support the Republican faction there. A few more guns on the Meuse might very well have proven to stop Rommel and Guderian as they crossed the river.

Look up Blum. Kinda interesting biography. Not a bad reformer at home but he was a spiritual and cultural disaster for France. The losses of hardware in Spain were telling and contributed to the 1940 defeat.

Dan said...

It doesn't stop there either

Georges Mandel was the main French voice for a hard line against the Germans. His British attaché was a fellow called Edward Spears (family name actually Spiers) who was officially the British/French liaison offficer in both world wars. Spears went around France in 1940 offering safe exit to as many Jews and allied French as possible. Mandel to his credit decided to stay in France and take the hit.

Dan said...

Take a very long hard look at Edward Spears btw. He was instrumental in the foundation of Czechoslovakia and owned a Steel Mill and Shoe factory in Prague.

He's one of the major players in ww1 and the interbellum years. Close confidant of Churchill and a major force in getting the war on.

Anonymous said...

Re: Putin

the politicians on the predominantly Jewish Soviet government “were guided by false ideological considerations and supported the arrest and repression of Jews, Russian Orthodox Christians, Muslims and members of other faiths. They grouped everyone into the same category.

Parse that like a lawyer.

Some background.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, 2 out of 17, which translates as "most of them" apparently.

But NU, Putin did not say most of the People's Commissars were Jews.

You did.

Anonymous said...

There were no Jews in the first soviet government, and WTC 7 collapsed of its own accord, without the Federal Reserve America would be bankrupt, Israel is all that stands between us and Islamo-fascism.

You tell it as it is Nastiest, these people here are thinking in a religious way. You are a true hero.

Dan said...

Us? Kimosabi?

The Soviet allowed Jews to rule in Russia, for the first fugging time. It always leads to masses of Christians getting massacred when they do get to rule.

Dan said...

NU is clearly Jewish.

The standard argument is to trot out a misleading statistical analysis of paper pushers who are mostly useless.

For example look at the mayor of Chicago. Well, how many Jews are on the city rolls? 20 out of 10,000 employees. Which employees and which positions.

Dan said...

Anon 16:41

Well caught there. NU sets up a straw man and then rips it up.

I hope he bites again.

Look up these names: Eleke Scherwitz, Arthur Pisk, Kurt Schesinger, Dr Hans Eppinger

Paul Asher, Bernhard Rogge, johannes Kukerfort and Helmut Wilberg and Helmut Schmidt. Not forgetting Erhard Milch.

Not to mention the Yitzak Shamir and Avraham Stern making representation to Germany to kill Brits for Rommell.

The crowning glory of the tribe is Erik Jan Hanussen.

The story is a highly convoluted one.

nilus said...

Latest Simpsons episode, funnier than a lot of the recent ones , deals with watching movies "illegally".

Shows coke-snorting Hollywood jew moguls, with "personal rabbis" , more than the usual amount of jew in-jokes.

Guest voices:

JEW Judd Apatow
JEW Seth Rogen
JEW Paul Rudd
QUEER Rob Halford
Leslie Mann ( Apatow's shiksa wife)

PS, thanks, TruthWillOut:
Nick Robinson as well?


The Civilizationalist said...

Male homosexuality is closely inter-related with paedophilia and could have evolved as a sexual competition reduction mechanism - see my blog post here:

Calculus said...

Anon., the one who doesn't believe Putin.

"It's actually quite strong. With the internet, information about almost any aspect of a country's history can now be read by anyone with an internet connection..."

Internet? Are you aware that this issue has been discussed a little bit before 'Internet', like 20 centuries? There is nothing new actually.
Like this 'Erik Jan Hanussen' that Dan mentioned. I just check on Wikipedia and I read a story that is everything but surprising.

Beside, I gave you a reference from a 'book', not Internet. It pretty much says what Putin says, and that book has been written by a Jewish scholar, so you can trust it. Please, go read it:

A History of the Jewish People
By leading scholars at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem
Haim Hillel Ben-Sasson

Sponge Cake said...

Vigil to be held for rocket scientist/playwright/poet Mark Duggan this Saturday.

Dan said...

Hanussen is an extraordinary character...conveniently airbrushed from the GCSE text books.

The guy predicted the Reichstag Fire in A clairvoyant routine. He was in the inner circle of the Nazi party. But couldn't keep his trap shut.

nilus said...

The Simpsteins:

( Brooks, Silverman, Cohen ,Simon ,Weinstein,Kavner,Azaria,Shearer,
Lovitz,Ullman, Elfman,Selman,etc etc etc )

Some jewish characters:


"Duffman reveals he is ashamed of betraying his Jewish heritage by doing a Nazi-esque performance at Oktoberfest ("This reich will last a thousand beers! Oh, ja! [muttering]: I do this, and I'm Jewish."

He is voiced by
JEW Hank Azaria

Krusty (Herschel Shmoikel Pinchas Yerucham Krustofski - a caricature of Ashkenazi Jewish names)

Krusty is often portrayed as a cynical, burnt out, addiction-riddled smoker who is made miserable by show business but continues on anyway.

His father is Rabbi Hyman Krustofski voiced by
JEW Jackie OY VEY Mason.

"After much exchanging of Talmud passages between Bart Simpson and Rabbi Krustofski, Bart read the Rabbi a quote from Sammy Davis, Jr. admiring the Jews, which finally convinced Rabbi Krustofski to accept his son for his career in entertainment. He and Krusty reunited on the air of Krusty's show. He later conducted Krusty's Bar Mitzvah, admitting that he had not previously, out of fear that the young Krusty would just make fun of the whole thing. The episode 'Like Father Like Clown' is a parody of the film The Jazz Singer. The parody was writer
JEW Jay Kogen's idea."

Kent Brockman (Brockelstein)
is a "grumpy, self-centered,"local news anchor, based on
JEW David Horovitch ,
JEW Hal Fishman
JEW Ted Koppel

He is voiced by
JEW Harry Shearer

"It has been hinted that Brockman is Jewish, having changed his name from Kenny Brockelstein in order to be more successful in show business.
He can sometimes be spotted wearing the Hebrew Chai symbol on a necklace.

That being said, he is seen several times attending Reverend Lovejoy's Protestant church, and in "Marge on the Lam" he states his belief in the Book of Revelation, suggesting he converted to Christianity."

Artie Ziff

Artie Ziff is a "narcissistic Internet entrepreneur"
He is voiced by
JEW Jon Lovitz,and created by
JEW Animator David Silverman

Dolph Starbeam a bully turns out Dolph is Jewish and attends Hebrew school. Despite the fact that he appears to be wholly Caucasian, in the episode "Little Big Girl" he shows up to multicultural day with a disked lower lip, suggesting some African or South American descent. He lied to his friends about not having a bar mitzvah, later claiming it had been "just family".

Old Jewish Man

Asa, a.k.a. Crazy Old Man He speaks with a stereotypical Jewish-American accent (voiced by
JEW Hank Azaria), and curses in Yiddish in one episode. He is apparently friendly with Krusty the Clown and Krusty's father, according to "Simpsons Christmas Stories". He is often seen yelling at people.

It was revealed that he worked as a studio executive during the making of Casablanca and suppressed an alternate ending to the film.

He was also responsible for a "Killing Spree Ending" to It's a Wonderful Life.

Blue Haired Lawyer

A "competent though not necessarily ethical" lawyer.

Animator Jim Reardon modeled the character's appearance on actor
JEW Charles Lane.(Levison)

The character's demeanor, as well as voice , are based on
JEW Roy Cohn, best known as Joe McCarthy's chief counsel during the JEW/Communist witchhunts in the 1950s.


nilus said...

Born to a non-observant Jewish family in The Bronx, New York City, Cohn was the only child of
JEW Dora (née Marcus; 1892–1967) and
JEW Judge Albert C. Cohn (1885–1959), who was influential in JEW Democratic Party politics.

His great-uncle was
JEW Joshua Lionel Cowen, the founder and longtime owner of Lionel, the toy trains manufacturer.

JEW Cohn played a prominent role in the 1951 espionage trial of
JEW Julius and
JEW Ethel Rosenberg.

JEW Cohn's direct examination of JEW Ethel's brother,
JEW David Greenglass, produced testimony that was central to the JEW Rosenbergs' conviction and subsequent execution.

JEW Greenglass testified that he had given the
JEW Rosenbergs classified documents from the Manhattan Project which had been stolen by Klaus Fuchs.

JEW Greenglass would later admit that he intentionally lied at the trial in order "to protect himself and his wife, Ruth, and that he was encouraged by the prosecution to do so."

JEW Cohn always took great pride in the Rosenberg verdict, and claimed to have played an even greater part than his public role: He said in his autobiography that his own influence had led to both
JEW Irving Saypol and
JEW Judge Irving Kaufman being appointed to the case.

He further said that Kaufman imposed the death penalty based on his personal recommendation. If these ex parte discussions between a prosecutor and a judge outside the courtroom took place, they were improper.

In 2008 a co-conspirator in the case,
JEW Morton Sobell, who served 18 years in prison, said that
JEW Julius Rosenberg had spied for the
JEW Soviets, but that
JEW Ethel did not.

enuff for now..

Anonymous said...

Where the hell are the kwanaza shoppers?

Don't they know that Mark Duggan, England's Own Treyvan Martin, was sacrificed for this?

Dan said...

The amazing part of this is that Hanussen is technically a Holocaust victim, and his offspring are counted as Holocaust survivors.

Although its obvious that Erik was holding the matchbox.

calculus said...

"Although its obvious that Erik was holding the matchbox"

What goes around comes around

James said...

“The Torah is something you can`t even describe how important it is. It is the essence of our existence really — so for someone to do such a horrible thing and cause so many people such despair, it`s unthinkable — especially in the name of religion,’” an anonymous fraud victim said.

Look at this: It is the essence of our existence really

The Torah is the essence of their existence. It is a book which describes mass non-jew genocide and talks about enslaving the world. says it is worse than the Talmud, with good reason. They will always say (and prompt Whitey to repeat) that the Talmud is bad but decent "Torah-believing Jews" are decent and nice. Unfortunately, the Torah is the Textbook, and the Talmud is just the study guide.

A fake torah is even more jewish than a real one.

One day these fakes will fetch higher prices than real ones.

Then people will be selling fake fake ones.

Maybe the fake fake ones will be real ones that someone is pretending to be fake because that would raise their value.

Anonymous said...

Meryl Streep slams Walt Disney as anti-Semitic, 'gender bigot' Streep said “Disney, who brought joy, arguably, to billions of people, was perhaps, or had some … racist proclivities. He formed and supported an anti-Semitic industry lobby. And he was certainly, on the evidence of his company's policies, a gender bigot,"
Yes dear..but, who owns the company now? and what type of "message" are they transmitting to young minds..but I m sure you know yourself Meryl.

James said...

Most of LA will probably be sucking one day.

James said...

Meryl Streep slams Walt Disney as anti-Semitic, 'gender bigot' Streep said “Disney, who brought joy, arguably, to billions of people, was perhaps, or had some … racist proclivities. He formed and supported an anti-Semitic industry lobby. And he was certainly, on the evidence of his company's policies, a gender bigot,"
Yes dear..but, who owns the company now? and what type of "message" are they transmitting to young minds..but I m sure you know yourself Meryl.

This fits in with's theory that Disney and Hitler were the same guy.

Apparently Hitler used to draw the 7 dwarfs all day in his bunker.
Examples of Hitler's cartoons exist.
Not that that necessarily means anything.

Anonymous said...

The BBC had a programme on Cleopatra who removed all her siblings as being rivals to the throne. She was also said to be part human part african.

Anonymous said...

And the guy Streep quoted to laud Thompson was Ezra Pound who you can find doing a Facist salute because he was an admirer of Mussolini.

Its Bertie Basset time!

Keiser (sans blogger login) said...

Sweden is still killing its people...

James said...

Swedes must be a bit thick.

They are starting to wake up though.

I have heard estimates from prominent WNs in Sweden that about 40% of the population are pissed off big time.

Dan said...

Is Meryl attempting to provoke a Duck Dynasty for Disney?

If sales of Snow White spike, does that mean the buyers are anti Semitic?

Does it matter, as the executives are largely Jewish Hollywood Moghuls! Moolah baby, moolah!

James said...

20% are gullible sheep that hate racism.
40% don't really think about it.

That's what the WNs estimate from their informal surveys.

Dan said...

Disney was Scots Irish trailer trash, a shyster from a double wide in Missoura! Yyyeeeeeaaaarrrggggghhhhh!

nilus said...

Racial Psychology: Why Do Black People Want to be White?
Posted by TNO Staff— on April 17, 201337 Comments
Imagine if, tomorrow morning, you woke up and found that every white woman you saw was wearing an Afro wig and had painted themselves black.
Not just one white woman, or even a few, or a “trend,” but EVERY white woman.

What would you think?
Would you think there was something strange going on?
Would you not wonder what would drive every white woman to want to hide their natural hair and deliberately adopt another race’s physical features?
You would, no doubt, think it very weird.
If every white woman you saw was “trying to be black,” you would correctly assume that there was some deep, dark, psychological process at work.
Perhaps some sort self-hatred, envy, desire to emulate . . . something.
Doubtless there would be TV shows about the phenomenon, about what psychological sea-change had occurred to make this happen . . .
Yet strangely enough, almost all black people today have gone to the most extreme measures to appear as white as possible—and no-one has dared to explain it on a racial psychological level – except, of course, to blame white people for “racism.”
Black hair straighteners, or “relaxers” as they are now deviously called, have flooded the world market. They are as common in Africa as they are among black populations in Europe and America.
Everywhere you look, African females suddenly have straight or “good” hair, as they call it.
The black comedian Chris Rock has even made a film about the phenomenon, called “Good Hair” which revealed that his community spends $5,000 per treatment to get “good” (i.e. straight) hair and that the industry is worth $9 billion a year in America alone.
You hardly see a “natural” haired African person any more.
Not only the females, but also the men.

nilus said...

( This delicacy is known as "ghetto lobster")

nilus said...

RIGHT NOW( 12-12.30 am) :


BBC Radio 4skin,
JEW Robert Peston is talking about
JEW Marks and Spencers

Channel 5 ( Owned by
JEW pornographer Richard Desmond)

JEW Anthony Costa is talking.

Channel 4seven:
JEW Nigella Lawson and
JEW Anthony Bourdain are talking.

JEW Des O Connor is talking

JEW Jason Segel is talking

( followed by 2and a half kikes x2)

et kikera...

nilus said...

UK: Massive Internet Clamp-Down Announced
Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 6, 2013

“Bend over, goyim. It’s time to get Jewed.” -David Cameron speaking to the British people on his plan to protect them from free speech
As predicted by everyone who knows anything about anything, Jewish Prime Minister of the UK, David Cameron, has announced that the porno filters to be added to the internet will also be used to block all political dissent.
Framed as a measure to subvert radical Muslims, it is in fact designed to attack those who stand against radical Muslims (all Muslims are radical) – that is,me and you.
From the Daily Mail:

Leftist Bolshevik White English hating Marxist Weasel Doug Saunders owned by Elderofzyklon!

David Cameron: Enemies of the Jews are Enemies of Mine

nilus said...

Brian Akira is the REAL DEAL:

David Cameron's Roots in Jewish Banking, Opium

by Brian Akira
abridged from his Blog

(Editor's Note: British Prime Minister David Cameron is the scion of the Judeo Masonic satanic cult (the Illuminati) that secretly rules England and most of the world. He exemplifies the Illuminati custom of mixed marriages between Masonic Jews and prominent Gentile Freemasons. During the election campaign, he said he would "empower" UK Jews. )

David Cameron's forebears have a long history in financial racketeering. His great-great grandfather, Emile Levita, a German Jew, was related to the German-Jewish Goldsmid banking family, and obtained British citizenship in 1871. He was the director of the Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China.

The Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China was founded in London in 1851 following the grant of a Royal Charter from Queen Victoria. It opened its first branches in 1858 in Calcutta and Bombay and then Shanghai. The Shanghai branch of Chartered bank began operation in August 1858. Initially, the bank's business was in large volume discounting and re-discounting of opium and cotton bills.

Although opium cultivation gradually increased in China, opium imports still increased by more than 50% between 1863 and 1888. Transactions in the opium trade generated substantial profits for the Chartered Bank and the Jews and Freemasons who controlled it.

Later, the Chartered Bank also became one of the principal foreign banknote-issuing institutions in Shanghai. In 1862, the bank was authorized to issue bank notes in Hong Kong, a privilege it continues to exercise to this day. Over the following decades, it printed bank notes in China and Malaya.

With the Rothschilds' opening of the Suez Canal in 1869 (Jewish Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli was accused of undermining Britain's constitutional system, due to his lack of consent from Parliament when purchasing the shares with funding from the Rothschild Jews), Chartered was well placed to expand and develop its dope-running and other rackets.

Besides usury, the bank also dealt in cotton from Bombay, indigo and tea from Calcutta, rice from Burma, sugar from Java, tobacco from Sumatra, hemp from Manila and silk from Yokohama. In 1912, Chartered Bank became the first foreign bank to receive a license to operate in New York.

In 1927, the bank acquired 75% of the P&O Bank, which had offices in Colombo, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Canton. P&O Bank also owned Allahabad Bank.

In 1957, the Chartered Bank acquired the Eastern Bank, giving it a network of branches in Aden, Bahrain, Beirut, Lebanon, Qatar and the UAE. It also bought the Ionian Bank's Cyprus Branches.

Chartered Bank merged with the Standard Bank of South Africa in 1969, and the combined bank became the Standard Chartered Bank. It's motto is "Here for Good" so you know they're evil.

Chartered Bank Director, Emile Levita married Catherine Plumridge Rée, the daughter of Hermann Philipp Rée (from an prominent Danish Jewish family.) Their children were Arthur Levita, Cecil Levita and Enid Levita.

Arthur Levita of Panmure Gordon stockbrokers, together with Sir Ewen Cameron (London head of the Hongkong and Shanghai Bank, and member of the Council for Foreign Bondholders and the Committee for Chinese Bondholders) played key roles in arranging loans from the Rothschild syndicate, including Jacob Schiff, to the Japanese central banker (later Prime Minister) Takahashi Korekiyo [高橋是清] to finance the Japanese war against Orthodox Christian Russia in 1905. Cecil Levita was chairman of the London County Council. The Jewess Enid Levita married Sir Ewen Cameron's son.

Enit Levita is David Cameron's paternal grandmother. His father, Ian Cameron, was a successful stockbroker, a partner at Panmure Gordon, like his father and grandfather.

- See more at:

nilus said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
nilus said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
nilus said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
nilus said...

Bascially what they are doing is try to put the lid on the REAL opposition and the problem with that is that the REAL opposition is REAL. So you are going to find words being translated into deeds as creative as articles and blogposts and artwork and the fight moving from the cyberworld to the physical world as is happening in Ireland where opposition has been curtailed by ADL hate laws.

And when that happens the same creativity that has hit the web will hit the Statue of Liberty, the Palace of Westminister, the Jew asshole Abe Lincoln memorial, Buckingham Palace, Mount Rushmore, government buildings and yes…synagogues and other Jew business sites! Schools, colleges, universities, newspaper and TV offices.

The new websites and blogs will be short text messages written or sprayed or glued onto public surfaces, underpasses, tunnels unpainted walls, bus sheltetrs and train stations, sprayed on trains, busses and government vehicles in the depths of night, thrown as leaflets from high-rise buildings, dumped in drive-by’s from automobiles in Mall carparks, you name it.

And a new generation of hackers will target Youtube, Google or official alternative Jewsmedia sites like Alex Jones, David Icke, UK Column and all the rest of the fast-growing industry providing jobs for unemployed graduates and all numbers of Jews, communists, Marxists and traitors.

You fuck us baby we gonna fuck you, fuck Jew, so hard! So go ahead you fucking world destroying, Jesus killing, white genociding kikes, none of us are going to retire to Miami anytime soon!

It’s happening here:

nilus said...

Akira lost thousands of hours of work when Wordpress deleted his old blog.

His newer one is here:


nilus said...

I wish I could stop being obsessed with jews , I really do.

From now on I shall try to be obsessed with Eskimos and Buddhists , and Morris Dancers.

nilus said...

Remind you of anyone?:

A Look into the Mind of an Antifascist

"Let us ask ourselves – do we know any ‘fascists’ who would make such vile statements as these? (see link)

Though I am sure there are some people who identify as “Neo-Nazis” who may perhaps use such language when addressing their ideological opponents, I have yet to come into contact with one.

The opposition, while claiming the moral high ground, is obsessed with death threats and perverse, disgusting language. (?????)

Whenever they come into contact with anyone who does not agree with their oppressively dogmatic belief system, they respond with childlike outrage. (????)

Meanwhile, we ‘fascists’ are merely asking for an opportunity to debate our opponents in an open and independently moderated public forum.
We might also note the situation in Greece and other places where Marxists are confronting nationalists, where the nationalists are free and open with their personal identities, readily appearing on camera and walking proudly down the street, while the antifa cowards mask their faces and run in packs, singling out vulnerable persons – often old people, women and the disabled – to attack.
I have personally been entirely open with my own identity and personal life, and yet am repeatedly attacked by invisible internet persons."

2014 is going to be interesting...

nilus said...

Just saw a trailer for " Brooklyn 9 9 " starting on E4 next week, starring
KIKE Andy Samberg and a host of
NIGGERS playing policemen.

Created by

JEW? Dan Goor

PEAK JEW, folks, we are here.


Excellent podcast here:

Scorpio's Grand Conspiracy Hour Episode 33 - 2014.01.05

Topics Include:

1) Have we reached peak-Jew?
2) What is the unified-jew-theory and is it real?
3) Cracks in the control grid
4) Various and assorted rants

English podcast for a change:

Hollowcoat's Podcast 05: It's a short one mainly about jews , quennelle drama and some jew calling anti semites evil .

Satanists unveil 7-foot monument they want to erect at Oklahoma Statehouse

James said...

Black hair straighteners, or “relaxers” as they are now deviously called, have flooded the world market. They are as common in Africa as they are among black populations in Europe and America.

I noticed a magazine in the UK called "Black Hair".

In between all the Frizz-Ease adverts, there was articles on weaves, wigs, and straightening devices. Nothing on perms.

White people are more diverse because we get perms too.

We are more diverse because we have more than just black hair, and lots of different coloured eyes.

The white race really is the amazing race.

But someone said its the opposite. White people are less diverse, and that's the official story now.

nilus said...

Quelle Surprise! Nick Robinson is just another BBC JEW:

Robinson was born in Macclesfield, Cheshire, in 1963, to a translator mother and a sales director father. His mother was born in Shanghai, to where her German Jewish parents moved during the 1930s.

The Hebe Bee Cee:

BBC Editor (boss) of ” Newsnight” JEW Ian Katz

BBC presenter of ” Daily Politics” JEW Jo Coburn

See also JEW Robert Peston, JEW Jon Sopel, JEW Emily Maitliss, JEW David Shukman, JEW Will Gompertz, JEW Simon Gompertz, JEW Mark Pougatch, JEW Suzie Klein, JEW Will Self, JEW David Baddiel, JEW Hugo Rifkind, JEW David Aaronovitch, JEW John Sergeant, JEW Dominic Lawson, JEW Arthur Smith, JEW Jay Rayner, JEW Claudia Winkleman, JEW Carolyn Raphael, JEW Danny Cohen(BBC controller) , JEW Robert Winston, JEW Vanessa Feltz, JEW Micheal Rosen, JEW Jay Rayner, JEW David Suchet, JEW Jon Suchet, JEW Melanie Phillips, JEW Joshua Rozenberg, JEW Alan Yentob, JEW David Schneider, JEW Rebecca Front, JEW Jeremy Front, JEW Lionel Blair, JEW Patrick Marber, JEW Mark Damazer (former controller of BBC Radio 4 and BBC Radio 7) JEW (queer) Simon Amstell, JEW (queer) Matt Lucas, JEW Martin Lewis, JEW Boyd Hilton, JEW Jeremy Dyson, JEW Dan Swimer, JEW Andy Nyman, JEW Miriam Stoppard, convert JEW Felicity Kendall, JEW Tom Stoppard, JEW Emma Freud, JEW Jocelyn Rubenstein, JEW Simon Brodkin, JEW Lesly Joseph, JEW David Jacobs, JEW Adrian Goldberg, JEW Andy Goldstein, JEW Robert Popper, JEW Esther Rantzen, JEW Rachel De Thame ( Cohen) JEW Micheal Grade, etc etc etc

and this is just the tip of the Goldberg…..

BBC : Totally jew, controller JEW Danny Cohen/ JEW Alan Yentob

ITV : JEW Jonathan Levi

Channel 4 : JEW David Abraham

Channel 5 : Owned by JEW pornographer Richard Desmond

etc etc etc

If any of this info is useful, please send it to dead-brained friends.

nilus said...

To put it in context:

There are supposedly only 230,000 jews in the UK, (population pushing 70 million)

If they were corpses, they would probably all fit in the new Wembley Stadium.

nilus said...

Quennele Surprise!

nilus said...

"The white race really is the amazing race."

Agreed. And the only one that has put the kike in it's place, time and time again.

Now I wonder who would seek to see us humiliated and destroyed...?


nilus said...

Lorne Micheals is a kike and UK TV is full of black/paki/queer/feminist/lefty comics that are as funny as a stranger's cold vomit on your pillow.

Theyre all obsessed by “race” , and the dumb cunt Brits lap it up.

” What’s Happenin, White People?” is the title of unfunny paki/indian Paul Choudry’s DVD. Its also his “catchphrase”

” In The Midst Of Crackers” is the title of ungrateful NIGGER Reg D Hunter’s DVD. He came to UK and got rich and famous cos of all the nigger-lovers here, and yet…

” Racist” is the title of this half breeds DVD. He has a nigger mom and a Scandi dad…I wonder what set him apart from all the other SA niggers? Must have beem his nigger mom, right. Just like Bob Marley, David Haye and Louis Hamilton..

Anyone see broke nigger Mike Tysons attempt at stand up ( produced by kike nigger Spike Lee?)

He slags off all the White folks that dragged him out of nigger hell and let him live in their home.

I wish a painful, slow death on that ungrateful black bastard.

And Spike Lee.

And Spike “kike” Jonz, (Adam Spiegel) for that matter, why not?

No other group on earth so easily casts off the names of their forefathers, not even a Polish man with a name like a Scrabble Player’s cum-shot.

The bough is going to break, believe me.

nilus said...

"1) Jews first arrive in 1066 with William the Bastard. Used as tax collectors. World’s first database for extracting taxes from the English, the Domesday Book, followed shortly.

2) Edward I (Edward Longshanks, Hammer of the Scots, as seen in Mel Gibson’s Braveheart) expelled the jews in 1290 with the Edict of Expulsion. Most went, some remained.

3) Henry VIII had Venitian doctors who worked to disrupt his court which led to the split with Rome. Venice was defeated by the Pope’s League of Cambrai some years prior and the leaders of Venice vowed to never let the nations of europe unite again to defeat them. To that end they sent their sons to monasteries to study how to divide the church of Rome – this laid the foundations for protestantism. The Black Nobility of Venice were formed primarily of Magyars and Khazars.

4) Cromwell, a looney, got hold of the wrong end of the Old Testament stick and believed the jews were the hebrews. Dutch jews paid for his new model army. First thing they did upon gaining power was to remove the Kings head.

5) William of Orange, puppet of the dutch jews, dutifully set up the Bank of England – the Domesday Book Mark 2.

6) Waterloo enabled Rothschild to takeover the mass of the British economy through early notice of Napoleon’s defeat and subsequent deception on stock exchange.

7) No such thing as the British Empire – it was an empire of the zioinists via The City.

8) Britains stuffed and not in charge of their own country since 1815. 200 years of ruin.

Or so it said on the back of the Cornflakes box this morning."

"I’ll share a true story here that I posted on another forum:

One day, I accidentally met Bob Weinstein. I was working as a courier in Hollywood, and I had to make a pick-up from The Weinstein Company, on Sunset Boulevard.

Their office was way up on the top floor of the building. The receptionist, not surprisingly, was a hot blonde White woman. Also not surprisingly, what I was there to pick up was not yet ready, so I sat down on the chairs in the lobby. There were two other men there, mid 30s, average looking Whites. The receptionist said, “Gentlemen, Bob is ready to see you now,” and they stood up.

Out waddled little Bob Weinstein, wider than he was tall. He seemed in a pleasant mood. He wore a casual suit, and his face had some gross peach-fuzz, probably because he is too lazy to shave regularly. Anyway, he approaches the men and shakes their hands, and they all introduce each other.

Then he walks over to me, even though I was still sitting down. He thought I was part of their group. He waddled right over to me with his hand outstretched, and greeted me with a, “Hello, I’m Bob, nice to meet you.” Not to be rude, and because I thought the situation funny, I stood up, and, while actually shaking the bastard’s hand, said, “Hi Bob, I’m Kevin. I’m not with them, but nice to meet you anyway,” and everybody in the office had a laugh over that. He chuckled and said, “Okay, well nice to meet you anyway, Kevin,” and the three of them walked back down the hall, out of sight. I sat back down and waited for my pick-up.

But, while smiling, and looking him right in the eye, which was about a foot below mine, I couldn’t help but think, “I could kill this man right now, and spare the world of so much garbage…”

I washed my hands as soon as possible."

Kevin in LA :

Sorry, couldnt find any juicy Eskimo stuff.

nilus said...

Contrary to Enyoo's position, I reckon that "jew obsession" is actually the KEY factor in our position, circa 2014.

The Catholics are traditional enemies of the jew. There are what, a billion of them?

The muzzies HATE the jew, there are what, another billion?

That's quite the head start. If the blacks get jew-wise, that's another huge demographic.

Mein Kamf is a big seller in India.

In fact I glimpsed (but didnt read or bookmark) a recent article that claimed Meim Kampf was now number one seller somewhere.

Short vids are the key, these days, 10 minutes or so.

But you can get a lot of info into 10 minutes.

Ugly bastards, arent they?:

nilus said...

Mein Kamf best seller 2013:

Dan said...

I'd bet it is Muslim Indians buying it. Probably not Hindus.

AnalogMan said...

Anonymous said...

Merril Streep criticizes Walt Disney so that people will not go to that film

She sure is stupid, isn't she? Calling Disney a "hideous anti-Semite" and a "gender bigot". That first is a code-word, as they say, for "ignore averything I say from now on, because it has no meaning".

As for a gender bigot, that's who I am. Gender being a grammatical, not a biological concept. I deplore the trend of people trying to avoid "gendered pronouns", specifically he, him, his, leading to atrocities like "to each their own", or "Everybody has his or her opinion". But that's another rant.

Other idiocies from that article:

‘He didn’t trust women or cats.’ As my kids say, Well, duh!

‘... along with enormous creativity come certain deficits in humanity or decency.’

‘We are familiar with this trope in our business: Mozart, Van Gogh, Tarantino, Eminem,’

Right. Enormous creativity. Mozart and Eminem. Who writes this stuff, and how much do they pay her to say it?

Anonymous said...


Good to see anothe rone here!

I too hate Das Boot. And not to gone on windows what with them letting you see the real world.

Das Afrika is a complete waste of a continent.

AlienFreak said...

I am struggling to believe this story. Anyone have any links?
If true Obama needs to be thrown out NOW

Anonymous said...

And the first thing the current Dutch royal family's ancestor who created the dynsty did was to create a central bank.

Anonymous said...

Rock Lobster was a song by the B-52s whose founder went off and died of AIDS.


student Jennings boycotted the New York Rangers for a month to end homophobic chanting.

The chanting continued unlike his faggotcott.

Anonymous said...

I see it is a white man who forced Ke$haha into rehab for eating disorder.

How can I be sure? Because a black man like Hussein Obama Soetero would be like Fellahs? Ya! I like big butts that I can't deny.

Good ole Moochelle is also pushing the acceptance of big butts.

Anonymous said...

As I said on an American nationalist site,

Here’s a new topic, and a gesture for the Obamanation/Liberal Left worldwide, in 2014.
Let it spread far and wide, here as well.

La Quenelle.

Here’s the song that pretty much explains it.
Take a close look at about 2:00 min.
Yes, we can!

Hysterical. The French are seeing through this, far better than the Dispie Baptist Southern fools, or the Yankee metrosexual unitarians.

more on the phenomenon, here:

And to think, it took a Muslim Darkie to bring it about.- Fr. John+

Nastiest Uncle said...

It's the Jews, stupid!