Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Another Trayvon?

The police have done it again.  Fatally ventilated a black named Gray. A nice kid, just starting to turn his life around, an honour student, and, as you can see from this pic, looked a lot younger than his already tender sixteen years.  Poor kid.  What chance had he? By sixteen the system had saddled him with a lengthy criminal record.  No wonder local teens held a dignified looting spree to protest his untimely passing.



Anonymous said...

He din du nuffin. He coulda bin a astra fizzist.

Anonymous said...

That is the memorial Trayvon would have wanted for his brotha!

Anonymous said...

Was he an aspiring rapper?

Anonymous said...

Savant, I think you used the wrong image though.

Here's the real one:

Anonymous said...

Or this one might be more appropriate:

James said...

Nastiest, that's a human baby.

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of the Mark Duggan case, which led to the London riots. It's funny how the apes riot over the death of a low life. When Ralf Moat died, did people in Newcastle burn the city to the ground.

Anonymous said...


What to make of Miss Israel?

Desperate PR or sign of infection?

Wolfhound said...

^ Not sure what to make of that, she does have jewish grandparents on one side, so maybe it's the maternal line that has helped her out.

Face like a smacked arse on her.

As for the thug at hand, the eyewitness report is just ludicrous, hundreds of feet away in the dead of night some women is saying the thug had no gun.

Dr. Wassell said...

Miss Israel? PR without a doubt. They took a lot of flack for sterilizing the Falashas (of which she is one) so they come up with this.

Anonymous said...


Surely that is hundreds of miles away she saw that his brotha Trayvon had no gun and was trying to takeaway George Zimmerman's so that he could murder him?

Wolfhound said...

This just in:

New picture released of the young, innocent child brutally murdered by the racist law enforcement.

Anonymous said...

Tisk, tisk.... one less welfare case for the American taxpayer to support....

No....actually, make that four or five less welfare cases since Kimani hadn't had time to procreated yet...

Anonymous said...

Michael Savage is truly my hero.

Anonymous said...

@Wolfhound 22:17

Already been done, my nigger.

Uncle Nasty said...

Anonymous said...

He din du nuffin. He coulda bin a astra fizzist.
13 March 2013 19:59

Or a thretical fizzist like Sheldon.

I was going to ask for a link to the new Ms Israel images ... but then sanity prevailed.

A falasha, eh?


katana said...

Talking about police ...



An Australian man is seeking to join the Australian Police Force.

The Sergeant doing the interview says: "Your qualifications all look
good, but there is an Attitude Suitability Test that you must take
before you can be accepted."

Then, sliding a pistol across the desk, he says: "Take this pistol, and go out and shoot six illegal immigrants, six
dealers, six Muslim extremists, and a rabbit."

"Why the rabbit?"

"Great attitude," says the Sergeant. "When can you start?"


Anonymous said...

Racis'. E'body be racis'. Why else would Whitey Poe-leece gun down a black chil'?

Dan said...

He was going to captain the Inetergalactic Comet Mining Spaceship USS Trayvon and save the ignint white Debbles from their ecologically destructive way...lahday lahd!

Another victim of white ohpreshun or sumtim.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said (13 March 2013 21:40): “What to make of Miss Israel? Desperate PR or sign of infection?”

27 January 2013 Israel admits giving Ethiopian Jews birth-control injections (Depo-Provera), without their knowledge or consent to prevent them from breeding. Six weeks later Israel crowns Ethiopian Negress Miss Israel.

Well there’s a surprise!

Check out the contestants this Negress beat to be crowned Miss Israel. “The first Apefirmative Action leader of the world will have dinner with the first Apefirmative Action Miss Israel when President Barack Obama visits the country next week.

Bearing a striking resemblance to Sammy Davis, Jr, Yityish Aynaw, Ethiopian import, was voted Miss Israel when judges held their noses and voted for the nigger in order to prove that Israel didn't hate niggers.”


Frank Galton

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 00:26


That's an attack page. Try before you link, pl0x.

James said...


Anonymous said...

From my reading of accounts of this incident, the police were in plain clothes. It's not clear that they properly identified themselves after driving up and jumping out of a car. I would also need more information to be convinced that the gun found by police was not a throwdown.

This looks like a case of badge gang overkill to me. It can also happen to you if you're white, fwiw.

AnalogMan said...

Anon said: It's not clear that they properly identified themselves

I'm pretty certain the little gangbanger knew exactly who they were, and that's why he ran. Probably knew their names, too. But then, I'm prejudiced.

Shaunantijihad said...

"He coulda bin a astra fizzist."

why, is you dum blackass niggas done give us all a bad rap wid you dum nigga jive, nowoamsain?

is a astra fizzisist! dum niggas

euroserf said...

'A dignified looting spree'

Vintage Savant, LOL.

Scouser said...

My god those Israelis passed over for this coon.
What about #3. OMG!

Anonymous said...

Jewish owned media? What's this Mossies problem? If it wasn't for the Jewish media he wouldn't be where he is.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 11:08

Most brainless thing I've read today. Well done.

Anonymous said...

I notice the beauteous Miss Israel is going to ask Obama,her role model,to release Jonathon Pollard.

And why not rehabilitate the Rosenbergs and Alger Hiss while they're at it?.

At least Aldrich Ames only did it for the money.


Ferdinand said...

When Muslims and Jews fall out:

"Labour has suspended a peer who is alleged to have blamed a Jewish conspiracy for the imprisonment he received over a fatal motorway crash.

The Times has reported that Lord Ahmed, a Labour life peer, claimed that he received his prison sentenced because of pressure on the courts from Jews “who own newspapers and TV channels".

Anonymous said...

The British Labour Party gets all het up over some Lord (a Pakistani!) who has made 'anti-semitic remarks about Jews owning newspapers and TV channels......

Some interesting comments after that article.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr.Savant I really am at my wits end with you, a little black kid of only 16 a future president perhaps is waving a gun allegedly at the cops and they shoot him dead.
Don't you think that black people deserve justice, the cops took the life of a brutha and the bruthas seek justice so they take it by looting some skittles and some trainers, whats wrong with dat?

Anonymous said...

The Cultural Marxist BBC in league with the Labour Party to attack UKIP on the 'Question Time' programme.

Remember how they set Griffin up to be publicly slaughtered a few years ago?

Anonymous said...

As we know, it is the jews that set the standards for the Western World, that includes beauty, as the latest Ms Israel shows.

On the riots in Brooklyn, blacks riot for a lot less than Trayonoids.
I have always thought the jew movies, that so many of depict dozens and dozens of police officers being slaughtered, is the jew's method of brainwashing the groids into disobedience of law and into killing police officers.It's the old monkey see monkey do thing. It's the "Machete" or the "Django Unchained" thing. Look for more of these kind of movies for your entertainment.

Anonymous said...

The chubby rodent-like woman succeeded in make herself look like she was on day release from some institution or other. And that fat drunken fag Twigg refered to her like she was the star of the show, whist Dimbleby insisted the UKip lady answer her baseless allegations
paris Claims

Anonymous said...

Jews and Muslims in Britain, and throughout the West, work together against the interests of the white indigenous people. Just as they did during hundreds of years of the Muslim occupation of Spain.

This Paki peer must be a bit of a renegade to go against the Jews who, from their positions of power and influence, within the political establishment and the media, have opened the floodgates to mass third world immigration and isolated and criminalised any opposition to this ongoing ethnic cleansing of whites.

Archie said...

13.50 typical Labour fat slag who'll probably end up as an MP and on the gravy train by the next election. Probably a mudshark aswell.

Straw, Miliband, and the rest of the Cohens who run the LibLabCon employ a lot of shabbas goys like her.

Anonymous said...

@Archie 14:05

I don't think she's a shabbos goy because MPs don't work on a Sunday and she was doing Labour's bidding in the week. In any case, it would be cheaper for them to just construct an eruv.

Dan said...

The Ahmad fellow.

He discovers his anti semitism after crashing his car?

What fugging retard.

Dan said...

The only good teen is goodified teen.

Thank you coppers for saving us millions by ventilating
Ventavious Riddlecorpse III.

Anonymous said...

I notice the beauteous Miss Israel is going to ask Obama,her role model,to release Jonathon Pollard.

I hope she is good at Ebonics as Obama would not be as receptive to her opening her mouth Monica Lewinsky style.

Anonymous said...

Way off topic.
I have just heard the most amazing admission on ....wait for it........
the BBC.
I recorded a prog about the Vikings the other day and have just got round to watching it. At the end the presenter talks about the Battle of Hastings. She states that basically the battle was between Anglo Saxons who were from Northern stock and the Normans (Norman = Northmen). She then finishes by saying 'If you want to find these people look within yourself for they are our ancestors.' WOW! Not bad for an institution that says there is no such thing as being English.

James said...

What she means is that you are the descendants of violent barbarians that are always fighting, perhaps?

But don't worry, the future is very colourful.

James said...

Miss Israel...

The best ones look White.

The worst ones look weird.

A couple look Jewish.

The winner looks like crap.

James said...

Why do a lot of Jews lately look White?

Because they are using our genes to create the master race. God's chosen need an upgrade before they can rule the world convincingly. They know it, but would never admit it.

Franc said...

Here's the latest update from reality TV show, 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta'.....

Not content with isolating and scapegoating the only white woman on the show, some of the black women have now physically and violently attacked her in the street while on camera.

An object lesson in what happens when whites are foolish enough to befriend blacks.

Atlanta, rapidly on it's way to becoming another Detroit.

Anonymous said...

You think a Miss black Israel is bad. Wait till you see the St Patricks day parades in Dublin and Cork. Niglets waving the tri-colour.

Shaunantijihad said...


"...dignified looting spree..."

Now that's a Savantism! Glorious insult!

Anonymous said...

YES be aware if you are white
and feel guilty about it

Gonville said...

Sean-anti. I agree. 'dignified looting spree in support ' satire doesn't get much better.

Dan said...

Let's stick yellow wristbands on the Jews though. To remind them of choseness.

great white said...

Look at every picture of almost every black rioter for decades. They're laughing. They don't care about this kid - or any kid - because they kill each other all night long. This is only an excuse to riot.

And btw, for those who aren't familiar with firearms, when you wave a gun at somebody (in this case, two cops) and they fire back, if you get hit in the right place and the caliber is large enough, your body will swing around. And since the cops fired 11 shots, that's why he took a few in the back. NOT because he was running away. Anyone who's ever been in combat knows this.

James said...

Great White,

Interesting insight, but far to complex to be of any use unfortunately.
11 bullets looks bad as PR, but one lucky shot between the eyes would have been even worse. That's "execution".

An optimum level of pigment suppression would be 3-5 bullets, from 2 police officers. At least 2 of those bullets should miss completely.

Slavery in America was the biggest mistake the White race ever made.

Dan said...

Goodification. A small victory, the cops deserve the benefit of the doubt if they are protecting whites.

Anonymous said...

great white
And btw, for those who aren't familiar with firearms, when you wave a gun at somebody (in this case, two cops) and they fire back, if you get hit in the right place and the caliber is large enough, your body will swing around. And since the cops fired 11 shots, that's why he took a few in the back. NOT because he was running away. Anyone who's ever been in combat knows this.

Anyone who's watched a movie, you mean. A bullet does not carry enough momentum to move a human body a meaningful amount. Bodies flying backwards and spinning around are pure Hollywood. And infantry combat involves trying to kill the enemy from a distance to the maximum extent possible. The goal is not to get in a face to face firefight as you are then presenting the enemy with the opportunity to kill you as well as vice versa. Doesn't mean the face to face shootout doesn't happen but it's something infantrymen try to avoid.

I understand we all come here to blow off steam. I just don't find this incident to be clear cut. As I said before it has the smell of badge gang overkill to me.

Rastus said...

As I said before it has the smell of badge gang overkill to me.

Me too, but so fucking what? One less coon to grow up to be jalbait and to reproduce dozens like himself.

Give the cops a medal.

Anonymous said...

Re: Miss Israel, 2013.

I'm waiting, in vain no doubt, for Israel to succumb to "diversity" and "multiculturalism".

It would certainly be poetic comedy or justice or something.

Anonymous said...

savant, after 30 years as a chicago copper working midnites in the englewood dist,gresham district, and the grand crossing dist, all of which are 99.9 percent black nothing surprises me what happens around these ppl , i repeat nothing they are like naughty vicious children that needs a 24/7 keeper,the only one time i came near to tears was one hot humid early morning on the south side,there was a kid named Henry who was a about 6"4 and weighted about 275 pounds and had the mentality of a 8 year old.he used to wander off and we would have to go searching for him for his mom but totally harmless,we would find him usually by the swings at the school playground.this one night he was on the corner of Cottage Grove ave and i said Henry go get some chips and go home to your mom and we gave him a buck, he was like a kid at christmas thanks police he said. as we got about two blocks up we heard shots coming from where we left and we flew back and here was Henry laying on the sidewalk shot and bleeding out, hey police i aint gonna die is i he asked,he did die and we had to bring his mom to the hospital,my thought was all these years did the fuckers shoot him because he was caught talking to us??? THIS WE WONT EVER KNOW ,and it hurts to this day, the ppl who did it were never caught, John old rtd chicago copper.

Dan said...

For their own sake you have to let the gentle nignogs go too. There can be no peace. Avoid the Groid, it keeps them out of trouble too.

kulak said...

I just don't find this incident to be clear cut. As I said before it has the smell of badge gang overkill to me.

White men should not police blacks, except to keep them out of white neighborhoods.

Police work can warp a person, dealing with the dregs of humanity day-in-day-out, but policing other races is akin to occupation duty, and it corrodes the soul.

Shaunantijihad said...

I agree with Kulak. Totally Apart. Not Apartheid, with all it's tax subsidies for the groid and White expense in policing them, but utter, total isolation. Kipling (I think) described them as half devil half child.

The problem is our women and liberals who identify with the part child in them, and feel obligated to help them, subsidise them at our expense (now that the working class are no longer the target of their sympathy) and even mate with them, especially when the biggest peer pressure of all approves of it - the media. Then they lose their nation and race as the half devil becomes more assertive with numbers.

A bit like Islam actually. Except the child in Islam is getting married at 6. But no sympathy there from the feminists - no white male to attack.

Iron Felix said...

Anon.1.24, I think you will wait in vain. Israel embraces diversity but just up to a point and no further. Thus their intention as regards the 50,000 Black illegal immigrants to round these up in internment camps, much like the H-blocks in Ireland, where they will be processed for deportation. The stated reason is that such people are "incompatible with Israeli society"(sic). I understand that there is a (Jewish) MP in Australia working night and day to have that country accept them; if this fails, stand by to see Shatter prising open the door in Ireland on their behalf.
Since the Irish public have accepted without demur that the Irish soldiers who deserted their country in time of war are thereby heros and idealists while those who served faithfully are characterised as fools, dupes, cowards, we may confidently expect this same Irish public to accept without a murmur the arrival of 50,000 more tubercular, syphiltic and AIDS-carrying sexually predatory Black Africans. After all, the Irish must not be seen to be racist!

Iron Felix said...

Shaunantijihad 7.11. D'you know, I honestly never expected to see that simple truth in print ever,anywhere.
That simple truth? About three million Afrikaaners, descendants of the Cape Dutch who were the original inhabitants of South Africa, through taxes, huge subsidies and other expenses, and far-sighted diligence raised about thirty million Blacks---ten times their own number---from savagery to a level of security, education and material comfort vastly greater than that extant anywhere in Black Africa, and moreover that they kept it up for nigh on half a century in the face of vicious opposition and hostility from the rest of the world before finally succumbing to force majeure.

Eamon Bejaysus said...

Felix,and Shaun, you are right. That fucker Shatter is highsigning mobs of nigs here into Ireland and at the same time, for example, I was talking to a Saffer the other day, and he told me that he had worked steadily ever since arriving here in Ireland, paid his taxes and never been in any sort of trouble, and he is still waiting for his citizenship papers---NINE YEARS LATER. I don't here Shatter saying of such as him that"they have waited long enough".

Educated Edsel said...

Anyone remember the late great Conor Cruise O'Brien at all? Pater remembers him well, all too well.When this damson-faced and hate-sick false coiner (Pater's own words) was editor of the Observer that time, there was a small news item in another organ. It concerned Paraguay; the head honchos there, sound blokes as they were, let it be known that if South Africa ever went down in fire and ruin the White people would be assured of every refuge and assistance in that landlocked and beautiful country, a kind of giant-sized Switzerland.
This item was little noticed other than by hawkeyed types like Pater, who was talking to me about it as we inspected the grouse butts on the old patrimony BUT he did not regard it as innocent coincidence that shortly afterwards there was a substantial spread in the Observer delineating with great relish all the sins of Paraguay's racist, fascist, dictatorial, undemocratc yadda yadda past and present, nor could Pater dissociate that vicious bitch CCO'B (again, Pater's own words) from its appearance in those hallowed pages. One may therefore contemplate, as Pater invited me to, the firestorm of outrage and race, i.e. anti-white, hatred if this Irish statelet ever had a surge of common decency and common sense and made such an offer as was made by Paraguay.(Think of it; Ireland not only at long last becoming the wealthy powerful self-confident country it should always have been, but having the world's best rugby side with it as the icing on the cake). Ah, well.

Anonymous said...

The Jewish propagandist Stephen Pollard writing today in The Telegraph gets a few comments he would not agree with.....

Gonville said...

Eamonn, I know a Saffer in exactly the same circumstances. Waiting about 6 years and working and paying taxes. As you say, that c*nt Shatter has not said that this guy 'has waited long enough'.

Fiachra O'Blodbaoith said...

I do not know about this kid being shot, but here is a curious circumstance. Today it is estimated that in the United States, pop. 320,000,000 some sixteen young Black dudes will be killed. (Tomorrow the same, and the next day, and all the days including Christmas). There is, it seems, a statistical possibility that while all the other perps will be other Black dudes, one perp may be white. There are no prizes on offer for guessing which incidents will pass by unnoticed and which will be an international scandal and cause celebre.

Uncle Nasty said...

Anonymous said...

The Jewish propagandist Stephen Pollard writing today in The Telegraph gets a few comments he would not agree with.....

He also gets a few supportive ones from one or two people whose writing style and one-word comments look tantalizingly familiar ...

Or is it that all hasbara seem to sing from the same songbook? Revisionist rebuttal 101.


Jan said...


The comments on that Telegraph piece have been very heavily modded which reminds me that there is a hierarchy of "causes" which we are constantly "encouraged" to abide by.

At the bottom of the league table is "disablist", you shouldn't mock or insult disabled people but you won't be jailed or lose your job if you do so.

Next up is sexism, this used to be higher in the pecking order but has slipped in recent years.

After this comes "islamophobic". Frowned upon, but tolerated to a point if it justifies neo-con military campaigns in the middle-east.

Second from top is classic "racism" (aka WAYCISM) Thou shalt not say anything derogatory about our sainted black brethren. You can definitely be jailed for infringing this one, that's if the blacks haven't already murdered you.

Top of the steaming pile, of course, is anti-semitism (ie. doing or saying anything that a Jew does not like) Particularly serious is "holocau$t denial".

Committing anti-semitism can see you lose your job, banged up for years on end, or dead.

SAVANT said...

Jan, UN and I have written a lot about what we call the Victimhood Hierarchy. Personally I'd put Islam right at the top, neck and neck with anti-semitism.

Anonymous said...

@SAVANT 13:33

And white nationalists of course: we invent everything and put a man on the Moon but a few thousand Jews can control our destinies. Wah, wah.

SAVANT said...

And white nationalists of course: we invent everything and put a man on the Moon but a few thousand Jews can control our destinies. Wah, wah.

Yes indeed, which makes their claims of victimhood all the more bizarre.

Anonymous said...

@SAVANT 13:33

I wouldn't say anti-semitism should be on the victimhood hierachy because Jews don't whine about how everything is someone else's fault. Instead, they get on and force the world to respect them through hard work and study.

Anonymous said...

"........Jews don't whine about how everything is someone else's fault."

Classic jewish chutzpah from nastiesthasbara.

His tribe do nothing but whine. They never even consider the possibility that it could be THEIR fault they have been thrown out of nearly every European country and beyond over the centuries (google it). They live and breath victimhood as they stab host cultures in the back.

Anonymous said...

"Yes indeed, which makes their claims of victimhood all the more bizarre."

Not "bizarre" at all.

Rothschild and brethern: "Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes the laws." ... or science, I might add.

Money and the power of money is "god" above all else.

"Victimhood" is just another means of accummulating more of the stuff.

Anonymous said...

Kick the savages out!
Hang those that import them!
Paris Claims

Gem Junior said...

If a woman was raped once it would be a horrible thing to happen to her. If a woman was raped 109 times, it might raise an eyebrow.

"His tribe do nothing but whine. They never even consider the possibility that it could be THEIR fault they have been thrown out of nearly every European country and beyond over the centuries (google it). They live and breath victimhood as they stab host cultures in the back."

Of course they never question it - they are JEWS and therefore are incapable of being wrong, or doing wrong. I am always floored by their inability to see themselves - the much-touted Jewish high IQ falls short when it comes to looking at themselves. Totally without insight.

And as far as stabbing host cultures in the back while crying about victimhood - "The Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you" is an old Polish saying. They know the Jews well enough. They have balls so big they could bounce on them like a hippity-hop.

Anonymous said...

This guy explains it all in simple language.

Dr White said...

In psychological terms most Jews display many psychopathic tendencies: no conscience, pathological lying, extreme narcissism, win at all costs, paranoia, etc.

But, furthermore, Jews don't simply display psychopathy as individuals. They display it as a whole tribe.

The whole Jewish tribe is psychopathic. That's what makes it so deadly, particularly to white populations, who it despises with a vengeance, and actively seeks to destroy.

Anonymous said...

Youth who could be Obamas son banned from every Library on Earth:

Anonymous said...

for a real low down in the states concering nigger antics, go to niggermania,com.especially the coontacts section...

Dan said...


Every time the Jews have been expelled from nations they have blamed the host.

It's like a virus bitching about an immunity response from the host organism.

Anonymous said...

@ Iron Felix

SA Black life expectancy under Apartheid 61
Under ANC 52

Could this be due to the fact that more blacks are murdered per year blunder ANC misrule than were murdered under Apartheid?

Dan said...

A nine year drop in life expectancy? Murde doesn't do it. Generally it's a result of infant mortality. Malnutrition and disease, cholera most likely.

Uncle Nasty said...

Anonymous said...

@ Iron Felix

SA Black life expectancy under Apartheid 61
Under ANC 52

Could this be due to the fact that more blacks are murdered per year blunder ANC misrule than were murdered under Apartheid?
17 March 2013 20:04

An interesting point that could be made is that South Africa has been a failed state since 1994, whereas Zimboonia has been failed since 1980 ... a fourteen year head start

From Shittipedia ... hardly a site known for it's anti-nig views:-

Zimbabwe now has one of the lowest life expectancies on Earth – 44 for men and 43 for women,[168] down from 60 in 1990. The rapid drop has been ascribed mainly to the HIV/AIDS pandemic. Infant mortality has risen from 5.9% in the late 1990s to 12.3% by 2004.[105]

The health system has more or less collapsed. By the end of November 2008, three of Zimbabwe's four major hospitals had shut down, along with the Zimbabwe Medical School, and the fourth major hospital had two wards and no operating theatres working.

Interesting, that. I have read elsewhere that the life expectancy in in Zimboonia is as a low as 33 male and 37 female.

Although they try to put a good face on it -- not always succeeding:-

Zimbabwe was thus considered internationally to have an achieved a good record of health development.[166] The country suffered occasional outbreaks of acute diseases (such as plague in 1994).

How do you like that for a throwaway? Just a teensy little outbreak of fucking plague? Hardly worth mentioning ... which is why it was hardly mentioned.

Not to mention:-

In August 2008 large areas of Zimbabwe were struck by the ongoing cholera epidemic. By December 2008 more than 10,000 people had been infected in all but one of Zimbabwe's provinces and the outbreak had spread to Botswana, Mozambique, South Africa and Zambia.[172][173] On 4 December 2008 the Zimbabwe government declared the outbreak to be a national emergency and asked for international aid.[174][175] By 9 March 2009 The World Health Organization (WHO) estimated that 4,011 people had succumbed to the waterborne disease since the outbreak began in August 2008, and the total number of cases recorded had reached 89,018.[176] In Harare, the city council offered free graves to cholera victims.[177] There have been signs that the disease is abating, with cholera infections down by about 50 percent to around 4,000 cases a week.[176]

Check the figures above. Total cases recorded: 89,018, yet magically the rate of infection has been halved to 4,000 cases a week.

Give that wikipedia hack the Nobel prize for mathematics ... and they wonder why journalists are regarded as pond scum.


Uncle Nasty said...

Further to the above, I once worked with a guy who admitted to being a journalist once.

However it should be pointed out that he was a sports writer ... one of the vanishingly few who have to get their facts 100% right -- or risk the wrath of the sporting community.**

You fuck up with an incorrectly reported score, penalty or finishing position, everyone comes down on you like a ton of bricks.

Yet you can make statements as a political commentator and you can get away with murder ... literally. If only their feet were held as close to the fire.

It was was this fellow who told me of the origins of the term "Journalist".

One may recall that back in the seventies they were all called "reporters" until the very word "reporter" was a stench in the nostrils of all. So ... an international conference was had to come up with a less odious term than "reporter". All suggestions welcome. I am not kidding.

The winner, of course was "Journalist"

An interesting bit of trivia, is that no-one seriously suggested that -- just perhaps -- it would be a good move to clean up their act ... and report the unvarnished truth.

That, to coin a cliché, was not on the table.

** Oh, and while I mind, a very good reason for the total ban on and destruction of, organised sport. It may force people to actually look at the world around them ... and deprive the yids of another source of unearned wealth.

I have not even bothered to look up who runs (and owns) the big-money sporting events ... but I'll bet a pound to a pinch of poodle poo that it's the tribe.

Who else?

MSM definitely delendia est.


Dan said...

The existence of cholera should be cause for invasion and takeover.

These creatures need the guidance of the white.

Uncle Nasty said...

Further to my previous previous (sorry) I point out the prognosis of cholera -- once again from shittipedia.

If people with cholera are treated quickly and properly, the mortality rate is less than 1%; however, with untreated cholera, the mortality rate rises to 50–60%.[1][35] For certain genetic strains of cholera, such as the one present during the 2010 epidemic in Haiti and the 2004 outbreak in India, death can occur within two hours of becoming ill.[36]

Needless to say Zimboonia's plummeting cholera mortality rate is due to their first world medical facilities and care, right?

You'd think wikipedia would actually read their own articles. wouldn't you?


Piet said...

UN those statistics represent a compelling argument against providing anti-cholera drugs to the boons.

Anonymous said...

help find this asian who likes to let his dog fight

UNcle Nasty said...

Sort of off-topic, but I hate to clutter the already-overflowing main thread.

Here is a person who cannot be called an optimist ...

5 Minutes Until America Hits A Brick Wall

Posted on March 18, 2013 by horse237

The American Teleprompter Reader in Chief said Iran could get a nuclear bomb next year and we have to stop them. The Israelis and their American sock puppets have been saying that since at least 1983. Some time ago an Iranian general said America and Israel would have attacked Iran if they had the power to do it. This is all theater designed to make American and Israeli voters think that their nations are still world powers. Dr Michael Hudson wrote Super Imperialism in 1973 to explain how the US funded its wars by printing the international reserve currency and using these monetary profits to occupy the same nations we were exploiting. When a general realized what Hudson was saying at his Pentagon lecture, he said, “Wow. We’re ripping people off.”

Clearly, these wars have not been going well for America. I think we can safely conclude that the dollar and the Empire will collapse sooner rather than later.

So what is happening in the Real World? It is hard to see through the clouds of the fog of financial wars.

The Shadow Banking system (Money Market funds, Hedge funds and Structured Investment Vehicles and Sovereign Wealth funds) has at least 120 trillion dollars looking for a fast return but the entire world GDP is only half that. And lurking in the background is 700 trillion dollars in Credit Default Swaps. Corporations like Johnson and Johnson no longer primarily producing household products. Their focus now seems to be on currency speculation. They recently lost 100 million dollars when Venezuela devalued their currency. They are mere pikers when compared to General Electric and Apple have more than a hundred billion dollars parked offshore in tax havens. These are companies that produce products overseas and rely on labels to accumulate profits on which they pay no taxes while demanding higher taxes on those struggling to survive in the Real World.

This fellow writes a very interesting future history ...


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