Friday, 21 June 2013

Controlled opposition

Read this article from 'conservative' writer Matt K. Lewis on the 'conservative' Daily Caller.  Hard to find a more evil treacherous insidious piece of work anywhere.  This in itself is bad enough, but what really depresses is the attitude in the comments. Sure, they're hostile to Lewis.  But invariably they attribute his opinions to his being 'dumb'. 

Oh, no.  This guy is not dumb.  He knows exactly what he's doing...............and why he's doing it.

This is how you win strategically. Control both sides of the debate. Infiltrate and redirect potential opposition.  (Ask the EDL).  This gets manifested most noticeably in the political realm, especially in the Anglosphere, where the putative choice between the parties is just a pathetic mirage. But enough people are fooled.  And this leads me to repeat my version of Lincoln's axiom: 'You can fool some of the people all of the time, all the people some of the time, but not all the people all the time. However you can fool enough of the people enough of the time to get your way'.  Sorry Abe.

By the way, purely as input to my rapidly growing sense of Jewish perfidy, is this guy Jewish?  Lewis is a very Jewish name.........


BJKahn said...

So Savant you have no evidence that he's Jewish but because he'd a bad guy he must.

You have travelled a long way friend, and not in the right direction.

Anonymous said...

Index of suspicion: HIGH

Quebec Goy said...

Lewis is usually the aryanized version of Levitch, no? I would have to take a good look at another picture of him to see if me Y DAR rings. Like Uncle Nasty, I'm good at detecting those Hosenoses.

Quebec Goy said...

If I were to base my conclusion from this picture below, It would be a resounding, YES!

Anonymous said...

Well, frankly I don't care if he's a Jew or a little green Martian.

He's the personification of a vicious anti-White bastard.

Keiser said...

Phew I just needed a dose of down home racism. I was getting f**king withdrawal symptoms. Read some of the posts AHHHHH that's better. I'm still explaining the whole out to get us thing though to some

The Next Genocide

AWMs latest is funny in a who the hell do they think they are kind of way too.


Anyway I digress. I spoke with a friend of mine in Government, ok I only pretend to him that he is my friend but he is high up, if any position in hell can be considered as "high".

I asked him what the hell is going on with the immigration situation, boat-loads leaving, being replaced by niggers etc. No places in our newly TB infested schools where you can listen to more languages then in the United Nations Assembly.

His answer was that they were brought in by Harney to work during the tiger and that anyone with five years in the country can apply for citizenship because that is "the law of the land". AAAAAHHHHHHHHH F**K where's my shotgun????

Keiser said...

BJKahn said...
"So Savant you have no evidence that he's Jewish but because he'd a bad guy he must [be Jewish].

You have traveled a long way friend, and not in the right direction."

Sorry I have to comment here...

Because the right direction is to give everyone a fair chance and not to discriminate or stereotype.

For example if a woman walking home and gets a bad feeling about someone walking behind her she shouldn't go into a shop and wait for that person to leave the area because that is discrimination. Or a Father shouldn't be concerned if his classical violinist daughter starts dating a Nigerian taxi driver because that is thinking in the wrong direction.

Discrimination and stereotyping is bad (and rayciss) we should give everyone a fair chance for no reason... just because. Like they do in Sweden and look how well that is working for them... oh wait.

Anonymous said...

LITTLE PUNKY JEW nastiestuncle said (previous post): “The MUSLIMS are FAR MORE POWERFUL (than Jews) though.”


AIPAC and American Jews: Be proud of Jewish power

David Duke: CNN Goldman Sachs & the Zio Matrix

Frank Galton

Quebec Goy said...


Related to NastiestTroll in any manner?

Uncle Nasty said...

Remember the classics, like the good ol' frog warcry:-

"Cherchez le Juif!"

and ...

"Seek ye out the hosenose and yea, it shall be there, in thy flakes of corn if necessary -- and lo, ye shall find it. Stealing thine silverware"
New Revelations 3:13

A few old sayings to live by.


Anonymous said...


Verdict: Jew

Quebec Goy said...

I love your humour Uncle Nasty. I just love the tong & cheeks comments. You're a true wordsmith.

Anon at 2:20

I knew I was right. I've had the ability to SEE since I was a teenager, now I'm a mature woman and my DAR gets sharper by the day.
Sorry if my English is not perfect my main language is French.

Love this blog Mr. Savant. I've been a regular reader for over a year but I just got the courage to post lately

Quebec Goy said...

Sorry it should have been "tongue" instead of tong.

Anonymous said...

@Keiser 01:03

I watched that pathetic brainwashing commercial, and then re-discovered Muhammad Ali's brutal honesty on miscegenation ... VIDEO from 1971.

katana said...

Quebec Goy said... 22 June 2013 02:50
Sorry it should have been "tongue" instead of tong.


Don't be sorry, I'm sure it sounds quite nice when you say 'tong & cheeks' in a lovely French accent and a little flutter of your eyes!

And yes, UN's humor is first class.

Welcome to Savant's blog! Looking forward to your views.

Anonymous said...

The Daily Caller is pro-kyke/anti-Christian. Criticising Jews gets you blocked.

Franz said...

All we need to know:

"I couldn’t care less about preserving the “ethnic mix” of America."

Or anywhere else that's white.

parisclaims said...

The man is a total pillock. How man spics and coons buy his rag? In fact how many spicks and coons can read?

Anonymous said...

I estimate 75% chance he's of Jewish descent, from his site.

He looks more Jewish in black-and-white.

kulak said...

Dear BJKahn -- If Lewis isn't a Jew, he's a Jew between the ears.

Now, you don't have to be Jewish to be anti-white, of course. But it helps!

And therefore, it is not true that there is no evidence that Matt Lewis is Jewish.

There is, at the very least, the fact that he is anti-white and the fact of his surname.

And it is rational and reasonable to entertain a strong suspicion that Matt Lewis is Jewish if the cost of incorrectly classifying an anti-white as Jewish is lower than the cost of incorrectly classifying an anti-white as a white.

Anonymous said...

I have no association with this author, but did just purchase his e-book.

For the Nastiest Yarmulke.

Was Hitler controlled opposition as Makow suggests ?

nastiestuncle said...

Yet more anti-Semitism, why can't you goys accept that you killed 600 trillion of us using paraffin lamps.

Anonymous said...

Jerry Lewis-comedian.Jewish.

Ted 'Kid' Lewis-1930's boxer(and a very good one).Jewish.


Anonymous said...

Oh go look for you're foreskin you idiot

Anonymous said...

"This is how you win strategically. Control both sides of the debate. Infiltrate...."

Yes, and not even infiltrate a lot of the time. If they set up a spillover organization *in advance* then people disillusioned with the current choices will be channeled into that organization.

(Security services used to do this all the time with Marxist groups. They'd set one up themselves that was more radical than the others so they'd find out who the most radical people were.)

I think the best way is to assume *all* opposition is controlled opposition but not worry about it. The critical thing is not the organization itself but the public. If the public mood shifts then either the controlled oppositon has to shift to keep it under control or a new bit of controlled opposition has to be created to contain it.

So join whatever, assume half the leadership have been bought but don't worry about it. Just use/help the organisation to shift the public.

BJKahn said...
"So Savant you have no evidence that he's Jewish but because he'd a bad guy he must. You have travelled a long way friend, and not in the right direction."

I don't see a "must" in the opening post.

The Jew cries out in pain as he kicks you.

People come to assume the vast majority of genocidal anti-white racists are Jews because once you first start noticing the pattern you realise it is an overwhelming pattern.

And yes i'd say he is probably both Jewish and homosexual. Most of the fake conservatives in the media are one or both.

occasional said...

UN, yet again you make me laugh out loud.

What a wordsmith!

Can I also add a word of welcome to Quebec Goy. Would love to hear you speak!

James Lord said...

ParisClaims. His writing is not aimed at moslems and coons. The purpose is to encourage whites to partake in their own destruction.

Franz said...

"Control both sides of the debate."

In the case of the goy go-alongs, it's more like throw the bums a dime once in awhile, as Mister Zimmerman once put it.

Anonymous said...

Apologies for bringing this up again but i'm a new convert to the 9/11 thing so zealous and all that.

I generally like the simplest possible explanations so

1) I can see Al Quaeda wanting to attack the WTC.

2) Given the neocons wanted a Pearl Harbor for their perma-war in the middle-east and police state at home I can see them letting the attack through if they knew in advance.

So the simplest explanation would be a terrorist attack and the simplest conspiracy would simply be USG letting it happen.

So far so good.

However if you come to believe building seven was a controlled demolition then there must be more to it. I was reading a very old threads on here on the subject and I think this comment sums up a key problem.


"Two jet airliners were used in the attack on Manhattan, and they hit WTC1 and WTC2 ... which fell rather spectacularly with massive loss of life. WTC7 collapsed several hours later, after the building had been evacuated, and was not hit by an aircraft.

So why did the nefarious plot by the Eeeevillll Bush Administration involve destroying WTC7?

It was useless and pointless as a terrorist target. The Evil Conspirators surely must have known that clear-thinking people like yourself would wonder "Why did this bulding collapse when no plane hit it?"


I think they have a point.

If you believe building seven collapsed from a controlled demolition then:

1) If it was a controlled demolition it had to be rigged in advance which shows fore-warning.

2) The neocons didn't need the buildings to collapse. If anything it would have been better for them if the two towers stood burning for days as a reminder - but they especially didn't need building seven to collapse.

3) Who could most easily rig the buildings for demolition in advance with the fewest people knowing: neocons on their own, neocons + owners, owners on their own?

So it seems to me if you believe building seven was a controlled demolition then the simplest explanation with the fewest people involved would be the owners were warned in advance.

Cui bono?

katana said...

From the linked article:

Blog - Matt K. Lewis
Exposing anti-immigration reform motives and canards

My colleague (and alter ego) Mickey Kaus has asked his readers to create videos pushing back against immigration reform. It’s an innovative idea, but also one fraught with danger, inasmuch as it exposes their true motives. The first video is in.

Here are a couple of screen grabs, with my commentary below:

"Secondly, the ethnic mix of this country will not be upset."
Ted Kennedy 1965

First, I don’t care what Ted Kennedy said in 1965. Second, I couldn’t care less about preserving the “ethnic mix” of America.

So Lewis is being honest and in your face in that he doesn't give a damn if the country turns into the third world. Since this is his tribe's aim, no surprises I suppose.

To paraphrase what Rev. Samuel Rodriguez said at the Faith & Freedom Coalition conference, conservatism isn’t about conserving pigmentation, it’s about ideas.

Now he starts lying, twisting and confusing the issue with perverted abstractions. Is 'conservatism' so far in the clouds of unreality that replacing ones own race with other races is a good 'idea'?

As long as America is free and virtuous, honors the rule of law, and advances the values of Western Civilization, why does ethnicity matter?
His deviously loaded question is actually this reality denying statement:

"Ethnicity doesn't matter because however many different races and ethnicities America imports, America will remain free and virtuous, will honor the rule of law and advance Western civilization!"

This deceiver has the chutzpah to imply that Western civilization is independent of those Whites that created it. We already know first hand that when blacks rule there is chaos, as in Detroit and other dysfunctional black run American cities.

The fact is that jews, and non-jew useful idiot media personalities, like Matt K. Lewis have been and are poisoning the minds of Whites throughout our societies with destructive lies day in and day out.

It's because of the cumulative effect of being told these kind of lies, designed to destroy us, that we are in our present state of being over-run by the third world, among a whole lot of other jew created pathologies.

Uncle Nasty said...

For those who are new at the game, and are not really sure how to "cherchez le Juif", so to speak ...

During World War Two, British schoolkids were given little badly printed books on how to identify German aircraft by their silhouettes -- in profile, as seen from beneath, and so on.
Just what the kids were supposed to do if confronted with an ME109 or a Dornier, God only knows. Throw conkers at them, mayhap?

Either way, in a spirit of co-operation, I would like to offer an equivalent service to allow the pedestrian-unaware among us a similar chance in recognising the plague.

Please participate in uncle Nasty's How to spot the Hosenose. Accompanying each link, will be a small concise profile of the highlighted schmoe.

Let me start with one of the leading lights of the current ANC; Gill Marcus. Often referred to as the late Gill Marcus, she has this appellation because she has never been known to be very punctual.;_ylt=A2oKiZcbesVRsgEAtHr0Zgx.?p=gill+marcus&ei=utf-8&iscqry=&fr=altavista&fr2=sfp


Another who should be etched into the retinas of every White Nationalist is Anthony Weiner ... the heeb who twitted images of his little weenie to all and sundry ... shown here with his brand-new muslim receptacle ... a marriage made in Heaven if ever there was one.

The resemblance of this chick to the late Amy Winehouse is amazing -- and alarming.;_ylt=A2oKiHNLgMVRWAgAm1D0Zgx.?p=weiner+and+wife&ei=utf-8&iscqry=&fr=altavista&fr2=sfp

Why did he twitter his weenie, you may ask? My guess? His nose wouldn't fit on the page.


Rob said...

Matt Lewis: "...conservatism isn’t about conserving pigmentation, it’s about ideas. As long as America is free and virtuous, honors the rule of law, and advances the values of Western Civilization, why does ethnicity matter?"

Pure poison.

Quebec Goy said...

Thank you very much for the warm welcome & the compliments! I really do enjoy reading most of the posters on this site, save for a couple of them ( Philo Semites). I do intend on posting more often it's a good way to overcome my shyness. Lots of very erudite individuals here that are quite savvy.

Keiser said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Keiser said...

@Anonymous 22 June 2013 03:21

Yes the Ali interview. He was correct in saying that a black man would be crazy to want to be White and vice versa but it suits someones agenda and nig passions especially jealousy are easily enflamed.

How To Brainwash A Nation

"This amazing interview was done back in 1985 with a former KGB agent who was trained in subversion techniques. He explains the 4 basic steps to socially engineering entire generations into thinking and behaving the way those in power want them to. It's shocking because our nation has been transformed in the exact same way, and followed the exact same steps."

Anonymous said...

He's jooenough. He even grew up in Myersville, Md. and he has a lot of joos around him.

Anonymous said...

Is this why it's increasingly known as the Holohoax?

"Could there be anything more twisted than these Holocaust fantasists? How more and more people are making up memoirs about witnessing Nazi crimes"

Oy vey already!!

Nastiest Uncle said...

@Anonymous 13:48

You're missing the point somewhat.

What the article shows is that when someone makes shit up about the Holocaust (really, about the Shoah), people including actual camp survivors are more than willing to call bullshit. This way, the true stuff tends to be accepted and the untrue stuff tends to be rejected.

katana said...

Quebec Goy said... 22 June 2013 12:16
Thank you very much for the warm welcome & the compliments! I really do enjoy reading most of the posters on this site, save for a couple of them ( Philo Semites).


Savant is a busy man no doubt or otherwise convinced, so house cleaning and maintenance is not second to none. As a result we do have a few 'Philo Semites/jewish rats', gnawing away at this blog.

I do intend on posting more often it's a good way to overcome my shyness. Lots of very erudite individuals here that are quite savvy.

True. Enough to keep me engaged.

So as a French Canadian, what's your take on, … well, whatever takes your interest, and likely to take ours?

The Truth Will Out said...

If you have a good nose (you can smell the jews)

Keiser said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Keiser said...

Still fighting the good fight NU. Well fine.

Don't worry in the end your people will just be quarantined just like they were 109 time already, give or take.

Don't worry the 40's were just an aberration.

Although I can't speculate on what the Muslims are going to do.

Bemused stare said...

And this is why I feel it is time to go shopping for power tools. It's the only thing that will work.

Anonymous said...

Jew or not he is a member of the Anti White Media and that is all that matters.

Anonymous said...

From America: This TV celebrity chef admits to using the "N" word in the past when she had an Orc put a gun to her head, and now she gets fired from her TV gig. WILL SOMEONE TELL ME WHERE THIS WORLD IS HEADING??????????

Anonymous said...

The tower of Basel

Wolfhound said...

What to do with a dog that bites the hand that feeds it over and over ..and over ..and over again.

Anonymous said...

As long as Israel is free and virtuous, honours the rule of law, and advances the values of Western civilization, why does ethnicity matter?

St Nilus said...

Obama called “war criminal” & “hypocrite of the century” in Irish Parliament

Clare Daly in Irish Parliament:

Feisty lady, tellin the truth about Barry and his clan

Quebec Goy said...


I had an epiphany when I watched the mini-serie " Holocaust" in the late 70's. Already I felt ( I'm quite intuitive ) that it was all wrong. Somehow I never believed the propaganda & thought that it was depicting a false image of German NS.

My mother told me about the behavior she encountered as a youth by many Joos. She lived in a part of Montreal which was filled with hosenoses & filled me in regards with their attitudes towards the goys. Somehow French Canadians were quite leery of them, the clergies from our catholic churches always warned us against their parasitic ways.
But then in the 60's there was The "Revolution Tranquille" all over Quebec, were many people abandoned religion. Quebeckers sought freedom from the church, but fortunately the Nationalists demanded a province of their own, insisting Quebec remain French & that we retain our traditions.

In 1976, the Parti Quebecois won and Rene Levesque was the first nationalist prime minister. Their mandate was to vote a referendum so that Quebec could become independent of Canada.
I remember then, I was only 13 yrs old but I saw the Heebs & many Anglos packing for Toronto in hasty precipitation.

We big bad French Canadians were described by the Jewish press as anti-Semitic.
We were quite lucky also because we had an independent press run by the brilliant Pierre Peladeau who was a magnate for the French Press. He was vilified as anti-Semite ( Jew savvy really ) & a great defender of the Palestinian cause. The Hoses loathed him & tried everything to discredit him but they failed. Now his son inherited Quebecor Media; he's more subdued than his late father but he's no pushover.

We are not exempt from the propaganda as CBC is state owned & caters to the needs of the chosen ones, I guess like the BBC.

The Anglo medias are run by Jews with their lackey journalists who resort to Quebec bashing on a daily basis. They like to stir up dissent between the Anglo & French goys.
We're pretty much exposed to the same agenda as every OCCUPIED Western Nations.

Hope you can see more where I come from my friend.

Take care

Matrix-buster said...

anon 10.50. I often wondered that about WTC 7 as well. But maybe it was the plane that 'crashed'?

Anyway, it's a virtual given that the building was brought down by way of controlled demolition.

Regarding cui bono? Well the owners, neocons, Israelis and the overall War Party are the obvious ones.

Anonymous said...

There was no fucking shoah you dumb fuck , get over it and tell you're rabbi to stop talking shit !!!!!!

Glen C. said...

I can hardly believe that the DM published that report on fake Holocau$t stories. And the vivid headline as well.


St Nilus said...

BBC Radio 4skin , Saturday:

6.07am Ramblings presented by lesbian Clare Balding

9am Saturday Live
Queer vicar Richard Coles with Feminist (jew?)writer Viv Groskop

presented by jew Will Gompertz

12.30 The Now Show with jew Laura Shavin

1.10pm Any Questions with black jew Oona King

4pm Woman's Hour :
Kishwar Desai on whether feminist writing has lost its edge.

Also featuring Zimbabwean civil rights lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa. LOL

5.30 The Bottom Line presented by queer Evan Davies

6.15 Loose Ends with
*transvestite Grayson Perry
*jew Ruth Goodman
*queer Simon Russel Beale (currently starring a jew Harold Pinter play ), *lesbian Jen Brister

From Fact to Fiction
black feminist lesbo? Salena Godden

7.15 Saturday Review

Al Pacino plays
jew Phil Spector in
jew David Mamet's film.

( Mamet's books include: The Old Religion (1997), a novel about the lynching of Leo Frank; Five Cities of Refuge: Weekly Reflections on Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy (2004), a Torah commentary with Rabbi Lawrence Kushner; The Wicked Son (2006), a study of Jewish self-hatred and antisemitism

Mamet was criticised for claiming that the British people had "a taint of anti-semitism", claiming they "want to give [Israel] away".[14] In the same interview, Mamet goes on to say that "there are famous dramatists and novelists [in the UK] whose works are full of anti-Semitic filth", but that he could not specify to whom he was referring for fear of litigation.[15] Known for his pro-Israel positions, in his book The Secret Knowledge he states that "Israelis would like to live in peace within their borders; the Arabs would like to kill them all".[16]

In November 2012 Mamet penned an article for the The Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles imploring fellow Jewish Americans to vote for Republican nominee Mitt Romney.)

10.15pm The Moral Maze:
Jew Melanie Phillips and Communist feminist Claire Fox.

11pm Counterpoint presented by
queer Paul Gambaccini

Four Thought
Economist JEW Judith Shapiro believes the next steps towards women's equality will be harder.

Lefties , liberals , lesbians , queers and jews.

Fair and balanced.

Anonymous said...


"Regarding cui bono? Well the owners, neocons, Israelis and the overall War Party are the obvious ones"

Yes when i said cui bono i meant who benefited from the collapse part specifically.

As you say the war party wanted a Pearl Harbor and so benefited from the attack itself but they didn't need the buildings to collapse.

If anything, the buildings burning into the night sky and leaving a standing burned-out shell might have suited the war party better.

So for them there would be all the extra risk of setting up a demolition without any extra benefit (at least any benefit that i can see).

It seems to me the only people who specifically benefit from the buildings collapsing into their footprint are the owners.

Shaunantijihad said...

If Paul Weston is not controlled opposition, then I would expect him to be accused of being controlled opposition. I really cannot disagree with anything he says in this speech.

Worth listening to again:

Nastiest Uncle said...

@Shaunantijihad 20:34

Always remember that only national socialists can know when someone is 'controlled' because national socialists are like really clever.

Nastiest Uncle said...

Controlled opposition is the way we roll down at the synagogue on Thursdays, it's BDSM night!

St Nilus said...

This is the End -- Red Band Trailer

More culturally-enriching product from The Tribe:

written and directed by jew Seth Rogen and jew Evan Goldberg, and starring
jew Rogen,
jew James Franco,
jew Jonah Hill(Feldstein),
jew Christopher Charles Mintz-Plasse jew Jason Segel ,
jew David Krumholtz ,
part-jew Jay Baruchel,
part-jew Danny McBride,
and token blacks Craig Robinson and Kevin Hart as fictional versions of themselves in the aftermath of a global apocalypse.

Micheal Cera is the token goy who gets killed by being impaled by a pole. But even he looks just like Simon Amstel and Jesse Eissenberg:

jew Rogen, jew Baruchel, jew Franco, jew Hill, and token black Robinson survive

Seth Rogen has described his parents, who met at an Israeli kibbutz, as "radical Jewish socialists."
During his teenage years he would perform stand-up comedy routines at places like bar mitzvahs and small parties, later shifting to bars. He was paid to write jokes by a mohel. At the age of 13, he co-wrote a rough draft of Superbad with childhood friend Evan Goldberg, who he had met at bar mitzvah classes.

Budget: $32 million

This is the third film collaborated between Rogen and Goldberg; the first were Superbad(promoting booze, underage drinking ) and Pineapple Express. (promoting weed)

Other pieces of filth by this lot include " Knocked Up" ( fat ugly jew screws very drunk blonde shiksa and gets her pregnant) " Zak and Miri make a Porno" ( Normalising porn)and the disgusting " For A Good Time,Call..",_Call...

(His jew wife and another jew make money from a sex-line.The film opens with the goy-chick (played by a jew) getting covered in the jew-chick's piss)

Any White that hasnt seen this trailer with the foul kike Jonah Hill ( Feldstein) needs to watch it:

"Asshole , penis , vagina" (They love it when little children or very old people do or say sexual or coarse things , they find it hilarious)

Black kid :" My dad says White people suck. Is this true?

Feldstein: " Yes"

White kid : " I saw my dad in bed with his best friend Barry. What does that mean?"

The movie opens with the foul , fat, curly-haired kike licking a shiksas vagina. Naturally he is the best at this.

The Sitter Red Band Trailer


hoosier said...

Here's another Lewis spouting more dreck.

St Nilus said...

"Lewis" is similar to "Miller" , an anglicised shortening of " Lewinsky" , etc.

Miller is " Milanovich", etc.

St Nilus said...

I'm a member of the privileged Rich White Elite.

I just had to borrow £240 to make my rent.

I was in the counting-house tonight , arranging my 2 pence collection into stacks of pounds.

St Nilus said...

Just flicked over the telly to see jew porn-whore Ron Jeremy talking , on a Channel 4 ( David Abraham) programme about .

The Big Dirty List Show: 50 Years of Sex and Music
Documentary exploring 20 of the most seductive songs from the past 50 years, from rock `n' roll to bump `n' grind, looking at how music can help to define, as well as reflect, each generation's sexual attitudes. Contributors include queer Holly Johnson, Lil' Louis, Andrew Farriss, kike Brian Friedman, kike Ron Jeremy and Jameela Jamil. Part of the Mating Season

I walked past an off-license last week , was astounded to see a life-sized cut-out of Ron Jeremy in the window , promoting a brandy or something.

Welcome to kike-world.

St Nilus said...

Queer Paul Gambaccini drools over filthy kike Serge Gainsbourg drooling over Shiksa Jane Birkin , and queer Holly Johnson talks about being showered with piss , and some twat talks about how Madonna opened the doors for bisexuals , and lots of talk about "pushing boundaries" , and "breaking taboos" and , yada yada..

Ever wonder how we all got here?

Im confused , cos it seems that sex was only discovered a few years ago.

Anonymous said...

He's a freaking Jew all right. Guaranteed. Check out the lower lip and false smile.

Anonymous said...

You can fool all the people, all of the time if the marketing is good and the budget sufficient.

kulak said...

Here's another Lewis spouting more dreck.

She looks like the receptionist from Monsters, Inc.

And she's getting Bat Mitzvah'd this month.

St Nilus said...

It doesnt matter if Lewis is an actual jew or just jew-ish.

He's an anti-White kike-slave and has earned his place on the bonfire of the vanities.

As for that fat kike lesbo pig in kulaks's post...

It looks like we are now living in the world described in Harold Covingtons's novels.

With the White resistance noticably absent.

Anonymous said...

kulak said: “And she's getting Bat Mitzvah'd this month.”

Uppity Negress is a convert to Judaism

I beez a Jewrilla now, noamsayin muffaschmuckas!

Frank Galton

St Nilus said...

Most people are pathetic copycats. Right now it's just so cool to be a jew or have some jew-blood.

Let's see what it's like in 3 years.

I can't wait!

St Nilus said...

Howard Stern has to be the most despicable creature ever to breathe.

He's probably worth $100 million dollars .

St Nilus said...

Howard Stern /Russel Brand:

He's obsessed with penis.

He hates Germany and Palestine.

He's shallow and talks filth , he is obsessed with sex .

Is he perchance a KIKE ?

St Nilus said...

"5.30 The Bottom Line presented by queer Evan Davies"

'Are they havin a laff'?

St Nilus said...

And that's why people like Paul Weston , as long as they focus on the mess on the floor rather than the hole in the roof , are next to fucking USELESS.

When I first saw this blokes stuff a few weeks back I sent it to everyone!

Seems that he's like a posh EDL:


Nastiest Uncle said...

Yes, yes, "IT'S THE MUZZIES, STUPID!". By George, people are starting to get it. As long as they don't start looking at us, it has all been getting out of hand lately, what with people realising the Holocaust is merely a business venture. Back to sleep, good goy, back to sleep...

katana said...

Thank you Quebec Goy for your background re the JP (jewish problem) issue.

Quebec Goy said...22 June 2013 17:19

I had an epiphany when I watched the mini-serie " Holocaust" in the late 70's. Already I felt ( I'm quite intuitive ) that it was all wrong. Somehow I never believed the propaganda & thought that it was depicting a false image of German NS.

Well, you beat me by a few decades! Up until a couple of years ago I bought into the holohoax. Although I always had a slight feeling that it never quite made sense, especially the part about millions of jews passively going to their deaths, I accepted it. After all, how could such a holohoax be maintained? Surely they would be exposed?

Now that I know that the holohoax is but part of a much larger scheme of jewish supremacism it's clear how they have maintained that particular scam through their dominance of key elements of our society. To understand the JP you have to be willing to suspend judgement while you take a bird's eye view of the whole jewish conspiracy and see that it is much bigger than just one part. If you only look at one part it doesn't add up under causal inquiry because it requires a larger conspiracy.

I'm sure this blog will benefit from your experience and viewpoint. Please spread the word among your circle. As the mass media is in the hands of our enemies, we must resort to building our base through such methods for now.

Anonymous said...

a good read a indian living in england and his thoughts about islam amongst us

up the villa

kulak said...


"Karen Lewis" will henceforth be my answer if someone says we should imitate the Jews

Wolfhound said...

@ Quebec goy

Don't you just love how those WW2 documentaries usually have some disclaimer to explain away footage of a happy, healthy, confident and hopeful German people lining the streets in joyous celebration as "they were all brainwashed by evil propaganda".

When Germany made a miraculous economic recovery with almost 0% unemployment after the deeply depressed Weimar years it was because they dislodged the lifesucking parasites, but these docs will offer you no real explanation other than "they built the autobahn system".

I literally called bullshit when I was about 13 years old watching this stuff.

Good to see another unique perspective on the blog.

katana said...

Anonymous22 June 2013 10:50
Apologies for bringing this up again but i'm a new convert to the 9/11 thing so zealous and all that.

I generally like the simplest possible explanations so ....

The two planes were decoration.

All three buildings were brought down by controlled demolition. Two thousand architects and engineers agree, let alone the commonsense notion that buildings do not spontaneously blow themselves apart.

Denise said...

Lewis is a Hebe. Savant - soon you will be able to tell in a glance, in no time at all.

James said...

Always remember that only national socialists can know when someone is 'controlled' because national socialists are like really clever.

Pure awesome.