Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Habemus Papa!!


Anonymous said...

Who's this, the next pope? Another
crooked Italian mafiosi.

Anonymous said...

Are you on the inside line or something Savant?

SAVANT said...

Are you on the inside line or something Savant?

Yes, I have my sources. But keep this quiet! Just for readers of this blog.

Rob said...

Berlusconi would look something like Benedict if he hadn't had all that plastic surgery.

Shaunantijihad said...

He's the kind of Pope I'd like. A bit like Antonio Vivaldi, the red haired (Celtic?) priest who permanently travelled with two hot nuns to tend to his every mortal need. My kind of priest! Plenty of wine, good music and groupies dressed as nuns!

Wait a minute... does that mean Berlesconi... is really religious?!!

Anonymous said...

actually we would of loved to see John,old rtd copper as the new Papal authority,

Ongo Bongo the Wongo Zongo said...

I shall be the next pope!!

I hail from darkest Africa and I am dark!!!

Nuff said.

Daniel said...

John, you could hardly do worse.

Paul Anka said...

How about me?

Anonymous said...

"Heebemus niger Priapulum!"

Or something like that.

Anonymous said...

600,000 move out in decade of 'white flight' from London: White Britons are now in minority in the capital

A more accurate report that that pile of cultural marxist anti white crap that the kosher-boys at the BBC put out yesterday. Some good comments too.

Iron Felix said...

For God's (sic) sake guys forget it; I am in pole position here. It's a one horse race, a shoo-in for me for the shoes of the fisherman!

Esther said...

Felix, but do you have the appropriate fashion sense? The skill to pick the appropriate outfit for the right occasion?

Anonymous said...

I have had a disruptive end of the old and start to the new.
What I have sat on to bursting point:
Cockneys have been cleared out of London. It has taken a long time and much
deceit. They fort back to retain their hold on London ,but were labeled Black shirts Fascists chance against the might of the media .I must admit that they were very parochial, (Down to street level sometimes and there was no peedo and fagit behavior encouraged). On top of this disaster there was bit about the Chisselhurst caves being used as air raid shelters.Only one mention of this place was a short conversation on a train , (he was doing his basic training ... he was on his first 48, as was I). He described it as a concentration camp ... to keep them down and away from other folk!
16000 folk were down there. He made the point that the Yids had got their own out , and taken over empty monastery and convents all over the UK in little Shrangrilars. . He ‘the trainee’ was bit miffed as he was told (a verbal as it so happened ) .that, children such as him had had all the war they would ever see and would not have to do NS.
Came back on scene (fugitives) at end of war with, in many instance , Posh accents and mannerism. They also had cover stories as to what say if asked where they spent the war.Running around picking up hot cartridge cases.. you still hear this, very rare now though in the media.
They had relatives in key areas, so before the forties were out hey had the upper hand in London.
Ka-moron has announced his grand scam on state pensions Most folk I talk to see it for what it is ...A transfer of unearned wealth to our replacements.
Whenever hear pensions ....I run a old news inter view with ****Robert Maxwell**** telling the world and his employees. “Your pensions are safe with me”


****Labour Member of parliament.****
Soviet Agent:
Israeli Agent:
Newspaper prop.
Scientific Journals a research publications (gave access to pre-patent research!)
Wore British uniform in WW2
Psychopath ...did not consider he had, a good day unless he killed a few goyim! Were noises about him being lined up for war crimes ..fizzled out through natural attrition ? I do not know ...its all gone down Big Brothers gullet.

Anonymous said...

Nah. Only one man CAN be pope. Though the Jewsmedia won't let him be...

- Fr. John+

The truth will out said...

"Anonymous said...
Nah. Only one man CAN be pope. Though the Jewsmedia won't let him be...

- Fr. John+

21 February 2013 16:03"

I like it, a lot.

Now that's an idea, how about a "viral campaign" promoting the great Bishop Williamson, just by putting his name out there, a few of the flock; long since lost, may decide to at least look him up as a result.

Very few comments on the JMSM throwing his hat into the ring would ever get moderated.

All about planting seeds.

Bishop Richard Nelson Williamson SSPX [==XIV==] For Pope, President or whatever we can get!

Delenda Est Judaica!

FOD said...

@dofornow. The supreme irony is that Maxwell was bumped off by Mossad. Beautiful!

Interesting too that a girl got wind of the fact that Mossad were about to top him, reported it to police in New York. This also disappeared down Big Brother's gullet, and maybe the girl with it.

Anonymous said...

in chicago there is a new billboard seen for miles that has a young female cutie next to the wording"no job like a blow job".as a man of few words we said out loud "these fucking jews are shameless"a member of the tribe took umbrage to my comments on the street and said i was anti semetic we told hom bullshit we loved Arabs,this is the type of shit that got you kicked out of every country in Europe.he wanted to argue naturally but we saundered off smiling,John old rtd chicago copper.

Uncle Nasty said...

The truth will out said...

"Anonymous said...
Nah. Only one man CAN be pope. Though the Jewsmedia won't let him be...

Went to the site above, watched the video, was very impressed, started reading the comments and at around number eight, hit these ones:-

flyinghigh4life 6 days ago

he is not making eye contact and taking time to answer smple questions. Yes he has a great imagination.
Reply ·

in reply to RICHLOOK (Show the comment)

flyinghigh4life 6 days ago

You are right, It is also true that the man whom you think is your father isn't your father. Your mother was actually abducted by aliens and then brutally raped in their space ship that was parked on the moon. 8 months later you were born.

Tell me you don't recognise the style?

Well, well, well. Now we know the hasbarat's habits. He spams other sites that we recommend under the nick of "flyinghigh4life".

If I were mossad, I'd fire this guy.


Iron Felix said...

I am sartorially a beacon, an icon of matchless taste and tailoring, a Beau Brummell-in-waiting, the very guy to cut a memorable episcopal dash up there on the balcony. How nice of you to enquire, and bless you my child.

Uncle Nasty said...

Further to Felix's comment above, I am reminded of an old friend whose favourite phrase was:- "Modesty is one of my many, many virtues ..."

Another one was:- "Once I thought I was wrong ... but I was mistaken."

I miss him.


nastiestuncle said...

He must have had Alan Partridge's book of anecdotes.

"Quick tip for yourself: if you're ever doing an after-dinner speech, you say "My Lords, Ladies and Gentlemen, sorry I'm late, I just popped to the toilet. And while I was there, I saw some graffiti and it said "I used to be indecisive, but now I'm not so sure"". Straight away you've got them by the jaffas."

Anonymous said...

I've met him he's a good man.But this is Ragnarok, it 's time to man up lads.

Calculus said...

You shouldn't make a big point about the story of the gaz chambers.

Ok, so the nazis didn't used an expensive, hard and dangerous to manufacture, gaz for this purpose.
What about they just used CO2?
That's the gaz routinely used to euthanise small laboratory animals like mice. It's inodor and not 'dangerous' since we breath it every day. Basically CO2 kills by displacing oxygen out of an enclosed room (not even tight)like when you fill a bucket with water, you displace the air out of the bucket. The lab technician can stay in the same room where the animals are, enclosed in a box not even tightly sealed. For mice, CO2 fills a cage containing 5-7 mice in ~30 seconds before the mice realize there is no oxygen and show distress and agitation, then the mice loose consciousness and it's over in 5 minutes.
When it's done, there is no danger to open the door immediately, (obviously since the operator can actually stay inside) which wouldn't be the case with carbon monoxyde instead.
So, for mass murdering, the nazis might as well have used CO2, which would explain the lack of precautionary measures.
Look in wiki on 'euthanasia'.
What does it change if the nazis didn't user a super toxic gaz but instead a non-dangerous one to achieve the same purpose?
Nothing, the narrative is still the same. It's foolish to base an argumentation on this single point.
It's way more annoying for the tribe to hear about their very recent use of phosphorus on civilian populations, for example. Don't give them a hand to bite.

Anonymous said...

Habent papam - Yidhabent Yapam.

Cue hava nagila. Can hardly wait to see all those red hats bobbing in the congo line.

Concerned American said...

Eradica blog

Take a look at this!!

"The new shooting targets federal agencies use as target practice
H/T Info Wars and COCC

A company called Law Enforcement Targets, Inc. has created a new set of cardboard cut-outs that will be used by the Department of Homeland Security and other federal agencies as target practice.

The new shooting targets are titled as ”non-traditional threats” and depict pregnant women, mothers, children, and the elderly (every single one of whom is white by the way) as potential dangers to society."

The pictures will scare you.

Dan said...

Read the lyrics to "sympathy for the devil" and imagine for a moment that Mick Jagger might have been anti semetic. It's possible. The devil cackles at the trauma of the European.

We do not get into exactly what tank the Devil rides in with the song. But we do hear about the Czar, we do get to hear about wealth and taste, being around for 5,000 years. We hear about making damn sure Pilate washed his hands. name the Devil. Lol. What's My Name?

Cave Man said...

Indians are white-bashing again because the UK Prime Jewister didn't apologise for shooting a few hundred of them in 1919.

Well well well. What do we have here?? The troops that opened fire where 50 Ghurkas and 25 Baluchis. Not British at all. Will the BBC repeat that for 3 weeks? I doubt it. (Well over half the British Empire's army was Indian in fact, and they did all the imperial agression in that part of the world, so they should be apologising too, no?)

So what are Ghurkas? Basically Nepalese.

What are Baluchis? Caucasians!
So how will kike-ipedia mangle the truth about them? Simple... all the pictures have their heads cut off so you can't see what they look like! Jeez, they just never stop. They can't help themselves. They must REALLY HATE white people so much!

Iron Felix said...

Urbi et orbi----I am NOT perfect, not by any means. For instance, I have rather brittle fingernails. And I WAS mistaken once, inasmuch as I mistakenly thought briefly that I was wrong about some trifle or other. Yes, the pants, one leg at a time. Yes---though it pains me to say it---I am human just like you.

Clovis said...

Concerned American. To my mind it is absolutely clear that the American shadow government fully expect armed resistance from the citizenry. Dozens of examples to prove this. Scary times indeed.

Anonymous said...

You should go for it Felix!.

If you are a baptized and confirmed Catholic male then you are eligible to become Pope.You don't have to be a Cardinal,a Bishop or even an ordained priest.

Religious beliefs and convictions are desirable.

But you can always lie about those.


Iron Felix said...

Anon; No Noooooh dear boy, that would never do; one AWAITS THE CALL, spending the meanwhile in prayer and fasting, taking long walks in the rain and so forth................

Clogheen said...

I agree with mr.a. Your sartorial elegance is a clincher, IMHO.

Anonymous said...

Silkvio would make una buono papa because he knows how to be il bruto with il cattivo.

Gem Junior said...

Two things:
The Catholic Church having a pope from the third world won't even matter other than to cause whites in denial that yes, the world has gone insane and is no longer the same world. The change is not for the better, obviously. The Catholic Church was infiltrated and defiled prior to Vatican II anyway; bought off by Rothschilds and liberalized accordingly. Some say it wwas even consecrated to the devil and all the pedophilia going on was ritualistic satanist stuff. I dunno but it sounds slike it can only get worse.

2nd: I agree with Clovis and Concerned American: this is all a prelude to some sort of miliary coup on behalf of the UN or something; some collapse of the gov't will occur with the financial collapse, our scummy congress will go into their little bunkers and leave their Continuity of Government plans for the rest of us. Anyone who doesn't have some guns will find themselves in some camp - there are now around 800 of them. Areas of working class whites will be trouble because they will be armed enough to form communities walled off and even military or paramilitary groups of resisters. They know that whites with guns won't be easy meat, no matter how much ammo they try to buy. Here's the thing: people ALREADY have it - many have plenty. So I don't think they should count the chickens yet. It could be THEM who ends up in camps, in jail, awaiting trial for treason against the nation and it's people. Many Americans will be unprepared, the fat and the stupid but most likely The Liberal Progressives. I can't wait till their security workers and bodyguards at their gated communities cut and run, leaving them helpless bait for armies of violent savages hungry for whatever and whoever they want. It will be something to see, as the Libs try to explain that they were never racist,and always voted for affirmative action.

BTW, that Sympathy For the Devil question - who was Jagger really referring to? It is a rather interesting question. Wow - food for thought. When the HELL are those people not up to no good? It seems they were born to cause pain and discord for others.

Anonymous said...

I'd vote for you Felix,even though sometimes you are a total pain.

Think about it anyway.

GemJunior,hope you are right about who ends up in the camps.I have no doubt whatsoever that the camps are coming.

And fuck Sympathy for the Devil.Tumblin'Dice was the Stones at their best!.

Charlie Watts for Pope!


Anonymous said...

My Oscar predictions

Best AActor Morgan Freeman The Dolhins' Tale
Best Supporting Acotr Morgan Freeman Red Tails
Best Actress Morgan Freeman Flight
Best Supporting AActress Rihahana Battleship

Best Makeup Dude what made Moragn Freeman look like a scientist type in The Dolphin's Tale

Anonymous said...

Also Berst Portrayal of a scientist Oscar will go to Moragn Freeman.