Friday, 7 June 2013

The MSM - two universes on the one page

Have any of you noticed the massive dichotomy you get in the MSM?  I specifically refer here to the reporting/editorial on one hand and the reader comments on the other.  The first is the usual politically correct drivel that ticks all the boxes for the so-called journalists' corporate masters. The latter what I can only assume to be what the average person out there thinks.

There's been a significant change from even a couple of years ago.  Then it was  nigh on impossible to see a contrary comments, especially one that contained what's become known as ethnic slurs.  Now these are commonplace. Often, admittedly, reconfigured to baffle automatic editors. Here I'm talking about the likes of 'n1ggers', 'joos' etc.

What's caused this?  Have the immoderate moderators gone on strike, have they belatedly sprouted a commitment to free speech, or have the attitudes of the public changed that drastically?  Or is it a combination of all three?  I don't know, but what I do know is that there's been a drastic - and welcome - change. It has the added value of illustrating, on one page so to speak, the dichotomy between the MSM and real people.

Maybe if this continues we might eventually get truthful reporting.

Naw, a step too far.


Anonymous said...

The reporting is generally truthful; it's the opinion which is not. Often the two are combined when they should not be.
As long as the careers of journalists is dependent on them being politically correct we will see dishonesty in journalism.

As with everything though: vote with your feet. Don't visit the Guardian if you don't want to read a load of shit.

Anonymous said...

As the White genocide agenda becomes more and more transparent so does the awareness of it.

At least I hope that that's the case. Much as you may try it's kind of hard to hide a 300lb gorilla in an open room.

Calculus said...

Why the jewrnalists let the comments pass?
Maybe they know it doesn't matter anymore, what's the commons 'think' and 'say', as long as they don't 'do' anything.

Regarding the dichotomy between msm and the general feelings in the population, Robert Ménard, creator and ex-director of Reporters without Borders, specifically adressed, again, this question in an interview.

He said it's not the pressure from the politics, not the pressure from the money powers (advertisers on newspapers etc) and not pressure from outside.
He had a chance to consult a poll reporting the political side of all the student-journalists of the two main schools of journalism in France.
Ménard said he was disapointed, but not surprised, to see that none of the journalists voted for the french National front (who nonetheless came at about 1/3 of the french voter base), but he was flabbergasted to see that not a single journalist voted for just the so-called democratic Right.
All, he said, ALL! the journalists voted for the left or far left.
That is absolutely amazing. Of course, Meynard said that in these circumstances, no external pressure is needed to create an editorial. The pressure is from within and the selection start from the schools.
Not just the schools of journalism, but the entire education system is majoritarily leftist and has been so for, maybe two hundred years.

Calculus said...

sorry, link here but's it's in french.

I wish an english head of journalism would go forward similarly.

parisclaims said...

Don't know if anyone else has noticed but there's a chap who comments at the Telegraph called Guest. All his comments get deleted. Maybe he should start his own blog.

Anonymous said...

New Israeli film debunks myth that Nazis made soap from Jews

"Soaps," a new film by director Eyal Ballas, searches for the root of the myth that Germans used the bodies of Jews to manufacture soap.

Israeli director dismantles Nazi Jewish soap myth

A spokesperson for the film’s sponsors, Palmolive and Imperial Leather, say they are delighted with the new film and hope it will finally put to rest the myth that the Nazis used the remains of Jewish bodies to create bars of soap. Palmolive and Imperial Leather look forward to sponsoring Eyal Ballas’ next film, ‘The Six Million: What A Load Of Old Cobblers!’

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Savant, I’ve been banned from the Telegraph twice in the last 24 hours for mentioning you-know-who!

Here’s one comment I posted that got deleted about an hour ago re Verizon (I didn’t even mention the “J” word):

Strange how everything seems to lead back to, in the words of the French diplomat Daniel Bernard, “that sh*tty little country – Israel.”

Two companies that bugged the U.S. telecommunications network for the National Security Agency (NSA) have extensive links to Israel's intelligence service, James Bamford of Wired reports.

"According to a former Verizon employee briefed on the program, Verint, owned by Comverse Technology, taps the communication lines at Verizon...

Both Verint and Narus were founded in Israel in the 1990s.

Two Secretive Israeli Companies Reportedly Bugged The US Telecommunications Grid

Is Israel Blackmailing America? Fox News Spikes Four Part Story On Phone Tapping Scandal

Fox News Report: Amdocs and Comverse

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

@Frank Galton 16:37

You're a bit late with that as it's been discussed here before. The Nazis only experimented with human soap production and never produced it on an industrial scale. We already know this.

Anonymous said...

Piss off nastiestuncle!

Anonymous said...

Video of nastiestwigger ‘keepin’ it reeel, noamsayin!’!


Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Sav. You are a one. The MSM reporting the truth. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for posting this again, but for those who didn't see it.

The Jewish nation dares to display an irreconcilable hatred toward all nations, and revolts against all masters; always superstitious, always greedy for the well-being enjoyed by others, always barbarous — cringing in misfortune and insolent in prosperity.

Essai sur les Moeurs et l'Esprit des Nations (1753), Introduction, XLII: Des Juifs depuis Saü

Anonymous said...

Strange as it might seem, but there are signs everywhere that the wall of political correctness is cracking. There are little hints in commercials and articles everywhere.... most likely because there are so many schwartzes (useless blacks) everywhere, that even the well-connected rich white liberals can no longer fully insulate themselves any longer.

Here's a clue: States in the U.S. with overwhelmingly white populations tend to vote liberal (democrat).... whereas states where many blacks reside tend to have big support for conservatives (Republicans)..... or I should say, their whites tend to voe more conservative.

Anonymous said...

@ holoh$$x survivor 18:13...

I bet your entire family was used in that one particular nazi experiment.Then,Hitler used the whole batch to wash his one testicle. Dr.Mengele injected, your family soap solution, into Ann Frank's eyes,pussy and ball pen,he also removed Elie Wiesel's tattoo with the Goldstein's soap solution.

You should be proud of you ancestors.What an amazing input into human science.

Anonymous said...

Check this out from the Yeshiva World News (had me in stitches!).

Goyim will clean our shoes after Moshiach comes (ROTFLOL!!!!!!!!)

Ofcourse said: : There's a Shul in Boro Park, whose Rov spoke on Yom Tov about how GOYIM WILL CLEAN OUR SHOES after Moshiach comes, and other such lowly tasks, with Goyim caretakers listening closely.

Helpful said: “The Rov shlita is correct! And THE GOYIM WILL DO SO WILLINGLY AND HAPPILY (LOL!!!) , so even they will WANT to do all that to serve G-d.”

coffee addict said: “true, WE HAVE TO BE CAREFUL ABOUT OUR WORDS.” (LOL!!!)

Imanonov said: “we have to be extra sensitive to the WALLS HAVING EARS.” (LOL!!!)

Ben Torah said: “Being the President's shoe polisher is a ROYAL HONOR (LOL!!!). Being the Prince's doorman is a royal privilege. THE GOYINM WILL BE FIGHTING OVER WHICH OF THEM GETS THE ROYAL HONOR (LOL!!!) of serving G-d's children in any capacity.”

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Here’ s the sad story of yet another “teen”/“youth” victim of the system/institutional racism who is, quote: “an intelligent young man who had potential”.

So much potential gone to waste: Opemipo Jaji before “turnin’ mah laife round, innit!”

Having served his sentence the poor victim of racial discrimination, Opemipo Jaji, will no doubt be “turning his life around” (as the Jew media and their shabbos goy proxies/useful idiots at the NUJ constantly tell us every time one of these worthless Negroes is arrested, stabbed, shot, murdered etc).

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

So you've seen the Barclaycard advert but hell, you're stuck for a photo to put on your card. Never mind help is at hand.

Franz said...


Now's the time us industy oxen been waiting 20 years or so to see.

As long as it was only steelworkers and autoworkers and berry-pickers being displaced, middle-class whites didn't give a shit.

Suddenly & WONDERFULLY it's them.

I knew they'd whine like pigs, even saw it in my dreams. The reality, most blessedly, is just as good as the dreams.

At the same time they had to come off their hebrew-loving globo free trade high sooner or later. Be thankful it wasn't later.

Anonymous said...

We are all meta-data now.

Anonymous said...

Notice how, according to the Jew media and their shabbos goy useful idiots at the NUJ, it’s only Negroes that can “turn their lives around”? The “just turning his/her life around” never applies to whites, Asians (Indians etc) and southeast Asians (Chinese etc).

Frank Galton

Hector G. said...

The reporting is generally truthful..

mmmm....not really. Maybe they don't actually lie, but 'urban youths'? This is truthful reporting?

No, they generally try to mislead.

Jeremy said...

Parisclaims. Yes, I noticed 'guest' on the DT and that all his posts get deleted. I wonder thouh is 'guest' a generic idenifyer for those unwilling to offer something more specific?

If not 'guest' is wasting a lot of his time!

nilus said...



Collar White Heterosexual Male Ken Barlow on a 40 year old rape charge!

Micheal Douglas playing a faggot ?

Say you got "Caynsah" from lickin too much pussay !

So bleedin' obvious!

nilus said...

I cant be bothered to list Radio 4skins queer kikery:

Just take a look at the schedule for Saturday:

Queer Clare Balding , queer Paul Gambaccini , queer vicar Richard Coles, lefty jew? George Monbiot , Bill Gates ,

From Our Own Correspondent
Mussolini's Gay Island

"Alan Johnston explains how Mussolini's Fascists created a corner of Italy where homosexuals could be glad to be gay."

jew Sir Lord Baron Robert Winston ,

Weekend Woman's Hour: Radical Feminism;
Do we need radical feminism? Finn Mackay, feminist researcher and activist and feminist author and journalist, JEW Laurie Penny discuss.

JEW? Curtis Sittenfeld on her latest novel Sisterland. How parents affect playground bullying.

Viola player Martin Kelly, and soprano Susannah Waters talk about their friend and mezzo-soprano JEW?Lorraine Hunt Lieberson.

Women and bird watching. Raha Moharrak on becoming the first Saudi woman to climb Mount Everest. LOL!

The UK premiere of ‘Pussy Riot – A Punk Prayer’ is at Sheffield Doc/Fest on Wednesday 12th June at 20.30 in the Showroom Cinema.

Mike Lerner JEW?

JEW Arthur Smith , JEW Joseph Roth , JEW Micheal Douglas ( speaks about playing a queer)

Where would we be without all these fabulously talented jews and queers and queer jews , eh ?

Still knapping flint arrowheads , no doubt.

nilus said...

Truthful reporting would look like " Chimpout" or " Irate Irishman" :

"Today , some filthy nigs and stupid muzzies did this and that to you and yours , which is why we are diverting your attention to Syria , where YOUR tax money is funding terrorist scum that we are supposed to be against to overthrow a legitimate government , and now the UN says it needs billions of YOUR money to help the poor ickle Syrians that will soon be "seeking refuge" in YOUR fucking country.

And now the weather: You can expect about 2 weeks of sunshine this year-and it's ALL YOUR FAULT , you fucking peasant SCUM! "

nilus said...

What if women didnt have those wet pockets ? Would we still put up with them?

UK Soap Update ( Ironically , even though Nazi soap wasnt made of jews , 'The Soaps' are made BY queers and jews!

And they Hate YOU!

Corporation Square Farm Oaks

" Zanib tells Achmed that he must stop seeing Mndinda or the marriage is off . Btwwwmmtoto is jealous of Zabandwingae and threatens to tell Asif about what he saw in the Sauna.

Mohammed takes Shelley for a romantic day-trip to Southend , gently rapes her , but she later admits she deserved it , and drinks two bottles of vodka on the bench , where they encounter Raycissm. Ray Cissm says he'll never sell the Gay Nightclub and Paedo-Friendly Creche , but after seeing Phil Mitchell raping Ian Beale at the back of the Nail Bar , he changes his mind .

Other White characters do awful things and act appallingly , all with zero humour . Asif completes his "A levels" with aplomb and wins the Nobel Prize for the Advancement Of Black Gay Muslim Awareness, but is picked on by Raycissts , and so on , and so on."

And dumb White people keep on watching it . And so on .

And so on .

nilus said...

Let's forget the queers and jews for a moment. Women now dominate media , education , pop music , telly .

Good , isnt it ?

I cant wait to hear what Rhianna is going to write a song about next.

Will it be about going to a nightclub and saying " Eh Oh" like a telly-tubbie?

Fingers crossed!

Uncle Nasty said...

You're going to love this.

All the yids think that everyone gives the furry little crack of a rat's arse about their stupid holohoax.

Got news for you, jewboy. Your dumbing down tactics work both ways.

In which the interviewer asks people to sign the petition to not cancel the "Holocaust Beach Party" celebrations.

I think my reaction is not quite what he is hoping for ...


nilus said...

Surely you are just a misanthrope , GTRman? No . Its just that most modern wimmin are...infected

Mayall: 'You Have To Be Black Or Gay To Work At The Bbc'
03 October 2005

British comedian Rik Mayall has launched a bitter attack against the BBC, insisting the only people who succeed at the broadcaster are black, gay or female.
The 47-year-old star, best known for starring in cult BBC show THE YOUNG ONES, feels he was victimised for not fitting into a minority category, and is convinced his 1990s series BOTTOM was axed simply because it was about two straight men.
Mayall blames BBC2 controller JANE ROOT for ruining his chances of success with the comedy, which he created with long-term comic partner Adrian Edmondson.
He says, "She destroyed mine and Adrian's baby. The last series of Bottom, they never made it because she didn't like it. It was the finest series of Bottom we'd written.
"You have to be black, homosexual or a woman to work at the BBC.
"That's why they didn't like Bottom. They were two men who were heterosexual and that was the problem.
"The BBC banned Adrian and I from being on TV, for being heterosexual or known to disagree with the government.
"British TV used to be the finest in the world, now it's totally imploded."

So says the man that , along with the kikes Ben Elton, Lise Mayer , Stephen Fry , and Alexi Sayle , "swept away" all those horrid " sexist , rayciss" comedians in favour of "nob gags" and "stiffies" , which paved the way for those fearless post-modern comics like Jimmy Carr and Frankie Boyle , who love to joke about "kiddie fucking" and "rape" and "anal rape" and " anally raping children" .

Just hilarious . Thank god they arent sexist or racist , cos to be THAT in this day and age , would take some REAL BALLS , and would be GENUINELY daring and "controversial".

End of rant.

nilus said...

Can you imagine a comic joking about children being anally raped , 30 years ago? I reckon he would have left the venue in an ambulance .

Can you imagine a 1950's cinema audience watching the filth we are presented with as entertainment now?

First they would have either fainted or puked , then they would have burned the place down.

Slowly , the frog comes to the boil , slowly , and then it is too late .

nilus said...

RE: " The Holocaust"

My attitude now is not to try to convince anyone that it's a scam .

My attitude is " Yeah? And? So fucking what? " "Im sick of hearing about it . At least 70 million non-jew humans died. I DO NOT GIVE A SHIT ABOUT THOSE JEWS. WHY SHOULD I ?

Music : " So Fucking What"
( originally recorded by the Anti-Nowhere League , here brilliantly rendered by Metallica .

Almost definitely the only Metallica song that mentions Brighton , Eastbourne and Hastings. Enjoy:

Anonymous said...

Well, there you have it, St. Nilus/GTR, posting non-sense.

nilus said...

Well , there you have it , a sneaky anon jew-boy with a one-line dig that is neither cutting or accurate .

Go straight to bed without your crispy foreskin biltong nightcap.


nilus said...

I'm fairly sure most native English-Speakers would spell "Nonsense" without the"-"

But maybe you're just thick .

nilus said...

"cutting NOR accurate" , to be anal.

Do you like anal , Anon?

Anonymous said...

Heraclitus said...

Frank Galton, that thread from the Yeshiva school was most enlightening. These people's texts are arguably worse than those of Islam.

test said...

While some parts of the MSM (Main Sewer Media) may be getting slack in enforcing the party line in the comments section, I'd be wary of seeing too much in it. Perhaps it's just allowing the sheep some more bleating room as they squeezed from the relentless program of racial destruction.

Because White countries are definitely being subject to a plan of racial destruction.

Below, is one blogger's summary of that, written in his quirky, in your face style.


The New Jew Elite

The Jew Conspiracy Blueprint and the Jew-Manual
by Hoff

I, Hoff, have the Jew conspiracy blueprint and the Jew-manual to go with it!

It took me four years of really hard work to get it. I got on the net some ten years ago and the first thing I read was that there is a Jewish conspiracy.

Okay, I said, how does it work? How can the Jew do all this? – The Jew owns all “media”, I was told. I watched the Jew-box (TV) and I just couldn’t see it. The Jew-box was always on. Gotta keep up with the latest while on the net. And I just couldn’t see the Jew. To me he was not there.

Then some months prior to my awakening to the Jew I saw the Jew on Jew-box. It was on Sky News, EU. Sky News is a Jew-box channel that targets young people. It’s always updated with the latest.

And this Jew-box channel was showing a young black kid that was killed, we were told, by “White nazis.” This was a long post, like two minutes, and it was on like five times EVERY hour 24-7, weeks on end. On and on this “black kid killed by whites” went. But I still didn’t get it. To me it was just annoying. Why is this sent over and over again? What is the purpose?
And then I saw the Jew. Thanks, Jew at Sky News.

The Jew’s “hate all white people propaganda” was so blatant and in your face that only a retard could miss it. But what does it all mean?

l didn’t know but I was hellbent to get to the bottom with the whole Jew crap. It took me four years of hard work to get the Jew’s blueprint and the Jew-manual to go with it, but here I am and can explain what it all means.

Today I’m Jew-wise, but I do not want you to spend four years to get Jew-wise, hell I don’t even want you to use four days to get Jew-wise. I want you to get Jew-wise in a half hour. And you can do it. And do you know why you can Jew-wise up in a half hour? Because I will tell you what to look for and what it all mean.

Watch MTV for a half hour and you will get it. Every single blond white women is ALWAYS with a black and ALL white males are ALWAYS portrayed as village idiots. Even if you’re stupid in the head you can see it. Why? Because it so blatant and in your face. There is no way you can’t see this. Watch MTV for a half hour and you will Jew-wise up instantly.
So what does it all mean? lt means that the Jew wants to kill ALL white people.

What the MTV Jew does is he portrays all white males as idiots and a lot of young white girls watch this and start to think that way too. And she starts to think blacks are her choice of males. This is Jewish brainwashing propaganda and the goal is to make white women mate with blacks.

Now you go watch Jew-MTV for a half hour and then you can come back and tell me what part you didn’t get of the Jew brainwashing propaganda. You can see it. White male = idiot. White blond female = The blacks’ whore. It’s YOUR sons and daughters we are talking about.

Why do YOU take that from the Jew? This is how the Jew looks at ALL white people, YOU too. Why do you take that crap from the Jew? Yes, it is the JEW who does this to YOU. Now you go watch jew MTV and then you come back and tell me why the hell you should take that crap from the Jew?

Now you have watched Jew MTV and Jew-wised up, are you ready to get the blueprint and the Jew-manual? I will tell you everything you need to understand the Jew. I will do it swiftly and with clear-cut examples. Just like the MTV Jew.


katana said...


There is nothing complicated about the Jew conspiracy. That you know nothing about the Jew doesn’t matter because I know how that is. I myself was just like you back in 2006.

Okay, here we go!

The Jew conspiracy is to kill ALL white people. Why? Because white people have been the masters on earth and the Jew don’t want to be second to none, the Jew wants to be the Master and take all non-Jews as his slaves. The Jew’s Talmud say this. The Old Testament and New Testament say this.

The Jew have been telling us this for thousands of years that he wants to be the master of all non-Jews. And today, 2010, the Jew is about to do just that.

One year ago, the summer of 2009 I thought I had the whole Jew conspiracy thought out and that the Jew just wanted to be the king. The Jew conspiracy is NOT about the Jew wanting to be the king. What Jew will be king is just Jewish gang wars. What difference does it make to you if this or that Jew is your king? Nothing, the Jew king issue is just Jew infighting.

No, the WHOLE Jewish conspiracy is to replace the old white elite with a New Jew Elite. That is the Jew conspiracy, to replace the old white elite with a New Jew Elite. Because if the whole Jew power depend on ONE Jew as king, we non-Jews can take out that ONE Jew and replace him with our own king. But if the entire elite are Jews, then you can’t just take out one Jew, because the Jew is everywhere in the power structure.

The Jew have two options on how to replace the old elite with a New Jew Elite. One way is to do what the Jew did in Russia in 1917. The Jew physically killed off the entire old elite, man, wife and children with a bullet in the head.

How the Jew did it was that he took the phone book and there the entire old elite was there by name, address and occupation. Anyone that could afford a phone in Russia 1917 belonged to the elite. What the Jew did was they rounded up the old elite and shot them in the forest in mass graves. There are mass graves all over Russia and it was the Jew who did it.

Soviet-Russia 1917 to 1990 was run lock, stock and barrel by the Jew. What the Jew did was he killed off the entire old elite and replaced it with Jews. The Jews took over the old elites’ position more or less overnight, and the Jews moved into the old elites homes and kept the maid and butler and all. Now the Jew was the New Jew Elite. What happen next when the Jew controls the state is that the Jews start Jewish gang wars over what Jew will be king.

That Jew takeover was swift. But this wouldn’t work in the western world. Not that the Jew didn’t try to do it in the whole western world, but the Jew just couldn’t make it work. If the Jew could have, the Jew would have done the same thing as the Jew did in Russia in all of western Europe and America, too. If the Jew could have done it the Jew would have physically killed the entire old elite in the WHOLE western world.

But the Jew couldn’t make that. Anyone that have studied the Jew swindle communism knows that to take over all western countries the Jew had to adopt to the circumstances that prevails in just that country.

Or in short, when it’s impossible to physically kill the old elite, the Jew will infiltrate all levels in the power structure, and by that slowly but surely replace the old elite with Jews. And that is what the Jew is doing right now, right in your face.

You don’t know this because you are not yet Jew-wise. To get Jew-wise you must first be able to see the Jew, then you must understand WHAT, HOW, and WHY the Jew is doing it. The Why answer is that the Jew wants to be the undisputed Master of all non-Jews. The What answer is that the Jew wants to be the New Jew Elite. The How answer is that the Jew infiltrates the old elite and slowly but surely replaces the old elite with Jews.

l will give you some clear-cut examples of how the Jew has infiltrated every single power structure in America. Ivy League, is so much old white American old elite as it can get. In Ivy League universities the leaders of America are educated.


katana said...


Take Yale for one; the Yale president is one R. C. Levin. That sounds very “American”, no? He is a Jew. Law school at Yale is at least 50 percent Jews. Those Jews will write the law in America.

Do your homework and take any university in America and look at who is running it. The Jew and any minority but white people. Two of nine in the US Supreme Court are Jews. In spring 2o1o the jew tries to get another jew in SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the United States). According to the Jew there are at least six million Jews in America, that is two percent of 300 million Americans.

The White House; what could possibly be more old elite in America? The Jew Rahm “Rahmbo” Emmanuel is Chief of Staff in the White House. This Jew has the Master Key to the White House and is totally in control of it, and of who and who NOT the Jew-puppet Obama NoBody will meet. ALL major paper and Talmud Vision channels in America are controlled by the Jews.

The Jew-scam Affirmative Action (AA) is all about exchanging the old white elite with Jews on all levels in the power structure. The Jew has reduced white people in America to second class citizens, just all the same as the Jew reduced all white Russians to second class citizens in the Soviet-Russia. The only difference is that it took the Jew a little longer to do that in America.

End game is the same, the Jew has exchanged the old white elite with a New Jew Elite. And that is the Jew conspiracy blueprint, to exchange the old white elite with a New Jew Elite. How the Jew could do that? Because YOU don’t know the first thing about the Jew and what the Jew wants.

Now you know. I, Hoff, just told you what the Jew wants. I told you how the Jew does it and why the Jew does it. I told you how to spot the Jew in 30 minutes. So now, you tell me what part you didn’t get?

The Jew’s end game is to kill off the entire white race and then the Jew can declare that the Jew is the white master race. So what are YOU going to do about the Jew? Just sit there and take the Jew smear-slander you for the rest of your life and watch Nascar or some retarded ballgames?

Or are you going to tell everybody you know that the Jew is in TOTAL control of America? Because that is what the Jew is, the Jew has been working on it for at least a century; it goes way farther back then that, but we can start there for starters.

By the way, the worlds three biggest banks, Rothschild, IMF and the FED (Federal Reserve) are owned by the Jew, lock, stock and barrel. The Jew controls the WHOLE power structure in America in 2010, just as the Jew controlled the WHOLE power structure in Soviet-Russia.
The Jew’s plan is to enslave the whole earth and to do that the Jew must have a private army, a proxy war machine and that is what America is to the Jew, a jewish proxy war machine for world domination.

US imperialism is in fact JEWish imperialism. Every single war that America has fought and are fighting today is for the Jew. The same thing that the Jew did in Soviet-Russia. Every single war the Jew in Moscow started was for Jew world domination. What is happening in America in 2o1o is the exact same thing.

But what would you as a deliberately dumbed down American know about that? You can’t even spot the Jew on MTV, despite the fact that I told you what to look for. This is why the Jews have dumbed you down, the Jews do not want thinking Americans. The Jews want DUMB jackasses as Americans.

The dumber white people become, the easier the Jew gets away with his swindles. And YOU jackasses are paying the Jew to be the Jew’s slave and cannon fodder. YOU are so stupid you can watch MTV all your life and not understand that the white idiot on MTV is YOU. Because that is how the Jew looks at YOU.

Are YOU going to take that from the Lying Jew Scumbag? Just go watch some more Jew operated MTV. If YOU can’t see the JEW at MTV … then I rest my case.

The Jew Conspiracy Blueprint is to replace the old white elite with a New Jew Elite. And the Jews have done that in America 2010.


katana said...

test = katana

Anonymous said...

Did you know the Jew is a 50ft, invincible, fire spewing creature who leaves all Whites defenseless, like niggers forever held down by "White privilege"?

Please, stop treating the Jews as superhuman beings. It's no different than a nigger religion. We are far better than that. Don't we always say so?

Rob said...

"It is, however, an interesting example of the sort of tropical illnesses that can occur in an ever-changing multicultural Ireland," the doctors said.

Anonymous said...

St Nilus.

Re Metallica (one of the founding "big four" of thrash metal alongside Slayer, Megadeth, and Anthrax).

Guess who’s behind the “"big four" of thrash metal?

Metal Blade Records was founded by Brian SLAGEL. The label's first release was a compilation album called Metal Massacre, and included METALLICA...From 1985 to 1998, Metal Blade had a sublabel called DEATH RECORDS, which released recordings by CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER, CANNIBAL CORPSE, ATHEIST, DARK FUNERAL etc.


The “big four”:

METALLICA: James Alan Hetfield is the rhythm guitarist, CO-FOUNDER and lyricist for the American heavy metal band Metallica. He is of GERMAN (Jewish?), English, Irish and Scottish descent. Dave Mustaine (Jewish) of Megadeth was the original lead guitarist for Metallica. Robert Trujillo: “We've been in the studio with Rick RUBIN (Slayer’s producer)”. Note: Rubin is the founder of Def Jam Recordings. Def Jam Recordings is an American record label, focused predominantly on HIP HOP and URBAN MUSIC..

Rick Rubin

ANTHRAX: Anthrax was formed in mid-1981 by guitarists Scott Ian ROSENFELD... Rosenfeld was born to a Jewish family in the Bayside section of the New York City. The initial line-up of Anthrax was rounded out by drummer Dave WEISS and bassist Kenny KUSHNER.

MEGADETH: Dave Mustaine is an American musician, best known as the founding guitarist/vocalist of the American heavy metal band Megadeth, and as the original lead guitarist for the American heavy metal band METALLICA. Dave Mustaine was born in La Mesa, California, to Emily and John Mustaine. His mother is JEWISH. "Marty" Friedman is the lead/rhythm guitarist for Megadeth.

SLAYER: Slayer is an American thrash metal band formed by Kerry King and Jeff Hanneman. In a 2009 interview with Decibel Magazine Hanneman states his father is German (?), but FOUGHT for the allied side in World War II (?) In the same interview, he also goes into detail of what district of Germany his father and GRANDPARENTS (?) hail from. Brian SLAGEL offered the band a recording contract with Metal Blade. In 1987 Slayer was offered a recording contract with RICK RUBIN's newly founded Def Jam Records.

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Rob, just another wonderful bit more of multicultural enrichment. I'll bet they bring plenty of TB, STD's and HIV too.

Our fellow Whites, the ones that look like us but have no loyalty to us, letting the 3rd world in are worse than Jews. The Jewish White genocide agenda would fall apart without the assistance of these White traitors.

Anonymous said...

Leprosy in Ireland.

Anonymous said...

@Rob- Maybe he was a Leper-chuan.

Anonymous said...

Are the Jews going for all out warn in the middle east? Time may be running out if people are waking up?

Anonymous said...

Do I need to get you on to KISS?
What about KISS and Family Guy?

Anonymous said...

More than likely it is a calculated plan. They are allowing it so they have an excuse to make laws against 'hate speech' like in Europe (for those of us in America that is.) TN already had a story about making bad comments about Muslims a crime.

True, more people are speaking out, but they always squelched it before, so I have no doubt there is an agenda. They'll probably false-flag a bunch of crimes against "minorities" and have some White guy or group take the fall, whether it is a real group or not so they can really get the ball rolling and pass draconian laws.

Fiachra O'Blodbaoith said...

Look, I read that about the leprosy case. Question; I have known that leprosy is officially called Hansens Syndrome---after the 19th. century Norwegian scientist who first isolated the bug that causes it---since I was about twelve years old. I am not a biologist/physician nor anything in that field, so my question is, how come those idiots in the hospital failed to recognise the term even after the Brazilian bloke said it to them?
Are these the same people who cannot fathom the reasons for the resurgence of TB, the spread of STD's, the incidence of HIV even as they stand there looking at boatloads of Turd-worlders flooding into the country?
Isn't it good to know that the nation's public health is so well safe-guarded, eh?

David said...

I have a dream:
It is morning on a spring day in Europa 2030, as we follow the dawn from the east a pattern follows: where once stood proud ancient civilisations we see things have changed, old countries are gone. It their place we have new ones, smaller ones, but now strange to this eye they are homogenous, where once was diversity it is no more. However not of all of these countries are of European stock there is proud Germany now smaller but a part of it has a chunk craved off it..a lesser Turkey. There is France again smaller beside it a smaller Algerian state exists. Now we see proud Britannia, its polities changed in size and allegiance, Scotland has long seceded from the United Kingdom, now England herself resembles a new Daneslaw: Great Britain is dead and England has divided: Bright England to the north: now her southern portion is gone including her world famous Capital city that bestowed so much to the world, officially abandoned by its native population in 2013, now it looks like a mixture of Lagos and Islamabad its rubble filled streets divided between rival gangs engaged in constant warfare for supremacy. St Paul cathedral is now a mosque, in the house of Parliament sits the Muslim Council of Great Britain and a Somali warlord inhabits no10 Downing Street. The countryside in southern England is overgrown, its farms unattended, disease and hunger stalk this land. This is Dark England.

David said...

2/3 But let us look north to the new land that has arisen, a prosperous land, a commonwealth of sorts has joined ancient nations together, A lesser England, Scotland, Wales both halves of Ireland the Isle of Man, the Faroe Islands and Iceland have come to together in a Maritime Commonwealth of Atlantic Nations. What has happened?
From 2020 open warfare erupted between the natives of these islands and their colonisers, starting in England originally a vicious war between the English and Muslims it brought all the disparate groups against the English, and mass expulsions occurred, eventually the victorious English expelled all to the south and partition, England proper a smaller version of what it was. The war spread to Ireland where butchery and savagery again were the order of the day: the expulsion of those not native or who could not be assimilated, many of those joined their dark brethren in southern Dark England.
The victorious whites realised their interests lay together, Europe was in ruins, the Arab and globalist states placed them under a oil embargo in the name of diversity. A new alliance arose with one army and one navy. The leaders of this commonwealth drew up a new constitution.
A strict apartheid is in force notice there are no blacks or muslims, half castes are accepted but marriage partners are picked for them by the state. Gays can have a form of civil marriage but are not allowed to adopt children, gay bars are not allowed but the authorities turn a blind eye to them, gay mari gras are banned. All criminals who cannot be reformed are exiled to Dark England.
All commonwealth males are required to give military service of three years. The southern borders of England must be secured from infiltrators and jihadists who carry out repeated though impotent attacks. Every year more land is reclaimed from Dark England with a prediction that in 15 years all of England will be liberated. The Navy of the commonwealth harasses constantly the southern coasts of dark England and commonwealth Special Forces operate deep within.

David said...

3/3 A new capital has established itself on the Isle of Man and a rotating presidency for now operates, although this is a temporary measure, the lesson of Yugoslavia played out again recently and old mistakes will be avoided.
A new state religion, so long the bane of these islands was formed in recognition of the fact of the benefits it gave to society, a new Christian synod was established on the island of Iona a mixture of Celtic, Saxon, Nordic, Catholic artistic inclination and Protestant work ethic and innovation. Its loyalty is to Christ of the Northern Seas, Its creed being, fidelity to society, family and self, a nobility in the pursuit of excellence in career and life, an appreciation of the natural world, the pursuit of knowledge and a noble heroic death. The state encourages participation in a partisan way, with tax reductions and state benefits. Islam along with freemasonry is banned. (let’s leave the elephant out of the dream for now)
The schools of the maritime commonwealth divide the day equally between intellectual and physical education. Physical health and sport play a big part in daily life but you will find not any such thing as a professional sportsman all sport is amateur and local teams have only local players. Bars and alcohol are allowed but drunkenness like obesity is frowned upon.
The city of Birmingham is turned into one giant monument to the native victims of diversity, the state has decided to leave it in the squalor they found it in the day they liberated it, all children of the commonwealth attend a week long retreat where survivors of diversity recount their harrowing histories, married couples often come here on their honeymoon to remember the horror and lay a wreath. The state university for business studies is located nearby and compulsory modules on how cheap labour destroyed countries ensure such practises are not even aired in discussion.

Sigh....a goy can dream cant he!

Anonymous said...

@Fiachra O'Blodbaoith 22:05

Oh they can see it alright but they just can't say it because they want to keep their well-paid jobs.

In a dream I had, someone gave one of these people an ultimatum: either say publicly why we are getting these extra diseases or we'll cut off your nose to spite your face.

Anonymous said...

Good, informative article, Savant. Quite insightful. You've got a following here in the States, in case you didn't know.

Anonymous said...

the spread of STD's, the incidence of HIV even as they stand there looking at boatloads of Turd-worlders flooding into the country?

That is the churches fault because of their teaching.

Anonymous said...

KISS featuring Gene SCHLOMO "I love money" Simmons SCHLOMOSTEIN?

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous” (nastiestuncle) said: “...we'll cut off your nose to spite your face.”

What nastiestuncle meant to say was: “we'll cut off your NOSE to spite your RACE.”


Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

@Frank Galton 01:21

How is cutting off a white person's nose going to spite Caucasian people?

Anonymous said...

"Did you know the Jew is a 50ft, invincible, fire spewing creature who leaves all Whites defenseless, like niggers forever held down by "White privilege"?

Please, stop treating the Jews as superhuman beings. It's no different than a nigger religion. We are far better than that. Don't we always say so?"

Straw man.

A war where only one side is fighting will obviously be a walkover.

Shaunantijihad said...

You mean you don't want the British Isles to become like the Congo or Pakistan?

Well then, we will call you a racist. Then, when we have secured enough political power, we will punish you for being a racist if you oppose mass immigration and Negro/Muslim colonisation.

When you have become enough like Russia 80 years ago or old Yugoslavia, with all the incompatible groups murdering and hating each other, we will offer our solution:

The Talmudic Tyranny. Whoops, sorry, I mean the Communist Totalitarian State.

Don't worry, our Pravda news outlets will tell you everything is getting better.

Anonymous said...

Muslims protesting about the edl Sheffield
Surrounded by their Uaf mates

Up the villa

SAVANT said...

UN, that Youtube on the holocaust was revealing, but even more so were the comments - the theme of the current post. So many called it out for wehat it was. Of couse this site could be exceptional, but still the number of awakened people out ther is seemingly growing.

Brummie said...

Why should GTRman post also as St.Nilus?

Makes no sense baby!

Both are doing a superb job of highlighting the people who have destroyed the MSM in Britain.

Seneca said...

David, a magnificent vision. And it may not be overly fanciful. All will be determined by the extent to which decades of relentless indoctrination can be counteracted.

katana said...

David, thanks for your scenario of a possible White revolt in the near future.

With London already a minority White city, the writing is in neon that that outcome is also the future of Britain and the rest of Europe. Over-run by the turd world. Camp Of The Saints over decades via all forms of transport and turd world subsidized breeding at White's expense.

We all need to alert everyone we know that the turd world invasion is not some accidental event caused by bumbling fools in government, but rather a deliberate long term plan to destroy White societies through racial swamping and inter-mixing. Mentioning the role of organized jewry and lackeys can come later in their education.

For those interested in fictional accounts of White rebellion against jewry, there's Covington's excellent book that Uncle Nasty often recommends: The Brigade.

Also, O.T. Gunnarsson's Hear the Cradle Song.

Download those books and put them on your 'to read' list.

nilus said...

St Nilus is a name I use on the Google account , I usually sign off as GTRman to avoid any confusion.

"Sunday Brunch" Channel4 ,Sunday

Guests: Jew Ruby Wax , queer Craig Revel Horwood , and queer Dr Christian Jessen.

" The Big Questions" BBC1 , 10am.

A muzzie bloke calling Assad a " New Hitler" (twice) , an "evil dictator", and invoking the holocaust " we need to overthrow Assad to prevent another holocast , if we'd invaded Germany earlier we could have saved millions of lives"

The guy later went on to say that every word of the koran is literally the word of 'God' and that stringed instruments and wind instruments are 'evil'.

Another debate about "porn , and sex ed in schools , and a black Christian rapper and a muzzie singer.

I noticed as the credits rolled that the exec producer is 'Aquil Mohammed'.

The producer of "Songs of praise" is also muzlim.

So, we've assertained that Paul Weston is like a posh EDL , pro-jew, pro-israel, anti muz . With all that in mind I watched this ( all 'muzzie' this and 'creeping sharia ' that) but still feel its worth sharing:

Paul Weston's 'Highly Illuminating' speech.
Paul Weston, formerly of the British Freedom Party, gives an extremely informative speech on Islam, Sharia and other related subjects.

nilus said...

Frank , yes, very aware of the jew-connections re Metallica etc. Their manager is Cliff Bernstein.
Jews of course are all over the "Biz" side of the music biz :
Managers, accountants,promoters, studio owners ,label bosses , execs ,marketing ,etc.

Even The Beatles had 3 jewish mangers!
(Epstein ,Klein ,Eastman)

Mcartney's had 2 jewish wives!
In fact his kids by Linda Eastman are technically jewish!

Louise Mensch (formally Bagshawe) married this man:

'Peter Mensch (born March 28, 1953) is a music manager who lives in Manhattan.

Mensch started his career in music management at the age of 26, managing AC/DC. In 1982, he formed the management company Q Prime with Cliff Burnstein. Their first client was Def Leppard. Q Prime has managed the careers of a large number of multiplatinum acts; their roster includes Metallica and Red Hot Chili Peppers, Muse, Josh Groban, Snow Patrol and many others, including Jimmy Page.

The Financial Times has called Q Prime "One of the most admired artist management companies".'

"The film quotes Mensch as saying Burnstein told him "I don't care if they have managers...steal them from another set of managers."

Red Hot Chilli Peppers' original drummer Jack Irons was a jew ,the original guitarist Hillel Slovak was a jew , and singer Keidis was once let off by a jew copper in LA when the copper saw the star of david he had drawn on his 'sneakers'.

The current guitarist Josh Klinghoffer is probbly a jew , as he is
" distantly related to Leon Klinghoffer who was murdered by terrorists aboard Achille Lauro in 1985. According to Josh, Leon was a fourth or fifth cousin of his grandfather."

(Leon Klinghoffer (September 24, 1916 – October 8, 1985) was a disabled American appliance manufacturer who was murdered and thrown overboard by Palestinian terrorists in the hijacking of the cruise ship Achille Lauro in 1985.the hijackers singled out Klinghoffer, a Jew, for murder, shooting him in the forehead and chest as he sat in his wheelchair. They then forced the ship's barber and a waiter to throw his body and wheelchair overboard. )

Anonymous said...

An inspiring vision David and,if I may say,you articulate in full many of my own half(not even half)formed ideas of what the possible future may hold.I could not put them even fractionally as well as you have.

I do however hold to the view that Northern England holds the key to any possible salvage and establishment of the Commowealth you predict.


nilus said...

Another ex-Peppers jew guitarist:

Arik Marshall

Anonymous said...

W Bush White House asks press not to run stories on rendition because of national interest. Ignored.

Soetero Half Caste house asks press not to run stories in the Kenyan national's interest.
Yes massa Osama and would you like a story saying the sun shines out of your ass?

nilus said...

The other guests on " Sunday Brunch" are a Canadian pop duo Tegan and Sara ,who are twin sisters, not jewish apparently , but , incredibly ,BOTH QUEER!

So , to recap , the guests on "Sunday Brunch" were one jew and four queers.

(Followed by 'The Big Bang theory'(jewish)

and 'The Simpsons'x2 (jewish)

"America's Got Talent" 11.50am(ITV2)

ALL THREE JUDGES are JEW! (Howard Stern ,Sharon Osborne and Howie Mandel) -and the presenter is black.

Jew Peter Falk as Columbo on ITV right now , jew Stacey Solomon on ITV at 7pm, followed by jew David Suchet as Poirot at 8pm

Jew Steve Guttenberg stars in jewy Police Academy 3 on Channel 5 at 1.10pm


Anonymous said...

Travellers fighting immigrants in Dublin Suburb.

Anonymous said...

Savant says "Maybe if this continues we might eventually get truthful reporting."

...and, how about this politician who said:

“Our immigration policy should have one simple rule: If you’re black, go back. As simple as that. We shouldn't allow this problem to emerge in the first place.”

From what White country does this rare breed of a politician utter such truths?

This small European nation!

Anonymous said...

“Anonymous” (nastiestuncle) said: “How is cutting off a white person's nose going to spite Caucasian people?”

It’s a joke, you dumb nigger!

“In 1923 Fanny Brice (Jewish) decided to have cosmetic surgery on her nose. Dorothy Parker (Jewish) quipped that Brice had “cut off her NOSE to spite her RACE.”

Jewish Encyclopedia
"Cutting Off Your Nose to Spite Your Race"

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

@Frank Galton 15:21

Lovely sense of humour.

Anonymous said...

Now that the sheeple are awakening, “you-know-who” are beginning to panic. The “exposure” (in the Zionist-controlled media) of “you-know-who’s” useful idiots at the Bilderberg Group is just a red herring to throw the scent off of “you-know-who”.

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

Shaunantijihad said: “When you have become enough like Russia 80 years ago or old Yugoslavia, with all the incompatible groups murdering and hating each other, we will offer our solution: The Talmudic Tyranny. Whoops, sorry, I mean the Communist Totalitarian State.”

Henry Kissinger

“Today Americans would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order; tomorrow they will be grateful! This is especially true if they were told there was an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all people of the world will plead with world leaders to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well being granted to them by their world government.” – Henry Kissinger

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...


A very frank and intelligent analysis of the BNP

Glen C. said...

This from an American Daily Mail reader. Quite typical, thankfully.

"Civil Rights" is obviously a fraud perpetrated upon the American people to facilitate their dispossession and destruction, otherwise, speech, expression of sincerely held beliefs, is explicitly protected under the first amendment and people would never be exposed to this kind of abuse at the hands of their employers. This "soft totalitarianism" is why the west is dying and overrun with dark,sullen foreigners who hate us

Bobby said...

They want whites and blacks to either hate each other, or breed and then hate each other.

Divide and conquer.

Merge and conquer.

Its all the same to them.

James said...

A very frank and intelligent analysis of the BNP

Ironically, it will take violence and lots of it to save the white race but nobody has the stomach for it anymore. The libs that let in all the immigrants know this, and probably want this, but of course their victims (the average racist white person) will be blamed when it all boils over. Such is the struggle we are forced to contemplate: die out or get our hands dirty saving our future. Its not very pleasant whichever way you look at it.

In the mean time, glug, glug, glug, down goes HMS Whitey.

James said...

That is the churches fault because of their teaching.

That looks so much like anonymous uncle again.

Jim said...

monument to the native victims of diversity

That is a good phrase, "victims of diversity".

We should use it everywhere until it gains currency (like a B.U.G.S. mantra).

James said...

The New Jew Elite

The Jew Conspiracy Blueprint and the Jew-Manual
by Hoff

Come on anonymous uncle, tell us how Hoff is an idiot and knows nothing, and maybe he's just another Two Ronnies character.

Please declare us worthy of receiving your knowledge, O wise man of The North!

Anonymous said...

Ever wondered what it might be like to be on TV?

Anonymous said...

@James 20:58

I have no idea who Hoff is, unless youmean that guy with the camp, talking car.

James said...

Did you know the Jew is a 50ft, invincible, fire spewing creature who leaves all Whites defenseless, like niggers forever held down by "White privilege"?

Please, stop treating the Jews as superhuman beings. It's no different than a nigger religion. We are far better than that. Don't we always say so?

Thanks very much nastiestuncle.
Very good, but you didn't actually address any of the items in Hoff's message, did you?

Anonymous said...

Probably 1 of 2 options:

1) The MSM is allowing non-PC editorials to be printed as a sort of "pressure release" since public consensus has started to turn so far against them that they have more to gain by readers vicariously agreeing with the red pilled letter writers, possibly in a token effort to cater to the few violent and alienated souls who may cause the next tragedy if they're pushed too far.

2) The political forces are so happy with their perceived ability to lock down on real dissenters that they either don't care about the editorials or actively want them as evidence for the "right wing terrorists" in our midst that will rationalize their new set of wiretaps or removals of freedom.

Anonymous said...

In Cork 300 council houses were offered and there were 160 rejections for such things as main bedroom not en suite, wrong location, could not fit American style fridge in kitchen.
In Dublin a couple and their 12 children are being put up by DCC in a hotel because they could not be bothered to make their €300 payment while the Council's was €950.
Can't people see that they are taking the piss like the Somali "refugee from the horrors of the civil war" who rejected a council house in someplace because it was not as big as Buckingham Palace.

These stories only make the papers every so often because they do not fit the diversity is our strength narrative.

James said...

I have no idea who Hoff is, unless youmean that guy with the camp, talking car.

Use google nastiestuncle.

James said...

Probably 1 of 2 options:

1) The MSM is allowing non-PC editorials to be printed as a sort of "pressure release" since public consensus has started to turn so far against them that they have more to gain by readers vicariously agreeing with the red pilled letter writers, possibly in a token effort to cater to the few violent and alienated souls who may cause the next tragedy if they're pushed too far.

2) The political forces are so happy with their perceived ability to lock down on real dissenters that they either don't care about the editorials or actively want them as evidence for the "right wing terrorists" in our midst that will rationalize their new set of wiretaps or removals of freedom.

They have to allow a certain amount of venting to keep the pressure down to manageable levels.

James said...

Also, racist comments serve to remind the population that racism is still a problem and we all need to be vigilant.

Anonymous said...

@James 23:13

I would if I was interested in knowing who he is.

Anonymous said...

@James 21:03

"Thanks very much nastiestuncle.
Very good, but you didn't actually address any of the items in Hoff's message, did you?"

You're talking to the wrong person. I never wrote that. I believe you need to address your reply to "Anonymous".

nilus said...

Hoff's been commenting at Incogman for years . There was a spat over Julian Lee's promotion of the " Pink Swastika", ( was registered by J.Lee and was offered to Incogman after his wordpress blog was canned) and so Hoff set up " Hofflandia" as a place where disgruntled ex-Incog commenters could interact .

Hoff is Scandinavian , probably Swedish .

That's if you believe that ANY of this is real .


James said...

Hoff's a big commenter on Bro. Kapner's blog too.

Isn't he the Michael Hoffman that wrote Judaism's Strange God's and other books?

He is (says was) Jewish, but doesn't like Jews anymore.

James said...

You're talking to the wrong person. I never wrote that. I believe you need to address your reply to "Anonymous".

Sorry about that. At least it got to you.

James said...

I would if I was interested i
n knowing who he is.

You are very interested in not knowing who he is though. Lots of posts about it.

I guess you need to pick your battles carefully being you.

Anonymous said...

@James 02:54

Well it didn't really get to me because it's not like you were posting a letter which needs to get from A to B. Rather, I saw it.

Californian said...

The latter what I can only assume to be what the average person out there thinks.

One answer is that the internet based "Dark Enlightenment" insurgency is gaining ground.

Race realists, men's rights activists, libertarians, nationalists -- all are exploiting the new media to make their points. What makes this effective is that slowly but surely a valid political line is being developed. Look at websites such as Stuff Black People Don't Like (and many more) which provides solid analysis that is spreading into the mainstream.

The PC order is under siege.

Like any good propagandists, race realists, etc., have to keep on pushing a few basic themes until they become common wisdom.

Do your part.

The Internet Insurgency wants you!

Anonymous said...

Huffington Post has the empowering story how a grown up would be purse monkey Wacka Flocka Flame inspires 53 year old woman to end her marriage.

so it's cool if i when i turn 53 i leave my wife because i want to go hang out at concerts with teenage girls?

Rock on Grandma! You chose well. Rap artists are well known for treating their women well and with respect...

So she leaves her controlling husband to hang out with rappers whose lyrics degrade women. Yeah, okay, no issues there.

Anonymous said...

race attack ashton under lyne

Anonymous said...

Barack Barack so good they birth certed him twice!

ex-army's take on The Great O!

Anonymous said...

Wyclef Jean, who stole from his own Haitian charity, wrote

“He could have been the next president
He could have been the next Steve Jobs
He could have been the next astronaut
So until we get justice
We won’t stop, until the man he killed
He go down the hole

Dumbfuck doesn't know Treyvon Martin is the alleged victem and not the perp!

Anonymous said...

Verse 1:
Face facts, I spit it straight no synonyms
Telling y’all about dis racist Mexican cracker George Zimmerman You better find his ass guilty
no acquittal
You don’t need no more evidence than to know ma man had Skittles
Don’t smoke all the blunts, nigga, gotta save one
Til it’s justice for ma nigga Trayvon
Verse 2:
Klu Klux Klan republicans fill America with strife
If they wasn’t so racist, they’d make Obama prezodint for life They killed Trayvon like they killed my man Emmit Till
Crackers killed two brothers in half a century, that’s genocide for real
Slanging crack on the block, getting ghost like a seance Selling rocks til it’s justice for ma nigga Trayvon
My money stay green like Yoda, my drank stay purple like soda
Cops get wrapped in plastic like Fruit Roll-ups
Throwin dollars at bitches bouncin booty til the day’s done
Pop your coochie, hoe, if you want that justice for ma nigga Trayvon

Chris Rock was asked was this about guns or race and he said both.

Having a gun emboldened a skinny white boy to approach a more athletic type.

When did Rock turn into Michael Moore?

Anonymous said...

The MSM is great.