Thursday, 8 August 2013

Surprising and disappointing

I've remarked on several occasions on the gratifying dichotomy between editorial content and comments on MSM outlets - the former represented by standard PC orthodoxies, the latter with the unvarnished truths.  Whether this arose from an awakening of the readers or a loosening of Thought Police controls I don't know, but the result has been heartening.

But this seems to have failed with regard to Detroit's bankruptcy. Here I expected the commentariat to focus in, laser like, on the core problem - the population is 90% black.  But no. Everything else has blamed, Democrats, liberals, progressives, unions, name it, but the race factor is conspicuous by its absence. This even in the most 'honest' of forums

Surprising and disappointing.


Fiachra O'Blodbaoith said...

It is odd; yet nobody touches this aspect anywhere else either. South Africa, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Congo, Somalia, or any of the running sores with which every city in North America is scarred, these being falsely characterised as "ghettos" (which they emphatically are NOT)so perhaps it's not that odd.

Anonymous said...

Honest forums such as??

kudzo bob said...

Actually I have noticed that as well. It amazes me that the race issue just does not get a mention, when it's really the elephant in the room.

James said...

Actually I have noticed that as well. It amazes me that the race issue just does not get a mention, when it's really the elephant in the room.

Well, why mention it? What are we going to do about it? What exactly would be the point of talking about it all the time? It doesn't seem to serve any purpose whatsoever except for blacks to blame and whites to feel suitably superior because a black city failed. It's really quite useless talk when you think about it.

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm – don’t know so much Savant
I followed this link from one of your subscribers about “ Little Africa” in China.
As usual – go to the comments if you want to know what the real people think.
See Strevo and Klee’s comments – they talk about the US problem in no uncertain terms.

Anonymous said...

Fill any country with a majority of Europeans and it becomes Europe. Fill that same piece of land with Africans and it will become Africa.

How can otherwise intelligent people continue to deny such an obvious truth.


Franz said...


I'm sure you already know it.

In the US, the word "union" is a lot more vile than the word nigger.

The great red herring of American life is that unions drove the work to China and destroyed the economy.

It's a faith. Unions are satanic or something, people here believe that. The broke non-union people believe it most of all.

James said...

Even Bhuddists are turning racist.

There is so much tension and hate in the world. So many scores to settle come WW3 time, when everyone else will be too busy to notice the genocide.

Maybe Albert Pike's letter was real?

Anonymous said...

Hmmmmm..... I am wondering what Detroilet would be like today if its population were 90% Germanic-descended instead of 90% Negro. Does this leave ANY doubt in anyone minds that race and culture ARE relevant?

SAVANT said...

Honest forums such as??

This presumably is meant to imply that there are no such things. By honest forum I mean a site where unsanctified comments are allowed - such sites frequently offer a totally different editorial perspective.

Here's a few...

Amren, Breitbart, Zerohedge... and, despite what you might think, the various CBS outlets are - now - very tolerant of a wide range of comments.

Marcion said...

Maybe Albert Pike's letter was real?

Which letter would that be?

SAVANT said...

@anon 22.10. I agree most certainly that the comments are where you get the real mind of the people. But this article is not specific to Detroit. That's my point. People are clear about the central role of blacks in our problems, but it doesn't get a mention when Detroit's bankruptcy is the subject. For some reason......

James said...

Imagine, back in 2008...

The banks are fiddling the interest rates to rip everyone off.

You have a sexual need to believe the banks are ripping everyone off.--nastiestuncle

Well, how do they get so rich then?

Look, thicko, banks get rich because they provide a service and set up useful systems.--nastiestuncle

But they are actually conspiring to work the system by adjusting the LIBOR rate unfairly. They make unfair profits.

You are just jealous of their profits. Next you will be saying Jews are behind it all and run the system.--nastiestuncle

As far back as 2008, reports were swirling in the media about possible foul play and manipulation of the LIBOR market with a Wall Street Journal article suggesting that rates had been understated during the depths of the 2008 crisis. Naturally, the British Bankers Association denied there was any wrongdoing and the Bank for International Settlements backed them to the hilt, stating that “available data do not support the hypothesis that contributor banks manipulated their quotes to profit from positions based on fixings.”

Suggestions of collusion and manipulation in an attempt to suppress the LIBOR fixings were dismissed out of hand as being completely ridiculous - after all, how could EIGHTEEN banks collaborate in such a vast market without it leaking?

Exactly, someone would know.--nastiestuncle

I'm sure lots of people knew, but were paid to keep quiet. Actually, lots of people are speaking out but nobody believes them - "it's just a conspiracy theory."

Fast forward four years and the Libor Scandal has a Wikipedia page all of its own, full-blown investigations are taking place in some ten countries (including a criminal investigation by the Serious Fraud Office in the UK) and the total fines levied to date at the offending banks are measured in the billions of dollars.

One day in the future when Jewish genocidal anti-white maniacs are put on trial for the crime of "undermining the viability of a race", nastiestuncle might apologize for being such an obstinate believer in non-belief.

James said...

Forgot the link.

Libor Rigging Article on KWN

euroserf said...

Fill any country with a majority of Europeans and it becomes Europe. Fill that same piece of land with Africans and it will become Africa.

How can otherwise intelligent people continue to deny such an obvious truth.

Rob, those words of wisdom should be emblazoned over the entrance door of every public building and everyone should be made recite them every day for 5 years!

Uncle Nasty said...

All right, I admit it's off topic, but, that does not mean it's unimportant.

A few financial snippets from the Slog.

Here’s another belter: the Serious Fraud Office has been dealt a fresh blow after admitting it lost 32,000 pages of documents related to its now closed investigation in BAE Systems’ £43bn al-Yamamah arms deal. Lost 32,000 pages? Yeh, right.

And another: a top global think tank has given the UK another vote of confidence after the Bank of England’s upbeat outlook by claiming growth in the economy is “firming”. How can this be given that:

* Greek youth unemployment has soared to a record 64.9% as the country’s downward spiral continues almost unchecked. The eurozone, our biggest trading partner, is flatlining.

* The UK remains a net importer (imports are greater than exports).

* We still remain massively overdependent on services exports.

* Our manufacturing base is still tiny.

* Trade prices have also risen in recent months, reflecting the lower level of sterling since early 2013. That is, our import costs are rising as the Pound devalues.

What was “upbeat” about the Bank of England’s outlook? Carney said Zirp would continue until the unemployment rate gets down to 7%. Does the Cool Canuck know what inflation will be by then? Of course not: nobody does.

"Greek youth unemployment has soared to a record 64.9%"

Economic disaster awaits. Buy the books and invest in lead.


James said...

Interesting blog NU.

It isn't.--nastiestuncle

What about this then? Or imagine Mark Martin as Soham double-killer Ian Huntley. This is even easier, as Huntley had a long record further east in Humberside as a serial attempted rapist and child malingerer. But the political head of the Humberside police was a Labour Party paedophile who conspired with others to get Huntley’s record erased. Without that, the murderer couldn’t have got the job at Soham School which gave him access to two defenceless victims. The tabloids routinely refer to Ian Huntley as “sick”. But the blind eye turned towards the roots of that appalling murder are infinitely sicker."

Thicko, he was just giving those kids information. Stop trying to harm our kids.--nastiestuncle

Anonymous said...

Off topic, but related at the same time: Here's a recent textbook example of classic left-wing hypocrisy:

What was the matter, Matt? Too much cultural diversity for your kids, perhaps????

Gem Junior said...

I don't think the problem is 90% black at all. That'd be like saying it's 85% or 89% black. No, it's more like 99.99% Pure Home Grown Afro-American Kneee-Gro, or the common Yard Ape or Homo Erectus - who Walked Among Us in Detroit to the eventual extent that they destroyed it totally.

I don't know if that ever happened before in the history of the world that such a productive and amazing city as Detroit 50 years ago has been brought to this. And it illustrates, like Haiti, Zimbabwe, and South Africa also do, that this particular race, group population or whatever you want to call them are NOT the people you see on TV. They aren't those people, that is a deliberate misrepresentation and illusion. They are destroyers.

James said...

I don't know if that ever happened before in the history of the world that such a productive and amazing city as Detroit 50 years ago has been brought to this. And it illustrates, like Haiti, Zimbabwe, and South Africa also do, that this particular race, group population or whatever you want to call them are NOT the people you see on TV. They aren't those people, that is a deliberate misrepresentation and illusion. They are destroyers.

That's a good point.

The blacks you see on TV aren't like the real ones.

That might work against some people, but then they'll just say but Tiger Woods is awesome so you can't say blacks are destroyers, look what he's done. What do you say about that?

Uncle Nasty said...

Surprisingly on topic for me ...

Everyone is wringing their hands over Detroit ... as they should, but, moving on, who's next?

Here is a frightening answer:-

20 Cities That May Face Bankruptcy After Detroit
Thursday, 08 Aug 2013 10:41 PM
By Stephen Moore

Think Motown is the only major U.S. city in a boatload of financial trouble? Think again.

Detroit's bankruptcy filing sent shivers down the spine of municipal bondholders, government employees, and big-city urban residents all over the country.

That's because many of the 61 largest U.S. cities are plagued with the same kinds of retirement legacy costs that sent Detroit into Chapter 9 bankruptcy this summer.

These cities have amassed $118 billion in unfunded healthcare liabilities. These are legal promises to pay healthcare benefits to municipal workers beyond the employee contributions to finance those funds. This is a giant fiscal sink hole — and because of defined benefit plans, the hole keeps getting deeper.

Detroit may be the largest city in American history to go bankrupt, but it is not alone. The city raced to the financial insolvency finish line before anyone else in its class.

Keep an eye on "too big to fail" cities like Chicago, Philadelphia, and New York.

According to an analysis by the Manhattan Institute, several Chicago pension funds are in worse financial shape than the worker pensions in Detroit. One is only 25 percent funded, and where the other 75 percent of the money will come from is anyone's guess. And there are about a dozen major California cities having systemic problems paying their bills.

Here is my worry list, based on bond ratings and other data, of the top 20 cities to watch for financial troubles in the wake of the Detroit story:

Read on, and if you (poor bastard) live in or near the following disasters-in-waiting ... you have been warned.

Strangely enough, there is no mention of Baltimore or Atlanta.


Uncle Nasty said...

James said...

That might work against some people, but then they'll just say but Tiger Woods is awesome so you can't say blacks are destroyers, look what he's done. What do you say about that?

Not a thing.

You walk away and conserve your energy for those who are worth expending it on.

The rest? Well, like the two Brit girls who decided to holiday in exotic Zanzibar, they learn their lesson at L'Ecole de Hard Knocks ... as a buddy of mine once put it.


James said...


Identical Twin Studies Prove Homosexuality is Not Genetic


Still, many misconceptions persist in the popular culture. Namely, that homosexuality is genetic – so hard-wired into one’s identity that it can’t be changed. “The academics who work in the field are not happy with the portrayals by the media on the subject,” Dr. Whitehead notes. “But they prefer to stick with their academic research and not get involved in the activist side.”

Maybe Putin can teach this information in schools instead?

This looks like a very well controlled study.

It isn't.--nastiestuncle

Sorry nastiestuncle, you have been pwned again. Your gay agenda propaganda might work on kids in Russia, but it doesn't work on proper scientists, and it doesn't work on me.

Look thicko, you have a sexual need to call information propaganda.--nastiestuncle

Damn you have a weird mind. Why am I even simulating you. You suck.

Uncle Nasty said...

Further to my last, but one.

Just ten US municipalities teetering on the brink ...

1. Compton, Calif.
Compton has teetered on the brink of bankruptcy after it accrued a general-fund deficit of more than $40 million by borrowing from other funds, depleting what had been a $22 million reserve.

2. East Greenbush, N.Y.
A New York state audit concluded that years of fiscal mismanagement — including questionable employment contracts and illegal payments to town officials — left East Greenbush more than $2 million in debt.

3. Fresno, Calif.
Fresno had the ratings of its lease-revenue bonds downgraded to junk-level by Moody's, which also downgraded its convention center and pension obligation bonds due to the city's "exceedingly weak financial position."

4. Gulf County, Fla.
Fitch Ratings warned that Gulf County's predominately rural economy is "narrowly focused," with income levels one-quarter below national averages and economic indicators for the county also comparing unfavorably to national averages.

5. Harrisburg, Pa.
Harrisburg is at least $345 million in debt, thanks largely to municipal bonds it guaranteed in order to finance upgrades to its problematic waste-to-energy trash incinerator.

6. Irvington, N.J.
Irvington has a violent crime rate six times higher than New Jersey's average, with Moody's citing "wealth indicators below state and national averages and tax-base and population declines due to increased tax appeals and foreclosures."

7. Jefferson County, Ala.
Jefferson County, home to the city of Birmingham, has been dealing with the collapse of refinancing for a sewer bond. It filed for bankruptcy protection in 2011 over a $3.14 billion sewer bond debt.

8. Menasha, Wis.
Menasha defaulted on bonds in 2007 it had issued to fund a steam plant which has since closed and left the city permanently in the red and, as of 2011, had $16 million in general fund revenue, but had $43.4 million in outstanding debt.

9. Newburgh, N.Y.
Newburgh was cited by Moody's for "tax base erosion and a weak socioeconomic profile," with 26 percent of its population below the poverty line and its school district facing a $2 million budget gap.

10. Oakland, Calif.
Oakland is trying to get out of a Goldman Sachs-brokered interest rate swap that is costing it $4 million a year. According to a recent city audit, Oakland has lost $250 million from a 1997 pension obligation bond sale and subsequent investment strategy.

Brokered by Goldman-Sachs, eh? The usual suspects. Amazing how they keep popping up, like a small puff of methane in a crowded lift.

Didn't 10cc have a lyric? Something like:

I got a letter from my broker;
He say he broker than me ...


Anonymous said...

Nobody talks about it because everybody already knows.

Even the libs don't think of them as fully responsible people, so who do you blame?

Somebody lent them money. Predatorially, even.

Daniel said...

UN, having done much business in Muslim and Africa countries I have some sympathy with the SFO and BAE.

Reason being, you really cannot compete on major deals unless you play the corruption game. Your competitors are all doing it so you may as well not waste your time otherwise.

Keiser said...

I think it is so obvious that people are struggling to deny it. To acknowledge this one is to acknowledge everything.

Keiser said...

@ Anonymous
Thanks for that Matt Damon link

"Damon revealed that he had just moved to Los Angeles from New York, but that he didn't "have a choice" when it came to putting his four daughters into private schools

According to early reviews, "Elysium" is a big-budget action film that condemns a future Los Angeles where the super-rich use their wealth and privilege to separate themselves and their families from the city's poor."

In this case it's life imitating art. LuLz

I don't blame him. It just makes him a better Father in my view. I mean would you want your daughters around a bunch of public school niggers.

Keiser said...

"UN said...

James said...
That might work against some people, but then they'll just say but Tiger Woods is awesome so you can't say blacks are destroyers, look what he's done. What do you say about that?

Not a thing.

You walk away and conserve your energy for those who are worth expending it on."

Or alternatively James you tell those people to get one of those intelligent blacks they like to talk about so much to explain to them what an average is.

St Nilus said...

Adolph abused by homophobic monkey-boy

A woman has told how a boy dressed as a monkey hollered homophobic abuse at her as she walked hand-in-hand through a park with her wife.

Ali Adolph, who earlier at Pride publically described how she loves Brighton and Hove because of its gay-friendly stance, was allegedly verbally abused by the boy and a group of his friends on Sunday at 8.30pm.

Sussex Police are now investigating the matter which took place in Queen's Park, Brighton.

Mrs Adolph, who lives with her wife Kate and two-year-old daughter in Hanover, Brighton, said she was horrified by the incident.

She said: “There were about 12 children, all about nine or ten years old, and about six of them were wearing onesies [all-in-one outfits].

“One boy started yelling abuse at us as we walked through the park - he was dressed as a monkey.

“It sounds ridiculous, but actually it was upsetting and I was angry.”

St Nilus said...

"A woman has told how a boy dressed as a monkey hollered homophobic abuse at her as she walked hand-in-hand through a park with her wife."

Monty Python? Brass Eye? The Day Today?

Nope. Actual story in Brighton rag , 2013

The Truth Will Out said...

UN you mentioned the two Brit girls who decided to holiday in exotic Zanzibar.

Two jewish girls... working for a charity where the direct beneficiaries are not juwes themselves.

Simply unheard of, quite literally.

Check out the Israeli websites, like me they simply cannot believe that any jew would volunteer to help any goyische cause.

90%+ of jewish respondents cannot understand it either.

"Only one way
to visit a muslim country for a Jew, and that is in a tank !!!! They hate us so much why tempt them. Israelis are running back to Turkey now and it is only a matter of time.................................
GENESIS, Johannesburg (9/8/13)"

And this one made me laugh, just for GTR Man
semsem5 • 10 hours ago −
"The antisemites at the BBC hide that they were both Jewish."

Those filthy anti-semites at the BBC eh...

jews themselves, struggle to get their head around the idea of jewish people working for a goyische charity, that doesn't benefit or profit themselves.

Keiser said...

The abiding stain of the negro

an object lesson, a warning...

What's wrong with this picture?

Sponge Cake said...

Second case of leprosy reported in Ireland.

Keiser said...

Another Journal Article

Your Kosher funny money is no good here b**ch

Sponge Cake said...

Detroit in the 1950's

Chuck Hammer said...

Identical Twin Studies Prove Homosexuality is Not Genetic

Yes and no. The truth is complicated and is not being reported accurately.

All the twin studies have shown co-incidence of homosexuality in monozygotic twins that is higher than in the general population.

So the twin studies prove homosexuality is not exclusively determined by your genome. But they don't prove, not even close, that homosexuality is some kind of choice.

Gene expression is complicated and not at all well understood. Genes can be turned on or off by a host of factors - hormone exposure in utero and pre- and post-natal viral infection to name just two. So a genetic trait may be expressed or not expressed as a result of environmental influences.

The twin studies show there is a strong genetic component to homosexuality but there are other factors involved which are not yet fully understood.

Sponge Cake said...

Detroit Today

Compare the first video to this one. It only took 60 years. Such is the destructive power or the Orcs.

Anonymous said...

I took UN's list (03:41) of U.S. areas "teetering" on the bankruptcy cliff to determine their respective White populations.


Compton, CA .o8% (under 1%) WHITE

East Greenbush, N.Y. 89.1% White

Fresno, Calif. 30% White

Gulf County, Florida 74.9% White

Harrisburg, Pa. 24.8% White

Irvington, N.J. 3.6% White

Jefferson County, Alabama (including Birmingham city) 51.7% White

Menasha, Wis. 87.6% White

Newburgh, N.Y. 20.4% White

Oakland, Calif. 25.9% White

Anonymous said...

A doctor at the hospital who was part of the team that attended to the teenagers said that their injuries were "mild".

"We suspect that whatever the liquid was, it was not true acid, it may have been diluted," he said. "They have burns on their hands from wiping the liquid off. They have minor injuries on their chests and their necks. Considering it could have been very bad, what they have is quite mild.”

Thank goodness for the superior Jewish acid-resistant body.

It is too bad the WTC buildings were not made with Jewish steel.

Keiser said...

Anonymous said...

"Thank goodness for the superior Jewish acid-resistant body."

A common misconception anonymous. What happened in fact was that the girls immediately induced a premature molting cycle and shed their skin before the acid had a chance to permeate to the sub-dermal layers.

Ok I'm just messing even I don't think like this. This episode shows one thing is true and it is that no one is exempt from Negro pathology.

hadley said...

I believe Matt said that, sadly, the schools were not Progressive enough. Of course that is the same reason the New Left abandoned the white working class in the 1960's. They love mankind. They just hate regular everyday people.

Odd that Matt played an Earthling in Elysium. He truly dwells in Elysium/Hollywood in his well-policed neighborhood, behind his high walls, with his robot/computerized security system for protection.

St Nilus said...

Right now on Channel 4 news:

QUEER MP Chris Bryant bleating about the "Go Home" campaign)closely followed by the QUEER BLACK freak Derek Laud (alleged paedophile)

On BBC1 is QUEER Nigel Slater and on BBC2 is QUEER Micheal Portillo.

Just finished on Radio 4 is "The News Quiz" with LESBOs Sandi Toksvig and Susan Calman , bantering non-stop about being LESBO's , in between calling Godfrey Bloom a RAYCISS and a BIGOT

( A thought: If being "RACIST" or "HOMOPHOBIC" is the WORST POSSIBLE thing one can be accused of , surely the likes of Godfrey Bloom are in a position to sue for libel , slander, defamation of charcter, etc , to shut up these smug lefty-lib BBC cunts like Jeremy Hardy and co? )

Radio 4 earlier , Woman's Hour" 10am:

Women economists
Are women still behind men when it comes to top positions as economists?

Auschwitz survivor Kitty Hart-Moxon
Why she has spent sixty years teaching younger generations about the Nazi regime.

Anna Politkovskaya murder trial
Why is Anna Politkovskaya's daughter Vera boycotting her mothers murder trial?

Lesbians and cervical cancer
The campaign to raise awareness of cervical cancer screening for lesbians

"Auschwitz survivor Kitty Hart-Moxon
Kitty Hart-Moxon was 12 years old when the Second World War broke out. Born to a Jewish family, she was soon forced to flee her home country Poland to escape persecution from the Nazis. She eventually ended up as one of the millions of prisoners sent to Auschwitz, where she survived until the Allied forces’ liberation in 1945. After the war she and her mother came to live in Birmingham, but it was over ten years before anyone in England asked her to tell her story. She says that, in the years after the war, one colleague once saw her number tattoo on her arm and asked “is that your boyfriend’s telephone number?”
Last month Kitty was awarded an honorary doctorate from the University of Birmingham, in recognition of her tireless work over the last sixty years teaching younger generations about the Nazi regime. She joins Jenni to explain why she is determined to never let the world forget what happened."


St Nilus said...

PS check out the beak on Jeremy Hardy here:

Now on Channel 4 news is a jew called Dan Hagen.

Dr Who on BBC3 is directed by JEW Saul Metzstein

followed by Robin Hood : here's a pic of Friar Tuck:

The Proms on BBC4 is presented by Suzy Klein ...

Four Rooms on Channel 4 is presented by Anita Rani

Channel 4 news is presented by Krishnan Gurumurthy

"You and Yours" (Radio 4) is presented by Aasmah Mir

15 by 15 is presented by Hardeep Singh Kohli

St Nilus said...

Now on Channel 4 news is QUEER JEW Stephen fucking Fry comparing Russia's "treatment" of QUEERS to "Nazi Germany's PERSECUTION of heres the LESBO KIKE Marsha Gessen saying there should be a here is aids-riddled QUEER Greg Louganis

and now here is QUEER basketball player John Amaechi


PS at 11pm on Radio 4 , another chance to hear QUEER Mathew Parris introduce QUEER Russell Grant celebrating QUEER Ivor Novello!

St Nilus said...

Speaking of QUEERS and JEWS , and JEWISH QUEERS :

Radio 4 , today ,3.45 pm

Feminine Mystiques

Fifty years since the first publication of ( KIKE, LESBO HAG)Betty Friedan's seminal feminist work The Feminine Mystique, three leading writers to celebrate her influence in new short stories exploring the contemporary feminist landscape.

" Sometimes it takes decades for the meaning of a book to make itself plain. Betty Friedan’s The Feminine Mystique was published during the year of my conception and I didn’t come across it until it was already two decades old. Even then the mass of middle class, Western women were still living the life prescribed for them and persuading themselves of their own contentment. At the time, whatever Friedan had to say about women, domesticity, motherhood and careers resonated little with me, as part of my family came from West Africa. Here, the idea of a woman not working would have been viewed as extraordinary, rather than the reverse. Also, like a great many young women growing up with choices, I thought I was free.

Later, I came to Betty Friedan through one of her followers: (HALF_KIKE)Gloria Steinem.

Sometime in the 1980’s I read an essay by Steinem in which she used the phrase, ‘the power of the gaze’, to describe the freedom men have to look - and keep looking - at women in public spaces. Men can and do stare at women all the time. If a man, a stranger, stares at a woman and she accidentally meets his gaze, it’s inevitably she who will look away. If she stares back at him, she’s issuing either an invitation or a challenge. Men possess the power of the gaze, women do not...more if you can bear it here:

St Nilus said...


( Boycotts are always step 1 in the jew playbook)

Boycotting Chinese Food, Ignoring Chinese Repression
As published on Washington - April 17, 2008

by Rafael Medoff
American athletes are threatening to boycott this summer's Olympics in China
--to boycott the food, that is.

Human rights advocates around the world are urging athletes to boycott the games to protest China's repression in Tibet and support for the genocidal regime in Sudan. But so far the only cause sufficiently urgent to move American athletes to protest is the danger of unsanitary food in Beijing.

The U.S. Olympic Committee has angrily denounced the idea of boycotting the games in protest against genocide or totalitarianism. "Put together a ranking of the worst ideas ever conceived and 'Olympic boycott' would be at the top of that list," says USOC spokesman Darryl Seibel. But boycotting China's food is a different story.

During the year preceding the 1936 Olympics in Nazi Germany, Americans vigorously debated whether to boycott the games as a protest against the Hitler regime's savage persecution of German Jews. The U.S. Olympic Committee opposed a boycott, claiming that sports should be separate from politics. The Roosevelt administration, which at that point was still interested in maintaining friendly relations with Germany, also opposed boycotting the games.

Supporters of the boycott included the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), many American Jewish organizations, a number of mayors, governors and Members of Congress, forty-one college presidents, the New York Times, the Washington Post, and two important Christian periodicals, Commonweal and The Christian Century.

Yet only a handful of American athletes were willing to take a moral stand and risk their careers by refusing to participate in the Nazi Olympics.

A number of American Jewish athletes refused to go to Berlin, including high jumper Syd Koff, who had already qualified for the 1936 team; sprinter Herman Neugass, from Tulane University (“It's my unequivocal opinion nobody should go because of the way Jews are treated,” he wrote to a New Orleans newspaper, explaining his decision); and Harvard track and field stars Norman Cahners and Milton Green.

But only one non-Jewish American athlete joined the boycott: speed skater Jack Shea, who had won a gold medal in the 1932 Games and had every reason to expect he would qualify for the 1936 team. Shea never tried out for the 1936 competition; his conscience would not allow him. In October 1934, he announced publicly that he would not take part in the Berlin Games, as a protest against the mistreatment of Germany's Jews. (Sadly, Shea's courageous action is still not adequately explained on the U.S. Olympic Committee's own Web site.) Hitler instructed his thugs to keep out of sight during the Olympics.

America's athletes arrived, the games proceeded, and international press coverage depicted Nazi Germany in glowing terms. CBS correspondent Howard K. Smith, who was stationed in Berlin, remarked later that the 1936 Olympics were a “triumph for Hitler,” perhaps the Nazis' single greatest propaganda victory. Hitler used America's athletes to bolster his image. Now China hopes to do likewise...

more kike bullshit:

Anonymous said...

They even have emboldened Haitian immigrants in the U.S. who feel haughty enough to take on State Troopers.

After all, they have a BLACK president, don't 'cha know?!

St Nilus said...

Also on Channel 4 news was USOC spokesman Darryl Seibel..Jew?

He looks it. He sounds it..

Anonymous said... added opinion piece on the above news article.


Meanwhile, South Africa's "affirmative action" labor laws discriminate against their White job-seekers, while ALSO denying these South African-born citizens access to welfare benefits!

So it's off to squatter camps for destitute White families.

St Nilus said...

BBC3 Family Guy: 200 Episodes Later
A behind-the-scenes look at the long-running, irreverent comedy's most outrageous moments, through interviews with creator Seth MacFarlane and its regular voice actors JEW Mila Kunis, JEW Alex Borstein and JEW Seth Green

Alex Borstein also appears later on BBC2 in a propaganda movie: Joe MaCarthy was a BAD BAD man!

Good Night, and Good Luck (2005)

"Fact-based" drama charting broadcast journalist Edward R Murrow's decision to take a stand against Senator Joseph McCarthy in the 1950s, questioning the bullying tactics and the climate of fear and reprisal behind the politician's anti-communist campaign and the House Un-American Activities Committee.'

On April 12, 1945, Murrow and Bill Shadel were the first reporters at the Buchenwald concentration camp in Germany. He met emaciated survivors including Petr Zenkl, children with identification tattoos, and "bodies stacked up like cordwood" in the crematorium. In his report three days later, Murrow said:[6]:248-252:

I pray you to believe what I have said about Buchenwald. I have reported what I saw and heard, but only part of it. For most of it I have no words.... If I've offended you by this rather mild account of Buchenwald, I'm not in the least sorry.
—Extract from Murrow's Buchenwald report. April 15, 1945.

Wow! Uber-kike Larry King has a show on Russia Today :

Politicking with Larry King

Legendary host Larry King and OraTV bring 'Politicking', their new political show. World leaders and policy makers will be regular guests of the interviewer whose deep knowledge, ability to moderate differing points of view, and unique sense of humor have made him an icon

Anonymous said...


Bongo Bongo Brain Surgeon

St Nilus said...

Tomorrow on Radio 4skin:

2.30 Saturday drama:

Jake Liebowitz: A Life in Film

'A new play by Oscar-winning writer Frederic Raphael(JEW) about successful American film director Jake Liebowitz,(JEW) charting the auteur's long career, and drawing on Raphael's own experience of writing for the cinema.'

With Eleanor Bron(JEW) as Alexandra Crawley .

other characters include :
Stanley Oppenheim
Spencer Ginsberg

followed by

Woman's Hour:

'(LESBO) Jessie J - the popstar, songwriter and TV judge on BBC talent show.
Wives of gay men: what happens to a family when a husband comes out.
My partner sexually abused my child'


"Loose Ends" JEW Jon Ronson and unfunny QUEER Paul Sinha

8pm Archive On 4:

Ivor Cutler at 90.
(Cutler was born in Glasgow into a middle-class Jewish family of Eastern European )

Can we not have ANYTHING? :

11.30 pm 23:30

TS Eliot's India: Many Gods, Many Voices
Poet Daljit Nagra explores the "often overlooked" Indian element to TS Eliot's poetry.

12.30 00:30

Byng Ballads: The Story of QUEER Douglas Byng
I Had My Bit of Cake
Byng explains how he began playing risque female characters.

With QUEER Julian Clary as Byng.

" Douglas Byng has been dubbed 'the highest priest of camp'. He blazed a trail for others to follow, treading a fine line between sophisticated urbanity and risqué innuendo which presaged more contemporary, boundary-bending comedians such as Kenneth Williams, Danny La Rue, Barry Humphries and...our own Julian Clary.

Byng's debonair appearances in revue were described by Noel Coward as "the most refined vulgarity in London"!

Franz said...

I know, the topic here never hits on class warfare.

But quite a few of us old timers saw Detroit coming decades ago. The reason IS NOT in the history books.

OK, part of it is. You have to collect footnotes.

In Teddy White's MAKING OF THE PRESIDENT 1964 he has a footnot about a small New York town that was buried by Greyhound Bus traffic from all points. A "feed m, I'm yours" program that took 50 years to gestate.

They have always known: Non-white fertility is higher than all Europeans. This is germ warfare.

Not just Detroit, of course:

69% of School Children in London Are Non-white

St Nilus said...

Saw this at the Bongo brain Tumour link , its an old story , but SO important , as we find ourselves further mired in a world where morality is ' relative'...

Killing babies no different from abortion, experts say
Parents should be allowed to have their newborn babies killed because they are “morally irrelevant” and ending their lives is no different to abortion, a group of medical ethicists linked to Oxford University has argued.

St Nilus said...

Both these guys were jewish queers , and of course , GENIUSES...:

Genius rolled out in front of you: the Bernstein/Sondheim West Side Story back at Sadlers Wells

St Nilus said...

PS "West Side Story" was originally conceived as a jewish thang:

In 1947, Jerome Robbins approached Leonard Bernstein and Arthur Laurents about collaborating on a contemporary musical adaptation of Romeo and Juliet. He proposed that the plot focus on the conflict between an Irish American Roman Catholic family and a Jewish family living on the Lower East Side of Manhattan,[5] during the Easter–Passover season. The girl has survived the Holocaust and emigrated from Israel; the conflict was to be centered around anti-Semitism of the Catholic "Jets" towards the Jewish "Emeralds" (a name that made its way into the script as a reference).

kulak said...


In Switzerland, millionaires don't use Mexicans to mow their lawns.

They use robots.

Uncle Nasty said...

St Nilus said...

Radio 4 , today ,3.45 pm

Feminine Mystiques /// Sometime in the 1980’s I read an essay by Steinem in which she used the phrase, ‘the power of the gaze’, to describe the freedom men have to look - and keep looking - at women in public spaces.

The sheer rhino-skinned narcissism of these freaks never ceases to astonish, rather like the hasbarat's wilful and continuous misinterpretation of "pwning" everyone on the thread, when in fact he is being thrashed like a red-headed stepchild.

The terminally ugly Pekinese-visaged Friedan would insist on mistaking a horrified stare for a "fascinated gaze."


Anonymous said...

in birmingham in the early 80s we had a couple of nightclubs full every weekend because they had a race quota. as well as not letting in groups of drunk males. they then got accussed of racism with marches organised outside . slowly the blacks were let in and the whites stopped going. fights started with gangs .the profits were down as white males drink more watered down lager than black males
eventually both clubs closed down

St Nilus said...

jews , jews , jews , jews ....

Someone, please invent an app that makes the Bercows go away

Friedman dead? No, just not that visible

"JEW Paul Krugman has an interesting blog attempting to explain why JEW Milton Friedman , blah blah blah .."

"According to JEW Krugman, his interest in economics began with JEW Isaac Asimov's Foundation novels.."

"JEW Krugman reports that he is a distant relative of conservative journalist QUEER JEW David Frum.."

"an undergraduate economics text which he says was strongly inspired by the first edition of JEW Paul Samuelson's classic textbook.."

"JEW Krugman modeled a 'preference for diversity' by assuming a CES utility function like that in a 1977 paper by JEW Joseph Stiglitz..."

"In 2007, JEW Krugman published The Conscience of a Liberal, whose title refers to JEW Barry Goldwater's Conscience of a Conservative..."

"JEW Martin Wolf has written that JEW Krugman is both the "most hated and most admired columnist in the US"..."

"In August 2005, after JEW Alan Greenspan expressed concern over housing markets, JEW Krugman criticized JEW Greenspan's earlier reluctance to regulate the mortgage and related financial markets.."

"In 1996, Jewsweek's Michael Hirsh (JEW)remarked, "Say this for JEW Krugman: though an unabashed liberal ... he's ideologically colorblind..."

"JEW Krugman worked for JEW Martin Feldstein when the latter was appointed chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers and chief economic advisor to President Ronald Reagan..."

Uncle Nasty said...

St Nilus said...

Can we not have ANYTHING? :

Long story short: No, we can't.

A prime example is the resident hasbarat. Do you honestly think you'd last more than one millisecond ... make that microsecond or even picosecond -- trolling and harrassing the SPLC website? Or B'nai Brith? Or Haaretz or any yid-riddled establishment site?

Of course not.

Does this stop them from poking their hooked proboscii into everyone else's business?

Of course not.

The great problem is the mindless, endless narcissism of the hebrew. They honestly find it unthinkable that we are human beings. We are truly cattle that have the accidental and rather surprising gift of speech.

Of course, every now and then the cattle, goaded beyond measure, turn on their masters and stomp them into a red stringy puddle ... but this is regarded as an aberration, an unforeseen consequence.

Who expects the cattle or the sheep or the lab rats to organise and attack en masse?

No one. After all it's been years since that happened.

Therefore it's impossible. Well, that's what passes for the conventional wisdom of this day and age.

Oh, how I long for the sweet music of the horse's hooves and the smack of the flat of the Cossack's blade ... again.


Anonymous said...

St Nilus - I know where you're coming from and I agree with you 99%, but a filter now and again would be helpful.

"Most Americans have no real understanding of the operation of the international money lenders. The accounts of the Federal Reserve System have never been audited. It operates outside the control of Congress and manipulates the credit of the United States”

Senator Barry Goldwater.

Now if he had won in 1964, the world would have been a much better place, although I doubt that President Goldwater would have been allowed to live long enough to enjoy it. Even nominal jews who take on the 'money power' have no protection.


St Nilus said...

"The great problem is the mindless, endless narcissism of the hebrew. "

I'm glad you said that , cos I read THIS just a few minutes ago , trying to find a thread worth commenting on at the Telegraph ( to no avail):

"..But, for me, the most powerful part of (QUEER JEW) Fry’s interview was his description of the uncontrollable bonhomie that grips him when his depression is in its manic stage:

“If unmedicated, there are times when I am so exuberant, so hyper, that I can go three or four nights without sleeping and I’m writing and I’m doing stuff and I’m so GRANDIOSE and SO FULL OF SELF-BELIEF that it’s almost impossible to deal with me.”

Grandiose and full of self-belief.

That’s not only recognisable to anyone who’s experienced a manic mood; it also helps explain why Fry makes some of us feel uneasy. Like other national treasures (QUEER )Alan Bennett comes to mind) he disguises his showing off with self-deprecation. The result, I’ve always thought, is false modesty. I still think so – but now I’m more sympathetic, because the falseness reflects the desperate coping strategy of a man thrown about by the mid-air turbulence of his moods.

How different is Fry from the rest of us? Perhaps not as different as we – or he – might choose to believe. The best book I’ve read on this subject, by the British clinical psychologist Prof Richard Bentall, is provocatively entitled Madness Explained: Psychosis and Human Nature. Bentall doesn’t find a clear dividing line between mental health and mental illness.

Instead, he suggests that there are many “pathways” to “the disturbances of cognition and emotion that we lump together under the label of depression”.
These pathways include an inability to cope with the ordinary tragedies of life, from bereavement to failing an exam. If we react helplessly to these, we’re more likely to develop depressive illness. People who don’t like themselves – as Stephen Fry doesn’t – are especially at risk."

Uncle Nasty said...

Off topic, perhaps ... but interesting.

I have been hearing of "The Craft" for a while now, and I do not refer to that shitty flick.

Private military operatives hired to 'work' the Boston marathon with black backpacks, radiation detectors, tactical gear

Thursday, April 18, 2013
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

(NaturalNews) Natural News has now confirmed that at least five private military contractors were operating on scene at the Boston marathon, and that they all carried black backpacks which look very similar to the backpack carrying the pressure cooker bomb (see pictures below).

The mainstream media is completely censoring any mention of these "Craft" operatives, pretending they don't even exist. Only the alternative media is conducting real investigative journalism on these bombings. The mainstream media isn't interested in the truth; they only want to spin the attack into a new way to somehow blame conservative Americans for something they had no part in.

Thanks to the help of researchers posting on 4Chan, plus a bit of our own analysis, we've been able to bring new research to light as you'll see in the photos below.

Learn more:

I really recommend looking at the pictures. The tan pants and boots -- and the black jackets and backpacks. They're everywhere.

Do any posters have anything to add? Has anyone been following the so-called Boston bombing? Funny how fast it faded, no?

Yet the Trayvon number went on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on ....


St Nilus said...

Thanks Allan , I know a bit about Goldwater , not a typical jew at all , a decent fellow it would seem.

My point was the "jew jew jew" factor at certain Wikipedia entries , for instance "Seth Rogen" :

"After landing his job as a staff writer on the final season of Da Ali G Show, ( JEW Baron-Cohen , JEW Dan Maser ) for which JEW Rogen and the other writers received their Emmy Award nomination, JEW Rogen was guided by JEW Judd Apatow toward a film career. "

"JEW Rogen and his comedy partner JEW Evan Goldberg co-wrote the films Superbad, Pineapple Express, and This Is the End. Rogen married fellow JEW Lauren Miller in October 2011."

"He has described his parents, who met at an Israeli kibbutz, as "radical Jewish socialists."

"During his teenage years he would perform stand-up comedy routines at places like bar mitzvahs and small parties, later shifting to bars. He was paid to write jokes by a mohel."

"He would soon be a part of JEW Apatow's "frat pack", a close knit group that includes JEW Paul Rudd."

and so on:

St Nilus said...

For what it's worth , the Boston thing looked phoney , and the Lee Rigby thing (to me) looked genuine.

Here is Dave McGowan's series on the Boston "Bombing" ( I havent read it yet so I cant vouch for it either way)

Anonymous said...

Libtards are caught between a rock and a hard place nevertheless. If it is taboo to mention that blacks are in any way responsible for Detroit's bankruptcy, then that only leaves Democrat policies and Democrat politicians that can be blamed, since they have been in power for forty years.

James said...

Yes and No.

So the twin studies prove homosexuality is not exclusively determined by your genome. But they don't prove, not even close, that homosexuality is some kind of choice.

Did I say it was a choice?

James said...

Feminine Mystiques /// Sometime in the 1980’s I read an essay by Steinem in which she used the phrase, ‘the power of the gaze’, to describe the freedom men have to look - and keep looking - at women in public spaces.

And yet they want to ban the burka?

Uncle Nasty said...

UNcle Nasty's Friday Afternoon Showbiz Update:-

One bright spot.

Well, I think it's a bright spot -- is that Disney, the last Hollywood holdout against zionist occupation, but now thoroughly jew, threw and threw, has taken the financial pasting of its career.
Between one hundred and fifty million and one ninety million.

Disney Analysts Peg 'Lone Ranger' Loss at up to $190 Million, Remain Bullish on Stock

While Wall Street updated its forecasts for the expected write-down on the movie, Disney stock rose, and Credit Suisse's Michael Senno highlighted the conglomerate's "strong setup for the long term."

Wall Street analysts on Monday updated their predictions for the size of an expected write-down for Disney box-office flop The Lone Ranger and discussed the entertainment conglomerate's broader stock outlook.

Disney's 'Lone Ranger' Could Lead to $150 Million Loss (Analysis)

While the Jerry Bruckheimer-produced, Gore Verbinski-directed movie starring Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer brought in less than $50 million during its opening weekend, Disney's stock closed up 1.4 percent at $64.71 on Monday.

This, on top of the 200 000 000 buckazoids that the mouse house lost on "John Carter" last year, adds up to a lotta loot, Luigi.

Good. Good.

And even more fun ... the bromance between Matt Damon and Obumblah seems to have come to an abrupt end ...

I'll let Damon tell it himself in his own concise, articulate and utterly content-free fashion:

"He broke up with me," the "Elysium" star said. "There are a lot of things that I really question, you know: the legality of the drone strikes, and these NSA revelations they’re, you know, it’s like, they’re, you know, Jimmy Carter came out and said we don’t live in a democracy. That’s, that’s a little, that’s a little intense when an ex-president says that. So, you know, he’s got some, some explaining to do, particularly for a constitutional law professor."

(Clarence Darrow, eat your heart out. --UN)

Damon also ripped into Florida's legal system, blasting George Zimmerman and the verdict in the trial over the shooting death of Trayvon Martin. "We have a police force for that, we should leave the novices at home," he said. Take a look at the full interview, via BET, below.


Keiser said...

UN said...

"Oh, how I long for the sweet music of the horse's hooves and the smack of the flat of the Cossack's blade ... again."

I think you will get your wish again. It is inevitable. We are experiencing an unprecedented amount of attrition due to miscegenation, abortion, LGBT, Anti-White propaganda but view this as an environmental challenge which in a Darwinian sense will make the survivors stronger.

RE: Matt Damon

AnalogMan said...

St Nilus said:

A thought: If being "RACIST" or "HOMOPHOBIC" is the WORST POSSIBLE thing one can be accused of , surely the likes of Godfrey Bloom are in a position to sue for libel , slander, defamation of charcter, etc

Seems reasonable. Hell, even I should be able to sue, even though I am a racist, since, as we all know, truth is no defence. Some of the older codgers here will recall that Liberace sued the Daily Mirror, and won, for implying that he was homosexual (which he was, but denied).

In reality, all that would accomplish would be to demonstrate, once again, that "rule of law" is a joke term for "rule by lawyers", and they are not on your side.

john said...

Franz, you are somewhat correct that 'union' is a dirtier word than nigger in may parts of the US, and for good reason. The unions [which are just fronts of the jew powerbrokers controlling/destroying Western capitalistic societies] are indeed 'responsible' for outsourcing and the beginning of the decline of Detroit. In fact, the unions are at least partly, if not in the main, responsible for the hiring and keeping of unqualified and unproductive blacks into union shops. This begins the spiral, etc... If the unions - and the US government- hadnt killed the auto industry in the Detroit area, Detroit would not have become 89% black. It is indeed a vicious circle with the african at the center, but union activity and policy enables them in their turning an area back into a wasteland and jungle.
And James, as usual, is full of krap. Gosh, wasnt allowing nastiest uncle-stein here bad enough?

Uncle Nasty said...

It appears that I am in a troublemaking mood, today.

I may as well go the whole hog ...

Please check it out. It is fascinating.

"We are constantly, by means of our press, arousing a blind confidence in these theories... Do not suppose for a moment that these statements are empty words: think carefully of the successes we arranged for Darwinism." (Protocols 2:2-3)The Illuminati have long known that if you destroy belief in God, people will cease to fear God and to obey the Ten Commandments. They then become pawns of the Illuminati, willing to serve money instead of principle, and carry out iniquities from sexual misdeeds to even murder.

In the Illuminati propaganda arsenal, the greatest tool for destroying faith in God has been Darwin's theory of evolution. I know some say "I believe in evolution and God." Nonetheless, countless people have become atheists from being taught the theory as "fact" - I was once one of them.However, Darwinism cannot be challenged on morals alone. The public has been told evolution is "science," on a footing with physics and chemistry. Therefore Darwinism must be challenged on scientific grounds.

As author of two books on Darwin's spurious theory, I know one cannot discredit, in a few paragraphs, an idea which the Illuminati have spent millions to indoctrinate society with.

But let's dent it, shall we?GENETIC CODE DERIVED FROM CHANCE?Darwin claimed life began eons ago from chance chemical processes. From the first living cell, all life evolved. This might have been plausible in Darwin's day, when cells were considered simple. But no longer. Even a bacterial cell requires thousands of different proteins - each composed of hundreds of amino acids in precise order.

Francis Crick, who co-discovered DNA's structure, estimated the odds of getting just ONE protein by chance as one in 10 to the power of 260 - a number beyond imagination. To function, cells require the genetic code, which is far more complex than Windows 8's codes. Would anyone argue the latter could derive from chance? Further, the primordial cell must have perfected - in the span of one lifetime - the process of cellular reproduction; otherwise there never would have been a second cell. Yet, despite mathematic implausibility, and a dearth of supporting evidence, schoolchildren are still taught that life began from a chance arrangement of chemicals.

According to Darwinism, single cells eventually evolved into invertebrates (creatures without backbones like jellyfish), then successively into fish, amphibians, reptiles, and finally mammals. Darwin said this occurred from creatures adapting to environments. The discovery of genetics threatened this claim. New organs require new genes. Just moving into new environments doesn't give you new genes. -

See more at:


James said...

I think the word "Darwinism" may apply to two fields: politics, and biology.

In politics I think it could be used as a tool for evil.

Some of the people who write into Makow are Christians who seem to think Darwin was inspired by the devil. He certainly in turn inspired such people as Lenin and Marx.

Evolution is bad news if you are on the receiving end of it. Very bad news. It is an idea that can be twisted for certain ends, like all great ideas.

Uncle Nasty said...

This is interesting ...


Uncle Nasty said...

This is interesting ...


Uncle Nasty said...

Sorry about the double post, folks.

But seriously, the article is very much worth a read ...

Now The Brutal Bias From The Orlando Sentinel In The Zimmerman Case Makes Sense – The Editorial Review Was Full Frontal Racial Bias From Black Content Approvers….

Posted on August 11, 2013 by sundance

Perhaps people already knew this and I’m the first to catch on to the obvious. When Rene Stutzman from the Orlando Sentinel told me the editorial board had decided “what” content would be “permitted to be discussed” within the reporting of her newspaper, I had no idea the Senior Vice-President / Director of Content was African American.

Nor did I know the editor she was talking about, Mark Russell, was also African American. It just never crossed my mind to ask.

Now that I see two articles here and here about who was actually behind those decisions she was speaking about it all begins to make sense.

The editor in charge of the Sentinel was Mark Russell. Obviously based on the extreme position taken by the editor, and shared with me via Stutzman, to specifically state that no aspect of Trayvon Martin’s background would be covered by the paper, it was a racial position.

A position amplified by the fact the Director of Content, Avido Khahaifa, who would also be the key decision maker; and who was/is also demanding his reporters filter the news on the basis of race first.

Now it all makes sense.

At the time I was directed to contact Rene Stutzman by author Jack Cashill who was privy to the back story we were discovering. It was around the time we discovered Trayvon Martin had been expelled -not suspended- from Krop Senior High School, which came as a consequence of having his police engagements diverted to alternate discipline methods.

The trail of provable evidence from inside the Miami-Dade School Police Department was not a matter of opinion, it was fact.

We paid for, and received, via Public Records Requests, numerous provable sworn statements which outlined the criminal conduct of Trayvon Martin and the diversionary (Crisis Intervention Team) practices in place within the Miami-Dade School System which ultimately kept him from being held to account.

Jack Cashill thought, obviously mistakenly so, that some reputable journalistic enterprise would want to report on such an explosive discovery. He recommended contacting either the Miami Herald, or the Orlando Sentinel. Both organizations would have interested readership, based on geographic content, who would want to write enlightening storylines against the backdrop of the Zimmerman trial which was in all the national headlines.

It was after talking to Mr. Cashill about the material we held in hand, I personally reached out to share the now available public documents we had in our possession. As I said to Cashill at the time, we want no credit for it, we just want the truth to be shared so that people could have a firm grasp on exactly what led to the George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin encounter. [Cashill is writing an in depth soon-to-be-released book, and had requested access and print permission to the research archives we had meticulously outlined - Hence our contact]

So it was that impetus which spurred me to call Ms. Stutzman. It was from that call, which was with the trial beginning merely weeks away, I was informed by Ms. Stutzman her editorial board had numerous meetings where the content of how the Trayvon VS Zimmerman story would be permitted to be shared.

Okay, the bloated and waffling writing style -- for want of a better term -- of the above article is utterly cringeworthy and a stain on the US education industry ... but the content is interesting


Anonymous said...


Haiti :


Anonymous said...

BBC radio 4's Today programme last week ran a three way interview over 10 minutes and race was not raised once. not once. mendacity, BBC .

Uncle Nasty said...

Funny how that all-embracing tolerance of all things bizarre and alternate does not spill over into the hearts of our darker kin ... no?

Anonymous said...


Haiti :

12 August 2013 22:15

I think of our old buddy Comrade Bob Mugabe who wanted to, if I recall correctly, decorate the road from Bulawayo to Beit Bridge with the slowly turning wind chimes of Zimbabwean faggotry.

Maybe all the participants in the Venice Beach Gay Pride day would like to fly to Harare and ah ... protest vociferously?

By blowing and buggering one another, publicly in Salisbury?

Ooooh, Babies. I'd buy tickets to see that.**


**I think you know what I mean.

Anonymous said...

Your vindication, Mr. Savant:


Anonymous said...

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