Monday, 11 November 2013

Denmark again 'happiest nation'. But for how long?

Denmark has repeatedly featured among the happiest, if not the happiest, nations in the world. They come out on top again in the latest survey. Take a look to what the ultra-PC France24 ascribes this achievement - this ascription being fully consistent with academic research in the field..

First is financial and physical security.  Comprehensive welfare state including subsidised childcare and unemployment insurance that guarantees 80-percent wages for two years if they lose their jobs together with a low crime rate, especially that of violent crime.

The second pillar of happiness is a 'high level of trust between people. This could be a spill-over effect from people's high level of trust in the government, which is underpinned by a low level of corruption'

Social cohesion is the third factor and in reality underpins  all of the others.

Denmark's unique history is the final factor.

Now you'd imagine that with such a stunning rate of societal success the Danes would be loathe to tamper in any way with the formula.  But not only are they tampering with it they are undermining it at its most fundamental level.  This by way accepting massive numbers of immigrants from countries and cultures that are the total opposite of the Danes', that is, the saddest countries in the world.  Shoot to the bottom of the list and you'll see, quelle surprise, that it's comprised almost totally of African and/or Muslim countries.

Reflect on the factors that account for Denmark's success and then look at the sad countries. They are, unsurprisingly, the polar opposite. Does this not underline the evil and madness of the  multi-cultural experiment?  Healthy societies deliberately infected with a fatal bacillus.  The punishment for the perpetrators cannot be too severe as this, being virtually irremediable,  is literally the worst form of treason.

Thankfully, alone of the Nordic countries, Denmark has - belatedly - taken steps to ameliorate their society's destruction so there's some hope. Sweden?   Irrecoverable, in my view.


Anonymous said...

Congo launched its first rocket,Troposphere 5,it was a massive sucess:

Zambia's forgotten space program :

Enjoy guys :-)

Anonymous said...

Asidu Abudu,CEO and MD of Foresight Investment Ltd in Ghana.He is an Afican equivalent of Nikola Tesla:

International Science Conference in Togo where ''young tech savvy Africans'' can exchange their brilliant ideas:

Last, but not least (hilarious)genius from Togo who built a robot:

Olda said...

What can Denmark then do? Expulsion of illegal immigrant cost in France 12.000 Euro per case. If this is so, then organized deportation is not very realistic option. But there are many more cheaper solutions, for example: we can encourage them, to take lessons in swimming.
A year or two ago, Gerald Celente had warned them to take their ( earned, borrowed and stollen ) money and assets and leave Europe as soon as possible. This train took a long time ago.

Ragnarok said...

@ anon 00:46

Hillarious, Congo sends a rat into, wait, the ground. Poor rat

I especially liked the final adjustments to the rocket being effected with an angle grinder

A huge sucess indeed.

@Savant, according to the survey they're the third largest per-capita consumers of antidepressants. Must have some bearing.

2012 numbers indicate non-western immigrant population is about 390,000, western immigrant population about 200,000 and native danish population over 5.5 million.

It's possible that seeing as all western countries are to be swamped they may yet retain their top position, at least relative to the rest of West. We're just all going to be very unhappy on an absolute scale.


Nastiest Uncle said...

@Anonymous 00:46

"Congo launched its first rocket,Troposphere 5,it was a massive sucess:"

Basically they just filled something which vaguely resembled a rocket up with fireworks then set it off at night for the spectacle. Fuck me.

St Nilus said...

Everyone's happy in Scandinavia. All iss perrfecktion.

"This is the happy house, we're happy here in the happy house
Oh, it's such fun, fun, fun
We've come to play in the happy house
And waste a day in the happy house, it never rains, never rains

We've come to scream in the happy house
We're in a dream in the happy house
We're all quite sane, sane, sane
This is the happy house-we're happy here

There's room for you if you say "I do"
But don't say no or you'll have to go
We've done no wrong with our blinkers on
It's safe and calm if you sing along, sing along, sing along

This is the happy house, we're happy here in the happy house
To forget ourselves and pretend all's well
There is no hell"

St Nilus said...

Some say she is a jew

In early September 1976, the Bromley Contingent followed the Pistols to France, where Siouxsie was beaten up for wearing a black armband with a swastika on it.

St Nilus said...

"He is an Afican equivalent of Nikola Tesla:"

too easy

Franz said...

Savant --

"...literally the worst form of treason..."

But anti-racist globalizers are INCAPABLE of treason. All men are brothers. Siblings all. The only treason is not letting your brother in.

(LOL. Don't try it in Ghana, ha ha ha.)

Franz said...


It's Veteran's Day here in Zombieland. Don't ask too loudly the ratio of unemployed US veterans versus EMPLOYED people here illegally.

Might start a riot. Or maybe should start one.

Anonymous said...

They mix with technology like oil and water.


St Nilus said...

Just turned on Radio, BBC Five Live. Richard Bacon is talking to an "eye-witness" in Vietnam or wherever it is we are supposed to be caring about today that's experiencing dramatic weather..

The man's name is Peter Rosenfield and he was asked to describe the scene: " It was like one of those hollywood holocaust horror the end of the world.."


St Nilus said...

Another puppy holocaust.

'Man beats to death FIVE puppies in front of horrified market shoppers after one bites him on finger

Then mystery man together with a young woman had been looking at the puppies and wanted to pick one of them up to show her '

Chinks, eh? I read somewhere that Chink troops have been invited to Hawaii for some 'exercises', first time ever on American soil.

Maybe they'll take advantage of the local "freedoms":

US: Hawaii House passes same-sex marriage

Hawaii’s House of Representatives passed the same-sex marriage bill on Friday night, setting up a final approval by the state Senate before it can be signed into law.
Lawmakers approved the bill 30-19 in what was considered an “unprecedented” hearing, permitting over 5,000 people to sign up to give testimony.
The draft that was passed gives more protection to religious institutions who refuse to serve same-sex couples.
It is now set to head back to the Senate, which approved an earlier version of the legislation last month, and is expected to reconvene on Tuesday.
If passed in its final stages, Hawaii may either be the 15th or the 16th state to legalise same-sex marriage, depending on whether Illinois signs its bill into law first, and marriages would legally commence from December 2nd this year.
Governor Neil Abercrombie, who will be providing the signature, said: “I commend the House of Representatives for taking this historic vote to move justice and equality forward.
“I look forward to a successful conclusion to this major step in affirming everyone’s civil rights.”

President Barack Obama, who was recently named “hero of Russia’s gay rights movement” by The Moscow Times, has also shown his support for the Marriage Equality Act, calling it a matter of “dignity and respect.”

According to NBC, a University of Hawaii professor estimated that same-sex marriages could bring in another $271 million (£169 million) to the state over a three-year period starting in 2014.

St Nilus said...

queers more butch apparently:

Study: Gay and straight men have different face shapes, and gay men are more masculine

A new study has suggested that there are physical facial differences between gay and straight men, and that gay men actually rank as typically more masculine.
The findings were made at the Center for Theoretical Study at Charles University, Prague, and the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.
Interestingly, the data indicated that the faces of gay men were consistently ranked as more masculine than those of straight men.

Video: ‘Former classmate’ of Obama claims he was a gay teen who had sex for cocaine

Someone calling herself the “former classmate” of Barack Obama has recently claimed the US President was once a gay teenager called Barry, who had sex with “older white guys” so he could afford to buy cocaine.
RightWingWatch posted the video on Friday in which a woman named Mia Marie Pope contacts the television show of US preacher James David Manning.

Ms Pope claims to have been a classmate of Obama when he lived in Hawaii back in the 1970s, where he was a gay teenager addicted to cocaine.
She said: “He very much was within the sort of the gay community. Which there was, even back then, a very thriving gay community in that area particularly.

“And we new Barry as just common knowledge that girls were never anything that he ever was interested in.”

She added: “He would get with these older white gay men, and this is how we just pretty much had the impression that that’s how he was procuring his cocaine. In other words, he was having sex with these older white guys and that’s how he was getting this cocaine to be able to freebase.”
Obama was recently named one of Russia’s top gay rights heroes by The Moscow Times. This came after the President’s visit to Moscow earlier this year in which he met with nine LGBT activists during his trip to St Petersburg for the G20 summit.
Last week, he described a bill banning workplace discrimination against LGBT Americans recently passed in the US senate as an “important step” to “help end injustice”.

wrong is right said...

I like how, they still claim success in the light of what happened.

Total self delusional bullshit

Its the equivalent of shitting on a plate and saying its lobster thermidor.

The jews favorite game, there is no wrong or right, no truth or lie, everything is relative, except the black jews from ethiopia, those must be sent back to ethiopia, in that case, the difference isn't relative, there is the askenazi jew who is light skinned and the ethiopian jew, who is black.

St Nilus said...

Can you "open fire" with a BB gun?


12-year-old girl shot in leg after schoolboy opens fire on pupils in playground with BB gun
11 Nov 2013 11:49
Jamie-Leigh Parker was left with an injury to her right leg after being hit by a pellet from the gun

Police have launched an investigation after a 12-year-old girl was shot in the leg when a schoolboy opened fire on pupils in the playground with a BB gun.

Jamie-Leigh Parker was left with an injury to her right leg after being hit by a pellet from the gun after she says the boy walked around school firing the weapon over two days.

The M.E.N. understands the boy had first brought the BB gun into Hyde Community College last Wednesday and walked around at lunchtime shooting at fellow pupils. But teachers failed to find the weapon – and it is believed he returned with it the next day, shooting at pupils during break and lunchtimes.

Younger pupils tried to hide behind older children as the boy fired at them –

Jamie-Leigh, who lives with grandparents Paul and Mandy MacDonald and brother Alex Parker, 13, off Ashworth Lane in Mottram-in-Longdendale, was left with a red mark and swelling on her leg after being hit by a pellet.

She said: “The boy was messing about with the gun on Wednesday, shooting at loads of people. But he hid it when a teacher was coming. The teachers were searching for it on Wednesday but he had hidden it.

“On Thursday he brought it in and we had to keep moving because he was following us. We went under a shelter and he started shooting people.

“We were all hiding behind people, trying to hide behind people who were taller. I felt scared. I got hit in the leg and it really hurt, like a stinging pain.”

The British answer to Colombine.

Anonymous said...

Eric Fromm, Northwestern Christian University class president, reveals he's an atheist.

Another cohencidental surname.

I don't care how he says he was raised.

Keiser said...

Yet another "celebrity" who pretends to be White. If White people are so bad then why do they all want to look like us?

Just a little more slap and I can almost pass for White

Full "story"

Anonymous said...

Hitler was THE white nationalist.

On Thursday afternoon, December 11th 1941, four days after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour, Hitler spoke to the Reichstag in Berlin. The 88-minute address, which he had written himself, was broadcast to the nation:

- Just as Rome once made her immortal contribution to the building and defense of the continent, so now have the Germanic peoples taken up the defense and protection of a family of nations which, although they may differ and diverge in their political structure and goals, nevertheless together constitute a racially and culturally unified and complementary whole.

And from this Europe there have not only been settlements in other parts of the world, but intellectual-spiritual [geistig] and cultural fertilization as well, a fact that anyone realizes who is willing to acknowledge the truth rather than deny it. Thus, it was not England that cultivated the continent, but rather Anglo-Saxon and Norman branches of the Germanic nation that moved from our continent to the [British] island and made possible her development, which is certainly unique in history. In the same way, it was not America that discovered Europe, but the other way around. And all that which America did not get from Europe may seem worthy of admiration to a Jewified mixed race, but Europe regards that merely as symptomatic of decay in artistic and cultural life, the product of Jewish or Negroid blood mixture.

My Deputies! Men of the German Reichstag!

I have to make these remarks because this struggle, which became obviously unavoidable in the early months of this year, and which the German Reich, above all, is called upon this time to lead, also greatly transcends the interests of our own people and nation. When the Greeks once stood against the Persians, they defended more than just Greece. When the Romans stood against the Carthaginians, they defended more than just Rome. When the Roman and Germanic peoples stood together against the Huns, they defended more than just the West. When German emperors stood against the Mongols, they defended more than just Germany. And when Spanish heroes stood against Africa, they defended not just Spain, but all of Europe as well. In the same way, Germany does not fight today just for itself, but for our entire continent. -


Keiser said...

and just in case any of you are thinking that I am being too hard based on the above picture.

Here is a picture of Rita Ora with makeup

and here is a picture of Rita Ora without makeup

Spot the difference

Nastiest Uncle said...

@Keiser 15:54

She's wearing makeup in both.

Anonymous said...

oh ! and you just have to point that out NU and be a pain in the ass as usual

sliver me said...

She isn't too bad, but I see a little african in her features

Just because she isn't white doesn't mean she is ugly

I for one think indian women, of the type listed below are much hotter than white females, the indian women haven't been had by feminism, in the least, they still retain that wholesomness.

White western women have been destroyed by feminism, that attractive non physical quality, is lost to white women now, even if they haven't grown up in a major city, the insiduous feminism has reached most women.

Most female bollywood stars, far outshine their western counterparts.

Compare Aishwarya rai, to angelina, both physically beautifull, but the indian woman has something which angelina has lost.

Aishwarya rai
Kareena kapoor

I was thinking about the fad of white female movie stars adopting a black accessory, jolie, theron, bullock, madonna, have all done it, madonna leading the way, one hasn't, one who calls madonna a close friend

She hasn't adopted foreign genetic material, she has had white babies, nutured by her womb, who could it be

Jew gweneth paltrow of course, she doesn't fall for the fad, I don't think the paltrow grand parents would be too happy doing corn rows on the porch on a sunday morning.

Nastiest Uncle said...

@sliver me 16:52

I've shagged a fair few women of Indian origin (but who live in the UK) and I do recommend them. They have the freedom of the Western girl combined with the Eastern woman's willingness to please. Quite often, Indian women are pressured to only fuck within their group, but I find that white men are highly sought after for them if they can get away with it. Just be careful to get one who shaves, because they can grow the Amazon rain forest down there.

Rita Ora by the way is pure Kosovo Albanian apparently.

Glen C. said...

Franz, where are you based (I know it's Zombieland!!). Is it America?

Denise said...

Where-ever this Rita Oro creature hails from - she's definitely a High Yella Negress.

Not White at ALL.

Sponge Cake said...


I've shagged a fair few women of Indian origin (but who live in the UK) and I do recommend them. They have the freedom of the Western girl combined with the Eastern woman's willingness to please. Quite often, Indian women are pressured to only fuck within their group, but I find that white men are highly sought after for them if they can get away with it. Just be careful to get one who shaves, because they can grow the Amazon rain forest down there.

NU, these Indian women you've banged. Where they Apache?, or Sioux :)

James said...

Aishwarya rai
Kareena kapoor

Aint no Cindy Crawfords or Liz Hurleys though are they?

And when some Indian women smile they get that funny Rowan Atkinson look going on.

The best looking Indian women are usually the most Aryan ones in any case. Sorry. That's just how I see it. You might like the more Abbo looking ones, each to their own.

Sponge Cake said...

Midwives at Romford hospital left newborn baby in stationery cupboard, inquest hears

James said...

Denmarks full of feminist bitches and manginas.

Vikings are long gone.

James said...

Rita Ora by the way is pure Kosovo Albanian apparently.


Ha ha ha ha ha ha.


Kosovo Albanian.

Is there such a thing?

James said...

Indian women in Bollywood movies are beautiful only to the same degree that they look white.

That's why all the Bollywood actresses are almost white.

Some of them are white which means their ancestors must have somehow avoided the mud for 5000 years. That's an impressive racist achievement in itself. The odd such case stil exists.

James said...

I've shagged a fair few women of Indian origin (but who live in the UK) and I do recommend them.

Why do I feel disgusted all of a sudden.
How sordid...

Nastiest Uncle said...

@James 18:57

Because you have the mind of a Victorian dad.
Like I said the other day, you're crazy in that old person crazy way.

Nastiest Uncle said...

@James 18:56

Women from North India are caucasian.

Anonymous said...

Is Izzy Azalea a Nazi?

The public have a right to know!

S said...


Would you bang an Australian Aborigine Chick?

Be honest :)

Keiser said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Keiser said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Keiser said...

NU said...
"@Keiser 15:54

She's wearing makeup in both.

11 November 2013 16:20"

So are you saying that the White Race is a make-up construct then NU. My point is that in most of her publicity pictures she puts on the titanium dioxide white powder with a trowel.

Have a look, search Rita Ora and see how many pictures of her look like the "dark" version above.

On a somewhat related note...
Here is the problem with letting in any niggers. I have said it before, Mudsharks say it is their choice but it is not. The genetic integrity of the whole group is tarnished.

James said...

Women from North India are caucasian.

WTF are you talking about?

Being moronic again?

Actually if go there and even the dalits look like Claudia Schiffer. I saw a spitting image of Rita Hayworth making buffalo dung fire bricks in a gutter. She was beautiful. I shagged her in her brother's rickshaw at the drive in movies.--nastiestuncle

Your convincing argument has convinced me. Thanks again for your powerful mind. Shiva be praised.

James said...

Because you have the mind of a Victorian dad.
Like I said the other day, you're crazy in that old person crazy way.

Sorry, thinking about it again, I'd love to hear about where you put your cheesy putz. What was I thinking?
Have you got any pictures too? I want to hear more about your big schwantze pumping into whatever it pumps into. Tell us all about it. Come on. Stop being a prude. Tell us some stories about your bum fluff glistening in the moonlight when your arse goes up and down as you heave and groan on top of some bird from Afghanistan.

Lets have it, all the dirty goss.
Don't hold back.

Only joking. It turns my stomach reading about your spotted dick pudendum.

James said...

Because you have the mind of a Victorian dad.

Shag 'em and deport 'em.--nastiestuncle

Sponge Cake said...

Guess who's coming to dinner-NastiestUncle

Anonymous said...

Nellie Sillyass says we need more movies about the hollowco$t and she is right. Nobody knew about its existence until Mealoonie Griffiths went on TV to promote her movie which was completely forgettable.
Morgan Freeman can play a psychotic prison guard.

Uncle Nasty said...

Sad to say, I do not hold the average woman in much respect these days.
I have to agree with Jack Nicholson's author character in As Good as it Gets when asked by a ditzy blonde how he "Wrote women so well?"

"Easy. I write a man ... then I take away reason and accountability."

Women, let's be frank, have a task that they are literally born to ... to create and control the functional and functioning home environment ... and that's pretty much it.
All the rest of this "be all you can be" feminist equality bullshit is just more jew propaganda.
Healthy White women surrounded by sufficient (and that's important) healthy well adjusted White children make a beautiful and natural picture ...

Please ignore the token muds in the above assemblage, but you get my meaning I'm sure.
This, however is what is being created by the entertain/edumacate jewmachine ... The ideal shiksa.

A plastic-augmented, primped, pimped, and painted blow-up doll with the vanity and morals of a jewess, the sense of entitlement of a nigger and the intellect of an amoeba.

Imagine an afternoon with this creature ... never mind being afflicted with her for a week or more.

Ok, so this is where we’re at with the internet right now.

Watch it and weep ...


haplo chrome said...

Aishwarya rai was miss world, cindy crawford or liz hurley weren't

Aishwarya if I'm not mistaken has a degree in architecture, or it could be sushmita sen, miss universe

Yes, the best looking indian women are the bollywood, stars, not kollywood, bollywood, the lightest skinned indians.

But then again, you also get very light skinned arabian women, namely the iranians and iraquis. Those women are also beautifull, and they haven't been feralised by feminism, they still retain femininity, and allow a man to be a man.

Of course the ideal is arayan women, I don't see grace jones setting the beauty standard

Google mahek chahal, all dolled up, she leaves cindy and liz in the dust

Cindy crawford always had a mediterranean look.

World wide survey, by a show of photographs, if I'm not mistaken, iberian people, men and women, were found to be the most pleasing visually, to the various races world wide

when its gone said...

I agree, white women, are slowly being indoctrinated to look like pimped out sluts, a la kardashians.

White women don't need drag queen tranny fake eye lashes, but that is what being pushed

Since when did looking like divine brown, become the ideal for white women.

That's why I am finding north white skinned indian women more attractive, at least the look like natural women, it doesn't look like their boobs are going to pop in their faces, who remembers pamela anderson in the movie barbed wire, that is what white women are aiming for

Now I think pamela anderson can pull off the slutty look with out comming across like a whore, in her baywatch days, I think she was really beautifull, if you google even earlier pics of her, you can see what the jews did to her.

I think looking like barbie was perfectly ok, have you guys seen the dolls little girls are playing with now adays, they make barbie look good.

Google the bratz dolls, that is full on ghetto chic, even barbie, not to miss out, is going a bit ghetto.

When white women realise what they lost, it will be too late to get it back

Dan said...

The Japs ended white supremacy in Asia.

Hitler was a hypocritical skunk on that score.

Anonymous said...

Here is Rita Ora as a teenager,she looks beautiful:

Now she looks like a freak.She is good looking though.She just should be herself and drop blond hair.Blond hair look good only on White women,imho.

Franz said...

@ Glen C. --

Yep. Zombieland. America. Darkest Ignoramastan. Outer Monkeygolia. Nescientia.

The natives are incredible. Like transients at a bus station to nowhere... but they don't KNOW IT!

James said...

Here is Rita Ora as a teenager,she looks beautiful:

She's OK.

I used to have a guy at work telling me Kim Kardashian was the best woman in the world. I just couldn't work that one out.

James said...

light skinned arabian women, namely the Iranians

Ignorance is bliss.

Iranians aren't Arabs, and they'd smash you if you said they were.

They are Persians - Aryans. Or at least, they were once and like to think they still are.

But that's what Islam will do to a country, turn it to mud.

James said...

Google mahek chahal, all dolled up, she leaves cindy and liz in the dust

Nah I think they are about in the same league.

Anyway the point is that if the media says Halle Berry is 10/10 people seem to believe it. She was real primitive looking in Die Another Day. Crikey, I couldn't believe it.

James said...

World wide survey, by a show of photographs, if I'm not mistaken, iberian people, men and women, were found to be the most pleasing visually, to the various races world wide

That survey is anti-Semitic then.

Anonymous said...

Rachel Maddow BSE when she was a dumb blond rather than the dumb lesbian icon she is today.

James said...

Sharbat Gula, the Afgan girl on National Geographic in 1985 was quite pretty.

But she didn't age well at all.

James said...

This is Sharbut Gula older. She is about 40 now.

It must have been a hard life there.

James said...

Here is here brother.

It's interesting how the Aryan genes are trying to get out but the bad genes are almost overwhelming them.

James said...

In younger days.
That look with those wide eyes, that's the look the white race would have.
Most of us have no idea what's happening to us.

James said...

I've shagged a fair few women of Indian origin (but who live in the UK) and I do recommend them.

You would love it in Israel then. Why not? Off you go!

Ragnarok said...

UN said...

"Imagine an afternoon with this creature ... never mind being afflicted with her for a week or more.

Ok, so this is where we’re at with the internet right now.

Watch it and weep ...


An afternoon?
I had to turn it off after the first minute.


Anonymous said...

James said: “The best looking Indian women are usually the most Aryan ones in any case.”


The Jews first (unsuccessful) attempt at diversifying a nation (could have had something to do with those nasty genocidal Hindus and their obsession with the Swastika) .


Long before the first slave ships started supplying labour to the cotton plantations of the American south, and many centuries before the first Africans were brought ashore to the sugar estates of Brazil and the Caribbean, Africans were being sold as slave-soldiers for India's princely states.
Their descendants are the least visible part of the huge African diaspora.
But today in India, almost lost among the mosaic of different cultures and communities in that country, are tens of thousands of people of African descent.
They are known as Sidis [Siddhi, Siddi].
Read more…

In pictures: Indian Africans

Crocodile Festival in Pakistan

Following an ancient tradition, the Pakistani minority population Siddhi dance on African rhythms and pay honour to their divinity by feeding crocodiles.

Most Siddis are descended from Bantu peoples from Southeast Africa that were brought to the Indian subcontinent as slaves by the PORTUGUESE.



Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Rory Quinn is having a ballot on school uniforms so I suggest Uniform 1 for Shatter's new citizens to feel right at home Uniform 2 as a second option. Uniform 3 just happened across this one.

A 60s radical still radical after all these years!

Anonymous said...

The Indian “Barbara Spectre”:

Indian Jew, Jacqueline Bhabha (Bhabha Spectre, LOL!!!) started her career as a human rights lawyer in London and at the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

Her research and legal practice has focused on citizenship and RIGHTS OF ALIENS, REFUGEE LAW, trafficking, and smuggling.


Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Sharbat Gula, the Afgan girl on National Geographic in 1985 was quite pretty.

Like some animals are pretty.

I'm having to retrain myself in that regard. Mental exercise: I see an attractive non-white girl. I imagine a comparable male. Then I imagine my daughter kissing him. Instant revulsion. Instant rage. Instant sadness.

James said...

Moving to Israel isn't that simple.

Its a very feminist country and men can actually be imprisoned there forever if they aren't careful.

James said...

Check this out.

The next Supermodel is in here somewhere

Anonymous said...

Google mahek chahal, all dolled up, she leaves cindy and liz in the dust

Nope. Fails my daughter test.

James said...

Jessica Fishman says:

I made aliyah through this amazing organization, called Nefesh B’Nefesh that basically hands out money to people who want to make Aliyah to Israel. When I first heard of it I thought it was like the Jewish “Make A Wish” Foundation, but for people who are not sick . . . at least not physically.

I found out later that the organization is a non-profit that tries to bring Jewish souls (not Jewish opinions . . . that would have been a disaster waiting to happen!) together in Israel. The funny thing about this organization is that some of its funds are raised from evangelical Christians that want all of the Jewish people to move back to Israel, which is supposed to bring about Armageddon and eventually the return of Jesus Christ. I wonder if they expect to get their money back if that doesn’t happen? Cause us Jews are not that good about giving back refunds.

ha ha.

James said...

Another guy says:
I would advise anyone from Canada or the US against making Aliya but the choice is ultimately yours.

Consider the following:

1)If you don’t speak Hebrew fluently you will be marked and pay for it dearly. You will not be able to help your kids in their homework and this is a requirement in Israel

2) You will be viewed as a fool by Israelis whose dream is to go to the US or Canada. Russians mostly non-Jewish who only came to Israel to move to the US later will openly laugh at you

3) Most US Jews are Askenazim while most Israelis are Sephardim and there is nothing but enmity between the 2 groups, only you will not know how to deal with all the Israelis who look and act like Arabs

4) My half kurdish/ half Moroccan nephew beat up his wife and then beat up his mother in law, so girls don’t think Israel is a solution to finding a quality husband unless you want to destroy your lives and that of your children.

5) Israelis are not the noble, brave warriors we were led to believe. 90% are lying gutless scum who will try to cheat you and bully you however if they lose a fight which they started they will run to the police. Yes they are for the most part bullies and cowards.

6) North Americans stay here because they are trapped as I am with kids in high school or in the army, Israeli spouses if they really screwed up and have passed their window of opportunity for a successfull return.

7) Career opportunities are less for non-Israelis because you will not fit so easily into the society which runs bu a completely other set of rules.

8) I once met a man closer the my current age 56 when I came to Israel at 40. He had spent 5 or so years in Japan. He told me that after spending 5 years learning the culture, the language, the country he came back to Israel knowing that he would never fit in Japan and urged me to go back to Canada. I wish I had taken his advise.

9) As a 56 year old man who came to Israel at 40 I have nothing but regrets. Not only have I managed to destroy my own life but I have endangered the lives of my children. I only hope they leave the country.

James said...

To which someone else responds:

Your observations ring as the most true on this blog. You sound mature and straightforward. I also understand that the housing in Israel is very strange; that you must buy your own refrigerator, stove, A/C unit, carpeting etc. This is a huge monetary expense and these amenities are already in even the lowest of apartments in the U.S.A.
I fail to understand the big push to get all Jewry back to Israel. To me, it’s almost sinister because now they can round us up, and they won’t have to go far.
It sounds like Israel is a great place to visit if you like Eilat or the Mediterranean Sea. It also sounds like only older people with MONEY when they got there will make it. I heard recently from someone who visited Israel that she saw many homeless there. Hate to be negative, but it sounds like unless you strike it very lucky, and you’re young, ruthless and ambitious, the dream could become a nightmare before too long.
This sounds like an adventure for the very young, risk-takers…I used to to one of those but have grown wiser. Thank you for you frank posts.

Interesting, the bolded part.

James said...

Someone got a bit depressed reading all the depressing Aliyah stories.

Someone wrote:

Israel does care, and there are groups that are helping North American and UK Olim. Look up Nefesh B’nefesh. They can help a lot.

Ha ha. Nefesh B'nefesh is a CHRISTIAN organization.

James said...

Nastiestuncle's Nana posted too:

Just a statement I feel I need to make….
I was around ten when the Holocaust occured. I learned about it in a newsreel before a movie. My heart broke. I felt love for these people. As if they were my own kin.
I knew I was part Irish and that I had German blood too. I felt shame to have any German relatives.
I am now 75 years old and a Christian all my life. But a Christian that loves the Jews and Israel.
For many years I have sent as much money as I could to IFCJ and others.
I have sent it because I’ve wanted to make up for what relatives may have been responsible for doing to the Jews.
Also because I wanted to obey God’s word. To help any Jewish person to return to their homeland. The one and only place that God places love for and claims for His own.
I always hoped to visit Israel but too poor to do so in this life. But the Lord knows my heart and I’m sure I will one day see it, but after I go to be with the Lord.
Not once in my life have I ever wanted to see the Jews go to Israel because I wanted to get rid of them. Only because of what the Lord says about them going to their homeland.
Not all non-Jewish people that are Christian, feel anything but love and sorrow for what they have had to endure.
Just needed to let others know how this one old lady feels.
God will always be with you and love you. Keep the faith and always know you are not alone. There are many of us that will stand with you even if it means our death.

James said...

So this guy didn't know he was Jewish. I wonder if he was more or less pro-white or anti-white after he found out.

Hi. Can someone help my wife and I. We were both raised nonreligious and did not no that we were Jewish. We did the traditional thing in England and had a beautiful white church wedding. Then some time later while researching the family I discovered that my mother was Jewish. For years we have felt a strong desire to make Aliyah. Last year we went to Israel. We left with an even stronger desire to be there. We felt like we had come home – it was most strange. Now in the process of Aliyah we have a marriage certificate which states we were married in a church – but we feel uncomfortable about that. We could get married again – but we just do not know what to do about this. Any advice please. Shalom.

Keiser said...

@Anonymous 12 November 2013 00:58

Daughter test... Brilliant :-)

Keiser said...

@James 12 November 2013 01:45

James said...

Nastiestuncle's Nana posted too:
"I was around ten when the Holocaust occured. I learned about it in a newsreel before a movie. My heart broke. I felt love for these people...

...God will always be with you and love you. Keep the faith and always know you are not alone. There are many of us that will stand with you even if it means our death."

I am a new man. How could I have been so wrong, so filled with hate toward whom I now know to be a beautiful and chosen people.

I now understand that through no fault of their own they have earned the ire of this horrible world. We are naught but savages and this kind, gentle old lady has shown me that our sacrifice is necessary to right a wrong.....bbbzzzzzttt....bbbbbBBBBZZZZ.......BBBBZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZTTTTTT...dfks dskfhlslkfd ;lgjfk;lgfgsdf;sjd;as... LoL.... LuLz...

...Oh f**k me sorry I just had to break through all the s**t there.

What a laugh, what an unmitigated joke.

James I hope that you made that up as a joke. I pray that there isn't some poor old lady some where that needs Keiser's patented Holocaust de-brainwashing procedure performed on her. You see I go to her house with flip charts and speak about every nasty, dirty little stroke that they have pulled on the Goys in the twentieth century alone and if this isn't the result, you get your money back.

Anonymous said...

Re the Russia Today article on Craig Cobb.

“Racist who wanted to create whites-only town proven to be of African descent

The 62-year-old Craig Cobb recently appeared on NBC Universal’s “The Trisha Goddard Show,” where he submitted himself to a DNA test that indicated he was 14 PERCENT SUB-SAHARAN AFRICAN.”


“14 percent sub-Saharan African”

I don’t believe it.

You have to bear in mind that these type of Jew-produced shows and documentaries broadcast on the Jew networks are designed to embarrass/humiliate/ridicule whites who are race conscious, advocate racial segregation and fight for white civil rights etc (remember, Hitler’s now a nigger!).

There was a documentary on Jew-controlled Channel 4 called 100% English that looked at the genetic makeup of English people who considered themselves to be ethnically English... The concept of the show was to:

Take eight people - all of whom are convinced they are 100% English. Then submit a sample of their DNA to a series of state-of-the-art tests.

Note at 36:42 where a proud English woman (who set up the only registered charity to represent the English as an ethnic community) is humiliated on national TV by being told that she has the “TYPICAL DNA of a ROMANY GYPSY”.

Once again, we see a Jew-controlled organisation (Channel 4) undermining any organisation that attempts to represent white people.

Note that the DNA test results were interpreted by a company called DNAPrint.

DNAPrint Genomics WAS a genetics company with a wide range of products related to genetic profiling. They provided forensic and consumer products, mostly based around finding "Ancestry Informative Markers" in DNA samples that they CLAIMED enabled them to correctly identify the ancestry of a human based on a sample of their DNA. The company CEASED OPERATIONS IN FEBRUARY 2009.

The Jew is constantly brainwashing whites into believing that there is no such thing as race (apart from the Jewish race of course) and that everyone’s a product of their environment (nurture not nature) and at the end of the day we’re all just a bunch of niggers (hence why the Jew hasbarat on this blog constantly refers to everyone as “niggers”).

Frank Galton

blister in the sun said...

Do you know the same image popped into my head speaking of arayans, what I find fascinating is how euro some of the berbers look.
But yes the feral eyed girl from the national geo cover did prune up badly,
I find the industry recycles looks, who remembers stingray, the british puppet tv show, sting ray and thunderbirds, the female puppets had the brigitte bardot look.

The twiggy look was recycled in kate moss, and that strange looking brit aristicratic blooded model.

Uncle Nasty said...

. Here's an interesting one ... a White anti faggot republican wins an election by fooling everyone into thinking he's a nigger ... And everyone's filling their combinations because he isn't. The left are trying to call it a racist trick, but don't quite know how to do it.

"It's fine when I do it ..."

Republican wins election by pretending to be black

Last updated 17:01 12/11/2013

An anti-gay white Republican pretended to be black in order to win a Texas election, beating his opponent by just 26 votes.

Dave Wilson, an anti-gay activist and former fringe candidate for mayor, was an unlikely candidate to win in a district whose voters are overwhelmingly black Democrats, until he devised an advertising strategy to lead voters to think he was black.

He printed and distributed fliers decorated with photographs of smiling African-American people, which he said he lifted off the internet, and captioned with the words "Please vote for our friend and neighbour Dave Wilson."

Houston community college incumbent of 24 years Bruce Austin labelled the misleading campaign "disgusting".

"I don't think it's good for both democracy and the whole concept of fair play. But that was not his intent, apparently," Austin said.

He tried to counter the campaign by releasing fliers showing Mr Wilson and labelling him a 'right-wing hate-monger'.

That one obviously went over like a lead balloon ... everyone knows it's impossible for a nigger to be a right-wing hate-monger.

Oh. Wait.

This brings up an interesting conundrum ... usually whites who act black (like Eminem) are called whiggers.

So this Wilson character must be a whigger. Dreadlocks, grilles and shiny chrome-plated .45's

This I have to see.


Anonymous said...

“I think she [Pamela Anderson] was really beautifull, if you google even earlier pics of her, you can see what the jews did to her.”


Frank Galton

Anonymous said...


Re Republican wins election by pretending to be black

How can Bruce Austin (Houston community college incumbent) be 100% certain that Dave Wilson is not black?

For all Bruce Austin knows Dave Wilson might have had a DNA test that revealed him to be “14 percent sub-Saharan African.”


Dave Wilson should hold a press conference in order to state that he, along with all other European peoples, are all part sub-Saharan African, and that he will not tolerate any form of racism or discrimination whatsoever. He should end his speech by saying “We Africans are all in this together”.

We’d soon find out how tolerant the niggers are, and whether whites only become niggers when it suits the Jew.


Frank Galton

James said...

James I hope that you made that up as a joke. I pray that there isn't some poor old lady some where that needs Keiser's patented Holocaust de-brainwashing procedure performed on her.

It was a post on that blog I linked to.

The xtian Zionists pay all the air tickets for Jews to make Aliyah. Its kinda weird.

James said...

Also on the blog they discuss converting and making Aliyah.

Yes you can convert and be an Israeli, if you do it write.

Nastiestuncle can apply to the make-a-wish foundation for help.

James said...

New Zealand has high imprisonment rate - half in prison are Maoris

I can't wait to see what it's like when 10% of the population is Negro in 2025. Fantastic.

James said...

Very pertinent - are American Zionists incubating another Hitler?

Personally I hope not. It's very bad for the White race - it was last time.

But we need something to change.

Maybe NastiestUncle can throw the Hitler out of the incubator onto the cold floor and save us all.

James said...

Psychiatry is a pseudoscience.

It isn't. You're crazy.--nastiestuncle

Anonymous said...

The Independent:

Fury at DNA pioneer's theory: Africans are less intelligent than Westerners

“One of the world's most eminent scientists was embroiled in an extraordinary row last night after he claimed that black people were less intelligent than white people and the idea that "equal powers of reason" were shared across racial groups was a delusion.”

“You’ll recall that James Watson, the Nobel winner and world-famous geneticist, was widely outed recently as a rabid racist. You’ll recall that he’s been spouting garbage like Africans have lesser intelligence... So it was with SHEER AND UNBRIDLED GLEE that I learned what is in his DNA is some AFRICAN ANCESTRY.

News that geneticist James Watson inherited 16 PERCENT of his DNA from an African ancestor may provide the Nobel Prize winner with a new perspective on his ancestry.

Scientists at deCode Genetics, the HIGHLY RESPECTED enterprise of gene-trackers in Reykjavik, Iceland, used Watson’s genome, which he had posted online, to plumb his ancestral roots.”

deCode Genetics:

deCODE's approach to IDENTIFYING GENES...has been very CONTROVERSIAL. The company was removed from the NASDAQ Biotechnology Index...On November 2009 a press release announced that the company had filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy in a US court

Having stated that Africans are less intelligent than Westerners, James Watson all of a sudden (magically) becomes a NIGGER!

It brings a whole new meaning to the term “magic nigger”.

Have whites become the new “magic niggers”?


Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

ReThink911’s “New York Times Billboard”

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Nothing in the Jew media (not even the local media) on the 911 “New York Times Billboard”.

Frank Galton

Eimear said...

Keiser, those different pics of Rita Ora, just incredible. The amount of manipulation blows the mind.

James said...

News that geneticist James Watson inherited 16 PERCENT of his DNA from an African ancestor may provide the Nobel Prize winner with a new perspective on his ancestry.

One day they will teach kids at school that a black man invented DNA.

Uncle Nasty said...

Well, well, well.

The 12th anniversary of the September 11 terror attacks are slated to be a less than solemn affair, as protests, counter-protests and a ‘Rethink 9/11’ ad campaign have all been scheduled to capitalize on the sacrosanct day in the US calendar.

From a 54-foot billboard in Times Square asking Americans to reconsider 9/11 to a ‘Million Muslim March’, this year’s anniversary of twin tower attacks stands out as potentially the most controversial on record.

The day began peacefully, with victims and loved ones gathering on the two-year-old Memorial Plaza in New York to hold a moment of silence at 8:46am to remember those who died when hijacked jets crashed into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and near Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

The Million American March Against Fear — originally dubbed the Million Muslim March –was slated to begin at noontime on The National Mall in Washington, DC, on Wednesday. Though purporting to attract a crowd of thousands, an RT correspondent at the site of the event reported attendance to be at around one hundred.

Organizers of the event, AMPAC - The American Muslim Political Action Committee – had originally planned the event to counter the post 9/11 “victimization” of Muslims.

The event was later broadened to bring attention to the “erosion of domestic civil liberties, drone policy, illegal tapping and [surveillance]” and other civil liberties-related issues after sparking controversy following its announcement in January.

But this I like in particular ....

Monday’s event in Time Square will feature former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, who became infamous for saying that then-president George W. Bush may have had advanced knowledge of the September 11 attacks and allowed them to go ahead in order to boost the profits for the Carlyle Group, an owner of defense contractors with which the Bush family had connections.

McKinney was booted from office decade ago thanks in no small part to inflammatory comments made by her father, the late former Georgia state Rep. Billy McKinney.

When asked about his daughter’s tough reelection bid, the senior Mckinney remarked “Jews have bought everybody. Jews. J-e-w-s."

Rethink911's All-Day Rally started at 8:00am at Ground Zero.



Uncle Nasty said...


Israel ‘furious’ with White House for leak on Syria strike

Jerusalem considers administration’s confirmation of Israeli air attack on missile stores to be ‘scandalous’; TV analyst warns US risks starting ‘major flare-up’

Get The Times of Israel's Daily Edition by email
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Israel has not acknowledged carrying out the strike, one of half a dozen such attacks widely ascribed to Israel in recent months, but an Obama administration official told CNN on Thursday that Israeli warplanes had indeed attacked the Syrian base, and that the target was “missiles and related equipment” set for delivery to Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Israel’s Channel 10 TV on Friday night quoted Israeli officials branding the American leak as “scandalous.” For Israel’s ally to be acting in this way was “unthinkable,” the officials were quoted as saying.

A second TV report, on Israel’s Channel 2, said the leak “came directly from the White House,” and noted that “this is not the first time” that the administration has compromised Israel by leaking information on such Israeli Air Force raids on Syrian targets.

It said some previous leaks were believed to have come from the Pentagon, and that consideration had been given at one point to establishing a panel to investigate the sources.

I have often thought that I would like to see the day when the West asks the question of israel ...

"Just who the fuck do you yids think you are?"

Soon, now.


James said...

Pakistan is going to sell some nukes to Saudi Arabia.

Saudis did 911.

But Saudi Arabia isn't in the axis of evil.


katana said...

The Hitler Test

A good article, although a little over the top with his bleak predictions (one hopes).

The Germans woke up and fought International jewry to the death, all the way to Berlin. The jews duped or forced the peoples of the USA, Britain, France and the USSR to do their dirty work.

If you study that era it becomes clear why the German people admired Hitler and why so many worshipped him.

We've been lied to on a gigantic scale.

International jewry through its stranglehold over Western media, finance, and politics has long moved on from destroying the Germans and is now busy destroying all Whites countries through a multi-level attack on all the things that make up a decent society. One main method is tidal waves of low IQ, violent third world immigrants into White countries. Import the Third World and your country becomes the Third World, as simple as that.

As the Germans worked out and we have forgotten, International jewry is the enemy of White societies and all human decency. That's the bottom line. The 'Hitler Test'!



James said...

This is why Adolf Hitler was so intent on stopping the Red Jewish Menace from Russia from invading his own country. What has been stripped from our history books was that Hitler admired the United States and Britain, because he didn't realize they had already been taken over by Jews and turned into monsters.

So Hitler failed the Hitler test.
Hitler wasn't a very good Hitler then. He wasn't very good at Hitlering.

Anonymous said...

because he didn't realize they had already been taken over by Jews and turned into monsters.

I don't think that's correct, with respect to the United States.

Anonymous said...

"Just who the fuck do you yids think you are?"

Soon, now.

Diversity is essential to our mission!

St Nilus said...

Ben Griffin opens by saying that fighting for Queen and Country is just a piece of propaganda dreamt up by the false religion of Patriotism.
He says those who will never actually fight hold this notion dearly. Having been in the SAS he tells of his experiences of what pain and suffering war inflicts on the innocent and how any military group will not fight for Queen and Country but will fight when they are told because they are trained for warfare.
Filmed on Thursday 7th February 2013

Founder of Veterans for Peace; former SAS trooper

St Nilus said...

A jew on every panel:

BBC Radio 4skin

It's Your Round

With Lucy Porter, Tom Wrigglesworth, Lloyd Langford and JEW Robert Popper.

" Popper also wrote on the fourteenth series of South Park; he was signed up by creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker following a week long brainstorming session, and worked on the final four episodes of first half-season.

Popper created, wrote and produced 2 series of the Channel 4 sitcom Friday Night Dinner. "

Friday Night Dinner Series 1:
Winner: Best Sitcom, Rose d'Or Awards 2012
Winner: Best Format, MIPCOM, 2012
Winner: Best Sitcom, Montreux Comedy Festival, 2011
Winner: RTS Craft Award, Best Editing, Sitcom 2011
Nominated British Comedy Awards, Best Sitcom 2011
Nominated British Comedy Awards, Best New Comedy 2011
Nominated Best Writer, Comedy, RTS Awards 2011
Nominated Best Comedy, Broadcast Awards 2012
Nomibated, Best Comedy, Televisual Awards, 2011
Nominated Best New Programme, Broadcast Awards 2012

"Friday Night Dinner" was about a jewish family getting together every Friday night, and their dumkopf goy neighbour.

It was piss-poor.

Popper was educated at Haberdasher's Aske school. ( Matt Lucas, David Baddiel, Sasha Baron Cohen,Jason Isaacs,Jay Rayner, etc etc etc)

Jay Rayner was also on Radio 4skin today:

The Kitchen Cabinet
Series 5, Oxford
JEW Jay Rayner chairs the culinary panel programme from Oxford.

St Nilus said...

Similarities Between Jews and Muslims

Cute Little Mary-Kate Olsen is Dating a Filthy Old Jew

Twins Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, 27, known from “Full House,” have built successful careers in the fashion industry. But they’re not dating within their race (they have Norwegian ancestry). Mary-Kate Olsen has been sleeping with a 44-year-old Jew, Olivier Sarkozy, brother of former French President Nicolas Sarkozy.
Olivier Sarkozy works as the head of financial services at the Carlyle Group. His ex-wife, with whom he has two children, has called the relationship with Mary-Kate Olsen “grotesque,” according to the Daily Mail.
Her sentiment is unsurprising. Mary-Kate Olsen still looks like a little girl, while Olivier Sarkozy is an old Jew man.
Here’s how they look together (last picture shows him with Mary-Kate Olsen and his own daughter):

Anonymous said...

Sweden is getting rid of some prisons and a detention centre despite the increase in importation of natural prisoners.

St Nilus said...

I read once that whenever there is a case of rape on a very elderly woman,
the police or FBI "profilers" will be 99% sure they are looking for a negro perp.

Black Maintenance Man Found Guilty of Rape, Murder of 93-Year-Old Woman

'Man, what is with these people?
We all get outraged over the cases of young girls being raped by blacks, but at least it is comprehensible: they see the beautiful young White girls that they know they can never have, so they take them.
Raping a 93-year-old woman, however, is beyond my capacity to even understand.
What goes through their heads? Why would anyone ever do this?
But they do it constantly!
I need to make a special archive section on the site for rapes of the elderly by blacks. It really shows you just how out of control these people are.'

St Nilus said...

Let's hope they keep slingig around the charges of "NAZI" "rayciss" "Bigot" etc, cos it's wearing thin, and getting ridiculous:

Jew married to half-black called "neo-nazi"

Jewish School Official Calls Jewish Father a ‘Neo-Nazi’ for Questioning His Daughter’s Assignment
Fox News
November 11, 2013
Josh Barry, of Camp Hill, Penn., wants to know why the president of the local teacher’s union thinks he’s a neo-Nazi after he complained about a classroom assignment that he believed to be biased.
“I’m Jewish and my wife is half-black, half-white,” Barry told me in a telephone interview. “I am the furthest thing from a neo-Nazi.”
Last week, his daughter’s eighth grade American History class at East Pennsboro Middle School was asked to analyze a New York Times story about the recent government shutdown.
Barry, who said he is a registered independent, read the story and then read a list of questions his daughter was required to answer and he immediately determined the assignment was “grossly slanted.”
The worksheet included questions like “To what issue do House Republican leaders insist on tying the federal budget?” and “Whom do you hold most responsible for the government shutdown?”
Barry fired off letters complaining about the assignment to his daughter’s teacher as well as the school board. But a few days later, he was shocked to discover that the head of the local teacher’s union was making calls around town – asking if he was a neo-Nazi.

St Nilus said...

Every day this happens, every fricking day.

What would Saint Steven and Saint Trayvon say?

78-Year-Old White Who Tried to Save Man Attacked by Blacks is Killed by Blacks

Delor Cabral, a 78 year old Portuguese man in Rhode Island, was brutally beaten to death by two black males. The two thugs initially attacked a tenant of Cabral. He had intervened and attempted to defend his tenant. The local press is censoring the story. Every media is omitting information about the attackers. This is part of an admitted policy to censor black crime, especially black on white crime. If the races had been reversed it would be a major story and the press would scream “racially motivated hate crime.”

St Nilus said...

Damit, just one more. Stupid black beasts running around:

Typical Black Kid Shoots People at the Skating Rink, Posts About It on Facebook

'Seriously, could these people get any more silly? I guess if you’re dumb enough to shoot up a skating rink over a coat, you’re dumb enough to confess it on Facebook as soon as the cops knock on your door.
Here’s the video. (link)

This really speaks well to the mindset of these people. Growing up in Africa, where young death was pretty much guaranteed, they developed three key qualities that we presently see defining the black race in America:
They have a lot of sex, they have an obsession with violence and they are not particularly bothered by the idea of death.'

slutinsky said...


Here is proof of how beautifull pamela anderson was befor she got turned into a jew whore house madam.

She had that all american girl look, that hugh hefner and the rest of the adjustment beureau had to destory, and turn her into some golom slut machine.

I still think pamela anderson can pull off slutty minx, like no other, unless she goes full blown whore like in her attempt at acting on the silver screen.

Enjoy the pics at these links, when she hadn't been sluttified by the jews yet, but had just started on the yellow brick road, see the process

Anonymous said...

Mammath Marmot Parka

A white man attempts to get a jacket like this by joining e-bay and bidding for it.

A blackman demands it off a fellow skater is told to "Fuck off" because the consideration zero dollars and zero cents was not adequate so he goes off and returns with a handgun (illegal in New York!) and fires gangster style. Reports of two hit with one paralysed. No doubt Obama will give his son a lecture on proper consideration to make a contract valid with his legal expertise and competence.

Anonymous said...

'Man, what is with these animals?
We all get outraged over the cases of young girls being raped by blacks, but at least it is comprehensible: they see the beautiful young White girls that they know they can never have, so they take them.

Dworkin, Mckinnon, Friedman and the rest of Cinderella's ugly sistas knew that rape was all about power and that their ugliness would not save them from dark skinned dudes but somehow they managed to demonize white men.

I guess they were not as smart as they pretended to be.

Anonymous said...

Holy cow! Is that actually her in the "blue zone" shirt?

That's my favorite by far.

Sponge Cake said...

Obamacare navigators

Check out the video.

Sponge Cake said...

That article I just posted. If you check out the video, it gives a glimpse of the typical affirmative action hire sucking up US taxpayers(White) money.

St Nilus said...

Wow, theyve even got blacks BEHIND the bar now in Eastenders.

On Radio4skin, "Front Row" just now, they,ve been gushing about a new movie , "Don Jon, starring
JEW Scarlett Johanssen and written by, directed by and starring
JEW Joseph Gordon Levitt, as a
GOY ( of course) who is addicted to porn :

"Italian American Jon Martello (Gordon-Levitt) is a modern day Don Juan, with a short list of things he cares about: "my body, my pad, my ride, my family, my church, my boys, my girls, my porn". Although he has an active sex life with women he meets at nightclubs, he looks at pornography on the Internet habitually, preferring it to sex."

'Gordon-Levitt was born in Los Angeles, California, and was raised in its Sherman Oaks neighborhood.

He is Jewish, though his family is "not strictly religious"; his parents were among the founders of the Progressive Jewish Alliance.

His father, Dennis Levitt, was once the news director for the Pacifica Radio station, KPFK-FM.

His mother, Jane Gordon, ran for the United States Congress in California during the 1970s for the Peace and Freedom Party; she met Dennis Levitt while she was working as the program guide editor for KPFK-FM.'

After that was a drama serial "tackling the issues" of girls being groomed for sex, up North.

Except that the perps were now White Northern Blokes..

15 Minute Drama
Children in Need:
Holding On to You.

'D.L. Weller's powerful drama about child sexual exploitation and grooming.

Police are called to the family home when fourteen year old Holly goes missing for the night. As Holly's desperate parents try to track her down, Holly finds herself in danger.'

St Nilus said...

Right now on ITV, let an ORTHODOX JEW and a MUSLIM teach the GOYIM how to save their shekels at CHRISTMAS:

(JEW MILLIONAIRE)Martin Lewis Money Show - The Twelve Saves of Christmas

'Martin Lewis and Saira Khan present tips on how to make money go further during the 'festive period', from radical ways to cut back, like banning unnecessary gifts, to clever shopping techniques. Martin offers his predictions for when the major (JEWISH)retailers will start slashing prices'

On BBC1 at 10.35. more KOSHER TREATS FOR US :

Imagine - Broadway Musicals:
A Jewish Legacy

Alan Yentob presents Michael Kantor's documentary asking why New York musical theatre has proved to be such a fertile territory for Jewish artists of all kinds.

After the Second World War, the bright lights of Broadway offered a chance for those who had fled persecution and oppression to make it big in America, with melodies

"derived from Jewish prayers"

inspiring new songs that people around the world would come to embrace in timeless shows such as Porgy and Bess, West Side Story and Cabaret.

The film features performances by some of Broadway's most creative talents, plus archive interviews with
JEW Irving Berlin,
JEW Jerome Kern,
JEW George and
JEW Ira Gershwin,
JEW Lorenz Hart,
JEW Richard Rodgers,
JEW Oscar Hammerstein,
JEW Leonard Bernstein and
JEW Stephen Sondheim

JEW? Michael Kantor
Series Editor/Presenter
JEW Alan Yentob

On Channel 4 , 9pm:

The Sound of Musicals

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

New series. London's West End is booming. With millions to be made at the box office, competition is fierce and everyone from producers to performers is searching for a coveted spot on the stage. This documentary goes behind the scenes to follow every aspect of the business of musicals, beginning with a look at
JEW Sam Mendes' reimagining of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'

BBC2, 10pm : "Hebburn"

Second series of the SHIT_COM about a GEORDIE PRICK who returns home married to a JEWISH girl.

Channel 4, 10pm

Masters of Sex

Virginia (JEW Lizzy Kaplan)tries to disprove JEW Sigmund Freud's theory that one kind of female arousal is better than another'

BBC3 10pm

Sweat the Small Stuff

'QUEER Nick Grimshaw and team captains
NEGRO Melvin Odoom and
NEGRO Rochelle Humes are joined by JEW Kelly Osbourne,
JEW Rachel Riley, and Hebburn star GEORDIE PRICK Chris Ramsey for the show about life's little annoyances'

GEORDIE PRICK Chris Ramsey is also on " Celebrity Juice" ,ITV2, 10pm

SKY Atlantic, 8pm:

Jews on Bikes

'In New York, Natalie and Rabbi Anna discover how a 23-year-old Jewish businesswoman adheres to the strict rules of her religion while coping with the glamorous and fast-paced world of Manhattan. Meanwhile, the men head to a gym where Muhammad Ali once trained to meet former WBA super-welterweight champion Yuri Foreman, who pursued a professional boxing career while also undergoing the six-year training to become a rabbi'

followed by

The Act of Killing (2012)

Director JEW Joshua Oppenheimer spent seven years with former members of Indonesian death squads to try to understand why they killed, and why they remain so proud of their actions many years later.

He challenges them to re-enact some of their many killings in the style of the cinematic genres they love, with the men playing themselves and their victims.'

DAVE, 8pm : Man v Food x2
(JEW Adam Richman)

followed by QI
(QUEER JEW Stephen Fry)

4seven, 8pm
"Heston's Ultimate Feast"
(JEW Heston Blumenthal)

NEXT WEEK, the week of England vs Germany in the footy, Channel 5 are having a " NAZI WEEK" .

I'll keep you posted.

St Nilus said...

Missed one. ITV, 9pm:

Missing Without Trace
Last year, more than 250,000 people disappeared across the UK, often leaving distraught relatives who are desperate for answers.

presented by
JEW Natasha Kaplinsky.

Basically, it's either about jews, or presented or directed by one.

Sometimes all three.

St Nilus said...

No, wait, there's more:

BBC1 12.05

Cabaret (1972)

'A flighty nightclub singer in 1930s Berlin is drawn into a love triangle with a sensitive would-be English writer and an aristocratic German, as the Nazi party grows in might and the country heads inexorably toward war.'

"Oscar-winning" musical directed and choreographed by IRISH/NORWEGIAN Bob Fosse!!!

Songs by
JEW John Kander and
JEW Fred Ebb

BBC2 12.20

Stephen Fry: Out There

Part one of two. The QUEER JEW broadcaster travels to various parts of the world to learn about people's experiences of coming out as gay and talks to a number of homophobes to try to understand the origin of their HATRED

He begins by reflecting on the changes that have affected homosexuals in his lifetime and chats to Elton John and David Furnish, as well as US actor Neil Patrick Harris, about their own experiences. He also travels to Uganda, where the government is proposing a new anti-homosexuality bill that includes death penalty and life imprisonment clauses, and visits America to investigate a therapy treatment that claims to be able to change a person's sexual orientation'

Anonymous said...

Irish emigration increased by nearly 400pc since 2008.

skankinsky said...

yep that was what pamela anderson was like, before hefner sunk his fangs into her, the more plastic she's gone the less attractive shes become, before she got siliconed lips, sje used to do a tv show, vip or some such, she could pull slutty off well, not many women can pull off slutty and not come across as real slag skanks, but pamela could pull it off, maybe its just me, but she did it for me.

Anonymous said...

As the rest of world population regresses or stagnates (especially the White race which was 20% of the world pre 1900 and now under 8%), Africa currently, 1.1 billion people, will be 4.1 billion by the year 2100.

Uncle Nasty said...

Further to St. Nilus's never ending expose of the noses in the video industry, I often hear the the plaintive little statement that we should not condemn them because, well, like the poofs, they are like, creative, you know.

Yeah, right.

The original "Hunger Games" was written for very young adolescents and then -- believe it or not -- actually dumbed down to Hollywood standards to fit in with the narrative.

Read about these two schmucks -- Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer (good Scots names, there) who unlike your average nose who attempts to gold-plate dog turds, actually attempt to degrade the original material.

With the boundless restraint and good taste usually displayed by jews, they have managed to rip off a kid's flick and still get an MPAA rating:

Rated PG-13 for crude and sexual content, comic violence, language and partial nudity


great white said...

UN, not to reflect on or take the focus from St. Nilus' research, but jews practically run the porn industry here in the USA. I established that only recently, inspired by the saint himself!

James said...

Interesting article from Makow about some fighting those most powerful of shabbas goyim, Bernard Fay - anti-Freemason.

James said...

Julius Evola on Femininity etc

I recommend Evola's books.
The guy was intense...

St Nilus said...

Remembering Josue Estebanez de la Hija, Spanish Nationalist Crucified for Defending Himself Against Antifa Traitors

On the 11th of November 2007, a lone patriot was traveling on the Madrid Metro on his way to a legally authorised Spanish Nationalist demonstration that was being held in a largely immigrant area of Madrid by la Partista Democracia Nacional (the National Democrats Party). Josue Estebanez de la Hija, a 23 year old professional soldier who proudly served his country in the Regimiento de Infantería Inmemorial del Rey n.º 1 (the 1st King’s Immemorial Infantry regiment of the Spanish Army – the oldest armed unit in the world), could never have imagined that his combat training was going to be critical to his survival on that cold winter afternoon.

As the train approached Legazpi station on the metro line 3 at 12:55pm, the calm civilised atmosphere on the carriage was about to take a turn for the worst. Josue, a young man whose job depended on him being able to identify (and resolve) dangerous situations had no idea that Legazpi station, a mere stop away from his intended destination, was to be the assembly point for over 50 violent, armed, antifa thugs, including a group who went by the name of “Movimiento contra la Intolerancia.”
Josue, on spotting this heavily armed mob, quickly realized that his clothing (a “three strokes” sweatshirt and combat trousers), as well as his standard military haircut, was going to cause him to be singled out as this cowardly pack’s first victim of the day.
He was cornered by the enemy, outnumbered at least 50 to 1.
There’s an old saying and I’m sure everyone reading this will agree with: “better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6.” If Josue was active in the right-wing movement, then I’m sure he was no stranger to the violence of the continental European extreme left-wing movement. He wasn’t going to become another statistic. Realizing his odds of escape were slim, and fighting off 50 armed attackers with his bare fists was impossible, Josue discretely reached into his right trouser pocket and drew his official military issue knife and prepared himself mentally for the inescapable confrontation that was about to follow (in court he gave the perfectly reasonable defense that he was carrying the knife because he had military exercises the following day, and he wasn’t going to go back to his apartment prior to heading to the base the following morning).

St Nilus said...


"They don't belong here, I don't want them here, this is my country. It is sheer lunacy to even think of allowing any of them off the boat. If they come to my street, as they surely will, I will fight to remove them. It's time for Britons to stand up and be counted, how ironic that it has taken a blind man to see this!"

What the Left-wing human rights industry won't tell you about the Roma

St Nilus said...

also from the above link:


"The Roma are basically the same as Jews. The big difference is that Jews now have a homeland and everyone has forgotten about the fact that pound for pound, the Roma took as big a hit in the Holocaust.

A couple of years ago, after a spate of attacks on the Roma community, I phoned up the Jewish Chronicle asking why they hadn't expressed any solidarity with a group who share so many commonalities with the Jewish diaspora. The response I got was along the line of 'those gypsies deserve everything they get'.

Leaving that aside - since the Telegraph is such a strong proponent of Israel, should it not also campaign for a 'Roma Homeland' somewhere?"

St Nilus said...

It's an interesting thread,all right:

nickr • 12 hours ago
"I seem to recall that Northern Ireland's "divided communities" or their strong arm leaders got together in a united way to evict the Roma from their midst."


"It's interesting you say that because the Guardian presented it as if it was all from the loyalist side.

I'm from Donegal and know NI well, Belfast in particular.

I can confirm absolutely that certain groups in the immigrant community are watched very carefully.

About 3 weeks ago a group of eastern European hoods and wannabe gangsters got their arses handed to them on a plate by the "lads"."

St Nilus said...

had to share this one:


"What differentiates the Roma from the Jews?"

"Just about everything. The Jews have, per head of population, probably produced more people of benefit to the human race than any other. In Britain they have proved keen to integrate, being well-known for becoming even more patriotic than most of us. They are exemplars of the use of hard-work and education to earn a living, and not criminality. The two could not be more different."

St Nilus said...

Reading that thread, it's incredible how often they use the "look how many Nobel prizes the jews have won" gambit.

Gee, jews win a lot of Oscars too.


St Nilus said...

Fighting for rights of the Roma

Jews have a responsibility to campaign for the rights of gypsies and travellers because of a historical kinship, maintains the director of a Jewish human rights charity.
René Cassin's Simone Abel has put travellers' rights at the forefront of her organisation's campaigning since joining the charity last year. Ms Abel, who trained as a lawyer, said: "There's a very clear historical overlap of times when Jews and gypsies have been targets of prejudice. Our communities are similar sizes. We have both faced discrimination pre- and post-Holocaust, and been denied basic human rights. The majority of gypsies in Nazi Europe were exterminated alongside Jews."
The issue is back on the news agenda because of controversy over Dale Farm in Essex, an Irish traveller site which is home to more than 1,000 people, who the council have voted to evict by the end of August. The land is classified as green belt and homes have been built there without planning permission. The council has promised to rehouse those made homeless. René Cassin plans to lobby the council and the government on the issue, alongside gypsy organisation Friends, Families and Travellers (FFT).
"We are deeply concerned about the proposed eviction, and more broadly, the use of the Localism Bill to bring in legislation that will make it harder for long-term inhabitants of sites to continue living there," Ms Abel said.
"There is an obvious risk when local people are given the power to decide who lives in their area. Discrimination against gypsies and travellers is widespread in our society. The majority is not always right, as Jewish people know only too well."
René Cassin is recruiting lawyers to work pro bono on traveller cases and lobby the government to enshrine gypsy and traveller property rights into legislation. It is also developing an educational programme with FFT on the issue, which they hope to bring to Jewish schools. It will include a theatrical production, presentations by Holocaust survivors and an online resource on the lack of human rights protection for travellers. FFT's Chris Whitwell noted a "shared history of persecution" with the Jewish community. The vast majority of research into the Roma genocide has been carried out by Jewish academics. Romany professor Ian Hancock described the Jewish community as "practically the only friends we have, and we recognise that".

St Nilus said...

"fabian solutions" is one of the lefty trolls that haunt the Telegraph blogs.

Here he sounds like he's singing from the Barbara Lerner Spectre songsheet:

fabian_solutions •
"Message to the haters:

Our demographics are changing - whether you like it or not. In the US, the white non-Hispanic population will be a minority by 2025 - for the first time in their history. That process will take longer in the UK but it will happen eventually.

And let me be clear. These changes won't be easy for everyone to accept. Some people find change difficult to deal with, especially the older generation. We will all have to get used to the fact of living alongside people of different ethnic backgrounds and cultures.

But we have always been a nation of immigrants. We have always drawn our strength from our diversity.

That's why we need to look forwards not backwards, and make every effort to build a harmonious and tolerant modern Britain which accepts people from every background.

Let me be clear. We cannot and will not go back to the bland, monochrome Britain of the past. As John Bercow said, we now live in a "kaleidoscope Britain". A vibrant, dynamic, exciting melting-pot which is something to celebrate.

I love the new, diverse, kaleidoscopic Britain. I love the diversity, the multitude of different cultures that one finds in a city such as London. I feel bored when I visit towns and districts which are still monotonously white. I love the fact that this country is becoming more diverse day by day. It is something to celebrate"

Ragnarok said...

@St Nilus 01:21

That entire screed of fabian solutions was just one long stringing together of every piece of multicultural propaganda out there. And the smug condescention, unbelievable!

Europe is going to be an absolute shithole in twenty years if these ideas are not utterly de-legitimised an rejected totally.


St Nilus said...

"As JEW John Bercow said.."

and "It didn't take the BBC long to connect this tragedy to their agenda of promoting AWG. As people struggled to comprehend what has happended, as the dead lay rotting in the streets, as families agonised over the fate of their loved ones, David Shukman produced a nice fluffy piece explaining how typoons started and that because of man made climate change it was all our fault. Does this organisation have no sense of morality or shame?"

That's the JEW David Shukman, a "science correspondent" for BBC and Jewsnight.

St Nilus said...

"I feel bored when I visit towns and districts which are still monotonously white"

Yes, Ragnarok, it's hard to believe that it's not a wind-up.

I was in Dorset , Swanage, Bournemouth for a week in summer and it was GLORIOUSLY White.

The strangest thing was seeing three hibjab/binbag/burka clad women watching the Red Arrows display.

Apart from that virtually paki/nigger-free.

We can buy fried-chicken at 3 in the morning, for that the payoff is rape, murder, crime, mugging, more rape..

Nastiest Uncle said...

@St Nilus 03:21

"I feel bored when I visit towns and districts which are still monotonously white"

With people who think like that, and there are lots of them, you have to try and put yourself in their shoes to understand what they mean. It's not just a political correctness thing.
For some of these people they find foreign and unusual things and cultures attractive, especially if they are a traveller and like to go abroad and see different things.

Have you ever been abroad on holiday and then come back and felt bored? Whether you have or not, lots of people have. This has nothing to do with PC.
Back in the 50s, before foreign travel for the masses and before the world was shrunk by TV, people were more content with what their home, white countries offered them. Now they've had a taste of the outside world and they want more.

So it's not always down to political correctness, although the person you quoted is undoubtedly a fucking loon. Some people are just easily bored with what their own people offer. If we want to keep people interested in what the country has to offer without resorting to multi-culturalism then we have to innovate.

Uncle Nasty said...

St Nilus said (or quoted, rather):-

Let me be clear. We cannot and will not go back to the bland, monochrome Britain of the past. As John Bercow said, we now live in a "kaleidoscope Britain". A vibrant, dynamic, exciting melting-pot which is something to celebrate.

All those clichés ...

If he were the embracer of diversity that he claims to be, then the law of averages dictates that he will, one evening, step out for a midnight chicken vindaloo ... or simply to "hang wit' da bro's" and will be "celebrated" right into the next world.

He will not be missed in this one.


Anonymous said...

kaleidoscope Britain

This phrasing is not spontaneous or original. It is straight out of the academy indoctrination programme.

It's in the textbooks.

Textbook genocide.

Anonymous said...

With people who think like that, and there are lots of them, you have to try and put yourself in their shoes to understand what they mean.

Boredom is how they justify genocide.

AnalogMan said...

James quoted

Now in the process of Aliyah we have a marriage certificate which states we were married in a church – but we feel uncomfortable about that.

I'm sure that can be overlooked, as long as they feel guilty about it.

Keiser said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Keiser said...

NU said...
"If we want to keep people interested in what the country has to offer without resorting to multi-culturalism then we have to innovate."

That would be the first time that anyone would ever have had to innovate in order to compete with rape, assault, theft, stupidity, gang mentalities, misogyny, murder, etc, etc, etc

parisclaims said...

Frustration? Pakistani locals have taken to patrolling the streets at night to teach Roma migrants English ways

The former Home Secretary has warned that migrants could cause riots. In his city of Sheffield, culture clashes are causing tension. Roma families hang around on the streets as they would back in eastern Europe, infuriating residents. In a bid to mediate the situation, Pakistani locals are patrolling the streets trying to teach Roma families 'English ways'

What could possibly go wrong?

katana said...

Back in the September 25th post "A reminder" I made a comment with a list showing all the commenter names and number of comments for the month of September so far.

Here's an updated and accurate list. I'll also post a list for October as well, a bit later.


Blog Comment Stats for: SEPTEMBER 2013 Posts

Total Posts = 12

The Silence Of The Shams
A reminder
'Real' journalists
And another splendid headline
Dramatic headline in New York Post
Thank you, Poles
The smile of a contented man
Shitavius goes to Harvard
Lauence Auster

Total Comments = 2,168
Total Names = 159


Total Comments - Name

452 - James
290 - Nastiest Uncle
250 - Anonymous
217 - Keiser
146 - Anonymous [Frank Galton]
143 - Uncle Nasty
62 - Sponge Cake
58 - Chuck Hammer
56 - Dan
35 - Anonymous [rob]
27 - Shaunantijihad
27 - katana
22 - DJF
22 - Anonymous [Allan@Aberdeen]
18 - kulak
17 - parisclaims
16 - Marcion
16 - AnalogMan
13 - Franz
11 - Gem Junior
9 - Anonymous [Lemmyhead]
8 - Heraclitus
7 - Nero
7 - David
6 - The Truth Will Out
5 - Robert in Arabia
5 - Invictus
5 - eleos
5 - Anonymous [Rick]
4 - jacomo@NUblogteam
4 - Anonymous [John old rtd chicago copper]
3 - Thor
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3 - Roem
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3 - FOD
3 - Eamon Bejayzuz
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3 - Anonymous [WR]
3 - Anonymous [mr.a]
2 - Setanta
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2 - reconquista2200
2 - ProudPakistaniMan
2 - Piet
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2 - Occidental
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2 - marie
2 - Julian
2 - J Bull
2 - igl55
2 - heuristic
2 - great white
2 - former liberal
2 - F McCool
2 - Esther
2 - Dave C
2 - CongoMan
2 - Clogheen
2 - Cassius
2 - Brummie
2 - Baloo
2 - B Boru
2 - Anonymous [rob 14]
2 - Anonymous [NU]
2 - Anonymous [JP]
2 - Andreas
1 - xxx
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1 - Anonymous [Auntie Climax]
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1 - 00:43


katana said...

Here's the list showing all the commenter names and number of comments for the month of October posts.


Blog Comment Stats for: OCTOBER 2013 Posts

Total Posts = 12

Just a thought...........
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Total Comments = 2,740
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2 - white rose
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2 - great white
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2 - Anonymous [WR]
2 - Anonymous [up the villa]
2 - Anonymous [Lem]
2 - Anonymous [John old rtd chicago copper]
2 - Anonymous [D]
1 - waterboy
1 - VOMan
1 - vingian
1 - Ulick McGee
1 - truthseeker
1 - trajeur
1 - Tony in VA
1 - Tom Roberts
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1 - Eamon Bejayzuz
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1 - designer label whore
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1 - Anonymous [Dan]
1 - agenda decoded
1 - 3112651842681448
1 - 2cypher
1 - 1 minute silence


SAVANT said...

katana. Thanks again for that analysis. It's funny but my perception of the numbers for many of the commentator is quite different. Not sure what that proves..........

katana said...

Savant, can you give me a couple of example names (and the month) that you suspect are off number wise?


Nastiest Uncle said...

"feral cock guzzling sluts" only posted once. That's a shame. I would have liked to have seen more from them.

Nastiest Uncle said...

@parisclaims 05:27

I think they mean "future English ways", as in everyone having to wear a burka or get part of their cock cut off.

Either way, I am looking forward to the videos of the violent confrontations. You can't beat a good riot.

Anonymous said...

From St Milus's link at 12th Novemebr 22.59, send support to the patriot's father, as I shall do on Friday:

Account number: IBAN: ES6201826119110201505637
Beneficiary: D. Estebanez de la Hija


Sponge Cake said...

Rise in number of gonorrhoea cases.

Cases of sexually-transmitted gonorrhoea have increased by about a third each year since 2011, health chiefs have warned.

The major concern is the upsurge in the Dublin, Wicklow and Kildare region, where there were 817 cases recorded last year compared to 613 the previous year - an increase of 33%.

@Savant We know why this is happening.

Anonymous said...

It is not just Gonorrhea and STDs - it is super African medicine resistant sorts.

Anonymous said...

off topic Savant,new movie just out ''the book theif'' GOT TWO STARS HERE IN chicago,the reason being in my humble opinion is that the male lead stated that the public does not realize the feelings of the average German soldier who had to fight the war, and also there was nary a word concerning the Holocaust in the entire movie,didnt see the film but heard it was outstanding and a possible nomination award but we doubt it will make it that far with the pistol grip noses in charge of the academy awards commitee,JOHN OLD RTD CHICAGO COPPER....

AnalogMan said...

John,I checked that movie on IMDb. 6.6 stars. Interestingly, one of the plot keywords is "holocaust", though as you say it doesn't appear to feature.

No apparent niggers.

Perhaps the highest (inadvertent) recommendation by the reviewer: "The film is rather traditional and almost doesn't fit in with the rest of today's movies, but rather reminded me of many other older classics."

And the score: Kampflied Der National Sozialisten

What's not to like?

Carmine said...

A little off topic, but I was thinking of some possible solutions to your problems over in Europe, and I think the first would be to deport all immigrants or foreign nationals who have committed a felony crime. The MSM might object loudly, but I think it would be much easier to argue for this than other tougher measures. The next would be to deport anybody making treasonous or violent statements against either their new country or the native poplulations. This would help with all the pro-terrorist Muslim preachers in London and elsewhere. I would also like to see immigrants who are on welfare for over a year without finding work to be deported, but that might be a little harder to get through. I would just focus on the first two. They would seem obvious to any sane person, but there are few sane people left in power in the West, especially in the media.
P.S. - Just keep telling the truth to any and all who will listen and you will add more compatriots to our side. It is time to be heard. Get your voices out there while you still can. You have friends in the U.S., remember that!


Anonymous said...

There will always be an England
La la la la

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