Thursday, 11 April 2013

Apostles of degradation

Well I suppose it had to happen. And I suppose it's the kind of thing that Willi Munzenberg, the inspiration for the Frankfurt School, had in mind when he enjoined his comrades we must to organize the intellectuals and use them to make Western civilization stink. Only then, after they have corrupted all its values and made life impossible, can we impose the dictatorship of the proletariat

Or what former KGB boss Lavrenti Beria was thinking when he addressed a visiting delegation of American Communists. “Degradation and conquest are companions. By attacking the character and morals … by bringing about, through contamination of youth, a general degraded feeling, command of the populace is facilitated to a very marked degree. By perverting the institutions of a nation and bringing about a general degradation … a population can be brought psychologically to heel."

Pity both were prematurely offed by their erstwhile proletarian comrades because their instructions have been fulfilled to a degree beyond their wildest expectations as western society sinks to unthinkable levels of moral degradation and social disintegration.

Maybe you thought it couldn't get any worse? Well it can, and it will.What's the most vile perversion that you can imagine? Sex with cadavers, a la Jimmy Saville? Or with a animals? Or with your mother? Well to me sex with, make that rape of, children has to be by far the worst. If for no other reason than that the victims end up permanently damaged. Their lives are literally destroyed. Which is why it has been the ultimate taboo in most societies. But not all, mind you.

Now I have noticed a very definite trend emerging, following the classical Cultural Marxism progression. The CMs know that if you control the language you master the debate. That's why PC has been successful.  With this in mind I've noticed the same trend that we saw with homosexuality: the creeping reclassification of paedophilia as yet another form of 'diversity' and 'lifestyle choice'. You know the drill.

Paedophiles have now begun to seek a similar legal status as homosexuals, arguing that their sexual desire for children is just a natural “sexual orientation” that will soon be cool as well. Call someone a dirty pervert? That's HATE speech and must be banned.

So far so bad. But just as the American Psychiatric Association declassified homosexuality as a mental disorder in the mid seventies, the same lovely people have now deemed the term paedophile to be, you've guessed it, 'offensive'. We must now refer to these filthy perverts as 'minor-attracted individuals'. I kid you not.  We can confidently expect those who don't go along with this reclassification ti be dismissed as Nazis and paedophobes. The same people also issued a report that claimed “the negative potential of adult sex with children was ‘overstated’ and that the vast majority of both men and women reported no negative sexual effects from childhood sexual abuse experiences.”

Meanwhile one Jackie Speiers is introducing a bill in California which defines paedophilia as a 'sexual orientation' that should not require remedial counselling. 

 And that fountainhead of all that ails us, university ‘humanities’ departments, are riding (so to speak) to the rescue. Of the paedophiles, of course. Dr. Milton Diamond (you'll be amazed to learn that he's Jewish)  of the University of Hawaii has, as part of his work, come up with a comprehensive taxonomy of ‘sexual rights’.  Yes, that ‘rights’ word again.  

Among those ‘rights’ is that nobody should be ‘disadvantaged’ because of age. Right, I’m sure your average seven year-old just can’t wait to be sodomised by some fifty year-old pervert.  )Similar bromides have emerged from a number of Canadian Universities as well).

So yes, we are indeed being prepared for the normalising of the ultimate degradation. In due course it will be seen as cool to have an eight year-old girlfriend.  And of course marriage – and adoption - rights will inevitably follow. After all, only ‘haters’ could object to that.

Beria, Munzenberg and the other CMs, as they broil in the Seventh Circle of Hell, can derive some small comfort from the success of their handiwork. 

PS, here are some additional interesting links. 


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The truth will out said...

Frank Galton

When you consider how many warnings and how much time they had to prepare for this greatly publicised oncoming horrorco$t.
So many articles, I think the number 6 million is a reference to how many times they reported on it prematurely...

It begs the question why did so many juwes just accept their highly publicised horrorco$t and calmly walk into the showers and peel off their own skin glady to make lampshades and soap?

When Dr Mengele was opening up the children's skulls and swapping the children's brains with rats (while no anaesthetic was administered...) and stitching on ants legs in place of their ears etc, didn't anyone try and resist?

Who would buy or knowingly use soap made from the most foul and verminous jew?

You have to be one sick pervert to even conjure up the thought.

Funny how, in the methods of upside-down Talmudic thinking with their calculated mind-trickery, those that refuse to accept civilised Germans had a program to exterminate all the juwes using bug spray (ignoring the inefficiency, impracticality and logistical impossibilities of it all, notwithstanding the lack of any physical evidence whatsoever...).
They are called 'nazis' and painted in the jewish media as 'bad people, full of hate'.
Yet if you truly believe 6 million juwes were gassed in chambers (without a solitary thread of proof whatsoever) and made into soap and lampshades then you are a 'healthy well rounded and good loving person'.

2 sides of the argument.
Those that truly do not want to believe that humanity could have stooped so low as gassing 6 million juwes.
Those desperately clinging onto the impossible dream and perverse notion that the Germans enacted a program to exterminate 6 million juwes.

I can't quite see where the love and humanity stems from the latter, yet the former get called all kinds of propagandised mantras and names by the actual ashkenazis.

The Germans were the victims of the war, they are made out by the jewish media as the aggressors.
This time round for the 110th time, I fear the muddled up hate reared goyim will make the dream of the holocaust a reality once they realise how duped they have been.

The tide is turning.

Let's flood out the rats.

109 times and counting, 110 and then bump that up a hundred or so immediately after as every other Western nation follows suit.

Delenda Est Judaica!

PS - I realised my mistake by believing anon was merely being facetious and posting in the spirit of humour, I shouldda known better.
Now where's a can of Zyklon B when you need it?

PPS - a more honourable anon this time said...
"With the possibility of acquiring a STD that anti-biotics cannot cure"
Has anyone noticed lately in the past few years how colds and flus now last for weeks and months in the case of the latter before you shake them off?
Resistant to antibiotics
Essentially Britain, America and Europe has been a real-time petri dish of diseases and viruses incubating them all at an accelerated rate that science couldn't achieve sub 1950's in a lab, perhaps that's how they intend to finish us off.

Every time I sit in a train with the hordes of 3rd world shit all coughing and sneezing everywhere I just want to spew... been like this for some decades now, the word needs spreading.

The truth must go viral, guerilla tactics style.
Radio broadcasts of Kai Murros, being transmitted top volume from tower blocks etc.
Dropping literature on trains and stickers on lampposts etc.
Spamming email with wake up websites and articles.

Anonymous said...

Every time I sit in a train with the hordes of 3rd world shit all coughing and sneezing everywhere I just want to spew...

In the past wasn't spitting in public frowned upon because of fears of TB?

We are more modern now and "we" object to Emma west wanting to live in the past when people did not spit in public.

Let "us" make a public spectacle of her intolerance.

Dan said...

Poor Emma. She was I suspect complaining about TNB. It's a shame she moaned about Polish people, but that does at least spare her the culumny of being called a white supremacist.

TNB spreads TB btw. They are spitty and shitty.

Keiser said...

Apostles of degradation indeed

On the subject of the normalisation of the abnormal. Here is upcomming industry stooge Azealia Banks.

"official" video for Azalia Banks - 212 (another mainstream media soft video for paedophiles)

This little lady (negress) looks all of fourteen while delightfully exclaiming in this "music" (jungle drum piece)

"I guess that c*nt gettin' eatin' "


It is death by a thousand cuts, little by little. Slow boil. Best solution avoid tv, internet only for kids with full filtering package (e.g. "nanny" on Ubuntu)
I never thought I'd see the day when the internet was safer for young minds than tv.

Nik Kids, yaayy illuminati programming for kids

Because they are never too young for the nonsense of high level occult symbolism

The Mickey Mouse thing is also suspicious... MK what.

James said...

Someone is definitely paying NU

I don't believe so.

He just loves "proving" people wrong, even if its only in his own mind, that he is addicted to blogs such as these.

James said...


Note to 'james' - Otto Frank got typhus in Auschwitz but was survived it in the Auschwitz hospital where he was found when the Soviets arrived. Another amazing tale of how death was escaped in the 'death camp'.

I know that. It was on heretical, in the page I linked to.

Anne Frank's diary, novel, whatever you want to call it, is a red herring. Lets say you burned down AF's house, burned all copies of her book, dug her up and burned her again, what would that achieve?
Nothing of course.
I think Simon Sheppard's explanation of the AF phenomenon is valid. Before you have a go at me, read what he had to say, and then we can discuss anything in there that you disagree with. Until then, PLEASE STOP looking for Jew-evidence in every little phrase of mine. I'm not a Jew.
Maybe I need to meet up with Uncle Nasty so he can measure my nose?

James said...

I've actually said lots of things Jews wouldn't like, and linked to lots of sites Jews wouldn't like, yet some people here still think I'm a Jew.

It's funny and sad at the same time.

Shaunantijihad said...


Thanks. Tell your friends they can access Incog by first using a proxy, like

and then in their search address type Incog's address at

James said...

No ballpoint pens until 1951? I'm not so sure.

I still think's explanation is the best, although that link is interesting too.

With a quick search for "history of the ballpoint pen", I found this:

The Frank family had lots of photos. Cameras were expensive and rare at the time. They were bankers, thus rich.

If anyone had a ballpoint pen, they would have.

The first great success for the ballpoint pen came on an October morning in 1945 when a crowd of over 5,000 people jammed the entrance of New York’s Gimbels Department Store. The day before, Gimbels had taken out a full-page ad in the New York Times promoting the first sale of ballpoints in the United States. The ad described the new pen as a "fantastic... miraculous fountain pen ... guaranteed to write for two years without refilling!" On that first day of sales, Gimbels sold out its entire stock of 10,000 pens-at $12.50 each!

(They would have been in Europe before this. Anne Frank could have had a ballpoint pen in 1944 or 1945.)

James said...

There's enough information out now, easily accessible, for people to uproot the rest of the lies on their own, once they've been hit with mantra.

We must use the mantra to break the taboos, and get people to realise a problem exists.

The rest will come naturally. People will start to think, and then search, and then read.

Shaunantijihad said...

"Remember ladies, producing children with a negro, condemns your progeny to a life of rootless, soulless servitude to the jew.

With the possibility of acquiring a STD that anti-biotics cannot cure."

Further, it condemns them to the ultimate slavery - genetic lobotomisation. This is what the Jews want to do in all White nations. Lowering the IQ if the hated Whites can only be accomplished by this form of race mixing. It's why the Jewish controlled USA's foreign policy is to enforce mass immigration into Europe.

Keiser said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Keiser said...

I always used to say to friends when they spoke of the Church's various assaults on Irish society that the proble isn't the church, the problem is the corrupt individuals within.

From that interview posted by TTWO

"You must not have fear at speaking the truth. It is for the salvation of souls and the recovery of Thomas Jefferson’s people. America must not fall to the new painted communism. Even the low information voters don’t want America to be sold into slavery. I pray they cast out the money changers in their government! What manner of government is there that condones sin? Abomination upon abomination--giving monies for the murder of children, giving monies for the murder of the elderly! You are an American. Your government, My child, has been infiltrated by men of sin."
Cardinal Bergolio (Pope Francis)

Finally the Church speaks through a true servant of Christ.


Iron Felix said...

There may be some satisfaction to be had upon learning, as I just did, that Young Master Munzenberg, of whom by the way I had not previously heard, paid the price for his choice of company. Garroted by Uncle Joe's boys in a French forest; oh dear.

James said...

New law in Israel to ban mixed marriages.


James said...

Dissent as a form of controlled opposition.

I get the feeling that most pro-white activity is dissent as a form of controlled opposition. In order words, too much talk and not enough action.
Has anyone here joined a political party since we talked about it a while ago, and actually done something real?

Anonymous said...

Check out Abe Foxman in this Israeli documentary about anti-Semitism (skip to 08:18 and 30:22).

Abe Foxman: “If a student is given an assignment to do a report on the Holocaust, 20 years ago they would go to a library, find a hundred books (translation: find a MILLION books) on the Holocaust...three books that the Holocaust didn’t exist (yeah, right!)...and they had a librarian, and so there was a BALANCE (LOL!) you push the got anti-Holocaust, NO PERSPECTIVE (translation: previously you had to take our word for it), no librarian (translation: no snitch to report you to the authorities).”


Abe Foxman: “If the only nationalism that bothers you or you find racist is Jewish nationalism, you’re an ANT-SEMITE!”

This Zionist, his Zionist organisation (ADL) and its affiliates oppose all other forms of nationalism in North America, Western Europe, Australasia (white Christians are even prevented from pursuing their own ethnic interests in their OWN countries) and the Middle East (Arab States), yet anyone who opposes Jewish nationalism is all of a sudden labelled an anti-Semite. You just couldn’t make it up!

Talk about CHUTZPAH!

Frank Galton

James said...

How about:

If the only nationalism that bothers you is white nationalism, then you are an ANTI-WHITE!

That's what we should be repeating, not Abe Foxman's shit.

James said...

Anyhow, Abe's got it all backwards.
We aren't bothered by Israeli nationalism, its Jewish hypocrisy that gets us.

The want Israel, but we can't have Europe according to them.

Uncle Nasty said...

Regarding Frank's post immediately above ... we are being holoblasted.

Do these fumducks not realise that it is possible to be jewed out?

I am in the process of de-holohoaxing two German girls I know -- one of them half a believer to begin with as her liberal mother thought it a good idea to make her an exchange student in a San Francisco inner city school -- as well as the fact that she was guilted-out about ten years back (told some guilt-tripper to fuck off -- She never gassed anyone).
The other one is a slightly tougher nut to crack but they are beginning to see the light.

I am emailing the links to all the DM articles to them with an "I told you so ..."

I don't think the noses realise just how much this is blowing up in their ratty little faces.


P.S. The inner-school bit lasted eight weeks, before she jumped the plantation.

Uncle Nasty said...

Apologies for screwing up the post ... Frank's list of DM holosoundbites was in another thread.


Uncle Nasty said...

The thread I refer to is Frank Galton's list of Daily Mail posts on 12 April 2013 18:20

Post number 200. Goddamn. These threads are getting unwieldy ... which is the whole point ... no?


Anonymous said...

Asia for the Asians
Africa for the Africans

Israel b for the Cash gamers?

Anonymous said...

Beyonce was last years best looking woman. This year the "honour" has gone to Gwyneth Paltrow. In place number 5 was Jane "Nigger-mamma regretting" Fonda.


Anonymous said...

Could somebody tell me when and where Willi Muzenberg said "‘We will make the West so corrupt that it stinks.’"

Can't find any sources...

Anonymous said...

Tampa Tribune Pulls "Repugnant" Anti-Gay Column

The Tampa Tribune has pulled a controversial column that alleged Disney is indoctrinating children with its "pro-gay agenda."

On August 11, Douglas MacKinnon, who is listed on the since-pulled column as "Tribune staff," argued that Disney has been engaged in an underhanded effort to wrongly "indoctrinate" children. He also contended the company is trying to subtly push an agenda through its children's programming.

The piece, titled, "Disney's pro-gay agenda is disturbing," quoted an anonymous "former Disney executive" saying, "the company has taken direct aim at children to indoctrinate them about gay lifestyles and gay marriage through shows it airs on The Disney Channel and Disney XD."

MacKinnon later added:

The former executive said one of the more subtle techniques is to incorporate the colors of the gay-pride flag in as many shots as possible. The colors are woven in as a wink and nod to the gay community and show up on shirts, hats, posters, stacked cups and rings. The practice has been picked up by other children's networks and national advertisers. Disney also pushes the gay agenda by introducing openly gay characters and couples on its children's programing. Again, that is their right, but should they be in the business of entertaining children or indoctrinating them?

Frank Galton

Anonymous said...

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Lee1971 said...

Yes they were

Anonymous said...

Interview with Karl Radl soon on Red Ice Radio3Fourteen / Sweden

Anonymous said...

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