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Can somebody please help me? I seem to be going insane.

We know what happened to the Jews in Germany during WWII.  They were mercilessly hunted down, to the last man woman and child, and, after a Death March, were killed in the gas chambers of Auschwitz or Belsen or wherever. In fact wherever the Germans went the same thing happened, from Paris to Moscow, from Vilnius to Belgrade.

How do we know this?  Well everybody knows it, from hundreds of films, thousands of books, dozens of Holocaust museums, millions of church sermons, from every approved history of the period.  So that seems clear enough.

But then I come across this, an excerpt from the history of the Rykestrasse Synagogue in Berlin, written by a former Head Rabbi at that institution. (Hermann Simon (Die Synagoge Rykestraße (1904–2004), Berlin: Hentrich & Hentrich and Stiftung Neue Synagoge Berlin / Centrum Judaicum, 2004, (Jüdische Miniaturen; vol. 17)).

 “The Jewish school in the front building was forced to close in 1941. However, the Jewish community formally remained proprietor of the site. In May 1942 the borough of Prenzlauer Berg declared its will to acquire the site paying the ridiculous sum of reichsmark 191,860 and with effect of 1 September 1944 the site was conveyanced to the borough. When on 6 May 1943 the Jewish community applied at the Gestapo for a sale permission, since all its property was under custodianship as were any sales proceeds, it named the Heeresstandortverwaltung I Berlin (German Army garrison administration no. I) as the tenant of all the site, except of two little apartments in the front building still rented out to residential tenants.”

So here we have, according to the Rabbi of the synagogue in question:
in the middle of World War II,

the Jewish community,


with the Gestapo,

for the sale of their synagogue,

which happens to be down the road from Hitler’s HQ.

Now tell, am I going insane, or have I momentarily stepped outside The Matrix? And what's that green man with the TV aerial ears doing looking in my window?


Dan said...


Shaunantijihad said...

However, quoting that text can get you 7 years imprisonment in Ireland. Using the EU Arrest Warrant, you can be sent to Germany to be tried. At your defence, if you attempt to present the evidence for your defence, that itself is a crime and your conviction is automatic. If you hire a lawyer to present the court with said evidence, that you merely quoted, your lawyer will face immediate incarceration.

But you do not love a Big Brother that seeks to annihilate your race by mass Muslim and Negro immigration. Because you love the truth. No Jew died in a German gas chamber. Not a single one.

Freedom is the right to say 2+2=4, and that the Holocaust of 6 million Jews in gas chambers and ovens is a lie.

Anonymous said...

ridiculous sum of reichsmark 191,860

Ridiculously high or low?

But eminent domain always sucks.

Dan said...

Actual Genocide looks like the Rubio -Obama Bill being shoved through Congress. That's how Genicide is done.

The truth will out said...

Great find!

They're all pieces to the puzzle and if I could reference a fantastic post from your previous article.

"I don't watch talmudvision any longer, but here ya go:

Holocaust Revisionism for Beginners... HERE

The premier H.H. Archive website ...HERE

nastiestuncle's alter-ego

Simply too good to ignore.

PS - I quite like this iteration of nastiest uncle.
Less jewey!

nemesis said...

Savant, you have merely lifted the hem of the dress of this particular whore, whose rouge is starting to wash off bigtime.

SAVANT said...

I'm not revising the Holocaust. I'm just saying my head is fried (LoL!)

Noachideous said...


On the Lies of the Tefillin ?

Ra Borg Schmokin' Schmekelman protests that

" Resistance is futile "

Iron Felix said...

From what I can make out, everywhere the Wehrmacht went the Sonderpolizei followed, to round up Jews, we are told. Most of these special units were made up of non-Germans. They were Latvians, Poles, Ukrainians, Russian deserters, criminals....also it seems that everywhere the Wehrmacht went and even some places they didn't (Slovakia) the local populace fell over themselves in their eagerness to deliver up their Jews to the einsatzkommandos. That is what we are told. No comment is ever forthcoming about this. Only the one position is articulated---the only victims were Jews, innocent folksy chaps with odd clothes minding their own business, and the only perpetrators were Germans, vicious, brutal, criminally-minded as they are, right from birth. Ah well.

Kenneth said...

Great find, Savant.

Here's another one you might find interesting...


The Sunday Times, March 16, 2008

It is one of the enduring mysteries of the second world war. More than 800 Jews based in this hospital in the middle of Nazi Berlin survived the war, seemingly — and bizarrely — protected by Adolf Eichmann, the architect of the Final Solution. So who were they and why were they saved?

Russian soldiers fighting their way through the rubble of Berlin in the last days of the war turned the corner of Iranische Strasse, in the district of Wedding, and came
across an elegant building almost intact. Fanning out to search the structure, the Russians ransacked the place, room by room. Medical equipment and rows of beds showed that it had once been a hospital. Searching deep into the bowels of the building, the Russian liberators burst open cellar doors, and in the darkness made out hundreds of cowering figures – more than 800 people in all.

The soldiers swept through in an orgy of rape. Only when the Red Army commanders arrived was the question asked: “But who are you?”

“We are Jews.”

“You are Jews?” exclaimed the astonished Russians, whose path to Berlin had taken them through the smouldering remains of Nazi death camps. “Why aren’t you dead yet?”

It seems a book was written about this hospital, called "Refuge In Hell".
You can read about it at the Jewish Post:

Roem said...

Iron Felix. The Sonderpolizei role was not expressly to round up jews. Theur role was to put down the local (mainly Communist) uprisings that were taking place everywhere behind German lines. Communists in those regions were made up primarily by Jews. It follows that they were disproprtionately targetted.

Of course, no gainsaying, old scores with Jews, real or imagined, were settled by the local elements of the Sonderpolizei.

Fiachra O'Blodbaoith said...

I have just perused that guy Felix's piece, and it rang a bell for me. There is an abiding principle in Law, probably as old as the Roman Republic. It is, "One must hear the other part". No justice is possible, in other words, unless both sides in the case are heard. Well, I do not think both sides are getting an adequate hearing in this case.

Anonymous said...

For all of you Europeans who havent' been blessed with
African cultural enrichment just yet.... Here's a vid that shows what 250+ years of Negro assimilation has resulted in, here in the Deep South of America:



The truth will out said...

Is there hope for Ireland yet?
Feck yeah!

‘The Jews crucified Our Lord’: Irish antisemitism and the complicity of the Catholic bishops

Sarah Honig, a recent Israeli visitor to Cahersiveen, a charming little town in County Kerry, wrote yesterday in the Jerusalem Post of being asked in its main street for a donation by three teenage boys carrying large signs saying “Free Palestine”. When asked from whom Palestine was to be freed, they replied “The Jews”. “Are you sure”, she asked, “that this money wouldn’t fund terrorists and murderers?” She was thrown by the response: “What do you have against Palestinians? What have they done to you? They are only against Jews. Jews are evil.” One of them helpfully added that the Jews “crucified Our Lord”.
Honig then met the teacher, who explained he had brought them out during school hours as part of a class project “to further a humanitarian goal” by inculcating a commitment to charitable work. He “nodded in agreement without a word of objection” when she told him of the children’s remarks about Jews.


Also unrelated to Ireland but Hungary this time proving that humanity does have a real chance and hope against the anti-human agenda.
A great post from WarriorHun on Incogman

Keep the faith people, the battle has not yet even started but the players are jockeying into position.

Delenda Est Judaica!

Ivan Shatov said...

A recent email I received:

My Papa was a member of the SPD and a City Council member in that capacity from 1923 to 1933. He was 3rd mayor from 1930 to 1933 when he was put in prison (a regular one) for a few days. Some people said he was put there by the “city fathers” for his own protection. I don’t know. Papa never talked about it to me.

My sister is rather upset with me for being a Republican. Well, I am - what Papa encouraged me to be – an independent thinker :)

Yes, in my little town (Burghausen) the Jews were pretty much left alone. They kept very quiet, wore their star UNDER their lapels and they didn’t LOOK any different than the rest of us. I don’t think there was a document listing all of them. I could be wrong.

There was one prominent and well-to-do family by the name of Galitzenstein. Dr. Galitzenstein was the main Chemist at Wacker, a chemical factory. Their problems started in 1938 and in 1939 Dr. Galitzenstein was taken to Dachau. The “CEOs”? of Wacker spoke up for him and he was released after 6 weeks. Sometime in 1939 they were allowed to leave Germany – without ANY of their assets. I have no personal recollection of it, other than hearing my parents talking about it and being aware of some commotion at times. They lived not far away from us.

I found their story in the German Wikipedia.

Anyway, I don’t know what YOU make of all this, but to me, it does not sound like a mandate to eradicate (kill) all the Jews.

katana said...

Here's a new British site that deals mainly with investigating the Holocaust/Hoax. Lots of interesting material.


Their conclusions ...


There is NO convincing evidence that:

* there was mass murder in gas chambers
* the Nazi regime sought to exterminate the European Jews (or any other group)
* the totemic figure of six million Jewish deaths has a basis in fact
* the appalling conditions with thousands of dead bodies found in Belsen, Buchenwald and Dachau were a consequence of deliberate German brutality or neglect

The accusations of mass killing in gas chambers RELY ENTIRELY on:

* a few depositions by interested parties, who were not cross-examined and often did not even appear in court to present their evidence
* on confessions of men held for months in solitary confinement and interrogated under duress
* a small number of documents: many simply unverified copies or translations, typed and unsigned, that have never been properly tested for authenticity, presented by American, British or Soviet Intelligence services

Remember the "dodgy dossier" of 2003, the "Kuwaiti baby incubators" of 1991 or, to go further back, the Gulf of Tonkin incident in 1964?

.... This is the only event in the history of the world that is surrounded by such an electric fence of taboo and criminalisation, forbidding any objective historical investigation. We want to open up the memory holes so that ALL relevant evidence can be seen and evaluated, and to establish a fair and balanced assessment of WHAT REALLY HAPPENED.


Ivan Shatov said...


As far as managing and feeding ourselves – we were blessed being in that little town. It is right on the Austrian border and Wacker was the only industry around at that time. Everything was agriculture, on both sides of the river, which was the border. The farms were mostly run by the women – the men were at war. Papa used to go on weekends to one of them to help out and come back with goodies. We all took walks to another farm in Austria, ate our fill and brought stuff home with us. It was not without risk – it was NOT allowed. But luckily we managed. We were hungry at times – it was either feast or famine, so to speak.

There were a number of “displaced”? people in town. They were brought from invaded Countries. We also had some prisoners of war. A couple of very young boys from Poland worked in a field of veggies right in front of the building we lived in. The owners of that field, part of a large Nursery, treated those boys well. They did not have a lot of clothing, however. So, when I went by there, going to school, I would drop “stuff” over the fence.

The prisoners were mostly French and they worked in another Nursery, owned by the parents of a friend.
The first week or so, right after the war, was chaos. Places and times for getting any kind of food had to be set up, people had to be “contained”, curfews enforced, etc.
Well, not to worry – those boys dropped off (very quietly in the morning) anything edible, whatever they could spare, I guess. They received some kind of care packages and so did the French prisoners. They also dropped off stuff and inquired how we were.

Long story, I know. It shows what a big difference individuals can make. Just like your dad and the sailors you mentioned. How most ordinary folks could get along with each other. To me, it fits your sentiment about various “Leaders”, or movers and shakers everywhere, having a lot to answer for.
It seems that war, or other catastrophe, brings out the best or worst in a person.

More specifically about Hitler himself: It may sound sacrilegious to some. I personally think that he was mentally ill all along – not just towards the end. He just wanted to see his big Dream come true and let his henchmen worry about the HOW. Sometimes I wonder if he was aware of what he unleashed. I think Obama is worse – he is AGAINST our Country. Hitler at least was FOR Germany – even if he was nuts.

Lastly, I do want to mention that we were very glad to see the Americans march into town – not the Russians! We were listening to “Radio Free Europe” (under a couple of blankets!!) so we could mark the troop movements on a map. It was pretty close, too close for us, watching! The Russians stopped at Passau, which is about 35 miles (not sure) north-east from Burghausen.

Ivan Shatov said...

Another earlier email from the same person:

I have read the transcript – some of it a number of times. Not being Catholic, my knowledge of Fatima being very superficial, I tried to understand what Mr. Akins was talking about. I just couldn’t wrap my mind around it, but gave him the benefit of doubt.

When he came to the subject of the Holocaust I had to strongly disagree – just as he said a lot of people would.

He was right about the part where Hitler tried to ship the Jews off by train, to anybody who would take them, but NOBODY wanted them.

When he talks about “Holocaustism”, etc. - which belongs in the theological realm – I’m completely lost.

However, when he denies the physical evidence – some of which I saw and smelled, towards the end of the war – I found myself thinking that Mr. Akin may at times see what he wishes to see.

I feel there is a very deep “wrongness” all over this planet. To me, Obama and his ilk, seem to personify it.

Keiser said...


Have Fun!

Ivan Shatov said...

A follow up email after some questions posed:

I’m sorry I opened my big mouth while I was angry!

I SAW very little and that only by inference. The SMELL is not connected to the seeing (experiencing) but happened later. Maybe a brief personal “history” might help and exonerate me :)

I grew up in a very small town – about 8000 at the end of the war. My parents moved there from Munich in 1919. I was told that my father “Papa” had run-ins (fights) with some Nazi groups, forming at the time, and he was on the Black List from then on. In the 40’s he joined the “Underground” and was executed as a “traitor” along with 2 others on April 28th 1945. They did manage, with a lot of others who did not get caught, to prevent the retreating Nazis from blowing up the town’s factory (Dr. Alexander Wacker Werke, “Wacker” for short) and bridge.

We had a fair number of Jewish people in town. My best girlfriend’s mother was Jewish – the whole family were our friends. In MY little town the Jewish people were pretty much left alone, except for the ones that held higher positions AND were very well off.
I suspect its common knowledge that most Jewish people were well off – did very well in commerce. Think of the “Kristallnacht” in Munich. I think Hitler and his henchmen hated that as much as their “impure” blood.

I was very close to Papa and he knew I could keep my mouth shut, when necessary. At times he took me along on strolls into town when he was meeting with some of his friends and acquaintances – it looked more innocent! One time he admonished me to absolutely keep quiet when meeting this friend – he would answer my questions afterward – if he could.

The man looked absolutely horrible and the first thing he said – with his hand sort of wiping over his mouth – ‘don’t ask’! I do not remember what they were talking about. I was simply too shocked. I will never forget. Remember – I was a kid. Children sometimes may have deeper feelings and get shocked easier than adults think - or thought - “way back when”.

I did find out later that he had been in Dachau for only 6 months and according to him, one of HIS friends was relieved of his tongue because he let something slip about its conditions. So – it’s hearsay again…

Ivan Shatov said...


Most everyone knew about Dachau and would rather not even think about it. There was nothing concrete – nobody KNEW anything, yet everyone seemed to be horrified just talking about it – hoping nobody heard!
A Work Camp it was not – it was established for political prisoners – people, too vocal in opposition to Hitler’s Grand Ideas. It progressed, or regressed, from there.

What happened to the Jewish people on the trains - that nobody wanted - I have no idea. My little town certainly was not in the know!
None of the people I knew ever spoke of a conspiracy, or concerted effort, to “kill” all the Jews.

Hitler did NOT want them. They did not fit with his idea of a “Germanic” Germany. If that meant to kill them all – I don’t know. If he gave any kind of orders – I surely do not know.

The smell I mentioned was not of sick, living people, but of burning corpses – I hope!

The train I was on, to visit my cousin in Munich (middle of 1944?), went right by Dachau. There was sort of a haze in the air (like LA smog)and a very strange, sickening smell. I could not imagine what it was. When I asked my cousin, she did not KNOW either, but said she too had smelled it occasionally. “People” were saying that the “ovens” at Dachau couldn’t handle the masses of corpses any more. If that meant that they were no longer working properly or if the burning occurred in the open somewhere – I, again, do not know.

This is rather gruesome, but I am rather sensitive to burning “flesh” and am turned off by barbeque – sorry.

Shortly after the war, our whole little town got to experience the smell of corpses, in various stages of decomposition - one hot afternoon.

The corpses were supposed to have been from some concentration camp – there were small ones at a lot of places. Again, I do not KNOW!
We were all ordered, under the threat of heavy penalty, maybe death; to parade up a hill and see for ourselves - the atrocities we committed.

The corpses were laid out in coffins with MPs standing guard and making sure everybody – from small kids, to very old people – really LOOKED. It went very slowly, partly because there were so many people, and partly because it was meant to be.

The whole town was frightened of course. Nobody knew what these “occupiers” would be capable of doing.

Well, not the whole town – my grandmother stayed home :) I wanted to, also. I just didn’t think these troops in town would do anything horrific. They were generally well behaved – contrary to the Russian troops in other towns.

If you have any specific questions, I would try to answer - a bit later.

As an aside: Papas favorite brother (my favorite uncle, aunt and cousin), the ones in Munich – were Nazis. In some families this caused tragedies by some being “turned in”. NOT the case here!

Mary said...

Shaunantijihad said...
However, quoting that text can get you 7 years imprisonment in Ireland. Using the EU Arrest Warrant, you can be sent to Germany to be tried.

Please indulge me (and readers). How does one know for certain what is permissible to be said about these "holocausty" subjects in Ireland?
Does your citing the EU Arrest Warrant mean that in essence, we here in Ireland are actually subject to the same 'hate speech' laws as exist in Germany? Many of my posts on P.ie have been deleted and the reason cited is almost always "legal issues". I thought they were Bsing to be honest, but perhaps they have been doing their part in keeping me from being charged?

Thanks in advance for any solid info; like Savant, my brain is a bit on the 'fried' side lol ;)

JP said...

It's a lie. WWII is when Marxists killed the white gentile culture.

Anonymous said...


We all have good reason to question the official story. Why just the other day, I was browsing the Internet and came across an endless supply of Holocaust stories. I wept uncontrollably as each victim relayed the sheer magnitude of raw Nazi brutality. In fact, I was so affected by the courage and fortitude of these Jews, I decided to count their stories. And, by the time I was done, I, too, had reached that magical number of six million. And, these were just the "survivors!"

katana said...

For a great story of one man's journey from being a Believer to a Holocaust Revisionist, Bradley Smith has penned a fascinating, amusing and moving account of his transformation. The whole thing is available online over at his Revisionist site CODOH.

Here are some excerpts.



Confessions of a Holocaust Revisionist
By Bradley R. Smith

Chapter 1: 1979

I paused to accept a photocopy of a newspaper article he was handing out when he quickly started telling me that the stories that six million Jews had been exterminated during World War II are not true.

I felt stunned, as if Buck Rogers had somehow come down from the 21st century and zapped me with a beam from his ray gun. I had heard about people like the little man who was confronting me, who deny that the Holocaust happened, but I had never actually seen one.
He was a small, thin, middle-aged man with a white pointy beard, clear blue eyes and a ruddy complexion. The picture of health. He talked fast (though in a well-mannered, articulate way) as if he were afraid he would lose me.

In the first instant I didn't truly grasp what he was saying; then I understood that he was telling me that there had been no Nazi gas chambers — none — that the stories I had heard all my life about the gas chambers were meant to gain sympathy for Jews at the expense of Germans. I felt my heart change its beat and pick up speed. I felt sweat appear on the palms of my hands.

The first thing I wanted to do was to get away. We were on the mezzanine of the Bonaventure Hotel in downtown Los Angeles; there were a lot of people standing around and I supposed that he had proselytized the others before I had arrived. The others then had already heard what I was hearing now, and in my imagination each of them had one eye on me, waiting to see what my first move would be, waiting to judge me.

I felt ashamed listening to the man talk about Jews. I felt ashamed holding the photocopied articles in my hand. I could not have repeated anything he had said after his first few words; my brain had closed itself down in self-defense and yet: I was aware that he sounded knowledgeable and sincere.

I felt trapped between his sincerity and my shame. I wanted to get away from him, to hand back his flyers and turn away so that those who were watching would see that I rejected out of hand everything he was saying. At the same time, because of his honest and open manner, I didn't want to cause him embarrassment by publicly rejecting him. I had never looked into the history of the Holocaust, had never examined any of the primary documents used to support the literature, so in my ignorance I felt I had no right, really, to believe or disbelieve any statement about it whatever. I didn't feel I had the right to embarrass another man simply because he doubted what I believed. If sincerity isn't to be taken seriously in human relationship, what is?

In the end the little man with the white devil's beard and the very blue eyes made my decision for me when he turned to a new arrival and began his spiel all over again from the beginning.

Feeling defiled somehow by the flyers in my hand, I walked toward a large trash can. Even at that moment I knew that the problem wasn't so much that I was holding the flyers as that I was being observed by others to be holding them. I had accepted the flyers innocently in deference to another's sincerity. The shame I felt, the defilement, did not come from inside me but from the others, from what I understood to be the standards of my peers.

As I approached the trash can I glanced down at the lead article in one flyer. It was titled, "The Problem of the Gas Chambers, or The Rumor of Auschwitz."


katana said...


What Rumor?, I thought. What problem? There wasn't anything that rang a bell for me. The author of the article was a certain Professor Robert Faurisson. I'd never heard of him. Then I noticed that the article had originally been published in Le Monde, the Paris daily. It was confusing. I had no idea at all what the problem of the gas chambers might be, or what the rumor of Auschwitz referred to. It sounded crazy. And I'd never heard of Faurisson. But I did know about Le Monde. My understanding was that Le Monde was one of a handful of world-class newspapers.

What, then, was Le Monde doing publishing an article critical of the Holocaust, or the gas chambers, or whatever? A moment before I had intended to drop the flyers into the trash on principle. In my circle you did not read material that might make Jews feel uncomfortable. It was a principle. It was necessary in my circle to maintain principles about some few things. Not many, but some. At the last moment I folded the flyers and put them in my back pocket. All that day I went about my business, the flyers folded up secretly in my pocket. That night, alone in my room, like a thief, I took them out and read them, all the while conscious of the fearfulness in my behavior, the lack of self-respect. I was aware that I was reading something that everyone I knew, and all the people I liked best, would think bigoted and dirty, and that I was doing it at a time and in a place where they could not find me out. I had spent years learning to accept the weaknesses in my character, and to stand aside from them, yet there I was, 49 years old, hiding in my room with a newspaper article, fearful and ashamed.


Chapter 3: 1979

How can I explain what happened to me in my apartment that night? I read a newspaper article written by a professor I had never heard of which had been translated from French by who knows who, given to me on a hotel mezzanine by a stranger who was probably a crank, maintaining a thesis that was outrageous and dangerous because – of what? I didn’t know, but a sense of tension and danger enveloped the thing. I sensed immediately into the reading that if I didn’t reject everything Faurisson was saying that I would be in danger of suffering great losses, though that night I would not have been able to identify what they would be.

..... But the real surprise might have been my discovery that despite my ignorance and the boredom I professed about the Holocaust, I had believed everything I had ever heard about it. Not the shadow of a doubt had ever crossed my mind. I had believed all the eyewitness testimony related by Holocaust survivors. I had believed what I understood to be the thesis in all the books written by Holocaust historians. Maybe that is why something broke in me that night. Maybe I had believed too rigidly for too long. There was nothing in me that could give a little. No room to bend. Intellectually, psychologically, something had to break. I think it was belief itself that finally cracked that night. My mind welcomed it—but in my heart I felt the awful anxiety that only great insecurity can create.


Shaunantijihad said...

Mary, if you check David Irvings site
you will find somewhere in there how he was arrested and imprisoned in Austria, for a speech he gave in another country, England I think. I know that you can be deported for any other crime, smuggling, say, so I assume that in law this would be no different.


You should also watch this video: http://hardons-blog.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/sylvia-stolz-my-hero.html

Anonymous said...

Nice business if you can get it:


Maybe someone could send her an invoice for £500,000 as the price she has to pay for not asking us if she could come and live here in the first place.

If she doesn't pay, then well those political wheels they are a turnin'.

Anonymous said...


Uncle Nasty said...

Katana mentions the new British revisionist site ...

Just in time, it would appear. Here we have an article from Caroline Glick (a good old Scots name, there ...) bitching about being the tribe being dissapekted by the Poms.


Britain Is No Place for Jews

January 30, 2013 By Caroline Glick Comments (12)

Since I came home from London, subsequent events have borne out my dim assessment of England, and done so at break-neck pace. As one of Britain’s great righteous gentiles Douglas Murray wrote in an essay published yesterday by the Gatestone Institute, England is no longer even trying to hide its anti-Semitism. At this point, to live well in the kingdom, Jews are required to accept or at least express minimal objection to the dominant narrative that Israel is the current Nazi Germany.

Back in 2005, I felt it was a mistake for Israel to push for the UN to establish an international Holocaust remembrance day. What did we need it for? (What indeed? - UN)

The UN** emerged at the 2001 Durban conference as the epicenter of global anti-Semitism. Why should we give it an out for its hostility towards live Jews by letting it pretend it isn’t an anti-Semitic institution because it mourns dead Jews?

At any rate, it took no time at all for the UN and its member states to use the new International Holocaust Remembrance Day as a means of defaming Israel and so gunning for a new Holocaust of Jewry.

Notice how the tired old "Holocaust" is dragged out for duty once again.

Sobbing violins, chimneys, piano teachers, emaciated people hanging onto the barbed wire and little girls in red coats. Hollywood must be rubbing its hands in glee.

Just as a matter of interest I googled: "How many holocaust films have been made?"
The answer surprised even me.


I think I'll watch "Sophie's Choice" tonight. I could use a laugh.

I wonder if they ever released a blooper reel on the DVD of Schindler's List? That would be something to see.


** - Not me.

Dan said...

With the academic hostility toward Israel, the multicult is seen as internalized. The stupid goy don't realize that multicult is only for them.

I should write an article

Tel Aviv is no place for a Christian!

Ivan Shatov said...

Katana, great link!! Thanks. I'm busy reading now. Love the author's style.

Confessions of a Holocaust Revisionist

Ivan Shatov said...

Our own snarky, smarmy, sneering and odious creature would do well to read this book if he were receptive to the blandishments of reason.

Ivan Shatov said...

Uncle Nasty, regarding the number of Holocaust films. I didn't have the energy to count them, besides, I doubt the list is exhaustive. If you included any movie which reinforced the evil Nazi, poor Jew suffered through Holocaust narrative I suspect the number would reach into the thousands. If you included TV episodes, into the tens of thousands. The sheer weight of the propaganda is mind numbing.

BJKahn said...

Nastiest Uncle I admire your staying power seeing all the grief you get from these fuckers. Hang in there.

Wolfhound said...

Yeah, we're all just fuckers aren't we.

Don't bother refuting anything, just keep coming back to a blog you disagree with.

Masochistic freak.

Anonymous said...

@Wolfhound 14:42

"Don't bother refuting anything, just keep coming back to a blog you disagree with."

I don't know about BJKhan but I've refuted plenty here, and have found that, just like on the Islamic forums I used to visit years ago, refutation means nothing to the religious.
For the Muslims, the refutations came from Shaytaan and therefore would not be accepted.
Here, the refutations come from "a Jew" and are therefore to be ignored.

I am neither from Shaytaan nor a Jew but the Muslims needed me to be from Shaytaan and the people here need me to be a Jew. It makes their cognitive dissonance easier to handle.

That a white person, and one who is even whiter than them, defends Jews (from undeserved attacks only) and won't believe that steel magically retains its structural strength in buildings attacked by Jewish planes, is a blasphemy.

Richard said...

I noticed NastiestChosenOne tried to divert this thread earlier on.
How they must hate and fear loosing control of the 'holocaust' narrative.
All that money and effort spent controlling Hollywood and buying up the news media and politicians ....... then the internet comes along. Oi!!

Anonymous said...

BJKahn said...

"Nastiest Uncle I admire your staying power ..."

Oh, sure. Reading through the comments until he pops in with the tjb (typical jewish behaviour) by using a deflection tactic to break the thread by introducing some humdrum newspaper item ... but not a word of rebuttal on holocaust denial, nor any refutation of the evidence being presented here.

Anonymous said...

If Jews keep screaming for 'justice' they may just get it. Which would be long overdue and very entertaining.

Anonymous said...

JP said...
It's a lie. WWII is when Marxists killed the white gentile culture.

30 January 2013 03:55

(The above commenter is not the regular JP posting to this site, FYI.)

Anonymous said...

Well my niggers. I haven't got much to say about this story so I was going to leave it for you lot to discuss. It seems like a boring topic to me.

Synagogue gets vandalised, then re-opened, then closed again, the members get sent to a concentration camp and the Rabbi goes to Auschwitz where he died. The Wehrmacht moves into the building but on paper it is still owned by Jews so when the local council wanted to buy it, the owners applied for permission, which was granted, and the local authority paid a sum to the Wehrmacht to take ownership. The Wehrmacht used it for storage. After the war when entry into the synagogue was regained, it was found to have had a partition wall built in it, the plumbing ripped out and the whole synagogue was in a general state of disrepair after having been open to the elements for years.

There's a book about the history of this synagogue but I'll never read it because I have no interest in synagogues.

Anonymous said...

Hey guise. This man is on the same page as you lot.


I bet you never knew you would be brothers with an Islamist president.

Anonymous said...

What's an Islamist? Is that anything like a racist?

Wolfhound said...

When NU says something without sourcing it, always throw it in the google machine yourself as he's just as selective as he claims others are.

Note how he also replaced 'Jewish community' with local authority, as in it was merely the local authority who sold it to the Wehrmacht.

Another excerpt from Wikipedia of all places: The oft-mentioned usage of the synagogue by the Wehrmacht as a horse barn is not proven and unlikely. There were no premises and remainders found in the synagogue indicating that usage.Instead it is reported that furnitures were stored in the prayer hall. The furnishings (chandeliers, lustres, menorot, ner tamid, cupper coverings of doors) of the synagogue made from non-ferrous metal, which was scarce and much needed for war production, were not dismantled.

Why on earth would the evil and all powerful Wehrmacht even have to pay for it rather than just snatch it up from their vanquished foe?

Anonymous said...

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is a well known holocaust denier, so yes, we have known about an Islamic president being on 'our' side.

Wolfhound said...

I have no problems with people disagreeing with my views (plenty of people in my personal life share some, but not all of my views), but this guy uses every underhanded trick in the book when he posts anything.

Straw men, exaggerations, leaving some stuff out and adding others, replacing words, misquoting, leaving out sources, outright lies, selective replies, completely ignoring points, coming back again and again as if he wasn't proven wrong on the most recent topic and it goes on and on.

I don't know if he's a jew or a homo or whatever, it really doesn't matter as he has proven himself to be pursuing some sort of agenda which is not shared by the vast majority of the intelligent posters on here.

I'm taking a page out of Analogmans book and ignoring this guy from now on.

Richard said...

Most ME Muslims haven't been subjected to 70yrs of holocaust brainwashing, so do tend to be embarrassingly objective on the matter of European history. Also their laws are surprisingly relaxed on the matter.
As most here will be aware, questioning the Chozen on their version of recent history can lead to ruination and sometimes a prison spell in most European countries. In Germany, it's now guaranteed.
Easy to guess why NastiestChosenOne is diverting to the old nasty, nasty Arab meme. Nice try - no cigar.
Islam - savior of the European race - now there's a thought!

heuristic said...

Richard, you are correct. I remember patronisingly indulging a few Muslim acquaintances when I worked in abu Dhabi. Kind of patted them on the head, 'yes of course, of course. Now lie down for a while'.

The supreme irony of course is that they're take on the Holocaust was vastly superior to mine. How could that be, given that I lived in a 'free' country and they did not?

(Scratching head)

Dan said...

I prefer the concept that the Germans were grossly inefficient in their extermination. A most agreeable variation. For instance their waiters can't even pour a glass of beer properly or to the correct measure mark. When they went for the Jews they continually fluffed it up.

Corkonian said...

truth will out. I don't believe for one minute that story from the Israeli woman. I know kids today and there is NO WAY any of them would say that jews crucified Christ. RE is now so sanitised as to be unrecognisable from what I was brought up with in the sixties. This story is a lie, or at a minimum a gross exaggeration.

Anonymous said...

The true scale of the holocaust is easy to show.
1. Visit the holocaust website and see the figures. The website says there were 9 million before the Nazis and 3 million afterwards in Europe . Before means census results in 1930s, afterwards means census results 1950s.

2. Confirm this data from own research with easily available resources.

3. And for the Yiddish population of world? Wasn’t there emigration to Palestine/USA etc. in this period?
1931 Jewish population of Palestine 100,000 – 200,000. By the 1950s somewhat under 2 million arrived from Europe.
1950s USA had about 6 million. 1920s just 3-4 million. Let’s say somewhat over 2 million arrived from Europe.
Plus, there was emigration to Canada, South Africa, Australia, France, UK and South America etc. after WWII. The populations in Canada, South Africa, Australia, UK about doubled in this time. Say another million altogether?
4. So we have located say 5 million from the missing 6 million. They seem to have lost 1 in 9 of those still in Europe, maybe less. If you remember 3+ million from very recent emigration to USA etc., they lost 1 in 12. These figures may be vague but you get the idea. The 6 million story is wrong. QED.
Also, the other East Europeans lost about 1 in 10 of their population in WWII. Poles, Russians (more?), Serbs (less?), German (way more), plus Ukrainians, Lithuanians, Belarusians etc. So they suffered like everyone else, not more than.
The rest is politics.

Jeremy said...

NU. That story about the £500k award just makes we want to leave this country and let it speed up its death spiral.

Rob said...

A huge mass of evidence was left behind by the Third Reich - almost 500 tons of documents from the Foreign Ministry alone. That leaves scope for a lot of selective historiography - and making an imprudent selection can land a historian in prison.

Anonymous said...

@Wolfhound 18:34

My brother in Paganism.

It is you who have misunderstood the text.

Here's the explanation of it.

"the Jewish community formally remained proprietor of the site." = this means that the Jewish community who had formally owned the Synagogue remained its owners on paper.
"In May 1942 the borough of Prenzlauer Berg declared its will to acquire the site" = the local authority (as we would understand it in the UK) wanted to buy it.
"on 6 May 1943 the Jewish community applied at the Gestapo for a sale permission" = the paper owners (Jewish community, or what was left of it since the men had all been sent to a concentration camp or Auschwitz) needed to apply for a permit from the Gestapo to sell the building to the local authority.
"all its property was under custodianship as were any sales proceeds" = when the building was sold, the Jews would receive nothing. The funds would go to another entity, a clue for which is given next.
"it named the Heeresstandortverwaltung I Berlin (German Army garrison administration no. I) as the tenant of all the site" = the money from the sales *probably* went to the Wehrmacht who were the tenants. One thing's for sure, the money didn't go to the paper owners.

Anonymous said...

@Rob 19:55

"A huge mass of evidence was left behind by the Third Reich - almost 500 tons of documents from the Foreign Ministry alone."

A huge mass was also destroyed. If only they hadn't, then we wouldn't have to argue so much over the Holocaust and so on.

Anonymous said...

@Jeremy 19:49

"NU. That story about the £500k award just makes we want to leave this country and let it speed up its death spiral."

I sometimes feel the same way and in moments of weakness I google "emigration to Canada" and I look at the price of private islands there. You can get a very large Island there and live sustainably for less than £500k. Very reasonable. You can get a small one for less than £15k.

But then I remember that I am British and I was born to fight. I remember all those who went before me, muskets in hands and bayonets fixed. All those who battled the aristocracy for rights, all those who spent their lives experimenting with this and that to add to the great collection of white innovations and discoveries. Then I remember my own ancestors who fought through a world of shit in two world wars and came through the other side changed men.

It's then I realise that there is nothing more honourable than fighting so that a number of white children might have a chance of growing up without fear of robbery, rape and murder at the hands of the invaders. I don't even need to be remembered for it; enough is that I know what I've accomplished before I take my dying breath.

So don't give up. This relative peace we're had since 1945 has been an illusion. We're going to have to fight double because whitey hasn't been doing his job of keeping his countries free of trash.

eah said...

I'm not revising the Holocaust.

And people should not take it that way. Rather, if curious they should look into it themselves, and then decide what is true or not, what is doubtful or probable, etc. To get started, some links have been provided in the comments -- they will do for a start. Here's a link to a fairly well known video by someone named David Cole; use a search engine to read about him, and of course to find any other information or web sites might interest you (eg the CODOH forums, especially the archives where specific topics are addressed, make interesting reading).

I will say a couple of things: first, some of the stories that made the rounds just after the war (and were used to whip up sentiment against Nazi war criminals, making it easier and politically more expedient to convict and hang them), have since been shown to be completely false -- making soap from human fat, lampshades from human skin, etc; secondly, Hitler is widely reviled as the man behind the 'Holocaust', even though there is really no evidence that he ordered it, or indeed knew anything about it. Usually parts of his pre-war speeches are used to 'prove' Hitler intended to exterminate the Jews -- eg this excerpt from a speech on Jan 30, 1939:

"...Ich will heute wieder ein Prophet sein: Wenn es dem internationalen Finanzjudentum in und außerhalb Europas gelingen sollte, die Völker noch einmal in einen Weltkrieg zu stürzen, dann wird das Ergebnis nicht die Bolschewisierung der Erde und damit der Sieg des Judentums sein, sondern die Vernichtung der jüdischen Rasse in Europa."

Anonymous said...

What's an Islamist?

Anonymous said...

@eah 21:37

Oh dear, it's time for some fact-checking.

"making soap from human fat"

Soap was made from human fat on a experimental scale by the Nazis.

"lampshades from human skin"

This one's less conclusive.
However, a human skin lampshade turned up recently in the US and the frame used was dated by experts to have been a design manufactured in Central Europe during the 1930s.
Now, which Central European organisations were in the business of being able to harvest skin from people around that time. Perhaps it was the Liechtenstein Boy Scouts Movement. Or maybe it could have been the Womens Institute of Hungary. Or perhaps it was the Nazis.

eah said...


The points were: after the war, it was widely reported and accepted as true that the Germans made soap from the fat of dead Jews as part of their 'übercrass' exploitation of the corpses (eg taking the gold from their teeth), and that lampshades were made from human skin.

Both claims were unproven then, and are still unproven today, and therefore it is now widely accepted that they are false.

Those who are curious can find some info about both of these claims here, including a reported lampshade made of human skin. Or as I suggested look into it on your own and make up your own mind.

Kenneth said...

I always remember a comment left by wintermute at Majorityrights several years ago:

[Those] who believe that we are in a forced choice between “(1) setting the record straight on Hitler; or (2) saving the West” have it completely ass-backwards. Without a massive and ongoing revision of the rather clumsy Holocaust narrative that emerged in the mid-seventies (but not, it will be noted, in the memoirs of those who orchestrated the war, like Churchill), there will be not any WN movement, or saving of the White race. The ball and chain around every White person’s ankle is marked “Hitler”, and when the true story of those years is widely disseminated, things will begin to change, but not before. Any movement towards gentile group association is associated, in the Pavlovian way, with WWII imagery, and until that imagery is properly contextualized, there simply is no way forward.

Irmin Vinson expresses similar sentiments in his fine article "Some Thoughts On Hitler"


Noachideous the kELt said...


The holocaust from the point of view of Kaaballah and Gematria.

The fact that real people go to jail for demanding the Truth of matters is utterly repugnant and a testament to the collective character and integrity of those who jail others.

Just and the number 6 is the fundamental unit of time as in 6 seconds, minutes 24 Horus derived of El, Chronos, so is the 6 million, a 'jewish' number, to become the fundamental unit of 'suffering' and bipedal import.

If the rabbis knew that the date of birth was to be 1948, then are they guilty of murder in the legal sense by manufacturing a situation so that the 'prophecy' comes true.

Can a rabbi be trusted to respect Truth when in her presence.

If not, how can the Rabbi possibly incur the favour of the Father as he has claimed.

Is it coincidence that the words Israel and Saturn both have six letters as do the teffillin sides and the Star points ?

Anonymous said...

@eah 22:29

I was just pointing out your mistake that human soap and human skin lampshades were myths when they are not.

nemesis said...

Jewish community, (or what was left of it since the men had all been sent to a concentration camp or Auschwitz).

Bad NU! You have no basis for claiming that. None whatsoever. The rabbi distinctly refers to the "Jewish community", and what they did vis-a-vis the property.

Fact is, as Savant states, there was a synagogue in operation down the road from Hitler's HQ during the war.

And yes, I feel I'm going mad as well. Mad at the fact that I bought into all this holocaust garbage all my life.

Anonymous said...

@nemesis 23:50

"Bad NU! You have no basis for claiming that. None whatsoever. The rabbi distinctly refers to the "Jewish community", and what they did vis-a-vis the property."

No basis? What about this: "Rabbis and other male congregants were arrested and brought to Sachsenhausen (concentration camp)[on 9th November 1938]".
Or further down the article from the list of Rabbis:
Max Weyl - deported to Theresienstadt in 1942
Siegfried Alexander - died at Auschwitz 1943

"Fact is, as Savant states, there was a synagogue in operation down the road from Hitler's HQ during the war."

Except that the synagogue was not in operation because services no longer took place from 12th April 1940. During the war it was used as a storage facility by the Wehrmacht.

It's all there for you to read. I'm not making it up.

You'll confirm that you stand corrected, I suppose.

Dan said...

I also wonder how Jews in the Red Army or Partisans are counted. The USSR claims 25 million dead.
1 million Leningraders died of starvation in the seige. How are these deaths apportioned in the holocaust/conventional war account ledger. Basically the Jew is just sore about being beaten out of the Pale.

Ivan said...


It is well known that Jews in Berlin were the last to undergo the full rigours of the Nazi program of extermination. Berlin being the capital of German culture and all that. It is one thing to rant about Jewish enemies and another to actually cart off helpless men, women and children to a cruel death. Jews in Poland and Eastern Europe being in the outhouse of the European soul were dealt as pieces of waste meat or units of production, from whom the last ounce of labour was pressed out. One could be living a bucolic life on mainland Japan without knowing anything of the depredations of the Japanese Army in China. There is nothing unusual in this.


Dan said...

There are serious questions about how efficient the Germans really were in getting rid of enemies. It's fair to say that they killed a lot of their enemies but they were by no means thorough. the death toll against the USSR strikes me as a little odd just on the face of it. How can a country that loses 1/4 of its European population and still fight back and win?
I can't think of a comparable fight back like that anywhere in the an Annals of history. Normally those sorts of casualties are a prelude to defeat and surrender

katana said...

Ivan Shatov said...
Katana, great link!! Thanks. I'm busy reading now. Love the author's style.


Glad you like it. He has an understated sly sense of humor that's quite appropriate for the topic.
Another one of his books available there is 'Break his Bones'

Here's the Book Description from Amazon:

This is the book that creates a "human face for Holocaust revisionists theory. This is the antidote to the slander and false accusations that the Holocaust Industry makes against revisionism and revisionists. This is the story that reveals the programmatic exploitation of suppression, censorship and taboo by the Industry to limit intellectual freedom with regard to the Holocaust question.

Here you will discover why an organization like the A D L is driven to make the ludicrous charge that the author is one of the "Top Ten Extremists" in America today. Smith remains an incorrigible believer in a free press, and that open debate is preferable to taboo and censorship. Despite a mountain of evidence to the contrary, Smith still believes there is a small chance he will be able to find a way to convince our intellectual elites, including the incorrigible professorial class, that to encourage intellectual freedom is a good, and not an evil with regard to the Holocaust question.

Bradley Smith, a self admitted intelectual layman, very logically exposes how fraud and espoused hatred are used by the establishment to control the thoughts of intellectuals and their sycophants. Everyone should test the authenticity of his own belief in intelectual freedom by reading this book. In addition, Mr. Simith's homespun literary style makes this book very enjoyable reading, with the included bonus of containing exceptually astounding revelations about the singularly most discussed event of the Twentieth Century.

Dan said...

I've just perused some of the wiki data on the German Jewish dead from the Holocaust. What strikes me about the casualties listed is that the German Jewish community was no hit anywhere as near as hard as the Polish Jewish population which appears to have vanished for all intents and purposes. The Dutch Jews and Greek Jews were hammered. The Hungarian population obliterated. Other than that, the dead tally up don't strike me as unusual for an urbanized population facing food shortages and typhus plus bombing and the general carnage of war and the Nazi murders. Every nation in Europe lost a substantial slice of its population. Why would a highly urbanized outsider group not have an elevated casualty list?

Btw I dothink the Germans endeviured to rid their conquered territories of Jews and murdered a mountain of them.

Dan said...


Dan said...

I also recall in my O level that of the Polish Jews all 3 million were killed off. That's been down graded by about 1 million since, down to 2 million. That's a discrepancy. A big one. Back when I was a teen I took it on good authority that the Polish Jews were almost all killed. Record keeping in a war is tough stuff but the casualty figures for the UK have never needed those sorts of revisions.

Again I think the Germans took their idea to get rid of the Jews seriously, I don't think that they were terribly effective in a number of cases. In many cases the catchers were sloppy and cavalier about it all. For example: Denmark. It's right next to Germany but the Danes didn't cooperate. So very few were ever transported.

Dan said...

The data from France, Belgium, Italy and Austria is also Noteworthy. These are states with efficient record keeping, efficient bureaucratic machinery, yet the Jewish population most easily identified and isolated in metropolitan areas suffers elevated casualties but remains intact. Could be that the Germans were not
Very methodical. Or that the Jews are hit hardest where the war is fought repeatedly. So for example Holland and
Poland are significant wipeouts. In Hungary I don't know exactly what happened but I understand that Jews were shipped off right as the Reds approached Budapest and the Reds flattened Budapest. Prague was heavily damaged too. These capitals with highly specialized non agrarian elites would have been bombed, starved and burned out, plus dithers and Typhus. What was the casualty rate for residents of cities? And more specifically capital cities?
The population of Jews took a big ding, bigger than the general population but was very much intact by the end of the war. If the general population of the country got 5% of its people killed the Jews in some cases lost 10% if the general population lost 10% the Jewish population lost 20%. In some cases like Poland and Belorussia the Jews are obliterated.

Anonymous said...

@Dan 03:10

"How can a country that loses 1/4 of its European population and still fight back and win?"

It wasn't so much how the Russians won but how the Germans lost.
Had the German supply lines not been overextended, had the Russian winter not frozen the German tank to their tracks and the German soldiers' feet to his boots then there would probably have been no Russian victory.
The Germans lost in Russia due to one main reason: Hitler made it a personal matter between himself and Stalin. If he had listened to his generals and had consolidated the German supply lines and allowed the German army time to learn how to overcome the harsh conditions then the Germans most likely would have continued the successes they had seen in the first weeks of the fight. Persisting on laying seige to Stalingrad rather than skirting around it allowed the Russians to bog the German army groups down without supplies.

Other factors counted against them:
-the German treatment of the Russian civilians (rape, torture and murder) enraged the remaining Russian soldiers and made them realise they were not so much fighting for Stalin as for the lives of their families.
-the German treatment of the Russian PoWs. Many of the captured Russian soldiers had some degree of sympathy for the invaders as they saw the Germans as a liberator from Communism. Had the Germans not practically exterminated them for not being quite the right type of 'white', then some of them could have been pressed without much difficulty into Russian Wehrmacht or SS divisions. The Germans used local personnel in the Einsatzgruppen after all.

Anonymous said...

@Dan 04:06

The Germans managed to kill two out of every three Jews in Europe in five years whilst conducting a war. Arguably they had a lot of help from local Jew-haters (most murders of Jews were by army and Einsatzgruppen action) but it's still an impressive feat.

Noachideous said...

You seem to have lots of answers NU, and we all know who via the media has all the answers to all questions.

How should we relate to the 'jews' given the Noachide imperative NU ?

What must we do to placate the chainsaw whine of the Kike given that our efforts towards self determination are diametrically opposite to their plans for Whitey Goy ?

Give us your prognosis Fella, because we all like our jews to be happy if that is at all even possible. All who have treated them well have been necessarily betrayed, because there is not place for gentile racial nations in the 'world to come'.

Anonymous said...

Ooops I made an error there. Most Jews died in the camps through various methods. Shootings accounted for only about 1.5 million.

Dan said...

No need to lecture about the follies.

Germany was going to lose ww2 from the get go. They were simply gambling at high odds each time they committed to a new campaign and beat the odds for 3 years. They really did feel cornered and encircled though. No oil, no rubber limited access to ores.

However I just find these casualty stats in the USSR to be
Problematic. There can't have been many men left in Russia if true during the early part of the cold war.

Anonymous said...

Russia had 110 million pre-war population and lost 6.7 million soldiers.
So they had the population to replace their lost soldiers.

Dan said...

It's astonishing that the Germans had access to 266,000 and only killed and transported 60,000. It should have been an easy roundup.

In contrast in Holland, which has no discernible anti semetic history that virtually all were cleared out. In Poland apparently nearly all gone too. Yet in Italy the Jewish population was also largely untouched. In Denmark no significant round up.

I guess they figured they ought to take out the trash while the bombs were falling.

Other data I've found in Germany is that 90% of Jews lived in the 10 largest cities in Germany. all of which were bombed flat by the allies. So when they were deported they were dodging 2000lb bombs dropped by Lancasters and tonnes of incendiary bombs. In Hamburg 40,000 Germans were killed outright, another 40,0000 injured and 1,000,000 refugees. 10% of the workforce vanished. So in 10 heavily bombed cities with size able Jewish populations very few were actually killed by allied bombs apparently. Apparently. Streets teaming with blood thirsty vengeful Goy looking for scapegoats. Of 500,000 Jews in Germany about 150,000 vanished. A very similar proportion to the number of Germans who also vanished from metropolitan and rural Germany (plus other German diaspora areas).

In addition to that 1/5 of the Jewish population in Germany was made up of resident aliens with Polish citizenship.

Dan said...

The first figure refer to the French population of Jews. 260,000 about 60,000 transported presumed dead. In France ww2 the General population lost about 600,000 soldier and civilian.

The Russians are estimated to have lost 26 million people. 8.6 million soldiers.

Dan said...

They may have lost 10 million. So I just don't see how that sort of loss could be made up from reserves of manpower without completely denuding the factory of skilled workers or the farmland of harvesters. Plus up to 14 million civies. It sounds like a lot especially looking at the recovery.

Dan said...

Soviet population.

110 million.

10 million soldiers killed. That's almost half the men available for the service.

55 million men. Of which 2/3 would be too old or too young. That leaves 20 million men. Some would have to work. So the Wehrmacht killed every other grown man. It's odd. What sort of society could survive that and not surrender?

Anonymous said...

@Dan 07:16

"The Russians are estimated to have lost 26 million people. 8.6 million soldiers."

Those figures are estimates for the Soviet Union, not for Russia.

If you look at Belarus, the figures are particularly appalling. More than 1 in 4 people killed.

The average losses for the USSR as a whole were 13.7% but since the population was so large (194 million), these losses didn't mean that the entire union could not fight on and with superior numbers to the Axis.

Imagine if China went to war now; they could lose 99% of their population and still defeat all invaders on numbers alone.

Dan said...

Here is why I'm suspicious. In the American Civil war 1/4 Confederates were killed. A 25% casualty rate. I think that if we say that the German attempted to genocide the Jews in France by killing 75,000 of 266,000 or about 1/5th then it's equally true that the Union was conducting a war of extermination and certsinly a Genocide. If we flip back to Russia we see 10 million men killed from a pool of 55 million. What fraction of their man power is that? 1/5th. What fraction of their male 18-40 year olds. 1/2. If you subtract the white noise of war you see populations automatically risking a baseline of 10% of their people. Especially if the war is fought on that soil. Of the 566,000 Jews in Germany 140,000 vanish. What percentage is that?

Anonymous said...

@Dan 07:49

You're still working off incorrect figures.

You are taking total Soviet dead and attributing those figures to Russia only, which effectively ignores 84 million extra people.

Eimear said...

Either way, the figures are truly horrifying. They're not new as such nut in truth I feel distressed now that I see them again.

Anonymous said...

When you look back at what happened to Europe and all the death, destruction and misery, and not to mention the echos which go on today and still affect us, it really does strike home how stupid people must be to vote for an obviously mad dictator even if he was to improve their lives in the short term.

Ivan said...

The Russians lost in the initial stages primarily due to the monster Stalin ordering the Soviet forces to stand down just before Barbarossa. The Soviet Union was many times larger than France and could afford to yield territory to the German forces and extend the German lines. This is why it claimed, very plausibly that Bomber Command and the USAF shortened the war by bombing industrial targets in Germany. Without fuel and spares, the German tanks and trucks were useless. While there may well have been gentlemen soldiers among the Germans, it is indisputable that German policy in the East was nothing short of genocide. As even Stalin who was something of a Germanophile (the merciless man could have put the squeeze on the Germans after WW11 if he wanted to) said : If the Germans want a war of annihilation they shall it.

Dan said...

But the Germans clearly didn't round up all the Jews they had in the clutches. Indeed they were grossly inefficient. In France they let nearly all of them go. In Germany they let nearly all of them go. In Austria the same. . In Denmark the same. It certainly wasn't a universally applied policy.

Here's the thing about the casualty figures in that war: the casualties in the East are suspiciously elastic. They vary by millions. In the West there's almost no variation in high or low estimates. The War in the west was actually low casualty by comparison.

The difference in the behaviour of the two fronts is IMHO an indication that the Germans were not quite as bad as Soviet and Jewish press would have us believe.

Note how elastic the data for he east is. Some of these numbers look like hey are pulled out of he arse of a research archivist.

Dan said...

Also, this is literally what war is supposed to be about. Conquest, extermination, replacement. So why do people wail and Nash their teeth about it.

Anonymous said...

@Dan 13:49

Population records kept in advanced Western European countries were much better than the records kept in the primitive Soviet Union, hence the low variations in the West and high variations in the East.

The Germans were better able to round up Jews in the East because of higher anti-Semitism amongst the native populations than in the West, and because in the East the Germans went on the rampage but in the West found a certain kinship with the population which was more similar to them than were the Poles for instance.

From transcripts taken from the conversations of German PoWs, it now is clear that the behaviour of the Germans in the East was far worse than was realised, which is why it is now known for instance that the Wehrmacht were every bit as brutal as the SS. Previously, it was thought that the Wehrmacht were relatively nice compared with the SS.

Dan said...

I disagree about this east west dichotomy. A great deal of it is fabricated. There could have been no expectation of meeting advanced people in the East.

If records were not kept properly there's no scientific way to know who killed who and when or if anyone was killed at all. It's just refugees fleeing in front of an army never to return once they begin to live in cities and leave behind agricultural livelihoods. If record keeping was that poor then the figures are plucked from guesses.

The same thing happened in the British country side. Essentially the rural life disappeared. First in England, then Scotland and then Ireland. Some romantics call it clearance some nationalists call it genocide.

Dan said...

I would like to see the methodology used to establish the casualties in the USSR.

I can take the Polish figures more or less at face value. It also conforms to a country that is repeatedly invaded. However again I suspect that a lot of Poles simply left the war zone and assimilated elsewhere or joined allied forces and melted away. Who would return to Warsaw after seeing Rome or London or nyC for that matter?

Dan said...

One note. I think that the Hermans were hypocritical in that they attacked a lot of white people and made various proud nations grovel when they had no business doing so.
However I do feel that there's no point in piling on or vilifying them. The USSR was a real monster for example. They were dealing with a level of subversion that we simply can't comprehend... And it was right on the German border and Inside the German state. Had Rosa Luxemberg or another communist taken over to become dictator of Germany she'd have killed 10-20 million German nationals without so much as by your leave.

ER said...

Dan why would the Germans want to get rid of the jews in the conquered territories but not in Germany itself? Seems odd.

Dan said...

This statistic about the German Jewish population stands out dramatically. The vast majority of them, survived both the war and the holocaust. This makes no sense, because if the Germans had it in for the Yahudis you'd think they might exterminate the ones they had records on, living among them before moving on the ones in Romania or Thesaloniki or for that matter in Crimea. Then you see nearly all the Jews in France survive. I dug a bit deeper and it appears that French citizens who were Jewish were rarely deported. Just Jews with resident alien status.

It doesn't make a damned bit of sense. It's only in areas with piss poor records that extermination is carried out.

Now, of you wanted to kill off Jews you'd check records. The Western states keep everything in triplicate.

How the fuck do you Round up Jews in states that keep shoddy records of who is or isn't a Jew? Records do poor that they can't arrive at a total for their own dead that is even 80% accurate like the USSR.

Anonymous said...

How the fuck do you Round up Jews in states that keep shoddy records of who is or isn't a Jew?

With that fiendish nazi invention, the Obnoxiousness Detector.

Dan said...

Gertrude Stein was sitting in France the whole time the holocaust raged. A famous-lesbian-avantgardist-loudmouth-Jew. Right there where the OberstSturmbahnfurher Christopher Waltz rat catcher could dispatch her in a second with his pistol.

How the fuck did the gestapo miss HER?

Anonymous said...

The Germans were better able to round up Jews in the East Yes The Netherlands is in the East.

Dan said...

It's the single western exception. including Germany and Austria and Italy.

Presumiably the Dutch were happy to be rid of them.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who believes that the Germans – fighting on THREE fronts in Western Europe, Eastern Europe and North Africa – somehow managed to find the time and the resources to ferry millions upon millions of Jews around Europe is living in cloud cuckoo land! It would have been a logistical nightmare, with millions upon millions of Jews clogging up the road and rail network needed to transport German troops, armour (tanks, APCs, etc), artillery, arms, ammunition, equipment, spare parts, machinery, tools, raw materials (iron, steel, wood, sand, cement), fuel (oil), food (livestock, grain etc), water, medical supplies, casualties and civilian staff to and from the front.

What is it that makes Jews so special that they would take priority over German needs on the road and rail network?

You can just picture the scene at the Russian Front (Stalingrad)...

Steiner: “Steiner to headquarlers. Steiner to headquarlers, come in, over.”

HQ: “Rleceiving you loud und clear Steiner, over.”

Steiner: “Vhere are ze Panzers und artillery und infantry rleinforcements ve vere plomised? Over.”

HQ: “Ve haves a ploblem Steiner, over.”

Steiner: “Vhat is ze ploblem, over.”

HQ: “Ze 16:48 Krlakow to Stalingrlad has been cancelled, over.”

Steiner: “But Vhy? My men are dropping like flies all around me und ve are short on ammunition, food und medical supplies. Vhat could be more IMPORTANT? Over.”

HQ: “Ve have a consignment of Jews to deliver so ze 16:48 supply train from Krlakow to Stalingrlad carrying your much needed supplies und reinforcements has been rerouted to Auschwitz, over.”

Steiner: “But zis is utter madness! Ve are surrlounded und in urgent need of medical supplies und ve need to evacuate our causalities, over.”

HQ: “Sorry Steiner, but ze Jews have priority over rleinforcements und emergency supplies, over.”

Steiner: “But ve are desperate you idiot! Ve are about to be overrun! Over!”

HQ: “I vill have a verd viz ze stationmaster at Krlakow to see if he can reroute the 17:24 Berlin to Kursk emergency supply train carrying ze desperately needed Panzers und infantry und medical supplies, over.”

Steiner: “For Fuchs sake hurry up man, schnell!, schnell!, schnell! Over.”

HQ: “Sorry Steiner. No can do. Ze station master at Krlakow informs me zat zere is a backlog of Jews at Budapest so the 17:24 Berlin to Kursk emergency supply train carrying ze desperately needed Panzers und infantry und medical supplies has also been cancelled and rerouted to Auschwitz. It looks like you’re on your own with this one. Good luck Steiner, over und out.”

Steiner: “Fuchs ze Fuhrer und Fuchs ze Fatherland! Over und OUT!!!”

Frank Galton

Dan said...

Has anyone looked at the train schedule needed to incinerate 4 million people between summer 42 and fall 44? how many per day? How much rolling stock? How much fuel?

Uncle Nasty said...

Dan said...

Gertrude Stein was sitting in France the whole time the holocaust raged. A famous-lesbian-avantgardist-loudmouth-Jew.


'Hitler Ought to Have the Peace Prize'

Stein's seemingly paradoxical views about Hitler and fascism have never been a secret. As early as 1934, she told a reporter that Hitler should be awarded the Nobel peace prize. "I say that Hitler ought to have the peace prize, because he is removing all the elements of contest and of struggle from Germany. By driving out the Jews and the democratic and Left element, he is driving out everything that conduces to activity. That means peace ... By suppressing Jews ... he was ending struggle in Germany" (New York Times Magazine, May 6, 1934).

As astonishing at it may seem today, in 1938 many credited Hitler for his numerous efforts to secure lasting peace in Europe on the basis of equal rights of nations. After assuming power in 1933, he succeeded in quickly establishing friendly relations with Poland, Italy, Hungary, and several other European nations. Among his numerous initiatives to lessen tensions in Europe, the German leader offered detailed proposals for mutual reductions of armaments by the major powers.

To say that Gertrude Stein was a complex and contradictory person, would be putting it very mildly.


johan said...

UN, your most recent post is totally fucking amazing.

Like Savant I now look to see for little green men in my window!

Anonymous said...

skeptics might read the nature of Zionism by Vladimir Stepin.

john said...

Welcome to reality Mr Savant!

Anonymous said...

Hitler had some high-profile admirers
such as JFK and half the population of India. The kikes have tried damn
hard to bury the truth about WW2 and
AH but we were saved by the bell, the Internet came along just as the
Jew vultures thought they had it cut
and dried. Now anyone with half a brain or more can see that 99% of
previously accepted information
was either bare-faced lies or gross exaggeration.

Cingoldby said...

It's perfectly simple.

The Germans are a very legalistic people, even as they wipe out a people, they want to dispose of the property that remains in a correct,legal fashion.

Got to keep that paperwork in order.

Dan said...

But 500,000 Jews survived this liquidation in Germany itself.


Anonymous said...

Because there was no liquidation of Jews. There was no holocaust, it was just the biggest ever of many swindles against Goys, perpetrated by God's Chosen Arseholes.

Anonymous said...


27 July 1997

2. Findings of the Committee

a) Definition of the term Holocaust Survivor.

A holocaust survivor will be defined as any Jew who has lived in a country at the time when it was

-- under Nazi regime
-- under Nazi occupation
-- under the regime of Nazi collaborators

as well as any Jew who fled due to the above regime or occupation

Total 834.000 -- 960.000


- An Israeli government report that claims to be the first of its kind has set material damage to the Jewish people during the Holocaust at some $240 billion to $330 billion.

At the beginning of 2004, 1,092,000 Holocaust survivors were still living worldwide, about half of them in Israel. About 10 percent of survivors die each year, the report said. -

So, based on Israeli numbers, in 1997, 900,000 holoco$t survivors: in 2004, 1,092,000 holoco$t survivors. (?? - yes, me too!) How many were alive in 1945? (it's 5-6 million based on standard death rates)


Seneca said...

Now anyone with half a brain or more can see that 99% of
previously accepted information
was either bare-faced lies or gross exaggeration.

Well, yes. But only if they unarse themselves from the lobotomy box and make the effort to find out.

Sadly 99% of that 99% won't bother, so the phoney history will remain embedded.

Anonymous said...

Accidentally stumbled onto this thread. You people are idiots. A bunch of racist uneducated ignorant boobs who find it easier to believe that a worldwide conspiracy that infiltrates every aspect of society is the reason their life sucks and not the fact that they're a bunch of racist uneducated ignorant boobs.

Anonymous said...

"Accidentally stumbled onto this thread. You people are idiots. A bunch of racist uneducated ignorant boobs who find it easier to believe that a worldwide conspiracy that infiltrates every aspect of society is the reason their life sucks and not the fact that they're a bunch of racist uneducated ignorant boobs."
Same thing happened to me and I totally agree to this. Stop trying to make Hitler a saint, you dont want history to repeat itself.

Anonymous said...

This is one of the best blogs on this ridculous subject. These hook nosed vermin have been outed for quite some time but quality bloggers like this savant character serve to drive the stake further into that void where a jew would have had a heart if he were born with one. They deserve the very worst that is coming to them.

Anonymous said...

The synagogue did not burn during the November Pogrom, then euphemised as "Kristallnacht" (Night of Broken Glass) on 9 November 1938, when Nazis attacked in well organised pogroms synagogues and Jewish businesses. Instead the Nazis ordered – as in other comparable sites too[18] – a "mere" vandalisation and demolition of furnishings, since the synagogue is located inside of a block of residential buildings. A fire ignited and burning torah scrolls and smashed furniture was soon extinguished before spreading to the actual building. Many windows had been destroyed. Rabbis and other male congregants were arrested and brought to Sachsenhausen (concentration camp).

Anonymous said...

Based on the your blog, I'd venture you're not going insane... You've been insane for quite a while now.

How dare you call yourself a Christian? Do you not know that Jesus was a Jew?