Monday, 6 May 2013

Presstitution confirmed

Ok, I know many of you don't trust Alex Jones or InfowarsPersonally I think what he reports is great but he diminishes the content by over-dramatisation and the approach of a huckster.  But in this report  at Infowars Amber Lyon (pictured), an award-winning TV reporter (I know, I know) who worked for CNN reveals that it (CNN) is literally paid - handed cash - by foreign governments for favourable content.. It's also paid by the US government for reporting on some events, and not reporting on others.

Now we all know that MSM 'news' outlets are shills for TPTB. But Jesus, even I, cynic that I am, did not think their executives would forgo whatever scant bit of integrity they had left from birth and literally sell their souls for cash. But they did. And do. They're for sale to the highest bidder. And the government and its agencies, with the power of the FCC at their command, are in many ways the highest bidder.

In our own small way we should spread this nugget of information as a valuable asset in further discrediting the almost totally discredited MSM.


Anonymous said...

Alex Jones and co are stopped clocks , but they are right more than twice a day . Sometimes I feel for him -maybe he is going as far as he can without saying "ITS THE FUCKING JEWS , STUPID"

Maybe he is paid not to say that .

All I know is that I got to the good info via Icke , Rense , Jones .

So they are not entirely useless.


Anonymous said...

Excerpts from a lengthy interview between HAC and host Rodney Martin on World View Foundation’s Conversations program

Covington gets all kind of slurs , but I dont hear a liar


James said...

Can anything on RT be trusted?

James said...

Dunno if Sibel Edmonds is a jew or not, but FWIW.

James said...

Ron Paul was called a liar for saying the Boston shutdown was a martial law exercise.

But it happened according to these witnesses.

They might all be Jews though, so be careful.

Is Ron Paul a Jew?

Anonymous said...

" "South Shields man I am ,
strong and true
Like me fatha ,
Labour through and through
My vote's guaranteed
even though my MP
Is a millionaire Bolshevik J*w ! "

Keiser said...

RT are always calling out CNN for being "bought". They are propaganda merchants. Trick is listen to everyone and compare what is being said and especially what is not being said.

CNN how's this for fake...

We're in the Gulf... honest

Jones showed this along with another clip from CNN's reporting on Sandy Hook where a reporters nose disappears (a common artifact occurrence when green screen is used) Just like our friends in the "Gulf" above.

About Jones well Alex Jones' wife is indeed Jewish thus and so his infamous statement of "the A-rabs run Hollywood".

His businesses' lawyers are as you said Savant also Jewish.

His blog supposedly even (unconfirmed) filters any comment with "wife" in it for moderation but this is whatever material.

Don't get me wrong I like him and what he does, mostly, but he doesn't get that he sells fear at time.

Billy Corgan did an interview with him where he basically told him that (that he was coming at the problem from a negative place and that this was not helping him) but all the way through Jones just couldn't get it.

Full Interview 55mins

Clip 20mins

It is a very intelligent interview from Corgan, well worth a watch to get his point about relating to the problem by elevating oneself to a positive place as opposed to relating to it negatively and being dragged down by it.

Bob said...

Jones is too slick.

Cheap, budget websites that don't ask for money are better.

Try - its really good. Written by an intelligent American of German extraction.

Bob said...

Troubles with the "Blight wing"...

After decades of trying to awaken those who choose to sleep, Eric Thomson might soon vanish from these pages. He has a small archive which he wishes to donate to any worthwhile person, or organization, who/which will see that they are properly used. When that is done, he shall simply fade away which is an understandable position. Yours truly has come close to this twice and it is difficult for anyone to continue if he feels he is shouting in an empty cave. Both of our lives are winding down and if someone is interested, contact Eric via his PO Box. Be advised, that Eric has been burned a couple of times by blightwing mini-Führers and will be somewhat difficult to convince. I personally find it appalling that so many choose to sit on their material, refusing to share it even to the extent of violating death bed wishes of their foolish supporters.

Also from

James said...

Ah yes. World War II -- where Americans crossed the Atlantic Ocean to kill people who looked like them, and thought like them, only to allow into their country people who didn't look like them, or act like them, and who really hate them.

James said...

It is truly hilarious to watch all these people pretending to know what's going on, yet the only info they have is who's a Jew.

James said...

US Senator is 100% convinced of extra-terrestrial presence on Earth.

Is he telling the truth, or just a Jew?

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter if Ron Paul is Jewish James. He is anti-white.

James said...

It doesn't matter if Ron Paul is Jewish James. He is anti-white.

It matters here. Are you a Jew?

James said...

Are the White people in the USA being prepared for Genocide?

Revilo Oliver, Eustace Mullins, William Pierce, Christopher Bjerknes, Alexander Solzhenitsyn and others think or thought so.

Are they right, or are they just all Jews too?

Anyone care to hazard a guess?

James said...

Jews have a massive advantage.

They can go to the synagogue and get voting instructions.

We can't even decide whether UKIP is pro-white or anti-white.

We need to get more clued up. UKIP is doing really well - probably because they banned the BNP from their party.

2% to go and they beat the Tories. Join up, do something. Feel the power. Take the power. Use the power.

Anonymous said...

It matters here.

If he is a Jew it means he is a nutjob.

If he is not a Jew it means he's a pathetic nutjob.

He's anti-white.

Are you a Jew?


Anonymous said...

We can't even decide whether UKIP is pro-white or anti-white.

Sure we can. Verdict: Anti-white.

James said...

Sure we can. Verdict: Anti-white.

Do you think Nigel Farage actually hates the white race?

Or is he constrained by politics.

Or is it some mixture of the two?

Anonymous said...

Or is it some mixture of the two?

If he's sincere he's a nutjob.

If he's not sincere, he's a pathetic nutjob.

Dan said...

They bill themselves as anti-racist.

James said...

Anonymous Dan said...
They bill themselves as anti-racist.

Realistically, do they actually have a choice?

In in there and challenge them to not be anti-white.

If they start being anti-white, tell them they are supposed to be anti-racist.

Maybe something will happen.

James said...

Dan, you are just handing another party to the enemy.

This is why we have no power.

We can't accept reality.

Anonymous said...

"Covington gets all kind of slurs , but I dont hear a liar". Neither do I. Our movement is personality obsessed,often resembling a tear up between a bunch of adolescent girls. To the best of my knowledge Covington's never wavered. His books alone have done more than than the groups of people who run him down. I have a lot of faith in both him and his message


a swedish friend of this blog said...

I truly do not know what people have against Jones. Right, he does not come straight out, as GTRman says, and 'blame the Jews'. But he goes as close as you can in America by railing against banksters, neocons etc. Of course not all of them are Jews, but neither are all the bad guys, a fact we should not forget.

Anonymous said...

@James 00:25

RT is nothing more than Putin's mouthpiece, which is why I always have a secret chuckle when enlightened, totally unbrainwashable White nationalists post links to RT articles.

Franz said...

A great backgrounder for this subject is author Frances Stonor Saunders excellent study:

Who Paid the Piper?: CIA and the Cultural Cold War

I got mine at but check around for comments at various blogs and forums; Saunders opened the floodgates. For people who still refuse to believe this world has been stage-managed since 1947, I mean OUT IN THE OPEN, there's just no hope.

Couple good quotes from the am-uk page where I got my copy:

"A fine, readable book on the CIA programme to fund allegedly leftist/high cultural movements during the first half of the so called cold war... What is surprising that it took so long for their cover to be blown.//"

"The US state backed moves towards a federal Europe and the EEC, rightly seeing the EEC as a capitalist bulwark against socialism. So the European Movement was "funded almost entirely by the CIA through a dummy front called the American Committee for a United Europe"..."

John W said...

To the extent the public is ignorant, the elite and insiders can control the policy as dictated by their financial interests. Follow the money & cui bono dominate over the broad public welfare of the general citizenry.

Reasonable & rational debate on policy choices, likely to provide positive results, can not be held when the claimed situation is not as represented by corporate media, which can still be dominant during high-saturation, mass-media, events, as ratings demonstrate, after those events of intense public interest.

In the present day, in my opinion, the so-called “War on Terror”, is such an event. But the political establishment of both parties and the corporate media, which carries their political water, have an interest in promoting this bi-partisan myth.

And all one has to do is follow the money & cui bono to find this out, but you won’t find such common sense reporting in the corporate media — it goes against their corporate-parent, employers’ financial interest.

Anonymous said...

Is UKIP anti-White?
IMHO UKIP's role is breaking the troika's grip on power and undermining the "liberal consensus". There's a lot of anger , restrained and typically British but it's there. Whats being done to us is indefensible and only the lefts grip on the narrative allows it to continue. UKIP whether by accident or design will break that grip , it already has to some extent. Once that's done people will have the space to feel , explore and vent a truly justified anger. We can see it every day in White flight and in any medium that Whites are allowed to have say, comments sections for example.

People no longer believe all the "anti-racist" shit they've been forced to swallow. Join UKIP do something practical, work your way up etc etc . We're in this for the long hall.


ironman said...

James 3.36. It seems almost beyond credibility that our own government could contemplate such a program. But there sure as hell are a lot of really strange things going down, all of which point in this or similar direction.

Martel said...

RT is indeed Putin's mouthpiece but as Keiser says, it gives an alternative view. And that's its value.

Elaine said...

Oh for heaven's sake, here we go again. UKIP is anti-white! What utter nonsense. As James has said, Farrage/UKIP are severaly constrained in what they can say. As Savant has already shown, they are under intense attack from all quarters and all that's needed is a whiff of 'racism' or 'anti-semitism' and they'd be consigned to the same fate as the BNP.

For heaven's sake please stop this nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Can RT be trusted? RT has its own agenda BUT it's an alternative source and perhaps one can draw conclusions by reading between the lines of both sides? If you play poker you may have heard the term 'Keeping him honest' this is used when someone calls a player who is continually bluffing. RT is useful for keeping the MSM honest.
In light of this post though I think we have to question everything more than usual!
The problem is that the people that tell the lies are, or have, people who are very skilled in deception. These people are full time, we who try to decipher the truth are amateurs and part time.
On the Jewish thing. Do I think the Jews are behind everything? Absolutely NOT! It seems to me that many people seem to think that every Jew is involved in a conspiracy. This, to me, seems to be ludicrous. However, it would seem that those that are behind the current problems ARE Jewish. My thinking behind this is simple. Follow the money and who benefits.
Many Jews today are VICTIMS of their own propaganda. Whoever posted that the gains made by Jews in WWII was the same as Britain gaining Denmark at the cost of 26 million lives (?). How these figures are worked out I don't know. If they are right the people behind 'it all' are willing to pay this price to further their ends. After all they are well away from any danger. Yes, I am saying that whatever happened during WWII these Jews were hung out to dry. Personally I would prefer to be gassed than die of Typhus. The only difference is if the Germans did try to stop the Typhus epidemic.
All in all it would seem to make David Icke right. Perhaps not reptilian but certainly so self centered and greedy that they are not human.


Anonymous said...

Remove the 'seems' from Lemmyheads vocabulary and he would be dumb.


Anonymous said...

ANON 01.11
This reminds me of an observation made by my Father. He had gone to a Labour Party prospective MPs speech. The guy stood and gave his speech in a cloth cap and raved on about the working class being abused and treated as slaves. Speech over my Dad saw him capless, suited and booted and jumping into his car hidden in a side street away from the venue.

Anonymous said...

I have watched the clips and they are very good. Why don't we like Alex Jones? Well here is the difference between us and our American cousins.
Alex Jones attitude to the Brit/Irish he is such an annoying c**t! I find him hard to listen to. He seems to have a whine come screech voice that is like fingernails on a BLACKboard. Now if he had a Black Country accent........


Anonymous said...

As far as I can see Putin's Russia is the only white opposition to the USA, which is the driving force behind the global genocide of whites.

I admire how he dealt with those degenerate sluts from vagina riot, for that alone I'd support him over ANY public figure/traitor in the West.

We'd have been better off conquered by Stalin after the war, the white race could have survived communism, the American occupation and it's cultural syphilis may be the end of us.


Anonymous said...

FFS don't we have enough? Aliens FFS!
Let's get into Fairys and Vampires. Is True Blood based in fact?

Anonymous said...

Realistically, do [UKIP] actually have a choice?

Honorably, they do.

But [Jones] goes as close as you can in America by railing against banksters, neocons etc.

A correction, our swedish friend:

Jones goes as close as you can in America and also make some decent money.

Rush Limbaugh goes as close as one can and also make even more money.

Al Gore is worth $200 million.

Nigel Farage is realistic.

Al Gore is even more realistic.

As James has said, Farrage/UKIP are severaly constrained in what they can say.

Dear Elaine. There's fuckall evidence Farrage wants to say anything he can't say now.

There's lots of evidence of what Farrage doesn't want said. He purges people who say it.

Farage says of the other parties "well you've got smelly people too."

To the extent this works, it means Britain is still a white country.

To the extent this works, Britain will fail to resist becoming a brown country.

Anonymous said...

Alex Jones has interesting things to say trouble is

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 16:29

Alex Jones is a fucking fool and so are the people who take him seriously.
But he makes a very good living from the publicity afforded him by his gullible followers, so from his point of view it's a good job that there are simpletons-a-plenty all over the internet.

Keiser said...


He does seem to fill the Jew gap with the Royal family and a real dislike of "Old Europe" which I happen to think is the height of Civilisation.

Who knows maybe the Royals are lizards. Kate Middleton is certainly slimey enough. Sorry Kate fans, I ain't saying she a gold-digger but she ain't messin' with no broke nigger.

"He seems to have a whine come screech voice that is like fingernails on a BLACKboard. Now if he had a Black Country accent........"

Or right f**king heavy Sheffield, South Yorkshire accent where all pronoun and arrrrr-ticle are left n'out, an' people say thing like
"he's on telephone for you" and every noun 'singular and som'time no verb even.

Although I may be mixing up my Manc' with my 'Shire here.

Basically think Sean Bean talking like 'f**king yob. That's what Alex Jones should sound like. :-)

Anonymous said...

At times I think we must share the same brain cell!
BTW The Black Country dialect is closest to Old English.
As for the Yorkshire man on the 'phone. I think it would be -
'He's on t' phone'?
As for the reptilians I think we should wash the brain cell. It's absolutely ridiculous, isn't it?


Anonymous said...

Talking of missing out words. In the Potteries they don't use the word 'to'.
You're not going 'going in to town'
you're 'going in town'. Of course they are very easy to fool. When they count, they count 1, 3, 4, 5,.

Uncle Nasty said...

I have already posted this in what I feel is a dying thread, so ...

Uncle Nasty said...

Anonymous said...

Some readers are actually catching on!

The "nastiest/james" show has been performing for a better part of a year. Two sides of the same coin, perhaps?

Another poster mentioned the "good cop/bad cop" position.


And, I've noticed some past posters, whom I enjoyed reading, are no longer showing up with their words of wisdom.

7 May 2013 01:32

True ... all true I am afraid. I must admit to wishing that James would start his own blog.

Then he can leave this one and he, NU and the haunting hasbara can all play together.

James, you will no doubt feel this is an unfair attack from an unexpected quarter but I have been watching your posts for quite a while -- since their inception, in fact, and have come to the conclusion that you are a wrecker.

You may be more subtle than the resident hasbarat, but that is no criterion. I have seen five year olds who are more subtle than he. You are, however on the same agenda as he is. Insulting and attempting to alienate and marginalise those posters who attempt a genuine way out of this mess.

You are a wrecker, my friend. You are not the first and you will not be the last ... and I have said all that I intend to on the matter.

7 May 2013 10:52

Pardon the re-post of my own post but I think it should be seen and not misunderstood.


James said...


You mention posters who attempt a genuine way out of this mess.

I have sent scant evidence of that.

Mary thinks if we all close our eyes and love Hitler enough, and hate Jews enough then all our problems will go away.

Keiser seems to agree.

Keiser said...

You libelous little fuck

Keiser said...

Last comment directed @ James, of course.

@UN while we are taking the liberty to repost I will avail.
Here's a repost something
From that early time you spoke of

James said...

"can keep your mouth shut for the required 11 seconds. Even 5 measly seconds would work.

I've seen electorate offices for major parties here in NZ, full of WNs. But they still screw it up. It almost makes me wish I was a Jew. I'd like to win something, anything, just once."

and in the previous thread (LAPD Diversity Success Storey)

Nastiest Uncle said...
"If we can keep our mouths shut when it counts and keep them open when in counts for 11 seconds then we can create a reality in which white people...

...I believe we can have all of these things, but at the moment we can't, because we don't know when it counts to be vocal and about what, and when to shut up for 11 seconds.
25 February 2013 01:22


James said...
"Whitey needs to get into politics. And keep his mouth shut for 11 seconds.

"Races who can't keep their mouths shut for 11 seconds are doomed to end up in the dustbin of history" -- Me, Now.

24 February 2013 23:10"

"Nastiest Uncle said...
So maybe if we can shut the fuck up for 11 seconds we can take our countries back*.

*I'm fully aware that it is far more important for the Jew-hating community to experience the rush they get from writing the word "kike" than to do anything which might secure a future for white children.

24 February 2013 18:28"

James also said...

"screaming KIKE, KIKE, get the KIKE!"

Nobody's doing that "James"

"but if you keep your mouth shut"

Let's be real that has never worked for anyone ever "James". Don't try to censor me "James". Read the above comments as to the reason why. I mean really read them. Why would you stay quiet when you have a perfectly valid, rational argument that contrary to your assertions James isn't just Kike, Kike, Kike.

Remeber when they really used to sound like each other

I also saw when I was reading that thread "Shine the light"
,a classic one where the hasbarat infestation reached critical mass, a comment from self confessed male commenter "Penelope" (weird) who appeared 'specially for that thread with all the hallmarks of a hasbarat.
The comment was to James

"Penelope said...

James, please read my comment at 17:33.

The scales will fall from your eyes.

To everyone else, congrats if you have a sense of humour.

If not, well sorry.
26 February 2013 23:34 "

"Penelope said...

@James, please brutha, do yourself a favour and check out my comment at 17:33.

The scales will fall from your eyes."

As far as Keiser and co are concerned, I wasn't taking the piss in a mocking way, from my point of view - just havin' a larf!

No disrespect was intended towards anyone, except those without a sense of humour. Sorry if you fall under that category.
26 February 2013 22:28

The what will fall from where? Was this some kind of Hasbarat code or just a weirdo being weird?

Keiser said...

"At times I think we must share the same brain cell!"

I hope not Lemmyhead because I've put some desperate wear and tear on that poor cell over the years. The drinking when I was younger didn't help either :-)

Elitest bad people yes they exist,

bad people with lizard DNA, hmmmm perhaps only when I read David Eddings or play as an Argonian in the Elder Scrolls Skyrim on my PC.

Me... David Icke Style

kulak said...

I agree UN. James is a champion left baloner.

kulak said...

Curse autocorrect. ;)

Uncle Nasty said...

Anyway, Back to reality -- for our American cousins ...

Meet the Superyid who decides what everyone hears on the radio network. Gaze upon the nose --- sorry, face -- of Orit Gadiesh

Who? Who indeed.

Welcome to the EIB Network

This is the Israeli who signs my check. Just look at the beak on that bitch.

Hello folks, and welcome to the EIB network where I — God’s gift to radio, will enlighten you with jew-spin. Sure, I’ll Lie For 400 MIL

That’s right folks – they pay me 400 million Jewish Federal Reserve Notes to act as a propaganda tool in support of the Jewish Nation. Who pays me you ask? Well, I’ll tell you.

A Well Kept Secret

An Israeli woman by the name of Orit Gadiesh … used to work in “Israeli Intelligence” … actually the rumor is that she’s MOSSAD … well — she’s the CEO of a company called Bain Capital Partners in Boston.

Bain Capital owns Clear Channel Communications — and I work directly for Clear Channel Premier Radio Networks. Bain acquired Clear Channel in 2006.

One of Israel’s Propaganda Arms

You didn’t know that a Foreign Power is exercising control over your mass media?

Most of you probably are unaware that through Clear Channel alone, the Jewish Nation effectively controls the content of Kosher messages sent out to more than 154 million people, or 75% of the 18+ U.S. population.

My Kosher bosses own over 800 radio stations reaching more than 97 million listeners every week.

And folks, Premiere Radio Networks, who syndicates me also syndicates over 90 other Kosher radio programs and services to more than 5,000 radio stations affiliations reaching over 190 million listeners a week. And all of that is just CLEAR CHANNEL. There’s a whole lot more Kosher Media than that. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

The enormity of control that the Jewish Nation exerts on you is almost unimaginable.

Foreign Control Of Media Presents Huge National Security Problem

Repeat After Me: I’m a Patriot and I love Israel

Anyway, Orit Gadiesh is an Israeli national with direct ties to the Israeli Intelligence community — and as you know — propaganda is real important to those Israeli Intelligence types.

They pay me lots of Jewish Federal Reserve Notes to:

1) Channel your anger away from Israel and Jews,
2) Get you to associate “patriotism” with support for a foreign nation — Israel, and
3) Package it all up in a “Conservative” message base that is specifically targeted at YOU.

Once again, all I can say is that when the radio stations, TV stations and press are a smoking ruin ... then, and only then, will there be the beginnings of real change.


Uncle Nasty said...

While we're at it ... some weekend viewing.

Enjoy. Well ... you know what I mean.


Uncle Nasty said...

Thing are getting interesting in Joo York.

American Renaissance or AMREN if you prefer, have never been ones to point out the big fat hook-nosed elephant in the room. It is a subject that they have historically (and assiduously) avoided.

Not so, the commentators, however. Check out the comments on the above link. Whitey's waking up ... at last.

A short year ago, one would never have seen even a single comment criticising the tribe ... let alone excoriating them. Keep it up, lads.


Uncle Nasty said...

Check this out ...

Watch and Learn. An extract from the critique of the book:-

Edward S. Miller, "Bankrupting the Enemy: The U.S. Financial Siege of Japan Before Pearl Harbor"

ISBN: 1591145201 | 2007 | EPUB/MOBI | 352 pages | 3 MB/3 MB

Award-winning author Edward S. Miller contends in this new work that the United States forced Japan into international bankruptcy to deter its aggression. While researching newly declassified records of the Treasury and Federal Reserve, Miller, a retired chief financial executive of a Fortune 500 resources corporation, uncovered just how much money mattered. Washington experts confidently predicted that the war in China would bankrupt Japan, not knowing that the Japanese government had a huge cache of dollars fraudulently hidden in New York. Once discovered, Japan scrambled to extract the money. But, Miller explains, in July 1941 President Roosevelt invoked a long-forgotten clause of the Trading with the Enemy Act of 1917 to freeze Japan s dollars and forbade it to sell its hoard of gold to the U.S. Treasury, the only open gold market after 1939. Roosevelt s temporary gambit to bring Japan to its senses, not its knees, was thwarted, however, by opportunistic bureaucrats. Dean Acheson, his handpicked administrator, slyly maneuvered to deny Japan the dollars needed to buy oil and other resources for war and for economic survival.

Miller's lucid writing and thorough understanding of the complexities of international finance enable readers unfamiliar with financial concepts and terminology to grasp his explanation of the impact of U.S. economic policies on Japan. His review of thirty-seven studies of Japan's resource deficiencies begs the question of why no U.S. agency calculated the impact of the freeze on Japan's overall economy. His analysis of a massive OSS-State Department study of prewar Japan clearly demonstrates that the deprivations facing the Japanese people were the country to remain in financial limbo buttressed its choice of war at Pearl Harbor. Such a well-documented study is certain to be recognized for its significant contributions to the historiography of the origins of the Pacific War.

I have read on more than one occasion, that Roosevelt and his RFKYB advisors forced Japan into war by literally starving the nation in the thirties.

Please note that Germany has applied for the repatriation of its gold from the US ... and pretty much received the finger as an acknowlegement.

Moral of the story? Don't trust the US govt ... whether you are nation or individual. Try and force the issue? They'll declare war and bomb you.

Download it here ...