Monday, 21 October 2013

The stresses of a football manager

A football manager must be one of the most precarious of professions.  Endless stress, dog's abuse from fans and media and, as with politicians, most careers ultimately ending in failure. England's Manager, the affable Roy Hodgson, has suffered the inevitable slings and arrows that accompany the position with remarkable sangfroid and dignity.  But even he was reported to have blown his top as he was engulfed by the latest example of PC gone wild.

At half time in the match against Poland he told what he presumably felt would be an inspirational joke about monkeys in space. Cue an outbreak of PC hysteria, this being seen as a gross insult to the team's black players. (As with so many formerly European countries, about half of the 'England' team is black).  Anguished calls for his resignation filled the air.  For example a four-page complaint from Race for Sport, an off-shoot of the execrable Society for Black Lawyers, called for "cultural intelligence" training (i.e. a spell in a re-education camp) for Hodgson and all football managers.

What makes me smile about this and similar cases is that, contrary to their professed beliefs that we're all equal, 'liberals' deep down know that we're not and that blacks are indeed closer to monkeys. Hence the howls of anguish.

And now to another football manager, fired by his club.  He took this blow to his career so badly that he attacked five cars belonging to club bigwigs.  Door panels were scratched, crosses and symbols were etched across bonnets, tyres were punctured and an offensive word was gouged into paintwork.  Personally I think the relentless pressure for results must have tipped him over the edge.

Even, as in this case, while being Manager of the Nuneaton Under 9 team!


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Anonymous said...

Of course, those who do not comply are sorted out quickly.
And if you are not a genuine liberal leftist diversity lover, you have to pretend to be one to keep your job.
I lost a job like that in the education system, one of the most leftist filtered monopoly. I can't help during interviews to mention my attachment to some old conservative values, like:
"you know, for me it's inappropriate for a student to disturb the class repetitively"
"Even if he is black?"
" yes Sir! he should be expelled".
Uh oh, I guess the guy wrote 'insensitivity to racial and cultural differences' on his notebook.

Which raise the question: to rise in power, you have to comply. If you don't, you loose any power to change things. Like those guys football managers. What good did it do to scratch the cars of their now-ex-bosses, berg and stein?
Nothing, sure they can now post freely on the Savant's blog and
awake to the 'Truth', but they will never regain any position of power again, or at least the system keeps them marginalized.
Like we are all here, I'm afraid.


Anonymous said...

" yes Sir! he should be expelled".
Oops, a more accurate quote is:

"yes Ma'am! he should be expelled".


Anonymous said...

We need more black dudes in football management such as Paul Ince who got a five match ban for losing it with the fourth official in such a way that he had to be banned.

Poor old Sol Campbell cannot be a manager in the Uk because he cannot be bothered to do the 50 hour coaching course so he has to go abroad where the coaching badge - which remember he does not have - takes 250 hours.

Solely he will be a future Nobel Prize winner.

parisclaims said...

I fully support Rio Ferdinand's idea to form a breakaway union to look after the interests of black footballers.
I even emailed him to suggest a name. The Association Promoting Equality in Sport.
Or APES for short.

Anonymous said...

Why are they soooo sensitive about the "monkey" word?

Might they actually think they look like them per chance?

Only in looks of course they are still human beings like us and worthy of every respect.

Josey Eire

St Nilus said...

Another Tee Vee guide:

11.20 Citizen Khan (paki shit-com)

11.50: QUEER Graham Norton with JEW Natalie Portman

BBC2 10.00 Buzzcocks with JEW Alice Levine and QUEER Rylan Clark

11.20 The Ottomans: Story of the muzzies prsented by Rageh Omar

1.20 Story of the Jews presented by
JEW Simon Schama " A Leap of Faith Simon Schama explores the impact of Jews on European arts and culture in the Enlightenment era, including the illustrious careers of composers Giacomo Meyerbeer and Felix Mendelssohn. He also investigates the controversial 1894 trial of French army officer Alfred Dreyfus, which led Austro-Hungarian journalist Theodor Herzl to claim that, without a homeland of their own, the Jewish people would never be free from persecution"

ITV 10.35 The Agenda:
Political chat with
JEW Esther Rantzen and
JEW Anthony Horowitz : Panel 50% JEW

11.05 'Life Stories'
Piers Morgan talks to
QUEER Julian Clary , I shit you not.

Channel 4 'Date My Porn Star'

'Three British men explore the boundaries between sexual fantasy and reality as they travel to Los Angeles to meet their favourite adult-film stars. Jonathan, Kevin and Danny are anticipating the trip of a lifetime, but when they are faced with a darker and less glamorous side to the porn industry, will they come away from the experience with a new perspective? Part of the Campaign for Real Sex season'

BBC3 11.25
'Family Guy' "Family Gay":Peter participates in a series of medical experiments to make money to pay off his debts, including one which turns him gay. When he begins a relationship with another man, Lois and the family are left broken-hearted, but realise his happiness is the most important thing.

JEW Seth Green,
JEW Alex Borstein ,
JEW Mila Kunis

BBC4 10.00
Storyville: Pussy Riot - A Punk Prayer

'Award-winning documentary examining how a group of young feminist punk-rockers known as Pussy Riot captured the world's attention. In February 2012, three members of the collective were arrested and later convicted of hooliganism motivated by religious hatred for a 40-second protest that took place on the altar of Moscow's Christ the Savior Cathedral - sparking a global debate about freedom of expression. The film features interviews with the trio's bandmates, their families and defence team, offering an insight into the personal motivations of Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, Maria Alyokhina and Yekaterina Samutsevich, who some perceive as modern-day political icons'
Director Mike Lerner, Maxim Pozdorovkin

( 'award-winning' translates as 'endorsed by the KIKE )

Dave: ' Would I Lie To You?' with
JEW Emily Maitlis

More4 ,11.05
'More Sex Please, We're British'

'Documentary' shedding light on Britain's thriving sex-toy industry, which is estimated to be worth £250million. The film goes behind the scenes at Lovehoney, one of the nation's leading online erotic retailers, to discover how founders Neal Slateford and Richard Longhurst set up a 70-strong team to provide people around the UK with everything from sexy lingerie to adult toys, literature and games. Cameras follow the work of several staff members, including Annabelle Knight, who presents the company's online videos'

4music 9.50:
'8 out of 10 Cats' with
QUEER Louis Spence followed by

'Clipaholics' presented by
JEW Jason Alexander (Jay Scott Greenspan) of JEW Seinfeld fame

Yesterday 11.00 The World At War :
'Inside The Reich' by
JEW David Elstein

SKY : Movie 'The Island' starring
JEW Scarlet Johannsen

DRAMA 11.00 Birds of a Feather:
JEW Lesley Joseph

E4: Big Fat Quiz:
JEW Claudia Winkleman

5* All New Generation Sex

Discussion on attitudes toward sex, including contributions from celebrities, comedians and viewers


Food Network Man v Food Nation:
JEW Adam Richman

Channel 5+1: Shoplifters and Proud

( WHITE shoplifters)4seven Chatty Man

QUEER Alan Carr 'chats' to
JEW JOseph Gordon-Levitt

St Nilus said...

The Hodgson non-issue was dealt with comprehensively by the commenters at Tom Chivers Telegraph Blogs:


OH, this one looks worth a read, too:

Immigration and the EU: BBC bias at its most blatant

James said...

I remember on a blog once a black guy was complaining that he got called a monkey all the time, but white people. No one could get rid of the guy, he went on and on about it.

Someone said, dude, just call the white guys monkeys in return. Easy fix, isn't it?

The black guy never, ever posted again.

J Bull said...

Like we are all here, I'm afraid.

Calculus, no shame in that at all mate.

What happened to you is an absolute and total disgrace. But history shows us that such systems of control based on lies do not last.

The way they end varies significantly, but end they do. Start ordering some good strong rope and recce foo some solid lamp posts!

James said...

The US has been helping the Soviets for a long time.

Maybe the same people are in charge of both countries?

dave said...

The Association Promoting Equality in Sport.
Or APES for short.

What an acronym. Brilliant!

Kudos parisclaims.

St Nilus said...

"Poor old Sol Campbell"

It's true , Sol Campbell looks nothing like a monkey. He's more like some sort of ape:

Nobody shrieks or moans or complains or kvetches when Wayne Rooney is CONSTANTLY compared to an ape or gorilla and called "thick" by the oh-so-clever lefty comic clique.

St Nilus said...

Jew-Stream Media:

Esther Rantzen talking to Anthony Horowitz about Leonard Bernstein and the Cohen Bros...

( The Agenda (lol!) ITV , just now

St Nilus said...

Just a reminder:

BBC : JEW Danny Cohen:

Danny Cohen (born 1974)[1] is the Director of BBC Television.[2] He was previously the Controller of BBC One, the BBC's principal television channel in the United Kingdom and the youngest person to be appointed as Controller of the channel.

ITV : JEW Jonathan Levi

Channel 4 : JEW David Abraham

'David Abraham (born 1963, Lincoln, Lincolnshire)[1] is the Chief Executive of the United Kingdom's Channel Four Television Corporation, appointed in January 2010 he formally took up his post on 4 May 2010. He was previously Chief Executive of UKTV.'

Channel 5: Owned by jEW pornographer Richard Desmond.


Right now on Channel 4+1 you can watch a straight porn actor tugging his dick to hetero porn before filming some queer porn. He has hebrew letters tattoed on his neck.

He's explaining to the English queer porn fan that he is not queer , he just does queer porn.

Cant get straighter than that, can you?

Anonymous said...

Malicious attack on 'Predator' cosplay entertainer in Birmingham .

St Nilus said...

It's funny , the same people that tell us to "stop obsessing about jews" would have an aneurism if all those names listed above were Muzz.

Leader of Labour Party:
Abdul Mohammed

Controller of BBC :
Mohammed Abdul

Chief Execs of Conservative party:
Lord Mohammed Abdul , Lord Sir Baron Mohammed Abdulla , Abdul Mohammed and Abdulla Mohammed.

And so on.


" Jews have been part of the political, business and financial fabric of UK society for hundreds of years , it's only natural that 'some of them' are represented in British financial, political, judicial ,etc, spheres-they are hard-working and successful, with an emphasis on education and vocational success , and besides, our society is founded on judeo-Christian blah blah blah.."

St Nilus said...

For what it's worth, the tattoed letters on the straight/queer porn star's neck might not be Hebrew after all.

Just in case I received a BZZZZZT !

St Nilus said...

Why should enrichers take tests that are RAYCISS?

GP exam 'unfair to minorities'
By Divya Talwar

UK ethnic minority doctors are four times more likely than white candidates to fail their clinical GP exam, the General Medical Council has found.

The review into 5,000 candidates was ordered after ethnic minority students complained the exam was unfair.

Prof Aneez Esmail, an expert on racism in the NHS who led the investigation, said "unconscious bias" could explain the findings.

But the Royal College of GPs, which sets the exams, denies they are unfair.

RCGP chairwoman Dr Clare Gerada said the college took equality and diversity issues "extremely seriously".

She added that the college: "strongly refutes any allegations that the exam is discriminatory in any way".

The Clinical Skills Assessment (CSA) - introduced in 2010 - is a practical test in which trainee GPs are assessed by an examiner while they treat actors in a mock-surgery setting.

They have up to four attempts to take the test which they must pass before they can practise as a GP.

'New technique'
Continue reading the main story

Start Quote

I don't think that it's the examiners saying 'oh we don't like ethnic minorities' - it doesn't work like that anymore”

Prof Aneez Esmail
During the six-month review for the GMC, Prof Esmail analysed data on more than 5,000 candidates who sat the CSA exam over a two-year period.

He said he could not exclude racial discrimination as the cause of the findings.

He told BBC One's Breakfast: "Many of us who do work in this area describe the problem of unconscious bias.

St Nilus said...


I know a few readers here are in NZ, do we have any from OZ?

Jeanne Pratt named Victorian of the Year

COMMUNAL icon Jeanne Pratt was awarded her state’s highest honour this week but the newly minted Victorian of the Year for 2013 seemed determined not to rest on her laurels, announcing a new scheme to attack youth poverty in rural Victoria.

Pratt told The AJN: “I am thrilled to be named the 2013 Victorian of the Year. I feel honoured and am very grateful to the Victoria Day Council for the award.”

Accepting her accolade as Victoria’s premier citizen, Pratt told an awards ceremony in Melbourne on Monday: “My award is for whatever I’ve been able to contribute to the community in the past.

“But today I want to say something about this state’s future. Which means talking about the most valuable resource we have: our young people.”

Jeanne (née Lasker, born in Poland) widow of Richard J. Pratt (born Ryszard Przecicki Danzig (modern Gdańsk), Poland; 10 December 1934 – 28 April 2009[1][2]) was a prominent Australian businessman, chairman of the privately owned company Visy Industries, and a leading figure of Melbourne society. In the year before his death Pratt was Australia's fourth-richest person, with a personal fortune valued at A$5.48 billion.'

isnt she lovely?:

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

J. Bull

I don't see the awakening like Savant. I just see more of the same, or worse. Awakenings stay silent until a trigger event release the energy. That's why I hoped that the US shutdown would last longer and provoke a default, and maybe, something could have been shaken and trigger a chain reaction of events.
But no, the system understands that and is ready for it, of course. The affirmatively hired were so happy to go back on their fake jobs, they must have begged everyday Obama to do somethin'. In terms of number, it's not even sure that more people hoped for a change than not. I'd say more men than women for sure, the outcasts, the laid-offs, many youngs (lots of unemployment there) and some minorities. Although that later case can be discussed since the minorities know that the status quo is their best ally.
But anyway, there will be another chance later.


St Nilus said...

This may well have been overlooked /buried in the last thread.

Now, I owe a lot to David Icke , but there comes a time when you just leave those "stepping stones" behind. His equating of "everything BAAAD" with "NAZIS" is tiresome and very Alex Jones.

We move on: Its the jews, stupid ( As he knew YEARS ago - see JEW Jon Ronson's book "Them".)

Arthur Topham tears Icke a new one, please read it , it deals with the issues that Naziest Auntie is concerned with. All Icke can respond with is "Grow Up". ( subtext: Your £20 books wont get sold in Waterstones if you talk about JEWS):

Adolf and Icke: The Long Road Back to Historical Reality by Arthur Topham

Dear David,
If you are even to achieve the aims of global peace, love, harmony and understanding you first must overcome your ignorance regarding National Socialist Germany, Adolf Hitler and the German nation as a whole.
Your Germanophobic behaviour is unbecoming of someone who professes to understand the true nature of the Zionist New World Order agenda. All you are achieving by this anti-Hitler, anti-German propaganda is creating greater dissension and confusion amongst the growing number of truth-seekers who are fast coming to the realization that the west erred greatly in declaring war on Germany and in truth should have joined forces with the German nation and put a stop to the Zionist/Communist Bolshevik forces, led by Marxist Jews.
You should rightly be going after the Communists and Marxists and Zionists for they are the unholy trinity that formed by stealth in order to wreak devastation and terror upon the world throughout the 20th century and into the 21st. Why you haven’t realized this a long time ago has always been a great disappointment and a mystery to me.
If this is what you plan to do with the “People’s Voice”, i.e spread greater misinformation and yes, hatred, toward the German people and the ultimate sacrifice they made in their gargantuan effort to stop the Zionist juggernaut then I will not be able to do anything further to assist you in your efforts and will in fact have to resist all that you have thus far accomplished. Please [underlined in the original for emphasis. ed.] try to reconsider your position on Hitler and Germany and realize that it was world Jewry who first declared war upon that great nation because they broke away from the Rothschild cartel and their central banking system. It was the Jews who laid all the devious schemes that created that great conflict and all the other major conflicts since that time.
You have got to connect those dots David or else the full truth will never come out and all that you’ve worked for over the past quarter of a century will have been for naught.
I pray that you will reconsider your position on this vital matter.
Sincerely and in gratitude for all the other good work that you’ve accomplished,
Arthur Topham
Publisher & Editor
The Radical Press
Canada’s Radical News Network
“Digging to the root of the issues since 1998″
Well, it didn’t take long to get a reaction. Less than three hours later I received the following email reply from David Icke. It’s reproduced here in full. The Bold text is mine.
From: David Icke <…>
Subject: Re: Personal appeal to you David re: your anti-German disinformation emanating from your website
Date: 24 September, 2013 10:33:22 PM PDT
To: Radical Press
Why don’t you grow up, Arthur, eh? How old are you?
My God.
It doesn’t matter the scale of effort or risk or abuse that someone takes to make a difference and give people a voice worldwide you won’t support it because your personal belief system is far more important.
Then don’t, don’t. Go on living in your self-obsessed, self-indulgent bubble that is changing nothing.
And a few people can’t control the world? It’s a piece of piss.
Promoting hatred of German people? Bollocks.
Exposing the evil of Nazism. Absolutely.
Evil v Evil = Double Evil.
You call yourself ‘radical’, Arthur? You must be joking.
[no signature]

Nastiest Uncle said...

In the case of the England manager and the monkey joke, all the labels of "racist" failed to stick because he didn't supply the glue.

The "man on the street" found the entire affair rather amusing.

St Nilus said...

@ Calculus:

I remember a shit-com from the eighties with Leslie Ash ( before she got her lips filled with shit..Lipshitz )

She played an ingunue who had an uncanny ability to put her finger on the "zeitgeist" , and , because of this, was snapped up by an ad agency ( very eighties)

It had apple in the title as I recall.

GOOGLE : oops, crikey, it's not even in her wiki: Down the memory hole it, wait:

"Nancy was the new secretary at the Happy Apple advertising agency.Despite being ill-educated, she had a remarkable gift; she could come up with the most brilliantly simple and most effective advertising slogans without trying. Of Course her bosses exploited her ability to the full. "

I like to imagine that I have a similar ability/sense, and my spidey senses tell me that we are witnessing the beginning of the end of the "jewish century".

Seriously , as I once carved into a wand of holly taken from a holly-bush I slept under ( another story, from another life-but true nonetheless)

" We Shall See The Fall Of Babylon"

Anonymous said...

Several years ago it was suggested that the NFL - AKA: National Football League - AKA: Negro Felon League and the NBA - AKA: Negro Bastardy Association be moved to Africa as a form of economic development, and a place for the players to live their felonious lives where they would stay out of jail.

The "sports" were to be beamed back to the USA by the African Professional Entertainment network.

"Join us tonite folks on APE Network as the Somali Bombers play the Tutsi Cannibals in in Monday nite Felon Ball........

Nastiest Uncle said...

@St Nilus 22:56

I always thought he had shades of Homo erectus. Hehe, I said erectus.

St Nilus said...

Right now on BBC1, "Hard Talk" , Steven Cocksakur talks to Pavel Khordokovsky ( JEW) son of a JEW Mafia Boss ( oligarch)

Mucho anti-Putin rhetoric.

The BBC must be destroyed.

Mikhail Khodorkovsky

"Mikhail Borisovich Khodorkovsky (Russian: Михаи́л Бори́сович Ходорко́вский, IPA: [mʲɪxɐˈil xədɐˈrkofskʲɪj]; born 26 June 1963) is a former Russian oligarch[1] and businessman. In 2004, Khodorkovsky was the wealthiest man in Russia and one of the richest people in the world, ranked 16th on Forbes list of billionaires."

Pavel Khodorkovsky: Optimistic about father's release

I take it everyone has seen David Duke's vid on the "Russian" (KIKE) Mafia?

PS, With East European/Russian names, "SKI" is usually non-jew, and "SKY" is usually jew.

St Nilus said...

He, he, you said Homo....he..he

Ive been watching a lot of B and B did you know?!!

It's so cold in the 'D':

Dan said...

One way you know that this Cnut is a Jew is that he is using

BZzZZZt! like a deranged TV game show buzzer.

He'll be pulling out blankety blank and doing a Jim Bowen impression soon, or a Les Dawson gurn.

Dan said...

I imagine Nastiest bears a tragic resemblance to Ray Stokes, curly wig, glasses and the shitty fake catchphrases. (although When The Whistle Blows was a pretty good post modernist parody/homage.

Oh did I just say homage!

St Nilus said...

Thanks , NU, for reminding me of this. I knew Sol Campbell didnt really look like a gorilla,, but his face seemed familiar. I recently deleted thousands of bookmarks , it took ages, even on 'scroll/delete'.

This is one I deleted. Ive never read it, I dont know if it is "pseudo-science", or what. I might get round to it one day.

Ever read "Great Apes" by Will Self?

When I was 25 I thought it was like, so cool.

I'll never forget lines like:

"I admire your beautifully effulgent ischial scrag.."

St Nilus said...

"One way you know that this Cnut is a Jew is that he is using

BZzZZZt! like a deranged TV game show buzzer.

He'll be pulling out blankety blank and doing a Jim Bowen impression soon, or a Les Dawson gurn."


BREAKING BAD - Ding, ding / Bell ring

St Nilus said...

I have not been here as long as all you people but I still don't believe NU is a jew.

Maybe I am naive. He's certainly a Devil's Advocate, and pours scorn on unsubstantiated "internet troofs", and sees Goose Stepping and Overt Hitler Worship as unhelpful ( like, derrrr, thanks)but Im sure he chuckles as he is bombarded with innacurate accusations from 'sleuths'.

I mean, call him a cunt, by all means, ..BUT YOU WILL ONLY FEED THE BEAST !!!

St Nilus said...

OOH, just one more:

BBC4, 1.30 ' Only Connect' presented by JEW Victoria Coren.

Didnt they do well?

Can you imagine how awful it would be if mainstream TV was not fixated upon queer issues and framed by jewish concerns and triviality and, snigger, sex?

I dont like it when people say they hate TV.

TV is fucking FANTASTIC!

It's the shit that comes out of it we should be angry at.

Its like being angry at a bottle cos your wine was undrinkable.

St Nilus said...

Now, I like Will Self and have enjoyed his writing. But, with this description, would you ever have guessed he was ajew?

" All too often, though, he has squandered his gifts for language and satire on silly, sophomoric stories: tales in which a man grows a vagina, a woman sprouts a penis or the phlegm of sick people coats the streets and contaminates the air. An obsession with bodily functions and the grosser aspects of sex infects all his work, as does a fascination with altered, often drug-induced states of mind.

Self's latest novel, "Great Apes," unfortunately, embodies most of his weaknesses as a writer, and few of his strengths. It is a slender idea for a satire, inflated into a fat, puffy novel, a "Twilight-Zone" episode blown into a full-length feature.

The novel's premise is borrowed, as was the first part of his novellas "Cock & Bull," from Kafka's "Metamorphosis." This time, an eminent artist named Simon Dykes wakes up to find himself turned into a chimpanzee and the world around him transformed into a planet of the apes. Simon is committed to the mental ward of a London hospital and diagnosed as suffering from a terrible delusion: he believes he is a human being.

As delineated by Self, the world Simon awakens to is very much like the human world he remembers: yuppies addicted to computers, would-be artists addicted to cocaine and careerists addicted to competition. The one difference: everyone -- from historical greats like Socrates, Plato and Freud through contemporary not-so-greats -- has become a chimpanzee. As for humans, they are regarded as a pathetic, inferior species; dying out in the wild, they can now be seen in zoos and experimental labs.

"Infants often had stuffed humans as toys," Self writes. "Birthday cards with humans dressed up as chimps on them were available in almost every news agent. There were also the notorious commercials for P.G. Tips tea, with their absurd use of humans mimicking chimp behavior; special effects used to convey the impression that they were signing intelligently and enjoying the beverage."

Although there are occasional moments of wacky comedy in "Great Apes," Self's usually inventive imagination is notably absent in this novel. His chimps tend to be lewd, pretentious sycophants: they are constantly saying things like "I admire your beautifully effulgent ischial scrag, your rump is like the morning star, and your maverick philosophy is a beacon of intrigue in a dull world." In fact, his planet of the apes turns out to be an even less surprising place than the one in the Charlton Heston-Roddy McDowall movie, a highly predictable place, mechanically constructed to allow the author to indulge in his sophomoric fascination (and disgust) with sex.

St Nilus said...


"Self's chimps differ from humans in several respects: they greet one another with elaborate grooming rituals (involving fondling, petting and nit-picking); they do not wear clothes on the lower parts of their bodies (the better to display their genitals to others), and they routinely take part in public, and often incestuous, sex. This leads Self to go on, and on and on, at wearying length about an individual chimp's sexual endowments and about chimpanzee sex in all its varieties: sex between fathers and daughters, sex between doctors and patients, sex between dozens of strangers linked in a copulatory conga line in a public park.

All this chimp sex, of course, is supposed to make a satiric point: that humans, too, can be promiscuous and unfaithful to their spouses; they're just more hypocritical in pretending to be monogamous. This is a pretty banal point for a 400-plus page satire to make, and the book's other points are equally familiar: that human beings can act like beasts when competing for prestige, fame and money; that they can grovel and betray one another like chimps; that humans and animals actually have quite a lot in common."

James said...

Some of you might enjoy reading the latest musings of Simon Sheppard.

Like many things though, the new law of 'joint enterprise' cuts both ways. The British government is committing treason, which until recently was a capital offence. Applying 'joint enterprise' the police, probation officers and many other agencies can be regarded as active participants in a criminal, treasonous conspiracy. The police enforce the laws passed by crooked politicians and probation officers monitor you at the other end. Under joint enterprise, all are culpable.

Treason includes "aiding and abetting a foreign invasion." Any agency that features multiracialism in its literature, portraying this as normal, is committing a crime by this measure. So all the state's enforcers and legions of propaganda merchants presenting "multiracial Britain" as a normal situation are contributing to the criminal conspiracy, equally guilty according to 'joint enterprise.'

St Nilus said...

This might not last long at the Telegraph:

"Gee, another article by a jewy-looking guy about a jew who just "happened to be" a fricking Marxist" , as if people only have two choices in life.

Is this the frucking Guardian already?

"I would class him with Thomas Sowell as an interesting person."

Interesting? A jewish cliche, more like, I mean, a jewish Marxist?

Isnt that a bit like a vegan pot-head?:

I would class Thomas Sowell as a FAR MORE interesting person as he isnt so easy to pigeonhole.

At least Thomas Sowell is not averse to looking "closer to home" when finding ill with so-called "society":

"Thomas Sowell: ”Reading Colin Flaherty’s book made painfully clear to me that the magnitude of this problem is greater than I had discovered from my own research. He documents both the race riots and the media and political evasions in dozens of cities.” – National Review.

"White Girl Bleed A Lot"

Im sick of hearing and reading about jews."

St Nilus said...

"Like those figures, Norm was at one time a committed Marxist. But he eventually rebelled against the belief, held by nearly all extremists, that the bourgeois West is incurably evil, and that its most potent method of exporting this evil is through its foreign policy."

You mean he grew up? "Incurably evil"

The people that abolished slavery , provided clean water and vaccines and electricity, oh , fuck it, I can go on. You "Marxists" should go and sit listening to the water drip off a rats back in some un-heated cave somewhere, if you hate us all so much.

And GTF off the internet as well, you hypocrite"

Nastiest Uncle said...

@Nastiest Uncle 00:51

And I said homo.

St Nilus said...

St Nilus 22 October 2013 00:56

Yeah , I already said you said "homo".

Huh, you said it twice, uh-huh, he he

Called a Faggot By Strangers

Gem Junior said...

God, when will this bullshit end? If these blacks were not in England where they don't belong this would never have come up in the first place. No that stupid whitey was so cultured and sophisticated that he invited the third world into an old, civilized and beautiful country. Even treated them like equals letting them into the local teams and the country's national teams. No good deed goes unpunished, but the damage is done and now the negro believes that he has a right to England and everything in it, including everything ancient and precious. He feels he belongs there and it's not his fault -- it's the fault of the elite scum in the lefty labor gov't as well as the people who have accepted this shit. Because it is shit and we all white people need to boycott almost everything and STOP participating in our own genocide.

Dan said...

Black managers? Even Brazil avoids the groid in such positions.

Dan said...

Hodgson speaks at least three languages fluently. This is hilarious.

St Nilus said...

Well, we HAD NO SAY in it, and because we are FUNDAMENTALLY DECENT we didnt object.

The ones who DID OBJECT were demonised by THE MEDIA, even a decent and rational educated fellow like Enoch Powell had to watch his name getting the Hitler treatment.

When I was a nipper, a black kid and his sister came to our school.We treated him with curious friendliness, I remember touching his frizzy short hair and thinking he smelled funny. But there was no "hate", far from it.

Even when he came to my birthday party and tried to climb up the curtains , and pulled them down, nobody called him 'monkey'.

They were from Barbados, their mum was a nurse/midwife and their dad was I think in the army- he used to run round our estate every night with a back-pack full of bricks.

NOT yer typical niggers. However, the sister (who became best mates with my older sister) once slapped a teacher at school.

Unheard of. Back then.

Our chippy was taken over by Portugese, the daughter was in my class, she cried a lot: she spoke no English. She learned quickly.

They made amazing home-made burgers in thick gravy and introduced us to saveloys ( posh hot-dogs)

The corner sweetshop was taken over by indians and I told my mum off for calling it the 'paki shop' ( even though thats what it was)

They wore weird pyjamas in the day and the shop smelled of curry.

The first black man on our street moved in next door, he had a White common law wife who was an ex? prostitute and he sold dodgy goods like one-legged tights at markets. They were busted for pot before anyone round our way knew what it was. They kept a St Bernard chained up outside ( it was called Winston) and it used to howl all winter, outside my bedroom. It got skinny as a whippet and made several escape attempts.

I used to babysit their kids, who both went on to become habitual criminals ( my sis was a clerk at the Courts in Nottm)

In retrospect, "there went the neighbourhood"

St Nilus said...

"Even when he came to my birthday party and tried to climb up the curtains , and pulled them down, nobody called him 'monkey'."

Until afterwards.

St Nilus said...

My mum also used to say "nig-nogs" , and we would again , tell her off.

"You can't say that, mum"

This was in the late seventies.

I spent the eighties being totally brainwashed by the television: how was I to know it was lying to me; I thought it was my friend.

St Nilus said...

She said "nig-nogs" with no malice or "hatred" , I have to say.

If only she knew that her little blue-eyed boy would turn into a "NAZI" !!

When I was a 'hippy' , I used to joke that "underneath every hippy is a Nazi"

Little did I know how true that was in my case.

St Nilus said...

One Direction seem to have had a change of..direction:

One Direction: Here Comes The War

Lyrics by Harry Styles/Simon Cowell

"Today, as you listen to this song
Another 394,000 children were born into this world
They break like waves of hunger and desire upon these eroded shores
Carrying the curses of history and a history yet unwritten
The oil burns in thick black columns, the buzz saws echo through the forest floor
They shout give us our fair share, give us justice
Here comes the war

On a grey morning to the south of here
Two young men in makeshift uniforms peer into the misty light
And figures dart behind the trees
As a snap of rifle rounds echoes out across the fields
They hardly know their sacred mother tongue but they recognize their duty
To defend the flag hanging limp and bloody above the village church
While a thousand miles away, in a warehouse complex down by the river,
Young money men play paintball games
Here comes the war - put out the lights on the Age of Reason

So blow out the candle and tell us another of those great stories,
the ones about serial killers. Let dreams flow into savage times.
Do you hear the sirens scream across the city?
We've had three hot nights in succession - the riot season is here again
Dear Lord, lead us back into the Valley of the Shadow of Death,
Here comes the war. Did you think we were born in peaceful times?

Faster, faster, like a whirling dervish spinning round
Faster, faster, until the Centre cannot Hold
You screamed give us Liberty or give us Death
Now you've got both, what do you want next ?
Here comes the war - put out the lights on the Age of Reason."

just kidding:

St Nilus said...

they'll call you nazis, whatever you do - Ramzpaul

James said...

Good stuff St Nilus.

We should all get refunds for all the TV we watched when we were little.

James said...

Ramzpaul is an idiot. If Golden Dawn didn't look like Nazis they would control Greece right now.--nastiestuncle

James said...

Golden Dawn is a criminal organisation.

Their crime: founding a criminal organisation.

Anonymous said...


“Next they will be saying that Japan needs more niggers to support the aging population.”

Give it time Keiser. They’ve only recently opened (1995) a Holocaust Education Centre in Japan. Once they’ve completely brainwashed the Japs with the Holohoax, they’ll then start lecturing them on the joys of multiculturalism.

Holocaust Education Center Japan

Inside the Holocaust Education Center (Anne Frank Exhibition, In The Camps etc)

Jewish Times Asia: Jewish Community Of Japan In Tokyo

Chabad Tokyo Jewish community center of Tokyo Japan

World Jewish Congress

“All the Nations of the world will stream to G-d’s Temple”

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Rabbi explains to bewildered Japanese why Japan needs more niggers to support the aging population.


Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Jewish law student at Japanese-Jewish law firm, So-Sumi & Co.


Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Chairman of the Football Association:

Jew Greg Dyke, 2013 - . Dyke described the BBC in 2001 as "hideously white".
Jew David Bernstein, 2011– 2013
Jew David Triesman, 2008–2010

FA commission: Common Purpose nigger Heather Rabbatts criticises all-white group

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

New York Times, February 19, 1989

Seven World Trade Center

Before it moves into a new office tower in downtown Manhattan, Salomon Brothers, the brokerage firm, intends to spend nearly two years and more than $200 million cutting out floors, adding elevators, REINFORCING STEEL GIRDERS, upgrading power supplies and making other improvements in its million square feet of space.

''We built in enough REDUNDANCY to allow ENTIRE PORTIONS OF FLOORS to be REMOVED WITHOUT AFFECTING THE BUILDING'S STRUCTURAL INTEGRITY, on the assumption that someone might need double-height floors,'' said LARRY SILVERSTEIN, president of the company.

MORE than 375 tons of steel - requiring 12 miles of welding - will be installed to REINFORCE FLOORS for Salomon's extra equipment.

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...


Do YOU agree with the New York Times and the Simon Wiesenthal Center that the overall figure of “Six Million” includes the 2 – 2.25 million Jews who “died” at Auschwitz?

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Essex boy said...

Sol Campbell is definitely a cross between man and ape. Check out any photo. Just like that gif in the link from NU above.

Anonymous said...

Keiser said...

Frank Galton said...
"They’ve only recently opened (1995) a Holocaust Education Centre in Japan."

They are really flogging that one for all it is worth Frank

Apparently there was another "Shatter Shitzenship ceremony" in Dublin a day or two ago. My sources tell me that's well over 75,000 niggers and assorted garbage so far since 2011 with about 1500 native Irish immigrating every week. This week I will be having a discussion with my TD and some other Government oficials. I really want to know what they think about this.

€950 that's all it takes for a passport. €950 is all the governement charge them, a small price for selling out your country. You can buy an 1Oz silver coin depending on the imprint for about €20-€30.

So thirty would be maximum about €900. Shatter can buy 30 pieces of Silver for every enricher and still have change left over.


Anonymous said...

The Montel Williams Show with Mark Weber and David Cole

Check out 33:00 mins of the video when a member of the audience brings up Jewish involvement in the Transatlantic Slave Trade, and at 37:36 mins when another member of the audience brings up the Jewish perpetrators of the Holodomor.

On both occasions Montel decides to go to a quick ad break.


Frank Galton

katana said...

Keiser said... 22 October 2013 11:52

Keiser, talk about being upfront .... I'm shocked!


Promoting Civic Participation of Third World Nationals (TWN) through Local Authority Platforms

Dublin has become increasingly diverse and multicultural as new immigrants are rapidly arriving and contributing to various growth professions in variety of surprising ways. As key actors in supporting immigrants to rebuild moribund societies, the four Dublin local authorities have come together through shared learning and innovative approaches to facilitate the welcome disintegration of old communities and replacing them with new vibrant communities.

Led by Dublin Employment Pact and the New Communities Jewish Partnership, the Dublin City Council, Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council, Fingal County Council and South Dublin County Council would deliver series of project actions and activities in the next thirty years aimed at supporting Third World Nationals to establish a foothold and become fully entitled citizens of the society in which they live while charting the pathway towards entry into Ireland of their extended families and future generations from their home countries. The project is primarily aimed at developing capacity among new communities - and especially among subjugated women and youth of colour in new communities - to actively engage to the fullest possible extent in opportunistic economic, social, civic and political participation.

Specifically, the project will achieve the following elements:

* Support Local Authorities in connecting, dialoguing and engaging with vibrant communities in consultation, celebration, planning, design and implementation of their elevation, racism, superiority and social advancement strategies.
* Promote greater understanding among vibrant communities of the bigoted history, norms and values of the adopted society which in turn discourages a sense of belonging and shared citizenship.
* Promote active engagement of vibrant communities, the LBGT community, with all aspects of Irish social, political and cultural life thereby increasing the historically justified social exclusion now being experienced among old communities.
* Develop mechanisms for TWN's representation and participation in local authority policy and planning structures to enhance the control among TWN leaders of the policy making process (along with local Jewish community leaders), how to convert issues of concern into dominate policy positions and how to communicate and lobby for their policy message.
* Develop 'models of meddling' through the training of State approved 'Intercultural Meddlers' to promote major conflicts and disagreements among local communities in order to shock them into compliance and acceptance of the 'New Ireland'.
* Deliver 'workplace opportunities' through prison programmes to ensure decreased productivity and a deteriorating economy through an expanded base of third world shirkers, welfare consumers, feeding off of a shrinking base of taxpayers and entrepreneurs.

We are going into full multicultural mode and many native Irish will resist this. Ireland must transition into a multicultural, multiracial society if it to survive as a truly authentic Ireland. Blacks, Muslims, Gays and Jews will be resented for this, but it is essential for the native Irish to bend over and turn the other cheek.

Keiser said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Keiser said...


Does anyone need anymore proof. They think they are entitled to the countries we worked to build. When they themselves can barely build mudhuts.

"Led by Dublin Employment Pact and the New Communities Partnership, the Dublin City Council, Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council, Fingal County Council and South Dublin County Council would deliver series of project actions and activities in the next three years aimed at supporting Third Country Nationals to establish a foothold and become fully productive citizens of the society in which they live while charting the pathway towards upward progression for their families and future generations."

Because niggers are always great for a society.


Regarding Montel, only White People can be rayciss, shhh don't mention the Jews or you will sound like a National Socialist.

Keiser said...

"Third Country Nationals"

What a lovely little sanitised euphemism.

Sponge Cake said...


Meet our replacements.

St Nilus said...

"Never Mind The Buzzcocks" BBC1, with queer Rylan Clark and jew Alice Levine:

3 mentions of Hitler in first 5 minutes.

Sponge Cake said...

With Greg Dyke now head of the FA, I fully expect there to be a big push for more black managers, referees and linesmen.(Sorry, lines person)

Anonymous said...

One of the points which Darwin himself considered to be a strong argumnet against his theory of evolution is the absence of what was termed 'transition species' i.e. species which displayed clear characteristics of the retrograde creature and the more advanced creature which had evolved as an advancement. However, when one reviews the relationship between man and ape, one sees immediately that there is indeed a 'transition species'.

Alleles present separately in ape and man (i.e. Eurasian man) are shared in the sub-Saharan black, which means that the negroid is the evolutionary bridge between man and ape. If one doubts it, just have a look at the skulls of the local negroids.

Now what despicable creature would wish to interbreed man with negroid?


nemesis said...

Allan@Aberdeen. I also notice that I can tell a negro from behind. They have much loner arms and walk differently. For certain a different - and inferior - species.

Keiser said...

@ Nemesis and Allan@Aberdeen

Anonymous said...

What do you eat in Ireland these days?
I bet cheap processed fast food (US wheat + EU meat products) and beer of course, like everywhere.
Now let's talk about Ireland and the potato crisis.

Whether they were starving or just uncomfortable in the society they lived in, outcasts have always existed. For them, there has always been one solution for the last 3 or 4 centuries.
It was called: America.
Now it's over.
Let's say Japan, America, EU default, China is ruined.
No more cereal and fast food on the table. Irish are left with the potatoes only, and no America.
Wouldn't you worry about affirmative action and the promotion of diversity in Ireland?


schweep said...

Then why did he grovel for forgiveness, and what about the feral hyaenas baying for his blood.

Anonymous said...

'self-obsessed, self-indulgent bubble that is changing nothing.'

Is that the same man who is telling people that those at the top are really lizards? I always thought 'lizard' was a codeword for Joo.

Anonymous said...

I have a confession. In all fairness to myself I didn't know. I am in fact black. I must be because when I was young I was often referred to as a 'cheeky monkey'. I apologise to all concerned. With this new revelation I do, of course, withdraw my offer to Keiser to be my adopted son. I wouldn't like him to be stigmatized.


Anonymous said...

To save NU some time.
'Jim Bowen impression soon, or a Les Dawson gurn.'

Jim Bowen was the presenter of a gameshow called Bullseye. Les Dawson (deceased) was a comedian. I know they are not well known in the USA.

Keiser said...

I have a confession to make. I too am black but because I am extremely short-sighted and colour blind I have only found out recently when my girlfriend told me that I was black. I promptly dumped her for being a nigger lover.

@ Calculus

"Wouldn't you worry about affirmative action and the promotion of diversity in Ireland?
eh? "

Well at least there would be plenty of meat to go with the potatoes Calculus

Oh no I have graduated to Evil Zombie Nazi. :-)

Anonymous said...

St. Nilus.
It has pretty much been proved that NU is a professional troll. I forget his Jootube alias but it is on here. The use of language is the same and many of his (?) posts fit in more with US time than GMT.

Anonymous said...

'Japs with the Holohoax'
So the Japs have to be reminded of something they had nothing to do with. Why not a museum of Jap atrocities committed against the Allies. But they din't count do they.
I remember as a kid I was taken to a barber who had been a Jap POW. It seemed to me at the time that half of his head was missing.


Sponge Cake said...

Some Good News.

Twelve years a slave, starring, Brad Pitt and Michael Fassbender, has been a fucking disaster, on it's opening weekend, pulling in less than a million dollars. :)

Anonymous said...

Twelve years a slave

We all should go. And laugh at the proper moments.

St Nilus said...

Nazis here, Nazis there, Nazis fookin everywhere..

QUEST, 7pm 'Weaponology'

Waffen SS: 'The Waffen SS were the Nazi's ultimate warriors, backed by futuristic weapons and unrivalled fanaticsm. Explore the men and machines behind this fearsom fighting force'

Radio 4skin, 11.30 am:
Who Sold the Soul?
Empire State of Mind

Black queer Alvin Hall looks at the 1980s and beyond, concluding with the rise of hip-hop.

" Jazz, Blues, Rhythm and Blues, Rock 'n' Roll, Soul, Funk and Hip-Hop; there's no question African American musical creativity has fuelled the modern music industry.

But faced with racism and cultural theft for decades, African-American musicians, DJs, businessmen and women have struggled to have any real control or ownership in the business.

In this three part series financial educator, broadcaster and music obsessive Alvin Hall examines the political economy of African American music, from jazz to Jay Z.

In this final part, Alvin looks at the 1980s and beyond. Beginning with the black pop of Michael Jackson, Prince and Whitney Houston the series concludes with the rise of hip-hop, today American's most dominant form of popular music. Many people suggest that rap's rise to the top demonstrates African Americans now exert real power in the music industry. But is that really the case?"

Law in Action
Chemical Weapons and the Law
JEW Joshua Rozenberg reveals how laws relating to chemical weapons stretch back 2,000 years.

Anonymous said...

Twelve years a slave disaster.

Until they give it 10 oscars next year.

Anonymous said...

Now what despicable creature would wish to interbreed man with negroid?

White women for everybody!

Keiser said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Keiser said...

Just watched a few good documentaries about Egypt, there was even one about the Pyramids being giant "batteries"

From a historical perspective all the amazing things happened in the earlier dynasties. The later ones were ages of decline and destruction.

Interestingly the later dynasties were when they started bringing nubian slaves up from the South which they encountered when the original Egyptian progressed further down the Nile.

You can see the lighter skined Egyptians trampling the nubians (proto-niggers) under Chariots. They say that the decline began because the powerful in society kept the best and it would seem many women while the poorest we forced to take nubian wives. The nubian influence worked its way up over the centuries and created a lower civilisation where previous understanding and knowledge was lost and IQs generally lowered.

Egypt was the first Detroit.

Anonymous said...

History is mostly a series of invasions by white people. Everybody gets rich. Then the white people sleep with the natives and the empire falls apart.



Now Britain.

The brown tide rises, all made possible by the white man's own magic.

Luddites have a point.

Sponge Cake said...

Look at these white hos’: Friend of man 'who attacked two Irish girls with a baseball bat' leaving one of them paralyzed and unable to speak describes moments before vicious attack

Sponge Cake said...

A few weeks back, someone mentioned that we should all meet up for a get together in Ireland.

Sav- The great white hunter.
Keiser- Shaka Zulu
NastiestUncle- Joe Slovo

St Nilus said...

Nazis every-fookin-where:

BBC1 "The One Show" right now:

Old Welsh soldier returns to Auschwitz, where he was a POW but, "survived"...he remembers seeing all these people in pyjamas, "Who are they?" He asked?

"Theyre JEWS!" he was told.

He just told us that he was working as forced labour at a chemical plant , but the presenter twisted his words to make it sound as if the "sweet, sickly" smell was..BURNING JEWS!

A jew called Josef gave him a ring as a thank you for sharing his rations.."What happened to Josef" asked the can guess the rest.

The soldier then tells us that he worked 10 hours a day, and got Sundays off, when he and the
guard s and other prisoners would play football.

This report came out of no-where inbetween a report about "crash for cash" insurance scams ( run by muzzie gangs but the Beeb neglected to tell us that)and a chat with Harry Redknapp.

Anonymous said...

So if I have it right you and me are the only black jews on here?

St Nilus said...

Nazis every-fooking-where:

BBC4, 9pm:

Operation Mincemeat:

"In a documentary based on his book of the same name, Ben Macintyre presents the story of how Britain deceived Hitler into thinking the Allies were planning to invade Greece in 1943, allowing them to land in Sicily - their real target - with minimal resistance. The brainchild of James Bond author Ian Fleming, the deception is thought to have saved thousands of lives"

Keiser said...

Anonymous said...

So if I have it right you and me are the only black jews on here?
22 October 2013 19:16


Don't forget about NU.

robotech said...

So one is a righteous gentile if you give the jews rent free office for a year, would a jew ever do that, yeah right and the jews consider ethiopian jews their brothers

That photo is very telling, innocent japanese surrounded by wolves in sheeps clothing

So they have started their meddling in japan, and here I thought japan was unsullied by their tentacles.

Jews do really need hardowrking people to live off parasitically, they are indeed allergic to work.

I can't believe japanese are so naïve, they actually totally unaware of the vampires they assisting.

Are there japanese jew wise blogs out there.

Poor japanese with their pokemon and dressing up like managa characters they are easy pickings.

The only thing saving them is their disdain for foreigners, may that be there salvation

Keiser said...

@Sponge Cake
From the article

"An Australian woman is being skewered online for hosting an "African themed" 21st birthday party featuring guests in blackface and cartoonish jungle costumes."

Skewered by idiots.

"One guest inexplicably donned a hooded Klu Klux Klan costume."

Hardly inexplicably LoL

"Sav- The great white hunter.
Keiser- Shaka Zulu"

Haha :-)

Savant and I first meeting when he was in Africa. I was giving him a Tennis trophy :-)

Anonymous said...

The jews talk much.... and lecture others......about "Hate".

Yet it is true to say that their 'religion' is the most 'hate' filled diatribe of them all. Levelled against others as it is....

It is the existential manifestation of Makow's..... "Satanism"....

The jews say the Goy don't have 'free will'... Another jewish lie..... When the goy begin to assert themselves so as to wilfully extricate themselves from the tentacles of jewish lies..... The jew wails that it 'anti-semitic'....

Poor things.... To be denied access to that '3 year old' and especially to be recognised for what it is. Know the behaviour then say the words.... JUDAISM .... JEW.....

Anonymous said...

Good news everybody!

A blond blue eyed child was taken from a gypsy couple who claimed the child was theirs and born in the Coombe which might make the child the forgotten one of Pamela Izbekhai who also had no documentation from the hospital it wasn't born in.

Corkonian said...

Rabbi explains to bewildered Japanese why Japan needs more niggers to support the aging population.

Frank G, he was even more helpful than that. He generously offered to the Japs all the African 'infiltrators' that Israel is turfing out.

St Nilus said...

Teen says Barneys accused him of using fake debit card for $300 belt because he is a ‘young black American male’
Trayon Christian, 19, an engineering student from Queens, says he bought a $300 Ferragamo belt at Barneys in April, and was promptly collared by undercover cops, who asked, 'How could you afford a belt like this? Where did you get this money from?'

The teen, a student at New York City College of Technology where he had a work-study job. His paycheck had just been direct-deposited into his Chase bank account, he said.
He went straight to Barneys to buy a $300 Ferragamo belt - a frequent accessory of his favorite rapper Juelz Santana.


Read more:

James said...

"Third Country Nationals"

What a lovely little sanitised euphemism.

It's a joke. Say it in an Oirish accent.

"Turd Country Nashnills"

James said...

I went to a party dressed as a nig once.
Never got more pussy in my life!

Nastiestuncle is right, da black man he got it bro.

St Nilus said...

New Stallone movie : "Escape Plan".

Sadistic Evil White Blue Eyed Prison warden - check: ( We know he is Evil cos he collects butterflies and listens to classical music)

Sadistic Evil White Blue-eyed Prison Guard- check: (Vinnie Jones with a shaved head and a sort of fascistic-looking riot-cop outfit )

Magic Nigger -check:
Fiddy Cent as a..wait for it...
computer expert !!!

The Ultra High Security Prison is curiously neigger free, it's full of Ebil Whiteys and muzzies..

St Nilus said...

'neigger free' was a typo, and an innacurate one, cos there is a Schwarzeneigger

Uncle Nasty said...

Anonymous said...

22 October 2013 11:13

Nice post ... I recommend. Very Covingtonesque.

Further to this, Savant, Do you have an email addy? I request you somehow link bits and pieces from an email I received


St Nilus said...

check out this little nigger:

Watch the moment thug attacks street performer dressed as The Predator in Birmingham city centre

The 'human statue' was subjected to a sickening assault by a 20-year-old NIGGER in Birmingham city centre

A NIGGER has been cautioned by police after his sick attack on a street performer dressed as The Predator went viral.

The 20-year-old NIGGER, who has not been named, was filmed running up to the 'human statue' from behind and pushing him towards a watching mum and her toddler.

The NIGGER can be heard laughing as he runs away from the scene in Birmingham city centre.

Uncle Nasty said...

James said...

I went to a party dressed as a nig once.
Never got more pussy in my life!

Nastiestuncle is right, da black man he got it bro.
22 October 2013 23:11

Not wanting to get personal, James, but if this is not satire and considering the proclivities of coal burners, you may want to get a checkup.

I have always lived by the maxim;-- Never have anything to do with a woman who has a higher sperm count than you do.


Uncle Nasty said...

Interesting thread from American Renaissance ...

One or two commenters are actually stepping on the third rail, and this one is discussing Golden Dawn creating a Bitcoin equivalent as a rebel currency.

Just imagine the bubbling sound of all those noses watching their money empire evaporate.

I can't link to the actual post but scroll to:-

Anon • 2 hours ago

I disagree with most of you. Although the Golden Dawn should, at an absolute minimum, maintain significant access to armed force, they should, in no way "fight the system". Do not fight in the systems baliwick as it is designed to maintain those in power and nothing else. Fighting the system makes you a criminal. Walking away from the system makes you an innovator.

This is the systems great no longer provides. Why should anyone vie with the enemy for control of a system that doesn't work, especially when it only really is good at one thing, keeping those in power, in power.

Instead, the Golden Dawn needs to step outside of the system. And I can think of no more golden an opportunity than for the system to shut them out by cancelling their funding. Everyone knows the Golden Dawn is legitimate and the claims against it are BS. To shut them out doesn't discredit them. It discredits them who are so afraid of them, they don't dare let them compete on an even playing field.

Does anyone, in Greece, or anywhere else, actually think euros are worth anything? That is part of the problem. Those who use the euro, by the very nature of using that system of money, earmark 90% of the collective effort represented by the money itself towards power of those they are trying to get rid of. It is literally a pittance. Work all day....slave. Build weapons for the army I am going to use to exterminate you. Here is your pittance. Yeah...stop cooperating with that.

Could this be one of ours?


Anonymous said...

Yo, wassup mein niggers!

It’s official! Hitler was a nigger!

The Daily Nazi

DNA tests reveal 'Hitler was descended from the Jews and Africans he hated'


Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

“But faced with racism and cultural theft for decades, African-American musicians, DJs, businessmen and women have struggled to have any REAL CONTROL OR OWNERSHIP IN THE BUSINESS.”

I wonder why?


Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Antisemitism in Japan

Jewish human rights group protests 'anti-Semitic' ad in Nihon Keizai Shimbun

The Simon Wiesenthal Center, a Los Angeles-based human rights group, on Monday issued a protest to the Nihon Keizai Shimbun-sha over an advertisement appearing in the Aug 2 edition of its Tokyo edition that it alleges to be anti-Semitic.

The advertisement for “Why did the Jewish financial system collapse?” [LOL!], which appeared on page 6 of the Tokyo edition, was placed by publisher Apple Shuppan. The ad asks rhetorically, “Is it true that the Rothschild family controls the global economy?” and purports to explain what was behind the failures of Lehman Brothers, AIG, Citibank and Bear Stearns.


The ad also touts a second work by Nada titled “Jewish Money: Why are they able to continue to move the global economy?”


A prominent Japanese daily newspaper has formally apologized to Jewish groups for advertising books that claim the world is secretly controlled by Jews.

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

St Nilus said:

“Magic Nigger -check:
Fiddy Cent as a..wait for it...
computer expert !!!”

Film Review: ‘Escape Plan’

Supporting players Vincent D’Onofrio and Vinnie Jones slip into their typical miens with minimal fuss, while Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson is HYSTERICALLY MISCAST as a BESPECTACLED COMPUTER EXPERT.

Frank Galton

Cassius said...

UN, not sure how far Golden dawn can go but as an aside I seem to notice a change at Amren as well as they have in recent weeks flirted dangerously with the third rail. Whether or not this is just a temporary phenomenon we must wait and see. Maybe they have arrived at the conclusion most of us here have, viz. that being nice to jewish groups won't make them one iota nicer to you.

James Lord said...

Well, at least they did admit that 50 Cent was hysterically miscast. Jesus, do these Hollywierd types think we're total dipsticks?

Silly question.

Anonymous said...

Read the article then watch the video of these fucking monkeys! (Jew’s foot soldiers).

The violent [Nigerian] gang leader we can't deport due to his London accent

Frank Galton

Shaunantijihad said...

OMG!!! Keiser/Katana! I can barely believe that site:

It is the policy of an occupying power over a defeated people! Clearly and up front! My God!

Savant, you must address this.

Shaunantijihad said...

I was hoping that site was mere satire, but no. It is genuine. It says in no uncertain terms that White people in Ireland will be genocided as a matter of public policy.

Anonymous said...

"In this country in 15 or 20 years' time the black man will have the whip hand over the white man." – Enoch Powell

Niggers deliberately being placed into positions of authority in order to gain the whip hand over whites.

Civil Enforcement Officers (the new name for traffic wardens).

Cibil Enfossment Obbisas

Cibil Enfossment Obbisa caught pissing against a wall while out ticketing cars

Cibil Enfossment Obbisa: 'Ahs don't care if u delivering poppies, you canna parks here'

Hibbary who?

Michael Onumajuru, 49, claimed that his boss at NSL - which operates parking enforcement for Camden Council - was at the centre of a racket in which Nigerian migrants used fake passports to gain work.

Mr Onumajuru told the hearing it was his BOSS, operational support manager ADEBOWALE ONADEKO, who was 'at the centre of the illegal working', and around 40 per cent of the wardens were employed unlawfully.

Frank Galton

Keiser said...


That website Integrating(genociding) is par for the course Shaun. I think my only course of action is to confront it. I will call these people and speak with them. I think we must show them that what they are doing is unacceptable. At least this way they will know that there is resistance to their little notions. The best course of action I think is to just call them and question why they are forcing this immigration so much. Highlight them as the attackers as opposed to making ourselves the attackers.


"One or two commenters are actually stepping on the third rail, and this one is discussing Golden Dawn creating a Bitcoin equivalent as a rebel currency."

I wish I wrote that comment but alas did not. Whoever did is thinking the exact same way I am.

What do they say about an idea who's time has come? :-)

Nigger corruption

'RBS cashier stole personal bank details for fraud gang who plotted to plunder £3million from accounts but were caught after swiping just £135,000'

Before you click the link take a guess if the cashier was black or White, just guess, go on take a guess...

Yo money be safe wid me, now gibs me you account number and password

I guessed correctly too. :-)

St Nilus said...

(In a report about a school eing shut down because of spiders):

" The spiders came to Britain 100 years ago , and were thought to have been confined to the South. But with reports of bites as far North as Derby, it is obvious they have spread. This is thought to be due to..................drum roll....
......CLIMATE CHANGE !!! "


St Nilus said...

(That was on ITV lunchtime news)

St Nilus said...

cos some things are mo' impo'tan' than getting kids across de ro' an' shee'

Say cheese Wolverine! Lollipop lady snaps Hugh Jackman out on the school run in New York as he passes in the middle of the road!

Deaf and dumb girl kept in a basement as a sex-slave by Paki.

Not getting quite as much hysterical coverage as Fritzl or the other recent one in America, is it?

I wonder why?

Anonymous said...

Re: integratingdublin

This organisation’s got Common Purpose written all over it.

“key actors”, “deliver series of project actions”, “charting the pathway towards upward progression”, “developing capacity”, “Develop models of mediation”, “Deliver workplace opportunities” etc etc etc.

Note one of the “following elements”:

Specifically, the project will achieve the following elements:

• Develop mechanisms for TCN's [Third Country Nationals] REPRESENTATION AND PARTICIPATION IN LOCAL AUTHORITY POLICY AND PLANNING STRUCTURES to enhance the understanding among TCN leaders of the policy making process, HOW TO CONVERT ISSUES OF CONCERN INTO POLICY POSITION and how to communicate and lobby for their policy message

We beez da decision makers now, muffafuggas!

Project partners include:

AkiDwA (Akina Dada wa Africa; Swahili for sisterhood)

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Re Common Purpose

The Daily Nazi:

“In Julia Middleton's book Beyond Authority, which sets out Common Purpose's leadership philosophy, she describes how she was TOLD by a 'GROUP OF PEERS' the way in which to 'force' issues on to the agenda at Westminster.


Remind you of any particular “group”?

This vile Common Purpose cunt (Julia Middleton) then goes on to say: 'I spoke to a friend recently who described how she had set someone up. Using all her charm and flattery, she had drawn him in and then installed him as a convenient USEFUL IDIOT... Have I ever done this? Yes.”


The Jew’s useful idiots talking about “useful idiots”.

You just couldn’t make it up!

Frank Galton

St Nilus said...

Chosen Noses in the Daily Mohel sidebar today:

Seth Rogen
Zac Efron
Sarah Silverman
David Beckham( jew grandfather)
Richard Gere
Nigella Lawson
Natalie Portman
Jake Gyllenhaal
Nancy Shevell (McCartney)
Rachel Zoe
Goldie Hawn
Hailee Steinfeld
Bethenny Frankel
Scarlett Johannson
Zosia Mamet
Jack Osbourne
Adam Levine
Sharon Osbourne
Chelsea Handler
Micheal Douglas
Roman Abramovich

Best stick to music! Video emerges of 50 Cent's cringeworthy audition to play Denzel Washington's cousin in American Gangster

He was unconvincing when he played a thinly veiled version of himself in Get Rich Or Die Tryin'.
But that did not stop 50 Cent from thinking he was the perfect man to star alongside Denzel Washington in the critically acclaimed 2007 crime drama American Gangster.
New footage has emerged of the audition tape he made in a bid to win the role of Huey Lucas, a part that ultimately went to acclaimed English star Chiwetel Ejiofor.

St Nilus said...

Roman Abramovich is just $23million away from owning ALL of an historic Fifth Avenue mansion in New York
Russian billionaire paid $75m for the majority of the mansion last month
Two people stand in his way of having free reigns of the entire building
He has bought a duplex for $10-15m but owner won't leave for a year
Final owner is demanding $23m - $8m more than Abramovich has offered

Anonymous said...

St Nilus,

Re the Lollipop “lady”.

Dat beez no lollipop lady, dat beez a Cibil Enfossment Obbisah.

Frank Galton

St Nilus said...

observe Sandra Bullock's pet niglet gazing adoringly into his mother's eyes:

Sandra Bullock gives son Louis a tender kiss before dropping him off at school

St Nilus said...


"Handsome little man.....looks like a mini Sidney Poitier."

"Sandra loves his son very much ... are a beautiful family, will soon have a new member!"

"Designer baby"

Gok Wan:"He was obviously an unwanted baby - and is now a WANTED child. End of...."

"cute little un..but some celebs use their kids like designer handbags nowadays.."

Gok Wan:"She doesn't though - anyone can see how much she loves him and that she is a proper Mum!"

Gok Wan: "She just adores that child - but who can blame her? He is gorgeous!"

"What a handsome lad! Now stop following him to school."

"Handsome little boy...! He seems a little lost...!"

Anonymous said...

Drunk 'racist' filmed abusing fellow passenger on the Underground claiming Japanese people killed two of his cousins


Frank Galton

St Nilus said...

£550,000 goes up in smoke! World's most expensive e-cigarette covered in 246 diamonds is created for girlfriend of Russian oligarch

It is the ultimate bling birthday present for a wealthy Russian billionaire's girlfriend who has everything but wants to give up smoking - at a cost of more than half a million pounds.
The £550,000 diamond encrusted custom-made electronic vaping machine was manufactured on the personal order of an anonymous London-based Russian oil magnate.
The masterpiece - which took four and a half months to create - is laden with 246 flawless two-carat clear crystal diamonds each worth £1,800.

Read more:

A four-year-old girl accidentally drowned her younger brother in a tragic bath accident by turning on the taps, an inquest heard.
Muhammad Hayan Khurram, two, died in just inches of water while his parents were out of the room.
Muhammad, known as Hayan, had been left in a large bucket which was a third full with water and placed in the bath tub at his family home in Bradford.

St Nilus said...

Ukrainian white supremacist who murdered Muslim grandfather blew up his parents' flat while testing homemade explosives before planting nail bombs at mosques in UK terror campaign
Pavlo Lapshyn stabbed Mohammed Saleem three times as he walked home
Ukrainian hated 'non-whites' and planted bombs outside Midlands mosques
But three years earlier he blew-up his parents' flat in middle of the night
Witnesses said he exploded door, smashed windows and cracked wall
Neighbours, who were paid for damage, said 'It felt like an atomic bomb'
But despite being arrested he was later allowed to go to Britain and kill
His family say they are distraught that their 'mummy's boy' is a murderer

Read more:

St Nilus said...

I suppose non of these 'reporters' remember the scorching hot summers of the seventies, especially 1976.

And they ignore the fact that the last few summers have been absolutely shit.



The false black widow, which is said to be spreading further north due to warmer weather, has the worst bite of any spider in the UK.
There have been a spate of bites reported across the country in the past few weeks.
Amateur Devon footballer Steve Harris, for instance, had to undergo emergency surgery after a bite on his leg last week.
The spider is a cousin of the black widow and is about the size of a 50p piece.
It delivers venom that can kill those who are allergic to it.
It first came to the UK more than 100 years ago in crates of fruit from the Canary Islands.
The Natural History Museum’s Insect Information Service hears of about ten cases of spider bites each year, although no one in the UK has ever died as a result of one.

The distribution of the false widow spider is expected to increase northwards in the UK due, at least partly, to mild summers in recent years.

Read more:

And I thought a "false black widow " was a Nigerian scamstress claiming fake life insurance.

St Nilus said...

White Widows too?

White Widow's manifesto of death: Diary of British Muslim convert reveals terrifying code of conduct for her 'holy warriors'
Samantha Lewthwaite is dubbed the world’s most wanted woman
The 29-year-old from Buckinghamshire has been on the run since 2011
Linked to last month's terror attack on a Nairobi shopping mall
Copy of her manifesto was transcribed into English by one her recruits
It reveals her plans to wage a war on westerners

Read more:

Anonymous said...

The Mocha messiah who was visibly upset over the lawful killing of a thug in Florida and cared not a jot for those killed in the Chinook shootdown nor for the State department employees he abandoned to their fate in Benghazi knew that his droning on and on would cause a pregnant woman to faint. How did he know that?

It was in the script.

Anonymous said...

I remember Mike Smith making the comment that Europe would approach South Africans to see how apartheid worked. I am starting to see the truth of those comments.

St Nilus said...

"...has spent the last three years photographing 35 of the most AESTHETICALLY BEAUTIFUL and remote tribes in all corners of the world."

scroll down past the first 2 photos:

Sponge Cake said...

Student left scarred for life in late-night mob attack three days after arriving in the UK.

St Nilus said...

"Life has changed very little* for the tribes since the turn of the first millennium. They live a simple life of hunting, gathering, raising cattle and growing sorghum along the banks of the River Omo"

*Apart from running around with AK-47s, of course.

"The Maori are the indigenous* people of New Zealand and are known as as daring and resourceful adventurers. They arrived in New Zealand in the thirteenth century AD having made the epic sea voyage from the islands of Eastern Polynesia.

* Although it is trendy now to deny/dispute this , didnt they slaughter the indigenous people of New Zealand?

We English, Welsh, Scots have been on these islands for much, much longer.

But we are WHITE, so that doesn't count.

"Legend has it that twelve large canoes each carried a different tribe. Even today, most Maori people can say which original tribe they are descended from"

Many of our people can trace their lines back further thn that, with WRITTEN RECORDS, not "legend".

But we are WHITE, so that doesn't matter.

Typical photographer, he's found the prettiest Maori girl in NZ and dressed her up in some "ethnic" gear.

Ive seen a lot of Maori girls and they certainly all don't look like that! She hasnt got the nose, for starters.

'The Drokpa Tribe, which numbers around 2,500, live in three small villages in the Dha-Hanu valley of Ladakh, which is situated in Jammu and Kashmir, a disputed territory between India and Pakistan. They are the only authentic descendants of the Aryans left in India.'

ARYANS? Who are they? Sounds "NAZI" to me...


"While all the tribes he encountered were completely different in terms of appearance, the similarities were obvious.
'From a social perspective they were the same', Jimmy says.

'The further you get away from civilisation, the more people work as a family unit, the greater respect they have for the older generations and for each other.

The further away you get, the kinder people are."

St Nilus said...

The rhetoric in the Daily Mail photographic feature (above)is telling.

Brown people are "brave" and "fierce warriors" and make "epic journeys" by boat.They are "beautiful".

They are "proud" of their "tribe and lineage , and "little has changed" in their "way of life", etc.

But Whitey? The cleverest, bravest, fiercest,(yet most altruistic) most technologically brilliant , militarily superior..( I could go on)

Well, we are merely "hideously White", we are "invaders","exploiters" "slaughterers","bloodthirsty Christians", "cruel plantation owners " etc:

"Michael Fassbender as Edwin Epps, a cruel plantation owner[10]
Benedict Cumberbatch as William Ford, a Baptist preacher and a slave owner"

S said...

Michael Eboda: Let’s transform the colour of British boardrooms
The facts are shocking. Of the 1,086 directors on the boards of FTSE 100 firms, it seems (no one actually keeps figures on this) that only four are black.

Once again we see the negro Cargo cult mentality. It can take years of hard work to get to the top of any profession. This joker thinks that merely placing a black in the boardroom, means they are capable of doing the job.

St Nilus said...

More "beautiful", "proud", tribal brown people and their "traditional customs":

( nice use of the word "conservative"-in the UK it means someone who tuts when they see graffiti...)

'A young couple in conservative southern Afghanistan have been found beheaded, apparently killed for having a love affair outside of marriage, officials said Wednesday.'

"The facts are shocking. Of the 1,086 directors on the boards of FTSE 100 firms, it seems (no one actually keeps figures on this) that only four are black."

Yes, as usual, the answer is, 'MORE NIGGERS'.

What was the question?

Sponge Cake said...

Complicating factors can be added. Europe’s recent experience with alleged refugees is negative. The problems begin with the lies made to gain admission. People that had identifications to board a plane claim upon arrival to lack papers and then assume the fictitious nationality of an “unsafe country” to demand asylum as a right. The lacking IDs hinder repatriation. With disturbing frequency, the alleged victim becomes a warden of the host state that houses and feeds him and allots pocket money. Illegal entry is often followed by a life of crime. Apprehended culprits enjoy virtual immunity as they cannot be expelled or fined. After perfunctory warnings, to avoid “racism”, they are soon released. If incarcerated, the time served is used to demand residency status as the claimant got “used” to his milieu. Except for the Left and the PC privileged, people know this. The rise of parties of outrage and the isolation of the political class, as elections in France and Austria show, is a consequence.

St Nilus said...

"Sponge Cake said...

Student left scarred for life in late-night mob attack three days after arriving in the UK."

Great link. Says it all. I bet that American has been in some bad-ass neighbourhoods in Florida , or at least knows where not to go. But this is UK, where you can get bottled in the face and stomped on by a pack of brown cowards (who know they wont be punished) anywhere you go.

Bengalis? That CCTV footage couldnt be clearer: If these fuckers arent caught , then we know that theyre not supposed to. How I wish that guy was some MMA master and had left all those midgets crumpled and bloody in a pile of snapped bones.

By the way, here's UFC 166 tile fight:

Sponge Cake said...

TWO off-duty gardai have been cleared of assaulting a Nigerian taxi driver with their handbags on their way home from a night out.

Sponge Cake said...

More than half of foreigners have experienced racism in Ireland, says study

One African man interviewed for the research said: “You feel it every day. In the bus no one sits next to you if you are black. They stare at you.

“If you are black and you ask directions or information they just pass you. They don’t answer.(YAWN)

Keiser said...

@Sponge Cake

Good links thanks especially the female Gardaí having an enriching experience, let's hope it gives them a point of reference when deal with the niggers in future.

@St Nilus
Also the MMA fight was just what I needed!

Anonymous said...

Sponge Cake said...

Re. Fiddy cent playing a computer expert.

In 1972, professa Leroy Johnson, invented da cental prossesing unit(CPU).

In 1980, Shitavious jackson, developed da dool inlion memary modool(DIMM).Dat shit goes on da mamaboard.nomesayin

In 2000, Trayvon Brown, Wuz da first nigga, to link two hard drive togeddar. He call dis sheet RAID.

In 2008, Tyrone Williams, built da wurlds first Solid State hard drive.

Keiser said...

and aT da momezt Ph.D. student Deshawn Barkavius Jackson and his fizziscs profeszer bez workin' on da new quanthumb computa tranSistor which can occupy not jus two binary statez but all statez simlutaneuzly.

feral cock guzzling sluts said...

Just left a sting letter on that akidwa website.

Infuriates me, when these black women come to multiculti countries and start baying racism, the must fuck off back to their shitholes that their parents effed up, and make the changes there, they all black in those shitholes so there is no racism there, so why come to racist europe, go back to effing afrika where there is gang raping as a national sport, and tribal warfare and voodoo "I want your clit for potions" doctors

No they all come to the land of racist christians, they must go back to the congo or which ever shithole they from and start the change they dream of there.

Like that pakistani girl that got shot in the head, she comes to the UK to preach about education, as if in the UK girls are denied an education, what effing hypocrites, she must go to pakistan and go preach there, and see how long it will take untill the last thing thru her mind is her ass.

They very clever, they come to europe and preach racism, but when the savages chased the colonists out in a spree of rape and hate and wealth grbs, you didn't hear white colonists say, they were so racist, we felt sidelined

So tired of the savages, and all the white idiotic women helping their black sisters, what idiots

Like those idiotic 16yr olds that went to tanzanis, and had acid thrown in their faces, and now have molten faces for the rest of their lives because of their idealistic stupidity, or amy biehl who got a brick to the head for being an idiotic naïve idiot.

I wanted to see the akidwa sister hood come to the rescue of their white sisters when a 50 man black thug rape militia has their eyes on white vagina, the black sisters would very quickly throw the white sisters to the rape machines.

Whites can be so utterly thick and naïve,

Sav, how about some posting about stupid white females and the damage the wreck on european society

Like sandra bullock and charlize theron and all the other stupid white bitches adopting little black designer pets, so they can be hip and trendy as they walk it down rodeo drive.

Stupid white slags, most white women I come across are infected with this stupidity, you can actually see their distaste for men who aren't these faggy beacons of all thing tolerant, men who are upfront, men who will treat her like a woman and not like a disney princess as she feels she should, but come a blood dripping gansta niggah from the hood, riddled with disease and these white bitches fall to their knees, craving that their loins be ravished by black meat.

All these super bitches with husbands who are servile faggy pet lapdogs, doing back flips for a bad blow job.

My feral bitch'o'meter can spot one at 100yards

These effing bitches just don't get it, where are the real women?

Why don't the feral bitch militia have high regard for margret thatcher? She is the woman that made it to the top in a mans world, you would think that the feral bitch militia would have the iron lady as their hero, but no they prefer the hairball upcoughing cock guzzling sluts from sex and the city? What's up with that.

St Nilus said...

Keiser: Here's a link to the rest of the fights that evening:

There's an incredible scrap between two Lightweight mexicans/hispanics that they were all calling "The best fight I have ever seen in MMA"

(Gilbert Melendez vs Diego Sanchez)

Proper non-stop toe-to-toe slugfest , one guy had a cut above his left eye that looked like a mouth!


I just heard an unfunny female feminist comedian jabber on for half an hour on Radio 4skin about how women ARE funny and just because a female comedian comes on stage we shouldnt assume that she's not going to be funny. She then went on about rape for ages and misogyny and oppressed women and jew feminists like Naomi Woolf and Suzy Orbach (jew lezzer) and how it was cool that Wimmen still walked behind their husbands in Afghanistan cos the men would get killed by landmines.

Was it funny?

Was it fuck:

BBC Radio 4skin , 18:30

Bridget Christie Minds the Gap

Bridget answers that old chestnut, 'Are Women Funny?'. ( The answer, at least in her case, is a resounding,'NO'.

Keiser said...

feral cock guzzling sluts said...
These effing bitches just don't get it, where are the real women?"

Let's not start hating our women. The truth about interracial relationships is probably closer to Dante Aligeheri's idea of contrapasso or "the sin is its own punishment".

A coal burner will find out the hard way when her delightful negro inevitably chimps out on her and if you don't believe me go ask Katie Piper.

There is no need for us to start being consumed by anger towards them. I judge them with silence and let the hospital pictures that the police take do the talking and I take absolutely no pleasure in saying that.

Some sadly insist on learning the hard way. If anything I think the pro-nigger media is the issue.

One thing is for certain calling them "feral sluts" or "effing bitches" in anger doesn't help.

"Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster... for when you gaze long into the abyss. The abyss gazes back into you"
Friedrich Nietzsche

Sponge Cake said...

Following England's humiliation at the world cup in Brazil, Sol Campbell was appointed manager in September 2014, replacing old racist Roy Hodgson. Success on the pitch soon followed. At the European Championship in 2016, England were narrowly beaten 2-1 in the final by Germany. England would win their first world cup since 1966, by beating Spain in the final at the world cup in Russia 2016. Shortly after, Campbell would take the reins at Manchester United, winning 4 premier league titles, 3 FA cups, and 2 Champions leagues. In 2028, Sol was knighted by King Charles at a special ceremony at Buckingham Palace. Sol dedicated his award, to the black teenager Stephen Lawrence.

St Nilus said...

More highlights from The 4skin today:

QUEER Evan Davis Meets
KIKE Alan Greenspan

Former federal chairman Alan Greenspan in conversation with Evan Davis.

'Alan Greenspan was the world's most powerful central banker for nearly two decades. As Chairman of the US Federal Reserve, he was a believer in free markets and was sceptical of regulation. He famously warned about the dangers of "irrational exuberance" in financial markets yet presided over several years of boom, and a US housing market bubble.

The financial crisis which hit the world three years after Alan Greenspan left office, has forced him to question his earlier economic assumptions. The results of this rethink are detailed in his new book, The Map and the Territory: Risk, Human Nature, and the Future of Forecasting.

Evan Davis, Today programme presenter and former BBC Economics Editor, travelled to Washington to talk to Alan Greenspan about his part in the crash of 2008 and his predictions for the future of the world's economies.'

Check out the photo if you dare:

The Media Show
Black audiences.

Steve Hewlett asks if broadcasters could do more to serve BLACK audiences better.

Yesterday, the BBC DG Lord Hall was asked what the BBC was doing to improve programmes for black audiences - he said he wasn't satisfied the BBC appeals enough. Steve asks Pat Younge, the BBC's most senior black executive, how big a problem there is for black viewers. Journalist Bim Adewunmi and Simone Pennant of The TV Collective, a former TV producer, discuss whether the main channels NEED TO CHANGE.

Thinking Allowed
Muslim Fundamentalism;

A study into Muslim resistance to religious extremism.


Libby Purves meets actor and director JEW Paul Michael Glaser.

Paul Michael Glaser is an actor, director and writer, best known for playing David Starsky in the TV series, Starsky and Hutch. His is currently playing Tevye in a UK touring production of the musical Fiddler on the Roof, directed by Craig Revel Horwood. In addition to his work on stage and screen, Paul Michael Glaser writes poetry and children's literature. He is Honorary Chairman of the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric Aids Foundation. Fiddler on the Roof is touring the UK and Ireland.



Anonymous said...

The emancipation of the Warblerette guarantees that.

The needs of the Cuckoo, particularly the Kippah Capped Cuckoo, supersede those of the Warbler.

The gargantuan needs of the Kippah Capped Cuckoo ensure that its waste products fill the nest completely....... with Shit.

St Nilus said...

Radio 4skin, Thursday 10.00

Woman's Hour



FRENCH CUBAN CHINESE DUTCH AFRICAN JEW BUDDHIST Mariane Pearl examine the media's portrayal of women'.

(Pearl is the widow of Daniel Pearl, who was fully circumcised in the middle-East)

"Pearl is a member of the honorary board of the Daniel Pearl Foundation[19] which was founded by Daniel Pearl's parents, Ruth and Judea Pearl.

Honorary board members include former American President Bill Clinton; founding Nightline anchorman Ted Koppel,(JEW) violinist Itzhak Perlman (JEW); Nobel Peace Prize winning author Elie Wiesel(JEW), and others."

"Koppel, an only child, was born in Nelson, Lancashire, UK, after his German Jewish parents fled Germany due to the rise of Adolf Hitler and Nazism."

"Koppel formed a good friendship with Henry Kissinger."

Accusations of bias

"Koppel was suggested as being a conduit for the government's point of view. In the late 1980s, the progressive media criticism organization Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR) conducted a 40-month study of 865 editions of Nightline and concluded, "On shows about international affairs, U.S. government policymakers and ex-officials dominated the Nightline guest list. American critics of foreign policy were almost invisible."

In 1987, Newsweek opined, "The anchor who makes viewers feel that he is challenging the powers that be on their behalf is in fact the quintessential establishment journalist". Koppel responded to this by saying, "We are governed by the president and his cabinet and their people. And they are the ones who are responsible for our foreign policy, and they are the ones I want to talk to".

But of course.

"Susie Orbach (born 1946) is a British psychotherapist, psychoanalyst, writer and social critic."

"Orbach was born in London in 1946, and was brought up in Chalk Farm, north London, the child of Jewish parents, British MP (Labour) Maurice Orbach and an American mother

Orbach's relationship with Joseph Schwartz, the father of her two children, ended after more than 30 years. According to writer Jeanette Winterson, now her partner, Orbach "calls herself post-heterosexual"

St Nilus said...

Deanna Spingola has a show at American Free Press. Presumably she got sick of RBN.

Here's her first show at AFP, with ZCF:

Soft-spoken yet extremely hard-hitting, Deanna Spingola is one of the most popular independent voices in the alternative media today. Her radio broadcasts have been “must” listening for truth seekers around the world, and her books in the “Ruling Elite” series have captivated readers with their amazing revelations of many heretofore untold “hidden” facts of history.
Deanna's guest today is Zander C. Fuerza, the author of many articles and the book, Masters of Deception: Zionism, 9/11 and the War on Terror Hoax.

James said...

Henry Makow honestly describes what T.V. did to him.

It didn't do anything to him.--nastiestuncle

Well he thinks it did and it did because it was mostly controlled by Satanic gay Jews.


I think he is more qualified than you are to make the judgement.

He isn't.--nastiestuncle


No, because T.V. is a thing, and I know everything about every thing.--nastiestuncle

So Henry Makow is an idiot?

A dribbler of the worst sort. Hitler would have gassed him twice; once for being a retard, and once for being a Jew.--nastiestuncle

That makes sense I suppose.

Keiser said...

@ St Nilus

"Here's a link to the rest of the fights that evening:

There's an incredible scrap between two Lightweight mexicans/hispanics that they were all calling "The best fight I have ever seen in MMA""


Lucozade... check
munchies... check
MMA ...check

That's my evening sorted.

I have started to train again in the gym and I am doing more running these day but I love watching MMA.

I will do some more work, flexibility and cardio and then I might try to do some basic MMA training in a nearby Uni club, all people (Whites) should train up, it will be needed.

Keiser said...

No, because T.V. is a thing, and I know everything about every thing.--nastiestuncle

NU You never stop with the crap, I mean seriously :-)

St Nilus said...

Description: "Teenage Male"

Second brutal rape attack on girls in a week

GARDAI are investigating the rape of a second young girl in a week.

A 14-year-old was allegedly attacked close to a shopping centre in Tallaght and subjected to a serious sexual assault.

Senior sources have revealed that the victim was grabbed by a teenage male after getting separated from her friends in the Springfield area of the south Dublin suburb.

The attack happened at around 7.30pm on Sunday in an area just five minutes walk away from the scene of the second alleged rape last week.

The Herald understands the traumatised young victim of the latest attack has claimed her attacker approached her, put his hand over her mouth and then viciously raped her. The alleged attack happened close to a major supermarket.

Gardai later spoke to the teen and her mother at their home before the victim was brought to the Rotunda Hospital where she was examined by medical specialists. Last night expert garda child interviewers were still waiting to get a full statement from the terrified child.

However senior sources say that the matter is being treated as "a very brutal sexual assault on a young girl who got separated from her friends."

Senior sources have pointed out that the savage attack is not linked to another alleged sexual attack which happened in nearby Fettercairn last week.

"Gardai cannot comment on the details of why but are satisfied the two crimes are not linked," said a senior source.

James said...

The Jew’s useful idiots talking about “useful idiots”.

Idiot, someone just made that up.--nastiestuncle

How do you know?

Because people make stuff like that up all the time.--nastiestuncle

Oh, that settles that then.

I need to make you guise feel stoopid so that when one of you is Prime Minister one day you would fuck it up for the rest of us and stop us from having nice things.--nastiestuncle

Thanks for watching our backs mate.

slut mace said...

Keiser, silence doesn't work, after being pummeled by the black thug, miss cola burner quickly seeks out a faggotized white male, that she can dominate, and who brings in the cash, to look after kids that aren't his

Not even lions are that idiotic, they kill all offspring not theirs.

What did tiger woods swedish trophy doo, after she discovered that the little black genetic material that make up tiger pulled true to type, she quickly went to find a ballless icon of tolerance and equality in the form of a native white swede, who now has to raise,tiger's semi nubian offspring if they had any.

And heidi klum, has she gone to ferret out a stable white man? And these are the financially independent ones, so how much so will a fatty with no cash seek out a pasty white fatish slob who is desperate.

If fotos worked, we would see less white women choosing the gansta niggah, but we see the opposite, its become a status symbol, even miss ireland has a sliver back as a boyfriend, after he has stretched her to the point where vaginal rejuvenation is not an option, she will go find her compliant white male bitch, and have a good time throwing him tidbits, for his back flipping tricks so he can get a bad blowjob, and an even worse hand job.
That's why alpha male formulas work so well, they seem to like being treated like hos owned by a pimp.

White women are totaly destroyed, with their multiculti akidwa let's help the world, while giving their kids mcdonalds for dinner cause they to busy saving the world, or their alpha male sluttedness, or their anything a man can do...attitude, white women have been destroyed. These little disney princesses are anything but.

Give me a woman that can slaughter a chicken, or give her kids a proper meal, rather than going on about the skinned and distressed in the world, forming sisterhoods with african women that have had their vaginas mutilated, or sit around in book clubs discussing the woes of why women can't orgasm.

So sad that they have allowed themselves to be taken in.

I don't think we should spare them, if they are feral slunts getting throat cancer from guzzling cock like its the end of the world as they know it, let's call them that.

Afterall if we deny the holocaust we gat slapped on with weapons grade nazi lable, so when sluts floss their teeth with male pubes, I think that's glue enough to slap, superlicious slunt in flashing neon on them.

What's better calling them sluts, or taking the alpha male route and slut them out more than they already are.

Now adays slut seems to be a compliment, whores are now sex workers.

If I speak like this infront of the guzzlers, they will look at me funny, but they will won't react weirdly to thug nigerian that wants to ream their rectum cause he misses his cell mate.

Go to that akidwa site and see the idiotic white women surrounded by genitally mutilated nubian princesses

Very sad

James said...

A 14-year-old was allegedly attacked close to a shopping centre in Tallaght and subjected to a serious sexual assault.

Was she dressed like a tart?

Us guys don't wear KKK outfits around large concentrations of savage negroes; these girls also need to learn how to stop being a target.

We must adjust our behaviour to accommodate the newest members of our societies. It's up to us.

Anonymous said...

Re Amy Biehl

She wanted to fight apartheid, which she passionately opposed, and accordingly spent much of her time REGISTERING BLACK VOTERS [sounds familiar? I wonder whether Amy was Jewish?] in South Africa’s first all-race elections, scheduled for April of 1994, which would hand over political control of the country to its Black majority.

Amy’s father, demonstrating how thoroughly he shared his daughter’s anti-racialist convictions, SHOOK HANDS WITH HER MURDERERS and ENCOURAGED THEIR RELEASE. Peter Biehl told reporters: “We hope they will receive the support necessary to live productive lives in a non-violent atmosphere. In fact, we hope the spirits of Amy and of those like her will be a force in their new lives.”


Congregation B'nai Israel of Tustin will present, as a prelude to its Selichot services today, a program titled "Qualities of Mercy: a True Story of Forgiveness" with Peter and Linda Biehl.

Frank Galton

James said...

Not wanting to get personal, James, but if this is not satire and considering the proclivities of coal burners, you may want to get a checkup.

I have always lived by the maxim;-- Never have anything to do with a woman who has a higher sperm count than you do.

Just relaying the effect of black paint out of scientific interest, that's all. There was no genetic exchange in this case, just lots of attention, noamsayin?

The few confirmed coal burners at the event were not happy about the costume and told me so (but they didn't say why they didn't like it). Most people thought it was great that someone had a non-PC costume and also told me so.

Try it, it's a good experiment. You can dress up as a golliwog or a black and white minstrel for extra credit.

Sponge Cake said...

@St Nilus 20:38

Springfield has been enriched in recent years. I'll keep an eye on this one.

Anonymous said...

India has 1 billion people.

Africa which is the same size as Australia, India, and North America combined has 1 billion and starvation.

Just goes to show it is inhabited by the wrong sort of people.

St Nilus said...

Not all TV is awful. On BBC4 tonight is an incredible Storyville documentary,I watched it online , about two Scottish rappers who decided that they'd have more chance of success if they pretended to be American. Sure enough, they fooled everyone for two years, got signed up by big jew manager Jonathan Shalit , and had record companies falling over themselves to sign them.

At first I thought it was a spoof documentary but it's all real, and masterfully put together, a real "truth is stranger than fiction" story, well worth watching or recording.

Storyville: The Great Hip Hop Hoax

'The story of two promising rappers from Dundee who renamed themselves Silibil 'n' Brains and duped the music industry into believing they were from Los Angeles in a bid to find fame. After their initial act was branded `the rapping Proclaimers', Billy Boyd and Gavin Bain adopted new identities to achieve a record deal and a dream celebrity lifestyle. Featuring contributions by Boyd and Bain, as well as industry insiders'

James said...

According to Echidna, GPs don't know enough about FGM patients.

As first point of contact in accessing healthcare services in Ireland, GPs must have a good understanding of issues related to the health of the immigrant population as suggested by the HSE National Intercultural Health Strategy (2007-2012).

· 80% of respondent GPs do not have the knowledge of FGM or associated issues.

· 12 out of 64 G.P’s have met 25 FGM patients in their clinics.

· 65% of GPs were not able to identify symptoms of FGM patients.

To address this grievous imbalance, Ireland MUST bring in more women with FGM.

James said...

Africa which is the same size as Australia, India, and North America combined has 1 billion and starvation.

There's no starvation, they eat quite well, probably better than most westerners.

There is the odd famine due to war, but overall they have plenty to eat.

James said...

In 1972, professa Leroy Johnson, invented da cental prossesing unit(CPU).

In 1980, Shitavious jackson, developed da dool inlion memary modool(DIMM).Dat shit goes on da mamaboard.nomesayin

In 2000, Trayvon Brown, Wuz da first nigga, to link two hard drive togeddar. He call dis sheet RAID.

In 2008, Tyrone Williams, built da wurlds first Solid State hard drive.

I didn't know any of this before.

David said...

Wise Irish lawyer tells overtly critical Irish media that his Roma clients are delighted to have won the gypo lottery, er, I mean get their daughter back from the clutches of the State Racial Purity and Hygiene Department.
Warning to foreign readers the lawyers North Dublin brogue can be hard to understand at times.

trajeur said...

Well abraham nearly sacrificed his only begotten son, so amy's parents are the neo abraham.

If I could reverse time, I wouldn't allow amy's parents to have her, ppl like that shouldn't have children, at least the stupid liberal, no self preservation genes in that line have stopped.

What idiots, they could have had grand children by now, but now they can have the mercy awards to kiss them goodbye, they can put the mercy awards and all the other acolades round the table for a family gathering, obviously acolades and awards are more important to them than real live family who have their blood.

How can they be that deluded, to have sacrificed their daughter for an ideal, they should cry themselves to sleep everyday.

What happened to amy's afterlife facilitators, how dare we call them murderers, amy wasn't murded she was facilitated in getting the afterlife.

I am sure that the facilitators, havent had a rosy utopian life in an atmosphere of non violence and all things yoda, as amy's beacon to tolerance and forgiveness father had hoped for.

I would love to hear her parents say mea culpa, mea grande culpa, and to admit amy's death was a selfish waste, bourne by their hippy obsession with utopia.

Then I would summarily slap their idiotic faces, and tell them that they are a waste of carbon molecules, and that the carbon the use, would be better served in fungus that rots wood in the amamzon, cause at least that fungus serves a purpose

Amy's parents reaction is so unnatural, its automaton, like the borg.

How can people be so guilted that they risk their own lives for an ideal, I can't understand that thinking, its totally unnatural.

Sav mentioned he volunteered in africa, I am sure it didn't risk his life, but what do people get out of volunteering.

Does it ease their conscience, is it like catholic confession

Oprah was very fond of pushing the theory of serving, service to people, finding your calling.

All bullshit of course.

If you don't feel guilt, you don't need to confess or volunteer.

Better being an alive realist, than a dead idealist

Anonymous said...

There is the odd famine due to war, but overall they have plenty to eat.

So the whole reason they are refugees is completely bogus?

Anonymous said...

Good news everybody!

Brad Pitt's 12 Years Slave with Michael Fassbender and Benedict Cummerbund has been a huge failure at the box office so the producers will be able to get a large tax write off for artistic reasons.

St Nilus said...

Channel 4 'Gogglebox':

Various "typical, ordinary British families " watch telly, "un-self conciously" (not)and are recorded.

We then watch these people watching TV.

One of them actually says
(about a "reality show" filmed in a nightclub toilet) " If these are the sort of shows Channel 4 are making, what on earth are the ones they reject like?"


The nigger "toilet attendant' says "You piss on my floor I break your jaw"

The "typical families " are as follows:

2 queers
2 scouse jews? 'Leon and June'
2 black women
2 White middle class alkies
Mixed-race family from Brighton (Blonde mum, Paki dad, and queer son)
2 fat, tattoed, mouth-breathing White families.
And a Hindu family.

They've just been watching a walrus being wanked off on the BBC.

That Henry Makow doesnt know what he's talking about!

Anonymous said...

"...Dat shit goes on da mamaboard.nomesayin..."
oh shit!


St Nilus said...

Up All Night: The Nightclub Toilet

The first of four 'documentaries' following life after dark across Britain.

(black)Toilet attendants in the ladies and gents' loos of a busy club in Crawley, West Sussex, talk about their jobs, as cameras capture the conversations, dramas and grooming habits of revellers across four lively nights'

Such as drunk White kids breakdancing in a pool of piss.

SKY Atlantic Veep:


'The president sends Selina to represent him at a hog roast in North Carolina, where she absent-mindedly gives a live TV broadcast in which she voices her support for Israel and the Jewish people while eating a pork sandwich.'

Selina Meyer as Julia Louis-Dreyfus
Amy Brookheimer as Anna Chlumsky

Right now on BBC Russell Brand is talking a whole lot of sense to Jeremy Paxman. No, really.

St Nilus said...

Russell Brand admits feeling ‘cross’ with Jeremy Paxman in Newsnight interview

He’s already livened up Question Time – and now Russell Brand is set to bring his own unique spin on current affairs to Newsnight in a pre-recorded interview with Jeremy Paxman.

The comedian and actor- who is guest editing a special edition of The New Statesman – will discuss his desire for a revolution, a subject which sees him in typically outspoken form.

‘The planet is being destroyed, we are creating an underclass, exploiting poor people all over the world, and the genuine legitimate problems of the world are not being addressed by our political parties,’ he said in the interview.

And when Paxman implied he agreed with Brand on many of his views, he retorted: ‘Then why do I feel so cross with you? It can’t be because of that beard – it’s gorgeous, grow it longer, tangle it into your armpit hair.’

Paxman went on to call him ‘a very trivial man’ – something which Brand challenged, telling him: ‘A minute ago you were having a go at me for wanting a revolution, now I’m trivial.’

Guess who's just turned up on Newsnight?

David Fucking Aaronovitch.

St Nilus said...

"Its like, bad for kids to be stuck indoors all the time staring at screens, they are getting physically and mentally ill, depressed, obese, unhappy" says David Bond, film-maker.

" No it isnt and theyre not", says Nastiest Aaronovitch.

St Nilus said...

What I have learned from EXPERTS on Newsnight:

Fresh air and exercise and playing outside is good for kids.


Butter is much healthier than margarine.

Eating fruit is better for you than smoothies.


Coffee is good for you and even acts as an anti-depressant.


David Aaronovitch is a kike cunt.

I already knew that.

St Nilus said...


Another interesting PROGRAMME to watch tonight is the "Public Enemy" doc, also on BBC4 tonight.

The interesting bit is where "Professor Gryff" is kicked out of the group for getting too mouthy about the JEWS!

Controversy and departure from Public Enemy

Before the release of 'It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back', Professor Griff, in his role as Minister of Information, gave interviews to UK magazines on behalf of Public Enemy, during which he made homophobic and ANTI-SEMITIC remarks.

However, there was little controversy until May 22, 1989, when Griffin was interviewed by the Washington Times.

At the time, Public Enemy enjoyed unprecedented mainstream attention with the single "Fight the Power" from the soundtrack of Spike Lee's Do the Right Thing.

During the interview with David Mills, Griffin made numerous statements such as

"Jews are responsible for the majority of the wickedness in the world".

When the interview was published, a (JEW) media firestorm emerged, and the band found itself under intense scrutiny.

In a series of press conferences, Griffin was either fired, quit, or never left. Def Jam co-founder JEW Rick Rubin had already left the label by then; taking his place alongside Russell Simmons was JEW Lyor Cohen, the son of Israeli immigrants who had run Rush Artists Management since 1985.

Before the dust settled, Cohen claims to have arranged for a Holocaust Museum to give the band a private tour.

(Ludovic conditioning!!)

Griffin later publicly expressed REMORSE for his statements after a meeting with the National Holocaust Awareness Student Organization in 1990.

In his 2009 book, titled Analytixz, Griff once again ADMITTED THE FAULTS in his alleged 1989 statement:

"To say the Jews are responsible for the majority of wickedness that went on around the globe, I would have to know about the majority of wickedness that went on around the globe, which is impossible...I'm not the best knower—God is. Then, not only knowing that, I would have to know who is at the crux of all of the problems in the world and then blame Jewish people, which is not correct."

Griff also pointed out that not only were his words taken out of context, but that the recording was never released to the public for an unbiased listen.

St Nilus said...

11pm Yesterday Channel.

"The World At War" ( by JEW David Elstein, first boss of Channel 4)

Occupation: 'How the Netherlands lived under Nazi rule for four years and how its people decided where their loyalties lay'

Those Nazis just wont go away!!!

Uncle Nasty said...

Anonymous said...

Good news everybody!

Brad Pitt's 12 Years Slave with Michael Fassbender and Benedict Cummerbund has been a huge failure at the box office so the producers will be able to get a large tax write off for artistic reasons.

"Cummerbund" I like.

Seriously though, I have noticed something recently occurring that I never thought possible, and I like to think that I am partly responsible.

I had the pleasure of having an evening with a group of movie freak friends a few weeks back in which someone asked the question: Who had seen Man of Steel and who would buy the DVD/BluRay?

My German friend promptly snorted beer up her nose, pointed at me and said "Vhateffer you do, don't ask him about zer moofie!"

No kidding ... she really talks like that.

Needless to say, they did, and I had the golden opportunity to rip Hollyweird not one, but several new ones. Hackneyed, derivative plots; gaping flaws of logic**; interchangeable heroes and so-called heroines; tired, formulaic and derivative dialogue; top heavy effects .... and most of all, the inescapable feeling of deja merde view ... I have seen this shit before.

You know the really interesting thing? At the end of the conversation, eight out of ten fully agreed with me.

These are all twenty to forty somethings and they are the "cool ones"

The point of this? This age group are the opinion makers. They're not dumb ... just misinformed. Show them that it is logical to distrust -- or simply question -- the nigger and the jew, and the rest will follow.

** Lack of logic? The indestructible "Man of Steel" at various stages is bearded, stubbled and, in the end, clean shaven.



St Nilus said...

V.F.G.M. Voluntary Female Genital Mutilation:

"You look different , have you had yer piss-flaps trimmed?"

"Eeh, I was worried you might not notice"

5* 11.15pm ( Channel 5 is owned by JEW pornographer Richard Desmond)

A Girl's Guide to 21st Century Sex

Dr Catherine Hood examines the trend for women to undergo genital makeovers to get designer vaginas and provides tips on mutual masturbation. Plus, a look at gender reassignment

"To inform, educate , and entertain"

Anonymous said...

Nature V. Nurture

Nurture kicks nature's ass as Dawn French's monstrous adopted daughter proves.

Natural athletic duaghter of dawn french

Keiser said...

@Slut Mace
"Give me a woman that can slaughter a chicken, or give her kids a proper meal, rather than going on about the skinned and distressed in the world"

You want to know about Akidwa

Here is the Akidwa's head sheboon in action.

Don't get me wrong Slut Mace. I completely agree that any White woman with a niglet in tow is persona non grata but they chose that for themselves. If some dufus wants to raise an erectus throwback and have that cuckoo steal resources that rightfully could go to his own so be it, more fool him. I refuse to make any of it my problem because it is not. My problem is when the single (read: unwanted) mother with the niglet expects the state to pay the bill via taxes, then I have a problem. However if Martin Kirsten wants to dip it in after a coon then that's on him and all his friends are no doubt laughing at him behind his back.

All I'm saying is let's not make the coal burners our problem. There are plenty of wonderful, racially aware White Women out there.

"Where one cannot love anymore there one should simply pass by."
Friedrich Nietzsche

(Yes I think Nietzsche is cool)

St Nilus said...

Nurture indeed. The fatter of the two black women on "Gogglebox" ( see above)was eating takeaway.

Large pizza , fish and chips, AND potato wedges.

Im watching the "Night Club Toilet" show ( so YOU dont have to.)

As we all know, all toilet attendants are black, usually African , and it's a perfect job for an illegal-almost all the money is tips. Most White people give a pound coin out of a weird guilt.

Ive only been to a few places like that, years ago, and I was astounded. Who the fuck needs aftershave? Who needs someone to hand them a paper towel?

That's maybe £100 per night , tax free.

However, many Africans, especially Nigerians, come from very conservative backgrounds and, frankly, arent used to seeing people act in such depraved ways as some pissed White English idiots do.

It's a funny old world.

Can you imagine your job being standing in a fucking toilet all night?

At least, that's the propaganda message.

Basically, its another show that has as its subtext:


HARD WORKING BLACK IMMIGRANTS, willing to do anything for a "better life"

St Nilus said...

Peter ( from Nigeria) says " I came her for bettah opporunities.

It is more peaceful heah than Nigeria.
In Nigeria , I lost my mummy , my daddy, and my sistah", he says, smiling.

( how? did they get killed by NIGGERS?)

"But life must go on"

St Nilus said...

" No spray , no lay".
" No Armani, no Punani".
"No Dolce and Gabbana, no sucky your banana" "
"You piss on my floor, I break ya jaw"

These are the catchphrases of "Dexter" , another Nigerian immigrant who works in a bog.

" It's the easiest job to get if you are from Nigeria or Africa", he says.

After being a "security guard" in the local Co-Op, that is.

Or a Traffic Warden.

St Nilus said...

" No splash, no gash".

That's another one.

He means, " Have a squirt of stink and give me a quid -or a fiver if you're really pissed-or you wont get a girl.


James said...

So the whole reason they are refugees is completely bogus?

Well that depends on what you mean by "reason" and "bogus"!

To the racially thinking person that answer would be: of course!

Here's the thing. Mwabu lives in shithole X. He "fears for his life". Are we to seriously believe that out of all the shit holes between Africa and New Zealand he can't find a shit hole that is safe to life in? He has to come to NZ, or he dies?

Give us a break. This is definitely bogus. Of course it is!

St Nilus said...

Dear Channel 4.

Please can you make a programme where a sober White person has to stand in the toilet of an all black nightclub toilet all night and deal with drunk niggers, who go out of their way to be friendly and show how 'non-rayciss' they are.


St Nilus said...

A persecuted asylum seeker should seek refuge in the FIRST SAFE COUNTRY.

Anonymous said...

FRENCH CUBAN CHINESE DUTCH AFRICAN JEW BUDDHIST Mariane Pearl examine the media's portrayal of women'.

(Pearl is the widow of Daniel Pearl, who was fully circumcised in the middle-East)

Matthew 7:6

The kikes should have listened to Christ instead of Crucifying him


mene mene tekel upharsin


St Nilus said...



Makow: "America in Primetime" consists of interviews with dozens of TV writers and producers, and excerpts from their shows.

Although homosexuals and Jews make up perhaps 5% of the US population, they are about 70% of TV writers and producers."

Radio 4. today:

" JEW Paul Michael Glaser is an actor, director and writer, best known for playing David Starsky in the TV series, Starsky and Hutch. His is currently playing Tevye in a UK touring production of the musical Fiddler on the Roof, directed by QUEER Craig Revel Horwood. In addition to his work on stage and screen, Paul Michael Glaser writes poetry and children's literature. He is Honorary Chairman of the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric Aids Foundation. Fiddler on the Roof is touring the UK and Ireland."


QUEER Evan Davis Meets JEW Alan Greenspan

Former federal chairman Alan Greenspan in conversation with Evan Davis.

Scary photo of a kike-monster, more scary than David Icke's lizards , and less human:

Just a cohencidence, nothing to worry about, unless you are an anti-semitic homophobe.

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