Saturday, 20 April 2013

Britain's security in safe hands

Any seasoned traveller will attest to the fact that Heathrow is a dreadful place. Grossly inefficient, badly run, incomprehensible work practises. In any good airport transfer passengers will merely exit one plane and head for the appropriate gate to embark on the next one. No need for customs or passport formalities as one remains 'airside', all relevant controls already being in place. But today from the time I had landed at Terminal 4 through to embarking at Terminal 1 I had to go through no fewer than four security checks.

And here's the rub. The 'security' was provided by a scurvy bunch of mad-eyed bearded Muslim fanatics, burkah clad Afghans, blacks who seemed to have just emerged from the jumgle. It's not allowed, but to underline my point I discreetly photographed a representative sample, shown here. Do you need further proof?

Yes, the specimens you see here force blonds and blue-eyed English girls through humiliating 'security' tests.....remove your shoes, come over here while I grope your private parts, go back again through the scanner. Brandishing their security clearance in the event of even a weary sigh from the victims.

As I went through yet another 'security' procedure, this time performed by an Osama bin Laden look-alike, contemplating as I did the virtual certainty of my luggage getting mislaid (it did!), I sighed that this was like a Turd World airport.

And then the penny dropped with a loud clang.  It IS a Turd World airport, for Chrissake!  Because with close to 80% of the staff there  emanating from South Asia or Africa by definition it IS Turd World.

How come that never dawned on me before?


Henry IX said...

Yes, I know that guy in the middle foto. Bollocks always gives me a hard time.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Avoid it like the plague. It's in the middle of Hounslow, now a South Asian, Coolie infested, Jew ridden, faggotised shit hole like Slough or Hampstead as is almost all of London north of Junction 10 on the M25. Use Gatwick or Luton instead.

Anonymous said...

The prevailing culture in any country is obviously a reflection of the likes and dislikes of the indigenous people of that country.

Fill any country with English people and you will get England. Fill any country with Africans and you will get Africa.

Only those with an intense hatred of Europeans and their cultures would force them, and only them, to become 'multicultural'


Anonymous said...

You think Heathrow's bad? When's the last time you were at Atlanta's Hartsfield Airport????

The truth will out said...

This story happened a couple of years back

'A senior Papal adviser has pulled out of the Pope's UK visit after saying arriving at Heathrow airport was like landing in a "Third World" country.

"when you land at Heathrow you think at times you have landed in a Third World country"

He was of course chastised for this in the jewish press, which is always an indicator that he was 100% spot on.

People in Britain have been programmed for generations to go against all their natural instincts, it's quite frightening really.

Britain is beyond the point of return, we require a war to solve the problem, which is what the juwes always knew would most likely happen so they're now trying to steer it solely onto Muslims.
However even they know that to get the fervour to boiling point and awaken the Saxon will mean we'll have to remove all foreign elements as Abjhab A is no different to Kunta Kinte B.
Personally I'm more concerned with the Schlomo Smithberg's (Sir James Goldsmith former founder of Referendum Party, or pretend patriot party, which then later evolved into UKIP) who brought them here in the first place.

Ireland has a chance to avoid all the bloodshed if they act soon.

PS - I can vouch for Luton airport (not a fan of Gatwick at all myself), stress free for departures and arrivals.
Heathrow for me is like Hieronymus Bosch's Heaven and Hell, in fact all of London is like that for me.

Rastus said...

Atlanta's Hartsfield Airport????

Agreed, but that's Turd World as well, coons at every turn.

Anonymous said...

You are preaching to the converted
Sav old chap. I use Stansted and recently, while I was waiting for my regulation size bag to pop thru the x-ray machine I witnessed two burka-clad creatures sail straight through and present their passports
only to be submissively waved through. Their faces were TOTALLY covered in cloth including mesh over the eyes. They could have been males or even slim mountain gorillas for all anyone knew. Has the whole World gone crazy?

Dan said...

Derka Derka, Mohammad Jihad!

When will the great awakening occur or are we doomed to concession after
Concession hoping that if we just give a little bit more away that all the horrid people who hate us will give up wishing us dead?

Unknown said...

Off topic, but Heil den F├╝hrer! 124 years old today. \o

Rob said...

Bet you thought slavery ended in Britain 200 years ago.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

It's one of the reasons I left. The ethnic cleansing in London is heart-breaking.

And, outside of those in the Nationalist community, the English will not so much as hear a critical comment about the MultiKult. I lost friends over it.

I know a lot of British expats here in SoCal. Not one will admit the imported vibrancy in England has had anything at all to do with their departure.

Well and truly whipped.

Glen C. said...

LG Fogey. Sad part is the same thing is happening in your neck of the woods right now.

James Lord said...

No Rob, the British ENDED slavery 200 years ago. Other kept practicing it and we invite them into our country.

Anonymous said...

London is turd World and has been for a long time. That's why I grabbed the kids and got out of there.

Iron Felix said...

It has been said that should Britain fart Ireland reddens and excuses herself; put another way there is no excursion upon which Britain might embark, no matter how lunatic, permanently damaging, destructive which will not be immediately and mindlessly aped by the idiot, pygmy-loke Irish

Anonymous said...

As long as the money printing alchemists can continue to work their magic, there is nothing whites wont endure. Nothing.

Anonymous said...

Are north wales and the english lake district still hideously white for holidaymakers. Staying the hell away from London.

James said...

OK, I just read all the above posts and the only one of slight value was the one about the papal advisor.

The rest were total rubbish.

Anonymous said...

how many of those who voted werent even english

up the villa

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

What's the difference between a radical muslim and a moderate muslim? A radical muslim wants to kill you, a moderate muslim wants the radical muslim to kill you.

Keiser said...


"It IS a Turd World airport, for Chrissake! Because with close to 80% of the staff there emanating from South Asia or Africa by definition it IS Turd World.

How come that never dawned on me before?"

I will give you a phrase, when you see this turd world crime everywhere you need only think... "it's a race to the bottom".

I don't know why but I find it soothes my rage for some reason.

Keiser said...

We don't even need turd world dysfunction

Dublin Airport Authority

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Glen C ~ It's happening all over. Nowhere to hide. If we're going down, I'd rather do it poolside in the sun, a cocktail in one hand and a hottie in the other. There's neither glory nor honour to be gained by fighting back in the way we all know we should, at the moment. That said, I'm starting seriously to consider the feasibility of moving abroad.

James said...

Glen C ~ It's happening all over. Nowhere to hide. If we're going down, I'd rather do it poolside in the sun, a cocktail in one hand and a hottie in the other. There's neither glory nor honour to be gained by fighting back in the way we all know we should, at the moment. That said, I'm starting seriously to consider the feasibility of moving abroad.

Just make sure you check back here every 6 months for the arrival of our charismatic and powerful leader.

That's all we have to do.

sk said...

Anti-racist Hitler

Eamon Bejayzuz said...

Reminiscence; arriving home at Dublin Airport back in foot-and-mouth days and having been in the company briefly of livestock, I thought it responsible to check in with the Ag. folk. Directed to a pokey, hard-to-find little office, I opened the door and entered. This brought a small putrid drunk within, hitherto propped at the counter asleep on arse and elbow, into snorting fuddled wakefulness.I made known my business and he cast about wild-eyed saying "oh, jayz, look, I've nuttin' for ya", then he lit upon a tattered cardboard box further along the counter and suggested I sign my name on that. This pythonesque episode was rounded out by my writing,I think, Abraham Lincoln where indicated and going on about my day.Thus, reader, the impregnable rampart standing between our huge beef industry and this destructive disease; so too reader, why suppose things are any differant at the borders where any other vector of infection is encountered? Further, as Felix said above, when has it ever in all our history been differant?

Anonymous said...

If the English flag is racist in England doesn't it follow that every nations flag is racist in their respective countries?


Anonymous said...

Bobby Bandanza
Google celebrated it. Didn't you see it?

Shaunantijihad said...

The enemies of Western (White) Civilisation understood the need to conquer the culture - a la the Frankfurt School. In doing so, through Universities and then the general school curriculum, they were able to make their political philosophy the actual morality of the docile students. For e.g. children in school believe that racism is "bad" and "immoral". They are not even aware it is a political ideology, and a hypocritical one at that.

They are never taught that, say, the Japanese are "bad racists" for wanting to keep Japan Japanese. They would condemn utterly any attempt to ethnically cleanse the Japanese people by mass immigration from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Africa etc.

Only Whites are singled out in the political "morality" of Cultural Marxism to embrace suicide as the popular morality.

Unless we can overturn this area of the anti-White revolution, our own people will continue to enforce anti-White policies until we are Zimbabwe, and an Islamic Zimbabwe at that.

Brummie said...

Laguna Beach Fogey. Move abroad to where? asked myself the same question. Almost all the white countries are stampeding to self-destruction under the guidance of our overlords.

For what it's worth I think that some places in the likes of Argentina or Uruguay might be best. If you move there soon your $$$ or €€€ will still buy you a hell of a lot.

Anonymous said...

No one's fucking emigrating anywhere.

If you don't stay behind to fight against the invaders then you aren't worthy of being a white man.

katana said...

Someone has just had his 124th birthday! Here's an old article that celebrates the man.


The Measure of Greatness

William Pierce

April 20 of this year [1989] is the 100th anniversary of the birth of the greatest man of our era — a man who dared more and achieved more, who set his aim higher and climbed higher, who felt more deeply and stirred the souls of those around him more mightily, who was more closely attuned to the Life Force which permeates our cosmos and gives it meaning and purpose, and did more to serve that Life Force, than any other man of our times.

And yet he is the most reviled and hated man of our times. Only a few tens of thousands of men and women, in scattered groups around the world, will celebrate his birthday with love and reverence on April 20, while all of the scribblers and commentators of the controlled news media, the controlled politicians, and the controlled churchmen will pour out their hatred and venom and lies against him, and those lies will be believed by hundreds of millions.
What is the measure of greatness in a man?

Only the most vulgar and doctrinaire democrat would seriously equate greatness with popularity — although in any polling of average citizens on their choice for the greatest man of the century there are certain to be substantial numbers of votes for Elvis Presley, John Kennedy, Billy Graham, Michael Jackson, and various other high-visibility lightweights: charismatic entertainers on the stage of politics, rock concerts, spectator sports, or what have you.

More serious citizens would pass by the lightweights and choose men who have changed the world in some way.

We would hear choices like Franklin Roosevelt (“he saved the world from fascism”), Albert Einstein (“he taught us about the nature of our universe”), and Martin Luther King (“he helped us achieve racial justice”), depending upon whether one’s personal inclinations lay more in the direction of politics, science, or racial self-abasement, respectively.

But if the poll asked instead for the most evil man of the century, or the most hated man, or the man having the most negative influence, at least three-quarters of the blue-collar and the white-collar pollees alike would name one man: Adolf Hitler. This, however, would be merely a reflection of the role assigned to him by the controlled mass media, rather than a truly informed and reasoned choice.


katana said...


All of this raises several very interesting issues. There is, for example, the question of how we came to the preposterous state of affairs prevailing today, wherein we place the destiny of our nation, our planet, and our race in the hands of a mass of voters whose powers of judgment are manifested in such things as the type of television entertainment their preferences have pushed into prime time and the type of men they have elected to public office. And there is the equally weighty question of how, knowing the ease with which this mass is misled, we permitted virtually all of the media of mass information and entertainment to fall into the hands of a race whose interests are so diametrically opposed to our own.

Perhaps even more pertinent to a consideration of human greatness, however, is the question of how our system of values came to be turned on its head, so that Franklin Roosevelt is regarded as a hero and Adolf Hitler as a villain, not only by the stolid and stunned masses, but also by a majority of the supposedly “educated” elite, many of whom pride themselves on their intellectual independence.

Whether we judge the greatness of a man by his intrinsic qualities of character and soul or by his accomplishments, Adolf Hitler had greatness of a very high order — if we use the standards which have been traditional in our race.
We cannot, of course, make comparisons with all the “mute, inglorious Miltons” whose lack of notable accomplishment has made them anonymous, despite the sterling inner qualities they may have possessed. But when Hitler’s character is held up beside those of other 20th-century political leaders, he stands as a giant among pygmies.

At the prosaic level, we can note his ascetic personal habits, compared with Winston Churchill’s habitual drunkenness and notorious self-indulgence; or his personal loyalty to those who had been his comrades in the days of political struggle, compared with Joseph Stalin’s habit of murdering his former comrades by the dozen, as potential rivals, as soon as he no longer needed their services; or his direct, frank, and straightforward manner, compared to the cunning deviousness which was Franklin Roosevelt’s trademark.

At the spiritual level, the inner differences between Hitler and his contemporaries are even more striking. Hitler was a man with a mission, from the beginning. The testimony of his closest associates, from his boyhood days to the end of his life, agrees with the observations of more distant and impartial observers: Hitler had a mystical sense of destiny, a sense of having been singled out and called by a higher power to devote his life to the service of his race.

His childhood companion August Kubizek has related extraordinary evidence of this when Hitler was only 16 years old (August Kubizek, Adolf Hitler, mein Jugendfreund[Graz, 1953], pp. 127–35). Twenty years later, while he was in prison after an unsuccessful attempt to overthrow the government, Hitler himself wrote of his motivation in a way which suggested the range of his vision:

What we must fight for is the security of the existence and reproduction of our race and our people, the sustenance of our children and the maintenance of the purity of our blood . . . so that our people may mature for the fulfillment of the mission allotted them by the Creator of the universe.


katana said...


Every thought and every idea, every doctrine and all knowledge, must serve this purpose. And everything must be examined from this point of view and used or rejected according to its utility. Then no theory will stiffen into a dead doctrine, since it is life alone that all things must serve . . .

. . . The National Socialist philosophy finds the importance of mankind in its basic racial elements. In the state it sees on principle a means to an end and construes that end as the preservation of the racial existence of man . . .

And so the National Socialist philosophy of life corresponds to the innermost will of Nature, since it restores that free play of forces which must lead to a continuous mutual higher breeding, until finally the best of humanity, having achieved possession of this earth, will have a free play for activity in domains which will lie partly above it and partly outside it.

We all sense that in the distant future humanity must be faced by problems which only a highest race, become master people and supported by the means and possibilities of an entire globe, will be equipped to overcome . . .

Thus, the highest purpose of a National Socialist state is concern for the preservation of those original racial elements which bestow culture and create the beauty and dignity of a higher mankind. We, as Aryans, can conceive of the state only as the living organism of a nationality which not only assures the preservation of this nationality, but by the development of its spiritual and ideal abilities leads it to the highest freedom . . .

A National Socialist state must begin by raising marriage from the level of a continuous defilement of the race and give it the consecration of an institution which is called upon to produce images of the Lord and not monstrosities halfway between man and ape . . .

It must set race in the center of all life. It must take care to keep it pure. It must declare the child to be the most precious treasure of the people. It must see to it that only the healthy beget children . . .

The National Socialist state must make certain that by a suitable education of youth it will someday obtain a race ripe for the last and greatest decisions on this earth . . .

. . . Anyone who wants to cure this era, which is inwardly sick and rotten, must first summon the courage to make clear the causes of this disease. And this should be the concern of the National Socialist movement: pushing aside all narrow mindedness, to gather and to organize from the ranks of our nation those forces capable of becoming the vanguard fighters for a new philosophy of life . . .

We are not simple enough to believe that it could ever be possible to bring about a perfect era. But this relieves no one of the obligation to combat recognized errors, to overcome weaknesses, and to strive for the ideal. Harsh reality of its own accord will create only too many limitations. For that very reason, however, man must try to serve the ultimate goal, and failures must not deter him, any more than he can abandon a system of justice because mistakes creep into it, or any more than medicine is discarded because there always will be sickness in spite of it.

We National Socialists know that with this conception we stand as revolutionaries in the world of today and are branded as such. But our thoughts and actions must in no way be determined by the approval or disapproval of our time, but by the binding obligation to a truth which we have recognized. (Mein Kampf)


katana said...


Hitler’s opponents, Churchill and Roosevelt, were party politicians, with the minds and souls of party politicians. Great, impersonal goals, just as truth, meant nothing at all to them. The only thing that counted was the approval or disapproval of their times: the outcome of the next election, a good press claque, votes. Only Stalin shared in any way Hitler’s disdain for approval; only Stalin was motivated to any degree by an impersonal idea. But the idea that Stalin served was the alien, destructive idea of Jewish Marxism. And while Hitler served the Life Force with the instincts of a seer, Stalin served Marxism with the instincts of a bureaucrat and a butcher. A comparison of careers leads us to a similar ranking of greatness of soul. Churchill and Roosevelt were born into the political establishment. They fed at the public trough for years, in one office after another, grabbing greedily at opportunities for a bigger serving of swill. But it was circumstance, not their own efforts, which thrust them onto the stage of world history.

Stalin hacked out his own niche in history to a much greater extent than his western allies, and he was an incomparably stronger man than either of them. He was tough, ruthless, infinitely cunning, and utterly determined to prevail, no matter what the obstacles. Even so, his struggle for prominence and power was entirely within the Bolshevik party and its predecessors. He was the consummate bureaucratic infighter, not the innovator or the lone pioneer.

Only Adolf Hitler started literally from nothing and through the exercise of a superhuman will created the physical basis for the realization of his vision. In 1918, recovering in a veterans’ hospital from a British poison-gas attack, he made the decision to enter politics in order to serve that vision. He was a 29-year-old invalid, with no money, no family, no friends or connections, no university education, and no experience. Liberals, Jews, and communists ruled his country, making him and all those to whom he might appeal for support outsiders.

Five and one-half years later he was sentenced to five years in prison for his political activity, and his enemies thought that was the end of him and his movement. But less than nine years after being sentenced he was Chancellor of Germany, with the strongest and most progressive nation in Europe at his command. He had built the National Socialist movement and led it to victory over the organized opposition of the entire Establishment: conservatives, liberals, communists, Jews, and Christians.

He then transformed Germany, lifting it out of its economic depression (while Americans, under Roosevelt, continued to line up at the soup kitchens), restoring its spirit (and much of the territory which had been taken from it by the victors of the First World War), stimulating its artistic and scientific creativity, and winning the admiration (or, in some cases, the envy and hatred) of other nations. It was an achievement hardly paralleled in the history of the world. Even those who do not understand the real significance of his creation must concede that.


katana said...

And what was the real significance of Hitler’s work? One of his most earnest admirers in India, Savitri Devi, has given us a poetic answer to that question. She wrote:

In its essence, the National Socialist idea exceeds not only Germany and our times, but the Aryan race and mankind itself and any epoch . . . it ultimately expresses that mysterious and unfailing wisdom according to which Nature lives and creates: the impersonal wisdom of the primeval forest and of the ocean depth and of the spheres in the dark fields of space; and . . . it is Adolf Hitler’s glory not merely to have gone back to that divine wisdom — stigmatizing man’s silly infatuation for “intellect,” his childish pride in “progress,” and his criminal attempt to enslave Nature — but to have made it the basis of a practical regeneration policy of worldwide scope, precisely now, in our overcrowded, overcivilized, and technically overevolved world, at the very end of the dark age” (Savitri Devi, The Lightning and the Sun [National Socialist World No. 1, p. 61]).

More prosaically, Hitler’s work, in contrast to that of his contemporaries, was above politics, above economics, above nationalism. He had mobilized a powerful, modern state and placed it at the service of our race, so that our race might become fit to serve as an agent of the Life Force.

Perceptive and idealistic young men from every nation in Europe — and from many nations outside Europe as well — recognized this significance, and they flocked to serve him and to fight for his cause, even at the cost of censure and ostracism from their more parochial and narrowminded countrymen. There was never before an elite fighting force to match the SS, which by the end of the Second World War had more non-Germans than Germans in it.

The war, of course, is counted as Hitler’s great failure, even as the proof of his lack of greatness, by his detractors. It merely proves that he was a man, not a god, even if a divine will worked through him, and that he could not perform miracles. He could not defend himself forever, with the governments of nearly the whole world allied in a total war to pull him down and destroy his creation, so that they and the interests they served could return to “business as usual.” Even so, he gave a far better account of himself than any of his adversaries.

And what will count in the long run in determining Adolf Hitler’s stature is not whether he lost or won the war, but whether it was he or his adversaries who were on the side of the Life Force, whether it was he or they who served the cause of Truth and human progress. We only have to look around us today to know it was not they.


Anonymous said...

@sk 03:20

Nice vid, but I thought the Indians one was more relevant. You see, the Left hate Jews and Israel so I think it would be lost on them.

Anonymous said...

Katana, why do you hate white people so much?

Why do you promote the rape of young white girls?

Bill from Barking said...

Multi-cultural enrichment comes to a wealthy, white, middle-class English town and the horrified locals don't like it one bit.

Perhaps now they realise what the white working-class have had to put up with for years?.......

Race row as Tory town tells Gove super-head: We don't want your inner-city pupils here

Bill said...

Did you know that the most powerful job in English football is now reserved exclusively for Jews?

The previous chairman of the football association was 'Lord' Triesmann. The current one is David Bernstein. His successor is to be Greg ("hideously white") Dyke. All Jews with a politically correct pro-black, anti-white agenda.

It's now wonder that we never stop hearing about so-called 'racism' in English football.

From John Terry to Suarez, and to endless campaigns against 'racists' (white working class fans) on the terraces, the game has been taken over and is being used as a big stick to beat the indigenous people with.

Anonymous said...

EU Jew in move to ban Greek nationalist Golden Dawn party:

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

James ~ According to the chap over at the Mindweapons in Ragnarok blog, all we have to do is "make sure young White kids learn math." LOL! I look to GD in Greece for a blueprint for action.

Brummie ~ Yes, Argentina, Uruguay, and Chile. Also Australia. I've already started researching properties and contacted an immigration lawyer in one of those countries. However, the more brutal, optimistic side of my nature compels me to sit tight for the time being in hopes of a 'hot' conflict in which I can personally take part. But I don't see it happening any time soon. I've already arrived at that moral- intellectual-spiritual destination that all of us know we must reach if we are to win this thing. But I'm getting tired of waiting for everyone to catch up. And I'm not getting any younger.

The answer to 1984 is 1933 and 1973.

Henry IX said...

So Greg Dyke is jewish as well?

You sure of that? If so it's a bloody disgrace. If there's one thing jews are useless at it's sport. Yet they control some of the biggest clubs and now the FA.

How can people not see how we're being screwed over?

Anonymous said...

"The other Jews, who are and had been occupying top positions are – Greg Dyke, Tony Cohen, Alan Yentob, Alan Bookbinder, Jenny Abramsky, etc."

Keiser said...

Even after being raped she still finds time to hate her own people

Romance Papua New Guinea Style

From the article

"This story should not come out just because I am white, said the woman"

No, of course it shouldn't dear

Anonymous said...

Understand it or don't , but the white race is fighting the same battle Hitler did before 1945.
Liberals are the real racists as they will screw every other race out of existence .
Heil Hitler !!!

Anonymous said...

Heil Hitler

Anonymous said...

Everyone hates Israel and the jews because of what they do to everyone !!!!!!b

Wolfhound said...


Exploitation is their sport, they have also infested the Olympic committee and pretty much every major North American sport when it comes to OWNING clubs and franchises.

Everything is a scam with these leeches.

Savant, if you ever venture out in the capital on a friday- or saturday night you should probably avoid town..

Lately the droves of niggers seem to outnumber the natives.

And on top of that about a quarter of those natives are scumbags :).

It has become harder to enjoy a night out over the last 4-5 years.

onthefence said...

Recently myself and two friends were 2 minutes late for a 6 a.m flight from Bristol to Ireland and the staff member who tried to stop us getting on the plane was a full on transvestite. We told it to go and fuck itself and got on the plane anyhow. I admit it wasn't very decent of me to speak to staff like that but hell I get sick of shit these days.

Anonymous said...

or you talking about Cork or Dublin.

euroserf said...

katana, I seldom agree with Nastiest Uncle, but I do agree that invoking AH will be a massive turnoff. Yes, it is because he has been demonised as the worst man who ever lived, unjustifiably, of course, but still, that's what people think. There might come a time when he can be resuscitated, but now is not that time.

Anonymous said...

Hebe-Bee-Cee Radio 4skin ,
" Home Of The Holocaust "
Sunday 19/04/2013

08:50 – 09:00
A Point of View

JEW Adam Gopnik reflects on the terrible day when children leave home.

Open Book
JEW Harlan Coben on his novel Six Years

What I Read to the Dead:
JEW Wladislaw Szlengel

In the last days of the Warsaw Ghetto, the poetry of JEW Wladislaw Szlengel shouted defiance.

Writer JEW Eva Hoffman explores the extraordinary verse and little known life of Wladislaw Szlengel, poet of the Warsaw Ghetto. Before the war and the Nazi invasion of Poland, he had written poetry in his native tongue and witty lyrics for popular tunes sung in the nightclubs of Warsaw. But confinement in the Warsaw Ghetto and its increasingly tragic circumstances changed Szlengel's work into urgent bulletins for both fellow Jews, trapped inside the walls of their prison city, and his former Polish neighbours.

Szlengel wrote until his last days which came with the discovery of their hiding place in April 1943. Poems like The Little Station of Treblinka, What I Read to the Dead and Counterattack captured with ruthless immediacy the confused, terrifying, days and nights of Ghetto life until the beginnings of the doomed uprising in 1943 that finally brought total destruction.

The station is tiny,
Three firs grow in a line,
This is Treblinka station,
Says the ordinary sign.

There's not even a cashier's window,
A porter's room? Do not seek it.
For a million you won't get
A simple return ticket.

People read aloud Szlengel's verses in their hiding places. In them they recognized not just their plight but their own humanity as family and friends continued to be deported. His poetry survived in versions committed to memory by a handful of survivors, in a small cache of poems kept safe and buried in a unique, secret archive and, decades later, in the form of a sheaf of pages found hidden inside a table marked for firewood.

'I am looking through and sorting the poems that were written to those who are no more. Read it. This is our history.
This is what I read to the dead.

Reader JEW Elliot Levey

Producer JEW? Mark Burman

Three Stories by JEW Edith Pearlman

11pm The Film Programme with JEW director Susanne Biel and JEW director Mathieu Kassovitz


Wythenshawe white said...

Laguna Beach Fogey
What sort of a nationalist are you? You sound like a yellow bellied coward to me, lad.

You've white flighted from Britain to California and now you're planning to run away again to South America.

Cowardly pricks like you are a disgrace and to call yourself a nationalist is a fucking joke.

Anonymous said...

Paris Claims

Anonymous said...

Paris Claims

Anonymous said...

paris claims
Before we decide whether or not to click on your links perhaps you could rouse yourself to give us some idea of what they're about?

Anonymous said...

Just a side-note.

This Mark Glenn (whoever he is) appears to have similar views as our resident hasbaRAT troll. There's also similarities in their writing style.

Could they be one and the SAME??

Shaunantijihad said...

Paris Claims - which I take is Islam Is Crap right? - did you note the related articles to that celebration of suicide in the Times?

1. Did acid attack woman harm herself?

2. You can't please all the wives all of the time.

3. Muslim vigilantes in 'hate crime assault'.

No it's not Monty Python or the Islamabad Times it's the "City that used to be London Times". And don't worry, the 'hate crime' is just punishing those who disobey God. Fucking Methodists.

Go back to sleep Britons.

Heil Hitler.

Dan said...

Hey Whieshaw,

Whites in California need repleshments too. It used to be an Anglo-Saxon colony 40 years ago.

James said...

Its amusing to me how Brits come to NZ and Australia to get away from all the darkies.

NZ and Oz are good places to play spot the white man now.

Auckland is 50% Chinese, Indian, and Pacific Islander. There are many supermarkets I know where I can go in there on a crowded day and be the only white person in the entire place. They all know it too, you can sense the vibe.

If you want to get away from Muslims, then its OK but you will see a few. (Nothing like Bradford though I guess.)

Enoch Powell's repatriation bill needs to go through.

James said...

This Mark Glenn (whoever he is) appears to have similar views as our resident hasbaRAT troll. There's also similarities in their writing style.

Could they be one and the SAME??

But Nazis do have bad PR.
How would you solve that problem?

James said...

Did you know that the most powerful job in English football is now reserved exclusively for Jews?

The previous chairman of the football association was 'Lord' Triesmann. The current one is David Bernstein. His successor is to be Greg ("hideously white") Dyke. All Jews with a politically correct pro-black, anti-white agenda.

It's now wonder that we never stop hearing about so-called 'racism' in English football.

I was disgusted by the English love of football when I was over there.

Its a ridiculous obsession.

Dan said...

It's a sad entertainment industry now. It used to be a working class pastime.

dave said... were lucky to get away with it. These bastards have extraordinary powers now. They can whisk you away on some 'security' pretext, and will of course release you in due course.

After the plane has left.

I know. I was that soldier. (Heathrow T1)

Anonymous said...

A bit OT but I advise anybody going to any event to first ascertain that there is no ‘exercise’ going on – and take plenty of pictures because the images of the Boston bombings are getting rather contradictory. I’m asking for some assistance in resolving this photographic mystery as described over these links so please have a look.

Here is a gruesome image of Jeff Bauman who had both of his legs blown off in the second explosion, but who managed to give the FBI such a detailed description of the ‘bomber’ that the FBI was able to tell the public that all other photos “are nor credible”. Note the woman in the red jacket on the left and her position.

Here is the same scene from a report in The Daily Mail so scroll down to the last photograph. You can use the woman in the red jacket as a datum. Jeff isn’t there now but his position has been taken by a black woman as you can see from the datum. Now note particularly the man second from left with the cowboy hat and especially the jersey that he’s wearing with the logo on the right arm.

Here is Jeff being wheeled away with great urgency by three people including a guy wearing a cowboy hat and a jersey with a logo on the right arm which matches that of the guy in the image from The Daily Mail as linked at 3.11pm.

Did the jews not realise that The matrix was supposed to be fiction.


James said...

And on the BBC for two hours before some big match between England and Germany, there was 2 hours of Hitler and WW2 programs specially played just for the match.

I couldn't believe it.

I was glad when England lost. They are all so proud of what they did in the war.

James said...

The whole Boston Marathon bomb plot is a joke. Even the bomb didn't look right. Too much smoke. Nobody outside the exact blast area seemed to get hit with shrapnel. Was there any shrapnel? It should have smashed windows all over the place. The runners just ducked and kept going.

And the guy who lost his legs. Yeah, whatever.

kulak said...

Anti-racist Hitler

Horus rocks!

I'm turning that one into a QR code sticker too.

Laguna Beach Fogey said...

Wythenshawe white ~ LOL! Aww, you're just jealous. You'll miss me when I'm gone. ;-)

James said...

The US govt has a history of false flag attacks according to Wikipedia.

Of course, Wikipedia will only tell us about the ones that didn't happen.

James said...

Just watched


Totally brilliant.

That should be on the BBC.

James said...

contemplating as I did the virtual certainty of my luggage getting mislaid (it did!)

You set off their hate-dars and they lost your luggage on purpose.

Anonymous said...

I didn't notice the other related articles, but I've had a quick look now, thanks. Correct about handle, I'm not French. The article about muslim vigilanties made me laugh. In my "other home" in Spain, the nearest large town has a muslim quarter which is also the area chose by a few strret walkers to ply thier trade. I expect they go where the customers are located. Cannot understand the spanish, after centuries of muslim rule, they're welcoming them back. Where's El Cid when you need him most?
Paris Claims

Anonymous said...

The British have every right to be pleased with what they did in the Second World War. They were influenced by what they thought was the truth.
My Father fought all the way through.
However, with hindsight we can all realise the mistakes we have made. My Father, with tears in eyes, said he wished we had lost. Can you imagine what it must have felt like to have gone through all that suffering, seeing friends die, friends mutilated? After all of this you are then betrayed. We must bring to task those who forced this upon us.

Uncle Nasty said...

Is it just me, or has North Korea suddenly bowed out of the picture?

Two weeks ago it was nukes, aircraft carriers, Japan on alert, dud missiles and the whole enchilada.

Now? Nothing.

Has Kim Jong Un (or too or three or whatever) suddenly decided the limelight is not for him?

Anyone note the few dissenting (or, at the very least, cautious and suspicious) voices in the DM Boston bombing comments?

People are getting critical ...

Good. Good


BTW did anyone read about the supposed plane load of greenbacks that got shipped off to NK a week or so, back?

I'm sure I posted something about it.


Shaunantijihad said...


Considering what they went through one would imagine that the Spaniards would be leading the anti-Islamic charge. But I supposed their history is now fully repressed by the useful idiot Communists in State schools. Presumably because they ejected both Muslims and Jews, for the latter aided and abetted the Muslims steal Andalucia.

It breaks my heart to see Europe tearing itself apart. I learned to swim in Spain. Took my first holiday abroad in Spain. Have a lot of good memories particularly of the Spaniards themselves. Great bunch - music, dancing, food, drink, festivals etc.

I posted a link many months ago showing Spain now had 2,500 or so official mosques.

Like Africans, Muslims are a human plague, and most are inbred with Negroes from the slavery days, bringing the very worst out of them.

Anonymous said...

There are quite a few N Africans in "my" part of Spain. They seem to be responsible for most of the crime in the area, and estate agents are quick to point out if there are very few muslims in the area, or the security is excellent, when they are selling property. Unlike here the muslims seem to work mainly under the hot sun picking fruit and veg ( when not burgling)but their women are very noticable with their pushchairs.The blacks seem to arrive and leave with the tourists, selling snide gear, and drugs in the tourist hotspots. They occaisionally get in flare ups with the local police. Quite a few Chinkey types sell DVDs, but they're always polite, and never persistant. One good thing out here, the Indian restaurants are run by Indians. I do miss the occaisional curry, 'cos I don't use the curry houses in the UK as they're mostly muslim owned.
Paris Claims

katana said...

euroserf said...
katana, I seldom agree with Nastiest Uncle, but I do agree that invoking AH will be a massive turnoff. Yes, it is because he has been demonized as the worst man who ever lived, unjustifiably, of course, but still, that's what people think. There might come a time when he can be resuscitated, but now is not that time.

21 April 2013 17:36
Thanks for your comment Euroserf.

I'm beginning to think that if we don't start to put the record straight about Hitler and the 'Nazis' then we will never have a chance in the future because it will be all over for us.

The lies about Hitler, the holohoax and so on are the foundations that White guilt rests upon. Designed to cripple Whites resistance to our countries being over run and corrupted. Whites are terrified of being called racist because that's a short few steps away from being labelled a goose stepping Nazi that killed six million kikes.

Given our weakness our most powerful weapon is the truth on these matters. And They know it! That's why the constant sewage flow of propaganda against Hitler and the NS.

Remaining quiet while these lies are spread as common wisdom is to be complicit in admitting the lies to be true.

Instead of running away from truths we should be proclaiming them, however unpopular with the masses. We need to convince the minds of the thinkers that lurk at all levels in society. The masses come later.

Anonymous said...

BBC Radio 4skin -
" Home of the Holocaust "
Monday , 22 April 2013

10am Woman's Hour -with JEW Hadley Freeman .

10.45 The Cazalets - drama about a family set during , what else , WW2

11 am
Journeys down My Street
Ode to Finchleystrasse

3/3 JEW Mike Berlin meets a group of Jewish refugees from Vienna, who fled the Nazis in 1938.

Amidst all the coverage of contemporary migration to Britain, it is easy to forget the older generations of immigrants, from across the world, who have settled here and made Britain their home.

Journeys Down my Street is a new series in which Mike Berlin, an urban historian from Birkbeck College, University of London, visits individual streets at the heart of such communities, to hear the stories of earlier immigrants - their arrival, their early lives and their observations on Britain today.

3.Ode to Finchleystrasse

"After the Nazi annexation of Austria, 75 years ago in March 1938, Vienna's large Jewish community fled - some to Glasgow and Manchester but the vast majority to the area of North-West London close to Swiss Cottage.

The area became so full of German-speaking refugees that anecdotes tell of war-time bus conductors calling out "Finchleystrasse - Passports Please!" as the bus drew up at the top of the Finchley Road.

The shops and cafes are no longer there, but a vibrant group of elderly refugees share their memories of Finchleystrasse with historian Mike Berlin and reflect on their conflicting desires to recreate the best of Vienna whilst assimilating into British society."

Produced by JEW Beaty Rubens

11.30 The (JEW) Rita Rudner Show
Diamond Encrusted Turtle Holder

Rita tries to get help from QUEER Alan Carr, and husband JEW Martin Bergman attempts to buy her a gift.

Radio 2 :

Jeremy Vine with guest JEW
Jonathan Freedland

followed by

Steve Wright with guest JEW
Ron Mooody

followed by

Simon Mayo with guest JEW
Harlan Coben

followed by Paul Jones with guest
Ian Siegal/nee Berry in session . Both of these are jewish surnames .

5am JEW Vanessa Feltz


Anonymous said...

@katana 10:15

Oh dear oh dear oh dear.

"I'm beginning to think"

Nope, you've thought so for ages.

"that if we don't start to put the record straight about Hitler and the 'Nazis'"

You mean, counteract the reality that Hitler was the worst thing to happen to Europe, ever.

"then we will never have a chance in the future because it will be all over for us."

It'll be all over for you precisely because of your views, not in spite of them.

"The lies about Hitler,"

What lies?

"the holohoax"

You mean the Holocaust, in which up to about 20 million civilians were deliberately killed, or the Shoah, in which around 6 million Jews were deliberately killed.

"and so on are the foundations that White guilt rests upon."

Well no actually. It's what German guilt rests upon.

"Designed to cripple Whites resistance to our countries being over run and corrupted."

Well no, because many white countries actually fought against the evil.

"Whites are terrified of being called racist"

Well most of us are.

"because that's a short few steps away from being labelled a goose stepping Nazi that killed six million kikes."

Well no, because Nazis aren't currently killing 6 million Jews. Nazis are, however, currently poisoning the well with their idiocy.

"Given our weakness our most powerful weapon is the truth on these matters."

But the truth has nothing at all to do with what you think it is.

"And They know it!"

They know the truth. They aren't interesting in hearing your bullshit though.

"That's why the constant sewage flow of propaganda against Hitler and the NS."

Hitler's and national socialism's criticisms are well deserved.

"Remaining quiet while these lies are spread as common wisdom is to be complicit in admitting the lies to be true."

Quite wrong. It's you who is lying.

"Instead of running away from truths we should be proclaiming them, however unpopular with the masses."

No, you should shut the fuck up fr 11 seconds.

"We need to convince the minds of the thinkers that lurk at all levels in society."

You're not going to convince any thinkers because the thinkers are light years ahead of you, intellectually.

"The masses come later."

Yes, we know what Hitler had in mind for the masses. British men, for instance, were to be shipped off to mainland Europe to be used as slave labour, had the Nazi's plans come to fruition.

Stop being a thicko.

Anonymous said...

If only it were possible to turn the clock back to 1938/1939, knowing what we know now.


Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 15:22

Better to turn it back to the twenties. One bullet in his brain: problem solved.

Anonymous said...

REALLY – Slave labour – fantastic so all those British army soldiers he let off the beaches of Dunkirk, together with all the other males in England were going to become slaves.
Nasty Uncle Cohen you are brilliant – you often tell us about your dreams – is this one of them?
Sorry – not a dream – you read it in Wikipedia didn’t you. At least we know it’s the truth then. As you say - do your own research, as long as you research in the places that will give you the answer you want.
By the Way – what’s the weather like in Tel Aviv today?

Anonymous said...

Here's another one. How come it's always women? Maybe they know they are unlikely to be assaulted.

Shame it's edited to remove the swearing.

Anonymous said...

The backlash against the colonisers in Britain is building up...

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 15:45


Anonymous said...

Both the 1918 and 1939 wars were an absolute disaster for the British and European people. The Tribe, of course, came out on top both times.

After WW1:
Amongst many other gains - the end of European Tribe-wise monarchy and the signing over of Palestine to the Rothschild clan (Balfour Declaration).

After WW2:
Amongst many other gains - threat to Jews posed by Germany under AH completely eliminated.
Tribe become untouchable through guilt generated by the 'holocaust' scam.
Tribe established in top positions in all areas of government, finance and media.

Dan said...

Hitler did have 300,000-400,000 British men on the beaches of northern France and could have quite easily captured the lot. They could have been butchered or used as hostages.

One can argue that he let them go. One could argue that he couldn't conceive of an evacuation in few days that could have safely removed so many so quickly. Fact remains that they were let go. Various German generals let it be known that Hitler personally ordered a halt to operations against the Dunkirk area by his tanks and infantry.

beppo said...

I am sure that that is a picture of my sister that you have used without my permission on your infidel site; please desist.
If you are agreeable, we might discuss fees for future use of her 'photo or indeed herself.

Anonymous said...

I'm off to Pakistan 'cus that must be vacant now.

Anonymous said...

Stephen Lawrence back in the news today to remind the English how nasty and racist they are. How the met police give the "yuff" a hard time. Innit.

The truth will out said...

Anon said
"The backlash against the colonisers in Britain is building up..."

White people baiting is this years new black.

How easy is it to antagonise and provoke people into a volcanic rage?

Why our trolls on here alone would be enough to turn Mother Teresa into a raving, snarling violent thug running around Golders Green spraying Zyklon B throughout.

Anonymous said...

ebil waycissm ebberywhere ...

Stephen Lawrence's brother and sister are still affected by his racist murder, reveals his mother on 20th anniversary of killing
Doreen Lawrence said Stuart and Georgina try not to dwell on tragedy

Read more:

We won't give up until ALL Stephen's killers are jailed: On the 20th anniversary of Lawrence murder, a message of defiance from his parents
Doreen and Neville Lawrence trying to gather strength to mark killing
She will attend London memorial, he will take flowers to Jamaica grave
Stephen was stabbed to death at bus stop in Eltham, London, in 1993
Last year Gary Dobson and David Norris were jailed for role in murder
But three other prime suspects in case still continue to evade justice

Read more:

Forced to resign, the race-storm Tory councillor who doesn't want 'coloured' pupils on his doorstep
Inner-city state primary bought disused boarding school in Sussex
Durand Academy in Stockwell wants to provide pupils with weekly boarding
Councillor John Cherry said it would trigger a ‘sexual volcano’

Read more:

Premier League footballer and beauty queen girlfriend are targeted by racists because he is black and she is white
Papiss Cisse, 27, and Rachelle Graham, 22, have been dating for a year
Miss Graham was raising money for Cisse's charity in his native Senegal
Sickening messages were posted on website and a fake Twitter was set up
The racist abuse was reported to police by Miss Graham's mother

Read more:

ever seen a jewish missionary?

The sex manual especially written for ultra-Orthodox Jews (complete with sealed envelope containing intimate diagrams)
A sealed envelope at the back contains sexual diagrams
Discussions include topics such as oral sex and masturbation
Designed to dispel myths and confront the taboo subject

Read more:


James said...

The British have every right to be pleased with what they did in the Second World War.

I disagree.
The only ones who can be proud are the ones imprisoned for conscientious objection.

My Grandfather helped deserters escape the draft.

That takes more guts than dying in a trench somewhere like a mindless sheep.

Argue all you like, I don't care. Facts are facts sometimes.

James said...

Shoah, in which around 6 million Jews were deliberately killed.

I have doubts about this.

Hitler was the father of Israel, and he wouldn't have wanted it empty now would he?

James said...

British men, for instance, were to be shipped off to mainland Europe to be used as slave labour, had the Nazi's plans come to fruition.

Personally I'd rather be the slave of the Nazis than be under the tyranny of the majority like we are now.

James said...

katana, I seldom agree with Nastiest Uncle, but I do agree that invoking AH will be a massive turnoff. Yes, it is because he has been demonized as the worst man who ever lived, unjustifiably, of course, but still, that's what people think. There might come a time when he can be resuscitated, but now is not that time.

Do you have any proof that Hitler wasn't a traitor?
I've seen evidence that he is a traitor, but no proof that he isn't.

James said...

Here's another one. How come it's always women?

Obviously Mein Intellectual Fuhrer, the media ignores men and the cops smash men down hard.

They want to portray whites as a race that needs women to fight its battles. Just another way to weaken us.

James said...

Why our trolls on here alone would be enough to turn Mother Teresa

Mother Theresa wasn't a very nice woman. Maybe a better example would work here...

James said...

NU thinks the Jews aren't lying about the H.

My Jewish friend (who had a number of relatives die at Auschwitz) would disagree.

Incredible isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Heraclitus said...

GTRMan and others. I used to believe, in an earlier and more innocent time, that the prominence of jews in so many areas was a direct function of their higher IQ levels.

Silly me. IQ undoubtedly contributed to their achievements, but these are vastly - stratospherically - greater than that intelligence would warrant. Unbeknown to almost all of us there is ethnic networking on a scale that is simply inconceivable to us average blokes.

For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face..

Henry IX said...

That link above to the woman on the train, another Emma West. The interesting thing is the reader reaction. All the best rated ones agreed with her. This is promising.

I've arrowed up and down appropriately.

James said...

Speaking of Nazis, Ireland, Greece etc...

You guys might be interested in Kyle Hunt's latest work.

Anonymous said...

The world is waking up to the Jewish problem

James said...

ABSOLUTE PROOF of anti-white university admission discrimination.

University tries to over it up.

Download and save page now, for showing to people who might not understand.

…I can’t tell you how many applications I saw that were just dripping with white male privilege[sic]. Any of those that I saw basically went straight to the garbage can regardless of how good their qualifactions [sic] were. If I saw an application from a white male that basically was just good test scores, and activities like chess club or math club or what not then it shows me this person is not interested in a diverse environment. Obviously he made no effort in integrating with minorities or to sympathize with them and is counting on male privilege to get in. So that kind of application should get ignored. In their place I admitted a female student. This goes double especially for math/science majors.

(From link on

Anonymous said...


Kevin R. said...

Thanks for that link to White People HQ, NU.

Shaunantijihad said...


I think you put up this video, a series of vids actually, and ask for responses to the question posed:

What on God's green Earth is dumber than a White anti-White?

Dumber than a White Anti-White? PT-1

Shaunantijihad said...

Sorry, "should" put up the video...

Jon said...

Some good comments on a couple of Telegraph articles today. Pity I've been banned (for mild criticism of Jews).....

The truth will out said...

If using chrome -->

"Show advanced settings..."
Privacy -- "click Content Settings"
next click "All Cookies and Site Data..."

Then type in "disqus" and delete (click x in top right corner) all cookies that appear
Then type "telegraph" and delete all the same.

Now your browser is stripped clean of cookies.

If they blocked your IP, I can give a brief simple 3 step rundown of IP spoofing.

Anonymous said...

NU and James have so degraded the level of discourse that it's barely worth wading through their crap to get to the remaining good stuff.

IS you need to establish control or your blog shall continue its descent into irrelevance. SBPDL despite not being Jew wise offers considerably better discussion.

NU is Jew troll.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Not often I agree with NU but this time he's got it spot on.

'Better to turn it back to the twenties. One bullet in his brain: problem solved.'

Once Churchill was out of the way. problem solved.

Anonymous said...

The problem with NU is that he runs out the same old arguments that most of us dismissed as being lies years ago. Perhaps, if given enough time, he will realise that his arguments are guff.

Anonymous said...

The Oh-So-Highbrow Radio 4 , right now:

'Front Row ' JEW Naomi Alderman reviews Iron Man 3 and talks to JEW Robert Downey Jr. Also stars JEW Gwyneth Paltrow and JEW Jon Favreau and JEW Ben Kingsley and based on characters created by JEW Stan Lee , JEW Larry Lieber and JEW Jack Kirby of JEW Marvel comics and released by JEW-OWNED Disney Studios .

Front Row also talks to JEW Frank Cohen .

Check out the lovely multi-culti photo :


James said...

NU and James have so degraded the level of discourse that it's barely worth wading through their crap to get to the remaining good stuff.

This just shows a mini-mind that never bothers to properly read what I am trying to say. If you don't read it properly, you are not really qualified to criticise it are you?

Anonymous said...

BBC4 , 9pm :

Death Camp Treblinka: Survivor Stories
An insight into how Samuel Willenberg and Kalman Taigman escaped from the concentration camp in Poland, where more than 800,000 Polish Jews died during the Nazi Holocaust. The two men were able to flee during a revolt in August 1943, before one of them sought vengeance in the 1944 Warsaw Uprising and the other appeared at the trial of Adolf Eichmann for war crimes in 1961. This film documents their stories, the fate of their families and offers fresh accounts of a forgotten death camp

Or you could watch a
"live smear test " on "Embarrassing Bodies LIVE !" presented by QUEER Christian Jessen on Channel 4 , or a new shit-com by JEW Ben Elton on BBC1 , or Newsnight on BBC2 presented by JEW Emily Maitliss , after watching JEW Claudia Winkleman present " The Great British Sewing Bee "

BBC1 Boss: JEW Danny Cohen
ITV : JEW Jonathan Levi
Channel 4 : JEW David Abraham
Channel 5 : JEW Pornographer Richard Desmond .

Channel 5 , as befitting a channel owned by a jewish pornographer , is obsessed as usual with bodies : small (Britains Tiniest Toddlers) large (Big Body Squad ) and dead ( CSI -"Nick and Sarah discover a corpse ") and finally "Body of Proof "(another corpse is found )

Maybe watch a movie "K-19 " on Sky 1 with JEW Harrison Ford and JEW Peter Sarsgaad

FILM 4 are fittingly , showing "Idiocracy " followed by " There's Something About Mary " .

The 'something' being that she's got JEW Ben Stiller's filthy juism all stuck in her hair .( produced by JEW Micheal Steinberg and JEW Charles Wessler , with JEW Sarah Silverman , narrated by JEW Jonathan Richman



James said...

One of the forces at work against the White race is White women.

Everything women want, they get. Ever since they got the vote, what have we had? Two world wars, massive numbers of people on benefits, the lowest members of society paid to breed in large numbers, big sister watching everyone, etc.

They need to be brought back under control. Much of what they do is the same as what Jews do, and much of it is blamed on Jews when its nutty women doing it.

Oh, and they just love darkies.

James said...

And they love cats.

Did you know that the declaration of Feminism, modelled on the declaration of independence in the US, was written in 1848, the same year the communist manifesto was published?

Feminists are dangerous, and they are empowered by lack of any opposition. Men laugh at them, women cooperate with them. The female conspiracy is every bit as dangerous as the Jewish conspiracy.

Everybody underestimates how nutty and dangerous they are - the best explanation I can think of is that they are like lesbian versions of nastiestuncle. They want to take you kids off you. They want to raise your kids their way.

James said...

“Anyone who knows anything of history knows that great social changes are impossible without feminine upheaval. Social progress can be measured exactly by the social position of the fair sex, the ugly ones included.” – Karl Marx

James said...

“But what difference does it make whether women rule, or the rulers are ruled by women? The result is the same.” – Aristotle

Its the same old story. Unfortunately for the white man, immigrants display many female characteristics and a therefore are their natural allies. Women always seek to subjugate themselves.

The suffragettes wanted world war, total world war, and were worried Russia wouldn't fight. They wanted wars of attrition. They handed out white feathers, millions of them:

On September 8th, 1914, Christabel re-appeared at the London Opera House, after her long exile, to utter a declaration, not on women's enfranchisement, but on "The German Peril." Mrs. Pankhurst toured the country, making recruiting speeches. Her supporters handed the white feather to every young man they encountered wearing civilian dress, and bobbed up at Hyde Park meetings with placards: "Intern Them All." The Suffragette appeared again on April 16th, 1915, as a war paper, and on October 15th changed its name to Britannia. There week by week Christabel demanded the military conscription of men, and the industrial conscription of women, "national service" as it was termed. In flamboyant terms she called also for the internment of all people of enemy race, men and women, young and old, found on these shores, and for a more complete and ruthless enforcement of the blockade of enemy and neutral nations. She insisted that this must be "a war of attrition." In her ferocious zeal for relentless prosecution of the War, she demanded the resignation of Sir Edward Grey, Lord Robert Cecil, General Sir William Robertson and Sir Eyre Crowe, whom she considered too mild and dilatory in method. So furious was her attack that, in its over-fervent support of the National War policy, Britannia was many times raided by the police, and experienced greater difficulty in appearing than had befallen the Suffragette.

So its not all the Jews' fault is it?

James said...

What took more bravery?

1. To accept the white feather and be called a coward.

2. To sign up for the trenches.

I say accepting the white feather was the braver course of action, based on the fact that so few did it.

James said...

A lot of race-mixing white women are actually racist (WARNING: Images of bestiality.).

There are complex reasons why white women go with blacks, and usually its because they don't think they are worthy of white men, or some other strange reason.

Out society is becoming an almost total mess.

Don't worry though, there is hope. Once people like nastiestuncle stop people smacking their kids, everything will automatically get better. Spare the rod and you won't spoil the child is the latest info from the Bolshevik Institute of Family Dynamics.

James said...


I, James, sincerely apologise for the previous 6 posts which contain nothing of value whatsoever.

Please ignore everything in them. Actually, please believe the exact opposite of what they say, because I am a Jew so anything I say is 100% opposite of the truth.

Sorry about that.

Keiser said...


Not to mention all the Anti-White advertisements on inbetween those programmes

Like this shit

Of course the nigger wants it all!

Uncle Nasty said...

Laugh? I nearly started.

It appears that the FBI's database of potential terrorists is now so cumbersome that it is virtually useless.

Once again, I am reminded of the infamous "Gooney Bird" of World War Two ... the bird that (like government) flew in ever decreasing circles -- until it flew up its own arse.


Anonymous said...

Did they let anyone dressed as a postbox through unsearched?

Anonymous said...

The Guardian have a story about some occupy movement guy raping a woman at St Paul's so I am going to hazard a guess here and say that he does not look like Obama's son would look like. I guess this is the end of their credibility now that they have been infiltrated by criminal types to go along with the 1%er infiltration by the likes of Michael Moore and Roseanne Barr.

Anonymous said...

UConn Husky promotes rape

That feminist student does have a point. That husky looks a little dusky.

Anonymous said...

UConn Husky promotes rape

That feminist student does have a point. That husky looks a little dusky.

Anonymous said...

Double post to show how doubleplus ungood the story is.